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Clement-Mazetti After Party

After a nice private ceremony Lady Adalyn Clement and Lord Vitalis Mazetti are married and Vitalis gets to swap out his name. A party in the Bee Garden in the solace of winter promises a good time for all. (As long as you leave the sleeping bees alone.)


May 9, 2020, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Norwood Adalyn Cambria Vitalis


Cristoph Kael Adrienne Cassandra Apollo Amari Rowenova Tyren Teagan Alessia Cerys Strozza Thea Theron Dianna Orelia Braith Reigna Rane Sydney


Clement Keaton Laurent Lyonesse Mazetti Moore


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Clement House - Beehive Garden

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Comments and Log

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 3 House Mazetti Guardians arrive, following Theron.

Garibaldi, the Lycene swordbearer, 3 House Mazetti Guardians leave, following Theron.

It's time for the PARTY after the ceremony! Both Adalyn and Vitalis have slipped away for now, leaving Norwood to be the Hostus with the Mostess here. He wanders about welcoming guests as they come in, and directing them to food, and giving brief warnings about the bees being harmless and just wanting to party like everyone else.

Basically, he's being stiff and awkward.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, 1 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Dianna.

Scratchers the red-tailed hawk, Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes arrive, following Thea.

Oh, look! It's a wedding. Between a young woman that Cristoph has known since she was essentially a child and Vitalis who he has met occasionally and has no objections to. As the party gets underway, the Duke of Artshall strolls around talking about Lady Adalyn and Lord Vitalis and saying lots of nice things, as one does at weddings. He absolutely does /not/ have five horses following him, that is an illusion.

Orelia gets a knobbier brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

An awkward and stiff Norwood? Surely this means that Kael (who has showed up solo for this event, at least for now) is going to have to intervene. "Congratulations to the father of the bride!" rumbles the Keaton Marquis, his voice far louder than it should be, this likely due to the fact that he's greeting him from several paces back. He's also giving the other man a lopsided grin. By the time Kael reaches Norwood though he offers a very solid clasp of his upper arm in what might be a ruefully sympathetic display.

Already arrived, Adrienne speaks with a young servant in Clement colors, a glass of water cradled in her hands. The gardens are a source of interest to her and she has no objections to commandeering the poor man to satisfy her curiosity. Princess privilege.

Because Norwood is such close friends of the family, he may of gotten a Legate to officiate the ceremony earlier. And the Sword of the Faith, Cassandra Laurent, may be a sucker for his requests. Whether or not that bit is true, she's still here to see the couple off, for once not in her trademark steelsilk and rubicund. Not very often she can pull her hair out of her coiled braid, so this is just as good a reason, passing through the doors, giving a warm smile to the Baron. "Sir Norwood, thank you for allowing me to give my well wishes to your family."

There is not a chance that Apollo Oakwood would be late for this sort of event; not this sort, not this one in particular. He has a little help with that this time, as he arrives with one half of the newlyweds. Talking quietly but easily, he pauses, catching Lord Vitalis' arm - then reaches to brush a bit of springtime tree nonsense off the shoulder of his golden frockcoat. That done, he smiles, and toward the party they go. The scale of the reception and the riot of the garden in spring seem to slow his feet as they enter, and then he smiles again, like it's lovely enough to have slipped inside his mood.

Amari strolls in shortly after Kael, and decides to stick close to Norwood, as if somehow hoping her presence there, smiling, will help him look less awkward. She's polite like that. "How exciting." She idly enthuses. "You must be so proud, Uncle Norwood." She regards Kael a moment, wrinkles her nose at him briefly and then dips her head to Cassandra.

Walking straight from Halfshav Hall, Rowenova may still have blood stains upon her masculine/militaryesque dress, but no matter! She shows up with Sir Flop, doing so at the right time to be unfashionably prompt with a bright smile under the muzzle shadow of her wolfy headdress.

Adalyn steps into the garden from the direction of the Clement house. She has changed into her reception gown, a seasilk garment of beautiful dreamy tones, and her hair has been swept up into a fancy updo. Careful footsteps lead her into the garden and the party that awaits, her usual exuberant movements tempered by her care with the dress. As her gaze sweeps over the gathering, her lips curbe into a warm smile.

There is not a chance that Apollo Oakwood would be late for this sort of event; not this sort, not this one in particular. He has a little help with that this time, as he arrives with one half of the newlyweds. Talking quietly but easily, he pauses, catching Lord Vitalis' arm - then reaches to brush a bit of springtime tree nonsense off the shoulder of his golden frockcoat. That done, he smiles, and toward the party they go. The scale of the reception and the riot of the garden in spring seem to slow his feet as they enter, and then he smiles again, like it's lovely enough to have slipped inside his mood.

Tyren comes strolling in from the direction of the Laurent Manor, baby Nora tucked at his hip. There's probably a nanny trailing after him, but he seems quite confident with his little date. "Baron Norwood," he says in a solemn voice, inclining his head in greeting, before he finds somewhere to stand over by Cristoph when the bride comes in.

Unlike the last wedding she attended, Teagan does not arrive to this one with a direhorn in tow. Probably because it'd be unkind to the garden, but also because she's not as familiar with the couple. She actually knows Norwood better than she does Adalyn. The Blackram Marquessa's presence is more in solidarity with a fellow Oathland house than anything else. As such, she's more -present- and somewhere in the gardens than crowding around much. There's food, right? Food is good.

Strozza takes sunrise over forever scarves.

Striding in, mood brightened by the spring's warmth, Alessia lifts one of the complementary scarves as she ventures further into the garden. Wrapping it around herself, she waggles her fingers at the fellow party guests before making her way to her cousin and his new wife. "Vi, Adalyn." She beams, giving them a hug in turn. Then she notes the duke. "My lord, it's lovely to see you."

Tyren gets sunrise over forever scarves.

Dianna takes sunrise over forever scarves.

Teagan has joined the buzzing beehives.

Cerys may seem like a rather odd duck at the reception, she doesn't seem to be acquainted with either bride or groom! Instead, she heads for Norwood, offering him a bow and murmuring something to him softly before smiling faintly and stepping aside. That said, she doesn't seem to be in any hurry to leave, either, letting her eyes wander through the room to see who all is about and if there are any familiar faces. Kael is decidedly not familiar, but receives a respectful nod regardless, "Good evening." Then Cassandra catches her eye and she steps in a bit closer to the Legate, "Hello.. Legate Cassandra? I am quite glad to meet you. I was actually planning to stop by the shrine tomorrow so this is quite fortuitous. I was hoping we could speak sometime when you have a few moments to spare." Because that impromptu meeting in the Spirits the other night was NOT the right time, clearly.

Orelia gets sunrise over forever scarves.

Cerys takes sunrise over forever scarves.

Norwood manages a strangled smile at Kael. "I never thought that Adalyn would settle down - let alone be a pawn in a political game - I can't decide if her mother would have killed me or been proud." Cassandra gets his attention next and he bows to the Legate, a grateful smile. "I cannot thank you enough for officiating Legate Cassandra - it means to world to me, and I know to them also. Amari. Yes, of course. But next you know there will be children and poor Eadric will have to fight for attention." Tyren and Teagan likewise get attention as they greet the Baron.

Strozza says, "Mao""

Strozza says, "Quiet you" stated to the larger of the gray cats with them."

Strozza says, "Meiw?""

Strozza says, "Why is Night giving me lip now?""

Spring has sprung and Thea is dressed for the occassion, complete with a shiny hat on her head. Seemed fitting really. She steps inside with a slight smile on her lips as she bows her head, finding Vitalis first,"Congratulations." She stays to talk to for a bit before seeing Alessia and Rowenova, stepping away, because she's sure he'll be busy and such.

Adrienne gets a super knobby brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Apollo takes a misshapen brown and green thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Cerys takes a knobby green-shot brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Thea takes sunrise over forever scarves.

Alessia gets a really knobby brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

How did he get in here? How did he get Orelia in here? How are two cats and Kuhlai here as well without anyone seeing!?? Strozza has one of the scarves that have been laid out. Looking around with quick flicks of 'no one need see me take this' sort of suspicion as he tucks the item away.

"Quiet you" stated to the larger of the gray cats with them.
"Why is Night giving me lip now?"
"You spoil him sir."
"Right... you're right"

Strozza looks back to Orelia, "You're taking one too, correct my dear?" brows up, 'I'm not being suspicious while also being bratty' smile given. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm.

Arriving after some of the other Mazetti and Ostrians in general, Theron has Braith on his arm. They have left their son at home for the gathering. The Sword of Ostria first scans the crowd, seeking familir faces to randomly nod or wave to, and possibly threats. He turns his head to murmur something to Braith before taking a meandering path that will orbit and eventually approach Adalyn and Vitalis.

Teagan gets a lumpy and knobby brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Making her way in robed in a flutter of opalescent plumes atop a sparkling aeterna skirt and a flash of rose gold corset, Dianna makes her way in to greet her cousin, Adalyn and Norwood with a warm smile. "Cousin Vi, Adalyn, Baron. I'm so pleased for all of you and hope you will find the greatest amounts of joy in this marriage. May I kiss the bride... and the groom?" she asks, then lowers her voice quietly.

Kael's wrinkling his nose back to his cousin with a little shake of his head. He's in a fine enough mood, though Norwood's comment has his brows furrow in brief. "Come now, no one is a pawn here," he counters, his voice pitched low to the Baron and his expression turning far more supportive than rueful. He dips his head, respectful as can be, and when his chin lifts he catches sight of Cerys. "Good evening," he offers forth to her. "Marquis Kael Keaton." This is just side conversation, an offer of introduction before he looks on across those gathered. That being said, he does stand for the moment next to Norwood. Support, you know.

