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Remembering: Lawn Edition

The lawn of the Velenosa estate welcomes the old and bitter to come and sit, complain, and remember those who've left to soon by sharing stories and memories. Only laughter welcome before people are kicked off the lawn.


Jan. 27, 2022, 6:30 p.m.

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Khanne Victus Desma Saoirse Eirene Keely Isolde Theo Mailys Yuri Remus Berenice Symonesse



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Grounds

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Jaxon, Champion of the Reflection, Bruiser, a merle teacup chihuahua wearing a diamond collar, Slaine, a wallflower, Rex, a large blue cane corso mastiff arrive, following Isolde.

Splinter, the golden-eyed osprey arrives, following Desma.

3 House Velenosa Guards, Renault, the mustachioed Lycene arrive, following Theo.

The front of the estate has been decorated for comfort, small areas where people are free to sit and share stories with the others gathered. The reason for those gathered is to remember those who can not, yet there is no hint of this being a memorial but a rememberance. Jaenelle is settles around one of the brazier, already a glass in hand as her legs are tucked beneath her while she waits for others to show up.

Carolina, an orphan from Bravura, Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat, Brutus, a very muscular Good Boi arrive, following Lore.

Khanne arrived a little early, for once, and is settled near to Jaenelle. She too has a glass in hand, though it may not contain the same beverage as Jaenelle herself. The hood of her gown is up, keeping her cozy as she makes small talk, waiting for others to arrive.

Jaenelle has joined the alcove by the archway.

"I'm here for the dead people thing." Victus relays to a Lenosian guard on his way to to the grounds. The man is kind enough to point out the *entire* Velenosa estate and the practical aesthetics of the lawn. "Alright, thanks buddy." The High Lord squeezes by. Dressed for the weather in heavy fur and leather. An active river otter sits atop his shoulders, peering about at all the new sights and sounds that it can enjoy.

Khanne has joined the alcove by the archway.

Desma arrives shortly after, dressed in her Magnotta armour, clearly displaying her House colours proudly even as she wishes that it would be warmer than this. She scrunches her nose up as she looks around, searching for any familiar faces.

6 Grayson House Guards, Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrive, following Keely.

Saoirse pins herself on one side of Jaenelle and curls into the heat of the brazier.

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Eirene is old. And grumpy. And not dead yet. And here. She's bundled in her leather coat and gives a lift of her hand to Victus and the arch where Jaenelle lounges. "Desma," she says to the girl. "Here to talk about Dom?"

Bundled up against the chill, Keely wanders onto the Velenosa grounds with a subtle air of hesitation. Her dark eyes flit around a bit uncertainly as she approaches the gathering, pausing with a small smile to a tray-bearing servant and murmuring a quiet thanks before plucking up a drink and moving on. Spying Jaenelle at her perch, she begins to move that way, but hangs back just a bit so as not to interrupt any ongoing conversations she may be having.

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Jaenelle lifts her glass of wine towards those who make their way onto the grounds, her features a soft smile rather than any sadness such a topic of conversation might lead towards. "This is not meant to cause people to lose focus on what is important. It is not meant for people to dwell on the loss of a person or to focus on what could have been. Tonight is meant to showcase what was, the people who lived and breathed, fought and loved. Who made an impact and difference in the world around them in the moments they were here to do so. We do not fall back to past lives and what our souls did then, because it is now that we find ourselves in, and now that matters the most. Would anyone like to begin, sharing a story of someone?"

Eirene smirks to herself, "Well shit, I have a lot of dead friends. Someone else go, I'll be here all night," the former Malvici calls out. Her rough alto is heavy with a Lycene accent.

It's a good thing that Isolde hasn't had to travel long to get to the lawn of her own home. The winter does not agree with her. As evidenced by the way she's wrapped tightly under the cloak and she hugs a flask of something warm close to her chest. She settles down and offers nods to those she recognizes, a smile on her lips nonetheless.

Desma waves to Eirene and bundles into the arch near her kin, given the older woman a grim grin before nodding. She spots the nervous Keely and waves her over to join her and Eirene.

The line has been dismissed by Jaenelle.

Eirene's voice first catches Keely's attention, and she glances away from where she sort of hovers in Jaenelle's vicinity. Her focus lands on Desma and a small smile touches her lips, and after a brief flit of her eyes back toward the Archduchess she instead makes her way to sit near the little Malvici/Magnotta gathering.

