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A Knighthood Challenge

Lord Pasquale has asked Princess Terese to test his readiness to take on the title of Knight. She has organized a serious of tests for him at her new Academy as more of a formality to help him prove his worth in front of his peers and house. If he is able to face these challenges and still stand proudly at the end of them declaring his wish to be a knight then Terese will ask him to give his oath in the oathing area, bending the knee as he takes on his new duties and responsibilities.


April 24, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

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Pasquale Norwood Vesper Kritr Edris Akamos Patrizio Piccola Jaenelle Amari Raven Celine Sunaia Griffin



Academy of Chivalric Arts - Gallons Lap

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Comments and Log

Terese is here in the area just before the room splits into the two obstacle courses. The wall that divides both sides had ropes secured at the top so one could climb back and forth if they wished to do the different challenges. Terese awaits the arrival of whomever will arrive other the Pasquale. She is dressed in her full steel armor as she stands tall waiting.

Raven files in with her guards and finds someplace to settle, looking underslept or hungover but here to support a friend she picks a spot with a clear view.

Conall, a huge, friendly sable Wolfhound with bright platinum eyes, Ylva, an impressively-large, silvery Wolfhound with bright gold eyes, Parker, a quietly assertive servant arrive, following Sunaia.

Celine is here, not only to watch Pasquale's knighthood challenge, but also in support of her cousin Terese, for whom this is the first event being held in the Academy of Chivalric Arts that she's hosting. Dressed in silks reminiscent of dragon fire (if one had ever seen such a thing), she gives a cheerful wave to Terese and walks straight up to her and dots a kiss to her cheek. "Good luck." Her words are warm, and the good wishes are followed up with a quick press of a dainty bejewelled hand to her shoulder. She then turns and goes to find a spot from where she'll be able to watch most, if not all, of the various trials.

Pasquale steps out with a small number of guardsmen dressed in Malespero livery as the start time arrives. Whilst the guardsmen are dressed in black detailed with silver he is dressed in a dark dark blue that seems black in certain lights. Most of his armor has been made into brigandine, leaving a dark blue fabric covering studded with gold and silver, but his brigandine helm and the plate of his sleeves are enamelled metal.

Kritr arrives, neither late nor early interested in the proceedings, if nothing else.

Akamos arrives wearing his armor weapons as usual, the large muscular man looking around as he trudges inward and when he spots Terese a little smile appears in his otherwise serious expression and he steps closer, offering a polite bow. "Hello Terese, good to see you." He offers. "This place really came along nice."

Raven offers a wave to Pasquale followed by an encouraging thumbs up.

Terese smiles at Celine returning the greeting and says, "Thank you Cousin Celine." She greets everyone else with a polite and respectful bow minus Raven whom she just waves to. "Greetings everyone, thank you all for coming to support Lord Pasquale. I have some questions for him and then if any of you feel you have more there will be time for that before he shall guide a group through my new obstacle course," she explains. "They goal here is to see how his team works together and how he encourages them to do so," she states. "This is not about winning more so showing us the sort of person he is and how he commands and his personal ideals and sense of honor," she says

Celine waves to Kritr on spotting his arrival, her mouth beset with smiles. "Lord Clearlake. Hello again. Isn't this exciting? It's been an age and a half since I've seen anyone doing a trial like this. How have you been keeping? And why are you not wearing one of those skirts that I've been told that you favour?" Her smiles are impish and her eyes are full of mischief. "Oh look. Lord Pasquale's just arrived. I do hope they do some of the muddy parts of the course."

Kritr glances down at his armored body and nods self-consciously to Celine. "I thought... I would wear, armor." He answers ponderously. "It is a knightly event." He thumps the end of his axe onto the floor at Pasquale's arrival. He makes no move to ask the man questions.

Celine has joined the line.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Griffin.

Sunaia arrives, in a mix of bright armour that seems to be as bright as her enthusiasm to be there. "Do you even need my good luck?" she quietly teases Pasquale as he slips by to start his questioning. Gladly perhaps, she doesn't appear so out of place in her attire.