After picking up a lovely scarf, Rowenova loosely wraps it behind her neck with the tail ends swept back over her shoulder, so they do not mingle with blood which appears to be on her dress. She walks the line to first greet Norwood, foregoing hugs because of said blood, but that does not stop her from clasping his hands if that might be accepted by the baron. She gives him a smile.

"Of course I am," Orelia tells Strozza with a grin as she takes not only a scarf but a bulb as well. "Damn, next time I need a dress with pockets. How do women function in these things?"

Strozza takes a super duper lumpy brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Rowenova gets a lumpy brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Smiling at Norwood once more, Cassandra moves more into the garden, but she stops short at the appearance of Cerys. She squints a moment, like she doesn't put a name to the face. "Didn't we meet recently?" she asks, a hand smoothing out the folds of her silk pants. "Yes, at the Spirits. You'll have to excuse me, but I never caught your name, exactly." She looks around at those gathered. "Well, this is a party after all, I have no problem talking if there is something on your mind. I always have time for someone seeking advice. This may not be a shrine, but..." she looks about. "I don't suppose I could share a drink with you, Lady..."

Strozza puts sunrise over forever scarves in somewhere on their person.

Teagan does provide return greetings to Norwood before letting him go back to Father of the Bride duties. She also does curiosly follow others to the crate of bulbs, picking out a properly knobby one. It's held onto carefully as she goes to seek out a drink for herself and start checking out the bee hives. Yes, she'll behave. She's only a stone's throw from Clement fury, after all. No angering bees here.

"Are we taking the room at the greatest advantage by walking the perimeter?" Braith asks of escorts and husband. She huffs out a breath and remarks faintly, "We should go say congratulations no? Or are you just getting the lay of the land as it were?" She muses over this as she strolls along and notes the appearance of Strozza and someone else. A brow arches and she leans in to softly speak with Theron, a smile creeping up her features as she hugs herself to his side. "You best be ready to dance," she warns him with a grin that speaks of dancing in the sense that someone does of battle. Alessia gets a wave and so does Strozza.

Braith gets a lumpy green-shot brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

"Between the breasts, normally, as I've seen... Just tucked in there." leaning to kiss the side of Orelia's neck, Strozza winks and raises a hand to Braith when she waves at him. He's being cheery! What is going on here!?

"Just a few knights." Amari idly comments to Norwood, off Kael's comment, as her gaze passes over Cerys, glances off and lands on Rowenova. She flashes the scout a warm smile, which concludes as she notices the blood. A brow is arched and the concern in her expression evident. Something is muttered, and looks sent over the other woman's shoulders at the crowd, as if she suspects assassins hidden in the mingling guests, or some other danger.

Vitalis looks fondly at Apollo dusting something from his sleeve and gives him a wink before veering out into the milling throng of faces, both familiar and unfamiliar. One, though stands out beyond all other: The Baron Norwood Clement, clearly, stiff as a fencepost and doing his best. He beelines for the man, smiling, "If anyone thinks to make a pawn of Adalyn, they'll be sorely disappointed." He looks around for her, tipping up on toes to take advantage of his height, he spots her and... blinks, mouth rounding. "Gods..." He thunks onto his heels, stricken, and - spotting the Legate, blinks again, hastily adding, " praised for such a beautiful day." He smiles, gesturing at the garden.

Tyren spies Cassandra over there and decides to move that-a-way, bouncing the baby at his hip as he goes. She's a very calm child, at least, looking at the world with bright eyes. "Legate," he intones in a too-formal tone for his sister-in-law. "It's good to see you. Jael would be here, but she got really sick very suddenly," he sighs, "I think it's all the food she's eating again."

Amari mutters, "... ... alright? ... not your ... is it?"

Looking to Kael, she offers a polite smile, "OH, ah... Princess Cerys Velenosa. Its a pleasure." The smile tucks a touch deeper, briefly, before she's looking towards Cassandra once more. The smile gets that much deeper and seems relieved when the Legate mentions a drink, "OH good, I had hoped you might ask. Please, a drink sounds wonderful. And its perfectly alright, I didn't think disturbing your attempt at escape from work was a good time to bring up... well.. work." She motions for Cassandra to precede her before moving along towards the libations, tilting her head towards the other woman and murmuring, "If you prefer a good whisky, I keep a small flask with me for emergencies..." Tyren's arrival has her straightening and offering that polite smile once more.

Orelia looks down her dress, then back up at Strozza dubiously, but the kiss to her neck makes her smile. "I'll take your word for it that they do. Maybe we should just go congratulate the bride and groom and say hi to friends and family?"

Norwood does all the proper bowing and greetings required of the Host, but he'll spare a moment to grip Kael's shoulder in a thankful grip for the support. "There isn't a shrine //yet//." Norwood comments to Cassandra, but he'll nod at the stick Petrichorman over there, which will be the START of a shrine. Adalyn sweeping in captures all of his attention - poor new Son-in-law. Daughter has all of Norwood's eyes. He steps away from others and reaches out to wrap his daughter up into his fatherly arms. A kiss is delivered to her cheek with murmured words.

Swivelling around when her cousin veers off to greet the other guests, Alessia's fingers waggle in greeting to her sister, then Thea before her gaze lands on Braith. "Have you seen the bulbs in the crate? My maid went in search of one for me. Though gods know what I'd do with it." She chuckles, her gaze drifting to Sirra waving a bulb at her. "Look at it." She says with a shake of the head.

Adrienne's young friend fetches a lily bulb for her from the crate. She dismisses the servant with a grateful smile before joining the family properly once again, replacing Norwood at Kael's side - and making a poor copy, as point of fact. "Lovely," she breathes out, admiring Adalyn and her father. Her gaze drifts skyward. "Could they have asked for a more perfect day?"

"She's sick?" Cassandra looks at little sad Tyren's news. "Oh Tyren, a shame. My chances to see Jay are few and far inbetween. Well, if she needs anything, do let her know I'm available to watch Nora. I need to keep up my title of favorite aunt somehow." Her smile goes back to being warm at Cerys. "Nonsense, Your Highness. I learned a long time ago, that just because I am not wearing the robes of the Faith right at this exact moment, does not mean that I can simply stop being Legate. Please, if there is something on your mind, I am happy to listen." She taps her nose at Norwood. "Of that, Sir Norwood, I have no doubt. I can already tell there is a particular presence to this place that I cannot quite put my finger on."

Apollo turns loose of Vitalis as he goes to mingle; he'll have a thousand people to talk with. But there's a watchful sort of air to him - his eyes scan ahead, watching where he's going. Find Norwood, find Adalyn, smile broadly at the latter. He catches - as he meanders toward the box of knobby business - a reaction, and he ducks his head - oh. But that's just to find one of those lumpy things, something thoroughly misshapen. That has to be what's warmed him to near laughter, yes? He nods, satisfied with his choice perhaps - or maybe he's suggesting the bulbs were a great idea as a wedding favor.

After greeting Norwood, Rowenova tells Amari a story about how this is not her own blood on her ball gown but that of her liege lord. A beat, and then the ongoing story turns out that it was not like Rowenova was trying to kill him, but that she had caught his fall from the fort during a fight of snowballs and that there had been a sword which was thrown and got him, but he will be fine. Rather than miss this, Rowenova showed up despite the wardrobe malfunction.

"I'm certain it's just because she's eating everything in sight, so you shouldn't worry. I've got little Nora just fine," Tyren assures Cassandra, giving the baby at his hip another little bounce. He looks to Cerys afterward, offering a polite tip of his head. "Lord Tyren Laurent. Well met," he says in a neutral sort of tone.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance on such an auspicious occasion, your highness," remarks Kael in turn to Cerys in amiable fashion. This is combined with a dip of his head in a rather punctuated manner. Ah, yet there is the groom and, for a moment, he is assessed. The result? A little chin-up motion. Just that, sincere as it might be. Looking beyond him he spies Apollo and calls forth, "Apollo Oakwood," in greeting. This is boisterous, or as near as he can make it. As though he was seeing a long lost friend. Should he catch the leatherworker's attention? Another little reverse nod is given.

Among the crowd, Adalyn's eyes falls upon Vitalis, his expression prompting a delighted smile. But it's Norwood who she finds closest in proximity, her arms encircling her father in a hug as his whispered words draw a fond look and a murmured response. "Quite a turn-out, hm? It's such a treat to see so many beloved faces in one place." She turns then, rising on tiptoe to press a kiss to Vitalis's cheek. "Husband." The word prompts a warm smile as she speaks it.

It's so many people, but she does make a good point... Strozza nods to Reli and surveys the crush of so many around. "Well then... I suppose we should. If I am swept away in the maelstrom, to be crushed underfoot and turned to a battered, heel riven thing - remember me when I was handsome and dashing." giving another Orelia another small peck on the cheek before he sets out.

Brave, foolish, sailor man. He has no spinach. He has a super duper lumpy bulb though. Mayhap that will carry him through the day should overlarge, burly, bearded bandits of bold, baleful, brutish behavior barrel bullishly in.

"Perhaps, but you still deserve time to unwind, just as everyone does, Legate. Who am I to interrupt that, hm?" Cerys responds with a wink and a grin towards Cassandra. Lifting up two glasses, she offers one to Cassandra before looking to Tyren with a nod, "Princess Cerys Velenosa. A pleasure, my lord. Your daughter is adorable." The compliment is genuine, with a warm smile sent to the little girl before she's sipping from her glass and looking back to Kael with a nod and a smile, "I couldn't agree more, Marquis. I came from a wedding, had a bit of dinner, heard of another, and immediately tucked back into my boots and came straight away. Its been a delight to meet with other Houses in the Oathlands. I have many fond memories from my youth in the Cloudspine, its nice to meet others as well."

