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Greenmarch Dinner Gathering

Join House Greenmarch for an evening of friendship and food as they strive to build their standing with friends, family, and allies.


Oct. 17, 2021, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Marius Monique


Sebastian Corban Medeia Cassiopeia Lore Neve Cesare Raven Kiera Breccan Zakhar Theophania Ianna


Blackram Farshaw Greenmarch Keaton Laurent Lyonesse Rivenshari Telmar Valardin


Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Greenmarch Lodge - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Smokey, a High Hill Mastiff arrive, following Kiera.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Marius before departing.

Monique is present in the Great Hall this evening having traded in her armor for a gown of malachite silk, and knee high boots of the same color in damask. As always, there's a glass of whiskey in her hands and a smile on her crimson colored lips as she greets new arrivals to the Hall with drinks and banter. "It wouldn't be a gathering without a game and Marius and I have planned one that's sure to be... intriguing."

Lore arrives wrapped in leather from head to foot, teal and black accented with golden clasps, the colors doing wonders for that golden skin and putting a hitn of blue into those jade green eyes. Taking a missive from her assistan even as she smiles at the servants set to show in the guests. She reads over it as they walk. There's a quick bit of dictation to Carolina, who scribbles out a message and dashes off with a grin and a nod. Watching the girl go with a touch of fondness for her, Lore turns back in time to offer a wide, warm smile towards the hosts, "Good evening! Thank you for inviting me. I've brought liquor as gifts. Host choice, whiskey or rum!"

Neve stands beside Monique, not as resplendent, but well composed. "What's the game? I think I missed the details."

Sir Corban Telmar might be somewhat odd here at the Greenmarch Lodge, but his cousin Simone is the Marquessa of the House, and well, there's his ex wife! Monique receives a small smile of welcome as he makes his way in, escorted by the servants and bowing his head to those here. His cousin-in-law gets a smile as well. See? He is right at home here!

Cesare swans in wearing a shirt that bares the entirety of his neck and shoulders and a necklace which draws a great deal of attention to the fact resting on his collarbones. "I'm not sure if you've noticed this, Lady Monique," he says, "but there is a larger-than-life statue outside and without meaning any disrespect to you, I feel that the artist took liberties." He bows deeply, then extends a hand to take one of Monique's and press a kiss to the back. "It is dreadful that you always seem to look divinely beautiful. Just dreadful. I should have brought some wine, I suppose, but I've come empty-handed, bearing only myself as a gift. How terribly gauche."

Raven slips in. She has left her guards at home and her blade's been ornately peacebound. In her sling she carries a bottle of booze too. It seems like Lyceum don't believe in sober hosts which should surprise no one.

The Marquis of Greenhaven now makes his entrance, and as he does the musicians begin to play. For those who know Marius or have interacted with him for any real length of time his appearance may be surprising. He is dressed much more formal, though his colors are still in earth tones with more green than anything. The man's auburn hair is pulled back neatly and his green eyes almost seem to sparkle with a pleasantness that oozes from him as he approaches his seat. Both of his hands outstretch with palms facing upward as his smile erupts to life and overtakes his features, "Greeting Lords, Ladies, family, friends and all of you other beautiful people who have joined us!" The man's voice is melodic and warm, "I am in awe of your presence and do appreciate more than words can express you joining us here this evening!"

He now moves to take his seat. The way he moves is fluid like one might expect of a man used to traversing the wilderness and this finds its way into his every action. "Please find the hospitality of Greenmarch before you. Eat, drink, be merry! Relax as you hear our musicians and for a brief moment set aside the forces that stand against us. Let us all remember that we must also live, laugh, and enjoy life or we all ultimately fight for nothing."

"Two truths and a lie, one of my favorites," Monique tells Neve with a grin that borders on wicked. "Ah and here comes Corban, who likely has the best lies of us all. Well, not now that Lore has arrived," she corrects, lifting her fingers in a wave of greeting for Lore. "Whiskey, as if there is anything else!" Cesare's hand is taken in return and squeezed. "Cesare Whisper, you are the best gift I have ever received. Do you like the statue? It's one of my favorite tributes to... well, me." Her green gaze slips to Raven's arrival. "Ah, the Blackheart, I do believe? Be welcome." And then there's Marius and she shoots a wide smile to her brother. "So much better with words than I, Marius. Upstager," she accuses lightly.

Kiera enters with an air of formality perhaps trying to hide he nervousness as she has only met the women in passing in social gatherings and marius not all she moves quietly

Raven spies Lore and flashes a smile and a fingerwave. Her hands are still calloused and nails worn but her hands are at the very least clean for the occasion. Kiera is also noted and given a smile and fingerwave.

Sir Corban rolls his eyes at Monique when she declares he has the best lies. "I assure you that I have nothing but honor. It makes me terribly boring," says the First Captain as he makes his way to his cousin-in-law and offers him his hand and a firm clap on the back. "It is good to see you, Marius. Your kids keep growing like weeds. Stop feeding them, eh? Do give my love to Simone."

Cesare laughs warmly. "You are such a flatterer, Lady Monique. I very much doubt that could be true. The statue is - arresting. I think more than the artwork itself, I like what it suggests that you put it outside, announcing your glory to all who dare cross the gates of Greenmarch Lodge. One must know one's worth, after all."

