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Nov Grayson Family Dinner

The next installment of the Grayson Family Dinner is scheduled for November 15th! Grayson family members are of course welcome, as are any vassals or anyone somehow connected to the family. It's just a way for everyone to all get in the same room and catch each other up on what's going on. Attendance is not required, but strongly encouraged and light guilt trips may be arranged for those who can't make it because family comes first, right? None Greater Than Grayson At Attending Family Gatherings!


Nov. 15, 2020, 9 p.m.

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Eirene Bedivere Felicia Sapphira Medeia Lisebet Kenna Wash Niklas



Arx - Ward of House Grayson - Grayson Mansion - Dining Room

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Comments and Log

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 6 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

The delicious scents from the dining room feast can be smelled before the doors even open to welcome everyone into the room. Sabella is standing there smiling to greet everyone, "Welcome! Please find a plate and a seat and a drink or mix up the order if you'd like!"

Jayne, Burly Sailor, Oakshed, an aged and white haired valet arrive, following Wash.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

Eirene is there to represent her house, dressed in her usual armor and overcoat, but there's a black peace tie to her weapons and around her arm. The older woman wears her hair up in fancy braids with hairpins neatly pinning them in. She grabs a seat and a drink, in that order.

The Whitehawk crew shows up: Lord Bedivere Whitehawk, Lady Sapphira Whitehawk, and Lady Kenna Acheron. Plus, a Cabbit, too, to balance out a missing hand by shoulder perching on Bedi's right. The man himself helps seat the ladies who have joined him at their fealty dinner this evening.

Felicia would be an unusual face to be attending a Grayson dinner- not that it seems to stop the redheaded Harrow from striding in with at least the external appearance of confidence. A respectful bow offered to Sabella with a smile and enquires quietly,"I hope it is okay if I attend?" much like Eirene, she's come dressed in armor, with her swords peacebound.

Sapphira smiles at Bedivere, taking a moment to dip a low curtsey to Sabella before even considering accepting a seat at the table. "Good evening, Your Highness." There is a light flush to her cheeks, and a sparkle to her eyes that nothing can quite seem to dim these days. As always, she has her gittern case with her, which she unslings from her back and sets next to her chair at the table, with a smile at Bedivere. "Thank you," she says, dipping her head in a gesture of gratitude.

Having run into each other, literally, on the grounds outside, Medeia and Wash end up strolling in to the dining room arm in arm. Medeia is dressed in revealing all black with her scar prominently on display as listens to Wash speak in not-so-hushed tones about some sort of rigging. She's paying attention, and also attempting to catch his free hand with hers as he makes a grand gesture without paying attention. It is, without fail, fruitless as she is quite petite. However, whatever he's regaling her with is clearly helping her mood as she has a smile on her face.

Lisebet doesn't wear armour, most of the time. She's not wearing it today, despite the craziness in the city. Dinner is a good thing, and free dinner even better. She nods to those already here, as she smiles. "Good evening everyone." She takes in the room with a quick glance, and then moves to get a plate and some food. Then a drink is added, and she finds a spot to sit. She smooths her skirts and takes a sip of her drink.

"I don't think I've been to a Grayson dinner since I married Riagnon.... I should have asked him along." Well. TOO LATE FOR THAT. She settles next to Bedivere after getting some food - mostly thing she can tempt Cabbit with because that's fun.

Wash is very sober, but also cheerfully telling Medeia sailing stories. "So after three days without wind, we ran out of parts of the ship to clean, the crew started to get antsy. So I challenged them to swimming races. I must have swum thirty laps around the Bounty that day."

"Lady Eirene, welcome! Lord Bedivere I see you've brought the whole family and how happy I am to see the Whitehawks at any occasion! Dame Felicia of course! Please make yourself at home and find a place at the table. There should be a little of everything so I hope you can find something to your liking! And Wash!" She absolutely beams at the Kennex, offering out her arms for a hug, "I'm so happy you're here! And that you have such lovely company! Lady Kenna you ought to know you're always welcome here! And Duchess Lisebet, always so nice when you can stop by!"

Sabella says all that.

