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The Institute Opening

The Institute officially opens its doors, showcasing art and innovation.

All audiences are invited to come look at the exhibits, discuss ideas and generally celebrate expression.

A casual event, the night will begin with some drinks and chatter, and then folks are encourages to poke around and take in the sights.

There will be an opportunity for some collaborative creativity.


Aug. 20, 2021, 9 p.m.

Hosted By



Tarik Zoey Nina Cesare Thea Merek Jophiel Medeia Victus Yuri Arman



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches - The Institute - Sky Lounge

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Comments and Log

Bartolomeo, protege of Signora Lauretta Tessere arrives, following Yuri.

Tarik walks into the room and grabs some spiced rum before looking for a place. He places the spiced rum in his backpack.

Zoey has joined the a sinfully comfortable silk divan with cloud shaped velvet pillows.

Denica stands in the middle of the room dressed in a black velvet gown, hands clasped in front of her and ready to make some announcements as people start to gather. The young woman wears a look of excitement on her face, eyes sparkling with fervour as people enter and gather in the lounge.

"Welcome everyone! Thank you for coming! I am very excited to announce the opening of The Institute tonight."

"Art is discovery. It is the process of understanding our own truth. This can mean different things to different people. That is the beauty. Art can evoke every type of emotion and... in some cases, it can tell us something about ourselves that we didn't know. My goal is to create a place where anyone can freely create or discuss art and innovation. An open environment for anyone and everyone to share their ideas, experience, and to learn, experiment and develop. I hope you have fun tonight, grab a drink and we will start in a few moments."

Zoey makes herself comfortable on the divan, sipping a glass of rum and reading over a piece of paper with a poem written on it. She seems to be studying it intently.

Nina is here to check out the institute and look at the art! She starts right away on the rum, of course... despite being a lighter drinker, it's hard to resist a glass. As the institute is introduced to everyone, Nina walks and starts looking at the various works on display. She stops in front of the panels, looking over every piece one by one to see which one strikes her fancy the most.

Cesare is glimmering in more ways than one, adorned in his favorite color of gold but also clearly pleased as punch to be somewhere that clearly favors his ideals as one devoted to the god of artisans and creation. He's equally happy to see his patron among the attendees, gliding over to press kisses to each of her cheeks. "I'm so glad to see you here, my lady. I've no doubt the performers Princess Denica has chosen will be thrilling and thought-provoking to all of us."

Thea makes her way to a place she's already been before. That's right. Sneak peak! Cheater Thea! Grabbing a bottle from the cabinet, she waves over to Denica with a slight smile. "Hey Den. This looks all great, I'm proud of you. You worked really hard." Seeing Zoey and Nina, she gives them a brief smile and nod as well. "Good evening."

Merek walks along and into the place to watch the opening, while he nods a bit, listening along to Denica. He seems to be content to watch his friend showcase the place while he takes a cigar from the pack with him to light and to smoke a little.

Zoey looks up from the text and smiles to Thea. "Good evening to you too! Sorry, I was a bit distracted when you came in."

Jophiel stands in front of an exhibit, admiring the painting being displayed.

2 House Velenosa Guards, Matteo arrive, following Arman.

Medeia s settled nearby, already sipping at a glass of rum. "Your Higness, I know I've seen this space before, but can I just say? You've really made it marvelous."

Victus is ducking into the room not too long after a majority has arrived. He's doing his best to shift into the background, though it's a bit difficult considering his entourage. As well as the randy Sea Otter that was perched on top his shoulder. He's not dressed particularly formally, though he is bereft of his coronet. He cuts a loopy path toward the refreshments, picking through bottles for that /perfect/ collector's item.

Nina says, "Good evening," and gives Thea a little curtsey of her warm skirts, before looking back again at the display. Lifting a glass to her lips, she's looking for something here that speaks to her. The sculptures have her attention, but she's squinting, not sure how to interpret them, so she moves on to look at the paintings.

Yuri seemed relatively slow in his steps coming inward to the grand lounge that had been handsomely dressed for the occasion, still rather preoccupied with the exhibit pieces that were lining the approach from the tower's base. Denica's speech roped in his curiosity, weaving along toward the refreshments table to gather himself something light.

Denica watches as people come in, taking a moment to offer smiles to them as they enter. So many familiar faces, it only seems to make the short Thrax even more excited. Denica is all smiles, an unusual sight, but she offers them to everyone, all in turn. Denica beams at the words she receives from Medeia and Thea, "thank you so much, it's been a journey. Full of unexpected twists and turns, but it's been a good one," she murmurs. Happy to greet people before diving into another speech no doubt.

