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Festival of the Commons

This event is a festival in the boroughs for the common people. Times are dark right now, so we should sing, dance, frolic, get drunk and have an amazing time. If the end of the world of near, we might as well make the most of it! The event will feature simple contests (wrestling, drinking and etc). Simple prizes will (hopefully!) be provided. Everyone is invited, however Nobles must be willing to abandon their titles for the night. Sure we will still know you are suchandsuch very important person, but at this event, everyone has just a first name and everyone parties together. There will be a king for the day. In order to be king or queen for the day (to be decided by vote), one must be a commoner. They will be the ruler of the party (sort of, so long as their rulings are fun and consented to).

(OOC Note: Calandra has no ic authority to force anyone to not use their title, so feel free to icly take that with a grain of salt).


Jan. 24, 2017, 6 p.m.

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Preston Jasher Serafine(RIP) Valencia Fiachra(RIP) Ira Khanne Costas(RIP) Bethany Tristram Asger(RIP) Alarie Kieran Garza(RIP) Ford(RIP) Percephon Zhayla(RIP) Signe Silas Aleksei Edain Eirlys(RIP) Torian Dominique Jeremiah Mirari Deva Audric(RIP) Max(RIP) Alis Larissa Denica Luca(RIP) Desiree Juliet(RIP) Neve Selene Ferrando Monique Leta Fortunato Julea(RIP)



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Nightingale Park - The Grounds

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Comments and Log

Calandra has a glass of the silvery rose wine in her slender hand, because there is nothing like drinking lots while giving way a bunch of prizes. She looks over to Uncle. "Oh, over by the theatre would be great, thank you Uncle Torian."

"Hello, hello." Aleksei flashes Calandra a quick smile. It's hard to tell his qualifications from just the hilt of his sword, but there doesn't seem to be a red sheen to it; looks just like normal steel.

    The Festival of the commons has begun. A large table sits in the center of the grounds, laden with an abundant and yet still rather simple feast. There is enough mutton stew for everyone to have a bowl and enough ale so that nobody will go thirsty. Commoners from the Lower Boroughs have started to arrive. Children run about playing games, the food is already being enjoyed and people seem to be having a good time.

Calandra is sitting upon one of the picnic tables while adorned a pale linen dress that drapes artfully over her graceful figure. Soft dark curls have been rushed to a silky sheen, reaching to her tiny waist. She holds a glass of pale blush wine in her slender right hand. She peeks over the Festival with a kind of excited joy, her cheeks warm with pleasure and her dark eyes are bright.

Calandra looks toward Aleksei and then to his sword, giving him a smile. "Are you going to try for the Rubicund weapon?" She asks in her softly expressive voice, seemingly curious.

Serafine gets A pair of reinforced, knee-length leather boots from a sturdy leather traveling pack.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards arrives, following Desiree.

Edain bows politely to Calandra, but as Torian goes to approach her the Prince turns back to the booth he stands next to that is concealed by the heavy tarp drapped over it. He lifts up on corner and peeks beneath it. He with draws his head from beneath and sets the tarp down, nodding as if satisfied with what is beneath. (repose from before discon)

Zhayla slips in, dressed lightly: unarmored, but carrying her sword, because literally when isn't she. She climbs a case of whiskey to look out over the crowd and see who is around.

It would be no Festival of the Commons at all without the common man there. Too bad then that Ira is the stand in for what passes as the commoner nowadays. His coat is stained a thousand shades of disgusting with Gods know what, and has been rehemmed enough times to make a seamstress weep. The alchemist's hair looks like it's just been on the receiving end of some formula gone wrong, or maybe the product of being struck by lightning. Or perhaps both. Odd things happen to odd people, after all.

His whiskey-colored eyes are keen upon the crowd, keen and wide and dilated the width of a really bad habit. And as anyone knows, when people have really bad habits, they tend to get hungry. Ira, being no different, sniffs hard and then wanders vacantly over to the food. His steps are placid and wandering, but his face has single-minded determination for the flesh of dead, cooked things.

Torian motions to the boys with him to carry the crates where indicated, "Aye..would be nice to be able to win such a prize, were it not for me darlin' niece disqualifyin' me on account of my unaccountable skills and such.." he chides good naturedly.

Audric makes his way into the park, looking a touch hung over. This doesn't, however, stop the sellsword from promptly acquiring a cup of ale, or impede his normal, amused grin from being fully in place. "Well," he says, cheerfully. "It already looks to be quite the party."

Jasher arrives, following Denica.

Luca checked strength + athletics against difficulty 30, resulting in 32, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Delightfully masquerading, Selene's in a virginal white and pale blue peasant's dress, halfway covered in a woolen cloak dark as blood. All perfect and praticed smiles, with a wicker basked on one arm filled with flowers, blues, yellows, whites and whatever else one can imagine found in the Arx countryside. "Darling." she greets Calandra easily, approaching the woman as sapphire eyes travel over her companions.

Calandra glances toward Edain and them to his booth, the songbird, seemingly excited. She then peeks over to Audric, like she is all happy to see him for some reason or another. Her eyes are bright and her dimples show. "Welcome Captain Audric."

Silas arrives to the grounds, having made a few house servants arrive ahead of him to deliver the fancy rose wine for the outing. He is not wearing anything outside of his normal attire for the occasion, which was his armor, weaponry, and jewelry. The knight moves to greet Calandra with a polite bow, while assessing the rest of the festival. "Mistress Calandra, you have succeeded marvelously, it appears."

    Julea arrives, and makes her way around the outskirts of the Park, heading for the picnic table and the bench seats they provide. She settles there, and adjusts the corner of her hat, nudging it up a touch to clear her view of people as they come and go.

Julea has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Calandra looks upon Selene, her smile. "Oh, Radiant, I am so pleased that you are here." She murmurs. She then smiles to Silas while holding a glass of the in he crafted. "Thank you Silas." She says, leaving off his Sir, but she still sounds polite.

    Arriving with her taller cousin in tow, and no retinue to be spoken of, is Denica. There is no flash of metal save for that of a shiny steel flask, which she salutes out with a bright, lyrical voice. "'Tis -finally- a night worth looking forward to! It's been so -dreadful-. Hello hello," she sings out, flashing a wild grin back over her shoulder at Jasher, teeth flashing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Calandra before departing.

Aleksei glances over at Edain as the Valardin prince pokes about a tarp, but makes his wandering way over to the food-laden table instead. "Wait, what does it cost?" he asks Calandra, looking at the food with an expression between wariness and skepticism.

Desiree walks in wearing a simple blue dress. She takes her time and smiles to those she sees and looks around with an amused expression.

Calandra looks toward Aleksei. "It costs a lot, around 25,000 to buy, but we are giving it away here for free. It is not crafted yet, but it will be." She then smiles as she notices Julea. "We have the silver and we have fine smiths."

"Evening, Calandra," Audric replies, giving the woman a cheerful grin. "You just have to win one of the competitions or other, Aleksei. Think you can kick enough ass to get yourself a shiny new sword?"

Serafine is in a red riding dress, split down the front and longer in the back, cut low over the cleavage and sleeved to the elbow. She's walking with Leta and chattering on about how amazing Leta looks.

Aleksei blinks at Calandra for a long, totally blank expression. "The /food/ hasn't been crafted yet?" he says, baffled, and looks back at the food on the table. And then he looks up at Audric. "What? I was asking about the /food/. How much does the /food/ cost. Of course I'll win shit."

"This food!" Ira's in between mouthfuls of turkey already, a wide, manic, crazy smile on his face as he enjoys the flood of flavor, and coincidentally steps side-long towards Calandra. "A feat of wonder to invade the miasma of poverty so splendidly. Why, just yesterday, I saw somebody getting mugged!" And he points over yonder, towards the artist's easel, to indicate exactly -where- that poor person had their fortune stolen.

"Any contests to interest the more chemically minded, dear Whisper?" He tilts a gaze to Calandra.

"Greetings Captain Audric or maybe I should say King Audric!" She says, reaching for a crown of flowers and handing it over the man. "The party? Oh, Lady Juliet spent 10,000 silver to provide the foods and supplies for us." She says toward him, giving the man a smile that touches her dark eyes.

Edain nods politely and waves to people he reconizes, but by in large he remains close to the covered booth that he hovers by. There's a coupe of other workers in Valardin colors nearby. He is politely to people but he seems to be waiting for a bit to do an unvieling.

And that's when a young man in Valardin colors enters the park and quickly makes his way to Edain. The young man gasps and says, "Your Grace! YOu are going to use my idea!"

Edain nods to the young man and says, "I am, but remember, spirit of the festival, Just Edain is fine for tonight. I am going to need you to be my Barker though, so you don't you run along, get some food and play some games first."

Calandra drops a flower crown of snowdrops and bluebells.

Leta is common enough, not a thread of silk in sight. She could look way more amazing. Still, she's brightly colored, in her reds and yellow, as she wanders into the grounds at an easy strut. One hand rests on the pommel of her sword, tapping lightly away, the other rests on Serafine's shoulder as the sellsword leans in to murmur, nodding ahead in Calandra's direction. That seems to be where she's headed, with a bright smile on.

Calandra turns her attention to Ira next. "Oh, I haven't thought of any." She says sounding pensive, like she is trying to invent one right now, hopefully one that will not blow up her fair grounds.

Jasher wanders into the park a couple steps behind Denica and looking less ebullient in general. He's dressed as if he's ready to take up a position as crew on a ship which, as Denica could attest to, is not at all unusual. Though his current attire is probably saved for when it's storming at sea. A slow, careful look around and he finds a place to stand out of the way.

    Julea brings her hand up in a quick wave to Calandra when the woman looks in her direction, her fingers when they resettle in her lap pulling the cuff of her gloves in snug against her wrist and resecuring the small wooden button there.

Alarie does not normally travel to the lower boroughs. However, the talk of festivities draws the inner city dweller out to see what the fuss is all about. She moves forward towards the table of food and drink, taking one of the mugs of ale to drink from.

Calandra smiles warmly toward Leta, seemingly happy to see her here. She then waves in Julea's direction.

"I have a few," Ira tells Calandra suggestively. The width of his grin might put off an wise person from asking more.

Calandra looks upon Ira with more than a little concern. Still she is very polite and she smiles toward him as well. "I am sure that you do."

Serafine raises a hand to Silas. "Lord Commander!" she greets him with a grin.

As the crowds start to arrive, Torian drifts more towards the edge of the parks open area. His eyes follow the groupings and arrivals, sweeping over the various persons who come into the park but never far away from Calandra and the flame she seems to be for the arrivals. He has a smile on his face, as he settles to lean against a table off to the side and watch the comings.

"Oh," Audric says, to Aleksei. "I generally assume that if food is left out, it's completely fair game for anyone to swipe. Otherwise, it wouldn't be left out!" He flashes a brighter grin for a moment, then squints at Calandra. "What, seriously? People do realize I'm kind of a gigantic ass, right?" He does, however, reach out to take the flower crown, eyeing it suspiciously.

Silas gets a heavy bottle of Stone Mountain white whiskey from a wooden case of whiskey bottles.

Audric picks up a flower crown of snowdrops and bluebells.

Serafine gives Leta an amused look, wrinkling her nose and chuckling a reply, shaking her hips.

"King Audric." Calandra says dropping into a graceful curtsy. "That might be exactly the reason they voted for you as King. Although you do need a Queen to stand at your side." She says, peeking over the fairgrounds.

Aleksei looks between Calandra and Audric. "So the food's free," he finally concludes before reaching for a meat pie and stuffing a bite into his mouth. His gaze scans the crowd idly, offering a quick upnod to a few he knows: Silas, Serafine, Julea. Zhalya gets a wider grin when he spots her on top of her crate trying to get a better look.

Zhayla hops off the crate after a long moment studying the crowd and approaches Silas to bob up at his side in a sudden surprise. "Hi, Sir Lord Commander But-still-a-commoner." It's a mouthful for a nickname. "I met your sister for about five seconds but she seemed nice." As Serafine and Leta also approach, she gives both women a wide grin. "Hullo!"

It's a festival for the common man. A chance for them to raise up their king and queen and reverse the roles a bit. Sure, not all nobles will take to that reversal well, but apparently some are a bit less stodgy about it than others. For of a sudden into the milling crowds, a rich laughing Lycene-accented voice is calling out. "Make way! Make Way! Every festival is in need of a fool and a fool this one has!!!"

And those words? They're coming from a man at first that might not be recognized in skintight black and white checkered outfit and face painted elaborately white and black, mouth a large red line splitting it. A jester's hat with dangling bells off comical upthrust arms and a little scepter with a miniature harlequin head is finishing off the outfit. But that face and that voice. That's none other than the feckless prince Luca the Lazy of House Velenosa! Dressed as a Harlequin!

And what's more, as soon as he's seeing an opening in the crowd, the prince-jester is rushing forward in a full-tilt run almost a blur, breaking into a leap that takes him a good five feet or higher into the air, diving forward into a flashy flip and landing right before (and almost toppling forward _on_ to) Calandra. He manages to stick the landing rather than crashing headlong though and is dropping down to a knee in a flourish of the jester-head on a stick as he proclaims. "All praise High Queen Pretty Eyes for her wondrous faire festival and lovely fair face! Let the gaity and delights commence!!!"

Yeah...that just happened.

"You have a reputation, Captain." Selene muses, there's the suggestion of amusement and mirth in her tone as sapphire eyes look over Audric "You had my vote." she reveals with a perfect and praticed smile "The crown will become you, I do think."

Serafine wriggles her fingers at Zhayla in hello. Hello!

Eirlys arrives, following Tristram.

Ford strides along the park, spotting a wandering Desiree and moves to slide up next to her, offering his arm, "Desiree. Have you gotten a drink yet?"

There isn't a drop of noble blood in him (he suspects), but Preston is almost always seen in his Knightly armor and colors. He figures that counts as not being common, so he arrives at the park dressed in... simple pants and a well-fitted, common linen shirt with half its buttons done. Against his chest rests a pendant bearing the sign of the Faith, though. He can't leave without that. Still, as he hesitates at the edge of the park and lets his eyes sweep over those present, he looks decidedly uncomfortable. His hands don't quite know where to rest: where is his sword? Why does he not clink a bit when he moves? This was all a dreadful idea.

Laughing openly at Luca, Serafine looks delighted with her cousin.

Calandra reaches for the second Crown, starting in Julea's direction. She then kneels down before the woman, managing to make the kneel look lovely. She holds up the crown to the smith. "And our Queen is here, Queen Julea!" She says, lifting her voice to carry. She then looks upon Luca and breaks out in giggles.

Silas moves to inspect the case of whiskey bottles and grabs a bottle nestled within. He peers up when he hears his name called and brightens when he spots Serafine. A return wave is sent in her and Leta's direction. "Greetings, ladies!" He twists open the bottle and sniffs at it. Aleksei is acknowledged with a nod of his own. "S-eer I guess it's just Morgan. Good to see you're still alive." He peers at Zhayla and gives a salute. "Hello Zhayla! One day, we will have a rematch."

    "Come come! I suppose I couldn't expect fun to come easy to you, sweet cos', but you love adventure--and what courage isn't bolstered by piss-poor whiskey? Drink," Denica says, trying to grab for Jasher's arm while pressing her flask into his opposite, trying to pull the pair, if needed, into being-social range. She calls to Leta: "No Meowlarice this eve?" before catching her cool eyes on the jester, and she pulls off a glove to stick her fingers between her lips for a sharp whistle in approval.

Calandra drops a flower crown of snowdrops and bluebells.

"Bloody hell," Audric says, reaching up to awkwardly position the flower crown upon... his hat. It is a little awkward. "I do not understand people, I think." He's clearly amused, though, and takes a drink, stepping to the side as Luca arrives, letting out a laugh. Then the Queen's announced and he raises his glass towards Julea in a salute.

Ira claps for the fool of a fool, Luca. But rather than laugh, he seems more intent on tearing into a turkey pie and looking out over the crowd, and the things, and the props. The possibility for altercations and aberrations flashes in his face with a natural gusto, and he looks side-long at Calandra, with all the apparent patience and good intentions of a saint.

"If you want me to perform a ceremony and marry the two of you, I would be happy to, your Highnesses" Calandra offers to King Audric and Queen Julea.

Desiree shakes her head as she takes Ford's arm. "There you are! No not yet. Shall we see what they have?"

Tristram arrives in the park, dressed in, well. He's covered his normal black leather armor with a simple, low-quality, long leather trenchcoat and bought some plain boots. Other than that, he's still wearing his normal outfit, including his hat--which he suddenly realizes he's wearing and takes it off to stick in a satchel. This is 'dressing down' for him; on the other hand, he's never 'dressed up' very much to begin with. He's escorting Eirlys, who has chosen matching purple colors.

Ford nods once to Desiree, "Yes. Let's find something good, hm?" He rests his hand on her arm as she loops it through his and they go out searching for DRANK.

There is so much going on! Alarie simply stands there with wide eyes, watching as people mill back and forth. She notes Audric as the king of the fair and then even a jester! She laughs at the jester. She finishes off her drink before taking another and moving away from the table to mingle.

    Julea tips her head towards Aleksei when she catches his glance, meeting his wider grin with a smaller one of her own. Her hand briefly departs from her lap to wave, but just for a second, before it joins its pair and weaves together there once more. She seems to be struggling with catching sight of all the myriad of faces and she almost misses Calandra when she approaches and kneels to offer her the crown, giving her a peculiar 'huh' look for all of five seconds, before hesitantly reaching out to take the crown. "Thank you-- I would like to thank, all the wonderful people at the boroughs that voted for me. And that guy in the markets that sells those wonderful sweet breads. And of course, uncle Jackie, who isn't really my uncle. And that three legged dog that hangs around down at the docks.

Clapping, Serafine laughs at Audric and cheers for Julea, then waves at Zhaylah only to grin at Silas. She slips her hand into Leta's arms, unaware she does it, a mess of giggles as she takes in all the sights and sounds of the festival, pointing things out to Leta as she sees them.

There is lots of drinks! Mead, ale and wines. There is even water if one is so inclined.

Aleksei practically chokes on his meat pie when Luca bounds in almost right in front of him. "Fucking Abyss, man," he says, thumping his chest until the food goes down the proper way. He looks back over to Silas when the man returns his nod with a verbal greeting. He snorts a bit. "Yeah. I guess I'm glad about that, too."

Calandra smiles in response to Julea's speech. She brings her slender hands together, clapping.

"I'm not thanking anyone, I'm as confused by this as anyone," Audric says, though his grin doesn't falter in the slightest, and he saunters over to stand with Calandra and Julea. "Let's see how the evening goes. We don't want to rush into a commitment - we have to be -responsible- now, after all." He gives Julea a sidelong, wry grin.

"I know well how to have fun." Jasher objects, letting Denica pull him where she wants. "It just doesn't usually take this form." Or ever. Still, it can only be improved by whiskey, piss-poor or not, and he raises the flash to his lips to take a healthy swallow.

Deva slips in, dressed in her usual simple leathers. She has never been one for flimsy finery, anyway. "Have I missed anything?" she asks of... Serafine! It's the first familiar face she sees, making a bee line in her direction. There's a friendly smile for Leta, too, and a quick bow of her head in greeting.

