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Disciples of Jayus Midwinter Celebration

Join the Disciples of Jayus for a Midwinter Celebration of hope, joy, and warmth when it's most needed! The celebration will occur in three parts: first, a silent auction of artwork on display in the Shrine, with profits going to support the Discipleship and its patronage of Jayus, creators, and artisans throughout the city. Second, performances showcasing the talents of musicians, playwrights, and actors of the Discipleship. And thirdly - an impromptu improvisational contest for anyone who is present and interested in participating!

Anyone who is interested in donating a piece of artwork or performing, please contact Cesare via messenger, page, or mail for further details!


Sept. 4, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Merek Pasquale Caprice Gianna Ophne Thea Bianca Samira Sorrel Quenia Valerian Kiera Cufre Medeia


Disciples of Jayus


Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of Jayus

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Comments and Log

Cesare takes a small tapestry, faithfully depicting a sunset over the Southern Sea from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Artorius gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards, Clementine arrive, following Bianca.

Caprice gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Thea takes a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Merek gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Merek puts a shimmering crystalline snowflake in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Merek gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Merek puts a shimmering crystalline snowflake in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Merek gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Artorius puts a shimmering crystalline snowflake in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Bianca gets a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Cesare checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty -1, rolling 28 higher.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Cesare puts a shimmering crystalline snowflake in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

2 Sea Rover Bodyguards leaves, following Artorius.

Cesare checked dexterity + sewing at difficulty -1, rolling 32 higher.

Cesare puts a shimmering crystalline snowflake in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

The weather may be cold, but the mood in the Shrine of Jayus is warm with excitement. The scene is set for the Celebration and as it kicks off, Cesare in all of his plummy-toned glory is swanning about, making sure the donations are on display and the arriving guests are getting their beverages and treats. "Welcome everyone," he calls out as a crowd begins to assemble. "On behalf of the Disciples of Jayus, thank you all so much for coming. I'll give you all a moment to get settled, and then I'll introduce the silent auction and our performers for the evening."

Merek makes a way along and into the Shrine of Jayus, while he takes the time to look about a bit. He has on his dark attire, from the beltcape to the hood which he wears, and looks about the place. "Thank you!" he offers to the greeting to everyone while he watches the place.

Pasquale has joined the Plush Couch.

Pasquale looks about for a suitable place to settle before moving to join Caprice on that plush couch.

While she's a Disciple of Jayus, herself, Caprice's presence in the shrine tonight is as a delighted observer and participant. If disciple duties have helped her secure a cushy seat in advance of the event, well... Every job needs perks. Cesare's open greeting to the growing crowd earns some soft, appreciative applause from the copper-haired clothier, who turns her lingering smile to Pasquale as he takes up some more of the plush couch's real estate. "Performing or making bids?" she greets him with a question, chuckling.

Gianna swans on into the Shrine, bundled up but not SO bundled up that she can't shift her cloak and show off a lovely sweater. She inclines her head to Cesare, taking a slow look around the Shrine, looking over the snowflakes. "Charming," she remarks.

Ophne arrives just in time for Cesare's announcement. A low sigh billows like smoke from her lips, a chilled cloud. She settles at the edge of the madness, keeping out of the din of revelers and attendees both.

Brushing the snow from her clothes before entering, Thea exhales. Then she smiles a moment as she notices everyone she knows gathered. "I wasn't expecting so many people I knew here this evening."

Gianna is overheard praising Disciples of jayus.

Bianca has been in the shrine, moving from piece to piece and admiring them all with a dedicated wonder. But it's 'Uncorked' that the Legate pauses at, her lips slightly parted and her silver eyes wide as saucers. "Oh. My."

Her tendency to get lost in her artwork and lose track of time means that Samira is always at risk of running late to various events - or missing them altogether. This one, however, has received her full attention and she manages to meander in at the appropriate time, just in time to catch Cesare's words of welcome to the crowd. She takes in the familiar sights of the shrine with a look of approval, hand lifted up high over her head to wave to her fellow Disciple.

"Perform?" Pasquale quirks an eyebrow at Caprice's question. His expression somewhat amused. "Me? What could I possibly perform?"

"Ah, yes," Cesare says, pausing beside the Legate. "From an anonymous donor." Who may have put her maker's mark on it. "It's very...evocative, isn't it? The use of impasto in the foam is particularly skillful." He is so serious. "Nightingale, you look stunning as always. Is this a new outfit for the event? What an honor." He spots Samira and eagerly lifts a hand to her as well.

Not far behind Gianna, Sorrel slips in, looking around to see who is present. She does not miss the Nightingale swanning about gloriously, though, and she grins as she offers Bianca a little grin and a wave.

Aspira arrives, following Quenia.

Caprice's quieter response to Pasquale suggests it's probably better nobody's close enough to hear it. But her voice lifts back to a normal volume as she offers to the Malespero lord, "Something to drink?"

"Mostly new," Gianna tells Cesare with the faintest ghost of a smile. "I like to have something new to perform in, after all." She looks over her shoulder, tugging her hood aside so she can see Sorrel. She inclines her head to her patron. "Cold, though."

