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The Thirteen Sorrows Premiere and Reception

Enjoy an evening's entertainment at the Bard's College as Lady Mabelle Laurent brings the tale of House Laurent's founding during the crucible of the Elven War and the harrowing life of Duke Jonathan to the stage. Written by Baroness Amari Redire, and performed by a cast of notables, including the Nightingale herself, The Thirteen Sorrows promises to thrill and delight.

Join the cast for the reception after the show to celebrate the one and only performance in Arx! The production will soon be on tour across Arvum until finding a new home in Artshall for the grand opening of the wonderful new Arts District there.


Jan. 7, 2022, 7 p.m.

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Amari Gianna Mabelle


Keely Evelynn Eirene Cristoph Savio Cassiopeia Patrizio Cesare Orland Ryhalt Gwenna Thea Giorgio Terese Udell Cassima Mattheu Natasha Kiera Liara Ravana Calista Mailys Monique Maharet Gio Smile Baldessare Quenia Bridget



Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Comments and Log


What a true honor it was to share the stage at the Bard's College with so many insightful and talented people for the The Thirteen Sorrows premiere here in Arx. Baroness Amari was simply brilliant as the storytelling scholar who filled in the tale and made the play a reasonable four hours instead of three days. I still may commission sleeping bags just for fun. Nightingale Gianna and Lord Mattheu combined their musical talents in such powerful and moving performances that I sometimes got lost in the beauty of it all. Auda Florin's turn as Duke Uthyr and Lady Adalyn's Champion were equally marvelous, and Lord Savio and Lord Orland were just beyond in their roles. Lady Zoey did an incredible job as Queen Alarice, and I hope I was half as good as Lady Mabelle, who played Anthony Laurent to my Gwen Laurent. Baroness Amari said that my fall in the battle scene was quite believable, and I had to admit that it was so because I tripped a bit on my costume and really /did/ topple over! The bruises will surely fade quicker than my ego might. I am humbled and grateful to have gotten to be part of such an inspiring tale that also happens to have a tie to my Laurent side of the family.

The reception was so well attended and I got to cross paths with dear friends old and new, as well as do a bit of potential business. There were a couple of...intriguing happenings, but what good event doesn't have at least a bit of that? All told, it was an extraordinary evening and one I will have no few cherished memories from. I can hardly wait to do it again!

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As the curtains go up, a white haired woman in rumpled scholar's robes shuffles out onto the stage. There she stands, nose in book, so lost in thought that she doesn't notice the audience gathered and waiting ever more impatiently for her to begin the show. When she looks up at long last, her eyes widen, and she looks genuinely surprised to find so many staring at her.

"Yes, well, what is it? Can't an Archscholar have some peace and quiet?" She scolds, before cupping a hand to her ear to listen to the complaints from the more vocal in the crowd.

"Fine, fine. It's a lecture you all desire? What this time? History? How about a tale from the era I was most fascinated by?" She asks.

Annoyed by the response from the audience, she gestures at them to be silent. "Yes, yes. Be quiet. Yes, you especially. Let me think... this one. This one you'll enjoy. I will tell you all of the Thirteen Sorrows of Jonathan Baseborn."

"It began five hundred years ago, but as you'll soon discover, the events I will describe for you this evening have great import, even today. Let us begin with an inauspicious birth, the product of a forbidden affair between noble lord and elven lady. A child foretold to bring ruin to his mother's house by a Seer of Jayus..."

Behind her a choir in white robes filter out of the darkness, led by the Seer of Jayus (Gianna) with her hood thrown back to set her apart from the rest. A solemn tune is struck by Mattheu Rivenshari on violin and as the Archscholar wanders offstage, the song of Jonathan Baseborn swells to mournfully preface what's yet to come.

The play has thirteen scenes in four acts, covering every calamity and major character mentioned in the 'The Thirteen Sorrows of Jonathan Baseborn', a poetic account of the Elven War which somehow survived the purge of the Great Archive during the Crownbreaker Wars. Gianna, as the Seer of Jayus, explains through song and rhyme what's acted out by the others, accompanied by Mattheu on violin and a full choir of bards. When serious exposition is required, the Archscholar (Amari), wanders out onto stage to bookend the act with a telling of that which would be too impractical to perform. Together they weave the entire performance together, while the actors masterfully portray the most emotional, and dramatic moments of Jonathan's life.

Auda portrays Duke Uthyr Durand's slide into evil quite convincingly, as he goes from lovestruck to cold and menacing. Lady Adalyn's Champion training shines as she whirls and flies through an intricate melee, her twin swords flashing until she's finally overwhelmed by the mass of black clad foes. Savio is transformed into the monstrous Duke Grimthog Two-Head, who has... well, two heads and must be stood on stilts to be that tall. The one head is obviously fake, but if one squints a little, it looks awfully creepy. He makes a gruesome foe to Orland, as Jonathan. Zoey gives a lively performance as Queen Alarice, from her fight with ruffians to her solemn persona at the conclusion of the War, it's spot on. Mabelle and Gwenna, as Anthony and Gwen Laurent respectfully, both turn in excellent supporting performances from coup planning to their unfortunate and bloody ends in battle.

Transformed to play the part of Jonathan Baseborn, Orland's performance is one that will bring tears of sorrow to the audience with what some will say is another spectacular performance from the Lord Amadeo. Through the first half of the show, there is something very personal about being the orphan child in the lands near Artshall that the audiences can certainly read goes beyond acting, putting part of his own story into the play, ensuring that the audience will be invested and eager to see what befalls of Jonathan Baseborn. It's a gripping performance for the young man and he certainly moves effortlessly with his co-actors through the various scenes. His performance, as critics will say, was on the mark! Spectacular!

Phew. Now it's the after party.

Keely wanders into the after party with her sister, Liara, carrying a small bundle of something colorful in the crook of her arm. The pair chat quietly while their combined retinue disperses toward the edges of the hall, flashes of smiles and soft laughter accompanying them. At a point, she lightly rests her fingertips against the Grayson HighLord's arm as she murmurs something, giving a small nod toward some of the performers and making to veer off in their direction.

A woman garbed in all white strides across the isle of the hall to make her way to one of the couches, a retainer beside her with a sunflower motif on his doublet. She doesn't remove her veil as she settles down, keeping her attention ahead as the first performer speaks.

Emerging a little belatedly from the back room after putting away her pants suit is one Lady Mabelle Laurent. Clad in a stunning gown displaying her house color and tradition and even honey diamonds and onyx that leave little doubt she is a proud Laurent. She is out to smile and shake hands, greet the guests and answer questions about the tale. And maybe do some drinking to celebrate the final step of the Art District.

Eirene seems here just to keep an eye on things. She's dressed in black leather, both stylish and practical, and wearing a peace-bonded blade. Her face is etched in a permanent scowl despite the pleasing performance, and her blue eyes constantly shift focus from the speaker towards the exits... and windows. Like... she's expecting something to come out of the show other than an evening of pleasant performance.

With the performance put on in such a spectacular fashion, Cristoph joins the rest of the audience that decides to stay for the after party. He moves through the crowd, engaging in small talk with a number of other guests. It's a lot of walk and stop, chat. Take a drink. Walk again and be stopped, chat with this person. He's friendly and amicable but doesn't stay in any one place particularly long.

After the play, Savio the monstrous Duke Grimthog Two-Head has, happily, only one head. And lacking stilts, he is much shorter. He also seems to get along much better with that FOE, Orland-Jonathan-Baseborn. The dramatic eyeliner remains the same. Whether or not he drinks more than Grimthog did or would, hard to say, but he's definitely gone straight for the drinks!

3 Fidante House Guards, Santino arrive, following Calista.

The play captured Cassiopeia's full attention and she applauds loudly at the end. It was the edge of your seat, kind of experience for the young woman. With the after-party in full swing, she finds herself amidst the crowds of people. Moving with the flounce of her gown, she finds a drink in her hands, and looks through the sea of faces for familiar ones. There is an immediate desire to congratulate her cousins on their performance, smiling warmly to both Savio and Orland, wiggles her fingers, should she find a way to break through those that surround them.

Patrizio may not have been in the performance, but as an avid supporter, he's quite happy to linger, especially with a drink in his hand. There's a chuckle from him as he's dipping his head briefly, before he's making hi sway over towards Mabelle, with a chuckle. "I imagine this is quite a relief to be past the first performance, my lady," he offers in a quieter tone, but a warm smile nonetheless. "It's quite the triumph."

It's a story with which Cesare, a Disciple of Jayus with a noted interest in the fringe mystics known as the Seers of Jayus, is familiar. But seeing it brought to life is entirely different. He's also familiar with pretty much all of the performers, and as a member of the Bard's College too, it's essentially a given that he's here to support. Clad in an outfit which s all pinks and golds, he's like a lovely shiny cloud, applauding warmly. "You look great with two heads, my lord," he says to Savio. "Maybe you should mount that second one in the Parlor."

After the play, Orland looks a little flushed and his hair damp. It was a long performance and he was in almost every scene. He watches Savio escape to the drinks but turns his gaze to Cassiopeia, nodding his head toward her and slipping that way, "How was I?" He says, almost breathless.

Ryhalt clapped through various parts of the the play and seemed to enjoy it fairly well. He was dressed simply but sharply for a party following a play. It was a long play and he consults his page after, nodding. It seems he has time to linger at the party for a while. There's a general air of happy enthusiasm about him as he goes for a drink first thing.

No longer covered in stage-blood from the battle scene as Gwen Laurent, Gwenna is dressed in decidedly Valardin-flavored attire. She is half Laurent, after all! Dragon scales and steel armorish accents adorn clean aeterna. Coming in not much farther behind Mabelle, she seems in great spirits. "I was nervous during that battle scene. Thank you for keeping me calm," she tells her glimmering cousin. "Your gown makes me want something sparkling for my parched throat," is added. There's a nod and smile of greeting to Patrizio as he speaks with Mabelle and then Gwenna is meandering off to find that drink.

The white robes were striking but everyone else was wearing them and really, Gianna doesn't view robes as particularly fashionable. So when she re-appears after the performance, it's sparkling black starlight silk she's garbed in instead. The honey diamond ring on her finger is perhaps a nod to Laurent. Regardless, it's stunning, and she strikes a fashionable figure indeed. Then she's collecting a flute of something bubbly from a bardling hired on for the evening. She floats on over to Mabelle in her shimmery black and says, "I think that went well."

Thea ventures in, because well---more out of curiosity. She's dressed in leathers, dressed comfortably. She slides in next to those she knows, listening to the story, clapping after.

Throughout the show, Giorgio watches to the performances of all with rapt attention from where he reclined comfortably on his seat nearish to Cassiopeia. When the show reached its conclusion, Giorgio had risen alongside the rest to applaud the performances of all. "You did wonderfully, of course," Giorgio says to Orland, dipping his head toward the man and offering a smile. "Both of you did. I am impressed. But... don't tell Savio I said that."

Terese Valardin arrives and sweeps her gaze over the immediate area at the guests who also saw the play. Having just returned to the city a few short days ago, it's sad to say that she doesn't see very many familiar faces. Still, the princess smiles ever slightly as she makes her way further inside to perhaps find herself a drink, weaving carefully through the gathered crowd as she does.

Udell watches the play raptly, heartily applauding at its conclusion. As the after party begins, he remains in his seat, smiling at those familiar faces he knows.

Mabelle stands next to Gwenna, grinning at Patrizio, "Well it was only because I had a lovely wife", she winks to him but the comment from Gwenna herself makes her laugh, "I'm not sure if its a compliment or a lewd remark, but I'll take it!". Her eyes wander through the crowd a moment to seek her cousin, "Cristoph, I hope it was all your imagine", she grins at him, "Despite us cutting it to four hours instead of the original length of three days", she winks to Gianna and Amari.

Amari filters into the crowd after the performance, her gait far less creaky and her hair no longer stark white. She's even ditched her Archscholar robes backstage in favor of an umbra gown, and honeycomb earrings no doubt to honor House Laurent, and Jerome Laurent, the beekeeper who took little orphaned Jonathan in. "We still glossed over some interesting bits." She laughs, overhearing Mabelle's commentary on how much they had to pare the script back to a reasonable four hour run time.

Cassima had watched the play and clapped when it was needed - she stands and approaches the others as they join the party, her body moving over to Cristoph "you look great today Duke Laurent, I am afraid when I passed you earlier I was rude, Princess Cassima." she introduces. "do forgive me." her eyes look over to Mabelle then over to Orland "I enjoyed it."

