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Mourning Isles Civil: The Faith Moves On House Navegant

The Faith moves on House Navegant, assisted by Houses Valardin and Velenosa. This is open to:

Faith Militant (Templars, Knights of Solace, etc...)

House Valardin Org

House Velenosa Org (to include Mirrorguard).

Some of you have alt conflicts, you can send whoever you want, but you can only send ONE.

Also, yes, Mercies welcome!!!


Oct. 8, 2022, 1 p.m.

Hosted By

Scraps Kalakh Panic Aedric

GM'd By

Scraps Kalakh Panic Aedric


Bree Evaristo Ian Emma Mabelle Azova Kastelon Katarina Lenard Tesha Quenia Preston Drake Baldessare Porter Gaspard Jaerith Insaya Harlex Raja Caspian Aleksei Raymesin Acacia



Outside Arx - Mourning Isles near Maelstrom - On the Mourning Sea

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Jaerith wields Deep Six, sword of deep waters.

Ian wields Basket-hilted Rubicund Sword.

Mabelle wields Frosting Spreader - a brightly colored wide seax.

Evaristo wields Valiant, Warpick of the Carnifex.

Kastelon has joined the Valardin.

Quenia has joined the Velenosa.

Preston has joined the Faith.

Porter has joined the Faith.

Tesha has joined the Valardin.

Gaspard gets greaves of the Shepherd from a simple canvas bag in black.

Gaspard gets gauntlets of the Shepherd from a simple canvas bag in black.

Gaspard gets boots of the Shepherd's Raiments from a simple canvas bag in black.

Gaspard gets breastplate of the Shepherd's Raiments from a simple canvas bag in black.

Gaspard gets helm of the Shepherd's Raiments from a simple canvas bag in black.

Tesha wields wings from the ashes diamondplate longblade with elegant flames handle.

There is no hiding the amassing of forces that are whipped together by the Faith, Velenosa, and Valardin. From Sanctum and Lenosia, ships sail and meet with the Templars and Knights of Solace en route to Navegant's holdings of Escuma. The weather is fine and warm, taking the chill out of the sea air. The buildings of the march loom in the distance, they can hear the clanging of alarm bells as Navegant's forces are alerted to their arrival.

It's strange perhaps, that there seems to be a delay between the clanging of the bells and the organization of any of the house's fleet in the water. It's a sluggish response, but eventually they will notice movement in their mobilization.

Gaspard wields Shepherd, a diamondplate blade.

The Grandmaster of the Knights of Solace has donned her armor to fight for the Faith - naturally. Bree Harthall stands on the deck of the ship, near Porter and Ian, as the Faith cuts a path through the sea toward Escuma. Her blue eyes watch the line of ships they approach, her hand at her blade's hilt for the time as the tension of impending battle builds. "This is more your territory than mine," she muses to the Archlector. "May Mangata guide our ships."

The Velenosa Armada is out in full force, with its flagship for this venture being the Oleander, and the commander is Evaristo Arterius, who has made a swift rising in ranks in the past year. The Oleander, a caravel, has an oleander figurehead and the main sail has a gigantic pink oleander painted on it. Commander Arterius and his aides are positioned, getting orders relayed from back and sending them out via the signal flags. At the clanging of bells, Evaristo looks up and waits. The slow response from the enemy fleet is peculiar and he tilts his head. He squeezes the handle of his warpick and murmurs a prayer to the gods. All of them.

With one hand on the mast to steady himself on the pitching ship and keep balance on a deck that he can't feel under his feet, Ian is less active than he usually is going into a battle at sea. He's not here as a sailor or as a commander, today, nor even as his older brother's second in command. In fact, he's not even here as the Sword of Stormward; the sword at his hip today doesn't glitter red with rubies the way that Ashfont does, but instead has a simple basket hilt. He frowns as he watches the activity in the harbor, with which he has passing familiarity, and looks towards Bree and Porter. "This isn't right. Turo's always made sure his navy is well drilled. This is sloppy."

Turbulent times call for turbulent measures. Perhaps that is why Dame Emma Valardin has left her usual post in Sanctum to accompany the fleet, for the honor of house Valardin and the Faith she is pledged to defend alike.

The wind brushes away a stray tendril of platinum hair from her face, though the bulk of the mass is concealed beneath her helm. Stoic faced, sky blue eyes ablaze with anticipation of the battles to come, she stands at the ready, a hand resting on the rail of the ship, the other upon the hilt of her blade. Watching. Waiting. Listening. The calm before the storm.

Under the leadership of Prince's Katarina, Mabelle joins the Valardin fleet as a physician. She has been below deck where she ought to be, setting it up as a small reception room for the wounded she will care for. She knows it wont be enough. She also knows she wont remain below deck and up to the fresh air she goes, on deck, armed, just in case, one of the wounded will lose the way below deck and need guidance and protection of a small woman who can barely hold her own. But hey, she does not let you have scars. Distracted by the bells, Mabelle tenses a bit, pulling closer to the back of the ship.

Azova has seen far too much battle of late, and if anything her expression looks drawn, tired, and already wary of what the day might bring. But she is here! Because this is for the Faith. She stands near the Solace Knights of course, but probably too close to the rail for comfort as she breathes in the sea air and watches the response of the Escuma Navy thus far. Her lips move in silent prayer, clutching the beads wrapped around her wrist.

A breath. Kastelon's keeping an eye forward - he has but the one - as he's easing the bow off his shoulder, quiver at the ready. A breath when he's turning that attention of his back to the others amongst those aboard the ship upon which he's come to the battle and a faint nod. "They'll be coming for us," he says seriously, and then the gaze returns forward. "May the gods protect us, and see us through."

Katarina stands at the fore of the Valardin flagship. As Minister of War and Fleet Admiral both, that's where she belongs today. She's not tall -- five-foot-one if you don't count the hair -- but she tries to project herself as larger than life, stoic and ever-ready. Everyone is as prepared as they're going to be -- all that's left to do is try to inspire them to be courageous. The delay in the alarm sounding makes her nose wrinkle as she frowns. "Most curious. I do not care for such a thing as a curiosity on the battlefield."

Diamondplate and rubicund steel shine under the sun's glow as Lenard moves upon the deck of the Valardin ship, fully armed and ready. He seems to be calm, at least the impression is aided by the way most of his body is covered in metal, including his face. Yet there's something in the way he stands, in the way his gaze shifts from point to point. Whether nervousness, apprehension or something else, is unknown.

Lady Tesha Telmar is here with Valardin. She's dressed in her armor and her sallet is off for the moment, letting her scarred face be seen by all given she's been more open about putting it out there. She's been quiet for most of the trip, just trying to help where she can. Now they're at the time where things will happen fast. The hope now was that there were minimal losses for their side of things. She gives a look towards Kastelon and there's a dip of her head to the Keaton Lord after his words.

Mabelle takes a delicate set of prayer beads cast in silver with charms of Lagoma and Gild from a fashionable hand bag.

Rather than being a commander today, Quenia is riding among one of the Velenosa ships; the Oleander specifically. She's keeping out of the way as the crewman work, waiting for the chance to get boots on the ground. She's watchful of the horizon and the events around her, taking in the scenery of the Navegant territory.

Ian's anxiety shifts to Bree as the bells sound delayed, and she exhales a breath. "A trap? Or there's something else at play," she says.

The Templar fleet has undergone a lot of expansion since the start of the Eurusi threat. By which, the Templars have gone from having nothing to having something. The three caravels each lead their own little taskforce, and on the central one - the Alor Valardin - is Preston and the Templar command. Decks bristle with troops ready to help establish the beachhead from which the siege might run, and Preston stands up on the aftcastle gripping the railing. He looks up at the wind filled sails, the three rings of the Faith emblazoned on it in yellow threads "Well, let us see if they will fire on ships of the Faith. But first." Preston draws Crusader and sinks to one knee, the blade pointed down into the deck and his head touching its foreguard. The other Templars follow "We pray to Gloria and ask her our humble request on this day. To fill us the courage to hold to our honour, to the end of the battle, or the end of us." And then he stands looking across to the signaller "Signal Little Sister and Dame Sugan. Defensive formation. Let them make the first move. That is their right, that of choice."

Drake hasn't seen battle in a while, and when Valardin was called to the charge he decided to hop aboard. On board the deck of the flagship, he stands with cloak whipping in the salt wind. He looks impatient, his sword at the ready, since he cannot really join the battle until it truly begins.

Baldessare stands beside Evaristo on the deck of the Oleander, sharp eyes on the buildings of Escuma, the stupid feather in his hat flapping in the wind. "They don't seem ready," he murmurs to the commander. "I was expecting more resistance, or at least more immediate resistance to our arrival."

As the activities of the ships outside of Navegant's harbor become more visible, Porter has an unhappy expression on his but, and an even more unhappy nod for his brother and Bree. "Yeah, I agree. Something doesn't seem right about any of this. It's very...unprofessional almost." He bites back on his lip and then swings into motion, calling for the ship to continue with its forward motion as they barrel forward to the harbor.

Gleaming white diamondplate glimmers almost underneath the moons rays as Gaspard lowers to a knee at Prestons words. He sets his blade down reverently, head bowing forward in preperation for words of prayer. He looks rather calm and collected, lips pursed into a thin line, brows pinched habitually into a small frown.

Ian shades his eyes against the bright sky and squints towards the harbor. "Wash could probably tell you," he eventually concludes, after a futile study of what little he can see happening at the harbor. "But I don't know. The Turo I know doesn't set traps like that. But the Turo I know also wouldn't have broken his oaths."

Pulling his cloak free of himself, Jaerith smiles slightly as he looks out from his own place at the Valardin flagship, rocking himself between his feet while giving a knowing look to those Riverdogs committed to the forces as well.

Vayne has joined the Faith.

Gaspard has joined the Faith.

"They might be trying to draw us closer to shore, or pull us into a trap - or they're actually struggling," Evaristo agrees with Baldessare, staring into thin air for a moment. He turns to his aide and relays orders, to signal the front ships and the ones on the flank to keep an extra close look for any motion from any other direction. Just in case.

"Not much surprises me about this situation anymore." Azova admits, looking over at Ian, Porter, and Bree. "Betrayal has run deep with this conflict. Perhaps the response is slow, because most of his people are disheartened or disagree with his stance - but, do not want to break their own oaths of fealty." is suggested, as a possible reason for the unprofessional display.

"He sees it not as betrayal," Bree remarks quietly, a faint frown tugging at her tone at considering the perspective of the enemy. "But perhaps you're right. I imagine we will see very soon."

Preston wields Crusader, Blade of the Templars.