Norwood is overheard praising Vitalis: He married my daughter, what?!

"Yes. Yes we are." Theron chuckles in reponse to his wifes question. "Ah, they're going to be flooded. He's family and all. Remember the rush we got at our reception? We can give some other folks a little headstart, yes?" Theron's step falters a little. "Dance? I thought that was a once a year obligation!" He heaves a theatrical sigh, and turns his attention to nod towards Strozza and guest, a wave at Alessia, and another nod for Dianna. Theron points for Braith's sake towards another throng. "There's Cambria and Hadrian making their rounds now."

Norwood is overheard praising Adalyn: Lords my daughter got MARRIED.

Whatever Rowenova whispers to cap off the story causes Amari to snort softly. "Well, now it all makes sense. I suppose it could have been much worse. I've seen him murder a cake with an axe quite on purpose. I'm just glad it's not your blood." There's an exaggerate little sigh of relief for that and her keen eyes finally fall on Vitalis and Adalyn. Naturally, she smiles at the pair and mouths a simple 'congratulations' rather than elbow in through the other guests. She lives practically next door, after all. "Time for a drink." She announces.

Thea makes her way over to Rowenova, her eyes inquisitive on the scout. You can tell she already has questions. "Rowenova, how are you,"she asks first. Because she really is sincere on seeing her. When Cerys introduces herself, Thea turns and asks,"Oh. I think I met your husband not long ago. Prince Dimitri, yes?"

Strozza is overheard praising Vitalis: Scarves and dirty bulbs. Party hearty cousin. Party. Hearty.

Vitalis is dumbfounded at the transformation. Those present for the ceremony earlier would have undoubtedly noticed the humble garment Adalyn wore, her mother's, something for the gossips to natter about - a peer getting married in a commoner's dress. Well. There'll be more for the natterers to chew on, the garment she's wearing is stunning. Vitalis seems stunned at least. But does recover himself when Adalyn approaches, leaning down to kiss her in return, "Wife." Strange. He smiles, lopsided and looks about at the well-wishers gathering. "Oh, we should probably greet everyone." There's even a place for it. Arm in arm, he and Adalyn go there.

"Wait." Cassandra pauses at Tyren. "Is she pregnant?" Another pause. "Again?" Yet another pause. "And she didn't have the good graces to tell me?" The Legates huffs just a touch at this. "Tyren Laurent, if you are pulling my leg, I shall only just a bit cross about it." She allows herself to consider, tilting her head in acquiescence. "Then again, it *would* be just like my sister to not bother telling me." Taking the offered glass, she takes a drink. "That might be true, Your Highness, but this is a burden that those who lead the Faith must bear. Granted, talking business over drinks is much more pleasant than doing it in my office, surrounded by Templars." Not to say that her trio of Templars isn't too far away, being all Templar-ish.

Apollo hears that summons, turns eyes to Kael, brows up with attention. He seems to take the boisterous greeting and chin-up as a summons, and - slipping the misshapen lump he's fetched in his pocket - he wanders over, offering a bow for both the Marquis and Cerys. "My lord," he says, and then: "Your highness." He turns his head to indicate the gardens. "It's very beautiful, what they've done, isn't it?" A glance back at the wedding party, and he adds: "And Lady Adalyn -" he pauses, sighs. "Perfect." He seems pleased as a cat, which suggests he's in good company today.

After what Amari says, Rowenova smiles. "Thank you. I have seen him do that a couple times, too." She soon regards Thea, doing so with outstretched hands to happily greet her. "I am doing alright, thank you. Lord Arik is healing up and will be quite alright, too."

Tyren checked composure + manipulation at difficulty 25, rolling 15 higher.

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Amari gets sunrise over forever scarves.

"oh bulbs!?" Braith nearly yanks Theron's arm off. "Lessi, could you have her get me one too? I may not have the best green thumb but I will certainly try!" She grisn at Alessia before her eyes follow ovr towards the crate as she allows Theron to lead once more. Allows. She follows Theron's pointing their finger. "It sounds like all they get to do," she murmurs. "Which is decidedly not as fun as wandering in freedom and aimlessly without direction." They have a direction. This is a lie. And its bringing them about to the happy couple.

Dianna takes a super lumpy brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Amari gets a really lumpy brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

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Alessia gets a lumpier brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

"Oh, thank you. She gets that from her mother, the adorableness," Tyren says to Cerys with a brief smile as he looks fondly down to the baby in his arm. Then he looks to Cassandra with subtly wide eyes. "Is she what now?" he asks abruptly, then clears his throat and straightens up. Does the man look worried? Maybe only briefly, before he manages to school his expression. "No no, I'm certain she's just ill. I'll let her know you send your best, Legate. You should send ham her way, she does like ham..." Then he is absolutely going to turn around and get in the line. "I'm going to go greet the newlyweds!

Orelia follows Strozza into the crowd.

Vitalis checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 7 lower.

Tucking her lily bulb into the pocket of her dress, Adrienne lets Norwood dote on his daughter and son-in-law before moving to offer Adalyn a warm hug. "Adalyn, this could not have been a more perfect celebration. You look beautiful." She casts an envious, regretful look over Adalyn's gown. "I'm fond of your husband. He is funny. And a handful. Gloria give you strength." Amusement flickering in pale eyes, Adrienne turns to Vitalis to clasp his hand. "Welcome to the family, Vitalis."

Vitalis appears momentarily choked up, and coughs, turning his head aside briefly.

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"There was another wedding?" asks Kael curiously in turn to the Velenosa Princess, shifting his attention back to her when Apollo comes their way. He tilts his head to the side and - yes, might be a bit out of the gossip loop. "Ah, you spent time in the Oathlands then! Where you fostered there? Or originally from and wed to a Prince of Velenosa?" The Marquis does not seem shamed for having to ask and the curiosity seems quite genuine. Ah, there is Apollo. "It is," he agrees to the man, "I could not think of a better setting for such an event. It all came together quite lovely."

Norwood steps away and grips Vitalis' arm once, but all fathery things that needed said have probably been said, or will be said later. He moves away and goes to step up to Cristoph and deliver the thank-yous for the support of the Ducal house during this time.

Looking up and over at Thea, Cerys smiles brightly at mention of her husband's name, "That's right! Dimitri would be my husband. Are you one of the fabulous people he was telling me about? You must be, he's had only glowing reviews for the people he's met thus far. I would be delighted to learn your name, my lady." Looking back to Cassandra, she grins, "Well I will be happy to conduct business in a tavern over drinks or in a training ring over blades rather than a stuffy office any day, Legate. That is actually what I meant to ask about. I was hoping I could secure lessons from you, I have a number of skills that I'm so rusty on I swear its like I'd never learned them in the first place!" She shakes her head, "Its really just appalling and I find myself ashamed to be a devotee of Gloria for letting myself slip so badly." To Apollo, she offers a smile and a nod, "Hello! Wonderful to meet you....?" She ends it on a questioning note to hopefully get a name to go with the face.

Adalyn nods her agreement as she links arms with Vitalis and moves to the appropriate spot to begin greeting guests. She catches sight of Apollo among the crowd, flashing a warm smile in return, and lifts a hand to wave in acknowledgement of Amari's mouthed congratulations. And then the line begins to form. Green eyes slide to Adrianne, a peal of laughter ringing forth. "Thank you, Your Highness. I must admit I can be quite the handful myself, so I think we're evenly matched."

Vitalis leans forward to give Adrienne a proper Lycene greeting, kisses to her cheeks, "Thank you, Your Highness. And thank you for coming." He laughs when Adalyn does, nodding, "Mmmh. Gloria strengthen all of us."

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2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marie, chef of Keaton Hall, Sir Pupsalot, a polite, tri-color corgi, Oaken, an Oakhaven bloodhound, Fidelity, a white-tailed eagle, 1 Healer Guardian, Gigi, an apprentice physician with attitude problems arrive, following Reigna.

Turn in line: Strozza

Alessia is of course all too happy to send her maid to get Braith the lumpiest bulb she can find. She tugs her toward the newly weds. "Did you have a chance to greet them?" She asks. "I believe Theron is on his way."

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Cerys adds an aside to Kael with a smile, "My father was born a Blackram and married into Velenosa. But he insisted any of us interested in knighthood and combat be fostered at the Cloudspine, so I spent the better part of my years from 13 to 19 there, learning combat, knighthood, and a handful of tracking and woodland skills. The Marquessa happens to be my cousin." She nods towards Teagan with a fond smile, lifting her glass in the Marquessa's direction. "And yes, Lady Brianna Halfshav was also married today! I met her earlier in the week and she invited me over for the reception."

Apollo nods eagerly at what Kael says, glancing again at the wedding party; his hands lift, meet, a brief rub at the back of a hand doubtless sore from his trade. A momentary blink, then - to Kael: "I'm glad for it. I've seen a lot of gardens - but in truth I don't know that I've seen any that feel quite so reassuring." He lifts his chin, and to the princess, "Very sorry - Apollo Oakwood. It's very good to meet you."

"I'm glad to hear that,"Thea tells Rowenova. "I'm sure the north wouldn't know what to do without those songs. I've heard one, and--I'm sure they'd be missed." She is sincere about the first of course, the latter--weellllll..."Lady Thea Malvici,"she introduces her to Cerys, a smile there. "It's a pleasure to meet you. And thank you for that. Really.."

Tyren gets a knobby and lumpy brown thing from a crate made of rough planks.

Stepping away from the bride and groom with an amused twitch of her mouth, Adrienne escapes for quieter environs. Her gaze falls on Marquessa Teagan. "Do you speak to the bees or do they speak to you, Marquessa?"

