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Belladonna vs Hadrian Duel

An honor duel to first blood issued by Belladonna Pravus and accepted by Hadrain Malvici


Jan. 27, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Belladonna Hadrian


Alarissa Khanne Kima Branan Pietro(RIP) Gaston Preston Anze(RIP) Darren Mydas(RIP) Cassius(RIP) Silas Niccolo(RIP) Rowan Joscelin Jeremiah Takruid Juliet(RIP) Costas(RIP) Audric(RIP) Selene Signe Mirari Inigo(RIP) Lydia Agnarr Talen Angelo Freja(RIP) Lyiana Valencia Valkieri(RIP) Avary Luca(RIP) Orazio(RIP) Bethany Cedarav Niamh(RIP) Felix Eleyna Magden Asger(RIP) Brianna Leola Muiryn(RIP) Joslyn(RIP) Eirene Monique



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Judgment Green

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Kima had arrived some time earlier, with little fanfare. The blonde is without armor, as has been stipulated by the dictates of this particular honor duel. Instead, she's clad in simple silks of red and black - Malvici colors. Her feet are wrapped in the martial sandals typical of Southport soldiers, and strapped across her back are two swords; Skysplitter, the symbol of her status as Sword of Southport, and then a simpler weapon, and the blade of her choice. Her blonde hair, so often left free, has been bound around the crown of her head in a braid, free from her eyes or any grasping fingers!

Having prepared herself for this moment, the blonde now stands at the edge of the ring a very helpful volunteer had previously marked upon the ground wherein the two combatants would face one another. To all those that greet her with smiles, waves, and words, Kima offers a nod and a close-lipped smile, speaking when appropriate. The Archlector of Sentinel is given a soft greeting when she approaches, but otherwise Kima refrains from engaging in theatrics.

Belatedly, Eleyna notices both the nod from Juliet as well as the bow from Orazio, return an inclination of her head to both. She accepts the chair when it is pulled out for her and murmurs, "Lady Kima is the one I know. I'm not sure of the other."

Leola smiles back to Juliet, settling back and watching the duelling ring with some nervousness - not cheering one side, nor the other, but sitting where she can see, and wrapping a leg, in her long skirt, to her chest, shivering and nervous

Inigo nods reassuringly to Hadrian before winking at Kima. He mouths something like, 'Who arthas?" or maybe it's 'You've got this.' Either way, it's clear from his expression that he's attempting to bolster her spirits.

Audric saunters his way onto the judgment green, an easy grin on his face. Producing a flask from somewhere, the sellsword takes a drink before promptly starting to shoulder his way to a good observation spot.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Silas before departing.

Given the terms set out by the duel, Niamh's presence on the Judgment Green is one without the spectacle of armor. Instead of plate or leather, it's a tunic and leggings of simple linen and plain shoes. The tabard she wears is white, the Shield-and-Foil of the Champion's Guild embroidered on it. Where there have been nods, or waves, she has returned them, but mostly kept herself off to the side with her hands clapsed before her and a stoic pose otherwise held.

Hadrian keeps his hands clasped behind the small of his back, as he scrutinizes the greens; he does not react to Cedarav's rhetoric, neither irritably nor even in acknowledgement, but instead seems to be rather focused, confidently watching Kima Saik.

Khanne smiles at Muiryn and Rowan as she walks over to their table, leaning her hip against the table near where Rowan sits. She nods to Simone and Monique as well and says, "Evenin'."

Eirene falls quiet and glares at the general proceedings.

Orazio smiles at Joscelin and Felix as he approaches. "Guildmaster Joscelin, Master Felix. A pleasure to see you both. And congratulations are in order, it seems," he adds, with both surprise and pleasure. "And a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Lyiana, as well." A smile and nod to her, before he turns to search out Kima again. A hint of worry there, mixed with pride.

Takruid makes his way onto the green where the crowd are and tries to pick out a spot to observe the fight. Lucky him he angles the same way as Audric and eventually catches sight of the an. "Cap'n, come out to see the duel them or just the crowds?" he asks in a deep voice, not really looking at the younger man but trying to suss out the contenders.

Lyiana blushes as she's introduced, though her eyes keep straying to Lady Niamh before moving away. "My Lord," she murmurs"Legate." she adds after a moment, looking at the two men and curtsying slowly. She keeps her attention now trained on who she is being introduced to rather than Lady Niamh.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Freja arrive, following Darren.

Eleyna nods at Valencia and gestures at a chair, inviting her cousin to join the table.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Freja leave, following Darren.

Luca makes way along throughout crowds, leaning in to whisper something briefly to Felix in passing, then making way to edge of the ring to murmur something to the champion grandmaster Niamh with a grin and and a hand patting briefly at shoulder. After which, he's off to other side of the ring, less familiarly approaching Kima to murmur something there in turn.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Freja arrive, following Darren.

Pietro is here, all bright curiosity and ready interest. He's hanging around near his liege-lord, occasionally muttering sotto commentary to Valkieri. He has smiled, waved and offered various nods to people he knows at variouspoints since he arrived. Why not.

"It's all right. Those things happen." Mydas shrugs to Lydia, before nodding to his cousin Cassius. "Here for support, whatever happens." he nods. "Pleasure to meet you, Sir." he says towards the Pravus chirurgeon. "Lord Mydas Nightgold, at your service."

Avary's gaze draws between Kima and then to Niamh, watching them. But her quiet words are pitched only for the women's ears, unable to be heard above the noisy crowd.

"Oh, the duel, absolutely," Audric says, cheerfully, flashing a grin at Takruid and offering over the flask. "Lady Kima's a friend of mine - and very, very skilled with a blade. I'm quite eager to see her show off a bit."

Bethany finds a place to sit on the edges of the park to watch while carefully avoiding the crowd.

Monique flashes Khanne a bright smile at her arrival, "Hello! Feel free to sit with us, friends of Rowan's are friends of ours."

"Well met, Goodwoman Arterius, Lyiana." Preston greets the gentlewoman with a bow, but when he looks and it sees the duel is about to begin, the knight tightens his grip on his sword a moment and can be heard murmuring a short prayer to Gloria.

Costas pushes back the dark hood of his sinister-looking armor, eyeing the opposite side of the green. Some low comment is uttered aside to the Malvici camp, too quiet to carry.

Lydia gives Mydas's arm a comforting pat at something her cousin whispers to her, and then she allows her eyes drift over towards Cedarav. Here, finally, Lydia smiles although, again, it's dampened. "Glad to make your acquaintance."

Angelo makes his way to the square with both hands clasped behind his back. His eyes roam around the crowds to see whomever he might spot; the first person to get his attention is Juliet, whom he joins by heading towards her. His mouth can be seen mouthing some sort of greeting to her.

Then, noticing Takruid and Audric in the crowd, Agnarr elbows and shuffles his way to them. He's good at that.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Simone before departing.

Rowan looks up as Khanne leans to the table occupied by the Greenmarchers, and leans back some in his seat to hook an arm around the back of her hips, his head tipping towards her to murmur some quiet word or another.