The fleet of House Navegant, anchored near the half-moon harbor that abuts the island-fortress of Escuma, numbers just over one hundred ships. Unfortunately, no banners of their allies -- Greywalke, Bloodbrook, Nightcove -- can be spotted amongst their collection of masts. It seems that the march must face the combined might of the Faith, House Velenosa, and House Valardin alone. Still, their fight will not be easy. The sailors and marines which sail to greet them have been rigorously trained and disciplined. They are equipped with the finest steel and commanded by formally trained and decorated officers. Perhaps most importantly, though, they have been emboldened by one of the most powerful instincts known to humanity: the threat of annihilation at the hands of their enemies.

Their admiral, Lord Bartram Navegant, can be spotted aboard a dromon near the center of the separatist formation. He is a spritely man of middle age and wears a heavy breastplate emblazoned with his family's sigil. When he barks his orders, they are hoarse -- indicating perhaps a lifetime of military service -- but nonetheless followed unquestioningly.

Closer and closer the ships of the Faith, Velenosa, and Valardin sail and the mobilization of the forces they sail against begin to form something that appears to be an actual battle plan. Navegant ships will rise to the occasion as well, turning to meet them.

But from the other side of the island, more ships arrive to join in Escuma's defense. For those arriving, what transpires next might be confusing or infuriating, depending. The ships sail the flags of the Faith. They sail with the sigil of the Templars of Gloria and the Knights of Solace and they are barreling toward them with rapid speed. Upon their decks are men and women decked out in the same armor as the ones under Carnifex Preston's command, and there is even a man in armor very /similar/ to his own.

Preston checks command and leadership at hard. Preston is successful.

Katarina checks command and sailing at hard. Critical Success! Katarina is spectacularly successful.

Evaristo checks command and sailing at hard. Evaristo marginally fails.

Vayne has left the Faith.

Gaspard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia marginally fails.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Mabelle fails.

Emma checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Emma fails.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston fails.

Baldessare checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Baldessare marginally fails.

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bree is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lenard is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Katarina checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Katarina fails completely.

Porter checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Porter is successful.

Azova checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Azova fails.

Drake checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Drake is successful.

Evaristo checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Jaerith checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jaerith marginally fails.

Kastelon checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Kastelon marginally fails.

Insaya checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Insaya fails.

Insaya has joined the Valardin.

Scraps has called for a check of dexterity and dodge at hard.
Tesha is successful.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Bree is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia fails.

Emma checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Emma is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Lenard is successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Critical Success! Mabelle is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Jaerith checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jaerith is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Baldessare checks strength and medium wpn at hard. Baldessare is successful.

Evaristo checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Insaya checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Insaya fails.

Azova checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Azova fails.

Tesha checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tesha is successful.

Katarina checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Katarina marginally fails.

Porter checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Porter is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and archery at hard. Kastelon is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Drake is spectacularly successful.

Mabelle checks intellect and medicine at hard. Mabelle is successful.

Azova checks intellect and medicine at hard. Azova is successful.

"Is that..." Yes, Azova leans over, gripping the rail as she squints towards the Anti-Fleet' barreling their way. "What the actual fuck is this bullshit." Okay, it's obvious what it is. But still, let the epithets fly as she scowls towards what she perceives as the pretendy faith over there. Obviously, she clutches her mug tightly. She may need to skull bash today afterall. Sort of. Skull boop maybe? Not that she gets much chance, since after the hail of arrows happens and she takes a few hits (her Ow, ow, ow, you fuckers is how you can tell), she starts running around in her usual frenzied manner trying to get to whomever took the hardest hit.

There's nothing much for Lenard to say upon the onset of the battle, not when the enemy ships are still far apart. The slow reaction may indicate a trap, but strategies upon the seas are well beyond this particular prince. Instead, he waits in silence as the ships sail closer, drawing deep and even breaths... right up until he sees the 'reinforcements' coming their way, mirroring the Faith's own forces. He scoffs, his right hand tightening upon the hilt of his sword, distracting him until arrows begin to fall upon the deck of the ship. He turns to raise his shield, preventing any damage upon himself... but that's about it. Too slow to shield anyone else. There's no time to curse, or worry, not when they're being boarded. At once Lenard meets the enemy, sword breaking through metal and leather, cutting flesh and bone. He, for now, fights as a Valardin knight should. Implacable against an enemy of both House and Faith, but without losing oneself in the carnage of war.

"What tangled webs the words of oathbreakers weave, to give hope to the condemned and faith to the apostate, they take desperation and mould it into deceit and treason." Preston murmers as he looks across to the other ships before he gives a heavy sigh "To be Carnifex is to be doomed to spill the blood of the errant Faith as much as those of our Great Enemy. It has always been thus, no matter how we seek to avoid it." Preston nods across to the ships commanders "Make for the False Templars and their kin. And signal Blessed Porter and the Solace to follow. It is best that Faith steel took Faith blood, we would not wish others to think it was permissible. No matter how errant the Godsworn are." Reaching for his shield, Preston moves towards the edge of the deck and glances to Gaspard "You wished to make a difference, Lord Blackram? Now it seems we are to play the role of Alor Valardin, and across from us is Marach. So it was, so it must be again." And Preston raises his voice "I absolve all of you now for what you must do in killing our brothers and sisters who have betrayed the Faith. We do not do it because we enjoy it, or we wish it were so. We do it because while they break their oaths, break their connection to the Gods, we must maintain ours. We must honour our oaths to defend the Faith, we must honour too their choice to betray, to set themselves as our enemy. And we shall weep for them tomorrow and the acts they force on us. What we do now, we do for the Faith. For the Gods!" And he grips to the ropes as the Alor Valardin goes barreling into the van of the Apostate fleet. As the enemy board, a pike runs along Preston's upper side and catches under his arm above the plate, but even as he hisses Preston cuts down to break the haft and hack at the man "Gloria watches! Let us be worthy of her name!" he calls before falling into the melee

Quenia is no stranger to how the Mourning Isles battles have been. She has her sword out, choosing to use her diamondplate phoenix rapier, made by Felix, for this battle. "Be ready!" she calls to her shipmates among the Velenosan fleet, many of whom she hasn't seen in the during the war as yet. "You need to watch or the Navegants, they're wiley!" Of course, Quenia still might bear a grudge about Lord Dewy Navegant, who managed to take out 70% of the Igniseri fleet once. She'll be crusty about that for a long while. She shifts her sword from hand to hand, waiting for the first of those wanting to board, and then goes in for the attack. She swings a hair too short of her target, who then steps in close and manages to nick her along her side in an easy rebuttal. She winces but moves to dance away from other incoming attacks.

Mabelle knows nothing about Naval warfare. She wonders if maybe they shouldnt sail into the middle of it all. When she sees the sigils of the Faith, she thinks they came to help them, but damn she was wrong and then... then.. someone shot an arrow at Mabelle. And hit her. In the square inch of her body that is not covered in shadowmeld and other skins. That... was painful. That evokes a sharp cry from her lips and then that man who shot her dares approach her. Not today! She might not know how to use a weapon but she cuts his cheek because she misses his arm and throws him overboard. Good enough. THE BANDAGES ARE SAFE. Now to use those bandages to treat some people, "IF YOU ARE HURT REALLY BAD GO BELOW DECK, IF ITS ONLY A SCRATCH, DO NOT WASTE MY TIME"

The sight of the approaching "faith" ships is enough to get a dark grin and then, a moment later, a cough of a laugh out of Ian, enough mirth to shake his shoulders. Whether it's this moment of good (?) humor distracting him or just his uncertain footing on the moving deck, he doesn't quite get out of the way of an arrow that clips his leg. The wound doesn't seem bad enough to really trouble him. In fact, it falls beneath the threshold of being worth his notice just at the moment, because he's got bigger problems; as the other ship comes into range for the soldiers on the deck to clash, he immediately finds himself fending two off, locked in a collection of parries that doesn't allow him the breathing room to attack.

As the ships near and Bree sees those flags waving above the enemy ships that claim the Knights of Solace, her fingers tighten on the hilt of her blade. Azova's words might echo her thoughts, but she doesn't say them. Preston's commands are not lost on the Grandmaster of Solace. "For Gild!" she nods to the forces she leads, a role she never wished for but finds herself settling into with deft skill. She casts a quick look to Porter and Ian as one such ship gets close enough to drop planks and invite boarding, and she calls, "For the true Faith!" The clash of blades begins, and despite the unsteadiness of her sea-legs, she manages to fend off the boarding troops for a time.

There's a moment when Evaristo feels hopeful this battle might end up being less bloody than feared. Up until that other fleet of the Faith shows up, at any rate. "Bloody bastards, they sure are cheeky," he drawls. Commands are sent out again, and his armada moves to position themselves. It seems alright to begin with, but a miscalculation and some of the ships are sent the wrong way, opening up for easy boardings by the Navegant forces on one of the caravels and several other ships, while some Velenosa boards the enemy ships in turn, hard pressed however. ARrows rain down, the clash of weapons ring out over the waters, shouts of pain and splashes of water as sailors fall off. The Oleander is not spared either, enemies boarding and forcing everyone to defend. Evaristo pushes an enemy off and fights to keep the command bridge free, and his aids safe to send commands.

For someone born in the desert, Katarina Valardin is almost scary in how good she is at naval tactics. She issues directives with a clear voice, to sailors who are well-trained and respond with swiftness and accuracy. The maneuvers of the Valardin ships almost seem to anticipate the movements of the Navegant fleet -- but what surprises Katatrina is the appearance of the faux-Faith ships. "What in the name of--" It's right about then that an arrow creases Katarina's head, slashing open a brutal gash on her forehead. It hopefully won't scar, but it BLEEDS. Within seconds, Katarina's face is a dripping crimson mask, getting in her eyes, making her attempts to fight feeble (and she's already recovering from nearly losing an arm, so she's lost a step anyway).

"Arrows!" Kastelon's voice carries even as there's the TWANG! of his own bow, the outgoing flash of an arrow to join into the chorus of things that are sailing through the air that are not birds. Though the matter of giving fire in such a manner leaves the Keaton huntsman in a place where he can -take- fire as well - that hot hiss when an arrow finds his thigh, but even so, he's snapping off the shaft of the one sunk into his though, and already drawing forth another to prepare another round. "Be ready for boarders and close combat!" It matters to him, little, who it is who are silting towards them in terms of their uniforms. Simply that he knows with whom he says, and therefore who needs to be taken out.
Preferably ones in jauntier hats than his.