Cesare peers at all the artworks with an incisive, keen gaze, a drink in hand and lute slung over his back. "You have such a clear perspective," he offers to Denica. "I can't think of anyone who would combine these elements in the way you would. The way you use symbolism to evoke emotion is so profoundly unique. I love it! I see so much figurative work - portraits, or images of people. I love this more abstract approach; I adore how you give such personality to the objects and creatures. Your touch, your hand, is so evident in your work. I think that's one of the things I value most about art; when I can look at something and immediately know who made it."

Tarik walks over to Zoey and dips his head, "How are you doing this evening, Lady Zoey." Tarik says, "It is good to see that you survived the recent battles."

Yuri has joined the a table and chairs by a window overlooking the City of Arx.

Thea goes to look at the art she's already seen. Doesn't hurt to look closer. "I just got here,"she assures Zoey. She takes a sip, telling Cesare again,"Remind me to show you the nursery." Seeing Victus, Thea greets him as well. "Your Highness, good to see you again. It's been awhile, I hope you've been well."

Nina keeps looking down the line of paintings. "Ah! Poetry! I think I do better with poetry than visual images," she says, looking at the poems thoughtfully. "It's nice to see a variety of arts represented." Then she notices the embroidery, and that gets a smile from her as well.

Denica cannot help to blush a little, a very rare sight for the young woman, but the words that Cesare say resonate deeply with her, and it humbles her. "Thank you," she murmurs, sincere and appreciative of his comments.

Thea has joined the a table and chairs by a window overlooking the Bay of Thrax.

Zoey looks to Tarik with a smile and nods. "Mostly by avoiding them," she replies. "More often than not I find my presence is better served in places other than the battlefield. And you?" She listens for Tarik's reply, but her eyes stray a moment to land on Victus, noting his presences before focusing on Tarik once more.

Arman stands just in the entrance after climbing to the top, he plants his cane in front of him and leans forward upon it with both hands. Perhaps surveying the room or more likely attempting to recover some breath from the climb. After a moment he fashions on a wan smile and strides into the room looking appreciatively at the art on display.

Denica seems comfortable talking loudly and talking to a group of people, mostly it's the adrenaline that's brimming. Denica stands up on her tip-toes as she starts to share a few more words with the crowd now settling in. "Before I get into what's on the program tonight, I'd like to thank those that have contributed to this project. High Lord, Prince Victus Thrax and House Thrax for their generous donations. Our exceptional performers, Cesare Whisper, Lady Zoey Kennex, Lord Martino Malvici, Lady Kaia Malvici and Anisha Whisper. The amazing brewing talents of Lady Medeia Eswynd who has created a special rum for tonight. There is an incredible piece of art donated by Samira Culler and poetry by Prince Raimon Thrax and a few other anonymous donors."

Denica is speaking with enthusiasm as she talks, but there is a look of sheer gratitude in her eyes as she listens all the people that have contributed. "We will start off with some entertainment in a quick minute, but please, find a comfortable spot and just be you. I've curated an exhibit showcasing some select pieces of art. There is plenty more in the rest of the gallery, so I invite you to come back and take a longer look when you have a chance."

Then Denica waves her hands a little, "Lastly, we have something interactive planned over the course of the night. As you can see there is also a large sail on the wall," Denica points out the obvious, "please feel free to paint on it. Anything you want. At the end of the event, we will take the sail and hoist it up on a longboat and it will sail around the Bay of Thrax, before returning back here to be displayed."

Medeia stands and begins to mingle now that others have begun settling in. First, she drifts toward Cesare to offer a kiss to his cheek. "And how is Arvum's best protege doing?" She gives him a wink before turning to say hello to Zoey, Thea, and Nina. "This is shaping up to be an excellent party."

Nina is intrigued. She isn't a great painter, but... looking at the painting as a community project, that means it matters little if one person isn't all that good with the medium. So she's enthusiastic to take part in this activity. "I'll just start out with the brightest color. Maybe a cheery yellow."

Yuri took a moment to grasp up another cup of wine, if it were available aside the other brews, passing around toward the other works before he found himself in step with Arman, taking a pause to admire such art before bidding him a respectful bow of his head.

