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Duel: Talen vs. Leo

Talen Artiglio, Sword of Lenosia challenges Duke Leo Fidante, Minister of Loyalty to a duel. Watch them fight in regard to the recent betrothal announcement for Grand Duchess Esera Velenosa, Archduchess of Lenosia.


Jan. 10, 2017, 8 p.m.

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Talen Leo


Tristram Dominique Orazio(RIP) Esera Jeremiah Verity Edain Bianca Sylvie Silas Margot(RIP) Inigo(RIP) Alis Cicero(RIP) Leta Runa Gabriel Tobias Lark Rymarr(RIP) Damon Max(RIP) Lydia Bethany Lianne Eirene Larissa Pietro(RIP) Lucio Julea(RIP) Jaenelle Killian(RIP) Agnarr Serafine(RIP) Calandra Jasher Eleyna Niccolo(RIP) Calista Cara Vincere(RIP) Hana Valkieri(RIP) Elonso(RIP)



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

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Comments and Log

The doors to the Velenosa Estate are opened by a pair of guards, and held open till Esera walks through them. The skirts of her gown trail back behind her, in a whorl of sunkissed petals, alight against the white marble. Her dark hair has been braided into a crown, and graced with roses the color of dawn. As she looks out across the crowd, her gaze is bright, a dazzling flame. She takes the time to look from face, to face -- from the faces she knows, to the faces she doesn't, each one picked out amidst the crowd, each gaze held.

Bethany has joined the benches by the fountain.

Where to be, where to be? A familiar face, perhaps? Serafine! Jeremiah knows (of) her. "Knight Serafine!" he greets.

"I've little knowledge of combat--would you be so kind as to let me stand near you while pointing out who's winning, or do you have previous engagements here?" The request is polite and hopeful, and cast rather lowly.

Pariah, The StormCrow have been dismissed.

Pariah, The StormCrow have been dismissed.

Silas moves towards the benches near the fountain. The piked heads are given a slight frown as he passes by, but otherwise his expression remains blissfully neutral.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome arrives, following Cicero.

Serafine grins at Jeremiah and wriggles her fingers in hello, cheerful and amused by the um, event? And looks for a place to settle.

"Ah, Vincere," Valkieri murmurs when his vassal approaches where he stands with Leo and Pietro. "I suppose we ought to find actual seats so Duke Leo can prepare. And Pietro ready himself to swoop in if Talen tries to murder him."

Esera approaches the area set up for the duel, and though she stands just at the edge of it, right there, where blood will be drawn, she does not take a seat for herself, but stands sentinel, silent.

Verity peels free another finger of orange. Instead of eating it she holds it out to the white-robed figure squeezing into the crowd. "Citrus, Father?" Her smile is a juicy one because of the fruit already consumed and her accent is the broad roll of the Oathlands. "It's a hot day, aye? Didn't see any juice vendors. That would be just the thing."

Eirene pulls her flask from her belt and smirks as she drinks; the lady Malvici in her red and black dueling leathers largely apart from the crowds save the other Malvici and the lovely Larissa. She folds her arms over her breasts when done, watching the crowd and trying to put names to faces.

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome have been dismissed.

All furrowed brows and thin, pursed lips... there's Prince Jasher of the Thrax - his long coat wrapped double and looking extra severe in the Lyceum ward. Surrounded by such pretty flowers in this ward, his stark attire marks a storm.

"I received your missive," murmured words as he approaches somebody recognizable: Count Maximilian, his countryman. The prince's eyes turn to the two about to go at eachother with blades. He's silent, and a couple feet away from Max.

Bethany shadows Silas, rather pointedly looking away from heads-on-sticks in favor of sitting down immediately at the benches by the fountain.

The march of sollerets and the rattle of rubicund metal is in part what heralds Talen's arrival. No Velenosa elite guard, no obscene amount of servants, no. The Sword of Lenosia is a commoner and in his midst is only one woman, Sybilla, a nameless and unknown retainer to the Artiglio man of the southern Lyceum states. With a helm to mask his face in the visage of a Lycene diresnake, clawed gauntlets and the fabled Mirror Blade rest at his hip. "Duke Leo of House Fidante!" he calls in a loud, demanding voice.

Orazio looks around, his gaze lingering on the piked heads. He gives a slight nod to himself, then pauses at Verity offers him fruit. He bows to her. "Why, thank you, Mistress...?" He takes the offered orange, with a warm smile. "Your generosity is appreciated."

Pietro rests his hand on the hilt of his blade and looks serious as he stands still and straight for a moment. Then he smiles, and drops back onto his heels. "I was born ready," he assures the others.

Inigo nudges his Aunt, looking pointedly at the flask at her belt.

The march of sollerets and the rattle of rubicund metal is in part what heralds Talen's arrival. No Velenosa elite guard, no obscene amount of servants, no. The Sword of Lenosia is a commoner and in his midst is only one woman, Sybilla, a nameless and unknown retainer to the Artiglio man of the southern Lyceum states. With a helm to mask his face in the visage of a Lycene diresnake, clawed gauntlets and the fabled Mirror Blade rest at his hip. "Duke Leo of House Fidante!" he calls in a loud, demanding voice.

That's enough of an answer for Jeremiah, then--he just loiters near the Knight-Princess and watches the show, hands held behind his back.

Runa shoos away her minor retinue of helpful guards and goes to find a seat near the back. It's near the back, and has some height so her sharp grey eyes can take in things. Plus if she makes a gasp, it won't carry.

Maximilian nods to Jasher from where he sits with the Duchess. "Good. I am curious how mainlanders duel." Says Maximilian to the Prince.

Serafine winks at Jeremiah and looks to the proceedings.

Jaenelle has joined the pathway benches.

Larissa lets out a shrill whistle, cheering on Talen as she enters into the grounds.

Cara arrives a little later than she might like, and it takes some time for her to locate her brother and Vincere among the crowd. She murmurs something to Killian, whom she arrived with, and starts in that direction.

"Verity," she supplies. Another finger (orange, not anatomical) is worked free for herself. The courtesan uses it to wag at the crowds and the silks assembled by the dueling field. "I thought there'd be more trumpets. Or drums. Dueling is best by drums."

Cicero is here too! Moving up to stand next to Runa and lean in to whisper as they watch.

Niccolo looks up at Talen's arrival. His feature are as impassive as ever. Those hands remain clasped behind his back. Slowly, the duke makes his way to approach Talen. He dips his head to his ward, then looks to the gathering, and at the faces there.

Eirene sighs loudly and hands it to Inigo without even looking at him. She is observing the Sword and his severe choice of motif, while her nephew is stealing her scotch.