Drake squints into the wind as he sees the ships rolling in over the horizon. Confusion on his face is palpable. "Are those not... our allies? Why do they fly the flag of the Faith?" It's about to get confusing about what is happening where. But that is normal... Battles are always chaos. Once the fight is joined, arrows are fired toward the deck, and he dives to roll to avoid the worst of them. Men with bared steel rush to board, and Drake pulls his helmet on as the battle is joined. Those that rush him to duel are cut down in the wake of an alarcite blade, some of the first blood this new forged weapon has tasted and its first splash of sea salt.

"That they would mock the Faith so openly is a very poor choice." Tesha's voice has no joy or love in it. Her face is angry, the scars and the eyepatch adding to the visage. She then slips the sallet on and draws her sword, readying for the incoming fight, "Send all of them to a watery grave!" she calls out to the others.

Gaspard is back on his feet, Shepherd in hand. Using his shield, he yells out as a storm of arrows whistle overhead. "SHIELDS! TAKE COVER!" As several arrows bounce off his own. Gritting his teeth, across the ship he dips a silent, firm nod to Preston. He looks downright furious at the fleet of 'anti' faith resistance, traitors to the cause. "FOR GLORIA!" He shouts out as the ship is boarded, immediately skewering an approaching hostile individual with his sword. A sickening squelch is heard as he pulls free his sword, crimson now. With one kick he sends the man tumbling into and over the railing to condemn him to the watery depths below.

The calm before the storm doesn't last long. The sluggish response from Escuma seems merited further by the sudden appearance of new ships on the horizon. Emma's eyes widen, just a touch, not only by the speed in which they arrive, but the sheer AUDACITY of the arraignment they don. She turns, those sharp blue orbs seeking to identify some amongst her compatriots: Lenard, her cousin, Katarina at the front of the ship, the small figure of the young Laurent lady escaping the shelter of below deck.

Turning back, a moments pause, before the arrows are flying. Too slow to avoid the initial volley, one pierces through her shoulder, another cutting her cheek as she cants out of the way. A curse escapes beneath her as she loses her breath beneath the sting of the injury, but it does little to detract from her rushing to the for as the ships close and boarders threaten to deck. "Do not let them pass!" Is that a command, a call to arms, or simply a motivational cry? Whatever the case, she intends to keep as many off the ship as she can. It is clear that this woman isn't accustomed to a ship battle, but that is as far as her inexperience goes - for when she engages the enemy, injury or no, she is a ablaze with the righteous vengeance of a dragon, slashing against several who threaten to take the ship, even as crimson stains the silk guarding her fresh from her armor.

Baldessare's eyes narrow as the anti-Faith ships turn up. "Well, I suppose that answers the question as to what they had decided to do," he says, weary resignation entering his voice. He avoids the worst of the flight of arrows, but one gashes his arm, another catching him in the leg. He lets out a yelp of pain and draws his sword, preparing to repel boarders. The Prince shouts, charging into the fray, ending up alongside Evaristo as they fight. "To your left!" he calls in warning.

The sight of the faux-Faith flotilla causes Jaerith to suck at his teeth, the sound covered quickly by the rapid thunking of arrows against timber as fortune dictates whether marks are found before the din of boarding parties fills the air. He moves to meet one of the mariners, taking a slicing cut against his arm before the Lord's rapier delivers one of its own, shoulder-checking his foe over the railing.

The Faith, Velenosa, and Valardin meet head on with the forces of Navegant and the false Faith. The sound of ships crashing into ships and sword meeting sword is deafening. A swift decision from Princess Katarina Valardin, causes the invading fleet to have upper-hand, and they break through the first line of defense in a way that's shattering and complete. But it doesn't stop the defending ships from trying to slow down or prevent their now eventual landing in the harbor of Escuma, where more ships and troops are mobilizing a second line of defense.

It seems now that activity has ticked up for Navegant, it's not longer a sluggish and delayed response. But no flagship of Turo has been seen joining the rest of his ships, again, unusual.

The false Faith is doing their level best to keep harrying the actual Faith, a distinction that becomes very confusing as both sides are wearing the same uniforms, armor, and sigils as their enemy. The false Carnifex is on a ship lining up with Preston's, his intent to board clear and apparent.

When ships collide, wood splinters, masts fall, and unprepared sailors are knocked overboard. Battle, even in its first few minutes, is never particularly pleasant for the senses; the ears are bombarded with the sounds of deafening screaming, the nose is overwhelmed by the distinct scents of blood, vomit, and body odor, and the eyes bear witness to all manner of grievous injuries and depraved acts of violence. It is horrific, but also -- at least in this particular circumstance -- short lived. The Faith and its allies, thanks to quick commands and ferocious fighting, puncture a hole in the center of separatist line, effectively splitting the Navegant fleet in two. With a path to the harbor secured, they will soon be capable of landing their troops upon the shoreline and marching toward the heart of the isle-fortress...

Assuming, of course, they act quickly. Though numbers are currently in their favor, any miscalculation risks losing the foothold.

Lord Bartram's flagship, uncontested, continues to deliver orders to its navy, flags wordlessly conveying commands over great distances. The peer, equipped now with a longsword, observes the battle dispassionately from its main deck.

And now, *now* the flagship of the Navegant navy appears, cutting swiftly through the water in order to join the rest, with stragglers pulling up alongside. A figure is at the helm, standing straight, tall, sword drawn and it's...not Turo. It's Lord Dewy, and the sword he wields is his own, not the blade of Escuma. The man looks more tense than he has in past engagements, almost solemn, but he's already calling orders, his officers directing flag wavers, calling his ships to order. Lord Dewy Navegant might be distressingly young, but he's also a prodigy to make Turo proud, and it's clearly his doing that the secondary defense line is far, far stronger than the first.

Katarina checks command and sailing at daunting. Katarina fails.

Baldessare checks command and war at daunting. Baldessare is successful.

Preston checks command and leadership at daunting. Preston marginally fails.

Evaristo checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Evaristo fails completely.

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bree is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lenard marginally fails.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Mabelle is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Ian is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Kastelon fails.

Jaerith checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jaerith fails.

Gaspard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Insaya checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Insaya is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Drake fails.

Emma checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Emma is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Quenia is spectacularly successful.

Porter checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Porter marginally fails.

Katarina checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Katarina marginally fails.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Tesha fails.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Harlex is successful.

Harlex has joined the Velenosa.

Baldessare checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Baldessare fails.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston fails.

Azova checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Azova is successful.

Katarina checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Katarina is successful.

Katarina remains capable of fighting.

Kastelon checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Botch! Kastelon fails badly.

Kastelon is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Jaerith checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Jaerith marginally fails.

Jaerith checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Jaerith is successful.

Jaerith remains capable of fighting.

Tesha checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Tesha fails.

Tesha has suffered a serious wound!

Tesha checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Tesha fails.

Tesha is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Preston checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Preston fails.

Preston has suffered a serious wound!

Preston checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Preston is successful.

Preston remains capable of fighting.

Emma checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Emma is successful.

Lenard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Lenard is spectacularly successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mabelle fails.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Harlex is successful.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Bree is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian marginally fails.

Azova checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Azova is successful.

Jaerith checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jaerith is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Gaspard is spectacularly successful.

Evaristo checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Evaristo fails.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is successful.

Katarina checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Katarina is successful.

Baldessare checks strength and medium wpn at hard. Baldessare is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Drake is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia fails.

Insaya checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Insaya fails.

Porter checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Porter fails.

Mabelle checks intellect and medicine at hard. Mabelle is successful.

Azova checks intellect and medicine at hard. Azova fails.

Scraps checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 188 higher.

Scraps drops WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

"Thanks!" Evaristo calls to Baldessare and gives the prince his smuggler-grin, till he remembers he's a respected commander in a fealty house these days. He settles for a grim and commanding expression. He whirls to face an enemy who barges at him with full force with a cutlass, he tries to avoid it by knocking the sword to the side, only to realise the man is also wielding a wicked dagger in his other hand. It goes for his chest, and he has that flash moment with the realisation he might die right here and now, except - he doesn't.

Insaya reflects from the salt-scarred boards where she rolls with her attacker that old adage: that it isn't strictly necessary to die for your Faith-capital-F, so long as you do your damnedest to make the other bloke die for his. Ideally, any scenario where they stop fighting you, and you don't lose is a plus. Per the false Dominus's attack dogs out on the water, "Take them, and we can sort out which blasphemy we liked best later!" squawks the embattled Inquisitor from the deck, jerking hard to one side as a blade splits into the planking where her head USED to be. She only manages to boost the attacked off herself. She wants off this barge, and land and a potential scrap in the harbor does seem to be drawing perilously closer.

Mabelle is not a very strong soldier, but she is bendy. Very bendy. The reason why she LEFT her position on the ship as a physician is questionable. No wait, people need medical help, its not questionable anymore. As Valardin makes their way on the ground, Mabelle witnesses as Tesha and Kastelon fall down. She manages to lift the young woman and calls one of the ship's crew who is not fighting, "Help me with Lord Kastelon, he's too heavy for me!!". Clearly, with a noblewoman slung over her shoulder as she attempts to take her back to the ship, running in square heels, there is little to no damage she can do to the fighters, but at least she is keeping Tesha safe. Once Kastelon and Tesha are below deck and treated by her team of physicians, Mabelle returns to the group of fighters because... she heals better up front. Also she's a stubborn little bee.

Ian is still being pressed hard; he almost buys himself room to start pushing his two opponents back and maybe clear off the ship through the expedient of grabbing one of their swords with his alaricite-clad left hand and holding it, but the man with said sword is too fast, letting go the moment Ian grabs the blade and smoothly pulling a dagger. Ian is once again left parrying the remaining sword, stumbling to the side just in time to get out of the way of a lunging flash of the shorter blade.

"Are you blind, asshole? Can you not see that I am tending to someone who is injured!?" Azova, when faced with a boarder, leans out of the way abruptly when they take a swing at her. And in return, she smashes their kneecap with her handy rubicund mug. "Stay. Away! Go jump off the ship and pray that Mangata saves you, because none of us surely are." she snaps at her attacker, before calmly going back to trying to bandage someone's knee.

A slash from one of the false-faith warriors makes its way past Drake's defenses, cutting into his armor and drawing blood from beneath the black of his silks. Fortunately, he wears black and red partially so that the wounds don't show. Struck and bleeding, Drake isn't quite as powerful in his next stroke downward toward his opponent, but he at least gives as good as he gets, disarming another of the opposition's boarding soliders. The ship itself moves on beneath him, but his sea legs keep steady.

