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King's Own Transfer of Power

After much consideration, and in the best interests of the Crown and the People we serve, Lord Commander Leona Thrax has decided to pass the title of Lord Commander to Sir Rymarr Lyonesse. Come bear witness to the transfer of power.


Jan. 27, 2017, 1 p.m.

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Lark Samantha Ferrando Killian(RIP) Valkieri(RIP) Valerius(RIP) Reese Fortunato Tristan Rainier Maude Bethany Lailah Felix Merek Gabriel Barric(RIP) Cassius(RIP) Dagon Desiree Donella Rymarr(RIP) Sylvie Rook Angelo Zhayla(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Guardian Square

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Comments and Log

Reese arrives in the square while adorned in brown soft leathers, pink roses, pink ribbons and an iron guard cloak that clashes with the rest of her outfit. She has a mace on hip and a sword on the other, both steel weapons. She looks over to Ferrando, giving him a grin and taping the handle of her mace.

Fortunato skirts around the edges, like Ferrando, trying to get a good vantage. Unlike Ferrando, rather short. Unfortunately. He's got a canvas bound to a board, a stick of graphite slung between his fingers. He finds good enough (it may involve box-dragging). Ready to draw.

Zhayla is in back climbed halfway up something she shouldn't to see the front.

Tristan remains at the back, leaning against a convenient wall, arms folded, dog at his feet. The dog is happy. So many people!

While tall for a woman, Samantha isn't an Amazon. This doesn't stop her from shamelessly making her way to the front of the crowd. Assuming the Duke of Bisland also has a proverbial front seat, the Marquessa will place herself next to Gabriel, or at least close to him.

Ferrando discreetly knocks on the pommel of his mace a few times back at Reese when he sees her, a fairly serene grin peeking out from underneath his helmet.

Darkly dressed as ever, Donella has camped a spot where she hopes to be able to see the events of the ceremony. She may have to kick taller people in the knee, or sit on the shoulder of a guard, but she's got this.

Felix lumbers into the square along with Cassius, the large smith currently decked out in full battle rattle. That is to say that his form is covered with his black-and-crimson studded leather armor. Across his back he has slung a rather large, heavy rubicund warhammer. He glances to Cassius as they arrive and offers the man a lopsided smile before turning his gaze towards the commencing ceremony.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Reese before departing.

Merek does not have much to clash with. He is in a full steel armored suit with the cloak of the Iron Guard upon him. He moves to be not far from Reese, who might recognize him, and the new change of outfit and vocation it seems. He has come to watch, and has two swords sheathed upon his hips while he folds his arms, observing curiously.

Starting off with a visible swagger and smile plastered on his face, once Valerius comes to view the crowd, he stops entirely. Inhaling deeply through his nose, he furrows his brow, runs his fingers back through his otherwise perfect hair, and pushes in, moving to situate himself near the front no matter how many people he displaces. Upon spotting Donella, however, he makes his way towards her, and moves to place his hand on her shoulder.

Contrasting her light complexion, Lark wears a gown of deep matte-bronze with a high, regal collar to cradle the back of her neck and a dramatically plunging neckline. She's extremely tiny so... she's up front.

Don't worry, Rando; the Duchess Sylvie Zaffria is here to rep Whisper House, surely, wrapped in a gown of gold layered under a sable cloak as autumn begins in earnest. She stands, watching, near the front of the crowd that has surely let her slide to the front just by her charming them alone.

Jason, a well-groomed blond gentleman-usher arrives, following Angelo.

Desiree takes a long look around while trying to find a good place to watch the event. She sees Donella and walks over toward the taller woman. She smiles as she speaks to her. "Hi I don't really know you, but do you mind if I watch near you?" She also gives Valerius a smile.

Cassius arrives with Felix, along with another man at his side, wearing a KoS tabard. Cassius himself is in full gear, steel from head to toe, gleaming brightly. He says to the back and to the side, observing without intruding.

Gabriel is present, wools and leathers and with two men in lion livery on either side who make no remark or movement as Samantha comes to stand with the man. The Duke of Bisland is up front, straight and looking stern and stoic as ever. He bows his head to Samantha before he lowers to murmur something to her.

Accompanied by guards that never seem to leave him alone no matter how he tries, Barric Grayson arrives in the square from the north. Marching briskly in the direction of the transfer of power ceremony, he's going to proceed as close to the front as he can. Blue eyes shifting about to take in the crowd and see who's about. There's his sister. The way he moves elsewhere is very subtle. Oops! Must not have seen her. Instead he veers off until he comes across Sylvie, "Hello, Duchess." he greets rather reservedly, coming to stand beside the woman, hands clasping before him. "We can move a little closer, hmm?" he sets a hand lightly on Sylvie's arm and moves with her to the very front of the crowd. Unobstructed views!

