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Artshall's Annual Art Festival 1017

In Celebration of Jayus' holy day, the Laurents invite you to a festival that is all about art in the heart of their newlie constructed District. A parade starting in the Shrine of Jayus with a mass to his name will lead participants to the main square of the District for a pleasant summer evening displaying pieces of art by artists from all around the continent, special one night only performances, particularly beautiful food, fashionable displays of jewelry and clothes, story telling and more.


May 6, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

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Cristoph Denica Tikva Joscelin Aconite Alis Drake Gianna Nazmir Karina Caspian Dino Wash Fairen Ryhalt Eiran Ilira Jasher Sebastian Aedric Keely Yuri Raven Liara



Outside Arx - Artshall - Artshall's Art & Culture District

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Comments and Log

Artshall’s Art District is all abuzz with the celebration of Patronsday. Lit with rows of decorative lanterns, the square between the buildings has been decorated with an abundance of flowers delivered from Tor. A large open air display of paintings, sculptures and other art pieces from all over the continent, including rare museum pieces has been placed in the center of the square. Stands of food and drinks are everywhere to be found, colorful and masterful for the occasion. A giant bazaar sprung in the nearby streets selling special wares, art pieces, jewelry, clothing, rare designs, candles and decorated cookies.

The shrine of Jayus is particularly lavish, adorned with sparkling honeysilk and starlight silk streamers with a curious arrangement of candles before its open air altar indicating a ceremony to come. Some displays are covered in thick velvet screens, indicating future surprises. Performance artists hold impromptu acts in various corners, fashionable women wearing specially designed gowns walk around the square, occasionally stopping by the dais in front of the House of Fashion, while a long line of artists sit along the entry walkway leading inside, sketching the guests as they arrive.

Upon said dais currently stands Lady Mabelle Laurent, observing as the people arrive and welcomes them with warm smiles, however she mainly stands there to showcase her gown, an interestingly themed blend of ice, smoke and fire manifested in an ostentatious extravagance, flowing down her body from the rich diamondplate choker securing it to her neck down to her sparkly heels, weaved together from starlight silk, fireweave and smokeweave. "Welcome", she calls from her place on the dais, "Happy Patronsday!"

Tikva gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

Alis gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

an open air art display dominating the center of the square is now unlocked.

Mabelle puts Drawing of Love Enchained in an open air art display dominating the center of the square.

Mabelle puts Drawing of Aeterna Gown in an open air art display dominating the center of the square.

an open air art display dominating the center of the square is now locked.

Liara has joined the the traveling cake cart.

Wash gets Drawing of Orchid Sundress from an oiled sealskin satchel with a shark tooth enclosure.

Nazmir gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

Ilira gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

Tikva has joined the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

an open air art display dominating the center of the square is now unlocked.

Mabelle puts Drawing of Orchid Sundress in an open air art display dominating the center of the square.

an open air art display dominating the center of the square is now locked.

Aconite has joined the low honeycomb couches.

Nazmir has joined the low honeycomb couches.

The sound that Tikva makes as she is provided with an artist's sketch of herself in her current outfit is best described as a squeal. "Oh my goodness, you made this so quickly, thank you!" she cheers the artist with brilliant-eyed excitement. "Please, this is so lovely, may I have your name so that I can donate on your behalf--" and of course she is then bothering the unfortunate NPC for the next minute or so before someone distracts her with honey-themed drinks probably.

Joscelin is still grinning at Marquis Fairen Leary as they arrive. "It's a -fantastic- joke," she insists. "I made a scholar laugh with it, and now -you too-." She looks triumphant, whatever the joke is, her hand tucked into Fairen's arm. She's dress in black and gold, her gown a work of art, black and diaphanous, three koi fish beneath her back bared by the dress, illustrated in beads and silk threads. There's a beautiful, gradiated pearl necklace about her throat, earrings in her ears to match. But she stops speaking when her eyes take in the celebration, the beautifully decorated district. "Oh, Jayus bless," she breathes, her smile bright. "Fairen! Look at it all!"

Denica is here already, somewhere. She's not really noticeable, rather the short Thrax princess is moving behind curtains and screens, only a glimpse now and then, because ART SECRETS!

Aconite has snuck her cake and drink over to a low cough. The vibrantly dressed Whisper trying to pack it all away at a decent pace, dark eyes keeping track of a gaggle of Whisper Apprentices who are weavihng through the crowds and enjoying the wamrth and beauty of the Festival.

"Happy Patron's Day!" Alis calls back at Mabelle, when she welcomes everyone from the dais. And from there, she begins that slow walking circuit browse to start looking at everything from artwork to art food, picking up a drink along the way and stopping to converse or ask questions of those displaying things for sale or as enticement for commissions.

Drake doesn't know much about art (he knows what he likes) but he's here to support nonetheless. There's always people with strong vision to congratulate at these things. And also... always food. He's got some mead and is looking (somewhat incomprehendingly, but in an interested way) at paintings hung in the display.

Gianna just emerges from the chapter of the Bard's College, having checked in there and taken a tour. It was possibly nerve-wracking for the poor bards. She doesn't seem upset, so that's really good? It's not like the self-styled Nightingale ever really smiles. She stops in her tracks, tilting her head and listening to a familiar voice she hadn't expected to hear again.

Having arrived a bit before the event was to take place, Nazmir had received his sketch with appropriate little applause and thanks, only for him to then venture off to the tasting bar. A few moments had been spent there, tasting a variety of drinks before he'd claimed one and made his way to the lounging couch .. where he currently lounges, one arm lifted and draped over the back of it. As people begin to arrive though, he's lifting a hand to wave to random people .. which has him waving to just about everyone.

Karina slips in amongst and weaves along with the crowd that gathers--her simple dress probably doesn't draw the eye. But there's a certain gentle bubbliness to her and a bounce in her step as she takes her time taking in the sights.

Mabelle swishes her dress when she stands upon the dais, smiling, "Lovely to see you all! Drinks, feast! So much awaits you from very talented artists of the city!". Her eyes falls upon several guests, winking from afar.

Caspian is keep was last seen vanishing behind the curtains that Denica had set up. Since then, the normally social and loud man had been noticeably absent. No jovial laughter or boisterous greeting. just figures moving behind the curtains in secrety art secrets

Dino arrives just a bit late, as usual with these things, his hair let loose today to drape across his shoulders. He offers quick greetings as he enters, but his attention is swept away by the festive decorations and, of course, the art in his immediate vicinity.

Wash is present, wearing his dress whites for the occasion.

Gianna winds her way through the crowd, making her way over toward Fairen and Joscelin. She peers at the latter. "...Joscelin? I'd heard you..." she trails off. There's a hint of pleasure in her eyes. Again, not a smiler. But pleased nonetheless. She also nods politely to Fairen, but to be honest, it's Joscelin she's staring at.

Eiran gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

"I'm inflicting your joke on the first person we see and we'll see what _they_ make of it," Fairen threatens Joscelin in a low voice. He's a low-key accessory to her shine, clad in black hinted with ivory and gold. "Ah! There's our victim." Sorry, Gianna. With a dead-serious expression, he asks, "Gianna, could you perhaps tell me why seven ate nine?" Run, Gianna. There's still time.

Ryhalt arrives somewhere in the crush of the crowd visiting Artshall. He strolls around leisurely for now, taking in the sights.

Wash gets a sketch in a delicate golden frame from a large wooden beehive.

Eiran can be found briefly on the arm of the dashing, /dashing/ Prince Baldessare before he all but shoves the prince off to vanish within the crowd, waving avidly to Joscelin and Fairen on the way to that fancy drink stand.

Briar, a quiet young woman arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

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Wylla, the Archlector of Jayus stands before the crowd. She holds up her hands in supplication and waits for the room to quiet, lifting her face upward she calls in clear, ringing voice:

"We sing the song of stories," she says.

"Whether we dream our creations, in Aion's slumber.

Whether we give our creations, in Gild's charity.

Whether we honor ourselves, in Gloria's sight.

Whether we welcome needed change, in Lagoma's way.

Whether we keep our promises, in Limerance's honor.

Whether we use water for our brushes, in Mangata's gift.

Whether we use silk, paint, leather, in Petrichor's bounty.

Whether we use our art to speak justice, in Sentinel's eyes.

Whether we choose this chapter or another, in Skald's truth.

Whether we write poems or songs, in Vellichor's memory.

Whether we understand our lives, as Death gifts us.

Whether we consider our flaws, in Tehom's grace.

Today, we rejoice in the stories we tell, with our lives and our songs and our families and friends, our loves and our losses; we tell our stories of our selves, express it all in smile, or paper, silk, or metal, in touch, in word, or in faith."

Her hands come together and press to her heart, and she bows to everyone there.

"Let us reflect that artwork that is each of us," she says, her voice softening. "Both in Jayus' blessings and the lives we Craft."

Once the sun is completely gone from the sky, the sweet voice of a young female disciple of Jayus can be heard as she stands before the open air altar and lights one of the candles while donating her sing-song voice in prayer. One by one, other voices join her in harmony, each voice lighting a candle in the intricate array arranged before the shrine. As the harmony thickens, you realize the candles are taking shape, spelling in fire the name ‘Jayus’.

Gradually, the otherwise darkened platform lights up with the candles, several dancers and musicians are revealed, elevating the soft harmony into an upbeat song. The music is lively and the colorfully attired dancers begin to circle the guests, encouraging them in dance and join the prayers to honor Jayus. It is a colorful celebration of art showcased in fashion, song, music and dances that sweeps you off your feet, a sign for what’s to come.

Despite the ceremony being over and the disciples scattering to enjoy the rest of the activities, the fiery name of Jayus accompanies the guests all through the night.

