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Birds Of A Feather

Lou Grayson is holding a meeting of like-minded individuals who might be interested in the ancient stories about griffons. Do you bear an interest in such beasts? Join her in Bastion Hall of the Grayson Mansion to discuss the mythical beasts.

Directions: GM - Grayson Mansion --> GH - Great Hall --> BW - Bastion Wing --> BH - Bastion Hall

OOC: This meeting is the first step in continuing a plot that was started some time ago by Aiden -- and the initial meeting is open to the public in case there might be interest from new individuals. These are actions that Lou will be spearheading ICly and we will all be getting caught up at once.


June 3, 2022, 8 p.m.

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Faye Evonleigh Brianna Aethan Grazia Alaric Mirk Modi Cadern Ilmia Delilah Lucita Luis Teague Elora Ian Raven Katya Raymesin Rosalind Erik Keely Triton Malcolm Nina Dino Ysbail Denica Tesha Liara




Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Bastion Hall

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12 Grayson House Guards arrives, following Liara.

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Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk arrive, following Rosalind.

Stray, Stormcrow arrive, following Triton.

1 Iron Guardsmen, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Triton arrive, following Elora.

Lucita quietly heads into the designated meeting area sparing a glance around at those who are gathered. She smiles gently and her expression fades into a bit of somber introspection as she finds a seat and gets out paper, ink, and quill with which to make notes.

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Teague comes in slowly dressed in his typical armor but with a military coat over it as he moves slowly his eyes moving over the room. As he tries to find a spot out of the way to listen as that massive mountain of a man leans against a wall, his arms resting down at his sides. His body is tense, ready to learn all he can tonight about the topic.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: The room is set up with lots of places to sit. There's various forms of drink and snacks for those that want snacks for the meeting.

The Ravenseyes have arrived. Whatever Triton and Rosalind have come for, Elora is so here for this. She walks in on her husband's arm, eyes scanning around with barely contained eagerness. Something about the animal trainer radiates artless excitement, and it's probably the idea of flying, toothy lion-eagles. She murmurs something to Triton and Rosalind as they go.

Ian comes in with Aethan. They've got a small box between them, being held by one or the other. The resemblance between the two men is unmistakable; there's a definite difference in ages there, but their faces have even careworn in similar ways. Ian scans the room with fast-moving, alert blue eyes, checking exits, furniture, and finally who might be present and who might be filtering in.

6 Grayson House Guards, Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant, Tiddlywinks, a chubby wee ginger kitten arrive, following Keely.

Raven moves to find a seat, step heavy and sunkissed features drawn. She makes her way to a seat without mingling or pausing to scope out the food, sitting someplace quietly out of the way. Absent, notably, are her guards.

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Aethan walks in beside Ian, also glancing around to see who might be present at this meeting and definitely letting his brother hold the box.

When it nears the time for things to start, Katya makes her way in quickly. It's the hurried steps of someone that doesn't really want to be late, but is honestly worried they already are.

Raymesin lurks somewhere near the back of the room; clad in neat black leathers bearing a spider-and-knife sigil, the ludicrously-tall man is present but leaning against the wall rather than sitting down. He offers nods to the more familiar faces, but his hood stays up, casting his face in shadow.

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Rosalind is practically tugging on Triton's arm, all sorts of excited. "A griffin! Could you even imagine!" More learning, more--things!" She gives a large smile to Elora as well, her scarred face dominent now. Seeing others she knows, Rosa wiggles her fingers as she passes before going to have a seat.

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A meeting about Griffins and Griffons can best be watched on a couch with Gryphons is Erik's train of thought as he saunters over to a seat, waves and nods to the familiar people, but several slow stares to the multitude of strangers.

Quietly, Keely slips into the Bastion Hall from deeper in the mansion, Tiddlywinks the chubby little kitten cradled in one arm as the other hand trails over his back. Her dark eyes drift over those gathered before she quickly makes her way to settle beside Liara, exchanging soft words with her sister whilst depositing the ball of ginger fur into the Highlord's lap.

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Triton walks to the destination with Elora, gesturing to the street dog at his heels to settle nearby and, wonder of wonders, the animal does so. Somebody has been busy with animal training. The man himself sits with his bride and sister, nodding goodnaturedly at ROsalind's excitement. "Yep. Be fun...and if anyone can make them critters behave, be ELroa..."