Sylvie's gaze lifts to Jasher as he approaches, tipping her chin. She sits close to Maximilian, murmuring words, but she is quick enough to greet warmly, "Please, join us. Hopefully the Lycene will not disappoint."

Jaenelle comes from the Velenosa estate, the heads don't seem to give her pause at all. She slips onto one of the many benches as Talen arrives.

Dominique arrives, following Bianca.

Inigo unlatches the flask and takes a swig, wiping his lips with the back of his hand before sealing the container and returning it to her with a grin and a thanks.

Alis sees Eirene over there, and lifts her hand to wave discreetly at her favorite combat medic. She may or may not be trying to mouth some words at the woman from across the way. But it looks something like, 'I have extra if you need it'. You know. If one is paying any attention.

Orazio laughs. "Mistress Verity, then. A pleasure. I am Orazio." He takes a small bite of the orange slice. Very small - this is Lyceum territory, after all, and gestures beside her. "May I join you? And the drums are usually only for duels for the death. This should not be quite so dramatic, I should think."

Killian arrives, perhaps a bit late, but considering the number of people traveling with him it's no surprise. He leans to listen to something Cara says and laughs quietly, angling towards Valkieri and company..though he does stop along the way and eye one of the heads on a pike. "Hey, wait, I remember that guy..I think he's the one that shoved the spear into my shoulder," he remarks with a smirk at the head, before moving to join the assemblage entirely.

Maximilian has joined the garden benches.

Larissa stills when she hears Orazio laugh. He laughs! Who knew...

"Your highness," Lark throws Alis a contained smile before turning her attention towards Talen. His yelling causes her to give a small, barely-noticable flinch. She clasps both small hands demurely in front of her.

Over on the benches, Tobias listens and watches, not interrupting any conversations yet. His eyes go to Talen as he comes in.

Bianca has joined the pathway benches.

235Leo offers a nod to Valkieri and Vincere as they move to find a place, a grin touching his lips at the former's comment, though he is pulled up short from a response as his name is called out. He turns to face the Velenosan sword, studying the Artiglio, "I am here."

Edain leans over and murmurs something to Princess Lark, presumably asking her quietly who her favorte in this fight is.

Bianca arrived in the company of Dominique, the two headed briskly to join their cousin on the Pathway Benches.

Esera, boldly, crosses the line that separates the field of the duel from the benches meant for spectators, and walks out toward where Leo and Talen now meet. She looks between them both.

Eirene has joined the alcove by the archway.

Gabriel looks as stern and stoic as ever in his greys and blacks, arriving from the west. Coal eyes find the severed heads on pikes, which earns a stop and a moment of scrutiny. Before he moves on towards where the duel shall take place, folding his arms behind his back taking position near the fountain.

Eleyna emerges from the Estate to view the spectacle with lifts brows. She glances about for where and who to sit with as she moves very carefully through the crowd.

Valkieri looks over at Talen's entrance and wrinkles his nose briefly. "Come," he says, setting a hand on Vincere's shoulder to steer him -- and then apparently pick up his sister Cara (and her brother-in-law) on the way. He considers the potential seating for all four of them. Hm.

Serafine has joined the alcove by the archway.

Jeremiah has joined the alcove by the archway.

Eirene salutes back at Alis. Bam.

Elonso has been glancing about for a place to sit all this while.. well, since he arrived and when he does note it he begins making his way toward the benches by the garden, inclining his head in polite acknowledgement to those he meet along the way.

Vincere greets Cara with a warmth that's a touch unusual for him. That is, he smiles. Yes. That's it. That's the unusual warmth. His eyes, however, are bright, as he leans toward her to murmur a hello.

Verity takes a larger bite and if she's aware of Orazio's hesitation to sample the fruit she makes no show of it. Instead her gleam of excitement remains even as she goes up on her toes to better see. "Please...yes. Of course you can join me. But only if you don't mind if I keep the Father before the Orazio. This isn't a dramatic duel then? Do you know what it's about? I just followed the crowds."

Leta could almost pass for someone fancy enough to have an in the matter, from a distance, if she kept quiet. She struts quietly through the crowd, a hand on her hip, a hand behind her back, taking in the sights and chewing on her lip as she searches the crowd. If only some people were taller! There. She approaches Serafine's general vicinity.

Elonso has joined the garden benches.

Dominique following after Bianca, she pauses at the alcove by the archway, and then heads to the pathway benches to join her kin.

Lucio stands atop a bench in the shade of the wisteria, frightfully amused by something that Julia has said to him. Their eyes watch the arrival of Talen, lips moving as they speak.

Dominique has joined the pathway benches.

Orazio notes Eleyna's progress. He turns to track her, and - somewhat tentatively - tries to catch her eye. A nibbled slice of orange is waved.

2 Thrax Guards arrives, following Margot.

Leo offers a nod to Valkieri and Vincere as they move to find a place, a grin touching his lips at the former's comment, though he is pulled up short from a response as his name is called out. He turns to face the Velenosan sword, studying the Artiglio, "I am here."

5 Fidante House Guards, Alejandro arrive, following Calista.

Leta has joined the alcove by the archway.

It would have been odd for Lydia to miss a duel, and true to form, the Northern noblewoman is here, but her walk towards the grounds is slower and less exuberant than is typical for her. She allows her eyes to scan the crowds and then finds a place to stand and watch - over by herself for once instead of in the midst of it.

Talen turns his face toward Niccolo and pulls from his head that helmet, revealing what can only be described as a grim expression. "Your grace," he greets the senior Velenosa. "You honour me by being my second this day," he says in formal remark. Passing his helmet to his retainer, the courtesan takes it. Upon her arm coils a Lenosian viper, seemingly unworried by the motions. With Leo's reply, his gaze roams that way and he seems to assess the man for a moment in silence, before Esera steals his focus. He kneels, forearm across his knee, looking up. "Archduchess," he utters, waiting for relief of the stance.

Runa regards Prince Cicero, his presence drawing her attention for a moment. She tilts her head to listen to something imparted to her ear. Her gaze slices back straight ahead to where the duel will commence and she fidgets awkwardly. Her jaw tenses and her shoulders push back, looking anxious.

Margot slip into the crowd and moves through it until she stops at Edain's side. "Is this a normal part of Velenosian courting?" She wonders aloud.

Tristram seems to, in turn, be babbling pleasantly in Edain's ear, admiring the two combatant's style choices for this evening's fight.

Pietro stands directly flanking Leo, looking towards Talen and his second with his eyebrows swept high and a look of sober seriousness on his face that he must be working hard to retain. He cuts a fairly impressive figure in all his fire-splashed black leather, although there's a hint of, you know, maybe he's trying real hard to look serious and Vincere would probably be better at that. "And I stand with him," he says, his dark eyes flicking towards Niccolo as his opposite number at Talen's side. "My lord," he says politely to the other second.