"Steel bends, honour holds!" Lenard picks up the Valardin words as a war cry, cutting through the cacophony of battle waged. His armour is soon stained by blood and gore and he takes a moment to look around himself and see the state of his family and fellow Oathlanders. See too many fall upon the deck, wounded or dead, felled by the arrows and blades of betrayers. A blow to his head is met by his helm, and the prince is forced to take a step back. The Islander before him raises his hammer to strike again... and stops, his throat suddenly gripped by the Valardin's free hand. "No." A vicious slash of his sword separates head and neck from the rest of his body before Lenard throws the gory remains aside. "Do not hold." With his left hand still empty, he unsheathes another longsword, wielding both blades as one as he throws himself back into the fray. "KILL THEM ALL!" he roars, no longer sounding like himself as bodies are cleaved in two, limbs cut off, and a storm of unrestrained violence and carnage is unleashed. One that'll see Lenard all the way to the front of fighting, always seekign a new foe. New blood to shed.

"Not today, Navegant scum." Quenia practically spits when she steps away from a group she was attacking to glide between the Navegant sailor's sword and Evaristo, blocking the attack against the man who is one of the commanding leaders of the Oleander. Other Velenosa sailors take up arms against those she'd abandoned to stop the attack against Evaristo."I've had just about enough of you people and your wrongheaded thinking," she mutters grumpily at the sailor. She pushes the Navegant sailor back a bit, giving Evaristo time to get his ground and bearings again. She goes on the offensive. While she misses every attack, he's fast on his feet, he also does not land any attacks against her either. She follows him all the way down, off the ship and onto land as they make their way toward the keep of Escuma.

In the chaos, Katarina misses a few cues, leaving captains of individual ships to make their own decisions rather than carrying out orders in any kind of unity. Her face is still bleeding profusely, and she has to wipe blood out of her eyes so frequently that her sleeve looks like the arrow had hit her through the arm instead. She doesn't see the boarding fighter coming, and Katarina is tackled against the railing of the ship -- almost pitched over, but not quite. What saves her? Why, sticking her dagger into the guy's face, in a way that produces an effect known commonly to medical practitioners as 'death.'

Gaspard has had his fair share of sea battle by now. No seasickness this time around, and he came prepared mentally and physically for this. He maintains a sense of utter calm amidst the chaos, quite literally in his element. When he sees Preston get wounded, he growls something murderously low. It's then he sets his sights on the man, and begins to cleave his way through opponent after opponent, using his shield to redirect weapons with ease. He leaves a trail of bodies in his wake, in his mission to get close to, and protect the wounded grandmaster.

Tesha wasn't sure why she tasted blood in her mouth suddenly. But when she looked over her shoulder and saw that there was a sword shoved in between the plates that make up her brigidine armor. "Ah fuck." the Lady states rather eloquently before she rips herself off of the blade and falls forward onto the deck. She isn't able to fight the blackness that rolls into her vision and she faceplants the rest of the way down.

Baldessare salutes Evaristo with his sword, getting far too cocky for his own good, one of hte boarders getting in a good slash with her sword against Baldessare. He turns, his movements pained before he runs her through and kicks her off teh side of the ship. He clutches at his side before he straightens, dashing up to the command deck and issuing orders, bringing the fleet round to make full speed for the harbor opening, ramming several of the enemy fleet out of the way. Velenosa, coming through, subtlety be damned.

The bear-like Keaton lord is already in the fore, with the arrow notched on his bow as he's watching those opposing forces coming forward, his mouth parting. But no sound issues forth - being tall as he is, and with a hat that does stand out, it's likely an easy target for the arrows from the other side. And as such, Kastelon's taking another bolt, one that spins him around and drops him to the deck in the midst of the fray, the arrow sailing off away, and bow tumbling to the deck. For the moment, he's not rising from that spot of his own volition, only to be carried off by those more capable of handling him for the moment.

In the chaos, ships crashing upon ships, Harlex made himself scarce in the turmoil and resurfaces only to have his wicked blade gleaming its strange hue through the chest of an assailant about to follow his comrade and use poor Evaristo as a scabbard. He draws the long blade loose, grabbing his victim by the shoulder, and booting him into the rail of the ship wherein another kick leaves little left of his face. He moves to give his hand to the bard, "On your feet." And off the Sword of Lenosia goes, preparing to make land, where he's far more comfortable.

As their Carnifex lines up to board, Preston moves back from the fracas and picks up a fresh shield that lies on the aftcastle deck - its former user having little use for it now, sadly. Preston turns Crusader in his hands as he moves to face the man. As he watches events he hrms "Pikes! To Lord Gaspard!" Preston bellows "Gaspard, hold the rail! Don't let them overwhelm us." The defense of the ship taken care of, Preston bows his head to the enemy Carnifex as he boards, letting the man approach to the aftcastle "I am sorry for what must be, Brother." Preston calls before battle begins. The first strikes are parried with shield and returned in blow, but favouring that slight wound earlier Preston flinches and even as he moves to correct his guard he feels the mistake. The searing pain as the point of the enemy's sword crushes and tears his leg armour and goes through his leg. Unsurprisingly Preston buckles and goes down to his knee "Marach's shiny balls!" he curses but enough thought remains that he takes advantage of his enemy's overexposure as the sword passes through his much-softer-than-metal flesh and Preston brings crusader up to plunge into the man's side. Not a fatal blow, but a significant blow. As the two part - with an equally painful withdrawing of the blade for both - Preston pants for a moment before he tries, with the help of the railing to get back to his feet as the sticky warm blood comes down his leg "I promise, Gloria has tested me before. I've felt death once, torn apart by wolves. This is no worse." Preston's voice is rather ragged, hissing as he gingerly tries to keep weight from the leg.

The spray of the sea, the crash of ships, and the meeting of blades keeps Bree on her toes as she gives proof to years of training. The false Faith fall as the true Faith sails forward, and she continues to clear the deck of the ship she shares with Porter, Ian, and Azova.

Emma manages to avoid further injury as the battle rages on, as the ships press towards the harbor - even as reinforcements arrive under the command of Lord Dewy, threatening to unravel the progress made by the invading forces. Land is nearly within reach, and the Valardin General isn't about to let them be stalled before reaching it!

However, her attention isn't focused in, but observing the whole of the battle. Seeing foe and fellow fall. Witnessing her kin injured and victorious alike. It is towards Katarina that the woman begins to carve a route, spying their Admiral injured and in need, and she calls out, "Mercy will only bring suffering! Save it for when the battle is won." Once, she might have advocated against such. Once, she might have been mournful of such a savage seen. Once, she was not the White Dragon she is today.

This is a place for blood and chaos, and she does not avoid to deliver both unto her enemy, as she seeks to protect her allies.

"Honestly, Sir Preston. Who has /shiny/ balls. I'd say they're all probably more matte than shiny." Look, Azova HAD to say it, okay? "Even when sweaty, let's be real here."

Evaristo pats himself down. He's alive! He shoots Quenia a look of pure adoration, and sits down heavily. "Thank the gods. My face is alright," he breahtes, and looks up to spot Harlex. He grunts and takes the hand to stand up, and make ready to leave the ship. "Thanks. Be careful. If you die, how am I gonna explain that?" he drawls to the warrior with a lopsided smile.

Porter sticks to the Mercies and other Knights of Solace, following the commands of the other ranking members of the Faith. Gritting his teeth when he takes an injury and swinging wide to avoid another painful hit. His white tabard is stained with blood.

Gaspard Under orders, Gaspard, this giant man, released an ear-shattering war shout. Bellowing, his smoky grey gaze prowls enemy faces, with every intention to intimidate them enough to think twice about approaching the railing. He looms overhead, accepting a pike from a nearby soldier. He slings his shield, hoisting up the pike with a practiced, expert hand. "None shall pass!" He assures Preston, calling out amidst the fray.

The mouth of the harbor is a bottleneck of bloody chaos, glorious chaos, if you like that sort of thing. The ships of the false Faith tangle with the true Faith, Templars fighting Templars, and Knights of Solace jumping from ship to ship, making it all the more chaotic. They fight with a fervent rage that only the truest of zealots can manage.

The man who wears the same armor as Preston himself, rushes forward to inflict that initial serious damage, and then he takes his own blow and staggers backward. Through gritted teeth, "You lie, Gloria speaks not to heretics like you. You're stain on the Faith. A lie that burns like fire and damages everything it touches. The only way to stop you is through a bloody death!" It ends in a yell and he rushes Preston again, sword swung high. "FOR GLORIA!"

The harbor remains within the Faith's grasp. Unfortunately, House Navegant, emboldened by the presence of another commander -- Lord Dewy -- rallies. Their fight may ultimately be doomed, but they won't permit the enemy fleet access without first inflicting catastrophic damage to vessels and morale. A great congestion, in the form of a naval bottleneck, temporarily precludes a successful advance. Ships, hull-to-hull, permit easy boarding for marines and sailors alike. The skirmishing here is brutal, with many wounded trampled beneath boots or tossed overboard to make room for more suitable fighters.

Lord Bartram, perhaps recognizing that the battle at sea has been lost, finally opts to enter the fray. With a small contingent of heavily-armored bannermen in tow, he leaps onto the deck of a Valardin ship and rushes forward, longsword raised and poised to strike.

Aleksei has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Caspian has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Raymesin has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Raja has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Acacia has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Combat has reached far enough that the Navegant flagship is now dealing with boarders, though those are still scattered, easily dispatched. Dewy continues issuing commands, only occasionally having to interrupt himself to fend off any attackers that get far enough. His ship's both taking fire, and returning it with a vengeance.

Everything is such madness, that it's easy to miss what's perhaps the strangest thing to happen in the battle so far. Behind Navegant's line, drawing closer with all speed, is a lone ship flying no colors, though there are archers drawn up, and arrows are already falling on them. The first volley was almost accidental, and impossible to tell from which side it came. The *second* is far more intentional, and comes from several Navegant ships bringing up the rear.

Preston checks command and leadership at daunting. Preston fails.

Evaristo checks command and sailing at daunting. Evaristo is successful.

Emma checks command and war at daunting. Emma fails.

Bree checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Bree is successful.

Katarina checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Katarina marginally fails.

Evaristo checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Mabelle marginally fails.

Lenard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lenard is successful.

Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Harlex is successful.

Emma checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Emma fails.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Ian is spectacularly successful.

Jaerith checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Jaerith is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Drake fails.

Azova checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Azova fails completely.

Baldessare checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Baldessare fails completely.

Insaya checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Insaya is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Quenia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Quenia marginally fails.

Porter checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Porter is successful.

Raymesin checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raymesin fails.

Raja checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raja is marginally successful.

