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The Fete of Champions

The Champions Guild welcomes one and all to a show of skill and might in a grand event held at the tournament grounds! The Fete of Champions will be for the public of Arx, nobility and commoners alike, to come together and witness exactly what the Guild is renowned for; duelling!

The main event will be just that, champion against champion; and if a display of steel is not enough to entice, then perhaps the caveat that the duelling gents will be shirtless, will. To follow the demonstration of what a Champion is really made of a Bachelor auction will be held; the proceeds of which are being generously donated by the Guild in aid of the Lower Borough orphans. And too there will be an opportunity for any to test themselves against one of Arx' Champions, one on one in an arm-wrestle for a very small sum, which again, goes towards the charity.

Food and drink will be provided courtesy of the local merchants, and in these fine autumn months the grandstands provide ample comfort. So come one and all for a day of entertainment, aid of a good cause and witness what it is that makes the members of the guild Champions of Arx!


Feb. 4, 2017, 8 p.m.

Hosted By

Niamh(RIP) Saedrus


Percephon Lydia Zhayla(RIP) Lianne Aislin Tristram Luca(RIP) Eleyna Silas Cassius(RIP) Demura Sparte Merek Aleksei Lyiana Bliss Alis Alistair Ferrando Kima Orazio(RIP) Freja(RIP) Aureth Rymarr(RIP) Hana Valencia Anabelle Cordelia Duarte Felix Monique Holden Larissa Brianna Julea(RIP) Fiachra(RIP) Ywaine Mailys Waldemai Benjamin



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Comments and Log


The Champions Fete was, as far as I could tell, a pretty big success. I didn't necessarily expect to win in the duel, but I didn't expect /not/ to win. Really, Luca and I are both so good that we never can tell who's going to get the edge when we go at. I think I can safely say we both got a real workout, which isn't always the case when we're dueling other people. Uh. No offense to other people!

I had an evening with me purchased by the very upstanding Duke Cassius Pravus, who was definitely tricked and then pressured into bidding. But it's for a good cause! I'm sure he'll think of a valuable way to spend my time and expertise.

Kima arrives in the company of Costas, the pair talking and chatting amicably. She gestures towards the various seating, clearly asking her companion where he would prefer to take up residence for the fete.

"You said I could!" Aleksei says to Orazio, totally betrayed.

"Sir Mercier," says Ywaine with surprise and a smile. "And the hound. He looks quite smart, yeah? I've missed the last several tournaments - work, deployments, assignments. Through some random assortment of luck and good fortune I find myself free of work this evening. I hope you are well?" He has the nature of a Guardsman or soldier, even as he's speaking his eyes are flicking around and around, noting who is where and what.

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Zhayla continues in blissful ignorance of things Aureth does not say, and looks between Orazio and Aleksei a touch uncertainly. "Wait, I shouldn't look to him? But why not? He's a knight and everything! That makes him kind of a role model, right?"

Merek has come to the event to watch, and his glass-like visor on his fox helmet takes in all the people, while he moves towards the general seating. Once he is there, he settles in and decides to look over towards the field as a whole.

Aureth chokes on his peanut.

Tall(ish), dark, and brooding. Yeah! That's totally what Luca's doing. It's all playing part for the show! He's not off quietly getting half-drunk pre-fight in order to face a big crowd and try to grin and play the dashing champion part. He's brooding! Orazio clearly has seen through the ruse, but Luca continues his part for now, tucking away his leather cloak, but keeping his scotch while he's managing a brief time of peace before the bout.

Orazio grins at Aleksei. "I said /you/ could, yes. At least partially because you would, anyway, and just giving into it saves us all a great deal of strife." He might have gone on, but at Zhayla's words, he laughs out loud. "This is what I keep telling him. A role model." A pointing finger at Aleksei.

Larissa smiles around the room as she stands near a snack table "Good evening, if anyone would like one of our snack selections, I am happy to serve you.

Alistair appears, as he is to do, behind those who are discussing the various types of etiquette to display. "I can vouch for the man's complete lack of etiquette. I belive his way of greeting an Envoy to the Compact was to take his shit off." He says and stares at Aleksei for a moment before he nods to Orazio.

The grounds of the Tournament Grounds have been tidied up a touch, at least in the sense that all shattered armour or weapons have been cleared. The stands have been slung with fabric decorated with the sigil of the Champions Guild and the oval field is set up to show case the duels to be held. Three silver cloth tents are set up near the stands, one for beverages, food and the third open for any and all to test their strength against the Champions in an arm wrestle.

Saedrus steps out from one of the arranged tents near the stands and moves up towards the Judges Booth where at least he has good view of the grounds and can be easily heard. Garbed a little differently today in leather breeches, poetÂ’s shirt and riding boots and his long dark hair pinned half up by simple hair pins, he glances across the field and stands before lifting his voice.

"Welcome everyone to the Fete of Champions!" The courtesan greets everyone with a bright smile and gracious bow. "First and foremost, I would like to thank the Guild of Champions for hosting such a wonderful event and providing the entertainment for the day! As well as the strapping young men and women for the auction as well! Also please feel free to visit the refreshment tents and the lovely Mailys and Larissa Whisper for food and drink. But before the main event begins and everyone has settled to their seats, I am honoured to ask Legate of Concepts, Orazio, to bless the duels and the oil which is ever so important in all this." A delicate bow of his head as he gestures to Orazio to take center stage for the blessing over a most ornate bowl of oils (likely gifted by the Grotto).

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Lyiana doesn't know where to sit, so the little tailor makes her way to the general seating, carefully avoiding stepping on people's toes.

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Lianne arrives on the arm of Duarte, the pair gossiping amicably as they make their way through the crowd. Her evergreen gaze flits over the crowd, lingering here or there, a smile cast down toward the field where the champions are starting to gather. The pair make their way toward the farther stands as if the distance might grant them some better view. Surely, it'll give them more to talk about.

Clearing his throat of whatever peanut shrapnel may have gone down the wrong pipe, Aureth says, "I better clear the field and get a seat. Good luck, Lucky. Zhayla, c'mon, let's grab a seat. I'll tell you all about how great a role model Aleksei is."

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Aleksei looks at Zhayla with an utterly horrified expression. "What! No!" He looks to Alistair. "I was /being entertaining/." His voice lowers to a mutter when he adds, "More than the silks were doing." And then Saedrus steps into view to begin proceedings, and he starts making his way to the edge of the fighting grounds, grinning a ridiculous sort of grin when the Whisper calls up Orazio.

By the time the tournament grounds have begun to fill for the Champion's Fete, Niamh might be spotted. The blonde Champion has her hair pulled back in a tight and intricate braid that hangs down to her her shoulderblades. Her axe is at her side, her leather's nicely cleaned, and her Champion's Guild surcoat advertising her affiliation to the hosts of the event. She makes her way towards the Judge's Booth near the same time as Saedrus, standing near the courtesan with ehr hands clasped behind her back and a smile on her face.

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Silas stops to converse further with Ywaine before he seats himself. "I'm doing better these past few days. Less stress, less drinking." He nods to the stout dog at his feet. "The smartest canine in Arx. Don't tell the noble wolves that, though. They may get jealous." He grins wryly before finally descending into the seat. "The recruits have been speaking fondly of you."

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It is not common to see the tiny Mailys playing server but here she is. She is entirely manning the refreshment table, probably casually serving a drink and taking one for herself at the same time. "I am happy to serve people as well." she pipes up from her spot and flashes a grin over to everyone.

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Ferrando trucks in loaded down with a slightly excessive amount of goods for the beverage and concessions tents, and makes his way there with the bare minimum of grunting he can manage. Ah, the glamorous life of being the Whisper House's resident strong person.

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Lyiana does indeed notice Niamh. How can she not? Her eyes go to the woman like a magnet and she gives a quick wave, lifting her hands in a victory sign, though she doesn't scream out.

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Duarte is indeed arriving with Liana and the dark haired, bearded man keeps his head close in whatever conversation they are passing between them and looking around as they go with a wicked little grin on his face. Steps take them to the far stands and he waits for Lianne to take her choice in seat first before settling himself beside the woman.

Ywaine takes a seat next to Silas, "if I may, m'lord?" he asks. He settle sinto his seat. "They're good lads and lasses. I will admit my methods are more old natured than new. You train as hard as you possibly can and then you fight far easlier. There is no easy method to training. You carry more, run faster, think harder. You harden your mind, heart and body to steel consistency. They are doing well. This reminds me, Lady Anabelle Lyonesse is working on a new sort of wooden training sword. I've asked for two to be sent to me, I'll test them and give you my recommendation. I suspect they will be fine indeed and they may aid your training." he adds.

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Orazio nods to Alistair. "We need to speak, Inquisitor. Perhaps you will sit with me during the event?" Speaking of - he turns at Saedrus words, and smiles, moving to step forward when invited. He offers a warm smile, and a soft word to Saedrus as he passes, before taking up the position before the bowl. "As I know that absolutely no one is here for the prayer, I shall make this brief." His voice is clear and strong, carrying easily. "Brief, but sincere - Remember that while this is an event of joy, it also marks a solemn duty, given to us by the Sentinel and Gloria. Let this oil carry the blessings of the gods to those who fight, and ensure that every action they take, on the field and off, embodies the honor of the Sentinel, and the courage of Gloria. May they uplift the hearts who see them, and rise to every challenge." As he speaks, his hands rise above the oil, making a series of elegant gestures. "So let it be seen by the gods, and let this fight be consecrated to their service." And then he's done, stepping back away, and towards the seating area. Although not without a smile to Aleksei.

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    Julea departs from her seat, leaving her pack to hold her place and makes her way over to one of the tables. The snack one, and there she spends some time eyeing up the various bags on offer. She plucks up one of them, sniffing at the contents before making her way back to her seat and pushing her pack aside to settle down again.

Julea gets a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Mild Veal Jerky from a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

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Aislin has only just settled into the general seats when a messenger arrives. With a look of bemused exasperation, the Ashford voice rises once more, nods to those present, and sets off to deal with whatever new crisis is going on.

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Aureth gets a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Roasted Peanuts from a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

Vladimir arrives, following Hana.

The Princess Valencia arrives alone, fashionably clad in crimson silk that accents her tiny waist and generous curves, her long dark locks swept up and held stylishly into place with bejeweled pins. She pauses and scans the crowd with an beatuful and brith smile, looking for familar faces. The smile grows threefold as she spies her cousin Luca and immeidately goes to greet him.

