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Saik Family Dinner

Join the Saiks for an evening of exquisite food and wine pairings, live music (dancing encouraged), and exciting conversation (okay, that part kind of depends on you). All are welcome, regardless of station. We'd love to see you - whether you're old friends or shiny and new.


Oct. 6, 2020, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Medeia Lucita Neilda


Pasquale Orick Rowenova Svana Thea Tanith Zoey Caprice Nina Valerius Norah Anisha Ian Cassimir Oskar Tyche Haakon Samira Avary Michael Talwyn Kalani Ainsley



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Saik Tower - Music Chamber

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Comments and Log


It is always good to enjoy dinner with the Saik family. I am not as close to the twins of Medeia and Neilda as I am with Lucita, but their company is enjoyable.

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1 Saik Guard arrives, following Neilda.

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Lucita is not talking with anyone at the moment, her mouth and hands are busy playing a flute, soft, sweet, gentle background music for people to enjoy as they arrive and begin to speak with each other. She lets her eyes and her smile around the flute mouthpiece do the welcoming for her and she wanders around the room, almost dancing as she does so, skirts swirling around her ankles.

Lucita checks charm and performance at normal. Lucita is successful.

Caprice gets a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Tanith checks dexterity and etiquette at normal. Tanith marginally fails.

Valerius takes a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

When Pasquale comes into the music room he makes a beeline straight for the chairs by the fire, with a few nods of recognition to those who actually beat him here on the way. Thus settled he adopts the sort of faux-casual posture that suggests he has no intention of moving again for anything short of a fire - or perhaps food. His head tilts towards the music being provided by Lucita.

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Neilda has been running around utterly without pause for hours. Not because she's responsible for any of this, of course - but because she /feels/ responsible for some of this, and has thus been mostly getting in the way of productive people doing productive things. She should never be left in charge of anything. Fortunately, she's only in charge of the military. (Oh, well - she's... better at that.) She does smile her winning be-dimpled smile at everyone she passes, greets Lucita with a kiss on the - you know, she's playing the flute, that will wait. Her /sister/ gets a kiss on the cheek. Medeia. Yes.

1 Inverno Ensign, 1 Inverno Captain, Cornelius, a studious looking attendant arrive, following Tyche.

Tyche arrives, following Cassimir.

Orick arrives wearing a new cloak for the occasion (or is just for the season) the cloak is done in autumnal colors and closes with a cupridium clasp fashioned like an acorn. He gives a look around the room as he enters and pulls out a bottle of red wine as a gift for the hostess - seeing the Baroness playing flute he defers to Lady Medeia and approaches her with the bottle of Torrent in his hands, "A gift for your cellars from House Fidante, its one of only thirteen bottles in the City."

Orick takes Torrent - A Full Bodied Red from Tor from a black pouch with a vibrant red rose on both sides.

At the table, Nova has already piled her plate with all the carnes and greens that she might have been able to. Steamy tea is in a cup beside 'all that', whilst Sir Flop has his chin in the scout's lap. Nova leans back in her chair and spins her fork a bit as she looks to Lucita's performance with the flute.

Svana and Anisha enter, arms looped. Svana's cheeks are slightly flushed and upon seeing the people pouring in, she looks at Anisha and then down to her attire. "Oh dear, I feel underdressed - or overdressed, maybe? I think I shall find us a seat... and perhaps stay firmly rooted there for the rest of the evening." She looks over at Rowenova and waggles her fingers in a wave before moving to find a glass of water, then the seat. "Everything has been so beautifully laid out," Svana comments quietly to the Softest Whisper.

Spotting Svana and Anisha, Nova lifts the spin of her fork toward them both.

THANKFULLY Thea doesn't have far to walk. How fortunate because it's still snowy out. She hurries inside, brushing what little snow is there, giving the woman that gave her the sideeye earlier--well, the THEA sideeye. Seeing Neilda and Medeia, she smiles over at them and gives them both a sincere smile and wave before darting off for the alcohol. Finn goes to pester Pasquale by the fire.

Nina gets a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

What's the point of a nice dress if you can't be on time? Tanith tries, truly, but between the snow, and -slippers- ("These are not practical shoes -at all-...!"), and the sheer volume of skirts around her hips, Tanith arrives a little late. Directions are asked for at the entrance of the tower, she practically throws her coat at the first helpful servant that gives the Grayhope a grimace and a 'give that to me' gesture, and practically slides into the Music Chamber, somehow avoiding a faceplant and a twisted ankle.

At least Tanith looks nice, her hair done up artfully messy, her dress of brocade (!) and pearls (!!) looking lovely against her honey-dark skin, the well-made dress looking like it might even have been made for her. She clears her throat and steadies herself, reminds herself (out loud, but quietly) that she's not wearing boots and it's perfectly fine to pour her own beverage. Right? Right.

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Zoey and Ian arrive together, though as always Ian watches his feet as he walks mechanically into the room in such a way as to give the impression that he is alone. Zoey is all smiles as she hands off her cloak, but insists on keeping her scarf draped over her shoulders. "Oh goodness, this is quite the gathering! Let us find our seats, then I am going to greet the hostess," she says to her husband.

Medeia is standing near the bar cart, ready to greet guests as they arrive. She is smiling brightly, hair pulled back into elegant cils, secured with rubicund hairpins. Her umbra dress and slippers sparkle with rose gold detailing that matches her jewelry. "Hello, welcome, please come in and be comfortable!" She smiles as Pasquale darts in and settles. She gives Neilda a kiss no the cheek in turn. "Professor, how lovel to see you! Oh, this is lovely." She passes the bottle to her assistant. To Svana, and Anisha, she gives a big smile and a nod. "Svana, you look lovely. Softest Whisper Anisha, radiant." Others gets nods and greetings, as well, with encouragement to utilize the bar cart.

Caprice arrives alone and comfortably so - well, as comfortably as the weather allows. Cloak removed upon entering the chamber, curtseys and smiles offered about, she hooks herself a drink before seeking out a good vantage point for a bit of people (clothes) watching.

Pasquale puts a stunning bouquet of Frostbite roses from House Fidante in a black leather sword belt.