Karina offers Mabelle a spritely little wave and a respectful curtsy from afar, if she catches the Laurent host's eye, though she doesn't interrupt her on the dais. And keeps wandering, curiously, lingering appreciatively before each unfamiliar piece. THough when there is the call by the Archlector, the young woman turns that way, listening quietly, though her smile doesn't fully fade. She curtsies in return after Wylla bows, and then grows still to watch the ceremony.

Tikva is overheard praising Wylla: What a beautiful prayer. I'm so glad the Archlector came so far to deliver it.

Tikva is overheard praising Mabelle: Lady Mabelle's events are always splendid but she really has outdone herself this time. Happy Patronsday!

Joscelin looks delighted to see Gianna. "Oh, Gianna-" she begins, only for Fairen to begin his affliction upon the innocent Nightingale of the Bard's College. A hand comes up to muffle her giggle, golden eyes dancing as she watches it unfold. No, don't run, Gianna, this will be great.

As the prayer begins, Joscelin goes quiet, respectful, but then she's right back to herself, watching Fairen and Gianna. She sees Eiran wave and lifts her own hand to wave back, grinning brightly at her friend. She nudges Fairen and points Eiran out to him but doesn't interrupt the Joke of Excellence.

Joscelin is overheard praising Mabelle.

"Oh, no thank you, but I'm sure it's lovely," Gianna tells Fairen with a charitable inclination of her head once the prayer is over. Just whoosh, right by it. She has her own agenda, okay? "It's good to see you. I'd heard you were busy elsewhere," she tells Joscelin. "Congratulations, I think? But it's good to see you. Yours are still some of my favourite pieces.

After a few minutes, Ilira slips from behind the curtain where her fellow performers conspire and steps out onto the main square, garbed simply in plain but well-made cloth. She shakes her head at an artist who offers to sketch her, dark curls tumbling about her face, and grins as she murmurs something to him before sashaying past. When the ode to Jayus begins, she is at one of the fabric stalls and has an airy swathe of starlight silk in her hands that she twirls and swishes in time to the music, her hips swaying lightly and her eyes twinkling dreamily. By the finish, she lifts her flowing swathe and applauds with it rippling between her hands.

Jasher strides through the entryway alone, his right hand upraised to remove the tricorn hat affixed to his head. By doing so, a mess of black hair is revealed and swiftly smoothed into a rather more orderly chaos. The hat is tucked neatly under his arm while he slows to appraise the line of artists tasked with capturing this moment in still life for him to remember for all eternity. A deadpan expression conveys his feelings on it, though he does muster the grace to nod his appreciation to the artist that gifts it to him. From there, the prince selects a drink from the refreshment table and adopts a location to haunt with a view of the art and presentations alike.

Nestor, a destructive orange-pitted parrot arrives, delivering a message to Dino before departing.

Rising as the ceremony begins, Nazmir dips his head for a moment. Once it has finished, though and people go back about their business, he's casting a look around once again before sinking back into the couch, drink in hand.

Aconitefalls quiet when Wylla appears and she stands and smiles to the others at the couches before she starts picking her ay trhough the crowd gathering Apprentices in silence as the sun sets and the golden glow becomes even more apparent. She smiles warmly at the prayer and the other apprentices to witness the ceremony together.

Alis remains still during the prayer, a small smile appearing before she bows her head and takes in the offered words with a sincere thoughtfulness. And when it is done, lifts her glass to toast the Archlector and those singing, the lighted candles taking shape. But her attention turns back to the artwork on display in short order, obviously looking for something in particular.

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Mabelle steps off the dais and notices all the familiar faces, "Prince Nazmir, Princess Alis, a pleasure having you in Artshall. If you are looking for Norwood on a donkey, I left it home", she winks to her and continues to move forward while dancing with some of the disciples, "Prince Jasher! Fancy seeing you here! Duke Ryhalt, Cousin", she wiggles her fingers to Eiran and steps toward the cake cart.

Mabelle has joined the the traveling cake cart.

Drake stands by and watches the ceremony, giving it both his attention and the appropriate reverance. He raises his glass when it's all over, looking around to see those who are present for the show.

Wash is most interested in a good drink, but if anyone is paying close attention to him, a nice dress turns his head, or perhaps just the person in it.

Alis makes sure that her sigh is LOUD and disappointed when Mabelle admits she left a piece de resistance at home. "Honestly, Lady Mabelle. But I do see you brought the painting I had commissioned for the Duke." She can't help but smile brightly when she glances at it, in all of its elegant absurdity.

Fairen opens his mouth and then closes it. He gives a little startled blink. He doesn't seem to quite know what to _do_ with Gianna's easy, breezy no thank you, but certainly continuing the joke would be _rude_. "I ... quite enjoyed it," he says after a moment, looking past to lift his hand in a greeting toward Eiran. He lingers for a moment as the women talk, already mentally preparing his next go at the joke. Eiran won't get free.

Tikva finally stops haranguing the poor artist who gave her the sketch. She then swarms off through the crowded bazaar, gossiping with anyone who will pay attention to her about how great the prayer is, how great the spread is, how great Mabelle is, and what a lovely day it is, and isn't Patronsday great, but finally she comes to rest at one of the festive drinks stands, bouncing up onto the balls of her feet-- to turn to look at Eiran. "That's what I was going to get," she says, pointing at his mead, and then she turns back to the stand's keeper and goes, "That's what I was going to get! Another, please!" and gets herself the caramelized mead. Then she turns a sunny smile back on Eiran. "What's this about a raccoon?"

Ryhalt smiles in return to Mabelle as she greets him. "Everything looks wonderful, Lady Mabelle. Looking forward to the performances you mentioned before."

Sebastian is, of course, late. Or just in time for the prayer to Jayus, if one is being far more generous. He waves off the offer of a sketch immediately, promising to come back later. And, too, the lure of dancing doesn't yet pull him that way, and though he claims a glass it might well appear to be a prop since he doesn't drink from it. Instead, he angles for the display, blue eyes brightly avid and regarding each with interest as he moves in next to Alis. "See anything you like in there?" he asks, smile wry. "Lady Mabelle," his voice lifts, carries: "What an excellent celebration you put on."

Nazmir is giving a warm laugh at Mabelle's comment, along with a little dip of his head, "Well, there goes the opportunity for /true/ entertainment, Lady Mabelle. I suppose I shall just have to suffice my delight in taking in everything else, then." A flash of a grin is given as he does let his gaze dart about, taking in the sights and those that have arrived.

Eiran immediately hides behind Tikva, mead /and/ hot chocolate sloshing. "Never mind, keep the marquis away, he's armed with something, I see it in his eyes!"

Ilira replaces the starlit swathe of silk on the stand and offers the seller a grateful beam, before she drifts off and disappears once more behind the curtain in a swirl of luxuriant black curls.

Dino wanders over to one of the drink stands where people seem to be gathering, sidestepping some of the sloshing drinks as lifts a hand to order something for himself. A bit of mead could do the trick.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Tikva, Drake and Wash, "Princess Grayson, Count Wyvernheart, Lord Wash, your models are lovely! I do adore those gowns!". Laughter escapes her as Alis confesses to be the artist, "I raided galleries at the mansion and wondered. I really, really wondered!". Mabelle inclines her head to Sebastian in gratitude, "I particularly like it." Her eyes widen at Nazmir, "What how did I rob you of entertainment?"

Joscelin laughs as Gianna effectively disarms Fairen. "I'm honored to be included in the collection of such a trendsetter," she tells the Nightingale, beaming at her. "I was elsewhere but returned to help a friend. I'm here for a while longer while I continue to help, pleased to see old friends," she reaches for Gianna to squeeze her hand, if she lets her, and lets her go. "And to make new ones." She nudges Fairen, grinning at him. She follows his eyes to Eiran, and snickers. "Oh dear. He won't be so lucky."

Joscelin calls out to Eiran, "Tsk, won't you say hello?" She grins at him.

Alis smile hitches upward when Sebastian appears beside her; reaching automatically to tuck her hand under his arm and murmur something to him before glancing at the glass he holds. "I see several things that caught my eye immediately." she admits, gesturing at three of the paintings on display in turn. "How'd I do?" she wonders, eyebrow raised, before she dips her head in agreement. "You always outdo yourself, Lady Mabelle. And I definitely did not paint that one! No, no. I merely commissioned it with some specific instructions."

Tikva squeaks as Eiran is suddenly hiding behind her. Pro tip: Tikva is 5'5". I don't remember how tall Eiran is, but he's in the 'tall' category and his desc says things like long-limbed so-- "Er, what? Oh! Why, it's my rival! The Marquis of the Leaholdt!" She toasts Fairen with her caramelized mead, which probably does not help Eiran hide very much, but one supposes with the mug high in the air there is at least a little more shade for Eiran's curly head. "And the Guildmaster hollering behind him, and oh, the Nightingale! What a collection of the bright stars of society flock to Lady Mabelle like moths, and who can blame us!"

Gianna squeezes Joscelin's hand in return, inclining her head respectfully to the other woman. "Enjoy," she tells Fairen and Joscelin. She nods to Eiran on her way past, tilting her chin and scanning the crowd for a long moment before making her way toward the dais. Her drink is finished along the way and passed off to someone hopefully willing to take it.

Wash gestures to the display. "Those are just drawings. I actually asked some people to come and model the dresses. If you will permit?" He gestures, inviting his models to walk front and center.

Karina lingers near the spiral and sphere sculpture, studying it with delight from multiple angles, her smile growing as she follows the footprints visually and then peers inside the sphere.

Nazmir gives another little laugh in the direction of Mabelle, grin tugging back to his lips, "Why, the lack of Norwood on a donkey, of course." The grin tugs back to his lips, "But, I shall certainly survive not being able to see such a thing."