Reese's blue Grayson eyes widen as she notices Mereck's cloak. The warrior princess seems rather surprised. She gives him a happy smile though and moves close to whisper.

Samantha nods a little to Gabriel, though when her eyes dart to Barric, she gives him a smile before murmuring in return to her foster father.

Donella gestures to Desiree, with an open and friendly expression, even as she is joined by Valerius. "I don't mind at all," she says. "And I'm Donella Thrax. Which are you?" she questions, and stands on tiptoe to make a kissing motion at her cousin's cheek.

Angelo makes his way to the square with his gentleman-usher, striding with long steps and the sway of his midnight-blue silks. His eyes flit from face to face, in search for familiar guises as his hands are kept clasped behind his straightened back and his chest is kept puffed, chin lifted, trying to keep an air of lordliness about himself. He doesn't speak to anyone.

Reese lifts her dark golden lashes looking toward her second cousin Cassius when he arrives. The Iron Guard and the Knights of Solace are not getting along, allegedly and yet still she has a warm smile for him.

This is not an extravagent event. The invitations were written with military brevity, with little explanation for the changing of the guard. And yet that all were welcome to witness the day spoke to the unusual nature of it - the Lord Commander of the King's Own was rarely a position from which one retired or stepped down by choice, after all. Guardian Square was strangely devoid of King's Own, too - nary a one was evident.

And as the crowd gathers, the sound of steel on stone provides a clanging silencer. From the guardhouse comes Lord Commander Leona Thrax, flanked by two of the King's Own. Her armor is fitted perfectly and polished so that no hint of rust can be seen. It does not shine, but instead the matted finish speaks to the understated nature of the woman herself. Tall and self-assured, with her back straight and her head held high she strides confidently into the Square. Blue eyes may be focused forward, but there is no doubt she is seeing who is present - and noting who is absent.

Leona makes no comment as she marches through Guardian Square where she comes to a halt in the precise center. Her right hand goes to the pommel of the utilitarian and famous sword at her hip and now she allows herself to scan the audience as she waits for silence.

Felix does much the same as Cassius in terms of staying near the back to observe the goings-on in silence for the moment. The clear benefit of being as tall as he is means he has very little problem seeing over the heads of most of those gathered.

Desiree grins as she looks at Donella. "Thank you. There's really quite the crowd. I'm Desiree Wyrmguard. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Cassius spots Reese, and he offers a dip of his head. "Your highness," he says, to his Grayson cousin. He has more to say, likely, but he then Leona appears. Cassius falls quiet, and puts his eyes over on the outgoing commander.

Valerius presents his cheek to Donella readily as he withdraws his hand from her shoulder and turns his attention towards the person she addresses--Desiree. His eyes linger on the woman for a while--and, though they sparkle with mischief briefly, he reigns it in with a clearing of his throat. Instead, he leans aside towards Donella once more, speaks quietly to her. His attention immediately turns to scanning the crowd once more, and, though only barely, he manages to spot Leona. A deep breath and a small frown later, he bites at his lower lip and watches.

There are days when resembling a younger version of Donrai is useful and today is one of those days. Dagon puts on his Donrai face, hardening his expression and his eyes and blodly marches through the crowds, allowing people to kindly step one way or the other and then moving back in place after he and his Eurusi companion pass. A ship plowing through the waves if you will. He reaches his sister's side and nods to Valerius. "Donella, Valerius." Another nod to Desiree. "Lady Wyrmguard, a pleasure. I am Dagon Thrax."

As it's not that often the King's Own gather in any numbers at all barring official occasions and true emergencies, Rainier Ashford has prepared himself for the occasion. A dark blue cloak is clasped over the top front of his torso, fastened right beneath the shoulders so it may flow up their width then drape down his back in a single smooth wave down reaching just past the knees; a ceremonial blade's hilt protrudes behind his head and to its right, decorated with the particular silver design to mark him as one of the Hundred. The man's beard is neat, recently trimmed, and his hair is still wet as he flanks Leona with a sober, confident smile.

He's not armored today it seems but he paces the floor with smooth grace, stopping when the other two do at the square's center then rests his hands on top of the plain unadorned belt with the thumbs tucked in, waiting for the ceremony to begin. He hasn't spoken a word so far and doesn't seem about to utter any.

Whisper, Slayer of Mice, Frostbite arrive, following Killian.

Merek has a small whisper with Reese, and after a moment, he stands up straighter to look on towards the front and forward, seeing what is going on for the time being. He nods aside to Reese a small bit.

Malachi arrives, following Bethany.

Maude is tall enough, but she has a slight limp and doesn't seem particularly eager to stand there in the back. And so, she shoulders and weaves her way closer to the front of the crowd, finding a place to stand as she takes in the proceedings and the rest of the spectating crowd with a slight thoughtful frown.