Cara slides her arm through Vincere's and smiles, stretching to see past the masses to watch the coming duel. "This is exciting, isn't it?" She glances at Killian, expression bright and happy. "I hope Duke Leo wins."

Esera leans in, to grace the top of Talen's head with a kiss. It is a lingering kiss, but it is ceremonial. In the light cast from the braziers, she is illuminated, firelit. Shadows dance across her. When she rises, she looks to Leo.

Serafine, standing in the alcove by the archway, takes Eirene's offered flask and knocks back a sip.

Lark pants out a breathy, single-tone laugh to Edain. She leans in to give a quiet response that looks suspiciously as though she is saying, 'Talen.' Lady Margot and Tristram both get dutiful nods of acknowledgment, though perhaps Margot's is a bit more pointed.

Calista arrives perhaps just in time for the duel. A small retinue of guards follow their lady as she makes her way through the throngs of people. The shimmer of gold dust silks skim over the length of flawless bronzed skin as she walks towards a place to sit.

There's a small quick flash of a smile and a nod of his head given Pietro's way as he declares himself, light green eyes moving to the Archduchess as she approaches. "Archduchess," is offered as the Fidante's own greeting, a respectful bow offered.

"Lady Margot. It's lovely to see you." Alis greets, making way for the woman so she can stand right beside Edain to ask her questions unimpeded. "I am personally unsure if this is a common ritual amongsts the Velenosa. But there is a certain degree of romance to it, is there not?"

Eleyna notices Orazio's wave and gives him a smile and a nod in return. There is nothing to suggest anything but her usual reserve in those pale, cold eyes as her gaze sweeps over him. Before she can choose a place, her attention is caught upon the spectacle of it all. She gives Talen and Niccolo a long look, mirrored in the one she favors in the direction of Leo and Pietro. Her expression is curiously intense.

Eirene sees a few more familiar faces in the crowd and raises a black gloved hand to greet them, or simply a lift of the chin. "Day someone fights a duel over my pretty little hand is the day I give up drinking for good," she says with an amused snort, her husky voice low but carrying enough.

"And I. This will be my first time spectating," Jasher tells Max, a small smile of greeting given to Sylvie, aside. His conversation remain for Max, however. "I've always found it an odd way to settle disputes, granted the restraint that must be involved to not skewer your opponent's jugular."

"Do your house proud," Niccolo says to Talen, reaching to put his hand on the young man's shoulder. With that, he remains at his side, flanking him. He looks across to Leo and Pietro and offers a respectful dip of his head to both the duke and his second, eyes lingering on Pietro. "And I stand by my ward, my lord," he echoes the greeting to his fellow second, before bowing his head to Esera as she places that kiss on Talen's head.

"Leta," Jeremiah rather loudly and brightly greets Leta, pleased by the sight of the gaudily-dressed Mercenary. His next words are more quiet.

Edain smiles wanely to Margot and says, "I am afraid I am the last person to ask about Velenosian courting ritual. I have not the foggiest."

"It's an honorable way. If Leo does not feel he can do this on his own?" Says Maximilian... "Then he can hire a champion. No loss of honor. No loss of prestige. Capable men and women, all. IT is also final. Decisive. A duel can stop a blood fued from brewing or from a war from starting."

Killian smiles to Cara, "I have the utmost faith in the Duke..though I did witness his foe in the training center, and he was incredibly skilled.." He glances around, "I rather hope there are healers on hand," he says as he scans the crowd in a worried fashion.

2 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Calandra.

    Julea sits in the shade of the wisteria, talking to Lucio quietly and casually as she follows Talen and Leo. A curious glance sees her looking over Niccolo when he speaks, before her focus is once more on the upcoming duelists.

"Taking champion offers," Agnarr muses dryly, heading over to the alcove to watch.

"Ah, please do," Orazio says to Verity, with an approving nod. "And I believe it is a request that Duke Leo show his prowess with his blade that he might prove a good husband. Personally, I think his prowess with his sword is more the Archduchess' business than the Sword's, but we shall see." His eyes twinkle a bit, although the amusement dies at Eleyna's cool look. A slight sigh, and he eats another bite of orange, before addressing the woman beside him again. "Can you see?"

Agnarr has joined the alcove by the archway.

"And it is an easy way to entertain the rest of us," Sylvie adds to Max's words, tipping her chin in approval.

Esera steps closer to Leo, and takes both his hands in hers. The kiss she gives him is not upon the top of his head, but upon his cheek, and then, because all men need courage, she gives him a kiss upon the lips, too, and it is as fiery as any kiss has been given.

Cicero strolls away from Runa with a smile and heads towards Lydia to give a small bow and quiet words before turning back to watch.

Margot smiles brightly to Alis, "It is so good to see you as well Princess Alis. I was in fact thinking about you this morning, wondering what your thoughts were about last eve. Perhaps we might speak sometime soon?" She nods to Tristram before she considers Edain before her gaze turns back to the gathering. Her head tilts to the prince's to speak quietly to him.

Orazio's remark sends Verity into a peal of laughter as bright and fresh as the fruit she's sharing with him. She has another wedge peeled free of the orange and ready to offer the priest when he's done. But when she looks over she finds him watching something else. That balances amusement with curiosity. "Only a little but it would be rude to ask you to put me on your shoulders." Her grin is meant to cheer the priest away from sighs. The offer of more orange too. Then she's back to standing on her toes to crane a look at the proceedings.

Once the kiss is bestowed, Talen rises with a face almost as impassive as it was. Almost. There's a glint in is eyes, focus on Esera's face and then with some measure of will, he manages to tear it from the southern woman. "Nothing but," he emits in brief to the father figure behind him, a lingering look given to the crowd in measure. "Are you willing to give your life for a chance at wedding the Grand Duchess Esera of House Velenosa, the Archduchess of Lenosia, your grace?" he poses in a weighted question to his opponent. The rules, of course, have been circulated. First blood, they say.

Somewhere in the crowd, Hana blushes when she sees the kiss. The young weaponsmith is clearly a little flustered by how bold someone would be to kiss like /that/ in public.

Inigo stands quiet in the alcove, watching the proceedings with great interest.

That Talen says this while his liege is kissing Leo with passion is probably as bold a statement as any. Yolo!

Edain looks down at the kiss between Esera and Leo, It is certainly not proper to stare at such public PDA.

Calista makes her way towards Esera once she breaks away from the fiery kiss with Leo. "Care for some company, Your Grace?" There's a faint nod of her head towards Leo as he may still be standing near by.

