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The Great Cathedral Dedication and Opening

Nearly a year to the day that the Great Cathedral of Arx was burned by heretics, the restoration efforts are finally complete. Join us for a dedication as the building officially opens its doors to service once again.


May 5, 2021, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Porter Aureth


Azova Aethan Titus Eirene Reve Alarissa Bree Zara Apollo Graziella Deva Raimon Isabeau Caprice Cassandra Nina Carita Varosh Catalana Cufre Tesha Vitalis Esme Malcolm Bhandn Valenzo


Faith of the Pantheon


Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Great Cathedral of the Pantheon

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Azova arrives arm in arm with Reve, dressed in her Mercy whites to honor her devotion to the Faith during the Cathedral's rededication. Excited whispers are exchanged with him as they arrive and try to find a spot where they can see everything, and maybe her squee'ing won't echo and cause a disturbance. "This is so exciting! Have you seen Porter arrive? I don't think I've seen him arrive yet. He's been working on this a whole year, can you believe it?"

6 Ivory Shields arrives, following Graziella.

It was a year ago that heretics cut the throats of Templars on the steps of the Great Cathedral of Arx and then, in their retreat, set the building ablaze that led to the roof collapsing and the inside being utterly gutted. Nothing remained but rubble and ash, the beautiful stained glass windows blown out by the fire. Porter is definitely here! Though not be the door or anything, he's not really a greeter. He's sort of milling around as people arrive, checking things off and looking exceptionally nervous. Occasionally he stops to stare at the crowds with poorly hidden anxiety! This is the first time the place has been considered truly 'open' since the repairs were completed in the last few weeks. Nothing stopped anyone from visiting, but this is open for business, officially now. He eventually winds his way through the crowds, arriving by the altar and pulpit and looking out at the people arriving.

The ocean tides roll in with the Kennex, literally the smells of the sea embrace those they walk by, as Lady Catalana is on the arm of Duke Regent Aethan, as the pair walk into the dedication together. Lady Catalana is dressed with a sophisticated damask gown and brings with her the scent of the ocean, while Aethan is wearing a lavender-grey silk shirt underneath a red jacket. The pair have done their best to present collectively as well dressed for the occasion, with Aethan walking with a gentleman's poise to carry them over toward one of the front pews to view the dedication from. His brother has worked long and hard on ths project, thus neither Kennex is a surprise to see. Maybe Aethan, since rumor has it he's been stuck in his office for far too long. He motions Lady Catalana into the row of pew's first, helping her with his hand, the other behind his back, "After you."

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Titus is the opposite of excited, the far too pale and gaunt face is set with a serious sobriety to it. He claims a spot to stand though to watch the dedication ceremony, arms crossing over his chest.

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Eirene's arrived with her children, two six year olds and a one-year old carried in her arms. A nursemaid and bodyguard both follow the quartet. She's dressed as she always dresses - black leathers of foreign make, nothing special for her about this occasion, but her weapons are all peace-bound with black knots out of mourning for the recent dead in the battle. She whispers hushed instructions to the children who are on their best behavior as the party of Crownlanders make their way to a quiet corner to participate in the occasion.

"I can indeed believe it - I remember when you had me hauling pieces," says Reve in response to Azova, a sidelong look offered to her along with a flash of a sharp grin. "Or was it Sir Porter that had me doing that?" This is of course nothing more than teasing. At the mention of the knight in question, Reve is standing a bit taller, looking out across the crowd and attempting to spy the man. Ah-hah! As soon as he spies him he mouths, quite clearly, "Diego!" Of course in addition to this, he dips his head in a relatively respectful fashion. He gestures to the man, pointing him out to Azova.

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1 Templar Initiates, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Alarissa sits in one of the alcoves with the Duke Shepard and watches quietly, a conversation happening between the two.

Bree is there, barely managing her excitement levels. Which she should, because this promises to be a long night, and can her smile really remain so wide? She appears to have accepted that challenge, and is brimming with happiness as her blue eyes sweep over the cathedral. She's seen it redone already, but there's something new in this night. She bounces a little on her heels, despite the shining armor she wears, and any chance she can get her attentions seeks out Porter to give him a little thumbs up, or a wave, or just stare at him totally not in a creepy way - just someone who cares about him, and is infinitely proud of his accomplishments today. She was here a year ago - she saw the damage. At present, she stands off to the side of the altar.