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Khanne takes a sip from her glass, grey eyes looking about over the rim as she does. Pulling her drink away, she grins a bit and murmurs to Jaenelle, "people are always afraid to go first. I have so many loved ones who have returned to the wheel. I should begin with my husband, Percephon." There's a pause as she considers what story to tell. "He was many things, an alchemist, a scholar, and an adventurer of sorts." She chuckles and says, "on one occasion, early into our meeting, he had wanted to impress me and drank whiskey. The man... did not drink. The next time I saw him, he had a knot on his head from running into a door. On another adventure, he accidentally ate something he thought was something else... It was uh... well, he later said I smelled like the color blue. Many may remember him for the great scholarly endeavors he achieved, but I will remember him not only for those reasons... but these as well."

Victus takes a long look about the grounds. Hands sinking into his pockets as his otter trills. Some familiar faces, some not. He nods back to Eirene. "Huh. A physician knowing a lot of dead people seems ironic." With a quiet chuckle, he heads over to the brazier that Jaenelle and co. were sheltering by.

Harlen arrives, following Duarte.

Harlen leaves, following Duarte.

Five, a probationary assistant arrives, following Mailys.

Theo makes his way onto the grounds from the manor house dressed warmly for the winter air. A scarf helps keep his neck warm and he buttons the last fastener of his seatouched wool coat as he walks toward one of the quieter spots of the courtyard. The heat from a nearby brazier is nice and he lingers to warm his hands, nodding to Saoirse, Jaenelle, and few cousins across the way as he does.

"I think we know many of the same people," Jaenelle confesses to Eirene. Such is the way of the world it seems. She listens to Khanne and takes a page from her story. "Mydas and I had not had much interaction before he returned to the house. We were informed by Eleyna to "play nice", because we were both her Voices and he was her brother. We were forced to sit together during one of Eleyna's fealty meetings," Jaenelle says with amusement tugging on her lips, "and started to talk to one another in hushed tones. Then we decided that we were going to borrow the Carlotta. For no other reason than we thought we had to find common ground and actually get to know one another. At least in the Bay of Thrax no one could here the screams should it not go over well and one of us would have washed up sooner or later. To be fair, Mydas was far to composed to scream at anyone, though his temper was fierce when it needed to be and he suffered no fool greatly." She sips at the wine then, "we decided that we could deal with one other that night. A week later we sent Eleyna a message informing her that we played nice and wished to petition the Lyceum throne to marry. She did not believe us, but we are pragmatic people and it just made sense. He was my inevitable complication at the time, in so many ways, throughout our very brief time together."

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After some softly-murmured words to Eirene and Desma, Keely settles in and turns her attention to Khanne, and then Jaenelle. She is quiet now, watching intently the expressions of those speaking from her shadowy perch.

Eirene ha's at Victus. "More military than medicinal, or family, friends, or lovers. I could list a dozen names easily. It would take all damn night if I did." She nods at Jaenelle and lifts her flask on agreement. "You'd recognize a fair few indeed. Being a soldier means losing those you love on the regular, but that's the price we pay for what needs doing." She May be a little tipsy already. Pre-party drinking.

Khanne smiles while listening to Jaenelle speak of Mydas. He had been a dear friend of hers. Tipping her glass towards Jaenelle's, she lets them make a small clink. "Everything you have said about him is exactly how I remember him."

Mailys enters the grounds holding the edges of her cloak tightly. The warmth from the braziers relaxes her grip as she nears the storytellers and conversations happening presently. Her head bows as she makes eye contact with the noble faces that seem to everywhere, including Prince Theo on the benches. "Evening, your Highness."

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Marie, the Warlord's Assistant arrives, following Remus.

"Not only a soldier," Jaenelle says to Eirene, "but the one who is meant to save those who fall. I know that you and I have butted heads in the past and it took me a rather long time to understand why you held yourself as you do. I understand now," she says with a pause. "I want to tell you that I am certainly not as strong of a person as you are to do as you do. As a leader I feel for each name that I send to war which never returns, and my soul feels as if it chips each time I write a missive, but you must look into these people's faces and comfort them knowing the full truth. For that, I could never express how much I admire you."