Gaston slows, but doesn't stop, as the murmur of the crowd draws his attention to the ring. His stalking pace picks up, and he finally settles into place near the back -- the ring visible enough with his height -- hands folding across his chest as he settles in to watch.

Niccolo steps into the area, surrounding by his retinue of guards. Those House Velenosa guards move just a little closer to the duke than they usually do, less willing to give the man his space. The Velenosa duke approaches walking with hands clasped behind his back, his head lifted some as to study the crowd. Finally, he comes to a stop, not far from the table occupied by some members of his family.

Hadrian glances toward Angelo as he approaches Juliet and the Duke Southport.

The middle-aged man waves away Audric's offer and pulls out what can only be called a wineskin from the back of his belts, obscured by the cloak. "I have my own Cap'n." he says with a wry tone before popping the cork and the scent of mulled wine is notable to anyone close enough. "Is the duel for any particular reason? So and so insulted the family honor by wearing yellow on a monday?"

Muiryn pushes up from his seat with a grunt, nothing said, but he glances to Khanne briefly. Then he snatches up the pouch of nuts and just keeps to standing; an empty seat left next to Rowan.

Muiryn has left the small circular table.

Khanne has joined the small circular table.

Freja enters in the company of her cousin, Darren. The pair are conversing softly with one another as they go. The tall Northerner woman hides her face behind a deep hood, leaving only her nose and mouth viewable, though the tilt of her head makes it easy to discern her attention strays to the field for a moment.

Felix smiles to Luca as the man murmurs to him and reaches out with his large hand to pat the man's shoulder briefly. "Anytime, my friend. Always a pleasure to get the right weapon to the right soul." He turns his attention back to Orazio then and smiles at the Legate. "Thank you, Father. Around the Spring Equinox is when we're planning." Again he smiles to Preston and inclines his head in a nod to the Templar as well. "That sword's looking mighty good on you, Sir Knight."

Khanne smiles at Muiryn as he stands, leaving a seat open for her. "Such a gentleman, Boots. Thank you."

The Archlector steps into the ring, each stride crisp and clear, before she turns to address the watching crowd, speaking directly to them as she lifts her voice in clear, practice oration to pitch above the noise: "A duel of honor is a sacred rite to the Sentinel. And there is honor in everyone to be had, both for those that find themselves on the side of truth and those that do not, for partaking in this sacred act of the Sentinel." Then, the woman turns her back on them, standing between the crowd and the combatants, and speaking directly to the latter as she continues: "Our daughters, Baroness Kima Saik, Lady Niamh Greenmarch, know that we all gather to witness you and that none may doubt your faith and virtue. Know that you proceed with the blessings of the Sentinel, under its watchful eye, so that it may take note and remember, always."

Avary moves first to Niamh, drawing her fingers against a glass vial of white oil. She touches a drop against the woman's right temple. "May a sense of justice fill your thoughts." She presses a another at the woman's left temple. "May a need for order beat in your heart." And the last is pressed to balance between, at the spot between her brow's as she presses the oil there. "May the truth guide your hand."

She moves to Kima next, again touching her fingers against the vial of oil to spill more to her fingertips. She touches a drop against the woman's right temple. "May a sense of justice fill your thoughts." She presses a another at the woman's left temple. "May a need for order beat in your heart." And the last is pressed to balance between, at the spot between her brow's as she presses the oil there. "May the truth guide your hand."

As she steps back and away, stepping outside of the ring, she invokes at last, "And always, may the Sentinel guard the righteous."

Angelo notices Hadrian next to his cousin as he approaches the pair. "Oh--" A pause. "Lady Cousin, My Lord Duke," he greets -- after a murmur that probably got discarded once he notices that she's not only in the company of Fidelia. His lips spread into a smile for the two, and his head bends into an angular bow. "Good luck with your duel," he says in a mellifluous voice.

Audric inclines his head towards Agnarr as well, as the other sellsword approaches. "I'm not completely certain, honestly," he says, cheerfully. "Better a duel than the two houses slugging it out in a field somewhere though, no? Significantly less people dying, at least."

Talen calls to Audric, "You're not advertising your mercenaries right."

"Don't get hired much for duels, though," Agnarr does retort back to Audric lowly.

Belladonna offers a quiet greeting and a few words to those that speak with her, a nod of her head here and there for those whose eyes she catches. She stays settled at Cassius's side, her eyes sweeping over those assembled until she spots Niamh. At that point that smile of hers warms up considerably, a hand lifted to wave, smile sent that way. Oh, and then things are....apparently starting. "Apparently we are not going to speak first," she asides to her husband. She does settle down for the blessings, falling to quiet.

Just one of many, Jeremiah steps into the park--he watches Avary rather openly, but, searching the crowd, finds his way to a familiar woman, standing at her side quietly. "Bee," he greets, just that--then silent and observing the Champions.

Valencia nods graciously to Talen and Branan, and then smiles brightly to Eleyna. "Thank you. It is good to find safe harbour with you, sweetest cousin." She looks across the crowd, "So many poeple. This should prove interesting." The little princess takes a seat, a little smile graces her lips as she looks out at the crowd.

"Better view from here, legs," Muiryn rumbles to Khanne before looking up to Avary. A small tilt of his head and lift of one brow to the Archlector.

Diddanwch the Pine Marten arrives, following Asger.

After introductions, the tailor stands quietly to one side, allowing the other's to speak around her and her eyes stray to the sidelines occasionally, her emerald gaze lighting on the duelests and down to the ground. Lyiana is standing straight, though her hands are pressed against her stomach.

Branan, without comment but with a smile to Valencia, produces a fourth glass - and starts to fill it.

Eleyna notices Niccolo and lifts the hand not occupied by the snake to wave him toward the table. She glances at Valencia and murmurs, "It certainly shall."

Gaston grunts briefly as the Archlector speaks, shadowed eyes regarding the pre-duel proceedings with an avid interest.

Takruid glances over his shoulder while taking from his wineskine to the voice calling over to Audric. Not quite spotting who it was he shifts his attention to Agnarr after his drink. "I doubt the guild... There is a guild right of duelist sorts... Doubt they'd appreciate sellswords cutting into their honeypots."

Niccolo has joined the small circular table.

"You can say that again. It's been a slow season for Champions. I'm hoping this may remind people the guild exists." Luca's offering up to Agnarr and Audric in passing as the feckless duelist Prince is leaving the ring before the Archlector got into things. A nod for the two men after his comment then, allowing for replies, and then he's moving onward towards the Velenosans to find a good place to witness the fight.

Hadrian scrutinizes Angelo while he pauses and seems to hesitated, but speaks no words; the greeting is akcnowledged and the blessing thanked with a simple nod of his head, and he's once again focused on the duelist's grounds.

"Just the Archlector of Sentinel giving blessings," Cassius murmurs aside. "If you wish to speak, you've a captive audience," he assures Belladonna. Cassius then dips his head to Avery. "You bring honor to us all, Blessed Avary."

