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Combat Exposition

A celebration of the art and practice of martial styles, the Southport Combat Exposition puts the handiwork of arms and armor craftsmen alongside the presentations of the fighting styles of the Compact.


Jan. 14, 2017, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Eirene Calypso


Niccolo(RIP) Felix Luca(RIP) Monique Juliet(RIP) Tristram Asger(RIP) Costas(RIP) Max(RIP) Torian Joscelin Leta Neve Freja(RIP) Darrow(RIP) Vena Serafine(RIP) Calandra Deva Silas Eleyna Tobias Bianca Cassandra Lou Kima Kieran Darren Inigo(RIP) Lailah Anze(RIP) Valencia Ansel Hadrian Sylvie Zhayla(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Southport Square

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Hadrian looks ill; his eyes have dark circles around them, his features look colorless and pale, and even his slim

Inigo stands to the side of the square, casually leaning against the entrance to the Training Center. His blue eyes scanning the crowd as more individuals move in to join, nodding at familiar faces and wondering at those he doesn't recognize. Smiles delivered to all.

Calypso steps over to Darrow and inclines her head. "There was a drop out in the tournament. Your name is first on the list to step in. Would you like the position?" She nods as well to Max, giving the bird a bit of a look, but she seems pleasant none the less.

Maximilian glances to Calypso.... "Room for two, my lady General, or just the one? And never mind Pariah. I never really know what he means."

Eirene isn't paying attention to the gathered. She is coordinating the merchants, setting a set of hairpins on display. Her healers have all gathered on standby, looking anxious for a true test of their training.

"Just the one for the moment. I can put you on the list for alternates though should any others drop out." Calypso says to Max.

Hadrian continues: slim form has broad shoulders somewhat sagging. Nonetheless, he appears to be forcing a sort of liveliness, made apparent by smiles that don't quite reach his eyes. The monkey, Joboo, even seems a bit somber. Though it does screech at the bird warningly.

Maximilian nods. "certes." Says Maximilian. "It's good to see you, Lady General. I gave some thought to what you were saying.. and I think you're right. But I do so -love- my branding."

1 Grayson Guardsmen arrives, following Lou.

Meowlarice, Serafine arrive, following Leta.

Darrow inclines his head to Calypso. "I will, Lady General." The austere features on the man's face barely change, and he looks to Calypso, stoic, then to Maximilian. "I am not rude, cousin. See? They are asking me to fight them. It would be rude to refuse." He reaches to his back, pulling a long flail from a strap there. Undoing some leather ties- sends the tear-drop heads of the mace free.

    Ansel Telmar arrives, escorting Monique politely on his arm. He pauses briefly at the entrance to the Square, taking in the change of scenery and the decorations for the Exposition. He continues walking then, angling towards one of the booths displaying a particularly interesting collection of armor. "Had you finished acquiring your new armor, my lady?" he asks, looking to Monique. "This might be an opportune occasion to do some shopping," he points out.

Gustaf, Freja arrive, following Anze.

Calypso smirks just a touch. "If ever there were a man who loved his branding, it would be you, Count Darkwater. I'll add your name to the list though in case there are more last minute adjustments." She nods to Darrow and pulls out a scroll, making a little note. "Wonderful, Lord Darrow. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the match."

Darrow wields a deadly flail with three spiked steel teardrops.

Maximilian claps his cousin on the back of the shoulder. "Well done. We shall make a diplomat of you yet. Well, make the house proud." ANd with that, Maximilian and Pariah the Monkey-Fighitng Bird on this Monday-through-friday COunt step over to Hadrian. "Your Grace." A pause. And then a bow. A real bow, not sarcastic or sketched. Pariah has so few things he's trained to do, but here, he does it. He too, bows. Dipping his head and spreading his wings.

"Maximilian of Darkwater. We've met only in passing."

    A bit on the shorter side, Vena arrives and looks around the area silently. She has left her daughter with a friend in case she is called up from the list of reserves. Even if she isn't, she can at least enjoy the show. Looking to be in her late twenties, Vena and especially her Redrain-styled lamellar cuirass might be recognized by anyone who has followed the pit-fighting circuit for years. She goes through the process of letting those organizing things that she is present if she is called up, otherwise she simply makes her way over to a spot where she can watch the bouts.

Wending his way through the crowd, Costas pulls up unobtrusively at the elbow of the Lady General, settling into a slouched version of the parade rest. He pushes back the deep hood of his cloak and sets to reticently surveying growing throng.

Monique is wearing a new, and far more 'functional' outfit than her usual gown or dress. She seems to move a little easier, smile a little wider. Her hip-length hair is left to swing freely in fiery locks around her, some smaller braids at her temples helping to keep the rest of the mass out of her face. Walking along with Ansel, she chuckles and shakes her head, "I haven't, no. But... you're absolutely right, and I'm going to enjoy looking around at what this exposition has to offer! I still want to get a steel corset to wear with a dress.. maybe some vambraces or bracers as well."

Leta arrives in something of a hurry, still trying to tousle her hair just right and rub the sleep off her face, with Serafine not far behind. The sellsword halts, and looks to the knight, plus the kitten the knight is carrying, "Do I look properly - proper?" she asks, looking down at herself in her mixed and matched suit of armor, picking a few stray cat hairs off her brigandine once she notices them. Then it's time to look around and search the premises. "Right. Got to - talk to someone, I wager."

Anze steps into the Southport Square with Freja in tow, he stole her! "Been a while sis, you should get out more. Figure this is good a place as any eh? Get to watch some people beat tha spirits outta each other an tha like"

Bianca arrived sans her usual formal House regalia and instead adorned in far simpler garments. A bare glance was given briefly about to take in both the layout and collection of those already present before she bee-lined it for the refreshments table with very little further pause.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Along comes Tobias Telmar, clad in his traditional crimson and black tunic, the Crimson Blades sigil front and center. Taking a moment to sweep his gaze over those gathered, Tobias moves off to one side and crosses his arms at his chest. He leans back into a wall before he gives a smile to the energy of the crowds. His scabbarded sword is periodically adjusted. If Ansel looks his way, he gets a friendly wave.

Seeing Deva briefly in the crowd, Monique goes up on her toes, waving towards the Princess, "DEVA!" She flashes a grin and motions her over.

Chuckling at Leta, Serafine says, "You look properly proper. Dashing too." She shifts the kitten in her arms and leans forward to murmur something to the sellsword, before squeezing her shoulder and kissing her cheek. "Good luck!"

"And what if I plain ole don't want to?" Freja remarks to Anze in deadpan as she enters alongside him. "I rather like my rooms. I've grown fond of them."

Niccolo arrives to the square, with Eleyna on his arm. He walks unhurriedly, studying those already gathered with a curious expression. Spotting Calypso, the Velenosa duke starts walking in her direction. "My lady," he greets the Malvici woman, with a glance to those around them. "This is a very nice showing of people," he offers to her. He leans in then, to speak to the woman quietly.

"Well, tough shit!" Anze says happily to Freja, giving his sister a little nudge "I bet Calypso will be happy to see you anyhow eh?"

Silas arrives in the company of his squire, a scruffy teenage boy who made an impressive showing during the last melee he hosted. For once, he gets to fight, and the new Lord Commander of the Iron Guard seems unusually excited as he converses with his pupil. The squire, for his part, seems to just nod along uncertainly. He stops in his chatter to halt and offer the hostess a polite bow in greeting. "Greetings, m'lady. Thank you again for the prior invite. I'm looking forward to the evening."

Cassandra marches into the square alone, arms folded behind her back and with a reserved if somewhat grim look on her face. Wasting no time however, she sets her dark gaze on the circle constructed as she approaches it.

Asger arrives, following Valencia.

Of to one side of the gathering warriors, a figure in full gear of some exotic serpent-scaled blue-and-purple armor, dark grey cloak, and rubicund helm was dancing through a series of precise graceful sword stances with a rose gold rubicund saber blade that is about the plainest thing on the field today. A few might recognize the plain blade as belonging to a certain feckless prince of the Velenosa, but none would recognize the unique armor with its emblazoned blackbird with blood-dripping wings. Luca the Lazy is in attendance, despite fact he's been drafted just recently into bodyguard detail for the visiting night elves. And apparently he's finally given in and gotten himself some armor for that detail. This fight today is as much to show off Kenemir's skill as a leather worker as it is to let the Languid Prince get the kinks worked out of how to actually fight weighed down. It's been years since he did anything but fight in silk shirt and comfortably tight pants. As he comes to conclusion of his sword dances, he's reaching up to flip back the dark hood and pull free the gleaming helm with its red-purple faceplate disguising him, revealing a familiar handsome Lycene face and sweat-streaked black hair pushed back. "Abyss take me!!! How do you people fight in these get ups for entire battles?!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

    The Telmar tarries a little while longer at the armor booth with Monique, nodding at the lady's words. "This would certainly be the place to find it," he remarks, in return. Ansel glances towards the growing crowd, noting a few familiar faces, scanning over the growing assortment of folks as they file in to the Exposition grounds. He spots a waving hand, looking down to the waver, and noting Tobias with a nod in greeting, not overly friendly, but not curt. Somewhere in between.

Calypso glances to Costas when he is suddenly right next to her. She smirks just a touch. "Everything in order?" She asks of him as she watches the Gates at the front of the square and the people pouring in to them. One par seems to catch her attention though. She nods to Anze -and- Freja! "Freja, looks like they dragged you out of your dungeon finally. Nice to see you." She turns then to Niccolo and nods. "And you as well." She says with a fint smile before leaning in to exchange quiet words.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Calandra arrives in the square while wearing her pale linen dress. Soft dark locks reach to her small waist. She glances over the area, trying to get sense of the place. A warm smile is given to Luca, one that brings her dimples and touches her dark eyes.

Valencia arrives walking happily beside the bold and brave Lord Asger. She stops and smiles to see such a large and esteemed crowd gathered for the even. Smiling up at Asger, she grins, "This will be VERY interesting I imagine."

Eirene drops mahogany knot-work hairpins with inlaid tourmaline.

Deva starts to crumple up the missive in her hand as she looks around, finally coming to a stop and looking every which way. Clearly not satisfied, she unfurls the paper and begins smoothing it out on her thigh so she can scribble off a short reply and hand it back to the fleeing courier. Hearing her name, she looks up at Monique and-- waves? Her smile is small and restrained.

Freja is in her scouting leathers, the weather stained ones she must have first ridden down from the North in given how the smell of winter and ash still clings to them. There is mud all over the white boots, leaves and twigs in her hair and even a smudge of dirt across her nose. She scowls at her brother and pulls up her hood to better avoid his direct eye contact. "You're an ass, y'know that right?" she oh so helpfully informs him. Then her name is being shouted aloud to announce her presence and she visibly winces, turning her sharp eyes to see the source. Her lips twitch when she sees, as if a smile may have ALMOST escaped. "Ah, my Southern twin. If it is a dungeon, it is a self-imposed one. I rather like my bindings I fashioned. Whiskey bottles are fine company." she defends.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Luca before departing.

Hadrian returns the bow with a slight one of his own, "Hadrian Malvici," he greets the Count, his own feature haggard and weary but forced to put on a more lively air, grin not quite taking to his eyes. "Ah, yes, I recall. How goes, Count?"

Eleyna arrives on Niccolo's arm, looking not at -all- designated for combat in her red silk dress and pearl-strewn hairnet. Yet, despite her lack of martial appearance, the princess does seem keenly interested in the goings-on, cast a special glance for the hairpins on display with an almost longing look. She releases Niccolo's arm when he speaks to Calypso and offers him a few murmured words as she steps back.

Felix walks into the square with a couple of swords underarm and in their scabbards. He's wearing his usual ensemble of red shirt and leather breeches, whistling along as he winds his way through the crowd. Even steps carry him along until he finally stops near where weapons can be displayed. The swords are both displayed prominently along with some assorted replicas. More is brought in by a couple of laborers until he's got a nice set-up. The replicas aren't for sale, obviously, but just display a number of different styles of weaponry.

Inigo slips through the crowd, angling for his cousin Duke. He nods to those he passes, mouthed words of apology when he bumps into an errant gatherer. As the young lord nears he nods respectfully to the man with his parrot before turning to Hadrian appraising his countenance with a concerned look on his face. "Afternoon, Cousin... are you well?"

Lou arrives with her guard in tow. She pauses, looking to the rather large crowd. The Expo seems to be a rather big success! "Wow." That's all the explorer princess has to say. This whole place is done up nicely. Lou walks along in her leather armor, looking to more unique, fancy armors as she passes. Luca's armor is gazed upon with a bit of admiration. Her hands tuck behind her back as she moves along.

Calypso spots Cassandra in the crowd and inclines her head to the woman. "Archlechtor Cassandra. I'm glad you could make it. Such a thing I hope pleases Gloria." She nods to the fighting ring. She replies though to Freja easily. "My twin of the North. People make great companions along side those whiskey bottles. I'll get my time with you if I have to sneak in to your room to get it." She threatens with a smile. "I know where you live." Another quick glance to Anze. He'd help her with this, right?

"Very well," Niccolo dips his head in response to Calypso's quiet words. He then leans in to say something to Eleyna, kissing his niece on the cheek. "I should get ready," he explains, with a nod to the princess. Looking up, he sees Anze and Freja and lifts a hand in greeting to both. He steps in their direction. "Anze, Your Highness," he greets both Anze and Freja. "How are you both today?"