Apparently Jaenelle has come prepared for this though. "Prince Fergus Redrain," she pauses as she says the man's name. "He was so unbelievably stoic. He did not often smile, not because he thought it was a weakness, but simply because it wasnt his nature to. When I first arrived in Arx I spent a lot of time in The Spirits. A lot of time sitting at a table with Prince Fergus. A lot of time sitting with Princess Freja Redrain," his sister too, gone. "Both so far from the people I was used to in the Mourning Isles growing up. Freja was unapologetically Norther. Fergus so unapologetically serious. Both of them two people I have missed a great deal as time continues. I will never forget one day as I sat in the Redrain den with Fergus, I spent hours attempting to crack him into smiling. Finally, after I had almost given up he did. It might be one of my most proudest moments."

Bartolomeo, protege of Signora Lauretta Tessere arrives, following Yuri.

6 House Velenosa Guards, Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job arrive, following Berenice.

A wide grin crosses Khanne's features when Janelle mentions Fergus. "Is it any wonder we get along? So many of the same people have touched our lives. I was fortunate enough to receive some of Fergus' rare smiles when I first arrived in Arx. Gosh... so long ago. Cassius was much like that as well. Then we lost him to the Lyceum." She snickers a little. "So many Northerners married into the Lyceum... now that I think of it..." Then, the snicker fades a bit and she nods. "Then, we lost Cassius to the wheel. He was a good man, so devout."

Eirene holds herself proudly as Jaenelle speaks. "We've both grown. And I salute the person you've become, Archduchess." And she does, Southport style, with fist over heart. But then she grins. "My last words to Fergus was in a white journal. I told him to suck a donkey and charge admission. I partially regret that..." she falls quiet and then nods to Khanne. "We we're good friends, Cassius and I...." she looks genuinely sad for a moment before her usual mask of amusement returns.

Eirene reminds Khanne, "Anze Redrain married Duchess Calypso, my niece."

"Duke Arn Telmar once told me I was not funny," Jaenelle says with a bigger smile than before as she moves on from one man who did not smile to another who didn't know what it meant to and might have died if he did. Her arm loops through Khanne's as they sit beside each other. "I don't remember what we were discussing at the time but he stated that I have moved from one house full of raving maniac pirates to another full of rogues who had no problem stabbing you in the back. That I thought I was funny and I most certainly was not." While perhaps his words may have ruffled her when they were said, time as a way of soothing feathers and making them fond. "I dont know if Prince Fergus would have wished for you to regret such words. I can hear the scoff he probably did a bit too loudly in the archives when someone told him, disturbing all those around him and tipping over their sensibilities," she tells Eirene even as she holds her glass up to have it filled again. Its for the warmth.

Yuri slipped in past the gate with a slow start, partially focused upon the growing cloud cover within the sky and making a rather less-than-amused face at the chill that permeated through the air. His gaze centered off toward the collection of seating and those that occupied them, offering polite nods and bows though growing quiet as not to interrupt any started story. When an attendant passed on through, the lord was quick to swipe up a glass of something refreshing.

Remus enters the Velenosa Grounds woth

Was Berenice planning on attending, or was she just on her way out somewhere else? It's difficult to tell. She drifts out of the Velenosa Estate in a lushly warm, fur-lined brocade coat, catching some of the stories being told. Her steps take her closer, but she does not sit as of yet.

There's a moment of conflict in Isolde's eyes as she tries to grapple with whether she wishes to barrel on or not. Ultimately she decides on doing so because she calls out from her position, next to the fire. "Prince Niccolo Velenosa, nee Pravus, as a memorable man. When the time had come after my dear mother's passing for someone to take on the reigns, he took on the responsibility, knowing it was not for me. Not at that time, not now. He was a grieving man but that did not stop him from placing it aside for the betterment of the family that he was not born to, but became a part of nonetheless. He did it for my mother's memory, for my sister and for me. He then stood aside when the time came for the responsibility to fall to one who could carry on the legacy without balking. We did not always see eye to eye but even glancing back, I know I couldn't have asked for any more of him. He was the greatest father a girl could have and every moment he was in my life was a blessing."

"I once sent late Dominus Orazio a scented handkerchief for his birthday." Prince Victus relays to the gathering, speaking up from his spot for the first time that evening. "I think I'd originally gotten it as a gift from a marriage prospect. This was a long, long time ago. Anyway, he said thank you." He spreads his hands to either side of himself. "Which was rare because we didn't get along. But he liked my courting gift, so, I guess for a moment we were even. The letter he sent had these big ink blotches, like someone had just been *holding* the quill on the parchment for far longer than necessary. I guess he needed to find the words for a magnanimous gesture like that."