Eirene places her fingers in her mouth and lets out a whistle for the racy bestowed kiss.

Calandra arrives at the duel while adorned in her pale linen dress. Sort dark locks rest over her right shoulder. She glances over the area with great interest, her dark eyes wide and her a pink heat touching her cheeks. The borough songbird seems has the excitement of one who has never been on noble grounds before. Oh, they are kissing too, she looks off that direction, cheeks still warm.

Lark looks away from the kiss as well, eyes flitting briefly to the sky.

Valkieri watches the kiss between Esera and Leo with the general impassivity of someone who has been at many Lycene duels.

"There's certainly an elegance to the formality of it all," Jasher does admit to Max, bobbing his head in agreeance with the sailor. He's silent for a while, his intelligent blues brooding across the crowd. "To draw blades and risk death seems a fair waste, with the chance of death on the part of either. Fists may work just as well."

Orazio grins, briefly, at Verity's response. "It would be awkward at the very least." And he doesn't offer to do so, instead glancing over at the challenge and the kiss. His eyebrows go up. "Ahh, the Lyceum. Always a delight. Have you watched a duel before, Mistress Verity, or is this your first?"

Cicero gives a clap and cheer for the kiss, but there is something of a frown as he looks back to the northern lady next to him.

There's a slow inhalation of breath as Esera approaches, Leo giving her his full attention as she takes his hand in hers. The kiss is unexpected, but certainly not unwelcome, as he breaks out into a wide smile, speaking quietly to her before his gaze steadies on Talen. He takes a small step back from Esera and gives her another bow before responding to Talen, "She will wed me because she wills it. I will duel you because you will it. Both outcomes have been determined."

Pietro started to grin like an idiot at all the smooching pyrotechnics going on just beside him, but he narrows his gaze sharply at Talen's weighted words. He waits for Leo to answer for himself, and then speaks up. "Whether he is ready to die or no, I am willing to make my life the stake to ensure the honor of this duel, as is my duty as Duke Leo's second," he says crisply, his chin lifted very slightly. "If this is taken beyond first blood, my blade will answer."

Standing next to Inigo, Larissa lets out a shrill whistle and another cheer for Talen as blessings are bestowed upon both participants.

Maximilian murmurs to Jasher. "For a kiss like that, I'd fight my way into the deeps and back again. If Leo does not win, the gods are cruel."

"Duels in Chevalle were only exciting after the fighting started," says Verity to Orazio. She has spied the kiss and that laugh of hers rings out again. "This is much better even without trumpets or drums." There's only one finger of orange left. She splits it down the center with a pull of her thumbs and puts half in her mouth. "Not a Lycene duel," she murmurs to the priest around that mouthful while her eyes stay on what she can see of the action. Talking again. Less exciting. "Do the fighters kiss too?"

Eleyna almost smiles at the kiss. At least as much as she ever seems to smile. She folds her hands against her waist to watch.

"He loses a blessing, not a wife, as I've heard," Jasher replies to Maximilian beside him, his voice low and dry, but not quite a whisper. He seems quite nonplussed at the romantic display.

    Catching Verity's words to Orazio, Julea's voice rises enough to carry across to the woman and she offers a hearty reply. "I'm kind of hoping they do, that is what I came to see, after all of course!"

Sylvie laughs at Maximilian's words, her lips curving into a bright smile. She offers both the Prince and the Count equally, lightly, /jokingly/, "If you would like to duel next over me, I could possibly bestow such a kiss on the winner. Every woman should be so flattered to be fought over."

Eirene calls over to Verity, "Only if they're dueling with their cocks." The noblewoman looks unapologetic for her vulgarity.

Alis turns towards Margot to give her a smile of gratitude. "I would very much like that." she agrees, turning back in time to see the rousing display of affection there. Yeowza. And the bold words declared by both men thereafter. It prompts her to lean over to murmur at the Lady Tyde.. just before she snorts laughing at Eirene. Then looks down. Nope, that wasn't her laughing.

"At ease, Lord Pietro," Niccolo replies and unlike some of the other, the father of the Grand Duchess does not look amused by any of it. "The Sword of Lenosia will not violate the rules of the duel, or he will taste my own blade," he remarks, easily and casually, with a side glance to Talen. "Let us not start calling for another duel, before this one is over," he muses in the fellow second's direction.

"No, thank you," Jasher tells Sylvie, his baby blues keeping to the two about to fight. His face is a stoney mask.

MAx glances sidelong at Sylvie - a chuckle in his throat for the commentary she makes in kind.

Orazio chuckles, glancing over at Julea, and then at Eirene. Although he shakes his head, the priest does not look particularly put out by the vulgarity. "I do not believe that is in the terms of the duel," he says, primly. As if he wasn't making a bawdy joke just a moment ago.

Calandra lifts her gaze, looking upon the spiked heads and a shudder runs down her spine. She then looks over to a servant, oh, they are giving out wine! She goes to get a glass, apparently not worrying about poison. A warm smile is given to Larissa who she seems to know at least a little. Her smile is framed by dimples and reaches her dark-bright eyes. She then peeks over to Max, giving him a smile as well.

"How passive," Talen drones with a degree of disappointment in Leo's reply. "Very well, Duke Fidante," he finishes ambigiously. To Pietro, he looks in brief while reaching for his helm. "Noted, brave fellow," he adds with what -seems- to be a smile. It looks alien on the man's face, shadowed by the brazier's flickering flame. To Niccolo he calls, while backing up and moving to the agreed upon distance, "On the mark of our seconds," he says, unfinished words so natural to him he doesn't even bother to follow through. It was exactly this after all how he won his title and role as Sword of Lenosia, a duel. The rest of the communication is left to the appointees.

Margot's expression is entirely neutral taking in the kiss and begining of the duel with out it seeming to make an impression upon her.

Esera steps out of the dueling ring, but stays standing just at the side of it. It's clear she has no intention of sitting. She smiles to Calista, who has joined her, and murmurs something to her.

Talen wields a wicked, sanguine schiavona-style rubicund broadsword with an elaborately wrought basket-hilt.

Verity might be on to Orazio. The look she gives him sidelong hints at it. That smile of hers too. "Maybe once the duel's over?" Her orange stained hand sweeps towards the others who'd called out their support for the plan. "If they want to please the crowds. Keep the commons calm. It might be wise, aye? A deep...deep show of solidarity." Then she's laughing again. And bouncing on her toes because these really weren't the best seats.

Eirene leaves off her bawdy joking and folds her arms over her chest. Time for serious dueling.