The first thing that catches Zara's eye when she steps through the entrance doors of the newly restored cathedral are the windows displaying the scenes of the Compact's history, both ancient and recent. Her head tilts as she slows her pace to study them more intently, and then she's proceeding to scan the whole room, her features seeming to liven just a little. Though it doesn't last long before her staple grave visage returns and she's heading for the noble pews.

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Apollo steps in, having a hushed but amiable conversation with the good Countess on his arm; Countess Carita Darkwater. There's a gesture that might be expansive, had his demeanor not /contained/ itself slightly, stepping through the doors, in deference to the space and the sobriety of the event. The thought is finished with a smile, and he looks around, gestures toward a set of pews, and finds a seat there with her.

Princess Graziella Pravus arrives and moves away from the crowds, finding the noble pews already full the Princess lofts a smile at some of the folks there and continues on her way to side alcove where she'll be able to settle in.

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Deva eases her way in and settles onto one of the benches, clad in very simple, dark clothing. Rather than rush as usual, she takes her time and settles gingerly into a seated position, taking care not to exacerbate any existing injury. There's a small smile down the way as she greets familiar and unfamiliar face alike with a wave of her hand.

Raimon enters quietly. ?Does he ever do -anything- in any other way? The renovations captivate his attention. In his mind's eye he tries to reconcile what -was-, here, with what -is- now. It's nigh breath - taking, what this place has been through. Circumstances permitting, he will smile and greet Porter, Caprice, and Aethan as he makes his way to take his place amongst those assembled.

There are people among the crowd that Porter knows very well, this isn't a surprise! As they're getting settled, he lifts his hand a waves in the direction of Azova and Reve, antics from one and then the other earning a quick flash of a boyish smile. Then his chin tips upward and he offers similar to Aethan and Catalana. He steps over to the side, speaking briefly to Bree and rubbing his hands together like a person that's trying to work off excess energy. Someone catches his attention in the seating and he tips his head that way, indicating them to the other knight.

Isabeau folds her hands neatly in her lap, sitting at her chosen spot in the noble pews. Her hands fold neatly on her umbra silk-clad lap as her back remains poised and erect, gaze cast before herself, not one to peer about at others for more than a moment as she offers polite, greeting nods and a demure smile.

Reve starts to head toward a pew, he really does - except in the fashion of someone that wants to spend entirely too much alone time with his wife (there was a war, you know), he is pulling Azova at the last second toward the quiet alcove. The joke is on him, however, because once he has locked in his destination, there is none other than the Princess Consort and a Duke. Still, after a rueful glance to Azova, he bows in an exquisite fashion and offers a few rueful words to the group.

Caprice, among the early arrivals, has helped herself to a seat and sits in contented silence, pleasant head-nods and occasional smiles offered familiar faces. It's likely she intends to be amongst the (well-dressed! but) forgettable members of the crowd.

Legate Cassandra Laurent arrives with as little fanfaire as possible; which is a doomed venture from the start. It's hard to miss the armed woman in well polished, ceremonial armor, flanked by several templars, who takes up a spot somewhere near the ceremony, if not in a place to suggest she's attempting to take any central role that isn't requested. Position obtained, she clasps her hands behind her back and stands at military rest.

Nina arrives, not too far behind Graziella, as she is coming from the Pravus ward. A small retinue of Pravus guards seem to be within her orbit. She finds herself a seat in the alcove, listening in to the ceremony.

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3 Black Fleet Reavers arrives, following Varosh.

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Carita's smile is warm as she speaks quietly with Apollo, though as they approach, she quiets to hushed whispers as she takes in her surroundings. Guided by Apollo, there's only a tiny shift; an amused comment shot his way before she slips into the pew and settles.

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Varosh is here. The reavers with him seem way more comfortable than he does but the prodigal tries his best to hide his reservations with the churches. He walks and joins the sitting arrangements that best suits his station, listening carefully to the whole affair.

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Catalana beams proudly at Porter and dips her head to him in clear respect. No fussing and coddling today! Instead, she sits beside her cousin Aethan and softly greets those who join them.

Cufre makes her way to the commoner pews slowly, the pace affording time for her to look up at the windows, clear and tinted, and down at the play of light on the floor.