Maximilian steps closer to Hadrian, then turns, to himself to the mans left side, voice lowered, not blocking his peoples view of their Duke.

Once a glass of wine was in hand, Bianca would make her way through the crowd toward the couple of seaborn, Darrow and Max, quietly approaching their side with a small nod and barely there smile to announce her presence rather than interrupting any whisperings. Beyond that she simply quietly watched the arrivals pour through the gates, noting familiar faces with mild gestures of greeting.

Leta leans in closer to Serafine to listen to the murmur, and manages to stiffen only slightly at the kiss. It'll be lost in the crowd. "Right! Wager I am, at that." the sellsword takes a step back, rests her hands on her waist, a hip lightly canted to one side, an eyebrow angled high, and gives the Knight a cocky little cheek-dimpling grin and a wink. Then, back to Arvum, she squares herself and searches the assembled folk until she locates Calypso and aims herself in that direction.

Eirene raises a hand to greet Felix and hurries over to assist with the setup, directing Malvici retainers to unload and set up his wares. Her own leathers are oiled a slick black with their red and gold flames against them, and her braids are more ornate- black and white separated in elegant strands. While she usually wears them pinned she has set the hairsticks down beside a second pare- one of Felix beside Ida's for contrast.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Asger laughs and nods aside to Valencia as he walks beside her "And if we're lucky then we might get to see some blood spilt, my friend." The large red haired man looking about at the various displays with interest.

"You'll have more luck coming to my rooms than getting me out of the ward these days." Freja mutters to Calypso as she nears her, though the prickly and whatthefuckaretheyfeedingher tall Northern woman does give Calypso a fond and genuine one-armed hug before the festivities begin. She catches Niccolo's wave and offers him a respectful nod of greeting. "Entirely too sober and yourself, Duke?"

Squeezing Ansel's arm, she smiles up at him, "So it would seem. And apparently to see /everyone/ as well! Are you signed up to fight today?" She moves along with him, offering a friendly smile towards Tobias when they pass by. GLancing back to Ansel, she lifts a brow at him, "What about you? Are you looking to pick anything up?"

Lost among the nobility, Zhayla turns, jumping to try to spot a familiar face over all the other heads (and shoulders, and backs) in her way. She's mostly at a loss, which means she just climbs up on top of a crate of wares to watch and wait in eager anticipation.

"All's well, Lady General." Costas replies, ever-watchful, his calm stormblue eyes settling from time to time on sudden movements and the flash of weaponry. "Though this crowd is somewhat larger than expected and so.." He eyes the few nobles already set to strutting about with weapons drawn. "Well, I suppose we shall see. Surely all can be trusted to behave themselves." Though his expression sheds some doubt, and he asides to one of the soldiers, who takes off down the hill toward the Training Center.

Hadrian chuckles a bit genuinely at whatever Maximilian utters, while nodding toward his cousin in confirmation, "Fine, Cousin, I am fine." The weary man utters a retort.

Sweat-streaked and grumpy in his new gear, Luca takes note of a messenger coming his way after some confused wandering. Taking up the note with saber sheathed and helmet under arm, he reads it, smirks, then looks out to the crowd of gathering onlookers. Calandra gets noticed, a rakish sort of half-grin and nod cast her way, but he's looking onward after, finally fixing on Deva, to whom he's trying to get attention rather than yelling as Monique did, but by bringing his fingers up to his lips and whistling a deeply shrill whistle that cuts through the air. And should the redhead look his way, he's spreading his hand not holding the helm as if to say 'well, what do you think?'. After getting her response and returning a wave, he's moving towards his family members, looking grimmer than the usual lazy Luca, but seeking to give a quick hug to Eleyna and a murmured comment to Niccolo as he sidles up in that supple reptilian duelist gear.

Upon seeing Duke Hadrian, Calandra drops into a graceful curtsy. "You Grace." She says, seeming to know him at least a little bit. The delicate Whisper then notices Max a moment later, her smile to his warm and touches her dark eyes. "And Count Dark Water."

    Vena finds a place to settle in, and offers a warm smile and a wave to Valencia upon seeing her moving about. Her attention is otherwise focused on the area set aside for the bouts examining it closely.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

"Aye, I don't want to have to take tha door off its hinges, so, you should probably just see your twin every once in a while dear sister. An also not act like I'm f'an draggin you to your f'an death." Anze says happily to Freja and grins at Calypso "quite tha turnout" He nods to Niccolo "Niccolo, Eleyna, good to see yah both"

Eirene drops Renewal, a steel longsword.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Deva before departing.

Sasha, a smoke-gray mountain lion arrives, following Tristram.

Tristram arrives, seeming to be in a tad of a hurry; he looks around and approaches Ansel.

    "I wasn't expecting a crowd of quite this size..." remarks Ansel, in return to Monique's reply, nodding his agreement. "Starting to fill up.." he adds, before nodding in reply a moment. "I believe so," he says, calmly. "I'm interested to see how it looks." To her question about shopping, he shakes his head slightly, before reaching to lay a hand against the blade sheathed at his side. "Not after Dame Ida just finished my most recent commission," he replies, with a small smile. "As always, it was very impressive work."

Eirene is brought a blade by one of Hana's apprentices and sets it alongside the display weapons. She motions to her aide and whispers something. Carissa nods and runs along to relay the message to the Duke and the Lady General.

Inigo smiles at Hadrian, not quite believing his assurance but not questioning him nonetheless. Inigo turns his gaze to the man standing with him and inclines his head respectfully, "M'lord I don't believe we've met. I'm Lord Inigo Malvici, Duke Hadrian is my cousin, he's a wonderful guy."

"I'll have to remain sober for a little bit longer," Niccolo replies to Freja, looking at those gathered. "As it appears I'll be fighting today," he notes to her and Anze both. He looks over to Luca when he approaches, and inclines his head to the man. "Prince Nephew," he greets and then trades quiet words with the Velenosa prince.

Felix drops Riptide.

Calypso gestures back at the refreshment booth at Freja's comment. "On the house. Help yourself. Id I'm stuck with left over barrels of wine and whiskey it wouldn't be the most tragic thing that ever happened to me. But yes, help yourselves." She looks to Costas then. "I'm sure its nothing you cant handle. We should probably start encouraging everyone to their seats though. Let me make sure the whole list of fighters has arrived." She pulls out her scroll to start checking names and faces.

Felix drops Sea Brine.

Dressed in blood red southern silks that gracefully embrace sultry curves, Valencia makes her way easily through the crowds to find a better vantage point, occassionally standing up on tipstoes so she can see better. She wears her long dark waves ins soft curls swept stylishly up and held into place with a set of beautiful steel hair sticks. "All these tall people," she grins to Asgar. " I may need a ladder."

Seeing her beloved cousin Serafine, Valencia waves enthusiastically and then turns to wave happily at Vena as well. The noise and the chaos seem to agree with the radiant little raven-haired beauty today.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calypso before departing.

Eirene drops the Flame-Mender.

Maximilian smiles brightly after a quiet subtle word with Hadrian. "Why, Miss Whisper. The most beautiful new Whisper. Duke Hadrian, have you -heard- this one sing? She's marvelous. Just marvelous."

Luca remains near to Niccolo, grimacing at something, but continuing on to murmur more to him, casting an apologetic glance to Eleyna for not including her.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrives, following Darren.

Eleyna chuckles in surprise when Luca hugs her, a gesture which she returns briefly before pulling back to give him a quick look over. "Dashing, cousin. Simply dashing." She brushes a quick kiss against Luca's cheek before releasing him to have words with Niccolo. She smiles at Anze when he greets her and nods her head, "Prince Anze. How nice to see you."

"A hope we share, my lady." Cassandra notes to Calypso, giving a reserved smile, ruined by her scars. But she does not otherwise linger at the conversation, her focus going to inspecting the ring.

Hadrian had a countenance of paled features, "Count Maximilian of Darkwater, this is my cousin, Lord Inigo Malvici." His smile blossoms very briefly, "I have," he tells the Count, "I wonder if we can get her to sing here for us, audience and all, dearest Count?" He winks at Calandra, but alas, it lacks the lively mischievious nature he usually bears.

The next note Deva receives is folded without being read, tucked underneath her shirt in a hasty and distracted manner because there's a whistle getting all her focus right now. Her head turns quickly toward the source, and that's when she finally sees Luca. She approaches, briskly, hands on her hips and eyes slightly narrowed. Honestly, once she's in close enough proximity, it looks like she might either slap him hard or expression something far more affectionate. It's a thin line. The other Velenosans, at least - Eleyna, Niccolo - she bobs her head politely. The greeting for her Redrain cousins even comes with the briefest hint of a smile.

Silas turns to begin passing through the throng of people to assess the weaponry presented. The vine-themed blade catches his attention more than the others and he whistles. "A fine blade. Someone would do well to wield it in the upcoming melee," he muses outloud to his squire. Then he almost fawns over the flame-hued weapon apparently wearing Ida's maker mark. "So shiny..."

Anze will grab his own drink, he's not fighting today so drinking is in order. He takes a healthy drink.. finishing the first glass before taking a more proper drink of the second one. "Goin to be interestin to watch this all play out, it'll be fun to watch from tha benches instead of be right in tha thick of it" Anze says with a grin to Eleyna.

"Hey, don't get on -me-. Fergus is the grouch! And yes, you know being social and 'civil' is death to me. How long does public appearance count towards the weeks I can vanish?" Freja quips to Anze, as if she isn't of the exact same temperament as he. Psh. She does however reach over and muss up Anze's hair to be the pesky baby sister she is. "Spirits keep you then, Duke. Fight well - you always have. Knocked me on my ass." she admits with a snort. "I, however, will be getting plastered." And with that she fishes a flask from her boot and begins to toss back what can only be whiskey by the stench of it. She holds it up in silent toast to Calypso. To Eleyna, a curious glance is given just because the princess is in close proximity.

Darrow looks from Hadrian to Inigo as the Malvici approach his cousin Maximilian, who he's standing next to. He offers them a strict nod, standing stoic and grim, looking past to those assembling.

"Hmmm." Tobias gives under his breath as Monique smiles his way, and he gives a nod to her as well. Then, he turns his attention to the proceedings, listening in on the conversations fornow.

"Lady Eirene," Felix greets the woman with a smile. "I mostly brought general ideas of styles. My work tends to be as personalized for the wielder as it can be." Flashing another smile at her then, the large smith continues working on getting everything set up for display. "Thank you for the assist, though." Flashing her another smile then, he shifts his attention once more to the crowd at large and blinks. "So where are the drinks at?"

Tristram says, "Thank you, Lord Ansel." With that, the busy Prince, nodding and waving to the people present, hustles away."

Sasha, a smoke-gray mountain lion leaves, following Tristram.

Darren hads down to the Southport Square, his eyes casting out towards the throng of people before he settles on a familiar red head. It is to Deva that he heads straight to, nodding to Niccolo and Eleyna as well before he prods his elbow into Deva's ribcage. Call it a friendly sibling greeting. "Hello all," he grins.

Eirene grins at Felix's to the point question. "Right there, all on our house," she says with a handwave to the booze. "I put the hairpins you made me out for view so the ladies who think swords are for boys have something to admire."

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Freja has joined the A Saik Crest Bench.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Bianca tipped a quiet nod to Inigo as he approached as well. She was standing... maybe on the other side of Darrow from Max? Not sure the line-up.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Deva feels Darren's gesture before she sees him. And she's so on edge that she jumps and nearly ends up hitting him in the face with a sudden, startled movement of her hand. Accident or intentional?!

Niccolo returns Deva's polite nod with a dip of his head. He can't help the touch of a grin when Anze corrects Eleyna. "Just give in to it," he tells his niece. "Or he'll keep reminding you every time," he points out, with amusemend and an incline of his head to the Redrain man. He speaks quietly to Luca once more, and catching Darren's nod, returns it. "Your Grace," he offers respectfully to the Redrain High Lord.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Leta halts in Calypso's vicinity, as the woman appears to be checking some sort of list, and introduces herself with a deep bow of her head, waiting for a pause in more lordly introductions before speaking up, "M'Lady General. Name's Leta Broadbent - believe I'm signed up for the melee, in case I was missing from the list there." the blonde sellsword, Boroughs voice and all, shifts slightly from foot to foot as she takes a look around.

Gustaf have been dismissed.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard leaves, following Eirene.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard arrives, following Eirene.

Maximilian looks to Bianca. "Lady Wyrmguard! You are looking lovely today. I'm so pleased to see you. Are you come to see how SOuthport fights?"

Felix chuckles at Eirene and nods his head. "I like to think I make pretty things too," he replies and furrows his brows playfully at her. "Thank you, though. I appreciate that."

Freja wanders away from her brother and the others and plops down on a bench with her flask. "Enjoy, Anze." she rmarks to him along the way.

Maximilian nods once to Hadrian. "Deal."

"I'll be watching today as well. Left my armor and sword at home," Eleyna winks at Anze as she gestures to her dress before shifting her pale blue to offer nods in greeting to Deva and Darren as well as Freja.

Hadrian briefly scrutinized Leta from afar.

Anze grins when Freja tussles his hair "you're a jerk, luckily I learned long ago to keep it short so yah can't ruin my chances with women"

Darren narrowly dodges Deva's attack, a narrowed glance given over to her. "Hello to you too, sister dearest," he smirks, shaking his head and leaning to murmur something to her, before he flashes a wide and friendly grin over to Niccolo. "How are you, Duke Niccolo? I imagine you're quite busy helping with the wedding planning."

