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Lyceum Project Code Name: Little Pigs

Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa invites the Lyceum to Open Throne hours, where any concerns or question can be brought before the throne. The Archduchess will also reveal the idea for her latest fealty project.


July 12, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

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Medeia Calypso Lucita Arman Lianne Berenice Piccola Pasquale



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hall of the Hundred Cities

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

"Hello!" Jaenele greets everyone brightly as she moves towards the Lenosia benches to settle, her voice easily traveling through the room so everyone is able to hear her. "I wished to thank all of you for coming" she looks around the room, totally not remembering who showed or didnt to plan their downfall. "I am sure everyone is curious as to what I wished to speak about, but for now I wish to hear everyone else. Does anyone have anything they wish to bring before House Velenosa? Complaints, comments, achievements?"

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2 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

Medeia enters slowly, dressed strangely, and helped by her guard. She tries to be unobtrusive as she settles at the Southport benches. She has nothing to bring before the archduchess.

It might be an indication of how seriously she takes security matters that Calypso isn't late for once in her life. She's not early, showing a military punctuality on the timing when her heavy, unhurried footsteps ring against the floor. She comes in with a long, confident stride, and pauses by the door to bow to Jaenelle before taking a seat.

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Lucita has left her guard dogs outside the building and just she and her assistant make their way toward a seat in the Southport benches. She settles her shawl around her and as she glances around, her gaze settles on Medeia and her eyes widen with dismay, obvious concern showing in her features. A curtsy is given Jaenelle when she eners the room and a little smile, restrained by her concern for Medeia, given Calypso. She slides over on the bench to make room for her.

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Arman enters quietly making his way wordlessly toward the Lenosian benches. His expression is stony and features somewhat drawn. He stops to bow respectfully to Jaenelle before moving to sit by himself, weight leaning forward on his cane.

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Lianne lurks at the back as others settle into benches, a still and quiet presence with eyes set forward on the Archduchess. Given the bid for others to speak first, she looks about those gathered to see who might speak up. When it seems no others are inclined, she does. "Malespero would like to thank Velenosa for its unrelenting support in Nilanza's restoration, growth and security. We are at a place now where we are finally expanding, building, and much of that is due to the support of our liege." With that, she bows her head low, grateful. As she straightens, she adds, "I am curious, though, if the project to renovate the old Setarco Commons has made any progress. We remain isolated in our corner of the ward."

Pony, a tiny smoke-grey kitten with white points arrives, following Piccola.

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Berenice does not lurk or slip in anywhere, although she enters with a quiet step respectful of proceedings. But she walks with a sureness of grace and a lift of her chin that suggests she is exactly where she ought to be. She pauses to offer Jaenelle a graceful curtsy before taking a seat at the Lenosian benches with her and Arman, murmuring a quiet word to the latter as she settles.

Jaenelle dips her head towards those who arrive and offer their greetings as they sit, eyes shifting towards Lianne as she speaks. "Of course, and we only wish to continue moving forward. It is why the next project I have in mind will not be cheap, it will not be easy, but it is needed to continue to grow united as a fealty and to withstand the enemies who wish to break us. As for the commons, I have had a few ideas sent to me for consideration. One is I wish to change a part of it into gardens. A large fealty area where statues will be place to remember those who are no longer with us. A play to hold memories and not to dwell on loss. I just have not had the chance to continue with those plans as of yet. I know that you are a bit isolated there, and know how much you are expanding. I was going to leave an estate empty should your expansion cause bended knee to a new house sworn to yours."

Here comes the General.

Unlike Berenice, she does lurk. She lurks because she's dressed for the part. That, and lurking is an underestimate skill to have. Especially in groups discussing things; Gods, let her //not// be that woman, who just opens her mouth, and blah blah blah -- no! No, Piccola slips in, //lurks//, and promptly takes her place where she belongs.

At the General benches. *rimshot*

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Lianne bows her head again in reponse to Jaenelle's answer, a hint of a smile playing at her lips. "I appreciate that, your grace. We'd be glad to help with whatever renovations you have in mind, though I do understand how security will be prioritized over such projects."

Calypso flashes Medeia a brief smile that's only a step removed from a baring of teeth as the two women exchange words. She sits on one bench and puts her booted feet up on another one. She leans forward, one arm draped across knees that are slightly bent, and listens for now.

Lucita says, "Saik would like to thank you for the economic assistance. It has helped us train in handling financial matters and resources and assisted in helping us with some projects."

Jaenelle's attention shifts towards Lucita, a smile touching her lips, "I am glad it could be of help. It is still very much on the table to any house who can benefit from such. If any house needs any sort of economic aide in seeing your lands continue to prosper, please let me know. I have lost track of those who I have sent to, who may still need it, and who no longer does. The Lyceum as a whole is rich in many things, and I would like silver to be one of those."

Lurkingly, Piccola raises her hand, as if she had something to say, if called upon.