A jingling of bells and change of outfit from the solemn mostly dark clothing that Mattheu had been wearing on stage. Looking like he simply dumped a bucket of water over him then threw on 'normal clothing,' and properly capturing the wind's colors in one go, he sloshes a little in each step while wandering through the hall barefooted. He slips between servers and pulls three glasses from a passing tray, soft jingling as he spins and ducks in heading over to find two that are quickly spotted within the crowd. A nod to Thea, as he hands one drink to her. Then smile to Kiera, "What did you think?" as he looks over towards Keely with a bow of his head, more soft chimes and raises the second glass in her direction, if she so seeks it out.

Orland hahs softly at Giorgio, "Hey Giorgio. We're glad you're here." He claps Giorgio on the shoulder, "Always good to see you." He looks toward where Savio went off too, but there were a lot of people here so he turns back to Giorgio and Cassiopeia, "Just glad to have family here." His eyes flash over to Cassima, bowing his head, "Thank you. It was a wonderful play to act in. I was pleased to get the role I did."

Perhaps her first foray out into the public for quite some time, the Princess Natasha seems to have decided that the best way to celebrate the dissipation of the physical infirmities that have plagued her in the last few months is to attend the Bard College's latest production. Visibly impressed, and reflective, of the dramatic retelling of an account of the Elven War that has remarkably survived some of Arvum's most notorious purges, her tall, dourly-clad figure moves through the crowd; ostensibly to pass on her congratulations and admiration, with the first being the Lady Amari Redire, author of the play. "My lady Redire?" she prompts, her smile barely ghosting her lips, but clearly genuine. "I heard you penned the script, it was marvelous work, and a fitting tribute to Jayus." With Mabelle within her vicinity, dark eyes fall upon her next. "And evanescent gratitude is in order, I think, for enabling it to be brought to life, my lady Laurent. Your Highness." A greeting kissed faintly with warmth towards Patrizio. "It's as always a pleasure to see you."

Savio blows a kiss to Cassiopeia for her wave, and laughs at Cesare's comment. "Ohhh I don't know, it might be frightening to some visitors. Like me. I could come down in the night and forget it's there and get so upset..." An arm is draped around Orland's shoulders, all forgiven for their on-stage rivalry, and he squints at Giorgio. "Don't tell Savio what?"

Kiera has watched in near rapture the entire time and has both tears and eyes and a smile on her face as she claps enthusiastically. "Wonderfully done" she remarks, giving nods and smiles to the performers

Keely pauses to speak softly with Mabelle, after a flash of a smile up to Patrizio, and passes something to her from the colorful bundle she carries, then continues along with the flow of the crowd. Her next stop appears to be Mattheu, to whom she offers a warm little grin, seeking to offer him something in exchange for the offered glass.

Strolling out from the performance with Keely, Liara's conversation takes the form of alternating between being enthusiastic about the performance and then being enthusiastic about the costumes used for it. With a quick smile for Mabelle as she nears, she remarks, "That was excellent. Congratulations." She doesn't crowd round though, instead absenting herself to go find a seat at a couch.

"I'm truly disappointed that I didn't need to camp out in the audience with a sleeping bag, but somehow, I think that I'm going to manage," Cristoph replies to Mabelle, ducking his head and laughing. "It was a flawless performance by all, brilliantly done, cousin. And cousin. And Baroness Amari." When Cassima enters his orbit, he turns his attention onto her, lofting an eyebrow curiously at the address. "Quite alright, Princess Cassima. All is forgiven."

Orland looks back at Savio when arms drape around his shoulders, smiling, tilting back for some good old PDA and kissing him right there, on cheek or lips whatever he happens to land on. "In a real fight, you'd take me down every time," he comments to Savio, looking back to Giorgio when Savio asks what he missed. "Did you get us drinks?" He wonders over Savio, not without a grin.

Patrizio laughs briefly when there's the comment about the lovely wife, jade eyes atwinkle to Mabelle. "I hear that's usually how it works, from my married friends, that one's lovely wife often does the heavy lifting," he teases her back. There's a nod, and a smile, for Gwenna as well, with the dip of his head in greeting as she's already bustling off for a drink. He's easing aside, letting Keely hand over her bundle to Mabelle as he briefly smiles to her.

Natasha's greeting gets a broader smile, and a more profound inclination of his head. "And likewise, your highness. My congratulations on your news, as well - you're doing well, I trust?"

Dressed in deep, black umbra, Ravana could well be a shadow in the theatre were she so inclined, but, in perhaps a testament to the skill with which the fight scenes are choreographed, she makes herself known with a whistle of approval at the bloodiest of moments. How very uncouth. She has a very sweet smile for any seated near her that look her way in complaint, so it doesn't become 'A Thing'. Once the performance is over, she leaves her seat to find a drink, and maybe find a familiar - or new - face to talk to.

"Hmm? What are you talking about?" Giorgio asks of Savio without missing a beat and then turning his attention away from his brother to slip a discrete wink Orland's way. Turning his eyes then toward the rest of the crowd milling about, he offers a bow of his head in greeting here and there to those he knows, commenting off handedly to Orland, Savio, and Cassiopeia, "There are a lot of people here. No doubt the Bard's College is proud of such a successful show."

Calista finds herself perhaps fashionably late to the Thirteen Sorrows premiere, however, the after party seems to be getting underway. The Duchess of Tor's slow, prowling gait helps her to weave in and out of the crowd as she searches the room for one of two Laurent cousins to greet first. The shadow emerald of her eyes spots Mabelle first whom she notices is standing near Princess Gwenna and Prince Patrizio. "Lady Mabelle, I keep hearing what a wonderful performance I missed." She greets the Laurent with a pair of soft air kisses. "Forgive me for not having made it on time." Oh there's Cristoph, too. "Cousin, it is good to see you. It has been far too long." Cristoph finds himself besmooched upon both kisses as well.

Mattheu has joined the couch seating.

Thea gratefully accepts the drink the drink from Mattheu,"Thank you,"lifting it toward her lips. "Princess Keely,"she finally greets with a smile, her eyes following where the bells go. "Lady Mabelle. Calista,"she greets, fluttering her fingers.

Taking a quick sip from the glass of presumably wine she's acquired, Cassiopeia stands next to Giorgio as they speak with Orland and Savio. "I got goosebumps," she murmurs, as that seems to be her qualifier. "You are both so talented. Everyone was so very talented!," she exclaims and is layering the compliments with an easy smile. To Giorgio she nods her head, "no doubt-- it was quite an astonishing piece, I can only imagine how much work went into it." Her eyes drift through the crowd before looking back.

Gwenna can't help but chuckle when she manages to overhear the remarks about the length the play could have been. "I had half a mind to commission special sleeping bags with honeycombs," is added and then she gets that glass of sparkling something or other. "More seriously, it was truly an honor to be a part of this amazing production. You should all be so incredibly proud of how well it went. Herding the lot of us was no easy feat! Thank you again for letting me be a part of it. That story has always inspired me. Hopefully my mother might attend one of the performances." When she espies Calista, her smile broadens and wiggles her fingers. "It is so good to see you, Duchess. It feels like..." She pauses to chuckle. "Well, far too long, to steal your words."

Mabelle greets those who's familiar faces she sees, like Ryhalt and Cassima, "Duke Farshaw, Princess Cassima, you are back in the city, what a boon!". She slips a rose she was given into her hair and concurs with Natasha, "I could not have done it without Amari, while I've many skills, playwriting is not one of them", she dotes upon her friend, "Neither is acting leading roles, so I am grateful to them all, it has been wonderful".

Bowing her head thankfully to Liara, her curtsy is to Cristoph, "I'm glad you liked it cousin, I'm very clad you can make it. I am proud to be a Laurent under your guiding hand and hope to honor it properly in the eyes of the gods". Compsing herself, she notes to Calista, "Oh it will be touring the continant, it just means you will have to come see it in the new Art District"

Cassima nods her head to the Duke before she turns from him to look back to Orland "Are you in many? This is the first live show that I have seen in town." she says before those eyes shift and she finds Amari who she nods to. "Hello Baroness Amari, it is good seeing you here." she says quietly as she mingles, her attention moving over those nearby

"Duke Cristoph," Gianna addresses the man. "I never thought the story would be turned into a play, but here we are. I'm glad it's lived up to expectations." She has a sip of her drink, inclining her head to Cassima. "...And you did a wonderful job," she tells Gwenna. "I ought to conscript more people to join the College, it seems."

Savio returns Orland's smooch, then grins. "Maybe," he allows, and raises one drink in each hand, "I did! And oh, the standing harp is calling me, isn't it... but I can't drink and play, and I did already choose drinking, so come with me toward this table!" On the way, he passes Amari and raises a glass to her. "Baroness!" Big, delighted grin. "Did you love the play?"

Savio has joined the dark-stained grand table.

Eirene grabs a glass of from a passing waiter, sips it for poison because she's Lycene- and then continues her vigil of watching the scene with a worried air.

Finding Ravana in the sea of after party attendees, Mailys walks in whispering quietly to Ravana about something in a pouch. At one point, the Corsetinas look down into the pouch before the shorter woman closes it again and shakes her head. Dressed as if she's flowed into the play as if between events of her own, she clearly wasn't coming to model anything this time. Perhaps she did forget this was on the event calender. Beside Ravana though, she contrasts lighter colours. Mailys remarks to Ravana with a very impish grin, "Anyways, Mirari might ask for a summary of this one, I nominate you."

Cassima looks over to Mabelle as she greets and she smiles warmly "it is good to be back ..I must say."

"I had a lot of existing material to glean from, which is rare when it comes to history predating the Crownbreaker war." Amari humbly explains to Natasha, after giving a polite bow of her head. "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Your Highness. It was the performances that really made it, and Gianna's singing, and Mattheu's violin... the fake blood. That turned out better than expected." At Cristoph's comment she smiles and dips her head his way too. "Mabelle, you did really well as Anthony. You and Princess Gwenna were rocks." As in solid, presumably. Cassima is given a nod and smile, but before she can say anything she hears Savio calling. "I did. You were in your element! You and Orland both, like fish in water. Thank you!"

"Oh, how could you be scared of your own lovely face?" Cesare gives said face a healthy pat-pat with one hand. "You were both excellent. Lord Orland, you make a truly formidable lead, and it was very impressive the personal gravitas you put into your performance. We always knew Savio was some sort of demonic two-headed ogre man, at heart; that much is not surprising." He bows to Giorgio and Cassi. "Lord Giorgio, Marquessa. Wonderful to see you both."

"Cousin, good to see you as well." There are many cousins! But this greeting is directed toward Calista, a wide smile aimed her way from Cristoph. He steps in, giving the Duchess of Tor a quick hug before releasing her. "Far too long indeed." He bows his head respectfully when Mabelle speaks with him, "I'm honored to be your Duke. Having family like you makes it all a little easier. Congratulations again on tonight, you've done wonderfully as always." Hearing his name and title from another direction, he turns, shifting feet and laying eyes on Gianna. "The Nightingale of the Bard's College, yet another that I don't feel like I've seen in an age. We used to run into one another more in the city, during the daytime. I hope to be able to experience that again sometime, but I recognize you're very busy here. And me either, to be honest. Lady Jael had it turned into a song at one point, but I didn't think to see it on stage."

Ryhalt smiles to Mabelle as she greets him. "Hello Lady Mabelle. This was an excellent production, you and Baroness Amari should be proud. Also, I will now never be ever to hear you say 'acting' with a straight face." He smiles with playful mischief.

Orland looks over the crowd, in response to Giorgio, "Yeah, lots of people came out. The Baroness Amari and the Lady Mabelle did an amazing job putting this all together." He regards Cassiopeia with a grin, "Good, you were supposed to feel like that. I put some of my own story into the stage." He exhales a breath, relieved that the opening night was over, "I'm actually glad I remembered all my lines. That's the tricky part." Toward Cassima he answers, "I try to be. I didn't think it would be my calling. My husband, Lord Savio, was the bard and I kind of followed him into the Bard College. I feel like I have a bit of knack for it." He says around a roguish grin, "Never would've believed it possible." Orland takes some drinks from Savio's hand, "Thank you my night." He watches Savio with an air of laughter touching his eyes, not about to stop the prancing and delighted way he goes off in search of the standing harp.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the Sorrows, Monique is ready to drown her own at the party. With a glass of whiskey already in hand, the Minx crosses the room towards Amari, a tour de force invasion of personal space. "Amari, you legend! That was the best I've seen since... well, honestly, the best I've seen in a long time. I've never been one for sorrow but this was breathtaking. I couldn't pull my eyes away." There are kisses for each of Amari's cheeks unless the woman pulls away, and a hug to go with them. "And what a cast!"