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Nina has her winter coat on, of course, when she arrives. Removing it reveals a lovely new gown made of brocade, a light violet that brings a glimpse of spring colors into winter months. Nina always likes to make her own clothing, and wear something new and fashionable. She is here at Medeia's invitation... And, in order, she gets a charm from the gifts, slips it into her coat, and hands her coat off to an attendant to be picked up later. Though she's happy to see so many poeple here, she also seems immediately drawn to the harp in the music room.

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Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Tanith gets a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Tanith puts a brass mountain lion wine charm in her hair.

Valerius saunters into the hall, looking around the room and nodding to those that he recognizes, with additional greetings to Lucita, "I brought your house a one of a kind whiskey brewed and bottled in Nilanza. Despite its name, it is one of the most sought after liquers the island has to offer."

Norah might be an Islander Marquessa, but never tell her she doesn't know how to dress for a dinner with the Lycenes. Her dress, while tame and tasteful, is a bit daring, with its tiny peek of pale midriff. She arrives on Oskar's arm, making her hellos as they work their way into the roo

Anisha is of course wearing mirrorsilver over her left eye, aeterna draped against her frame, and with a variety of floral themes echoing across her jewelery and clothing. "Lady Medeia, thank you so much for the invite," she offers to Medeia, sketching a curtsey. Looking to Svana. "You look wonderful, darling. Please don't fret." She assures. Wiggling her fingers to Rowenova, greeting nobles known and unknown with a curtsey here and there.

"Perhaps we should settle by one of the long tables?" She suggests, patting the Grayhope's arm.

Ian s attention is mostly on his feet as he comes in; he watches his own footsteps like someone for whom walking isn't instinct, but something that must be consciously monitored. As a result, even though he's walking next to Zoey and she's actually talking to him as they come in, he gives off a sense of being alone. There's water on his pants, the possible result of slipping on ice and falling at some point on the way over. Ian rarely goes out in winter for a reason, and it has nothing to do with the cold.

Tanith observes with silent horror as people start offering gifts, stowing the one she's given upon her entry ... somewhere. She spots Svana and gives her 'cousin' a pained expression.

Cassimir enters the music chamber arm-in-arm with his cousin, Tyche, though that link is broken when it is time to remove the brocade overcoat he is sporting. After a brief moment spared to shrug out of it and hand it to the attendant, he places a guiding hand at the woman's back to gently usher her forward, you know, because she's the social one. She should be in the spotlight! He does stand almost an entire head taller than her, though, so hiding is simply not an option. He leans down to reply in a whisper at the back of her head, into those flame-red tresses, all the while sage green eyes darting around to inspect the faces of those present and a wry smile curling at one corner of his mouth.

Orick nods to the words from Lady Medeia on his way past, "Think nothing of it, please enjoy." As he moves deeper into the room he slides a pair of warm velvet lined duskweave gloves from his hands and puts them away into his satchel. The silver and black thread catching the light with a pattern of thorns near the wrist. He moves to take a table at the glass table with a few other familiar faces.

Pasquale lightly rests his hand on Finn's canine head when the hound unsurprisingly decides to approach him rather than anyone else. "What are you doing here dog?" He lifts his head to find Thea in the small crowd, offers a small smile, and then looks around for Neilda.

Lucita spins on hearing her name, lowering the flute she has been playing as the song concludes. She smiles as Valerius addresses her. "Why thank you, My Lord for the gift. These cold evenings that will be welcome though we did not expect any presents, just the pleasure of the company of friends and family. Come, make yourself at home and please introduce yourself to any that you may not yet know. We're quite informal tonight.

Leaving Ian to find seats for them, Zoey approaches the hostess. "Lady Medeia, this looks wonderful! You have put together quite the event."

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The first thing that Oskar notices as he comes into the tower is the sound of the flute, turning his coronet clad head to greet Lucita with a nod. His eyes flash back to his wife, keeping his arm interlaced as they navigate through the room, "Do you have any seat preferences?"

"Lady Medeia, you are too kind. The twins send their love. I'm quite sure they would have enjoyed a night on the town before making the rest of the guests quite tired of them." She laughs softly and settles into a seat with a glass of water, sipping for a long moments. She spots her cousin-in-law? Cousin? Anyway, she spots Tanith and waves big, and the two women seem to be having a quiet conversation by way of mouthing words at one another and extreme hand gestures on Svana's part. She pulls out a chair for Anisha and guides her over too.

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The adventure through the snow to get here was almost too much for the petite Marquessa to handle, and Tyche's cheeks are pink, her nose pink, her ears? Pink. But she wears a smile, especially as her cousin murmurs some whispered secret. She twists to look back up at him, a brow arching, before she speaks quite audibly, "This is absolutely lovely. Especially your sense of direction, Cassimir. One would think after all these months out of this ward, you would have forgotten your way around, but no. Your memory," she lifts a hand, tapping a finger to his temple. She has to reach way high, too. "A steel trap." And then she's shedding her coat, revealing the steelsilk beneath as dark eyes scan the rest of those gathered. She's a plus-one to an invited person, so this is fun! "Lady Medeia," she greets the woman with a little wave.

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Seeing Tanith, Medeia approaches and gives the woman a tight hug. "It's so, so good to have you here. Please make yourself comfortable. Enjoy." She waves to Ian, Zoey, Caprice, Nina, and Valerius as they enter. Spotting Cassimir, she wanders over and gives him a big hug. "Cousin, hello!" She turns to Tyche. "Marquessa, good to see you again."

Neilda eyes flit over people entering, catching briefly on Cassimir - but Pasquale is looking for her, in the way that tends to draw her attention, and she puts off going to chat up her cousin for the moment. There's a whisper to Pasquale that... oh, the meaning is unsubtle even if the words are quiet. She looks around, searching for no-one in particular.

Ian takes a seat at the table inlaid with glass tiles, on the far side of the table from Thea, leaving Zoey to go do the social things, so he can sit around like a lump, in true Ian style.

Nina sits down at the harp - for the short term, giving the flute music a bit of backup. She's used to playing strings opposite a flute, really, as it's her standard accompanyist. She's distracted enough by this that the concept of dinner is nearly forgotten.

Tanith is hugged and gives a smile despite her fluster. "Hello! Thank you for inviting me...!" And then Medeia is off again. Tanith peers about the room, wondering where she should be sitting. She's even eyeing the spot next to Nina, recognizing the lovely bard and Harlequin.