Freja begins to look for a place to sit, but leaves it to Darren to make the ultimate decision. Audric gets a nod as she passes and the aside, "Must you hire out a proper campaign strategist as well? Master Talen is quite right - you are terrible at advertising."

Asger slip in to watch the from the outskirts of the crowd, the man crossing his arms as he watches the spectacle with a neutral, if slightly annoyed expression.

Inigo turns all attention to the Archlector and the duel proceedings. The young lord narrows his eyes in focus, anxiously waiting for the events to unfold.

Bethany glances over, up, and side-steps closer to Jeremiah.

"Doesn't mean it doesn't happen," Agnarr does muse back Takruid's way, "Not all duels are formal as this."

When Avary begins wher benediction to the event, Niamh turns her full attention to the Acrchlector. Her head bows in reverance for the words and remainst hat way until after the dabs of oil have been placed. Her hands unclasp only once Kima has been blessed by the Archlector as well. "Thank you," comes the quiet murmur from the Greenmarcher, usually known to be quite loud.

Leola then stands, shifting around a little as she jostles for view. She gives Niamh an encouraging nod, and Kima a warm, hopeful smile, remaining much on the sidelines

Juliet gives a small wave and a smile to Audric, to Niccolo, murmuring something to Hadrian. And then she shoots a bright smile over at Angelo as he steps closer. Still, the Archlector grabs her attention, and she gives a small nod of agreement, applauding politely as the ritual comes to a close. "Lord Cousin Angelo, have you met Duke Hadrian? And my protege, Messere Leola Allenatore?" Gesturing to the Saiklands woman a little to the side.

Lydia spots Angelo across the way, and despite all her attempts to be all somber even-tempered, she visibly deflates as she whispers to Mydas.

When she catches Luca's words, Belladonna's attention shifts to him briefly, the smile that had been aimed at Niamh sent his way. Not that she says anything about it, her attention shifting back first to Cassius. "It's already started, I think it would be tacky," she answers quietly, then she too bows her head to Avery before refocusing her attention on Niamh.

Talen hears his name and turns his head toward Freja, looking partly amused. "I'm always right," he says with a low thrum of bassy voice. "Your highness, Princess Freja," he acknowledsges with a mild salute since he's seated.

Kima, having received a few words from Luca before Archlector Avary commenced with the blessings of the Sentinel, offered the prince a quick nod accompanied by a fierce smile. She then focuses her attention upon the Archlector and her words, accepting with a solemn bow of her head the marks of oil to her temples and forehead.

That done, blue eyes snap open, bright and eager. She reaches for her long sword, and the weapon is pulled from its scabbard in a familiar song of steel. She adopts a ready stance, mouth split into a toothy smile.

Felix looks out onto the field towards Niamh and beams a warm and rather confident smile to the Greenmarcher.

Orazio listens to the prayer offered, then smiles, clearly approving of it. Other than that, he remains quiet and upright, his eyes focused on Kima.

"With such certainty, who am I to argue?" Freja concedes, even dipping down into a graceful curtsey to Talen given her current state of being in a dress, sans armor. Yes, the Northern savage has some propriety stored behind her broadaxes.

Seeing Eleyna's wave, Niccolo steps closer to the table. "Greetings," he says to those present and then looks from Talen to Branan. His eyes linger on Branan briefly before he adds, "I'm sorry, Master Branan, I'm still catching up with the letters. I'll be doing so again tonight, you'll receive a response from me," he says. "It's just taken some time to go through all of them," he explains and seeing Juliet's smile his way, he offers a faint one in return. He looks around the area once more, and his gaze falls on Belladonna.

Mydas' own expression stays neutral as he responds to Lydia similarly quietly, though perhaps there's a hint of an amused smirk on his face.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Simone before departing.

"True enough." Takruid replies in a low rumble before offering the wineskin of mulled wine to Agnarr. "This is my first duel watching in the city, Would have thought there'd be a smaller crowd for people swinging steel at each other."

Joslyn pulls the cloak around herself, sheilding from the cold, moving towards Juliet, the first familiar face she spots. "Have I missed anything yet?" she asks.

Anze scans the crowd and notes quite a deal of familiar faces. He makes his way towards where Darren and Freja stand and nods to the pair of them "Frey, Darren."

Leola looks to Angelo, and curtsies demurely to him "My lord" She says gently, soft and deferential as she shifts among the jostling people

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tristram before departing.

Juno drops large bench.

Valkieri snorts at something PIetro murmurs to him in a low voice, lips curving in the slightest hint of a smirk. Mostly he remains quiet, head dipping briefly as Avary offers her blessing, and then turns his gaze curiously to Belladonna.

Branan tips his head to Nicollo, and silently fills the elder man a glass of the fine wine he has brought for his royals. "I am a servant, Your Grace."

Inigo flashes a quick smile and wink in Princess Valencia's direction. He gives a soft chuckle at her wrinkled nose, his eyes widening and head bobbling a bit in response before the sound of drawn steel catches his attention and his eyes dart back to Kima.

Brianna is here, watching the champions as they prepare. She seems to be content to do so alone for the time being. Some women just like to watch a good fight now and again.

"Hello, Joslyn," Juliet offers brightly. "Just Archlector Avary's blessing of the contestants, they haven't started fighting and there hasn't been any notification of grudges yet," She idly waves a little towards Anze, and seems well pleased to be among a huddle of friends.

Juno drops long bench.

Valencia nods polietly to Niccolo. "My dearest uncle Niccolo," she says with great formality, "I am very glad so see you."

Lyiana seems to try to get smaller in the huge crowd that has gathered, and is probably not hardly seen in the mass of faces. The only thing that may be familiar is her red hair, and her blue dress, to which she is wearing for the occasion, however thin it may be. She doesn't seem to care.

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Accepting the wine, Agnarr takes a swallow before passing it back, saying, "Too boring in the rest of the city," back to Takruid. "Might be a mess these days, but still half the day, tis nothing to do."

Freja glances to her brother and remarks, "Anze, you look well enough. You don't seem to be drinking nearly enough. Damn shame."

Oh look, benches! Valkieri will sit on one of those with Pietro.

Pietro claims the seat next to Valkieri on the bench and stretches out his legs beside him, crossing his ankles.

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Kima wields a slender long sword with a mirrored pommel.

"Nah, I've been cutting down. Cept for last night. Had to have a drink last night" Anze says to Freja before glancing over "best to stay sober now though until I kill whoever is responsible."

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Cassius takes a breath, and then steps forward, taking Belladonna along with him. He watches forward, with his wife, towards where Niamh and Kima are in the circle. "I cannot possibly say anything better than Blessed Avary has, so I will not try, and just say, Gods be with the both fo you," he tells the two. Then, well, he just doesn't say anything else, save to murmur aside to Belladonna.

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Hadrian lifts his hands, ushering attention as his voice rings forth, "Welcome. Let us briefly congratulate Duchess Belladonna Pravus on her recent betrothal. May Sentinel watch over the combatants, and may all matter rest with the outcome." Hands drop, and he's finished, signaled by them clasping behind the small of his back.