Valkieri arrives shortly before the commencement of the ceremony in his formal leathers and cloak; he aims for the front with a sort of natural assumption of ownership that only bends to those nobles above his rank. He at least doesn't stand directly in front of a commoner or something. Probably. He considers Barric with Sylvie with an expression of mild distaste before focusing his gaze on Leona when she appears.

Hands clasped demurely in front of her, Lark follows Leona's migration across the square without moving her stiff neck. She doesn't smile to anyone, but she never does that anyway... though her brother is spared a judgmental little scowl out of the corner of her eye.

Reese was whispering with Merek, but she ceased such now. She looks upon the Leona as she arrives, giving the ceremony her polite attention.

Sylvie's smile is warm for Barric even as his fingers guide her closer to the front. (Though, for the record, she charmed her way close already!) "Your highness," she greets lightly, humor threaded through even the two words. She leans closer to murmur a question even as they settle near the front, her gaze skimming over the crowd and Valkieri, lightly.

Donella ahhhhh, softly, her smile slipping. "You're the youngest, are you not? I am very sorry for your current woes. Your brother was much admired prior to his disappearance." As Dagon joins them, she gives a nod of encouragement to Valerius, and says to Desiree, "My brother, the heir. The Lady Commander Leona is our cousin, and prince Valerius's sister... though, we are not supposed to acknowledge it. To hell with that."

While blending into a crowd isn't necessarily one of Felix's greater talents, he does at least manage silence while he observes. His usual warm and pleasant smile is offered to any who might look his way. He and Cassius are certainly a study in contrasts standing next to each other. Felix wearing mostly black and having a fairly welcoming and warm disposition while Cassius is more likely to be the more sober of the two and decked out in shining plate armor. The amusement isn't lost on him, his silver-grey eyes sparkling with mirth.

Crownguard Tower's entrance, much to the chagrin of the King's Own at times, features a narrow tunnel. That narrow passage demands that those entering and exiting do so in single file. As Leona and Rainier make their departure, so too does Sir Rymarr Lyonesse. The armor the man wears has been cleaned and polished, yet maintains the strictly utilitarian outlook of the wearer. As the trio make their way to the center of Guardian Square, a pair of King's Own move from within Crownguard Tower in order to place themselves at the narrow entrance into the tower. Only after Leona, Rainier, and Rymarr reach the center of the square does Sir Rymarr shift his footing in order to look upon the crowd gathered for the ceremony. He remains rigidly formal and professional as he so regularly does. Back straight, chin inclined, and shoulders squared. Stern blue eyes then turn to regard the current Lord Commander, Leona Thrax. He awaits stoically for the ceremony to begin in earnest.

Desiree gives Dagon a cheerful look. "It's a pleasure to meet you as well your highness." Her blue eyes look between Dagon, Donella, and Valerius. "Are you very well acquainted with Sir Rymarr? I'm so glad I was able to make it today." She nods. "I am, and thank you. It's been a tough time, but kind words about Damon are always appreciated. He was loved by many." She manages a smile. "Family is very important."

Samantha nods a little to Gabriel, but also gives his forearm a gentle squeeze. Leona is here, which means surely the ceremony is soon to begin. She watches the arrival of the Lord Commander To Be, and absently flutters a hand to fan herself.

Merek continues to watch on with a curious gaze, as his cloak is shifted about him. He takes in a small breath, and exhales a sigh, while he looks to the King's Own that have come around in curiosity.

Killian is mixed in amongst the guards and attendants to the Princess Lark, his presence easily missed and unobserved amongst the crowds and more illustrious attendees.

Lailah makes her way into the area, looking around at the crowd for some familiar faces, she spots Samantha and Gabriel, choosing then to stand near to them, murmering quietly to them both as she approaches.

Bethany realizes that with the crowd, throwing elbows to wiggle through and find a place close to the front may be impossible. Aside from that: the size of the crowd is daunting, so, she will purposefully hang back.

As the King's Own arrive Gabriel straightens, the tall man having leaned low to share words with Samantha. Dark eyes find Leona, Rymarr and Rainier, stern and stoic as ever.

Fortunato is just doodling corners at the moment. Occasionally, he picks out other short people, like Lark or Zhayla, in commisseration. There are commiserative looks.

Leona waits until both Rainier and Rymarr have come to a stop, and then addresses those assembled. "Thank you all for coming to bear witness to this historic event. It is not often in our history that the sword of the Lord Commander has passed peacefully from the current to the next without death or some violent upheaval. And this is an unusual reason for it to pass as well. But these are troubling times, and difficult ones for all of us." Leona's voice is clear and even, projecting throughout the square. Her eyes travel to where her estranged family has gathered to witness this as well, and there is an unaccustomed hardness in them.