He moves to find a seat as well as Marius makes his toast - a toast of which Cesare approves, lifting a glass in the Marquis' direction. "I couldn't agree more. Life happens in every moment, Marquis. I must say, I find the Greenmarches I've met entirely refreshing to be around. And I haven't even seen the portrait gallery yet!" He slides a wink to Monique at that.

"You flatter me, Lady Monique, and I thank you for it!" Lore chuckles, handing the bottle of whiskey over to her before leaning in to press a kiss to each cheek. She steps aside to let others greet the estimable lady and turns towards the Marquis at his entrance. Chuckling over the grandiose nature of it, she approaches nevertheless and pulls him in for a quick hug, "Marius, you look fabulous! If you have time after, I did bring a few desings for you to look over. And I have fabric swatches as well, so you can get an idea of what you might want to work with." Winking at him, she turns to grin and offer a wave in return to Raven.

Shekies, A black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes arrives, following Zakhar.

Zakhar puts Golden skull with silk brain pocket in Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Neve smiles and nods to Monique. "Ah, right, always a good one for parties," she agrees. She goes back to greeting guests as they come back, all nods and polite murmurs.

Raven looks around and her lips quirk, "I always love how cozy and comfortable it is here." She confesses, ambling over towards Lore, "It's always like the /intend/ for people to live here. Instead of those places always so pristine and frighteningly breakable."

Having put on some clean clothes in the form of dark trousers and an open v-neck dark red shirt, Breccan has arrived at the familiar lodge with his usual bright and sunny smile upon his face. He has in his hands a covered dish that he brought from Clement, as well as a jar of honey from the garden.. As he settles the dish down and uncovers it, it appears to be a large apple pie with a brown sugar crush drizzle with carmelized honey. After brushing his hands down upon his pants, he takes a few looks around to those he recognzies or not, lifting a hand upwards before easing to find a seat.

A servent moves to pour the Marquis a goblet of wine while he turns to take Corban's hand, "Ha, they do indeed! And she will be at our next gathering but I will send you love." a quick turn of his eyes to Cesare, "I appreciate the words! And I will pretend to ignore all references to said gallery!"

Now he lifts his wine. " Let me add this, even more so than our oaths and our duty, let me give my word to the level of our commitment to the Compact here tonight," he pauses for a moment to allow his emerald eyes to glide over the room, his lips curling upward from a smile to a grin as they scan over a particular person, "Hear me when I say we stand ready and willing to lay down our lives for those we owe fealty to, and also, to those who seek protection, to the weak, the oppressed, regardless of social standing. We're here to stay and we're here to show you all what we can do."

Marius lifts his goblet high, "My second and last toast I promise! To living life, to honor, to the prosperity of unity and the quality of company here tonight!" he cheers while relaxing into his seat and looking out over the prepared feast. "We also have carefully engineered this game to allow us to get to know one another even better and hopefully laugh a little in the process. Again, welcome, and enjoy! We will start the game soon. I believe Lady Monique will cover the official rules as we will keep score and declare a winner!"

"Agreed. But I've found most Oathlands manors in Arx are like that. They don't really seem to go for a lot of flimsy or fragile things being put on display.." Lore flashes a grin towards Raven, reaching out to give her a quick one-armed hug. "But its still very welcome, regardless."

In a dark mix of fitted dark leathers and combination of silks, the old man (Zakhar) with a plume of snow-white hair, deep scar running the middle of his face, and a marbled cat with striking yellow eyes wrapped upon his shoulders as if a shawl finds his way into the Great Hall. Pausing only in his stride for a moment to seek out those that he might already know here, and in spotting both Lore and Raven, there's a soft grin upon his lips as he gives the cat upon his shoulders a small scritch and whispers something to the animal before heading over to the two immediately noticed. Crossing the room a nod is given to Cesare, then Monique as he reaches out to Lore to pull her into a hug before speaking with the mixed accent that sounds of Northern and Isles shav with something old and ancient rolling off at ends of his words. "Lore, it is good to see you again." Then turning to Raven, "Blackheart."

"Psst, Breccan!" Neve gives a quick, energetic wave to her friend once the pie is set down. When everyone else raises their glances to Marius's toast, she does as well.

"Softest Whisper, it's one part flattery and twelve parts simple truth," Monique proclaims boldly to Cesare, while accepting the bottle from Lore with a grateful nod. "Is it wrong if I hide this away only for myself?" she says, and doesn't seem apologetic at all about it. "And then blame Cesare for telling me to know my worth?" Her laughing look back to the Whisper is warm, but diverted by Kiera's arrival, and Breccan's. "Welcome, welcome. Though we do not know each other well, we're about to," the Greenmarch says as Marius announces the game. "Maybe better than you'd like. Two truths and a lie. Everyone who wishes to play, which I *hope* will be everyone, will think of two truths and a lie about themselves. You'll announce them to the room and then the others will write down on the papers provided their guess as to which is the lie. The person who guesses the most lies will win a prize of their choosing from an assortment of very shiny prizes. Better make your lies believable," she adds biting her lower lip to keep the smile from spreading too wide.