Adrienne has left the a lush beet garden.

Adrienne has joined the buzzing beehives.

Teagan looks up as her cousin gestures her way and lifts her own glass to offer a return salute. She turns then, toward Adrienne as the Valardin princess joins her. There's a brief smile for the woman. "As of yet, they don't say anything. I imagine they're still a bit tired."

Cassandra stares at the back her brother-in-law's head intently enough that she might burn a hole through him. "Is that so?" she remarks. "Well, I suppose I'll have to write her and ask her herself. But, maybe she is just sick." Now she's not sure, but likely is going to find out. And then he runs away before she can grill him further. Looking back at Cerys, her attention shifts. Drastically. "Oh, is that what you're interested in? Well, I'd be happy to help you Your Highness. It is not too often that I can flex the muscles I think I once had when I was a knight. Sitting behind a desk has not done a great deal at keeping myself in shape." Could've fooled anyone with that statement, she still looks in great shape. "We're you looking to hone what you already know or seek more knowledge. In combat or the tactics of war? Gloria may be displeased with letting skills be used imporperly, but she does not frown on skills not seeing use because there are no wars to fight. She may be the goddess of war, but the most honorable war is the one that doesn't need to be fought at all. Still, we can make her proud of your feats if that is what you seek to do."

Strozza is there! Suddenly! Stepping up to Vitalis. A big black shadow of brocade and umbra compared to Mr. I'm So Gold and Full of Seasilk. Oh look at me! Getting married and have to be cheery about it! Fine! FINE! Enjoy your day of romance and bliss! HURRAY!

But seriously, Strozza does step forth and he rests his hands on Vitalis's shoulders and gives the man a small nod, "Be that the heart and head find place within the pair and meet their match to stride into future across the horizon faire. Be thee well and I congratulate - dear cousin. Though you leave the coil to take on name of one foreign, we shall hold you in our many hearts." a hand is up and Strozza gently pats the man's cheeks. "Be happy and whole in this, for if it is your happiness found, then you should grip it and run with it."

Ugh. So sappy.

Get a life Strozza.

"Certainly women are a mystery to life at times. It's a piece of plant!" Theron inspects his arm, and then straightens his shirt out. he even makes a brushing down motion as if Braith literally just dusted him. As it turns out technically this is correct as Alessia steals his wife further back into the line. "Hey. Ok fine, you two can get all excited over the bulbs, but I need her back shortly, Alessia!" He shakes his head chuckling to mutter something to himself.

Theron mutters, "Girls are ..."

Rowenova checked dexterity + alchemy at difficulty -1, rolling 53 higher.

Kael settles into easy conversation with Apollo, from his spot vaguely near Norwood and Cerys. "You see, I find the gardens to be very much so, but I am horribly biased to our own gardens in the grounds. The reading ones." Why? Kael does not say. Still, he seems to be amiable mood. He does stand up a bit straighter, scanning the crowd, and upon spying Cristoph yonder he tries to make eye contact so he can deliver a bow.

Absconded with! Stolen! Braith chuckles at Theron as she looks up at him and his place at line as she holds the bulb in her grasp. "It would be unladylike for me to tuck my skirts in my belt to make a place for the bulbs right? We need to find a table to safely seee them from harm.." She leans in to Alessia and grins up ahead at her husband's wealth of fancy perfect hair he prides himself on and then looks back to Alessia with a growing grin.

She clicks her tongue in thought and waits with her cousin to wish their other cousin well in his marriage.

Returning the smile to Thea, Cerys nods, "The pleasure is mine, my lady. If we're lucky, my husband might just put in an appearance." Apollo gets another nod, "A pleasure, Master Oakwood. Waaaaaaaaaaaait.. Oakwood.. you're the one responsible for Oakhide! Aha! You and I shall have to talk sometime, sir. I have heard of it and am very curious to see it personally!" To Cassandra, she offers a sheepish grin, "I feel much the same, Legate. I so rarely get the opportunity anymore to step into the training ring that I feel I am practically wasting away!" She's not. She's in excellent shape. "Yes, and yes. All of the above. I was never given much in-dpeth training on tactics and leadership, I was trained for knighthood rather than being a general, but I would dearly love to learn. But yes, honong of skills let lapsed and sharpening of them. As well as new skills to learn! And who knows, once you whip me into shape, perhaps we can make regular sparring a thing. Just for fun, mind. So we don't feel we're letting ourselves get lax." There she winks and flashes a grin towards Cassandra.

There is a late arrival in one, Marquessa Reigna Keaton. The dark-haired Marquessa is adjusting her pair of aeterna gloves as she pauses, once on the grounds to get her bearings. She spies her husband and begins making her way across the party in his direction.

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Rowenova cannot help but to smile when Thea praises those songs of her liege. "Thank you." says she with an esteem in her eyes with her shoulders back, too. Proud Northlander right here! Even if they are not any songs of her own! Meanwhile, she gently rests one hand upon that floppy-eared noggin of the soulful hound beside her as they slowly progress through the greeting line.

Vitalis stills at Strozza's approach, eyeing the Admiral, with wary humor. At the flowery well-wishes he smiles, tipping forward to embrace him, and hold him at arm's length, a hearty squeeze, "Kind words. Thank you, Cousin." His eyes seek out Orelia, "You'll follow along soon enough, mmh?" With a wink, he moves off for Adalyn to greet her now-cousin.

Turn in line: Rowenova

A pleasant smile is offered to Strozza as he appears to offer his well-wishes. Adalyn's gaze slides curiously between the cousins as she listens attentively to the exchange, her attention diverted only briefly to glance over the crowd and the faces gathered - familiar and unfamiliar alike. After Vitalis has offered his response, she steps forward to greet Strozza. "Thank you for coming. I promise House Clement will treat your cousin well," she offers with a lighthearted grin.

Apollo's brows lift, a bright smile bid by Cerys' words, and he gives another bow - this time, it's in the manner of agreement. "At your pleasure, your highness, of course, I'm happy to." The thread of something abashed cannot wind too thoroughly around him; he's caught a good mood from the surround surely. Apollo's smile pinches a moment at what Kael says. "I like the Keaton gardens every bit as well, but they aren't my favorite bit of the grounds so - I don't visit often as I should." He lifts his chin, smiles. "Should we go offer congratulations to Lord Vitalis and Lady Adalyn?"

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Orelia blushes a bit at what Vitalis says. "Soon enough," she echoes with a smile as she takes Strozza's arm.

Stepping up to the newlywed couple, Rowenova smiles brightly and offers out a hand clasp to both Adalyn and Vitalis at the same time. She would do hugs, but her ball gown is a touch bloody right now, so hand clasps will have to do. "Congratuations. I wish you the best, both of you. I am so happy for you both. Curious: did you know one another before the 4-leaf clover at the Defense Lab? Or, was that the first spark?"

It is likely a given that Kael's attention is once more drawn toward Cerys when this commentary is made - the comment about tactics and leadership. It's a curious thing, met with a tilt of his head to the side and -- whatever he was going to say, he refrains. He does look on, spy Cassandra, and dip his head low and deep in humble motion to the woman. To Apollo, he's dipping his head. "Likely so. I was going to wait until the line died down, but..." and he steps toward Apollo to do precisely that, not having noticed his wife of yet. She'll have stealth advantage.

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Reigna checked dexterity + stealth at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

"I can help you with these things. It's been a very long time since someone has sought out my tutelage in these things. I had a student, some time ago. I was hoping to groom her to be Archlector of Gloria but, sadly, her path lies elswhere." Cassandra says with a small frown between sips of wine. "And recently Dame Astraea has had to step down from the role of Archlector, so once again, I have had to take up the responsbilities of my old role as well as that of Legate. It would be nice to have an Archlector again. But, wishes only get us so far. That all aside, I think I can help, Your Highness. And by the way, you do not need to be Godsworn to be a Disciple of Gloria. Or even an unsworn Templar knight. I know Carnifex Preston would not say no, certainly." At this, Kael is given a friendly nod and smile.

It should be an easy thing, hiding in the midst of a party and sneaking up on one's husband. But Reigna... is not the sneaky sort. She *almost* biffs it, nearly walking into a server with a tray, but a deft dart away saves her attempted ambush. Sneak sneak sneeeeeak annnnnnd pounce! Reigna throws her arms around Kael from behind, crowing, "Got you!" Now... let's see if this was a good plan!

Vitalis boggles at Rowenova's garment, "Should... we..." he glances at Adalyn, back at Rowenova, " a... Mercy?" She doesn't seeeeeeem injured. He blinks, and fishmouths at her a bit. "Mmh. The- oh," he grins. "No, but that was a good bit of courting on my part, if I do say." He gives her hands a squeeze, and leans forward to say something quietly.

"You look like you've had an interesting day. Are you alright?" A brow arches as Adalyn catches sight of Rowenova's bloodied gown. Her curiosity is impossible to deny as she senses the potential for an interesting story there. But her attention is caught by the congratulations and the question that follows. "Thank you, Mistress Nova." She grins, sneaking a sidelong glance toward Vitalis - at once appraising and fond. "I admit we were already acquainted at that point. Though it was certainly a reminder of his charm."

Turn in line: Dianna

"Adalyn, you look /beautiful/," Dianna smiles fondly to the bride. "More than I could ever have imagined, and my cousin is very lucky to have you as his wife." The Mazetti-turned-priestess turns her gaze to Vitalis and her smile softens. "Vi. You look happy. As I've always hoped you would find. Adalyn is wonderful; congratulations to you both. I wish you all the happiness and strength in your union that could ever be." She leans in to kiss Adalyn's cheeks and looks to the groom with a touch of something a bit regretful in her eyes. "I do love you, Vi."

