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Surprise Bridge Party

Word spreads through the city, a party is being held on the Sovereign Bridge. The rumors about why it's happening vary, some say it's just a pop up party, others say that it's a birthday party, still some others are claiming that it's a /dance/ party. Whatever this is? Entertainers, food, and drink have all been hastily ordered and are being given away in this most unlikely of party spots. The one thread that remains consistent is that Marquessa Tyche Inverno and Duke Cristoph Laurent were there first. Coincidence?


Jan. 12, 2022, 8:15 p.m.

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Cristoph Tyche


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Arx - Ward of the Crown - Sovereign Bridge

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Comments and Log

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd on the bridge as many crane their necks to see one of the more famous members of Arx society arrive.

1 Iron Guardsmen, Due, a large hunting dog, Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon, 2 Whitehawk Guards arrive, following Elora.

Wild, spontaneous applause and cheering erupt from the daytime traffic on Sovereign Bridge as they recognize one of Arvani society's luminaries.

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound arrives, following Ripley.

The men and women arrive with their tables and foods and instruments and general merriment, all paid for with far too much silver, and Tyche gives only the very minimal of instructions. Set up there, play there, do whatever fills your heart! This very spontaneous party has no clear rhyme, and she's more than happy to let the mish mash of what they could obtain on such short notice with so much silver win out over perfection. "Happiest of birthdays," she repeats the sentiment she had already spoken to Cristoph when it was just them and unsuspecting travelers on the bridge. Now guests begin to arrive, drawn by the thought of a party, and she steps to reclaim his arm, to tug him toward the newly arranged tables which house the alcohol, much as Aella seems to be doing, and she claims a glass. "To you and your many years of wisdom," she laughs, takes a sip, and then hands the drink over to him.

Clink, clank, clunk; the weaving word of a party on the bridge seemed to be enough to lure one of the Crown Ward's Silver Swords from the Palace. Tovell shunts a short way up the Crown Ward end of the Sovereign's bridge, a muted expression borne upon his helmeted features as eyes scan across the fine folk who begin to gather upon this loftiest of retreats. He's like the worst sort of appointed sober person: loitering there on the sidelines eying the merriment without all that much of his own---yet?---while both arms rest in a fold upon across his chest.

Violeta Emili, a Ravashari smuggler dressed as the wind, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman arrive, following Mattheu.

"If I were better at my job I surely would have /known/ it was your birthday, Duke Cristoph," Cesare says, politely dodging a few admirers. "Even so, I certainly couldn't have provided more luxury on short notice than the Marquessa has managed, so my well-wishes and a song, if you like, will have to serve well enough, I hope. Happy birthday, many happy returns, and a wish for many more." He bows deeply to both Cristoph and Tyche, casting a glance to Tovell as he clatters onto the bridge, and steps aside to murmur something to the knight.

"I had an inkling and came prepared." That, from Lady Monique Greenmarch who arrives with a gift box, which she furnishes to whatever pile happens to be amassing for the Laurent Duke. There's a bow alongside Cesare to both Tyche and Cristoph. "I had hoped it would be a surprise wedding but a birthday will do. There's *usually* less blood shed at birthdays."

Monique gets amethyst eventide pair of oathlands style battle gloves from a silk bound large gift box.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Something something, bee's on the bridge. Ripley's wending his way through people with hair still looking respectable for once and neatly trimmed beard and less street vagabond and more jeweler. There's an apple that's being consumed as he goes and at his heels is Toad looking much like Toad has not a care in the world. "It's his birthday?" Ripley calls out, hearing the murmur. He bites down on the apple, leaving it in his mouth and starts patting himself down as if looking to see if he has anything on himself.

"Cesare," Tyche's smile for the man is bright, and she gestures to the table. "A song will be most welcome for the Duke's birthday. Something about a man without compare?" she suggests, amusement dancing in her eyes as she looks up to the man of the hour. Monique's arrival earns a quick laugh, and the Marquessa dips her chin, "If you'd like to find a husband tonight, Lady Monique, we can certainly make this a multi-purpose party. Be prepared to flaunt tradition, the Faith, and society complete with the act." She glances past the woman to see Baldassare having wandered in, the flicker of recognition quick, "Your highness. You look well. Come to celebrate?" In the background, musicians have set up and the beautiful notes of music begin to play, filling the autumn night with revelry.

Cristoph is pulled through the chaos of the impromptu party by Tyche, laughing joyfully when she announces that it's his birthday a little louder and where people can actually hear it and know that it's not a dance party. There's probably going to be dancing, there are people playing music! "I don't think anyone expects the Whisper House to memorize the birthday of every member of the nobility," Cristoph says to Cesare as he turns up. "But thank you!" Monique's arrival is a surprise in that she's also handing him a present, he looks down at them and laughs. "Thank you? Do you just keep battle gloves around to give to people at weddings and birthdays, Lady Greenmarch? I wish I had thought of that. It's appropriate for so many occasions."

Wild, spontaneous applause and cheering erupt from the daytime traffic on Sovereign Bridge as they recognize one of Arvani society's luminaries.