Griffin hurries in, hoping he's not late! Phew it looks like he has just in on time.

Akamos steps to one side, out of the way where he can observe and listen. He doesn't know Pasquale so he remains silent, a hand resting on the pommel of his huge sword. He'll probably find something to lean against all casual-like, if he can.

Raven fishes out a flask and traps it between her knees so her good hand can unscrew the cap and have a good swig as she watches on.

Celine chews on her lower lip when Terese asks whether any of the spectators might have a question for Pasquale. She puts her hand up to indicate that she has, then turns to Kritr. "Oh I see. Yes, I suppose that that makes sense." Her head tilts back and she looks up at the ropes that reach to the ceiling. "Especially if a person is be climbing ropes and swinging upside down from things. It might make things more than a little awkward. Do you think you might give the course a go yourself when Lord Pasquale has completed his trials?" She spots Griffin. "Lord Griffin! Come watch with us!"

Terese smiles at Akamos and returns the bow. "Hello Akamos, please make yourself comfortable," she states. "It really has come together hasn't it," she says more to herself, smiling. "I will ask my three questions together then open the floor for anyone else," she states

Her eyes settle on Pasquale as she asks, "Lord Pasquale why do you feel you are worthy to be Knighted?"
"What shall you tell anyone who questions your health and you're abilities to serve and protect those in your charge?"
"And finally you have the dedication to put your duty before your personal desires?"
After she asks her questions she awaits Pasquale to answer them before even looking to see whom might have more questions.

"Ah! Princess Celine!" Griffin heads over her way. "Nice to see you again. I see Lord Pasquale is about to began his trials!"

Raven offers a fingerwaves towards Griffin from around her flask,.

Kritr's gaze go to the ropes and then he nods to Celine at a loss for words it seems. He turns his attention to Pasquale.

Pasquale gives his wife a brief little smile as she offers him luck before turning his attention fully onto Terese. "I am a leader." he replies simply. "As a leader I am responsible for providing an example to the men and women under my command and those around them. You could argue that Knighthood has nothing to do with those things but that is not what I believe. I believe that being a Knight is all about being an example. It's about standing up for what you believe in no matter what the cost. Its about honoring Gloria and Limerance and ensuring that any war you are part of is fought Justly. There is not one thing about being a Knight that I do not already do. That is why I deserve it." He falls quiet for a few moments as he contemplates Terese's question on his health. "I've already proven I can serve and protect those in my charge. There is nothing I can say that could speak louder than that." The final question earns a faint smile from him. "Whilst my health might sometimes be questionable my dedication never has been."

Turn in line: Celine

Celine is wreathed in smiles for the answers that Pasquale gives, and she ripples a small clap for the Malespero. "My question for you is more one about the sort of leader you are. So. My question is this. Were you to find yourself in a situation where it was necessray to pull back and retreat from a fight, and if in that retreat you suddenly had to make the choice to save either an injured medic or one of your best archers, which would you choose to save, and why? She pauses, tilts her head and adds, "There is no wrong or right in my eyes, I'm just curious to know the mind of a soldier."

Pasquale gives Celine's question only the tiniest moment of consideration before he says "The medic. There are a number of reasons for this but the most important one is that I have never known a soldier who would not willingly die to protect a medic, injured or not. It would not honor the archer to save him before those he would save."

Kritr has joined the line.

Terese remains rather stoic as she listens to Pasquale nodding as he replies and then lets Celine take the floor to ask her question next. Seems Terese is not going to reply till all the questions have been asked. She looks to see who else might ask questions as she quietly listens and observes

Celine gives another small clap for Pasquale. "Excellent reasoning, my lord."

Turn in line: Kritr

Kritr can't help himself. He raises his hand to be heard. "You say that you do all the things a knight would do without being a knight. Why then do you seek it?"

Raven remains attentive and listens with interest, perking up a bit as she slowly nurses her rum.