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Faye arrived earlier and settled into a seat, remaining quiet and thoughtful. She spots a few friends and traveling companions in the mix, and she gives a polite nod if they look her way.

Of all the people for Ian to feel the need to talk to first it is, perhaps inexplicably, Raymesin. "Master Ulbran." He lifts the box that he's been given to hold. "We've just come from Mistress Grayhope's shop." He takes a few steps towards Ray and adds something else in a low voice, with a note of dry amusement in his voice.

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Malcolm had arrived having received the notice for the meeting. The duke made no grand entrance, but did not try to hide as he entered and he takes a seat to observe the proceedings, clearly curious as to what could be seen.

Lou arrived long before the meeting started to make sure the room was set up. She's settled next to the Little Lounge as she waits for people to filter through, nodding to each person who arrives. THere's recognition on her face for some of the arrivals and the others get a curious look. Once it feels like the room has filled with as many people who might be coming to her meeting, she pushes away from the wall where she was standing. "Welcome. Thank you all for coming. For some of you, you might already know what this talk is about as I'd tried to schedule something sooner. For everyone else, you're here either because you're curious about griffons in general or maybe you've spoken to a few others and have an interest in the project that we'll be working on." Or, maybe they don't know the project. "My cousin, Aiden, started researching griffons long ago. House Grayson has a long history with griffons, as Queen Alarice was bonded to one and was a griffon rider. However, through some most unfortunate events, the main roosts of the griffons at Starfall were destroyed as well were many of the griffons the Compact housed and used. It was his dream to bring them back to Arvum once more, and that is what this discussion we'll be undertaking tonight will be about, as I've stepped in his place to see this task through in his honor."

Raymesin's eyebrows lift at what Ian has to say and he murmurs something in turn, before going quiet while Lou speaks.

Mirk settles in quietly, folding his hands in the table in front of him, glancing around with a raised eyebrow, as if somewhat surprised by the size of the crowd. He doesn't comment, though familiar faces earn a nod of his head aside, before Lou merits his full attention.

Nina is eager to hear some stories about interesting creatures! She walks in to the room, gets herself a little glass of wine, and then walks over to have a seat on the comfortable-looking silver couch. Her green dress makes a nice contrast and matching color to suit the atmosphere of a Grayson event.

Teague nods towards the few he knows with a smile towards each of them with a soft chuckle. He is unmoving watching Lou as she is speaks now, his hands are tapping against the wall. As he waits for her to explain so much, his eyes twinkle with wonderment.

Raven slumps back in her seat and lets head dip, still wearing her hat. It's almost as if she's dozed off but she promptly lifts her head and straitens her shoulders when Lou begins to speak. A moment later her good hand lifts and takes her hat off to set in her lap, gaze focusing on Lou.

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Elora's eyes warm at the mention of the late Duke's obsession and projects, but her attention is briefly stolen by Triton's comment. She chuckles at that and murmurs quietly at her seat.

Dino arrives to the crowded hall with an eager glint in his eye, giving quick waves to a few familiar faces as he looks for a place to seat. Lou is eyed as she begins to welcome everyone and introduce the topic at hand. Griffons, a topic he doesn't know much about, but which he looks very pleased to listen in on.

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Ian answers whatever Raymesin says to him with a quick, almost boyish grin, before stepping away to join Aethan again. Any attitude of scholarly attention is broken entirely by the fact that the box turns out to have pastries in it, and now he's offering them around.

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Aethan watches Ian speak to someone briefly before he moves onto the couch of majestic gryphons. He takes a seat and offers nods to others nearby before settling in to listen to Lou speak.

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Cato, a stealthy non-descript man arrives, following Denica.

2 Telmarine Guards, Cale, the Highhill War Hound pup, Atramentous, The Highhill War Hound arrive, following Tesha.

Katya settles at the lounge chairs, hands smoothing out her skirt before she leans forward to rest her elbows on her knees. Then her chin settles on her hands, eyes shifting around to watch those that are coming in and settling down.