Rowenova merrily assures, "I need no Mercy. Thank you, though. Indeed, it was absolutely adorable!" Then, after squeezing hands with the dear couple, Rowenova steps back and briefly bows in a courtly fashion despite what the fancy dress would likely call for. After, she pops up to her full height and giddily grins before dashing out of the greeting line for the next person.

Apollo might actually telegraph a Reigna ahead of her; he does catch the maneuver before it lands, though he manages to keep his face straight perfectly well. Depends how much attention to the veer of eyes Kael pays. Whatever the case, he's grinning after it lands, reaching up to ruffle the back of his hair with a rueful sort of humor, as if he's aware the children could get out of hand given leave but doesn't have the parenting skills to arrest it.

Kael's responding like someone might have thrown ice down the back of his tunic. We are talking about a back arching, leap forward, response. At least there's a pivot on the end, and with an arm raised, he recognizes his wife. He snort a laugh and reaches for her, pulling her into his embrace. "Reigna Keaton!" he declares, entirely too loudly. "Well, I *am* attempting to be boisterous tonight. Come, join us with congratulations to the newlyweds."

Vitalis smiles at Adalyn, looking around for Norwood too, then leaning to embrace Dianna and kiss her thrice. "Thank you for your well-wishes, Sister. I have reason to be happy. It is a match well-struck and an alliance well-forged." He smiles at her, though reserved, and tips forward to say something quietly to her.

There is a squeal of laughter from Reigna at Kael's reaction and she laughs, even as she all but hangs off Kael's shoulder. "Oooooh, you almost gave me away, Apollo! Good job!" She leans up and kisses Kael's cheek, "Yes, lets! This is a happy day, afterall." There is a pause and she looks around, "And no one is currently bleeding, so there is *that*."

Adalyn casts Rowenova a fond smile as the woman dashes off. Attention shifts to the next guest in line, features softening into a smile of greeting for Dianna. She leans forward, returning the cheek kisses and reaching to give the priestess's hand a squeeze. "You're too kind! I never expected to love wearing a dress as much as I do this one," she admits, a hand pressed gently against the lace bodice. "Thank you. I sense it will be quite a happy union."

Turn in line: Theron

Theron finally steps up once it is his turn. He inclines his head deeply to Adalyn first. "Lady Adalyn, I know little about fashion. However that gown looks magnificent. Congratulations on your union, may you be blessed with many many younglings when it is time to do so. I was going to present my wife, but my cousin has stolen her for now, alas. Likely to conspire against me." Theron winks towards Adalyn and abrubtly turns his gaze upon Vitalis, he nods sharply. "Cousin, congratulations on your special day. As Sword of the house, it is my duty of course to attend such functions when I am able. However, I must tell you. I truly did appreciate the comb. Very thoughtful." He turns to gesture down the line. "Braith is with Alessia, and I know Cambria and Hadrian are mingling for the moment." He turns gaze from husband to wife. "Again, many blessings of younglings upon you both."

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Rane arrived much later than he intended and did his very best to stay at the back of the crowd, greeting those around him politely and quietly.

Trini Albricci, an attractive young Lycene woman, 1 Templar Knight guards leave, following Dianna.

Turning a smile towards Cassandra, Cerys offers, "While the temptation of Gloria may have called me a few years ago, I am unfortunately called to duty within my House. Besides, I rather enjoy my husband and would be loathe to give him up.. even for the Gods." Chuckling, she sips from her glass and nods, "But I would be more than happy to train under you and to speak with Sir Preston. We met briefly but I did not think to say anything at the time. It would have been a bit inappropriate. But I will certainly reach out now! And I still consider the lay discipleship, there is something about being sworn to GLoria that appeals greatly." She glances around before looking back to the Legate, "We should definitely talk more. I think we might have more in common."

Apollo bites his lip against the laughter, glancing over at the couple as if he's either speculating about the right time to cut in and give his wishes. Not yet, if that's the case. Oh - actually, by the warm study of the Keatons, it might be that he's speculating about just such a scene between Adalyn and Vitalis; isn't... the bride known for some sort of mischief? Don't tell Norwood. "Hopefully it stays that way," he says to Reigna, because that's the sort of thing one wishes about a wedding day: no bleeding. Apparently he missed Rowenova's soiled clothing.

No, Norwood's daughter is perfect in every way. Any mischief is a LIE. A lie Norwood conveniently tells himself most of the time.

Adalyn bows her head to Theron. "Thank you very much, Lord Theron! As for your wife, I can hardly blame her. Conspiring is such fun." She grins faintly, a hint of mischief suddenly alight in her gaze. Vitalis will also have a conspiring wife to contend with, it seems.

"There is that," agrees Kael with a dip of his head to his wife - and of course he returns the kiss, albeit he is seeking to steal one on the lips. When he straightens, he offers her his arm more formally. "Indeed," he agrees to Apollo, offering the young man a slight smile to go along with that singular word.

Cassandra shakes her head. "Oh no, I would never ask one of the peerage to give up all they have. Unless that was a calling they had felt themselves. I myself was to be Duchess before my duty to the Gods called to me." she smiles a bit ruefully at that. "A decision that my mother has still yet to completely forgive me for. But no, a decision such as that cannot simply be talked into. And I was a young woman, unwed and no children." Even with that said she still, her expression is one of understanding. She adjust her stance a bit, she might be in a nice clothing, but Chivalry's Point, her sword is still belted to her. If anything else, it's a good accessory in her faith to Gloria. "I would be more than happy to talk of a potential discipleship, Your Highness. My door is always open to you should you have any questions of Gloria or Templars or of the Faith in general. I do my best to keep an open door policy to any and all."

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

Vitalis smiles at Theron, kissing him as well, a brief embrace. Of the dress, "Apollo outdid himself. He designed it. Very evocative of Duskshire." Where is Apollo? Oh! There. Vitalis waves, attention back to Theron, looking sidelong at Adalyn at the mention of heirs, he laughs. "Congratulations on your own. And you're most welcome of course." He skims the crowd, not spying the Mazetti lieges, "I'm sure they'll make themselves known. They tend to." He grins at Adalyn's mischief, and the promise of that contention. "Just remember who you're marrying, Lady Adalyn." He winks at Theron, "Thank you for coming," and turns to the next guest.

Turn in line: Tyren

While Thea is off talking quietly, a smile on her lips, a message comes for her. Her eyebrow lifts and she folds the paper. With a bow of her head, she excuses herself, congratulating Viatlis and Adalyn once again. That said, Thea silently slips out.

Scratchers the red-tailed hawk, Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes leave, following Thea.

It's Tyren's turn in line! So the Laurent lord comes forward, baby Nora on his hip and a faint smile on his lips. "Congratulations to the both of you. Jael wished she could have come but she is a touch ill. She said she will send our gift along once she's feeling a bit better. But we wish you the best in life, and all the happiness in the world," he says to the two of them. And with the greetings done, he steps out of the way, taking the perfectly calm baby with him!

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

"Ha! So I keep being told. I find that the results vary, Lady Adalyn. Do not overdo it, but certainly keep the man upon his toes. He deserves that nagging sense of faint, uh, fear? Wariness? Regardless that feeling at the base of the head at the neck. That is what you ladies do!" Theron chuckles and turns eyes towards Vitalis. "Thank you, young Thrain is indeed in fine shape. I am a little concerned about his hair right now though." He nods again and steps out the line so that others may proceed, and so he can wait on The Wife.

Adalyn laughs, nodding to Theron. "I will be sure to keep him on his toes. And yet, I'll be cautious not to take things /too/ far." She glances toward Vitalis, grinning. "I've a feeling he might very well pay me back in kind." She bows her head to Theron, then smiles as Tyren approaches. "Thank you, Lord Tyren. I hope Lady Jael is feeling better very soon. Nothing serious, I hope?" Adalyn raises a brow, concern evident. She leans forward, showering attention on Nora for a moment because LAURENT BABY. "I'm glad you could make it. Please give Jael our wishes for a quick recovery."

Apollo takes the wave as a bid, and gestures to Kael and Reigna to approach with him. Of course he stands aside a moment; a Marquis and Marquessa should surely have their moment of congratulations first.

Vitalis leans to kiss Tyren in Lycene fashion, though on one cheek as not to squish the baby. "Yes, please send our best to Jael." He nods along with Adalyn's hopes for nothing serious. Thank you for coming." He makes a scrunchy face at the babe, trying to get a reaction and then smiles at Tyren, turning to the next guest.

Reigna is not going to deny her husband a kiss! It is returned with much affection -- perhaps a touch too much, but hey, it's a wedding! She nods and says, "Word spread that there was another wedding this day and things got a little, well, a *lot* bloody. I will never understand some things."

Turn in line: Alessia

Nora is, of course, perfectly fine with being showered with attention. She doesn't even try to grab Adalyn's hair! She's absolutely adorable. Her far less adorable father, Tyren, chuckles, though he's a bit stiff when receiving the kiss from Vitalis. "I'm certain she's fine. Send ham, Jael will like that. Especially since she's eaten all the ham in the kitchens," there's a light sigh before he finds a smile. "I'll send her your wishes, of course."

Rowenova cannot help but grin about the kissing going on. She nods approvingly.

Lygeia, a calligrapher and alchemist arrives, delivering a message to Rowenova before departing.

he two Mazetti whispering in line together are next and Braith disengages, giving Alessia a rueful smilea s she steps up congratulate the happy couple. "Congratulations on your nuptials," she begins with a growing smile before offering her hand to Adalyn, the touch firm as she greets her for the first time. Her eyes flick to Vitalis then, "Cousin. I trust you will find something new daily to celebrate in your new wife. Small things, like perhaps how she speaks and the like. Keep that in mind." For Vitalis she offers a hug, a light squeeze of his shoulder. She glances to Alessia, stepping back to sllow her a moment.