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When it looks like everyone is seated and he's done discharging whatever nerves he can in that quiet aside to the other knight of Solace, Porter straightens up to his full height again. He spots Cassandra coming to stand at attention nearby and offers her a perfectly polite and well executed bow, "Legate Cassandra, thank you for joining us tonight." Then he's moving to the front of the altar area. He clears his throat and waits for the crowd to quiet enough to begin speaking. "I was just saying to Knight-Lieutenant Bree that I probably should have prepared a speech. I suppose I was just expecting the words to come to me at some point! But here we are." The admission is followed by a quick chuckle. "A year ago, I stood bleeding on the steps of the Cathedral and watched as the inside of the building burned and the ceiling collapsed. I witnessed the crushing grief on the faces of the Godsworn that stood with me as we were surrounded by our dying brothers and sisters-in-arms. It was one of the most singularly painful moments of my life and we didn't yet know what had happened to Dominus Orazio on the other side of the city."

He lets another spell of silence pass. "When I woke the next morning in the House of Solace, I wrote to now Dominus Aureth that I would like to take charge of the this project. The restoration. But it's never been /mine/. It's been this city's project. It's been a labor of love from the Faithful. It's been commoners and nobles alike coming in and clearing the rubble with their bare hands. We received silver from /all/ types. The generosity was staggering. The genius that came from the design of these windows? The ceiling? The- everything? Even the furnishings? None of it was me. It was everyone who came to spend five minutes helping me put it together. I was just a humble steward. And tonight, I stand before you with a completed work. Completed by others. By yourselves, your friends, your family."

Eirene casually looks around, pointing out some of the details in a hushed tone to her baby and younger children. She nods as Porter speaks of the coming-together of the Compact to restore the building.

With a vague, reminiscent smile, Caprice draws her attention from Porter to the crowd, seeking out some of the aforementioned contributors out there in the pews.

As Bree listens to Porter's unprepared speech, and when he speaks her name she cannot help the flush to her cheeks. it fades, however, when he recalls the events that brought him to this altar today. The smile she was holding before turns much more somber. She looks around the cathedral again, having very clear memories of that night, and the days that followed. She takes in a breath, nodding her head with resolve.

Earl Peckworthy Flappington the VII, a blue and gold macaw arrives, following Vitalis.

Cassandra returns Porter's bow with a firm nod, and a very small smile that doesn't quite last, but is warm enough while it's there. She says nothing, however, splitting her attention between Porter's words and the attendees, the latter of which she's clearly scrutinizing.

Tesha had snuck in at some point, she didn't make big entrances as she didn't like them. Plus she was still sore from the battle they'd had recently. The voice of the Telmarch finds a spot to the side and towards the back so she can watch the proceedings without interrupting too much. There is a smile as she sees a few familiar faces among the crowd.

Nina watches quietly, nodding. It seems strange. Had it really been a year? All that fundraising and all this hard work... it's paid off, she thinks, as she looks around before looking back to center.

Joy, the advisor of roses arrives, following Esme.

Apollo has murmured greetings for those at the bench he's sat at, but otherwise quiets to listen to Porter speak; he's here for a reason.

Vitalis enters, escorted by his attache, Scholar robes on the both of them. It's a ceremony, right? Rite? Right. He pads along quietly, head tilted this way and that, listening to the way the space echoes, the rise and fall, echo, of voices. He'll have Feisel direct them to familiar folk.

Esme saunters into the back a bit as she steps just out of the way to observe. She is quite happy if anyone looks towards her. A beaming smile offered to all.

Catalana listens to Porter but occassionally murmurs something to Aethan.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Catalana before departing.

Graziella is reverantly silent as she fills a spot in the side alcove and keeps her head slightly inclined, with her chin pressed in, as if in prayer. Her eyes though follow Porter and anyone who speaks during the dedication.

That was a lot of talking, even for Porter. And with the bulk of it out of the way, he seems to be largely relieved. "With that said, I'd like to take a moment of silence for the Templars of Gloria that lost their lives in defense of our Cathedral as well as the members of the clergy who were caught in the flames after the building had been set alight." Moments of silence are fairly self-explanatory, so he'll dip his head and expect that the crowd in the pews will be able to do this easily enough. When it seems like a reasonable amount of time has passed, he'll clear his throat and give the crowd a once over. "To conclude tonight, I would like to say a short prayer to Lagoma as well as Jayus. Oh, and Gild. Can't forget Gild." Yes, he's a professional! He breathes in deeply and goes on to say what will be a very short prayer indeed! Probably. "When tragedy struck our city and heretics sought to cut through the heart of our faithful, they found unshakeable resolve. The flames may have destroyed what this sacred building once was, but from the ashes came something new. New artwork, new bonds of friendship and displays of true generosity. It was change, painful. But now we stand here, our faith renewed. That we've shown we can work together to create something new and great. Let our grief be in the past and our joy in our present and future."