Aleksei checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aleksei is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian marginally fails.

Acacia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Acacia marginally fails.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston fails.

Baldessare puts a velvet-trimmed leather doublet over a sleeved seasilk shirt in Panic and Scraps' Box Of Dearly Departed Armor RIP.

Azova checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Azova fails.

Azova is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Katarina checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Katarina fails.

Katarina is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Mabelle checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Mabelle is successful.

Mabelle remains capable of fighting.

Preston checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Preston marginally fails.

Preston checks 'unconsciousness save' at daunting. Preston fails.

Preston is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Emma checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Critical Success! Emma is spectacularly successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Emma does not take a permanent wound.

Emma checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Emma is successful.

Emma remains capable of fighting.

Drake checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Drake is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Drake does not take a permanent wound.

Drake checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Drake is successful.

Drake remains capable of fighting.

Caspian wields Charm and Grace, alaricite chain knives.

Raja wields Serpent's Embrace.

Acacia wields Defiance, a diamondplate dagger.

Lenard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Lenard is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Drake fails.

Quenia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Quenia is successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Mabelle fails.

Emma checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Emma is successful.

Baldessare checks strength and medium wpn at hard. Baldessare marginally fails.

Evaristo checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Evaristo marginally fails.

Jaerith checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Jaerith is successful.

Bree checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Bree fails.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

Porter checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Porter is successful.

Gaspard checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Gaspard is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Botch! Caspian fails completely.

Harlex checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Harlex is successful.

Insaya checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Insaya fails.

Aleksei checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aleksei is marginally successful.

Raja checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Raja fails.

Raymesin checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Botch! Raymesin fails completely.

Acacia checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Acacia is successful.

Mabelle checks intellect and medicine at hard. Mabelle is successful.

As the Navegant soldiers raise hell on the Valardin ship, Katarina -- still bleeding from her head, and actually starting to feel kind of dizzy from it -- points the way with her dagger, and moves to lead the charge. "Remember, Valardin! Steel bends -- honor hHHWUUUNNHH." The last part is the undignified noise that comes out of Katarina when one of the Navegant goons -- Navegoons -- who has a foot on her, and a hundred pounds besides, literally just uppercuts her with a closed fist. Katarina's legs turn to rubber and she looks like she's trying to gracelessly dance for a moment, before she collapses to the ground, knocked out, snoring.

Rage and bloodlust are not friends to the wise, yet in the midst of battle such as this, they do not make for bad allies... or so it would seem so far with Lenard. The Valardin turns to face Lord Bartram and his bannermen, Lenard's bloodied draconic armor making for a far more sinister sight than at the beginning of battle. "Good. More blood. More destruction. I NEED MORE!" He avoids a blow from one of the bannermen and stabs the man in the eye with his rubicund sword, pushing it in all the way to the hilt before turning his focus upon Lord Bartram himself, diamondplate blade seeking the enemy Lord's heartblood.

As their ship grew closer in hopes of breaking past the line, they take a volley of arrows! It is hard to know if it was 'friendly' fire or not. "UNF!" As arrows rain upon their ship, Raja takes one to her shoulder, causing her to spin aboutand fall upon the deck of the ship. With a grimace, she snaps off the tail end of the arrow, leaving the embedded arow tip in place. She rolls to the side as the next volley comes upon them, three more arrows landing right where she was. Her eyes go wide knowing that could have been her last moment. "Ha! Still alive ya bastards!" Adrenaline pumps through the Culler woman. She hops up and.. whoa! There is a bad guy! "Where did you come from?" She reaches for her weapon and rips it out, but misses in her swing!

Despite being blooded twice in the scrum, Jaerith manages to regain himself with a somewhat wolfish-looking grin as he presses his hand against a wound in his side, his blade managing to parry that of his opponent before he drops the foe with a headbutt. Laughing, he flourishes his rapier at the remaining boarders as if daring any more of them to join the mass of fallen both friend and foe on the deck.

"Gloria...rarely speaks. She acts. And we understand her through that." Preston places his weight onto his good leg and braces himself to his shield again "When she burnt her sigil into me, that was her love. To be her servant is pain, Brother. Because we must always bear it, what is necessary to do what is right. I am sorry you will never know that, I am sorry I was not a better man and that I could not stop you making this choice. I forgive you brother, but I cannot save you from your choice." Then the battle resumes and Preston deflects the first blow but trying to fight on a shifting boat with one leg wounded apparently isn't a great thing and as the opponent's blade strikes his stomach, he folds around the blade and then sinks back, his helmet falling back from his head and onto the deck. He's out cold.

Ian's dodge away from the knife-wielder took him around the man still with his sword, and the soldier who we will call Mac the Knife clearly wasn't expecting that particular angle of dodge. He's not able to draw back fast enough, and winds up slashing his buddy with a sword. Ian takes advantage of this moment of distraction to direct a fierce, well-targeted strike towards the man with the sword, who doesn't get a name because this is the moment when he exits our story. The sheer violence of the strike has far more momentum than is necessary, such that the basket hilted sword is driven almost all the way into the man, and the man himself is shoved off of his feet. Ian swings him around and uses the sword/dead soldier combination as the world's most macabre shield, shoving the soon to be corpse between a soldier who was closing on Azova and the fallen form of Azova herself. It's not enough to save her, but the chaos of blood and bodies pretty effectively prevents a coup de gras, and now Ian's facing the man who had the audacity to cut her down. And he's clearly not here to play.

Mabelle comes up from below deck after resting some wounded soldiers there and is met with someone trying to slash at her arm. "EXCUSE YOU!!!", she stares at the solider, totally forgetting the fact her is maybe three times her size. She holds onto the arbor leading downstairs and pushes a kick toward his torso. Alas, she is tiny. Very tiny. And harmless. And she just kicked a breastplate and twisted her ankle. "Oh FOR FUDGE'S SAKE!!!", annoyed, she turns from him abruptly and locks the doors leading below deck behind her, still peaking out to see when will be a good time to go out. For now, the bandages are safe.

The harbor battle continues, and blood speckles the deck of the Faith's ships - even Preston's. When he falls, Bree's attention is diverted, drawn to the sight of the leader of the Templars prone. "No!" she calls, but Gaspard is there, his own blade preventing any final blow to the man (and the Faith). Her distraction is enough to make her own swings go wide, a frenzied attempt to clear the ship of the intruders. "Porter, we must push forward! To land!" Where she will be at her best, hopefully.

Evaristo takes the helm again, the boarders being cleared away from the area and the Oleander relatively safe for a while. He starts barking out commands to the signalers, that furiously wave flags in all directions. The Velenosa fleet starts moving to block enemy ships, to clear away the clogging and to open it up for the ground forces, while aiding their allies. Someone wraps a bandage around him while he stands there, but he pays almost no attention to it, focused on his task.

Azova does have issues with paying attention in the thick of battle. Not that she just relies on other people to save her sorry ass. But, her focus on the injured often seems like something she simply can't help. And this is one of those times. She's turning towards Preston as he goes down, and doesn't even see the pommel of a sword strike her temple and send her falling to the deck right afterward. She doesn't even get to see Ian's heroic, but macabre save of her life. Or, his very frowny face when he turns to take on her attacker. She will have to hope someone is taking notes.

His boots hit the debris and corpse strewn shore and digs his sword into a soldier with such a force that he has to use him as a shield against a spearman while he pries the blade loose. On the ground, Harlex is mobile and lethal. Killing swiftly, sharply, but with a brutality that stops only when he looks aside to get a scale of the battlefield. "We need to reinforce the Faith," he barks out toward someone with some authority around here. Parry, slash. The claw-tips of his gauntlets rake across some eager youngblood's face and leaves them life-long scars in the aftermath.

Gaspard shouts out, "Grandmaster!" As he spots the man falling. Teeth knit, he takes the pike and bumrushes the false carnifex with a rattle of armor. Upon nearing - in polearm striking range, he uses the butt of his pike to swiftly trip the man, leaving him prone on his back. With a sickening wrench, Gaspard impales the man with the pike to the floorboard, glowering down with hot coals for eyes for the false carnifexes final moments. Then he would hunker down over Preston, fending off any that may attempt to kill Preston, or bold enough to appproach a 6'6 man with a giant-sized pike.

The chaos of battle rages on all around them, and through it all, Porter continues on with the fight! He takes some more hits, more blood is spilled, but more of it is other people than his own. He ducks past one that tries to land a savage blow, catching up with Bree and observing the fall of the Carnifex and Azova. He understands how truly fraught the fight is, but he doesn't disagree when the Grandmaster proclaims that the fight continue.

It is too late that Emma comes to find Katarina, right as an uppercut sends the Admiral unconscious on the deck, and though she turns about to try to help coordinate a defenses - she's not particularly talented at navel command, and the Valardin forces remain in disarray. A fact worsened by Lord Bartram boarding their flagship and beginning to cut through their ranks.

Absolutely NOT. "Get the Admiral below deck!" Emma calls out to a few soldiers beside her, cutting aside the man who knocked their Admiral unaware, before she makes way for the slaughtering Lord Bartram. But her distraction seems to have caught up with her, as she takes a slash to her back, rending against her armor and slicing her OTHER arm. It doesn't stop her assault, though as she engages with the forces around the Lord, she takes additional hits to her legs, a particularly nasty gash at her neck, and overall, she is coated in more and more crimson - hers and her enemies alike. Still, for all the harm caused to her, she repays it mercilessly, every slash finding its mark from her wicked blade, and she stands firm even as injuries threaten to waver her.

Insaya can't seem to hit water from a boat. But being so little and so ineffective, she vaults a rail on a deck to get between Katarina and additional injury, attempting to give the healers time to move or tend her. She's just going to fight it out like a rabid stoat in a sack, armed with a piece of wood that is keeping a broken finger in place, and her ruddy rubicund blade. "Alright," she mutters, wiping blood from her nose. "You don't have a ticket for passage on this tub. Off you go, and we'll say no more about it..."

Caspian staggers back on the deck as an arrow suddenly sprouts from his shoulder. a cry bursts from his lips and he hurls himself behind a crate as more arrows rain onto the deck. he clambers up to his feat as the ship presses on, though as other ships pull alongside, it seems their passing won't go unnoticed. he goes to draw his weapons as a boarding axe is hurled at him, clipping his thigh and dropping the man to the deck. the weapons go skittering away from him as he scrambles to regain them before the deck is overrun. "when i get those daggers back you are all going to regret it.." he scampered across the deck, chasing after the bouncing blades.