After a brief exchange with Mattheu that leaves a broad grin on Keely's lips, she dips her chin in greeting to Thea. "Countess Wyvernheart, how wonderful to see you," she murmurs softly, allowing the flow of the crowd to carry her along to Gianna. She waits at the edges of the crowd surrounding the Nightingale, fidgeting a bit with the remaining silk roses she carries.

Mabelle quirks her lips at Cassima, "We simply must catch us soon, perhaps a dinner?", she suggests and chuckles toward Amari, "I had four lines! But I was happy to be here in spirit! Really, Orland was the Star! And Gwenna". Her smile for Cristoph is beaming and fond and she lets him mingle and instead she elbows Ryhalt. Why? Why not. "I wasnt that bad!"

Mattheu has a soft silk rose which is slipped to his sash belt, right next to the shark plushie which is dryer than the rest of him. Sitting down at the couches in a soft squish and smiling to each that are there before he takes a sip from the third and final glass he has.

"We haven't, have we?" Gianna tells Cristoph, her head tilting gently to one side. "I think I spend more time here than anywhere else. I ought to get out a little more. I miss seeing some very good people, after all." Presumably that includes him. Her attention is drawn to a new approach. "Princess Keely, hello. Did I see you with Princess Liara? I do like that floral pattern you're wearing. I don't find the very busy ones quite as appealing, but they do have their place, of course."

"Do remind me to pick up a program to use as a cheat sheet, it's exactly the sort of thing she'd quiz me to make life hard," Ravana tells Mailys after their brief discussion of whatever fascinating secret is to be found in the Corsetina socialite's little pouch. She takes up a glass of wine from a passing server, glancing aside at the near-ish Eirene. "Do you know something I don't but shouldn't?" she murmurs, apparently picking up on Eirene's air of concern.

Returning Cesare's bow, Giorgio offers a polite smile to the Whisper before offering, "It is wonderful to see you again as well, Softest. I trust that you are doing well? It has been some time since we last had a chance to speak." There is a nod then to Orland before he says, "Oh? Lady Mabelle and Baroness Amari were the two who put it together? Well I must say it was a wonderful show."

"Excellent news, Lady Mabelle. I will have to make note of this for when I plan my own tour of several lands this Summer." Calista gives Mabelle's hand a little squeeze and she turns to properly greet Gwenna with the Lycene cheek smooch thing. "Indeed, Princess Gwenna. I was just thinking how it has been a while even since I've been able to have time to see you or Princess Donella. We shall have to remedy this, soon." Calista also greets Thea amidst all the conversations. *kiss-kiss* "Countess, I've not seen you at the Black Fox recently. Perhaps we have been more like ships passing in the night. I pray you have been well." There are plenty of familiar faces in the crowd and those whom she's not entirely too familiar with but who are perhaps (in)famous. Monique is given a waggle of her fingers from afar. As is Lady Eirene.

There's a faint retreat for a little bit on the part of Patrizio, as he's getting himself another drink, though there's there cast of his gaze about, as if to consider who else he might know to make greetings to...

Gwenna dips her head in thanks to Gianna. "As did you, Nightingale, though I don't think I've ever seen you /not/ be wholly inspiring. That gown is beyond. The sheer sleeves add such elegance. I very much enjoyed being part of the play, even if I don't get to do such things often. If you ever need an extra for an upcoming performance, don't hesitate to send word!" She grins and takes a sip of her drink before dipping her head next to Amari. "You were also outstanding, Baroness. Again, I'm so grateful I get to be part of this." She makes a wrinkle of her nose at Mabelle. "A bloody star, maybe, but it has been great fun! Sharing a stage with so many talents..." She raises her glass in a toasting motion and then nods a few times to Calista. "Donella would absolutely love to see you, Duchess. We will have to make time soon."

"Not accurate all the time, Your Highness," Natasha quips to Patrizio, having fallen a step nearer him as he moves, mischief flaring amidst the shards of liquid gold within predominantly dark irises. "I married quite the burly fellow for a reason, I've no shame in cajoling Prince Romulius to carry the heavy things whenever there's a need, and there are no servants in sight." Clearly a jest, but one founded with a grain of truth; the Maelstrom Voice can be a ruthless taskmistress whenever burdened by necessity. Impishness, however, is summarily tabled to make room for a gossamer softening of ivory features at his next query. "Thank you for your well wishes, Your Highness. I'm certainly doing better now in contrast to the last few months - I never realized what a boon to the spirit the reclamation of one's full mobility can be after a period without. And what about yourself?"

Mabelle and Amari next, her lips threatening to curve upwards in a grin, but doesn't quite manage it. "It was inspired, my ladies, and I'm happy to have had the opportunity to attend on opening night." There's a dip of her head in greeting to the others - Gianna and Gwenna, when indicated, and then Cristoph, Ryhalt. Cassima's presence generates a spark of surprise. "Cousin, I didn't realize you were back in the capital."

Someone wearing a beautiful white lace veil gives just the appropriate amount of applause a noble lady during the performance's breaks, intermission and when it's finished. Her emotions are concealed behind her veil but it's not long after that she's making her way toward Monique and Amari. "A wonderful play." She says with a strong Isles accent. "I am glad to have been invited." Hear attention turns to Monique. "I assume you enjoyed it too."

Terese sips the last of her drink and sets the empty glass upon a passing tray. She murmurs her farewell to a few cousins before turning to make her way out of the play's after party on soft footsteps. Out she goes just as quietly as she arrived.

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2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Terese.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle's elbowing him, saving his drink from spilling. Alas it isn't coffee, but still worthy of saving. "I'll be have." The way he's grinning, though... He's up to no good!

Keely's cheeks flush a brilliant crimson at Gianna's praise. "That is so kind of you to say, Most Glamorous Nightingale," she murmurs warmly, extending an exquisite silk rose in the woman's direction once she has finished addressing Cristoph. The Laurent Duke earns a flash of a smile from her as well, by dint of standing nearby.

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Cassima looks over to Mattheu and she smiles, "I shall make sure my assistant marks it down".. she moves closer to Patrizio as he gets himself a drink "is there one there for me?" she asks before her eyes moves back to Natasha and she smiles brilliantly "it was about time I return.. hope you do not mind" she chuckles

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Evan, a veritable mountain of an Arakkoan arrives, following Maharet.

Eirene glances at Ravana and shrugs. "It's just... a topic which has heated connections," she says with a wry smirk. "Stories like this one can, well... have historic troubles. I just wanted to be sure nothing went wrong. I was at the theater once when the Bringers attacked because of the play selection." She nods back to Calista and offers a wiggle of glass back in hello before sipping it.

Gianna takes the rose from Keely, her blue eyes lighting up. "For me? Oh, thank you." She holds it up, turning the wood and silk flower. "So lifelike. I used to dream about people throwing flowers on the stage after I performed. When it finally happened, it was lovely, but a bit of a shame to see those roses wither and die. This is a rather clever solution." She gives the rose a twirl. Gianna doesn't really smile - just sometimes, after performances - but she's very clearly pleased by the gift.

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"No, we haven't. But in truth, I've been very lazy when it comes to reaching out to people. I should do it more, no excuses for not," Cristoph says, accepting his responsibility for their lack of running into one another. To Gianna, he adds, "Keep an eye out for one of my messengers. I'm feeling proactive." He catches a motion out of the corner of his eye, Princess Natasha making with her quick greetings. It's treated to one in kind, a nod of his head in her direction. "Princess Keely, it's good to see you in person again. Is this the gown you were speaking of? Or is another?"

Orland confirms to Giorgio, "I'm certain they'd appreciate your words of praise." He looks toward the standing harp, gesturing with his drink, "Excuse me while I make sure he doesn't ... spill the harp." He winks to Giorgio and Cassi, snaking through the crowd and nodding his head at those who he hears praising his way as he works over toward Savio. Like, don't leave me behind! OMG. Crowds!

Mabelle grins toward Giorgio, "History wrote it, my dear, History does it best, but Amari did excellent work crumming it into four hours without losing the potency of it, oh Calista", she notes, "You can join His Majesty, I ran into him and convinced him to take a tour of Artshall. I wanted a week but got two days!", she laughs. Smiles are flashed everywhere, including Terese and that woman in the veil, but the first is greeted, "Princess Valardin, we are glad you could make it"

Cassiopeia clinks her glass against Orland's once he's received the drink from Savio. A smile is exchanged with Cesare when he greets her and Giorgio. "Softest, always a pleasure." Looking back to Orland she says, "you have a knack for it, and I think your dynamic together with Savio translates so well to the stage," she says warmly. As Savio wanders off to the harp, her smile grows and she clinks her glass with Giorgio. Cassiopeia lets her attention drift, seeming Amari and Mabelle, she offers her compliments. "Baroness Redire, what an incredible way to bring a story to life. Lady Laurent," and then she catches Gianna in her gaze, "and Nightingale. This was all quite a memorable experience. Thank you," she shares with them trying to navigate words through the crowds of people.

A smirk for Natasha at her barbing of him about the matter, and Patrizio does have the good grace to grin and lift his glass in salute. "I imagine it goes in all directions, but to be fair, I hear it most often from Bas, when it comes to Adrienne, about having married up," he says back, and there's a chuckle, but a more serious look about doing better now. "I'm alright, save for the matter of preparing to head south, but I shouldn't burden everyone with my discussions of affairs of state tonight. Still, we ought to find time to speak before my departure, mmm?"

Cassima's inquiry gets a grin, and there's a gesture by the armour-clad prince to summon over a server. "I'd hate to see you, your highness, without a drink in hand if you should so wish it," he voices softly. "It's been some time, since we last spoke."

Cesare overhears Eirene and glances in her direction. "Indeed. That is why the Fall of Caer'alfar was cancelled - we received a warning against staging it. Disappointing, as I was /quite/ looking forward to performing, bit safety is paramount, of course." A faint smile to Giorgio. "I'm very well, my lord. It's a pleasure to see you."

Savio makes a RAR face and scary hands at Cesare who claims he's a demonic two headed ogre man, then wanders toward the table, then can't help it and is drawn inexorably toward the standing harp like a moth to a candle. He can't help it. It didn't stop him drinking, he just has to set it on the floor and avoid knocking it over. Will he knock it over anyway? Maybe. It's given a luxurious, happy musical strum. He smiles at Orland. "Three more drinks and I'll start making random songs about people, watch out."

Amari replies in kind to Monique's cheek kisses, then leans back with a wrinkle of her nose, "I'll take it, even though I'm cringing on the inside from a nearly missed cue and the lines I improvised. I drew a complete blank." Gwenna is grinned across to, "I'm grateful you were a part of this, Princess Gwenna. You were amazing. Everyone was!" Save maybe her. She's reserving full judgement. When the woman with the Isles accent and white veil approaches, she tilts her head to regard her curiously while tucking some of her hair behind her ear. She lifts a brow and glances aside at Monique again. "I hope she enjoyed it. You did, didn't you?"

Caesare's answer is a good one in her opinion. Eirene nods a firm agreement and calls back, "Glad you're taking shit seriously," in her raspy Lycene alto. "But I'd love to read the script sometime. History hides in the words of play writes and sometimes notice of assholes who would censor it from us." She's keeping her words purposefully vague.

Orland happily clinks glasses with Cassiopeia, "You're our biggest fan. Thank you sis!" Then he finds a way over to the harp situation. Orland says with a very casual voice, a deadpan baritone ring to it, "Then we should find you three more drinks." He does the smart thing here and stoops to pick up the drink that Savio set on the floor.

"And yes, my sister is..." Keely twists, looking around behind her, and then on the other side, "...somewhere," she concludes, smiling apologetically to Gianna. "I lost her in the crowd of your adoring fans. What a wonderful performance, you all did such breathtaking work." Cristoph draws her attention then, and her smile grows as she gives a slight swish of her skirts, having passed her coat off to her assistant upon arrival. "This is the same," she informs him, looking down at herself and then back up to him with a subtle lift of her petite shoulders. "You can see how it would be difficult to describe in words."

Cassima takes the drink into her hand and she smiles softly to the Prince .. "Well perhaps we should catchup soon then yes?" she pauses "Thank you for the drink Prince Patriio." she says kindly

Mabelle navigates through the crowd to get herself some honey whiskey. Of course there is honey whiskey, this is a Laurent event! She runs into Patrizio and Natasha by the refreshment area, "Thank you both for coming, and congratulation my friend for the birth of your child. I have so many gifts due! I will end up sending it, hopefully before the child is seven!".

Savio laughs at Orland, reaching to take the drink and drink, before setting it down again to play at the harp. Sweet notes; the Bard College has only fine instruments of course! "You don't get a song about you though, Jonathan Baseborn. You just had a whole play about you."