Tyche hears another voice nearby, and her eyes alight on Ripley, curious to this face she's not seen before. "It is indeed," she informs him. "And as such, he must be lauded and made to drink and dance and enjoy his evening."

Inclining his head towards Tyche, Baldessare offers a smile. "Fortunately I was in the neighborhood and heard the good tidings. We should find a way to cling to any bit of good news these days, and any reason to celebrate should be clung to tightly."

Jingling and soft chimes echo through the streets long before the owner of said fanfare, one Mattheu Rivenshari is found hopping along the road towards the bridge. Coming to a hard stop in middle of a skip, and brushing his hands over each bell to help silence them, he looks to the gathered crowd upon the bridge. Silent for a moment while looking this way and that to try to figure out why there's such a crowd in the middle of the bridge, then spotting whisper Cesare, then Duke Cristoph he grins as the crowd appears to break for those more noticeable and turns to his guards with a grin and says something quietly to them in Ravashari before heading directly for Cesare to stand next to him.

Indeed, Aella went straight to see what alcohol was about but afterwards she paid her visit to the wonderful Duke Laurent and Marquessa Tyche. Her tone of voice was warm and filled with a chuckle, "I wasn't expecting a pop up surprise birthday party. I do wish I would've brought something worthwhile. But may House Ravenseye offer a Happy Birthday to yourself Duke Laurent. I don't think we've met before but I have helped Lady Mabelle with some errands around the city." she smiles to them both, "Marquessa, it's a pleasure as well. One should be extremely lucky to have such a wonderful and on point party planner especially at short notice!" Aella's gaze turned towards the jingling of bells and waves to Mattheu.

Another who seems absolutely enraptured by the adoration as she makes her way along the bridge, is Seleni. Her half mask lives along with her features, as if the ornament is truly a part of her. There's something odd about her features, as though no human can truly look this picturesque. She might have a filter on.

Tovell has a mute word of his own to offer Cesare in kind, and tails it off with a bit of a forced grin. Still, the fellow straightens up and cycles a steadying breath; the next cast glance he offers across the quick-developing revelry is quite a bit brighter than his earlier 'you all are suspects!" sort of squinting.

"A man without compare," Cesare agrees warmly to Tyche. "I hope neither of you will be offended if it comes in limerick form, it's the only sort of verse I seem to be able to improvise with any reliability." There will probably also be bees in this song, because - of course. "Lady Monique, how are you? I wouldn't put it at all past her to carry luxuriant gifts looking for precisely the right moment. That sort of planned spontaneity strikes me as precisely the sort of mischief she would enjoy." A faint smile for Mattheu, and then Cesare sort of - retreats a bit into his own mind, his lips moving silently.

Until he spots Seleni. It's hard not to notice her, after all. He's visibly distracted, stepping over to offer her the crook of his arm. "How lovely to see you again. I've been thinking about you since we first met. Your face lives in my mind, until I find such time as to put proper words and song to describe it. Do you know Duke Cristoph and Marquessa Tyche?"

Monique's laughter is more of a snort for Tyche's quip. "Any man who agreed to marry me would have to have his sanity thoroughly examined." And to Cristoph, "Want to see what else I have in my pockets?" The hint of a grin traces her lips, eyebrows waggling suggestively. Only to be distracted by the arrival of Seleni, and a wave of envy that is impossible to hide as she stares, almost completely missing Cesare's question. "... what? Oh. Fine. I'm fine." She doesn't sound fine.

Ripley's coming up empty. Usually there's a ring on him, or there's a chain, pin, -something- that he has on him to give away that he's made. But he's coming up empty and there's a frustrated look on his face that he's lacking. Despite that there wasn't any warning. "I wish I'd known! I would have made him something more or sent him something better than a silly lemon." His face screwed up and looking down at Toad. But he's turning then, in search of drink or food, something to go with the apple while yelling over his shoulder. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUKE CRISTOPH I OWE YOU SOMETHING!"

"Limericks work perfectly," Tyche grins, her fingers squeezing Cristoph's arm at this lovely turn of events - musicians and a renowned Whisper offering some bit of cheer. Ripley's exuberant call is met with a laugh and further curiosity. "Who is this man?" she asks of the Duke under her breath. "He seems quite enamored with you," she teases, and then Monique's comments about men and their sanity has her looking to the Greenmarch woman. "Is sanity a requirement in a husband, then? Pity," she lifts a shoulder in a helpless shrug before taking a sip of her drink, which she plucked from the table. Baldessare's words earn a lifting of her glass, and she says, "Exactly. And for that, I think you should dance, your highness. Have you met Lady Monique Greenmarch?" she asks the last innocently. Oh so innocently. So much so that she missed the little 'fine' battle between Monique and Cesare. The masked woman, finally, has the Marquessa's attention. "Hello again," she greets.