Raven's eyebrow cocks and her lips twist in what can only be wry bemusement while her gaze tracks the enigmatic host and listens to him address his guests. She strides to locate a drink and lifts it with her good hand to aknowledge his toast.

Raven smiles aside to Zakhar, "Hello Zakhar."

Theophania slips in through the door while everyone's focus is on Marius' address. Blushing with embarrassment she tries her best to slip unobtrusively towards Monique. She shows no sign of preparation, as if she had just rolled out of bed or stayed up the entire ngiht working. She sketches a curtsey to Monique, "I am so sorry my lady. I could make many excuses but none would suffice."

Grinning as she hugs Zakhar right back in a tight squeeze, a loud smack of a kiss placed on his cheek, "Zakhar! Its so good to see you!! Oh! I may actually have a request of commission for you soon. I'm working on my biggest personal project yet, and if you can handle the part of it still undone, I would -love- to see the silver for it find your pocket." Lore turns back towards Monique with a laugh, "By all means, Lady Monique. I'll just fish another one out to give to your brother. Besides, it's always lady's prerogative where gifts are concerned."

Cesare looks around the room to see if anyone here was present the last time he played Two Truths and a Lie. Satisfied, he nods, then turns back to listen to the second toast with another lift of his glass. "Blame me for whatever you like," he intones placidly. "I am both happy and accustomed to accept the blame for the foibles of others. It is why they pay me so well." He pours a glass for Monique as well, and leans over to say something softly to her.

Zakhar nods to Lore, "You know all to well that I'm up for any challenge for crafting." A look towards Monique, "A challenge to wits is accepted then." He flashes a very small and crooked grin before looking for where a drink might be.

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The host isn't supposed to eat right? Well, Marius reaches forward to pull a plate toward himself while everyone gets settled and mingles. The Marquis takes a bite from some bread and a sip of wine all the while watching the crowd of those gathered. "Well, I think this is turning out well," he adds to anyone who cares to listen, he's done his intro and that was as far as he scripted. "I am excited to get into this game. I'll even throw two truths and a lie of my own in for someone to get extra points since I can't win."

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Turn in line: Cesare

Raven smiles at Lore, "Did you know Zakhar actually made this for me?" She shows off the necklace against the lace of her gown, "Booger wouldn't let me pay for it either." She flashes Zakhar a grin.

Lifting his hand upwards, Breccan waves back to Neve with a bolstering grin on his face, then eases up and heads over to her table. He leans over and presses a kiss to the top of her head before sinking down next to her if possible. As he listens to the going ons, his red brows lift upwards curiously.

Monique shakes her head to Theophania, waving away the apology. "Everyone knows that to arrive fashionably late is the best way to establish your importance," she grins to the Minister. "But now you're here, and you can give me your excuses another day. Let's get some drink in you while Cesare Whisper starts off our game. Tell us about your deepest and darkest, Softest Whisper. Let's become allies in truth tonight."

Marius has joined the a long trestle table designed with a great stag and two does etched into its surface.

Lore sidles on over towards Marius while the game is getting underway. She leans against the side of his chair, propping an elbow up on the back of it. Eyes still tracking everyone in the room as she murmurs something to him quietly, flashing him a grin briefly. Turning towards Raven, she looks at the necklace with a grin, "Zak made me a vest. And a few other things. That vest is still one of my favorite items, I had an entire outfit made around it." Zakhar gets that smile next as she chuckles at something he's said and leans in to share something with the man.

Neve grins at the affection from Breccan and gives him a side hug as he settles in. "Sorry I left town without notice. I didn't want to get snowed in."

Theophania gives Monique a grateful smile and adjoins to the table. As subtly as she can, she tries to fix her hair with the comb she usually keeps in it.

Theophania has joined the a long trestle table designed with a great stag and two does etched into its surface.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Kiera before departing.

Sir Corban watches all of those here as he waits for the game to begin, taking a drink and some snacks for himself. "Raven, was it?" he asks the Blackheart as he spies her nearby. "I do not think we have met. Sir Corban Telmar. Of the King's Own. The Marquis is married to my cousin." He leaves out the bit about his ex-wife.

Cesare gives an eyebrow waggle, quaffing his drink and setting his glass down. "Well, since none of you have been present before when I played this game, I can use all the answers I used before - no, I jest, I jest." He interlaces his fingers. "Number one: The closest I have ever come to dying is when I almost drowned as a teenager attempting to retrieve a Pravosi princess's lost earring in the Southern Sea. Number two: While I favor my left hand, I can write passably with both hands. Number three: I once vomited on an entire crowd of people, which also included a Pravosi princess."

"It's alright. I know how much you hate the cold." Breccan says as he watches the others get in line to play the game of truth and fibs, grinning to himself. He props his chin up in one hand, curling his fingers about his jawline a bit. He waves with his free hand towards Kiera, giving her a warm smile. "Evening!" He calls over to his friend. "Thank you for the welcome." He says to Monique as well, having caught up with the conversation now and is trying to ensure he touches base with those who greeted him. "Neve, I brought some apple pie and honey from my gardens. Made the pie myself." He says with a grin.