The Inquisitor makes an unimpressed sound as Aleksei declares he was simply entertaining and nothing more. "After you give your blessing... Legate." The man responds and with his presence made known he steps back from some of the crowds, joining a trio of Confessors who linger at the edge of all the excitment. The man seems content to stalk the edges of the crowds and benches of those who watch and enjoy the spectecal... perhaps keeping an eye out for any trouble or trouble makers considering the recent uptick in crime around the city. Almost immediately a pick pocket is flushed out, a Confessor grabbing the brat and dragging from away from vulnerable pockets. "I know your mother you little . . . should throw you in the Panopticon . . . get back home . . ." the Confessor hisses to the kid before he boots him out of the Tournament grounds.

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Briefly standing up from her seat, Lyiana moves carefully over to the snack chest and looks inside, probably needing to eat, but tilts her head instead and moves back to her seat, allowing other's to get what they want. As if it's been bred in her to wait.

From out of the quiet tent, a brooding figure in mourning black, dark cloak, and gleaming viper-pommeled blades is striding out towards the field. Luca Velenosa, grimmer than his usual state, but trying for a certain rakishness to his dour state and all-black figure. As he stride, he's whipping his dark cloak free from himself, spinning it out into the waiting arms of a younger Champion already there to catch it, revealing darkness of flowing linen into jet dyed calfskin tight enough to be second skin, and calf-high boots of supple gleaming leather. Apparently Luca's playing part of either the villain or the antihero tonight. As he's coming out to the field though, he's nodding to Aleksei a faintly rakish sort of smirk, and starting to pull free his dark linen of shirt from the pants, beginning to strip, clearly because blessed oil does nothing for anyone if isn't used to rub down the warriors to fight. He does at least cut a pretty picture shirtless, and is making enough of a show for it for the crowd, despite his grimness.

Merek looks into his belt and frowns a bit, while he lets out a sigh, then he shakes his head a bit. His glassed visor watches the people gathering, and he bows his head briefly in tandem with the blessings that are offered.

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    Upon arriving in the High Stands, Demura scans over the occupants and decides to have a seat next to Princess Alis. "Nice to see you again, your highness." She states cooly before taking a healthy bit out of her chicken leg, giving it a thorough chew while her eyes dart around, checking out the various competitors and those that occupy the field. She then turns back to Alis, "Who are you cheering for, If I might ask?" Before giving that pint a proper drink.

When Orazio gives his blessing, Niamh bows her head with solemnity appropriate for the occasion. "Thank you, Father Orazio." The Champion's Grandmaster is a loud thing by nature and her voice carries well enough, lilting. "I am certai that those who are here to display their prowess for all to watch remember the duty that they take on each time they step into a duel as a Champion. Bastions of honor and dignity, they are far more than just a sword hired to settle a dispute."

Saedrus bows elegantly again as Orazio passes by him, smiling brightly to what was said and steps aside by Niamh to hear the blessing. "Thank you, Legate Orazio," Saed says stepping back to front and center. "For the main event we have a duel of Champions, shirtless, one might add and just to top it off the aforementioned and now bless oil will be generously added to Prince Luca and Sir Aleksei!" The courtesan chortles softly to himself and glances back to Niamh briefly, "A couple of volunteers, two if possible, might be willing to step forward and prepare the duelists? First to call out to me, wins." Saedrus calls out to the crowds.

Silas sniffs absently. "They should learn the traditional training before coming up with their own techniques. Too easy to forget the basics when focusing on showmanship," he answers Ywaine. The news of a new training sword seems to visibly intrigue him. "Oh? I'd be happy to see them, after you're done with the testing. If they remain unbroken." He pauses, considering. "Perhaps that's how they're improved? More durability?"

Sparte slips in as a fourth guard behind Silas, double timing to catch up from a ways behind them. Arguably Dash is a more intimidating fourth guard, hopefully the pupper doesn't decide Sparte is competition.

Benjamin gets a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Honey Coated Cashews from a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

Dash doesn't seem to mind. In fact, he sits on Sparte's foot. It looks comfortable.

Not one to miss a fight whenever it can be helped, watching or joining, Lady Brianna settles herself into the general masses to enjoy the show from her particular vantage point.

"Volunteers for oiling up the duelists, else the task goes to the lovely whispers," Saedrus chuckles.

Lyiana blinks and stands up from the seating, presumably to go get rum for someone. Presumably, and hopes to Gods she doesn't get picked.

Benjamin plants himself near the snack, after plucking a bag of cashews from the chest. He watches the festivities begin with a grin curling to his lips and wrinkling the corners of his eyes. He crunches thoughtfully on one or two of the honeyed chashews before calling out to Saedrus's second call before letting his voice break across the noise, "I'll take Aleksei if no one else wants to be getting their hands that dirty, yea?"

Stepping in along with the rest of the crowd, Percephon takes a moment to gather his bearings. The man continues on, picking out a spot in the stands from which he can observe, those dark eyes flickering about to at least take note of any familiar faces.

Valencia smiles and laughs softly at Saedrus's request for volunteers. She sends a wide smile Luca's way and then returns her eyes to Saedrus again.

    "I don't mind .. volunteering any." Julea says as she puts her hat aside and atop her pack and raises her hand at Saedrus' request for volunteers.

"I call dibs on Prince Luca if it does come to Larissa and I." comes Mailys from her perch. She knows Luca, thus, she is at least aware, a little, of what she can say to him. She is probably also egging people on.

"Well, hell, if you're all gonna sit on your asses," Aureth says, tipping his chin up. "I'll oil up either or both of those fine young men." He's an embarrassing father always, sorry Hana.

Saedrus blinks and glances to Benjamin, "Well, Aleksei, you have your volunteer," the courtesan laughs and gestures for Benjamin to step up. "And there you have it, Mistress Julea, you have Prince Luca."

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Hana covers her face and makes a slightly embarrassed squeak. Daaaaad!

Aleksei is a distinct contrast to Luca: his grin is bright and easy as he lopes onto the field. He also lacks the clear wealth of his opponent in his own well-worn leathers, but he seems unbothered as he sets to unbuckling his swordbelt so that he can strip first out of his duster and then the plain cotton shirt underneath to reveal the leanly muscled length of his torso. "I totally got a volunteer first," he tosses over at Luca as he makes a show of stretching his arms up overhead.

Moving back with just a tiny bit of pink to her cheeks, Lyiana brings back rum for the unknown, dropping next to him as she hands the rum over.

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Aureth leans back in his seat again and goes back to cracking his nuts.

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Merek gets an ornate Champions glass of black Spiced Rum from a simple wooden chest of Beverages.

    Julea makes a point of putting on that extra bit of swagger as she gets up from the bench, collects her hat and makes her way over towards the field. She snickers just a touch at Aleksei's brag to Luca, and the looks to Saedrus for the oil. "So. Can't say I ever oiled someone up before." She remarks, approaching Luca and taking a moment to check him out with exageratted care.

Saedrus rests his elbows on the bannister of the Judges Booth, a small shake of his head, "We will just enjoy the view while these two are attended to," the courtesan chuckles.

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    "Ah, I see!" Demura replies towards Alis before turning attention towards the ackward request. "How dreadful, walking about, randomly asking people to slather up the contestents." She smiles and looks to the Princess. "Not my cup of tea. As a matter of fact, I don't understand why anyone would want to approach a tourney that weighs any kind of seriousness in this way. Too many snowflakes I'm afraid." She scoots a little closer to Alis, as though she's officially placing her under protection. "No worries. No one will violate your hands!" She quips before tearing another hunk of meat from bone.

Benjamin pops a couple more cashews into his mouth and pockets the pouch as he meanders his way out to where the champions are. He waggles his eyebrows at Aleksei and croons to Luca, "Next time, duckie," as he dusts his hands off. He nods to Julea as he rolls back his sleeves tidily and dips his hands into the blessed oil. Benjamin makes a show of working the oil over Aleksei's upper body, gesturing with a side glance towards the crowd and an impressed nod when he exhibits the man's physique between palming over all those ripped abs and perk pecs. When he works over Aleksei's arms, he draws them out by the wrist and urges them to bend to show off the flex of bicep. Oooh, aaahh. Such man. Much muscle.

Lyiana had handed off the coin for Merek it seems, and he has his drink, then out of the blue, he has no idea what's going on, but he cheers, "Shirtless men, woooo!" Right.

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Aureth shows his appreciation for the show by lifting two fingers to his lips and giving a sharp whistle.

Luca can't help but smirk a bit at this talk of rubbing them down with freshly-blessed (and thus TOTALLY OFFICIAL) oils. He's trying for an arch look out to the crowds when there isn't a stampede then of volunteers, spreading arms to frame an awful lot of bronze-skinned muscle on display as if to say 'Really, people?' Then to Aleksei's comment, the prince in black is left to roll his eyes and toss back. "That's alright. I'll be the less bruised for the bachelor auction afterwards!" And so the shit talking begins! Mailys gets a wink to her call out, while Aureth's willingness a laughing puckering of lips in a blown kiss his way (Poor Hana's embarrassment). Benjamin's comments earn the medic a laughing shake of head and snap of fingers. And then Julea's volunteering and coming up, receiving a lopsided grin and arch of brow, but he's calling out to the crowd. "Let's hear it for our volunteers!" Giving them a little clap of his own hands.

    Julea clearly looks to Benjamin for guidance on exactly how one should do this, watching for a moment as his hands work that oil all over Aleksei, and there's a mumbled curse beneath her breath. She tugs her gloves off, tucking them into the front pockets of her pants and sinks both hands into the blessed oil. She brings palms together, and then starts to clearly mimic Benjamin, but with considerably less flair. Either way, fingers are working that oil over every inch of Luca's visible body, thumbs pressing, and caressing as she works the skin to that perfect oily sheen. And she, of course, makes a point of grabbing at Luca's muscles, testing reflexes and making a point of giving an 'Oooo' sound of impressiveness for the crowd.

Mailys is looking the utmost confident as she hands a drink to Tristram, of what MIGHT be what he wanted. The wink from Luca earns him a blown kiss and "Good luck, Prince Luca!" before she goes back to minding the beverage tent and talking to those there.