Tarik says, "I fought in the land battle. It was way too hot for me to be effective in the battle." Tarik raises his arms in a deep shrug, "Maybe, I just forgot how to fight in large scales battles like that." A soft chuckle escapes his lips, "Perhaos, I need to cash in all of my armor, buy some land in the Everwinter, and grow some snowberries or something."

Tarik test

Cesare says "This will be the second time in a week I've painted something," sounding delighted about it. "Or - well, I drew something at Samira's little gathering. I enjoy trying something outside of my comfort zone every now and then; it does help one flex the muscles of the brain that go less used." He lifts both hands to applaud Denica lightly - Denica and the rest of the contributors, that is, offering a polite bow to Prince Arman and High Lord Victus when he spots them in attendance. Otters can hide from no man. "Arvum's best protege is doing well enough," he offers to Medeia. "None of my essential parts have yet frozen off. No living trees have yet killed me. What have I got to complain about, really?"

Zoey smiles at that. "There are worse ways to spend retirement than as a farmer," she remarks. She looks toward the sail. "Shall we go paint something?"

Zoey gets A poem painting on canvas titled 'Nightfall' from a temporary art exhibit built to showcase a collection of works.

Zoey puts A poem painting on canvas titled 'Nightfall' in a temporary art exhibit built to showcase a collection of works.

Arman looks sidelong to the man next to him and he begins to offer a curt nod of the head before recognition sets in. He turns fully toward Yuri offering the man a warm smile, "Lord Tessere, how are you fairing?" A broad gesture about the room, "A lovely space, though not exactly easy to get to." Catcing Cesare's bow the Prince inclines his head graciously in return.

Thea waves over to Medeia, but then sees Arman. "Your Highness. Hello,"Thea greets with a quieter voice. She's naturally going to paint on the sail. Even if she can't paint. "Maybe I'll have Finn paint something instead,"she decides.

Nina has decided indeed to find the big sail, and a cheery yellow color. She picks up that color on a brush and paints something she knows how to create well- little blossom shapes. Embroidery often causes her to create these patterns of nature, so surely painting them isn't THAT different, especially if the color is pure and the rum is still flowing.

Medeia checks composure at hard. Medeia is successful.

Yuri blinked rather quickly as Arman addressed him; he would find himself rather embarrassed if they had met once before and he was inebriated. "Your Highness, very good to see you this evening. I am quite well, and yourself?" His arms collected behind the fall of his tweed cloak, canting his head outward and along to peer off to the collective space, "Granted, I had been south for a good spell, so I find myself rather remiss I had not stumbled upon the Institute sooner. It is quite a inspired place. It is quite maritime in its presentation, suitably so." He offered the prince a warm smile soon after.

Medeia smiles at Cesare. "I'm happy to hear both those things." She gives his arm a gentle squeeze before letting him paint without her hovering. There is a nod to Tarik, a smile for Arman - "Your Highness, good evening," then a curtsy for Victus - "Your Grace, it's a pleasure to see you. Do try the rum." When she continues on, Yuri gets a nod as she seeks out a refill of her rum.

Tariklaughs, "Rowenova will probably get bored, and drag me on some on adventure." Tarik shifts his gaze towards the sail, "I am not really much of a painter. I think i painted some sword handles for my mother when was busy, and did that painting of Rowenova." Tarik eyes widen a bit as he takes int the beauty of the art, "Yeah, I think one thing is clear I am not going to retire and be an artist.

As people have a chance to mingle and find drinks and some even start to paint, Denica takes in a breath and begins speaking with her loud outside voice, again. Her face is flushed with excitement. "We are blessed with some incredible talent tonight. We have three performances, planned, bring a unique collection of different talents together for you. I am so thrilled to introduce our first performer tonight, the ever charming and striking Cesare Whisper who will be performing a song for us." Denica says with admiration as she brings her hands together and starts to applaud loudly, as to encourage others to chime in.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare is successful.

Zoey picks up a brush and dips it in deep purple ink before putting it to the canvas sail while listening to Cesare's song.

Arman offers a warm smile to Thea in return greeting and calls after her, "The young Lord Caro is tucked after somewhere safe I presume?" He feigns to search for him about the room, "Unless he's here with a nanny." He replies next to Medeia, "Lady Eswynd, good evening." He moves languidly to the drinks table to pick up a glass of wine before returning to speak to Yuri, "How long have you been back in the city then? I trust my dear nephew Gaspar is treating you kindly?"

Tarik is overheard praising Cesare.