Eirlys has her arm hooked around Tristram's. She is in a matching purple dress with metal accents, her hair is in an intricate braid around her head with snowdrop flowers woven into it. She has matching slippers too. She looks around then looks at her escort. "Remember Tris, tonight is just relaxing. No titles." She offers with a smile. She looks around at all the people and kind of scoots closer to Tristram just a little, the skirt of her dress brushing his leg.

Desiree browses the available selection of drinks and decides on a wine. She looks to Ford to see what he will be having. "It's really very nice here."

    Calandra climbs into a table, standing in the middle of such so that she can be more easily heard and seen. The delicate songbird smooths out the fabric of her pale dress and then peeks over the crowd, smiling this smile that is adorned by her dimples and touches her bright dark eyes. "Welcome to the Festival of the Commons!" She says, lifting her voice to carry across the grounds. "Please enjoy yourself, eat, drink frolic and be merry.

"Our contests will start shortly. If you wish to apply for the lottery for the Rubicund weapon and/or breast plate, please let me know. To quality for those prizes, once must be a commoner, one must not already have a weapon and/or breast plate of equal to greater value, one must not be a Culler and one must be a trained warrior willing to fight the bringers if need be. The Bringers may come, even to the boroughs and we must be ready. This Festival is not the end. I intend to continue in my attempts to arm the boroughs against the coming darkness. That darkness is not here right this moment though and so we celebrate." She says, lifting up her glass.

Serafine grins at Deva. "They crowned Audric and Julea King and Queen of the festival!" she tells her. "And Luca is himself."

Ford gives a few of the bottles of wine a sniff before pouring a bit into a glass to taste for himself and passing it to Desiree to try for herself, "It is! It's also one of the few times you'll ever see this many nobles in the lower boroughs." He chuckles to himself, "How's that?" He asks of the wine.

"That would be fun!" Zhayla's features brighten as she considers the prospect of a rematch. "I told Bethany it was awful close, but that you'd teamed up against me but I forgave you. The tea was very good. I didn't know it could taste like that." She gets immediately distracted by everything else going on, her eyes wide as she takes in the general chaos. When Calandra speaks, she perks up and says, "Oh, I heard about that, sorry, one second," and immediately ditches Silas and the ladies to head for Calandra. "What's a lottery and how do you apply for it?" One track mind? One track mind. Maybe a little rude to just ditch so fast.

    Julea briefly meets Audric's eyes, her grin almost matching his own before she looks away, one of her hands coming up to adjust the set of the crown on her head. A small hop, and she trades in the bench for sitting on the picnic table itself, which gives her that bit of extra height needed to watch over the goings on. Catching sight of Serafine, she offers the woman a wave.

1 Redrain novice guards arrives, following Kieran.

Leta looks up from Serafine, and turns her attention to the crowd. She has a ready smile, bright and friendly, which she directs to those she knows with brief nods, sometimes a wave of the hand on her sword. To Zhayla, to Silas as well, "Good day!" She looks to Denica with an apologetic shrug and a smile, "Meowlarice is keeping watch at home. Thought it might get a touch too crowded and loud for the little thing. Get distracted a moment and off she goes, chasing elves or some such." she calls out, then halts at Deva's approach, and nods briefly her way.

Mention of contests causes Preston to arch his brow with curiosity, but he shakes his head slightly, "If one would wish to participate in the contest for sport and ... the fun of it, and one -- won -- could the reward go to the second place instead?" he asks of Calandra, even as he makes his way over to the table and lifts up ... water. Alas.

Aleksei considers Calandra as she speaks from the table, chewing slowly. And then he steps towards Calandra to say something -- when Zhayla beats him there. He snorts a little bit, grinning, and tries resting his forearm on top of her head from behind. This will go well.

Edain is overheard praising Audric for: King of the Festival

Edain is overheard praising Julea for: Queen of the Festival!

Calandra looks over to Audric. "Oh, be sure to let me know if you change your mind and want a wedding. I would be so honored, your Majesty." The songbird then looks upon Zhalya, giving her a smile. "Oh, just put you name and tell me honestly that you meat the terms. Then we are going to play dice for the blades. I know that you are a warrior, winner of the compact melee, so you at least met some of the terms."

As the festivities pick up, Selene steps from Calandra to find herself a glass of wine. There's a light applause to Julea after her speech however, basket still hanging on her arm.

Serafine waves back to Julea, delighted. Then she's back to nudging Leta towards Calandra. "Lottery! Go do it!" she insists.

Luca the Harlequin pops up out of his kneeling prostration before Calandra as she's declaring the new Queen for the night, all lithe grace and swordsman's muscle lending the prince well to the tight costume as well as to the fluid over-exaggurated movements he's making as he prances along behind Calandra to Julea, popping his head over Calandra's shoulder like playing a peculiar child's game of peekaboo, or else giving the hostess Whisper the illusion of having grown a second face-painted head. "Congratulations to you glorious Queen Julea of the Fine Speeches and handsome King Audric the Slayer of Ale. If you should instead prefer the marriage ceremony be done by myself, I'm totally willing." He's even waggling dark brows in that painted face comically at them.

He's laughing as he lets Calandra slip off to make her announcements and in meanwhile is seeing Serafine and Deva talking and moving to do a fairly steady cartwheel through an opening in the crowd to land in front of them, flashing huge grin made all the weirder by that hugely painted slash of red mouth in all the white and black of face paint as he murmurs something their way.

Silas takes a sip from the bottle of whiskey he's procured and his expression morphs in pain as he forces the burning swallow down. He nods to Zhayla. "I was definitely impressed by your stamina as well as your strength." He applauds the royal couple of the festival, Audric and Julea, particularly at Julea's speech... before slinking towards Calandra and leaning in for a whisper.

    "I wish I'd thought of that," complains Denica to Jasher with a gesture toward the Jester Luca, and she lifts a hand to swipe the steel flask from him. She then moves to sit at a bench, feet upon the seat, bottom upon the backrest, and she kicks her legs out to cross them in a relaxed posture. To Leta she calls, after a swig: "I see; give the greatest Queen of Felines my warm regards, won't you?" Then, spotting Alarie, she calls out once more in her bright voice: "Mistress Alarie! Come sit with us, I've some piss-poor whiskey to share, if you please!"

Audric chooses to remain standing for the moment, though he does lean against the table that Julea's taken a seat upon. "Oh, I will," he says, then as an aside to Julea: "If someone does something very stupid, that means we get to order them thrown off the Seawatch Wall, right? I didn't actually read the rules." The grin's turned on Luca, then. "You've nearly as good a mind for quick title-creation as I do, and I can certainly appreciate that."

Denica has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Calandra leads into Silas listening to his whispered words. She the knight a nod of understanding.

"Oh. Huh," Deva glances around, then smiles briefly once more at Serafine and Leta. "Thanks! Enjoy your night," she then peels away, providing more space as she melds into the crowd. And then Luca is flipping around, and she tilts her head very sharply to one side. "I didn't recognize you. Good job."

Zhayla's response to being used as an armrest is to IMMEDIATELY jab a sharp elbow back into Aleksei's ribs, and only then turn to see who it is. She looks -- for half a second -- apologetic, then she kicks his foot instead of apologizing. It's a much lighter kick. "Hey! You must be entering too, huh? You really don't own either? I thought you would. Aren't you a knight?" She looks back at Calandra, smile bright, and says, "Oh! Thank you, you remember!" Her skin is too dark to show a flush, but her fluster certainly suggests it.

Desiree takes a sip of her drink. "It's good. How about yours?" She grins. "I suppose so Ford. I don't come here too often, but it's all good fun too. I'm already having a nice time."

Garza steps through the grounds, approaching the gathering with his thumbs hooked around his belt. He tilts his head up, as he gets closer and finds a table to lean against. Impossibly blue eyes regard Julea, before they move to Audric, and from them to other familiar faces in the crowd.

Serafine cackles openly at her cousin Luca, and says, "YOU! Look -RIDICULOUS-!" and jumps into his arms, her skirt flaring, arms around his neck as the short, stout princess helps her cousin make a spectacle of himself.

Jasher has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Calandra peeks over to Luca, smiling at his antics. "Make sure you keep the queen happy, you fool!" She says. "Of course, I remember, I couldn't forget that." Calandra says to Zhalya.

"Warriors only, hmm? I suppose that counts out poor artificers of maladies like myself," Ira wonders lazily over to Calandra, and immediately after polishes off the rest of his meat pie before grabbing another. For such a whip-thin young man he has a huge hunger, and his pale, gaunt jaws close around another bite in all haste. He takes a few steps away from the crowd, chewing and watching in silence. An island of oddness all to himself amidst a sea.

Ferrando trucks in to see the festival and after a bit of having to press through the crowd decides that it might be a little less crazy to set up at a picnic table before deciding what to go see first.

Ferrando has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Edain still remains near his covered booth as people start to mill into the festival. But he steps away just alittle bit so he might intercept, Tristram and Eirlys, and hopefully Desiree as well, "Tristram, Eirlys." he says.. there was a pause before he spoke, almost like he was about to forget to not use titles. He tries to wave to a passing Desiree, "Desiree. I am glad that all of you could come out to enjoy the fesstival today."

Costas lopes casually across the fairground, a hand perched lazily on the pommel of his weapon. As he weaves through the crowd his calm gaze settles briefly on those faces recognizable, dipping stubbled chin in a friendly nod. He slows up as he nears the center of the green, a wry smirk creasing his lips as he spots the crown on Auric's head. "Rigged." He accuses the sell-sword captain. "Finally found something to spend all your bloody money on and it's fixing elections. I knew you were a vainglorious blackguard but this is just a bridge too far." One eyebrow arcs hawkishly toward his hairline, but an amused tug a the edge of his lips betrays the jest.

"I have other prizes for the likes of you, Ira." Calandra says playfully and yet still warmly toward the man.

Leta stretches, nods to Serafine, "Aye, going, aren't I?" she asks and lightly bumps her hip into the shorter woman's side, before walking off towards Calandra. "I shall!" she calls over her shoulder to Denica. In passing, she bows her head to Audric, "Crown suits you! Had my vote." and winks, exaggeratedly, one hand patting her coin purse. And then there's Calandra, "I'd like to sign up to this contest, however it goes!" she calls out.

Tristram does, in fact, seem to be relaxing, as he escorts Eirlys around the place to see the sights. He glances at Luca and breaks out into a broad grin, murmuring something to Eirlys as he does so, but then he heads towards Edain, and says, "You know, Edain, there's something I've always wanted to tell you, and here's the place to do it because there's no titles: I don't know what you've been eating differently lately, but STOP IT. It makes your farts stink to high heaven and nobody in the household has the balls to say it to you."

Kieran arrives a bit late, but has a good excuse as some men behind him roll a barrel of whiskey and carry a bevy of glass tumblers. He scans the crowd and nods, before moving to stand off to the side, as he watches Calandra work the crowd.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Edain before departing.

    "I sort of more envisaged throwing them off the docks. There's more of a splash then." Julea debates with Audric, one of her gloved hands unlacing to generally gesture in the directions of the docks. "But there's a lot to be said for the more traditional methods too. Stocks, throwing rotten fruit. And also beheading." She says, somewhat straight faced. Luca and Silas both get a bit of a grin, particularly Luca at his comments and she tips her head forward, the flower crown slipping over her right eye.

"The wine isn't bad." Ford says, looking to Desiree, he pours more into his glass though, so it can't be TOO bad. Then Edain's wave catches his eye, and he points it out for Desiree.

Calandra smiles warmly toward Leta, seemingly happy she is joining the contest.

Torian calls out, "The drawin' is riiiggged," after the announcement that no Cullers can enter, but seems good natured about it as he drifts through the crowd. Spotting Silas he grins wolfishly at the man, "I do hope y're stayin' out of trouble there lad," he offers to the man before drifting on around to see who else he can bother.

"Oof!" Aleksei really /should/ have been expecting that elbow, but jeez. He's left cackling when she kicks his foot. "Yeah, I figure I might as well. No, I don't have either of them. Do I look rich to you?" He grins, looking beyond her to Calandra. "I'll go in for the breastplate," he says. "Don't need the sword."

"It's not -rigging-, Costas," Audric replies to the man, cheerfully, and lifts his mug to take another drink. "If I gave anyone gifts, then it was entirely unrelated to the matter at hand. ...I probably would have if I'd remembered, though." He flashes a grin at Leta, then looks back at Julea. "I suppose you're right. Creativity in punishment is important."

"Our three candidates for the sword are, Zhalya, Leta and Perston. Please step forward!" Calandra says, lifting her voice to carry.

In comes Jeremiah, just one more commoners to join the masses. He heads starts searching the crowd--and there's Aleksei. He starts towards the man, good-naturedly gesturing at his features in good-natured amusement as he approaches. "I shouldn't hide, I would think, I'm told!" he calls.

Eirlys was doing good, with the smiling and the walking around with Tristram then she hears what he says her face has shock for about five seconds and then she breaks into long husky laugh. "Oh..Gods.." She can't breathe. She is actually having to hold on to Tristram to stand up. Some tears slip down her cheeks from laughing. "So sorry, Edain." She offers in gasps.

Calandra studies Preston. "Are you a warrior?"

Desiree smiles as she notices Edain. "Hello it's good to see you here Edain. I haven't enjoyed myself much lately, so I'm glad to be here. Oh have you met Ford? We decided to come together. It was the least he could do after he nearly drowned me." She grins before taking another sip of wine.

"Trouble will always find me, whether I like it or not," Silas retorts to Torian as he passes by. "You likely know that better than anyone."

"Thought of what?" Jasher asks his cousin, gazing in the direction of her gesture. "Dressing as a jester?" As Denica takes a seat, he moves to to stand next to her then gazes around at the crowd with a soft sigh at agreeing to be talked into this.

Preston rolls his shoulders, and approaches Calandra, offering her something of a wry smile, "As it happens I am normally seen in the armor of the Templar, and though I am no noble, I figured in the spirit of this festival that I should set aside the 'Sir' and be but the simple man I am." he replies, offering a slight bow and a broader grin, "I have not practiced without full plate in quite awhile so I rather expect this to be ... interesting."

Serafine clings around Luca's middle with her thighs, cupping her hands around her mouth to holler a cheer for her Leta. And then she glances at Silas and Torian, calling to both men, "I love it when you two get along!" she praises.

Calandra reaches into her chest of prizes, pulling out a silver fox fur cloak. She takes it over to Ira. "I am sorry, I didn't have any contests that involve burning one's own hand. I should have thought of you. You get a prize, just for being you Ira." She then tries to hand him the cloak.

Calandra drops a cloak made of silver fox fur.

Ford smirks at Desiree and extends his hand towards Edain, "Ford Kennex. Nice to meet you, Edain."

"But you're a knight," Zhayla says with a wrinkle of her nose. "Doesn't that mean /someone/ is paying you /something/ /somewhere/?" A title is a title is a title, right? She's about to argue more when Calandra calls her name and she pivots over. "Oh! Leta!" She moves forward, looking for Leta with a rise to her toes and a grin over at her. She measures Preston in a glance, then asides to Leta, "I bet he'd be a littler sword. Crafters better hope it's him." He looks like a sword and board rather than a lady with a two hander such as them.

Edain eyes Ford for just a moment, a bit dubious, "Well I thank you for /not/ drowning my Vassal. That was most kind of you." He bows his head, "It is good to meet you. From the Kennex family correct?" He asks of the man with Desiree. He looks back to the laughing Eirlys and says, "You have nothing to apologize for. Today is about enjoying yourself."

    It take her a little bit but Julea does eventually spot Garza in the crowd and she lifts a hand up and offers him a quick wave, encouraging him over to the picnic tables, where she sits with Audric, who more leans in against.

Aleksei eyes Preston with a slight hint of interest. Or suspicion. "You can't already have gear that's better than rubicund," he says, glancing over at Calandra for confirmation. Well, with all of the TALK going around... He looks back to Zhayla with a grin. "Nobody pays me anything unless I'm /doing/ something. Certainly not any of the noble houses on the regular."

"What's a fool that doesn't look ridiculous but a prince, dear cousin mine?!" Luca's proclaiming with gaity as he catches Serafine up in one arm for a hug, swinging his jester-headed-stick wide not to smack her with it. Laughing as he spins the girl thrice, saying something to her in the spins, he lets her down right in front of Leta and then is cartwheeling off again. This time though, the Jester Prince tries to get fancy as he's coming before Aleksei and Zhayla, trying to do a back tuck out from the spinning and ending up falling flat on his ass before the Champion and the Melee Expo's Winner. Grinning brightly up to them with that mad face-paint, he proudly spreads arms and declares. "Totally meant to do that!" Rolling up to his feet again before them he gives Aleksei and Zhayla a deep bow and then comes out of it pointing his jester-headed stick at them like a sword. "Can I get the Lord and Lady Warriors a drink or beverage before they do mighty competition?"

Torian laughs at Silas, "I'm sure I know not at all about what you speak of, I'm just an old man lookin' for the quiet life.." he objects before his gaze settles onto Serafine, a wicked, wiiiicked look crossing his eyes as he calls out, "ho there lass, how's the boots, and when you gonna come back an' see me about that special order o' yours?" he asks in a teasing tone.

Calandra looks upon Preston, nodding in response to his words. "If the faith providing you with one of the Diamond plated weapons or will you be without an advanced weapon if you do not win this one?" She says her voice quite sober.

Ford nods to Edain, "The same." Then he looks at Desiree, "She's being dramatic. She was underwater for all of two and a half seconds."

"A prize by default?!" Ira gasps, snatching up the cloak with the hand of his that isn't shoving a meat pie into his face. "Why, if that doesn't say poverty and common, I dont know what does!" He holds the cloak to his face, oddly enough, feeling the fabric on his bare skin. Then...

"Any bids for this fine cloak?"

Squealing at Luca, Serafine is dizzy when she's set down, laughing, and staggers, swatting at her cousin as he escapes her wrath. But then she's shaking her fist at Torian in mock-anger before dissolving into laughter again.

Ira picks up a cloak made of silver fox fur.

Desiree gives Ford a sly smile. "It felt like longer." She laughs and looks back to Edain. "I do hope you're having a nice time yourself."

Eirlys gets a hold of herself then says. "Well he wasn't exactly drowning her, Edain." She sounds a little hoarse from laughing and she is having to wipe tears of laugher from her face. "I mean I was there, I would have jumped in if he was being an actual brute. I've knocked him unconscious once." She teases.

Audric drains off the rest of his glass and snags a fresh one, his amused expression not flickering in the least. The sellsword is oddly quiet, though his gaze does roam across the crowd, taking in the various interactions.

Garza finds a cigarillo in one of his pouches, previously hand rolled from the looks of it. He puts it in his mouth, and holds up a piece of flint and a striking blade to light up the smoke. Putting those away, and spotting Julea's wave the man approaches her, his step casual and languid. When he gets close enough, he flashes her a grin and upnods to Audric, claiming a place at the table. "Hey."

Silas wrinkles his nose at Serafine's praise, suggesting some inner conflict there, but he remains silent as he tries yet another sip of whiskey. Torian is given a chortle. "Of course. Who doesn't?" He does eye Serafine's new boots when Torian refers to them, however.

Garza has joined the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

    "Yes, it's brilliant. Though, I don't mind an opportunity to wear these stockings. I sewed them myself," Denica tells Jasher aside, her wide mouth hooking heavily at a corner. She indicates them with a flick of her black hair; they are something of a D.I.Y. affair, with bits of glass, shell, lace, all sewn in a a fashion which might indicate the mental health of its creator. "Well, are you familiar with any here? I see... well, there's... I don't hardly know a person."