Benjamin takes a towel from some handy person on hand to provide such things as he finishes and turns a grin at Julea on his way past, leaning in to murmur at her shoulder on his way toward the medic's corner to await the outcome, wiping his hands as he walks.

Saedrus continues his particularly casual lean on the bannister, evergreens down to the field and chin propped on the delicate drape of one hand. He speaks quietly with Niamh as the oiling continues, standing up right and "While the duelist ready themselves, which help, I leave center stage to Lady Niamh Greenmarch, Grandmaster of the Guild for a few words." Stepping aside then to let Niamh move forward to the rails of the Judges Booth.

Aleksei can't help cackling when Benjamin makes such a show of oiling him down and trying to get him to show off his muscles: he's clearly bright-eyed and more than willing for the show, but he has a distinct sense of ridiculous about it. He does offer a sweeping bit of a bow when Benjamin has left his skin gleaming, although it's not quite all the way /correct/. He's definitely not a noble. He takes a towel to wipe down any oil that's made its way to his hands before tossing the cloth aside and reaching for his sword. He unsheathes it without much flourish -- it's not fancy enough to flourish -- but he does do some impressive warm-up twists and twirls with it as he turns back to face Luca while Niamh makes whatever speech she needs to.

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Niamh takes a moment to enjoy the sight of the, uh, honorable tradition of the Champions being sanctified by the volunteers. She steps a few paces away from Saedrus and raises her voice to address those paying attention. "The traditions of the Champions Guild call back to the Oathlands, where Knights once took up thte cause of their patrons. With a favor on their arm to signify their cause, they would place themselves in harms way to defend the honor of their sworn friends and lieges, standing not just as a blade, but as a true champion. Their very presence marking a belief in their cause, and so lending credence to the testimony of their patron. Today, that tradition continues in Arx through the Champion's Guild."

Green eyes turn to regard the stands, then the duelists and their assistants. "But a Knight's duty was never just to put their lives on the line for those around them. It is, in many ways, to espose the beliefs of the land, to be champions of gods when it's called for, and to defend those of the Compact in all ways. Some of you may look at this spectacle we put on for you today and think it in poor taste. But I would ask you this: in troubled times, when the burdens of the soul are heavy, why shouldn't you have a reason to smile? This, too, is a knight's duty. To inspire."

"So," Niamh finishes, "as our Champions get prepared, I would ask you rise up and give them cheer for what they are about to do. Let them hear your shouts for victory before you settle in to watch their duel to first blood!"

"For victory! Best of luck to both Duelists." Saedrus calls from the Judges Booth.

Larissa watches the Fete as she stands quietly aside passing out food from the wooden chest "please enjoy our selection of dried jerky's and honied cashews and almonds" she calls out from time to time

Larissa puts a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Honey Coated Cashews in a simple wooden chest of Beverages.

"To victory!" Lyiana calls out, and you can swear it is the loudest the woman has spoken in years.

Waldemai loves a good show. He stands up and cheers, "Bravo! Fight well!"

Larissa puts a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Honey Coated Cashews in a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

Aureth cheers with full-throated enthusiasm. He's pretty loud.

Larissa puts a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Honey Coated Cashews in a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

"KICK HIS ASS, SIR ALEKSEI!" Hana shouts with cheerful exuberance, followed by, "NO OFFENSE MEANT, YOUR HIGHNESS!" Because, you know, you should always be polite.

Larissa puts a silver linen pouch with black drawstrings of Honey Coated Cashews in a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

Merek takes a moment to lift up his drink, and lets out a loud shout as he stands up, "TO VICTORY!" he exclaims. He then toasts up his drink, and pulls back that spiced rum, he then stomps a foot down to make a little noise. Then he moves to settle back down.

Zhayla cups her hands and calls her cheer for Luca and Aleksei from the stands: "Victory!" It's an equal opportunity cheer. She might be seated with partisans, but she's apolitical.

Orazio calls out from a quiet booth, "May the courageous and bold take the victory!"

Benjamin tucks two fingertips between his lips and gives a loud whistle to follow Niamh's words.

Saedrus smiles brightly to Niamh and bows elegantly as she steps aside again. "Thank you, Lady Niamh. And now," evergreen eyes cast back to the field to Luca and Aleksei, "if you two are /quite/ prepared now -- And thank you to our Volunteers --" a smile then out to Julea and Benjamin "Fight bravely, fight honourable, and fight to the best of your ability. Though I look to Lady Niamh to judge the duel I am delighted to say," a grand gesture of his hands out to the field, "Begin!"

Aleksei wields an unadorned steel longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt.

It is Saedrus that gives the official word, but Niamh remainds standing, turning her attention to the combatants. Her own whistle pierces the air to encourage the men.

Luca wields Viper's Fang, an elegant two-handed Lycene sabre.

For his part, the Champion prince seems to be taking his time with the oiling, casting a few flirtatious comments Julea's way and a few winks out to ladies in the crowd he catches staring. Only once he's _very_ thoroughly oiled down is he slipping free from the weaponsmith's glistening hands and taking up one of hers in his own. With all the flourish that Aleksei lacked in drawing blade, Luca's bending forward into a fluid bow over that hand to lay an elegant, courtly sort of kiss upon her hand, cinnamon eyes looking up the line of it to her with Lycene debauchery playing in the depths. Or at least it's made to seem that way for the crowds. That thanks given, he's parting from her, taking up a towell to clean up his hands, and moving out towards the field like like a stalking forest cat. As he goes, he's reaching back to those two long-hilted sabres crossed over his spine, the gleam of steel glowing in the light as he whips it free and immediately falls into his own warm up routine while Niamh's talking. One filled with all the flourish and spin and dancing grace of Lycene showmanship, blade dancing like a metal viper around him. A viper rearing to strike as soon as leave is given to do battle.

Luca inflicts moderate damage to Aleksei.

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    Not a single inch of Luca is spared of the oil, and some parts of him are gone over trice... because one has to make sure one is properly glossed up before a fight! She finishes with a pinch of fingers against Luca's upper arm, and decides. "Yes, I think you'll do just fine----" There's a bit of a grin as the hand is taken and kissed, and the other comes up to nudge up the tip of her hat. "Good luck!" The young smith calls out, before dashing back to the stands, and settling in near her backpack.

Aleksei moves with the easy, loping grace of a natural swordsman and a distinctly extroverted sort of performer. He is vivid to Luca's grace, bright and grinning to the prince's flourishing charm. His appeal is all easy warmth and good humor. But he /does/ put on a performance. His sword is still twisting from hand to hand while Niamh speaks, and then the fight begins. He moves with swift dexterity to close the distance between the two of them, his sword moving with quick grace to meet Luca's sabre. It's a /show/. They move together in a sort of dance, with Aleksei grinning all the while -- even when he weaves away from a potential hit to take the flat of the blade instead. But that'll just leave a bruise, not a cut. The dance continues.

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Mailys dips into a curtsy to Tristram as he moves to view the duel better. He gets a departing smile flashed after him and Mailys goes back to drinking her 'snuck' glasses of alcohol and servering those who come by.

The Velenosan viper that is the Champion Prince very nearly made a quick ending of the show, or maybe that was all just part of it. Meant to display speed and grace, and Aleksei's quick twist free to take only blunt of blade rather than bleed for it. Either way, after that first onslaught, the two men are at it in truth. A fluid play and counterplay of motion in true dance. Some might accuse the Champions of showmanship over discipline, but none could argue they aren't amazing swordsmen. Strike and counterstrike blend into art, a dance of expert martial capability, with whistling blades missing flesh by millimeters and occasionally meeting in the middle to the high sharp glide of metal on metal deflecting. Gleaming as they are in the oil blessed of the gods, they make a profound sight, whether it's one approved of or not.

Saedrus remains standing by Niamh at the Judges Booth, watching on as the duel continues with the occasional word shared with the the Greenmarch woman.

Aleksei inflicts moderate damage to Luca.

Aureth sings out from the stands all bright energy and total failure of shame, "Come on, Lucky, hit him!"

Benjamin belts out, "Give me something interesting to fix up, yea?"

Aleksei's style is rather distinctly different than Luca's: while he has an athletic grace about him, he lacks the Lycene flair and flourish. A bit more rough and tumble, but vividly energetic, and distinctly dextrous as he moves. He manages to get in close enough to get a knock to Luca's ribs before he has to dance back out of range, but they still haven't managed to cut each other.

"Not overly interesting, there is the auction yet!" Saedrus adds after Benjamin.

    draws up to her knees on the bench, hat clutched to her hip and letting out more than a few wolf whistles as the fight progresses. Who exactly she's cheering for, is hard to tell. She's just cheering and enjoying the oiled up pair.

Benjamin laughs, "Scars and stitches add to the value!"

    Julea draws up to her knees on the bench, hat clutched to her hip and letting out more than a few wolf whistles as the fight progresses. Who exactly she's cheering for, is hard to tell. She's just cheering and enjoying the oiled up pair. (fix)

Holden arrives late into the competition and as he slips into the back of general seating area, he makes no attempt to conceal his deep disappointment on his face. Oh, Aleksei. Frown.

Aleksei inflicts moderate damage to Luca.

Lianne, all the way in the back, laughs loud enough that it might briefly be heard at the banter about marring wounds and their worth in the auction before going back to gossiping with Duarte with whom her arm is comfortably tangled.

Fromt he stands, Duarte is grinning after what he said made Lianne laugh out loud, patting at that hand entwined with his.

Merek excuses himself, and stands up to leave.

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Luca's grimness was easing somewhere around the time that first dance of blade truly started to go back and forth between them. The smile starting to spread, a fierce joy of combat lighting cinnamon eyes, and a predatory air settling in as skills matched well strove on in balance, blades ever missing the flesh, passing harmless or deflected into such. And then that closeness, Luca's eyes widening fractionally before he saw it coming, taking that elbow to ribs with a flexing of oiled muscle that makes for great show, and leaves him dancing back still more defensively. Comically the Lycene wags his blade at Aleksei like a man wagging a finger. Naughty Champion. No stray elbows. Of course, it's probably all scripted to this, despite the reaction of surprise seeming genuine, and immediately the prince is back into the fray. Still longer the dance plays out, anyone with skill to recognize the closeness of it all time and again. Until finally Aleksei's striking out with a thrust that leaves Luca actually grunting out, for He had to twist like a willow in a windstorm and arch his sabre up at painful sharp angle to pull the blade in against him rather letting it cut true. A flat-bladed strike that Luca's rolling away from in practically a blur, coming back up to feet grimacing and glancing down. There's no blood there gleaming in the oil yet though. Possibly a cracked rib, but no blood. And so back to it they go. If nothing else, they're certainly putting on a spectacle.