And another breath. Then his eyes scan left and right and he claps his big hands together. "We're done! This Cathedral is now officially re-opened."

Esme checks composure and etiquette at normal. Botch! Esme fails completely.

Azova bows her head when the call for a moment of silence is made, ceasing even her quiet conversation with those at the alcove. But when that moment of reverence and remembrance ends, the change in tone is embraced. "Well spoken, Sir Porter!" She's even going to cause a scene (maybe) and stand so that she can clap and celebrate his efforts that he is so very humble about!

Tesha is overheard praising Porter.

Azova is overheard praising Porter: Guided from start to finish by Sir Porter, it is no wonder the rebuilding of the Cathedral was such a success!

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Cassandra is overheard praising Porter: A job well done.

Isabeau is overheard praising Porter: Such dedication should be commended. We are all thankful for his efforts.

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Esme is happily watching the proceedings take place before her. She takes in the way Porter looks like he's where he should be. Then she looks around the completed area. Happiness. It's that feeling that almost always radiates from the Fidante lady. For some reason, her emerald eyes almost seem to glass over. As if she's seeing but not SEEING. Her right hand reaches out before her and she takes a step forward from where she was standing in her happy, bouncing area. The words about flames fall over her and Esme's features go white. The cheers that are sure to erupt for the work here, are drowned out as she just stares ahead, not seeing and seeing all at the same time. It is here and only here that her eyes give away so much, a deep feeling of something. A deep feel of longing. A hand set upon her stomach as if she's about to heave with that hunger. There is a shake of her head and a quickly murmured, "Excuse me." as she steps out the door for a brief moment.

Even Reve behaves in this moment. He sits solemn, head bowed. When the applause comes he is standing as Azova does, his hands coming together to applaud away. The applause only slows, does not stop entirely, when he is turning to the others in the alcove. A few words of well wishes are quietly offered.

Gaze steadily remaining on Porter throughout, Isabeau listens to the dedication with a perpetual smile on her lips. She remains silent and attentive at the moment of silence, before raising her hands to offer a soft clap.

Bowing her head in prayer, Eirene clasps her hands together over her waist and provides the requested silence. She looks up from her contemplation and looks around as if trying to see something, her blue eyes shifting about the newly dedicated building. She watches Esme step out and narrows those eyes in mild confusion. Letting the moment pass, she joins in the gentle applause.

Rising from where she stands in the pews, Zara joins in on the clapping with an enthusiasm that she often keeps buries beneath the surface. It's almost odd to see it. She's just so into Gild.

Apollo bows his head in prayer when the time comes; one might imagine that Lagoma, Jayus, and Gild have long been ready prayers from him. He doesn't clap or cheer when the quiet and prayer concludes, but he does look over at Azova, smiling - whether despite himself or approving, who knows.

Raimon is -good- at 'Moments of Silence.' (Being a stoic introvert will do that for you.) And -this- one's even 'Socially Acceptable.' Pure grace. Raimon's Silence lingers longer than most. (Doesn't it always?) as he pauses to honor, not only those lost -here-, but -all- of the Fallen of recent time. Sombrely.

Tesha gives a soft smile when things are concluded and she claps gently, not wanting to drown out other things. She then steps back out of the way of a few people that are already heading towards the doors. Atramentous was sitting patiently outside as well, so she'd have to go tend to him shortly.

Malcolm nods, straightening up from his seat in the alcove. An unhurried sort of way, offering his arm to the Princess-Consort of Thrax as a proper escort.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Isabeau before departing.

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Reve is overheard praising Porter.

Cufre is overheard praising Porter.

Graziella is overheard praising Porter.

Catalana tilts her head briefly at Porter's words but easily bows her head in praise. Once he has finished speaking, she gives Porter a proud smile but no cheers or whoops.

Varosh sits there listening, not really feeling one way or another about it. He couldn't help but be self-aware of what he was. His gaze raise to the ceilings, admiring the structure. Looking over his shoulder he studies the entrance, wondering if thats how tall their gods are.

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Princess Graziella departs the scene as quietly as she arrived, offering polite praise for Porter on her way to the exit but not linger long enough for anyone to catch her in conversation.

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Azova is totally unabashed of course, for her outburst! Sorrynotsorry fam!

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Titus has listened to the words shared by the knight of Solace and as closing prayers are uttered, he turns and heads out.

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Vitalis lifts his head as Porter's words conclude, murmuring an affirmation of the sentiments offered by Porter, by Azova, others.