Her interest in her husband's answers didn't waver, and Sunaia also clapped confidently for his answer to Terese. As Pasquale mentioned the medic to Celine, her head nod in agreement. No doubt, Kritr's question made the pale woman smirk as she looked on towards her husband's blue-hued figure.

Pasquale murmurs a soft "Thank you." when Celine applauds his reasoning before listening to Kritr's question. This time he spends several seconds contemplating his answer before he speaks. "There are at least two reasons." he tells Kritr. "The sensible, pragmatic, answer is that it will help me, as a leader, if I could recognise the service of those who deserve it with knighthood. It will enhance my ability to provide an appropriate example, but the fact is that I'm not really pursuing this for pragmatic reasons. I'm pursuing this because twenty years ago I witnessed my eldest brothers Knighting knowing it was something I would never achieve. I no longer believe in never."

Kritr doesn't reveal whether he finds that right or wrong as an answer, he just nods and rests his hands on the haft of his axe again.

Terese looks to see if anyone else other then Kritr has a question. There is little change to her expression, she seems to just listen for now. "Does anyone else have further questions before Lord Pasquale attempts to guide his chosen contestants to run the Obstacle here at the Academy where the goal is to use teamwork to make sure everyone reaches the finish line together," she asks. She seems to wait for any others to step forward just for a brief moment

Griffin listeens to the questions and answers, and nods to himself.

Raven gives PAsquale another thumbs up and salutes with her flask,

Celine lips form a perfect oh with Pasquales response on knighthood. "I like that answer. I don't believe in never either. Never is so terribly final." She winds slender arms around her middle and looks slightly concerned when Terese mentions 'chosen' and 'contestants'. She looks around the spectators and gives the smallest of laughs. "I sincerely hope that he's not choosing from amongst us..."

Pasquale checks perception and athletics at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks perception at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks stamina at normal. Pasquale marginally fails.

Pasquale checks command and leadership at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks perception at normal. Pasquale is successful.

Pasquale checks dexterity at normal. Pasquale is successful.

"That is up to Lord Pasquale," Terese replies, smirking as she waits for Pasquale to select his 'chosen' and the team assembles to run the first part of the obstacle course. Terese is watching to see how the team works together and how Pasquale chooses to guide them

After Terese calls for Pasquale's team to come forward Pasquale gives a brief nod and then gestures for a small group of young people, teenagers really, to take their places. He moves over to the starting line and tells them "It's easy to look at courses like this and think we are just tormenting you with difficult tasks for the sake of it but trust me, when you end up in a fight for your life against man, beast or terrain, you will appreciate every drop of sweat shed in such exercises." He gives a ghost of a smile. "And your loved ones will appreciate it too. I know you will all do me proud." He steps back from the startline, glances to Terese for confirmation, and then sets the group running with a sharp gesture of his gloved hand.

And they're off! Bets please. No wait. Wrong event. The young warriors scramble up, over and through the various obstacles whilst Pasquale ghosts their route watching. He only sees the need to step in once when one of the young men starts to hit that first wall of fatigue. "You can push through it." he calls out to the young man. "You just have to persist."

Celine turns to Kritr and Griffin and presses a hand to her chest. She speaks quietly, keeping most of her attention on the teenagers being directed round the course. "Dear me. For a moment there I thought I was going to be asked to kick off my heels and hitch my skirts. Terese has been threatening me with a dragging through the mud, and I'd not have put it past her to see I was pulled into this."

The group of youngsters work well together, moving as a unit to get to the wall that seperates the two areas, now they must climb over the wall to do the muddy section. All of them stand before the ropes and walls awaiting orders from Pasquale. "Shall they continue," Terese questions Pasquale, letting him judge their fatigue. The group of youngsters are sweating and breathing heavy as they await orders

Pasquale contemplates the group after Terese speaks before looking to Celine and then slowly the others in the audience. "Perhaps if there are fresh people who wish to volunteer?"