Monique extracts herself to greet the woman all in white, a smile blazing across her lips. "I enjoyed it immensely, mysterious Lady." There's a bow of the Minx's fiery head to the veiled woman. "You look compelling. Veils are the ultimate in tantalizing unknowns. In fact, so much so that I feel compelled," the fiery Greenmarch produces a shining stone of dragonweep, dancing it across her fingertips in sleight of hand, to land on her palm which extends in the veiled woman's direction, "to offer you this."

Cassima is overheard praising Orland.

Cassima is overheard praising Savio.

Mailys listened to Eirene and Cesare describe the Bringers attack on a past production. She seems content to continue drinking, pausing only to ask, "Is the play not publicly available?" The talk around censorship obviously catches her attention.

"I can see how that might make one wary, but at least things seem to have gone smoothly, so far at least," Ravana responds to Eirene, sipping from her glass of wine. "I'm a random person," she calls lightly toward Savio when he threatens to sing about someone at random. "Ravana's the name," she introduces herself with an glinting little smile. "Not a single play written about me, yet."

There is a return grin toward Mabelle from Giorgio before he says, "Fair enough. Regardless of who did the writing and who simply organized the event and got all of these people working in the same direction, it has been an enjoyable experience for those who came to watch." As Orland excuses himself, Giorgio looks toward where Savio by the harp and says to Cassiopeia, "Hopefully the festival will have such a good turnout."

Calista catches a glimpse of Amari who is perhaps still near Mabelle when the Laurent offers praises of the writing. "Baroness Amari, congratulations on your superb playwriting. I do not believe we have been properly introduced before. I am Duchess Calista Fidante of Tor." Her enchanting voice mirrors the natural sensuality she carries with confidence. "I believe Tor will be working with the Bard's college in the future, as well." She glances about to take notice of Gianna somewhere in the crowd. "I'm actually very excited about this future prospect."

Mattheu looks around the room from the couches, and nods to a few with a smile for others that seem to be smirking back at him. He then pulls his feet up to sit cross legged upon the couches while others speak and looks around to spot an equally colorfully dressed Ravashari and with a hand sign, and some whistling is enjoying a refresher of wine.

"Always my pleasure to be of service, your highness," Patrizio says to Cassima, though his voice is briefly stilled as he is taking a drink, a fair sip when Mabelle's freeing herself to join them. "No where else I'd be, truth be told. I would have to have missed it, and I made sure my soldiers understood that this was more important than my work." Which might be a polite lie from his tone, but he's having fun with it. The mention of 'by the time he's seven' comes with a glance to Natasha, before he murmurs, "I'm not touching that one with a pole-arm."

Sliding into the crowd apparently much too late to catch the performance, Maharet is at least able to find one or two familiar faces in the crowd, making a beeline for Giorgio and giving his elbow a light pinch in warning as she slides beside him. "Good evening, my lord. Marquessa." she murmurs politely, dipping her head at Cassiopeia.

"How was the play about me? I mean Jonathan Baseborn and I have /slightly/ similar stories, but I think that could be said about any orphan," Orland protests as he STOOPS AGAIN to retrieve the drink that Savio set down. No one is knocking over the alcohol here tonight! He's fine holding one drink in both hands though. Such a lush. His eyes look out toward the crowd, "Maybe one about our organizers?" He shrugs as he takes a sip, people watching for a time.

"That is honestly, one of the greatest gifts I've been given." The veiled woman says with a shocked voice as she glances at the gem in her hand, her body hands shaking as if unsure of what is actually reality. "I don't know how to thank you..." She seems speechless before giving the Greenmarch a hug.

A warmer incline of her head at Cristoph's silent greeting when he returns it, before addressing Cassima once more. "Nonsense, more family is always welcome," Natasha assures with a faint quirking on the corners of her mouth. "We should catch up now that you've returned, whenever duty and schedules allow." With Patrizio offering much needed elucidations, a laugh more hinted around the eyes than audibly heard manifests on her ivory countenance, and brightening even further upon Adrienne's mention. "I miss her," she confesses to the Pravosi prince quietly. "Before she returned to Setarco indefinitely, we struck up quite the friendship, though I did receive a letter from Bas recently reminding me of our familial pact regarding our sons. A visit down south, myself, may be in order sooner rather than later." Searching the man's green eyes, she adds, "Speaking of matters of state, I think you and I are overdue a conversation - soon, yes? Not tonight, but soon."

Catching another's Islander accent, curious dark eyes fall on the woman with the gorgeous white veil, attempting to place an identity by whatever markers she finds. But before she can inquire, Mabelle arrives, and the Laurent lady prompts even more visible warmth. "You know that I'm always eager to hear from you, and thank you so much for your well wishes. I've something to talk to you about as well, but later, yes? I wouldn't turn away any gift from one with such ferociously famous good taste." Patrizio's jest causes her to swallow a laugh, amusement glittering in dark eyes.

"It was brilliantly improvised," Gwenna tells Amari sincerely. "I think we are all our worst critics. I was nervous about the battle scene, but Mabelle helped keep me calm," is added. "And I know I saw Cristoph here somewhere..." The Redrain peeks around the crowd a bit. "He was the one who told me the story originally. Well, at an event, where I danced with Lady Jael. That seems far too long ago." There's a small shake of her head, as if shooing away some cobwebs of memory or something.

Mabelle looks at the exchange between the veiled Lady and Monique, but she is shocked by the exchange between Calista and Amari, "You two never met? How is that even possible?", her jaw is nearly dropping. Mabelle welcomes Mattheu toward her, "Well no play is complete without suitable sounds, Lord Rivenshari your music was delightful this evening, thank you for accompanying us". A squeeze of the hand is offered to Patrizio, "I appreciate it. And we should talk soon", actually that second sentence goes to Natasha as well, with a wink.

Gianna murmurs something to Amari, briefly touching the other woman's back. She inclines her head to Monique in acknowledgment. Turning her attention to the veiled woman, she says, "Ah. Welcome to the College. I'm the Nightingale, Gianna Delvecchio." She glances at the woman's outfit, lingering for a moment on the ring. Her gaze flicks over to that attendant.

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"Indeed, it's a far more glamorous gown and overdress than words would be able to do justice. And of course, you are stunning in it." Cristoph compliments, enough ease in his tone that it's most certainly a genuine one. At the sound of his name spoken by a familiar voice, he twists and turns until he can spot Gwenna. "I'm here!" he calls over to her. When someone passes by with a tray of wine glasses, he neatly takes one before the man can get too far away.

Savio hears Ravana and grins her way, beckoning her a little closer. "Well it's a pleasure to meet you, Ravana the Random. This is my husband, Jonathan Baseborn, also known as Orland Amadeo. And I am Savio." In speaking to her, he's lost track of his drinks again, and blinks at the floor. "Orland, where is my cup?"

Patrizio nods to Natasha, agreeing wholehearted. "Though if you've a missive back to Adrienne or Bas, I'm actually heading for once - bless the gods - to Setara as winter falls. I'd be happy to convey it personally, but that's something we can discuss at the aforementioned get together. But indeed, not tonight - let us delight tonight in the arts, and those who worked it." Which does briefly have him glancing about the room, the jade gaze sliding over those who'd been so recently upon the stage. Mabelle's squeeze of his hand gets one in response, and he nods, and a breath slides free. "Indeed. I've been remiss in being around, if only because... well, I shouldn't apologize for my nature with my work. Not when it /is/ my nature. Though when these tempests pass us, I look forward to establishing a real social life."

Cassima smiles a little before she sips her drink and she closes her eyes a little, she raises her glass to Patrizio before she turns to greet more of the cast. "It was a brilliant show I really enjoyed it." she smiles a bit her attention moves over to Mabelle, her eyes look to Mattheu and she smiles softly. "the music was great yes."

Cassima is overheard praising Mattheu.

Orland's arm sticks out with the cup, "Here." He side glances at Savio, "You don't leave your drink unattended." Scolding, gently. Then a smile toward Ravana, "Hi! How'd you like the show?"

"Very mysterious." Amari agrees with Monique's assessment, but her attention is split. As people pass by or murmur things in her ear that she replies to in kind. Gwenna's words prompt a warm smile for her patron, and assurance, "You toppled just like you'd been grievously wounded. I was afraid you'd actually been hit for a moment." Calista then, who she bows her head to a moment at the introduction, "It's strange, but true. I know Lady Esme and respect the martial tradition of House Fidante, and roses, roses are lovely. It's nice to finally meet you, Duchess Calista. You'll never go wrong collaborating with Gianna and the Bard's College."

As Gianna and Cristoph abruptly find their attention elsewhere, Keely activates her wallflower abilities and slips back to blend into the crowd, drifting over to Mattheu and finding a place for she and her Very Full Skirts to wedge in and be seated.

"Ahhh, Maharet. Wonderful of you to come out. It was a great show," Giorgio says to Maharet as she slides in at his side and gives his elbow a pinch. "Now you're in time to catch the mayhem that is such a large social affair," he says with a grin shared between Maharet and Cassiopeia.

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Taking a small sip from her glass, her eyes travel around the room from time-to-time as she maintains a few conversations, some murmured and others more overt. To Giorgio she turns and lifts her brows upwards, "are you planning a festival cousin?," she wonders and then sees Maharet and gives her a warm smile, "Precious Maharet. Lovely to see you. Savio has found the harp, unsurprisingly, and Lord Orland is with him," she gestures about, which is really just spinning her finger around. A smile is shared in a random direction before she looks back at Giorgio and Maharet, warmth in her eyes.

Mabelle chuckles at Patrizio, "We can apologize all we like for the nature of our work, it never apologizes to us!". Her eyes seek Ryhalt throughout the room, but by the time she finds him she notes to him, "I completely forgot what I wanted to say to you" and begins to laugh, clapping her hands in general applause, "All were wonderful! This has been wonderful, the whole journey. The District, the play! I am so glad it has finally reached the conclusion stages, And I am grateful to all that contributed and Gianna! You're so lovely. Thank you for having us here". Mabelle might have had a bit much whiskey, but she's on the happy side, no harm for it in times like these!

Having spent a while largely keeping to herself and observing the party, Liara eventually quietly collects herself to her feet and goes to slip out, offering quick smiles to a few people on her way by.

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"Duchess Calista," Gianna remarks. "I'm looking forward to expanding the College to Tor as well. What a lovely necklace. You'll let me know if you have any questions about the project? I'm sure Evaristo has it covered, but I'd feel remiss if I didn't offer."

"It is," Ravana agrees unabashedly with Savio's polite words of pleasured greeting. "You were both wonderful in the performance," she says, inclining her head gracefully in greeting to Orland as well. "It was really quite entertaining," she enthuses. "Very dramatic and bloody and not three days long, all very important traits in a good bit of theatre," she says, as if she's an expert. She is not. "The two heads were nicely done; was it heavy?" she wonders.

"Oh yes, I can make that available for your perusal, Lady Eirene," Cesare acknowledges. "I'm sure Gio would enjoy seeing you again as well, and he hasn't heard the tale either." Speaking of, there's Gio now. Cesare waves, and then slinks over near the clavichord, which is presumably near the harp. "If Savio is improvising random songs, I'm going to improvise random songs too," he threatens."

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Gwenna hears her cousin's familiar voice and her smile broadens once again. "Cristoph!" She waves cheerfully. "I've you to thank as well!" The Redrain lifts her glass again in a toasting-motion before looking back to Amari. A laugh is offered and then she says, "Snowballs. I half-tripped over my own costume and really /did/ topple over. Which, it seems, was well-timed and made it all the more convincing." Sometime Gianna says seems to tug her attention. "Did we ever speak about doing something in Farhaven? Or perhaps it was another project? Or, instead, has my memory failed me yet again," is wondered with a bit of a grin.

Mabelle mentions to Ravana, "There's a pretty accurate statue of Grimthog two-head in our main hall of the mansion if you wish to see it. Those... are very interesting earrings", she mentions to the woman.

Orland takes a sip of his own drink, "Well thank you, Ravana. It is a considerable story to tell, in truth. A life time in fact. Baroness Amari is an amazing script writer to compile everything into a play that's not three days long." He side glances to Savio, then back to Ravana, "I apologize, but why did he call you Ravana the Random?"

"But everyone is still in full clothing and there are no weapons.. so it is not like home." Maharet states with an arch of her brow at Giorgio in reply, looking a little overwhelmed at the sheer number of people in attendance. "He hasn't knocked it over yet, has he? How many drinks?" she murmurs to Cassiopeia aside, searching out Savio in the crowd. But when she spots Orland beside him she relaxes quite visibly. "I keep forgetting he is now in quite good hands and well cared for." she sighs, looking a bit dreamy eyed at the idea of love. "Softest! You look absolutely divine!" she calls over a bit loudly to make sure that Cesare does hear her praise.