Calypso glances up from her list at Leta's approach. "Ah yes.. Leta Broadbent. I have you down right here. Thank you for making an introduction I don't believe we've met before." She extends her hand.

Bianca leaned to turn her attention more fully to Max as she was addressed, plastering on a polite smile as she nodded in return to his question. "Thank you, Count Darkwater. That was the intention, yes. Will you be taking part in the actual combat?"

    Catching sight of Anze near the other side of the crowd's edge, Ansel offers the man a wave in greeting, paired with a polite sort of nod. He angles away from the armor booth that he's been perusing with Monique, headed more towards the crowd, though still remaining outside the main body of folks. "Prince Anze, figured I'd see you at an event like this."

Calypso gestures to Anze and Vena then. "It seems Duke Gabriel and Prince Ainsley had to drop out at the last minute. Would the two of you like to take their places?"

Inigo nods to Lord Darrow, having missed him as he approached from the crowd. "My apologies my Lord, it is a pleasure to meet you as well." He steps back and to the unoccupied side of his cousin, scanning the crowd as more people stream in. A pronounced nod to Costas as he spies the man among the gathered.

Luca sees Deva storming his way about the time he's finishing telling Niccolo something that has the bronze-skinned Champion prince looking ready to vomit, and the look on the redhaired Redrain's face doesn't help his expression at all. When she very nearly takes her twins head off, Luca's cinnamon eyes go wide and he's grumbling out. "Fantastic, I'm going to get knocked out before the melee by an angry northern girl." Still, he's not backing down if she should come up then, just holds his ground beside Niccolo and listens to what his uncle says. It seems to cause some great relief in the normally laid-back duelist and he's nodding firmly to the older man with a firming look of pride and determination.

Anze chuckles at Ansel "aye, well, weapons an sparrin an Southport women, I'm pretty sure that this event was made for me eh?" Then he looks to Calypso and shrugs "if you need another person i'll fill in for yah"

Eirene hears Bianca named by Max and looks over. "Ah, excuse me Smithy Meadson. Go. Drink. Sell. Enjoy!" She clasps her hand on his shoulder before going over to greet Bianca. "My lady- my condolences," she offers. "Damon was a drinking buddy of mine and will he will be missed."

Calandra seems pleased by Max's words of praise. A pink flush of pleasure warming her cheeks. "Thank you, Count Darkwater." A gentle smile is given toward Hadrian, her dimples briefly appearing. She seems to notice the Duke is a bit pale, but the delicate whispers decides now is not the time for questions. "I don't normally sing before so many." She adds, peeking over the crowd and then back toward the Duke.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

    Vena looks to Calypso as she is gestured to and approaches. Hearing the request the short Crownsworn nods and says, "I can certainly try to entertain at least. Anything off-limits?"

Lou finds a good place where she can view what is going on. Her gaze turns over the large grouping of people. Though, her gaze focuses on the fight at hand. The back and forth between Luca and Deza is mesmerizing. She can't help but to move to her left in right with anticipation of moves.

Asger watches the crowd for several minutes with his arms crossed before deciding to slip away

Deva checked composure against difficulty 15, resulting in 4, 11 lower than the difficulty.

"I'm not very good at such things, Your Grace," Niccolo replies to Darren. "Carlotta made sure I didn't get anywhere near to the planning of our wedding," he remarks, with a touch of nostalgia in his dark brown eyes. "But I suppose I'll be overseeing the security of it," he points out. "There is much happening, so much has kept me busy, as I'm sure it is the same with you." He turns to Anze. "I'm surprised you didn't join in, Anze," he tells the other man. "I suppose we still have a spar to take care of."

    Anze's words produce a small, appreciative sort of smile on the Telmar's features. "Some of your favorite things, Prince," he agrees, nodding his head. He glances briefly to Calypso, then looks back to Anze. "Sounds as though you're joining the fray?"

Leta inclines her head to Calypso a second time, "Good, just - making sure, aye?" and reaches forward to take the offered hand in a firm - but not too firm - grip. "Honor to meet you, m'Lady General." she says with a broad friendly smile, than takes a half step back so she's out of the way of others, glancing around her immediate surroundings.

Freja laughs and applauds Anze loudly from her seat on the bench when he joins in. "Want to make it interesting? We can make a bet on if you win!"

"Your command." Costas nods smartly to Calypso, moving off to speak with a knot of nearby sergeants. These in turn, after snapping terse salutes, head off to pass on instructions to to the many Malvici and Saik soldiers about the area. After just a few moments these array themselves alongside the rows of benches, straightening shoulders and setting eyes forward. Costas walks down the row, hard eyes appraising the profiles of each, before returning to Calypso's side. "All is ready, Lady General."

Calypso looks Vena over to get a feel for her and them humms. "No junk-punching. Other than that, no limits."

Inigo nods and bends slightly at the waist when he spies Lady Bianca. "M'lady! A privilege and wonder to see you today! How are you?"

Moving along through the crowds with Ansel, she smiles to see their eventual destination. Some of her favorite people! She pauses when her escort does, chuckling at Anze and lifting a fiery brow at him, "Not /all/ Southport women, m'lord. I may not be a Redrain or vassal, but I've lived my life not far from your borders." There's a cheeky grin to accompany the words before she's smiling towards Darren and offering a nod to him, glancing briefly between the trio of Darren, Deva, and Luca, but wisely determining to not get into it.

Maximilian shakes his head. "Seems not, Lady Wyrmguard. I was going over the paperwork for the new Sanctum Shipard and fell asleep at my desk. I forgot to register. Such is the sadness of my life. The ability to swing my sword and maim someone lost,for the stroke of a pen!"

Serafine snorts at 'Junk-punching', and moves to find a place to sit.

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Hadrian grins at Maximilian.

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"It's nice to see you again," Deva tells Eleyna, and she even manages to sound almost polite. Almost! "Hi," she tells Darren in a tone that is most grumpy, and she mumbles off a quiet reply with a gesture toward the sky. That's when she edges closer to Luca, frowning, deciding. It seems to be an impulsive conclusion, because a hand lifts quick as can be to slap the poor Velenosan's cheek. It's not gentle, but at least it's not a punch to the face. "I'm not going to knock you out," she corrects him, pulling her hand back and shaking it out, fingers flexing. "I feel better," she announces, straightening, and smiling.

    Vena nods to Calypso and says, "Understood." she then waits till it is her turn to step into the ring and fight. She is dressed in functional clothes suitable for a fight under her lamellar cuirass, and a simple cloth headband to keep her hair out of her face.

Darren utters a low chuckle to Niccolo, nodding his head. "I couldn't care much for wedding planning myself. The fun part seems to be the afterward, doesn't it?" He just shrugs his shoulders, "But busy, yes. In over my head, perhaps." He looks to Monique when he hears her voice, raising his hand to wave at her in a friendly sort of way. "Nice to see you again, Lady Monique!" he calls to her with a wide grin.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darren before departing.

Felix watches the goings-on quietly for the moment, standing over by the weapon displays to provide information on a sort of styles of weapon a person might be interested in. The majority of the smith's weapons appear to be from the islands; both the Mourning Isles and the Saffron Chain. Cutlasses and boarding axes to rapiers and dueling longswords.

Anze shrugs at Niccolo as he tilts back his drink and finishes it. "Seems like I'm gonna be joinin in anyway Niccolo." He looks to Monique and smirks "well, there ain only Southport women here, but, there are some here, an I have to say I'm a rather large fan of tha ones I know so far."

Calypso finally puts her scroll away for a moment and steps up to a small platform at the front of the ring. "Please move to take your seats as we prepare for the Melee to begin!"

Leta appears mildly overwhelmed, and just decides to incline her head politely to everyone in her immediate surroundings. Everyone. Though there is a slightly longer, midly uncomfortable bow of the head to Eleyena, while she's at it. Slowly, she starts to walk backwards and into more common surroundings.

"I am well, thank you, Lord Inigo. Yourself?" Bianca first replied to the Malvici lord before nodding her acknowledgment of Max's words. "That is a shame. I would have liked to have seen you in the ring. How goes the tedium of trade bureaucracy?"

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Eleyna watches Deva slap Luca across the cheek with widened eyes. Then... she laughs. Actually laughs as she offers in a low voice, "Oh, I like you. We should be friends."

"TAKE YOUR DAMN SEATS," Eirene bellows in a drill sergeants voice. Not the polite request the General makes.

"Profitable." Opines Maximilian. "But boring as SHIT."

"BORING AS SHIT!" Opines Pariah.

"TAKE YOUR DAMN SEATS," Eirene bellows in a drill sergeants voice. Not the polite request the General makes.

"Don't get too friendly, else she might slap you too for fun," Darren remarks to Eleyna with a wink. Then with all the yelling about taking seats, he shrugs his shoulders and heads over to the benches.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eirene before departing.

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"And you, Prince Darren!" Monique calls back with a grin before looking back to Anze and Ansel. Anze's response has her chuckling and glancing to Ansel sidelong before offering, "Perhaps you just haven't been meeting the /right/ Northern women then." And with that, she moves to take a seat.

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    Ansel glances back to Monique, dipping his head politely to the Greenmarcher lady as he steps back from the Greenmarcher, allowing her to make her way over to the benches. "I'll see you after, Lady Monique," he says.

Eleyna grins at Darren and says with a lift of a brow. "I have a good strong jaw. Might be worth it." She returns Leta's nod as well, still smiling with good humor as she moves to take a seat as well in anticipation of the beginning of the event.

Inigo beams at her as he motions to the crowd assembled. "I'm very well! Having a bit of stage-fright, as it were. It's been a while since I've engaged in anything in front of so many people..." He chuckles, regardless, happy to be a part of it AND with so many people in attendance." He quiets down and turns to watch his Aunt, a grin splitting his face at her booming command.

"Win big, Ansel! I'll be rooting for you!" Monique calls back with a grin

For the record, Eleyna looks like a strong breeze would knock her off her feet.

Calandra now notices the the Princess Valencia. "Oh, your highness a pleasure to see you again." She tries to sit next to her.

Maximilian asks of Hadrian. "Might I and Lady Wyrmguard..." And then a sidelong glance tot he stormcrow.. "And MAster Pariah join you for the show, Duke SOuthport?"

Freja lifts a hand in greeting to Darren as she passes her bench and heads to his own, but Asger has joined her bench and reappeared and she comments to the man, "I had to ask what your name was, as you see I have not had the pleasure of a formal introduction. No slinking away! Here, drink." She pushes a flask of whiskey into his hands. "Freja Redrain. A pleasure."

Luca knew it was coming. He was stoic before the onrushing redhead fury. And he took that slap like a Velenosan man. That is to say, one familiar with how to turn into the motion so as not to get a broken jaw from angry Lycene women. Northlanders hit even harder, and so he's grunting a little, seeing stars a moment, face on fire as he shakes it a few times. Working his jaw, the brave bastard gives Deva a roguish wink, moves fingerless gloved hand up to cheek rubbing it, and says. "I feel better too. For luck!" And with that, Prince Luca's bending in to snag the redhead Redrain princess behind the neck and laying a kiss on her lips quick as a viper and dodging back just as fast, fleeing off tot he battlefield before she can kick him in the head for it.

Silas spots Serafine on the bench and turns, intending to go converse with her, but Calypso's voice ringing out catches his attention and that plot is promptly abandoned. He instead motions for Arron to go join her instead, and the squire complies, shuffling over and locating his bony rump to the bench.

"Ah, cousin! There you are, I thought you might've disappeared into thin air," Darren calls teasingly over to Freja as he returns her wave from the other set of benches.

Silas wields silver hued steel long sword wrapped in carmine leather.

Eirene is overheard praising Luca for: He's got a pair- until she catches him and cuts them off.

Anze sets the drink off to the side now that its done and undlings his greatsword off his back. There is a smirk to Monique and a reply "well, may be true, think its too late for me now though" He says as he rests the flat of the blade on his shoulder.

Hadrian nods, with a gesture, "Certainly," he approves of Maximilian.

Valencia takes her seat quietly at the bench, dark eyes watching quietly now.

Lou glances up as the call for seats to be taken is yelled out. So, Lou turns to find herself a seat. Adjusting her sword, she finds a seat and settles in nicely so that she can watch the proceedings. Lou laughs at Luca and Deva's antics, finding pure amusement in their banter.

"Disappearing - isn't that what you pay me the big silvers for?" Freja teases back with good humor to Darren with a rare, bright ripple of laughter. The whiskey seems to be helping her mood at the very least.

"If you need help, please let me know." Bianca replied to Max. "I find a certain level of comfort in that sort of... tedium." And then to Inigo, "Oh, you are to fight?" Her brows lifted in unison. "I look forward to observing, my lord." Ope, head turned as Max mentioned her name to the unknown Hadrian. Silvery gaze flicked over the duke before she inclined a quiet nod of greeting to him.

Eirene catcalls for Luca, cackling in amusement. She moves to the healers she has on standby and gives some quiet angry instruction. Basically don't fuck it up.

Maximilian offers Bianca his hand. "Today, Lady Wyrmguad, we sit with the duke of SOuthport, His grace, Hadrian Malvici."

Asger makes his way back in with an expression that is both slightly annoyed and amused. Taking a seat at the benches he cracks a wry grin and tells Freja, "Now that just isn't playing fair." As the flask is pushed into his hands, any expression of annoyance vanishes instantly "Asger Crovane, a pleasure to meet you." Bringing the flask up he takes a long drink from it.