"Lord Commander Dayne Valardin was my mentor, my Knight, my teacher and my guide. He taught me a great many things, but most of all he taught me always to put the King's and the people's needs above my own. This is not a decision I have come to lightly, and it is not one that anyone has pressured me to make. In this time of turmoil, what the people need is stability and reassurance - reassurance that the Silver Swords are here to protect their king and their way of life. What they need is not a former princess of Thrax, but a strong, honorable Knight of the Oathlands."

Now Leona turns to Rainier. "Sir Knight, you have been called here to represent all of the King's Own. You are senior in our company, but recently returned to our ranks - and so may you bear witness for us all, from the most senior to the least, that this ceremony is in no way forced nor yet performed under duress. Will you bear faithful and true witness to the ceremony?"

Dagon leans forward and murmurs something in Valerius' ear. Nodding to his cousin, he turns to Desiree. "Family is important, you are correct, Lady Desiree, and while I did not know Damon well, I did witness him fight once and I have come to see the loss of every fighting man as a loss for the Compact moving forward." Oh and things are starting. He hushes and watches.

Donella is overheard praising Leona for: Her humility, and sense of duty to the whole of things is a credit to her character.

Angelo comes to a halt by the edge of the crowd. He does not look too moved by the idea of earning a vantage point to gaze upon the proceedings, something he does instruct his gentleman-usher, Jayson, to do. A few muttered strings of words under a the thin volume of a whisper and one hand indicating the King's Own with an effortless flick of his wrist. When Leona begins her speech, quickly snapping to his full attention, straightening himself to get a subtle peek -- but not one that makes him look like some desperate onlooker. His irises flicker from Leona to Rainer -- not showing much emotions, except for the subtle press of his lips against each other in a straightened line.

Barric nods in response to Sylvie as she greets him. He keeps his voice low as he murmurs to her now and again, not interrupting the proceedigns by speaking aloud. As the trio of knights emerges, he turns his attention toward them and focuses a majority of his attention on Leona and what she says.

Despite all of the words being spoken to him, but by Leona, as well as his family nearby--Dagon and Donella--the visibly discomfort on Valerius' face doesn't waver. When Leona speaks, it only seems to deepen. His large chest heaves in a deep breath, his brow furrows, and--in nearly an afterthought--he turns to the side and gives a very visibly forced smile towards Dagon nearby. With that, he turns his attention directly back towards the front of the crowd and watches, in silence.

Desiree seems about to say something else but as the event really gets started she turns her attention toward Leona.

Cassius is staying mostly silent, save for a few murmured words to Felix, the man beside him. He does side eye that man, before another murmur. His eyes fall back on Leona as he watches the ceremony.

Dagon is overheard praising Leona for: Leona Thrax has a strong character and a strong sense of duty.

There is a brief, silent exchange of quiet words between Felix and Cassius, but the large smith mostly has his eyes forward to watch this ceremony. There's a smile on his lips as he watches Leona, his head nodding slowly to her words.

After Rainier takes his final step escorting his two companions to the square's center he straightens his back and fixes his eyes straight ahead; as the King's Own are a special military unit and each of the members is different, from their choice of weaponry to the armor they've donned today, there isn't much steel on the man to encumber him save for the blade he carries, so when he turns to face Leona he does so easily and his nod is visible even from a distance. "The oaths have been spoken. I will bear witness to the ceremony, Lord Commander." he intones then returns to his previous stance. His body language is subdued, schooled into rigid discipline once again, and once his part in the proceedings has been completed the Ashford's jaw becomes set; he will speak no more.

Lailah speaks quietly with Gabriel and Samantha, and positively glows as she looks out at the procession happening before her.

Donella answers, admitting in a soft voice to Desiree, "We have spoken a few times, while sitting in the palace council chambers." She keeps her voice respectfully quiet as the ceremony goes on, the affirmations given.

Maude shifts her footing until she finds some comfortable stance, hands clasping lightly behind her very straight back. She glances left and right at the rest of the crowd near the front, then focuses on the ceremony, gaze focusing on Rainier a moment, an eyebrow drawn higher in curiousity. But she keeps a neutral facade, not quite solemn, but attentive.

Felix is overheard praising Leona for: Dame Leona Thrax is a Knight of strong character and sense of duty to the people of the Compact. Beyond admirable.

Sylvie's smoky gaze watches the proceedings carefully, but her words are kept pitched low and quietly for the prince by her side. That gaze drags over Rainier as he speaks, then Leona and Rymarr, with a hint of a tipped chin to the latter that may go unnoticed in this crowd.

Samantha is watching the ceremony with visible intensity. Is she happy? Not precisely. But is she proud? Oh, hell yes. Her eyes are locked on the young man about to accept this great responsibility.