Zakhar gives a small tug to the hemmed edges of the corset vest he wears, then presses at his cloak with the specially designed fingerless silken gloves, until reaching the burgundy blood red silk tucked into small slit upon his cloak. "I have become known for many of my creations. Clothing, jewelry, even my furniture. Though it's my puzzles that are a real treasure, and allow me to let go of frustrations best. And there's a project that has most of my attention now, outside of new employment with Lady Monique."

With some of her nerves passed, Theo's eyes resume some of their brightness as she leans forward slightly, studying Cesare as the rest of the room gives their answers. In particular, his hands.

Raven's head turns as she heards her name, "Indeed." She bows her head respectfully, "A pleasure to meet you, my lord. Ahhh, so you would be Sir Tovell's brother? I had been curious." She offers a polite smile, "I'm most pleased to finally have a face to go with the name. Perhaps some day you might be persuaded to indulge me in a spar? If you even just as half as skilled as your brother it would be an excellent workout."

Lore looks up from her conversations, canting her head towards Cesare. She studies him for a long moment before turning to catch Monique's eye. Some sort of silent information is exchanged and she settles back in.

Cesare is overheard praising Savio: Perhaps the queerest spectacle I have ever seen, yet also remarkably heartwarming. One imagines that he may acclimate to life among the Arvani eventually, if only he can learn to pronounce the world "squirrel" properly.

Kiera turns bright eyes to marius, his speech seeming to resonate with her. She does not miss notes of greeting from raven and breccan and returns them before turning attention to the game

Theophania leans back smiling slightly, clearly enjoying this game of wits, " It's a fun game this. Really, the main benefit seems to be in realising how little you can judge someone without knowing them. There are all kinds of assumptions and motivations I could guess behind your words Softest but... they're all just air, really." She dashes down a number on a slip of paper and passes it to Monique.

Turn in line: Lore

Monique listens to Cesare's truths and a lie and looks genuinely torn, shaking her fiery head. "It's a good thing I'm not guessing because I would be completely stumped." She watches as others write their guesses or pass them along. "I hope you all know how to pick the telltales of a lie. Lore? Are you ready to bare you soul to us?"

Marius leans up to whisper something to Lore before grinning and taking a long drink from his goblet. "Cesare the next time you play I think you should make all three options involve a Pravosi Princess!" Emerald eyes dance about, "I want to guess...Monique I am going to guess but don't count my score!" He calls out to his sister while lifting two fingers. Another sip from his goblet is taken and an apparent chuckle escapes him likely from something whispered to him by Lore.

"Fantastic! I can't wait to try a slice," Neve tells Breccan. There is a break in conversation though while she gets a bit to eat and listens to the players.

Raven nurses her drink and holds up two fingers herself, it's a bit awkward cause she has to do this whilst holding her drink since she just has the one operational hand.

When her turn comes up, Lore stays right where she is, casually leaning against the chair Marius is settled into, looking for all the world like some kind of pirate or thief or worse. The cat-ate-the-canary smile doesn't really help the image any. "Oh lets see... there was the time I stowed away on an Eurusi warship in order to get back to Arvum after being trapped there for three years while trade with Eurus was banned by the Faith. They never even knew I was there. Slipped overboard when they neared Pravosi lands and made my way ashore." Tapping at her lower lip with one finger thoughtfully, she hums lightly, "Oh! There was the time I single-handedly beat both Lord Arik Halfshav and Lord Brogan Nightgold in a fight.. at the same time. That was a fun night. Amazed I can remember it, really, so much whiskey was involved." Chortling softly, she shakes her head in amusement before letting out a breath, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaand... oh! I've twice been offered noble title."

Fiore, the elegantly long-limbed androgyne arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

Zakhar has taken a close interest to the long table that Marius sits at, running his fingers over the grain of wood while continuing a soft conversation with Lore.

Cesare pours himself another drink. He leans aside to say something softly to Monique, and then settles back in his seat, considering everyone at the gathering with the smallest of smiles, an expression which is little more than a tick upward of the corner of his mouth.

Raven has joined the a collection of couches and armchairs in the loft.

Theophania weighs up Lore for a solid few moments before scratching down a number and passing the page to Monique. She sits back and shrugs.

"I should be glad to spar with you, Raven," says Sir Corban with a nod to the Pravosi woman. "I do not know where I compare to my brother in terms of ability, but I am nonetheless glad to give you a workout. All in good teaching and the like." He bows his head and goes to settle down as the game continues.

Corban has joined the a collection of couches and armchairs in the loft.

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Marius looks up over his shoulder as Lore begins to announce her truths and a lie to the group of gathered. "I have an unfair advantage on this one!" so rather than hold up any fingers the Marquis takes the paper before him and scribbles on it before wadding it up into a ball and actually throwing it at his sister.

Zakhar has joined the a long trestle table designed with a great stag and two does etched into its surface.

Monique checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Monique is successful.

Turn in line: Corban

"I think I have knowledge that would be unfair to this particular truth and lie too, so it's a good thing I'm not playing as well," Monique chuckles to Lore, shaking her head. "I will say, this is *very* tough if one does not know you." She deftly sidesteps the paper ball that comes flying her way, leaving it to whomever might be next in the line of fire. "And now we have Sir Corban Telmar, who surely is too honorable to lie?"