One of the displays in the Artshall studio is a collection of fashion plates (Fashion Portfolio - WK) dresses sketched out with a rough amateurish hand. The designs lack a true understanding of the artform, but are creatively expressed, with an inventive use of color and material. Some snippets of fabric are attached to the sheets of vellum giving the viewer an idea of what the artist intended. Each bears the signature WK, for Wash Kennex, and the folio is bound in that house's violet and white color. For those who have seen this display, the parade of models are recognizable for their dresses rather than who is wearing them. No expense was spared in crafting the drawing and it is unlikely that the same amateurish hand that made those drawings had any hand in knitting, sewing and adorning these dresses.

Each dress is announced as the models parade forth passing across the audience briefly before disappearing again either into the crowd or into a backroom.

The first is an aeterna gown from shoulder to knee embroidered with gold thread on the diagonal and featuring a draping skirt that sweeps back and up, pinned to the same single strap. (look display's drawing of aeterna gown)

The second has a bateau neckline so high it covers even the collarbones of the wearer, but it is equally low in the back, a draped red damask with vertical seams embroidered with climbing roses. The collar, from the shoulder to the small of the back is lined with silken petals stitched together into a rope of flowers that drape behind the shoulders and attach like feathery chains to each wrist. (look display's drawing of love enchained)

The final model wears a wintry grey wool knit with thick cables that cross at a diagonal. The unnatural angle stretches the laceknight between them giving glimpses of an emerald underdress. Glass beads glitter in the cabling and the whole of the dress glides about the body as if detached, weighed down by a heavy rolled hemline that seemingly has a life of its own. (read portfolio=7, when it is available)

Wash greets the final model himself with a kiss as it is none other than Catalana Kennex. He gives her a pirouette as if dancing, to show off the way the modest hem inflates but stays put then bows.(Who has been claimed by RL today)

Mabelle chuckles from afar at Nazmir, "Eiran is here, I can put -him- on a donkey if you like. It will be a live show!"

Aconitesends the apprentices off to get ready but she is quite distracted by Wash and the dresses about to be put on display so she takes a bit of a detour to take the show in with quiet awe.

Drake gives a nod to Mabelle. She's greeting a few folks, but when he gets a moment to say hello, he does so. "Good to see you. A lovely event so far. Very organized as always."

Fairen has joined the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

"Yes, Lady Mabelle attracts all /sorts/ of fun and charming people," Eiran agrees distractedly, when Tikva proves she is just too short and too loud to be helpful in stealth. He spares a bright smile for Gianna as she passes, and abandons his cover, hugging both drinks against his person. He's oblivious to any donkey comment! "Hello Joscelin," he calls.

Joscelin has joined the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

A low laugh from Sebastian answers Alis' quiet murmur. His response is accompanied by the offering -- pressing? -- of his glass into her free hand. "A few caught your eye, hm? If you're truly interested, I'm sure the Lady Mabelle could pass on offers to the owners." His brows lift as she indicates a few, mouth twisting ruefully. "Which one is yours?" he asks, glancing at the display then half turning as several outfits are displayed. He spots a familiar figure with a lift of brows, a hand raising towards Dino. "Messere Corsetina. What a surprise to see you here. Have you met the Highlord Alis Valardin?" with a gesture to his companion.

Tikva shouts from nearby, "Lady Mabelle, did I hear you say something about Lord Eiran's ass?"

Mabelle claps her hands as the models dance around in Lord Kennex fashion display and end up standing a while on the stairs of the Fashion House. "Brace yourselves, for Gianna the Nightingale is next!". She bows her head to Joscelin as she finds herself in her surrounding, "We've not met, but your name preceeds you as does your work, it is an honor to have you here". Few Oathlander eyes turn upon Tikva when she asks her question, Mabelle isnt the one looking phased, "No, I was speaking of Norwood's."

Jasher bows politely toward Mabelle after having been discovered. "Lady Mabelle. Exceptional work tonight, as always," he replies amicably as she passes, though does not offer much more than that. It is clear she has her hands full. He sips from the drink in his hand, and over the tilted rim, spies a split in the curtain across the room dominated by the mischievous face of his cousin. If ever he were to smile, it would be now. Instead, he presses his lips together tightly and directs his attention to the models parting the crowd donning fine dresses.

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Wash retires to the drinks stand to share a glass of wine with his wife and watch what comes next.

Gianna steps onto the dais, clad in aeterna with gold. She's certainly had more elaborate outfits, but this one has a dignified elegance. She waits for a moment for the crowd's chatter to die down. It's not unreasonable; she's famous enough that when she takes to a stage people will often shut up for a bit. And if they don't, they might when she raises her voice. Gianna removes a small gold coin from a concealed pocket and tosses it lightly up into the air, letting it fall and catching it over and over as she sings:

While it's dark in the cold
And a light would be so bold
I call to you to bring a bit of gold

And I sing, watch it rise
Bring the brilliance to my eyes
Just as starlight sparks the darkest skies

Light my path tonight
Dispel the woesome blight
As I sing to the heavens
Please grant me guiding sight

It's a simple song, catchy, easy to sing, and over quickly.

Aconite smiles to Wash, "Lovely, simply stunning Lord Kennex." She compliments before running offf after the Apprentices who've headed off behind the stage.

Joscelin grins at Mabelle, giving the woman a bow. "And you, yours. Well met, my lady. You enrich the artists' community in many ways, and for that, you have my gratitude and blessing, though I'm not sure how much the latter means these days."

Alis takes the offered glass, and before she sips from it - after Sebastian has murmured back to her - gives him a look of utter exasperation accompanied by a mutter. However, then she smiles and gestures towards a specific painting. "I love how it all looks so serious, and yet if one is paying attention, it becomes utterly ridiculous." she admits, of A Proper Oathlands Dinner. "Oh, those are quite lovely, Lord Kennex. All of them, really." she compliments, looking at Dino when she is introduced. "I think at the beach event Lady Mabelle held, but only in passing. A pleasure." is said simply.

Ilira squeals in delight when Gianna takes the stage and falls utterly silent throughout the performance, beaming in appreciation and awe. At the end, she bounces on her toes and claps her hands together in an energetic round of applause, but has to scurry quickly again behind the curtain where some preparation takes place.

Wash salutes Aconite with gratitude. "The honor is to the craftsmen and women Whisper Aconite. I just do the drawings."

Tikva cheers and whoops, clapping noisily, but then Tikva never does frigging anything that isn't noisy. She takes a long swig from her drink and then chokes and coughs a little because holy heck it turns out that caramelization does not mean something doesn't have a powerful burn. "I must say," she calls back to Mabelle -- after the beautiful performance is over because she's not a PHILISTINE -- "many have had cause to admire the baron's seat!" It's a jousting joke, clearly. Clearly.

Karina can't help but tap her foot along with the catchy tune, though it's not music that's her art. But the music seems to buoy both her spirits and put a little whimsical twirl into her steps as she moves on to her next piece, in echo to the Nightingale's singing--though her steps only take place after the song has ended.

"I do not think blessing have expiration times", she winks to Joscelin and keeps moving between the guests. She grows utterly silent to watch Gianna's performance, clapping her hands in delight once the Nightingale has finished, "Thank you for honoring us with your presence!", she beams at her. Ever on the move, she finds Aconite, "The outfits are divine!". On her way to Ryhalt, she informs Tikva, "You are giving me nightmares. No offense", she grins at her.

Mabelle is overheard praising Gianna: Lovely performance on Patronsday!

Mabelle is overheard praising Wash.

Tikva is overheard praising Gianna: Always fabulous!

Gianna smiles at the crowd - the rare times she smiles, it's after she sings - and executes a graceful bow befitting a Whisper. Ex-Whisper. She makes her way off the dais and, speaking of Whispers, threads her way over to Softest Aconite. "Ah. I love it when someone pulls off orange so spectacularly. You look gorgeous."

Jasher briefly sets his glass down upon the nearest table to clap in polite fashion for the Nightingale's outstanding performance.

Aconite smiles warmly to Mabelle, "Thank you.. Who knew watercolor on silk would be so amazing." She beams at Mabelle and then stops to beam at Gianna, "You're far too kind, Nightingale. You look spectacular as well as I'm sure you're aware." She squeezes the Bard's bicept as she hurries by to attempt to gather the Apprentices and ready them for their performance.

Aconite is overheard praising Wash.

Aconite is overheard praising Gianna.

Aconite is overheard praising Mabelle.

Aedric Blackshore arrives at the celebration alone and nearly ten minutes late. With gauntlets stuffed between his breastplate and ribcage, he makes a point to avoid crowds and instead focus his attention upon visiting district's many stalls and displays. What he's looking for would, for now, remain a mystery. But, considering that Mourning Islanders weren't known for their interest in decadent art or the more sophisticated aspects of mainlander culture, one could safely assume it would have no association with the avant-garde. The mariner moves slowly, perhaps as a means of conserving energy, and offers polite dips of his upon recognizing and making eye contact with familiar faces.

There's an upward twitch of brow from Sebastian as Alis gestures towards the painting in question. He gives a quiet laugh as he takes it in. "Oh, that's Caprice's work," he says, with delight and pride. He falls silent while Gianna performs, but it's only towards the end of the piece that he turns his gaze towards her, rather than the crowd, a faint crease of brow at the sign of the coin she repeatedly tosses. Only when she's done does the Pravosi say, "Have you looked around, Princess Alis, or shall we find something that catches your eye?"

Mabelle grins at Aconite, "If people can make canvas into gowns, I do not see why we cannot do the other way around". Her feet takes her toward the art gallery, standing besides Sebastian, Alis and Dino, "You know Prince Pravus, you have still to share the secret behind that piece you gave me, I'd be happy to commission another if it comes with an insight!".

"Canvas for a ship?" Wash asks. "If I were desperate. Silken sails? Who has that much coin to waste? Might as well make a hull out of alaricite."