While Leona turns to address Sir Rainier, this permits Sir Rymarr to do what he does best: watch. Utterly still and completely silent, the knight's stern blue eyes pass over the gathered crowds. He takes note of familiar faces, but does not linger. Instead it is the unfamiliar and those actively seeking to remain inconspicous that draws the attention of the knight. The cloak of wolverine fur drapes over his shoulders, obscuring much of his frame. At his right side however a gauntlet rests atop the pommel of the blade which resides there, a thumb carefully tracing across the sigil of the King's Own present there. He does not turn his attention to the exchange between both Leona and Rainier, instead he maintains his vigil of Guardian Square. As his gaze sweeps over the gathered crowds, it comes to a halt at one point. A peculiar event occurs, something so rarely witnessed: the First Captain's mouth splits and a grin is expressed, before it is quickly suppressed and the knight of the King's Own's features are again schooled into their customary sternness.

Reese is overheard praising Leona for: Elegant ceremony and exchange of power.

At hearing Rainier's words, Leona nods once in acceptance. "Very well." Now she turns to Rymarr and addresses him directly. "You are a man of the Oathlands, strong in defense of our King, and strong in your leadership of the Silver Swords. You have served faithfully as my First Captain as we have weathered many storms of late. And yet once more I must ask you to take on additional duties, this time as Lord Commander of the King's Own, that the King and the people of the Compact be protected. Are you prepared to accept this responsibility, and to take the Lord Commander's Oath?"

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, the Grayward champion arrive, following Rook.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, the Grayward champion leave, following Rook.

Pawn, the courtier's apprentice, Quiet, the Grayward champion arrive, following Rook.

Reese is overheard praising Rymarr for: Yay, Lord Commander Rymarr, The Crown and Compact are in very good hands!

From the north arrives Rook, his entourage in tow. Clad in armour today that's bright even under the fading sun, he mosies his way up into the crowd of nobility onlooking the ceremony. The sway of swan feathers from his helmet increases as he lifts his hands, pulling helmet from head, so it might be passed to his apprentice. Emerald green eyes scan the area, a polite smile and wave given to those he knows in subtle greeting.

Only after Leona's focus turns to Rymarr is it that he moves. He quickly shifts his footing in order to face the Lord Commander with professional precision. The hand at the pommel of the sword at his side drops away and moves to delve beneath the obscuring folds of the wolverine fur cloak draped over his frame. He shifts forward and aside in order to place himself before Leona. He bows his head once before he replies in turn, his tone stern but carrying with it the gravitas of the matter at hand, "Until my last breath I will perform the duties of my oath to His Majesty, as all who swear themselves to serve in His Majesty's Own do. I am prepared." Following the statement he falls into silence once again. The crowd no longer of focus, the First Captain's focus remains leveled upon Leona's features. He awaits in silence for her direction.

Sylvie's brow curves upwards sharply only briefly as she slides a look up to Barric under the fan of dark lashes, drawing her attention away from the ceremony for only a moment. She catches sight of Rook with a nod as her gaze sweeps back to studying the proceedings like any good student.

Merek seems to be stoic while he watches the procession, but the kindness in his gaze never leaves. He seems to be approving of this ceremony, at least in his silent repose, while he watches on and relaxes his stance.

Some element of that Oath has Samantha pausing with a slight furrow to her brow, but the lift of her chin still evinces her pride in Sir Rymarr's accomplishments. Her mouth quirks in a smile, and she notes casually to Lailah, "I will."

Reese is not far from Merek as she watches the ceremony. After all they are both Iron Guard now. She peeks over to Rook and he is so bright that she blinks several times. She looks away a moment later, turning to watch Rymarr with a happy smile. The Grayson Princess was even overheard cheering.

Felix stands with his arms at his sides as he observes the transfer, his smile never fading. He is focused on the proceedings entirely and for the moment he is silent. He does look around for people to start applauding. No? He holds his, but stands at the ready to do exactly that.

Leona nods once. "I expected no less of you." Now her left hand moves and she draws the legendary sword of the Lord Commander. Reversing the grip with professional efficiency she holds it, hilt toward Rymarr with the blade flat across her upturned palms and recites the pledge. "This is the blade of the Lord Commander, which has never known dishonor or defeat. Where one falls, another takes up the sword in defense of King and Compact, and so our line continues, for as long as we draw breath. As Lord Commander, take this sword and with it command of the Hundred, and may you be as worthy of it as the man before me was."

Felix does look over to Reese to beam a broad smile at her when he hears her cheer, but he waits for the roar before making a sound, really. As loud as he tends to be, he would only be disruptive!

Samantha is overheard praising Rymarr for: A true hero, to accept such great responsibility.