"Congratulations once again." Alessia says on the tail of Braith's words. "About time for the song don't you think?" She's already beckoning her retainers and hired musicians to get the 'stage' ready for her.

Cerys smiles towards Cassandra and nods, "I am not suggesting that I should take vows now, but one never knows what the future holds, Legate. I don't discount any possibilities, it narrows the field far too much." She finishes off her drink and gives a nod, "That is another thing. I would not put it past my mother to scheme up something to ruin my reputation completely just to keep me from taking vows." A small chortle is given and she shakes her head, "I love my mother very much, but she is Lycene through and through. The very epitome of a Lycene Lady is she. She might even poison me just to keep me from it. She wants grandchildren and I am currently her best bet for them." She's almost certainly teasing, there's too much fondness in her tone when she speaks of her mother. Setting the empty glass on a tray passing by, she plucks up another and confesses, "I must say, I feel a touch embarrassed. I know neither bride nor groom so I would feel awkward offering them felicitations, but I am attending their reception and feel I should offer some sort of well wishes." Tsking at herself, she shakes her head, the smiles once more, "AH well! I will be all too happy to seek you out for future discussions."

Three kisses and an embrace for Braith, he eases back. "Thank you, Braith. Adalyn and Clement both are a font of surprises, it will be no effort." He grins, "And finding things is rather my forte." He smiles at her and then at Alessia. OH! Yes! The song. He claps loudly, lifting his voice to a surprising volume, "ATTENTION! Thank guests for coming, my cousin, the Lady Alessia, has prepared a song for us today." There will be a slight pause for the performance. He gestures to Alessia to take it away.

Alessia checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 40 higher.

Alessia checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 35 higher.

Adalyn nods to Tyren, calling as he moves away from the line: "Ham. I'll make a note of it!" Attention turns to the Mazettis as they approach, the Clement reaching to take Braith's ahnd firmly in hers. "Thank you. I'm so pleased you were able to come today." Vitalis's remark earns a grin and a knowing nod - on both accounts. Alessia receives a fond smile in greeting, her hands clasped together as the song is mentioned. "Oh, yes. I am ever so eager to hear it!"

Near the beehives, Adrienne talks quietly with Teagan. Vitalis's announcement catches her attention, however. She looks away from her companion with a knit brow, gaze travelling questioningly, curiously, to Alessia and the musicians.

Drifting to the 'stage' area she's had made, Alessia pretty much hurries off with a beaming smile. She takes a wooden lute, before turning to the bride and groom. "This is a gift from my kin and I. Though primary credit goes to Strozza for writing the song. Burning heart." She then motions to the musicians to begin before strumming the lute, the very Lycene style ballad.

Ere my heart is burning, seeking out its balm,
Each day I'll be returning, to return to what makes me strong,
Now on our grand journey to horizon happily beheld,
We shall venture together and our spirits ne'er be felled.

Ere under starlight or wandering the forest path,
Hand in hand we stride a future and exult in aftermath.
We saw our hearts tempered in our soul's furnace fire.

In the path of time, a challenge to ensue,
Like two great trees grown together and ruling all we view,
Be granted our joy with the speed of our hearts race,
Know all happiness and through our love find grace.

Ere my heart is burning, seeking out its balm,
Each day I'll be returning, to return to what makes me strong,
Now on our grand journey to horizon happily beheld,
We shall venture together and our spirits ne'er be felled.

"Oh no, of course of course, I simply have an understanding of that particular decision that you may of once asked yourself. Believe me, I do understand." Cassandra nods. "We will have plenty of time to talk over such things, Your Highness. First and foremost, however, you seek training. And that is something I can provide for you. Seek me out when you find time for it." Finishing her glass as well, she's able to get another rather quickly. "There is nothing wrong giving your congratulations. Generosity and compassion are foremost tenants of most knighthoods. Do you need to know a person to wish them well?" she asks with a smile. "I do not know the bride or groom well, or well, I should know them better, but I know the family well. Sir Norwood is an old family friend of mine."

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Certainly Kael is not going to complain. He nods his head to his wife and, when they are nearing the newly weds, he straightens up substantially. His eyes flick toward Apollo to assess him and when he steps off to the side there is a nod toward the leatherworker. Turning back to the newlyweds, he begins: "A good evening to you both. We of Keaton look forward to seeing this union, the contract honored, and bonds made stronger. May each step forward taken be easier than the last." He pauses there, his eyes darting toward Reigna to see if she has anything to add - warm wishes, no doubt, Then, before the couple drift away, he offers as an aside to Adalyn, "We should speak sometime." Just that, and he is off. Mind you, as he mingles in the crowd, he looks back toward Apollo.

After Kael has said his peace, Reigna slips up to Adalyn and Vitalis, offering the pair of them a huge, warm smile, reaching out to touch their forearms lightly. "May this day be the brightest of your yesterdays. I wish you both the kindness of time, and if I can offer one piece of advice, let it be this: Never forget to choose one another. Everyday is another choice, and always remember, in the good times and the bad, you can choose one another. Be friends, share your goals and your dreams and choose to work towards them, side by side, step by step, and may Limerance bless you both."

Norwood has finally made a full swing through ~all~ the guests and then comes back to where Cassandra and Cerys have settled into talk to one another. It's like his name being spoken summons him. "Adalyn was more of Jael's compatriot, then that of yours Legate." Norwood comments to Cassandra. "I never had any fear of losing her to the faith though - she's too much of a free spirit."

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Amari does a quiet tour about the garden, picks out a bulb that's really lumpy looking, offers smiles and waves and steps out for some air.

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Falling silent, Adrienne watches Alessia with attention rapt, her glass cradled in both hands. A softness enters her eyes for the musician and beautiful melody, and when it is over, she joins in the applause, setting her glass aside.

Vitalis checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 10 lower.

"You make a fair point, Legate. I will have to be sure to greet them before they head off for the honeymoon, then," Cerys gives a nod, chuckling into her glass as she drinks. Her gaze shifts back to Norwood as he approaches again, offering a scarred smile towards him, "Ah, Baron! Welcome back. This is an excellent reception and your house is lovely. Your Adalyn sounds like someone I would get along with famously. I will certainly look forward to meeting her." Cassandra gets a warm, grateful smile as she nods, "THank you. I will look forward to everything you can teach me."

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Should she have dressed nicer? Probably. Is she running late because by all appearances she has /very/ recently been laying in bed? Probably. Sydney nevertheless arrives, taking a moment to run her fingers through some particularly irksome tangles in her hair before taking a breath and making her way toward the gardens. The fiery-haired pugilist is almost fully in leather armor, and it is certainly not going to be making a splash in the fashion scene, today. Still, after that initial pause she strides into the party like she owns the place. She does the first thing that any self-respecting guest does. She immediately seeks out refreshments and cases the scene for familiar faces, and to try to catch a glimpse of the Clement of the hour.

Adalyn slips her arm through Vitalis's, leaning lightly against him as music fills the Clement garden. She smiles, a quiet murmur directed toward Vitalis. As the song winds to an end, she straightens and applauds for the Mazetti performers. "That was most beautifully done. Thank you!" The Keatons' well-wishes are received with a fond smile and a nod of gratitude. "Thank you, Marquis, Marquessa, for your kind words and advice. We will work to do just that."

Sydney has joined the line.

Turn in line: Cassandra

When Sydney appears, Rowenova grins. "Hey you." says she to her fellow foodie.

Cerys has joined the line.

Apollo's head ducks as he follows the words Kael and then Reigna speak; perhaps knowing it is his turn in a moment sobers him, or the effect of the pair standing there is a lot. He holds his congratulations a moment, turning to listen to the song - Alessia's performance tightening eyes, appearing to leave a lump in his throat. He turns and holds briefly, collecting himself, while someone else ducks in, eyes skimming on past; trees, flowers, lights, vital buzz of bees.

Vitalis tucks his chin, listening to Alessia sing, he applauds at the last, long enough to swallow the lump in his throat, lashes wet, "Thank you, Alessia. That was lovely." He taps his chest over his heart. "And Strozza," he lifts his voice, looking out over the throng for him. Adalyn links arms with him and he smiles at their next guests. The Marquis and Marquessa Keaton. "Thank you, Marquis. And thank you for coming," he looks between Adalyn and Kael when the latter summons her for a talk later but is now smiling to Reigna, "Yes, good advice. We'll do our best," his eyes cut sideways to Adalyn, "Won't. We?" Prankster. More solemn he returns, "Thank you, Marquessa. And thank you for coming."

Sydney offers Rowenova a fangy flash of teeth, "...Glad to see I'm not the only one decimating the desserts, raiding the refreshments, and... uh... assaulting the appetizers?" She powers through the alliteration with uncertainty plastered onto her features. "...Running late, as usual. Why am I only on time when it's something bad?" Bemoans the young woman.

Once the song is finished, Alessia places the lute aside while the musicians move on to another tune. She heads over to Adalyn and Vitalis, giving them another hug. Though her demeanor seems as placid as ever.

Moving forward to the married couple, she smiles to Adalyn and Vitalis. "Your ceremony today was beautiful. I was very honored to of been apart of it. But, truly, I hope Gloria protects and keeps the both of you. May you both weather the storm that life brings, as well as the calm that we crave. In space between the candle and the light, may Gloria's lantern shine to guide you both, stronger in your union together than you would be apart. A sword might be considered Gloria's symbol, but the steel cannot be made without a union of elements becoming one. So like a sword, your bonds have been forged and reforged again, made stronger and more resiliant for your efforts. Gloria bless you and keep you both."