Angelo studies Hadrian during a few moments of silence, and when Juliet introduces them he gives the man a very slow nod of his head. "A pleasure," comes from him in a soft voice, before deflecting his attention to Leola, who receives a faint smile as she greets him and gives him another nod. "A pleasure." To the forming group, he bids, "excuse me a moment," and turns around to depart away from them, hands clasping behind his back. His chosen destination is the crowds.

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Joslyn smiles towards Juliet and nods. Stepping in close beside the noblewoman. She falls silent though, and just watches the event unfold.

Luca ended up standing somewhere behind Niccolo near the others of his vamily, where he has good view of the fight, murmuring something to the gathered. He seems to have missed Belladonna's smile his way, but then, given how somber the usually laid-back Champion seems, that may not be surprising.

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Talen does note to Freja, "You could drink your prince brother's share. You can take it, can't you? Redrain and all that jazz." Jazz is a thing, honest. Even in Arx.

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Niamh wields Spirit Of The Greenwood.

Lyiana dropps on a bench near Felix, her hands now moving from her stomach to her lap, but she still watching Niamh with a smile, though her attention does turn to other duelests.

"What is hidden in snow is revealed at thaw; don't show your bite nor temper just yet." Freja advises her brother before slipping into a seat, motioning for Anze to join her. "I drink his share, mine, and Ferg's and whatever Darren and Deva don't finish." she drawls to Talen.

Walking up, Asger steals a chair from a nearby table to park it so he can take a seat at the more populated table. The man dipping his head to Monique before looking back to the event.

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"My recent marriage, you mean? Thank you, Duke Malvici," Belladonna speaks up and smiles his way, bowing her head to him. Her attention turns to Kima and Niamh then, and she offers a very quiet, "Thank you both, for this." The pair of them are offered a bow from the waist, and then she's stepping back again. No big speeches for her, apparently. When she spots Niccolo, she tips her head his way as well. Really. There are nods and smiles still for anyone who seems to want them, but there are so many people it's hard to mention all of them. She's not doing a lot of talking.

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"Okay, now that's just a little overboard," Talen says in mockery of his own original idea when Freja tops it. "Try not to get alcohol poisoning and die. It's rude, when there's an event ongoing."

Jeremiah tosses a quiet, subdued nod to Bethany, hands behind his back--and then he just lowers them, reaching aside to find one of Bethany's and squeeze at it, though the affectionate gesture won't last overlong--squeeze and release.

"Perhaps longer and closer than the last," he softly voices.

"She's a lush," Darren grunts over to Talen as he seat himself on the bench alongside Freja, shaking his head. "She drinks the damn bear's share too."

Lydia can certainly sense her cousin's amusement, and her green eyes slide in his direction with a particularly unamused glint to them. At last she just gives a sigh, and scrunches closer to Mydas's side as she waits for it to all begin.

The talking is over, and now is the time for the duel. The Champion bows to the Duke and Duchess of Pravus and again to Duka e Hadrian. Niamh takes the rubicund axe in hand, thumps a flat side of the weapon against her chest in salute to the Sword of Southport. "For the Honor of Duchess Pravus," is sound loudly, in lilting Oathlands alto.

Eleyna eyes the conversation between Freja and Talen with amusement, pale blue eyes bright with humor as she offers her own contribution, "Don't let him tell you what to do, your highness. He's entirely too bossy."

Muiryn lifts his head, arms folded loose over his chest, and gaze set on Niamh.

Cassius gives a slight bow to Hadrian, then steps back, with Bella. The two will stay close, and not go join one of the groups of those sitting.

Anze glances to Freja with her reply to his comment and just looks at her for a moment before letting his attention turn back to the fight at hand. He does not join his sister.

"Princess Niece," Niccolo greets Valencia, his tone polite. "It's good to see you as well. You should come visit us in the next few days," he says to the princess, before he looks up to Luca behind him and speaks to him and those immediately around him quietly.

"Nonsense. I at least have the decency to aim for alcohol poisoning in my own home - or ward." Freja smirks towards Talen. "I've even been rumored to do drunken one-handed cartwheels, but there are sellswords to blame for that, not me." She does her best to try and do the whole doe-eyed innocent eyelash batting, but her impish smile screws that all to hell. Darren gets a punch to his upper shoulder for that commentary.

"Frey does as she wishes. I highly doubt tht she would listen now unless she deemed it good sense," Valencia says aside to Eleyna with a grin. "She is a force to be reckoned with."

Gaston makes no attempt to be involved in the chatter around him, malachite gaze fixed on the two duellists. Some of the nearby talk of the duel turns his head briefly, but otherwise the tall Oathlander keeps his attention on the proceedings.

Juliet gives a little wave to Angelo, but remains standing with Joslyn, with Leola, and perhaps most importantly, with Duke Hadrian.

Maxene, Camille arrive, following Alarissa.

Maxene, Camille leave, following Alarissa.

"Me, bossy? Pot, kettle, black," Talen tells Eleyna before he sips a goblet of wine. Darren's interjection gets the dark knight looking in the direction of the high lord, his interest in the man held for long enough to smirk. "How is that bear? We just saw some at the menagerie today, in fact." A pleasant afternoon, maybe? There's a poignant glance to Eleyna, after that remark.

Maxene, Camille arrive, following Alarissa.

Anze tenses at Freja "no" he says pointedly to her "absolutely not."

Angelo's midnight blue garments rustle against his legs as he walks through the crowds while the duel seems about to begin. The chatter amidst the crowds and the rows of people blocking his view from the sight of Niamh and Kima seems to be an oblivious obstacle for him -- he's not even trying to look for now. Maybe he's just listening.

Kima offers a Southport salute to Duke Malvici, then one to the Duke and Duchess of Pravus. She echoes similar words to that of Niamh, swapping out the names, of course! Then her focus returns to the Champion, her gaze intense, but her mien joyous.

Bethany nods, thoughtfully, and when she finally acknowledges the sheer number of people, she admits softly: "I am not feeling very well, Jay. I might go home. It's quieter, there."

Darren doesn't flinch, but he does grunt at the smack. He leans to nudge her right back. "The bear is fine. Eating me out of all the fish in my pantry, but fine. Between the bear and the fox and the squirrel now, we're going to need a bigger house," he looks over to Anze after and smirks at him. "You want to sit next to me, cousin?"

Eleyna grins at Valencia and nods, "I had gathered it of her. She also has excellent taste in liquor." At the mention of the bear, Eleyna just look at Talen, intoning in a flatly, "You mean the one you wanted to feed me to? Yeah, it was lovely."

Lyiana shifts and adjusts her skirt, her fingers tapping on the wood of the bench she sits at. Her hair falls over her back in a cascade but she doesn't say anything.

A few soft, considering words to Bethany from Jeremiah--a questioning look. Little else.

Freja mutters to Darren, "You forgot the vulture..." And then she is rising, giving Anze a hug even if he stands still like a boulder and the moves to leave. "Valencia, Eleyna - you are too kind. Talen, you need more lessons." With a flash of her pearly whites she moves to leave then, mercurial as ever.