Orick takes a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Caprice doesn't hold up the line too long, her greeting for Medeia a flashing smile and thanks for the open invitation; somewhere or another, she'll find Neilda, and of course, Lucita is occupied. But there's time!

Whatever it is that Neilda whispers makes Pasquale chuckle a little and push back up to his feet. "Stay." he tells Finn before lightly resting a hand on Neilda's elbow and steering the pair of them across to the table where Thea and the others are sat. "Good to see you all again." Caprice he gives a nod and a smile too.

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Thea glances at Ian and gives him the innocent look she can muster. "Lord Ian! How are you? It's been a really long time. How are you? I'm sure you've been busy, I know I have, possibly, maybe--shifting closer to the poor man. Seeing Zoey, she waves to her as well as well as Caprice and Nina. And Orick and the Eswynds. "Good evening." Taking a drink, Thea smiles over at the scout as well. "Nova. Hello!"

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With careful steps, skirts lifting a bit to be sure she doesn't trip over them, Tanith makes her way over to Nina and the bench next to her, giving a small smile and a murmured greeting.

Nina gets up from the space when Tanith sees her, and gives a little bow. "Oh! It's so good to see you! We should talk a bit..." And then she leans in, in an almost conspiracy way, to finish her thought in a way drowned by a bit of harp... sitting back down on the bench.

Cassimir entirely misses the blatant sarcasm Tyche drops on him for the first few steps they take toward one of the three vibrant hostesses of the evening -- at first, anyway. A look of extreme puzzlement passes over his features, until at last it clicks. A hand reaches out to muss up the woman's blazing hair, but she's saved at the last moment by Medeia's exuberant hug, which he is quite happy to return, and with a cousinly kiss planted to the top of her head. "Thank you for the invitation, Deia. I wouldn't miss it." He turns to gesture to Tyche with a doting smile. "I thought I might drag the marquessa away from her busywork to socialize. I'll do my best to keep her out of trouble."

Anisha blinks as Tamorin slips inside, moving over to whisper in her ear. "...Well. Damn." She sighs, gives Svana's hand a squeeze, and sketches a curtsey to Medeia. "...I'm afraid duty calls - but I'm sure I can hear the highlights from Svana or yourself, or perhaps another friend, a little later, mm?"

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Haakon enters behind the Marquis and Marquessa Eswynd, looking distinctly more plain I'm dress than his more exalted kin. While the rich purple hem on his woolen tunic is quite fine by Abandoned standards, his only ornaments are a copper ring and a sheathed broadsword. He leans toward his kin and mutters, "I'm taking seats by the fire and growling at any folk who step too close. You two in or gonna be.. social?"

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

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Lucita spends a moment looking at all the lovely outfits before she sets the flute aside into the display case and looks over what instrument to use next. She looks over how the groups are settling in place at the various tables and sites. "This is a lovely turn out of people considering the weather. We are so glad you braved the weather to come here. We've plenty of room round the fireplaces if any need to warm up and plenty of warm drinks. If the weather is too rough to head home afterward, we'll make room somewhere for people to sleep till the streets are cleared, guest rooms or blankets on couches or such.

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Zoey retrieves a drink for herself before going to stand with Medeia a moment.

Seeing Norah and Oskar enter, Medeia hurries over tot he bar cart and grabs two glasses, filled with a special whiskey and approaches them, pressing the glasses into their hands. She gives Norah a kiss on the cheek and a curtsy to Oskar. "Welcome, thank you for coming." She steps away to thank Zoey, and greet more as they come in. "Thea, you're here! Oh good." She goes back to the bar cart and gets another glass of whiskey for Haakon and brings it to him. "Growling works for you," she says teasingly.

Lucita puts a lamb bone flute in Musical Instrument Display Shelves.

Svana is soon turning a bit green around the gills. She finishes her water but follows soon after Anisha, murmuring to Rowenova: "The smell of the cooked food is doing me in again. Please wish Lady Medeia my warmest regards."

Norah leans in to Haakon. "Please refrain from growling. Enjoy the meal. Maybe dance?"

Valerius circles back to Medeia after delivering the gift to the Baroness, "Thank you for the invite to your dinner, I hope you are well tonight?"

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leaves, following Svana.

Lucita gets a hornbeam wood lute with gilt painted roses from Musical Instrument Display Shelves.

Tyche's eyes widen as Cassimir catches up to the joke, his hand extended, her carefully arranged coiffeur in danger of a good-natured mussing. The word moves in slow motion, and then Medeia is there to save the day with the hug. The Marquessa laughs, shaking her head at Cassimir as the two reunite in front of her. The teasing he offers as to her troublemaking status has her promising the woman, "If I wanted to make trouble, he would fail in keeping me back." She slips to Cassimir's side when he is released, her hand hooking in the crook of his arm. "Shall we sit?" She asks, letting him lead the way.

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"Oh, will there be dancing?" Zoey asks, looking first to Medeia, then to Norah who suggested it.

Nova spins her fork to Thea and Orick with a grin before she stick/spins up a bite of ham and feeds it to Sir Flop beside her before a bite herself.

Pasquale earns a smile in return and a bow of her head, Thea, a hand touched to her own heart. Something about growling- no, wait. Dancing! That immediately draws Caprice's attention towards Haakon; it's not by accident that the clothier has claimed a seat near the floor, probably.

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Ian Displaying superhuman hearing, or perhaps just taking advantage of a fortunately timed silence, Ian responds to Haakon in his flat tone of voice, without looking in the other man's direction. There's nothing really in his heavily accented voice to make who he's talking to clear, but Haakon's gonna know. "He's a knight. Of course he's going to be social."

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Cassimir squeezes Medeia's shoulder briefly to express his parting gratitude before leading his Tyche toward a comfortable place to sit and talk, mingle, things like that.

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Late is better than never, or so Samira hopes as she steps into the room, attempting to make her arrival as unobtrusive as possible. Her gaze travels the crowds on the hunt for familiar faces, her fingers into the fabric of her dress as she walks.

Thea is looking about, already realizing,"When did I become the social Malvici?" glancing over at Haakon, she says,"I hear dancing is fun. Or something. When your partner isn't stepping on your feet,"before she finally finds Lucita. "Baroness, hello. How are you this evening?"