"It's breathtaking," Bianca says to Cesare with the same seriousness. "I do hope to have a chance to bid on it. Ah, there is my cousin! Sorrel," she raises a hand in return. "Come and see this glorious painting?"

The snowing has stopped. Thank goodness. But that doesn't mean the Marquessa of Igniseri isn't bundled up as if the worst winter storm ever isn't occurring outside right now, for to her Lycene body it is, every single day, even if it is not. She peels off layers of warm cloaks and coats as she arrives in the shrine, leaving them to her servant, Aspira, to see to before mingling around the shrine herself. Quenia makes her way inside in another night of enforced socialization by her assistant, otherwise the Marquessa will bury herself with work. Again. She steps away from the door and starts mingling around the room, taking her time ti enjoy whatever artwork mediums there are.

Thea gives a small wave to Bianca, Caprice, and Pasquale before going to looking at the paintings and such that will be on auction. Seeing the one, there's a small groan. "That must be why Denica apologized,"and heads off to look at something else. Nope. She had seen enough. "Hello Marquessa Queina,"she mentions passingly, looking for a drink.

"It is! The weather's been quite fierce lately," Sorrel says to Gianna with a grin, nodding once. "But at least you look good for it, yes? Ah, the Legate says there's a good painting. Join us?" She then moves in Bianca's direction, cheerful and rosy-cheeked from the cold, but apparently not suffering in the snow the way the Lycenes tend to.

Pasquale actually laughs at whatever it is Caprice suggested in that undertone. "One way to empty a room." A nod in response to the question of the drink. "Always. When will we see your first creation?"

2 Kennex corsairs, Lady Lily, A young silver sea otter, Brooks, An opinionated assistant, Ava, An exasperated Guardswoman in Kennex Livery arrive, following Valerian.

Gianna inclines her head to Caprice as she passes, walking along with Sorrel. She gives a little bow to Bianca, a leaning forward, more like, before straightening. "Painting?"

Ophne moves along the periphery, eyeing the assortment of auction items before dropping quietly into a deep green couch. Hands folded neatly in her lap, the woman continues to observe the incoming flood of people without interruption.

Valerian arrives fashionably late or maybe just late. His guards, two of them totig a covered item which he quietly instructs to carry to whoever is handling the art auction. Meanwhile the shy lord peers around nervously. Hoping no one noticed he got there late...

Ophne has joined the Emerald Couch.

Cesare puts a large landscape painting of a glowing sunrise over a spring meadow in a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Bianca stands in front of a painting of the same man in three different naked poses, uncorking wine with a sword, and she seems enchanted by it. There's a gesture to both Gianna and Sorrel. "You see? Look at the way it's captured. So much life in a painting! I wonder how many wine bottles were broken in the painting of it..." There is a wave in return to Thea.

"It is cold," Cesare agrees to Gianna. "Stand next to one of the braziers, we can't have you losing any fingers. Why did we build all these shrines outside without roofs or proper walls again?" He winks at her and steps back aside to call the attention of the gathering again. "As you've all no doubt been able to appreciate by now, we have a number of pieces available from some exceptionally talented artisans. I am tremendously grateful to - in no particular order - Princess Denica Thrax, Duchess Lianne and Lady Carissa Malespero, Mistress Cufre Harrow, Lady Esme Fidante, Master Claude, and Mistress Samira Culler, as well as donors who wished to remain anonymous, for their contributions. You will note that among the auction items we have a piece of jewelry from Guildmaster Emeritus Joscelin K. Arterius, a jeweler whose work is highly sought after for its level of perfection and Inspiration as well as its rarity."

He places a hand over his heart. "Those wishing to bid on the auction items may place their bids with me. Bidding will be open through the weekend, and all proceeds will go to the Disciples of Jayus, with my profound gratitude to the artists and bidders for their generosity. Starting bids are five thousand silver each."

Quenia smiles warmly at Caprice as she notices her minister in attendance. "Caprice," she greets politely. Thea is quickly pulling her attention away though and she flashes a smile at the Wyvernhart woman. "Lady Thea, it's been sometime since I've seen you about." An observation. Of course she'd probably see Thea more if she got out more. Aspira has been seeing to this!

Ophne takes a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

The laugh renews Caprice's smile. She's already rising, ostensibly to fetch drinks, though she lingers long enough to remark, "Tonight, you mean? I'm not a contributor this time." She catches the wave from Thea and returns it warmly, another smile directed Gianna's way, and the faintest bob of a curtsey towards Quenia before the Marquessa's pulled too far out by Thea. She takes advantage of the increasing focus on the items for auction, needing less time to collect several glasses and a small plate of finger foods before returning to the couch.

Caprice pauses by the emerald couch first, angling the plate of foodstuffs towards Ophne with brows raising, silent invitation to partake should she want to.

Thea has joined the Plush Couch.

Merek looks along to Bianca, and will nod an agreeance with the woman. Then he takes the time to wave to her, "It is good to see you, Legate," he will offer, while he takes the time to pull back the hood which he wears.