"I am not competing for the prize, miss." replies Preston to Zhayla, "Only the entertainment. If I win I will gladly step aside and let the second place earn the prize." He looks to Aleksei, "No, my breastplate is not rubicund but it is /very/ well made. Either way, I am content with what I have so wish to contest only for sport and in celebration of the event." He looks to Calandra and inclines his head, "Ah, you have not heard, it has been something of a strange discussion lately. Banisher of Shadows is a well made sword-- Felix is to be commended-- so I have no need to take this one, fine as it may be."

Edain eyes Tristram as he comments on his farts and says simply, "I do not know what you are talking about Tristram. That is clearly the dog." Always blame the dog.

Leta steps forward towards Calandra, lifting a hand in a wave, "What's the rules then?!" she inquires, but stops and cocks her head to look at Zhayla with a grin. "Aye?" she listens, and turns her eyes to Preston, "Right, that's a little more silver on the materials, ain't it?" she notes jovially, while her eyes travel from Preston to Aleksei and back in curiosity.

Bethany drops a crate of Mercier-branded wine.

Bethany drops a keg of Mercier-branded ale.

Ford scoffs at both Desiree and Eirlys, before looking at Edain, "Blatant lies and slander, don't listen to anything they're saying."

Tristram snorts to Edain. "A likely story!"

It's enough of a crowd to make the entrance of a single lass go unnoticed. No bother, Signe does not seem to care much for the extra attention. The first thing she does isn't to look for familiar faces, but rather, to check if the swing is occupied or not. A hasty skitter of her steps leads her yonder.

When Luca approaches, Zhayla greets him with a delighted laugh. She offers him a hand up, but it's clearly not needed. "I believe you," she promises. "You are very quick, after all. Trying to get me drunk, huh? Are you trying to sabotage the competition for Leta's sake?" She is clearly not serious, judging by the grin she sends the other woman. She looks between Preston, Aleksei, and Calandra, but Luca's currently claimed her attention.

Edain calls over one of the valardin minders near his booth and says, "Go and buy a dog that I can blame flatulence on" Edain says as he passes the man some coin.

With no bids forthcoming, Ira steps towards Calandra to speak a quiet word...

Eirlys starts to giggle again, trying not to. She is even breathing slowly trying to stop it. "I am sure it is the dog, Edain. You know how delicate their stomachs can be." She offers between giggles.

Edain points to Eirlys and looks to Tristram, "See!"

With a small smile for the atmosphere, Deva weaves through the crowd when she spies a familiar face. "Have fun," she whispers to her brother, Kieran, briefly resting a hand on his shoulder while offering a wider and dimpled grin.

Calandra looks upon Preston. "Very well then you may play!" She says, seemingly relieved that the sword will go to either Leta or Zhayla. She gives them both a smile. "I was going to have you roll dice for it." She says, pulling out three 9 six sided diced and giving them all three. "Roll and whoever has the highest number wins."

    Bethany arrives - what is fashionably late to the commoner, anyway - and with her are a couple of Mercier hired hands that set down a keg of ale, a crate of wine. She thanks them both, graciously, and will wave them off before she grins at her work.

"Very good strategy Edain. Perfect move." She winks, as she wipes her face one more time.

Kieran drops a perilous drinking trophy.

Edain nods to Ford and Desiree, "Well I do not wish to keep you, but I wanted to greet you both, I should filter back to my booth and make certain everything is in order."

Calandra whispers softly to Ira, giving him an amused smile.

At the question, Jasher casts a brief look around the park then shakes his head. "None I recognize offhand. " he tells Denica. "But it's a large crowd and they could be hidden. No, wait. That one over there with a tankard in each hand is a deckhand on the ship. What od you?"

"What are you /on/," Aleksei says with a barking laugh when Luca winds up on his ass right in front of him. "You can get me a drink, though. Although it's not as impressive to pick it up and hand it to me when they're giving them away for free."

Kieran moves over a table and begins setting up the barrel of whiskey, placing the trophy he had constructed on it, then setting up stations with glasses, as Calandra handles the current contests. He occasionally looks to the growing crowd and nods at the numbers present.

Preston looks disappointed: he expected a quick sparring match or something similar, a contest of skill and not luck. But he shrugs slowly, "Ah, I misunderstood the nature of the contest. Goodwomen..." He nods to Leta and Zhayla, "...of whom I do not know, well met, I am Preston. Good luck." He gestures to the dice and takes a step back.

"Then whenever you'd like, Miss Whisper," Ira tells Calandra, stepping back now with the fine cloak bundled in his arms. "Simply say the word and I will compose the entire thing." He munches again on his meat pie, but his attention slips towards Bethany, picking her out from the crowd. His lips form a wide grin.

Desiree laughs a little. "It was good to see you Edain. I'm sure there will be many who have fun at your booth." She looks back at Ford. "What would you like to do now?"

Serafine cups her hands around her mouth again, hollering, "WOOO! LETA BROADBENT HAS A HUGE SWOOOOORD!"

Ford takes a long drink and scans the crowd, "Mingle. Let's mingle."

Silas spots his sister and her hired hands carrying the Mercier goods and waves in her direction. "Hey sis! I'm actually trying the whiskey!" He calls out, like a toddler attempting to eat his vegetables and expecting a gold star for effort.

Zhayla checked luck against difficulty 15, resulting in 19, 4 higher than the difficulty.

"Edain, are you here with someone? If not I am sure you can walk around with us. Tris is introducing me to people." She explains. "Also I believe Alis and Fiachra should be here at some point."

Leta looks at the dice, squints, and reaches up to adjust the angle of her hat. "No feats of strength? Running across a field with a stack of mugs? Catching a greased pig or some such?" she runs through various suggestions, then starts rubbing her hands together briskly, trying to warm them up. "Fine, fine! Here it goes then."

Leta checked luck against difficulty 15, resulting in 14, 1 lower than the difficulty.

"Leta! If I'd known that dice would be involved, I'd have brought my special set of them," Audric calls, cheerfully. "Then you'd be sure to win." He flashes another grin, then raises his glass towards Garza. "Evening. Enjoying yourself so far?"

    "Well, I think I see... there's Edain, though it's been so long I hardly remember him, and.... I met that woman there, the other day, but I don't think I asked her name, and... that one there--that disheveled man, 'Costare' is his name. I think that's it," Denica admits to her cousin, Jasher, with the corners of her mouth wilting at the realization. Her shoulders slump a little further, and she wraps her cloak a bit tighter about herself while lifting her flask to her lips with a dire tip. It's bad news for the Little Devil of Thrax, whiskey.

"Bee!" Jeremiah calls in recognition of Bethany's arrival, pleased. He lingers near-ish to Aleksei--checking on the man every so often. Serafine's words draw a pleased laugh from him, and he grins widely.

There's a laugh from Torian, "I dunno Calandra lass, that greased pig does sound like quite the contest..why don't we let the lasses do two out of three, with the pig being the second event?" calls the old sellsword turned leatherworker.

     Which is exactly the response that Silas recieves for trying new things, "Good job!" She praises Silas in a chirpy tone as she clasps her hands togteher. Then, with that sort of glance that younger sisters have always given older brothers, she rolls her eyes with a smile. After that, she waves toward familiar faces - offering a lopsided grin for them.

"Good luck!" Squaring off against Leta in a fight to the not-death, Zhayla checks to make sure she's doing it right and then rolls the dice. You wouldn't think it'd be complicated. But she is VERY EARNEST about making sure she's doing it right.

Calandra climbs back up on the table. "And the winner of the Rubicund blade is Zhayla!" She then turns toward Torian. "Oh, the turns cannot be changed now." She says, but looks to Leta. "I will try to get one you later, if I can."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Deva before departing.

If indeed no one is using the swing, Signe would plop her derriere right into it, taking both spaces all to herself, and start her own little party while she watches the mingling, mostly the louder ones. Her fingers wrapped around either rope of the large swing, she pushes off and to and fro she goes.

Garza catches Audric's toast his way and the sellsword lifts his cigarillo. "I ain't got a drink in my hand yet," he takes a long drag from his smoke. "But so far, so good. So, is it gonna be Captain General King now? Or King Captain General?"

Aleksei claps Zhayla soundly on the back for that. "Free rubicund!" he says with the delight of a commoner who appreciates just how much that's worth.

Edain shakes his head to Eirlys and says, "No I am here on my own, but... I promised Herald Steve I would run a booth he had an idea for. He is very excited about it." Edain looks to Tristram and says, "But I do not want to keep you two up. Please mingle, have fun!"

Serafine flails at those stupid dice! What! She looks like she's about to challenge the dice to a duel!

"Congratulations." offers Preston to Zhayla with an easy, warm smile as he bows slightly to her in congratulation. "May Gloria steady your hand should you ever have need to use it."

Ford waves over at Eirlys and Tristram, "Let's work tandem. We can watch each others back!"

Calandra smiles once again toward Zhayla, celebrating her win. "We will work out the crafter and the arrangements soon." She says. "You can choose between Hana, Julea and Felix."

Zhayla's starry eyes are only jostled a little by the slap on her back, and she still flings her hands up in an excited gesture, turning to Aleksei for a high-five before she recalls herself and ducks her head to Leta. "Better luck on the next one." She bobs her head at Calandra and says, "Thank you!" before stepping back and giving Preston a grin. "I missed it -- why did you withdraw your name?" she asks him curiously.

Eirlys nods. "Ah, well I should have thought of someone for you to escort. Oh What is the booth?" she asks curiously. "How is Sir Roland and Sir Arugula doing?" She asks then she ohs softly. "I have some whiskey if you'd like some."

Calandra climbs back up on the table. She is all about drama! "And for the Rubicund breastplate. We have Silas, Aleksei, Zhayla and Leta!" She says, adding a moment later. "At least I think, feel free to correct. For this one whoever solves Ira's riddle first wins!"

Silas beams at Bethany's praise, then applauds for Zhayla's victory in the game of dice. "Now she'll be even more difficult to defeat!"

Jasher obligingly looks over in the directions Denica points as she recognizes people. Still, it's the little drama of the contest that has most of his attention. It's not the contest though but the one who decided to not compete that he's studying. An expensive sword and the commoner refuses a chance at it.

"Oh! Not me," Zhayla calls out when Calandra calls her name again. "I mean -- I don't think I'd win again. But if I did that'd be awful. Withdraw my name, please!"

"It's a mighty plan, to get all the warriors drunk before they compete. It'll make my job as jester all the easier I think!" Luca declares proudly to Zhayla, that painted ear to ear grin demented on the prince's face. He's giving the tattooed smaller woman a wink and then rounding on Aleksei, swinging up his jester-headed stick to mutter at it. "What was that?" Then bringing it to his ear and bouncing it a little before he turns smirking face-paint on Aleksei and quips back. "He says don't look a gift drink in the mouth, especially one served by a fool of a prince!" With that though, Luca's dashing off comically to grab at drinks, bringing them back for the pair before they're off to their competing, at which point he'll hold Zhayla's drink for her. When the win is made, he's holding it back and proclaiming. "A fine and mighty win, Lady Zhayla. You slew those dice fiercely! If you'll excuse me?"

"There's plenty to go around, just hold your hand out and someone will slap some ale into it," Audric says, raising a hand to scratch at his cheek. "Let's not worry about titles, it'll get all kinds of confusing. You can call Jules Queen, though. Because she'll probably get flustered and that'll be amusing."

Calandra smiles toward Zhayla. "Consider your name withdraw, Ms. Zhayla."

There's another laugh from Torian, "That's what sittin' a desk all day will do to a lad," he says to Silas, "make his backside flabby and rob 'im o' the edge what he needs to win a fight. On the other hand, it keeps the rain off yer head better than a guard helmet.."

    Julea brings her hand up when her name is mentioned and then pulls gloved fingers back through her hair, tucking strands behind her left ear. She frequently touches the flowered crown on her head, self consious of it. And sure enough Audric does get a glare at that.

Leta rolls her dice, leans in to squint at them, as if a glare could scare them into a positive result. But it doesn't. Alas. She grunts in displeasure, sighs out loud and shrugs in disappointment, but once she's done with that she flashes a broad smile across at Zhayla. "Well then, may you use it well and may it come in handy, but not too often!" she wishes the other woman, and takes a step back, looking up to Calandra. "Thanks. A riddle, is it? Might as well forfeit right away, but fine, I'll play!"

Luca checked dexterity + performance against difficulty 25, resulting in 18, 7 lower than the difficulty.

     Bethany lances sidelong at Silas, "Yes -- and even more reason for you to get more familiarized with the taste of defeat!" She mua-ha-has as proper for the momnent and beams.

"Oh, it's me already? Hmm. Are you sure we shouldn't let them rub their faces in the cloak?" Ira wonders vacantly of Calandra as he comes up to the side of the crowd, peering out over them. In a voice quite loud for the thin, corpse-like alchemist, he calls:

"Gather round for riddle time! Wait -- are we doing this for commoners only? Can't the nobles -give- it to commoners? We all know at least five of them have common lovers on the off-days."

As if to deflect from that line of inquiry, and his own assholery, he holds up the fabulously... and simply... wrought cloak, displaying the prize for all to see.

Calandra looks toward Leta. "Oh, you never know, do try." She then peeks toward Ira, checking to see if his ready with a riddle. Hopefully he is!

Silas snorts at Torian. "My backside is -not- flabby!" He declares.

"I like it better when you buy me the really nice whiskey," Aleksei tells Luca with a wistful sigh. Rich nobles. But he totally accepts the drink and starts gulping it down. "Oh, right!" he says, turning back to Calandra. Rubicund breastplate!

Serafine catches Silas' voice and cracks up laughing.

"Not flabby -yet-, Silas!" Audric says. "It is an incredible pain to keep in shape once you've got a lot of paperwork to deal with. I give you a month, tops. Then it's all going fallow on you."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Audric before departing.

Ira drops a cloak made of silver fox fur.

Desiree shows a friendly smile to Eirlys and Tristram as Ford waves to them. "Is there a game of some sort going on? I'd like to watch."

Edain waves a hand and turns down Eirlys' offered whiskey, "No thank you. I will need my balance later. As for Roland he is well. Sir Arugula however?" He pauses, "Well I was trying to show off while riding the other day and he threw me off his back and into a tree and I dislocated my left shoulder. Sophie had to pop it back into joint for me."

Leta glances at Audric, cracks a sly grin and shrugs, lean in for a stage-whisper, "I might be able to afford the Rubicund, just got to rig another contest or two." wink, wink.

    "Well this is! ... fun," Denica claims, summoning up a bright smile to level it at Jasher, though it looks a little strained at its edges. She gives him a slight elbow, asking: "Fun right? Fun. 'Tis fun. We're having a lot of fun, they're having fun, fun is fun. And we're being social, too! Look, it's great." Who she's convincing is dubious. She drinks.

Silas cants his head in Audric's direction. "Speaking from experience, Captain?"

A little tired of the typical manner of using a swing, Signe places on foot and then the other on the seat. They're shifted a bit wider apart to allow for better balance before she brings her spine to its highest, now able to see above the heads of the crowd. No doubt she does some swinging like that too.

Zhayla dips her head to Calandra in thanks and laughs again at Luca. "They put up a very fierce fight, though." She watches him tumble (and stumble) off, shooting a grin in Silas's direction and then stepping up next to Leta in MORAL SUPPORT for the next contest.

Garza looks at Audric dubiously at first and holding his cigarillo between his lips, he holds up a hand. Sure enough, it doesn't take long before someone is slapping a mug of ale into it. "Huh," he looks impressed, dragging his gaze to Audric, lifting his mug and then vacating his mouth from the cigarillo before he heartily drinks. The mention of Julea by Audric causes the sellsword to look at her and he smirks.

"I assumed it was some sort of contest of skill, not luck." replies Preston to Zhayla, "I thought a game of skill would be entertaining which is why I entered: but if it is just a roll of the dice and I don't intend on taking the prize, there's no reason to roll, that is all." He smiles and gives a shrug, seeming content with the outcome regardless, and sipping at his water. With a bit of a bow, he turns and heads over towards the table of food. He might as well eat!

Audric grins at Leta. "I can give you some tips on how to rig them, ever fear," he says, then turns the grin at Silas and takes a drink. "Oh, absolutely. You've no idea how hard it is to maintain my roguish figure."

Serafine moves to stand by Zhayla and Leta as well, bouncing on her toes, excited.

    "Mistress Valery makes an excellent burn salve, brother," Bethany adds - almost too quietly toward Silas and slips off to inspect the food selection.

"Wait, a rubicund breastplate? I change my mind, can I play?" Ira grabs up the cloak quickly -- but it seems to be in jest that he wants the breastplate. A smile toys on his face as he thinks of something.

"Gather round! Rubicund breastplate! Rubicund breastplate or a game of riddles -- oh Calandra, are you sure we shouldn't make it best out of three riddles?"

"Luck is skill! The ability to work with fate is important!" Calandra says.

Kieran walks over to Signe now that his contest is set up and ready for when Calandra calls on him. Watching the lady swing, he chuckles and greets, "Having fun, Signe? Where are the dogs?"

As the Jester Prince Luca is dancing off away from Zhayla the winner, he's plucking a chicken drumstick, apple, and a loaf of bread, tucking away his jester-stick and muttering to himself as he makes his way towards Torian and Silas. "Can't be that hard can it? I've seen Blacktongue do it a few hundred times!" At which point the fool of a Fool is trying to juggle for the first time as he's coming upon them. And he's even managing...for about the time it takes him to say... "Lord Torian and Mighty Sir Mercier, might I get you refreshm...." And that's when Luca is grunting out "Shit!!!" And the chicken drumstick is going flying off into the crowd.

We have a rogue drumstick people! Mind your heads!

Jeremiah checked luck against difficulty 7, resulting in 7, 0 higher than the difficulty.

"One riddle, a fighter against the bringers gets one chance and must have a sharp mind." Calandra calls out.

Ford leads Desiree on his arm towards the gathering, so they can watch people win some rubicund!

Denica checked luck against difficulty 30, resulting in 34, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys is looking around, catching bits and pieces of conversation. "I am loving this. It's almost as crazy as being at the lodge." She admits. Then her attention is on Edain. "Oh No! I am so sorry. If you'd like I could take him riding when you can't? It might make him feel less neglected? Since I know there is a lot going on, you can't always take him out." Then she winces at the dislocated shoulder. "I think I will keep my possible concussions and bruises from sparing. I do hope your shoulder is better."

Phew. It's probably not Jeremiah getting hit in the head with the wild drumstick. Probably. Maybe. Or maybe it is? He roams towards the cider to taste at it lightly--"Riddles?" he wonders then with sudden interest.

Kieran checked luck against difficulty 7, resulting in 27, 20 higher than the difficulty.

"A riddle then, for a fabulous prize," Ira murmurs. Then, above the crowd, and regardless of the rogue drumstick, he asks of the crowd:

"What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?"

Kieran is also not smacked by the rogue drumstick, as he chat with the Northern woman using the swing.

Silas says, "Charcoal?"

"Yes, fun." Jasher agrees absently then blinks and looks down at Denica when she elbows him. "Do you know who that is?" he asks, motioning over at Preston. "He just turned down the chance to win a sword I wouldn't object to owning myself. Very unusual."