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Lucita finds a seat at the table and settles a lute in her lap. The strings are played softly, gently but at least now she can speak from time to time. The music is a slow and dreamy ballad made for dancing. She replies to Thea. "I'm just over here near the dance floor. I'm doing alright so far. Rested up earlier today so prepared for the evening! Thank you for coming."

1 Templar Knight guards arrives, following Avary.

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Rowenova says, "Thank you, everyone, for joining this evening and honoring the house of my dear and lovely Patron, our Lady Baroness-Reagent Lucita Saik!"

Zoey sees Samira come in and crosses the room to meet her, smiling brightly but speaking softly when she does.

Nova lifts her tea cup in her other hand in a way that toasts to Lucita.

Neilda is overheard praising Rowenova: A super supportive protege.

"Lady Thea, it's nice to meet you again." Oskar greets the Malvici with a smile, turning to the host as she approaches them, "And I appreciate the invite, Lady Medeia. It's always nice to spend the evening with the Saik." He comments, flashing a second smile as he turns for his wife. "Shall we join Haakon so that we can get some whiskey to get started?"

Medeia laughs softly, replying to Zoey, "There will be! I promised Marquessa Norah a dance. Excuse me just a moment." She makes some more greetings as she makes her way over to Samira. "Samira, hello! Come, grab a drink." It's about that time she makes her way tot he center of the dance floor and calls for attention.

"Hello everyone! It is so lovely to see you all this evening. Thank you for coming out to join us on this winter night. Please, be welcome. Mingle. Things will be a little casual, dance as you like. When you sit, someone will come to take your dinner order. Enjoy!"

Nina looks over at Tanith again, Nina's fingers idly strumming the harp a bit as she does so. "I admit, this dinner is just a free night for me. I've been spinning, between the concert and the upcoming wedding, so fast that I have little time to prepare anything else!"

Tanith perks. "Did you and the Princess like the cake sample I sent?" she asks Nina, sipping from the drink she's procured. It tastes pretty nice, given how she goes back for another healthy sip. And another.

Sir Floppington wags up to Neilda, doing so with those soulful eyes gazing up to the woman in recognition. Nova smiles back to her, too.

Although her solemn expression hints that Samira may feel a bit out of place stepping in such grand, unfamiliar surroundings, unease quickly fades as she spots both Zoey and Medeia. She offers a flash of a smile, nodding in agreement with Medeia's coaxing. "A drink, yes, I'll do that. You know I wouldn't turn down one of those." Her voice lowers into a murmur as she cants her head toward Zoey to offer a response to her greeting.

Ian excuses himself and relocates to the fireplace. Maybe he's cold. Maybe he's looking for a place with fewer people. Maybe he wants to tempt fate by intentionally getting growled at.

Nina sits up a bit more, and nods at Tanith. "We did! Of course we'll pay you for the service if you intend to bring cake. Let me know what your rate would be. Adrienne has left things totally up to me really. If we have a groom's cake, he's requested chocolate and orange." She doesn't seem to miss a beat while playing, being used to the strings.

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Lucita takes cues from Nina at the harp so what they play forms a coordinated song. Her voice is lowered as she speaks to those at the table at which she sits. "I invited Archlector Avary to come as my guest. Thought she might like being around people in a relaxing setting, and one that is not so laden with difficulties.

Zoey nods in reply, says something else to Samira, then politely excuses herself. She picks up a glass of whiskey on her way to the fireplace, offering it to Ian when she arrives.

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Avary walks in by herself, except for a burly shopkeeper's assistant and their helper. They're hefting something large that's covered by a simple cloth. Avary herself seems poised and collected as she holds an invitation in one hand, her eyes making a slow judging sweep across the different people here. Hearing her name she lifts the invitation as if it's a key to the gates here. "As invited, so I came. The first dinner I've been invited in a very long time. Thank you, Baroness Saik."

Ian takes the glass from Zoey with a nod of thanks. He settles back with the drink, watching the fire more than any of the other guests.

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With a moment to catch her breath, Medeia surveys the gathering with a pleased expression. She decides to walk over to where Nina and Tanith are, speaking in low tones before moving on to mingle some more. She finds herself by Cassimir and Tyche, to whom she also says a few words quietly. She looks up and sees Avary, saying, "Welcome Blessed Avary!"

Avary drops An abacus table useful for accounting.

Cassimir leans in to listen to Medeia's private words, then nods once in acknowledgement of the suggestion.

Lucita says, "You are most welcome. Medeia and Neilda arranged the menu and there are plenty of warm drinks and places to sit. Am so glad you got a chance to come. Was afraid you were too busy at the shrine to manage to come. Please make yourself at home and know you are welcome."

Thea murmurs something to Neilda and Pasquale before she leaves, her gold-flecked green eyes impish. Looking up to Medeia, Thea waves to her and the others as she hurries out, looking like she's on a mission.

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Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, Rocco, the rascally assistant leave, following Thea.

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Samira offers a last quiet remark to Zoey before nodding politely and moving off in search of a drink. Once she has procured a glass, she meanders in search of a place to settle. Her wandering steps lead her past Tanith, a wave offered to the other Lowers resident.

When the Archlector shows up, Nova lifts her cup to Avary in greeting, too, along with a smile for her. Then, she looks to Pasquale then at his question glances to Neilda then back to the man. "I am really not sure. I can tell you that Lady Thea and Duchess Calypso are adept Lycene dancers, but I have not ever danced with Lady Neilda, myself. I bet she would be lovely, though!"

Still by Cassimir and Tyche, Medeia turns to the rest of the group by the fireplace. "Ian, Zoey, thank you both for coming. Marquis Valerius, it is good to see you! We'll need to talk about that aquarium idea of yours I heard about." Her eyes cant to Haakon's glass, checking to see if it needs to be refilled.

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Tanith is perched on a bench next to Nina, and gives Samira a look of surprise and a wave of delight. She gestures to the glass she's drinking from, making a 'this is quite good!' face along with gestures encouraging the woman to try it.