It is a subtle thing, but in the middle of the ceremony, Sylvie punches Barric's arm, without looking away from the exchange taking place. Maybe it's just the press of the crowd.

Rainier hasn't moved at all for several minutes as the ceremony unfolded and proceeded to this part but the man's eyes which were fixed on the two silver blades now exchanging words with a look of stoic approval on his features now shift as does his gaze, allowing himself to catch sight of the crowd; part of that could be his training but he spends a long while studying those who came to bear witness to the affair, taking note of those whom he recognizes and those whose faces are unfamiliar to him. Once the famed weapon changes direction - and hands - he finally allows a flicker of a smile to play on his lips and his head dips an inch; it is a subtle thing though and would be easily missed.

Cassius glances aside to Reese. He looks slightly amused. *Slightly*. His eyes go back to the ceremony, and he eyes the sword. Yes, that sword. Oh my. He leans aside, and murmurs to Felix once more.

Seeming to notice Felix's smile, Reese smiles in return to the man, a happy smile that touches her blue eyes. She probably did cheer prematurely, but the blonde princess doesn't seem to realize that she could have made a slight misstep.

Valerius inhales deeply once more as Leona speaks, his attention immediately drawing to the sword she pulls and the man she pulls it for. If anything, the large, silk-laden man is a visible ball of nervousness, his gaze periodically flitting aside towards Donella and Dagon where they stand. But it doesn't linger, and after another pause, he seems to relax, his hand finding his hair once more while he watches through the crowd with measured curiosity.

Felix notices the smile from Reese and even manages to smile even more warmly her way. The aura of 'friendly puppy' is strong with this one. Still, Cassius' look of amusement does have him blinking just a touch his way before he leans over to listen to what he says. Briefly, he murmurs back to the man with a nod of his head.

Rook gleams offensively, but smiles disarmingly, perhaps in apology for that. "Oh hi!" he mouths to Sylvie, before making an effort to bow for Reese with that same devestatingly handsome expression. It is only slightly ruined by his wince of pain as metal catches and pinches skin. Clearing his throat, he then seems to regard Rymarr carefully as he says his oath.

Bethany listens, carefully, for lack of being able to see much through the crowd. Taking a moment to study others when others are watching the transfer of power between former and current Lord Commander.

Sylvie's smile is offered easily to Rook, as she greets him quietly, "My Lord Grayward. Have you met his highness, Prince Barric? He has taken to calling me half-duchess this afternoon, so he must be in a mood, but--." She flicks her fingers between the two men, offering the introduction, before she slides her gaze back for the exchange of the sword.

Even as the Lord Commander's sword is drawn and presented to himself, Sir Rymarr remains still and observant of Leona. Chin inclined in an imperious way, he stares at her with unblinking eyes. The jaw of the knight sets before he finally lowers his chin once. He does not accept the blade immediately. He begins to speak in return, "It is a legacy which I refuse to besmirch with dishonor. Before myself many legendary men and women have taken up the blade in service to the Crownbearer. I will do so with humility and the demands of His Majesty's most trusted protector ever present in my mind and heart." Finally an armored hand rises up from beneath the folds of his cloak and slips forward. The palm of the gauntlet seems to hover over the hilt of the Lord Commander's blade, whether to savor the moment or to truly consider his actions may be debatable. Finally his hand lowers and his fingers curl around the hilt of the blade, accepting it in silence. He offers a bow of his head as the sword lowers to his side. He then looks from Leona to the gathered crowds. He remains silent for the moment, watchful and vigilant to those present. Unblinking he watches on, jaw set and shoulders squared. He seems to study the faces in the crowd as though taking in the citizens of the Compact present.

Reese's attention strays from the dueling sword to Rook and then back again, like she is having a hard time deciding where to look. She gives him a smile at the bow, seemingly tempted to look a bit longer at that expression, but there is the sword! The sword has her swooning.

Cassius glances aside at Felix once more, slight curiosity on his face, but says nothing. He looks back to the front, and he watches the ceremony continue. He waits until Rymarr takes up the sword, then the big knight seems comfortable that he's seen the whole of things. He dips his head respectfully, then turns. He gestures to his man-at-arms (the one that's not Felix), then the two of them head out of the square. Back to work.

Leona speaks now to the assembled crowd. "Let it be known that I will be staying on in the King's Own, but that my future I have left to the disposition of the new Lord Commander, that none may whisper that I am retaining undue influence upon him, and that I willingly join those soldiers protecting King and Compact. I will continue to serve at the new Lord Commander's discretion." Now she turns back to Rymarr and gives a salute, fist over heart. "Lord Commander," she states, "The Silver Swords are yours." Then she moves to flank Rymarr, head still high and back straight, the empty scabbard at her side the only indication that anything had changed for Dame Leona Thrax at all.