Patrizio briefly inclines his head to Cassiopeia on noticing her, with the lift of his glass, though he's not moving from where he's lingering for the moment. "My nature to at least offer the /show/ of an apology, at least," he says with a boyish grin to Mabelle, even as he shakes his head. "Just means I ought bring a bottle of rum or the like for you as an apology when we do make the time." Though he's turning too to offer a smile to Gianna when Mabelle speaks to her. "Indeed. I've not had the chance to be in this building before, but thank you for graciously hosting the work's premiere."

"It wasn't heavy at all because neither of my two heads in the show actually contain a brain," Savio assures Ravana. To Orland, he insists, "She said she was a random person!" Spotting Maharet over yonder, Savio beams and waves that way!

Cassima laughs nodding her head to Maebelle before she gives a nod to the people about her. "I will be going now, thank you all for the conversations"

Gio may - just may - have been in attendance. He may have attended and enjoyed himself, but, his opinions on such allegories and histories made into full-length theatrical productions is one best kept -- oh, wait, he is sharing his opinion with Cesare. "That was all very interesting, Softest Whisper, and - oh - are you. Going to improvise songs. That sounds like a threat." His sense of humor: dry. His faint smile: wry.

"I knew there was a reason why we get on swimmingly," Natasha jests towards Patrizio, sympathy tracing over the porcelain lines of her - especially with his words on his work and social life. "But if you're willing to convey my well wishes to the princess, I'd be grateful. It's been quite some time since I've written Adrienne about anything - I trust that such a one delivered by your hand would be, hopefully, a pleasant surprise. I'll have one drafted up for you when we talk." Watching Mabelle, social powerhouse that she is, effortlessly engage others, she lowers her voice in a teasing whisper to the prince. "I'll never know how she does it, maybe I'll ask for pointers." Should Mabelle overhear, she flashes the Laurent lady a wink, before tracking the white-veiled figure with her eyes as she makes her way to the couch.

Orland snort laughs at Savio's wit, nudging him, "You're too hard on yourself." He looks over toward the Proscipi party and nods toward Maharet, like he had a sixth sense and caught her look! His own cheeks show a bit of a flush for the dreamy eyes she gives, aheming into his glass, saying in response to Savio, "I guess that makes sense."

Eirene's eyes track from Cesare over to Gio as he enters, and she gives him a genuine smile. Gio gets the 'You're Kin so I like you' nod out of her and she gives a replying grin to Cesare. "I'd love to. Nice excuse to see you both and do some history lessons." Maharet complains about clothing and weaponry so she wriggles the hilt of her peace-bonded sword in her direction. "And thank the gods nobody needs weapons tonight," she says.

3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards leave, following Cassima.

Shadowed emerald eyes follow the gaze towards the mysterious veiled woman in white. Calista takes noticed of how Mabelle, Amari, and Gianna have all spied upon the exchange between Monique and the lady of the white veil. It does not escape the Duchess' attention but she remains poised and polite within the conversations she holds. "Thank you, Baroness Amari. I cannot tell you how much that means to me. We Fidante are very proud of our roses." Her smile blooms across her features. "We will have to make certain to meet again in the future. I hear there is quite a bit of history regarding Reveillon." Her long, slender fingers idly brush over her necklace with affection. "Thank you, Nightingale Gianna. And yes, I have been speaking about this with Captain Evaristo. He's been very enthusiastic about the project."

"Why thank you," Ravana touches a hand to an ear absently at Mabelle's observation. "I feel like an accurate statue is exactly the sort of thing to keep me from a good night's sleep, I might not take you up on that offer," she laughs lightly. "Because he's a bully," she tells Orland, sowing good-natured discord. "I jest. I was half-hoping for a bit of verse about myself so volunteered as a random audience member," she explains more fully. "The night is still young," she calls over to Eirene.

"Glad to be a good influence for once!" Cristoph returns to Gwenna, lifting his glass of wine in an across the room sort of salute. He takes a sip and then turns around and realizes anyone he was previously talking to has wandered off. Sometimes this happens in big parties! A contemplative expression passes over his face as he considers the crowd, then he quickly drains his glass and hands it off. He seems to be moving like a person who Has Places To Be, and without offering any farewells, slips out.

Natasha is overheard praising Amari.

Natasha is overheard praising Mabelle.

Cristoph is overheard praising Amari.

Cristoph is overheard praising Mabelle.

Cristoph is overheard praising Gwenna.

"Well then, tell me about yourself, Ravana," Savio grins. The Bard from Afar is still playing, background music type, and if there are sounds from the clavichord over there, he will harmonize. "I need something to make verse about, no? It doesn't have to be true. Maybe it's better if it isn't."

Mabelle promises Patrizio, "Soon", and returns Natasha's wink. Sidestepping toward Calista, she whispers something to her ear. Mabelle then assures Ravana, "He wasnt ugly or scary. He just had... two heads", she laughs.

Cristoph has left the couch seating.

Rupert, the Laurent Archivist, 2 Valardin Knights, 1 Laurent veteran guards leave, following Cristoph.

"Careful," Orland says with Ravana, "You hear one of his notorious songs and you can't get enough of them." He grins as he looks over to Savio then back to Ravana, letting them sort out the details of said song as he drinks and looks around at all the FACES. So many faces.

Monique seems to have been taken by the white-veiled woman and there's a soft, delighted laugh from the Minx at something whispered. "Wonderful. I would be happy to introduce you around, Duchess Helianthus." Her gaze roves the room, landing on Savio and Orland. "Ah, the Lords' Amadeo, who are both wonders in their way. Over there, the Princess Natasha Thrax and Prince Patrizio Pravus. Ah, and Lord Giorgio, that's Lord Savio's brother, with Marquessa Cassiopeia. Come, you must meet them." And she escorts the veiled Duchess towards Giorgio, calling out a greeting as she approaches. "Lord Proscipi, Marquessa Proscipi. May I introduce you to the Duchess Evelynn Helianthus?"

"Oh, did you?" Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle's forgetting what she wanted to say to him. "Is this my queue to say something awful? I'm afraid it's about time for me to slip away, though. I'll be safe, I promise. You aren't allowed to worry and ruin your well-deserved celebration."

Orland checks composure at hard. Orland is successful.

Mabelle smiles quietly to Ryhalt, "Do stay safe".

"Yes.... the mainland theatre is quite different from what we know back in Tremorus, but still... is quite enjoyable," Giorgio says to Maharet. When Monique calls out to him, Giorgio's eyes turn her way and he offers a warm smile before be bows with a regal baring. "Of course, Lady Monique. It would be my pleasure. Duchess Evelynn... wonderful to meet you. This is my Marquessa, Cassiopeia Proscipi." Then a gesture to Maharet, "And Precious Maharet, a Whisper who has been near and dear to Tremorus and her people."

Someone wearing a beautiful white lace veil lifts her head as Natasha makes her approach. Her dark eyes study the Thraxian princess through the veil, though her expression is otherwise unreadable. "Your highness." She greets with what can be construed as a warm voice. "My lords, my lady." To the Prosicipi she's introduced to.

There are, in fact, sounds from the clavichord, teased out by Cesare's fingers. As if he could sit at an instrument and not play it; it's almost a compulsion. Although there's far too much conversation going on to make any sort of spectacle of himself by singing, so he simply bides his time in sharing a word or two with those nearby, and lifting a hand to wave to Maharet in a gesture of gratitude. He's going to have to stop wearing this pink outfit around her or she'll think it's the only one he owns.

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Maharet checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Critical Success! Maharet is spectacularly successful.

Cassiopeia checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Cassiopeia marginally fails.

Amari can't help but laugh at Gwenna's admission, and fondly insist, "Nooo, I don't believe it. It was purely intentional, and masterful." While she's at that, Monique escorts the white veiled woman away. Did she hear the name? Possibly. A brow does quirk for an instant. Her attention however returns to Calista, "The play touches on some of that history, but yes, let's conspire to meet again, Duchess. I can't wait."

Gio checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Gio marginally fails.

Gwenna checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Gwenna is successful.

3 House Velenosa Guards arrives, following Baldessare.

"Oh, the truth wouldn't make for a very good song at all, at least, not if you don't want to terrify the scales off of serpents at any rate," Ravana assures Savio. "I'm but a humble sailor of the sea," she claims, all innocence as if she truly believes that. "Washed ashore just in time for this lovely performance, and I'll turn back to foam come dawn." Dramatic. "Are they any good, his songs?" she asks Orland in a bit of a stage whisper. "It's not too late for me to back out if it's going to be an ear-splitter, I hope." She looks to Mabelle, canting her head slightly in thought. "Why did he have two heads, though? I feel like that's not something that comes about in normal, non-scary situations."

Gianna checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Gianna marginally fails.

Eirene is helping herself to more of the excellent wine the Bard's College has to offer. She's relaxed a little seeing as nothing nefarious has crashed the reception but still remains a little guarded.

Standing beside her lovely Marquessa and lord, Maharet is keenly intent upon the veiled woman, though silent as a statue. Observing.

SPEAKING OF FACES. Orland is making an attempt not to spit out his drink, swallowing it hard. He must have choked or something because his eyes water a little. He recovers quickly enough, side eyeing the introductions. When close enough, because he may have side shuffled there, he bows his head toward the introduction, "Duchess Evelynn, what were your thoughts about the show?" In response to Ravana he says with some confidence, "He's absolutely one of the best song writers in this day and age. I mean, they're fun and witty, sometimes they're scathing, sometimes romantic. It depends on his muse, but never will you get ear splinters."

Ryhalt smiles a bit wildly to Mabelle. "Yes, I will. Enjoy the rest of your evening and congratulations again." He saunters his way through the packed hall and laves out the exit.

Orland checks intellect and diplomacy at hard. Orland marginally fails.

"Though we keep saying that, and the winter snow's come soon. So we know what 'soon' implies," Patrizio's teasing Mabelle back. Though the teasing does cease a bit, when he's nodding to Natasha. "Things've been... trying perhaps in Setarco, but I would hope that it would be something pleasant to her as well. Though we say that now, before we see if after such time, she even remembers me." That last /might/ be him trying to lighten the moment once more. The jade eyes, however, do briefly arch an eyebrow to Monique when she's bearing the figure closer, and there's a respectful dip of his head to the one in the veil. "My lady," he says to Monique, and to the figure, "Welcome, my lady."

Cassiopeia smile brightens as she sees Monique, "Lady Greenmarch! What pleasure to see you again," she offers lifting her glass briefly. As Monique brings the veiled woman in their direction, she extends her warm expression as Giorgio makes the introductions. "Duchess, well met," she says with an easy smile. "What did you think about tonight's performance?," she asks conversationally.

Calista captures a glass of something to drink while speaking relatively quietly with her cousin Mabelle. As the Duchess-Consort of Sungreet is presented, the Torean remains in the background for now. If anything, she is happy to observe.

As the minlging continues and Mabelle and Calista are engaged in quiet conversation, something Ravana says makes Mabelle cringe and laugh, "See, the statue is pretty, knowing further about it.. no no, I'll pass. I do have a painting of his family, none of the children have two heads so maybe.. a curse?". She eyes Patrizio then, "Its been almost a year! Lady Greenmarch", her attention span is off the charts, when she turns to Monique, "Lovely to see you all sparkly and with a guest!".

"Did we?" Gianna asks of Gwenna. "That... maybe. But there is currently a project to expand and there's still time to get in on the plans, as Duchess Calista can tell you. It's a wonderful time to spread the civility of music, after all." She turns her attention to Patrizio. "Ah. Prince Patrizio Pravus, yes? I'm glad you made it here. We do try to put on various performances." She touches two fingertips to her lips, the rose Keely gave her held delicately in her hand. "I hope you come again."

Gio's listening to the clavichord - so, attentions are focused that way - and over the din of the conversation, he is starting to look distracted. Hand cupped beneath his chin, eyes hooded, listening to the improvised melody. He idles out the thought, "I am as lost here, Softest Whisper, as I was in the attempt to follow the plot of that lovely production. Thankfully -- I didn't need to understand the context, I still appreciated it."

Calista gives Mabelle a look and on a sigh murmurs something under her breath.

Savio hmmmms as Ravana gives him a little bit of info, amused, brows lofting upwards just slightly. "You might get ear splinters. What is it you do at sea? Fight monsters? Rescue maidens? Outrun storms in dramatic feats of daring?"