Anze snarls at Freja "traitors. We'll talk later." He turns the glare to Darren for a moment and then takes a few steps from his family to focus on the fight.

Juliet scans the crowd while she waits for the duel proper to start - and if she can catch Bethany's gaze, she offers a small wave to the Mercier woman.

Freja has left the large bench.

Mydas squeezes Lydia's shoulder and whispers something.

Eirene grumbles. "Fight already,"

Costas slowly sweeps his eyes over the chattering crowd; a cacophony of voices all melding into one wall of noise, the sole eye of the storm the knot of Malvicis standing stoic and silent in their military regalia as the violence prepares to begin. "Typical." He comments, voice dry and grim.

Alarissa has evidently come to enjoy bloodsport; she arrives without much pageantry, accompanied by Camille, and the most assertive she makes herself is to clear a path so she can have a good view.

Darren looks over to Anze with a quirked brow but just shakes his head. He rises for just a moment, stepping over to Anze and murmuring to him, before he goes to return to his bench and focus on the duel.

Talen rumbles in a dark sound of either frustration, amusement, or sullen grumpiness. It's really, really hard to tell. To Eleyna he looks first, finding only a baleful stare. To Freja, only bright white teeth in a smile. Finding none suitable, he speaks Darren instead: "Can I move in if you trade Freja to the Velenosa?" It's light-hearted, at least.

Angelo's takes a deep breath as he chooses to stand in the most neutral crowd he can find, be it merchants or commoners -- whichever is not too close to either commissions, and looking as if he is trying to go unnoticed -- a mission which could go wrong; if somewhere were to be looking for familiar faces, his is one easy-to-spot guise.

"Can I trade Kieran instead?" Darren smirks over to Talen, cocking his head to the side. "I think it's a good trade."

Valencia hears the mention of the fox in the housre of Redrain. "I can always move out, my dearest Prince Darren," she teases playfully.

Niccolo looks up from the place he's claimed for himself at one of the table and seeing a number of familiar Redrains, offers dips of his head at them in greeting. "Your Grace," he aims that directly at Darren.

"I'll have to consult the prince appraisers," Talen decides, clearly not convinced.

Agnarr has joined the large bench.

Jeremiah leaves, following Bethany.

The first few blows are traded in typical testing manner. Niamh adopts a cautious pose, narrowing the profile of her body in relation to Kima but not so much that her axe will be difficult to bring to bear. And things prove to not be over too quickly in this fight to the first blood! A few swings parried, a thrust dodged. Niamh focuses on Kima, ignoring the chatter of the crowd and doing her sworn duty.

Kima tests Niamh with a few strikes that are easily blocked or avoided altogether. The Lioness does not appear to be exerting herself. In turn, she is not particularly harried by Niamh's attacks, either.

All in all, the start to the duel is without showers of blood or severed limbs.


Valencia lowers her head politely to Niccolo, "Of course, my dearest uncle. I would be happy to attend you. As always, as ever."

Mirari stands silent as she watches the duel, her hands folded behind her back. Her gaze doesn't even move to the crowd with its chatter. No she stands with the knot of Malvici but is focused on the duel intently.

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Selene slips into the park from the south, all crimson and golden silks. Drawn to spectacles like any other with a pleasant smile on her as she makes her way towards the sound of clashing steel.

Anze has joined the small circular table.

Kima inflicts moderate damage to Niamh.

Simone has left the small circular table.

Niamh inflicts serious damage to Kima.

Kima inflicts moderate damage to Niamh.

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Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

The back and forth of the two combatants continues. Blonde on Blonde, Champion on Sword, the pair of combatants move with practice and skill before the onlooking crowd. A duel to first blood might easily end quickly, brought by a scratch, a simple cut. Perhaps duelists in armor might be more eager to throw themselves at one another, but that is not what the crowd - or the Sentinel - gets today. It is a weighty, lengthy time of judgement where the ring of rubicund on rubicund paces out this trial of honor.

At first, it looks like Niamh may lose! Kima gets through her defenses and only at the lost moment does the Grandmaster Champion manage to turn to the side, taking a blunted attack instead of a sharp one. She steps back, giving ground.

But the fight is not over; no blood was spilled yet. Honor still demands continuance. So Niamh continues to struggle against Kima, trading parries for dodged blows until finally moving in for a perceived opening... and while it lands, mightily, what must have been a feint is played out and blood too stains Niamh's garments, just a second after her own blow lands.

Silas hums contemplatively as he watches the two duelists spend a good amount of time dodging and missing, then it was all of a sudden done. He raises his hands to applaud quietly, then turns to exit the park.

Niamh is overheard praising Kima for: Blessed Gloria, that woman has some skill!

Magden has joined the long bench.

Avary is overheard praising Niamh for: A truly fought duel in the Sentinel's name

Juliet is overheard praising Niamh for: A worthy winner of a nail-biting duel!

Avary is overheard praising Kima for: A truly fought duel in the Sentinel's name

Juliet is overheard praising Kima for: Well fought, Sword of Southport!

Avary is overheard praising Belladonna for: The Sentinel has spoken and seen the truth is yours.

Luca is overheard praising Niamh for: THAT's how Champions do it.

Hadrian checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Inigo is overheard praising Kima for: A hard fought and honorable duel.

Muiryn is overheard praising Niamh for: True Champion.

Talen is overheard praising Kima for: Team Kima.

Preston is overheard praising Niamh for: An honorable duel beneath the sight of the Sentinel and Gloria brings her and her opponent honor.

Orazio is overheard praising Kima for: An excellent and honorable duel.

Silently, Angelo watches the duel with the studious eyes of an aficionado rather than an actual duelist lord. Wintry emerald irises flit from blow to blow, each check and parry studied and followed intently, until the moment the blows inevitably start landing -- and the fight is done. As easy as he arrived, the midnight blue silks of the Lord Fidante are the last hint of him as he departs from the park at a brisk pace, what ever reaction he had to it veiled behind a spray of black-haired strands reaching his ears, hooding his olive features.

Preston is overheard praising Kima for: An honorable duel beneath the sight of the Sentinel and Gloria brings her and her opponent honor.

Eleyna is overheard praising Niamh for: Well fought!

Charlemagne the Unicorn leaves, following Larissa.

Valkieri is overheard praising Niamh for: Gloriously fought and won.

Inigo is overheard praising Niamh for: Honorable victory

Eleyna is overheard praising Kima for: Well fought!

Orazio is overheard praising Niamh for: An excellent and honorable duel, and a deserved victory.

Belladonna is overheard praising Kima for: Honor demanded and answered. Well fought.

Valkieri is overheard praising Kima for: A fearsome duel fought.

Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

Niamh is overheard praising Belladonna for: You have been weighed. You have been Measured. And you have absolutely...not been found wanting.

Darren is overheard praising Kima for: Well fought.

Belladonna is overheard praising Niamh for: You do the work of the gods.

Darren is overheard praising Niamh for: Well fought.