Tristram seemed to be a bit distracted for a while, and looks around. To those who addressed him he apologizes, and tries to rejoin the events even though he was distracted.

Fortunato slips into the park with his floppy-feathered cap, leathers, and art-bag strapped to his side. He skirts along the edges. Croooowds

"I should have done the one about the skull," Ira laments, frowning. He points out Silas to Calandra, "He got the answer, the bugger."

Calandra listens to the riddle with close attention. She seems confused by the riddle herself. When Silas gives his answer, she smiles, thinking he might be right.

Signe checked luck against difficulty 15, resulting in 11, 4 lower than the difficulty.

Signe kieran = Does that mean I get smacked? xD

    The chicken leg looks apt to smoke Denica in straight in the neck, but mid-sail it hits a branch instead, whose application of force changes the trajectory of the wing to land squarely in her lap. She blinks, plucks it up, and flashes a swift, fiercely pleased flash of teeth to Jasher. "Tah-dah!" She singsongs, biting into it with mirth.

"Oh!" Zhayla looks deeply disappointed by her utter failure to even begin to figure out an answer by the time Silas has answered. She looks apologetically at Leta. "I guess I wasn't much help."

Calandra is still on the wooden picnic table. "And the winner of the Rubicund breast plate is Sir Silas!" she says, lifting her voice to care.

Eirlys turns to Tristram, pats his arm and grins at him. "You seem to have gotten distracted. Everything alright?" She asks. "Did you want to mingle?"

Juliet puts gold earrings with plum-colored amethysts in a leather pouch shaped like an overturned rosebud.

Torian checked luck against difficulty 15, resulting in 14, 1 lower than the difficulty.

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

"I mean I was going to say bandage but that is never black. -Hopefully-," Silas muses outloud. He looks momentarily tempted to go after the wayward chicken drumstick, but attempting to solve the riddle distracts him too long and he has a three second rule. "Leave the juggling to the professionals, Luca. It's serious business," he nods sagely to the prince.

Juliet is going incognito tonight, which means that, as Calandra suggested - she's wearing a simple enough woolen gown in deep red with a deep-cut puffy-shouldered blouse showing of an extraordinary amount of cleavage and sun-kissed skin. Her hair arranged in a very ornate braid. Sans most her jewellery, though there is a rose-shaped pouch in leather wrapped securely to her hip and the sash she wears as a belt. Taking in the grand life and laughter of the festival, her eyes glitter with mischeif as she looks around for someone looking vaguely familiar.

Calandra gives Silas a warm smile, seemingly happy for him. She then smiles over to him. She then climbs from the table. "Everyone can compete in the next contests if they so wish. But first does anyone here need a steel sword? We have three available and if is there three or less people in need, we will just give them away without a contest."

Signe slants her gaze down to Kieran and offers a toothy grin and an awkwardly knowing cant of her head. "I had the strange feeling that if I brought both Tempest and Atila, they'd be the reason the festival ends early," she confesses to him with a squint. "I've only just got here so I haven't seen much fun yet, but it's good to--" Something flies somewhere around the crowd. She blinks. And blinks again. "Anyway, will there be wrestling? I heard there's going to be wrestling?" she returns to Kieran.

Tristram meanders over towards Edain, and mutters something to him.

Edain smiles to Eirlys and says, "NO no.. it was entirely diserved hubris on my part." Edain looks over hiss shoulder to his covered booth and sees that Herald Steve is there bouncing on the balls of his feet. He looks to be getting what we call 'antsy'. Looking back to the Eirlys, Edain says, "Well it seems that Herald Steve is done mingling and getting anxious to open our booth, so I am going to head over to him. Feel free to come and check it out when he barks for it."

Calandra smiles over to Juliet. "Oh and the loving serving wench has arrived, Juliet. Let her know if you need a drink!" She says, poor Juliet. Being Calandra's friend is hard sometimes.

Ira looks rather put out as he moves to the side of the crowd again, after the small riddle's been spent. His lips purse, and not even another bite of his meat pie might cheer the disheveled alchemist. He watches the crowds fumble with the drumstick, and marks Juliet's cleavage-marked entrance -- all with a furrow of his brows.

Late is better then never! Though when Alis arrives on Fiachra's arm, and is greeted with the sight of flying poultry drumsticks, she may be reconsidering that. "Edain said something about a dunk tank. Let's look for that. Nothing says sibling love like making sure your brother gets soaked in a vat of water, right?" She's obviously hoping he encourages her in her evil ways. "And let's try to find Eirlys..."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tristram before departing.

3 Culler Lackeys have been dismissed.

Charcoal? Leta doesn't even start to answer that, though she does cock her head sharply to look at Serafine. She shrugs again. But then her brow furrows and she holds up a hand, "How 'bout a knife that you get from a fellow in an alley, right? That's sooted - so it doesn't glint in the dark, yeah? Then you shank someone with it, aye, makes it red? And then you toss it in the river, and that washes away the soot and then it's you know, iron gray and all."

Unlucky as Jeremiah can be at times, he's saved this time--by a branch, and by Denica.

He reaches the Mercier-delivered ale and wine--and, yes, wine is what he predictably goes for. A half a cup of that and a half a glass of the rose wine, and then he starts searching the crowd, passing by Bethany with a smile but heading for Julea.

"Julea! You got my letter, I imagine?" he inquires as he comes nearer.

"You know, I should probably actually eat something," Audric says, pushing off of the table. "I feel like several cups of ale on an empty stomach's either a great idea or a terrible one." He flashes a grin towards Julea and Garza, moving over to find a plate and load it up with finger foods.

Grabbing himself a drumstick as well, Preston sees one flying through the air to land on Danica's lap, and he smiles. He makes his way over towards the benches, "Do you mind?" he wonders, looking between the her and Jasher, "I'm afriad I feel entirely out of place. I think I know why I did not attend this event last year." Yet for all he says he's awkward, his smile is warm and at ease, even as he nods his head to them both, "I am Preston." There's a bit of hesitation before the name, as if he's used to including a title there.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Audric before departing.

"Wait. When did the riddle contest turn into the breastplate contest?" Aleksei looks totally blank, like he just missed a whole explanation, and the breastplate is already Silas's. He frowns for a moment, and then downs his drink.

Kieran shrugs to Signe, "I discuss wrestling with Calandra, but I am not sure if she is holding one. I am running the drinking contest and even brought a trophy for the victor with rules for continuing a drinking contest 'league' as it were when it's all said and done. We shall see how it all goes." He shrugs then, "I don't think your dogs would bother this crowd too much."

"Well you know if you need a sword." Calandra says and then moves on, because she is like a hyper humming bird. She hears the talk of wresting and wanting to provide for the festival, she announces that next. "And wrestling. We need two people who would like to wrestle."

    "I need a drink --" Bethany pipes up, and she snorts at some murmured comment from her witty brother, before she takes up an apple and balks very suddenly as the park grounds begin to fill. She is careful about her withdrawal, quietly considering her options between drawn-out bites of fruit.

Calandra smiles over to Kieran. "We can do the drinking contest next. My favorite contest is the maypole dancing one though."

Edain mutters something back to Tristram and then he heads back to his covered booth and waves to the men in Valardin colors, it looks like they are going to start setting it up.

Desiree watches the contest, eager to see who wins. When the winner is announced she looks at Silas with a smile. "That was fun! I wonder what is next."

"Sorry I'm late, doll," Juliet offers, with a smile. She can't quite shake the Tor accent, though she's trying, certainly. "I found myself in a dinner that I had to listen in on. How do I do this serving thing?" She inquires, with a nervous smile. "Never actually done that before..." Pausing, looking over to Bethany. "Of course, messere. Just as soon as I can find the sharded things."

    Not yet having touched ale, much less food, Julea quietly watches the competitions, hands together in her lap, it takes her a moment to realise that someone is addressing her and her eyes try to find the source, eventually settling on Jeremiah. "I did." She replies, rising her voice to carry over the chatter.

Costas looks over at Audric as he approaches the table, where the rogue has been stuffing a meat-pie into his face. "Shouldn't you be abusing your power in some way?" He asks, gesturing out toward the crowd. "Some humiliating decrees or some such. There's plenty of folk here, I'm sure you can find -someone- to exploit." He snaps his fingers then, face brightening. "Ah, I know. Perhaps you can drag us all into some occult tomfoolery, then run off into the night escaping any consequences. That's a popular one these days."

"Well, this looks about typical for clan gatherings." Fiachra asides to Alis. Apparently flying poultry pieces and all. Though the toothy grin he gives the woman could mean he's joking. Maybe. His eyes absolutely gleam when she mentions dunk tanks, though, and he says, "You said the magic words. Half-drowning Edain." He does look around for his sister, and will raise a hand to her in a wave when he spots her. At least he doesn't yell?

Ford lifts a hand to wave at Dominique. Also Monique, because he only just now saw her.

Eirlys nods. "Oh ok, well if you are ever willing I would love a chance to get to ride him. He is beautiful. Maybe I can even show you how to ride a war elk." She offers before turning to Tristram. "Is there something you'd like to try or do?" Then she watches her escort and Edain talking and she waits, quieting so they can converse though she pats Tristram's arm as she waits, something she isn't aware she is doing.

"Go fetch me an ale." Leta turns aside and leans in towards Serafine, "And something to eat, aye?" the sellsword adds with a bright smile, and bumps her hip into the other woman a second time. Then she looks back to Calandra. "Might as well wrestle, too! There a prize in that?" she asks with a jovial smile, "I'll win -something- before the night's done. Goes to reason, isn't it? Try enough times."

Khanne walks into the park, wandering about for a bit before delving right into the crowd. Her misty-grey eyes sweep over the crowd, looking to see who is there that she may know. She lifts her hand to wave to Edain, Eirlys, Fiachra, Kieran, Julea, and Signe too. If they see her is unknown, but she does wave to them.

"I ate before coming here," Garza pats his stomach, and drinks some more from his mug. "So I ain't very hungry, but I am very thirsty," he puffs on his cigarillo, exhaling through the nose. Watching Audric go get food, the sellsword turns his attention to the crowd from his spot at the picnic table, looking for other familiar faces.

    The avatar of freak accidents going well, Denica, pauses midchew to eye at Jeremiah, and she flashes him a bright if glassy-eyed smile and a wave of the drumstick. To Jasher she says, gesturing over at Preston: "Who, that person there? I have no idea. He passed... well, nobles can't win these things, so perhaps he's of noble blood? Who knows."

As the event carries on, Prince Edain eventually looks to the men in Valardin colors near him. With a nod of his head he turns to start take down the tarp that covers the booth he is standing next to. Once it is clear it reveals a large circular tank, with a seat suspended above it. Next to the tank is is a long metal arm that has a target on it that looks like a very crudely drawn white dragon head on it. There is sign above it that reads, "Vanquish a Valardin!" in bright friendly letters.

Edain starts climbing up on the seat, while a young man that any visitor to the Valardin manor will recognize as Herald Steve comes forward, "Come one come all, for the chance to Vanquish a Valardin! Your feat of throwing puissance can indeed defeat the leader of the White Dragon's himself to take a dip! Step right up and see if you can Vanquish a Valardin!" Herald Steve motions to the other Valardin servants who have a barrel filled with heavy bean bags to throw at the target, and are ready to pass them out to anyone that wants to try a throw!

OOC: This is just for shits and giggles! If you want to dunk Edain, pose grabbing 3 bean bags to throw and @check Dexterity + Athletics at 15!

1 Redrain novice guards have been dismissed.

Audric reaches up, tugging the crown off of his head and tossing it towards Costas. "You seem to have a much more devious mind for abuses of power than I do, Costas," he says, cheerfully. "I hereby name you my heir, and not at all mostly because I just found out I need to go thump someone for being a fool.

Moving into the grounds of the Festival, Monique grins at the setup. She looks here and there, but seems to have a destination in mind. Or rather, at least, a person in mind. She moves towards Edain, though Ford, Fiachra, Alis, Kieran, Eirlys Luca, Calandra, Costas, Tristram, Signe, Ferrando, and Aleksei all get waves or smiles. as well. When she sees just what the Valardin Prince has been setting up, she lets out a laugh, "Alright Edain! I'm impressed!"

"Good--I'll admit I'm not overmuch for, uh. Parties and festivals--I'm slipping out for the vigil, myself, but Calandra's done a good job, so far--you're Queen? Congratulations," Jeremiah offers earnestly to Julea, gaze drawn to the Valardin--he laughs, lightly, but doesn't approach.

Luca's failure at juggling thankfully results in a lap landing instead of a headshot. He's giving a comically apologetic sort of shrug and wave Denica and Jasher's way, calling out. "Just...uh, thought you looked hungry!" Yes, that's totally it. To Silas, the Jester Prince is giving a little embarrassed head bob and muttering back. "He makes it look so damned easy! I'll stick to cartwheels and flips I suppose." To which he's suiting his words, dashing off with a quick "Congratulations!" for the riddle-answerer and looking for an opening in the crowd to dive through and into an acrobatic jingle-bell sounding roll that he gets bumped in midway. "Gah!" Proclaims the Jester Prince pithily as he's getting flung off angle, looking nearly ready to crash into poor Signe of the swings. Maybe he'll manage to stop himself or she'll get out of the way first. Either way, Luca's Jester days are not going so well as his grand entrance went.

"Think I should take them out around these parts more so that the Southeners get used to them? They'd be no different from songbids after a while," Signe replies to Kieran with a light smirk. "If songbirds sounded like cows. But..." She loosens her grip on the ropes to allow her to slide down the swing, sitting on her ankles with her knees closed. "A drinking contest, huh? I'm joining," she announces to him with a lift of her chin in pride.

"There is a prize. Who will wrestle Leta? The prize is a 5,000 voucher for products at the jeweler Joscelin's store." Calandra says, lifting her voice to carry.

    Julea lifts a gloved hand, waving briefly at Khanne before fingers settle back into her lap, weaving together firmly. "It seems so, and I didn't even have to bribe anyone." She says back to Jermiah, voice rising to carry across the busy crowd.

Dominique ventures around the park herself, she pauses. So many people! She siddles around in quiet to get a look around but Edain over the tank catches her interest. She walks around and watches what is going on, getting her bearings.

Ira picks up a cloak made of silver fox fur.

Costas snatches the crown before it hits the ground, eyeing it with dry amusement. He dips his head to Aduric, grinning the wolf at him. "What, just passing it on peacefully?" He drums callused fingers along the grip of his blade. "Not going to stick around long enough for me to assassinate you? That's how proper nobles do the thing."

Aleksei /is/ rather drawn by the sudden announcement of the Valardin booth. He wanders his way over to it, considering Edain in his seat, and then the water beneath him. He laughs. "/Really/?" Clearly he has the sort of bone-deep skepticism of someone who grew up in Sanctum amid the height of Valardin dignity.

Signe checked perception against difficulty 15, resulting in 21, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Laughing, Serafine runs off to do as Leta asked, returning soon enough with ale and food, holding both hostage as she mock-glares at the blonde sellsword.

"Oh! I've always wanted to vanquish a Valardin!" Ira announces to nobody in particular. He leaves off from his outcasted edge of the crowd and moves through the masses towards the contraption that serves as a medieval dunk tank. He picks up three bags and joins the line, grinning hellishly.

As soon as Edain gets in the tank Eirlys looks at Tristram. "Please! Can we go dunk Edain? Trust me you will thank me for this later." She offers with a grin. She is wearing a huge grin, dimples showing and she even almost bounces twice as she asks.

Alis claps! "We're here in time! I was afraid he'd set this up before I could even watch." All is well in her world now. "I'd look for her, but I'm shorter then everyone here I think, and therefore no help. Maybe she'll be near the dunking booth?" Hopefully.

Silas watches the tank get hauled into the park in wonder, then approaches when it looks like Edain is offering to get himself wet. "This might be our only opportunity to do this, so I recommend everyone participate so the Valardin prince leaves appropriately drenched."

Calandra says. "Well, I will wrestle you is everyone else is too afeared, Leta" Calandra says, but she looks rather slender and frail. Still one has to put on a good show.

"Just spin some story about how I've abdicated to fulfill some greater destiny," Audric says, downing the rest of his ale and setting aside the plate. "But never fear, in your hour of greatest need, I'll return." The sellsword turns on his heel, then, slipping into the crowd and away from the gathering.

Ira checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 24, 9 higher than the difficulty.

"I'll wrestle!" Calls Costas, tipping Audric's discarded crown onto his shaved head and walking toward Calandra as he stuffs the last of a meat-pie between his lips.

Serafine sets down food and ale and raises her hand! "I'll wrestle Leta Broadbent!" laughing!

Silas checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

The flying chicken leg goes unnoticed till it lands in Denica's lap. "Nice catch." Though she can't really claim the credit. But then the strange commoner is walking over and he gestures to the bench. "Please do. I am Jasher. This is Denica."

Khanne walks near the dunk tank, chuckling a bit as she studies it. She stands nearby, crossing one arm over her chest and lifting her other hand to subtly cover her mouth to try to keep from laughing quite too hard. "This is interesting. Dunk Edain. Nice."

Calandra seems relieved when Costas and Serafine up. "Okay, Costs vs Leta. Serafine can fight the winner." She announces.

Leta stands there, near Calandra, with her hands on her hips, waiting for a contender. As Serafine returns, she holds out a hand, "Come on now, I can't wrestle on an empty stomach, can I?" but her request is interrupted as Calandra offers to wrestle her, and the sellsword blinks and frowns slightly in concern. "Might as well forfeit, then, I suppose...", but she's cut short to glares at Serafine, "You won't either! See, we got a cotnender." and she points to Costas, turning to give the man a nod.

Eirlys hears Alis's voice and turns. "Alis?" She calls out and she is pulling Tristram toward the dunking booth if he will let her.

"You can do it, Leta!" Zhayla calls out once someone /not/ Calandra volunteers. She gives Calandra an amused grin, but doesn't seem to rate her as competition. Just a very good host. Oh, look: lots of volunteers now. She claps louder. "I bet you could take them all!"

Kieran nods to Signe's statement. "Certainly. Just waiting for the go ahead."

Signe is fortunately not too distracted by Kieran not to notice the incoming failed acrobat. "Look out!" she suddenly yells, hopping off the swing before Luca's directional hazard can come to fruition. Hopefully, she doesn't bump into anyone on the way out of it either.

Edain settles into the seat above the tank, and calls out seeing Ira, "Ah ha! We have our first valiant warrior steping up to Vanquish a Valardin! Let your volley fly, Goodman! I have compete Faith in in your ability to win the day.!"

Herald Steve clears his throat, "Your Gra.. er Edain... You are supposed to heckle the contestants."

Edain blinks and says, "Well that seems mean...." and before he can fully complete that though Ira's throw hits point and the seat drops out from beneath him.

*SPLOOOP!* Not splash, sploop. That is when it becomes clear that this tank is not filled with water. It si filled with Maple Syrup.

Costas chuckles lowly as he wipes his greasy hands on his leather breeches. "Sure folk wouldn't rather see the lasses wrestle one another first?" His stormblue eyes sweep mirthfully between Calandra, Leta, and Serafine. "Know I would."

Serafine hikes her skirts and steps forward, spits in her palms and rubs them together, grinning at Leta. "C'mon, you're taller than me," she assures Leta.

Dominique soon find her sister in the crowd and hollars over the masses. "DESIREE!" She waves and weaves her way around.