"Thank you, your highness." FElicia offers with a brief flash of a grin, moving off to first find a drink before an empty chair to settle herself into carefully. Daintily (for her) sipping her chosen whiskey as she shamelessly people watches.

Sapphira checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Kenna looks up from trying to get Cabbit to come closer and take that morsel to smile at Sabella. "It seems at times like this our alliances are more important than ever. Thank you." See,she can be diplomatic. Just ignore the fish held out to the cat.

After making sure that the other Whitehawks are seated, Bedivere looks over to where Sabella greets them. "Good to see you, too, Your Highness!" And then, Bedivere sits down. Cabbit seems to be catent on the shoulder but does peek toward Kenna and lifts a hand to wash as he watches her, as if to reply.

Wash returns Sabella's hug and says: "Surely you know Lady Medeia Saik, yes? Because I found her wandering around outside. At least I think it is Lady Saik. Might be a servant that I snookered in who is too polite to tell me I am confused."

"Didn't you get all pruny?" Medeia murmurs the question to Wash as Sabella moves to hug him. She dips a curtsy to the princess, giving her own greeting, "Your highness, it is a pleasure, always and forever, to see your radiant self," Her eyes sparkle with a playful tease, "I see you know Lord Wash Kennex, he of the fine ability to teach sailing while dancing." Her smile is genuine, if a little forced uner the circumstances. Then she's scanning the room to see who else there is to see. Her head inclines in recognition of Bedivere before a stream of greetings spills from her lips, "Lady Sapphira, I'm so glad to hear you and Lord Oddmun have settled your disagreement! Aunt Eirene, I'm really happy to see you. Duchess Lisebet, I just had a lovely chat with the your brother and his wife and Marquessa Sunniva, I heard you were at the Explorer's Gauntlet. Don't tell me anything about it - you can use it for the 'game."

Sapphira smiles warmly at Sabella, dipping her head. "It's always a joy to be here, Your Highness. I only regret that my Lord Oddmun has not joined me this evening. We've been setting matters in order for the near future," she offers.

It seems that Sapphira, who even challenged her own betrothed on the merits of whiskey versus wine, has decided to set foot in the othe camp this evening, with a glass of whiskey instead of her usual fruit of the vine. However, when she takes a sip, she quickly covers her mouth, coughing. And coughing. And coughing. Thankfully, she just narrowly avoids creating a 'splash zone'.

Eirene lifts her glass to Sabella and then Medeia, "Deia, nice to see you drop by. I didn't know you were headed this way." She give Sapphira a look, eyebrows quizzically raised. "You okay?"

Lisebet chuckles softly, and inclines her head to Sabella first. "It's always a pleasure to be here, your highness, thank you." She then turns to Medeia, eyes dancing. "Indeed. Not a word. I'll keep it a secret until it's my turn to tell tales."

"I do know Lady Medeia and I hear that congratulations are in order on your betrothal!" Sabella smiles at Medeia then laughs, "Wash is my cousin! Originally a Grayson Prince before he once saw the Lady Catalana from across a crowded room and the rest is a history he will no doubt tell you about later," she gestures and a Grayson servant runs over to Medeia with a glass of water and a napkin just in case, "We'll start our little game in just a few moments as everyone has time to settle, but you should think of a few interesting things you've done lately or might do soon so you can share! I'll explain everything as we get around to it."

When Sapphira begins to cough, Bedivere moves his right arm as if he were reaching to pick up a napkin there, but then he realizes he has no hand there and quickly switches to the left to reach across his plate before shaking the napkin out and offering it to Sapphira, twisting at the torso to do so. Meanwhile, Cabbit seems to be an expert at riding the shoulder no matter what, and so he is not dismounted but he does dig his claws into the Solace tabard.

Medeia's eyes sparkle at Wash's comment. "Snookered, indeed, my lord." There's a wink to Sabella before she slips away to grab a glass of wine and settle near Eirene. "Miss a Grayson dinner? And disappoint Princess Sabella? I couldn't." Her voice drops low to whisper something more solemnly to Eirene.

Wash shakes his head. "Well now the secret is out." Wash says, throwing up his hands. "Just say you won't hold it against me Medeia. I promise, I'm different. I've changed! I can be better!"