Hadrian is overheard praising Kima for: It's the toothy grin that makes it all worth it.

Lyiana is overheard praising Niamh for: You did so well. I am proud of you.

Gaston is overheard praising Niamh for: A worthy warrior of the Oathlands.

Mydas joins in the applause, and with a nod to his cousins, and murmured farewells, he takes his leave. "I'll let you all celebrate."

Mirari is overheard praising Kima.

Kima takes a few steps back, blinking down at the bloom of blood that can just barely be detected against the black silk she wears. There's a look, a very brief look, of disgust. Then it passes as though it had never been. Indeed, it was easy enough to miss. Them she is offering Niamh her arm, hoping to clasp it in a comradely gesture before quitting the field and seeking out...Eirene!

Hadrian is overheard praising Niamh for: Congratulations.

Rowan is overheard praising Niamh for: Greenmarch trees don't fall.

Cassius watches, attention rapt. His eyes flick back and forth, back and forth. His jaw tightens as blows come so very close to landing, only to not. And then, finally, there it is. Blood... On... both blades?

Inigo finds himself leaning forward through the duel, the skill the two combatants wield shown in the flash of their blades reflecting the dying sunlight. He unconsciously grips at Nightmare's pommel as they continue in their dance. The lord sucks in a sharp breath at the near cut only having a moment to reflect on the close victory when Niamh claims the first cut after a startling slice. Lord Inigo sighs, the breath just taken exhaled slowly, his tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth.

Kima is overheard praising Niamh for: A worthy opponent!

Niamh steps forward to Kimah and takes the arm in a clasp. "Well fought, Baroness Kima," she says to her opponent. "Champions were called and now we are done with it."

Darren has left the large bench.

Hadrian does not appear fettered or angry in the slightest. The briefest suprise shows on his face, but for half a second, before it is masked. He stands, lifts his hands for attention, and his issue is prompt. "I, Duke Hadrian Malvici, Duke of Southport, officially recant my public statement in which I had written that I believed House Pravus' actions in regards to a situation might have been hasty. I acknowledge that I was..." He pauses in only the apparent contemplation of which term to use, "Ignorant of the realities involved. I acknowledge that words have consequence, particularly as Duke of Southport." A pause, an inhale slowly through his nostrils, and calm exhale, "And my opinions carry more weight than those of others when they are spoken as Duke of Southport."

Eirene says, "Yeah yeah praise Gloria can we please go back to caring about important issues now?"

Joscelin covers her mouth as she stifles a laugh at Eirene's words.

Decided, now, Cassius listens as the praise starts to rain down. He glances aside, to Belladonna, and then over, to Hadrian. As the man speaks, he inclines his head. Surely, it wasn't sent his way, but he's sort of attached in many ways to the Duchess of Setarco.

Niccolo is overheard praising Kima.

"Do you truly believe the Sentinel's business to be unimportant, my lady?" questions Avary simply, from where she stands at the edge of the ring still. When Hadrian lifts his hands, she falls silent and turns to mark his words.

Niccolo is overheard praising Niamh.

Valkieri lifts his voice from where he sits to answer Eirene: "Better angered feelings work their way out here than fester to something worse."

Eirene glances at Avery. "I think we have more important matters than petty insults and honor but it's resolved now. Back to the matter of defending the Compact. "

Juliet applauds politely, and presses a hand to Hadrian's shoulder, giving it a squeeze and the duke a gentle smile. Quirking a brow at Eirene's comment, and looking to the responses she brings. "Maybe there'll be a second challenge here today." She concludes.

It doesn't take too much longer after the duel is concluded before Gaston is seeking an exit, stalking quickly away across the green.

Eirene heads home to take care of her own business.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

Attention focused entirely upon the duel, Belladonna folds her hands together behind her back. The entire thing is followed with her full attention; it is one of the few times she is not looking around. When blood blooms on both of the women she winces, concern fluttering briefly across her face. Once they have stepped back from the fight, she starts to approach the pair, though she stops again a few feet back. When Hadrian stands and lifts his voice her eyes go to Hadrian, and the smile she offers his way is warm. When she speaks, she lifts her voice to ensure that at least a fair portion of the crowd can hear her, "Thank you, Duke Hadrian Malvici. The matter is settled, and there is no further conflict between you and I. Thank you, to both of our Champions; you have helped us solve our difficulties and seen to the honor of our Houses." She bows first to Hadrian, and then towards the two Champions. Yes, yes, she's bowing today, not curtseying. Even though she is wearing a dress.

Maxene, Camille leave, following Alarissa.

Signe walks in, only to realize that she's missed everything. No matter, she's looking for someone specific somewhere in the crowd.

Orazio stands from his bench, and moves over to where Kima is, staying politely out of the way of any medical attention until he's acknowledge.

Cedarav is overheard praising Belladonna for: The Duchess is always right.

Orazio has left the large bench.

Leola remains, watching the fight, shifting uncomfortably the whole time - and giving Kima and Niamh both worried smiles

Lyiana eyes turn to Niamh and she gives a soft smile, though looks down a moment later.

Sir Preston rises, and offers a bow towards the vindicated Duchess, then shares a bow with Orazio and the Archlector: a nod to Felix and his lady with a war smile, and then the Templar heads out to duties or coffee, whatever is first.

Preston has left the large bench.

Cassius can't help but lose some of the fanfair as he boggles at Eirene and her depature. It's not often the big man is boggled, but there he is... Staring at Eirine as she goes. He clears his throat, and looks back to the combatants.

Valencia has left the small circular table.

As Eirene leaves, Leola hurries across to Kima - quietly offering what help she can with quick hands and rudimentary knowledge!

With the remand issued and accepted as demanded by the Sentinel's watchful eye, the Archlector Avary Ashford tips her own bow first to Belladonna and then Hadrian, nodding to Kima then Niamh, before the priestess moves to slip away from the crowds.

With the festivities, so to speak, Niamh shathes her weapon, nods towards the gaggle of Greenmarchers and Champions, and then makes ehr way from the ring. Her part is done, and now it's time to tend to the bleeding bits.

Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

Rowan rises from the table and offers an a hand down to Khanne. "To the Lodge? There's drinking to be done," he addresses the Greenmarches at large.

Lyiana doesn't stand from the bench when she sees the duel is done, her gaze now moving over the crowd as she moves slightly, into some much needed air. Her cheeks are flushed.

Asger glances at Khanne, "Khanne, could I speak in private with you for a moment before you disappear for another fortnight?"

Cedarav plucks a needle from a small leather case, threading it with lycenian cat-gut. He wanders to the green, lips curving up as he looks at Kima. "Now is the time for -my- steel!"

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

"Master Grisni," Belladonna lifts her voice to call out for Pravus's physician. She watches Niamh as the woman starts away, and then with a quick look around, she is...oh, he's already on it. She laughs to herself and shakes her head, looks sidelong to Cassius.

Khanne takes Rowan's hand and nods as she stands. "Drinking, yes. Please." She smiles and says, "we have a Champion to congratulate!" She pauses then as she looks to Asger, then back to Rowan. "I can meet you there?"