Kritr carefully leans his axe against the wall and steps forward.

Celine claps for Kritr, but definitely does /not/ volunteer herself for this.

Parker, the ranger standing proudly beside Sunaia, looks similarly excited to see the Obstacle run. Her hands clap to cheer on the chosen team, moving to take their places. "I thought he's go with 'tenacity' but 'persistence' is good too." Sunaia sort of mentions it to Parker, but the others around her most likely hear the comment.

Parker grins, mentioning only, "I think he knows what motivates them." Her hand also rises instantly to the call for volunteers, and she looks at Sunaia, grabs her hand, and raises her arm too.

Griffin laughs! "Ah, then Princess Celine, I would have jumped to to yourside, and taken to blows for you!" Which everybody knows he isn't the type for any sort of battle. It would have been a laugh!

"You may run if you want to." Pasquale tells the recruits. "But I am happy with what you have done so far. Be sure to walk a while before you sit." Having given the recruits the free rein that tends to result in volunteering he gives Kritr a respectful nod. "Thank you Lord Kritr." Sunaia gets a smile. For a moment his gaze settles on Celine. Amusement glinting in the green.

Raven issues a whistle of encouragement and waves her flask as if it were a banner. She has transformed her hangover into the initial stages of being drunk-and from the looks of her she's been doing this for days.

"It's just Krit." The Northerner corrects idly.

Sunaia leaves Parker to pout at being left behind, and takes her place near the recruits at the next stage of the Obstacle. "Krit," she nods to Kritr and looks to Pasquale for her orders.

After lining everyone up Pasquale notes. "What is important here is that you all reach the other side at roughly the same time. Some of you will be better at one obstacle than another. I'd like to see you help each other. Look to Lady Sunaia and Lord Krit for examples." he pauses for a moment and then adds "And thank you for helping me become better."

"If you need anymore I can run it," Terese offers, looking to see if anyone else offers, she awaits what Pasquale commands before she would join the others or remain watching. She seems still very non-expressive on her judgement or feelings

Pasquale checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 63 higher.

Kritr checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Kritr checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 45 higher.

Kritr checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 68 higher. Kritr rolled a critical!

Kritr checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 34 higher.

Sunaia checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 5 higher.

Sunaia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Sunaia checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 7 lower.

Sunaia checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 20 lower.

Terese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 19 higher.

Terese checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 29 higher.

Terese checked stamina + athletics at difficulty 40, rolling 8 higher.

Terese checked strength + athletics at difficulty 35, rolling 14 higher.

Terese checked command + leadership at difficulty 20, rolling 44 higher.

Celine is more than happy to remain on the sidelines as the others step forward to tackle the course. A small shiver is given and she lifts her shawl from the crux of her elbows up onto her shoulders, revelling in the cosy warmth it lends her. And here's the thing, she would have volunteered had she not been wearing one of her finest sets of honeysilks and brocade heels, she honestly would have. She claps as Kritr, Sunaia and Terese take up their starting positions. "Well done! You'll do it perfectly well I am certain!"

Sunaia started out well, keeping up with the team in pace. That is, until the mud crawl slowed her down. The oakhide trousers weren't precisely fitted to her and it was now showing in how she struggled. Caked in mud, the rope wall was not going to be any easier to navigate and her tightly clenched jaws at the added weight of mud in her boots spoke of her unfailing persistence.

Raven watches all this with a slooooow cant of her head and a purse of lips, sizing up each participant distantly.

Kritr is good enough to slog full plate through mud, but he really shines when his height and brute strength allows him to make short shrift of the rope wall. Once atop it, he straddles the wall and starts lifting other copetitors over. Their success is his success. He's the last one done witth that stage, but not the last to reach the ending. His fitness though is not the real test, but his ability to take orders.