Kenna has GREAT diplomacy right now and sniffs at Cabbit. "See if I ever offer //you// fish again." Talking to animals is normal.

Eirene pats Medeia's arm in a consoling way, giving a grin. "Princess Sabella always presents an... interesting time. And the food is fuckin' amazing,

Felicia sets her cup down at the coughing, rising from her seat and heading back over to the drinks table with one green eye on Sapphira and those assisting her. Whiskey and lemon and a little honey, the Harrow waits until the immediate problem has been taken care of, offering out the glass to Sapphira while reaching for the one she had originally taken with a quiet murmur.

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrives, delivering a message to Medeia before departing.

Cabbit gives Kenna the eyes. The Eyes. But, he does not seem to be willing to move from his perch.

Looking over at Wash in amusement, Medeia responds, "Wash, you would need to sit still long enough for someone to hold anything against you." A frown dips the corners of her mouth as she looks at him. "I'd really rather you didn't." Change, she means. Don't change. A grateful look is exchanged with Eirene as a messenger comes and finds her. She reads the note quickly, a tinge of concern in her expression before calling out, "Princess Sabella, Lady Thea sends her regards. She is still recovering." Looking around, she decides it would be a good idea to actually eat some food, and so fixes herself a small plate and settles herself at the table.

Sapphira plucks the napkin from Bedivere's hand, using it to dab at her mouth with some measure of grace--and a very sheepish smile. "Thank you, Uncle," she offers, her cheeks aflame. Glancing at Eirene, she nods, and smiles a little sheepishly. "Aye, I'm alright. I've been trying rather unsuccessfully to become used to whiskey, for reasons I'll have to reveal during the game." A smile of gratitude is offered to Felicia, and she dips her head, lifting her glass in salute. "Thank you, my lady."

Sapphira checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 8 higher.

Wash finds a chair, waiting for Sabella to okay it before offering it to Medeia. "WHat happened to THea?!" He exclaims. "I hope she's okay. Does she need a care package of glitter?"

Once she's rather sure that no one else will be joining them, Sabella moves to take a seat, accepting a glass of bubbly from Elizabetta, "For those of you that may not have played this game before or those that haven't in awhile what we do is we go around the table and share something that we're doing right now that's interesting or that you might need help with or that you could in the future. Or just something interesting that's happened lately and I do believe we've all had quite the week for that! And the most important thing is that once you share you must choose the next person! So I have something very interesting to share as I was at the Cathedral when the heretics were...well, I'm sure you've all heard about that and I don't want to focus on the negative aspects of it for I experienced something there that should give everyone great hope! As the conflagration roared and fighting broke out amongst the crowd I witnessed a true miracle," her voice takes on a hushed, awed quality, "As there was nothing I could possibly do, having tried to talk to the heretics only to enrage them all the more, I prayed as earnestly as I could to the gods. Particularly, I prayed to Mangata to make it rain so as to quench the fires we could not at that time reach. And not two minutes later the clouds filled the skies and the rains started to fall, washing the blood away from the steps and, I have no doubt, helping to cause the collapse of the roof which killed the leader of that group. It was an honest to Gods miracle! And while I knew the Gods were on our side now I think that I truly know it and that' is a different sort of feeling. A calm. A hope! So, that's my story! Now...Lady Eirene! What have you been up to?"

"Merely a dame, my lady." Felicia advises Sapphira with a dip of her head, attention flitting to Sabella for her words before she gracefully gestures invite to the table for Sapphira,"Dame Felicia Harrow." she advises before retreating to her chosen spot.

"She was outside the Queensrest," Eirene answers Wash with a scowl. "I patched her up but she was pretty bad. I'm glad she's taking my orders seriously." She grabs a bite of food and chews, waiting until she's done to say, "I'm coordinating the Physicians Guild and the Mercy's to prepare us to assist with the Erusi fleet activation. I'm also overseeing training for the parties in basic survival and learning the language. Plenty to do."

After the napkin is taken, Bedivere gives a nod to Sapphira before resuming the dinner as if nothing had just happened there and looking to the others as the game begins.

Felicia gives a solemn nod in Sabella's direction with a tight smile, from the absorbant expression, absolutely believing that as truth.