Muiryn has finished up all the snacks Rowan brought and tosses the empty thing to the shaman. Nothing said as he moves off to leave, pausing in his step to glance at Asger. Nothing said, just a Look then Ryn's heading off. Drinks. Drinks are good.

Julea has left the large bench.

Inigo settles back into his seat to idly watch the crowd disperse, his fingers drumming on the table.

Hadrian does not bear more words, acknowledgement, or share in any of the pleasantries -he's stalking toward Kima darkly. He could be angry. But any that might catch a glimpse of his face might see not ire in his expression, but concern.

Niccolo rises from the table he's been sitting at this time. He makes his way to approach both Belladonna and Hadrian. "Duchess Pravus, Duke Malvici," the man greets the two, with a dip of his head. "I'm glad to see this matter between you two, resolved. There is much that we must do together, in the time to come. So you have my gratitude for ensuring this ended here and now."

Kima is tended by the SHIELD OF THE FAITH. And with that man's godly touch, why, she practically feels healed already! It's like unto a miracle. As she is thanking Orazio, she happens to notice Cedarav as he approaches.

"Ah, while I thank your generosity, good man, Legate Orazio has kindly offered me his assistance." She has yet to notice Hadrian as he...looms? Let's good with looms.

Monique just chuckles, rising up from the table and heads out, whistling a tune.

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Kit, Brigid the Genet leave, following Monique.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Joscelin before departing.

Juliet does not follow Hadrian, instead moving towards the Greenmarchs. Bowing her head to Niamh. "Lady Niamh. Well fought. I think I -shall- have to visit you at the champion's hall." Offering a smile to Rowna, Monique and Simnone as well. "And I believe I haven't quite had the pleasure of introductions from you?"

Rowan scrambles to snag the empty pouch as it's flung his way and stuffs it into a pocket. He starts to step away before the interruption, and steps back. He lifts her hand to press a kiss to the back of her wrist and promises, "I'll save a cask before Ryn can get his mits on it." He nods to the rest, and departs from there.

Rowan has left the small circular table.

Cassius moves along with Belladonna now, seeming to have little to say. He does dip his head to Niccolo, but otherwise stays quiet.

"I hope that we have brought more attention to this way of solving problems," is Belladonna's answer for Niccolo, one of her hands reaching to brush against Cassius's ungauntled hand before she turns more fully to her uncle. "We have not been utilizing the Champion's guild so much as we ought to, I think."

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Mongoose, 1 Unliveried Guard arrive, following Joscelin.

Lyiana, Joscelin arrive, following Felix.

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Lyiana, Joscelin leave, following Felix.

Luca moves away from the benches and tables after murmuring something to Darren, making his way towards those gathered around the two who had the arguments. He's pausing briefly by Belladonna to murmur something to her with a wry sort of grin. After which, he's moving on towards Hadrian to add something for him in turn, more somberly. Juliet's comment brings the Champion Prince smiling her way lopsidedly rakishly. "We could certainly use more support in the guild. I've been trying to spread the word a bit, and this all served as perfect counterpoint to that. There'll be an exhibition happening in turn in the coming days I hope to see more show to."

Valkieri stands from his seat, striding over to Belladonna where she stands with Hadrian and Niccolo. "A very honorable duel, my lady, my lord," he says to the two whose insult was so recently settled. He looks to Niccolo then, leaning towards the man to offer him a quieter word.

Orazio smiles at Kima, and offers a bit of a bow. "It is always my pleasure. I haven't actually done much healing in a while, but...for you? I would be happy to do what is required." He chuckles. "It doesn't seem to serious. You fought very well."

Signe spends her time moving around tables, pretending to be here for a good reason. Faces are skimmed with squinting eyes, all around the vicinity, until she realizes that whomever she is looking for has probably left before she'd arrived. A puff of breath as she folds her arms together and her slipper taps the ground a while.

Magden looks askance at Valkieri as he departs their bench.

Agnarr has left the large bench.

"Very true," Niccolo observes to Belladonna with a dip of his head. "Luca will be happy to hear about this too, I'm sure," he remarks with a glance to his nephew. He looks back to the table he stepped away from, before his attention turns to Valkieri when the duke approaches him, leaning in to listening to the whispered words.

As the fight finishes, Lydia lets out a breath and seems to instantly return to good cheer as she makes her way over to Cassius and Belladonna. She says nothing to them, merely waiting for all the finishing formalities to wind down. As she stands there, a message arrives and then another one, each one causing Lydia's lips to twitch further upwards.

Juliet beams bright to Luca. "I've been talking to the Lady Niamh some. Of course, I've also been looking forward to talking more to you, Prince Luca the Languid. I trust you found the duel entertaining?"

Cedarav looks down at Kima, having arrived too late, but with a sharp needle. He sniffs a bit, glancing between Orazio and Kima. "Well. That'll leave a mark."

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Serenity leaves, following Khanne.

Diddanwch the Pine Marten, Khanne leave, following Asger.

Belladonna is overheard praising Hadrian for: Grace is yours. You honor your family and your name.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

Hadrian is halted by Niccolo, which causes him to twist and halt, before donning a smile for the Duchess relishing in her victory and leige-lord he is vassaled to. "I shall always put my faith in Baroness Kima, my apologies," he says politely, with a calculating gesture meant of politeness in his expression. "I am glad this is settled." Luca's approach and hushed words earn no words in response, but a seemingly subtly grateful nod -certainly fatigue evident in them. But he's trying to head toward Kima.

Magden has left the long bench.

Orazio looks at Cedarav, one eyebrow raised, as he considers the man and the needle. "A small one, perhaps. And I have every faith it will heal well."

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Magden stands and stretches, heaving a sigh and looking around the throng.

Juliet is overheard praising Belladonna for: Gracious in Victory.

There doesn't really seem to be any relishing going at all. If Belladonna feels smug in the slightest, there's certainly no indication of such. No, she carries herself as she usually does, and the smile she offers Hadrian when he turns back is warm. She doesn't stop him from heading to Kima though, looking to Valkieri as he approaches, smiling with clear pleasure for Lydia's sudden (to her) nearness. "Oh, there you are," she says, briefly teasing before she once more looks to Valk. So many people. "Thank you," she offers his way.

Signe flees the scene, not finding what she was looking for and, yes, missing the event itself.

"Of course. It was an exceptional match for skill and they both fought beautifully." Luca's offering back easily to Juliet as he pauses from his intent of heading towards Kima to probably say the same thing. Niccolo's comment in turn earns a bit of a wry smile on the otherwise more subdued than usual expression of the prince. "I admit, I wouldn't mind if people started hiring Champions again more. I'd even be happy if I had opportunity myself again now and then. It's been some time since that bout with Victus."

Niccolo listens to Valkieri and dips his head to the man, something on his features relaxing at whatever is passed during their quiet exchange.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

Magden rubs at her ears and gives her shoulders a shake. "Too much," she mutters and turns on her heel.