Aethan holds his moment of silence and prayer but his head doesn't necessarily bow down all that far. "Proud of you Porter," is what comes out when there's a moment that is after prayers to do so.

When prayers are called for, Bree's gaze lifts to the stained glass. While she hears every word of Porter's, she sends up her own prayer. When she's through, her gaze finds Porter again. She gives him as much time as she can, but then there's a need to rush forward, to clap him on the back. Whatever words she has are for him alone, some wild gestures with her free hand made to the room at large.

Eirene nods towards the pulpit, giving Azova a bit of smile for the Mercy, and then takes her little ones out. They can say they were there, momumentous occasion and all.

As soon as the other nobles in the quiet alcove have departed, Reve is looping his arm around Azova and pulling her back against him suddenly. Maybe he's trying to assist in her containing her joy?! Oh, no, it is just so that he can spin her about and murmur something in her ear.

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Azova looks quite content, despite realizing that most of the amused glances her way are the equivalent of 'oh that Azova, we put up with her because she can heal!', until she spun about and whispered at and her eyes go wide. It's followed by an entirely too gleeful look, and maybe a squeak sound before she whispers a response and flings her arms around her spouse - also leaning up to reward him with a kiss on the cheek. They /are/ in the Cathedral after all.

Esme is overheard praising Porter.

Varosh shrugs to the other reavers and stands up to leave with them. Outside the pews, he turns to his guards, "I was expecting more dueling." The reaver closest to him says, "That's the Gloria ones." Drawing a nod and hmm from Varosh who then leaves.

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The acoustics in this place make all of the end of dedication rather loud and noisy and he seems a bit surprised by it all. Porter laughs carefully and then steps back, hands held up to indicate he won't be saying anymore prayers or anything. It has him practically crashing into Bree and her hand clapping into his back. Then he's watching as she starts wildly gesturing with the other hand, watching it and her face in equal measure. He hands up laughing and then leans forward, embracing her quickly and warmly. He hears Azova shouting and there's more laughter and he tugs his fellow night down the steps to the floor. "Look, Aethan is here!" he says to Bree. "I invited him to dinner. I told him we burn all the food already." Just in case she gets worried that he promised something they can't deliver on.

"Thank you, Sir Porter!" Zara calls from where she is, that enthusiasm remaining as she gives the cathedra one more look. Then she's tapping Isabeau on the shoulder to say goodbye and she's heading off.

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Esme steps back in for a moment to do the right thing and give praise to Porter and those that had to do with these things. However, she's scrolling off a note and and tosses a bit of a smile. It's an apologetic one to him before she moves to leave again.

Cassandra bows her head during the prayer, and, once finished, joins in on the applause. She remains in her self appointed post for a short while longer, watching as people file out, before she turns toward Porter. "You said it was everyone who accomplished this, and that's true, but there is a great deal to be said of the man who took it on himself to make sure it all came together. Well done, Sir Porter." Another nod from her, and then she turns and departs, the templars who accompanied her following her out.

Bhandn is among those who preferred to watch in silence. He's also among those who leave shortly after the dedication is over. Though there's another nod given in Bree and Porter's direction, the aging knight does not intend to linger, gathering his peacebound blades and himself and making his way to depart.

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Valenzo had come on the trailing end of the reopening, remaining quiet and leaving quietly. Though he offers a nod of thanks to Porter. Silent nod no. 3! He heads out.

Esme is overheard praising Bree.

Esme is overheard praising Cassandra.

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Tesha's stormy gaze falls over a few of the familiar faces, Aethan's she'd not seen in awhile, but he looks busy. She gives a smile and a dip of her head to those around before she turns to depart the cathedral and gather up her pup on the way home.

Reve laughs, absolutely delighted by Azova's response. He withdraws a series of steps, but this is just so that he can make a grand show of offering her his hand. Once she takes it - assuming she does - the two of them are striding from the Cathedral.

Bree returns the squeeze, lingering just a moment before she turns to spy Aethan. The stoic brother of Porter's is greeted with a wave, and she turns back to Porter, "Oh that's wonderful." A beat, her face falling a touch and she lowers her voice, "Did you tell him we don't cook?" She needs to make sure expectations are set correctly, but then she's pushing Porter forward, toward the crowd of people. "Go go. People will want to thank you. I'll be here when you're finished."

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Raimon is overheard praising Faith of the pantheon: Thanks be to gods, by whom thy servant Porter has wrought this Work, thine House, in thy Names.

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