Ethan, KoS Man-At-Arms leaves, following Cassius.

Merek watches as the blade exchanges hands for the time being, and seems curious. His gaze rests upon it, before it is soon upon the ceremony as a whole once more. His cloak is adjusted the smallest bit, while he dips his head in reverence to the proceedings he is watching.

Malachi leaves, following Bethany.

Rook is overheard praising Leona for: A respectable display of composure even as she relinquishes her title and accepts another.

Barric spends much of his time in quiet conversation with Sylvie, but he keeps his eyes on the ceremony before him, watching keenly as the exchange of power concludes. When his attention is drawn to Rook, he nods at the man but doesn't say anything aloud that might disrupt the proceedings. Or maybe he just doesn't want to talk to him. He seems a bit stoic today.

Ariadne have been dismissed.

3 Rubino and Zaffria guards have been dismissed.

Coal eyes watch the ritual passively, Gabriel remains standing straight and statue-esque. A hand resting on the pommel of his own blade as he watches another being exchanged. His attention lingering on Rymarr.

Oh, the Knights of the Solace are leaving? Reese can't let them show the Iron Guard up! She draws back her shoulders, trying to look quite serious. "I should get back to work." She says to Merek in a whisper that carries. She wants it known that the Iron Guard is at work. With a smile to her cousin to Lark, a last longing look to the blade and even a grin to Rook, she is then taking off to less protected places.

Lark is little different than Duke Gabriel in her composure. Her black eyes remain on Rymarr for longer than is necessary once the ceremony has taken place. Her only hint of another expression is offered to Reese. A little would-be smile.

Dagon glances to Valerius and then to Donella. "Val, your sister has more strength in her than half the damned fools in this city who just cheered this without realizing what they are actually cheering. Take heart in that fact, cousin." He rubs his chin, and glances back up to where Rymarr and Leona are still standing. "Could be if she ever wanted to leave the service of the King's Own that we could find a place for her sword, but she has her path to walk and the Gods will show her the way."

After a few choice words amongst his peers on the matter of Leona and her declaration, the lord courtier turns his attention to the introduction. "How do you do, your highness," he allows concisely and simply for Barric, since he seems to prefer that. Rook's lips turn downward slightly in sobriety of expression when he spots something in the crowd. "Oh my," he emits lightly, "leaving so soon, your highness?" he calls out to Reese. "Perhaps I'll see you around."

Once Leona shifts from the central position with the Square, Lord Commander Rymarr Lyonesse steps forward to assume the position. He turns to face Leona however before he offers a bow of his head toward the former Lord Commander. The blade still in hand, it rests passively at his side. He regards the pair of King's Own before himself in the form of Leona and Rainier, he addresses these two first with an armored fist that rises up to salute above his heart, "Thank you for your presence, Sir Rainier. Dame Leona, you will always be one of the King's Own and that will not be withdrawn from you. As a result of your service and experience to His Majesty, as well as the faith that Lord Commander Dayne Valardin showed in you, you will be one of His Majesty's Lieutenants. This is in accordance with our discussion of your intended role within His Majesty's service and will, of course, be open to greater responsibilities when you believe you are prepared for them."

Following his words to Leona, Sir Rymarr turns back to those within the gathered crowd which have not taken their leave. He shifts the blade to his opposite hand before he begins to address the crowd itself, "I thank each of you who were able to attend. I thank those who were unable, but are present in spirit. Thank you. We all understand the duties of the King's our lives, if necessary, to keep His Majesty safe. This is why we are few in number here...", he motions around the Square at the sparse population of King's Own, "...I insisted that we maintain our vigil over the palace and His Majesty, the true priorities. I wish to remain humble, but adamant in my duty. Our duty. So with that thought in mind and spirit? I ask each of you to leave here today and offer some word of thanks to someone you know who serves the Compact. For now? Let's all get back to work. Our enemies are getting closer and it's important we be ready to show them why they made a grave mistake in making enemies of the Compact."

Felix isn't leaving, at least. While patrol is a thing that must happen, the newly-minted man-at-arms of the Knight of Solace remains present. He continues to stand there in the back, though he does lift a large hand to wave to Reese pleasantly when she departs. Once more, his eyes shift to the proceedings and his beaming smile is given towards Leona and Rymarr in turn.

Desiree looks back to Dagon, Donella, and Valerius. "I enjoyed watching this, and I'm especially glad that I got to meet all of you."

"She's the strongest person I know, and I'll never forget that," Valerius says back to Dagon, simply, his previous nervousness having faded into something replaced by visible pride. His chest swells, his lips turn upward, and as Rymarr begins to speak the silk-laden Prince pulls his arms behind himself and folds his hands together, his eyes returning to Leona fully as he watches on. Desiree's words are met with a brisk glance, a smile, and even a playful wink, but the momentary distraction is quickly displaced as his gaze returns to the now former Lord Commander.