Waldemai cheers the fighters! "Bravo!"

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Luca inflicts minor damage to Aleksei.

Aureth lets out a particularly loud whoop of enthusiasm for that hit, and then shouts, "Yes! You dance beautifully, both of you!"

Aleksei inflicts moderate damage to Luca.

From the south, onto the tournament grounds, comes the Knight in shining armor that is Duke Cassius Pravus. He's dressed from head to toe in steel, as he ever is. The big knight does a quick survey of the grounds, before he fixes his eyes on Percephon and Lianne and some other guy, off in the distance. He starts over that way.

6 King's Own Guardsmen, Judge, Dauntless arrive, following Rymarr.

The dodge and weave with each other, blades flashing and singing out steel against steel. Aleksei's eyes are bright with the vivid sort of joy of a man testing his considerable limits against a matched opponent, his body not slowing but just beginning to show signs of exertion in the bead of sweat against his brow. He takes another blunt knock that has him twisting back, and then several more thrusts and parries that fail to land. But it's his sword that finally weaves its way past Luca's defense to cut skin. It's not a deep cut -- it's not the time for such things -- but the sight of blood on steel is undeniable. He pulls back, sword lowering, his eyes bright. And then he grins.

Luca's fierce and joyful as the vicious play of blade continues, but he's favoring that rib where he was forced to body block earlier, and it's a telling sort of vulnerability that continues to amplify as the fight goes on. Despite that, it's an age as such fights go before the vulnerability plays out, a high strike opening defenses, and Luca's side catching a goodly slice his blade's too slow to strike. He winces to it, and looks fiercely disappointed himself, but dancing backward from it, he folds the motion into a fluid salute of blade and bow to his opponent, calling out for the crowds. "Your Champion Victor of the eve, folks. And one of the finest blades I know of! SIR ALEKSEI MORGAN!!!"

As the two oiled-up-Champions put on their show of skill and muscle, Niamh watches intently. When there's finally blood, "Victory to Sir Aleksei Morgan!" Sorry, Holden, this spectacle is now forever tied to the family name. "Let's hear it for Sir Aleksei's stunning display and Prince Luca's marvelous performance!" She certainly adds her clapping to whatever cheers from the crowd might follow. "Sir Aleksei, for your victory, the Guild of Champions shall provide you a voucher to the armor or weapon shop of your choosing."

Tristram applauds pexcitedly.

Waldemai applauds for Sir Alexei

Saedrus applauds both Aleksei and Luca when the duel comes to an end. "Brilliantly fought!" The courtesan calls out happily and looks to the crowds, "a great thanks to our duellists Prince Luca Velenosa and Sir Aleksei Morgan!" He smiles brightly, allowing time to the gathered crowd then show their appreciation to the two Champions as they take their bows and are seen to by the Guild medic.

Aureth whistles and cheers as he leaps to his feet on the bench, pounding his hands together in hard cracking applause.

Lyiana cheers as Aleksei wins, standing up from the bench in order to whistle.

Luca is overheard praising Aleksei for: One of the finest blades I know.

"LUCKY LEXSEI!" Hana shouts an encouraging nickname from the stands once more, then adds -- with a surprisingly sympathetic tone, considering she's shouting it, "SORRY YOU GOT YOUR ASS KICKED, YOUR HIGHNESS."

Zhayla jumps up in her seat as the fight reaches its conclusion, loud with her cheers for both: "Yay, Aleksei!" Soon following that is a, "Well-fought, Luca! That was amazing!"

Zhayla is overheard praising Aleksei.

A number of horses arrive in time for the over half dozen knights to bear witness to the end of the fight between both Aleksei and Luca. The mounts are reined in at a loose formation and the lead horse, a large black stallion tosses his head. The rider, Rymarr Lyonesse, bends in his saddle in order to take a better look at the victor.

Cassius rises up from his seat and puts hands together. A few loud claps of gauntlet covered hands, then he drops back down. That's enough energy for Cassius.

"Bravo!!! Well fought!" Valencia calls out to the men below applauding appreciatively. "Well done!!"

As the fight winds down, Benjamain applauds from his corner of the field, but it's brief as he turns around and begins preparing a couple of basins of water and his tools to see after both fighters.

    Julea jumps up atop of her bench, giving herself an extra bit of height as she draws to tip toes and cheers both of the fighters, more whistles, clearly showing her approval. "Good fight!" She calls out, before jumping back down to the ground and putting her ass back to the bench.

Aleksei's grin is blinding, but he's quick to transfer his sword to his off-hand and stride up to offer Luca the fierce clasp of his hand, his lips visible moving but voice inaudible above the hubbub.

Holden stands as the crowd begins to. Taller than average, his displeasure remains but does soften at Aleksei's win. He brings up both big hands, flapping them together once. Twice.

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Lianne untangles her hand from her companion that she might applaud, though it comes with a wry remark aside to Duarte. If the two had been betting on the match, her muted enthusiasm might mark him the victor.

Aleksei is overheard praising Luca for: Fucking brilliant with a sword!

Orazio turns from his conversation in the booth, to shout, "Well fought, Champions! Congratulations, Aleksei!"

Luca casts a bow out over the crowds, a smirking wink cast Hana's way for her particular standout commentary, and then he's moving up to take Aleksei's arm in his, his own blade transferred to off-hand in turn. Whatever's said, it's returned with a certain effusiveness and a quick manly one-armed hug (or failed attempt to stab him in the back given it's the off-hand arm with the sword hugging him), and then the two are off towards the medic for patching up.

Orazio is overheard praising Aleksei for: Not just lucky, but deeply skilled!

Orazio is overheard praising Luca for: Immensely skilled, and a worthy Champion and Prince.

Anabelle rises to cheer as well, taking Valencia's lead to call out similar respects.

Aureth is overheard praising Aleksei for: What a performance!

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The sight taken of Aleksei results in the Lord Commander leaning aside to speak toward one of the knights which flanks himself, his voice raised against the shouts of the crowd. A series of nods are exchange from Lord Commander to knight of the King's Own and then Rymarr sits upright in his saddle again. He doesn't seem prepared to commit to joining the festivities; instead opting to remain mounted and on the periphery of the gathering.

Aureth is overheard praising Luca for: Still fine as hell.

Tristram is overheard praising Luca.

Rymarr is overheard praising Aleksei for: Sir Aleksei Morgan, I believe he introduced himself as when I first met him. Keep an eye on him. If promise is shown and the heart is there, we may.

Lyiana eventually sits back down at her seat, smoothing her skirt.

Zhayla hops up on the benches while everyone is standing, which gives her a moment to spot Rymarr; she waves at him from the stands in a cheerful hello, and then sidles down the benches toward ... Holden. Of all the people and for all the reasons, she latches on to him to say, "That flail is huge!" with a wide grin and a delight usually reserved for baskets full of kittens.

Benjamin waves the duelist over as they finish with the performance of it all and sits them to the bench. He isn't very long seeing over Aleksei's bruises, checking him over for anything more than the odd abrasion and applying salves. Luca takes a little while longer, wrapping his rib cage in snug, crisp clean bandages and making nimble, quick and practiced work of the cut left by Aleksei's blade. Soon enough, they're both auction-fit!

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"Thank you both," Saedrus says from the Judges Booth to both Luca and Aleksei again when the crowd settled once more. The courtesan smiles brightly and lifts his voice to be heard, "a wonderful start to the evening and fantastic show of skill by both Champions. Though the night is not yet over! There is yet the Auction and both duellists are indeed up for grabs, and perhaps others, though not all will come pre-oiled."

Saedrus chuckles first, then explains the winnings for those participating, "For the lucky men and women who out bid the rest there is an entire evening to be shared with which ever champion you choose to bid on. Please remember the proceeds of the event will be in part donated to the aid of the Lower Borough orphans, so it is very much for a good cause." Saedrus gestures down towards the drinks tent and smiles to Mailys with a nod, "And now, to begin the Auctions I ask dear Mailys of House Whisper to hold the first of the Champions to be up for grabs, the Grandmaster of the Guild, Lady Niamh Greenmarch!" Saedrus steps back from the bannister of the Judges Booth then to welcome Mailys up.

Lyiana blushes as Niamh is up for grabs at the auction, though her eyes remain on her feet. She couldn't possible aford the woman.

"And for those that wish to, Mistress Zhayla will be available in the far tent for those that wish to best their abilities in an arm wrestle!" Saedrus also adds with a smile to Zhayla.

Percephon heads down from the Far Stands, clearly on his way out. It's towards Ywaine first that his hand lifts, giving a wave of farewell, and then too does Anabelle and her group garner a teasing nod and dip of his head as the noble-scholar makes his way for the exit.

Alis ficks a peanut at Percy from the High Stands before he can escape.

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Holden scans his sad brown eyes for the nearby voice, but his attention slides clear over Zhayla's head. Slowly, he looks down, and down some more. "Mgh," he gruffs in acknowledgment of her, unconsciously tilting away from the smile. He sees the broadsword and nudges his chin somewhat. "Yup."

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Demura waves at Valencia from the High Booth when she is noticed leaving the general seating.

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Oh! Whoops. Mailys is on. The drink she had been consuming is quickly finished and over to Saedrus the iny Whisper moves, flashing everyone a brilliant grin. "My lady." Mailys says to Niamh, beaming at her. Then she sweeps into a flourished curtsy to everyone, coupling with with a radiant smile, 'Hello everyone. Not all of you know me, I am the Mailys Saedrus is speaking about." Her voice easily carries and i has a sense of invitation to it, welcoming people to freely get involved.

Valencia looks up and smile brightly, waving back to Dumura, before moving to the edge of the field to check on her cousin.

Lyiana waves at Mailys from her position in the seating, showing she clearly nows the courtisan at least the teasing part.