"Ah, Legate! It is a rather delightful painting, isn't it? Rather charming, I think. Bold. Notable," Sorrel agrees, standing next to her cousin to admire the painting. "Bianca, do you know my protege, the Nightingale Gianna? She's headmistress of the Bard's College and an incredible talent. I suspect that she'll be performing tonight, which is always exciting. Gianna?"

"We met a long time ago, back when I first came to the city. She was Archscholar at the time, and told me all about spellsingers. It was very kind of her," Gianna tells Sorrel. "And yes, I will be singing. The Freedom Song of the Lianhan, actually. As a reminder."

Thea confesses to Quenia with with a clear of her throat,"I have--been busy myself." Taking a drink, she tries to ease the woman just as much as herself. Going to have a seat on the couch, Thea makes herself comfortable. "Whisper Ceaser. I hope this auction brings much--"distracted a little by more items.

Spotting Caprice on her hunt for refreshments, Samira flashes a wide grin of greeting and a waggle of fingers that seems to serve as promise to come chat. But first, she drifts toward the artwork on display, eager to see the various contributions. Her lips curl into a wry grin as she overhears Bianca's remarks about potential broken wine bottles. "Some things are probably better not known," she jokes in answer before turning attention to Cesare's remarks. The mention of a piece by Joscelin certainly steals her full attention, her head swiveling in search of the jewelry.

"Good evening, Sir Black. I'm glad to see you here," Bianca intones to the knight with a tilt of her shock-white head, a dipping of her chin. "Any pieces stand out for you in particular?" Her regard moves, settling once more on Sorrel and Gianna. "And you have accomplished wonders since then, Nightingale, all of your own accord. I am jealous of your patron-protege pairing. It is likely the best in the realm," the Legate adds sincerely. "Certainly in the realm of most prestigious." She catches Caprice's quip and there's a low murmur that might pass for a chuckle. "As a former Archscholar, I'm not sure I can legally agree."

Merek looks then to Bianca, and will think about it a moment, "Well, I like all of them, I paint sometimes, which you know. And, I like it. I think all art is pretty unique in its own way," he will mention, taking his time to look about the place while he thinks, "I definitely think it all tells a story."

"Surely with grand adventures of which you'll have to tell me the tales later. I really ought to schedule an Igniseri dinner soon." Quenia replies easily enough to Thea even as she looks over the new items herself. She pauses a moment to glance over at Sorrel and Gianna a moment when spellsingers are mentioned, giving each a curious glance.

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Cesare is perhaps not surprised by the attention that the mention of a piece by Joscelin draws. In fact, that was probably the intended effect. "Once you've all had a chance to look through the auction items, I'm delighted to announce that this evening we have a performance by Nightingale Gianna Delvecchio, who will thrill us with her legendary voice - and I will perform also, because it would be rather shameful for me to hold an event and /not/ at least attempt a show of my talents." His tone is wry, as though regardless of where he finds himself singing, before or after Gianna, he imagines his performance will hardly compare.

"I am spoiled by my social connections, no doubt," Sorrel agrees to Bianca with a little laugh. She looks to Gianna. "I think that's a lovely choice, and quite appropriate under the circumstances. If only we could be more like the Lianhan."

Though she's not directly involved in the conversation, Caprice catches the note on potential Igniseri dinners and conveys her silent support with some enthusiastic nodding. And having caught Samira's greeting, she raises her mug of something hot in toast to Samira. It's set aside afterwards, more soft applause in response to the lineup for the night's entertainment.

Kiera enters the room late and goes to look at the auction items quietly. she is absolutely arrested by the beaty of the piece by joscelin but knows the bid will be well out of he reach and looks to some of smaller items

Gianna inclines her head to Bianca. "It has served me well. Though Lord Arik may frown at you, Princess. He's still upset I didn't take him up on an offer of patronage."

As if there's more tugging that can be done at this point, Cufre is pulling at the collar of her coat as she makes her way to join those gathered. Her grip yields a bit at seeing the decorations close-up, her attention to the crafted snowflakes supplanting the real ones. Taking in the decor leads to taking in refreshments, so she drifts towards those on offer.

Ophne recognizes a few faces shifting through the crowd, just as the shadows shift and grow against the walls of the incomplete edifice. A nod is given to Marquessa Quenia and a small, wry grin is for Valerian. Cesare gets thrown on the end of a bold, unflinching stare.

Thea chuckles at Quenia. She's a bit dramatic when she says,"What makes you think I was on any sort of adventure?" Because it's Thea. And she's often always gone. As Kiera makes her way inside, Thea beckons her over. "Hey Kiera, how are you?"

"It certainly does, Sir Black. Look, the painting honoring Petrichor? One of my favorite stories," Bianca concurs with a fondness in her low tone. To Sorrel and Gianna, the Legate offers, "As it happens, I have recently taken a patron myself. If we come even close to a fraction of the glory you two have amassed together, I will consider myself the most fortunate of women." Her silver regard slowly turns to Cesare. "What will you be perfoming, Cesare Whisper? Inquiring minds cannot bear the suspense."