Calista takes steps back away from the ring, but stands off to the side with Esera. There's a delicate smile that brushes over the fullness of her lips and the way the braziers hit her face, the emerald of her eyes sparkles with mirth. She quietly murmurs something in reply.

Pietro smiles to Niccolo and dips his head in acknowledgment. "Of course not, my lord," he says. He offers no apology, but explanation: "My debt of honor to the Duke here is not insignificant." He steps forward and calls, "Blades at the ready?" with the tip of his glance toward Niccolo.

Runa steps from foot to foot, making surreptious alterations to her person. Making sure everything is prim and proper. Perhaps a pale echo of how combatants suit up and prepare to do battle, she steels herself to be able to watch.

Lark grows tense, bringing up both hands to cover her mouth.

Leo smiles at Talen, a shrug on offer, "To first blood, Sword of Lenosia." He slips Vigil from its sheathe, lifting it first in salute to Esera and then the Artiglio. The sword then falls into a light ready position, awaiting the call of their seconds.

Leo wields Vigil, a white longsword.

"Now, now. We already have a lovely, romantic tale here. I don't think they wish to star in another one," Orazio says, sounding amused and indulgent. Even so, his expression is becoming more serious as swords are drawn, and he crosses his arms over his chest, sizing up each of the fighters in turn. His nod seems to approve of them both.

Esera takes Calista's hand in hers. It's difficult to say if she offers the younger woman comfort, or takes it from her. Perhaps they share in it equally.

Calista takes Esera's arm lightly in her own to offer the Archduchess her support. "It will be a fascinating duel."

Calandra takes a testing sip of her wine. She looks upon the combatants, seeming concerned and curious at the very same time. Her gaze then travels over to the woman being fought over. Calandra gives her a fascinated study, before shyly or maybe just politely lowering her dark lashes.

"Is that diamondplate?" Verity yelps with delight. "Look at it shine!" No serious here.

Bianca has left the pathway benches.

Bethany blinks - stifling further commentary behind her hand as she shakes her head at Tobias and Silas. She keeps her hands over her mouth to keep herself quiet. After that: silent focus, eyes narrowed.

"Alaricite," Eirene says with a vicious smile. Something mentally makes her crack up. Hard.

Bianca has joined the pathway benches.

Silas cuts his thorough analysis to his benchmates short in favor of focusing on the duelists.

Hana, for her part, glances over at Verity with a bright smile when someone comments on the diamondplate sword.

"Fancy swords," Jasher murmurs sidelong to Max and Sylvie, as the pair of duelists in front of them ready their expensive weapons. The usually quite, reserved prince leans forward to better see the duel. A visible little shimmer of excitement catches in his otherwise stoic face, belaying his entertainment at the violence to come. You can take the Thraxian from the reaving, but you can't take the reaving from the Thraxian, so to speak.

Leta stands just behind Serafine's shoulder, leaning over slightly to comment while her eyes stay on the two contenders, moving only to keep up with the other conversations nearby.

Niccolo meets Pietro's gaze and lifts a brow. He spares a glance at Leo and Talen and there the duke's gaze linger. He holds up a finger to Pietro and walks to Talen, lifting a brow. Rather than check Leo, he checks Talen instead, patting his ward down. There he finds a dagger, studies her and frowns at Talen in what could be disappointment. He takes the dagger away. The duke pats Talen again, ending with a hard pat on the shoulder, dips his head and looks over to Pietro, stepping away from Talen. "They're ready now."

Talen drops a villainous, blood-crimson rubicund stiletto with a warped and twisted leather-bound handgrip.

Niccolo picks up a villainous, blood-crimson rubicund stiletto with a warped and twisted leather-bound handgrip.

"To first blood," Talen echoes with a solemn pledge that, for a moment, might seem more cooperative than anything the man has ever said prior. Too easy. Looking to Niccolo, with a brief glance to Pietro, Talen then unbothers himself with the particulars so he might unsheathe his blade and adopt his combat stance. Southern in style, basket-hilted, he wraps his fingers around its middle with a flex and draws. With his visor down and shadows playing in the grounds thanks to the choice of illumination, even the pale grey-blue eyes are near concealed for all but the closest. "Old habits. Worth a try," he emits to Niccolo with a fluid shrug.

"Fancy battle." Says MAx, murmuring with Sylvie.

Maximilian glances side-eyed at Sylvie, brow lifting.

Eleyna takes but a moment to look away and, somehow finding Sylvie, she moves to seat herself next to the Duchess, offering little more than a nod in greeting before her eyes are on the duelists again. She barely resists a chuckle when she sees the dagger pulled off of Talen, murmuring, "Of course."

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Larissa while she stands arm in arm with the Lord Inigo, a few sidelong glances are given to quietly study Calandra as she stands among the many nobles in the heart of the Lyceum.

Sylvie, honestly, is only watching the duel with half-interest. Her gaze goes more to the seconds than it does the duelists themselves. Maybe if they were shirtless. She doesn't even try to comment on the swords or the fight. It's when Eleyna joins them that her gaze pulls away entirely to greet the woman with a bright smile, "Your highness? Of course?"

Pietro narrows his gaze at Niccolo and Talen. He slants a sidelong look at Leo, and steps closer to him to murmur something very quickly, before he steps back again, lifting both hands as he says, "At your marks, gentlemen."

Leo inflicts minor damage to Talen.

Leo inflicts minor damage to Talen.

    "That Alacite blade is ... " Julea whistles lightly, following it as it cuts through the air, "The workmanship is like nothing else I have seen before." She comments to Lucio, before her words descend down to more of a quieter tone, carrying not far beyond where they share their discussions on the fight.

Lianne has joined the garden benches.

Princess Porkingham, a tiara-wearing mini potbelly piglet arrives, following Natalia.

Inigo watches from the alcove, his eyes locked on the duelists, analyzing their moves and anticipating what he would do were in he in the midst of the combat instead.

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There's a quick nod for his second and then Leo is stepping forward, sword up and moving on the other man. His motions are sharp and efficient, nothing fancy in his swordplay, just the tight and compact movements of form, light green eyes sharply focused on his opponent.

With some measure of annoyance, Valkieri snaps, "It's not /alaricite/."

Natalia has joined the garden benches.

    Julea just levels a long look at Valkieri that becomes more of a squint, but she makes no comment at his snap, her attention brought back to the fight.

Inigo chuckles and shakes his head at the conversation in the alcove. A wide grin splits his lips, amused by his duel spectating companions.

Hana glances over at Valkieri, then nods once. "I couldn't work alaricite yet when I made Vigil," she notes towards the Gemecittan duke.

Bianca has joined the pathway benches.