"Indeed, and as always, I hope for the best. Perhaps I'll see you there, also, whenever my southern sojourn commences," Natasha offers to Patrizio. Named by the striking Greenmarch redhead, the princess' smile is faint but affable when directed to her. "My lady Minx," she greets, appended after Patrizio's own address, before a steady dark regard settles on the white-veiled figure, and the comely silhouette hinted from behind the gorgeous construction. "My lady Helianthus, a privilege to meet you at last. The last I had a conversation with your husband, he was still looking for a bride. My congratulations."

Gwenna can't help but laugh again and nods to Amari. "Improvising at it's very best," she jokes and then takes another sip from her glass. It is hard not to notice the veiled woman as she and Monique make their way around the gathering. The Redrain wrinkles her lips thoughtfully, as if searching some memory or some such. There's a bit of an 'ah' that forms on her lips, though not with sound to accompany it. There's a quick little nod to herself and then she takes another few sips from her glass. Gianna's voice tugs her attention back and she chuckles a bit. "Maybe? I swear we spoke of something, but the months seem to pass by like years these days, and my memory is dreadful. I would be very interested in seeing if we might be able to do something in Farhaven. You know how Northerners love telling stories of great battles and such. A college to inspire performances of those would be well-received, I think."

"It was excellent." The duchess responds to Orland's query, her head drifting toward the stage area before she follows up, "I do quite enjoy the idea of the duke having two sides. Two consciences if you will. It's an interesting take that I haven't seen in many places. Usually they stick to him being a two-headed monster. You know... if they remember him at all."

The tiniest of flicks of her golden eyes is all that registers on Maharet's unfailingly diplomatic features, her body dipping into a tight curtesy of respect for the veiled woman. "Duchless Helianthus, it is a pleasure to meet you." she offers, lightly touching the side of Giorgio's elbow with her left hand. "And Lady Greenmarch."

To Natasha, the duchess Helianthus glances up. "He's had his heart broken on a few occasions, your highness. He understands the gravity of his calling now." And then to Maharet. "You too..." She trails off waiting for an introduction.

Gianna inclines her head to Gwenna. "The College's first chapter extension was in Cascade Springs," she says. "I'd be more than pleased to add one in Farhaven as well. Are there any Redrain bards in the College you'd trust as a go-between for the project? There's also me. If you trust me." She gives a quick wink.

Savio catches a hint of the conversation over yonder, and his eyes are still on the harp, but he does smile and muse, "I think more of us have two sides and two consciences than is readily admitted to. Even if they only have one head."

Calista lifts her glass then to Gianna and Gwenna when mention of the expansion of the Bard's College comes up. "It will also be a wonderful endeavor for the economy of our cities; It will create more jobs, offer another avenue of education for our people, provide entertainment. All around a very good project."

Patrizio briefly touches his hand to his breastplate before he bows slightly to Gianna at the acknowledgement. "I suspect I'm probably too easily recognized to be anyone else, much as I've had someone present suggest to shave my head," he voices, with just enough of a note of play to his tone that it's /probably/ true, if not honestly meant. Natasha's suggestion of a southern sojourn gets... a slight shake of his head. "I might advise that it's best to tarry a little before heading south," he says quietly, seriously. "Something to be discussed in private." Though he's paying quite the attention to the duchess Helianthus, his voice stilled as he takes another sip from his glass.

Mabelle's eyes turn toward Evelynn when she remarks about Grimthog, "We actually visited their old mansion in our lands during an ancestoral search of our lands. We found some letters and portraits that were taken away to be kept in the new district but it certainly gave us a better view of the man. She then introduces herself to the woman, "Lady Mabelle Laurent".

Eirene sets her empty wineglass on a passing waiter's tray. She stands, brushing her leather long coat into place. "It was fascinating to see the play," she calls to Gianna and Orland. "I've read it, but it's far different when finally performed." With a polite nod to them both, and Mabelle as well, she heads out.

Gianna raises her glass to Eirene when the woman addresses her. "I'm glad you enjoyed. Do come to our next production as well!"

Orland lifts up his shoulder, a bit of pride maybe, his eyes following to the stage and back, and all the people surrounding her with a quirk of a grin, "I think you're the center of the stage now, Duchess. Thank you for coming to watch the show. The Bard College appreciates all fans that support the arts." He nods at the idea of the Duke having a split personality in essence, "Baroness Amari put together a wonderful script to follow." He side glances to Eirene and raises his glass a little, appreciating the supportive feedback.

Mabelle wiggles her fingers to Eirene is she moves to leave.

Monique leans in to say something quietly to the Duchess before turning her gaze outward, measuring and weighing, settling on Maharet. "Maharet Whisper. I don't believe you and I have ever had the pleasure but anyone whom Lord Proscipi speaks highly of is one worth knowing. How did you come to join the Whisper House? Ah, and I see the Softest Whisper over there," she gestures to Cesare for Evelynn's sake. "Another man well worth knowing, Duchess."

"Precious Maharet Whisper, my lady." Maharet adds on, in case her introduction by Giorgio was lost in the crowd.

"Imagine passing having two heads down to your children, it'd be used against you in every argument," Ravana laughs in response to Mabelle before the woman's attention is diverted by sparkly company. "All of the above, naturally," she assures Savio. "Massive monsters, the most resplendant maidens, storms of blood and toe-curling rescue missions of the most heart-wrenching orphans," she adds in a few salient details. "And all done with only one head, that's important. I'd hate to have that added to any future discourse of my person." She passes off her empty wine glass to a passing waiter.

Eirene has left the couch seating.

Carissa, a Southport bodyguard, Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leave, following Eirene.

Quite spontaneously, the mask of Duke Grimthog begins to float across the stage and bobs down to grin at the audience. THIS IS OKAY.

"Precious Maharet was actually quite close and doing wonderful work for the Proscipi prior to us joining the Compact," Giorgio explains to Monique, his eyes roving between Evelynn, Monique, Maharet, and Cassiopeia. "When we joined the Compact, her natural talents were quite well suited to the Whisper House, and we hoped that it would help with our transition to the Compact. Easing the cultural differences that so often prove... problematic when new to the Compact."

Mattheu in mid conversation at the couches with Kiera, Thea, and Keely looks over at the mask of Duke Grimthog and shakes his head in a loud shower of bells. Then shouting across the room, "Who's on the wires?"

Mabelle grins at Ravana, "Children are a nig..", but her eyes are drawn to the floating mask on the stage and then back down to her whiskey, murmuring to Patrizio, "How much have I been drinking?"

"Gio, dear one, should I escort y- oh," Cesare says. "Perhaps I shouldn't have made that joke about Savio taking that mask home with him." He blinks at the grinning spectre, fingers stilling at the keys.

Aspira arrives, following Quenia.

A breath as he's looking to say more, but at Mabelle's words.. Patrizio is very much accustomed to drinking, and discerning while drinking as to what it is that's real and not. The jade eyes watch the mask for a few moments, but then he's setting down his glass and, mindfully, his hand settles on the pommel of his sword. "Not enough to see things," he says with a note of concern.

"Oh, someone call Lady Eirene back right now, she talked this up," Ravana murmurs as her eyes drift toward the not at all okay shennanigans happening on stage. "Is this part of the play, darling?" she asks Mabelle.

Calista looks to her drink and then to the floating mask, grinning at the audience. She looks around to see if anyone else has just witnessed this. She points and says softly to someone -anyone- standing near her. "Did that just.. no? Right?" But it appears others see this.

Gwenna taps at the center of her lips with her right index finger a couple of times before shaking her head. "I can't recall if any of the Bards might be from Redrain, but I trust you completely, of course! You've always been an absolute delight to speak and work with," she says rather sincerely. She then nods a couple of times after Calista speaks. "Truly, Duchess. I am always looking for things that will increase incomes along with providing something the people in and around Farhaven will enjoy. It is not always easy to find projects that can manage both." She lifts her glass for another sip and notices the mask of Duke Grimthog do it's thing. She looks into the glass like maybe it's to blame for this aberration, and then around a bit to see if anyone else might be seeing this.

"No head shaving," Gianna starts to tell Patrizio. "It's bothersome to sw..." she trails off, her gaze flicking upward to the floating mask. "...There are no wires," she murmurs, blinking.

"It's important to keep the old stories alive, and compare those from different regions." Amari adds to the talk of expanding the Bard's College to Farhaven and Tor. "They're sometimes more alike than people are comfortable with, but..." Oh, Grimthog. That's not really part of ths show. Does the mask know it's over? Are masks sentient? "I haven't had a drop of wine, Lady Mabelle." She notes, while pointing at the grinning Grimthog.

"I .. " Maharet starts to say, though when Giorgio speaks up she merely gives him one of her enigmatic smiles and dips her head, content for him to tell the story on her behalf. "I do still do wonderful work." she reminds him with an arched brow, getting in a good teasing wink. "I was once Voice. I am now Whisper. The city is much different than home." she explains to Monique.

Orland hears all the commotion and since he was looking at the stage alongside the Duchess, he sees the floating mask as well. He looks back over toward Savio, "I never took you as a prankster, Savio." His gaze goes back to the floating mask, sip of his drink. It's just a prank. Probably just a prank.

Stepping over towards the gathered group of Proscipi's (one of said groups, at last), Baldessare offers a smile and a nod in agreement to Giorgio's statement as he slips into the conversation. "I do think that it was a masterful job, to be honest." He offers a nod in turn to each of Evelynn, Monique, Marahet, Giorgio, and Cassiopeia, extending a warm smile of greeting to the latter two.

Keely sips quietly from her glass as she sits among a small group, chatting quietly and availing of makeshift fans created from programs. Her dark eyes are pulled across the room, idly lingering on Gianna for a time before carrying on around. Baldessare's arrival has her sitting up just a bit straighter, but that is the reserved princess' only real attempt to garner attention. The floating mask has her nearly jumping out of her skin, and she swiftly looks aside to Mattheu, checking whether this is actually okay.

Kiera has her fixed on her companions at the couch until mattheu turns and shouts "Quite the trick" she remarks with a concerned expression

Late. That's what Quenia is this evening, very, very late. But she'd intended to go all the same and so here she is now. Now that it has turned late November, she's all bundled up in her warm clothes, which she sheds upon arrival, and then goes to find a seat. Quietly so.

Mabelle shakes her head at Ravana and slowly walks toward the stage, "It was not grinning either, right? Grimhog does not grin, he's.. Grimthog". Her steps are slow and calculated once she's noticing she's not alone in this.

Glancing up at the spectacle, the duchess stalls whatever she was going to stay and murmurs something quickly to Monique. "Well, this isn't ... what I anticipated." She nods to a corner of the room near the exit. "I must promenade that-a-way."

Curiosity flares visibly at Patrizio's quiet warning, before she lifts a hand; not prone to physical contact at all, she communicates her appreciation with a brush of her fingertips on his sleeve, briefly, followed by a quick smile and nod of acknowlegment. Curiosity burns along with the gold embers fragmenting her irises, however, before her attention is drawn towards the veiled lady, who offers a personal note that she wasn't aware of. "I hadn't known that about my lord Trevor's history, and I hope that through his marriage to you that he has found succor from the pain that was visited him in the past. May I ask how he fares, these days?"

Gio looks toward the stage. Toward Cesare, who is, staring - and back again. Dryly, he leaves his seat at the clavichord, shakes the curls out of his sleepy eyes - and decides it's more than time to take his leave. "The haze, clearly, and the wine. Excuse me."

To Natasha, she adds. "He was miserable before me. He's still miserable given what the war has wrought." The duchess finishes.

Savio blinks as the head begins to float, and frowns at Ravana. "I'm annoyed my mask is flying, but more annoyed it's stolen my thunder. I'd just finished thinking up lyrics for you. Orland, I'm sorry, I don't know what's amiss with it. A moment?" He gets up from the harp, and toward the now floating mask he was just floating. He is trying to reach up and swat at what must be a string above the thing.

Gio has left the clavichord.

Savio remarks with exasperation, "I was just wearing that. It is not possessed. Or it wasn't a little bit ago. Or I'm possessed." He frowns at the mask. "Stop it! I did credit to you!"

Mattheu looks to Kiera then Keely shaking his head a little in a shrug, he hold a silly smile and takes another sip of his wine, commenting, "See, this is why there needs to be more bells on things. The mask starts moving and it would be jingling so we could keep better eyes on it."

"Don't go back alone! Find someone to walk with!" Cesare calls to Gio, but he's getting up too and following Savio's foolish attempt to grab the floating mask, like, why are you doing this Savio? Of all the times for your two brain cells to tell you to do something foolish -

The head starts to fly across the room, the mask baring flaming white eyes.

Cesare checks composure at hard. Cesare is successful.

Savio notes, "It might be possessed now."

Mabelle checks luck and dodge at normal. Mabelle fails.