The shopkeeper assistant removes the covering, revealing the super amazing and unexpected gift because who could ever think that such a gift would be gifted. An abacus table! Avary says in that cool but very plain tone to Lucita and Medeia, "It's polite to bring a gift when you've gifted me this lovely invitation. Everyone should have one, they're quite useful to count your blessings . . .or your tribulations. Write those who cause you strife in sand, and those who help you in stone."

Haakon's glass has been diminished, but not drained. He's even conversing a bit, in his own way.

Lucita says, "I think sometime before the snow ends, we should invite people to make snowmen and leave them in public places around the district. It would be something to encourage visitors to the area and a fun thing to simply walk around and discover where they are."

Orick looks over with a craning of his neck and an obvious amount of curiosity upon seeing the abacus table displayed.

Neilda - who looks like she might have been considering getting up to dance with Pasquale - quirks a brow at Cassimir. "Cassimir? Gods, it's been /ages/." Her mood drops to a glare. Put-on, but anyway. "You shouldn't tease like that. You -know- I wouldn't know where to start."

Tanith overhears Avary and gives Nina a pained expression, muttering something as she moves to stand.

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Nina has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

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Tanith has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

Caprice notices Samira's wave, waves back - notices it was for Tamira and laughs to herself, turning further in her seat to wave purposfully to Tanith and Nina as well. Why not? With a faint nod along with the music, she wonders to nobody in particular, "Mm... perhaps a contra dance?"

Making her way tot he larger table, Medeia waves at Rowenova. "Scout Nova, good to see you /inside/." She looks to Orick, "Professor, did I hear something about a new mask auction?"

Michael has...perhaps forgotten to change from leathers to brocade and silk or the rest. He is dressed utilitarian but with a sword slung across his back. A wary expression affects his countenance at arriving to such a gathering without the more typical accroutements. He'll step free of the entryway but stand rather sternly in place instead of trying to track anyone down immediately.

Lucita stands up and looks over the table. Her smile is brilliant as she studies the various details. "your gift humbles me." Impulsively she gives Avary a hug. "Thank you. I have ideas right away for use of it. It is the first one of its type have seen." She looks the table over once more then offers a seat at whichever spot Avary might wish to interact with the people already there.

Orick hears his title and he looks up with a wide face illuminating grin, saying back with a clever confidence, allowing his words to be heard by anyone close enough, "Aye, its a work of art, I've been told... a statement piece. Softest Anisha wrote about it in the Whites yesterday..." Orick trails off and with a loft of a brow he looks around to see if anyone of the peerage was listening as he adds, "I brought a sketch with me, if anyone was curious."

Pasquale looks up at Cassimir when he offers his bit of wisdom at the table before smiling in mild amusement at Neilda's answer. "The lady doth protest to much."

Samira grins at Tanith's gesturing, lifting her own glass in answer -- half-toast, half-indication that she has managed to find a drink herself. She pauses and then, as if in demonstration, tilts her glass back for her first sip. Giving a thumbs-up, she calls out, "Delicious, yeah?" Movement catches her attention, bringing her gaze toward Caprice's wave. "Caprice, hi!" The greeting is called out even as she moves to close the distance between herself and the other woman.

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Talwyn.

Nina considers Caprice's comment with a thoughtful finger under her chin. "Oh, those can be splendid, as long as there is one that everyone knows. Or can pick up quickly!" She gets to her feet of course, however, to try it.

"Oh, I'd love to see!" Medeia exclaims to Orick, and she's waits to see the sketch before thanking him and moving on to do more mingling, spotting Michael in the doorway. "Lord Michael, do come in, instead of just standing there?" She looks around, hoping to spot Norah among the groupings.

Orick hands the sketch to Medeia and comments, "Pass it around if you like, I'm rather proud of that one."

Orick drops The Cupridium Query.

He's late and he knows he's late, so Talwyn walks in like he meant to be late and it's just terribly fashionable to do so. With his lute strapped across his back as he offers up his cloak, the Valardin Prince scans the crowd and finding Lucita, makes his way to the baroness to greet her with cheek kisses. "Told you I'd make it. Eventually." He gives her a wink and looks around. "Goodness, you have drawn quite the crowd!" Then he leans in to speak with Lucita quietly.

As the sketch gets passed around the party Orick makes sure to call in its wake, "On silent auction now in my shop, one of a kind. Bids close tomorrow afternoon!!"

Tanith smiles brightly at Caprice as she follows Nina to take a seat at the table near the dancefloor. "Hello, Tanith Grayhope," she says, introducing herself to the table. "Don't mind me, I'm trying to look like I belong." She cuts a glance at Nina and her smile becomes a grin. "She doesn't have to try."

Despite the cold, or perhaps because of it, Kalani is dressed in a lovely green gown paired with a fur lined silk cape that offers a bit of defense against the elements. She arrives without fanfare or entourage, as is typical for the Seliki physician, and moves nimbly to join the line of other guests moving through the entrance to pay respect and warm greeting to the host of this lovely evening.

Valerius has left the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Valerius has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lucita before departing.

From the shade of her wolfy headdress, Nova smiles brightly to Medeia before quietly mentioning, "Good to see you, too." says she before eating some more from her piled plate of tasty vittles.

Medeia spots Norah and makes her way over. "That dance I promised you, Marquessa?" She asks, dipping a curtsy. When she rises, she waves to Talwyn and Kalani before taking Norah's hand and moving to the dance floor.

"Love to," Neilda says to Cassimir, eyes lidding with... well, it's hard to tell with her. Annoyance? Faux-annoyance? "I guess we'd better do this thing," she says, and rises - offers a hand so she can escort Pasquale to the dance floor. "Give her my best," she says to Cassimir, as they drift from the table. And of course, some dimples for him. Danger dimples.

Neilda has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Avary is hug attacked. She blinks a moment, not used to such things maybe and for a moment she's wondering what the socially correct fix is. There's something whispered and an awkward pat on her host's back. "I'm glad you like the gift. I'll see what adventures are hiding in the dark corners of conversations and loop back to you."

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Cassimir has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

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Medeia has been talking about dancing. So there will be dancing. Pasquale follows Neilda into the appropriate space and then offers his hands so that Neilda can join him in a sedate dance. He murmurs to his dance partner occasionally.