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Rowenova flips up a fork she twirls a bit in her left/ringed hand before then swiftly snatching it from the spin. "Some say it is fashionable to be late, but... in either case I think you are not too late. The line is still going." Relieving the refreshments of a piece of pie, she turns slightly to look to where the couple is as the shifting of her dress proves to have blood on it, but this does not seem to bother her as she speaks to Sydney. "Oh yeah, do you know when you wanna do our thing?"

Vitalis offers the Legate a handclasp and kiss on the cheeks. He straightens and turns loose of her hands, smiling, "Thank you for officiating, Legate. It was a lovely service." He bows his head, "We'll carry your words with us."

"My daughter gets along with all sorts of people." Norwood says dryly to Cerys. "Just do not tell me what it is that you end up getting up to." There's a hint of the word 'please' in there. "I got a message from my son in law saying that he plans no mischief. I assume that was a well-meant falsehood."

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"Yes. /We/ will," Adalyn responds to Vitalis with a smirk, nudging him gently. Her arm unfolds from Vitalis's to embrace Alessia in a hug. "That was truly lovely." As Cassandra moves forward, she bows her head to the woman. "It was an honor to have you conduct the ceremony. Thank you for being a part of the day." She nods, agreement with Vitalis's sentiment. If Cassandra allows it, she'll step forward for a hug. She may not be a (former) Laurent that Adalyn knows as well as some, but she was a Laurent all the same!

She blinks at Norwood, then laughs lowly and shakes her head, "Baron, with all respect... I am a married woman, and a knight to boot. The biggest thing I've gotten up to in the last three years is the ongoing prank war between myself and my youngest brother. I sent him an outfit of seasilk that was lined with a powder that makes one itch unbearably. Once he had it laundered, it was just a very nice outfit. But it made his dancing at my wedding reception quite lively." Cerys sips from her glass, "Beyond that, I am simply trying to settle into the city and do my duty to my House and my husband."

Sydney notes the line that Rowenova points out while she's in the middle of a too-large bite of something, and has to hastily chomp down what she's chewing on - briefly thumping her collarbone and flinching in the process, but she dances on over to the line, casting a quick look back to Rowenova and quickly offering, "Whensoever you're free, truly! I'm in the training center quite frequently, or can be persuaded. My schedule is not packed, these days - and you are /covered/ in blood, and I hope it's not yours!" She enthusiastically waves a hand to Nova, then clears her throat and gets in line, doing her best to act natural. Maybe she was even here the /entire/ time.

When Apollo approaches, it's not with a speech full of words meant for other people, but a look unsubtly warm. For both of them. Perhaps moved by the song or the rounds of advice - or even just seeing the groom tear up - he seems close to. So close that what he gives first is an abortive bow, a well-worn habit and not entirely inappropriate - Oathlander through and through. But then he steps forward and gives them each a kiss on the cheek - not an Oathlander habit at all - a squeeze of a hand, and some whispered words - a greater length for Adalyn, and then a shorter one for Vitalis, smile lighting his eyes on the retreat from each.

"The honor was mine, both of you. It is often in a Legate's line of work that we must undertake tasks for the Faith that are not always the most fruitful. There are so few times that we're allowed to be preists rather than politicians. Today, for me, is a reminder of why I chose this path for myself. So, thank you, from one who gets to share in something special." The Legate smiles, taking the Lycene gesture from Vitalis and then the hug from Adalyn. "Again, I wish you both the brightest future together." With a nod, she moves away for the next person line.

"That's true, Sir Norwood." Cassandra replies with a nod. "She and Jay are thick as theives, but I liked to think I helped when I could. Knighted one, married the other. I'd say I'm doing rather well when it comes to your family, yes?" Her smiles turns back to Cerys. "I look forward to it as well, I have always felt that it is better to pass on what you know to next generation than to horde it for yourself. Unity will take us farther than apart." It's hard not to spy out Sydney, and her eyes brighten considerably, giving a wave to the brawler. If for no other reason than to show that she's here.

Rowenova thumbs up with her fork involved. "Not mine." She faintly grins then chomps down a good bite of her own food with a moany noise soon afterwards.

Adrienne offers Teagan a respectful curtsey, pale eyes sparkling. "And you, a favorite whiskey, Teagan." With that greeting, Adrienne turns away, rejoining the party proper to interject herself into Cassandra and Norwood's conversation. Cassandra receives a look of polite apology; Norwood, a touch on the elbow and a few whisper words.

Adrienne has left the buzzing beehives.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Teagan before departing.

Norwood can't help but give a small smile to Cerys. "I believe none of that would stop one from mischief, at least, it has not yet stopped Jael - though that might be a Laurent... specality." That's a slight tease towards Cassandra. His eyes follow Cassandra's gaze and light upon Sydney for a long moment. Then back to Adrienne. He'l murrmer in reply.

Seeing the Valardin off, Teagan nods after Adrienne... and accepts a messenger. She frowns briefly, then something comes over her features and she strikes off after setting her drink down somewhere. She's already speaking with the messenger about sending off a reply, it'd seem.

Vitalis checked composure at difficulty 15, rolling 6 higher.

"I will admit to being boisterous, Baron, especially when out socializing, but I do try to keep my reputation intact. I want to be remembered well, not tarnishing the knighthood I worked so hard to earn," Cerys offers with a grin towards Norwood before looking to the returning Cassandra. CHuckling, she wrinkles her nose lightly, "I would hardly call myself 'the next generation', I would like to think that will be the children of today.. but I take your meaning. And I hope to get to that point myself someday."

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Whatever Norwood is saying to Cassandra, she was just in the middle of drinking from her glass, causing her to side eye him. "I was the very image of propriety, thank you very much, Sir Norwood. I was the good child, compared to the rest of the rabble while we were growing." The Legate puts on an air of feigned indignancy. "Granted, mother would argue that I imagine, but I never brought scandal home. Let's not talk about Jay's wild youth. Or Cristoph's galavanting about." She can only hold that straight face for a moment longer, giving a light laugh herself. "Alright, well, we all tried, at very least." Whatever Norwood says quietly to her, makes her flush just a bit. "You. Are very nosey, Sir Norwood. But yes, if you want to know, I am." The last bit she says, giving Syd another glance.

Vitalis slumps when Apollo speaks, undone, but his face is glad, expression a mirror of Apollo's warmth. He nods at Apollo's murmur, but the doesn't get away so quickly, arms thrown around the man and pulled tight. A muffled, 'Thank you.'

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Adalyn inclines her head to Cassandra, her expression one of fond gratitude. As she steps away and Apollo moves near, she holds her hand outstretched to clasp his, giving a gentle squeeze. His quiet words draw a softening look, her green eyes regarding him brightly as she steps forward to envelop him in a hug.

Backing away from Norwood with a respectful tilt of her head - and to Cassandra and Cerys near him - Adrienne pauses to admire the collection of lilies decorating the grounds. Frowning, she kneels, picking up one scarf - the only one left - neglected by the other guests. She runs the material between her fingers, expression pensive.

Adrienne gets sunrise over forever scarves.

"It is good toknow of a kight who feels that way." Norwood says with GENUINE feeling to Cerys. ~Someone~ else is on his side at last. Then to Cassandra Norwood will just give a fatherly look. "Good. It is not well for you to stand so apart. If you will excuse me?" And he's just going to step aside go give Cassandra plenty of room to do her cavorting with Sydney.

That makes the most awful choked sound come squooshing out of Apollo. Damn it guys, he had a plan for a clean extraction. But he squeezes back, sniffs. "Gods," he says - oh yes, that was just a false start before a swallow as he looses, steps back: "Gods bless you both. For always." And if he doesn't flee /then/ he's going to lose it, which the warning look might communicate, smile real and meant but overwhelmed.

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The wave from Cassandra appears to buoy Sydney into standing a bit taller, and she returns it with one of her own, warmth in her smile, relief on her features to see a rather /very/ familiar face. Not surprise, necessarily, but it does seem to calm some of the young pugilist's nerves while she waits in line.

Turn in line: Apollo

Vitalis turns loose of Apollo and shoos him off after that warning and teetering look, smiling at Adalyn before they look to the next guess.

Turn in line: Sydney

Adalyn murmurs a quiet response to Apollo as she finally withdraws from the Clement-sandwich-hug. She inhales, turning to smile at Vitalis and reaching to give his hand a squeeze as they turn to the next guest in line.

Offering a pleasant smile to Norwood, Cerys gives a small bow to the Baron and sidles aside to give him room. Looking towards Cassandra and Sydney, she offers a smile and nods towards Sydney but doesn't try to interrupt, just sips from her glass and takes a few moments to simply enjoy the surroundings.

Oh. Wait, it's her turn, already? It's her turn. With every appearance of a deer in the arrow sights, Sydney looks ill-prepared when her turn to speak comes so quickly. She makes her way forward and rubs the back of her neck.

"A difficult act to follow, by all appearances. I really did imagine we'd have our drink together before your big day, but the time seems to slip away so quickly, doesn't it? Congratulations, Ada - and to you, as well, Lord... Clement, now, I suppose, yes?" She flashes her teeth in a grin toward Vitalis, "I don't have any grand, sweeping words to touch your hearts. Just know that I wish you both every happiness, and I hope that you'll both still find time in your busy schedules for me every now and again. Whether that's sparring with you, Ada, or speaking on headier topics with you, Vitalis."