Talen's motions are prompt, quick and vicious. Like the namesake of the pelts his armour is fashioned from and helm is forged akin to, it looks as though he's aiming to adopt a style that's fluid and sudden. The snake of his blade in the air weaves, lashing. On two marks he's touches, rubicund and exotic pelt armour rented by diamondplate metal. "The Archdchess deserves naught but a man with a sharp mind and swordhand, if you're he, you will wed her with my blessing. You must be willing to die. You must be willing to do everything your body and brain tells you to avoid. It is a sacrifice as much as it is a privilege. If you're not worthy, you will perish. Defeating me is only one step, a pledge. The rest... the rest will be its own challenge. Are you ready, your grace?"

Natalia has left the garden benches.

Natalia has joined the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Leo inflicts moderate damage to Talen.

"That's it?!" Bethany blurts out out, just loud enough.

Serafine bursts out laughing.

Margot looks sideways to Alis and grins just a little. "I would too."

Silas simply snorts.

Esera draws a swift breath. Her eyes are wide. She looks frozen in that moment.

Once the duel begins, Niccolo remains at the edge of the fighting area, his eyes on both combatants. His hands have clasped behind his back, and those dark brown eyes follow the fight with curiosity. There's a lift of his brow as the trading of blows.

Calandra has her wine and she goes to join the garden benches. Once seated her attention is quick to to turn to the fight.

Calandra has joined the garden benches.

Leo holds his blade before him, eyes intent upon Talen. A quick step forward and he is swinging his sword in a tight arc for Talen before he transitions into a sharp thrust, taking a step back as he looks to the other man, "I will be her partner, not her Sword. I will die for her because she would for me. I will fight for her because she would fight for me. We will face whatever comes. Together."

It is impossible to say that Pietro watches the duel with patience, unless your definition of patience includes 'vibrating in place'. His restraint is a little ill-practiced. But his focus on the movements and the fighting is clear.

Calista gives Esera's arm a tender squeeze. The young Fidante watches the duel from the sidelines, eyes focused upon her brother but otherwise is the epitome of composure.

Sir Rymarr approaches the gathering, though makes an effort to retain some distance. A hand lifts to idly stroke gloved fingers over bloom of wisteria hanging from a trellis at his side. Soon his helmet turns aside to regard the duel being conducted, though the King's Own First Captain seems to attempt to maintain as low a profile as he may in order to observe the dispute.

    Julea lets out a sharp whistle as that blade preforms a sharp thrust, and she finds herself on her edge of the seat, heels tucking under it, and the brim of her tricorn hat drawn up to ensure she has a clear view. Well, as much as she can given her location. She finds her head frequently tipping to the side as she tries to get a good angle.

Verity laughs out loud and that lifts her quieter conversation with Orazio out of a whisper, into the public ear. "You owe me a wager then, Father. Maybe at the next duel." She continues tilting and twisting to keep her eyes on the flurry of swordblows.

Calandra looks upon Leo as he speaks, smiling this wistful smile. She then peeks over to Esera, as if finding the whole duel very romantic.

Larissa perhaps gets just a touch teary eyed at the declaration of Leo, though she will insist that there is only a bit of dust in her eyes. She takes only a moment to dab at her eyes before she turns to Eirene with a grin and pays up.

Maximilian whistles then - coming to his feet - not a whistle for attention, but a cheer for the victor. Totally uncouth in these fine Lycinian grounds.

Talen checked composure + etiquette against difficulty 20, resulting in 19, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Orazio snorts. "Mistress Verity, it is not wise to place a wager with a man who listens for the voices of the gods. They may decide to interfere." He sounds amused, still, and gives a nod of admiration to the fighter. "Gloria has spoken. And apparently she approves of the match."

Calandra lifts her dark lashes, smiling up toward Max as he stands to cheer.

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An angle of a head, Leo's words are undoubtedly listened to, much like the swing of his sword is watched. The clash of sword aside is given but it doesn't prevent the angle of the blade to cut through leather, diamondplate through snakeskin a sight few will see. The hiss, it's heard, even through the visor. A grit of teeth, a turn of hip and then a growl of frustration as Talen backs up and relinquishes the metal lodged in flesh. In the moments that follow, Talen looks to Pietro for confirmation, Niccolo second, an expected behaviour for an agreed determination of the bout. "Together," he says to Leo, sword dropped in a clear understanding of yield, hand only briefly resting on the pommel of the Velenosa's heirloom in a pledge.
After a moment, the threat made-- he steps closer, closer still, unarmed (thanks Niccolo!) and removes his chain from his arm. It's held, offered, wordless to Leo. It winks with a fox sigil in firelight.

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Talen drops a chain of amethyst and black gold.

    Julea pushes up, coming to a stand atop of her bench to give herself some height and hopefully get a better view of the two duelists in question, though her eyes are on Talen primarily as he speaks that single word.

Talen drops a wicked, sanguine schiavona-style rubicund broadsword with an elaborately wrought basket-hilt.

Inigo stands with eyes locked on the swordplay, narrowing those deep blue pools as he watches the flashing blades move about seeking flesh. His lips pull into a thin line as the duel is suddenly and decisively over. He makes a clicking noise with his tongue and leans back into the alcove to speak to those assembled, shaking his head lightly.

Pietro gives Talen a grave nod. His tension does not entirely go out of his lean frame as he watches, a cinch of uncertainty to his brow as Talen steps forward, but he stays where he is. The yield is clear enough.

Lark perhaps goes a bit misty eyed watching the scene unfold, herself. She ducks down to covertly knuckle gently under one eye before looking back to the scene.

Bianca has joined the pathway benches.

"Then Gloria approved of me and my wager this time, didn't she? Maybe she'll side with you next time," Verity says to Orazio. She tosses her head to send a wave of her black hair over her shoulder and steps over the litter of orange peels (she's) left on the ground. "Now kiss!" she cries out.

Natalia has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

The dim lighting of the vicinty bounds from the polished plate of the King's Own, making him a noticably beacon of reflected light within the gloom where he resides near a trellis. The Crownsworn knight's gloved hand continues to idly brush across the blossomed petals of a sheathe of wisteria, before it finally moves to reside at his side. When it finds the blade which rests high at his right side, his hand moves to rest atop the pommel. Overall he attempts to keep a relatively low profile, present only to observe and not interrupt.

Calandra smiles as the duel comes to an end, her dimples appearing. Her gaze does flick briefly to Talen. She seems a little concerned, but that fades quickly. "Oh, Kiss!" She says, joining in with Verity's cry.

Cicero frowns slightly to Lydia, but as the fight end he steps away to move towards the edge to the crowd to watch what happens next.

Alis claps politely for the victor, and gives Lady Margot a last quick smile before she ducks away through the crowd.