"Good to see you!" Caprice greets Samira as the other woman moves closer, the clothier's expression warming with proximity. her smile turns to include Tanith and Nina, a return introduction offered the former's way, "Caprice Artiglio, I think we may have almost had coffee together but the table had too many rumps posted around it. And on the subject... -this- rump wants to move. Do you dance?" She looks to Nina. "I don't know that I'd make a good caller but maybe if we show a few simple steps and keep it basic... encourage everyone to add their own flair and face the creative judgment of the line?"

Norah laughs, holding her arm out for Medeia, to escort her to the dance floor. "My lady," she grins.

Avary has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Talwyn has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

Lucita smiles gently as her back is patted by Avary. "Alright. I hope it will be a fun evening for you." She listens to a brief message, nods as she accepts a basket of cheeses, friuts and nuts to go with the wines and sets it out to be enjoyed for any who wish to sample it. She then turns as she is greeted by Talwyn and returns the cheek kisses. "Thank you for coming. I'm unfortunately unable to do the exquisit introductions that some of the Princesses are famous for but everyone is friendly and just introduce yourself to any you do not know, please.

"You and me both," Samira remarks to Tanith with a laugh, having overheard the other woman's remarks as she moves to join the group. Her smile remains as she glances to the Grayhope's companion, recognition registering as she greets Nina with a nod. "Basic steps plus a little personal flair. That sounds like my kind of dancing," she notes to Caprice.

Samira has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

"I love to dance!" Nina says to Caprice. "And I'm Nina Autumndale, if we've never been properly introduced. But I know you're one of the most well-known seamstresses, aren't you? Oh, I should have asked you for lessons when I started my own shop." She smiles to Samira as well. "I love it. Shall we give it a try?"

Tanith grins at Caprice, definitely recognizing her. "It's wonderful to see you again!" she says. "Have you tried this wine? It's amazing. And if you're asking -me- if I dance, I can try. If you weren't asking me, well, I wouldn't mind twirling someone around the dance floor."

A smile forms on Kalani's face as she lifts a hand to wave to Medeia as Medeia and Norah move to the dance floor. Lani unfastens the cloak she's wearing, draping it over one arm before she lifts a drink from the cart near the entrance that is placed so conveniently. She moves through the room, pausing for a moment to speak quietly here and there.

Michael dips a nod towards Medeia's oh so observant acknowledgement of his arrival, then his gaze skates across the room. Who to bother. Aha. Of course, one goes to greet the Baroness first. A gentle hand upon Kalani's elbow pulls her along from her mingling. "We're going to see the Baroness, Lady Seliki."

Neilda flashes a brief look of horror at what she's hearing around her. "Oh gods," she stage whispers. "Are they going to like... try to... do a formal thing? I have never successfully managed a /single intentional dance step/ more complicated than this." It's the slow-n-close shuffle, that's what she's doing with Pasquale, there. In another world, it might be known as The Prom Dance.

Orick enjoys the little flurry of attention that his art receives and then quietly goes back to sipping his wine as he casually watches the journey of his sketch around the room, watches it from the corner of his attention without staring at anyone.

Lucita asks Talwyn to make his own introductions and the Valardin Prince's smile is small. And grows. And grows. Into something wholly brilliant and warm. Rising to his feet as he plucks at the strings of his lute. Then he strums and plays to offer up.

"My name is Talwyn, a Valardin Prince,
Wearer of the legendary pants that haven't been seen since.
I stole a dance from the Duchess of Tor,
I promise you if you visit with me it won't be a bore!"

And with that, he retakes his seat, a wink at Lucita as he keeps up the conversation around him.

Nova smiles over to Orick, "I helped alloy Cupridium. Makes me proud to see that it was put to fine use."

Talwyn checks composure and performance at normal. Talwyn is marginally successful.

Nina is admiring, respectfully, the craftsmanship of Caprice's clothing when she sees Valerius approach. She looks to him, smiles, and mutters something quietly.

Medeia checks dexterity and performance at normal. Medeia is successful.

Norah checks dexterity and performance at normal. Norah is marginally successful.

Once at the dance floor, Medeia pulls Norah close, one hand on the woman's waist and the other lightly clasping a hand. In a graceful step, she leads her with the music and twirls her before swapping hand placement to let Norah take the lead.

Pasquale asks Neilda, with a soft chuckle, "How can you be fine with wrestling sharks but afraid of a simple dance?"

Tugged along at Michael's side, Kalani spots several people that she recognizes, lifting her free hand to offer a light wave as she glances up at Michael. "We are, are we?" humor shading her voice.

Hopefully nobody's going to be surprised that Ian's not getting up to go dance. Because Ian's not getting up to go dance. He's not really socializing much at all, prefering to focus most of his attention on his drink and the fire.

Orick looks over when Nova speaks to him about the ore and he lofts both brows as he muses, "That is fascinating, I thought it was clever to use an alloy... the whole idea of the piece is that something can seem very different depending on how we view it and where we stand." He has a quiet grin, "But it is still the same thing."

Lucita laughs softly. "Now that is a way of introducing yourself that I had not yet thought of, Prince Talwyn."

Michael has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

Interest piqued, Caprice's attention shifts to the aforementioned wine then over to the glass she's already forgotten about near her claimed seat. "Not yet," she responds, emphasis on the yet. To Nina she adds sincerely, "I'm hoping we'll have a chance to get better acquainted; I just recently joined the Bard's College, in fact, and I caught your Southern Style performance. Exquisite," she compliments her, belatedly. There is still an interested eye to the dancing; for now at least, Caprice is content to let some of the others do the twirling, whether or not it (d)evolves into a larger group thing.

Avary sits down near the fireplace where another group is at. The poem from Talwyn is listened to, but she, like Ian, isn't doing much besides observing silently.

Valerius checks dexterity and performance at normal. Valerius marginally fails.

Zoey checks dexterity and performance at normal. Zoey is marginally successful.

Neilda checks dexterity and performance at easy. Neilda is successful.

Nina looks over at Tanith for a moment, nods, and then takes Valerius by the hand. "Now, let's discuss what we've learned!" she says, with a cheerful expression as she joins in the dance floor.

Talwyn grins at Lucita. "Always trying to give you the best impression, Baroness Saik." he comments when people are pairing up to dance. Nodding to Lucita. "Tomorrow or the next is fine." he responds, and then chuckles. "So, Luci, are we performing or dancing?"