She cuts a cursory bow, but her grin tempers into something warmer and more genuine, "...I'm sorry to have missed the ceremony, but I'm pleased to be able to offer you my good wishes on the day of, all the same." She offers Adalyn a wink, "Just don't turn all lovestruck on me by the next we face one another in the sands, Ada."

Adrienne checked perception + empathy at difficulty 15, rolling 45 higher.

Taking a longer drink than usual, Cassandra has quieted considerably, likely because Norwood called her out on something particular. "I didn't think it was *that* obvious." she mutters aside to Cerys.

Apollo veers, indecisive; there's a turn that suggests he might dip into the house until he finds in his pocket a handkerchief. He doesn't notice he's almost on top of Adrienne and her found rainbow until he's about to honk into the handkerchief. It becomes a proper smile after he's instead tidied his nose, noiselessly. "Your highness," he says, and glances to where the scarves were kept before. "Got the last of them, did you?"

Norwood has dad eyes. Cassandra's just not use to it since her dad is gone.

At Sydney's start, Vitalis looks off after the rapidly retreating Apollo, "Yes, he is at that." Vitalis grins at Sydney, "I won't hold it against you." He inclines his head at being called Lord Clement. "We'll find that time. I've got to tell Lady Adalyn about it as well. We can make it drinks for three *and* a heady chat." He looks to Adalyn, "If I'm not encroaching." He leans and kisses her cheeks, "Thank you for coming, and for your kind words."

Laughing softly at the muttered words, Cerys leans in towards Cassandra and murmurs, "I'm afraid I would be no help. I grew up in Lenosia, I just assume that everything I'm doing is being watched and documented somewhere by someone." She shrugs, "Usually my mother, or someone in her employ."

Looking up at Apollo with his arrival, Adriennne's brow knits. She looks from his handkerchief, to her scarf, and offers it to him with tentative compassion. "It's too beautiful to be lost." Her gaze travels away from Apollo, back to Vitalis at Adalyn's side. "And not the only thing, I think." Recollecting herself, Adrienne continues with a serious tone, a blatant shift to steadier ground, "You were the unheralded star of this wedding. I'm told you designed the attire. Gloria and Gild could not look more perfect."

"It's quite alright. It just means we'll have to have a few extra drinks to make up for lost time," Adalyn decides, grinning at Sydney. "Or yes, drinks for three and what's sure to be interesting conversation! Sydney, I'm so glad you could make it this evening. Thank you for your kind wishes. And don't you worry, lovestruck or not, I still plan to try my very hardest to kick your-" Her wide grin shifts as she coughs suddenly and sends a sneaky sidelong glance to locate where Norwood might be as she hastily amends her teasing comment. "-Er, kick you into the sands if I can manage it. I promise not to let marriage affect my sparring potential." She grins widely, winking at Sydney.

Turn in line: Cerys

The line has been dismissed by Norwood.

"Oh, you know how these things go. Certainly, the more drinking, the merrier." She nods to Vitalis, then offers a wide smile to Adalyn, "Yeah, yeah. Do try to kick my ass, or it defeats the point." She lacks the decorum that Adalyn valiantly tries to keep intact.

Turning towards the couple as it appears to be her turn now, Cerys smiles broadly and lifts her glass, "I can't say I know either of you, but nonetheless, I hope you both have many long years of happiness and health and as many children as you could want! May the Gods bless and keep your union!" SHort, sweet, and to the point.

Apollo's smile at that is grateful, wry. But he shakes his head at the offer. "I've got the better prize," he says, and pulls something - something not a handkerchief, this time, but his misshapen bulb - from his pocket. "Something yet to grow," he says. He glances back up at her face, then over his shoulder at Adalyn and Vitalis. "The dress is my doing," he says. "But Selene Whisper made the jacket. I just saw it and knew he'd better have it." He nods, once, like he's certain - not a question. A pause, then he remembers: "Thank you, that's... very kind of you." He clears his throat and straightens. "I've a bit of hide on my bench just now. Hadn't any idea what to do with it, until we met."

"There's this image that Legates don't date." Cassandra offers to Cerys in a quiet tone. "Because we're not allowed to marry, why would we bother? Or rather, that's what I've been told before in the past. I always gave strange looks to that." Another drink, nodding as Cerys goes off to give her well-wishes. Does she eyeball Sydney and wait for her come over once she's done? Yeah, maybe.

Having said her piece to the bride and groom, the young pugilist does indeed come meandering over towards Cassandra. A stark contrast to the last fancy event they attended, but it doesn't stop her from sidling over and looping her arm rather openly with Cassandra's, offering a nod of her head, apparently having overheard at least some of what Cassandra said on her way over, "...Oh, should my ears be burning? Am I being discussed? I hope it was flattering." She leans her shoulder in against the Legate's.

Vitalis grins at Cerys, "Same! I hope you've enjoyed yourself. Thank you for coming and for your well-wishes." Vitalis laughs, likewise leaning to clasp hands and kiss cheeks, looking up to greet the next- oh. The line's ended. Woof. Vitalis slumps and is about to scrub a hand down his face when he sees Adrienne and straightens, offering Adalyn his arm. "I'm famished." No one told him to eat first. His stomach rumbles unsubtly. "Do you think we have time to eat before they bring Rocker and-

A small smile flits across Adrienne's features. She reaches into the pocket of her dress and presents a similiar bulb - hers spectacularly knobby. "Do you have a green thumb, tailor?" Again, she studies the newly married couple. "That's the second time in as many days that Selene's name has been recommended to me. That's something." She slants a second, patient look to Apollo. "It is true," she corrects gently. "Do you dance, Guildmaster?" Pale eyes sparkle faintly.

"What? Whyever not? You're Godsworn, you're not eunuchs.. so far as I can recall, and I will admit that I am no expert on the Faith... but being Godsworn carries no restrictions about -dating-. It simply states that you will not put another above the Gods, meaning you will not marry or bear children. Far cry from enjoying companionship," Cerys responds to Cassandra with a cluck of her tongue and a shake of her head. Sipping from her glass, she looks to Sydney and smiles, "All good things."

-whatever you're calling your horse this week 'round?" He looks off towards the stables, to the tables of snacks. The grooms appear with the horses, still distant. Hurry.

Adalyn smiles warmly to Cerys. "It's kind of you to come and offer your well wishes. Thank you for attending!" She inclines her head to the woman, studying her features so that she'll recognize her next their paths cross. She turns to greet the next guest only to find the line has ended. Whew. "I'm going to start calling him Sir Grump if he doesn't start behaving himself," she laments to Vitalis, nodding eagerly. "I'm hungry as well. Let's grab some sustenance before we're on our way."

"Her work recommends itself," he says, and smiles - there's a bit of knowing in it, yes; he knows his does, too. And then Apollo's brows lift, as if there might be some other Guildmaster, with less incipient nose-blowing, untempered by modesty, she might want to ask that question instead. "Ah. I - I can, if you're inclined," he says, glancing aside. And he pockets both handkerchief and bit of root, and offers her a hand. Why not dance at a wedding? Why not.

Sydney offers a low humming noise in the back of her throat in response to Cerys, "Is that right? Well, I'm heartened to hear it, despite having slipped in at the last possible moment, looking half awake." She lightly reaches up to slap her own cheek lightly, "...Which is no exaggeration."

"As Princess Cerys says, nothing but good things, love." Cassandra smiles, taking the arm of pugilist and planting a kiss on Sydney's cheek. "I have had to have a few conversations on that very topic. The whole idea that Legates or Godsworn are cold when it comes to personal relationships. I can state that that is not the case. But, my manners. Your Highness, this is Sydney Waterfall, a Champion and really, my better half. Syd, this is Princess Cerys Velenosa, someone who's seeking my tutelage."

Vitalis checked dexterity + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 20 higher.

Adrienne checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Apollo checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 10 higher.

Adrienne takes Apollo's hand then gently wraps it around her arm to lead him to the makeshift dance floor which Alessia had earlier advantaged herself of. "It's bad luck not to dance at a wedding," she answers breezily, probably making that up. The musicians play something sweet and light, unobtrusive to conversation and yet more than fluid enough for dancing. She slips into an easy hold with Apollo, formal and content and quietly adjusting to his lead with the subtlety her training allows for. She continues to converse quietly with her partner.

"Its a pleasure to meet you, Mistress Waterfall. I'm afraid my husband abandoned me to attend the weddings on my own today, something about it being too cold to come out from the comfort of the room." Cerys flashes a grin at them both and shrugs. "Given how accomodating he's been with me lately, I can hardly complain. Besides, I may have... worn him out." She clears her throat and glances aside before looking back, "He's due some peace and quiet and rest."

Sydney gets something of a sappy smile on her features at the kiss that's planted on her cheek, and regards Cerys with a light tuck of her head. "A pleasure, of course, Cerys. What can I say other than that if you're seeking tutelage from Cass, you clearly have good taste." The further, innuendo-laden commentary has her grinning conspiratorially, "...Aw, poor thing. Weak-knee syndrome, it's a terrible affliction to which Legates are of course wholly immune."

It's a whirlwind of snacking and farewells, Vitalis trying to eat and be polite to guests all the while watching as the spit-and-polished Clement Guards and two fully decked out horses are lead closer and closer and, Vitalis tips a glass up, draining it and secrets some items to snack on later. He rounds up upon the Baron, bowing before the man, "We're off, Baron. Her Highness agreed to go on the tour of the Oathlands with us, and we're to have others join as well." He looks to Adrienne and Apollo, chatting amiably, and... dancing? Blink. "And guard enough you need not worry. You're still welcome to come along." He offers again with a tip of his head, "You know where to meet us." @emit The two hustle off and return in clothes suitable for riding, mount their horses and depart, with calls and cheer and waves for all assembled. The celebration, though, goes on...

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