Eirene points a fork at Kenna. "I don't know you. I'm Eirene Riven," she says matter of factly. "Your turn."

"Hello Lady Rivan, I like your house." Kenna perks up when pointed at. "Lady Kenna Acheron and since uncle Bedi's cat was just a jerk I'd say the best thing was...." She has to think about it. "Oh, right. My husband forgot what he was doing and said something nice about me." Firm nod before her eyes skim about the room. to fix on Wash. "Lord Kennex! You next."

Lisebet works on dinner as she quietly listens to the conversation.

"Yes! No. I mean. I decline to talk about the thing that you want me to talk about." He sticks out his tongue. "Let's dwell on something cheerful instead. This week I went sailing with Lady Saik, and Marquis... uh... what was the Marquis' name?" Wash asks Medeia. "We sailed without provisioning first, as a challenge. and while, things were pretty good at first, the sad fact is, there was no soap on board. So we went three days without bathing in anything other than sea water." He considers for a moment then shrugs. "Somehow the Marquis never got smelling bad."

"I have literally zero clue what you're talking about, as you went sailing with my sister," Medeia reminds Wash. "Also, you need to pick someone."

"Impossible. I'm sure it was you." Wash narrows his eyes at Medeia. "Dame HARROW! Quick, distract everyone from my horrible social faux pas!" He swings an arm in a wide circle to point at Felicia.

Lisebet's grin is visible at Medeia's reply to Wash. She shakes her head though, at Wash's story, but she's still more than a little amused.

"I should think Lord Riagnon would have lots of wonderful things to say about you, Lady Kenna! You must lead an incredibly interesting life what with being a part of the Iron Guard!" Sabella enthuses, turning to frown a little at Eirene's news, "I shall have to send Lady Thea something to lighten her mood. And while I do not care for boating myself, that does sound fun second hand!" she comments to Wash.

We're not even /identical/ twins!" Medeia laughs, though, and sets a hand on Wash's arm before leaning in to say something quietly.

Felicia gets caught mid whiskey sip and stares at Wash for a long moment as she endeavors to swallow it,"Ah... hello. Most of you I already know, but for those who do not... I am Dame Felicia Harrow, and my family and I have recently sworn our service to Grayson." there's a pause of thought where she absently rubs at a still reasonably fresh and angry scar across her cheek before giving a small grunt,"I am preparing another expedition to Whitepeak, soon, depending on the duties her Grace see's fit to give me, as the Deathspeakers and I have been endeavoring to see the dead there properly buried." she then uhs quietly,"Duchess Ashford... if you would?"

Sam, who is a boy and definitely not a princess in disguise arrives, following Niklas.

Wash has joined the Dining Table.

Lisebet finishes her sip of wine, and sets the glass down. There's a nod of her head to Felicia. "Of a certainty, Dame Felicia, and thank you. Let's see. There was an Explorer's Gauntlet not too long ago. i didn't win. But I think I also did not come in dead last, so that's a bonus. I might be wrong there, as I did rather fall off my horse. It was a good distraction in these times and there were a lot of participants. Princess Lou has a very tricky mind to come up with that gauntlet." There's a moment, and then she adds, "Also, we have been working on upgrading Brighthold's Port, though of course with the Whirlpool gone it's not quite so drastic a need." She takes a breath before she says, "As for currently, I wam working as diligently as I can to assist on whatever diplomatic endeavours I might be needed on. And next, perhaps Lady Sapphira?"

Kenna rises and presses a kiss on Bedivere's head before she goes to wander away.

Niklas enters from the kitchen. "Oh! I didn't realize dinner had started!" Two hours ago. He's got a plate that once contained plenty of boiled goose, but no contains some bones and grease and not much more. Handing it off to a server he picks up a glass of brandy and makes his way over to the throne at the end of the table, the drops into it. "What did I miss? Quickly, everyone tell me what they're up to condensed into one sentence!"

Eirene sniggers at Nicklas. "I am preparing medics for war," is her Tl;dr version.