Karina makes a few purchases at different stalls, chatting amiably with the stall owners. Though after her wanderings, and perhaps to take a little break as she awaits the next performance, the young Islander settles one one of the honeycomb couches. She almost--almost!--slips off her shoes, but apparently thinks better of it in such a large and varied crowd, and instead tucks her feet gently underneath her, as she peoplewatches as well.

The plump, pretty jeweler is standing at the festive drink stand, garbed in a gown of black and gold, scented in orange blossoms and cracking what can only be described as -inappropriate jokes-. Right now, she's grinning so hard at Eiran that she can't seem to catch her breath, cheeks rosy, eyes aglow.

Jasher raises his glass toward Baron Aedric as their eyes meet; it's a clear invitation to join him in the timeless art of wallflowering.

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Due to something that one of the people at the drinks stand with her says, Tikva is briefly subject to the horror of snorting caramelized mead out her nose. The resulting wheezing fit is hilarious more than dangerous. She will probably survive.

Joscelin checks composure and performance at daunting. Joscelin fails.

"Esteemed Guests, I present to you, Princess Denica Thrax who has labored on her presentation for weeks and bought every single fabric on the market", she laughs, applauding for her friend.

"Yes, and she did it so well." Alis agrees, listening to Gianna as she sings and applauding politely but sincerely when she song has ended. "Gowns into canvas - what a charming idea. Perhaps I should try to commission someone to paint a scene on a plain silk gown; turn it into a different sort of piece of art, yes?" She seems to like that idea, and then about to answer Sebastian's question when Mabelle mentions asking him about a commission.

Joscelin cackles outloud, complete with a snort, and then she's covering her mouth and trying not to repeat the noise, her eyes crinkled with laughter at Tikva's response, saying, "-sorry, I'm so sorry...!" Before dissolving back into giggles.

Gianna nods to Aconite and collects herself another drink. That done, she turns her attention to Denica's presentation.

The scene begins as Denica Thrax walks across the way, dressed in a honeysilk painters smock and matching dancing slippers. Her movements are light, as though she is skipping, a smile on her face, looking happy and carefree. Behind her are screens, hiding everything from sight. When she stops, she begins. "Art is expression. It is renewal and it is ever changing. Art is painting, sculpture, fashion, poetry, but it's more than that. Art is me, and art is you. We are art." That is when she signals to a couple of her assistants, all dressed in white, to remove a screen and reveal six life size human sculptures.

The sculptures are standing in a circle, each one posed differently and looking outwards to the audience. They are made from plaster, there are three men, and three women. From a distance, these are just sculptures, but up close, there are little holes, for the eyes, nose and mouth. Taking a shiny chisel, the princess walks to the first one, and she begins to chisel off the plaster, tap, tap, tap, until what she reveals, is another living sculpture within. Then she moves to the next. It's a slow process, surely, but each time, another person is revealed. "When I was girl, I spent many years mute," she confesses this personal part of herself with the crowd. "Art was the only way I could tell the world what I thought and who I was. It is still how I express myself, those inner thoughts, I cannot quite put into words. Art changed me, and I am grateful to the gods for it." As the sculptures come to life, she gives them an opportunity to display as she reveals what is behind another screen.

"Together we are going to build art and create something lasting, a little, or large, smile from us to you." That is when she reveals a gigantic pile of cookies, not real cookies, little sculptures and a mural that isn't quite done, behind a big curtain. It's really big, because of course it it. With a smile, and a bow to the crowd, she lets those living sculptures get to work.

The first feminine statue is on the shorter side of average, with eyes closed and hair in a bun. It stands straight, facing the crowd, but its pose seems to be drawn into itself. One arm has been drawn elegantly across its middle, with its hand at its opposite hip, and the other arm crosses its chest with its delicate fingertips resting at the opposite shoulder. Its head is turned toward that shoulder, chin at a gently downward cant, one leg straight with a flat foot and the other slightly bent across at the knee, propped against its toes. It is an altogether demure pose that is simultaneously protective and vulnerable. As Denica begins to chip away at the plaster with her chisel, the comely features of Keely Grayson are revealed. Her close-fitting plaster clothing gives way to bare arms and a snug aeterna dress that ends at the knee, leaving slender legs and dainty feet bare.

Once entirely free, her dark eyes blink open, taking a moment to adjust after being closed over for so long. She looks out over the crowd, gaze pausing on Alis, Tikva, Liara, and a brilliant smile illuminating her young face before the artist announces that it's time to get to work! Bare feet step lightly, carefully over to the clay cookies, and she gathers up all of the 'lemon' ones at once, hurrying to the mural and beginning to adhere them in the correct places with plaster. Once she is all out of cookies, she quickly removes herself from the way, tucking back somewhere unobtrusive and watching on from the side, mostly out of view.

Denica drops a massive mixed-media mural titled 'The Art of Artshall'.

One of the statues, a petite, sylphlike female, abides with both hands clasped against her left cheek, her head dreamily canted as though lost in some revery. She gazes out on the crowd, still and silent, yet there seems the potential for expression in her plastered features, like the sightless eyes might blink or the voiceless mouth might speak. This strange sense of realism is brought to bear in increments as the plaster is chipped away. Gradually, inch by inch, she is revealed, first a glimpse of creamy skin, then a flash of raven-dark hair, then a hint of plain cloth. A single pale finger wiggles playfully as a clump falls away. More and more is chiseled from her, until, stepping forward with a slim, shapely leg, Ilira bursts from her plaster prison into an effervescent twirl, her smile wild and luminous.
With a fiery toss of her head, Ilira shakes the dust from her luxuriant mass of ringlets and beams at the audience, fluttering her slender fingers by her face before letting her hands drop as she dances over to the pile of sculpted cookies. In fluid succession, she selects several and adheres them to the great mural alongside her fellow artists. She hums joyously to herself all the while, her motions as airy and light as the golden notes in her throat.

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THEA has a small baby bump and it's noticeable, she moves with ease still, like a statue, she takes part in the cookie art making. There is that kind of look, like Thea often has, that's a mix of confidence and ease with her environment. Or maybe she was coerced by someone! She picks up a lemon cookie, and walks over to the mural and makes sure to place it carefully, before she is back, finding more as she takes part in the art.

The gruff sculpture held a rather contemplative expression; eyes closed in repose as his arm curled along toward his chest, head settle down in thought with his fist resting below his chin. Freedom from the plaster came in small chips followed by pieces falling free from the clothing the statue had been adorned in. The artist, Denica, and her handiwork enabled the living sculpture; Yuri, to take his first breath and find enlightened interest in the task now at hand. His reach had him retrieving those delicately crafted, sculpted, and deceptively delectable-looking cookies from the platter alongside his fellow living sculptures. Placement seemed to come quite naturally to this particular statue; a delicate creation placed with agile accuracy, then one after another, as the section of the mural he stood before began to glow and build with vibrancy.

It takes him a moment to move through the crowd, but Dino does catch Sebastian's greeting and reaches him, mead in hand, with a warm smile. "Yes, well, I thought I would come see what it was all about. And I'm glad I did!" He also turns to Alis and nods, "It's very nice to meet you. My name is Dino."

A man stands, immortalized in this moment as a statue. Broad shouldered and tall, he stands proud and straight, his hands on his hips and his chin slightly raised, as if staring at something far off. Its a pose that would look at home on the deck of a ship, the horizon playing out before it as the vessel speeds on into the unknown. As Denica begins to chip away the plaster, bit by bit falling away and revealing its hidden occupant, Caspian is revealed underneath, though still painted to look as a statue. His skin is marbled white, his raven black hair the color of snow, and as he stood still it was hard to tell the difference between plaster and ma. His smile is brilliant however, and though he holds his pose as the plaster is knocked away, his eyes flash with life and excitement. The last large chunks of plaster cascade off him as he stands free, and as Denica moves back, Caspian twirls in place, sending the few clinging bits of plaster flying.

Then the troupe is free and caspian is spinning away toward the 'cookies', grabbing one and moving to secure it to the mural. As they were color coded, even HE couldnt mess up where to put them. As he moved back and forth, adding the occasional spin and pirouette to his movement,s he worked to place the cookies higher on the mural, allow the more space effecient statues to fill in the lower ones.

Drake is taking particular interest in this display, watching the performance with the interest of someone who is intimately involved. And in fact he is, when he finally sees his wife's contribution to the artistic arrangement. He resists the urge to applaud until the appropriate time, but finally does so, when everything is completed.

Karina leans forward, her attention rapt at the performance. Her eyes are wide as she takes it in, having quite forgotten about everything else around her.

Gianna watches, head tilted to the side, attention caught by the plaster people being revealed. She glances at the mural when the new 'cookies' are added, but mostly her interest lies in the 'statues'. For the moment, her drink is forgotten in her hand.

As the cookies are adhered to the mural, with the help of many assistants and buckets of plaster, and the living statues that do all the real work, the princess dances about. It is a dance of encouragement, helping to guide the development of the mural, and watching it in a state of joy, to see how it all comes out. When it is completed, and the art is created, she stops and faces the crowd. "I want to thank my beautiful volunteers, Princess Keely Grayson, Countess Thea Wyvernheart, Ilira Starling, Lord Orland Amadeo, Lord Yuri Tessere and Caspian Wild.," she says, giving them a round of applause. "Thank you all for witnessing and taking part in our artistic performance!" A beat, and then her eyes light up, "don't eat the cookies, these ones don't taste good!" And with that, Denica just dances through the statues and makes her way off. Her work here is done.

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Raven settles at the tasking bar after a short stroll to admire the masterful works of the compact's inspired artists. Wash gets a flash of a grin an a respectful bow of her head.