Maharet "Savio! I thought you were behaving yourself!" Maharet suddenly calls out, disengaging her arm from Giorgio's with a small pinch. "The staff!" she calls to him, apparently going to treat this flying mask like a damn piƱata.

Keely checks composure at daunting. Keely is successful.

Patrizio lets his gaze shift over to Savio when he's getting huffy with the mask and... well, despite the matter, he does smile for a moment. The smile, though, fades when there's those brilliant eyes, and his hand shifts on his blade. "It might be," he says more seriously to agree with the statement about possession. And then more seriously, "I don't suppose anyone here has /experience/ with possessed things..."

Mabelle ducks when the mask begins flying about and spills her drink over the stage. She also likely stabs her foot on something, "What is ... did someone spike the drinks? This cannot be happening"

Calista checks composure at hard. Calista is successful.

Maharet checks composure at hard. Maharet marginally fails.

Cassiopeia checks composure at hard. Cassiopeia is successful.

Mattheu takes Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest from a simple leather backpack.

Gianna's lips press together as she regards the floating mask. She thrusts her glass down onto the nearest flat surface, the bubbly liquid sloshing over the side, and takes a deep breath.

Mailys checks composure at hard. Mailys is successful.

Orland realizes that it wasn't Savio's prank and he looks over to Savio, and inches over toward his husband, muttering, "Where did you leave it last?"

The faintest sound of distress escapes Keely, and her grip on her glass tightens, but she otherwise sits Very Still and stares at the flying mask with burning eyes.

Mattheu takes Vantuluimea from Rounded and medium sized unimportant chest.

The seated Archlector has been silently listening to the din around him from his seat, but once the mask makes its presence known, Udell's amber eyes look to it as his head curiously cants.

Mattheu wields Vantuluimea.

Monique nods her copper head at whatever the Duchess Helianthus has whispered to her, murmuring something in return. "Be safe, Duchess. It seems like heads are being lost all over the place this evening." Her emerald eyes track the mask with... amusement?

Mattheu checks charm and medium wpn at hard. Mattheu is successful.

With a mutter, Cesare sidesteps out of the mask's way and makes an effort to grab Savio around the waist and yank him away from it as well. "What on - Petrichor's green earth," he says. "Who made the mask? Anyone? Who is it - where is it going?"

Kiera checks composure at hard. Kiera is successful.

"Son of a mother bear." This is apparently a curse, and it is uttered by Gwenna when it seems this is not some stage-hand prank. The Redrain doesn't set her glass down yet, because maybe she's going to need the alcohol that remains it in.

"Understandably so, when his own vassals seem to tenaciously hold onto his father's memory," Natasha observes, though whatever commentary she has to offer on that fades at the floating mask. At first, there is clear skepticism, and for some reason seeks Orland's face in the crowd, given his reputation as a legendary illusionist. With him clearly present among them with Savio, her attention falls back to it with open befuddlement. What in the world?

Calista abandons her drink and tries her best to keep herself together. She's seen things in her life. Flying masks with flaming white eyes, not often. She moves over to those who might be having a harder time keeping cool and offers soothing words. "Come over here to the side with me. Take a breath. It will be okay." Will it though?

Ravana checks composure at hard. Ravana fails.

Savio protests to Orland, trying to chase after the mask, "I just had it on the stage with the stilts and the rest of the props! I did nothing to it, and it didn't behave strangely at all during the whole play, which was -- a fairly long play, you know? It didn't act strangely at all!" Snagged by Cesare, he does stop, but frowns. "Let go, I have to try to catch it. I feel guilty, I wore that!"

At some point, Mailys and her assistant began a conversation that drifted towards some quieter part of the room. The mask, now with flaming white eyes, caught her attention. Her reflex was to look for Ravana, who was obviously trying to lure her back with gestures and hard-staring. A tamper gesture was given to the robed assistant and approached Ravana then. "Part of the play-after?

Cassiopeia about to offer a smile and some words of welcome to Baldessare's approach, when she sees Savio debating with the mask. Or to the mask, rather. Her brows lift upwards and she takes a quick sip of the wine, remaining somewhat calm outwardly. It certainly draws her attention immediately in that direction and she tightens her grip on her wine glass. The young woman takes a step closer to those in her group, as a result.

Someone wearing a beautiful white lace veil takes a u-turn to walk toward Giorgio with a finger pointing upward. "I have an idea I want to run by you some point. Of an event. You should spread it to your Marquessa, my lord." She suggests, before he attention turns to the mask. Then she's making her way to the exit, her retainers looking utterly baffled.

Kiera peers at the flying mask monstosity trying to discern anything she can with normal sense

The mask smashes right by Savio's feet, suddenly, Any glowy effect disappearing right away.

"I told you there's something creepy about a two-headed anything," Ravana notes toward Mabelle, faintly accusatory, despite the mask technically being a single-headed thing at the moment. "Mailys, you see that too, right darling?" she asks when the young Corsetina approaches. "I've not had nearly enough to drink for this."

Mattheu watches the mask come closer and slips his violin out, then standing up, gives the violin a kiss to the darker stain of red upon its body and then beings to play the last song from the musical.

Lifting his browns in surprise, both as the mask begins to fly and then as Evelynn makes her way back, Giorgio glances in her way and seems taken aback. "Truly? An event? I would be most interested to hear more of your idea and pass it along. Can you share more of the details with me?" he asks.

Gianna strides over to Savio, and the mask. She sniffs, peering down at it. "Very rude," she says. "Are you alright?"

Orland meet's Natasha's eyes somehow through the crowd and he shakes his head, as if to say, not me! He watches Savio chase after the mask and finishes up his drink, tossing the cup aside. "I didn't drink enough," he complains to no one in particular, watching as the mask smashes by Savio, "Um. Maybe don't touch that."

Maharet suddenly shifts to her native tongue in order to cuss her brains out and try to find a stick that is able to knock the mask away from Cassiopeia, Giorgio, Savio, Orland, Cesare! Hell she's even trying to make Baldessare find his way back before the mask just.. fall.

Maharet suddenly shifts to her native tongue in order to cuss her brains out and try to find a stick that is able to knock the mask away from Cassiopeia, Giorgio, Savio, Orland, Cesare! Hell she's even trying to make Baldessare find his way back before the mask just.. fall.

So that's a thing. That's a thing that happened. Savio blinks as the mask zips over, and reaches down to pick up the pieces of it as it falls to his feet. Too late with that warning, Orland. To Gianna, he blinks. "I don't understand it at all. But I think so?"

Maharet suddenly shifts to her native tongue in order to cuss her brains out and try to find a stick that is able to knock the mask away from Cassiopeia, Giorgio, Savio, Orland, Cesare! Hell she's even trying to make Baldessare find his way back before the mask just.. falls. "Great tits on the mountain. What happened?"

Mabelle stares hard at the mask and then at Savio, concuring momentarily with Ravana, "Creepy. But everyone's a critic, Maybe he felt you were too kind on his character", she laughs, "Maybe in the next city, growl more"

Patrizio actually jumps when the mask comes smashing to the floor, as if that was the /least/ expected thing it could've done, and... a hiss of his breath, and a look to Orland. "I'm getting the feeling I didn't either," he voices, and removes his hand from his blade, before shaking his head. "Or strong-enough drink. Or both."

Cesare looks at the smashed mask. He looks at Savio. He squints, then bends to pick up the pieces as well, muttering something to Savio as he does.

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Bridget arrives late, but makes up with a gleeful enthusiasm. She applauds happily at flying, glowing masks. "Oh bravo! Do it again!" she chirped childishly, bouncing on her toes.

"Are you really going to put it back on your head, lovely?" Ravana asks Savio when Mabelle mentions the next performance.

Mailys nods in affirmation to Ravana. "I did see it. But-" she mentions as her eyes wander the faces. "No one seems to be unravelling..." She drew out the word with a tone of uncertainty and shrugs her bare shoulders.

Orland cants his head toward Patrizio, smirking, "We should get properly drunk, yeah?" He looks on toward his husband and lets the crowd crush over him, deciding the threat has passed and his gaze back to Patrizio, "What'd you think of the play?" Because this was all normal. NORMAL. Things were fine. Nothing to look at.

Mabelle glances between Ravana and Savio. She then tells Amari, "Well no, its broken. Clearly we need a new one for when it hits the road".

Cassiopeia blinks a few times when the mask shatters at Savio's feet. Squinting briefly, she takes another sip of wine and then catches the Duchess speaking with Giorgio. "An event?," she asks with a quirk of her eyebrows, "did I hear something to that effect?," she wonders, watching the veiled Duchess walk off, and so she is back looking at everyone. "Well...," she murmurs, not sure how to sum up the matter with the mask.

"I feel like I am back home," murmurs Baldessare as he watches the symbol of a dead person fly about in excitedly animated fashion. He glances over towards Cassiopeia, and favors her with a warm smile. "I briefly saw the veiled woman express some interest in an event."

Slipping right back into her flawless Arvani, Maharet clears her throat and dusts off her pants like she didn't just swear and probably push people around to get them to safety. "Rum? Who has the rum?"

Monique covers her mouth with a hand. Coughing. She's just coughing. "Ah, excuse me. Whiskey went down the wrong way. Drink it, don't breathe it," she advises anyone near by, her eyes watering and dancing at the same time. To Giorgio and Cassiopeia, the Minx says, "I'm sure she'll send you a missive about it but that sounds exciting."

Gwenna blinks a few times as things unfold, mostly just watching and either ready to down her glass or bolt. Neither comes to pass and, soon enough, the mask is smashed to the ground. "It may be wise to put those pieces in a chest and lock them away," she suggests. "And maybe have the next mask blessed."

Calista watches the mask fall and break at Savio's feet. She moves towards the man and gives him a look of concern. "Are you alright, My Lord?" She looks back to Mabelle with the same concern in her eyes but clearly won't be sharing any thoughts out loud.

"That was rude." Amari agrees with Gianna as she walks over to peer down at the now smashed mask. "Everyone's alright? I suppose we should be glad his name wasn't Grimthog Eight-Head, or we'd be in a spot of trouble right now. If the wigs and fake beards begin to fly I'll not think less of anyone who leaves. That would be a perfectly valid reason to flee the party in my book."

A breath, but there's - finally - the reappearance of the smile on Patrizio's features, if a bit shakier than it was. "I thought the play was a marvel and a triumph," he says, without hesitation and earnestly. "I would suggest, however, that one reminds the props not to ad-lib once the performance ends."

Mabelle composes herself and notices some new arrivals, "Marquessa Quenia, Prince Baldassare, Princess Pravus, welcome. Good evening, I'm sorry about that", why is she apologizing? She then asks Keely, "Are you quite alright?"

Mattheu finishes the song as the mask shatters and sits back down, holding the violin upon his lap for a moment. "Perhaps a livelier piece next? Something to get the mood back to the party side of things, rather than whatever might have spirited the mask to be a critic?"

"It's just a mask," Savio says firmly, picking up all the pieces near his feet and herding them into his hands, however awkwardly that process goes. "Nothing to be said or done for it. It's just a mask. Throw it away, and the lady Mabelle is right, there will be a new one." A smile is mustered for Calista, "I'm alright. It's just a mask." Keep repeating it Savio!

"Huh... yes. There was something about an event. I will be sure to keep you posted when I learn more," Giorgio says to Cassiopeia, his eyes marking the many people reacting to the flying mask and all of that. "Did you know her before this event, Lady Monique?" he asks of Monique conversationally.

Kiera rises and just looks at mattheu in surprise as he starts playing. She jumps slightly involuntarily as the mask hite the floor but doesn't otherwise move from her spot beside the rivenshari lord

Orland regards Patrizio with a sudden laugh, "I think the props just wanted some recognition too. Or maybe one of the prop teams wanted to do something spectacular at the end. Show offs."

"Yes, collecting it and setting it aside would be best." Gianna claps her hands together and raises her voice. "Ellario? Go bring a chest here. And a dustpan." One of the bardlings scuttles away.

"Let me have the pieces," Cesare says, rising to his feet and extending his hand to Savio after whatever passes between them. "I'll take them to the Shrine of Jayus and have the Archlector bless them and then put them in the pile of items pledged to the Prince of Stories."

Stomping over to Savio, Maharet takes his head between her hands and gives it a motherly pat, twisting it this way and that. "I leave you for a little while.." she frets, her golden eyes locking on Orland. "These tricks hmm? He is getting better."

Gianna arches her brows, looking between Savio and Cesare.

Baldessare inclines his head politely towards Mabelle. "Lady Mabelle Laurent, good evening. I hope that you have been well." He sees her turn her attention towards Keely, and he offers a smile and a nod in greeting towards her as well, before turning his attention back towards the conversation he floats on the periphery of.