"I... Generally try to avoid insulting people," Juliet admits, with a small smile to Luca - and offering a bow of her head in agreement with Niccolo. "I understand a number of Champions also see fit to dole out lessons, in lieu of actual duels?"

Inigo pushes back from the table and stands, giving a smile, a nod, and a mumbled goodbye to Anze, Costas, Mirari, and Calypso. The lord turns and strides through the crowd, heading towards Kima to put a hand on her shoulder. "You fought well... Rest up, we're going to need it soon." He pats her back affectionately and grins, "but I'm less nervous now..." Inigo winks and spins, heading away from those gathered and towards the Ward of the Lycene.

Lydia appears to be in a truly good mood now as she beams up at Belladonna. The rest of the nobility there get a polite bob of her head, accompanied with a bright smile as well.

Kima opens her mouth, but instead closes it and smiles to Orazio, nodding. "It was a good fight," she says, eyes narrowing upon a ring the Legate wears. "That's a new piece," she notes. Her gaze slants towards Cedarav, and his needle, but she says nothing. Marks or otherwise!

"I see the Duke is attempting to weave his way over to us- Ah, Inigo! Thank you. I'll see you in the Hall later."

Snaking her way through the crowd, Selene approaches Niccolo and his company wielding a praticed and perfect smile, lowering herself into a brief curtsey "Your people do you credit, Duke." she muses "Too few make use of our traditions. A splendid thing." sapphire eyes finding Belladonna "You chose very well, my lady."

Valkieri tips his head at Niccolo's response, murmuring a final word before looking back to Belladonna with a faint smile. "You're welcome, of course. The Baroness and Lady Greenmarch both fought with admirable skill. It was remarkable it went so long without a cut."

Orazio looks down at the ring as Kima mentions it. "Ah...yes, it is." He reaches out to pat her arm, with warmth. "I will leave you to enjoy the aftermath. You are a warrior to make the House proud," he adds, with a nod. Before stepping away, and starting to make his way towards the exit.

Hadrian arrives at Kima's proximity with a look toward the other two, having missed Selene's approach without any intention of doing so -he's concerned, merely, and it has him too distracted to have his attentioned garnered. There is nothing malicious about it, neither toward status nor recognition, and would he know he would surely apologize profusely. But as it is, his fixated on his champion, and quickly ducks to bring his lips in close to her ear for murmured words.

"Bah. Sometimes I find it's better for people to get their smaller grievances out and handled than let them fester into greater ones down the road. But that may just be my boredom and wish for a good duel talking." Luca quips back to Juliet, tossing in a little roguish wink at the end of it. When Selene's approaching the gathering with that comment, the Champion Prince can't help but laugh a touch and add her way with rueful wry tone. "Some of his are far better credit than others. Don't take my layabout self as a representation at all in anything but tradition of dueling to be represenative of my House is all I ask. Gods know I'm a terrible Prince most of the time."

"The Grandmaster honored me, and we saw the Sentinal's will done," Belladonna answers Selene, offering a shallow bow that way. "While I do hope for fewer conflicts, it is my wish that more of us turn to these means of solving problems. Thank you." She nods her agreement to Valkieri promptly. "It was incredible," she agrees. "They both fought so well." She does laugh, for Luca's contribution to the conversation flowing around the little group.

"Oh, no, I absolutely agree," Juliet offers to Luca. "Duels now prevent insurrections tomorrow." She sketches a curtsey to Selene. "Most Radiant. Such an honour to see you again. I hope you have been well."

Talen does call down, "Yes, you're a terrible prince and a terrible Champion. When will you get back to work and fight again, Luca? Your fans want to know! There are about a thousand people in Lenosia waiting to hear, so they can get on a ship and sail up to Arx. Layabout!"

"Wait!" Kima calls out after Orazio. "I've one thing to share with you..." And she trots after him, to whisper a few words. In turn, Kima finds Hadrian leaning in to murmur a few words of his own to her!

Niccolo incliens his head to Valkieri in gratitude, before his attention turns to Selene when she approaches. "Ah, Radiant Selene," he offers a faint smile to the woman. "I'm happy to see them using our traditions as well," he notes. "And it was quite a fight to watch," he agrees with Valkieri. "Now, however, I must return to responding to letters. Radiant Selene, I'll be sending for you soon," he notes to the woman and with a dip of his head to Belladonna, Hadrian and Valkieri he turns to head back to the table he came from. His eyes fall on Juliet as he walks there, and Luca and he also offers a nod to both. He says something quietly then to Talen and Eleyna, before he continues on his way towards the Ward of the Lyceum.

Orazio turns at Kima's whisper. He murmurs, "Thank you," with a sad little smile, before turning and continuing away.

"You should not sell yourself short, your highness." Selene notes to Luca easily, but there is that flicker of amusement to her voice "I have only heard wonderful things, infact, I have a favour to ask you. Perhaps another time?" whatever House Whisper might need of the Prince, who knows. Juliet earns a warm smile "I have been splendid, and I continue to be. It's a pleasure." sapphire eyes return to Niccolo and she nods "Of course."

Valkieri tips his head to Niccolo before the duke begins to make his exit. He looks between the others clustered in conversation around him, falling quiet for a moment as he listens.

Talen rises from the table not too long after Niccolo and waits patiently for his companion, Eleyna, to do the same. "Luca," he remembers to call, "you still owe me a thousand silver." Why? He never says. Then he's wandering off, before he can be naysayed.

"Go insult someone and contract me if you're so damned eager Talen. It shouldn't be at all hard for you." Luca's calling back to Talen with easy, long-established banter friendly enough to take any sting out of it. He's shaking his head and turning back to the others to give Juliet wry grin that falters just a tiny bit on seeing Niccolo departing. It's like it reminds him there's other duties to be about and so Luca's cheerfulness is starting to collapse on itself again a bit. Selene's talk of favors though brings curiosity to the fore instead of the guilt and the Champion Prince is left canting head a little with arch of dark brow. "Ummm, as you will Radient. Send message as you will and I'll do as I may, even if it's running risk of ruining my feckless layabout status in poor Talen's eyes."

Mirari has left the small circular table.

To Talen's call, Luca adds a distracted wave his direction that may or may not have had a little bit of a flash of inappropriate gesture for Prince to be making in it.

"Sir Talen has often insulted me by existing," Valkieri agrees mildly with Luca.

Eleyna rises as well, catches Luca's inappropriate gesture and just shakes her head in disapproval. For shame.

Cassius remains beside Belladonna, right at her arm. He dips his head here and there, to Niccolo, and Selene, and Valkieri. He remains quite quiet.

Juliet beams brightly and offers a little wave to Niccolo, quirking a brow at the exchange from Luca to Selene. "And I do hope that I may have the pleasure of your company once more, sometime, Most Radiant. I found our previous talks very enlightening. You do illuminate with your presence as words, as is most fitting." Juliet concludes. Looking to Valkieri with a slight grin. "The rest of us has to put effort into it? That's flattering, I find."

Talen has left the small circular table.

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Hiss, the Lenosian viper, Eleyna leave, following Talen.

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