Medeia is giving Jaenelle, then Lianne, her full attention after a few quiet words exchanged with Calypso and Lucita. The lady's posture is rigid as she tries not to move much.

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Pasquale came in not so long ago swathed all in umbra and grey wool and settled with only a murmur of greeting to the Velenosan elites already at the Lenosian benches. He still hasn't chosen to say anything, although he did incline his head in agreement with what Lianne's said, and now watches the various participants to see what might happen next.

Jaenelle turns her bright smile towards Piccola as her hand is raised. "Please, feel free to speak as you wish. This isnt an assembly of the peers where people must wait to address the table."

The General slowly rises, taking her hood back as she does so to reveal her face and sprouting mane of hair.

"Thank you, your Grace." She bows low and well. "I stand to speak and ask only what it is that House Tessere can do for the Lyceum and the other Houses in it." Beat. "We have horses and we have fabrics. We have people and we have the courage to act." She looks about the room once, her expression as grave as always. "We will come when called. And we will not let injustice go unrewarded. If you've need of us, call us." Beat. "We are here and we are listening."

And then she sits back down again, pulling her hood back over her head.

With her voice unusually soft, Medeia replies to Piccola. "Speak with me after? Or soon. Please." Clearly not something to bother the whole crowd with.

A dip of her head is given to Piccola after she speaks, and Jaenelle's smile is softer. "There are many troubles facing the Lyceum but I have never seen us as strong as we are, as dedicated as we are, and as united as we are to help one another. I know it is not in the Lyceum's nature, and are are fiercly independant, but we also recognize that we can only keep our independance if we work to do so together. Thank you, and House Tessere, for your strength and conviction. I suppose that leads me into what the project is. Unless there are more that wish to speak?"

Arman taps his cane loudly against the floor in support of both Piccola's enthusiastic words and Janelle's response.

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"Each of your lands are unique. They are you. As you wish to protect your people, I will to protect you. I can't do it alone" Jaenelle admits as she looks around the roo,, standing. "I do not know your lands as you do, I could not describe the smells and sounds and passions that are uniquely yours. But you can. You can tell me what would make your people safer. What strengths and weaknesses your lands possess. What could use some bolstering and what could never break regardless of what it is up against. I will reinforce your lands, your walls, your castles. I will do my best to see that no one gets to take what is not theirs. We are not the people to be tested, and I wish to make that perfectly clear. I have been working on numbers. Costs to increase the protection of your lands. It is a large number, larger than any of our projects have cost to date. I can not do this without you."

Lucita says, "One thing we all may wish to get a few of are the new type ships. They are lousy for fighting but are fast, maneuverable and can carry cargo and men, messages faster than our usual ships. They are designed to outsail pirates or sail through enemy lines is what was told. I want to budget for a couple of them also, to add to our navy."

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"I am very interested in them as well." Pasquale speaks up finally. "If they have the deep sea capabilities that the caravels possess without the size they will be valuable indeed."

"I am interested in both," murmurs the General. "Ships and walls will do us well, if we are to remain a vanguard against intrusions from the south."

"New ship?" Medeia murmurs the question, apparently not having heard about such a thing. Her gaze scans from Lucita to Pasquale to Piccola. "Not the caravel redesign Count Giulio made?" She starts to shrug, wincing in pain and decides to go back to being quiet.

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Jaenelle laughs as the topic is changed without any comment or question, settling back down. "So no one is interested. That might be easier on me then. Yes, there is a new ship, not a redesign of House Velenosa's caravel. I have spoken with Blessed Giada about the ships and I am excited that they will soon come to their ending phase in testing their abilities. My brother has only sunk one, so that is almost an achievement."

"A smaller vessel." Pasquale tells Medeia. "Building on the lessons learnt in developing the Caravel. I would have liked to have worked on something like it myself." He looks back to Jaenelle then. "We, Malespero, are interested. I am still contemplating the practicalities of fortifying an entire port."

"As is House Tessere," replies the General following Pasquale. "And we are interested in assisting your efforts, your Grace, through our own supply of resources."

Medeia gives Pasquale a look of appreciation before turning to Jaenelle. "I must leave the question of Saik's interest to the baroness, but you will have my assistance in whatever way I am able to provide it, Your Grace."

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Lucita says, "Oh, I am interested in improving the Castle. Both for growing family, for hosting guests and for stronger protection should any attack occur. I'm just allocating some for new ships also. I think we can manage both for the time being."

With Pasquale speaking effectively on Malespero's disposition, Lianne slips out quietly, trusting in her voice.

Fajra, Scoundrel leave, following Lianne.

Jaenelle nods her head towards those who speak, "we shall discuss this further, I just wished to tell you my thoughts and the details. If there are any who wish to say anything further before we depart?"

The General appears to have nothing further, looking as stolid and patient as ever at her bench.

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