"IT'S OKAY, IT'S A SURPRISE PARTY TO EVERYONE!" Cristoph is now hollering back over to Ripley, while holding a pair of battle gloves in his hand. He looks down at them again, not quite certain where to put them initially. Then he just pulls them on and reaches for a glass of wine from a passing servant. "That's Master Ripley, he crafts nearly all of your jewelry," he tells Tyche. "Oh, no, that's quite alright. But thank you, Lady Greenmarch. If we stop the traffic here anymore than we already have, I'll be in quite the predicament." It's both compliment and a polite refusal of suggestive eyebrow waggling. He drinks the wine, leaning into Tyche's side as they speak to the various guests swirling around. It's a chaos. Cesare's introductions have him looking at the unknown woman with a look that suggests he's never met her before. "I don't think we're acquainted," he admits with a small smile.

Kiera comes walking along the bridge with a smile, listening as she walks enough to pick up that it is the duke that is the birthday boy before actually reaching Cristoph and Tyche so that she is able to say "Happy birthday to you Duke Cristoph. I regret not bringing a gift. hello, Marquessa Tyche . Lovely to see yu again

"I'm sure you /will/ fine the proper words in time. There's no shortage of talent in you, I can sense it." Seleni says as she greets the Whisper with a warm smile, studying him for a moment. "Oh, and I may have listened to a performance of yours at some point. I cheated." She lifts a hand up in admission. "I'm sorry. I have met them both briefly, yes." The icy gaze drifts between Marquessa and Duke. "Not long enough, however. You, my lord, had left as I had arrived in the Queensrest. This is your birthday?"

Cristoph wields amethyst eventide pair of oathlands style battle gloves.

"Well then enjoy your lemon you sour old man!" Ripley hollers back as he finds some meat to go with the apple and slips some to Toad. "he's old, right toad? Older than me at least." Talking to the bloodhound at his side.

"Oh, a birthday party!?" Mattheu's voice carries over the crowd as he spots Cristoph again and makes a direct jingling path to the Duke. "Duke Cristoph. A lovely day for you." Something catches Mattheu's eye and he grins at Cristoph before nodding to him again in a soft shower of bells singing out. "Um, Happy birthday." And then the Rivenshari lord wanders off towards Aella, "Countess!" He waves behind him towards Cristoph, that should be sufficient...

"I hope it was one of my better performances," Cesare says. The tips of his ears, were they visible, would be a lovely shade of pink. "I'm glad to hear you are all acquainted. Now knowing there's another legendary performer here, I may develop a bit of stage fright, but I will certainly give it my best shot." He favors Seleni with a brief, blindingly brilliant and terribly rare smile, and then does his best to go back to spontaneous limerick composing. There's a little wrinkle between his brows which means he's thinking /very/ hard.

Caspian strode onto the bridge, seemingly distracted in thought but something. at the sigh of the small gathering however, he smiled broadly. his eyes danced with delight as he looked around to those in attendance. "oh! have I stumbled upon a private affair? or is this merely a spontaneous gathering of those looking to enjoy the view"

Monique casts Tyche a look of amusement, pulling her eyes away from the vision that is Seleni to turn them on Baldessare. "You must have done something to anger her for her to toss you my way, Your Highness," the Greenmarch observes with a throaty chuckle, snagging a drink from a passing server. "Stole a prized dagger? Got the last lovely jewel at a shop just before her?"

After Aella said her well wishes to the birthday Duke and introduced herself to both him and Tyche she turned around eyeing the crowd. So many people... So many people. A few sips of whiskey here and there before Mattheu comes wandering towards her. "Lord Mattheu. A delight to see you here. Though you never are too far from a party or happy gathering. But I am glad I've caught you. Your elusive and I've missed your company." A servant walked by with a tray of glasses, the countess managing to grab one for Mattheu and handing it to him. She then spots Caspian and waves to him, "It's a surprise pop up birthday party for Duke Laurent. A mouthful." she chuckles.

a blue and gold macaw, Renard arrive, following Vitalis.

"Please, no one should be worried about gifts. Your presence is definitely enough, thank you for coming, Lady Kiera." Cristoph doesn't have his best grip on the glass of wine with these gloves on, but that doesn't mean he's going to take them off. He drinks from the glass, looking over it at Seleni and hmming thoughtfully. "I feel like I would remember meeting you, but I'll take your word for it. I must have been highly distracted at the time." He spots Mattheu and lifts the glass in greeting, "Lord Rivenshari, lovely performance in the play."

"This is Duke Cristoph Laurent, the birthday boy," Tyche makes the introduction for Seleni, but strangely she does not give the woman's name in return. Perhaps because she does not know it? "Do have a drink and perhaps a dance? Need I find you a partner, as well?" She casts Monique and Baldessare a quick grin before looking back to the half-masked woman. "I'm about to claim the Duke's hand for a dance, or I would offer him up as the perfect partner." The words on Ripley are distraction enough for the Marquessa to seek him in the crowd again, "Master Ripley!" She betrays Cristoph, sliding her hand from his arm, "If you'll excuse me a moment," she says to him and the others around, so she can weave through the crowd to greet the jeweler. "I am so happy to meet you finally."