Sapphira is just raising her new glass of whiskey, with the lemon and honey added to her lips. This time, she only coughs a small bit, and barely even has to use her napkin. Swallowing hastily, she smiles, and inclines her head towards Lisebet. "I almost feel badly, in light of so much mourning, speaking of such light things. Yet I can't help but mention that the negotiations for the marriage contract for Lord Oddmun and I have concluded successfully, and we but await the seal of approval from the Faith to move forward with plans for the wedding. It's kept me busy, both with studies in medicine, and transporting a few of my things to his home in preparation for when we will be wed."

Drumming her fingers lightly along the edge of the table, sapphira glances about, considering. Her gaze falls upon Niklas as he enters, and her lips tug upwards in a rather mischievous grin. "In that case, Your Highness, I really must insist upon you taking your turn in The Game, as penance for your tardiness."

"Being diplomatic," Lisebet replies to Niklas.

"I went sailing!" Wash pipes up cheerfully for Niklas. "But I can't remember who I went sailing with. Medeia tells me it was her sister. So... I guess?"

When Bedivere hears what Sapphira has to say, he quietly congratulates her, which might not be the first time that he has done so, but he sure does and genuinely means it. He looks to Niklas, "Your Highness, welcome to dinner!"

"Great job, team!" Niklas points at Eirene, Wash and then Lisebet. Then to Sapphira, "Why, Lady Sapphira, if you believe I won't take every opportunity given to talk about myself then I'm not certain you've ever met me! What have _I_ been up to? A little bit of everything! Do you know what Glittermaw is? Neither do I, but soon I'll have so much information on whatever it is that I might be able to finish the sentence 'I think Glittermaw might be a'. Sir Erec Redhill? Great guy. My opera is done, but my stage directions and set design are reaching a stumbling block called 'physics', which seems stupid and honestly I could do with a little less of it. Still, I'm sure we'll figure out a way around it. In a world where magic is real can architectual and safety concerns really be that big an issue? And of course Steve has flown back after her winter trip to Caina. She returned with several dog collars in her mouth, which is concerning, but only if you're a dog-owner, I suppose. Hm." Niklas looks to Sabella as if to ask if there's anything else. "I guess that's about it. I wasn't there when horrible things happened around the city over the past week, but I have written to Porter- er, Sir Porter, to see how I can assist and of course I wrote to Aethan when I heard about the terrible things that happened in my first home. With my bounty out there, plus the bounty offered by the Leer, hopefully we can wrap up this Helianthus problem sooner rather than later and stuff live eels down his throat until they burst, hungrily, out of his stomach, spilling what guts remain into the sea, driving the sharks into a frenzy so they tear off his legs and then while he bleeds out we tell him terrible truths about what a failure of a person he is. And hammer nails into his eyes." He thinks about that, then gives a nod and points to Medeia, "Our guest from the south! How do?"

Felicia can't help but blink at Niklas' words, a curious furrow of her brow at 'Glittermaw', but by the time he gets into physics the knight's eyes start looking a little glazed with incomprehension broken only by the studious sip of her whiskey.

Sabella gives the sort of smile a wife does when her husband says something awful and she pretends he didn't, "I think your imagination knows no bounds, Nik! And congratulations, Lady Sapphira! It's so wonderful when marriage negotiations are through and you can start actually planning the party!"

"Congratulations, Lady Sapphira," Lisebet adds, raising her glass momentarily in a gentle gesture. Her words echo Sabella's of course, as well as several others. She stares a little wide eyed at Niklas at his monologue, before she turns quietly back to her dinner.

Medeia's eyes widen when Niklas points at her. "Does Glittermaw have anything to do with the glitter sharks my sister keeps going on about, I wonder? Hm." The rest of Niklas's words don't seem to phase her /at all/, because she agrees. "Thank you, Prince Niklas. For those who don't know me, I am Harlequin Medeia Saik, Minister of the Hearth for House Saik. I am working on pulling together a fundraiser for the Cathedral, whipping up plans for building a birthing center at Saving Grace... That seems enough to share." SHe shrugs slightly, then looks to Bedivere. "Lord Bedivere, would you kindly round us out?"

"Oh, you've reminded me, Lady Medeia! Lord Jyri and I are going to have an art auction to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Cathedral! So far we have gotten sponsorship from Grayson, Redrain, Velenosa, and Pravus! If you'd like to help us with that I think it shall be a great success! Although I really don't think we can have too many fundraisers for such a thing!" Sabella beams.