Raven holds up two fingers again for Lore, indicating she's calling out the 2nd choice as the lie, speaking softly with Corban.

Turning a broad smile towards Monique, Lore winks, "That's why I opened with the ones I did. If you or your brother were playing I would have had to come up with completely different statements!" She leans forward to pluck up a glass, unsure of whose glass it was, its hers now! Lifting the glass towards the room, she chuckles and takes a swallow from it.

"Ah! I am up!" says Corban, rising to his feet. "Well. It is not a lie, truly, if it is part of the game, is it not?" he suggests. "Then it is just bluffing and all part of the rules and not dishonorable at all."

Having needed to preface his comments that way, he then speaks up. "First, the alaricite blade I carry has a providence all the way back to the great Silver herself, who is the patron of the Sovereign's Own Royal Guard, it being one of the two Orders that formed from her Guard after her passing here at Arx. Second, I was instrumental in seeing Goldenpyre added to the Hall of Heroes. And third, when I was a boy, I had the pleasure of receiving a book on tactics and strategy from the teacher of the great Dayne Valardin himself, the finest Knight Arvum has ever known." He then settles down to sit.

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Theophania gives Corban a small, curious smile as she studies his features then passes her answer along to Monique.

Kiera is overheard praising Breccan.

Kiera is overheard praising Zakhar.

Kiera is overheard praising Corban.

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Breccan is overheard praising Marius.

As he listens and watches the antics around him, Breccan gives a nod of his head to Neve and grins. "I hope you'll like it. Eyup. I started working with honey and brown sugar to give the pie a bit more flavor." He folds his large hands in front of him, straightening up his back..

"Those are tough! All so believeable and no falter in your voice nor even a flinch," Marius comments before putting his goblet down to applaud Corban. "Well done Sir Corban! If you were not such an honorable man I may believe you were a talented liar," Marius offers with a playful grin.

Raven hrrrms and looks over Corbant who's seated nearby, eyes mock narrowing and she hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmms. After hamming up her careful weighing of those things for dramatic effect and holds up a single finger and takes another sip of her glass, "Go big or go home, is it, Sir Corban?" She flashes a crooked grin.

Cesare is also giving Corban a keen look, but he mostly has gotten lost admiring Corban's outfit, and in particular that peacebound blade. Certain things need only simplicity; to add unnecessary adornment would be, as the saying goes, to gild the lily.

Monique eyes Corban as he speaks his truths and a lie and squints long and hard at the King's Own. "Hmmmmm. Well I know at least one of those truths. But since we weren't married that long, I hope everyone will forgive me for not immediately knowing the lie. But I've got my guess. Still, next is the Blackheart Raven, and I must confess this is one of the ones I think I'm looking forward to most. Will you grace us, Blackheart?" she invites Raven.

Turn in line: Raven

Zakhar looks up from his admiration of the table when Sir Corban gives his turn in spinning yarns. "I've yet to meet a knight that didn't have some interesting tales to share. Yours might be the hardest yet to take a stab at."

Raven's eyebrows lift at Monique's comment, "No pressure or anything, eh, my lady." her jade gaze sweeps across the room and those gathered and offers up, "One: I was terrified of horses until just a few years ago. Two: I'm pretty good with my sword but I'm missing my calling as a singer, Three: I've broken my Alaricite sword and destroyed my best armor in the past several months costing my benefactors millions upon millions in replacement gear."

"I'm sure I will. It sounds delicious," Neve tells Breccan as she watches Raven prepare her truths and lie. "Maybe we should make more and take them out on a picnic out of the city!"

Turn in line: Marius

Theophania gives Raven another small, studious smile as she writes down and passes up her guess.

Zakhar checks dexterity and animal ken at normal. Zakhar is successful.

The cat that lazes upon Zakhar's shoulder finally makes an attempt to hop upon the table and take from the platter of food. Only the old may catches the marbled cat by her scruff and pulls her back to sit in his lap. "Shekies, I'm going to quit allowing you to come with me to these things if you keep up your antics."

Marius catchs sight of the cat jumping toward the food and grins. Without saying a word he reaches over to a piece of poultry and rips some free which is tossed toward the feline guest and hopefully doesn't hit Zakhar in the process.

Kiera smiles "Mine would be fairly easy fore those who know me well but that doesn't include most of you "I help others through the great archive. I enjoy a good whiskey and third i'm learning to dance

"Awwwwww, let the cat have some meat. Just, you know... put some aside on a plate for her or something." Lore chuckles at Zakhar's antics and shakes her head. She laughs even more when Marius flings some chicken towards the feline and just nods at him.

Monique hums softly at Raven's list and then lifts her brows in tandem. "Gods, I hope you haven't cost Pravus that much. I can only imagine the lines etched into their foreheads permanently if that one's true." And she's smiling over it, cruel woman. But then Kiera gives her list and the Greenmarch listens intently, ready to field guesses, but offering, "I sincerely hope it isn't number two. Everyone knows whiskey is the only true drink of choice!"

Turn in line: Zakhar

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Smokey, a High Hill Mastiff leave, following Kiera.

Raven is overheard praising Marius: The Marquis Greenmarch does know how to host an interesting gathering.