"I once accused Duke Harald Grimhall of screwing a fish," Eirene says, only she didn't say screwing. "I was rather annoyed at the time since he was charging down the Metallic Traitor with an axe. He actually survived a toe to toe encounter with that asshole. Barely." She turns to Isolde and nods, "Niccolo was an old friend." And then Victus beings up Orazio. "So was he." See? Lots of dead people on her list.

Remus enters the Velenosa Grounds walking with care, trying to help make it less obvious the Vice-General is walking with a limp is is poor Assistan Marie who is helping guide the man to the event. "Come now we are already late, try to be more friendly this time," the young lady tells the man fussing over him endlessly. Once he is there he is looking for a place to sit but Marie is trying to coax him to go greet the other people here

Desma clears her throat after listening to other's words and remembrances before she speaks. "I wish to remember my cousin, Domonico Magnotta. I first properly got to know him when he was Admiral of Southport and I was doing my military service for Southport. He didn't treat me any different to the other soldiers and sailors under his command, showed no favour but let me prove myself on my own merits." She swallows, "When he became Count Magnotta I petitioned him and Duchess Calypso let me join the House and... they accepted and he gave me a chance and a command. He didn't die as he was supposed to, in battle. Although I was told he was that good at such matters that that was highly unlikely to happen." She ahrugs, hand rubbing the alaricite sword at her belt that some might recogniseqs belonging to the late Domonico, "I hope I can wield this right and do his memory proud."

"That he did," Khanne nods to Eirene. "And Deva, as well, left us for a time. We have her back now though. So many ties between the Northern and Southern Houses, Great and smaller." Nodding, she glances from Jaenelle to Eirene. "I have to agree... He would have scoffed."

"If I might, I would like to spend a moment to remember Valerio." Here, her eyes drift over to Victus. "Valerio was one of the greatest friends I ever had. He and my brother were part of a very important, very dangerous adventure. I was so sure in their skills though, I told them each to let nothing happen to the other. I still feel guilt over that..." For a moment, her voice quiets, but then after a sip from her glass, she continues. "He leapt in the way to save my brother, and died because of it. I know he had a good return to the wheel, but I miss him, greatly." Then others begin talking about people she knew and has memories of as well. She can't help but smile at the mention of Orazio and Harald.

Mailys shakes her head to Theo's offer. "I actually came prepared, believe it or not." She produces a dark green blanket with a gemstone pattern from under her cloak, likely carried under her arm. Holding it out to Theo, she offers it to him, teasing. "Are /you/ cold, Your Highness?" She asks sitting with one gloved hand around a glass and her own cheeks flush from the brisk air and brandy. She could hear Jaenelle and the others speak of names and raving pirates, keeping her attention pivoting from the stories and names and back to her conversation at the benches.

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"Harald used to bounce my kid on his knee while he drank out of a skull." Victus adds to Eirene's tale. "He had a lot of skulls and bones in general..." When Khanne begins to speak of Valerio, the prince seems somber for a moment. But, that wasn't the point of their gathering. He's back to a firm neutral after a moment of respite. "I remember him diving right in front of Arik. That man certainly could use a legion of Valerio's, the amount of shit he got into. Someone at Valerio's wake said 'he winked a lot'. There was a lot of inappropriate laughter." Scuffing his heel on the ground, Victus' attention drifts away as another memory works its way into his mind. "Prince Barric was on that adventure too. I remember he'd... uh, been in a few 'scandals' around that time. He was trying, he was trying really hard to get back what he lost. Never seen a man cut through that many *monsters* with so much zeal. I wish he'd made it out, he made my wife very sad by passing away." A beat. "A lot of heroes were made that day."

Khanne nods softly in the wake of Victus' words, though the bit about the winking does get a small laugh.

When Isolde speaks, Jaenelle smiles for her sister in law and a nod of understanding in the inital hesitation. "Prince Niccolo once termed me a Diplomatic Ambassador. It was meant in jest for each time we met I was always attempting to involve myself in one thing after another. While I dont believe anyone saw eye to eye with that man at all times, he always had his family in the forefront of his best intentions." As Desma speaks, Jae's attention shifts, "Domonico was one of the finest strategists I had the pleasure of speaking to. He was calm as he explained things and was always available to train and lead when the moment called for such. There was never hesitation in his actions when it came to battle, nor when someone was in need of aide." There is a grin towards Victus as he too shares, and her arm tightens around Khanne's as she remembers another friend lost. Mailys if given her attention, though the casual air of the event does not led to urgency to offer her story if she not ready just yet.