Teague looks over at the room watching it all as he listens to Lou as he leans there his fingers tapping once more against the wall. His eyes back on Lou, as he nods slowly to the words spoken as his fingers are bring out a little bag of trail mix. He dumps it into his left hand, placing the bag once more as he slowly starts to pick at it eating it slowly, with almost no noise.

"Now, Aiden only brought me in on his project a small while before his death. So, much like many of you, I'm not aware of what work was completed prior to that time. He and I hadn't yet had a chance to meet to go into deeper discussions about it, so this meeting is also in part a chance to get everyone up to speed about that work, and to see what more might be done, or if we might need to go in a new direction, given the developments with the Traitor roaming Arvum; he has been searching for magical creatures in his quest to obtain more power, and the last thing we wish to do is allow him to get close to the griffons to use them for that purpose." Lou continues after a few moments. Once she says this, she looks around the room and says, "If you were part of that original group and would be willing to share what you've done to help Aiden, I invite you to come up to speak about it."

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Ysbail slips in as sneakily as ine can, with little beads and wooden totems in their hair that click-clack every now and again when she makes a wrong movement. Spotting Teague, she moves over to the mountainous man, and gets chalk and paper out. "Hey... uh. What have I missed so far?" she asks, nodding and trying to keep up with the rest.

As the couch fills up, Keely makes sure she is tucked between the arm of it and the arm of Liara, still in soft conversation, dropped to whispers now. Tiddlywinks wanders between their laps and trying to climb the Highlord to paw at the griffin charm around her neck.

Rosalind spies Raven and is already giving her a large wave. Then she's sighing. "Could you imagine. Flying and just--seeing and going where you want. Feeling the wind beneath your winds, on your face.." Then she's back to paying attention again.

Teague looks over at Ysbail with a smile as he bends down to whisper to her slowly. His eyes still locked on to Lou as she keeps on speaking, his hand is bringing the bits of trial mix upwards, as he mutter softly with a second chuckle.

Slipping in after things are already underway, a curious Denica is as quiet as she can be as a result. Her vivid blue eyes scan the room to find an empty seat, so she might get a sense of what is going on.

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Raven's unusually subdued expression warms into a faint but genuine smile and she offers a more discrete fingerwave to avoid distracting others.

Turn in line: Faye

Lady Tesha is not in crimson today, she's wearing black. Which might be odd. Though the woman doesn't take up too much time as she enters. She finds a nice spot to settle into to listen to Lou and others speak. She does offer a quiet nod of greeting to those that she knows, but she doesn't distract from the conversation at hand at all.

Nina is mostly here to listen in though she has a little bit of paper she pulls out, in case something inspires her to write a song about this all later.

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Lou gives a short nod in Faye's direction, giving her an appreciative look. "Faye Ruger, what would you reveal about my late cousin's work?" she asks.

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Faye stands and gives a nod of greeting around the room. "I traveled with Duke Aiden and a few others to find the griffons. Duke Aethan was in our group as well. We did find them, or they found us. The terrain in the area where they live is very difficult to pass through. I'm not sure it's possible to reach it except by air." Then, she looks somber for a moment. "The last I heard of the project, we were considering finding some closer space the griffons could visit. A purified grove. I don't believe any location was settled on, though."

Lou nods to Faye once more. "Thank you." She glances over a Willen and notices he's already taking notes. She'll leave him to do the organizational stuff. She then looks to Elora next. "Lady Elora? You mentioned you also did something with Aiden on this project? Can you lend any insight on whether or not a location had been decided?"

Turn in line: Lucita

Raven listens attentively as Faye speaks and then turns in her seat a bit to scan the faces of those gathered, as if seeking one out in particular. After a few moments of careful combing her gaze finds the face she seeks and she turns her attention back to Faye.

Turn in line: Elora

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Katya's brows lift upwards just a fraction, studying Faye for a moment before she glances around. Spotting familiar faces she lifts a hand to give a bit of a finger waggle in greeting before she gets to her feet. She's not joining the line, instead she's attempting to scuttle over to the gryphon couches to join that group.