Cesare sips his drink languidly, eating slices of fruit in between sips, starting to look faintly glazed. And nobody has even broken out the Greenmarch Green! That we know of. He laughs softly at Monique's tease to Kiera, shaking his head. "Prince Sebastian told me that Whiskey was an Oathlands drink and I should be embarrassed for not claiming Setarcan wine as my personal favorite alcoholic beverage. Lady Monique, I'll have to take you down to the Saik Vintners cellars sometime. If you've never been."

"I once threw a dagger at Prince Sebastian for impugning the honor of whiskey, you know," Monique replies to Cesare, a smile claiming her crimson lips as she awaits Zakhar's truths and a lie. "Took a few of his hairs off in the process. He knows I hate wine and we've long been at odds because of it."

"Oh dear," Cesare says. "Perhaps I won't take you down to the cellars, then. Although there are a few aperitifs and liqueurs down there, too."

Barkus the friendly scruffy dog arrives, following Ianna.

Raven's eyebrows lift and she snorts, "He does like to quest for that line between indulgence and violence, doesn't he?" She wonders rhetorically to Monique. She is settled beside Corban nursing her drink.

"Oh, if you think he's bad with the drinks, try to look at one of his paintings before its finished. I've never been so glad to be quick on my feet!" Lore lets out a laugh, tossing in her own anecdote about the temperamental Pravosi Prince.

"I must say some of these are very entertaining. I am now afraid that mine will sound boring and I should instead just make up three lies and tell everyone two of them are true," Marius says with a chuckle while looking at those closest to him, "What do you guys think about the fact I have riden a unicorn, slain two dragons and drank seven gallons of whiskey in two hours?"

Marius is sitting at the head of the larger table with Lore leaning against his seat and several of the others sitting near. Monique is currently calling and running the 'two truths and a lie' game. Drinks, food, and music abound.

Zakhar looks to the cat in his lap and the meat that Marius has thrown to her. A small curl of his lip as he sets the cat upon the floor with the tossed chicken pieces. "She eats like a queen, and will fool anyone that thinks her cute. Do not fall for her lies, she'll outlast all of us in this game." Then looking to the collection of drinks in front of him, there's a bit of a shuffle to pour remaining drops from each into one, which is then grabbed at and given a swirl before a small sip is taken. "Right. Two truths and a lie." Another sip is taken of the combination, before he shrugs and finishes off the glass in a quick shot. He pulls his silk square from its tucked position and wipes at his mouth. Then with a thoughtful pause, "First. I have crafted plushies in exact replicas of each Highlord with minute details that only they would know to be true of themselves. Second. I earned my first battlefield accommodation by never missing dinner. And finally, I am younger than I look."

Monique nods her head to Raven. "He really does. But for all his poor taste in alcohol, he's a great friend, which I'm sure you already know."

Cesare grows perhaps a bit reticent, sipping his drink, his gaze traveling a circuit of each person who speaks in turn. He makes his answers summarily on his scrap of paper along with the others, then looks up, waiting for the other offered truths.

Zakhar nods to Marius, "Unicorns would be easier to ride if they didn't need to be prissy and dance in the moonlight." He retakes his seat and looks down to the cat, who appears to have gathered more meats and snacks that what he left her with.

Turn in line: Theophania

Theophania, writes down her answer and, smirking, retorts, "We can only hope the third to be a truth."

Ianna isn't who emerges from the heritage wing first. No, that would be a little fluffy dog galloping at full tilt, tongue lolling... until he sees people. At that point, Barkus screeches to a halt, lets out one startled yip, and retreats rapidly towards the hall from where Ianna is emerging. The little dog bounds behind her, does a 180-degree spin, and then prances behind her as if he were always there on his best behavior. See, good dog being the best boi. For her part, Ianna herself looks somewhat contemplative, as if she'd torn her away from something after finally coming to a stopping spot. A small dot of ink adorns one cheekbone, completely unnoticed, and matching speckles of ink are visible on the fingers of her right hand. "Good evening, everyone," she says calmly as she enters, making her way towards where the majority of everyone is clustered.

Raven looks up and blinks, "LAdy Ianna!" In bright and genuine surprise, offering a wave and a smile.

Monique waves Ianna in to the Great Hall and the gathering. "Cousin, so glad you could join us." And to Marius, "You'd never even have that much whiskey before I stole it." She drifts over to take up a post beside Cesare, leaning down to murmur something to the Whisper as she awaits Theophania's two truths and a lie.

Neve waves to Ianna as well. "You made it! Come have some of this pie!" This pie, the one Breccan made, and which Neve has just taken a slice out of.

Marius nods toward Zakhar, "It is true. They also stop before crossing every bridge which can be quite troublesome when you are being chased by things less friendly than an angry serpent." He leans just enough to look down at the cat, "I think your friend there has become quite popular with everyone." About that moment his cousin and her dog come bounding down the way. "Ianna! Come, I saved you a seat and Barkus some food!" Monique draws his attention at her comment, "Speaking of stealing my whiskey...Don't you still owe me some whiskey from our contest?" Now Neve catches his eye, "Save me a piece of pie I will try it later."

"Pie? There's pie?" Ianna likes this idea, and starts heading over towards Neve. "Hi Raven!" she adds with a genuine smile and a little wave. "Did you have pie yet?" Because there's pie, and who doesn't like pie?