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After Medeia's deference, Bedivere dips his head her way as he sets his fork upon his plate and reaches up with his left/only hand to rub Cabbit between those triangular ears. There is a purring sound before the Lord's voice eventually speaks. "Not much to report here except that I did go to the various masqs due to my protege's influence." He softly smiles about that, except he soon looks a bit grumpy in the next moment, "Not sure I will ever really go ever again, but it was interesting. I do not like forced dancing, though. It should not have to be compelled: something one does by Choice. Anyway. That is all I have to report at this time besides the fact that I still host lessons at the Academy of War if anyone needs tactical lessons."

Bedivere checked command + animal ken at difficulty 11, rolling 27 higher.

Bedivere checked command + animal ken at difficulty 43, rolling 25 higher.

Bedivere is overheard praising Sabella: Her dinners are most winner.

Bedivere is overheard praising Natalia: My protege!

Bedivere is overheard praising Sapphira: Joining Grayson dinner!

Bedivere is overheard praising Kenna: Joining Grayson dinner!

Bedivere is overheard praising Silas: My Favorite Nephew!

Bedivere talks up a storm about how great everybody in Whitehawk is, and then also his protege Natalia, and then also how great the dinner is: Sabella!

Looking to Sabella, Medeia says, "You might wish to speak with Baroness Lucita about art. My fundraiser plays to my strengths as Saikland's overseer of the vintners - wine, but I know she had some other things up her sleeve." Then, she remembers to look aside to Sapphira. "Congratulations, my lady. I imagine you are quite excited to be making your wedding preparations."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

At this point, Wash is more interested in drinking than listening, but he stays.

"Congratulations, my lady." Felicia offers with a dip of her head and a raise of her glass for Sapphira, giving a lopsided kind of smirk.

Sabella smiles at Bedivere and then nods to Medeia, "I shall! I think there will be a lot of us trying to raise as much as we can for the rebuilding, which is wonderful, really! In no time at all we should have enough to make it even more beautiful than before!"

Medeia inclines her head to Sabella before rising and dipping a proper urtsy more generally. "Good evening, and thank you forthe invitation, as always. It was a pleasure."

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Felicia pipes up with absently,"Legate Cassandra asked me to make some stained glass for her office before... all this, I suppose on the up side, it will be easier to install when I finish it... now?" with a brief flicker of a smile.

Wash rises with Medeia. "She's probably mad at me for mixing her up with her sister." Wash says. "I have that effect on women. The making them angry, not the getting them mixed up."

Sabella laughs and says to Felicia, "Perhaps now you can design the wall around the piece?" She waves to those that are leaving, commenting to Wash, "I'd say you have your fair share of both, otherwise how did you trick Catalana into marrying you again?" She teases.

Felicia gives an adamant little shake of her head,"Oh no. Glass... sure... walls..? I'm certain it would be a disaster." she gives a small shudder,"But it's at least something Harrow can do to help with the rebuilding. However small a part it is." she glances briefly Wash's direction with a wry sort of smile.

"Persistence beyond all measure." Wash says. "And I used to be pretty good looking too."

Niklas looks up from his dessert(s). "They tear down and rebuild the shrine of Jayus every year! How hard could it be to do the same with the Great Cathedral? Put a little bit more plaster on it, toss up some frescos." Niklas considers for a moment. "I should paint one of those frescos!"

"You're a Grayson even if you're a Kennex now and we're all dreadfully good looking, it's why people like us so much," Sabella grins to Wash, reaching out to pat Niklas' hand, "I would love for you to donate some art to auction off actually. I'll be asking people for donations after Lady Esme's auction next week. I don't want to take anything away from her event and there's plenty of time still to plan."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niklas before departing.

"It's too bad that it doesn't work that way in reverse Sabella. Sorry Niklas." Wash snipes.

Niklas nods to Wash. "Sorry Catalana's such a beast. We had her shave her beard before introducing her to you and now that I think about it that might have been dishonest."

Wash snorts and scratches his chin. "So you're saying she's gorgeous AND she an can grow better facial hair than me?"

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