Esera steps back out onto the dueling field. Each step is light, caught up in swirling skirts. Her expression is carved marble, a statue's mask, revealing nothing. "Gloria has decided," she says, her voice resonant. It rises above the conversation in the benches. "The will of the gods is known." She stands in stillness, tall and straight, a ruler crowned in roses.

Leo studies Talen as he falls back and drops his sword, his own lowering as the other man approaches, gaze moving from the pommel of that sword to the chain now held in front of him. He lifts a gauntlet clad hand to accept the offered piece, gripping it lightly and studying it a moment before saying, sincerely, "Well fought. I hope you come to find me worthy. In time."

Leo picks up a chain of amethyst and black gold.

Runa is ready to chew through one of the benches, observing the movements. It's so dreadfully exciting, and her throat feels ever more constricted. When more people get to their feet, she moves forward a little, leaning to the side. It's difficult not to try and soak in the reactions of everyone, not just Leo and Talen. Sensory overload. Caught up in the moment.

Maximilian comments... "It was a very good bout. I was actually quite impressed with Fidante's bladesmanship. I did not expect it... though given his history, I should have." Says max, sitting back down with the other Lycinians. "Exciting!"

Lydia turns her head to watch Cicero go, there's a wistful sigh and then she motions to a messenger, whispering to him before setting off.

"Well fought, Duke Leo," Valkieri raises his voice to say after watching the interaction of Talen's yield sharply.

"Nicely done by all," agrees Sylvie to Maximilian, quieting only as her liege speaks. Her gaze lingers on Talen, tipping a chin in a gesture that likely will go overlooked in the gathered crowd with a soft smile.

The moment is somewhat bittersweet for Calista who watches from the sidelines with pride. The exchange between Talen and Leo is no small feat. Her attention slips to Esera as she speaks then glances back between Talen and her brother.

Larissa lets out a last shrill whistle, cheering into the crowd

Margot waves to Alis and then looks up to Edain, her hand reaching to rest on his arm lightly. "Well then I shall get to writing. Be well."

Squee, the Flying Squirrel arrives, delivering a message to Lydia before departing.

"Praise Gloria, and the courage of those who fight for honor and for love," Orazio calls out as the duel is formally decided. He quiets to give Verity a look, and shakes his head. "I think you are somewhat overstating Gloria's will in this matter, Mistress Verity. But thank you for the company during the duel." He offers her a nod.

"An honorable fight," Jasher murmurs from where he stands beside the sitting forms of Max and Sylvie. He shifts from right to left on the balls of his feet, indicating some restlessness. Maybe he would have wanted it otherwise of honourable -- but nothing of the sort passes on his face. Composed as ever, that prince. He turns away from the crowd, as all the talk of 'kissing' goes up into the air.

"All this for a blessing of marriage?" He asks sidelong, of Max.

Cara is overheard praising Leo.

2 Thrax Guards leaves, following Margot.

Eleyna sits on the garden bench in utter silence, her face an expressionless mask as she watches the end of the fight and the yield.

Damon is overheard praising Talen for: For decorum and honor, even in the face of defeat.

Maximilian glances at Jasher. "You would not fight to make sure the man who marries your sister is worthy?" He inquires. "I would. If someone came for Nekarris? Damn right I'd make sure they wern't a fooken pansie."

Damon is overheard praising Leo for: A well earned victory.

The duel of martial skill passed, Sir Rymarr spends a moment observing both Leo and Talen. The exchange between them, however unheard it may go from a distance, is watched with rapt attention by the King's Own First Captain. The helmet of the knight noticably shifts, as though making a vain attempt to turn his head in order to hear the words exchanged between both Talen and Leo. Though a slow shake of the helmed head may give some indication of whether or not such an effort proved successful.

Niccolo watches everything develop with a face that betrays little. He lifts his head as Talen yields and at his ward's gesture. Once Leo has accepted the chain, the Velenosa duke finally steps forward and comes to stand right behind Talen. He reaches, to put a hand on Talen's shoulder, while his dark brown eyes meet Leo's. A faint smile touches the lips of the Velenosa patriarch. "Well fought indeed," he agrees, dipping his head to the other duke and a similar gesture offered to Pietro.

Hana is overheard praising Leo for: Oh, gosh! Such a fight!

The helmeted head nods, once, simple. With a long stare (presumably) he then turns aboutface and walks in the direction of Esera's position. To her he speaks, low and quiet before giving a glance toward Calista as well. Then, after a moment he backs up, then calls to the crowd. "The Grand Duchess Esera of House Velenosa, Archduchess of Lenosia is to be married. Look upon the man to become Archduke Leo of House Velenosa and applaud or leave. You are on Velenosa grounds!"

Valkieri is overheard praising Leo for: A truly honorable victory.

Silas shrugs ruefully at his sister and Tobias and stands from his seat on the bench. "It was certainly something," he muses quietly on his way out of the grounds.

Runa is overheard praising Leo for: A stirring display.

Vincere is overheard praising Leo.

Hana applauds enthusiastically. It's probably not even because Talen just threatened her.

Orazio is overheard praising Leo for: Well fought and well kissed!

Serafine is overheard praising Talen for: So very Velenosan.

"Overstating is my bread and butter, Father. You should hear my compliments." Verity awareds the priest a deep smile and reaches out to touch a fold of his sleeve. Just a little touch, just a light one. Impertinent. "Thank you too. Enjoy the heat, Father Orazio," she bids him before sliding into the crowds to escape the crush.

Maximilian is overheard praising Leo for: A hard man with sharp blade. I wouldn't mess with him.

Pietro bows to Niccolo, and smiles slightly as he straightens. "I'm glad that our services were not required to settle these between men of honor, my lord," he says, and steps forward to slap Leo lightly on the shoulder with a casual assumptiveness that is, in itself, not very dignified. "Well fought," he says, and his smile lingers as he nods to Talen. "Good call. Look at that, some of them are leaving," he says.

Lark is overheard praising Leo.

Lark is overheard praising Talen.

Bianca rose to her feet, glancing down to the fellow Wyrmguards first. "I'm finding the crowd and sound a little overwhelming. If you all will excuse me." She bowed her head to Jaenelle, "Again a pleasure to make your acquaintance, your highness."

Lifting his chin towards the Grand Duchess, Jeremiah observes her for a few moments, then looks questioningly towards Talen. He subduedly joins in on the applause.

Lianne is among those applauding, her smile easy, even if she's murmuring to her cousin all the while. Her eyes are where they ought to be, on the ceremony drawing to its conclusion.

Larissa laughs at Talens words and begins applauding whole heartedly

Damon has left the pathway benches.

Niccolo is overheard praising Talen.