Remus makes his way slowly to the bench where

Remus makes his way slowly to the bench where Mailys is sitting and quietly sits

5 King's Own Guardsmen, Tulip, a small swarm of pearlescent spiders arrive, following Symonesse.

Eirene lifts her flask again. "To those who have left, and those of us left behind to love them." She pauses and then says, " I'm off to hug my kids before I go to Bastion... I just hope y'all aren't talking about me next time this happens."

Victus gives a lazy wave to Eirene. "I hope you don't die."

When Victus brings up Barric there is a sudden brightness to Jaenelle's features, "I called Prince Barric a story book Prince because he was perfect in so many ways it was almost unfair. Duchess Calista, Prince Barric, and I once drank too much wine and then found ourselves outside of the Palace. His Majesty had not yet woken from his slumbers and so there was an extensive amount of guards wandering the grounds to make sure he was kept safe in his state. We had planned to sneak into the Palace for no other reason than to see if we would make good scouts. We never made it to the front door, mostly because we were drunk and not scouts. I think Leona received a report about her twin sister attempting to break into the Palace, though thankfully we were not arrested for our act. It is one of my favorite memories of Prince Barric because he allowed himself to be broken from his perfect Prince mold for the day." Clearly long before his scandals.

Khanne lifts her glass as Eirene lifts her flask, then adds, "may your journeys be safe and see you returning home in good health."

Keely looks up to Eirene who sits nearby, murmuring something softly before lifting her glass like the others.

Yuri glanced off toward Eirene as she announced her exit, giving a polite nod of farewell, "Fight and endure well, Lady Riven." He took a moment in the quiet to take a sip from his glass before he remarked, " cousin, Marquessa Sabine. She was oh so fiercely protective of family. Though, a passerby may have never believed such in the manner which she carried herself; rather stoic. Not cold but...just enough of a mask in place to leave you wondering and guessing. But toward family, we all were able to see her true nature. And it was heartwarming to be addressed by her in those moments. Those private and comforting introspections. She is quite missed..."

Symonesse's arrival is tentative. She lingers near her carriage for a momentas if trying to convince herself to go forward. Finally, with a reassuring smile to one of her guards, the Queen approaches the gathering and find a spot to sit as well. She carries a parasol in one hand which, if it is dark enough, she will pass off to one of her guards. She chooses a place close to one of the braziers to make the winter chill easier to bear before she settles in to listen with a pensive expression on her face.

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So many stories, and so many of them fond. And there is Berenice, suddenly declaring, "Karadoc Saik was an absolute shit. He called me Princess Brat and did everything he could think of to annoy me. I had to challenge him eventually for calling me /predictable/. And he was the /laziest/ lover, always wanting to be the one lying down. His heart was mercurial and foolish, and he'd spend his rare moments of energy chasing after people he did not have a future /or/ present with." She sighs. It's nearly an aggravated sound. "On the very rare occasion, he would manage to say the perfect thing. He was absolutely maddening. I will never, /ever/ forgive him for being so stupid as to die some ridiculous hero's death." So there.

Isolde checks composure at hard. Isolde is successful.

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Eirene smiles at Berenice, "All the Saiks we're good people. I remember Doc too." She finishes her flask, salutes Victus with a casual tip of her fingers to her temple, a nod to Jaenelle and Khanne, a wave to Desma and Keely... and oddest of all, an actual respectful bow to Symonesse. "Your Majesty."

Theo should've brought a blanket for himself, alas. He looks a bit surprised when Mailys produces one from within her cloak, but politely declines her offer to share. "Save the blanket for yourself, trademistress. The brazier is fine by me." And the brandy is helping, too, apparently as he directs his attention to those speaking of loved ones and family. A moment later, he murmurs something to Mailys and then notes the Queen's arrival with a respectful nod in her direction.

Somehow Isolde manages not to spit out any of her hot chocolate when Berenice says her piece. She's able to stifle the laughter, burying her head in the furs for a moment as she gathers her composure.