"Art is in the eye of the beholder, Lady Mabelle," is Sebastian's swift, and amused answer to her query. "And I perceive," his spare hand waves towards the art stand, "Many such intrigues and secrets in the collection you've amassed. Exceptionally interesting. As for comissions, I'm afraid I don't take any. I'm far too much of a creature of whimsy. I paint what interests me." He pauses to watch Denica's show with interest, though Dino gets an easy smile. "Are you interested in art then, or just curious about Artshall? I admit, it was as much one as the other for me," with a wry smile that ends up directed Mabelle's way, too. His gaze doesn't stay with them, as the 'statues' come to life and he murmurs approvingly, bright eyes following them as they move about.

Joscelin calms herself down enough to watch the beautiful performance of living art, applauding, delight and awe in her face. "That was -spectacular-," she says to anyone that listens. "Genuinely marvelous."

Mabelle stopped whatever she was doing or saying. She had no idea what is going to come before her. Her eyes widen and her jaw drop at the mesmerizing performance and she watches in awe as the statues come to life, revealing Keely, Thea, Ilira, Orland, Yuri and Caspian, "Oh most magnificent. Oh there are cookies! Oh my!", her hand moves to her mouth and she is utterly amazed, "Thank you Princess Denica", she applauds in sheer enthusiasm.

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Are people encased in plaster a thing you applaud? Liara decides that it obviously is, and, setting aside her cake, she does so, applauding with some vigour, a smile brightening her features. She quiets eventually in order to get back to the cake-eating.

Gianna adjusts her grip on her glass to applaud, managing to do so without spilling her drink, though aeterna's not the worst material to be wearing when it comes to beverage mishaps.

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The performance is a lot to pay attention to; many moving pieces, literally, coming together to finish the final product. But, Alis spots several people she knows and whistles loudly in encouragement as they perform. "Well done!" she calls out, lowering her voice then to just address those nearest her. "Hopefully the next time you've a bout of whimsy I might have a chance to procure another piece of art from you, Your Highness. Your art always leaves me thinking." Something she obviously appreciates, just as she does polite greetings. "Well met then, Dino. Have you had the chance to look around, then? I'm always drawn to the paintings and sculptures, but I should probably start looking at the other things on display as well."

Caspian wanders out into the crowd, still covered in plater covered paint and smiling brightly. eyeing the various refreshment carts moving around he heads towards the nearest. how long HAD they been standing in that plaster... he paused then immediately began looking around for something.

Whatever has captured Jasher's attention for a moment is immediately forgotten when Denica takes the stage. He is nothing if not a visibly supportive cousin, present to watch her art take shape with the assistance of others, one being his own protege. The empty drink glass is absently discarded to the table and hands fold together loosely behind his back as he patiently observes the arrangement of plaster cookies into their intended display. When complete, he brings his hands together into a round of applause, and this time a smile does play at the corners of his mouth, muted, but marked with pride in his cousin's work.

Gianna makes her way toward the honeycomb couches, apparently looking for a place to sit for a bit. She inclines her head to Keely and Caspian if she happens to catch their eyes; there's a tip of the chin for Illira, too. She mouths something that might be 'well done'.

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One of these familiar faces is Prince Jasher Thrax. The invitation to stand idle and observe politely is, of course, accepted. Wallflowers blossomed in the presence of like-minded peers. Aedric circles a crowd of guests completely enthralled by the living display and slows to a halt at the Sword of Maelstrom's side. "Good evening, your highness," he murmurs, finally turning his cerulean gaze toward Denica's production. "I've always had an appreciation for those who could create. Brew. Sew. Cook. Forge. Paint." A gauntlet is withdraw from its resting place and waved toward the cast of statues. "You are moved, then? This has some meaning to you?" The inquiry, though flat, is nonetheless sincere.

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Mabelle mentions aloud to Liara and Ryhalt, quite on purpose, "You know, I received an annonymous donation of a painting, the one with the webs in the gallery. I wonder if the artist is here".

"Curiosity for both," Dino tells Sebastian of art and Arthall. "Though, I admit it's the festival aspect that first caught my eye. Events in Arx continue to dazzle me." He smiles as he watches the end of the performance, clapping at the end of it and shouting a few words of encouragement to the performers. "That was something," he says, turning to Alis. "Just took a quick look around so far, so I'll need to see some of these works more closely."

Yuri took a moment to take a good luck at the collective efforts of those once plastered statues then come to life in full display before removing himself from the dais. An encouraging nod laced with a smile was offered to Denica. From across the grounds, his gaze pinned over and upon a lingering silhouette that soon turned out to be none other than his patron. He offered a solemn nod to Jasher, taking a snaking path toward wherever an attendant was briskly making off with a drink. The lord stole a moment to compose himself; scratching lingering bits of plaster from his hair and away from his eyes, then moved along to join Prince Jasher and Baron Aedric, "My lord, your Highness. A good evening to you both."

Caspian catches gianna's eye as she looks his way. his smile brightens at her silent praise and he bows... nearly hitting the person who was walking in front of him. straightening up he quickly hurried off toward one of the tents set aside from the places. a minute or two later he emerged still painted and smiling. he made his way toward the cake.. because cake!

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After finding some shoes, Keely the living statue is just regular Keely again, peeking out around one of the stands and searching the crowd silently with coffee-dark eyes. It is Gianna she spies first, a little smile touching her lips when she catches the Nightingale's coveted praise, her fair cheeks flushing a dusty pink and eyes sliding away. On they continue, scanning the throng of faces gathered and deep breaths taken before she musters the nerve to wade out into the bustle. She slips up beside Alis, just kind of standing there and continuing to look about for now, not even seeming to be waiting to be noticed.

Sebastian claps, giving a faintly amused snort at Denica's warning about the cookies. "There had better be some edible cookies around here; she's just gone and planted the idea of it in everyone's heads," he chuckles. "Perhaps," the Pravosi allows, with a wry smile for Alis. "I've painted a few pieces since I returned from Setarco. I don't think you've seen them, yet, though only one of them is still in my hands. It's in the Pravus gallery." Dino's words make him laugh. "Something for everyone, yes. And the Oathlands does an excellent mead." That might be his subtle way of suggesting Dino /not/ drink the wine.

Ryhalt lifts his eyebrows slightly at Mabelle. "I'd have to take a look at it to even make a guess, but I venture I wouldn't know anyway."

When the performance is over and the princess has danced away, shimmying about in her smock, she makes a bee-line for the drink stand. Denica picks two up. One she knocks back like it's water, and the other she holds to sip, looking relieved and taking a chance to actually look over and see what it is that they'd done. That moment over, she spots someone in the crowd and her thick Islander eyebrows wiggles at him. "Fancy seeing you here, Jasher Thrax! I thought I'd come do a little apple picking," she smirks at him, and brings her drink to her lip, taking a casual sip. The princess looks around and makes sure that all Keely, Caspian, Ilira and Yuri have survived alright! Appreciative and adoring smiles for the lot of them.

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Mabelle huffs aloud, "An event of mine without cookies is not an event at all", she aims that at Sebastian, waving from the CAKE CART SHE IS IN. And just as Caspian settles down, Mabelle announces, " I present to you, Messere Caspian Wild!", inviting him to take the dais.

"Princess Keely. Marvelously done." Alis has some kind of Keely radar obviously, since she glances over at the woman as soon as she appears nearby. And, looking just so proud! "Did you hear that? Prince Sebastian has already given away most of the painting he's done since he returned from Setarco and there is only one left I might be able to try and steal away for the manor." There's even a quiet tsk, though she winks at her Grayson protege when she does it. "Artshall does make excellent mead." she agrees then, nodding for Dino. To encourage him. "Is there anything you've spotted so far that especially catches /your/ eye, Prince Sebastian?"

Ilira cups a hand to her cheek, the expression on her face positively effulgent at the reaction of their audience. She flashes every single one of her fellow performers a huge, flushed beam before focusing on the high artiste herself, Denica. "Thank you," she murmurs, pure and simple, and then slips off to find a private place to change her plastered clothes. When she emerges, she is dressed rather differently.
She strides back into the main square, ablaze in her radiant finery and brighter confidence, an ensemble themed for Artshall. A bustier of aureate honeysilk flatters her curves and bares her midriff in concession to the summer heat, while diamonds drape her neckline and spill upon her shoulders in lieu of sleeves. Honey onyx and honey diamond drip from her throat and ears, glittering with every strike of the light. As she walks, striding toward the cart where many of her friends have gathered, the slim spikes of golden diamond at either heel measure her step in a quiet staccato. On her way, she flashes Gianna a wide-eyed, thankful smile and tips her head in return.

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Caspian returns to the stage, still painted as a statue and finishing the cake quickly with a smirk. His skin, hair, and face covered in plaster colored paint and plaster dust, his smile was radiant and energetic. he carried his lute with him and he offered a bow to the audience. "Sadly.. after seeing such an amazing display of artistic ingenuity.. you are now cursed with me." he gives a playful grin and strums a few notes on the lute, the music bouncing in the air. "As i sat and thought what to perform for Lady mabelle, many themes came to mind. Artshall, the oathlands.. honor and valor. knights and duty. Adventure and heroism. All of these crowded my head trying to escape into some kind of song." another stroke of the lute strings. "but then, as i sat in a hill top.. a little bee came buzzing by.. unafraid of me.. and alighted on my knee. And thus.. i give you.. the honey bee."

The music begins in earnest then, an easy lilting tune that encouraged one to stomp their feet and clap along.