Drake spies Lord Bartram rushing onto the deck, though it's hard not to. The man is the cause of great pain and torment and a seemingly formidable combatant. Unfortunately, with all the chaos, and those also rushing down to get a piece, Drake can't really cut his way through. Worse yet, he takes a very powerful strike to his back from an enemy he didn't see. He limps forward... but manages to keep on his feet at the least.

Baldessare's doublet is torn away by a sword, leaving him effectively shirtless as he faces a boarder, taking more and more cuts from the Navegant forces. "Gods damn it," he snaps in pain, trying to clear the area around him as he swaips his sword at the boarders, pushing them back.

Quenia continues to fight against Navegant assailants, putting her all behind her attacks. Each step she takes is deliberate, each move precise. Even with all of her deliberate precision, she misses someone coming from the side and just barely manages to mitigate the damage she takes from a downward swing of a sword, meant to take out her leg. She's still hit pretty hard, the armor taking the brunt of the attack. That will hurt for weeks, assuredly. However, she dispatches her current person and turns to face her new attacker, thrusting her sword, moving forward, thrusting more, until they are no longer able to parry her swipes.

On a MYSTERY, UNKNOWN SHIP, Aleksei is trying not to die. He's already got one wound bloodying him, but he manages to avoid taking another arrow on the next volley. "Fuckin' -- /fuck/." As their smaller, quicker ship ends up harried, he manages to leap forward and bury his sword in one of the enemy soldiers getting too near to them.

Raymesin seems to have the Abyss's own luck when it comes to avoiding arrows. He turns to say something to someone, and an arrow flies through where he'd just been. He lifts his hand, and an arrow thuds into the crate he just released. And - perhaps most inconveniently - when he pulls one of his blades from his belt in order to repel any borders that come along, an arrow flies through where his hand had just been and impacts on the knife, sending it spinning from his hand to the deck.

The combined forces of the Faith, Valardin, and Velenosa break through the defense of the harbor and are now mixed fully with Navegant's forces and what's left of the false Faith. The enemy Templars and Knights of Solace let out a cheer when their Carnifex lands a disastrous blow against Preston. But that cheer of victory dies a swift death when the man is downed almost immediately and their forces start to fall into chaos and disarray without someone leading them.

It's no longer entirely clear what they need to do, other than to keep fighting, which they will /try/ to do with a burning zealotry that isn't open to such things as negotiations or diplomacy.

Lord Bartram Navegant is a skilled combatant. This is made clear with how quickly, and effortlessly, he parries and redirects half of the strikes sent in his direction. More disturbing, though, is the peer's resilience; two well-placed blows landed by Lenard and Emma are simply shrugged off, despite having punctured steel and drawing blood, scarlet pooling freely beneath his polished sabatons. In the fray, his bannermen -- though sufficiently equipped and themselves disciplined -- are steadily outnumbered and eventually disarmed or dispatched, leaving the lord vulnerable. His movements slow, suggesting that the physical intensity of the engagement, combined with acute anemia, grows increasingly taxing upon already overburdened musculature.

"It is not too late to surrender," he calls out to those White Dragons bold enough to challenge him, voice muffled by helm. "Accept, and I pledge to see you safely returned to the mainland. Refuse, and I promise you a crude rendezvous with the sea." Weapon, stained crimson, is now held half-sword, preparing for another engagement in close quarters. He shifts his footing, widening his stance, and braces for combat to begin again.

Acacia frowns as they are cut off. She starts to grins grimly and then curses loudly as she's struck, "MOTHER OF THE F...," she growls as she slaps a hand on the wound. Hissing her hanger, she turns to her crew. "Alright, then. Let's do this the hard way," she mutters darkly to herself. Eyes sharp upon the battle before them, she checks her blades before barking out commands, "Hazel, first pass chance you have. We need to get through. Keep us clear if you can! Make it count." Turning she barks to the ship's archers. "Quinn! Give them something to think about! Be ready, lads and lasses! Today's the day you write your fate! Let's show them how we're made! Steady on! Steady! STEADY!"

It's become increasingly clear, and at this point certain, that Turo is nowhere in this fight. Lord Dewy Navagant isn't just commanding the ships around him, he's commanding every single ship in the Navegant fleet in his cousin's absence. Things grow more frantic on his flagship, as his soldiers are forced to repel more boarders, as his ship takes heavier fire. The young man staggers as an arrow thuds into his chestplate, though it remains unpierced, and he again gets involved in a quick, brutal skirmish with one of the Valardin sailors that have managed to reach that far. When he turns his attention, sword bloodied, back to the battle itself, he...hesitates. He pauses. Recognition seems to dawn on his features, and for a moment the youthful commander seems a little bit lost and uncertain.

For a moment. He lifts his blade and calls, "Pull back! Pull back to the harbor, make them fight for every inch." The sea battle is lost, and he knows it. The fate of Escuma is, in this moment, in the hands of a man barely breaking twenty.

Bree checks command and leadership at daunting. Bree is successful.

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Porter checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Porter marginally fails.

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Harlex checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Harlex is successful.

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Mabelle is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

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Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Ian is successful.

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Evaristo checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Evaristo fails completely.

Drake checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Drake fails completely.

One brave man steps up to Gaspard, managing to break past his guard and hitting a chink in his armor. Blood runs, and Gaspard grimaces - but it does not stagger or slow the man down. This is unfortunate for them, as Gaspard is a man of no stranger to pain, dropping the pike there and freeing his sword. "Alright. Blood for blood." And with one perfectly executed arc of his sword, sends the mans head tumbling. He remains on the ship for now, until it's cleared of enemies and Prestons safety is secured.

Porter checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Porter marginally fails.

"Surrender, then, and we'll see you treated with honor!" Emma calls back to the Lord, dauntless even in the face of her own injuries, and his stalwart perseverance despite the odds. While her own glory in battle is less frenzied than her cousins, she is no less savagely precise, and stands poised with her blade held erect, dripping the blood of her enemies. However, as the battle proceeds, her strikes seem less precise, less effective, even as she evades further injury.

Mabelle might have been hiding in the underdeck but when she hears the threat of that Bartram man, she storms up to the deck and calls out, "Just who the hell do you think you are? Threatening dragons? Shut it or you will be introduced to the realization you will not be able to eat cake for the rest of your life!", she then lifts her sword and calls, "BRING ME HIS TONGUE". Its a weird rally, but it works on some and with her sword in the air, one of the soldiers behind her notices the gap in her torso and cuts her waist. There is blood. And darkness. And now she's the one being carried off deck.

Raymesin checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Raymesin fails.

Raja checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Raja is successful.

"You think you can shed the blood of my family AND LIVE?!" Never before, at least as far as those present are concerned, has Lenard's voice been filled with such dark rage. Despite his failure thus far to contain it, he still tries to fight whatever possesses him. A risky thing, to fight oneself while also fighting an enemy of the likes of Lord Bartram Navegant. "We will not surrender, Lord Navegant." Lenard's voice is strained, but more himself now. More human. "Make peace with the Gods." And with these words, the Valardin prince resumes his assault with deadly intent.

Caspian is still scrambling after his weapon like a child chasing a rolling ball. Finally he manages to scoop his weapons up again and secure them, just in time to yelp and dance away from a small hail of arrows thudding into the deck where he had just been. "Gods above! watch where you are shooting those things eh?" he glanced around to see what the others were doing, moving to the railing and help fend off any would be boarders.. and maybe try to toss a spear or two.. you never know. he could get lucky.

The man who hit Azova upside the head with the pommel of his sword takes one look at Ian and decides that he's got a really important fight to get into over there, on the other side of the ship. Or maybe in the water. He came here expecting a bunch of Templars and Knights of Solace, warriors constrained by the rules of honorable combat, not a blood soaked, battle scarred Islesman with serious anger issues. The soldier who tried to coup de gras Azova is trapped under the weight of his dead friend, which just leaves Mac the Knife. He lunges towards Ian, but this time it's Ian who's too fast. He gets out of the way, grabs the man by the back of his neck, and slams his face into the deck with force backed up by the full weight of his body. It probably would have been a survivable experience, if Mac hadn't accidentally impaled himself with his own knife. Ian is thus left free to wrench his sword out of the body that it was impaled in and stumble to his feet. "Are we doing this?" He shouts to Porter as people start leaping onto the harbor.

It's at /this/ point Harlex actually reaches the harbor itself. As someone rushes toward him, they slip and he steps back. He turns his sword and stabs downward, pulls it up, then continues on without much of a thought given (visibly). There's always so much yelling, screaming, but he noticed the young Lord Dewy giving his orders and calling for them falling back. So the wolf makes his way toward the commander. Or, well, fighting his way in that direction. There's no moral grandstanding with the Sword of Lenosia it seems. He'll just keep killing his way toward someone worth killing.

Baldessare directs the fleet into the harbour, though he's a little *too* enthusiastic about it, turning one of the ships a little too soon, leaving the fleet's flank open. But yet, they make it to the docks, and Baldessare lets out a roar as he moves to jump off the ship onto one of the piers. His foot catches in a rope and he pitches off the side instead, face planting on the wood of the pier.

Insaya checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Insaya is successful.

"Time to fight our way to the keep, I think!" Porter calls out over the sound of him being stabbed by an opportunistic fellow with a sharp knife. But really, he's in no position to be making any decisions because he doesn't hit back quite so well and he's being jabbed at again. It's difficult life when you're 6'6 and easy to spot.

The Marquessa is on fire on this battle. No, no! Not literally on fire! Rather, Quenia's combat prowess is just taking a heated shine as she continues to press the battle. She's finally made it off the ship and has gone to join the others on land in the harbor. She clears a path before her, easily dispatching whatever enemy that finds themselves in her way. But, such a frenzy is her fighting that she's not really taking care to block the blows that come her way. Some get through as the blood splatters on her armor is, in fact, some of her own blood as tiny cuts here and there manage to get through her guard. She is a focused woman.

Acacia checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Acacia is successful.

The tides are turning against Velenosa again, somewhat. The ships are struggling to get into position since the enemy surely don't want them too. The Oleander is slick with blood on the deck and now an enemy ship comes up and successfully boards, a big fight breaking out. Evaristo pushes an attacker off the helm, dodges another, swings his hammer against a third, the forward momentum bringing the pick axe part into the side of the wall behind him; it gets thoroughly stuck. "Not NOW!" he shouts and tugs desperately to get it lose, while scanning the ongoing battle with a wild look in his eyes. He stays on the ship for now, to keep doing what he does best.