"I'd like that," Deva tells Eleyna with an easy grin, hands lacing together behind her back and out of slapping distance of anyone else's face. It seems the Redrain's temper has been calmed some after her little fit of anger unleased on Luca's head. "Good. Don't lose," she tells Luca, crisply, sounding like all business even as he pulls her in for a kiss. It's returned, fiercely, and she smacks him on the butt as he withdraws to the field.

Moving out to the field, Luca gives Lou a wry sort of lopsided grin, bronzed face flushed red on one side as he mutters to her in passing. "Totally worth it, Princess. Totally worth it."

Monique offers up a wave and smile towards Asger, grinning in his direction, "Not fighting today, m'lord?"

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Bianca took the offered hand, obviously a somewhat relieved to have some sort of tether amidst the waves of the crowd. "It is a pleasure and an honor, Duke Malvici."

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    Ansel walks over nearer to the other combatants, though remains a bit off to the side, nearest to Anze. He unclasps his sword and sheath from his belt, tucking it smartly under his arm, as one might a stack of books. The rest of his things are set in a small, neat pile just to the outside of the fighting area.

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"I mean I'd watch it, but I'd still put all my money on my sister," Darren calls over to Eleyna on the subject of a slapfighting, his attention momentarily cutting over to Deva. There -may- be a narrowing to his glance at her antics with Luca, but then he shakes hishead and quietly discusses something with Monique who has come to sit beside him.

Serafine leans over to look at Eleyna on the other bench, and calls, "Sister! Hello! How's the head?" And grins.

Niccolo finds his longsword and with a dip of his head to those around him, starts making his way to the fighting area to join the others that will be part of the melee.

Squire Arron have been dismissed.

Niccolo wields imperial shadowed violet Velenosa steel blade.

"I need to take courting lessons from her." Freja muses and snorts with amusement at Deva and Luca's display. The scout keeps her eyes forward on the swords to compete, her sharp gaze sizing them all up as she asides to Asger. "I don't play fair. Never have. Best way to both win and teach a lesson at the same time. Now, why were you slinking away?" she asks him and turns around to point out to Darren as she awaits Asger's answer, "So..we may or may not have a vulture now."

Costas handles a few last-minute issues with the sergeants on hand as a second wave of Malvici soldiers arrive, many still shrugging into their livery. He mutters a few comments about the unexpected size of the gathering, directing the 'reinforcements' as he calls them to the far flanks of the benches before moving up the main aisle and to the edge of the ring. Here he settles again into that vaguely-insubordinate cousin of the parade rest, eyes watchful for Calypso's next command.

Eleyna moves to sit on a different set of benches than her sister. For reasons. To Serafine's call, the pale princess makes a very rude, very undignified gesture.

Asger calls over to Monique, "Aye I was fighting being here but that is a battle I have soundly lost, but at least there is whiskey." Amusement dancing in the man's eyes "Good to see you again though, Monique."

Serafine giggles, then cups her hands around her mouth and cheers on the fighters. "KICK ASS!"

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Valencia lets the crowd roll over and around her as the crowd hums and people call back and forth to each other. Dark eyes search the crowd for a friendly face.

Eirene hears vulture and looks around, fixing in Freja. "What, your highness? The vulture is my crest. Were you taking to me?"

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Leta stands off to the side, away from the crowd, and takes the next few moments to adjust some buckles and fastenings on her armor, interrupting this only to take a brief look across the benches at the gathered crowd, swallowing dryly.

"Of course you would," Deva ruffles Darren's hair, claiming a seat next to him on the bench. She seems to be in much better spirits, now. Maybe even downright cheerful! "Oh, I bet you've got slapping down to an art. I wouldn't piss her off intentionally," she grins over at Eleyna, one brow lifting high.

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Monique calls back across the field with a grin for Asger, "And you, Asger! Leave a dram for a lady, though, aye?"

Calandra looks toward Leta, giving her sellsword a warm smile of greeting.

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Hadrian waves Calandra over.

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Freja answers Eirene, "Not you, darling. I have taken one on as my little protege. Goes for the bones rather than the meat."

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Maximilian leans over to murmur to Calandra as she approaches.

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Joboo the tunic'd capuchin have been dismissed.

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Tehom drops center of the square.

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Calandra smiles as the Duke waves her over, the Whisper taking a seat near him on the bench.

Eirene cackles to the Redrain princess. She gives Freja a grin. "We had one that followed us in a campaign for a while, sort of adopted the fucker. Been my personal crest ever since. I'd love to see it sometime."

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Valencia looks over and smiles to see yet another person smaller than she, and far more formidable. She waves to Zhayla and beams, "You are fighting I hope," she calls out.

“Welcome everyone to Southport Square. I will do my best to keep this brief.” Calypso smirks just a touch, not one for long speeches. “As a martial city-state, Southport has always found the value in being well trained, with well honed minds and having excellent equipment on our backs and in our hands. These resources and the time spent training are what will make the difference.” She gestures towards the crafter’s booths. “Look to these men and woman as your shields. It is through their talents and diligent hard works that we will be outfitted and prepared for the things to come. We thank them wholeheartedly for the services they provide this city.”

Calypso looks to the stands once again. “We are a diverse people in the Compact. Our skills and strengths are as vast as the lands we occupy. I encourage each of the fighters here today to embrace your culture and fight passionately. And with that… lets get them into the ring.”

Pulling a scroll out from her cloak she unrolls it and reads off the names of the fighters. “Lord Commander Salis Mercer, Miss Zhayla, Prince Anze Redrain, Lord Darrow Darkwater, Prince Luca Velenosa, Miss Vena Venelana, Lord Inigo Malvici, Lord Ansel Telmar, Duke Niccolo Velenosa and Miss Leta Broadbent. Please step forward and await the call to fight. As a reminder, equipment is set to High Quality and below. No rubicund, exotic leather or anything else you might have on you allowed.”

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Maximilian claps politely as the names are called out.

Zhayla throws a wild grin in Valencia's direction as Calypso starts reading off the names of the fighters. "You bet!" she calls, jumping from her perch atop a crate to hit the ground. She steps forward, joining the square and considering the other opponents before she ever puts her sword in her hand.

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Zhayla wields an unnecessarily large plain steel broadsword.

Calypso nods over to Costas. "Quick equipment inspection. Just to make sure this is a fair fight."

Eirene lets out a loud whistle in salute. "Kick some ass Ini," she cheers to her nephew.

As the named begin to join the ring, Costas eyes each in turn, verifying that their arms and armor meet the restrictions for the bout.

Darren shouts out from the stands, "Kick ass, Anze, or you're out of luck getting anymore money from me!" Encouragement at its finest.

Freja grins and quietly remarks to Eirene, "I absolutely adore him, large fucker that he is. I named him Banwaerc, which I think translates for you into...ache in the bones? He's larger than any bird I've ever seen down here."

Inigo stands from his spot near Hadrian and moves gracefully to the Center of the square, sliding up next to Anze with a nod and a grin. "Prince."

Leta wields a two handed longsword of good steel with an ornate copper inlaid pommel.

Anze nods at Inigo "Inigo"

Valencia smiles proudly as Anze takes the field, shooting a smile Darren's way.

Serafine jumps up at the sound of a name. It's uncertain as to which but she waves her arms and howls with the crowd.

Inigo wields Sword of Prey, an elegantly caged steel rapier.

Silas moves to the center of the square at a leisurely stroll and stops to listen to Calypso's speech. He doesn't unsheathe his blade until she is finished. Then he peers at the competition before him, recognizing a few faces but discovering he hasn't sparred many of them. He emits a contemplative hum.

Eleyna cheers herself, thought perhaps with a bit more restraint than others.

Niccolo looks at his sword, steel. His leather, high quality, but nothing exotic about it. His eyes fall on Luca when his nephew speaks quietly to him. He speaks quietly back to the other Velenosa, and then exchanges a few words with Anze as well. He steps towards then, waiting for the fight to start, twirling his sword once in his grip.

"There are so many in this field that I care for that I have no idea who to cheer for," Valencia says fondly. "I suppose I shall have to just cheer for them all."

    Ansel looks up to the sound of Calypso's voice as she announces the fighters, stepping into the ring a few paces. He slowly brings his sword from its sheath, turning to place the empty sheath down near the edge of the ring. His sword is held loosely out in his right arm, the tip very nearly dusting the ground.

Leta looks up at the sound of her name, sets her polished helm atop her head and adjusts it, then draws her sword. After feeling for its weight in one hand, then two, the sellsword struts towards the center of the square in her hodge podge of steel and mail and padding and leather.

    Vena steps forward as she is called, good thing her lamellar is high quality materials. The five foot one northerner then waits to be called forth, looking at the other combatants as though to evaluate their potential.

Ansel wields crimson mountains of The Telmarch Oathlands steel longsword.

Inigo glances about at the various weapons then sends a longing look to his rapier. "I maybe should have brought a larger sword...."

"What's this about a vulture?" Darren calls over to Freja, brows lofting high. "Don't those things eat people?" He shrugs, and then waves over to Valencia when he catches her look towards him.

Calypso smirks at Inigo. "The rapier is a fine sword. Sword of our people. Swift and nimble. Always gets the point across in the end." Was that a joke or an explanation. Difficult to tell.

    "There's a comment to be made about the way in which you wield the sword, Lord Inigo, not the size of it," comments Ansel, looking the Malvici's way with a dry glint to his pale eyes.

Luca is looking a little stricken at that whole quality matter, sighing softly and moving off to the side of the fight, calling out loud enough to carry. "Anyone got a sword I can borrow." Well _that's_ embarrassing. He's moving to start stripping down right there on the side of the field. What's he going to do if no one lones him a steel blade?

Valencia presses her lips together and attempts to not laugh too loud at Inigo's comment. She glances to Asger and grins, "Next time I hope we will see you in there, yes?"

"They eat things that are already dead." Freja corrects to Darren. "He is adorable and likes to stalk the servants."

Inigo grins wickedly and salutes his cousin, bringing the blade up to bysect his face. "She'll work."

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1 Redrain novice guards arrives, following Kieran.

Silas casts a glance to Leta and grins wryly. "I think we're the only commoners in play."

Leta has joined the center of the square.

Eleyna catches Hadrian's wave and a fleeting expression of concern passes over her pale features when she notes his condition. She inches a little closer and leans in to murmur something to the Malvici duke.

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Cassandra lingers on the edge of the circle, arms folded across her chest as she eyes the combatants with dark eyes. As steel is drawn and men stand at the ready she raises her voice, it's the booming and far reaching sound meant to carry across armies and fields. "Gloria, noone here asks you for victory. Victory we earn for ourselves. Noone here asks for you strength, it must be brought by our own arm. Gloria, we ask only that this battle shall please you, and guide us further along an honorable road. Grant us nothing; what must be won we will earn for ourselves."

Serafine stands and bites her lip.

Spotting a familiar face in the square, Zhayla jogs up next to Leta and turns a grin up at her. "Good luck," she says to her, then looks past her to Silas. "Hey, me too! Good luck to you."

"At this rate, we're going to end up losing all our help. Between the vulture and the bear and the gyrfalcon..." Darren says over to Freja, shaking his head with a laugh.

Vena has joined the center of the square.

Silas peers at Zhayla curiously. "Oh, my mistake. You too." He smirks. "Good luck, mistress."

Since Luca is already taking care of his armor issue, Costas seems to find no other issues with the rest of the field aside from the empty hands of Vena, "We'll need a weapon for one contestant."

Darrow steps slowly, stoicly into the circle, a flail with three teardrops held laterally, his blue eyes hardened and bitter. At Costas's statement, his lip twists downwards, and he reaches to his belt - pulling out a functional, bare broadsword, which soon clatters at Vena's feet.

Darrow drops a steel broadsword with a crossguard hilt.

Deva whistles at Luca, clapping.

Eirene motions Costas to the weapons on display. "She can use any of those? Unless she's a crazy as Ida Hammerdame."

Serafine puts on her helmet and moves to leave, after one more look to the ring.

Luca doesn't seem to have the least bit of inhibition against stripping down in front of everyone, right down to breechclothe, cause that's all he's got left that ISN'T exotic or rubicund. "Fucking pieces." The offered sword gets a thankful nod from the effectively naked Velenosan and then he's moving back into the fray. Apparently he's going to fight like that. For a lifetime duelist, the man has an awful pristine bronze hide. Not a lot of scars there to be found.

Luca wields forest shadows elegant steel falchion with etched Grayson sigil.

Kieran strides into the square rather late and scans the crowd a bit. Spotting family, he walks over to the bench they have claimed and grabs a seat while glancing to the ight.

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Leta looks to Silas, lifting an eyebrow, and offers him a smile from behind the steel encasing her face. "Lord Commander. Aye." she notes, but stops with a look to Zhayla, "That we know of, Zhayla. Can't be too sure with you."

Calypso grins a little as Luca strips down and takes a steel very Grayson sword in his hand. She looks to Costas then for the all clear.

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    Vena loosk to the crowd, and finally finds the one that called out and retorts, "I am my own weapon sweetie!" even giving a playful wink. She does pick up the broadsword dumped at her feet by Darrow and adds, "You can get it back later." and tosses it out of the ring before readying a fighting stance that lacks any style or refinement. More someone that is self-taught or only knows the basics of unarmed fighting.

"I hope she and Zhayla do wonderfully," states Valencia, sitting up tall in her seat. "I should like to see a petite lady take this one for once. It would be good to see."

Mongoose, 1 Unliveried Guard arrive, following Joscelin.