Quenia grins back at Caprice's enthusiastic nodding, but then Cufre catches her attention. "Ah! Cufre!" she calls out. "I did not know that you were one of the artists this evening," she says, pleased. "We really ought to schedule that meeting sometime," she quips cheerfully, "to discuss that journal we found. Quite exciting stuff from the Sylv'alfar War! Or, at least, we think it was from that time. I am ever so eager to figure out those questions, and with my family constantly indisposed, well, your help would be appreciated." She flushes a bit, her cheeks turning somewhat pink. Embarrassment, perhaps, it has not been done yet for as long as she and Cufre have been chatting about a certain topic here and there for the better part of a few years now.

Quenia returns Ophne's nod, offering the Acheron woman a warm smile. Thea's response catches her attention again, "Because it's you! Of course!" As if that explains everything.

Kiera moves over to thea "I'm fine. how are you doing? I met count artorious at the equestrian event he seemed quite lovely"

Merek will nod a little bit along to Bianca, while he smiles. "Either way, it is good to see you about," he offers, then waves along to anyone else he knows, with an incline to Thea. "It can be pretty interesting to come to these things, though I'm not as social as I used to be."

Cesare confers briefly with Gianna about what order they'll perform in, and smiles slightly with a toss of his hair. "Oh, a song of my own composition," he replies. "When I have time, I try to come up with something new to perform. It's good exercise for the mind."

He slips up to the musicians' platform and plucks at the harp, checking the tuning with an ease which suggests many years of training and then warming up a bit, sending plumes of sound out over the gathering at a lower volume, so as not to draw too much attention to himself just yet.

Gianna tugs her hood aside in order to peer at Cufre; she inclines her head to the woman in greeting. Samira is nodded to as well.

"I fear that I hope you continue to disappoint Lord Arik," Sorrel replies to Gianna with a measure of amusement. "Although I myself was quite honored when High Lady Alis offered to be my patron. It is a very solid social network."

Ophne's stare down on Cesare must have sent her for some hell of an internal reflection, because she almost misses the proffered plate extended by Caprice


Glancing down suddenly, startled, the warden quickly moves to make up for the extended lull. "Thank you," she says, chagrined, nodding oh-so-slightly. She accepts the plate and inspects the contents.

Thea turns to Kiera and chuckles. "I like that more of my family is coming back around. I wish it was better circumstances, but he's here now." She asks here with a curious look,"Did you hear the baby when you left? He's well--Drake is stayed with him. I have a feeling he's going to give him a run for his money.."

When the performance lineup is announced, Samira decides that it's time to locate the refreshments and settle into a seat before the performers begin. She sends a crooked grin toward Cesare as she passes, shrugging in answer as she calls, "The evening wouldn't be the same if you didn't take advantage of the opportunity to display your own talents. And we'd all be disappointed if you hadn't." She lifts her chin, a silent upnod accompanied by a brief smile for Gianna. Making a mental note to catch the woman after her performance, the artist drifts toward the nearby couch where Caprice and her companions are seated, settling into an empty place with a few murmured greetings.

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Gianna turns toward Cesare, tilting her head to the side to wait for him to begin.

For her part, Caprice doesn't seem put off by Ophne's preoccupation. There's plenty going on, with or without adding dagger-stares into the mix. But she does seem pleased that her offer is accepted; hopefully the exchange isn't soured for Ophne (and Samira isn't scared off!) by a random snippet of conversation from the other couch floating across the way ... something about anatomical study, and the worth of words in a sketch... Artist stuff, surely.

Cufre swivels to the call of her name and her wide-eyed surprise quickly shifts into a warm smile of recognition. Seeing others gathered near Quenia, Cufre steps a bit closer, but not so much that she doesn't have to call back. "I look forward to it, Marquessa! The wait seems worth it, since it sounds like we've got more to work with." She does a hasty little wave to let Quenia know she doesn't wish to intrude on her time further.

Cesare checks charm and performance at hard. Cesare fails.

Cesare checks charm and performance at daunting. Cesare marginally fails.

Ophne repositions herself, the rustle of fabric far too loud for her tastes as she plucks a strawberry tart from the plate of small confections and passes them along. Seemingly at nothing in particular, she chuckles.

Cesare checks charm and performance at impossible. Cesare DONE GOOFED!!!111

Cesare checks charm and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

Quenia inclines her head after Cufre's comments. When the performances are being announced, she moves to take a seat to listen to them.

"Does Princess Alis have other proteges?" Gianna inquires of Sorrel. There are beverages, right? She definitely procures herself some wine, if possible.

On the stage, Cesare starts to play. He opens his mouth to sing and his voice immediately cracks. Okay. One more time. He opens his mouth to sing and then - sneezes instead. "Excuse me," he says, and starts again. Except when he does, one of the strings snaps and hits him right in the face. He's so startled by it that he knocks the /entire harp over/ with an enormous, awful cascade of sound. Then there's a brief scramble to right the harp and re-string it with the help of one of the other Disciples. It's fine. Cesare just has a red welt on his cheek now. These things happen. He adjusts his posture. A little subdued in his playing this time, some of the flourishes eliminated.