Amari gets a small figurine of Duke Jonathan Laurent holding Queensguard from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Mailys gets a small figurine of Duke Jonathan Laurent holding Queensguard from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Savio checks composure at hard. Savio marginally fails.

Baldessare takes a small figurine of Duke Jonathan Laurent holding Queensguard from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

"I am going to..." Keely mumbles faintly and vaguely to those she is seated with, rising with her glass still clutched tightly. She offers a wan, absent smile to Mabelle as she sort of shuffles her way by, through the room and toward the door.

It seems that Quenia has perhaps arrived at some unusual times as she nearly falls into her seat upon seeing the mask floating about and then nearly smashing into the ground a Savio's feet. She turns her attention to Mabelle when she's addressed offering her a warm smile. "Good evening. Sorry I'm late.... uh... someone performing tricks tonight too?" she motions to the area the mask took a dive.

Amari checks 'recovery check' at normal. Amari is successful.

With the mask having fallen and tonight's possibly supernatural festivities drawing to an end, Natasha takes a step back slightly; Patrizio is armed after all, and with no martial skills of her own, the presence of a sword in the Pravosi prince's grip is a welcome sight. But with all of it passing with further incident, she exhales a breath. "That may be a good incentive as any to dispense my goodbyes," she tells him and the collective within his proximity, noting Orland among them. "At least it affords me an opportunity to express my congratulations and admiration for the man of the hour. You were splendid, Lord Amadeo, I'm grateful for the chance to tell you such before parting."

Mabelle squeezes Keely's hand, "Take my guards and my carriage, please", she smiles to the woman and bows her head to Baldassare, "I'm glad you could make it." Mabelle admits to Quenia, "Likely, I did not commission it though".

"Yes, it is. Just a mask, Lord Savio." Calista agrees but sort of keeps her hand out in a protective manner as if to suggest to anyone they shouldn't be touching the shards of 'mask' just yet. "Should perhaps we have the Faith take it from here?" She asks Gianna who seems to have called for a dust pan.

Lifting one neatly manicured fingertip, Ravana notes in response to Mailys, "Yet." She looks on in encouraging pity as Savio attempts to self-soothe. "The next one will better appreciate the promise your singing," she suggests, before ever so gracefully putting some distance between him and herself. "I really should be off, but it was a lovely, lovely performance," she assures, preparing to go.

Orland literally looks like his shoulders puff up a bit as Natasha adds to the recognition of his performance of the night. Everything was normal. NORMAL. "I appreciate you being here tonight, your Highness. It always gives me a great honor to see a friend in attendance." He bows his head a bit, then mutters something to her.

Monique leans over to murmur something to Savio in passing but then her regard returns to his brother. "Not overly well but I think perhaps the dragonweep I sent her for her wedding made us friends rather quickly. I do love the idea of a veil becoming fashionable. Very Eurusi inspired, no?"

A sound passes from Patrizio's lips when Natasha's speaking up. "I think that's definitely my cue to be on my way as well. Not that I don't like lingering over drinks and the like." Once more, he dips his head, in thanks to the hostesses of the evening. "If anyone needs me, I shall be out and about."

Kiera nods to Keely "Goodnight" She offers to the princess. Looking back to mattheu with faint concern

"Interesting," she murmurs to both Baldessare and Giorgio, the last sip of wine goes does the easiest and she places her glass on a passing tray. Favouring those around her with a warm smile, she seems a little rattled but it soon wears off. That said, she doesn't seem to stray to far from the others, and then checks to see if Maharet is nearby and gives her a smile.

Turns out Laurents are quite suspicious and Mabelle concurs with her cousin Calista, "I would not lift it quite yet or with bare hands". Patrizio's departure in met with a smile, "Thank you for coming, Patrizio, it was lovely to see you"

Savio regards Cesare for a long moment, then dumps the pieces into the Softest's hands or arms, however he wants to carry them. "Sure. Jayus. The shrine of Jayus. The Archlector. Sure. Take them, do whatever you want with it, it's just a mask. Take them and give them to the faith." He gives Maharet a kiss on the cheek, musters a smile for Gianna and Monique, and says to all and sundry, "If you'll excuse me for a moment?" A murmur is exchanged with Orland, then he steps away. It's just a mask, it's just a mask!

"I wouldn't have missed it - whenever you appear onstage, the evening becomes infinitely more interesting as if by magic, I'm starting to wonder if it's your own unique brand of sorcery under the guise of clever sleight of hand," Natasha tells Orland with a hint of her good-natured teasing, dipping her head to Patrizio when he declares his own intentions to leave. With Orland's quiet murmuring, she cants her head in his direction, before nodding once and replying in turn, her words lost in the din.

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Gianna nods to Savio; she looks from Cesare to Calista, then nods. "Very well. The Faith." Ellario shows up with a small chest, holding it open and out to receive the mask pieces.

Orland beams at Natasha's words, "If it were, I shall never tell my secrets, your Highness." He looks over toward the commotion with the mask, and hears what Savio says, looking after his husband with a touch of concern but a squeeze of encouragement as he turns back to Natasha.

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"I'm just sorry that I arrived too late to see everything," Quenia says with a sheepish look as she addresses Mabelle.

"Very," Giorgio agrees with Monique regarding the choice of fashion accessory of the Duchess. "I am not overly familiar with her story. Perhaps if she sends a missive it will lead to an opportunity to learn more," he says before looking about to the rest of those still around. "I think I am about partied out for the evening. I may take this as an excuse to head back toward the Pravus Ward."

Cesare receives the pieces - with his bare hands, possibly unwisely, but he does so nonetheless. He looks at the chest as it is presented, and then puts each piece carefully one-by-one inside. "I'd like to take them myself, if you don't mind," he says. "As a Disciple of Jayus, an act of my personal faith, in thanks of the celebration of the arts and talent this evening."

Udell bows his head briefly after the mask's crashing to floor, whispering reverently under his breath. This being done, he rises from his seat, brushing off his cassock as he addresses Mabelle, "My lady, quite a performance and a rather...unconventional party, hm?" He smiles warmly at this.

Gwenna wrinkles her nose a moment. "Anything that flies and glows may no longer be just a mask." Now, though, she does drain the remainder of her drink. "I suppose I should head back to the villa, even though the night is still early. I think the performance is catching up to me. I look forward to hearing from you, Nightingale, about a possible expansion into Farhaven, quite truly! And Duchess Calista, I'll see what Donella's schedule is like and then hopefully we can arrange a get-together." She then takes a moment to bow to her fellow actors. "I am excited for our future performances! And Baroness Amari, Lady Mabelle, my thanks again. It's such an honor and I'm grateful to be a part of this. Even the slightly odd flying mask part." Then the Redrain is tugging a light cloak from her backpack in preparation to brave the trek back to the Redrain ward.

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Monique dips her chin to Giorgio. "Of course, my lord. I hope that the introduction proves fruitful for you." Her lips curve and then her eyes stray to the rest of the room, searching for something or someone.

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Gianna nods to Cesare. "Of course. I'll be sure to check in with Archlector Wylla, too." Ellario passes the small chest to the Softest. Gianna takes a deep breath, glancing up with a narrowed gaze.

Mabelle assures Quenia with a smile that's only a tinge troubled by all that just happened. "I'm sure you will be able to catch it on the road, perhaps in your city or in Artshall". Udell's comment gathers her attention, "Yes, you know how I like to surprise!", she exclaims and lowers her voice to him, "I had nothing to do with it!". Gwenna's departure is met with a hug, "Thank you cousin, for everything. We shall meet soon, you were lovely!"

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Though her eyes follow Savio with worry, because that is all she does, Maharet seems to decide that the emergency has passed and those present are safe, so she give Orland a fond pat and returns to stand by Cassiopeia and Giorgio. "No nudity or weapons and he didn't technically do anything but have a mask on a string! I would say this evening was a rousing success for all involved, yes?"

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"Nor shall I ask of it - unsolved mysteries can be beguiling in their own right, after all." Natasha's smile fades at that, a more serious regard set on the young lord. "Regarding the other matter, I'll do what I can to assist. Just let me know when, and I'll be there." Finally, to Savio, her smile reappearing. "A pleasure, also, to see you after so long, my lord - as usual your latest lyrical offerings to the Scholars don't disappoint. Goodnight, the both of you. I hope that you enjoy your evening." With one last dip of her head, she murmurs softly to Mabelle in parting, before exiting the venue.

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Bowing his head to Monique, Giorgio looks to Cassiopeia and Maharet and murmurs, "I think I am going to take this as my chance to head back to the blissful silence of the manor. It was lovely to spend a bit of time with the both of you tonight." And with that, he makes to head for the exit.

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Cassiopeia gives a little nod to Giorgio and then to Maharet, "I think I might do the same," she says having not found another glass of wine. "It's been a lovely evening!," she says.

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Mabelle waves and smiles as people begin to pour out of the college, "Thank you for coming! Hope you had fun!"

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oFfering a soft laugh, Baldessare nods in agreement with Maharet. "It does certainly appear that way." He glances over towards Cassiopeia and Giorgio, offeirng smiles to both as he watches the crowd begin to dissipate.

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"I'd certainly hope not, someone could have been hurt or worse.", Udell replies to Mabelle, his eyes crinkling as he looks around.

Orland deeply bows his head to Natasha and goes back to wandering the crowd that remains, looking particularly unconcerned with the flying mask, saying in jest to everyone, "It was the prop team with the mask." Reassurances abound, he finds another drink.

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Quenia nods her head a bit to Mabelle. "I might just do that," she remarks before heading back out to return home, presumably.

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Calista offers her goodbyes to those still present. Mabelle gets another little kiss on the cheeks, saying farewell with a few soft words. "This was quite the evening. Aside from floating masks, I am very glad to have been able to come out and support you all." She tells the cast and crew of the play. "I believe I will go home and have a very hot bath and a large glass of wine."

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Mabelle promises Udell, "I never get people hurt, I'm a physician! But I think I got some wine on my dress". She kisses Calista's cheek and makes the usual promise of, "Dinner soon", before she leaves.

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Orland gets Grayson green apple wine from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Gianna crosses her arms, eyeing the door. She makes her way back toward Amari and says something quietly.

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Udell chuckles and nods his head to Mabelle, bowing slightly before making his way to the door, "A far crueler thing, to be sure. I look forward to the next performance, yes?"

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Mabelle realizes something as it dawns on her, "Well before the praises get all up to your head, you were wonderful tonight, all of you. Thank you for the lovely work and the effort put into this", she particularly smiles to the cast, "Orland, you were a very honorable grandfather Jonathan. And Savio, two heads are better than one!". The glass is raised also for Gianna, Amari and Mattheu, "Lovely all around, thank you!"

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Deciding that now that the crowd has drifted down to most the cast, it is time for him to slip away. Baldessare exchanges a few final goodbyes and then heads out into the night.

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Orland finds a bottle of apple wine. He rocks back on his heels as he reads the label, shrugging a shoulder and cracking it open. It'll help with the 'not enough to drink' situation. "They must have used..." he mutters to himself over the trick of the mask, side glancing to Mabelle, hoisting the bottle up as he gives a flourishing bow that rolls his hand and has him tipping over, "You're most welcome and thank you for helping the Baroness in organizing it. I'm honored to have played Jonathan. He and I, there's a strange connection there." He takes a swig of the apple wine, which has him squinting after. WINE. It's not his favorite.

Maharet gets a small figurine of Duke Jonathan Laurent holding Queensguard from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

The mask seems to have taken the party out of Amari, her smile is there but it's more an afterthought than anything genuine. There's a wave for those departing and when Gianna approaaches, she leans in to listen to her and nod. "That's it then. You and I should talk soon."

Amari gets The Thirteeen Sorrows.

Chest in arms, Cesare bows deeply to Mabelle and Amari. "Thank you so much for such a wonderful memorialization of these - relevant - events. Beautifully staged and performed." He glances back at where Savio is brooding in a corner somewhere and then shakes his head slightly. "Be safe." Out he floats.

Maharet floats too, dang it.

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Gianna nods to Amari. "Soon," she agrees, even as the crowd thins. Where did she put her drink, again?

Mabelle chuckles at Orland, "I'll have to hear about it soon. Oh good night Cesare, thank you for coming!"

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Orland stays until most of the fans and cast members have left. He's partying late tonight! At some point, he finally gets to Amari and grins, "That went well, right?" He smiles to her then notes, "I tried to linger, but I have a feeling my Lord Husband needs some care." He glances toward the door, "Thank you again, for everything. I was honored to be in your play."

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Mabelle takes a small figurine of Duke Jonathan Laurent holding Queensguard from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

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