Victus' lip forms into a long, thin line as he listens to Berenice's story. Some of the details provoking a sudden raise of his brows. He manages not to make a noise through the whole recounting. Though at the end, an uncomfortable cough slips through. "Mmm." Suddenly stiff, the prince starts panning his upper body one way and then the other. His near black eyes manage to pick out Queen Symonesse slipping into the gathering. He offers her a quick wave, then curls that same hand into a fist, which he points to with his other hand. His body language suggests it's a question.

Jaenelle doesn't appear shocked when Berenice speaks, her smile remaining amused as it has been through each story she has told. "Prince Luca Grayson nee Velenosa liked to pass out outside my room in the hallway. I would come out to go somewhere and he would just be laying there, his neck at an odd angle and he looked dead well before he actually was. I am almost certain he was awake half the time, just far to high to remember he had any legs at all and too lazy to use them. I am also positive he secretly did it so I would have to step over his damn body. He was the only person who ever had the pleasure of getting me high, because I trusted him enough to let my guard down." As Symonesse approaches, there is a warm smile for the woman, "I find that the Nox'alfar have different views on death than we do, we are attempting to take a page to celebrate and embrace death rather than mourn it."

"My brother Gersard could be a lot of fun. Sometimes." Isolde says, her eyes shifting back to the estate a little worringly before she continues sipping from her cup. I suppose that's all she's willing to say on that.

On her way to that seat near Keely, Symonesse catches sight of Victus and his unspoken question. She detours, briefly, and moves close enough to clench her small hand into a fist and bump it against the Thrax Highlord's with a nod. "Prince Victus." She diverts course just once more to try to catch Eirene before she leaves and pass close enough to hold out her arms to off to hug the woman. Because of course she does. She also might be a little too aware of the upcoming trip to Bastion and so hugs need to be had while they can be. She glances to Jaenelle and says with a grin, "Many Nox do look upon Death as a blessing and, for some, it is. Death is a release from pain, sometimes a release from unwanted bonds. Death offers a chance to start over, to reset. A chance to correct one's missteps and find the better path. But that doesn't mean the grief shouldn't exist. We all miss that which we love, whether we had them for a day or a lifetime."

Khanne's face remains, somehow, neutral while Berenice speaks of Karadoc, though, she does have to press her lips together to even attempt to remain so. When Jaenelle speaks of Luca, she can't help but laugh though. She rises to her feet to greet Symonesse with a soft, "Your Majesty," before sitting back down. "I would also like to honor Cybele and Bashira, two shamans so dedicated to the Compact, they gave their all to help protect the Lodge of Petrichor. I don't have any funny stories of them... but do remember them fondly. Oh, and Eirlys Greenmarch who died saving Esoka at the battle of Stormwall. She and I had a rocky road, but in the end, we had reconnected and she showed an ultimate trust in me."

While not a hugger, usually, Eirene stops and makes sure to take the time for the embrace from the Queen. "I'll tell the kids you said hello," she says softly. "I'm going to go spend some time with them before I ride out." With that, she goes to do just as she says she will.

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Victus turns his fist to a thumbs-up after they perform the royal fistbump. His expression is rejoiced, as it has just become a glorious day. After having his moment, he cocks his head toward Jaenelle. "I had to fight Prince Luca once over something stupid. I think it was silverware. Or it might've been cosmetics? I can't remember. Either way, he got me on that first blood rule. Couldn't catch that pretty fucker if I tried. And I tried *really* hard."

A memory flickers to Isolde's mind and she starts laughing to herself. "Gods... I remember a time long ago, when we were kids. Father told us not to go into one of Lenosia's gardens and that it was -forbidden-. Talen, our ward at the time, believe it or not was the one warning us not to. I was daft enough to go along with it. Eleyna had to pluck a few flowers for one of her lessons and Luca---" She starts laughing again. "Decides to start whacking the shrubbery with a stick insisting that nothing was forbidden. Talen is on lookout duty though decides to stop to give Luca -pointers-. And then Luca's trying to eat one of these flowers, because of course. Meanwhile, I'm just freaking out in the middle of the garden while Eleyna's climbing over the garden walls trying to get the flower she needs. And then Talen--" And then her smile is fond. "He tells me that if it came down to it, I can just blame it on him."