Jeremiah gives a slight choke at Serafine's declaration, grinning wide. "Festivals are for things that aren't everyday, Serafine!" he calls bawdily to Serafine, attention drawn back to Julea once more.

Calandra hmms softly. "Serafine versus Leta then!" She says, lifting her voice to carry. "Unless you need to eat first?" She says toward Leta.

Leta divests herself from her sword, and carefully removes her hat. "Serafine's not common enough for it!" she informs Calandra with a mildly grumpy sound, then turns and hangs her personal belongings on Serafine, to go with her food.

Tristram looks at Eirlys and says, "You can dunk him, if you'd like! Me, I *do* have to live in the same house as him, and his revenge would be swift."

Settling down upon the bench, Preston helps himself to nibbling idly upon the chicken leg, watching the festival turn into a wrestling match, "See, that is more what I thought of when it was suggested it was a contest for the sword." he suggests over to Danica and Jasher, "Though I would not be terribly skilled at wrestling. Brawling is not exactly my specialty." He eyes Edain for a moment, "I did not quite realize the Valardin were able to..." He can't quite find the word, so he just gestures at them, "But, regardless, pleased to meet you Jasher, Danica."

Preston has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

"Well, lets get you in a good place to watch, unless you're going to take a turn at making sure your brother has a bath?" Fiachra asks with a raised brow. "I'm certainly taking a shot." Hearing Eirlys' voice, he moves to intercept his sister as they make their way to the common goal, giving her a half-hug of greeting, and a nod to the man with her. "Tristram. Enjoying yourselves?"

Tristram says, "MAPLE SYRUP! Oh my Gods!"

Eirlys looks at Tristram. "Well you could tell him it was me." She offers with a smile.

Eirlys checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

"She looks plenty common to me." Calandra says in a voice that is gently teasing. Hopefully the nobles don't get too upset this all later.

Desiree grins as she looks toward Edain's booth. "I have to see this Ford." She lets out a lighthearted laugh as Edain is dunked. "I didn't expect that." She hears her name and looks around. "Dominique!"

Luca the Fool is left hanging over the edge of the swing Signe managed to depart, a little winded and gasping out. "Nice. Dodge. M'lady!" The compliment leads to a coughing fit as the winded Jester Prince rolls out of the swing to the ground, smiling up to her (or seeming to by the face paint) and managing a raspy. "Sorry bout that. Got bumped! Maybe getting a bit crowded for tumbling!"

"Syrup?" Ira wonders blankly. Then, half-morose, half-mocking, he pines: "I want to be dunked in syrup." He steps back with a little sardonic bow given to the person behind him: Silas. "Master riddler."

All in all, he looks quite happy with himself now, and quickly finds himself a mug of ale. When he thinks nobody is looking, he spikes it with something, and then drinks a long gulp of it.

    "Please! Please, you sit with us now," Denica tells Preston, and it comes out sounding like something of a command at the end, reflexive. She softens it with a smile, and she gestures toward the bench. "You passed on the prize, did you? That's what Jasher has said. He thought you were fascinating," she claims, head tilting aside, eyes glassy--she's drunk, by the slur of her tongue, the wildness in her gestures.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tristram before departing.

Ford leads Desiree through the crowd to join Dominique, "Hey you." He says once they reach her, "When'd you get here?"

"What? If I had any distance aim, I would do it myself. Don't be a siss....." Alis is about to mock Tristram when... maple syrup. Obviously, this requires tugging on Fiachra's arm. "Did you see that? Did you SEE THAT. EDAIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING??" She stares in horror, and then looks at Eirlys and back at the dunk tank. And then claps a hand over her mouth. Possibly to prevent a peal of laughter.

Aleksei stares at the tank when Edain drops into it and it becomes clear what the contents are. He lifts his hands. "No way," he declares. "My dad would sense it all the way from Sanctum and send someone to murder me." He steps away. He steps awaaaaaaay.

Ferrando has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Serafine scoffs at Leta and sets her gear down with the damn food and ale. "FIGHT me, you... you ... Turkey!" she says, laughing, and shakes her fist at Leta.

The maple syrup bubbles slowly as Edain's head slowly emerges. "Herald Steve." The says.

"Yes Edain?" Steve answers.

"I am regretting our decision to use maple syrup instead of water." Still, trooper that he is, he sets the seat back up and climbs back up into it. "Ok who's ne..."

And then Silas's throw hits the target and there is another loud *SPLOOP* as Edain ends up back in the syrup.

Silas only stares when it's revealed that it wasn't water that Edain was being plunged into, but -syrup-. He squints. "Good luck getting that off your clothes and out of your hair when it hardens, Your Highness."

    Nevertheless, he still contributes to Edain's marination shortly after he gets out. "Someone should get towels!"

Dominique hugs Desiree like a social life perserver in the cultural sea. "So glad I found you." She smiles to Ford. "Just a few moments ago." She is easily overwhlemed by the crowd. "How are you both?"

Eirlys takes up the beanbags and takes a good throw which does end up leading to Edain falling back into the syrup. Of course she waits till he is settled before she hits the target and dunks him again.

Calandra peeks over to Edain, giggiling as he is dunked again. She doesn't get him towels though. Maybe she doesn't have them or maybe she is just too busy at the moment.

"Good." Ford says, offering his still totally full glass of wine to Dominique, "We were wandering about, watching Edain get dunked in syrup."

Khanne laughs as Edain is dunked in... syrup? time and time again. She shakes her head, wine-red hair sweeping against her cheeks as she does. "I cannot... that is going to take forever to get out of hair... not to mention clothes."

Garza checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 25, resulting in 23, 2 lower than the difficulty.

"Towels? Why, we're in the Boroughs. They've no towels here."

Whatever the truth of that, Ira seems decisively anti-towel at the moment, and his amusement grows at Edain's distress.

Tristram heads over towards Alis, calling out, "Good throw!" to Eirlys as he does so.

Ferrando seems happy that the rest of the festival is happy and having fun, but he seems just as happy to have his fun in a little less crowded area.

Desiree smiles as she hugs Dominique. "I'm glad to you here and that we saw each other. It's really quite the crowd, but I've been having fun so far."

"She's just right down sneaky, that one, it's a trick!" Leta tells Calandra, pointing a thumb back to Serafine, though the other woman's reaction forces her to turn and glare in her direction, though her grin's too wide for the frown to mean much. "I'll wrestle her just fine, but she can't take the prize, can she?"

Garza drains what's left of his mug, and tosses it at the target set up to dunk Edain from where he sits at... but that mug just flies by. "Fuck," he mutters, amused.

After a quick flutter of brown lashes in surprise, Signe throws one dumfounded glance at Kieran and she's rushing again, this time to offer a slender hand toward Luca. "Nice crash," she reciprocates, recovered enough from the spontaneity of the situation to let an amused breath leave her. "Are you alright? Maybe you should try juggling instead?" she asks him, unaware of what good -that- did him earlier.

Serafine holds up her hand. "I solemnly swear not to take the prize!"

Dominique eyebrows knit together. "Syrup?" She takes the glass of wine gleefully. She sips, mostly to take off the social pressure. "I'm glad you are having fun. I'd rather be in bed with a good book. I'm so not good at these things." She gives another hug to Desiree. "Have you seen Bianca?"

Calandra hmmms softly as she looks between Leta and Serafine. "She can, but she must give it to a commoner of her choice."

Mirari slips into the park, fingers toying with the hem of her black and green cloak. Her emerald eyes searching the crowd.

"Fascinating might be a bit strong." Jasher corrects. "Still, it was a very good sword and you decided to take yourself out of the competition. It was... unusual." Yes, unusual. Not fascinating. He offers a small shrug as Preston gestures to the tank. "It amuses the c... people. Something that's very much in need, all things considered."

Serafine looks -delighted- by this. She steps towards Leta and grins, hunkering down a little. "-should I take my dress off first?" she asks innocently.

No one moves to get towels. Silas shrugs at Ira. "Should have figured..." It looks like he's had his fill of Edain-dunking and he meanders away, possibly to find some servants to get those towels.

Kieran looks over at Luca and shakes his head and laughs at the 'jester'. "You are making me laugh, so I call it a success."

As Serafine and Leta get ready to square off, Costas strips the wooden scabbard that holds his weapon from his belt, wrapping it up tightly in his cloak and getting the package. "Neither of you need to worry about that." He teases the wrestlers. "You're just fighting to see who gets a short but fun tussle with me." His grin is wide and toothy, and his stormblue eyes sparkle with mischief.

"Your brother has earned my permanent respect. You would not catch me dunking into syrup. I'd never get it out." While Fiachra is trying his best to be serious, the laughter that escapes ruins all attempts at such. He picks up three beanbags, and eyes the target before taking his own shot.

"Don't be a fuddy duddy, Dominique, drink up, enjoy yourself. Desiree and I are managing just fine." Ford says with a laugh, patting Desi's arm, "Although you are going to have to share that wine."

Serafine laughs at Costas, then looks to Leta. "Ready, then?" and winks.

"Oh, absolutely. I am sure that King Audric won't mind that." Calandra says in regards to Serafine's question about her dress, but her words are gently teasing. It is truly up to the fighter if she removes her clothing or not.

Fiachra checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 7, 8 lower than the difficulty.

Eirlys turns to Tristram. "Tris did you see? I dunked him." Her eyes are dancing with excitement and laughter. She lets out a long laugh before tilting to face him. "Is there anything you want to do."

"Don't get distracted, Leta!" Zhayla calls as one last encouragement before ducking out, throwing Calandra a double thumbs up on her way out.

Leta puts her hands back on her hips again, frowns uncertainly, but eventually shrugs, taking only a quick look in Costas's direction. "If you're sure." she says, then turns back to the shorter woman, "Don't have to - be a shame to get it dirtier, but there's no need, is there? Fine!"

"I have a better sword." remarks Preston in response to Danica and Jasher with an easy smile and a nod, "Recently made, in fact, by the master weaponsmith Felix Meadson of Seaborn Weaponry. I can not reccommend his skill, faith and honesty more highly if you have need of a commission." He pauses, then adds to Danica even as Jasher corrects the statement, "I do think that is the first time anyone has ever called me *fascinating*." He eyes Jasher a moment, and then he laughs, an easy and open sound, "Exasperating. Boring. Those are more common." He grins suddenly, "I don't think I've ever been called *unusual* either. I don't quite know if that's a compliment or an accusation." A quick nod to Jasher, "You can say commoner. I doubt it offends any of us. It is what we are."

Again Edain emerges from the syrup and and climbs onto the seat. He tries to get the syrup out of his eyes and by the gods it is extra goopy. "Ok.. so I can't see right now Herald Steve.. is someone else taking a turn?"

Before Steve can answer Eirlys' throw is dead center and he ends up back int the syrup with a startled gurgle.

His hands reach about the syrup and feel around until it resets the seat and then he pulls himself out of the syrup and settles. This time he does get the syrup out of his eyess and sees Garza's mug just miss, "Oh no! Someone get that Goodman a beanbag so he can try another throw." And that's when Fiachra's beanbag hits him in the side of the face and just sticks there for amoment.

"Perhaps try again Fiachra?"

Desiree nods with a laugh. "Yes syrup. I was surprised, but it was certainly entertaing." She shakes her head and looks around. "I haven't. Is she here?" She hands Ford the wine. "Here, enjoy! I can always get more if I'd like."

"Too damn crowded for me--I'm going to escape home before I stop by the vigil--Aleksei! Win something. You, too, Silas!" Jeremiah calls, dipping a nod to Julea and slipping off, finishing the wine and ecsaping.

Julea picks up a flower crown of snowdrops and bluebells.

Once Luca's regained wind, he's flipping back up to his feet in a showy little move learned in dueling, aided by Signe's hand up, bell hat all ajingle, his too-wide painted smile and black-diamond eyes both wide as he peers out past her to see the dunking in...syrup?! Shaking off his confusion and distinct amusement, the man casts a lopsided smirk to Signe with that suggestion. "Almost beaned someone with a chicken leg when I tried that before, m'lady, but thanks. Perhaps I should just stick to off color jokes and serving people drinks and food. Or maybe take a turn in the syrup dunking, eh?" Kieran's comment turns Luca's smile his way and he a laugh escapes as he nods, offering back to the youngest Redrain prince. "Just remember that you said that in coming weeks, Kieran!" Winking to the man, he's offering back to Signe. "Get you a drink or something for my terrible tumbling, m'lady? If not, I'll be off about my foolery."

Khanne grins at Fiachra as he tries to dunk Edain. Lowering her hand from her lips, she says to the man, "better luck next time. Besides, he is going to be so full of syrup soon he won't be able to walk."

Leta checked strength + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 20, 5 higher than the difficulty.

"No, no. No towels. We should allow him to suffer." Alis pronounces, wandering up to the barrel to pick three beanbags right after Fiachra does. "You know you're not allowed back in the house until you're no longer sticky, right?" she notes, when she steps up to throw. "Love you, bro!"

Leta has rolled a critical success!
Leta checked dexterity + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 45, 30 higher than the difficulty.

"I already did!" Silas calls out to Jeremiah. "But sure I'll do it again! I like winning!"

Leta checked stamina + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 30, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Alis checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 16, 1 higher than the difficulty.

Serafine checked stamina + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 34, 19 higher than the difficulty.

"Edain you are sooo not good at taunting. It's like this!" She yells then she turns to her brother. "Seriously you can't hit the target even when your baby sister can? I bet you Alis could do better!" Then she looks back at Edain. "Like that!"

Serafine checked strength + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 33, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Serafine checked dexterity + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 17, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Denica checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 23, 8 higher than the difficulty.

Dominique is a fuddy duddy. "It's true." She sips greedily. "Mine now." She teases Ford. She giggles. "GOing to need a good scrubbing to get clean from that."

    Upon catching sight of Monique, Denica's eyes widen and she tells Jasher and Preston, with complete distraction from the conversation at hand: "It's the Minx!" She rises to her feet with a stagger, now standing upon the bench. The extra height gives her some presence as she sings out a few lines in her bright voice, not a terrible thing to listen to, despite the drunken force behind it.

    "The Minx she is a-scheming,
    In the forest she's out of sight,
    she keeps her captors screaming,
    they shall not find her this night!"
    Her hair it is a-flaming,
    'tis hearts it sets alight,
    But none of them shall catch her,
    'less she chooses ye tonight!"

Tristram turns to Eirlys with a smile, and mutters to her quietly.

Pariah, The StormCrow arrives, following Maximilian.

"He's going to smell sugary for a week." Ford says, wincing at the thought of syrup in places it should never ever be, but he gladly takes Desiree's wine and takes a big gulp. "Mine now."

Khanne checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 15, resulting in 8, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Charlemagne the Unicorn arrives, following Larissa.

Calandra is near the fighting pit watching the wrestling match between Serafine and Leta.

Khanne tilts her head and moves to pick up a couple beanbags. "I am not very good at throwing... but I might as well try, yes?" She waits her turn then tosses the beanbag towards the target. She lifts a hand to her forehead and just shakes her head. "Oh man.... Thank goodness I don't have to try that often."

Maximilian has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Desiree laughs. "There are worse things to smell like." She grins as she watches her sister and Ford drink. "Is there anything the two of you would like to do here?"

Tristram leads Eirlys over to the refreshments area, and gets a couple've whiskeys for them.

Maximilian is confronted with half the population of Arx in the space of one small park. Well fuckydoo. Sticking to the outside of the park, he makes his way around to the redwood benches with the slatted backs. "Prince. Princess. Whoever you are."

Edain finally get's a chance to catch his breath, after those two misses and says, "Ok...." he whips syrup away from his face, "You are all doing very well."

Herald Steve speaks up at this point, "That's still not Heckling your Grace."

Looking to the young man Edain says, "Well what would a good heckler say?" Of course that's when he hears his sister and he looks in her directiong and says, "Thank you Alis I l..." he doesn't get to finish as he throw is also on target and with another loud *SPLOOP* the seat falls from beneath him him and drops Edain into the tank of maple syrup.

Ford looks to both Desi and Dom, "Up to you ladies. I'm quite content with you two at either side of me."

Dominique grins. "Sounds like a pancake. The crows will be circling for weeks." She teases. She shrugs. "Whatever you want. I'm out of my element." She nudges Ford. "I bet you do."

Silas checked dexterity + all against difficulty 10, resulting in 19, 9 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys takes hold of Tristram's arm again and whispers something to him.

Diddanwch the Pine Marten, Valencia arrive, following Asger.

Signe doesn't mind that her laughter is unbridled tonight. It borders on boisterous, paired with the slapping of her thigh at Luca's retelling of how the chicken crossed the park. All in good humour. "Oh, that was you! Hah-HAAH! Good one, good one!" she chortles, giving Luca a well-deserved pat on the back. Her chuckling fades with a hearty sigh, "I contemplate if it would be unwise to start drinking before a drinking contest, but what the hell. I'm a Northener. Let's have at that drink, my good sir." She'd start walking off with him but not before tossing a glance over her shoulder at Kieran. "You coming or what?"

Calandra peeks over in Max's direction, giving him a warm smile of greeting. She turns her attention to Edain a moment later, watching as he gets dunked one again. She giggles softly. Her attention returns to the woman wresting. She watches closely, ready to declare a winner.

"Perhaps we should have drunk more before coming out tonight." Fiachra says to Khanne with a grin, as her miss follows his. Though he simply makes a rude gesture at Eirlys when she taunts him, before leaning down to murmur something to Alis.

Larissa ventures into the Grounds of the Nightingale Park with a wide, glowing smile. She moves around, enjoying the festivities until she spies Calandra and moves up next to her with a happy little squeeze of her shoulders.

Preston is given a speculative look when he states he has a better sword. "Do you." Jasher murmurs. He doesn't have a better sword. But then, it would be a shame to lose a fine sword overboard. What the sea claims, it usually keeps. "Well, your action was unusual. Fascinating, if you will. But not boring, no. Boring is usually said by..." Breaking off, he looks at Denica as she stands on the bench and recites poetry.

Khanne laughs and nods to Fiachra. "Whiskey only improves coordination, yes?" She smiles at him and says, "good to see you again, Fiachra."

Calandra cries out lifting her expressive voice to carry and she sure does have a set of pipes on her. "Kieran will be running the drinking contest shortly."

Desiree looks around. "I suppose we could see if anymore games are going on or see if Edain is dunked again."

Leta no longer has her hat, and she takes a few seconds to comb her slightly messy hair into a slightly more appealing sort of messy hair, using her fingers. Then she steps back into the open terrain for the wrestling bout, claps her hands, and crooks a finger to beckon Serafine closer. And then they're at it! Wrestling. She throws herself at the shorter woman, hands on her shoulders, hands on her hips, pushing, tugging, trying to sweep the other woman off her feet. Eventually, one way or another, they both hit the ground. It doesn't matter which one starts out on top, because they take turns at it... and without further innuendo, the two fighters lookingr rather rumpled, Leta manages to pin Serafine to the ground, squeeze her between her thighs and... really now, she wins. That's what happens. She wins.

Kieran shrugs to Signe and follows along, noting to Luca, "Oh? Is that something that is going to haunt me?"

Calandra smiles warmly toward Larissa upon feeling her squeeze. She gives her a gentle smile of greeting that touches her dark eyes. "Oh, Softest whisper, I am glad you could make it."

