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Iron Guard

Words: "Iron and blood."
Sigil: Two crossed iron swords.
Nickname: Watchmen

As old as Arx itself, the Iron Guard has long existed as a combination of the City Watch and standing military force under control of the sovereign of the Compact, a separate force distinct from either the vassals that can be rallied by calling their banners and the personal guard of the crown, the King's Own. Primarily focused on keeping the peace and maintaining order, the Guard is only tangentially interested in prosecuting crimes, tending to dispense ready justice in an arbitrary fashion to the Crownsworn, and turning those sworn to a great house to their own lords for judgment. Clashes in authority between the Guard and the Inquisition have grown increasingly common over the past few centuries, with extreme cases resulting in actual bloodshed between Iron Guardsmen and Confessors of the Inquisition.


Name Rank Title Description
Everard(RIP) 1 Lord Commander
Felicia(RIP) 2 Captain
Calaudrin 9 Liaison Deputy Commander
Serafine(RIP) 10 Departed
Killian(RIP) 10 Departed
Estaban(RIP) 10 Departed
Jyri(RIP) 10 Departed Deputy Commander
Rymarr(RIP) 10 Departed Field General
Tessa(RIP) 10 Departed Diplomatic Auxiliary
Rayne 10 Departed
Hickson 10 Departed