Tovell has a helpful word to loft across the gathering toward Caspian: "Birthday celebration." Yep. That's it. The Silver Sword isn't actually partaking in the lovely festivities; he idles off against the balustrade doing his best to blend in with the stonework.

"It's absolutely lovely to meet you for the first time, Duke Cristoph. Happy birthday." Seleni glances between him and Cesare with a curious smile. "Oh, that would be quite the worthy gift wouldn't it." Her melodic voice continues, emulating that of one born and raised in the Crownlands. "I would be most grateful if I could perform with you, dear Softest." She says with a gentle voice, tilting her head with the suggestion.

Regarding Monique with a smile, Baldessare nods to Tyche and then Monique in turn. "I wonder if perhaps the reverse may be true." He strides over towards her, inclining his head respectfully towards her. "Perhaps I am some punishment for your offense instead."

"Finally?" the ginger haired jeweler is turning when approached and offers a bow that's careful, slow and ridiculously stiff in it's execution. "I'm sorry. Have we- well no obviously we haven't met if you're here saying finally we meet." And then he's popping the apple back into his mouth, biting down, wipes his hand on his trousers and takes Tyche's hand if it's not swatted away and shakes it. Whatever he says is muffled by apple but maybe it's his name? Or introducing the dog?

Caspian bowed to aella, and everyone else present. he didn't know Duke Laurent, so instead he simply gave a generic "happy birthday duke Laurent!" he said it loudly enough that he hoped the man heard. he looked to Aella and smiled, "well,I hope he heard that"

"Marquessa Tyche Inverno," the redheaded woman respond with a grin to the shaking, and she does not swat it away. For all of her refinement, Tyche has always been able to fit in wherever she goes. "But I believe you know me as..." She looks over her shoulder at Cristoph as if to check she has this right, "Lady Pattern?"

A 'bridge party' called spontaneously by his liege's liege is reason enough for Vitalis to arrive. Cat-footed, he does, bundled against late autumn chill, breath pluming away. Faces familiar and unfamiliar, both, but it's the Duke draws his attention and the Clement lord weaves his way there. "Duke Laurent, felicitations on the august day of your birth." He smiles, eyes bright with cold and cheer, bowing before easing back - there are others present.

"Really?" Cesare asks Seleni. "Of course. What range do you favor? I've done a few duets with Lady Zoey, recently, and she's a contralto, but I can accommodate whatever you would like to sing. It would be my pleasure to perform alongside you, my lady." He's managing to maintain some semblance of dignity, but his genuine excitement at the opportunity is clear, and it's one of those moments when precisely how young he is stands starkly clear on his face.

Cristoph watches as Tyche leaves him so that she can go be properly introduced to Ripley, there's clear amusement on his face as he watches that particular interaction go down. He clears his throat and turns back to Seleni and Cesare, "If you both wish to sing, I would be honored and certainly wouldn't dare stop you. It's lovely to meet you officially..." there's a questioning trail off for the woman, because somehow in the chaos of this party, he hasn't managed to hear her name. "Lord Vitalis, good to see you again. Thank you for coming by. Congratulations on being a father for the /third/ time. How is Lady Adalyn?"

"Countess Aella. They do seem to simply find me. Or perhaps, it's simply the wind listening and sending me this way?" Mattheu grins with a soft smile as he then looks to Kiera and with a large grin steps closer to her to pull her closer to the conversation with Aella and Caspian.

The apple is plucked from his mouth though his mouth remains open at the audible gasp. "You're Lady Pattern?" He blinks then goes up on his toes "THIS IS THE LADY PATTERN?" Yelled in the general direction of Cristoph. Then he's pumping her hand happily. "When are you getting married? Am I going to make the rings? Are you already married and I just didn't get told? I swear everything I make these days is all going out the door to him, and then it ends up on you. Or well I'm told it ends up on some beautiful woman and you're beautiful so clearly of course you're the lady pattern. He lets go of her head and rocks back on his heels, looking down to the dog. "You see! This is Lady Pattern. Prettier than Lady Leather." But Tyche's there. "I sent him a lemon, to give to you. It's like the pig. Probably not wise to wear it when you're not gliding amoung the silks."

Kiera smiles to Tyche then "What a lovely idea for a celebration. I am happy to be able to attend" She is still near as Vitalis approaches making eye contact and giving a smile, stepping just to the side until he finishes his wods with duke until she is surprise hugged by lord mattheu and grins brightly

"I have no specific range. I can work with any. I do prefer the higher notes but whatever you desire, I can manage." Seleni says to the Whisper with another easy smile, as she glances back at the birthday boy. "I wouldn't compose on guess work alone so you merely need to confer with me the lyrics you have in mind." She continues when she turns back to Cesare.

Monique's humor for Baldessare is blatant. "I think you could be right, though I'm not finding it as much of a punishment as you seem to imply. What am I missing?" she asks of the Prince, sweeping him a head to toe glance and then back up again. "Skeletons in the closet that come out at night?"