"I'm fairly certain it was sibling affection that assisted my aim." Alis asides, to both Fiachra and Khanne. She cheerfully waves at her brother when he heads down into the maple syrup again though. And then, satisfied, hooks her arm with that of her escort for the festivities, suppressing a laugh at the rude gesture made Eirlys' way. She leans over to murmur something in return then, and nods towards the drinking area.

Calandra drops a Favor D'Joscelin for 5000 coin.

Serafine saunters up to Leta at the crook of that finger, and gasps! as she's wrestled to the ground. There's grunting, squirming, a flash of leg from Serafine as she's usually wearing pants but, well, -someone- convinced her to wear a dress to this thing. But about half way through it, she's laughing, giggling, even, and can't stop, wriggling around, on top! and then the world spins and she's on the bottom again! This goes on and on and-

Yup. Leta wins. Oh, she wins. Serafine thinks she wins too.

Silas returns to the park with cotton towels draped over one arm. He sets them near the dunking tank. "You'll need these when you're done. Like, -immediately-," he says to Edain and his attendants. He then moves away to watch, if only to see who could throw and who could not!

Asger comes strolling into the park with a slightly annoyed expression and a stream of mostly dried blood down his right arm stemming from a cut on his bicep. Sitting on the man's shoulder though is a lively looking pine marten, the little critter running back and forth across the furs on the man's shoulders as it looks around excitedly and chitters. Stopping, Asger takes a moment to look around at the various festival goers and the sights.

Preston inclines his head to Jasher, his expression taking on a sober, serious tone: a knight (even if they do not know he is one) is serious about his weaponry. "It is the Banisher of Shadows. I thought the name fitting." Preston stares at Denica for a long moment, completely perplexed by her sudden declaration and then song. He takes a long drink from his water... and looks to Jasher for support. "The...minx?" he asks, his brow furrowed in utter confusion. He has no idea what's going on and so stares.

Calandra smiles as Leta wins. She claps her slender hands together and even jumps up and down a few times. "And now Costas versus our champion Leta!" She says, crying out once again. Her throat is going to be raw tomorrow.

"Maybe I would do better against Arik!" Khanne exclaims to Alis. "If I could make him sit in one spot long enough." She rolls her eyes, her brother being rather prone to wandering as of late.

Valencia arrives at the event with Asger. She glances up to him and then looks about a little shyly. A smile gently kisses her lips as so many familiar faces and fascinating spectacles are seen.

Ah, there is the person she was looking for. Mirari makes her way over so that she can get a good view of whatever Costas shall be doing next. She finds herself a nice perch and waits. Emerald eyes on the man.

Ford offers his other unoccupied arm to Dominique, "Let's find a better spot to watch Edain get messy."

"Of course it does. To suggest otherwise would be blasphemy." Fiachra says to Khanne, grinning, before he inclines his head to her. "It's always a pleasure to see you, Khanne." He then listens to what Alis has to say, and laughs, running his free hand over Alis' arm briefly where it's hooked around his. "I do think we should make our way over to Kieran's event." And he starts ambling that way.

Eirlys laughs when she gets the rude gesture from her brother. "I was teaching Edain, Fia. Jeez!" She offers but not before giving the rude gesture back.

As he watches Leta and Serafine battle Costas works the laces of his sleeveless leather jerkin free, then shrugs out of the garment and tosses it on the pile that contains his cloak and weapon. The warrior's lean frame is covered with a patchwork of gruesome scars; a history of violence writ in furrows, creases and whorls of blemished flesh. Nearly all of his back is colored with a detailed tattoo depicting a thistle bush round with a flock of tiny birds fluttering, feeding from the tortured bodies of little human figures impaled on the long thorns. As he steps into the fighting pit his head snaps from one side to the other, producing a series of loud pops and crackles. He leers across the mud at Leta, eyes alight with eager aggression. "You ready, sell-sword?"

Luca accepts the praise from Signe as if he totally had _meant_ to fling the chicken leg at someone's head, laughing a bit as she starts to get up. "No no, m'lady. You two stay there and I'll bring you by something before things start. Maybe not the strongest drinks, even if it'd be amusing to watch the north take the win even after pre-gaming so to speak." To Kieran then an ominous grin and a wink. "Quite possibly. But hey, that's fun too." With that, Jester Luca is off in a flash, flouncing along comically rather than trying to tumble now given how his last attempt went. Soon enough he's back, passing off drinks to Kieran and Signe before making his parting with a deep enough bow to the pair that he actually almost tumbles over face first. Surely he meant to do that and is just playing at his Fool state. Or maybe he's been dipping into the drink a bit himself between attempts at making people laugh. Probably more likely that.

Luca has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Garza seems content to work on finishing his cigarillo. He exhales some of the smoke, making little circles as he does. He also appears to be engaged in a quiet conversation with Julea. Those blue eyes of his find the wrestling event and he watched with mild interest.

Dominique take's Ford elbow. "Why thank you." She joins him and Desiree for a look around the park and Edain getting dipped. "I feel we should hand out waffles."

Valencia has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

"Thank you Lord Commander Silas." Edain says, trying to look in the direction of Silas. He settles on the seat and whews, "Ok... good throwing everyone. Anyone else taking a their shot at Vanquishing a Valardin?"

Serafine is left panting and bereft and grinning like a fool, easily working herself to her feet as she laughs. "Get him, Leta!" she says, grinning at Costas, plucking dirt out of her hair.

    Julea leans in against Garza, brow coming to rest against his shoulder as she watches on, and shares a few quiet words with the sellsword sitting next to her. After a moment, she seems to agree with something, giving the man a small nod.

Luca checked dexterity + athletics against difficulty 20, resulting in 15, 5 lower than the difficulty.

Kieran accepts the glass Luca brings back to him and asks, "With such foreboding comments I have to ask, did you spit in my drink? I probably won't laugh at you ruining good liquor."

If Tristram doesn't protest Eirlys will pull him towards Alis and Fiachra. She walks up and pinches her brother's arm. "I wasn't actually taunting you. Goof." She murmurs. She looks at Alis and smiles. "You look lovely. Do you like my dress? And my hair? Fia did my hair. Even the flowers." She offers looking excited. "I think Tris is looking for a drink."

Calandra smiles as Serafine speaks. "Go Leta!" She says, apparently having had taken a side. She is a biased judge!

Desiree laughs at Dominiques comment and happily joins her and Ford as they go to watch.

Leta stands up, with a little pat to Serafine, offering the other woman a hand up back to her feet, and a grin. Then she turns to Costas and nods, holding up a hand for a moment only as she recovers her breath, face flushed, hair messy. She combs her hair, which gives her a little more time. She stretches, claps her hands again and shrugs in her opponent's direction with a nonchalant smile. "As ready as I'll be, now." she leans forward, hands on her knees, a couple of scar across her arms, the only part of her uncovered, not counting the slash across her cheek. "Come then."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Larissa before departing.

Khanne is a bit distracted, looking around when she feels someone's hand upon her backside. She turns in surprise, misty-grey eyes open wide to see who it might be and if she needs to land a punch. She sees Ford there, apologizing, and decides to not try to add color to his face in the shades of a bruise. Her brow furrows a bit and she nods to the man, then smiles devilishly and says, "hope you at least enjoyed the visit."

Serafine winks at Calandra, then goes back to applauding Leta.

Costas checked dexterity + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 54, 39 higher than the difficulty.

"Precisely my point," Signe grins at Luca, the corners of her eyes crinkling. "We'll be right here!" she waves to him, and then he is out of earshot. One of the benches is chosen without looking to see if anything had spilled on there before. She slides onto it with a contented sigh out her nostrils. Once he returns, she takes her own glass from him before he can 'accidentally' do anything to waste good drink. Kieran's comment brings her to ask, as well, "This doesn't happen to be vinegar, does it?" Mirth dances in her eyes expectantly.

"Good idea." Alis agrees, waving to Khanne before they start walking that way. "I will be in touch soon, Khanne! I look forward to speaking with you!" As for drinking games... "This one is all you, Fiachra. I think we both know I'd have to be carried home, in a thoroughly embarassing manner, if I attempted this contest."

Costas checked strength + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 27, 12 higher than the difficulty.

Signe has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Costas checked stamina + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 33, 18 higher than the difficulty.

Leta checked strength + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Leta checked dexterity + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 36, 21 higher than the difficulty.

"Of course I didn't! I wouldn't do that to good liquor!" Luca's offering up to Kieran as he's off. At which point the Jester Prince in his skin tight black and white outfit, bell hat, and elaborate face paint is dancing his way between people to flop down at the benches near to Max, lifting up his jester-headed stick to bounce as he tries his hand at ventriliquism (terribly). His other hand was reaching for an apple at one of the tables, taking a big bite out of it, and on Edain's calling out, the Jester's breaking role enough to rise up briefly, taking aim from further away than the rest have been throwing, and calling out. "Only because I love you, Edain!" And he's tossing his half-eaten apple hard, trying to hit the target from there...and missing with a groan and a called out. "Well, worth a shot!"

Asger decides to head over to the table of refreshments, grabbing a thing of ale before heading off into the midst of people to check out the festivities.

Leta checked stamina + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 40, 25 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran chuckles to both Signe and Luca. "Cheers then!". He downs his glass and sighs a bit. "Well, I should probably get ready for the big drinking contest."

In the middle of her drink, Signe tries to quickly swallow so she can call out to Kieran, "I'm joining, okay?! You better not forget to call me out there!"

3 Culler Lackeys have been dismissed.

Alis adds, belatedly. "You look lovely, Eirlys. You always do."

Khanne tilts her head and starts to wander over to Kieran. "Did I hear something about a drinking contest, Troublemaker?"

Asger perks up, his northern senses tingling as he picks out Kieran's words above the crowd. Calling out to the other man he asks hopefully, "Friend, did you say there is a drinking contest? Like the type where you see who will be the last one standing?" A touch of cheer beginning to pull at his features which had been rather grumpy hitherto

Declining to dodge the pinch, Fiachra instead tweaks a strand of Eirlys' hair that has fallen loose from the braid. He tsks between his teeth. "I don't think Edain could muster a good taunt to save his life. He needs lessons for sure." Then he's laughing, softly. "Well, I'll do my best to make sure the Northerners have decent competition. Sister, you joining in on this?" He adds, to Tristram, "Make sure she gets home safe." though there's no sense that he doubts the man will do so.

Kieran is heading for the table with the barrel of whiskey prepared, sets of glass tumbles, and a fancy trophy. "I won't forget, Signe." He nods then to Khanne, "Yep. It's up next and even has a fancy trophy."

As the people interested in taking a throw at the dunk tank slowly filters out Edain scoots to the edge of the tank and lets himself done, "Thank you to everyone that took a moment to dunk me in the syrup!" And he reaches out for the stack of towels. "Well Steve I think it was a success." Edain says as he starts trying to clean himself up as Steve just giggles.

Tristram nods to Fiachra and says, "I will do so, Fiachra."

Desiree lets out a yawn as she looks to Dominique and Ford. "I'm actually starting to feel a bit tired. I just haven't been sleeping very well. I think I'm going to head home, but I hope you'll both stay and enjoy yourselves."

Costas had thought it was going to be easy. He had half a foot on Leta, significantly more mass, and a lifetime of bar brawling on his side. So when the woman puts him flat on his back in the first few moments he can only stare up in slack-jawed confusion as he attempts to figure out what had happened. Only the experience of long years being similarly surprised by opponents, and earning the scars for those mistakes, allows him to master himself quickly. Rolling away as Leta moves into pin him, he manages just barely to get a sweeping leg hooked around her ankle. Once she's also on the ground only the sheer difference in size wins out for him, and even then he has a difficult time keeping the woman's strong shoulders down for the count.

Ford looks to Desiree and nods, "Alright, my dear. Thanks for joining me tonight. Rest well."

Eirlys smiles, a faint blush. "Thank you Alis." She murmurs before looking between Alis, Tris and Fiachra. "There are drinking games?" She asks. She laughs letting her brother tweak the fallen strand. "No I don't think he can. I will have to teach him." She offers then she looks around. "Seriously though, there are drinking games?"

Mirari watches Costas and his wrestling match-- but the call of a drinking contest catches her attention more. She flits in that direction, so that she can join it. A grin curling over her lips.

Calandra watches the match carefully and finally declares that Costas is the winner. "Costas is our wrestling champion, best to avoid bar brawls with him!" She says, lifting her voice to carry. She then hands him the voucher for 5000 silver worth of product at Joscelin's jewel shop. "Spend it well, get a lady something lovely."

Khanne smiles at Kieran, walking with him towards that table. "Oh, I won't win the trophy. My tolerance isn't what it used to be."

Dominique glances to her sister. "Are you sure Desiree? Can I walk you home?" More concerned about her sister's safety, then her own fun.

Costas picks up a Favor D'Joscelin for 5000 coin.

Silas seems pleased when Edain takes his advice and doesn't become a walking ant magnet. He turns back to the whiskey he was previously imbibing and chances another sip with less visible discomfort than before. Perhaps this was an effort on his part to warm up for the upcoming contest...

Asger pushes his way through the crowd until he is standing nearing Khanne and Kieran, casually informing them, "You know I am going to win that trophy. I have been practicing non stop since I entered town." A cocky grin pulling at the man's features

Valencia politely applauds the winners as they are called, dark eyes scanning the crowd as it pitches and reels about her.

Calandra looks over to Kieran. "And Kieran will be running our drinking contest now." She says, lifting her voice to carry.

"It's true. My brother is far too polite. That's usually where I come in." Alis admits, sounding rather unrepentant about it. "There is indeed a drinking contest. I heard Kieran mention it. He was... I don't know where anyone is. Sorry. But I am sure I heard his voice." she insists.

Signe leisurely takes another swig of her drink, lifting one leg on the other for as long as her kirtle allows. She gets up and chooses another bench, if there are any available closer to the front. However, when she hears the magic words, her ears perk and she remains standing, sidling around people to get as close to the contest ground as possible.

Ford looks at Dominique, "Desiree's got her guards with her. I'm positive they know the way home."

Signe has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Desiree shakes her head. "I'll be fine. The guards can help walk me home." She waves them over. "Have a good time. You deserve it." She waves to Ford. "I'll see you later, and I do hope you'll actually be a gentleman for my sister. No trying to drown her now." She smiles and turns to go.

2 House Wyrmguard Guards leaves, following Desiree.

    Julea slides feet off of the picnic table and after standing, she takes a moment to straighten her clothing. Fingers then reach up to pluck the flowered crown from her head and searching the crowd for someone likely, she eventually moves over to set it on Leta's hat (from behind of course), clearly hoping the woman won't notice. And then she starts to slip quietly away from the festival.

Dominique glares at Ford as Desiree disappears. "Did you try to -drown- my sister?"

Ford shakes his head, "Absolutely not."

Julea has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Tristram rejoins Eirlys and asks, "Are we going o try the drinking contest?"

Tristram looks at Alis too and says, "Want to try, cousin?"

Once Julea leaves the picnic table, Garza follows her example and pushes off it. He puts out his cigarillo, flicking the butt of it away. With a look to the crowd, and hooking his thumbs on his belt, the sellswords starts on his way, his steps taking him from the grounds.

Eirlys looks at Tristram. "Yes Tris, we are." She gives him a huge smile.

Kieran hops up onto the table with his trophy and calls out, "Gather round those of you with strong constitutions! Tonight we decide who in all of Arvum has the strongest constitution for the drink!". He gestures to the trophy next to him, "The winner will receive this, which, fair warning, will bind then to the rules I will be proclaiming soon, that requires whoever holds the trophy to take all comers that wish to challenge them for the trophy. So if defending your title as the greatest drunkard does not interest you, maybe just watch."

The rules are simple. You will down a full tumbler of this very strong Nightgold Whiskey, then you will set your tunbler upside down on the table. You will continue to do so, stacking the tumbles on one another until they fall or you do.

Alis looks at Tris like he's lost his mind. "You saw what happened to me after one glass of mead."

Garza has left the a sturdy redwood picnic table with bench seats.

Leta is rather solidly built, herself, and she has a lower center of gravity - or something, if she only what gravity was. And she throws herself into the fight with a joyous snarl, rosy-faced and enthusiastic. Maybe not quite as enthusastic as when she was wrestling Serafine, or rather, it's a different sort of enthusiasm entirely. She tries to maneuver herself into position for that pin, and yet resists and tries to turn the tide a few times more. Not as strong, but she's flexible, and she's almost tireless. In the end, however, she tires, and her strength fails her, and she's pinned. Then she slumps down with a sigh, air escaping through her flapping lips with a rather rude noise. "Ah, bugger." she snorts and starts pulling herself up with a grin.

Edain leans down and picks up the apple that Luca threw. Getting maple syrup all over it it. He gives the apple to Herald Steve and says, "here, take this over the Luca... he dropped his appled." edain says with a smile as he continues to whipe himself down while trying to direct the men in valardin colors to start tearning down the dunk tank booth.

Calandra pipes in, because she just has to. "And we have a second prize for the winner too. That crate if Whiskey."

Tristram says, "I know, that's why I suggested it!" Devilish grin at his cousin. "I'd make sure you got home ok, cousin." He looks to Calandra and says, "I will represent my family in this contest, because my other family members stink at it! As will the lovely Eirlys!""

Fiachra asides, to Eirlys, "Oh good thing we've been practicing on Nightgold whiskey." His green eyes glitter with good humour.

Eirlys giggles. "There was the whiskey too." She doesn't elaborate. To Fiachra's words she laughs and nods. "I know, right?!"

Chuckling, Serafine approaches Leta to offer her a hand up.

Khanne looks over to Fiachra and goes, "pfft. What do you prefer, spiked syrup?"

Costas hops up from the mud, grinning like a damn idiot but in enjoyment for the sport rather than victory. He offers a rough hand to Leta, congratulating her. "Damn but you've got some mean moves, woman. I'm glad that wasn't a sword fight or else I'd be sporting a red smile I wot."

Larissa laughs at Kieran and claps her hands at the rambunctious lot of them. She's challenged a Redrain to drinking once before, she wouldn't be doing it again. She would surely love to watch thouhg.

Silas exhales slowly as Kieran explains the rules, like he was about to undertake a potentially lethal and traumatizing task. He moves to seat himself at the contest table.

Signe would probably clap, but the moment she looks down, there's still a drink in her hand. She downs the rest of it and drops the glass on a bench, dusting her hands off and cracking the bones on her neck in preparation.

Tristram says, "I would have an easier time of this if I could *shoot* the shot glasses."

When a syrup-dripping apple is being delivered, Luca's looking a little horrified for a moment, but then laughing and holding it up Edain's way in his departing. He moves to bring the fruit to his mouth as if about to take a bite, despite having been soaked in Edain-syrup, but even Luca's joking can only go so far, and so with a laugh, he's tossing it aside towards a trash pile/bin/whatever. His black-diamond painted eyes turning out on the drinking contest, despite minor conversation at the benches.

Alis makes a face at her cousin. "No." she reiterates. "I intend to be able to walk upright on the way home, thank you." Though she does look amused at his mild taunt. As Kieran goes over the rules for the event, she just shakes her head. Nope. She'd die of alcohol poisoning. So, she just takes a seat as close to the action, but out of vomit splatter range, as she can.

Preston has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Valencia sits back and smiles, watching the competitors as the take to the table to test their internal fortitude against the drink and each other. She smiles at those she knows at the table, wishing them a soft 'best of luck.'