Once fist-bumps and hugs are distributed, Symonesse finally does settle herself somewhere and, at some point, raises her own voice, "Sister Juniper Godsworn was the best friend that I ever had. It seems a cliche thing to say, but she saw 'me' not just my title or what I am. I would sneak out of the palace late at night and visit her at the Hospice. I was not permitted to sit there and just talk. She was working, so I needed to work as well. The very first task she set me to was sweeping. I was hopeless at it and almost snapped the thing in half. I remember her taking the broom out of my hands and pushing me out into the garden to pull weeds and plant bulbs under the moonlight. She would give me the most baleful look if I came over in fancy clothes and gave me even more dirty work to do if I did. The work was peaceful. We would talk about everything and she held all my secrets."

"A fresh start is something many would give anything for sometimes, and a blessing few are afforded in life and the Queen of Endings provides to all without hesitation," Jaenelle lifts her wine towards the Queen before she grins back towards Victus. "He was really pretty, and he knew it all too well too." She settles back as she takes a deep breath, "Prince Gareth Grayson. I dont believe he ever was happy in life, not after his accident. Every interaction I had with him he always seems as if it were running somewhere, attempting to prove his worth in actions. I forced him to sit still once, on a bench to watch the beauty around him and even then he was so uncomfortable as if it hurt to take a moment and he was failing life but sitting. We lost touch before he died, so I hope he was able to find whatever he was seeking before then." When Isolde laughs, and speaks of their childhood, there is a grin, "Talen never grew out of being blamed for this, or accepting such as if it were his duty. He taught me how to hold a dagger. He lifted it to the space between if third and forth rib and instructed me to aim for that should I wish to kill a man in a rather painful manner. Then he dropped his hands and told me to push if I wished to, that he would die there if it were my wish." While Talen has never been found, he is all but gone as well. "I did not," clearly, "but he and I were never the same after that moment. In that moment I knew we would protect one another through anything."

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Perhaps she waited a moment to speak this name without allowing the person to share the story with another. Jaenelle lifts her chin slightly, "Archduchess Eleyna Velenosa. Much like with Niccolo I was always attempting to do something, anything, to assist her. I love stories," she states as if that is not obvious. "I came to her with a plan, the blue prints to the Lenosia Library I wished to have built. It was a ridiculous project, something so large that the only library larger was the Great Archives. Of course she agreed, not that much persuading needed to be done. I offered to plan everything and promised that it would be perfect. It was just us, she and I, who went through the process. I found the place to build it, and she once more agreed. I showed her ledgers on how I expected to pay for the project and she trusted me enough to once more give me the space to accomplish what I wanted more than nothing at the moment. My greatest fear is that I was to be forgotten, that I still might, and if anything else fell through in my life, this was my chance to have a legacy. I never told her that, she could never have known my desire, and yet," a deep breath is taken, "when the building was finished, she surprised me by naming it after me. I had no idea she had planned that, but it was the perfect gift she could have ever given me. She always managed to know just what I needed and how much I was able to handle. The library is still one of the things I am most proud of, but this," she motions around them, "is the legacy she knew I was capable of and once again, trusted me enough to do what needed to be done."

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Even in the midst of conversation with those seated closest to her, Symonesse waves a guard and murmurs a few words to her. He fishes a small piece of paper out of a pocket, hands it to the Queen, waits for her to scrawl upon it, and then sends him off to deliver it.

Khanne smiles softly as she listens to Jaenelle. "That's... really beautiful. I love hearing that."

Despite her usual social nature, Berenice has not settled with any particular group in any of the seating. She listens to each of the stories, some of them drawing memories, some of them not. Her gaze scans about the room, those in attendance, and eventually she finds herself drifting over to Yuri, another attendee without particular company.

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Khanne puts a hand to her head, cool fingertips to her forehead, then the backs of her fingers. She exhales softly and looks into her glass before taking another drink.

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Something Isolde leaves has her closing her eyes for a moment as if to keep back emotions that threaten to overwhelm her. She rises from her seat and quietly excuses herself.

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Jaenelle peeks over towards Khanne as she exhales after speaking, a smile in the woman's direction, "I suppose one never knows the extent of the gifts you give to another, or how much simple acts to you may mean the world to them." She looks tired suddenly, though forever cheerful regardless. "So many people remain unspoken about, so many lives touched by acts that were done in quiet moments or whispered tones. Not everything is done, or needs to be so, in grand gestures to be remembered forever and all it takes is one person to think and speak of you to live countless lifetimes and to touch further lives. I shall remember each of you and hope that I do not have to speak of you in such a way anytime soon, and all I ask is that should I go back to the wheel tomorrow, you will remember me."

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