Zhayla's excited wave is met by a hand leaving Dauntless' reins. The armored fingers open and an open palm is held toward the woman of many titles. Rymarr's return wave is held for a moment before it lowers again to retake the reins. Though when Zhayla scoots down in her seating to join another, Rymarr's stern blue eyes seem to shift from one face to the other. From a distance and the matter of his helmet being worn, it's difficult to determine the expression that the Lord Commander wears. Finally Rymarr begins to pull Dauntless' reins to the right and the stallion begins to turn. Soon the knights of the King's Own begin to progress from the training grounds again after having witnessed what they wished to see, it would seem.

Waldemai is a blacksmith, with the arms and shoulders of a blacksmith. He stumps down to the Arm Wrestling to bid a farewell to his arm.

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Quite a different sight from the duelists that just put on a display, Niamh is neither oiled nor topless, but instead fully decked out in leathers. When Mailys approaches Niamh bows her head to the courtesan. "Mistress Mailys," she greets, gesturing the auctioneer forward to get things started. Meanwhile, there's smiling, posing, encouragement for the bids that will hopefully come.

6 King's Own Guardsmen, Judge, Dauntless leave, following Rymarr.

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"Oh, that's me, sorry, I like your flail! It's very big!" With that, Zhayla turns to run down for the arm wrestling tent and plonk herself into a seat. From there, she can still cheer for Niamh. She is definitely not bidding on anything, though.

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Luca's settling while he's patched up, grinning and murmuring something down to the medic doing it, but otherwise a model patient. After, rather than leave himself all gleaming covered in bandages and oil, he's moving to snag his jet black linen shirt back up. It's slid on over, with front left mostly unlaced to a deep V of oiled chest and wonderful draping Lycene style silhouetting his musculature. It doesn't hurt that it covers up the bandage either, since he's apparently going to be put up on the auction block as side of meat now that he's performed for the crowd. He doesn't exactly look eager for it, but neither is he letting it show much in his rakish, easier smile. The eyes though, they're brooding. Maybe it's the persona he's playing. Either way, he's making his way to the Arm Wrestling tent, despite very much NOT having the arms of a blacksmith in that lanky duelist frame.

Aureth cranes his neck to follow the glance from Zhayla to the man she addresses, eyebrows up as he considers Holden. Yep, that is definitely a big flail.

Hana watches Zhayla rise from the bench, and then offers a nod in farewell to other familiar faces. Then she sets off as well, back to her shop and her commissions. She watched the main event, after all.

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Lyiana is staying until she either falls asleep or is carried away. Either or, she's watching the auction even if she can't bid on it. She has to save for the comissions she makes.

Silas is overheard praising Ywaine for: Good conversationist!

Aleksei sheathes his sword and grabs a towel -- along with his shirt and duster -- to wipe off his face as he heads off the field. There's a moment when he passes by the seating that his eyes suddenly catch on Holden in the stands, and his step falters for the briefest moment, before he's striding over to the champion tent. Maybe he'll put his shirt back on.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tristram before departing.

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Dash the Guard Corgi, 3 Iron Guardsmen leave, following Silas.

"Now, who is it that I can tak into bidding upon this breathtaking beauty? I fear she would dazzle me far to much were I to try bidding on her." A mock look of woe crosses the face of Mailys, "So, I will have to admire her beauty from afar." A brilliant smile is given, "Might I start the interest at 500? I'd be heartbroken for anyone not lucky enough to claim the time of Lady Niamh."

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Lyiana raises a hand and it looks like she's doing this anyway, perhaps too tired to care? "600?" she asks, trying in vain not to laugh. She's tired, it seems, but she's all in good spirits.

Benjamin finishes up at the bench, cleaning up his hands and his tools, and sees to everything being put away. When he finishes, he starts to follow across the field towards the arm-wrestling tent, to linger outside of it while he watches the auction unfold.

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Lyiana notes she doesn't expect to win, she's just doing it for fun.

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Duarte, from those far stands lifts a hand to cup his mouth and calls out. "Seven hundred for the lady!"

Aureth lifts two fingers in an airy wave, calling out: "750."

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Lyiana grins and shouts, "900."

Luca has rolled a critical success!
Luca checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 54, 44 higher than the difficulty.

Luca checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 24, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Waldemai checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 21, 11 higher than the difficulty.

While she's being auctioned off, Niamh leaps out of the judge's booth and walks closer to the stands. "900?" she calls out. "Surely we can raise more than that for the orphanages! Come now! Let us find our generous spirit, and perhaps afterwards I can take you for some spirits in generous measure!" {N

Waldemai checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 24, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Lyiana "Ok, 1000!" Lyiana says, grinning despite her green eyes dancing with amusement.

Cassius watches from the stand, curious, as the bids come. Back and forth, a flurry of bids rolling in. The big knight looks like he doesn't understand.

A brilliant smile is flashed again by Maily as the bids start, " wait, 75.. Okay! 900! Surely helping the orphans and time with Lady Niamh is worth more than 1000 gold." Easily Mailys moves tot he side when she notes Niamh leap out of the judg's stand. "Look at hat grace and poise.' insists MAilys. "Dpo I hear 1100?"

Still laughing, Lyiana says, "1500?"

Vex the Owl arrives, delivering a message to Lyiana before departing.

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Orazio is overheard praising Lyiana for: Generous to charity! And with excellent taste in Champions.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fiachra before departing.

"Did you just bid against yourself, kid?" Aureth raises his eyebrows as he slants a look in Lyiana's direction. He purses his lips thoughtfully, glancing back at Niamh with warm appraisal for the blonde in his pale gaze. "Twice? I feel like I'm taking advantage of somebody here." He smears his hand thoughtfully over his beard, thinking about the contents of his purse.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tristram before departing.

"Well, since it's for such a good cause, why don't we go with 3000?" Fiachra calls, as he gives his cousin a wink. He obviously has a plan.

Seeing that her cousin is returning in fine form she watches the bidding for a while, fading into the background a little. She offers a smile to Cassius as she passes, lowering her head respectfully.

Lyiana sighs and laments, "I can't." while she leans back and pouts cutely. Turhing to Aurith, she raises a fist. "I did not!" she says

Alistair rises from the private booth with Orazio, seeming done with his business. As he does so he converses quietly with one of his Confessors, who turns and shouts out, "Inquisitor Alistair bids 5,000 silver for Lady Niamh." The hood's underling declares. Alistair, despite his profession, simply watches the fights and entertainment displays.

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Orazio is overheard praising Alistair for: Dark horse bidder for charity!

"Is it a tale you'd want tonight? A free lesson in blades perhaps" Niamh calls out. She wiggles fingers to Lyiana in thanks. She blows a kiss to Aureth to entice his pocket to empty. And she smiles broadly for Fiachra. When Alistair suddenly goes to such heights though. "The Inquisition shows it has a softer heart! Well done!"

"A very generous bid Inquisitor Alistair!" Saedrus cheers.

After giving Alistair a mock dirty look for being outbid, Fiachra calls in a carrying voice, "5500 silvers for Lady Niamh." Not giving up that easily.

Mailys winks at Lyiana, "1500 to the lovely Lyiana." At Fiachra's bid, "The generous man with the wink." Then Alistair makes his, "I do believe the.. Look at that 5500. Do I hear more?"

Alistair does not react to any praises or cheers. Perhaps he has a darker purpose in mind for Niamh with that bid! He is in Inquisitor... who knows what trouble they could be up to. "6,000." His Confessor calls out immediatly as Fiachra raises the bid.

Aureth opens his mouth like he might bid again, and then closes it with a little click of teeth.

Lyiana nearly falls off her seat as Mailys winks at her and blushes a deep deep red as Niamh wiggles fingers.

Well, this can't stand. There's a rivalry between the priesthood of the Sentinel and the Inquisition, after all. Orazio calls out, "6500 for the pleasure of the Guildmaster's company."

Tristram laughs broadly.

"7500." Fiachra calls, not willing to be outbid by the Faithful.

Niamh bows to the Legate for his words. "Does the Inquisition give up its quarry so easily?" she nudges Alistair's bids too. But then there's Fiachra calling out again and she laughs merrily for it.

Cassius seems to be discussing the topic at hand (re: Niamh) with Lianne and Duarte in no small amount of detail. He nearly misses Valencia as she passes, though he does turn to look upon the woman for a moment, and then he gives a faint inclination of his head, along with his usual stony gaze. His eyes go back to the bidding.

Inquisition!? Faithful! Don't make them laugh... because they charge per chuckle and they take either gold or blood. The Confessor, showing a similar stoic expression to his Inquisitor boss states firmly, "8,000."

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Saedrus chortles happily watching the auction go on.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Fiachra before departing.

Vex the Owl arrives, delivering a message to Lyiana before departing.

Worming her way through the crowd, Demura slowly makes her way out of the tourney grounds.

Mailys doesn't call out the bids this time as she slides her eyes to Alistair now, "Are you going to let yourself be otbid? Think of how appriciative the poor orhans wuld be for your kindness." Then Fiachra is outbid again, 'It seems youve been outbid again. Are you going to let your pride take that?" a little bit of a devil's advocate that MAilys is.

    Julea tucks one of her hands into the front pockets of her pants, her attention now darting about the various faces as bids are made and there's a bit of a whistle as the price grows increasingly higher.

"8,500," Orazio says, promptly. He's standing nearly in parade rest at his booth, amusement in his stern features as he nods, pleasantly, to the stoic Inquisitor and his Confessors.

Lyiana reads a message as she blushes a little, before carefully folding the note.

The Confessor, playing his part, glances to Orazio and perhaps make a mental note to double check the books of the Faith and the Legate... what with accusations of skimming money having been thrown around before. "10,000."

Aleksei checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 40, 30 higher than the difficulty.

Aleksei checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 9, 2 higher than the difficulty.

With a little bow given to Mailys, and a wink, Fiachra says, quite clearly, "11000." without hesitation, even after he checks a message sent to him.

Benjamin checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 30, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Benjamin checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 25, 18 higher than the difficulty.

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Niamh fans herself with her hand. "Now the bids are heating up! We still have three more to go. Who will put out the decisive bid? For such a good cause!

The Hood's underling seems about ready to jump down someone's throat and drag them off to the Panopticon for an audit. Where did you get all this silver? Who have you been stealing from? The grain stocks have been rather low. Before he can let out an even higher number, Alistair raises a sharp hand and departs without a word. Hes risen the stakes of the bid high enough. He probably has a deal to skim off the Orphanage anyways.