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Freja laughs and then shakes her head at Darren. "Hey, you started it! You had the bear first!"

Zhayla grins a hello at Silas, but her brow furrows as she looks at Leta and tries to work out if that's an insult. She certainly looks as though she's a bit hurt by it. "I'm one of you! One of us!" she insists.

Costas nods along to Calpyso as all the contestants seem to ready, slipping over the low wall of the ring and standing at the edge, prepared to referee but otherwise keeping a good distance from all that bared weaponry.

Inigo inhales a large breath, his eyes flicking to each of those gathered in the center. His ocean blue gaze studying each in turn. He exhales sharply, "Here we go...."

Niccolo watches Luca lose his armor and nods in approval, in what would probably be the one and only time he'll approve of a nephew undressing in public. Turning to the other combatants he lifts his sword in salute. "May Gloria watch over all of us, and accept this demonstration as an offering to her," he says. "Fight well," he adds to the group, now waiting for the signal.

Darrow wields a deadly flail with three spiked steel teardrops.

Anze quiets now as the bout is about to begin, just putting his other hand on the hilt of the blade and quietly watching the other participents

Joscelin settles into her seat, excited to see her Crafters' wares used.

Leta bows her head to Zhayl with a smile and a mild, apologetic smile, "Pardon me, Mistress Zhayla, I believe you." she declares, then turns and decides to imitate Niccolo's salute with her own sword. That ought to be all proper.

Lou watches as Luca moves off with her sword. "You owe me a drink!" She calls out to the Velenosan. She now leans back slightly in her seat, smiling as she watches the fight. Of course, now she has to root for Luca, especially since he is using her sword.

Silas mutters a few words to Anze before looking over his shoulder to Zhayla. "Don't worry, I hear you loud and clear." He then moves nearer to his intended first target: Duke Niccolo. "Good evening, Your Grace. I remember the last time we fought." Insert cheery smile.

Deva is overheard praising Lou for: How nice!

Valencia takes a deep breath and steels herself for what should be quite the melee, dark eyes moving from face to face of the combatants. She glances briefly to those at her bench, allowing herself another glance at the faces in the other benches and then returns her eyes to the field. "Gods above and below, I love these people with all my heart."

Calandra peeks over toward Lou, giving her a gentle smile.

Maybe Luca thought he heard Max snicker. Or maybe the damn bird said something either way, Luca's pointing his borrowed blade at the pirate with a kind of 'gonna come say that to my naked face' sort of question.

(300Calypso nods to the fighters as the equipment inspection is finished. "Alright. Fight honorably, fight well, yield if you must and step out of the ring to forefeet. Or if you are knocked unconscious one of our healers will grab you."

Calypso nods to the fighters as the equipment inspection is finished. "Alright. Fight honorably, fight well, yield if you must and step out of the ring to forefeet. Or if you are knocked unconscious one of our healers will grab you."

Maximilian tilts his head, then shrugs as he stands up from the bench. HE puts his hat on Calandra's head. "Hold my hat." This is like, Darkwater for 'hold my beer' because Darkwater men NEVER put down their beer. With his drink in one hand, and his saber in the other, In goes Maximilian.

Eirene looks to Valencia. "Hard field to cheer for, eh?" She nods as Calypso mentions healers. Hers. She smiles.

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Torian.

Lou arches a brow. "Oh. This turned interesting. Ha! Get the Thraxian!" She calls out to Luca.

Zhayla looks uncertain a moment more, but chooses to settle with a grin, then falls in next to Leta and Silas. They are fighting together, right? COMMONERS AGAINST THE WORLD? Let's hope so, because she puts her back to them trustingly to look and see who might be heading her way.

Niccolo watches Silas approach and lifts a brow. "I was hoping to face you later on in the fight, Sir Silas," he points out. "But I remember our last fight as well," he notes and starts circling Silas, looking for an opening.

Inigo laughs as Max approaches, sliding to the side to allow him space to enter.

Costas raises one eyebrow as Max climbs from the benches and toward the ring, casting a questioning eye at Calypso as he cracks his knuckles in anticipation.

Joscelin shouts to the field, "GOOD LUCK SIR SILAS!"

Freja whistles loudly and cheers on Anze, "KICK SOME ASS OR I'LL KICK YOURS." She loves her brother, truly.

Calypso steps aside as she calls the fight to begin! She and Costas stay just to the edge of the ring watching carefully.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Inigo turns to the Lord Darrow and raises his rapier in a salute. "M'lord, you frighten me... shall we go?"

"That's the spirit!" Luca's callling happily as Max joins the fray to the challenge. Yeah, this whole thing is a mess. Luca's somehow amused as hell by it though where before he was overly serious, and he's glancing off into the crowds, casting a wink for the ladies as he backs up into the combat and sets himself into a defensive stance. One _does_ have to admit, breechclothe fights of Champion princes totally makes for good entertainment.

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Torian slips into the square, mainly to view the anarchy, but when he realizes he might get caught up into it he quickly moves off to a side and finds a spot on a bench out of the way, a couple of his lads with him standing behind the bench as 'guards'..

Eleyna watches Luca's antics with a shake of her head, muttering mostly to herself, "Is he -drunk-?"

Lou glances to Eleyna, "Maybe! He's having fun at least!"

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"More fun for him," Eirene replies to Eleyna. Her focus is mostly on the fight, watching for any wounds she deems too severe to allow the combatants to continue. She grins at Lou for the same answer.

Monique laughs in mirth and delight, looking back to Eleyna and shaking her head, "I'm fairly certain this is just how he is."

"Count Darkwater!" Calandra says, giving Max a cheer as he joins the melee.

Maximilian inflicts minor damage to Luca.

"You're supposed to hit something, Anze!" Darren shouts out to his cousin.

"Yay, Prince Luca the nearly naked languid lion!" Calandra calls out.

Freja shouts from nearby, "ANZE! WHAT HE SAID!"

    As the combat starts Vena looks for anyone who seems to not already be engaged, and srts off after Max, attempting to run up and land a punch, which might be more of a case of testing defenses than a genuine attempt to hit. That or she's just a bad fighter.

Eleyna chuckles and says with a shrug, "You know, he might even fight better if he is." She glances at Monique and says with a bit of a chuckle, "Drunk? Yes, he often is." And then there is a flask in her hands and Freja gets a grateful, if a bit uncertain look. She warily uncaps the flask and takes a sip, hoping that whatever these Northerners drink doesn't strip the skin from her throat.

Maximilian will be using the Darkwater 'Mug-as-Buckler' style. With no armor, and only a saber, he's probably not in this fight for very long but he's damn sure going to make it look interesting.

"Oh..." He calls out, lifting his voice as he closes with Luca.

"There once was a prince who fought in his starks,%I heard his bite was less trouble than his barks,
He was lithe and he was quick!" Says Max, blocking a shot with his mug.
"But but lost manhood to a flick,
And is now the best soprano in Arx!"

He turns, stepping out of the way of Vena's attack, shaking his head. Turning, he comes back around to catch Luca upside the head with his mug. "ALCOHOL ABUSE IS A CRIME!" he declares loudly, as beer sloshs out.

Darrow doesn't answer Inigo, just sweeps his flail up and swipes him. The teardrops graze across the bladesman's armor, and his eyes flick down to his own where he'd been nicked.

Freja's pale cheeks are flushed bright from the drink and her laughter, so whatever she was drinking from that flask is -certain- to be potent. It won't strip flesh from Eleyna's throat, but she will feel the kick. "Whiskey! Best batch I brought with me from Farhaven." she promises the other princess and makes a short introduction amid the clanging of swords and weaponry. "Freja Redrain. Pleasure!"

Eleyna swallows and blinks, laughing as she follows up the sip with a longer drink and then passes the flask back to Freja, "That's not nearly a bad as I feared. I tried some alcohol recently that I'm certain was made from mountain goat piss and liquid fire. Eleyna Velenosa. It's a pleasure."

For all that he called him out to the field, Luca doesn't rush Max like might have been expected. Foxes. They be kind of wiley now and then, even the feckless ones like Luca. For he is suddenly cutting across the field in a rushing play of muscle, charging Silas from behind, trying to get a shot at him before he gets to Niccolo. Of course, the man somehow still manages to parry, and this leaves the naked CHampion open to the singing pirate. He totally expected the blade, not the mug of beer. "GAH!" he calls out as he takes first blood in the whole damn event. "Okay then fine. If I knew you wanted to dance that bad Max, I'd not have snubbed you! Good luck Uncle!" Luca calls as he's going towards the pirate, still defensively poised, but focused this time.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

With Silas now taking strikes from two, Zhayla shifts to look up sidelong at Silas and nod at Luca. "Can I?" If he's enjoying fighting two, she doesn't want to steal his partner. One of his partners.

Vena inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Luca inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Silas adopts a defensive stance when he senses the charging Luca coming right at him and impressively flashes his blade through the air to parry both of the incoming blades. He grunts at Zhayla. "By all means!"

Darrow inflicts minor damage to Inigo.

Ansel inflicts moderate damage to Leta.

"Whoever made you drink that should be flayed, the piss drink poured into the wounds." Freja says dryly as she takes the flask back, her lips twitching before the smile escapes. "We save the bad stuff for when the good stuff has run out in the field, y'know when we're forced to drink from our boots." she teases. A pause and she snaps her fingers and points at Eleyna. "Serafine's sister, right?"

Anze inflicts serious damage to Leta.

Inigo nods to him and smiles grimly, a hard lunge driving the point of his blade across the Lord's leg, digging deep. He concentrates on dodging that large swinging weapon, throwing slashes and jabs where ever the opportunity alights. Constantly reminding himself to stay light on his feet, dancing about the weapon attacks. His weapon bites the Lord in various places, attempting to wear down his strength to allow for easier entry of his blade. He winces and grunts as Darrow's flail crashes into him.

Anze watchs as people begin to pair off at first, looking seriously between the field of combatants. Its as people seem to find partners that it suddenly seems like he finds his, Leta comes at him with the broadsword which he parries away before returning the attack in full and hitting Leta with a heavy blow.

Darrow takes two stab wounds like he's born to it, his lips twisting in a foul grimace. He catches Inigo with a crash of the flail, but the Lord's armor seems to be doing its job. There's nothing in the man's gaze, though, that looks like he's slowing, and with a flip of his wrist whirls the flail's heads again.

Niccolo faces off against Silas, and finds himself trading parries, dodging out of the way, and having some difficulty looking for an opening in which to deliver his blow. Finally, he finds one, and slashes at the man's left flank. The Velenosa duke's style is agile, moving quickly and rarely staying in one spot for too long. Currently, he holds his sword up with one hand, at a place where he can attack and defend as needed.

"I agree. I would have asked for flaying, but truthfully, I wasn't certain if that was supposed to be how it was made or not." Eleyna lifts a brow and offer dryly, "We save the bad wine for poisoning in the south. You wouldn't want to ruin the good stuff with anything bitter." There is the trace of a wink, hopefully indicating that she -might- be joking. Might. "Yes, I'm Serafine's sister. Not much of a resemblance between us. Most people only know us by the voice."

After hesitating so long to pick a partner, it's inevitable that things would have fallen out all lopsided when Zhayla finally does. She chooses Luca as her first, advancing on him and stepping between him and Silas only to find Luca already found someone else to play with, and he swats away her first strike all too easily.

Calandra winces as Leta is hit, sucking in a soft breath of concern. "Valorous Leta, pommel him back!" She says, seeming to try to cheer the sellsword on.

Calypso keeps a close eye on the fray, watching everyone's movements closely. A glance is spared towards the stands for a moment, nodding to Hadrian and Eirene, before her focus hones back in on the match. She winces just slightly when Anze whacks Leta pretty hard.

Silas exhales a sigh of relief when it appears Luca gets another target - having to defend himself from all sides was tiring physically as well as mentally. The Duke does a good job of dodging the slashes sent his way, he even manages to scrape his armor, and Silas finally drops his defensive stance as he now circles the Lycene duke. "Alright, -now- I can begin..." Foreboding, perhaps.

Luca's defensive dancing about in nothing but breechcloth is actually fairly effective, given he's dancing out of way of attacks, darting in to play a small nick of damage back to Max as if in payback for the cup, then dancing back again. Only then Zhayla's joining in and he's having to parry her blade with a fierce, approving sort of grin. "Don't know you, but good follow-through!" Yes, because this is totally the time to praise people.

"Cousin!" Calls out Max, who moves into a defensive, if acrobatic posture. It's flashy. It's designed to look good. "I think they like us! They want to be our friends!" The pirate count is fighing no less than three people now, Luca, Venta and someone else he didnt' catch in the fray, but slid under thier blade. "I think it's your outgoing and cheerful nature!"

Turning and blocking a blade coming from Luca, Max shakes his head. "You are good for a naked man!" Sliding back, Max finds that his mug is empty. This now traitorous, empty mug is hurled with scorn at Inigo, who just sort of happened to be in that direction. Stepping back, Max leans over to plucks Valencia's wine glass from her hands. "Pardon me, poppet."

Eirene's medics prepare seeing Anze do what he does back. Slice people up hard. Eirene herself calls out, "Yield if it is too much; unconscious people will be severely mocked for stupidity."

"If the drinker is a masochist?" Freja ventures to Eleyna with a short laugh. "Poisoning? I much prefer the direct stab, but to each their own. Ah, yes. You don't look alike but I imagine one takes more after the mother and the other the father?"