Aella says, "I'm sure he heard Master Caspian. If not, there is always another day!" she smiles inviting Caspian to join in on Mattheu, Aella, and Kiera's group. "I heard your one of the fighters for the Charity Tournament. Good luck, I'll be there to watch. I always love a good fight and romp." there was a devilish grin as she nudged Mattheu, as if he had some inkling to what she was nudging him about. "I am deeply sorry Matty that I couldn't attend your performance with Lady Mabelle and others. I would've loved to see it.""

Tyche's arm shakes vigorously as Ripley realizes who he's got the hand of. She laughs, feeling the vibrations all the way to her toes. The laughter hitches when he asks after marriage, but she's still amused as he winds himself up to the next steps and she looks around at the gathering crowd. "I have a husband, my dear Master Ripley, who is a very fine man indeed." She leans in a touch, "He spends most of his time in Caina, tending to our land and our people. Political matches really do serve their purpose well, do they not?" She smiles, a smoothness to her words as she leans back to accept his praise. But then... "A lemon? A pig? A... lemon and a pig?"

Cesare is peering curiously at Ripley, for a moment, and then a bit more sharply at Baldessare; but he turns his attention back to Seleni. "It's rather short, but I thought we could perhaps do a rondelle of a sort," he murmurs, bending to speak quietly to her, conferring on the matter of spontaneous musical arrangements. "Not enough dramatic sopranos in the city. Take the high notes, by all means."

Caspian beamed as mattheu joined them. he leans in closer and mutters under his breath " have I got a story of a party to tell you some time" he snorted then looks to Aella. "yes indeed! I heard about it and couldn't resist the draw! I will endeavor to make it a show worth your time."

"THAT'S HER!" Cristoph yells back across the crowd to Ripley and Tyche. He's suppressing a smile behind that glass of wine as he watches the introduction unfold in front of his eyes. He seems /more/ than satisfied.

"Not so much skeletons, but ghosts of late," replies the Lycene prince. "Maybe both of us need to be equally punished?" Baldessare flashes a brief grin to Monique and offers a hand to her, seemingly willing to accept Tyche's instruction.

"Oh! Well. I wouldn't know, I'm not a silk and I'm not married. But I know love! I love my Caprice." He nods his head up and down before tossing the remains of the apple in the air and Toad leaps up onto his back feet to get it and settles down to noisy consume it with a glomp glomp glomp. "We'll probably never marry. I don't think she wants to marry. But i love her and I lay my heart at her feet. I really love her." There's a wistful sigh. 'She's married to Jayus." But enough of that it seems. He scratches at his neck, at the little bald spot in the neatly trimmed beard. "Yeah. Pig. I make a gold pig a few years ago and then the Duke bought one. Or he was given one? I can't remember. It was a bet that I couldn't make something that silks would buy that was offensive or maybe offensive. That you guys buy anything. So I made little gold pigs. And everyone bought them. So I was bored and I made lemons this time around. Really they're very pretty lemons. I like them. But it's more of a... sour people buying sour things. Just don't wear it if he gives it to you, around commoners or at least, you know." He suddenly looks nervous as he realizes -where- he's having this conversation with and who surrounds him. Fingers go from scratching at his chin, to behind his ear.


Vitalis straightens at Cristoph's address, smiling again, "Thank you. Lady Adalyn is well. She sends her regards." He blinks at Ripley's effusiveness and falls back a step grinning, nearly bumping Kiera in so doing. He smiles at the Wyvernheart lady and gestures at Cesare and the woman in her fine garb, "Seems we'll have a performance. A treat."

Monique places her hand in Baldessare's, slender and resting lightly. "I certainly wouldn't do anything to gain her ire. Lead on, Your Highness. And perhaps tell me more about these ghosts?" she inquires of the Prince, finding a place to set aside her drink as she steps into the dance.

Celebrations and drink? Nothing to see here, Tovell appears to decide after the first leg of the party kicks underway. With nary a glance back the Silver Sword turns away from the birthday party to tromp back on down the bridge toward the Crown Ward, vacating his grim position of watch---the party is likely just a little bit brighter, now that it lacks his squinted watching. Clink, clank, clunk, off he goes!

Contrary to being offended or perplexed by Ripley's rambling, Tyche is delighted. Her smile widens as he goes deeper in this, and she casts Cristoph another look. "Oh, well," she finally speaks when he finishes. "Caprice is a very lucky woman indeed." A beat. "As am I, with the Duke Laurent frequenting your shop so often. Even to buy ridiculous items like golden pigs," she grins. "If you'll excuse me? I do believe I owe the man of the hour a dance. I am sure we will meet again." And the Marquessa slips away from the jeweler, turning to reclaim Cristoph's side, to murmur something quietly to him, and then to look to Cesare and Seleni both. "I am anxious to hear this song, before I steal him away."

"Oh, yes, uh, go..." Ripley's frozen like a rabbit. "Nicetomeetyouladypattern." He rushes out and then shoves hands in his pockets as if suddenly keenly aware of how out of place he is.