From somewhere, who knows where, Monique produces a rolled blunt of *something* and lights it up, offering it to Cesare with a quiet whisper, though her eyes are still on Theophania.

Theophania tucks errant hairs behind her ears and smoothes down the front of her dress as she stands up. She begins to speak, then realises she didn't need to stand up in the first place and sits, then stands, then finally sits again. She smiles to herself as she collects then calls out, "Forgive me if these are boring, perhaps I am a boring woman. First, I have never kissed a man. Not even my father, I believe. Third, when I was nineteen, I ran away from home to try and become a singer. However, an investigator hired by my family found me within the month. Although," her lips quirk into a smile, "It was quite a chase, albeit an unpleasant month."Third, I have never killed anyone, nor have I had someone killed."
Blinking at the realisation of just how personal these are, she blushes and leans further back into her chair. As sneakily as she can, she also partially covers her face with a wineglass.

Corban wrinkles his nose when the blunt comes out, apparently not much caring for that particular item. But he does not say anything, instead continuing his conversation with Raven at the seats.

Neve nods to Marius, then smiles to Ianna as she starts to carve off another slice. "It's apple, with brown sugar and caramelized honey," she tells her cousin as she plates it.

Cesare takes the haze with as much elegance as he does anything, taking an inhale and holding it while he passes it back to Monique. Whatever she whispers to him has the effect of almost making him laugh, which would be disastrous for many reasons. He manages to hold onto it until he exhales, which is much less elegant, sort of an exhale that ends in cough-laughing. "Smoking is very bad for the vocal chords," he says. "I am quite serious about that. Very serious." He writes down his answer for Theophania on his parchment, shaking his head.

"Thank you, everyone. I don't know whether I'm proud or terrified that you're all so very good at lying," Monique says, laughter in her voice and in her eyes. "Now, some of you are tied, so we'll have a tiebreaker. My own personal truths and a lie. Brace yourselves." Monique looks around, her eyes drifting over each and every person in attendance. "I once stabbed myself through the heart with a dagger but didn't die. I destroyed the altar of Gild by accident. I cannot swim." She lets her three statements settle with an innocent smile, awaiting the guesses.

The marbled cat pays more attention to the chicken and other meats that have been tossed to her, hissing lowly as the dog comes barreling into the room. Zakhar snaps quietly at the animal, "You're a fucking guest here Shekies."

"I have never lied in my life," Cesare says direly. He considers Monique, chin leaned heavily in hand. He is not trying to look down her dress, at least, not for salacious reasons. He's just trying to see if there's a scar. Presumably, stabbing oneself in the heart would do that. "You can't swim," he guesses. "Princess Deva Redrain can't swim either. Or she could not. Perhaps she has learned. Do you know, I went pearl diving? It was so wonderful, but I got sand in my eye at one point and thought I saw a mermaid."

Marius is clearly ignoring his sister now that she is smoking in the house /near/ the food. "That sounds delicious Neve," he says while leaning up and over the table toward her to grab a piece now, she clearly sold him on it. When Monique announces the tie and her own truth and lie he lifts his goblet for a final long drink. "I must say I have been very entertained by everyone's participation tonight. And I think we have learned some surprising things..." then Cesare is speaking, "Like the fact that the Softest Whisper here consorts with mermaids!" he chuckles and drags himself back on track, "I do hope everyone has had a good time. It has been wonderful to see this room filled with life and conversation!"

"Hear, hear," says Sir Corban, raising his glass when Marius says how nice it is to have a full house with laughter and conversation. "Thank you for being such a wonderful host and for the enjoyable game. It is always a joy to be at the Lodge at any time."

Raven nurses her class and looks amused as she listens, "I'm beginning to think I could have aimed a lil higher on my truths and a lie. IT's good to know I'm in the room with the most interesting folk in Arvum." She flashes a wolfish grin.

Lore looks to Marius with a grin, "Oh but the best part is still coming. Mo will announce the lies so we can all have a laugh at ourselves!" She doesn't reach for pie, but she does reach for a drink, treating this one as carefully as the last. Not to say she can't hold her own in the drinking department, but this is someone who tries to stay sober when it comes to Two Truths and a Lie. Its totally serious... good fun.

Theophania quirks her head to one side and smiles in disbelief at Raven's statement.

Zakhar gives Shekies a small nudge of his foot as he sniffs the air, turning to make his way over to Monique and Cesare. "Care to share?"

Ianna breaks into a grin at Neve's description. "Apple's my favorite," she confides to her cousin, adding as an afterthought, "Well, for pies, anyway." Grabbing a piece of pie, she settles onto the nearest bench in proximity to the food, which ensures Barkus has complete access to any crumbs that might be under the table -- and, of course, the soft sound of doggy snuffling can be heard as he starts searching under tables, vacuuming up crumbs with expediency. He hasn't -quite- seen the cat or the chicken... yet. Ianna carves a bite off the pie with her fork, then says, "A shame I didn't get here earlier, it sounds as though I've missed a fascinating evening of gaiety."