Nina paints a few more blossoms, then stops and listens as the musical performance begins. Music is her favorite part of any event, whether it is one she is playing or simply listening in on.

With a wink to Medeia, Cesare swings the lute around to his front and steps to an empty space at the front of the room. He doesn't need a stage - even as he checks the instrument's tuning, there is that particular sort of magnetic quality to him which draws attention effortlessly.

As he begins to play, the song rises in a gentle swell. It's not defiant as a song he played for Denica once before, nor brashly joyous; it is warm, supple, flexible, bringing to mind something that is quiet, perhaps easily overlooked. When he raises his voice, it's of a similar timbre to the instrumentation. Understatedly lovely, but with a tremendous richness of tone, full enough to fill the room with its sound, and rising toward the end of each stanza to a precipitous high note held long and clear.

Beyond the blue cloak of evening,
Beyond the pale touch of dawn,
There's something which cannot be named,
A yearning which goes on and on -

Like birds we stretch our growing wings,
Like caterpillars cracking cocoons,
We open our hands to grasp more and more,
Knowing the beauty we see may be gone all too soon -

But that's our gift, one we can never lose,
To see glory everywhere we look,
And more, yet more, if we so choose.
A kiss of frost, a flicker of sun;
The impossible blue of the sky -
The touch of a finger, the whisper of a kiss,
The glimmer-green of an eye.

What a bounty to cradle,
What a treasure to hold,
More precious than silver,
More lovely than gold.

Denica is overheard praising Cesare: An incredible performance!

Jophiel is overheard praising Cesare.

Zoey has left the a sinfully comfortable silk divan with cloud shaped velvet pillows.

Octavian, a silken spaniel have been dismissed.

Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery have been dismissed.

3 Kennex corsairs have been dismissed.

Yuri momentarily paused with his drink as his eyes met Medeia's, offering a cordial bow of his head, "My lady." His attention settled back along toward Arman with a raised brow, pursing them together as he seemed settled in thought, "It has been an on again, off again round of trips from Iriscal to Arx proper. Whether it was back home for some months, a trip some weeks to Ischia, and back. I have been enjoying some respite as I find some means to expand my business ventures." He chuckled lightly, "The Marquis had been quite accommodating indeed when I first arrived some odd year or so ago, yes. I will pass on my regards for you, certainly. As I have heard it, and much to my chagrin that I missed him, I believe he had gone to visit my cous, the Marquessa."

Arman is overheard praising Cesare: Truly a singular talent.

Denica is overheard praising Medeia: The Lady of Brews. A wonderful Rum!

"Calo is home with the nanny, yes,"Thea tells Arman with a small smile. "I ran out while I could,"dabbing Finn's paw in the brightest paint she could find. Then she finds herself listening to Ceaser, all while dabbing Finn's paw here and there. "Hello Lady Yuri,"Thea greets as well from her spot.

Tarik has joined the a table and chairs by a window overlooking the Bay of Thrax.

Zoey sets down her brush at last and applauds Cesare.

Nina stops painting to listen to singing, totally enraptured by it. She puts her brush down, clapping merrily when Cesare completes the song.

Denica goes silent as she listens to Cesare perform. Capable of keeping her features straight, her eyes always betray her. The emotion in them runs deep and she is moved by the words and the music. There is a fondness seen for the talent that is displayed. From time-to-time, Denica glances over at the artists painting the sail, curious to see what they come up with, but mostly she is just enjoying the collective environment that is here tonight. As Cesare's performance comes to an end, Denica applauds with fervour. "Thank you so much Cesare Whisper, for sharing that song with us tonight."

Institute staff linger about, offering drink refills and making sure the raw oysters are available for those willing to indulge.

As the song ends, Jophiel claps in appreciation, before standing up and walking to the sail. Pondering for a moment, he chooses a green color, and adds some leaves to the painting.

Medeia watches as Cesare sings, her hands clasped together, drink forgotten for the time being. Once he is done, she applauds politely (but still the loudest within the polite range).

Cesare seems to have momentarily forgotten what he was doing, his fingers stilling and his expression empty. But as soon as he blinks, he comes back to himself and bows graciously. "Thank you, Princess Denica. An honor, really." And just like that he's moving aside for the next performer, standing next to Medeia again and waiting expectantly to see who it is.

Tarik applauds for Cesare, before picking up an oyster to try. After sniffing at the oyster a few times, Tarik folds the oyster into a napkin. "Yeah, I think I will stick to salmon.