    Remaining near the fringe at first, Ansel moves in, his blade raising in a long, curving arc from down at his side, clashing against Leta's longsword in a loud ring of steel against steel. He twists, catching the woman's shoulder with a follow-on blow, before Anze engages the sellsword critically. The Telmar moves quickly to disengage, searching around his area for threats.

Calandra has the grace to heatedly blush after Eirene's words, after all she just urged Leta onwards!

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Valencia watches the battle below, quietly now. Dark eyes intent on the fighters, delicate hands resting on her lap, breath held.

    Vena doesn't let up even as Maximillian easily avoids her initial punch. Yet her stance changes as she suddenly whips around her body and delivers a kick to her opponent, it likely only enough to cause minor damage, but it will be felt. This is soon followed up by a punch which also connects, though seems the damage inflicted is absorbed or negated by Max's defenses.
    Max's comments don't seem to have an affect on Vena, as the short northerner takes on a cold, emotionless expression even as she attacks with ferosity and viciously doesn't let up. She lacks any formal style or techniques but at least she is proving she can land hits agaisnt her opponent as she moves about with speed and strength both.

Luca inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Leta looks to Zhayla, amused, and rolls her shoulders in a shrug as Silas sets off. "It'll happen, one way or another." the sellsword seems hesitant to pick someone in the crowd, but as the melee grows tangled, with no clear pairings, she sets forward. There's Anze, and he looks big enough, so she readies herself before launching an attack, her heavy sword easily parried, and again on the second attempt, after blocking off Ansel's attack. She's not so fortunate on the second, and Ansel manages to hit her, which, of course, is only the beginning of the disaster, as Anze finally turns and lands a blow that staggers back the sellsword, leaving her shaken and mildly breathless for a second. Or two.

Leta inflicts minor damage to Ansel.

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Eleyna grins at Freja and says with a little laugh, "I'm only now learning to use a dagger. It really is quite fun. I should have learned -years- ago. My sister and I have different mothers. She looks like hers. I look like mine. Thankfully, neither of us resemble our father or inherited his nose."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Eleyna before departing.

Leta inflicts serious damage to Maximilian.

Maximilian inflicts moderate damage to Vena.

Valencia turns briefly to Ferrando and nods. "Yes, you, silly. " she grin at him. "I thought I might visit the Whisper House. I have never been, but if I should, I would of course like to have your company if you are not working."

Anze inflicts minor damage to Leta.

Ansel inflicts moderate damage to Leta.

Vena inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Silas.

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Inigo slides about, keeping low, his blade darting in time and time again. Each moment the blade seems it will find a home, the flail spins and knocks the blade aside. A line of perspiration slides down his face, gathering at his chin and dripping to the stone below. Clenching his teeth, the young lord takes a chance and feints high, bringing his sword in a hard line across Lord Darrow's chest. His blade does for not, simply marring the finish of his armor. "Seems neither of us can find an opening, M'lord..."

Lou has rapt attention on the fight. In a way it is like watching a ballroom dance. People move one way. They move another. Swords arebecoming graceful extensions of the individual bodies. The colors of the armors used.. the bare chested men to gaze upon.. the flashing lights of reflective steel.. It is all a wonderous sight and Lou is enthralled.

Maximilian is assaulted on all sides. Luca to one, Vena to the other and the occasional attack of oportunity. He holds his ground though - and after he finishes the wine, he draws his second saber. It's on now. Both blades whip around him as he falls into the serious deckboard fighting style of the of the Darkwater. Limber, loose and spare of movement, it lacks any of the flashy garishness he was showing only moments before. Block. Parry. Dodge. Sidestep. Take the blow and spin with it - move. It's a sharks style, it never stops moving.

Luca's laughing now, actually enjoying the hell out of this, despite his state. Or maybe because of it. Or maybe Eleyna's right and the Champion prince is drunk. You would be too if you had to listen to Norever's jokes, okay! Regardless, he's continuing to dance, swing, parry, slash, scoring again small, but then watching Leta come out of nowhere and strike hard at his opponent. A grimace and Luca's calling out. "Okay, enough dancing Max. Sorry for dragging you in!" Then he's moving like a viper for the pirate's new attacker, grinning fierce as she parries him. "Mind a new partner?" He asks of her.

The trading of blow continues and while Niccolo seems to find openings offered by Silas, the armor that the other man wears is enough to stop his blows from doing any damage. The duke's eyes narrow, his sword still up as he pushes attack after attack away. Finally, Silas lands a blow that just slides off the duke's armor and the Velenosa spins off it, deliver a slash to the man's right flank.

Pariah, The StormCrow have been dismissed.

Maximilian is assaulted on all sides. Luca to one, Vena to the other and the occasional attack of oportunity. He holds his ground though - and after he finishes the wine, he draws his second saber. It's on now. Both blades whip around him as he falls into the serious deckboard fighting style of the of the Darkwater. Limber, loose and spare of movement, it lacks any of the flashy garishness he was showing only moments before. Block. Parry. Dodge. Sidestep. Take the blow and spin with it - move. It's a sharks style, it never stops moving.

Eirene scowls as Leta gets slashed up more. Her arms cross over her chest and she nods to the first of her medics to prepare.

Anze hangs back a little as Ansel seems more than capable of handling Leta, but when the moment seems right he attempts to flank the greatsword wielding girl and while it doesn't quite work he at least manages to sneak a blow in on her.

"Cousin...a...mug?" Most of his effort though seems to concentrate in warding off Inigo's attacks, to whom he offers a nod, teeth gritted. "You are skilled with your bladework." The speed of the flail in the man's hands is impressive, though, and Inigo's bladework precision shows its score in his armor and wounds.

"Count Darkwater, still standing and with so many Foes! It must be all the rum!" Calandra cries out.

"Thank you!" Zhayla says, visibly delighted by the compliment. Now she's never leaving Luca alone. Even if that means Luca has to fend off two attackers. Without any armor on. "You certainly move very lightly." She, of course, does not, given that she carries a big walloping sword.


Eirene slowclaps for Max.

Lou blinks. "Oh my.."

The duel between Niccolo and Silas goes about as excitingly as the last series of exchanges between them. Parrying, dodging, and hitting armor - until Niccolo's blade finally manages to bite through his armor. An impressive feat, considering he's in full plate. The Grayson knight winces and takes a step back. "That didn't go as well as I thought it would..." he mutters to himself.

Luca is overheard praising Max for: For being a good sport getting dragged in, injured, and still making awesome jokes

Calypso shakes her head at Max's battle cry.

Leta's attacked on a wide assortment of fronts, and does her best to reply, keeping her sword up to parry or deflect blows. But it would take far too much footwork to keep up, and her helm, while protecting her face, has the effect of blocking her peripheral vision. There's a light glancing strike to Ansel, soon to be repaid in kind. Maximilian attacks her, out of nowhere, and with a frustrated grunt the sellsword unleashes a solid blow in that direction, before starting to back away into a more defensive stance.

Vena inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Ansel inflicts serious damage to Leta.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Silas inflicts serious damage to Niccolo.

Zhayla inflicts serious damage to Luca.

Maximilian inflicts moderate damage to Vena.

Vena inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Ansel inflicts moderate damage to Leta.

Eirene signals to Costas, motioning to Leta. The medic has seen enough.

"Leta is down!" Costas moves from Calypso at the edge of the ring, warding the rest of the combatants away as he waves on the standby medics.

    Vena changes tactics, but seems to pick the wrong time. As she spins with full agression to send her shin into Maximilian's side for a little more damage, he is able to retaliate and catches her wide open delivering a more noticeable wound in turn. Vena shifts once again to cover herself better and dodges Max's follow-up attack without too much issue and taking the focus from her opponent she attempts a more balanced tactic, lashing out with another punch delivering minor damage once again, death by a thousand cuts is a thing right?

Vena inflicts minor damage to Maximilian.

Darrow inflicts minor damage to Inigo.

Zhayla inflicts very serious damage to Luca.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Ansel inflicts very serious damage to Inigo.

Maximilian watchs Vena now, pacing her as he keeps his eyes on her. Luca has spun off to play with Zhayla, leaving him suddenly able alone with the woman. He keeps dodging, mitigating most of the damage she can do, but its still a stinging fight, the kind of thing that is going to leave him bleeding and hurting all the same. ANd right now, he's on the loosing end of it. "Hi!" he chirps, suddenly. "I'M MAX! THATS MY BLOOD ALL OVER YOU!"

Hadrian nods toward Eirene.

After two strong hits to Luca that would probably mean a lot more if he were actually wearing armor, Zhayla pulls her next blow, drawing her sword back and looking a little appalled as she holds her position. "Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hit you so hard." It's just her sword is so big.

    Leta's blade finds home, and sets the Telmar back a moment, whirling his longsword a moment too late to catch her counterattack, which catches his exposed sword arm. He pivots slightly, catching the pommel of his sword in his opposite hand. He swings in an upward diagonal slash, repeating the motion twice, stepping forward as he presses the offensive, catching the woman twice with the dark crimson blade. Once the medics call her out of bounds, the Telmar immediately stops, sword held out parallel to the ground. He turns around, seeking a new match, settling on a rushing figure near his side. He moves quickly, whirling his blade horizontally, catching the man after an attack of his own.

Calandra looks toward Leta, her cheeks pale with concern.

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As his opponent again takes a massive hit from someone other than him, Luca is shifting his targets with a "Good luck." for Leta. Through it all he's been nibbly dancing with Zhayla's blade, ducking, sliding it barely past his bare bronze flesh in parry, and generally making himself a pain in the ass to hit. And so he decides to shift things up and turn on the woman abruptly. He's still defensive, but he's striking out at her, and watching her parry, earning another of those pleased sort of grins and complimenting. "Great form. Little higher on your lead arm and you can push through." Apparently she's taking his advice seriously and he was fucking around a bit too much, cause on her next two hits suddenly cut through and Luca's spraying blood in a wide arch, leaving him to dive back from her, proclaiming a little unsteadily, but still upright. "Good hits!"

    Vena remains silent, Max's attempts to speak fall on deaf ears, she just retains a cold, emotionless expression like some kind of machine. Her attacks however continue to come, no holding back, simpy savage, vicious, and unorthadox. She clearly came to play no matter who her opponent is. Seems Max will hae to wait for after the fight to socialize.

Darrow catches Inigo with a blow, the blunt of the flail's weight cracking against Inigo's armor. He's got more cuts on him, but the grim knight seems to eschew his own safety. His left arm's held closer to his body, now, injured - the issue with Inigo's concentration on passing the defense of the Knight of Sorrow, of course - is that it leaves him open to Ansel's attack - and if Darrow sees Inigo falter, he only presses the attack.

Anze once again holds back from the fight, watching as people pair off and sides become apparent.

Inigo grins grimly again, concentrating on being where that flail was not. Unfortunately, he is unable to move enough and the ends glance off his armor, bruising him beneath but without inflicting serious damage. Meanwhile, his own blade cuts small nicks here and there on the Lord, finding small areas to score his hide. Inigo is feeling rather pleased with himself when he reels forward, a blade taking him deep from behind. The young lord grunts and stumbles forward, his free hand immediately clutching at the wound. He spins, eyes wide and searching for the assailant, blade coming up between him and the next attack.

The Velenosa duke keeps moving around, trying to find ways to get past that armor that seems to just bounce any hits he lands off. In doing so, Niccolo positions himself too close, his stance off and that allows for Silas to deliver a devastating blow that sends the man stumbling back. "That hurt," he mutters, switching his grip on his long sword to a two-handed one, holding his sword up defensively. His eyes narrow as he continues his dance with the Iron Guard man.

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"Thank you for the advice," Zhayla says with a tip of her head to Luca. "I'll keep it in mind." She then turns away from him rather than risk another blow, moving to match blades with Anze following his earlier strike in her direction. "Hi, again! We fought before, didn't we?"

Leta? Leta's still standing there. Admittedly, her footing is very, very wobbly, as she struggles to parry and duck out of the way of both Ansel and Luca. The latter, it seems, she manages to withstand, but her divided attention makes her relatively easy prey for Ansel, even her weak counter-attacks leaving her exposed. So she falls back a step, looks to Costas and stumbles back one more, ramming the tip of her sword into the ground and leaning on it. "Just - just a tactical - had 'em surrounding me, didn't I? All within reach... where you want 'em." she looks at one bloody gauntlet and shakes it off, holding a hand up for the healers.

Eirene shrugs and motions at Leta. "Your call if you want back in," she says.

Maximilian inflicts serious damage to Vena.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Ansel.

Niccolo inflicts minor damage to Silas.

Ansel inflicts moderate damage to Inigo.

Fidelia Fidante, A Lady-in-Waiting arrives, following Juliet.

Eirene calls to Inigo. "You can yield if you need to."

Anze inflicts moderate damage to Zhayla.

Silas inflicts moderate damage to Niccolo.

Luca inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Maximilian inflicts very serious damage to Vena.

Hadrian gestures toward Leta, "Aunt, is that one calling for healers?"

Eirene says, "I called them on her. She can go back if she thinks she's capable."

Silas inflicts serious damage to Niccolo.

Niccolo inflicts moderate damage to Silas.

Maximilian inflicts moderate damage to Vena.

Vena falls unconscious.

Inigo inflicts minor damage to Ansel.

Her little smile seems to blossom as the clashes take thier toll on the competitors. She winces to see Vena go down and shakes her head with awe, "She is an excellent fighter. All those weapons and yet she held none. It speaks highly to her skill." The Princess pauses a moment and turns her eyes from the field to smile at Juliet. "My sweetest of Juliets! Come sit with me." Valencia beams and waves her over.