Vitalis says in Arvani hand language, "sharpens at mention of ghosts, looking toward Baldessare and Monique. "There have been rather a lot of them lately." He looks at Kiera beside him and speaks quietly."

Vitalis' attention sharpens at mention of ghosts, looking toward Baldessare and Monique. "There have been rather a lot of them lately." He looks at Kiera beside him and speaks quietly.

"That's good to hear, please send her my regards. I should come over to the Clement estate for dinner sometime," Cristoph tells Vitalis, full on just inviting himself into his house without asking. "I hear that Margerie is back and I'd love to see her again." Having made his... wants? wishes? INTENTIONS? known, he moves across the bridge so that he can stop calling out to Ripley and Tyche. He bumps into her on the way there, where he promptly begins to tell her the story of the pig, having caught a line or two of it on his way over. "Mabelle gave me the pig as a gift, because she was feeling... saucy. Anyway, we were in the Queensrest and I put it on in front of everyone." This necklace he was not supposed to wear in front of the silks at all! "And Master Ripley heard about it within moments and wrote to me." He's laughing at the memory and leaning in to catch her whispers. Whatever he hears has the corners of his mouth curling up and he leans in, kissing her forehead.

Mattheu says in Ravashari, "Well if we're just going to go that route and wave fingers at each other, Vitalis... (waves two back)""

Pulling Monique forward into the dance, Baldessare displays the grace and aptitude one would expect from a Prince of Velenosa. "Perhaps we can, for the moment, consider it an an earnest statement?" He settles easily into a very polite, if a bit stiltedly formal dance.

Kiera smiles Greetings Countess aella . Captain Wild. Nice to see you again' She half turns as Vitalis adresses her "Indeed I have had the pleasure of hearing the softest before but not the lady. she draws closer to the clement lord for a moment

Seleni checks charm and performance at normal. Seleni is successful.

"Of course, my liege," Vitalis bows, "Baroness Margerie has joined us in Arx, and we would be honored if you joined us in welcoming her." Kiera says something quietly and his eyes track to Seleni, curious, but he shakes his head, speaking again.

Aella says, "A pleasure Lady Kiera. I hope the days have been well to you." she smiles before turning her attention to Mattheu and his grin. She half cocks her head to the side and taps a finger on her chin. "That does sound interesting but what would be even more interesting is a romp. A fight. I want to see how well Master Caspian fights. Perhaps a wager? Once the party starts to dwindle down or now, whichever, we can head back to where ever. Ravnsholm Grounds if wanted and have an impromptu get together there?""

Monique flows into the dance with a practiced grace that one might stem doesn't come from breeding the way Baldessare's does, but rather long hours self-taught. "I'd never trust anyone that far," she tells the Velenosan prince with a shake of her fiery head, despite the resultant grin it tugs to her lips. She leans in to the quieter conversation that follows, with a nod for Vitalis' aside.

Cesare checks charm and performance at normal. Cesare is successful.

"Of course you would wear it," Tyche laughs to hear the tale, now understanding fully. "I will take Master Ripley's advice and /not/ wear the lemon in public, if it finds its way into my hands," she searches out the jeweler in the crowd, giving him a little thumbs up, but then she quiets to await the song and to watch those impromptu dancers enjoying the bridge and the music and the merriment.

Caspian seems to brighten at the mans suggestion, "honestly I just got here so I have no idea. the course of the river is much easier to predict." he chuckled and began scrounging for something to toss when aella and Kiera spoke. he looked to them, excitement and merriment shining brightly on his face ."oh but of course! it would be an honor! and after that maybe lord mattheu might play a song?"

There's a bold confidence in Seleni as she proceeds to beckon the Whisper over as she takes a clear space at the center of the bridge, willing those who pass to give her ample space. "Please, darlings, there's a performance at hand." She says with a softly melodic voice, one that seems a song on its own. "Would you like to begin, my dear?" A glance to Cesare.

There's a brief aside to the musicians, and once the music has shifted, Cesare steps nearer to them along with Seleni, certainly pink-cheeked now. "I beg your pardon for interrupting the conversations," he says. "But my lady and I have a short performance to share in the Duke's honor."

It's a rondelle - they sing together at first, and then, on the second round, their voices start on different beats, overlapping and interweaving. Cesare's golden voice, perhaps a bit more restrained than usual, to allow Seleni's notes to sparkle and shine between his own. It's nothing fancy - if anyone were to notice, it's probably even a melody that the Softest has used before. But it /is/ impromptu!

"What gift does one give to a man without equal:
If his good looks don't impress, his riding prowess certainly will -
With a simple word of 'please,'
He charms even the bees;
He's such a prize this rhyme surely needs a sequel."

"A continuation to thrill,
Oh yes, this will,
The Duke deserves no less,
His coffers alone should impress,
The peerage will delight,
In knowing this man's might,
Is as abundant as his money,
And oh yes his honey."

Seleni's voice rings with perfection, with not a pitch out of place. She sings within the range that she's required without a flaw in sight. The two of them perform without a hitch, the type of performance that can be remembered for decades.