"Lets all take a moment, to think and to ponder
of life's little joys, like honey, not to squander
So much work it takes for such a delicious golden treat
Have we ever truly thought of what it takes to be so sweet

Oh to be a Honey Bee, A simple buzzing Honey Bee
All Day in the sun, to buzz in good fun
And never a care to see

Except take first the rain, that lovely thing its water so refreshing
Yet to a bee, its drops are death, a thing thats most tormenting
To dodge to dip to fly and flit each drop akin to a boulder
not to mention the chill of a drop, their world growing colder

Oh to be a Honey Bee, A simple buzzing Honey Bee
All Day in the sun, to buzz in good fun
And never a care to see

Then next come the bears, massive, fluffy and furry
Their cute a nose a-twitching, to the hive they do scurry
To steal all the honey, make off with the treasure
While bees fight with vigor, to show their displeasure

Oh to be a Honey Bee, A simple buzzing Honey Bee
All Day in the sun, to buzz in good fun
And never a care to see

Oh how they fight, with their blades ever ready
always armed, always sharp, stinger set and steady
Without hesitation, they do sacrifice all
Their last breath an answer to honors cold call

Oh to be a Honey Bee, A simple buzzing Honey Bee
All Day in the sun, to buzz in good fun
And never a care to see

So when next we dine on honey, indulge that sweet tooth
Remeber this pithy diddy, and its very simple truth
Hardwork deserves respect, no matter its shape or size
The things we love so often made, by those beneath our eyes"

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Caspian gives a flourishing bow, his smile never faltering, and slips off the stage to hunt down the confectionary delight he had had to cut short

Eiran is overheard praising Caspian: I cannot speak highly enough of this AMAZING SONG about HONEYBEES!

There was cheering and clapping echoing from backstage for Denica's performance and in kind there's similar for Caspian. Likely performers waiting in the wings, Aconite among them.

Mabelle laughs delightedly and dances about the cake cart as Caspian sings about honeybees. She applauds him when he is done, "Magnificent! So Magnificent! Thank you Master Wild". Her eyes turn to Eiran, "See? You really have a reason to fear bears".

Mabelle is overheard praising Caspian: All about the honeybees!

Dino lifts his cup of mead to both Sebastian and Alis, then takes a hearty swig. The young man doesn't need so much encouragement, it seems. And as he enjoys what the Oathlands offers, he watches Caspian's performance and whistles approvingly. "That man continues to surprise me," he says.

Raven is settled at the tasting bar with Wash, watching others sample as if she knew this was a thing that happened but hadn't truely believed and is now vaguely nonplussed by the ritual of tasting. She scans the crowd inbetween conversation. She pauses and blinkity-blinks at Caspian, "Holy shit." She looks at Wash, "Did you know he could do that?"

Raven is overheard praising Caspian.

As Caspian recites his poem, the Thrax princess turns her attention to him, and she sips her drink watching and listening to every word. At the end of the performance, she applauds and cheers for him. "Bravo Caspian!" She's really loud for such a small one!

Just as she is about to lift something sweet and sumptuous to her lips, Ilira turns to watch Caspian on stage with sparkling eyes. Her attention never errs from him once, and she lets the notes of his voice and his lute guide the languid sway of her hips, the delicate tap of her fingers, and the easy bounce of her heels. There is a fire in her cheeks by the end as she applauds and cheers him, and she calls over in response to Dino, "Me /too/."

Keely is looking off across the crowd when Alis turns to greet her, and the young princess quickly turns with a brilliant smile for her patron. "Your Grace," she murmurs softly, her cheeks coloring again at the praise. Her dark eyes are then drawn to Sebastian, who receives a gentle dip of her chin and another smile in greeting. "Is that so, your highness? What better place for your work than upon Her Grace's wall, I ask you?" It might be a rhetorical question, as she keeps getting distracted by everything happening around them. There is a pause to applaud for Caspian, complete with a soft cheer of, "Hooo!" before she leans aside to air-kiss the Valardin Highlord's cheek and turns to brave the crowd once more.

Wash applauds Caspian. "That's bravery. The Champion excels at everything to which he puts his hand. I am not surprised at all."

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"I'm not sure it's the sort of painting one would hang on the walls of the Oathlands manor," Sebastian observes to Alis. Which could as readily mean anything from salciously Setarcan to uncomfortably unsettling. "Princess Keely. How good to see you. We still have not connected yet; perhaps in the coming week?" he suggets with ease. He looks entirely unpentant about his /eloquent praise/ of mead. "Oh, yes," he says, with a bright smile. "I'm not sure I recognize the figure, but the craftsmanship is excellent," he gestures to a sculpture of a woman. And he quiets as Capsian performs, looking just as surprised as Dino. "I had not realized he was a performer."

Mabelle continues to introduce artists to the dais like she's in Coachella, "Are you ready for it?", she teases her guests, "Come up, Whisper Aconite".

"I didn't think too much of bears until you set up that terrifying statue outside my room!" Eiran says to Mabelle, as he leads Princess Tikva, by her arm, over to the display area. "It's a massive thing, a towering bear snarling at me each time I make for breakfast," he asides to Tikva. "Wait, rival? Him? Why?"

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Jasher glances down at his empty glass with perceptible longing, though whatever interest he has in refilling it is stymied by the appearance of two more people, putting a decisive end to that brief attempt at wallflowering. Aedric's question is received with a wry smile, brief but present nevertheless, and replied to with an air of amusement. "It does," he answers, then elaborates after a heartbeat with, "I have learned over time that the interpretation of art is subjective." The prince shares a knowing look with the baron, then turns to address Yuri. "My lord, well done. I did not think you could hold still for that long." The quip is delivered so dryly that it can be construed as an insult by the unfamiliar. "We should meet soon; it has been too long." A nod punctuates this suggestion, and then Denica is addressed next. "You know that I wouldn't miss it. Do you know Baron Aedric Blackshore?" A hand gestures toward the man, and that is the extent of his introduction because Caspian begins to sing, and distracts him from the act. Another round of applause ensues for the performance.

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Caspian gives a bright smile top everyone as he weaves his way through the crowd to return to the couch and retrieve the rest of his cake. "im glad you liked it! thank you!"

A bakers dozen of Whisper Apprentices and Aconite Whisper flow up onto the stage while it's low lit and each takes a position poised to perform for the Festival. All dressed in embroidered robes that have been water-painted with designs in representations of elements and flower designs and embroidered with matching motifs. Each in crowns to match their colors. The outfits have heavy hems that create exaggerated motion as they all begin to sway and dance to a beat, slow and steady at first, set by a fat squat drum and a tall thin drum. The motion starting from the outside dancers and rippling inwards. They are joined in following moments by two carnyx players on either side of the stage, their large horns curved towards the heavens. Finally the beat is along with several people who raise their voices in a joyous and staccato chant in harmony with the band.

As the music begins the whole group begins to sway and dance, moving in time to the horns like flowers blown along by a breeze. The movements are swaying but the movements are extremely intricate. Each and every ornately slippered foot matches the movement of the other, each intricate bend of the wrist and position of the fingers in time, some have symbols on their fingers, and others bells that add depth to the music. No one dancer is left to the center during the body of the dance, though at times one or two dancers will drop out of synchronicity to do an acrobatic flip, backflip or walkover in time to a roll of the drums or a haunting note from the horns.

As the musicians play faster, building towards a thrilling crescendo the dancer's movements remain in time, faster and faster until the music breaks into a trilling bridge where the vocalists reach an impassioned crescendo and all of the dancers begin to twirl. The change in notes opens the sound of the song sending it bone deep if one's too close to the stage. Fantastic robes are revealed to be layered and as the dancers fall in time with one another again each lays back. Each body is athletically arched, a true feat, with their heads thrown back to the sky and arms spread and flowing sleeves rippling round. So too do the robes open and reveal gossamer layers of similarly dyed silk under their deceptive cover. The golden glow of the festival lanterns catches the flowing fabrics and shimmering only deepening the shadows elsewhere and making each seem like a living embodiment of flower, wind, fire and water. They spin like that, dangerously close and in time for long, long heartbeats before slowly the music begins to drop off and one at a time the dancers twirl to a stop and kneel until the final dancer, a sinuously graceful man in a crimson robe with copper hair continues for several more beats and drops, the chanters and musicians ending abruptly with only the echo of the big squat drum-like thunder for a moment after in the void of sound where the music was.

"Well, I probably wouldn't place it in The Vow." Alis murmurs, tone wry. "Have fun, Keely!" A cheery wave is given as the other flees to greener pastures as it were. "That caught my eye too, actually. The sculpture. Very well done." she agrees, quieting during the singing of his music and looking quite impressed. But wait, there's more? Her gaze follows Aconite, to see what will be next. And all she can do is watch with awe, this particular performance. Speechless, that's what she must be.

Mabelle notes toward Alis and Sebastian, "Its carved by Master Claude. He also crafted all the toys in the map!", she points at the miniature map of the Oathlands standing by the gallery.

Aconite's performance sends her own hips moving as she dances to the beats of the drum and cheering on.

Caspian jumps up from the couch and unleashes a torrent of applause. "Fantastic! perfectly executed! Absolutely gorgeous!" he cant seem to find anymore words so he continues to applaud uproariously for the Whispers!

Tikva pauses with her hand on Eiran's arm, holding him back a moment as she turns wide, bright eyes towards the display of the dancers. She cheers and spends a trilling whistle, applauding wildly. Only after the last notes of the music begin to spin down and she can hear herself talk again. Then she asides to Eiran, "Why /wouldn't/ I be his rival? Do you not think the Marquis worthy of an excellent rival?"

Gianna sets her glass aside so she can applaud as well, chin tilted up with a curiously satisfied expression.

Ryhalt applauds the various performances, smiling and looking as though he's having a good time.

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Caspian is overheard praising Denica.

Caspian is overheard praising Aconite.

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"Probably for the best," Sebastian's chuckling in response to Alis. Mabelle's additon of the artist earns an interested look. "Indeed. I'm not familiar with his work," he says, glancing towards the table of the Oathlands, looking like he might move in that direction until Aconite and the others step in for their performance. He stays silent throughout, blue eyes delighted and following the movements, fingers tapping briefly. It takes him a moment after it's done for him to remember to applaud.