Inigo suddenly finds himself defending from two attacks, his moments becoming as erratic as possible to stay just out of reach of either weapon. His rapier serves to drive their blows away enough when his speed isn't enough. The wounded lord backs up, concentrating on his defense, a cut thrown only when a great opening is shown. Lines of concentration mark his face as his hand clutches the deep wound in his back, a grimace splits his lips with every step.

Anze says nothing in return to Zhayla, parrying away her first attack and dodging the second one before landing a blow through the short girls defense. There is still no comment though, just maintaining the same serious expression as suddenly he has to dodge out of the way of an attack from Luca as well, where did that come from?

    Vena continues to stand up against Max, kicks and punches, and they continue to connect. However whether from fatigue, her wounds, or something else her hits aren't doing enough damage to have much affect on her opponents. SHe however is taking one heavy blow after another, at one point looking like she might collapse but managed to steady her feet for a final hit before Max delivers a blow the drops her to the floor, lacking consciousness.

Maximilian comes on strong now, his blades flashing, his coat furling as he drops all pretense of the gadfly count and he becomes the Storm. The conquerer of the seas and the watcher of the deeps. The annhilator of Clan Redwave. The destroyer of the Clan Stormsea. The butcher of the Red Cove Raiders. Maximilian becomes a dervish, spinning, whirling and his blades absolutely everywhere and his flesh nowhere. He slides past Vena's guard, sliding around her own attacks to drive his blades home.

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch, bleeeeed. Yet Luca is still dancing about like madman, parrying and dodging, then cutting through finally, if only briefly. "You're wonderful, darling, but time for a change-up!" Luca's spinning off trying to strike at the hearty-looking Anze and swishing air. He really SHOULD step out, he's bleeding like...really seriously from that gash in his leg, but this challenge is just too intoxicating.

Lady Juliet Fidante arrives, bedecked in her tight-fitting armour that - as she's told anyone who'll listen - was made with the instruction that it make her rear look good. Hair set up in an ornate fall of curls, rapier at her side, the young sybarite arrives fashionably - almost unfashionably late. Pausing to take in the spectacle, considering the stands and the various people gathered. And, at having her name called, she brightens, heading towards the Saik stands - glancing over at the battle, and blinking at the displays of battle-prowess ongoing.

Darrow calls out to Maximilian, as he sweeps his saber against Vena, who falls. "Well done, Cousin..." The three heads of his flail crash against the ground as Inigo backs away, and scrape with a metallic creaking as they raise again.

    Ansel's downward strike meets Inigo's blade in a resounding ring of steel, the Telmar paying for the offensive move with a pair of glancing blows from the Lord's quick bladework catches him overcommitting. The Redmarcher takes a step back, a return strike bouncing harmlessly off the man's armor, before he moves in to engage once more.

They've finally begun to hit each other! Silas manages to find a few openings in Niccolo's otherwise solid defense and ensures the few landed hits are as hard as he can manage, but he's aiming to bruise than to make bleed. He feels a few of his own beginning for form underneath his full plate, which continues to do a good job protecting him otherwise, but he doesn't relent.

"I'm not fighting you! I already hit you too hard!" Zhayla calls when Luca first moves to engage. When he falls in next to her, her grin flashes brighter yet. "Take care," is all she cautions him, leaving it to him to judge the limits of his endurance. She keeps her blade pointed right at Anze, watching him with a steady grin. "We did fight before, right? I'm not making that up? Don't be scared!" she teases, which is rich considering he's the one who landed a blow.

Calandra smiles adoringly toward Juliet as she arrives, her dimples briefly blooming in her pink cheeks. "Lady Juliet." She says in her softly expressive voice.

Zhayla inflicts serious damage to Anze.

Silas inflicts moderate damage to Niccolo.

Eirene motions to her people to gently get Vena away from the fighters and to the sides, instantly starting to tend to her wounds. Juliet is given a short nod of hello- she's overseeing medics so is focusing on her work.

Leta is entirely confident in her abilities, and she continues to ward off Costas of and he healers. "Catching my breath, is all. Bleedin' a little too - might've made a little mistake, pickin' on the Prince there." she's as likely talking to herself as to anyone else, but readjusts the grip of her hands around the hilt of her sword. Unfortunately, her legs are nowhere near as confident in her abilities, and when she tries to actually lift the sword her knees buckle under her and land her on her thankfully padded and armored rump.

Darren has left the A Malvici Crest Bench.

With one last glance to the ring, Darren heads out of the Square, headed in the direction of the Redrain ward.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel leaves, following Darren.

Silas inflicts moderate damage to Niccolo.

Ansel inflicts minor damage to Inigo.

Anze inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Maximilian inflicts moderate damage to Ansel.

As she moves, Juliet gives a bright smile and a wave to Eirene. Hearing Calandra, she turns towards the Malvici stands, blowing a kiss to the Nightingale Whisper, on her way to the Saikland stands where she takes her place next to Valencia, as invited.

Juliet has joined the A Saik Crest Bench.

Ariadne arrives, following Sylvie.

Costas wanders back to Calypso's side after Leta declines to be removed, now wondering how much blue blood he'd get to see spilled if the fights were going to unconsciousness. After a moment's dark reverie he settles his weight to one foot and expresses his concern by hawking a long, ropey jet of phlegm into the dirt.

Kieran has left the A Malvici Crest Bench.

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

Kieran has joined the A Malvici Crest Bench.

Deva has peeled away from the benches. She stands to watch, instead, arms loosely crossed. There's a level of fidgeting that occurs as the fight drags on.

Kieran has left the A Malvici Crest Bench.

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

Eleyna notes that Luca is bleeding a fair bit and frowns, leaning slightly forward in her seat now to keep her eyes on her cousin. She might even worry a bit at her lower lip in concern.

Kieran has joined the A Malvici Crest Bench.

Sylvie has joined the A Saik Crest Bench.

Valencia smiles brightly to see her dearest companion and hugs her tight. "I am so glad to see you," she whispers, "You are well, yes?"

Kima is, in fact, she has been, standing behind Hadrian. Quiet and unobtrusive like. Watching the day's events.

Calypso nods to Kima as she finally notices the Sword of Southport... who has been here all along. But her attention moves back to the fight at hand quickly after.

Duchess Sylvie Zaffria is late, certainly, in entering Southport Square for the arranged exhibition. Her gaze slides over the combatants still in the fight, studying them with a quiet weight of smoky eyes, before sweeping her gaze to those occupying the benches. They catch on Eleyna, and she moves towards the woman to claim a spot nearby with a quiet murmured greeting.

As fast as Niccolo is, and as many attacks as he manages to deflect, the ones that Silas does land hit the duke very hard. There's a sick crunching sound on that last one, as he receives a hits to the torso. The duke slides back, breathing heavily, and lifts a hand to the Iron Guard. "I yield. Well done, Sir Silas," he spits to the side, blood dripping from his lips.

Hadrian says, "Aunt, get that girl out before she bleeds to death."

Sylvie has left the A Saik Crest Bench.

Sylvie has joined the A Malvici Crest Bench.

Anze inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Maximilian inflicts minor damage to Inigo.

Ansel inflicts serious damage to Maximilian.

Silas inflicts serious damage to Niccolo.

Niccolo falls unconscious.

Eleyna leans in to whisper something to Sylvie, but seems cut short when she hears Niccolo's yield and sees him spitting blood. With a small noise, she rises from the bench, an outright scowl on her face as she starts to move away from the benches and toward the duke.

Niccolo has left the center of the square.

Leta isn't out of the fight. She's sitting down, which isn't the same as being unconscious. She's even got her sword with her, and for a while actually tries to use it as a crutch of sort to haul herself back to her feet. The rest of her is uncooperative, so the puts the sword down with a clang, removes her helmet, and finally, grudgingly, looks to the healers.

Leta has left the center of the square.

Inigo parries and dodges, each attack coming close to being the end of his melee. Fortunately the young lord manages to scramble from or absorb most of what is thrown his way. Another slice from the wicked blade of Ansel causes him to cry out in pain, gritting his teeth against the fog floating at the corner of his eyes. He breathes heavily, his guard still good despite the wounds. A chuckle and smile cross his lips as the pirate crashes his way into Ansel, the smile is short lived as his savior slashes at him biting into his shoulder. He grimaces, retreats quickly away from all three and throws his hand up. "I yield... I yield while I still have a head to do so...."

Pariah, The StormCrow have been dismissed.

Sylvie's gaze draws after Eleyna, watching, but she does not move to follow the woman. Instead, she remains in the seat that she just claimed, now abandoned.

Inigo has left the center of the square.

Vena has left the center of the square.

Silas abruptly stops his incoming attack on the Duke as he yields. "Well done, Your Grace. You gave me a hard time!" He sounds genuine; Niccolo is by far the most dodgey opponent he's gone up against. He then turns to assess the fighters remaining...

Eirene is busily ordering her medics to deal with the injured as soon as they are cleared. She points at Eleyna and orders, "Stay back until they see to him. Her people are working.

Maximilian now rolls through the fight, a stormcloud broken and enjoying the chaos. The confusion. The glory of the moment. The count has not been able to cut loose in some time. Not since he became the count. The soldier in him, the pirate, revels in the moment. He whrls from Luca, slamming his blades into the side of Ansel before turning finally to attack Inigo. His blades flash once more, and then the man yeilds. Max nods and steps back, bringing his guard up and examining the field.

He never planned on being in this melee, but he's damn well going to enjoy it. And tonight?

He will sleep.

Maximilian will sleep well.

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Kieran has joined the A Malvici Crest Bench.

Eleyna just looks at Eirene, almost looking as if she might argue with her. Instead, she shakes her head and does as she is told. The princess certainly doesn't seem -pleased- about it. She returns to her seat next to Sylvie, frowning.

    The Telmar's blade rings off Inigo's once more, before a powerful strike to his opposite shoulder sends him staggering back a step. He quickly moves his blade to parry upwards, and steps towards the Darkwater, slashing downwards just as the pirate sends Inigo crashing against the Telmar. The Redmarcher gives the yielding Malvici a quick clap to the shoulder, stepping around him and back into the fray.

Lailah arrives late to the event, striding quietly towards a seat near the back, to avoid getting in anybody's way.

Juliet raises a gloved hand to cover a gasp as Niccolo yields - or possibly at the spat blood. "Well. I see I came in time for the fighting to get brutal.." She concludes.

Anze is squaring off against Luca and Zhayla now it seems, and for the most part seems to be doing alright... that is until Zhayla hits Anze with a rough blow that pulls a grunt from Anze. Thats all he gives though, instead returning the short girl with two smaller blows that work through her defenses. Defending against two attackers is tiring though, and the constant parrying and dodging is starting to ware on him.

Kieran has left the A Malvici Crest Bench.

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

Kieran has joined the A Malvici Crest Bench.

Ansel inflicts serious damage to Maximilian.

Maximilian falls unconscious.

Zhayla inflicts moderate damage to Anze.

Lou has left the A Saik Crest Bench.

Luca inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Ansel inflicts very serious damage to Darrow.

Silas inflicts minor damage to Darrow.

Zhayla inflicts minor damage to Anze.

Having yieled, Niccolo stumbles his way out of the fighting area and drops down to sit on the ground at the edge of of it, close to the healers. He accepts the water he's brought, using it to drink some, then wipe his mouth and face. The sword is returned to its sheath, slowly, while the man winces in pain.

Silas inflicts serious damage to Luca.

Luca falls unconscious.

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Valencia winces as yet more combatants fall to the the ground. Her eyes lock to Niccolo as he yeilds and moves from the ring and she presses her lips together for a moment.

Luca has left the center of the square.

1 Grayson Guardsmen leaves, following Lou.

Inigo stumbles from combat, his pain-striken eyes finding the closest open location and slumping onto the ground. He breathes deeply, a sucking in of breath as he prods his wound with his hand. "Mmmmmnnnn... that is going to leave a mark..." He slides his rapier into it's sheath, tenderly, his wounds on fire for each little movement.

A soft gasp of concern escapes from Calandra's slightly parted lips as Luca falls in combat.

"Maybe did we not fight? I don't remember fighting someone silent all the time." Anze's continuing silence causes Zhayla a moment's uncertainty, and she looks to the side at Luca, as though he might have any idea. He's an expert on other things, after all, like giving her the kind of good advice about how to direct her blows that lead to her clobbering him with two hard hits. Oh -- wait. Silas just rendered him incapable of giving advice. She looks at Silas instead, who has probably even less chance of knowing, much less knowing what she's talking about.

"I am sure he will live," murmurs Sylvie to Eleyna and Valencia both, her own gaze slipping towards Niccolo and offering the man a soft smile from afar. But her gaze drags back to the combat, focusing there for a moment with a tightening of her lips together in a line.

Eirene moves her medics in again as more stumble and fall. She is all business, making sure each is being seen to at once and wounds prepared.

Eleyna glances over at Sylvie, lifts her brows, and then nods her head at Luca when he drops in a 'See what did I tell you?' sort of gesture.

Silas closes in on the Thraxian man who, by all appearances, seems to be the least hurt. He swings and it clangs uselessly against Darrow's armor, but he notices two others were also busy poking the man.

    So he turns and hits Luca upside the head with the blunt side of his blade.