For those who have heard Cesare play before, this song is different to his usual - the Softest has a tendency to favor complex arrangements with flowing instrumentation and bright vocal melodies, like a bird wheeling above a lapping sea. But this song is as bright and wheeling as the bird itself, each note spinning into the next like it's tripping along, being spun that way. It's more playful than his usual contemplative and challenging melodies, designed to intrigue and delight, drawing the listener along.

I'll tell you a tale of a riddle,
If you'll indulge me and lend me your ear,
All I need is my voice and my fiddle,
So listen closely and draw yourself near.

The riddle begins with a question:
No rarity, as many riddles do,
And like many riddles, it's also a lesson,
Listen closely and I'll tell it to you.

What's the best way to open a locked door?
Close your eyes and imagine a key -
Two keys, a dozen, a hundred or more.
For the key's not the answer, you see -
Or if wouldn't be a riddle, that's sure.

Long ago in the dawn of the world,
Humanity was given a precious gift,
Amidst the songs of fate seafoam-swirled,
A choice was made, gleaming knife-swift.

Quenia raises both brows lightly as she listens to Cesare's song, pressing her lips together and scooting to the edge of her seat.

The song continues, growing in speed and intensity to build to a climactic pinnacle just before the final two stanzas. Those two are much softer, gentler. The wheel drawing the notes along winds down, and after Cesare's voice drops out, the final few notes trickle along into silence.

With that shine we make our own paths,
Guide our own stories, sing our own elegies.
What transpires in our own aftermaths,
May be beyond-touched, but we're uniquely free.

Now open your eyes and look beside you:
See the glowing glory in each fellow being.
All the choices they'll make, the things they'll do,
Their own ways of hearing and seeing.

Now I've come to the end of my song,
And the time for the answer draws near.
Perhaps if you've listened closely along,
In your heart it's this answer you'll hear:

It's true that we're a Compact
Of different peoples and many lands.
But the best way to open a locked door -
Is not with keys, but with joined hands.

Ophne purses her lips together, eyes widening when Cesare is promptly slapped by his harp - apparently the instrument took issue with being touched that particular moment. Despite this, she continues to listen as the melody takes shape and rises.

Singing of history, of knowledge is a surefire way to gain Bianca's attention, and gain it Cesare does. The Legate becomes rapt, hanging on each verse, eager for the next, and the next. Her lips fall open ever so slightly, an inherent quirk, breath caught in her throat and drink forgotten in hand.

The initial mishaps make Gianna drink her wine rather fast. But the performance smooths out, and is enjoyable instead. She taps a toe in time with the tune, nodding gently.

Cesare's song having made the refreshment table more accessible, it's from that table that Cufre's applause is cast. After she sets down her wine and nibbles, of course.

Merek listens and watches while he takes the time to relax, thinking about it.

Okay, great! Time to go. "Thank you, thank you so much," Cesare says. "And next, we are blessed to have Nightingale Gianna performing." And everyone will forget about what he did. He sidles over to get himself a drink while people are hopefully focusing on Gianna instead.

Kiera smiles in polite encouragement at the whisper initial series of misteps but the smile widens to become more genuine as the song is sung and by the end, her emerald eyes shine with enthusiasm as she applauds

Quenia smiles warmly in Cesare's direction, giving a small nod of her head. Her curiosity turns next to Gianna, to see what she intends to sing.

Thea lifts her drink to Cesare when he finishes. It wasn't so terrible!

Gianna inclines her head regally and makes her way to the platform, stepping onto it. She removes her gloves, revealing the twinkle of a duskstone on her finger. Elegant in black furs, she tucks her gloves away and draws forth her gittern, notable only for the fact that it is hers. She strums a tune, likely simple due to the cold of the eternally-unfinished shrine, and raises her voice in song. There's power there. Her voice carries, and it is strong:

'Oh, what is the price then of freedom,
Of choosing your life day by day,
But sorrow and heartache and anguish,
And sometimes your choice goes astray.

'But heed not the sorrows I sing you,
For joy is the balance you make,
Remember your names and hold firmly,
Though darkness may cause you to quake.

'The song that I sing is the answer,
The ballad that never grows weak,
When all your names hang in the balance,
Hold fast to the freedom you seek.'

A final chord and Gianna tucks the gittern in her arm and rubs her hands together. She finds her gloves again and tugs them on, noting, "Lianhan was supposedly a spellsinger that fought in the War of Stolen Names." Right. 'Supposedly'. Let's not be eccentric here while there are still people who don't believe. But maybe, if they didn't before, an idea has sparked.

Gianna bows and reclaims her seat.

From her seat, Ophne applauds?

Gianna checks charm and performance at hard. Gianna is successful.

Bianca is overheard praising Cesare.

Bianca is overheard praising Gianna.

Quenia is overheard praising Gianna.

Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards, Clementine leave, following Bianca.

Quenia is overheard praising Cesare.

Archimedes, the Grim Face of Owlish Judgement, Sir Alren, Scholar Duran, a perpetually put-upon assistant, 5 Templar Knight guards, Clementine arrive, following Bianca.