As Jasher offers introductions, Aedric presents his gauntlet should any of the gathering wish to shake. He'd met privately with both Denica and Yuri before, of course, but he did not expect to be remembered. "You have left many members of the audience moved, your highness," he tells the Little Devil of Thrax. "This is no small feat, what considering their varying tastes and predispositions. I would call your production a resounding success. Congratulations." These words are flat -- tempered, even -- but the small smile that highlights the baron's otherwise neutral features conveys some degree of sincerity. Another performance takes to the stage. There are instruments and dancing. The sickly Blackshore observes quietly. When it concludes, he joins the crowd in their applause. "Well?" he inquires then, shifting his attention to the prince. "What did it make you feel?"

Mabelle is overheard praising Aconite: Hips dont lie!

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"I should ask if he can make a whole bunch of little white dragon figures I can use for the map table!" Alis is somehow delighted by this idea, flashing a grateful smile at Mabelle for somehow giving her the inspiration for it as she looks over the toys and the map. "Wasn't that performance marvelous? Such skill in both presentation and design, as well as the music." she praises, still left somewhat in awe of it for moments after the performers leave the stage.

"High praise and as such, I shall bear it proudly. Although...I will have to say I could have sworn there was a casing of plaster all readied for a certain cousin of the daring artist that we all /may/ know. Hm. Such a shame you could not join us on stage." Yuri accented with a slight smile, passing a glance off toward Denica as he made mention of Jasher's possible participation. His head turned back to the prince, giving an earnest nod, "Of course. I apologize for being indisposed as I was; I felt a yearn of wanderlust in the western wilds away from the city. It was a rather spirited trip, all things considered." The baron was a face not lost upon him, but he could only count so much on when the two had spoke in earnest, "Baron Blackshore, yes, of course. How could I? I must congratulate you on your nuptials, pray forgive my late regards. I hope the Baroness has been exceptionally well. It is a curse I happened to miss the wedding; she has ever only been like the sister I never had. May your days be filled with much happiness." The lord offered a gentle salute with his glass toward Aedric, punctuated with a smile.

It takes just a moment for the Whipers to gather themselves back up, grab the chanters, horn blowers and drummersfor a quick applaus of the musicians as well before they all quietly flow back off the stage. Aconite the last to go walking with the young man in crimson.

Gianna is overheard praising Mabelle.

Gianna is overheard praising Aconite.

Eiran frees his arm briefly to applaud the elaborate dance. "Gods, I wonder how long that took to practice and perfect. Inspiration keeps crashing over me. And no, no, Marquis Fairen is worthy! You're both worthy! Of... rivaling one another. I wish I had a rival, that would be fun." He gathers Tikva's arm again and moves along the display of artwork, finally spotting Fortunato's horse sketch. "Isn't it positively terrifying? Oh, the webby one is nice too."

It takes a while after the performances have been completed and whether someone has percieved it or not, a clavichord has been carried onto the dais. A seat is placed behind it and that seat is taken by... Mabelle. Not daring to perform in public, her eyes close and her fingers touch the keys. The notes begin slow, quiet, like subtle waves exploring your soul for a secret. As it progresses, the music turns dramatic and wild, almost violent, conveying the deepest feelings, however you cannot help but find the warmth beneath the notes. As it reaches its climax, Mabelle really hits the keys into a rambling sound before it slowly descends onto a soft melody, quiet, seeking but not finding, indicating an end - whether it is a phase in life or the piece itself.

"Stunning!," Denica calls out for Aconite's performance when it comes to an end, having watched with captive eyes. She looks from Jasher to Aedric, "yes, we met once. We talked Mourning Isles culture," she recalls and then smiles with appreciation for the man's comments on the performance, "it was fun!," she says simply. Taking a sip of her drink, she looks around again. "This is all incredible, I just love standing here and being part of it all, it is like swimming in an ocean of creativity," she says we a content sigh before returning her attention to Jasher, Aedric and Yuri. The latter's comment catches her attention and she looks towards her cousin, with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "Next time, Jasher Thrax," she warns him with a devious grin. Then she pauses, "oh! If you haven't got your portrait done, there are artists doing portraits of everyone. That's exciting!," she encourages theem.

"I see that the Inquisition has poisoned you entirely, my dear Lord Eiran," Tikva says, patting Eiran's arm as she gives him a sideong look. "In assuring your taste for the horrifying and creeptacular. Oh my, I didn't know Mabelle could play like that!"

Aconite is overheard praising Mabelle.

Dino cheers to the latest performance and finishes off his mead. "Well, I think I'll take another lap to see some of the art and be on my way. It was nice chatting with you both." Brows raising, he looks to Sebastian and says, "I would love to see your paintings sometime." With another smile, he slips away to take his leave.

Caspian stands from the cough, clapping slowly at first as the music fades away, almost afraid to break the trance cast over the people. Then he cant hold back and bursts into applause, "Well done Lady Mabelle!"

Caspian is overheard praising Mabelle.

Aconiteemerges from backstage and hurries to find herself a drink. Though she is stopped long enough to listen to Mabelle as the Lady Laurent plays for the festival. She beams and claps warmly and whistles sharply. Then she remembered she's parched and heads to find something to drink.

Fairen is overheard praising Mabelle.

When Mabelle plays, Denica's attention is pulled towards the Lady Laurent and she focuses on her entirely, the song is moving and a series of emotions reflect in Denica's vivid blue eyes. When the song is finishes, she applauds loudly for the woman. "A spectacular performance, Lady Mabelle!," the princess cheers.

Sebastian dips his head towards Dino, with a smile. "Some are on display in the Pravus gallery, so you can freely view them. Most are in private hands. Do have a good evening." He falls silent during Mabelle's performance, and towards the end, murmurs something towards Alis and seeks to guide her around the rest of the stands, finally slipping off into the crowds.

Eiran laughs, "It's just... it has wild eyes! It looks normal at first, but then it draws you in! You can see the artist's hatred for the beast!" Upon hearing Mabelle's music, he grins. "She's all sorts of talented. I hear her playing in the solarium a decent amount. Here now, what's your favorite piece?"

Of all the performances, Mabelle's is the one that brings a tear to Ilira's eye. She blinks rapidly a few times, bats at her eyes, and then bursts into an impassioned and delighted round of applause, a beam lingering on her features long after the final note fades.

Conversation taking place in Jasher's immediate sphere can wait; the next performance begins and is deserving of attention and applause, which is modestly delivered for Softest Whisper Aconite and her Whisper apprentices in the aftermath. The baron's question catches him off-guard, though a rapid blink of his eyes and straightening of his spine betrays it. A few moments are spent considering what answer he might be able to provide. "It reminded me of a slow rush of adrenaline before battle." The loud horns, the quickening pace of the dance. The prince latches onto the gregarious conversation Yuri initiates, as though he is quite content with putting down rumors of his participation in such events. "I am certain I would make a poor subject for her art. For one, I imagine blackmailed or threatened participants might detract from the audience's enjoyment." Here, his blue eyes shift to rest upon his cousin's playful countenance. He shakes his head. "Next time," he agrees. Cryptic! Mabelle's performance is next, and draws his attention. The music produced by her hands is haunting, though still pleasant, and elicits a rather more earnest round of applause from him.

Caspian stand and offers a bow to Gianna, "of course! it was a pleasure to hear you perform! thank you for coming and for your kind words" his smile is broad as he waves farewell before turning and heading out to find more cake

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Gianna inclines her head to Caspian and turns about, threading her way through the crowd again. Happening to draw near Keely, she pauses to murmur something to the Princess.

Mabelle rises from the clavichord a bit shaken. Composing herself, she smiles at her guests, "This wraps the special performances for the evening. You are all welcome to stay and dine, there is a baazar of special wares on the side streets, there are still theatre and music performances in the Bard College and the Theatre, new designs in the fashion show, fancy cakes, which I need one", it wont be HONEY LIARA, "Thank you all for coming all the way to Artshall, enjoy your stay whether it is in the castle or the Domestique Bell!", she then goes to get that cake.

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Aconiteends up near the traveling bar, smiling to Raven and Wash as she lifts a hand in greeting though the other is already reaching for the glass of wine she'd pined for when she was within earshot of the attendant.

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Raven checks 'recovery check' at normal. Raven is successful.

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Raven bobs her head and salutes with a tiny tasting portion of wine as Aconite settles.

Given the question, Tikva studies the art as they walk among the displayed artwork, a faint purse of her lips reflecting the twist of her expression. "I don't know," she says. "I am not a judge of art, as a matter of course. So much of creativity is personal, and the results are all very fine, but I couldn't say at a glance which one speaks to me most." Her eyes narrow as she returns them to the horse. "Is that a Fortunato?" she asks in an abrupt sharpness.

Jasher withdraws a parchment page from the pocket of his coat, then hands it off to Denica. It is a sketch of him standing in the entryway running a hand through his messy hair. "Would that I had known about the artists beforehand," he murmurs in an aside to her, then makes no move to reclaim the likeness from her grasp, perhaps because he does not intend to hang it on his wall or anything.

"You needn't apologize, Lord Yuri. I will convey your congratulations, and I am sure they will be greeted with enthusiasm," the baron replies, offering a polite dip of his chin. Jasher's response is not at all unexpected. The prince struck Aedric as fairly simple-minded; his emotions, though undoubtedly complex, were difficult to effectively articulate. As such, he was forced to describe them in the only manner he knew how: personal experience. "It was better to have missed the wedding, truthfully. Considerably more exciting than anyone had anticipated, myself included," the sailor confesses, smile disappearing. He falls quiet, then, perhaps content to listen rather than partake in idle conversation. These social gatherings were far from his strength.