Arman mmms gently to Yuri as he takes a sip of wine, "The Marquessa's presence is missed in the city." He gestures with his wine glass to some of the art pieces, "Are you familiar with Princess Denica's work? I had the pleasure of seeing an installation she had in Artshall. Tremendous. It brought me here tonight."

Zoey checks charm and performance at normal. Zoey marginally fails.

A drink finally makes its way into the young woman's hand and slender fingers curl around it tightly. Taking a quick sip, she looks appreciatively at Stojan who seemed to know the right timing for a drink. Handing it back to her shy assistant, she turns back to make her next announcement. "I would like to introduce you to our next performer, the very lovely and ever talented Lady Zoey Kennex, who will be reading a poem written by Prince Raimon Thrax." Denica beams as she announces Zoey, giving the woman a warm smile and she applauds for her.

With care, Thea starts painting a few more lines from the pawprints. What is she DOING?! Are those swords?! "That was great Cesare,"Thea mentions from her spot. She's pretty comfortable right now with a brush and drink. Which can't be safe.

Zoey steps where she is meant to when she is meant to, allowing a moment for attention to turn her way. She takes a breath and rolls back her shoulders. "This is a poem called Nightfall," she introduces it. Her recitation is somewhat staccato as she pauses here and there to remember the unfamiliar verses. Clearly she could have used a bit more time to memorize it!

When Thrax folk die, we're put to Sea
in boats then set aflame.
And all that will remain of us
are Stories and a Name.

Each Life thus given to the waves
shall to grey dust return.
And all that we might -think- we own
will one day slowly -burn-.

As in the end, the sea or grave
will claim us one and all.
It's up to -us- to thus decide
our fates -before- we fall.

To fade into obscurity,
or live on in the Songs.
To bow down under this world's weight
or -try- to right its wrongs!

To face one's fear and do what's -right-,
or meekly look aside.
To struggle for what's True and Good,
or wallow in false pride.

Whatever Paths we choose in Life,
the Ending's all the same.
Why -not- then strive for Righteousness,
instead of wealth or fame?

Fine, fancy cloaks and gilded shields
will burn up just as well
As humbler clothes and wooden boards --
From ashes, who can tell?

If all's to end in ashes, then,
Ensure our _Flame_ is bright!
And Light the way for others 'fore
We sail off in the night

When she reaches the end of the poem she dips her head in a small bow.

Cesare checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty -1, rolling 32 higher.

Nina applauds the performance, cheerfully, her attention fully on the songs now. She can finish painting the sail in a bit after all.

Denica puts the neatly-written lyrics of a song titled 'Beyond' in a temporary art exhibit built to showcase a collection of works.

Denica smiles warmly as Zoey read the poem and she is ready to applaud at the end of it. "Thank you so much Lady Zoey Kennex! Such stirring imagery.," she says having taken a moment to let the words digest. In-between performances, this gives Denica another chance to take a look at the progress on the sail, a smile crosses over her features. She notices the paw-print swords and she shoots grin at Thea.

Yuri canted his head along toward Arman, a grimace settled to his face as he nodded gently, "It is. Though, she has taken much needed solace with the children to help them grow; a more hands-on nurture with less distractions. General Tessere has managed exceptionally in her absence. And I as well." He paused to take a much needed sip of wine, raising his brow to take a hard look at the artwork, "No, sadly. I had not. I have ever been a recluse settled in the Lycene Ward. It is quite breathtaking. I lack some rather stunning pieces in my own venue."

Denica is overheard praising Zoey: A lovely poetry reading!

Jophiel is overheard praising Zoey.

Cesare is attentive to Zoey's recitation. That's a lot of words. He doesn't usually memorize nearly so many, and the action of playing the chords serves as a sort of mnemonic device, so his gaze is full of admiration for the sheer number of stanzas she's managed, and he applauds her with a great deal of warmth as she finishes, flashing her one of those brief but entirely genuine smiles.

Tarik is overheard praising Zoey.

Zoey returns the smiles, putting her hand to her heart as she nods to each before exiting the performance area.

Denica has a few more announcements in her, "And for our last performance this evening, I'd like to welcome my dear old friend Lord Martino Malvici, his wife Lady Kaia and their special guest, the Radiant, Anisha Whisper. The trio will perform a dancing treat for us tonight, their very own, Trouples Waltz!" Denica is ready to provide another round of applause as the three set-up to start their dancing.

With Cesare at her side, Medeia seems lost in the words Zoey recites. "This is all so exceptional."