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Elora's voice isn't a very loud one, but her diction is crisp and the words carry well enough thanks to that. "Good evening," she says to those gathered, a soft smile on her lips. "The late Duke and several of his allies actually built a place that was to be consecrated, but I don't think the ritual was ever fully performed if it was even designed. Skyfall is within Whitehawk's lands, and as my cousin's Voice, I'm able to arrange for passage to its location when needed." There's a pause. "The problem is as was said: the primum is too poisoned for them to safely stay in Arvum, and we'd also need to find a way to arrange for their eggs to be protected by poachers." That last word is spoken with an almost palpable distaste, even though her voice doesn't raise.

Teague listens now as he nods a few time as he listens to the word of Faye. His hands are still tapping against the wall. His eyes moving towards Lour, and than over to Elora as he waits for the next bit of the tale. His hand is pouring more into his hand of the trail mix, as he takes another few bites slowly. His eyes going wide, with a soft growl of displeasure at the word Poachers.

Ysbail takes notes! Mostly detailed, though she goes shoot Teague an annoyed look when he recaps the introduction and no useful new information to study and learn. Still. She's keeping both notes and a list of questions to ask, in case they aren't addressed before the end of everyone's presentations.

"I hadn't mentioned the matter of the poison yet, but yes that is one of the concerns, outside of the fact that the Traitor will sacrifice them o steal the magic they naturally possess to make himself stronger." Lou replies in Elora's direction. "I have ideas about that, of course, and what to do about it, but that's something to be debated a bit later." Lou then turns her attention to Lucita. She doesn't seem surprised to see her among the numbers. "Baroness Lucita. You were among one of Aiden's closest friends, so it doesn't surprise me you're in the line. What can you tell us about his efforts?"

Tesha is standing quietly off to the side and taking mental notes as she listens to those that take their turn in the line. The redheads face is a bit stoney at the moment as she listens to others speak. She debates finding herself a seat but decides she's been sitting long enough for the day.

Lucita says, "Back shortly after I came to Arx at Cousin Quenia's request over ten years ago I met Prince Aiden at the menagerie. With his usual charm, he coaxed me into assisting him with research about Griffins and history. I did not accompany him on any trips but he did share tales of his efforts with me over the years though in honesty, some of those tales were told over enough glasses of wine that the memory of them is a bit hazy." She clears her throat to add. "The poison, the Metallic Traitor are not the only dangers the Griffins face, but bandits after their eggs, their young." She starts to sit back down but adds. "Duke Aiden did share some information with me that if you are studying Griffins, you might find useful. I have some notes on 'The Founding of Starfall' that mention the griffin rookery there. Another is titled 'Griffins, Blades, and Words' and describes how griffins came to be here. The next is titled 'A Gift of Griffins' and describes their arrival here. One called 'Grifins? Griffons! (or Gryphons) describes how they were a favored mount by adepts and mages. And of course there is 'Macdon's Account of the Battle of Starfall' describing the loss of the rookery."

Elora looks at Lucita when Starfall and the poachers mentioned again as if to say 'See? She said so too.'

Raven's wearied features betray confusion though her gaze is distant, it's debatable if she's still listening or wholly lost in her thoughts. Lucita's name causes her red-rimmed eyes to lift to the baroness, refocusing attentively. She frowns and again she begins to turn as if to look back at someone but after a moment's hesitation she stops and remains facing forward.

Faye's brow furrows a bit at Elora's words, but she remains quiet while others are speaking, considering the size of this group.

"Oh, are there tiny muffins?" Keely's generally soft voice can be quietly but enthusiastically heard from the couch, the young princess currently leaning across Liara's entire person to peek into the box Aethan and Ian have brought with them. Apparently neither she nor her kitten have much concern for the Highlord's personal space.

Erik nods when the building and razing of Starfall is spoken about but leans forward as Lucita speaks of other bits that he has not hard of.

Raymesin looks over at Keely's outburst, and lifts a hand to his face to cover whatever expression he's wearing.

Ian glances back towards Ray, coughs, and hands the box down to Keely and Katya.

Lou inclines her head in Lucita's direction. "Thank you Baroness. Those things will all come in handy. Very likely, we'll need to find the griffons again, or at least make sure they are there. But before that happens, it's likely most prudent to ensure if they /do/ agree to come, we have an ideally safe place for them to go." There's a pause as she notes for the sake of all. "This will not be an overnight venture, but something that might take years to successfully complete." Lou has no delusions about the length of time her goal might need. She notes to Lucita. "If you'd be willing to share after the meeting, for those interested, it would be appreciated. That way we can keep things flowing for now." She looks back to Faye, noticing her expression. "Faye, did you have something more?"