And Ripley's attempting to disappear into the throng, slips away with his dog and melt off into the crowd.

Tyche was in the middle of murmuring something to Cristoph when the song began, and then he gets NOTHING, because all of her attention is on Cesare and Seleni. "Oh," she laughs at the bees, a small bump of hip to Cristoph, because this is his song, and then even more at the honey. "Bravo!" she calls, her hands coming together to cheer properly for the wonderful performance. It matters not to her that the melody is recycled, or that the lyrics aren't the most refined, it is about Cristoph and that is enough to make her instantly a fan. "That was wonderful," she tells them both.

Aella couldn't help but to look up from her conversation when Seleni and Cesare start there rondelle. A smile tugs at the corner of her lips and she nods to the flow of the song. She definitely will remember that masked Lady and Cesare's performance. She offers a whistle of enthusiasm as she cheers on the two of them. "That was fantastic!" she says loud enough for them to hear. Whence Aella finishes her sincere compliments she looks to Mattheu and the group and mutters something.

Cristoph also ceases his whispering, instead dropping to awed silence when the song begins. As it lands on bees, he starts to laugh. Horses? He groans and pinches the bridge of his nose, unable to hold back his deep and true amusement. He straightens up from Tyche, clapping his hands together in a resounding applause. "Thank you! That was a spectacular in impromptu performance, most appreciated!" He hands off his empty wine glass to a passing servant and once more leans over to finish his quiet conversation with her, a glance to the crowd spared.

Vitalis claps at the conclusion of the serenade, putting fingers to his lips to whistle even. "Quite a tribute!" More whistling.

Caspian looks up as the pair give their performance. always one to appreciate a display of skill, he cheered and claps loudly. "well done, will

Seleni is overheard praising Cristoph.

Seleni is overheard praising Tyche.

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound leaves, following Ripley.

Seleni is overheard praising Cesare.

Kiera applouds for cesare and seleni "The softest is a man of multi-faceted talents and the lady's voice the equal to the Nightengales. Wit charms me every time. I shall see you see you soon lord vitalis

"Flawlessly done," Cesare says warmly to his companion as they finish. "I'm truly grateful that you saw fit to perform with me, my lady. Your voice, like your beauty, is equalled by none." He takes her hand, to press a kiss to the back of it if she'll allow, then joins in the applause. "Happy birthday, my lord Duke!" Then he's clearing out of the way so the dancers can continue.

"Please, Cesare, I must have that written and sent to me," Tyche makes the smallest of requests, and then to Seleni, "And yours as well, mysterious stranger with the beautiful voice." For the man she adds the pledges, "I will make a sizeable donation to the Whisper House for such a gift." Then she's being pulled to the side by Cristoph so he might share in something with her.

"I am again so honored to be performing here on this famed bridge for this esteemed Duke's birthday. As you can see, it was no difficulty finding artful ways to praise him." Seleni says with a warm smile when she's finished, resting a hand gently on Cesare's shoulder. "Especially with one so talented by my side." A wink is offered to Tyche, the one surrounded by a mask. "And with such a lovely host behind it. I suspect you have quite the social mobility, my lady." Her melodic voice calls to the marquessa.

Aella says, "Happy Birthday again Duke Laurent." Aella would wave before she leads Kiera, Mattheu and Caspian off towards the Redrain Ward."

Aella is overheard praising Tyche.

Aella is overheard praising Cristoph.

Aella is overheard praising Cesare.

Vitalis is overheard praising Cesare.

Vitalis is overheard praising Cristoph.

Vitalis is overheard praising Tyche.

Violeta Emili, a Ravashari smuggler dressed as the wind, 2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman leave, following Mattheu.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline leave, following Kiera.

Havard, a battle-scarred gentle giant, Runa the clever, seafaring raven, Bryndis, another redheaded northern Prodigal, Mattheu, Caspian, Kiera leave, following Aella.

Cristoph has just received a pair of messengers, one after the other. One of them comes complete with several large packages that get piled onto his assistant who is looking beleaguered at this point. He's mildly distracted while he investigates them and also hands off a smaller box to Tyche.

Cristoph is overheard praising Cesare.

Cristoph is overheard praising Seleni.

Cristoph is overheard praising Tyche.

Belatedly, the masked woman offers to Tyche. "I am Seleni and I am so /glad/ to be on this continent." She seems to mean it too since it's followed by a giddy chuckle.

Vitalis checks composure at hard. Vitalis is successful.

"Oh, I should have put something in there about his faithfulness in pondering the ideals of all the gods," Cesare bemoans, lightly, to nobody in particular. "I keep finding the Duke in shrines, lately. Thank you again for performing with me, my lady. And Marquessa - you are entirely too kind. I will have it written up on some parchment in my best handwriting and send it over to you. I hope someday soon I'll have the opportunity to perform less spontaneously for you both."

If he is surprised to hear the woman's name, there's no sign of it. Perhaps he already had an inkling of her identity - Whispers do know things. Perhaps he's just too pleased by the singing to care.