As the Faith fleet manages to fight its way into the harbour, Balian - Preston's perrenial squire and aide - manages to finally pause in the fighting and he sighs wearily as he sees the Grandmaster on the floor. That kind of sigh one gives when one's cat is zooming about and jumping on posts they shouldn't, but getting up to deal with it isn't quite within you. Still. They are at the harbour and the docks, and Balian had his instructions. So Balian reaches to ruffle in Preston's unconscious belt and he retrieves a small rolled up parchment and he gets to the edge of the boat and does his best to yell above the din of the maelstrom of a battle surrounding him "Despite the warning of the dutiful parent, sometimes the child errs. Sometimes the child ends up with others who lead them astray. And the parent must correct them even as they love them. For providing aid and succor to the Apostate Waldo, despite the instructions of the Most Holy, Marquis Turo Navegant is severed from the Faith and its holy community, and enters a state of excommunication. Marquis Turo is required to present himself to the Star Chamber to explain himself and..." Balian just shrugs and tosses the paper aside "You get the idea." And then he goes to take a seat watching the unconscious Preston. "What a glorious lump you are."

Raymesin bends to retrieve the knife he dropped, and as he straightens he spots something. He takes a quick step right, puts a (dagger-free) hand around Acacia's shoulder, and bodily moves her three feet left. And, right where the Culler Captain had been standing, the deck sprouts an arrowshaft and feathers. The overtall knifeman smiles ever so slightly and releases the woman again. "Some folks just don't know 'ow ter aim," he says blandly, taking up position to defend her again.

The Faith, Velenosa, and Valardin ships may be pressing forward to land and the harbor, but Aleksei is on the ship trying to get /out/. Or at least behind the combined attacking fleet, where it will be...safer? Relatively? Mildly? But it does mean that they're still the victims of harrying from the Navegant fleet, and Aleksei keeps having to dodge and duck from those incoming arrows. But, you know, he gets to stab another potential boarder! So that's good.

"Yes!" Bree is in complete agreement with Porter. She turns to a group of soldiers and sailors, commanding them to, "Stay with the ship. Guard the fallen." The rest she urges forward, the docking of their ship allowing her to charge down a quickly dropped gangplank. "Onward! For Gloria, for Gild, for the Faith!" she rallies the Templars and Knights of Solace alike, her own words of command less eloquent than Preston's, but no less effective. With blade held deftly, she leads the charge of the Faith onto the grounds of Escuma, the goal the Keep itself.

Acacia's eyes are focused upon the scene unfolding. Single minded in her work as she calls out orders to her crew. She does spare a grin for Raja as another barrage of arrows comes their way. Too late to move now, but there's Raymesin Ulbran to kindly move her out of the way.

The arrows hit with heavy thuds into the deck and redhead turns and smiles to the man, "Thanks, Ulbran," she grins back to the man and immediately returns to command.

"HOLD TRUE!" Acacia calls out into the fray. Chin high, eyes hard, she does not shirk for her goal. Thanks to her comrades, she's apparently unstoppable today.

Drake has seemingly lost his sea legs in the chaos, and his wounds are piling up. It takes heroic effort to keep to his feet, as the deck is slippery with water and blood. He at least manages that. But the rest, not so much, as facing down the enemy Lord, his strength falters. Another strike lays into his side in the field of battle, and his grip on his sword, slick with sea water and blood, is too loose for him to get a strong purchase.

And now with ships having fully penetrated the harbor, the docks and the streets connected to them have broken out into bloodshed. The Navegant guard and what faux Templars and Knights of Solace who are still on land will rush to defend, attempting to harry and bleed the offenders before they can start sweeping the streets of their holding. Much the false Faith's response is disorganized at this point, and the leadership of it seems contained to captains and lower ranking officers that are just trying to fight on.

Citizens of Escuma, whoever hasn't already fled, are fleeing now. The screams of civilians fill the city and there's massive panic. The Faith is here. Two great houses are here, and the people who will suffer the worst for their lord's decision now know the full reality of it.

The fleet may have been strangely slow to react to the attack (or, perhaps, not so strangely, given Turo's absence), but it's clear Escuma was prepared for the attackers to hit land. Navegant pulls back in a fighting retreat, first to the docks and then to the streets, without breaking, but they don't form any sort of line to take the invaders head on. Instead, archers bristle on the top of buildings and soldiers choose the narrowest parts of the streets to hold until they start to be overwhelmed, at which point they pull back again. Lord Dewy's orders to make the invaders fight for every inch are followed to a grim, determined degree. The harbor was cleared of civilians, but as they move into the city proper more can be seen fleeing behind Navegant's soldiers, terrified screams and shouts as they run for any sort of shelter that might be found. Dewy gives them the time for it. He's not at the immediate front - he has to command - but he's not out of sight either, and his bloodied sword remains unsheathed and well used as he calls orders. Fight and back. Fight and back. Arrows reign down. This is Navegant's city, and most of them have known it since they were children. This is going to be a bloody, bloody battle.

The Valardin retinue has chosen death. Lenard, Emma, Insaya, and Drake are unapologetic in their assault, using their numbers and strength to force Bartram onto the defensive. He retreats, slowly, blocking and turning each swing that he cannot successfully sidestep. Mabelle falls, but he is not afforded an opportunity to celebrate -- the entirety of his attention fixed upon those pressing their advantage, each wild strike steadily whittling away at the remainder of his reserves. One riposte results in a swift disarming of Count Wyvernheart, though the peer is clipped in the process. He hisses, grimacing beneath helm, and prepares to retaliate --

But freezes.

"Lord Navegant!" The voice, harsh, comes from the deck of the peer's flagship. He turns, momentarily distracted, just in time to observe the vessel as it is charged by a Lycene galley. The impact shatters boards and iron and sends sailors plummeting ten feet into the air. Now, the battle -- here, at sea -- was surely lost. Bartram's gaze returns to the Dragons that have surrounded him. "In vengeance is what you seek, follow me. But it will cost you dearly," the commander warns, continuing to backpedal, his intent to return to and defend his marines.

The Oathlanders must choose: kill the admiral or leave their allies vulnerable ashore.

It would seem there are a few daring.. or stupid asshats that are on the ship of mysterious people doing mysterious things. The last of their boarders fall and the fleets move past them and to the shores. Raja moves to the fore, blood dripping from her blade and fromt he wound of her shoulder. She looks out to the lands beyond with a neutral, passive expression. "We should wait here until things are calm.. and then deliver the news?"

Quenia checks charm and diplomacy at hard. Quenia is successful.

Bree checks charm and empathy at hard. Bree is successful.

Evaristo checks charm and manipulation at hard. Evaristo is successful.

Raja has left the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Emma has left the Valardin.

Emma has joined the Valardin.

There is a pause in battle, at least for Quenia, as she observes what is going on around her. She's been paying attention to Dewy's actions, the care he is taking to see as many people as safe as possible. She's also knows he's only following through with the attacks based on a sense of duty to his family. She's seen it for herself during her first battle with the man. She makes a decisive decision and steps forward. "Lord Dewy Navegant!" the Marquessa calls out, making sure her voice carries as far as it can. "The battle at sea is lost and we are at your doors. You and I both know that each life is precious, yet here we are, at odds with one another. How many more lives need be lost before this day is through? How many innocent citizens must be killed for a battle you don't even want to be part of? They don't want to be part of? Do the right thing. End the bloodshed. If not for your own benefit, then the benefit of your people, so that they might survive. There's been enough blood spilled. Allow the Faith to do what they must and keep your people safe."

After checking on Preston, making sure the man won't die, Gaspard finally steps off the ship after clearing whatever enemies remain. His movements are now slowed a bit, a hand to his side as he walks surely back into battle on the shore.

Bree is decorated in the blood of the enemies of the Faith, and her sword has been used to cut back their number. She pushed the Faith onward in Preston's stead, and yet the screams of those unarmed, undesirous of a fight, unable to defend themselves fills her ears. She hesitates, her hand thrown out to shove off an assault. "Lord Dewy Navegant, hear me! The people of your city are afraid! They do not want this fight!" She holds out her hand to stop the further charge of the Faith, to stall them for a moment. "We do not come to hurt the innocents, but you and I both know the causalities of war are never confined to soldiers alone. Surrender and save your people! Surrender Lord Turo Navegant to us! Stop this rebellion before it is too late. Please, do not be foolish!" Her voice joins Quenia's and Evaristo's, the three of them clearly urging an end to the battle before it can reach its most bloody.

Raja has joined the WHAT SHIP IS THAT.

Evaristo has managed to pry lose his war pick, and then made it on board the docks with a group that fight their way forward, till he joins with Quenia. He wipes some sweat off his brow and looks up, studying the young Lord that has been commanding so well. "You gave us a real fight! You're young and clever, and it's not at all too late for you and this city. What good will it do anyone if you don't surrender? Listen, we don't want to do it, but we will if we have to. Think about the future, eh? It's honourable to surrender now, to honourable enemies. It's the right thing, and you will be lauded for it."

In the moment when Bree halts the Faith's charge, Ian takes the opportunity to swap out his sword for his cane in preparation for going onto land where there's not a lot of stuff to hang onto as a steady for his balance. He pauses as he returns to Porter's side and watches the mysterious ship sail off, shading his eyes to observe the people on the deck, first with a hint of concern, and then with a smile edged with mischief.

Porter isn't giving any speeches or attempting to negotiate, but as he seems to be //moderately// bleeding, he's going to take this moment to lean against a barrel and assess that situation. His hand comes away red and he looks over to Ian and shrugs, quipping, "Really, this could be a lot worse, I think. I need a new tabard anyway."

Ian turns his gaze from the escaping ship to the chaos of tangled rigging, sinking or sunken ships, blood, and bodies, and replies to Porter: "Could have been worse, yes." His leg is still bleeding, but the whole point of wearing black is that it doesn't show the blood, and he already walks funny enough that if he's limping, it doesn't show.

Harlex has found his way onto the streets and onto the roof of a tannery as soldiers rush past him. The fighting grows bloody and intense. But he is unscathed, his Whisperer is drunk and sticky with the good work, resting on his shoulder, and now the negotiators begin their dance. He uses a still scalding arrow to light a cigarillo and wait, squatted, observing. As if he's taking a fifteen minute break in the midst of the battle. "Now that the cattle's all dead, time to throw the lifeline to the silk." He murmurs. "Wheel keeps on spinnin'."

Lord Dewy Navegant halts as he's addressed directly. He's breathing heavily now, blood running down the side of his face from a cut along his temple, blood on his sword, blood from where he's suddenly developed a painful limp. He gives a sharp gesture toward the soldiers around him, and for just a moment, Navegant stops, weapons bristling, bows bent. There's almost silence below the screaming of fleeing citizens. He looks at Quenia. At Evaristo. Last to Bree. When he finally speaks, his voice is, for the first time, a little unsteady, and only just loud enough to carry. "...I don't know where he is," the young man says in a tone of confession. "He was going to lead our defense." Pause. "We can't find him." He looks across, studying the faces of his soldiers. Grim. Determined. Frightened. Then back to the invaders. The wait's likely only half a minute or less, but it's a long, long time regardless.