Along the course Pasquale occasionally offers a word of encouragement to the recruits and an occasional bit of praise. "Slow down a little." he says when everyone starts on the parts of the course designed to test fortitude and he can see Sunaia (and no doubt several of the youths) starting to struggle. "Let Lord Krit help you. If you burn yourselves out here you'll have nothing for the ending. Remember you're a team."

Terese does well even in steel armor and the mud. Seeing Sunaia struggling to get through the mud crawl she says, "Come on you can do it, look at me I am in full steel, you gotta push with your knees." With the motivation of Pasquale and Terese and the assistance of Kritr they all make it to the end panting and sweating but all together/caked in mud as a team. "Good job, all of you," Terese tells her team. Before making her way back to her position to address Pasquale. She is awaiting everyone to be settled

Pasquale gives the recruit all a "Thank you." and another reminder that they shouldn't just flop onto the benches if they dont want to be stiff as boards in the morning along with a "Thank you for the support." to Sunaia and Kritr. Those formalities done he straightens up, plucks off his helm and then heads through into the other room behind Terese.

Celine nudges Griffin gently with her elbow. "I think that you really would have had to jump to my side. Not to mention that you'd also have had to pick me up, throw me over your shoulder and carry me bodily around most of that course. The only problem would perhaps have been the mud crawl. No realy way to do that other than to grab me by an ankle and drag me along behind you." A small laugh escapes at that imagining of how it might go, and with the volunteers now completing their circuit, she turns her attention back an gives a small morale-boosting cheer. "Wonderful teamwork. WONDERFUL!"

Raven calls out, "Well done!" She hoists her flask up into the air.

Terese smiles as she strips from her muddy armor and moves with Pasquale to the offical Oathing room in the other area wearing plain trousers, a plain blouse and boots, being mud free for the proceedings. Those whom follow can hear and see Terese stand before Pasquale as he takes a knee before her. "Lord Pasquale do you feel prepared now to take the oath you have prepared," she questions. Her gaze is kind as she awaits his reply and oath.

Griffin is impressed. "Well done, indeed!" Then softer for Celine, "I think we would have both been stuck in the mud, to tell the truth."

"Thank you, thank you both," Sunaia huffed out at the end, grateful for the help of Terese and Kritr at the end. Her steelsilk gloves shook a bit of mud off, and she gave her teammates a cheerful applause. "Great work, everyone." She pulled her hood back down off her snowy head and turned to listen to the pronouncing of oaths.

Kritr stands ready in case the effort will asked of him a second time, a third time for most of the others.

Pasquale once again settles into a deep silence before he offers Terese a solemn nod. "There is a joke." although he is looking to Terese his voice is pitched to take in the audience more than her "That Lycenes cant be trusted to keep their words but that isn't true at all. We don't break oaths we are merely extremely reluctant to swear them. We know that they bind us more than any other thing, except perhaps love, ever could but today, before Limerance and Gloria, I am ready to re-swear fealty to Malespero not just as a Lord but as a Lord and Knight bound into Malespero's service."

"Speak now then your Oath," Terese replies, readying her sword in her hand, to anyone unfamilar with Knighting it might seem odd she unsheathes and hold her sword but not agressively just before her awaiting his Oath

Pasquale pauses for several moments and says "My oath then. Witnessed by you all." another pause. "I swear my life, sword and honor, into the service of Malespero. I pledge that my actions will always serve those who look to Malespero for protection and that I will endeavor to treat all people, from whatever path of life, with courtesy, respect, and honor. Finally I pledge to hold my word sacred and to never make an oath that might interfere with this sacred duty."

"Then arise now Lord Pasquale, Knight of Nilanza. From this day forth may Limerance and Gloria guide you in your service to Malespero and Nilanza," Terese replies, taping her sword on each of his shoulders from right to left, passing over his head then she returns her sword to her seathe and lets Pasquale stand and assume his new title.

Pasquale moves back to his feet with a rather grave expression on his face. The graveness doesn't last though soon turning into a pleased smile. "May Gloria favor your sword Dragon Knight."

Raven says, "Huzzah! Hail Sir Pasquale!"

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