There's nothing subtle about the worried grimace on Samira's face when the Whisper faces his series of mishaps, particularly for the sight of the welt left by the broken string. Luckily, Cesare recovers admirably. By the time the last notes are fading into silence, the artist is applauding and whistling for her fellow Disciple. She can certainly be loud for someone in such a small body. She does fall back into a respectful silence, though, when Gianna steps up to perform.

Cufre sets down a new glass of wine to applaud for the Nightingale's performance. Same nibbles, though.

Sorrel claps politely for the performances, and she seems quite pleased at the beauty of the music. She clearly loves music. No question on that one.

"Well song, Softest Whisper, Nightingale," Quenia calls from the audience seats, clapping for them both. "Songs both to allow us to imagine such times, or to remind us what might have been."

Kiera applauds likrwise fore nightengale

Having absolutely guzzled a glass of wine, Cesare applauds for Gianna's performance enthusiastically. "Excellent choice of song!" he calls, making his way back toward the front of the shrine. "Our last order of business for the evening is a game, which is entirely optional, but there is a prize. It is a game called...Charades. If you're not familiar, I have a number of prompts which I will give to the ... charade-r. Then that person will attempt to act out their prompts without saying the words. Whoever correctly guesses the prompt, along with the charade-r, will each receive a point. Questions?"

"That was amazing,"Thea declares fro Gianna as she applauds for her from her spot.

Ophne is overheard praising Cesare.

Ophne is overheard praising Gianna.

Merek will clap along to cheer for the two, then he smiles, nodding a bit.

Gianna looks pretty pleased by all the applause and praise; she even smiles, which pretty much never happens unless she's been singing. The word 'prize' gets her attention, and she looks back to Cesare curiously.

Bianca's applause for Gianna is awed, pleased, and the Legate casts a glance around the shrine and then upwards, mouthing a word of prayer to Jayus before looking back to Cesare, nodding. "That sounds like an exciting game. Are there rules aside from silence?"

Ophne applauds Gianna, thinking the performances tonight were pleasant and entertaining indeed.

"You can make noises, if said noises assist in your acting," Cesare replies with a shrug. "Just don't use the words involved in your prompt. As the prompt-giver, I obviously will not be participating in the game. That wouldn't be fair."

Pasquale has left the Plush Couch.

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

Mar, the Magpie have been dismissed.

Kiera looks intrigued at the games description

Thea has left the Plush Couch.

Aspira have been dismissed.

Gianna tugs her hood down a moment to adjust her dark hair, then pulls it up again. Cold. "I'm playing," she informs Cesare.

Merek nods a bit, "I would like to play as well."

"I'm in," Caprice joins the list of game players, raising her hand with a quick smile.

Klavdiya, who is definitely a handmaiden and not a reaver, Fluffy, a wild nanny-cat, 2 Eswynd shieldbearers, Loryk, a cocky but amiable reaver, Butterpup, a Graypeak Mountain Dog arrive, following Medeia.

Medeia takes a shimmering crystalline snowflake from a sturdy wooden chest with a pretty spring color theme.

Kiera adds "i'll try

Medeia slips in quietly, very late. There is a sheepish smile sent Cesare's direction.

"Count me in. I've spent time mute. This should be fun," Sorrel says brightly.

"Caprice, as Voice of the Disciples, you will be the first charade-r," Cesare declares. "These are all commonly used phrases or idioms, so they shouldn't be too difficult." He whispers Caprice's prompt to her and then steps back.

A missive delivered by a stealthy messenger steals Samira's attention. With a frown and murmured words of apology to her companions, she stands and moves to make a quiet entrance.

Samira has left the Plush Couch.

Caprice squints a little as she's given the dubious honor of going first. Gamely enough, though, she abandons her seat and starts towards the stage to get her prompt. Was that a snort? Maaaaybe. "You're choosing these at random, of course?" she wonders to the Whisper.

At some point, after the performances, Ophne slips out like a phantom.

Ophne has left the Emerald Couch.

As the gathering grows more intimate around game preparations, Cufre pauses to admire the works of art on display. Small waves, easily missed, are then directed to Cesare, Gianna, Caprice, and Medeia before she leaves the swell of activity.

Gianna crosses her arms and waits for Caprice to do her charaderationing.

Bianca shifts her robes aside, finding a place to claim for a seat while she watches Caprice. There's a keen edge to her gaze, as if she's trying to discern what the answer is simply by reading the designer's mind.

Merek settles along and into a seat, while he takes the time to relax a little bit. He seems to content in watching, a bit distant within his thoughts.

Caprice checks dexterity and performance at normal. Botch! Caprice fails badly.

Walking to a place more central to those still gathered in the shrine, Caprice gives one last look towards Cesare as if to be sure she's got the gist of this right. With a bit of a warm up stretch, the woman bends at the same time she lifts her left foot, reaching for the lachets - ostensibly to loosen her footwear. Naturally because there are Important People about, this simple activity goes terribly wrong; her grip slips off the fastens and she punches herself in the face. The lighter thud of her bootheel finding the ground is followed quickly by her rump landing on the stage as well, and those close enough miiiight have heard a muffled 'Duck!' (or something that rhymes) from the woman who is suddenly, unintentionally seated.