"There's nothing wrong with spiked syrup. It's great on bacon." Fiachra jokes to Khanne, before he says to Tristram, "I think it's more like your cousin will be seeing me safely home." And he's certainly stepping up for this contest.

Mirari finds herself a seat at the contest table. Settling in, and flicking her neat braid behind her back. Her hands rub together and she looks rather excited. Oh, yes.

Calandra finally gets a moment to breath. She looks over to Luca and Edain, giving them a grateful smile. Maybe she enjoyed their antics. Her dimples appear and her dark eyes are bright. She then turns her attention to the drinking contest, seemingly quite curious. She doesn't complete, which is probably a good thing, the Songbird is quite slender.

Leta reaches out to Serafine, squeezing her arm, "What did you have back there for eatin'? Think I ought to have something in me..." she comments with a look towards Kieran's table. But this is said quickly, before she focuses on Costas and reaches out with her own rough sword-wielding hand and a grin. "Got to be able to knock someone on their ass when I'm out of a sword or something, don't I? Ah, that was well won, though." she's panting, and trying to sort her hair, but seems to be in good spirits, nonetheless. Speaking of spirits, she sidles up to Calandra and casually inquires, "Any more contests after this one?"

Ford moves up to the contest table and gets a good look at those he'd be drinking under the table.

    "'Twas delicious, no fault at all taken," Denica replies to the Jester, Luca, though she adds, nose crinkling as she waves a loose, inebriated wave over his attire, "Though I am a little offended I didn't think of wearing such a costume. 'Tis brilliant! A fine idea. And you look like you're having a dreadful lot of fun."

Eirlys looks at Tristram. "Tris are you drinking with me? Or making sure I can get home? Either is good with me." She looks determined, then again he has spared with her. She goes to sit down at the table.

Preston has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Maximilian is very quiet - because the crowd is deafening. It's not so huge. HE looks over to Luca. "Hey Prince Luca. How is the day?"

Larissa has much planning to do for her show tomorrow and so with a murmured whisper to Calandra, she nods to those around her and slips away.

Asger taps his foot expectantly as he looks around and wipes at the cut on his arm which still appears to be bleeding a little and wipes his hand off on the furs on his armor, not seeming to think much of it.

Silas checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 36, 26 higher than the difficulty.

Ford checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 21, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Silas checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 14, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Charlemagne the Unicorn leaves, following Larissa.

Eirlys checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 21, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Serafine checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 29, 19 higher than the difficulty.

Serafine checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 22, 12 higher than the difficulty.

Signe checked stamina + survival against difficulty 15, resulting in 7, 8 lower than the difficulty.

Mirari checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 9, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Asger checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 26, 16 higher than the difficulty.

Ford checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 14, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Khanne checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 10, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 29, 19 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 14, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Asger checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 10, 0 higher than the difficulty.

Skillet the bumbling baby bear arrives, following Neve.

Khanne checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 15, 5 higher than the difficulty.

Leta checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 23, 13 higher than the difficulty.

Leta checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 16, 6 higher than the difficulty.

Tristram checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 17, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Eirlys checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 15, 5 higher than the difficulty.

Tristram checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 10, resulting in 23, 13 higher than the difficulty.

Threading his way through the crowds, Percephon's dark eyes sweep over the faces looking for ones that are familiar. It's one in particular that draws his focus, the auburn haired, tall and gangly fellow threading his way through the crowd to come and stand behind Khanne. A dark brow lifts, watching with a hint of amusement as the contest gets underway.

Silas wolfs down his first tumbler with an audible cringe and miraculously manages not to knock it off the table when he flips the glass over.

Signe checked stamina + survival against difficulty 10, resulting in 16, 6 higher than the difficulty.

In time, Edain finds himself draped and wrapped in towels. And his men are well on their way to dissembling the the dunk booth. He draws a deep breath, and looks to the drinking contest. Smiling and happy to see that everything is going well. He slips out to go and try to clean himself up.

Silas checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 53, 33 higher than the difficulty.

Tristram looks over at Edain after taking his first tumbler-and-balance, and says, "Quite a sight to see, Edain! Good luck with the maple syrup!"

Ford checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 35, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Silas checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 12, 8 lower than the difficulty.

Eirlys checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 18, 2 lower than the difficulty.

Ford checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 9, 11 lower than the difficulty.

Asger downs his first tumbler like it ain't no thing and turns his tumbler upside down with a loud clank against the table

Khanne drinks down her tumbler then turns it upside down on the table, wiping the back of her hand across her lips. She looks over her shoulder at Percephon and smiles. "Drinking contest!"

Serafine takes a seat next to Leta and hoots, reaches for her glass, raises it to the others and says, "To your fortunes!" and knocks back her drink, and hoots again!

Luca has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Costas gives up on trying to wipe the mud from himself, shrugging and fastening his scabbard back around his waist. He then wanders over to the drinking contest, sweeping his eyes down the table with amusement, and settling his attention on Mirari.

Mirari -- it seems -- cannot hold her liqour. Because at her second cup in she's looking at the cups a little weirdly, and she can't get them stacked up. One falls over and rolls right off the table, "Shards." Mutters Mirari, who then puts her head down onto the table.

Luca has joined the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Alis finds a pebble, flicks it at Percephon since she is sitting somewhere withing pebble flicking distance. And then innocently turns back to watch the drinking. "Don't worry, Fia. I'll make sure you get home safely." Somehow, her tone of voice makes that sound less helpful then the words were though.

Downing his first tumbler, Fiachra flips it over on the table, and closes his eyes a moment, perhaps enjoying the taste compared to those who seem to be having more cringing reactions. Though when he catches sight of Percephon, he raises a hand in greeting to the other man.

Maximilian nods to Luca as he stands up.. "Of course. You can get it at the Black Mountain Customs House, just near the bank. For you my friend... I Will leave word you can step into the back and get some from my personal stock."

Dominique watching quietly studying the festivities.

Eirlys manages to down the first drink and turn it over. She even laughs as she does it. The second time doesn't go as well. She isn't able to finish the drink. At least she isn't able to chug it. She stops so she doesn't disgrace herself.

Asger snorts and reaches over to poke at Khanne's shoulder before returning to the drinking at hand

Luca has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Khanne looks aside to Ford with a grin then turns to look at Asger. "Are you drunk already?"

Leta sits down, considerably dirtier than early in the festival. Hopefully there won't be any cleanliness contests after this. She picks up her tumbler, downs it easily, and puts it back down, leaning closer to Serafine.

Signe steps forward, hands a'patting. She scans the faces of those likely to be her adversaries in this event. She catches sight of Eirlys amongst them, narrowing her eyes at her playfully and pointing in her direction with two fingers before pointing it at her face. Such intimidation coming from a simple girl! The first round of drinks starts, her appearing confident with whiskey brewed by her very own. Yet... it is a traitor to her. Perhaps she shouldn't have had that pre-game drink after all, especially since she's just recovered from a period of illness. She roams the center of the grounds with her empty cup and arms wide open, announcing in a slur, "F-for th' North! Gimme more drink!" Thrusting her cup at Kieran, she shakes rebellious strands of hair away from her face and lets out a looong exhale through her nose. She moves on, asking others for drink. "For th--" And she falls over like a sheep.

Khanne checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 19, 1 lower than the difficulty.

Tristram checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 21, 1 higher than the difficulty.

Asger checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 52, 32 higher than the difficulty.

Tristram checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 28, 8 higher than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 42, 22 higher than the difficulty.

"Princess," The ever perceptive Percephon is quite aware of where that pebble came from as it bounces off his arm, and it's a peer towards Alis, though it seems playful enough. "Don't make me ask you questions." His hand lifts, offering a small salute in greeting to Fiachra who too gets a bemused look, before a wry smile is cast towards Khanne. "So I see."

Asger checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 11, 9 lower than the difficulty.

Fiachra checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 10, 10 lower than the difficulty.

Leta checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 27, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Leta checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 28, 8 higher than the difficulty.

Serafine checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 20, resulting in 24, 4 higher than the difficulty.

    "Pleasure. Pester on, Jester," Denica bids Luca, and then she turns her glassy gaze upon Jasher and Preston. "I'm terribly--hic--done for. Apologies! I'm... just going to go home," she says, and off the princess goes in a lone wobble.

Serafine checked stamina + survival against difficulty 20, resulting in 22, 2 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran watches as Mirari then Signe fall. "Really Signe? Sigurd is the one who made me think of this contest when he beat Morrighan at it."

Khanne starts to drink the tumbler and stumbles a little, spilling half the drink on herself. She thumps the tumbler down then and mutters. "Dammit! Who grabbed my ass?"

The tall, athletic--but somewhat slight--Tristram chugs down the whiskey and finishes it all the way down. He starts to wobble a bit, and c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y picks up the glass and puts it on top of the other glass. It teeters a bit, but does not fall! "Yessss!" he says with a smile. He looks at Eirlys and says, "I will AVENGE YOU, fair Eirlys!"

Eirlys steps back from the table taking the rest of her drink with her. She sees Percy and smiles. "Percy." She says. She has obviously had a drink or two at least. She walks over to stand with him. "My escort is still at the drinking table. I failed my second try." She shows him the glass of the whiskey. "I didn't want to waste it. Stopped before I spilled or you know anything else."

Serafine knocks back her second drink and wavers, looking at Leta next to her, listening to her speak and mumbling a response before shaking her head. "-shite this is STRONG!" and belches.

There's an expression of some worry for Denica from Preston, "Do you need an escort at least out of the Lower Boroughs?" he asks of the lady as she appears... inebriated.

Dominique pats Ford on the shoulder on the way out. "Thank you have a good night."

Ford makes a dumb face at the glasses as he can't stack two of them on top of one another, "Fine. Fuck you glassware."

Silas manages to force down another tumbler without much fuss, but his hand-eye coordination utterly fails him and the tumbler tower goes tumbling down after placing only it's second step. "FUCK!" He faceplants on the table in exasperation.

Signe mutters from her sprawled out position on the ground, "More.... I c-can... take..." She shakes herself up and covers her ears, still the empty tumbler in one hand. "So noisy, Kieran! What th' feck! Shushushush..." Looking at her, she's really just shushing the evening sky, a finger to her lips.

Eirlys hears Ford's cursing and gives a long husky laugh. She looks at Percy. "See not super easy." She says. She pats the man's arm.

Asger downs the drink with no problem, but the man makes his critical mistake of trying to stack a tumbler with blood slicked gauntlets, and that does not go well for him, sending the tumbler down to ground in a light coat of red. Looking over to Khanne he complains, "What kind of drinking contest is this? We're still standing and yet somehow out." with a snort he shakes his head "Plus people who are in this are going to remember it, that's not how it works!"

Out of the game, Khanne turns to smile at Percephon. "Persimmons Perce!" She giggles... not tipsy, at all... maybe, Okay, yes. "I am glad to see you. I thought I was going to have all the fun on my own."

While he manages to down the second glass like it's nothing, the real problem for Fiachra seems to be in hand-eye coordination, since his attempt to stack them fails. He frowns, and then says, "Oathlands pride rides on you, Tristram!" as he retreats to set himself down next to Alis, and murmur something to her.

Jasher nods his agreement with Preston. "Not to mention that drinking contests in public don't seem terribly wise." Turning to look at Denica when she speaks of leaving, he frowns oh so slightly and shakes his head. "I will take you." he tells her. "You shouldn't be wandering alone." Like that.

Tristram looks over, as he waits between rounds, and says, "TEMPLAR! Preston, is it? I wan' talk to you when I'm sober, b'cuz I have stuff to help you! And things! Because you gettin' the shit end of the stick with people bitchin about you gettin' good weapons! I don' donate money to Gloria so you kin waddle into a passel of Bringers with a Gods-damn stick, after all!"

Leta claps her hands on the table and focuses, steadying herself and drawing a breath. She reaches out for a tumbler, picks it up, holds it in the air, then tosses it back. She scrunches up her face, and a hoarse sigh escapes her throat as she flips the glass over and puts it down on top of the first with ease. "There, there."

Kieran watches as people get drunk rather quickly. "Hmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have used this 'moonshine' stuff."

Mirari crawls away from the table, stumbling-- briefly --over Signe. "Acht!" She cries, as she too goes sprawling, having tripped over the fallen Noble. She rolls over onto her back and stares up at the sky. To Signe she asks, "Did you see what hit me? I think it might have been a giant."

Alis clears her throat. "I believe you're supposed to call me 'Alis' while we're here, /Percy/." Obviously, she enjoys taunting the Telmar. Just can't help herself despite his threat to ask scary questions. "Come sit on the other side of me, Eirlys. We'll wait to see who falls over next." is encourages, though she leans over to hear whatever it is Fiachra's murmuring.

Serafine checked stamina + survival against difficulty 30, resulting in 16, 14 lower than the difficulty.

Ford garners a small laugh from Percephon, the man tipping his head towards the familiar face in a silent greeting before he glances over twards Eirlys. "So I see. It looks like half of the Greenmarchers are at the table." It's the quip from Khanne that draws a playful sigh from the fellow, his gaze cast down towards her. "So I see. I think had you finished that drink, you'd have passed out before the fun was done, Khanne."

Serafine checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 30, resulting in 12, 18 lower than the difficulty.

"Truly, Max. My first daughter will be named Maximiliana. You're a gods'send of a man!" Luca's gushing to the Darkwater as he's sliding away from the benches with nods for Jasher, Preston, Denica, and a passing murmur to Valencia. He's off then flouncing about the crowds in his elaborate face paint and jester wear, looking for some not currently looking to kill their livers. Spying Alis, he's dancing along her way, spinning elaborately past people and miming getting almost knocked over by a little commoner girl holding her mother's hand to make her giggle. Sidling up to her, he's laughingly declaring. "Never would I have thought to see a Valardin make more of a splash at Foolery than a Velenosa at a festival! Even if it was a rather sticky, gloopy sort of splash! But Edain's ever a rare sort isn't he?"

Tristram checked stamina + survival against difficulty 30, resulting in 18, 12 lower than the difficulty.

Leta checked stamina + survival against difficulty 15, resulting in 22, 7 higher than the difficulty.

Tristram checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 30, resulting in 22, 8 lower than the difficulty.

Leta checked stamina + survival against difficulty 30, resulting in 26, 4 lower than the difficulty.

Leta checked dexterity + legerdemain against difficulty 30, resulting in 13, 17 lower than the difficulty.

Calandra drops a string of jade beads with a pewter clasp.

"Maximiliana?" Asks Max, brow furrowing. "You must hate your offspring. I can't think how she'd ever get a date that comes from our own continient. Maybe you could hook her up with one of those sand-people with all the J's in her name...."

"Oh, oh! You mistook me, Alis. I didn't mean it in the 'your highness' way, I meant it in the spoiled brat way. My apologies for getting the inflection of my tone wrong. I'll work on that." A glowering glare is cast towards the woman, but the smile Percephon has speaks volumes. "I'm certain I can find other things to call you, if you like."

Khanne smirls at Percephon and reaches up to pat his cheek gently. "No no... no passing out.. that takesh way more! Or shomething... But, doors are still nice to me." She smiles with a humming sort of giggle.

Eirlys nods. "Aye we are and we aren't using titles." She says to Percy. When Tristram starts talking to someone she giggles. "Tristram is my escort." She explains to Percy." She finishes her drink and sets the cup down, her face is flushed slightly but she is enjoying watching the contest. "Percy can I hold onto your arm for a moment, please?"

"This is no longer... comfortable, so I'll escort you both to the city at le--" And then Tristram, and blinks. Preston looks over to the man, "Yes, I am Templar. Usually. Preston, yes. Ah, thank you for your support, mister--?" He tilts his head to the side and grins suddenly, "I did not at all understand why so many people took issue with one who is sworn and pledged to fight demons to be entrusted with a sword that is demonbane, but, I am no one and do not understand the ways of politics and society. But, thank you." He seems genuinely gratified by the comment.

Signe yelps when Mirari tumbles over her. "Oh my word," she gasps, looking her over with heavylidded eyes. She runs her fingers through the woman's hair a few times. "Atila, you're s-saying actual words now... So proud... You still s-sound like a girl even when you talk..." And she belches in her face.

    "No no--you stay, I'm perfectly capable of--hic--getting bloody home," says Denica with a dismissive wave at Jasher, and she's off.

Denica has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Silas tries one last tumbler, just to see if he can manage it.

Valencia smile between Max and Luca, though she keeps her thoughts on the matter close to her chest.

Silas checked stamina + survival against difficulty 30, resulting in 33, 3 higher than the difficulty.

Reaching for her third drink, she squints at the glass, Serafine wobbling in her seat, and downs the lot- ...only to sway and lean against Leta, giggling.

Silas manages to, and there -might- be a sniffle at what could have been.

Ford shakes his head and blinks a few times before he pushes away from the table.

"I would call it less of a splash and more of a.. I don't even know what to call it. Except for a mess." Alis admits, laughing at Luca's comments. And Percephon's "Wait, wait, wait... you're calling ME a brat? Careful Percy. I know where you live. And not even the troll terrifies me." she points at him, and makes a face, her expression suddenly turning to amused surprise at whatever it is that's been whispered at her. Which obviously she turns to respond to.

Calandra watches the drinking contest with close and silent attention. She feels a little bad for getting everyone so drunk, but just a little bit. "I have three prizes. You can each choose one. I have crate of whiskey, the jade necklace and the cloak. You can choose first Leta." She says, because Calandra favors Leta. "But who gets the trophy?" She says to Kieran. "Who did did the best?"

Mirari wrinkles up her nose when the woman is petting her and then bleching her face. She rolls away from Signe, waving her hands infront of her face. "Oy! Stop it." She manages to get up to her feet and her Emerald eyes blurry seek through the crowd until she can find Costas. And in that direction she goes.

Khanne looks to Asger and pokes him. "You can keep drinking til you don't remember... just, if you pass out, don't expect to wake up without like, something silly having happened to you."

Tristram looks at the tumblers. Of course, he has only one in his hand, but hey. He just looks at the world differently from other people. He tries to take a drink from his forearm, and while that fails, he follows his mouth up his arm til he finds a glass, and drinks it. He doesn't finish it, but ALMOST does, spilling it on the ground--careful of those leathers!--as it slips from his lips. But since the glass is empty (and thus, eligible for stacking), he tries to do that, and it stacks for about an eighth of a second...and then he just flicks it a little tiny bit and the whole tower comes tumbling down.

Down Percephon's hand drifts, pressing to the small of Khanne's back to help steady her if she needs it, even as he looks dubious towards her. "Given there are no doors near you, I don't think you can say that for certain." The man's eyes fall upon Tristam as Eirlys mentions it. "Oh! If you need to, though it did sound as if the art work lover," It's a taunting, gloating glare given towards Alis, whom he clearly means, "did wish to see you, I heard!"

Jasher isn't about to let his cousin head off alone and with a quick nod to Preston, goes after her.

Asger shakes his head as he makes his way towards the exit, "Only fun things ever happen when I pass out." The man offering a half wave before he walks away

Jasher has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

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Diddanwch the Pine Marten, Valencia leave, following Asger.