Nina checks dexterity and performance at normal. Nina is successful.

Painbow, a militant pygmy goat arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

Caprice checks dexterity and performance at normal. Caprice is marginally successful.

"Wrestling sharks is exciting?" Neilda... guesses. Yes, that was clearly a guess. A smile follows, because she has not tripped over anything. "Just don't do anything more complicated than this and we should be good."

Valerius leads Nina to the dance floor, taking her hand and making the first pose for the dance. He starts off by taking a step in the wrong direction, and nearly pulling Nina after him. He then steps back to where the starting position is, "And, I shall try that again shall I?" Smiling, he steps in the right direction this time, though is spending more time watching his feet that where they are going.

Medeia checks dexterity + performance + dodge at hard. Medeia fails.

Lucita says, "perhaps play while they dance and then see if we can take a turn at dancing. Blessed Avary, do you dance? Some of these songs I expect a nimble footed dancer could lead two women in, spinning each in turn or something."

The pair aligned with Bisland skate through some clumps of people to arrive at Lucita's table so that Michael might sidle closer. "Baroness Lucita Saik. Pardon...I'd like to commend you for that pair of Saik Twins that have captured the attention of much of Arx's notables."

Samira glances toward Talwyn as he offers up his introduction via song. Her lips curve into a lopsided grin of approval as she calls out, "Now the ultimate test would be providing everyone's introductions that way." As Nina is swept off to the dance floor, she returns attention to Tanith and Caprice. "I think I'm more accustomed to the free-form, 'a little bit drunk, gonna improvise' style of dancing," she confesses wryly. "Oh, Caprice, talking shop at a party is probably considered bad form, so I won't. But let's meet sometime soon to chat. I have a few ideas for things."

Lucita checks Charm and lute strumming at normal. Botch! Lucita is simply outclassed. This is monumentally beyond them and the result is ruinous..

Talwyn checks composure and performance at daunting. Talwyn is marginally successful.

Avary says over to Lucita, "I think the last time I danced was before I was godsworn. These days I more enjoy watching those good at performing rather than . . ." And she goes quiet when the lute playing happens. "That must be one of those discordant songs from the Lyceum I've heard about."

Valerius checks charm and performance at normal. Valerius is successful.

Caprice has left the a long table beside a dance floor.

Lucita picks up her lute and gasps as first one and then the other string goes out of tune, the pegs with which they are adjusted having been twisted out of position.. "Goodness, what happened here? That sounded awful! Who did that while I was not looking? Such a terrible prank to play!!!

He has stopped looking at his feet, pulling Nina in closer and looking at her for a change. This is the way the dance was meant to be.

Tanith taps her nose at Samira, the Grayhope's glass empty now. "My kind of dancing, if I dance. But I don't. Neither of the boys dance so I have to perch on a knee and tap my foot. But I can't complain overmuch."

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"Lucita?!" Talwyn adjusts his playing to assist Lucita's tune, a frown touching his features in concern as he glances to the Duchess. "Are you alright?"

Caprice has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

Nova looks to the mask with interest then back to Orick, doing so with a nod. Though, she soon diverts her gaze to Lucita with a tilt of head before then sitting up once more and going back to fooding.

Lucita frowns and sets the lute aside. "No, I'm upset. I haven't played that badly since I was five years old!!" She glares at the lute and sets it aside, taking her spare one from the display case. "please play on while I try to get this one checked to make sure it is in tune."

Nina nods to Valerius as he starts to get the hang of the step this time. "That's all right. Learning a new step is always a bit of a challenge at first...." But now he's getting it, so she moves in time with him, and with the others on the floor in the most harmonious way that she can.

Nina has joined the a long table beside a dance floor.

Lucita gets a chestnut wood lute with gilt painted stars from Musical Instrument Display Shelves.

Lucita puts a hornbeam wood lute with gilt painted roses in Musical Instrument Display Shelves.

Ian has joined the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Talwyn nods, slipping into the song where Lucita was as he starts to play. "Do what you need to, Luci. I have your back." A smile is offered to her as he turns his attention to providing music for the dancers.

A whispered exchange with Norah while dancing has Medeia lughing quietly and smiling before the dance is over. She dips a cursty to the woman before excusing herself to the bar cart and grabbing a glass and a bottle of whiskey, pouring some for herself before making her way to refill glasses for Norah, Oskar, and Haakon. She tucks the bottle in Haakon's other hand before saying something quietly and making her way back around for more mingling. She finds herself near Tanith and Samira, settling down for a quiet chat.

Caprice sidles closer to Samira with a cheerful complaint, "Blast, I'm honor-bound to accept that challenge. Yes, shop talk! Soon!" she agrees with an enthusiastic nod, "and I don't mind if it's a little bit drunk and improvised then, too." She lists to one side in an exaggerated dance step that - oops - bumps her shoulder against someone nearby. "Oh-!"

Haakon receives a bottle from the hostess, raising it in wry salute, while answering Medeia with a quiet sniff and muttered word.

Smiling, that he eventually got the dance down. "Thank you for the dance Nina." He then gives a small bow. "Excuse me, as my dance card is a bit full tonight, and I should allow others the chance for a dance."

Orick watches the dancers with a quiet grin but he doesn't look inclined to join them.

Lucita tinkers with the lute a few moments, checking it over closely before finally getting up the nerve to try again.

Lucita checks charm and performance at normal. Lucita is successful.

Nina chuckles at Valerius, and gives him a nod and bow. "How gracious of me to be your first dance of the night! Let's do it again of course... as many times as you like. Some time, you can save the last dance for me, too." Then she walks off, to get herself a glass of wine, and warm up for the next number.

Talwyn is overheard praising Medeia.

Valerius is overheard praising Medeia.

Orick takes The Cupridium Query.

A brief bit of confusion with some of the dinner arrangements yields a member of staff trying to flag someone down - and this is Neilda's opportunity, the 'thing she is needed for' she was on watch for all day. She signals to Medeia that she's got it, and drags Pasquale on out to handle whatever wine pairing crisis of conscience is happening.

Talwyn is overheard praising Neilda.

Talwyn is overheard praising Lucita.

Tanith is overheard praising Medeia.