Teague looks at Ysbail for a moment with a soft chuckle at the look, than he is watching it all once more studying it. Than the outburst of Keely, his lips curl into a smile as he throws his head back to let out a loud laughter filled with mirth. But, quickly he is able to get himself under control once more, as he is blank stoned face only the mirth twinkle in the eye give away his emotions.

Tesha quirks an eyebrow at the talk of muffins and the loud laughter from Teague, but the woman doesn't say anything given it was not her meeting. She simply settles back into listening.

Bundling the cat, which in any event has no great concept of personal space, into her arms, Liara leans further back against the couch to facilitate the baked goods exchange, though she is otherwise a largely quiet observer of proceedings, gaze turning attentively from one speaker to the next.

"When we spoke with the leader of the griffons, there were worries that the new rookery wasn't suitable," Faye comments when Lou calls her again. "The poison would be too much, especially for the young ones. That's why the grove was suggested. Some place with a legacy of safety or sanctuary. At this point, I'd be quite concerned about the Traitor catching the griffons and devouring them for their primum." She pauses a moment, flickering a look towards Lou. "An additional note, the place where they are living is quite near the Everwinter. They get quite a lot of weather from that creature known as the Maw. Their cave has protective weaves, as well. I expect that was Copper's work."

Aethan reaches into the pastry box and just starts to silently chew one of the pastries even while encouraging others near him to share. Meanwhile his attention sticks on the discussion and those who are speaking.

Ian seemed to be starting to get distracted talking to a few people and handing out pastries, but something Faye says brings his attention back to the discussion he was supposed to be paying attention to, in the first place. He cants his head to a thoughtful angle for a moment.

"One far from Arx, too, if I understand, just to make things a little easier," Mirk chimes in, though he nods his head to Faye.

Raven listens attentively and again there's a flicker of puzzlement but she murmurs softly to others with her on the surperb sofa. Her expression smooths a bit when Mirk speaks up.

Elora begins to look queasy and stands to walk to the table of beverages. Once she has a cup of tea in hand, she returns to her seat and those still sitting there.

Lou seems to mull Faye's comments over. "Copper's or Brass's," she surmises, speaking of two of the more publicly known members of the Metallic Order. "Brass relocated the dwarves to Everwinter too," she reveals. "In fact the place where I explored in the northern mountains out past Ashford's lands had a map that was created by Brass that showed the way and would have made an excellent site for a rookery if not for the issue of the poisoned primum," she further adds. "Probably Copper though. It seems like a thing she'd have done." She nods in Mirk's direction as well. "That is a thought, yes. They had been spotted near Everwinter recently in the last couple of years too, but I was told they moved on, likely due to the troubles that were rising." She waits a moment to see if there is anyone else that might want to speak out about past experienes.

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Teague crosses his arms over his chest as he looks at the others studying the words, as he looks over at Mirk with a friendly smile. Than once more that icy face, as he listens to Lou now as he thinks for a moment. His gears turning, in that slow deliberate manner of his.

Erik jots down the words Copper and Brass, but in a way that it is clear that he has not enough understanding about the significance taking the underline and question mark as a hint, however does not want to unnecessarily stall the proceedings.

Faye arches a brow at Lou's mention of them moving on, and she looks thoughtful over that, considering.

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Triton glances once at Elora without comment, then returns his attention to the conversation with a slightly furrowed brow betraying his attempts to place references.

Not seeing any one stepping forward to offer any further words, Lou continues. "So the first thing I'd like to sort out is to see who might be interested in helping with this task, which will require a lot of patience," she cannot reiterate that enough. "I could tell that having not accomplished his dream sooner was eating at Aiden. But given the constraints we have to work within, this is going to be a very slow moving process. Aiden had a vast group of people working with him, but many of them have died or since returned to their home fealties." Lou glances around the room as if to guess who those people might be who are interested in volunteering. "As for the matter of location, if it is in Arvum, I absolutely agree that some space that's sacred to Petrichor is probably one of the safest places for them. But, I want to think outside of that box too and consider nearby islands, places that are hard to travel to, or something else that hadn't been previously considered. The idea is to keep them out of the path of the Traitor and his allies, first and foremost, but also give them a place that might be /safer/ from the poisons that taint magic. They won't be able to survive in Arvum because of it. Once we'v secured a location, then we can seek them out again. This might take many, many expeditions before we find a satisfactory place."