Barric inclines his head in Rook's direction as Sylvie leaves, "I'm well, thank you. Excuse me." and then the prince is off, but not out of the square. Instead, he's moving laterally through the crowd in Lark's direction, trying not to shove and jostle along the way though it's an inevitability that he'll bump someone. Once closer to his sister, he glances at her attendants and guards and offers her a faint smile, "Hello, Lark. I didn't see you when I came in!" he lies with a broadening of his smile to show he's not serious. "Quite the ceremony." he adds quietly.

Donella says, "I hope that in the future we will see more of you, my lady. It was my pleasure to make your acquaintance. May the gods guide your steps."

Rymarr drops longsword of the King's Own.

Rymarr picks up longsword of the King's Own.

"Indeed Lady Desiree. Take care and I hope to meet you again soon." Dagon nods to Desiree. "Good, be proud of her, Val. Now excuse me." Moving through the crowd, the Heir to Maelstrom begins to move towards the front of the crowd.

The rite of passage has been completed so when Rymarr turns to Rainier he finds the other Silver Blade waiting with his own fist clenched in salute. "Lord Captain, I am at your disposal. For the Crown and for honor's sake, may you never falter." he murmurs and bends at the waist, then takes a step back to give him room. With this the rigidness in him begins to dissipate; there was no tension before, only anticipation, and since the ceremony is offer he finds it necessary to flash a knowing smile at Leona as well although given the circumstances she might miss it. "Do you have new instructions for us today?" he asks afterwards even though he doesn't entirely leaves the other King's Own but continues to flank them both.

Desiree nods to them. "I hope to see you all again as well. Thank you." She smiles before she makes her way back through the remaining crowd.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

With the ceremony completed, Angelo laces his fingers together and gives a small nod to his gentleman-usher. "As I told you, see?" he tells him with a tick of his head towards the new Lord Commander. The servant smiles up to the nobleman and gives a small nod of his head, saying something that is too low for the rest to hear, to which the nobleman again nods. "Yes, let's," he agrees, his eyes sweeping across the crowds -- stopping at Lady Lailah. Instead, he beckons him to follow with two fingers as he heads her way and approaches her side. "Lady Lailah," comes the greeting in his soft melodious tones, wintry emeralds studious of her features. "How ever do you fare?"

Fortunato finishes the last of his posture and pomp sketches and slips away.

Lark side-eyes Barric, the corner of her mouth curving upward somewhat. "No, I'm sure you didn't," she offers before cocking her head to look over his face with cool amusement. Of course, this is done while needing to look almost directly up at him. "How IS Duchess Sylvie fairing today?"

Maude watches the entire ceremony quietly, following the gestures and the choice of words with some interest. When it's over she nods, but the idea of getting back to work draws a frown on her face. Eventually, after inclining her head to Lark, then to Gabriel and gathered family, she turns, studies Rainier for a moment with a thin smile, and works her way out of the crowd, rubbing her back.

Lord Commander Rymarr concludes the ceremony with a bow of his head before he turns away from the crowds. He shifts around to regard both Leona and Rainier, fixing the pair with a stern stare while his hands shift to sheathe the blade to his side. In doing so the former First Captain nods toward Crownguard Tower before his attention shifts aside to regard Rainier, "Orders will be dispensed at a later time. Until that time your current standing orders will do. I will call a meeting after the events of the day and the excitement of them has died down." It is not a dismissive explanation, but seems to be rather matter of fact. He takes in a long breath, causing him to swell within his armor for a moment before he shifts and begins to move. He walks with a hand resting atop the dawnstone hilt of the blade as his side, commenting aside in a quiet manner to both Leona and Rainier as he passes by in pursuit of entering Crownguard Tower.

Felix finally does give his applause with the completion of the ceremony, large calloused hands coming together in a ruckus that seems to be competing with all other noises from the crowd. At least he isn't whooping and hollering all at the same time. The naturally loud soul clapping his hands would be entirely insufferable if his volume went any higher.

Donella stands still as the crowd that has gathered becomes fluid again, and moves around her like a rock in the tide. Her face is unreadable, but clearly, she is in the midst of thought while she waits for the streets to become less choked.

Lailah looks up upon hearing her name and a small smile finds its way to her lips as she spots Angelo, inclines her head to him for a moment before looking back to Samantha and Gabriel. "It was good seeing you, both," she says. "I'll see you a touch later." And with that, Lailah moves to join Angelo, arms crossed casually over her fine woolen gown, and she greets him with another smile. "I fare well," she says then. "I was going to send for you, in fact. It's providencial that you found me here, it would seem."

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