Vitalis is making farewells to lady Kiera, a wave tossed to Aella and Mattheu as they depart, when Seleni offers her name. He straightens and turns slowly to look at her, a glance to Cristoph, then Cesare, "A remarkable honor, Duke Laurent. Softest."

Tyche was very distracted by the gifts Cristoph just received. There's some oohing over packages, some gasping over boxes, but something said by the woman who graced them all with her voice has the Marquessa's immediate attention, and interest, and understanding. "Ah. A piece falls into place," she grins at the woman, dipping her chin at the cackle, her hands still holding a small box. "I had heard you were moving through the city. Good to see that some rumors hold truth." She casts Cesare a curious look, a thought springing to life at his less spontaneous offer. "Perhaps, Cesare, I have an idea for that very thing... But not yet, no."

"A piece is falling into for you perhaps," Cristoph says to Tyche, his mouth twisting into evident amusement. In the face of Seleni's giddiness, he can only smile. "I'm usually happy to be on this continent. I've had some doubts about it lately, but it's the one I'm stuck on," he tells her ever so casually, lifting his shouldering then dropping them again. A laugh is spared in Cesare's direction, "Gods, the shrines. I need to get back to my rotation."

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Brutus, a very muscular Good Boi, Carolina, an orphan from Bravura arrive, following Lore.

"Which one are you visiting next? Have you been blessed by any sparks of Inspiration while you've been pondering?" Cesare wonders. "It has been some time since she's visited me, but I have been told they are always listening. So your pondering, if it is oriented Elysianward, may yet receive some response." There's brief moment where his face twitches a bit, as though perhaps he's reminded of an unpleasant taste or smell. "The responses not always being what one might expect, of course. But they never are."

He blinks, bringing himself back to the present moment. "I do go off on tangents, pardon me."

Vitalis blinks away study of Seleni, to remark dry as Eurusi dunes, "We all are, at present."

"Did you?" Seleni asks Tyche with a good natured smile, one that would imply more familiarity. "I don't know whether to be flattered or not. I'm more intrigued..." She leans against the railings of the bridge. "Perhaps in wondering whatever ward had spread around me." Her eyes land on Vitalis for a little moment. "Oh, I know. I found out a little while back. I am untethered from him... after so long a time I am free. No longer under the Prophet's thumb. I even sent some of his servants through the mirror to see if a journey through alternate methods was possible. They never returned. Meaning... I am free." She truly looks giddy, her lovely face brightening. She even lifts her body up using the railings to skip in the air.

"Would you believe me if I said, 'All good things'?" Tyche quirks a brow at Seleni's question, her dark eyes filled with humor, but there is a caution there, too, hidden behind the lighthearted tease. She closes the box Cristoph had handed her, and tucks the two envelops beneath it so that she can hold them all in one hand, her other return to his arm, a light pressure to her fingers against him. The half-masked woman is giving more clues to her identity, for those who did not catch the name, and she tilts her head in curiosity. "Being free from the thumb of an oppressor is quite the feat," she offers a congratulations, of sorts.

Lore approaches the bridge while chatting with her assistant about various matters, ambling forward at her usual quick pace until she comes upon the impromptu party. Her step slows as she glances around the area, spotting some familiar faces, some not, then sending her assistant ahead with a few murmured words. As the young woman scampers off, Lore herself approaches the group, turning a smile and wink towards Monique before offering a bow towards Tyche. "Marquessa." Deference offered to the Voice of her fealty. Vitalis gets a nod as well, recognized also. And Cesare, too. The unknown face gets a curious glance but she waits for any introductions that might be forthcoming.

There is a longer explanation from Seleni and it has Cristoph narrowing eyes on her. But while that's transpiring, his assistant is still handling a load of stuff. He's not the only one carrying it at this point, Cristoph's guards have joined in the endeavor. He quickly squeezes Tyche's arms, "I'm just going to give them some instructions," he tells her very quickly and steps off to the side, allowing her to make their farewells for him as he deals with the bundles and the assistant and the knights helping the assistant. Apparently he's just going to hope that Tyche's guards save him if they're randomly attacked later, like one does.

"Would you like to come by Whisper House sometime and tell me a bit of your story? I'll trade mine in return, although it's much less exciting, I'm sure. Mostly stealing food from garbage cans, but there are some fantastic dreams." Cesare smiles to Seleni again. "We have some lovely accommodations. In any case, it has been an honor and a pleasure, my lady. Not one I will forget, I suspect." A bow to Tyche and Cristoph. "Farewell, my lord, my lady. Enjoy your evening. I should be off as well - the early morning is the only time I manage to get anything done."

Already resting on the railing. "I will accept that congratulations. Hopefully it'll empower me in the months to come. I will /definitely/ see you soon, my lady. Whisper. Birthday boy." Seleni says with a smooth voice, one that can only belong to an eloquent noble lady. One with all the etiquette training can be provided for a woman of such status. It's that same Seleni who steps over the railings and leaps into the river. "Until next time."

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