Orazio makes a brief little outward breath as the price goes up. With a shake of his head, the Legate concedes defeat. At least, this time.

Alistair has left the Quiet Booth.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Zhayla checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 30, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Zhayla checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 24, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Waldemai checked strength against difficulty 10, resulting in 14, 4 higher than the difficulty.

A kiss is blown to Fiachra at the wink then she says to Niamh, "The pleasure of your company seems quite sought after, my lady." Orazio gets a slight nod from MAilys as she nots him stepping out of the bidding game. Around she looks, inspecting to see anyone else is bidding further. "Time with Lady Niamh going once..."

Waldemai checked stamina against difficulty 7, resulting in 11, 4 higher than the difficulty.

With Fiachra's victory seemingly assured, Niamh starts into the stands and towards the high booth. She pauses here and there, looking around to see if anyone else wants to top the astounding bid.

A final glance around is given by Mailys. When it seems no one else is bidding, "Sold to the handsome Inquisitor." It's hard to say if Mailys actually knows his name or not.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

A final glance around is given by Mailys. When it seems no one else is bidding, "Sold to the handsome lord (right term this time!)." It's hard to say if Mailys actually knows his name or not.

"Thank you Mistress Mailys," Saedrus smiles to the Whisper, "And congratulations Lord Fiachra on winning Lady Niamh! And next up for auction is one of today's winner of the duel, Sir Aleksei Morgan! The man has already shown great skill this evening so let us start the bids at 500 silver, but I am tempted to add a few thousand on just for the fact he's oiled up. And this is in charity of the Orphanage remember now," Saedrus waits for Aleksei to step up and no doubt start showing off a little (or alot) "So first bids?"

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Mailys scoots back to lean against the judge's area so Saedrus can do his bidding things now.

Aleksei bounds out of the tent as if the sound of his name was thoroughly unexpected. He comes out into the open with a wide, cheeky sort of grin, his shirt back on but not his duster at this point. He rakes a hand through his hair and laughs a bit at Saedrus's introduction. All right let's do this.

"Five hundred is too little for a champion Champion," Orazio calls out, sternly, although with warm humor in his voice. "Three thousand."

"Beyond the talent with a sword, I am sure Sir Aleksei is perfectly capable of marketing himself -- Come now, place your bids, do I hear 600?" Saedrus calls out to the crowds.

Lyiana leans back on the bench, her hand gently shading her eyes

Valencia takes a deep breath and begins to weaver her way out of the crowd.

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    Julea pokes her head out of the arm wrestling tent and puts up a hand, calling out a bid as she eyes up Aleksei. "Three and a half thousand."

"Oh my, well, a good start, 4000?" Saedrus calls.

Aureth carols with easy merriment from his place looming by the armwrestling tent, "I'll offer 4,000."

Saedrus chortles happily to himself, "I have 4000, 4500?"

Cassius considers a moment, then abruptly stands. "Six-..." And before he can get the words out, there's thousands of silver already being offered up. Cassius snorts, then sits himself right back down.

Monique rushes in, dripping wet and hurriedly making her way towards her family at the High Booth, offering apologies along the way for anyone that catches some of the water still dripping from her. She takes her seat and offers her family a broad grin as she settles in to catch up.

"Did I hear 6000?" Saedrus grins to Cassius.

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"And I'll offer 4500," Orazio says, with a grin towards Aureth. There might be a provoking waggle of eyebrows, but hey, he's up in that booth, so maybe it's just a trick of the light.

"I thought I just /was/ marketing myself," Aleksei says innocently. His grin warms considerably when Orazio starts off his bidding, and there's a sort of baffled but delighted humor to his mien as it starts to take off. "I'm perfectly willing to take my shirt off again."

Cassius has sat down. He's perfectly ready to just forget ever standing up. Then Saedrus fixes eyes on him. "Uh-..." the Duke starts. Then clears her throat, and looks aside, to Lianne and Duarte. As if either of them might help him. He looks back to Saedrus. "Fine," the big man says. "Six thousand! Assuming I can make it to the bank..." he grumbles out.

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Orazio is overheard praising Cassius for: A most charitable Duke!

"That's definitly at 4500--" Saedrus says smiling to Orazio, "Ah! There 6000 to Duke Pravus?" Saedrus asks out.

Aureth grins a wide and open grin at Orazio across the field, lacking in shadows to obscure him. He does not immediately move to up the bid again, maybe because he has to do math. He glances aside back into the tent.

"Yes, six thousand," Cassius says to Saedrus, confirming his bid. Then the big man eyes Aleksei, with an unfriendly sort of gaze.

Aleksei has to catch a laugh behind his fist when Cassius gets wheedled into bidding on him. He looks about the stands with brows swept upwards to see if anyone beats him.

"Come now surely we can do better than even this most generous bid from the Duke, 6500?" Saedrus calls again looking over the crowd.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

Orazio thinks about this. He looks at Aleksei. He looks at Cassius. Then he grins. "Oh, if the Duke wants him that badly, I'd feel downright uncharitable stealing him away." There's an elegant and thoroughly amused bow in the Duke's direction.

Lianne offers no help, only a quiet aside to Cassius once he settles back down beside her, expression suggesting muted approval.

    Julea can't help but release a peel of laughter as she catches Orazio's words on the matter of that bid. Dimples settle into her cheeks and she's quick to peer off towards Cassius for his reaction.

"I am sure he is far more than the stunning figure and magnificent skill," Saedrus offers to the crowd, "One way to find out, else it is the kind Duke Pravus who will be taking the win, another call, 6500?" Stifling a chuckle for Orazio's comment.

Aureth checked willpower against difficulty 15, resulting in 19, 4 higher than the difficulty.

Cassius looks left, then right, over the field of bidders. No other bids coming in. The Duke lets out a sigh. "Really...?"

"I'm good at chopping firewood shirtless, swordfighting lessons, push-ups, puns, drinking contests..." Aleksei starts counting off talents on his fingers.

Loudly, Niamh shouts out, "The nights are cold! That firewood chopping could come in handy! And he just won a duel with Prince Luca! C'mon!"

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Saedrus glances to Aleksei, "I am certain you are excellent at lifting heavy objects too," The courtesan looks out to the crowd, "One last chance!" Well, hopefully Cassius has some wood that needs chopping.

Cassius scowls aside, at the people sitting with him, before he looks back onto the auction. He rises up now, either to get a better view of other bidders, or to... eye his prize. "Oh, there's plenty of work to be done! Worry not, Sir Aleksei!" the duke calls out. He is, apparently, going to opt to embrace this situation.

Aureth laughs. "I'll bid 6500," he says, possibly to save his friend from the prospect of work, "if the Duke promises not to have me assassinated for stealing his man."

"Ah hah! I was certain we were not through yet, 6500 to Master Aureth. Duke Pravus, care to make that 7000?" Saedrus asks, smiling brilliantly.

"I'm sure a Duke can outbid a commoner bar owner!" Aleksei says with a delighted laugh.

Lyiana snorts over in her seat, which has become empty. She grins and actually giggles, actually, her thiredness having given way to hysterical and quite quiet laughter.

Lianne shouldn't laugh. She really, really shouldn't. But she does. A little sputter of a giggle escapes her at Aureth's words before she buttons that right up and sets herself straight and gets her face back to a more placid expression of pleasantness.

Mailys beams at Cassius and encurages, "Makng a hire bid would sure win the favor of at least one Whisper."

Aureth pats his pockets theatrically.

Cassius' eyes flick aside, to Aureth, and for a brief moment the big Northerner with a Southern name looks agitated. There might even be a full on scowl. But then comes Saedrus' voice, and Cassius looks back to the auctioneer. "No, no, I think-..." and then Aureth calls out. Cassius looks that way again. There's a groan. "Seven thousand," Cassius finally says, as he looks back to Saedrus.

"It is for charity," Orazio calls down to Cassius. "Gild looks kindly upon those who are generous to others, and provide work for those who need it." And then Cassius bids, and he just laughs. A deep, pleased belly laugh.

Lyiana stopps her giggles with an effort, shoving them down in the depths of her exhausted body. She puts on a straight face, something just caught her funny.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orazio before departing.

"Duke Pravus you will steal the favour of the Whisper house with such kindness. And I am sure you will have wood stocked well into the winter should you win. 7000! Do I hear 7500?" Saedrus asks looking out towards Aureth.

"Or are any so daring as to jump the bidding higher?" Saedrus adds to those in the stands.

Aureth lets out a long low whistle as he looks up at Aleksei, and then slants a look at Orazio again. He then tells the place at large, "He is /really/ good at jokes, and other things, but this is getting pricy."

Saedrus looks about "7000, to Duke Pravus going.." the courtesan calls out looking out for any last bidders.

"Well, you get to hang out with me all the time anyways," Aleksei says, winking at Aureth.

"Thank you, Father," Cassius calls to Orazio, his voice stiff and unfriendly as ever. He then looks back to Aureth, and huffs out a breath. His eyes continue on to Mailys, and he considers her a moment, and the favor of House Whisper. Cassius reaches up a hand to rub at his forehead, then just looks back to Aleksei. And waits.

"Going.." Saedrus calls again, and then claps his hands! "Gone! To Duke Cassius Pravus, thank you for your generousity and congratulations," the couretsan bows to Cassius, "I do hope you put him to good use. And now! If my dear Mistress Mailys will return to the Judges Booth the next up for bid is our other Duellist of the night, Prince Luca Velenosa!"

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"You are quite welcome, my lord," Orazio says, his cheer seeming almost a deliberate counter to Cassius' stiffness. "Aleksei is a wonderful companion, and a delight to spend time with."

Niamh is overheard praising Saedrus for: For hosting such a grand event.

"He is," Aureth puts this vote of confidence behind Orazio's, and grins, because come on, it's funny.

Orazio is overheard praising Saedrus for: A delightful event, and what one would expect from Saedrus' guidance!

Benjamin is overheard praising Saedrus for: A master of his craft.

Aleksei bounds over to Cassius with a wide grin totally undeterred by the Duke's more dour nature. He claps a hand on the man's shoulder and lowers his voice to say something to him, eyes bright.

Cassius decides to just... applaud. For himself? For Aleksei? It lasts just a few moments, then his attention is on Aleksei as the man bounds over.