Well, the show must go on. Dark skin visibly pinkening around the cheeks, Caprice tries from this new angle, somewhat miserably drawing her boot up - still worn, this time - and opens her mouth wide, not quite actually setting her teeth or lips to the toebox.

"Falling," Gianna suggests. "Buffoonery." She purses her lips, narrowing her eyes. "Shoe. Shoe leather. Feet. Eat your own feet."

Medeia's eyes widen as she rushes to see if Caprice is okay. "And this is why one shouldn't put their foot in their mouth."

Cesare raises his eyebrows. "A point to Caprice, and a point to Lady Medeia," he says. "Lady Medeia, that means you're our next charadc-r."

"Well, I hope that she didn't bruise her bottom," Sorrel remarks to Gianna and Bianca with a small smile.

Kiera winces "That stage is ornery tonight"

Do medics carry balm for wounded pride? Caprice's might be beyond reviving. She aims a sheepish grin to Medeia - all her teeth are still there! - and murmurs some confirmation that there's nothing likely needing medical attention as she skulks from the stage. "Oh, wasn't this supposed to be a contact sport?"

Medeia checks charm and performance at normal. Medeia is successful.

Merek looks around a bit, "A potato," he offers.

"Wait, what?" Medeia's cheeks flush pink as she crouches in front of Caprice and looks at Cesare. She had missed the part about there being a game. With a blink or two, especially after she is given a whispered prompt and Caprice wanders off, she turns and looks at everyone gathered. "Oh." A quick shake of her arms and clearing of her throat sees her ready to give this a try. Silently, she takes the tip of one finger and pushes up the tip of her nose. Once she's sure everyone has seen that, she makes a large arc overhead and then flaps her arms.

Merek looks around a bit and looks to Medeia as she goes, and seems to consider she's trying to fly, and arcing. "Phoenix!"

"Oh- oh! When pigs fly! Is it when pigs fly?" Caprice is only too happy for the focus to be on someone else now, after her spectacular performance. At least for the moment, she's forgotten (or ignoring) her own charading.

"Snoot. Nose," Gianna says, arms still crossed, eyes narrow. "Flappy. Flapping up your nose. Nose to the clouds. Cloudy."

"Doing dust?" Merek asks, questioningly, "High as a bird?"

Medeia shakes her head at Merek and is about to give another clue when she points at Caprice. "That it is."

Cesare points at Caprice. "Points to each of you again. Caprice, choose someone else to do the charades-ing, as you just went."

Caprice slides sly eyes towards Gianna. She volunteered to play, right?

Gianna makes an annoyed sound. It's kind of a 'mmmmph'. Yes she did volunteer and apparently she's horrible at it.

"Nightingale," Caprice voices her choice with a dip of her head towards Gianna, "would you do us the honor of going next?"

What? Oh. Gianna is immediately soothed. She inclines her head to Caprice and then blinks at Cesare. A sigh.

With a small bow, Medeia gets out of the way so the next person - Gianna it seems - can get their prompt.

Gianna straightens up and steps to the side. She purses her lips. She points to her head, and then stoops and points to her feet. Up and her head again. Her head and then she waves her hand over her head and then points to her feet again.

Sorrel suggests, "Head to toe?"

Kiera guesses "it's head over heels

Gianna thrusts her finger at Kiera. "Yes!"

"Hm, head over- Yes, what Lady Kiera said!" Medeia gives the Wyvernheart a smile.

"Heads shoulders knees and toes? Head over heels?" Merek asks.

"Well done!" Cesare claps, delighted. "Lady Kiera will go next, then."

Quiet for this round, Caprice purses her lips faintly in mild self-disapproval. She could have just pointed..!

"Yes but I get points, yes?" Gianna asks Cesare, arching her brows. He mentioned a PRIZE.

Cesare raises his eyebrows back at Gianna and nods. He taps his forehead. He is keeping track of the points! With his big, juicy brain.

Kiera gets up gamely to go geet her prompt. She blinks and shrugs. she sticks her togue out then opens her mouth wide and closes it

Gianna seems satisfied with this answer. She moves over toward the food and picks up a finger-something to nibble on, turning her attention to Kiera with a calculating gleam in her eyes.

"Bite your tongue?" Sorrel wonders curiously.

"Got it in one," Cesare says with a nod, pointing at Sorrel. "Princess, it's your turn to take the stage!"

Kiera points at sorrel and claps " very good

Caprice leans forward a little bit in her seat, hooked for the next round.

Merek listens and watches for the moment.

Medeia frowns. A glance at Sorrel has a spark of 'oh!' brightening her expression. "I wasn't going to guess that, good job."

Sorrel listens to the prompt from Cesare and looks thoughtful for a moment. She moves to get up to act hers out, walking a short distance before looking down, then quickly crouching as she takes a theatrical swing at the ground below her feet.

"Bug on the floor. Spider on the floor," Gianna guesses. "Hitting the dirt. Smacking the soil."

Kiera is overheard praising Disciples of jayus.

"Hit the ground running?" Gianna's guesses might be informing Caprice's own; either way, she doesn't look too confident.