"We're all bound by our oaths," Dewy says at last. "Spare my men. Spare their families. Spare the city. Do that and I'll order them to stand aside." A little bit of steel enters his tenor again. "Or Escuma will bloody you for every step forward."

Of all the forces, Valardin has taken the greatest loses, and this realization does nothing to deter Emma's steadfast determination. She watches as Lord Bartram Navegant retreats back to his ship, realizing the battle is lost, but she calls after him, "Surrender, and spare the rest of your men!" It does not matter that the White Dragon is stained crimson with blood, that her platinum tresses are tangled with sweat and gore, that her body quivers beneath the strain of maintaining her wounds. What matters is protecting her family, protecting her ship, and while she glances ashore, seeing the chaos there, she leaves that pursuit up to her compatriots - she cannot abandon her cousin, who is steadfastly focused on the pursuit of the Admiral.

She will not abandon her family in their hour of need ever again. However, her own pursuit isn't bloodthirsty, not without reason - capture before kill would be an apt description of her goals, though there is little mercy in war when forced to it.

"I cannot allow you to flee this place, Lord Navegant. Not after the blood shed. Heed my cousin, or die." As Emma correctly surmises, Lenard cannot, will not, let this go. The bloodlust can still be seen in his eyes, only partially contained, not at all aided by the sight of a fleeing foe. He pursues at once, but mercifully not alone. Chaos and violence should not be a man's sole companions.

Given that this is the Faith's shebang and they are only there to give aid and help the faith, Quenia looks to Bree who appealed to Dewy as a member of the Faith. "Dame? What say you?" she asks, after Dewy makes his request.

With the impassioned pleas for a surrender, and the admission that Turo is nowhere to be found, Lord Bartram will hold up his hands in a defensive gesture. One meant to forestall further attack for the time being from the forces of Valardin that surround him, waiting to see if both sides will accept the terms of the surrender from his cousin.

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Drake scrambles to the deck to grab his dropped blade, costing him some time. The Valardin warriors who are less wounded are still surrounding the Admiral, and Drake gets to his weapon again after a bit of fumbling. His dedication to hiding his wounds is starting to falter as he realizes just how much of a beating he took while he was unarmed. He takes a moment to catch his breath, and regroup. It will be good to get off of this boat... but perhaps, the enemy will surrender. For the moment Drake leans against the railing as he takes in one ragged breath, and prepares to disembark.

Evaristo bows to Lord Dewy and then does the Velenosa naval salute. "Lord Dewy, as commander of the Velenosa armada, I give my word. I will send out the orders. Please have understanding that it might take some time to do so, but if anyone breaks the order, they will be swiftly punished." Without hesitation, Evaristo gives orders to the officers with him and sends them out to relay them to the Velenosa combatants, to immediately seize attacking the citizens and stop looting, and only fight if attacked. Anyone not following this command will be brought to swift and harsh justice.

The crack in Dewy's voice, the evidence that he is young and human and does not want to see his people fall, has Bree lowering her arm. Like the young lord forced into a position of leadership, she has worn the mantle of command with reluctance, but here they both stand forced to make decisions for the people who follow them. She takes a moment to think, to weigh the path forward, but her words follow Evaristo's, and offer an answer to Quenia's question, "The Faith accepts. Step forward and sound the laying down of arms, and we will do the same." She calls a touch louder, "Step forth and turn yourself over to the true Faith."

There's no flicker of pity in Ian's stony expression for Dewy's plight; he's heard enough of what the man did to the thralls Caspian tried to free at Stormward that even if he were a person inclined towards pity, which he isn't, he'd still have no fucks to give about the young Navegant lieutenant. In fact, a ghost of a dark smile flickers over his mouth, like someone who's quietly enjoying the punchline of an inside joke.

Lenard similarly pauses in his movement when Bartram raises his hands. There yet remains self-control within this particular Valardin, and likewise he waits for the conclusion of negotiations, and whether the surrender is accepted.

Emma's sky blue gaze casts out, peering upon the shore, watching, waiting, listening. Her longsword is temporarily lowered to her side. The fighting upon the ship is still, as all await word: is it over?

Fully set upon their task the Quicksilver's crew moves fast. Wasting no time, the course is charted and sailing past the bulk of the battle to come upon one of the Faith's mercy ships. Friendly flags waved by order of the captain. "Ahoy! Permission to come along side! We need a parley! We have presents you might like," Acacia calls out to the ship with a nod to her Raja, Raymesin Caspian and Aleksei.

Quenia lets out a quiet breath when Bree accepts Navegant's surrender. She turns her attention back to Dewy and moves to stand with the Velenosa contingent as the Faith takes command of the situation. She's wholly focused on events on the ground, watching to make sure no mischief is afoot.

It's not as long as before, but it feels long regardless. Dewy gazes at the three speaking to him, and there is, for just a moment, a flicker of fear followed by iron. He steps forward. The men immediately around him protest, one even reaches out to catch at his sleeve, but he shushes them, and offers a weak smile. It's gone when he looks front. He takes one more step, drops to a knee, and then lays his bloodied blade flat on the ground in front of him. The soldiers immediately behind him drop to a knee and lay their weapons down, while one sounds a horn to signal the same. Horns echo it. All across the streets, Navegant stands down.

At Acacia's shout, Ian looks back, and then says something to Bree and Porter in a low voice.

When the Quicksilver moves in range of one of the Mercy ships, Aleksei also moves forward on the deck to offer a follow-up shout to Acacia's. "First Liberator Aleksei Morgan! We have a prisoner for the Carnifex who needs medical attention!"

Raja hangs out on the ship. Is she eating pie? Yes. She is quiet, bleeding from her shoulder.. and eating pie.

Insaya stands behind Emma and Lenard looking at the admiral. A hard look. Sometimes orders are not obeyed. And that is a tragedy. "The Sentinel watches and weighs our deeds," she intones low, low down.

There's something about this scene that speaks to Evaristo's bardic vein. His black and purple steelsilk cloak flutter dramatically as if it agrees. He bows his head respectfully at Dewy and gives the young man a surprisingly warm and sympathetic smile. "Signal the Valardin and our ships!" Evaristo calls back to his officers. "Hurry up! Send word out quickly, let's save all we can. Start setting up stations to treat all wounded. ALL wounded, including the Navegants and... those other people," he says and waves a hand, not sure what to call the fake Faith ones.

Normally it might be Azova who would greet those wanting to parlay with a Mercy ship! But, she is unconscious right now, and so Sister Marie steps forward to greet Acacia and Aleksei, ushering them onboard with their prisoner without question. "Bless you both. Yes please, bring the prisoner aboard and we will see to them immediately. The Carnifex is... undergoing medical treatment as well at the moment. So you're welcome to remain to keep an eye on the prisoner if you like."

Raymesin follows Aleksei and Acacia aboard the Mercy ship. "Yeah, I'll keep an eye on the present for yer," says the overtall man clad all in black, with a smile that's more tooth than warmth.

With the acceptance of Navegant's surrender, the Faith, Valardin, and Veleneso forces will sweep through the city and take full occupancy. What's left of the guard and military forces will be rounded up and kept under lock and key in the barracks until such a time as the Faith is prepared to declare on their state.

The Faith and her allies will march to the keep, unimpeded now that the resistance has been called to a halt. Frightened citizens watch from behind cracks in their shutters as the soldiers march through the streets.

At the keep, they'll find Marquessa-Consort Arcelia and her children. She doesn't put up a fight, but like Lord Dewy, she seems to genuinely have no knowledge of where her husband is. And it's not something told out of defiance, she is distraught and accuses the Faith of having killed him.

It takes more time, but the Templars turn up the Navegant steward, a man named, Jeremy. The man is bloody and bruised and he shouts to all who will listen that some deranged kidnappers attacked him violently and when he woke up, the Marquis was gone. The Templars arrest him too. Along with Lord Dewy, and Lady Arcelia.

They find only whispered traces of Waldo, indications that he had been here recently. But now is not.

Some may notice that the unidentified ship from the heat of battle, stops by the Mercy ships beyond the holding's wall. They spend some time there before sailing off again.

The rebellion in Escuma has been put down, Navegant is left without leadership. Who will replace Turo? A question perhaps, best put to House Kennex given this is their vassal. But for now the fate of those who resisted the Faith today remain murky until an official verdict is given.

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"Thank you, lady. This one will need tending to I reckon," she Acacia nods once to the woman as she orders the ship along side to transfer the prisoner. To Aleksei and Raymesin, she offers an upnod as the disembark the Quicksilver. "You want to stand over the package, Raja? Now's the time, lass," the tall leather-clad woman nods to the mercy's ship. "We'll stand guard until the rest are disengaged."

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"Aye, I'll stay," Aleksei says with a confirming nod. "You can stay, or if you feel safer making your way back to Arx, do whatever you need," he adds to Acacia. To Marie, he offers a tense, mildly bloodied smile of his own. "Thank you, Sister. Some of us might need a few bandages as well, but I don't think any of us are too badly off." The 'prisoner' looks like he's been, uh. Wrapped in a sack?

Scraps puts a sparkling star iron tiara featuring two elegantly carved dragons framing a pink dawnstone in Panic and Scraps' Box Of Dearly Departed Armor RIP.

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Raja grins a huge grin at something Acacia whispers to her. "What? I'm hungry. And I bought this pie. I am gonna eat it." She takes another bite of her pie and then hands it over to Acacia. "Yeah. I will watch over the prisoner." She says with a smile. "Enjoy the pie!" She peels from the railing and moves to climb onto the Mercy vessel along with their prisoner. Though, it is a little difficult for her to climb.. she needs a little help since she has a piece of an arrow shaft still sticking out of her shoulder.

"And let you have all the fun? Nothing doing," Acacia calls back to Aleksei with a grin as she watches her passengers and their package, aka. prisoner, settle upon the mercy's ship. "We'll wait till everyone is clear. No sense dividing forces yet. We'll head out when you're all safe."

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Ian breaks away from Porter and Bree, leaving them to handle the logistics of the Faith's accepting of the Navegant surrender, and makes his way back onto the deck of the ship he just left, and then to where the people from the Mysterious Ship have spilled onto it. He's smiling, really smiling, with a warmth lighting his normally cold, electric eyes. "Blasted glad to see all of you safe and sound."

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