Elora silently lifts her hand to Lou. She volunteers.

Katya raises her hand, complete with half eaten pastry in it.

Teague pushes off the wall as he rises his right hand into the air. "You have my brawn and my ax, Princess Lou Grayson. I will do whatever you need to make this dream a reality." His eyes move around the room with a wide smile, as he once more leans against the wall with a nod at Lou.

"I offer whatever support that I may to see this through, Your Highness." Aethan says with a hand raised.

Faye raises her hand to volunteer as well. "I'd like to help make Duke Aiden's dream a reality."

"I would like to offer help with this, your Highness." Tesha states in her usually soft tone as she gives a dip of her head to the Princess.

Rosalind is already lifting her hand. No one should even people surprised. "I'll help wherever it's needed!"

Ysbail offers Lou a glance, a tiny nod of her head. and even raises up the little stick of chalk like an index finger. "I'm interested in helping, though I'm not sure how much help I will be, your Highness," she says.

Ian doesn't actually say anything out loud, although the way he's muttering to Aethan suggests that, true to form, where his brother leads, he's probably going to follow.

Raymesin stays right where he is, leaning against the wall, watching from the shadows of his hood as person after person volunteers.

Raven says, "Duke Aiden and I apparently have things in common, I regret I never got to meet him but Prince Aindre speaks so highly of him I feel as if I would be remiss if I didn't offer what assistance that I may. If there is in fact any."

"I was asked to support this project a long time ago, and it never came to fruition," Mirk admits with a grimace. "I'd like to continue to support it now, for Duke Aiden's memory."

Malcolm does not even think as he raises his hand when volunteers are asked for.

Raven raises her hand belatedly noted others doing the same.

It doesn't quite matter the 'what', when there is a call for volunteers, Denica's hand is automatically up. It's just a natural reaction for her.

Lucita says, "As would I. I largely helped with research and was a sounding board for when Duke Aiden was trying to make plans, but however might help, will do so."

"Certainly, Pathfinder", Erik stays on the Society side of things with his reply.

Dino's own hand shoots up as people around him begin to volunteer.

Nina claps a little bit at this news, but she's not the first to volunteer herself. She does have a bird (it seems quite fond of her and is perched in the rafters even now) but she does not generally have much of a way with things with sharp claws.

Lou glances again at Willen as she spies so many hands going up. Yep. He is taking notes. She seems satisfied with that so she looks back to the room. She seems genuinely appreciative of those willing to work with her. "Alright then. If anyone one has any ideas or suggestions they want to put forward in the initial meeting as something to consider before we get started, I'd welcome you to step forward now to make them known."

Erik shakes his head at this time, having too much to process right now to be able to give any useful analysis.

Teague leans against the wall as he listens now, he has nothing to add as of now. Quickly, he starts to snack once more on the trail mix, as he watches the room back and forth his eyes moving to the next speaker.

Lou checks composure at normal. Lou is successful.

Raven lifts her hat from her lap and rises without word, turning to step around the couch and the way she came.

Ian seems to be too busy being a bad influence on the people sitting at the couch with him, what with the pastries being passed around and the constant whispering, to actually have anything to offer out loud.

Tesha keeps her spot on the wall as the Telmarcher doesn't have anything to add for the moment. She does give a nod of her head to those that are departing though.

Keely stays for this whole deal, but fades into the background hanging out with her big sister, no more pastry-related interruptions forthcoming.

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Some quiet murmuring at the seasilk sofa ends up with Elora and Triton getting up to go. The blonde woman touches Rosalind's shoulder and smiles as they pass.

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"Okay then! Willen has your names and will make sure I have them. When I'm ready to start progressing things, I'll reach out to those who have volunteered to set up the next meeting. If you have any questions about anything mentioned tonight, feel free to ask. If I don't have an answer, I'll point you to someone who might." Lou seems to say in conclusion. "If anyone has any information they'd wish to officially share with others, now is the time to do that."

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