Monique's smile only grows as the answers roll in. "As Marius says, and now to announce the lies, and the winners! For Softest Whisper Cesare, his lie was that he almost drowned retrieving a Pravosi princess's lost earring. Sir Corban and Lord Breccan guessed his. Mistress Lore's lie was that she stowed away on a Eurusi warship in order to get back to Arvum. No one guessed rightly! Congratulations, Lore! Sir Corban's lie was that he was instrumental in seeing Goldenpyre added to the Hall of Heroes and Lady Kiera guessed that right. Blackheart Raven's lie was her missed calling as a bard and Lady Kiera and Mistress Theophania guessed that. Lady Kiera's lie was that she likes whiskey, for which I may never forgive her. Zakhar and Theophania guessed rightly there. Zakhar's lie was that he's younger than he looks, which I'm sure I still don't believe, but Softest Whisper and Blackheart Raven did. Theophania's lie was that she ran away from home to become a singer. Raven guessed that. And my own, those who guessed I cannot swim, guessed correctly. I still have never learned. No scar, either," she adds to Cesare, leaning over to give him a better look at her cleavage. "And so the winners! We still have a tie, Softest Whisper, Theophania, Lore and Raven. And you may all choose a prize."

Monique drops Gift Chest.

Cesare takes a serpentine chain bracelet of white and yellow gold with filigree ball finial from Gift Chest.

Theophania says, "Well, I did run away, but I'm afraid it wasn't an investigator that dragged me back but my own nerves."

Raven smiles warmly and lifts her glass, demurring on a prize, "The prize is time spent here with you fine folk!"

Lore takes a blossom and flower petals of colored steel from Gift Chest.

Theophania takes a cool white dress with green ribbon ties and black cherry embroidery from Gift Chest.

Lore takes Jewelry from Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Lore puts a blossom and flower petals of colored steel in Jewelry.

Lore puts Jewelry in Large Oiled Leather Rucksack.

Cesare...gets...distracted. There certainly is no scar there. Just a lot of skin. He smiles. "How generous," he says. What is he referring to, the prizes, or...? "Thank you, Lady Monique, Marquis Marius, it's been a pleasure. Would you like to learn to swim? I would enjoy teaching you sometime." He blinks, sits back a bit. "Yes, uh - I'm sorry to say that I got a terrible case of stage fright when I was about fifteen and emptied a stomachful of slightly curdled wine onto the front row of a very large crowd, of which... /one/ of the Pravosi princesses, she has been kind enough not to remind me, was a part."

Zakhar claps lightly for those that have won of the game, an eye is kept on the cat that has been known to end lives for much less than attempting to offer a pet or scritch while there's food to be had. "I'm always amused by these games, and will find a better lie for the future."

Monique gives Cesare a look from beneath her lashes that's open to interpretation. "You can try, Softest Whisper, but the last three who have done likewise have all ended up stabbed or unconscious. It's a bit of a phobia, I'm afraid. Needless to say, I hate ships." But she does look sympathetic to the story of such humiliation, wincing for Cesare. And her gaze strays to Raven. "Not choosing a gift?" Both eyebrows go up on alert.

Raven smiles, "The company and being welcome in your home for the evening is gift enough." she demures again sheepishly.

Monique stares at Raven for a long moment. A very loooooong moment. The weight of her green stare is heavy. "Hm. Might I choose one for you, Blackheart?"

Marius now pushes up from his seat fully and takes a moment to look toward each of those gathered. "From the bottom of my heart thank you all for being here," he begins with a smile, "I have enjoyed the friendship and even the lies!" a chuckle, "As I said before we are here to stand together. Should any of you require Greenmarch we are here for you...And," Now his lips thin into a mischievous grin, "Those of you who won, congratulations!" Raven's comment and Monique's pointing it out draw his gaze briefly, "Raven your words are greatly appreciated and I find you being here an equal gift to us...However, feel free to take my sisters stuff. If someone doesn't it will just be kept around here somewhere until the next giveaway and we've got piles of stuff already!" A wink is offered to Monique before he takes his seat again.

Raven inclines her head, rising so Monique doesn't have to walk over to Raven, "IF you like, of course my lady. All the better to remember meeting you, my lady."

Corban has left the a collection of couches and armchairs in the loft.

Reedy, a King's Own aide leaves, following Corban.

"I love sailing. There's a freedom to it... I miss it. But I'm leery of putting my name to the ownership of anything..." Lore muses, then shakes her head lightly before turning towards Marius with a grin. "Oh, well, in that case... I'll get right on making up a new batch of things to be given away at Greenmarch events. More is always better than less, right?" She's chuckling as she lifts her glass up for a swallow.

Instead of digging into the gift chest for something, Monique holds up a hand, sliding a ring free of it and offering it to Raven as she approaches. "This, I think, is more suited to you than anything you'd find in the chest. Fitting, that you'll remember me when you wear it." She leans in to whisper something else, much quieter, before withdrawing, her smile innocent as the Abyss.

"Well, of course you're welcome here," Ianna says towards Raven with a quizzical smile, her pie-consumption halted. "That reminds me, we should catch up." But pie cannot wait forever, and Ianna's willpower vs pie is limited. She pops another bite into her mouth.

Monique gets Gift Chest.

Theophania bows her head politely to the hosts, still quietly marveling at the lovely dress she just won.

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