Maximilian moves slower now, his wounds having piled up. Lesser men would have fallen already when he closes with Ansel. The man catches Max, sliding through his guard and the lack of armor on the Darkwater count makes itself abundantly clear from the spray of Blood (It may be rum...). MAx staggers back once, twice, then falls.

"Gah, this is getting bloody irritating...heh, bloody!" Luca is grumbling out as he keeps finding armor with his borrowed blade and also continues bleeding profusely. On the upside, the dodgey naked bastard is dodgey, even while dizzy from bloodloss. And so it is that he's catching ahold of someone finally by way of Darrow, and then immediately catching a blade from Silas to the back that drops him hard. "Good...hit!" He gasps out before falling facefirst to the ground and lights out.

Matteo have been dismissed.

3 Malvici Guards have been dismissed.

Leta's not going anywhere on her own for now, and an attempt at crawling off is cut short by the arrival of the healers, with the sellsword being helped off the ring and somewhere quieter. There's some blood soaking a few of the the less solid areas of her armor to require the removal of a layer or two.

Kieran rises from his spot at the benches, giving a dip of his head to the gathered nobles around him, before heading off.

Kieran has left the A Malvici Crest Bench.

1 Redrain novice guards leaves, following Kieran.

Anze is then trying to parry away blows from three people, which he does with the same grim expression as before. Luca eventually goes down from a blow from Silas, taking one of them off of him but the main focus is still on ZHayla and her greatsword.

Zhayla inflicts very serious damage to Anze.

Darrow stumbles back, pressed by the attacks of three other men, grimacing as he tries to find purchase in the stones of the square. He's bleeding from a number of wounds, but still standing, and continues backing up, his flail knocking away a blow from Ansel's sword, face locked in a grimace.

Ansel inflicts moderate damage to Darrow.

Silas inflicts serious damage to Darrow.

Darrow falls unconscious.

Zhayla inflicts serious damage to Anze.

Anze falls unconscious.

"If he does not, I shall be rather disappointed with him," Valencia murmrs back, offering Sylvie a grateful nod."I have so few uncles you see." Her eyes on her Niccolo again, and and then she turns back to watch the fight again.

Calandra's face looks pale as she looks over the melee. She winces as Max falls.

"Do the Oathlands proud, Ansel!" Monique calls out with a grin towards the Telmar Sword still standing.

Calypso keeps her hands clasped behind her back as she watches the fight. The final moments of these things are always the most exciting. She frowns just a touch though when Anze and Darrow both topple over at the same time. There is a light applaud though for their efforts.

After delivering a powerful blow to Anze, Zhayla pauses to check to see if he intends on still attacking, but seeing him bring his blade up, Zhayla gives him a salute of respect and moves in to deliver another blow. "I'm pretty sure I fought him before," she says a little uncertainly as she looks at him, then turns to consider who is left. She considers Silas, then sets her gaze on Ansel with a dip of her head.

Darrow has left the center of the square.

Neve cheers for Ansel with a shrill whistle blown between her fingers

    Facing off with the Darkwater, the scent of blood (and alcohol) strong in the air, the Telmar lowers his blade out and to the side. He feints left, then comes upward to the right, whirling his way past Max's guard, and catching him squarely in the shoulder. He lingers a moment as the Darkwater falls, before stepping quickly around, coming up to meet the whirling blade of the next Darkwater, who catching a glancing blow to the Redmarcher's shoulder. He swings for Darrow's shoulder, landing a moderately powerful strike, before Silas's blade follows, sending the man to the ground. The Telmar steps back, surveying the rest of the field.

Niccolo remains where he's sitting at, and glances in the direction of the crowd. Seeing Sylvie, Eleyna and Valencia, he lifts a hand towards them, but winces at the gesture. The duke coughs, and that leads to more wincing.

Inigo stands with a grunt, moving with definite effort to the unconscious Max. Once there he grabs the large man with both hands and drags him from the combat grounds. Getting him safely to the side less there be any errant blows.

A laugh catches in Sylvie's throat for the answer, her chin tipping towards Valencia in a nod as her lips curve into a soft smile. Her gaze follows Eleyna's nod towards Luca, dragging over the shirtless man even as he falls. She murmurs back, "Well, at least he looked pretty while fighting. Even if the strategy is a proven failure."

Silas inflicts serious damage to Zhayla.

Zhayla inflicts moderate damage to Ansel.

Darrow staggers aside, the sustained attacks of Ansel and Silas bringing the Lord of the Lament to his knees, a ragged exhilation of breath spent before he topples to the side.

Silas inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Deva sighs heavily in disappointment from the sidelines, arms crossing with a frown as she watches Luca drop to the sand. "On you now, Commander," she calls out to Silas.

Silas inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Zhayla inflicts critical damage to Ansel.

Ansel falls unconscious.

Costas grunts in amusement as more nobles hit the dirt, taking up his own polite applause when Calypso does so. That shining gleam in his eye is certainly motivated by the chivalry on display, and not the cynical notions of classist sentiment.

Once Max is safe he turns to the downed form of Lord Darrow. Moving slowly he grabs the large man and his flail, moving with obvious effort to drag him from the combat area. Laying him down near Max for healer assistance.

that was Inigo, by the by

Mason has left the A Saik Crest Bench.

Zhayla's face visibly falls when both the others turn their swords toward her. "What, really?" She squares her shoulders and draws a breath, a little unsteady and starting to reach her limits. She's breathless and sweating, but pulls everything together for a powerful blow that clears Ansel from the field and allows her to turn to face Silas. She looks betrayed. BETRAYED.

"Luca's fast, which I suppose saved him for as long as it did. But still. Maybe we shouldn't have let him know how good he looks without a shirt on." Eleyna huffs in a mixture of exasperation and amusement that lasts until Niccolo waves and then winces. She murmurs while watching the duke, "Sure, he'll live. That doesn't mean that I like seeing him hurt."

Lailah is seated quietly, her hands clasped in her lap as she keeps her intense gaze upon the combatants, a small smile upon her lips.

    Once the field is down to three, Ansel moves for Zhayla, blade coming up against hers, meeting once, twice, then a third time as the pair exchanges a series of parried hits. He manages a glancing blow, then, extending himself likely just a bit too far before he pays for it dearly, Zhayla's blade coming up in a blur that sends the Telmar tumbling back into the dirt, where he remains.

Darrow is quite abruptly felled, and Zhayla proves how dangerous she is by felling Ansel seemingly effortlessly. Unfortunately for her, Silas is quick to take the opportunity to hit Zhayla when she's open. He gives her a grim smile. "Apologies, Mistress - I know you're the bigger threat." He raises his blade again, now ready to face her one-on-one. "But you can make me pay very painfully."

Silas inflicts serious damage to Zhayla.

"No, neither do I," murmurs Sylvie in turn, her gaze sliding briefly towards Niccolo and then towards the field. Two are left standing still, and she pays polite attention to them as they face each other.

Silas inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Silas inflicts minor damage to Zhayla.

Zhayla inflicts very serious damage to Silas.

Zhayla inflicts serious damage to Silas.

Silas falls unconscious.

Eirene picks up Renewal, a steel longsword.

Aureth is overheard praising Zhayla for: Holy shit.

Eirene picks up City of Swords black opal Oathlands steel hairpins.

Eirene picks up mahogany knot-work hairpins with inlaid tourmaline.

Eirene picks up the Flame-Mender.

Luca is overheard praising Zhayla for: Comeback kid

Eirene picks up Riptide.

Niccolo wakes up.

Inigo lifts his hands to clap loudly for the remaining combatant. He cheers then coughs as the effort.

Luca wakes up.

Silas wakes up.

Juliet is overheard praising Ansel for: You'd make a Princess proud.

Darrow wakes up.

Monique is overheard praising Zhayla for: ALL HAIL THE QUEEN OF THE RING!

Juliet is overheard praising Zhayla for: Well fought, well won.

Lailah doesn't cheer aloud, but she does clap enthusiastically for the winner, which is as good as it gets for her!

Anze wakes up.

Zhayla falls back one, two, three steps, taking blow after blow from Silas. And they aren't just little tickles, either! It's clear that she's hurt, bleeding, and maybe not even just at her limits, but a little past them when she suddenly manages to gather what it takes to pierce his guard in two strong blows, her grin fierce.

Leta would clap, but her hands are far too comfortable in her lap, and her gauntlets are heavy. So she just nods appreciatively at the remaining contenders, from wherever the healers brought her to rest, and takes a sip of water when she is offered one. The sellsword then settles back down and stretches herself out, one knee drawn up close to herself as she stares high above her head.

Ansel wakes up.

Darrow picks up a steel broadsword with a crossguard hilt.

Bianca is overheard praising Zhayla for: Very well done.

Lailah is overheard praising Zhayla for: Well fought!

As Silas is struck down in an incredible final exchange of blows Calypso steps back in to the ring. "Congratulations Miss Zhayla!" She applauds and has the healers come in to get her some water. "Help me in cheering for our champion!"

Joscelin stands and cheers. "WELL DONE ZHAYLA!"

Valencia jumps up off the benches and cheers!!!

Luca nakedly bleeds, but he's cheering in spirit.

Calypso is overheard praising Zhayla for: An incredible fighter!

Maximilian bleeds, in a cheering fashion. It's a quick little spurt of joy!

Maximilian wakes up.

Joscelin is overheard praising Silas for: WELL FUCKING DONE!!

Juliet rises as the final blow is struck, bringing her hands together to add to the cascades of applause for the winner.

Hadrian is overheard praising Zhayla for: Well done, winning the tourney.

Sylvie, ever poised, claps politely and murmurs her praise for the champion.

Inigo settles to tapping his sheath on the ground, any other effort too much for the moment.

Calypso is overheard praising Eirene for: Fantastic healer!

Darrow groans and pushes to his feet, aided by two medics from Eirene's camp, his spangenhelm pulled off and his hair plastered to his scalp.

Sylvie is overheard praising Zhayla for: The end was well-fought.

And painfully make Silas pay she does! Funnily enough, through the haze of utter pain that befalls him, he isn't at all surprised. Try as he might, he simply could not hit Zhayla enough times to bring her down before that unnecessarily large broadsword knocks the wind out of him and he hits the ground like a pile of bricks.

Asger laughs uproariously as he watches Zhayla dispatching her opponents one after another. His hands coming together in claps as he calls out towards the field "That's how you do it, good job tiny warrior, good job."

Carissa, a Malvici bodyguard have been dismissed.

Calypso is overheard praising Costas for: On point! Best tournament assistant there is.

Juliet is overheard praising Eirene for: Tireless efforts to ensure the safety of the fighters. May she be recognised for this.

Tobias grunts, then starts to clap, having been silent through the entire bout. "Good stuff."

Juliet is overheard praising Calypso for: An entertaining evening of bloodshed.

Silas is overheard praising Zhayla for: Well-deserved, commoner!

Zhayla is overheard praising Silas for: Very well fought!

Costas is overheard praising Zhayla for: All glory to Zhayla, awash in blue blood.

Silas is overheard praising Calypso for: It was fun!

Inigo D:

Eleyna is overheard praising Zhayla for: Amazing. I think her sword is almost as big as she is!

Maximilian slowly gets back to his feet. "Thank you, Mercy." Says Max, of Eirene. "Well, that was fun Prince ArseNaked!" Says he, coughing and wiping some blood from his mouth. "Thank hyou for the invitation!" Then to Calypso... "Thank you fro letting me crash the party."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

Maximilian gets a messenger, then has to go. Well fucky doo.

Once the healers are able to work on him, they remove his chest piece, baring his chest. Bandages are applied, as well as salves and other things, before the armor is put back on the man. Slowly he rises, with a nod of gratitude to those working on him and Eirene as well.

Calypso inclines her head to Max. "It was an excellent if unexpected addition to the fight."

Niccolo is overheard praising Zhayla.

Hadrian pushed his fingers through cold black locks, his tired features and worn countenance upon the fighters.

Maximilian tips his head, and then returns to Calandra.. "Miss." he murmurs, pointing to his hat. "Mine."

"She gives me hope. If I had a tenth of such skill I would be delighted," Valencia beams. "Watching the crowd cheer for Zhayla." She turns back and grins at Juliet, "How are your lessons coming along, sweetest of Juliets?"

With the fighting done and a champion named, Monique rises up from the benches to head towards the healers. Not to help, oh no, you don't want that. Just to check on friends and make sure they're getting back on their feet.

Once Luca's back amongst the living, his first words are likely to make Max proud. A croaking. "Fuck me, I need some rum!" He's sitting up slowly, looking around in confusion, trying to figure out who survived and who won. WHen it's Zhayla, he's letting out a shrill two-finger wolfwhistle. "WOO for giantsword! I have no clue what her name is, but that was great!"

    The Telmar is tended to by a few of Eirene's healer crew, before he slowly returns to the world, eyes flittering open with a pained groan. He moves to sit up, slowly, as the medics continue their work. Eventually, he's pulled up to his feet, and helped along out of the fighting area.

"Oh, that was very well fought, though," Zhayla says as she waits for the healers to bind her (many) wounds a little unsteadily. She turns her face up a bit uncertain first, then incredulous, then ridiculously delighted, blindingly joyful, and without the good sense to even hide it as she hears her name lifted in cheers. She calls out, "Thank you!" and not much else, but rather fidgets in place trying to figure out if that's sufficient. She bobs her head. That seems like the right thing to do.

Maximilian is very proud indeed. He reclaims his hat from Calandra and starts his wway out.

Pariah, The StormCrow leaves, following Maximilian.

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