Mabelle's eyes fall upon the mural and then she asks Denica, "Would you mind if I have them place them in the middle of the square here and create a replica for Arx? I'd like to have one at the Dire Bee as well".

Keely, in the midst of a quiet conversation with Fairen, turns her head aside to share a quick exchange with Gianna prior to the Nightingale slipping into the crowd. She is beaming afterward, giving a glance Denica's way before her focus lifts back to the Marquis.

"It most certainly is," Eiran says, beaming. "Oh the things I would draw, if I could draw," he says, wistful. "Oh... I left my date somewhere..." He frowns, squinting through the crowd. "I hope he knows his way home. Maybe he'll wandering into a shelter for wayward princes."

Silence took him for a moment as one performance bloomed into the next; from Aconite to Mabelle's display that had Yuri joining in on the deserved applause and praise from the closing ceremonies of the evening. The lord hid a smile from behind the rim of his glass, glancing from cousin to cousin as he deferred to the artist and her summation of whether the Prince would be a proper subject or not. He then laughed lightly, nodding, "Next time, indeed." His attention pulled back to Aedric in earnest, giving a thoughtful nod to him as he spoke, "Ah, many thank--oh." He would not lie and show himself a tad surprised, but he made no other comments than that. His skylit blue gaze sifted to Jasher's gesture toward Denica, glancing quickly to the sketch with a smirk.

Taking the sketch from Jasher she holds it up and her lips curl into a wide smile, "oh it's perfect! I know just where I will put it," she says so innocently, it should be a warning sign. Too late, she pockets the portrait. Then she spins around and her smile brightens for Mabelle, "you have out done yourself, yet again, my friend. Please do whatever you would like with the art, this is my gift to you and Artshall. House Laurent has always been so kind to me, and this was an incredible experience, thank you for letting me do my art," she says sincerely to the hostess of the night.

Mabelle smiles warmly to Denica, "House Laurent and its walls, are lucky to have you as a friend", she winks to her. "The performance was outstanding, truly, it was very inspiring, I absolutely loved it. I think Princess Keely will need a warm bath of milk after this", she teases the Grayson Princess, "I recommend the Empyrean. They draw the best milk and honey baths".

Keely glances up again at the sound of her name, flashing a warm smile Mabelle's way. "Yes, my skin is very dry," she confirms with an eager nod. "But it was entirely worth it to see her highness' vision realized, and to be a part of something so spectacular." Her smile is luminous, cast Denica's way as her name is spoken, and it lingers for a time before her attention returns to Fairen once more.

Tikva looks around as though expecting unexpected princes to start spilling out of booths or stands. "I'm sure he'll turn up, they often do," she says amiably. "I'm going to go over there to the candlemakers and buy enough candles that there won't be any room for my things in the wagon home. But if you'd like to stop by the Grayson manse sometime, I'll show you my Fortunato original! It's the Master of Questions and there's some very silly hats involved." She beams.

"Oh, I'd /love/ to see that," Eiran says, amused, as he bows low. "Enjoy the rest of your evening, Princess Tikva." Then he turns to join Mabelle, reaching to gently pat her arm. "Well done with the music. And /everything/."

Mabelle smiles over to Tikva and Eiran, "Get the scented ones!", she calls after the Princess and smiles to Eiran, "Thank you cousin. I'll see you back home".

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Jasher takes a moment to observe the condition Baron Aedric is in. "I hope you recover fully in due course," he says with all due respect paid to the wounds that still fester in the aftermath of his wedding, both physical and emotional. "And congratulations to you and your wife." The prince's hand fidgets at his side, missing the cool touch of glass between his fingertips, filled with alcohol. This would be a good time for a toast. Alas. "While you were traveling, so was I. However, I should remain in Arx for a while. I'll write you when we return and set up a time to spar, if that is acceptable to you?" he offers to Yuri in a tone that suggests he's confident it will be. The prince sighs in a manner which suggests he has deferred to Denica's decision to hang his portrait somewhere embarrassing. "Lady Mabelle. I did not know you played, let alone so well as you did," Jasher compliments politely, seeing as how she is now within conversational distance of him.

Wash is leaning on the tasting bar drinking and talking dresses with Aconite. "The Oathlands like to style their dresses like armor." Wash says. "What if you replaced the chain links with rose petals?"

Mabelle smiles to Caspian, "Do not demure, it was splendidly humorous", she descends from the cart and moves closer toward Jasher and Denica, "I do not advertize it, it is something I keep for... anger management", she laughs, "But my mother made me learn when I was young, part of my lady duties".

Aconite lifts a gloved hand to rest it against her cheek, tapping her fingertips on it and humming lightly, "Intriguing. If you could pull it off of course. Scale mail, I would think, would be easier."

Tikva cheerfully undertakes a transaction with one of the candlesellers that seems to involve large, sweeping, ridiculous arm gesture, and then she swirls away in a flurry of flaring skirts and bright fabric. Spying Keely and Fairen, she swarms them next without so much as a by-your-leave, marching right up to Keely and flinging her arms around the younger Grayson. It's an ambush.

Raven drinks and listens to two creators talk shop, habving absolutely nmothing to add but listening with interest.

"You'd use chiffon for petals I think. Edge them with gold thread, the trick is keeping them in place I think, chainmail drapes well enough, but it adds too much thickness. You can't see the curves underneath." Wash is speculatively eyeing Aconite in some manner that would be improper if he had a lascivious bone in his body. "Delicate stitching would break though. So... not sure. I'll have to think on it somewhat."

Caspian gives ilira's hand a small squeeze as he laughs at Ilira's words, "i am just honored to be able to perform in the amazing company we have here." he looks to Liara and bows his head in respect, "im honored you remembered! yes it was my privilege to do so. im glad you are able to enjoy such a festive evening as this Highlady. and it seems.. you are trying to find some exotic cake?"

Having gone from big smiles to something more sober in the course of her conversation with Fairen, Keely is taken utterly by surprise. Which is no surprise. No one expects the Inquisition, after all. "Tikva!" giggles the young princess brightly, a hand slipping from the Marquis' elbow to wrap around her fellow Grayson and her face nuzzling into the woman's shoulder. The rest is muffled, but it's probably giggles and delighted greetings.

Mabelle spots Raven aside and smiles to her, "I'm glad to see you are doing better, Raven. Well enough to travel at least".

Raven looks up and smiles, "Taking it easy, having to take a carriage everywhere is frustrating but complaining makes me sound spoiled, eh? I'm glad for the occasion for a change in scenery, this is quite the festival, my lady."

Jasher inclines his head toward Mabelle. "We each of us have our coping mechanisms," he airily suggests. "More often than not, they appear to become our best talents." Seeing as how the crowd has thinned somewhat, takes an opportunity to step forward and observe the art displays more freely.

Aconite doesn't seem to be taking Washes eyeing as anything but artistiv but she does nod at his inventoive offerings with a smile, "It sounds lovely. So then you'll do it?" She grins.

Aco glances towards Raven and then considers her again with a tilt of her head. Thoughtful.

Yuri was remiss to allow himself not to enjoy festivities, especially if he had been set to participate in such. Another attendant was flagged down for him to scoop up a new glass from an ornate tray before turning as Jasher addressed him. He nodded affirmatively, "That sounds amenable to me, your Highness. The time is right and I will allow you to choose the place, as I believe I had the choice the last time we shared a moment." Sentiments were shared upon Jasher's words to Aedric as the protege offered another nod for the Baron before there seemed to be a gentle parting of the conversation. Yuri settled along to wherever Denica had stolen off to, canting his head toward Mabelle as she was speaking before an aside shared to the princess, "Besides the absence of your cousin; was it all precisely as you imagined?"

"It's either a carriage or ride a horse." Wash grumbles. "I don't think I can stand a horse more than twenty miles a day." He turns to AConite. "If I figure out how to do it, I will. For a friend."

Mabelle smiles to Raven, "Well I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And yes we do", she agrees with Jasher a moment before he moves toward the art. "Lord Tessere", she flashes Yuri a warm, tired smile, "I look at you and I want pasta. Thank you for coming all this way".

Aconiteshakes her head, "It's easier than you think, Lord Kennex. You just have to remember that sitting on the horse is generally a bad idea at anything faster than a slow walk." She grins birghter.

Ilira's attention occasionaly snags on a conversational snippet here or a shiny ware there, but her focus remains on Liara and Caspian at the dessert cart, where they appear to be discussing various kinds of exotic cake.

Ilira is overheard praising Mabelle.

"I--" Yuri blinked, though it was a rather delayed one as some of the dried plaster caused that blink to give him pause; a quick hand raising to wipe at the irritation there, "Ah, ah, excuse me. I would say that was a first for me, Lady Laurent, but it's not an uncommon greeting of a sort for some of the more regular patrons of La Rosa. All the same, thank you for such hospitality. I have always considered Artshall a staple of Arvum culture and fashion."

Her attention split in so many different directions, the princess snaps around at Yuri's question and she answers without reservation, "it was perfect." There is nothing else she has to say about the experience, those words are complete. Then a smile forms and she easily knocks back what's left of her drink.

Jasher is overheard praising Mabelle.

Mabelle laughs helplessly to Yuri, "Forgive me, I am tired and famished and I really like La Rosa. It will be my first stop back to the city".

Caspian looks at the cake in question and grins, "you know i have seen quite a few cakes that.. SOUND horrible. pickle cake.. cucumber cake, eggplant cake... i suppose those are exotic cakes but i certainly didnt find them very good." he laughed then, eyes darting between the pair before then saying "and one should always share their cake! its made for sharing after all"

Yuri chuckled light, before something caught his passing interest, "Hm...too long has it been since La Rosa has been bustling. And I could use no better excuse to throw a party than simply it being the sanctity of the summer. Food for thought..."

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