Arman taps his fingers to the palm of his hand holding the wine glass in polite applause to Zoey's reading. He says to Yuri, "Ah yes, Lady Piccola," He surpresses a grin by taking a sip of wine, "She is a.. formidable woman." He places his palm lightly on Yuri's shoulder, "Please excuse me while I peruse some of these art pieces."

With Lord Martino, Lady Kaia Malvici and Anisha Whisper in a small circle with each other, the three are holding hand-in-hand at the centre of room. Slotting closer together, Anisha positions herself between Lord Martino and Lady Kaia as he is wrapping his left hand into Kaia's right. The three providing a short, performative dance for the event.

Stepping smoothly to the left, the left hand of Kaia rests upon Anisha's hip to guide the pace as the three move. Intimately close, Martino's chest upon Anisha's back while her own chest is upon Kaia's deviously dipped gown. A pivot, fluid, as the three turn on their toes. The dancing flows with a slight sway of the hips as the space across the dancefloor is put to full use. With the three circling and spinning gradually faster to the middle, they pause in the centre for a mere moment. Once more circling and turning, the waltz fluid in movements before to the centre.

Finishing, Martino's hand moves to draw Kaia's right behind her back allowing her to dip with a swan like grace. Her own leading to Anisha's upper arm to have the two dip together upon the floor while Lord Martino's supporting the two in the final pause. All until breathlessly straightening and dipping their chins to the collected guests.

Cesare chuckles at the mention of a Throuple - sorry, a Trouple. A TROUPLE. He leans against Medeia, seeming to have had a great deal taken out of him by the performance, and sighs, watching the dance with an appreciative gaze. "I think I may have seen this before," he murmurs.

Zoey strategically lifts a wine glass to take a sip. No, she's not blushing to see her little sister and her husband dancing like that with the Radiant! Of course not! What do you think Zoey is, some kind of prude?

Yuri chuckled lightly, "Yes, yes she is." He looked seemingly content to allow Arman his space, "Please, by all means." The lord took a moment then to settle into a table for the remainder of the performances. Upon the conclusion of the dancing performance, Yuri clapped along in unison with the other guests.

Denica takes the time during the dancing performance to find that glass of rum, she watches with appreciation for the movements and the coordination between the trio. When the performance comes to an end, she is ready to applaud, "magnificent!," she exclaims seeming rather amused by the whole affair. "A lovely display of grace highlighting the beauty of movement," she says with a slight flush from the rum.

JUST from the rum, right, Princess Denica? Nothing untoward going on here. Cesare applauds, a little smirk on his face in Zoey's direction at the strategic positioning of her glass. He gives a soft whistle of appreciation for Radiant Anisha before she's bustling back off to wherever it is she needs to go - always busy, she is.

Thea has left the a table and chairs by a window overlooking the Bay of Thrax.

Nina watches the next act with eyes glittering, excited by the graceful and splended performance. Then she, without thinking much, gets a refill of that rum, which tastes sweeter it seems with every glass.

Tarik is overheard praising Denica.

Jophiel is overheard praising Denica.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Medeia.

As the official part of the night draws to its natural finish, a crew of sailors arrive, dressed in red and turquoise silks. They start to gather the newly painted sail, looking all official. Denica stands up again and she is all smiles and riding a wave of emotion, "thank you so much everyone for coming tonight. Feel free to stay as long as you'd like. If you'd like to come watch the sail hoisted up, we will set it sail on the Bay of Thrax (off screen). There will be drinks and refreshments all night indoors for those who wish to stay warm and mingle. I invite you to all to come back, anytime. Whether it's to create, stop in for a class, just come and enjoy the view and look at the other art that fills the different rooms of the lighthouse. I hope we always enjoy this journey we are on, wherever it takes us. May your world be colourful and full of unexpected beauty. Thank you." Denica's words are filled with emotion and gratitude, she lights up as she speaks.

Arman wanders slowly about the room eyeing the different works as he passes by Victus he pauses briefly to offer the High Lord a formal bow accompanied with, "Your Grace," then moving on he stops to peer upward at the ceiling his neck craning for quite some time as he appreciates the mural above.

Arman is overheard praising Denica.

Cesare is overheard praising Denica: The Princess has a singular vision; it's not every artist who has the curatorial touch, nor the ability to create works wherein her voice is evident upon a simple glance. Yet Princess Denica is among these, and surely touched by Jayus.

Zoey is overheard praising Denica.

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