A grin is flashed at Cassius again by the chipper courtesan. Her fingers wiggle to him in a wave. "You've done a grand thing, Duke Pravus." she calls to him as she once mroe straightens up but does not move just yet. Forward she steps once more, glancing towards the prince in question to assure he is ready for being bid on. "It is a grand boon to be able to spend time with Prince Luca. He's got a smile that can melt the coldest of hearts." She gives Luca a chance to step forward befoe saying, "Shall we start the bidding at 500?"

"3000 silver on Prince Luca!" Monique calls out her bid from the high booth with a cheery grin and wave towards Mailys.

"4000," Aureth throws out casually in Monique's wake.

    "Five thousand!" Julea is quick to raise the stakes on the bidding war, before she follows it with a sharp cough.

"6000," Monique calls back!

Saedrus looks up to the High Booth with a blink, "well, that's a start.." then to Aureth, and Julea.

Lianne might be seen lifting a hand to point aside at Duarte at something voiced by one of her companions, her smile a bit more earnestly amused than her earlier forced placidity.

"A thousand." This from Duarte, near Cassius and Aleksei. He throws his hand up. But then Monique calls out, followed by Aureth and others and Duarte waves off his bid.

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Orazio seems to be staying out of this one, although his gaze bounces from bidder to bidder with a lively interest.

Cassius can't manage to look dour as Aleksei does come over. A clap on the shoulder, and Cassius dips his head to Aleksei. He murmurs out quietly to the man, as his attention shifts back to the auction. His brows go up.

    "Six and a half thousand!" Julea calls out her less, taking a moment to consider Luca and then Monique, adding a brow waggle towards the other woman. "I'm badly in need of combat lessons!"

Saedrus settles against the bannister railings of the Judges Booth with a cocked hip, chortling quietly, "And of course, it's all for the children." he drawls in that pretty southern lilt.

Grinning back towards Julea, Monique offers up, "Seven thousand!"

Moving out from the arm-wrestling tent where not a lot of people have come by to arm wrestle, Luca's slinking out in graceful, languid stride towards the display area. He's got the fluid ease of a man a little into drink, and indeed has in his hand a hip flask of black volcanic glass that he's sipping from bracingly as he's moving into view of all. And as he does, he's calling out jovially to Aleksei with a wink. "And hey, Alley Cat, Nia said you could sleep with whoever bid on you. So there's that. Cut that wood well and never know!"

Oh yeah, Luca's a bit too loose with his lips, but he's tucking away the hipflask somewhere in the tight lines of the calfskin pants. He's all Lycene grace and brooding beauty in black, chest still gleaming in oil where it's exposed in lean V from the part of his linen shirt, his unruly dark hair draped to half veil one eye. His dark brows both shoot up hi at the bids called out, a particular fiery redhead northern girl getting a wink sent her way at Monique's. Calling out to the crowd then, Luca's proclaiming. "I'm a layabout, drunkard, and have no tact to save my life. But I can swing a sword a fair bit and teach it if desired, and I've been told I can be occasionally charming..." the bid from Julea earns a pause and a laughing nod her way. "...though I think it may just be my penchant for getting people around me drunk. It makes me entirely more appealing I think." And then the bidding's back and forth again and he's just turning to Mailys to give a little shrug like 'well, what do I do now?'.

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Aureth runs his fingertips thoughtfully along the line of his jaw, eyebrows lifted thoughtfully as he watches Luca. Then he sings out with a performer's volume: "8,000."

    There's silence from Julea for a while, and she makes a show of checking her coin purse, and even, counting out silver from one hand to the other. Eventually she drops the purse back down to dangle from her belt and comes to tip toes. "Eight thousand." This, is all done with a broad grin to Lucas, and then an expectant look to Monique, clearly expecting to be outbid.

    Julea follows that with a quick, "And a half. Eight and a half."

"Someone is eager to claim the ear of this captivating prince." says Mailys as she winks at Monique at her bid. To Aureth and Julea, "You guys are going to let such a delight go for a mere 6000? To think what it would cause those poor orphans to think." She is about to make a cheeky comment to Monique next but she ups her bid so back to the former two Mailys looks, adding, "I can ry convincing the prince to take his shirt off again." she offers helpfully. She gracefully scoots closer to Luca to tug at the sleeve of the prince, as if to remove his shirt herself. She's not above using eye candy to cause people to raise their bids. Plus? She gets to see him bear chested again. She lifts on her toes briefly to murmur in Luca's ear, after his look. She is probably givign him direction.

Monique lets out a laugh at the continued bidding and grins down to Luca, "9000 silver!" She offers a wave to her departing kin before propping up on the edge of the booth and calling out, "Funny, I was /just/ telling my brother that we /need/ anotheer drunkard around the Lodge!"

Vex the Owl arrives, delivering a message to Saedrus before departing.

Aureth glances down at his fingernails for a moment as though checking them over for torn nails or unsightly dirt. "10,000 silver."

Monique watches Aureth with a chuckle and offers up, "10,500 silver!"

    "Eleven thousand." Julea calls out, her tone clear and her grin only broadening as Monique seems to match her silver for silver. This time, she doesn't check her coin purse. She does glance briefly towards Aureth, her brow arching and then she snickers.

"Now _that_ role I could totally perform. And after all, it's for the orphans people! Keep in mind the little ones!" Luca's calling out as he settles into his role on the meat market, grinning out between the three bidders, winking their way, adding to the crowd as he starts to pace a gliding pace, as if showing off the goods. "I promise I'll even keep my Lycene debaucheries to a minimum for whoever gets me. Or not. Never know!" Okay then, apparently he's eager to see the price rise, or else Mailys just goaded him into it. He doesn't exactly seem enthusiastic so much as amused as hell.

Cassius finally sits back down at the bench, after whispering with Aleksei for a while. "You can join us, if you want," Cassius says, to Aleksei. "Though that won't count as my paid time with a Champion," he says, making sure that's clear.

Laughing, Monique shakes her head and calls out, "Sorry folks, that's the limit of a Prodigal's purse it seems!" She sweeps into a bow with a flourish and grins, "I hear the Prince fights even better when he's down to the breechcloth, Julea! Make sure to take advantage of that in your lessons!" Sending a cheeky grin towards Luca, she lifts a shrug, "Apologies, Your Highness, it seems I was outbid! Perhaps another time!"

Aureth purses his lips thoughtfully as he flicks his fingertips gainst the side of his purse. He hesitates, glancing aside across the field as he looks over the other bidders and the other audience members.

    Julea makes a salute like motion towards Monique from across the field, "I will make sure I do. I intend to have a painting commissioned so that the whole thing will be enjoyed for years to come." She states, tucking her bidding hand in her pocket, she now turns eyes to Aureth, curious.

Aleksei grins wide at Cassius, his eyes bright. "I'll be right there," he says, but it's actually up towards Orazio's booth that he heads too first, his gait bounding and energetic.

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Orazio turns to greet Aleksei with a warm smile, and a clap on the shoulder. He gestures for the man to stand beside him, so that they can look down on the bidding.

"One,...maybe two, times you fight naked in public, and suddenly you have a reputation!" Luca's calling out to Monique's words with a faux-exasperation, though to her bowing out of bidding, he's bending a quick flourish of bow to her, amused and grateful as he turns to look between Julea and Aureth then. "Well then, Hot Lips? What say you?" It's offered up to the bar owner with a sly, wicked sort of smirk that purses fine lips just a touch.

Aureth meets Julea's gaze, tilting his head slightly to one side, and then looks back up at Luca. He grins for his answer, and calls out: "12,000. A dozen thousand?"

Lyiana blinks as she comes out of her revery. Apparently, auction is going on still.

A pleased look crosses Mailys' face at Luca playing it up. "Look at how he struts. Look how well he is built, for a layabout drunkard." she is teasingly using the same words Luca was throwing out. "The orphans are going to delight at all the food and clothing hey will be able to get wih all the coin people are willling to part with for hem."

    Julea lets out a bit of a whistle. The price is getting steep, and this time her hand slips from her pocket and touches at her coin purse, reminding herself with eyes not on Luca but rather Aureth. "He will make a pretty barmaid."

Eleyna arrives to the tournament grounds too late for the shirtless fight, but obviously not too late to see her cousin being sold to the highest bidder. A look of vague amusement flits over the princess' pale face as the blond finds a place in the crowd to observe. Perhaps to also collect material with which to mock Luca later. It's just what cousins do.

    Finally there's a sort of exagerrated groan from the young smith and Julea calls out a more meek. "Twelve and a bit. Say. Twelve thousand and one hundred?" She doesn't seem as certain now.

Luca gives Julea a half-pained sort of heart-struck comment at her throwing his own joke back to him about Champions in barmaid outfits. "Sure you want to miss out on the painting opportunity, not to mention the training one, Mistress Sanguine? Here, let me remind." The Lycene's then doing as Lycene are prone to do it sometimes seems, for he's reaching up to peel off that mourning black of shirt again, exposing all that gleaming, oil-touched bronze skin, the bandage around the middle only emphasizing rather than covering.

Aureth throws back his head and laughs, a bright break of sound that sounds suspiciously cacklish. "12,500."

Lyiana sits quietly on the bench, pressing hands to her eyes as she knuckles them. Her attention is drawn further anf further away from the auction as her fingers rub at her eyes. Finally, she can probably not stay awake anymore and stands from the bench, waving to those she knows. Moving out of the grounds with a barely held back yawn, the tailor is walking to certain sleep.

"She's right though, I _would_ make a pretty barmaid." Luca's countering back to Aureth as she ups the bid another notch. And when then the man in turn does so, back to Julea go those pretty cinnamon eyes and a sly, wickedly roguish lopsided grin's given. "Of course, I'd make a prettier painting to remember by. And I promise I could teach you to dance out of way of things a bit better to keep you alive to use that wonderful blade of yours."

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To Aureth Mailys looks once Julea puts in her bid. Briefly she is distracted by a once more bare chest. A tiny shake of her head is given and Mailys calls out, "We're at 12,500. Am I calling it here?" To Julea she looks again.

    "Bloody fucking abyss." Julea makes a show of fanning herself with her hand, fingers waving in the air in front of her, and for a moment looking like she's about to faint. "Thirteen. That'd be thousand. Thirteen fucking bloody thousand silver."

Orazio turns from his conversation with Aleksei to call down to Eleyna, "Princess Eleyna - will you allow the companionship of a proud Velenosa to go for so little?" His voice is playful, and he grins down at her.