Caprice doesn't project her voice quite as Talwyn might; her intended audience may just be Samira and those nearest. Yet still, with a grin and a flourishing hand, she adds to the rhyming introductions.

"My name's Caprice, a clothier by trade,
You're sure to look lovely in something I've made.
Thanks to House Saik for a lovely event -
Great food, dance and wine, all the guests are content!"

Medeia catches the wave from Neilda and sends a grateful nod to her sister for taking care of the thing.

Tanith is overheard praising Lucita.

Valerius checks charm and performance at normal. Valerius marginally fails.

1 Saik Guard leaves, following Neilda.

Zoey checks charm and performance at normal. Zoey is marginally successful.

"Zoey. If you are prepared for me to possibly take a stumble, I am ready to dance with you." Valerius says with that smile of his. Then leads Zoey to the dance floor, tripping on his way.

Michael is overheard praising Medeia.

Cassimir is overheard praising Medeia.

Zoey checks composure and etiquette at easy. Zoey is successful.

Pasquale follows Neilda out without a single complaint.

Tanith takes a moment to applaud Lucita, grinning. "What an amazing event!"

Alberico, the Malespero aide leaves, following Pasquale.

Samira smiles warmly at Medeia as she chats quietly with the other woman. Caprice's dance step earns a look of amusement while the Culler reaches out with a steadying hand. "I don't know if I'm quite drunk enough, but that's alright. I'm sure I could pretend to be," she decides with a firm nod of her head. She applauds for the other woman's witty rhyming introduction. "That was well done! A clothier AND a poet."

Orick has left the a table with inlaid Saikland glass tiles.

Nina is overheard praising Medeia: Thank you for a wonderful dinner and dance!

Zoey does not laugh when Valerius stumbles, but merely waits patiently for him to find his footing again. Once he stands before her, she rests one hand on her arm while he takes the other. When they dance she moves gracefully, the velvet of her gown whispering along the floor.

Lucita joins in with Talwyn, relief showing as she manages to play along without sounding so bad that milk would curdle. A smile is directed toward Tanith. "It may not be as formal or structured as some events but we wanted people to be able to enjoy a meal and get to know each other, to just have a bit of fun and relax.

Zoey is overheard praising Medeia.

Medeia excuses herself from Samira and Tanith, giving quick hugs to both women, before slipping further down the table to Michael and Kalani. "Lady Kalani, Lord MIchael, so good to see you both." She sends a smile to Lucita as well. "Is there anything anyone needs?" She is ready to flag down a servant if need be.

A quiet exchange is had between Kalani and Michael before a decision is made and they set course for where Ian is seated at a group of armchairs near the fireplace. "Lord Ian, it's lovely to see you tonight. I trust there aren't any snakes, wasps, feral animals or pit traps that must be navigated?" a grin on her face as she wonders this with a curtsy.

Tanith beams a bright, slightly tipsy smile at Medeia and Samira, then shifts a few seats over to get closer to Lucita Saik herself after the noblewoman addresses her. "It was a wondeful idea, whose ever it was," she says. "Tanith Grayhope, my lady. You play beautifully, between you and Nina, my head is full of music this night."

Valerius smiles as Zoey takes the dahce in stride after his initial stumble towards the floor. Though once on the dance floor, his feet understand which way to go.

Talwyn has left the a long table beside a dance floor.

Zephirine have been dismissed.

2 Valardin Knights have been dismissed.

Michael and Kalani were meandering away now. Ohhhh so intenly towards Ian and his small posse of people. "Lord Kennex." Michael will greet the man a bit gruffly.

After finishing off her food, Nova leans back and gets a pour of more tea from a passing servant with whom she trades smiles before giving it a lift to the Kennex people here.

A quiet exchange is had between Kalani and Michael before a decision is made and they set course for where Ian is seated at a group of armchairs near the fireplace. "Lord Kennex," she curtsies as Michael greets the man, "good evening to you, my lord. If Kaia were here, it'd be like old times."

Kalani gets a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Cassimir takes a brass mountain lion wine charm from Medeia's Bag of Event Goodies.

Zoey and Valerius whirl and twirl around the dance floor until the song at last comes to an end. When it does and they part hands, she takes a step back from him and curtseys. "Thank you for the dance, Marquis."

Tyche has left the a group of armchairs near a fireplace.

Ian looks up from his study of his half-finished glass of whiskey and the fire, and nods to Kalani and Michael "Lady Kalani. Lord Michael. Zoey's dancing with Marquis Valerius, I think."

Valerius nods with a small bow to Zoey, "Thank you as well."

Cassimir steps out onto the dance floor with his very tiny dance partner, and glances down at their feet. "Alright, then, you lead," he murmurs, at-ease enough to crack a wry smile, at least. "Safer that way."

Roselia, shy scholar scribe, Planchet, an unrelenting valet, Alejandra, a snowy white hound arrive, following Ainsley.

Tyche checks dexterity and performance at normal. Critical Success! Tyche is spectacularly successful.

Medeia steps back to the center of the dance floor and draws attention to make an announcement. "On behalf of Baroness Regent Lucita, my sister Lady Neilda, and myself, I want to thank you all for joining us this evening! Please, continue to eat, drink, dance, and enjoy yourselves. It has been a treat to share in your fine company and you have warmed our home on this cold night."

Cassimir checks dexterity and performance at normal. Cassimir is marginally successful.

Caprice is overheard praising Lucita.

Caprice is overheard praising Neilda.

Caprice is overheard praising Medeia.

Lucita's lip corners upturn in a little grin as Tanith compliments the playing. "And Prince Talwyn, too." She adds. "It was kind of him to help cover for me when my other lute did those horrid sounds. And am very glad you are enjoying yourself. Have you sampled the cheeses, nuts and fruits yet, they seem to be going fast.

Cassimir is overheard praising Lucita.

Cassimir is overheard praising Neilda.

Samira is overheard praising Medeia.

Samira is overheard praising Lucita.

Samira is overheard praising Neilda.

Nina is overheard praising Lucita: Thank you for the music tonight!

A touch late to the party a Grayson prince wanders in! Ainsley has his hands folded behind his back, and a small frown upon his face. His gaze shifts over the interior of the Music Chamber, a slightly somber expression on his face.

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