Merek thinks about it for a moment, "Falling for their tricks?"

Merek is insanely good at this game. Clearly.

Kiera chucks "hit the dirt

"Farming," Gianna suggests, frowning again.

Pasquale has joined the Plush Couch.

One of Medeia's browsers rises as she very uncertainly offers, "Hitting pay dirt?"

Sorrel clearly has not been expressive enough in her performance. She twinkles her nose as she listens to Gianna's guesses, then others, and then she tries walking again. She tries a bit of walking in straight lines, moving her arms as if to show tracks before her, and then she tries punching the ground again.

Medeia checks perception at normal. Medeia is successful.

"Dust up?" is Caprice's next guess. "Who let their dog sh-" no, probably not that one.

Caprice checks perception at normal. Caprice is successful.

Kiera "hit the trail

"Hit pay dirt?" Grasping at straws? Caprice isn't giving up yet.

"On the straight and narrow?" Medeia shakes her head. "Hit... Hit the road!"

"Angry at the ground," Gianna says, stabbing a finger in Sorrel's direction.

"I am usually only angry at the ground if there's a bug to squash there," Sorrel replies to Gianna with a giggle. "No, Lady Medeia has it. 'Hit the road.'"

Cue a laughing groan from Caprice. "Of -course-," she laments, clapping a hand to her forehead.

Cesare applauds as his patron manages to discern the answer at last. No shade to Sorrel's acting skills, of course, 'road' was a little difficult.

"Well you seemed angry," Gianna says, a touch defensively, perhaps. She has crossed her arms again.

Merek checks perception at normal. Merek is successful.

Sorrel grins at Gianna as she moves closer. "Sorry. Maybe the ground deserves it?" she wonders.

"Oh, hooray!" Medeia starts to move forward, but then stops and looks at Merek. "Messere, would you be so kind as to take this turn for me?"

Merek looks then to Medeia, and nods a bit, before he takes a look to Cesare and nods, then he stands up, before he walks to the front, and considers. The man looks forward, while he lifts a hand, then he slaps his knees, kicking them upwards, before he spins and points.

Medeia's head tilts. "Knees... Slapping. Knee slapper? Down on your knees? No..."

"Twirl," Gianna says. "Twirly bird. High stepping. Knee... high..."

Merek looks to everyone and seems to consider, while he walks forward, and will then offer a light slap to his own face, then he slaps the knee, shooting it up in a kick.

Pasquale has left the Plush Couch.

Sorrel suggests, "Knee-jerk reflex?"

"But then why is he pointing," Gianna complains.

"I think that's close enough, Princess Sorrel," Cesare agrees with a nod and a smile.

Merek says, "Ya, the Princess got it!"

Merek then explains, "I am bad at this game. I was pointing, like you know, I've accused you, and so you then, knee-jerk react to it."

Gianna narrows her eyes, but nods. If reluctantly.

"Hm." Medeia looks between Sorrel and Gianna before giving Cesare a thoughtful look. "Close enough? What was it? Oh. I see." She shakes her head at Merek. "Not bad! That one was complicated. I'm glad I didn't have to act it out!"

"Ah, knee-jerk reaction," Sorrel replies with a little nod, then glances to Gianna. "Clearly the trick here is figuring out which actions are actually part of the clues and which are just us being people."

Merek claps!

Cesare chuckles softly. "Our winner is Lady Medeia with three points, and I'm running out of prompts so I think we'll have to end the game there. Thank you so much for attending this evening's event, on behalf of myself and on the behalf of the Disciples of Jayus. The silent auction will continue until this Sunday evening! Bid generously and don't forget to tip your performers." That last part is a joke, probably.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

"I thought mine was perfect for making an ass of one's self," Caprice agrees towards Sorrel, mouth tilting into a tiny self-deprecating grin. As the winner is announced, she turns a bit to applaud Medeia, then Cesare, "Lovely work, Softest, congratulations - and thank you so much for putting all of this together. Bravo!"

"What does she win?" Gianna asks, drawing her furs more tightly around herself.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove leave, following Cesare.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove arrive, following Cesare.

Cesare roots around in a pocket and pulls out a little pouch, which he passes to Medeia. "Truthfully the theme is oddly suited for you," he admits. "Go ahead and show Nightingale Gianna, she is clearly very curious."

Cesare is overheard praising Gianna: The sweetest voice and the most prurient message one could imagine.

The pouch surprises Medeia with its weight, and when she looks inside her eyes widen in appreciation. A soft laugh comes as she agrees, "Yes, quite fitting." She pulls a golden ring with a large sapphire out, turning it this way and that to show off the branching coral design.

Cesare is overheard praising Sorrel.

Cesare is overheard praising Caprice.

Cesare is overheard praising Merek.

Cesare is overheard praising Kiera.

Cesare is overheard praising Bianca.

Cesare is overheard praising Pasquale.

Cesare is overheard praising Samira.

Cesare is overheard praising Cufre.

Cesare is overheard praising Ophne.

Cesare is overheard praising Valerian.

Cesare is overheard praising Quenia.

Cesare is overheard praising Thea.

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