Aureth lays his hand over his heart, lashes falling low over his gray eyes as he stands there as though stricken right in the pocketbook, the place where a Grayhope's pain is felt deepest. But he's smiling again as he lifts his gaze, and he says, "14,000."

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    And that's it, that seems to be the extent of the young smith's coin purse, and finally Julea shakes her head, giving Lucas' an apologetic look and then a quick clap for Aureth. "He's all yours."

Eleyna glances upward, a grin on her lips as she calls back in response, "Why would I pay for his company when I have to put with him everyday for free?" Her pale eyes rest on Luca and she gives her cousin a wink before glancing to Aureth, impressed with the bid.

When Julea bows out, "Looks like Aureh has won the hand of the half naked Prince Luca." Though, even as she declares this Mailys is givign a final glance around to be sure she is correct.

"Whoa, hey, we're not getting married here," Aureth does protest with a laugh.

"So very generous, Master Aureth!" Saedrus applauds.

Aleksei lifts from his seat next to Orazio for a moment to cup his hands around his mouth and yell, "Put him to work at the bar!"

Saedrus hops himself up nimbly on the railing of the Judge's Booth to sit upon the bannister and cross one leg over the other; all balance and grace of course. "Congratulations on the win Master Aureth! And it would seem Prince Luca, that Mistress Julea was unable to save you the fate of a pretty barmaid." Saedrus offers with a delicate bow from his position, "though the auction has one Champion yet to be bidded on. And our last Bachelor up for grabs is the Guild's own duellist and medic, Master Benjamin Carver! We've seen a show of strength and skill with a sword, but I have heard Master Benjamin has had a few wins in the arm wrestling tent while the auctions been going on, it certainly counts for something. And I could not imagine a more interesting evening than one with the Physician. As the others started, so shall this one, the bidding begins at 500-- who will start off with more? After all, you get a Champion and a Doctor."

Orazio is overheard praising Aureth for: For taking in a Prince for Charity!

There's a shout from Niamh. "Very generous, Master Aureth!"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Monique before departing.

The tall Redrain princess begins to enter, but promptly hears someone shouting about marriage and begins to retreat back her steps. Freja is not having it.

Duarte says, "Three thousand!" Duarte calls out from the far stands, a smile on his face."

"That's it. I'm sure it'll be a grand paint..." Luca began to Julea's gritted out declaration. Only to be interrupted by that painful one from Aureth that leaves the Velenosan prince laughing richly and giving a shrug of those broad bare shoulders to Julea. "Alas, darling. Twould have been wonderful. Still you can come see me waiting tables at the Murder perhaps." After which, laughing to the talk of hands and marriage, he's striding off, leaving his shirt off to head towards the arm-wrestling tent, shaking his head a little bewildered, but thoroughly amused. As he passes Zhayla he's giving her a wink and a pat on the shoulder.

Benjamin meanders out to center stage as he's called up, dressed uniformly in black, well tailored and kept attire from trim waistcoat to the polished leather of his boots. One ankle crosses the other as his arms stretch out and he dips low in a sort of jester's bow to the meat market when he's called up, a wide, easy cad's grin curling on his lips. When he straightens up he walks along the field, turning an ear cupped with a hand to listen. He drops the hand from his ear to point towards Duarte when he starts the bids out. "Don't be forgetting to mention the extensive knowledge of anatomy, Master Saedrus," he calls up to the booth, lifting a hand to wiggle dextrous fingers. "And more importantly, yea? I can cook nigh anything a person could be wanting."

Mailys grins to Aureth, the tiny Courtesan probably said it that way just to get a reaction. She is stepping back once more as Saedrus moves forward to do the final bid. Alas, it goes quickly out of her range. Back to the drinks table she moves. Maybe to claim a new one for herself. Her part, it seems, is done for now.

"Well, well, already we've jumped up!" Saedrus chortles, "3000 heard, from the gentleman," he gestures up to Duarte.

Luca has joined the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

    Julea lifts her hand up in a wave to Luca, seeming more than a bit amused at the turn of events. When Benjamin is the next one up, she draws to tip toes and adds in a bid, "Four thousand."

Ferrando is overheard praising Luca for: Everybody wants them boys from Lenosia!

"4000! Is there a 5000, perhaps? You heard the good doctor, an vast knowledge and the man can cook!" Saedrus calls with a glance down to Benjamin.

Grinning over the bidding, Monique laughs at a missive received and starts away from the booth and grounds, looking to create mischief elsewhere it would seem!

Monique has left the High Booth.

Ferrando cheers for Luca's auction price as he wanders past in the background clearing empty casks away from the refreshments tent.

"There is a four thousand five hundred!" Duarte calls from the stands again, a glance to Lianne, a gesture toward Benjamin.

Cassius glances to Duarte as the man so enthusiastically bids. He looks back to Benjamin, then Duarte, then over to Lianne, then back to Benjamin. "He does a fine shave!" Cassius calls. That should be worth a few thousand, right?

"4500 heard, is there another? Remember this is for charity and Master Carver does do his part for the health of the Lower Boroughs as well," Saedrus offers to the crowd. The courtesan gestures to Cassius "And a brilliant shave!"

"Maybe he will take his shirt off too. So people are encouraged to bid higher!' Okay, Mailys is all about getting people to remove their shirts tonight it seems.

    "Five thousand." Julea calls out from her spot at the entrance to the arm wrestling tent. This time, she's not checking her coin purse, clearly confident that she can come up with the coin.

Lianne's eyes remain forward, settled on the champion, a nod offered to Duarte. When another bid comes, she calls, "Seventy five hundred," in even tones from all the way in the back.

Benjamin's bright eyes wrinkle at the corners with his grin as he takes to walking along the field, gesturing up, up, up with his hand. "I do," he laughs with a nod to Cassius. "Finest in Arx at that, I'll wager. And I beat the night's champion at the arm wrestle, worth a coin or two more." He twists around on his heel to point a hand Julea's way when she ups it once more, just to turn that same hand Lianne's way.

"5000, from Mistress Julea, and 5500?" Saedrus asks to the stands. A blink, "7500! To the lovely Lady in the stands, and 8000, perhaps?"

"You cheated with science!" Aleksei calls out after Benjamin's claim.

"Science is never cheating," calls Lianne to Aleksei.

"A win is a win, duckie!" Benjamin calls back.

"There's a bid of 7500 still on the table, and there is room still to climb! Is there a bid of 8000?" Saedrus echoes out again-- poor thing, he'll loses his voice at this rate.

    This time, Julea seems content to be outbid early, and she shakes her head when Saedrus calls for a higher bid, tucking both hands into the front pockets of her leather pants.

Cassius gives out a laugh at the back and forth, and, really, the big dour Duke seems to be enjoying himself more than a little. What a dastardly thing, that is. When Julea relents, Cassius gives a few claps.

Saedrus uncrosses his legs and hops up to walk along the railing, evergreen eyes cast up towards Lianne in the stands. Who knows if this is even allowed but the courtesan grins and places his own bid, "I'll top 7500, and make it 8000." Saedrus adds in to see if any are willing to out bet that.

Cassius squints at Saedrus, eyeing the man. Overtly debating if he ought to call shenanigans or not.

Lianne's eyes narrow sufficiently at Saedrus when he places his own bid that the scrutiny may well be seen even over so great a distance. She waits to see if anyone else might pipe up, but eventually calls down, "Eighty five."

Benjamin laughs brightly when Saedrus throws his own bid in the mix, and turns his feet towards the booth he's calling from, pacing his way towards it. He tips his head to the left, to the right, his eye scanning along the gathered towards the stands where the bids had last been coming from curiously.

"Very daring! 8500, my Lady," Saedrus makes a dramatic bow, "Is there any for 9000? It is the last bet of the night, my good people, we should make it the best we can!"

"Is the auctioneer allowed to place a bid?" Duarte, beside Lianne and watching in a relaxed fashion, calls out. "I say that someone else takes over bidding if he wishes to partake of the bidding!"

"I am already been outbid," Saedrus shrugs delicately. "Champion, physician and barber, going for 8500!"

Lianne assures Duarte, "I don't contest. The gentleman may take interest where he wishes."

"The good Master Benjamin Carver, going for 8500 to the fine lady in the stands! Going once.. twice! Saedrus calls out to leave room for any final bids. It's for charity peeps.

"And gone! To the generous Lady," Saedrus calls, "Thank you for your generosity."

Cassius rises up from the bench he's set on once more and applauds. Again, it's short lived, but there it is none the less.

Cassius is overheard praising Saedrus for: A masterful auctioneer!

Benjamin turns himself towards the far stands and places a hand on his chest when he bows towards Lady Lianne as the bids close out. He hops up into the booth a moment to whisper some grinned words to Saedrus' shoulder before stepping down again to wind his way along the edge of the field toward the stands.

Mailys contents herself with drinking more of the alcohol Saedrus had provided.

Lianne offers only a shallow nod of acknowledgement when her winning bid is confirmed, then a deeper dip of her head to Benjamin's bow. It's a very muted win from Lady Pravus who returns to quiet chatter with those sitting close to her.

Benjamin has joined the Far Stands.

Saedrus keeps his place on the rails of the Judges Booth and applauds, "Thank you all again," a brief pause as he dips himself to Benjamin, then straightens once more and looks to the crowd, "Thank you to the Champions Guild for a wonderful night, for showing their skill, their charm and their good nature and for all we have raised for the Orphanage. And of course, thank you all for attending tonight as it would not have been anything without the crowds." And the courtesan takes a bow.

Mailys picks up a simple wooden chest of Beverages.

Duarte seems to look pleased from beside Lianne, watching the ongoing of those not in the stands and moving around.

Niamh has left the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

Waldemai has left the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

Mailys picks up a simple wooden chest of Snacks.

Julea has left the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

    Julea slips from the arm wrestling tent, offering another wave towards Niamh, and then back to those she's leaving behind in the tent. Before she entirely goes, she walks over towards Saedrus, and then reaches out to thrust her entire coin purse into his hands. "I might not of won a bid, but you can have this anyways. The cause is worth it."

Ferrando exhales and leans up against a bench. Now that the event is wrapping up his tent-stocking spree seems to be concluding. Nothing like event logistics for a good workout, though.

Zhayla has left the the Champion Arm Wrestling Tent.

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