Kieran just shakes his head, "The whole lot of you. I expected at least five rounds.". As Tristram seems to be the one who kept at it longer than others the Master of Revels grabs the trophy and sets it next to the man. "Congratulations. Now wait for all the challengers you are going to have."

Ford looks over at Khanne, "You gonna live? Ya lightweight!"

Kieran picks up a perilous drinking trophy.

Eirlys walks over to Tristram. "I think you might be done with the game. You missed the glass by an arm." She offers, her hands touching Tristram's shoulders.

Calandra drops a heavy obsidian hooded wool cloak secured with blackened buttons.

Costas can't help a small snort of laughter from escaping as he watches Mirari and Signe tumble over. He makes his way round the perimeter of the contest, meeting up with the little courtesan and flashing her a look of deep amusement as remaining bits of drying mud and grass peel off of his dirtied arms. "Lightweight." He teases.

Leta's looking pretty flushed there. She's sitting down, so she's not falling over, but her seat doesn't feel too steady, possibly because of all the other contestants dropping off. She looks left, then right, leans a hand on the table and reaches out for one more tumbler. She lifts it in a toast, "To - what's that - to that!" she throws the drink back and swallows, a shudder going through her. She holds up the tumbler, unsteadily, slams it down next to the previous pile, and it rolls off. Then Leta leans back from the table, wobbles, and suddenly springs to her feet, doing a quick dash to empty her stomach into the dirt a short distance past the table.

"Wa-ait! Atila! Is that what you really think of m-me?" Signe woefully calls out to Mirari with an arm outstretched. "Tell me y-your problems and I'll... fix them for you and we can be happy and yo-you can teach Tempest to talk too and tell me why he's so depressed all th' ti-ime..." She realizes that there is a tumbler in her hand. She peers into it and drinks, but there isn't anything left. In a short tantrum, she tosses it aside like a hot potato and tries to roll over. "Ugh, I feel sick," she mutters to herself.

Alis makes a rude gesture at Percephon, obviously. Pulling the artwork card is just /mean/.

Tristram blinks and looks at the trophy. Then he blinks again. "Um. I won? The glasses fell down. Well, hey. I won! But now I have to drink with people."

Maximilian stands up from his bench and stats to approch Calandra, to murmur to her.

Tristram says, "I'll just challenge 'em to MEAD!""

Neve looks around wide eyed at the fair grounds as she makes her way around all the many events and people. She brightens when she see's friends and family alike and makes her way near Eirlys and Fia with a wave to Khanne and Percy. She is close to being overwhelmed though and doesn't say much of anything at all, only snuggles up her Skillet.

Silas stands and attempts to smother a belch with limited success. "Alright, I think I'm done for the evening. And the morning following this." He wipes at his mouth and makes a wobbly bow to Calandra. "Great festival, Calandra. Will attend the next one, too." He then meanders away, taking what he calls the 'scenic' route.

"Gloomp. I believe the term Gloomp might work. Edain the Mighty Gloomper!" Luca quips back to Alis with cinnamon eyes merrily twinking amidst the black diamonds painted over them. At Alis' word to Percephon, he's arching dark brows in the pale face paint and asking of the other. "A troll? And...artwork?" This one directed back to Alis before Luca the Jester's just snorting and shaking head. "Well then, I'm completely lost. I think I might be letting this Fool thing go to my head and becoming one truly!"

Eyeing Tristram a moment at his victory, Preston grins ruefully as he lifts a hand to wave in a 'later' sort of gesture, nods his head, and quietly makes his way out. This level of revelry, while he might enjoy watching from a distance, is not quite for this particular Templar. He's going to escape and like pray or something.

Calandra smiles toward Silas. "I am very glad you came. Count Max will contact you soon about he breast plate." She murmurs gently.

Up a hand lifts, Percephon's fingers waggling in silent greeting to Neve. It's Alis that gets a triumphant, 'I Win!' look from the man despite that gesture, and it's a rather serious nod Luca is given at his question. "Oh yes. But the Art Work is the only thing that trumps the Troll."

Valencia rises from the benches and smiles to the very busy Calandra, not wishing to distract her from her hosting. She sends a little wink Luca and Kieran's way and smiles at Ford and so many of the others before she prepares to depart.

Eirlys steps back and looks between Percy and Alis and laughs! "Percy!" Then she catches the gesture from Alis and she blows a kiss to Alis as if to say. Good Job!

Maximilian glances sidelong at Silas - brow furrowing. The man is the most wealthy commoner in the city. Eh. Not his problem.

Eirlys says. "I think I lost my escort to the drink." She sounds rather amused.

Neve grins "I'll be your escort. Ehm.. Who's your escort?"

Maximilian murmrus to the woman - and then starts to withdraw.

Calandra realizes that many are leaving. Of course the festival has been going on for a long and many are also drunk! "I still have prizes, come see me if you want one." She says to those still here.

Mirari, uncaring of the mud, wraps her arms around Costas' neck and leans into it. A laugh is given at his tease and she says, "Aye, I guess that's true." She leans in to murmur quietly to the man.

Tristram looks at Eirlys as she comes over to him and whispers. He smacks her on the ass, and says, "Nay, woman! I will not be steered gently into this good night, and by the way, why did I take off my fucking hat?" He removes his hat from his satchel, and sets it on his head, carefully fluffing out the feather. "I think commoners can wear hats with feathers! I SHALL BUY FEATHERS THAT ALL THE PEOPLE MAY ENJOY THE GLORY THAT IS FLAMBOYANTLY AERODYNAMIC HEADWEAR!" Apparently, Tristram still has his vocabulary.

Calandra has a warm smile for Max that touches her dark gaze.

Tristram says, "Wait...I *AM* wearing my hat!"

Preston has left the a pair of redwood benches with slatted backs.

Maximilian slides out with Valencia. RUN AWAY RUN AWAY.

Calandra finally has a moment to play herself. She reaches for the one of the ribbons on the maypole, starting to frolic and dance.

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Pariah, The StormCrow, Valencia leave, following Maximilian.

"Oh... it is so loud here!" Khanne yells then turns to look at Ford. "Course I am. You were done for early too, ass grabber!" She leans then against the support Percephon offers, smiling. "Yet.. no doors yet..."

"Yes. Percy is an artwork troll." Alis quips, right after Percephon clarifies in his own way. A smile is flashes towards Eirlys. "Do I need to make sure you make it home safely t... Oh my .. Tris!" She saw what you just did, Tristram. And she is shocked. SHOCKED! Well, no she isn't really. "I think perhaps we should all hide, before he makes good on his threat with the feathers."

Ford leans over towards Khanne, "I just dropped my glass, I'm perfectly fine. So fuck you." He says with a grin, "Both of you." Apparently both Khannes.

Eyeing some of the the antics of the others, Fiachra shakes his head. He murmurs something to Alis, before catching sight of his cousin. "Neve! Did you miss the chance to drink with us?" That sounds like a tragedy, if his tone is to be believed. Then he's calling, to Tristram, "Hey! No manhandling my baby sister. Well, unless she gives you permission!" There's a small nod, as though that makes perfect sense, though he looks a little horrified at the ides of the feathers.

It takes a little while for Leta to recover from whatever it is she's doing over there, bent over and looking greenish. But once that's out of her system, at least, she looks a little steadier. Still shuddering, and unpleasantly queasy. She takes a rag from one of the pouches at her belt, wipes her mouth with, and tosses the rag aside. Then she rubs her face and looks towards Calandra, "Sorry, what?" the blonde looks confused at the terms of the contest.

Signe manages to get to her feet after a good two or so tries. Instead of heading towards what would be a very helpful source of water, she wanders toward Skillet, the baby bear that just so happens to be present at the party too. Without any regard for who he or she is with, she plops down beside it and reaches out a hand to pet the cub. "L-lord Brogan, when didya... *hiccup* get so small?"

Costas grins down at Mirari, tilting his head to better hear her words over the din of the crowd and then barking a short peal of laughter. "Come on, you. Let's get some food in you to soak up all that drink." He leads the girl over to the feast table, sitting her down and then draping his cloak over her shoulders.

Serafine stumbles to Leta, a damp rag in one hand and a class of water in the other, offering both to Leta as she wobbles back over.

Khanne smirks and pushes at Ford's shoulder. "You wish." She hears a cry of a name and looks around until she spots her. "Neve!"

Down Percephon's chin tucks to peer at Khanne, and as she leans he gives an awkward stiffening of his body, which in truth, makes it an even better support. "I do believe, whenever it is to the point you are leaving, I will escort you home." Bit by bit he begins to relax, giving a hrmph over towards Alis, "It isn't like your eyes fell out."

Eirlys was -NOT- expecting the smack to the ass but it has her gasping, blushing then laughing. "Then you will get what you give." Obviously she is not to flustered by what he did. In fact she slaps his ass back. "There!" When he yells about his hat she says. "Because it was a bit much for the Festival, it's in your satchel." Then he pulls it out and is yelling and she says. "I have flowers why do I need a feather?"

Calandra looks over to Leta with a bit of concern, maybe worried for her state. "Prizes." She murmurs softly. "You almost won. Did you want a prize? I have lots still. I know it not /the/ prize, but I have jade or sapphires or crate of whiskey?" She almost seems to feel bad that Lete didn't get that sword.

"Ffffuuuhh--iiine." complains Mirari, shooting Costas a little petulant look when he sits her down at the table, though she curls into his cloak. And a glance is shot his, and strains toward him to murmur once more to him. Emerald eyes bright.

Kieran hops off of the table and heads over to Khanne clapping her on the shoulder, "Are you alright, Khanne?"

Tristram looks at Eirlys as she mutters to him. He appears to sober up a slight bit, mutters something back to her, and looks at Fiachra, saying, "Sorry, man."

Ford waves his hand and makes his way outta here!

"Well, didn't see _that_ coming!" Luca's laughingly watching Tris's win and ensuing...ideas. Shaking his head as much at that as for crazy talk of artwork trolls, the Jester Prince just laughs and adds the way of Alis and Percephon. "I've no clue what you two mean, but more power to you. I think I'm going to go join our High Queen Pretty Eyes at her may pole, despite having not a drop of liquor yet. Enjoy yourselves." He offers to them with that wide painted grin and is moving in towards the drunkards and Calandra. "Congratulations fair inebriators and ass-slappers! Well-done all around!" He's sliding up to Calandra to murmur something to her past a smirk.

Eirlys takes Tristram's face in her hands. "Don't you sorry him! It was my ass. He has nothing to do with it!"

Khanne jumps a bit when Kieran claps her on the shoulder, causing her to fall slightly against Percephon, who is holding her up. She reeks of the spilled alcohol and nods to the Redrain. "Course I am!"

Calandra lifts her gaze to Luca, giving him a warm smile. She leans into him, listening to his whispered words. The songbird seems thoughtful and then she murmurs softly in response.

A wry smile touches Percephon's mouth, cast towards Kieran as the man comes over. When Khanne sways, that hand upon the small of her back tightens, all to make sure she stays up. "You know," It's towards the quite tipsy Khanne his words are cast, his tone far too innocent "When I mentioned your name to Freja, she did tell me you were a leight weight she could drink under the table any day."

Leta picks up the water Serafine puts in her hand, and takes a sip, nodding. The sellsword smiles for Calandra, winks, then waves a hand and stands there, digging in her feet. "Solid as can be!" she proclaims herself, then looks at the prizes. "Jade's pretty, but - they're all fine, ain't they?" she inquires, and sighs.

Calandra drops a string of rough cut sapphires with a bronze clasp.

".... and tha's how... h-how I think Atila learned to ta-alk," Signe explains to the bearcub, complete with hand gestures and the furrowing of brows whenever necessary. "D-don't tell anyone but can you help me get home? I dunno if I can s-stand..." she whispers too loudly for it to be subtle at all.

Eirlys seems to be whispering to Tristram though at some point the amusement slips from her face just a little. She continues to talk to him though.

Calandra looks upon Leta. "I like the Sapphires the best." She murmurs. The songbird then looks to Mirari. "You should take a prize as well."

Tristram seems, actually, to be sobering up a bit; he reaches over to the "bar" and grabs a pitcher of icewater, drinking it almost all the way down as he murmurs with Eirlys.

"No, they just bled a little." Isn't it painfully obvious that they're friends? Alis retorts back at Percy about her eyes. She turns her not quite innocent smile towards Neve then, to wave cheerfully at her with the hand not still curled around Fia's arm. "I seriously love that skillet." Who could not love the skillet really. She may look about to facepalm at Eirlys though, and wave to Luca before he heads away. Finally, she murmurs back to the Greenmarch beside her though, as it's taken this long to come up with something suitable to say.

Mirari blinks up toward Calandra, emerald eyes wide and glossy. In confusion she says, "But I haven't won anything." She's also busy pawing somewhat at Costas.

Kieran grins and nods to Khanne and Percephon, "Well at least you have a good leaning post.". His attention move to Percephon, "I think Freja can drink almost anyone under the table.". Then the notprince heads for Signe to make sure she is alright too.

Luca the Jester looks positively scandalized at what Calandra says to him, and he's actually putting hand to his chest and the skin-tight checkered fabric there. "My High Queen! How could you think that of me! Of _course_ I meant dance the may pole with you!" Grinning wide, he moves away from the hostess Whisper with a wink to go say something to Tristram in passing towards other side of said maypole.

Serafine steadies Leta with a hand on the sellsword's hip, though she wobbles herself.

Leta takes half a step back, then half a step forward, then lifts her hands to her sides in a shrug, "Sapphires it is! I got - I got a bolt of midnight blue silk that'll - it'll look right pretty with that." she informs Calandra with a bright smile, "Fine, then!" she smiles, then turns her head and leans towards Serafine. The miss misses, and they just end bumping foreheads together.

Neve smiles to Alis and waves back, holding up the little bear cub squirming around in her arms "Me too. Like it so much we named this little muffin Skillet too" she explains, hefting the baby bear up for Alis to see as he squeaked and grunted in her arms, trying to swipe at anyone who passed for attention .. and apples.

Leta picks up a string of rough cut sapphires with a bronze clasp.

Serafine checked strength + brawl against difficulty 40, resulting in 21, 19 lower than the difficulty.

Calandra has the grace to flush pink at all the Mirari's pawing. "I don't care that you didn't win. You can still have one of the prizes." She says in her direction, gesturing toward the treasures that she has laid out now. Calandra's dark eyes widen at Luca's words and she giggles in response to him. A moment later she has this pleased smile when Leta takes the sapphires. She wanted her to at least have something. "We are dancing the maypole now." She says, heading that way and grabbing the pink ribbon.

Calandra drops a porcelain tea set with beautiful hand-painted rose design.

"Oh boo hoo. Your eyes bled. Go cry to your brother, Alis. Just don't get bloody tears all over him." The words are light hearted, a flutter of Percephon's eyes towards the woman in mock innocence. Then it's back to Kieran, a warm bit of laughter coming from him, "I've only had the honor of meeting her once, but even in that short time? I can tell there is truth in your words. Percephon, by the way." A hand lifts to give a wave towards the man before he leans in to whisper something to Khanne.

Serafine is not prepared for the accidental headbutt, the -BONK!- resounding through her drunken skull and she staggers, hand reaching out, groping for something steady to latch on to. One hand finds Leta's collar, the other flails-

"Once upon a time, I drank whiskey just to keep my blood warm, day in and out and... I coulda drank all y'all under the table! Then I came here and I have to be.. all.. sober to do all the shit things I have to do.." Khanne pouts. "Now, I'm a fuckin' light weight. Just you wait world, til I go back home some day! Just you wait!" She shakes a fist in the air.

Signe shushes the bearcub and feigns a cautious look around. "I'm def-uni-finitely -not- drunk, Lord Brogan, but I just don't want Gurdy m-making fun of me..." And Skillet is hoisted into Neve's arms. She gapes at the lass. "You're pre-etty strong..."

Khanne smiles and giggles touching her ear to a lifted shoulder as if something tickled her.

Neve giggles at Signe "It's just a baby, he's not heavy. I'd let you hold him but.." she grins. "I don't think you can hold anything right now.

Mirari tilts her head up at Costas, especially when he stops her hands from getting too blush-worthy places. Her lips curl upward in one part adoration, and one part drunken haze. "Yes, Cap'n." She tells him, with a laugh. But then her attention is pulled back to Calandra and she peers at the prizes. A hand gestures, fingers pointing at the string of jade beads. A tilt of her head toward Costas, "Oorr the teapot?" She blinks owlishly up at the man, as she goes to take her first bite of food-- bread.

Even after the sorry, Fiachra's watching Eirlys and Tristram for several long moments, though he's also occasionally watching Neve, just generally keeping an eye on his family members. Though he looks sidelong at Percephon, with a sharp interest, for a side of the man that he's never really seen before. It seems that he wasn't -too- drunk, if he's already starting to regain that sharpness. Though he does murmur something to Alis.

Leta checked strength + brawl against difficulty 40, resulting in 52, 12 higher than the difficulty.

Signe blinks in bewilderment at Neve. Her palms plant themselves on either cheek. "But you can carry L-lord Brogan," she gasps at her, pointing at the bearcub that is, quite obviously, -not- the lord she was looking for.

Khanne looks towards Neve again and smiles tipsily. "Darling lovely Neve. You are so wonderful... have I told you that? I simply adore you. Just wanna hug you and squeeze you to bits. Skillet too!" Khanne might have gone full on 'I love you man'...

Costas looks between Calandra and Mirari, chuckle lowly as he puts up only the most rudimentary defense against the girl's wandering hands. Once she's distracted by the pretty things he snatches another meat-pie for himself, and then on being questioned he only needs think a moment before suggesting, "The jades match your eyes, my heart."

Mirari picks up a string of jade beads with a pewter clasp.

For his part, Prince Luca truly seems to have thrown all dignity to the wind this evening and is enjoying his playing the Fool. For he's taking up another of the ribbons of the maypole and starting to dance about in the most undignified, flouncing, half-tripping idiocy ever seen. But at least he's doing it with enthusiasm!!! When he's passing Neve and Skillet, he's probably frightening the poor cub by reaching out to scruff under its chin and bat at a paw with his Jester-head-on-a-stick. "Come one, come all. Play at being silly children a little while longer now that you've played at being silly adults and are well-liquored up!"

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 52, 37 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran looks to Signe as she boggles at the bear cub and Neve. " really surprised you got this drink, Signe.". He chuckles some more and gives her a clap to the shoulder as well, having made sure the few Northerners remaining are well.

Luca checked charm + performance against difficulty 50, resulting in 15, 35 lower than the difficulty.

Khanne feels a tapping at her shoulder, incessant, non stop. She tries to wave it away like some sort of fly bugging her, then turns. "What is it man?!?" Then she sees a startled messenger holding out a note for her. "Oh.. Sorry."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Khanne before departing.

"Why not? Bloody tears would mix so well with the maple syrup." Okay, even Alis has to shudder a bit at that. "Maybe you sh.... " Oh look, baby bear. Alis just blinks at 'Skillet' the bear. "he's adorable." she says finally. Because he is.

Signe scrambles to her feet when Luca and Khanne join the fray around the bearcub. The hand felt on her shoulder has her whirling around, brows lifted at Kieran. "Why are they all calling him Skillet??" she asks in her confusion.

Calandra frolics around the maypole, dancing graceful circles around Prince Luca. She keeps ahold of her pink ribbon. The delicate songbird seems so very dreamy, like this was all some kind of fantasy come true.

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