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Eleyna is overheard praising Leo.

e "I've no sister, I couldn't say," Jasher tells Maximilian listlessly. He applauds, lightly. By the Abyss, even his applause is reserved!

Niccolo is overheard praising Leo.

Larissa is overheard praising Talen for: A Noble Sword

Sylvie does clap, but she also rises from the bench with only a murmur to Maximilian and then to Eleyna. She slides one last look over those in the dueling ring, before she disappears into the crowd and away.

Eleyna is overheard praising Talen.

Jaenelle watches her sister in law as she moves across the field, laughing lightly as she states, "I clearly married the wrong Velenosa." As she stands, she nods towards Damin, "of course." then to Bianca, "you as well."

Serafine is overheard praising Leo for: Well done!

Vincere is overheard praising Talen.

Tristram laughs pleasantly at Talen's command, but applauds Leo enthusiastically anyway, calling out: "A better man to have at your back and ordering folk to cheer, than to be leading your enemies against you, to be sure!"

Tristram is overheard praising Talen.

Tristram is overheard praising Leo.

Calista is overheard praising Leo.

Larissa is overheard praising Leo for: A worthy adversary

Agnarr has left the alcove by the archway.

Calista is overheard praising Talen.

Cicero golf claps.

Damon moves towards Edain, looking over his shoulder a bit as he approaches, "Your Grace. You wanted to speak."

Orazio is overheard praising Talen.

Sasha, a smoke-gray mountain lion have been dismissed.

The alcove was lively with quipping, but Leta's eyes stay on the fight through to its conclusion and denouement. She winces slightly and frowns a while, albeit more thoughtful than displeased, as she tries to locate the central characters through the crowd. Eventually, she straightens and applauds in a good handful of solid, sound claps.

Bethany is up and applauding - look, cheering - nosily. Then, she promptly hops from the bench and falls in step beside Silas, "It could have gone so many ways, brother. It ended quite nicely, almost romantic."

Sylvie has left the garden benches.

Orazio offers applause as Verity slips away. Then he starts moving. Not, as it happens, towards the exit, but instead moving towards the garden benches and those sitting there.

Inigo lifts his hands to applaud the victor, cheering the man's success.

Bethany has left the benches by the fountain.

Leo is overheard praising Talen for: A true Sword to Velenosa and well fought.

Dominique looks a tad overwhelmed herself. A lot of cheering and roaring. She excuses herself swiftly. She steps out by herself after having a short chat with those seated with her.

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Esera is overheard praising Talen for: My Sword. My Brother.

    Julea remains on her feet atop the bench, and like so many others, she brings her hands together in a clap. She hops down after and adjusts the fit of her hat on her head, pulling the corner down over her brow.

Bianca has left the pathway benches.

Lark claps like... twice, says her farewells, and leaves.

Maximilian slips out nodding to Jasher.

Calista takes a step back to look Talen over while quiet words are shared. Her grin is dark but ever playful.

Maximilian has left the garden benches.

Gabriel applauds, a short lived but resounding thing. A bow of his head then before he slowly begins to move back to depart the grounds.

Pietro is overheard praising Leo for: Cleanly, honorably and romantically fought! I am proud to stand with him.

Pietro is overheard praising Talen for: Anyone can be honorable in victory. It's men of honor who can show grace under other circumstances.

Julea has left the shadowy corner of the gardens.

Larissa gives Inigo's arm a squeeze and reaches up to kiss his cheek, murmuring something quietly in his ear as she does so before she moves over near the benches to approach Calandra with a smile "Mistress Calandra, what did you think of the duel?

Leo resheathes his sword, is offhand still lightly clasped about the chain given him by Talen. He gives the Sword a bow as he moves to speak with Esera and then depart, another offered to Niccolo and Pietro, "Thank you." He turns a final bow on those that have gathered, holding it a moment before straightening.

"I didn't expect them to be," Niccolo offers to Pietro, looking a little amused. He watches as some leave the grounds and chuckles once. "He has that effect on people," he says to the ward. Then he reaches for the dagger that he took from the Sword earlier, and after wiping it clean with a piece of cloth, hands it over to his ward. Like a father returning a favorite toy.

pose responds to Calista and Esera in brief, how close they are. After a moment he steps back, turns and looks to Sybilla. "Bring the sword." To Niccolo, he calls, "and the fucking dagger." Then he's into the estate, beyond wisteria and piked heads.

Talen responds to Calista and Esera in brief, how close they are. After a moment he steps back, turns and looks to Sybilla. "Bring the sword." To Niccolo, he calls, "and the fucking dagger." Then he's into the estate, beyond wisteria and piked heads.

Bianca seemed intent on departure only to redirect herself shortly after noting Legate Orazio. She shifted her pace to move toward the Garden Benches as well, though remained a polite distance for the time being.

Hana continues to applaud as she leaves. See, look! Supportive!

"No, me either," Pietro acknowledges with the wide flash of an easy grin. As the others start to disperse, he -- predictably -- looks around the crowd to find the rest of his family. Look, everyone! He didn't fight anybody!

Esera is overheard praising Leo for: My hand, and my heart, are yours.

Sir Rymarr maintains his position near the trellis. Leo's final bow is finally met by some manner of cheer from the knight of the King's Own, the sound of an armored fist which beats lightly against a breastplate. The sound rings out only thrice before the armored fist drops again to his side, only to return a gloved hand to the blade which resides at his right side. He watches on for a moment longer, shifting ever so slightly as though preparing to turn from the trellis and the wisteria, to disappear into the night. Like the King's Own nocturnal crime fighter.

Eleyna lifts her eyes as the others who were sitting with her depart and others move to join. She offers a nod and a faint smile to Orazio, murmuring, "What did you think, Father Orazio?"

Jaenelle has left the pathway benches.

Valkieri offers several emphatic claps, watching Talen leave with a snort. He strides forwards to the champions to set a hand on Leo's armored shoulder. "Well-fought," he tells the duke, his voice firm. "I'm glad you took my suggestion to heart."

After Leo has bowed to the crowd, Esera bows to him. It is not a low bow, not deferential. But she catches his gaze, and hers is rich with promise, a silent moment shared between them.

Orazio offers a deep bow to Eleyna. "Both fighters were skilled and sincere, which is what I expect from the Lyceum. I trust the outcome pleased the Grand Duchess, and it does put a good omen on the upcoming marriage, so I think we can say that it was quite successful on all fronts." He smiles. "And what about you, my lady? What were your thoughts on it?"

Planchet the Lycene maggiordome leaves, following Cicero.

Sybilla, the Lenosian courtesan, Hiss, the Lenosian viper arrive, following Talen.

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