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House Thrax Presents a Masquerade

House Thrax presents a night of rum, music, and fashion, a Masquerade to allow all interest to enjoy the variety of pleasures Thraxian culture brings to the table. Food and drink will be provided, and musicians will be keeping the festivities lively with traditional songs and tunes local to the Mourning Isles. Thrax-style dress is encouraged, but not required, and masks will be provided at the door.


Feb. 12, 2017, 7 p.m.

Hosted By

Victus Julea(RIP) Valerius(RIP)


Dominic(RIP) Remi(RIP) Bethany Margot(RIP) Michael Jael Dominique Tristram Joslyn(RIP) Ford(RIP) Darren Ferrando Fairen Desiree Donella Valencia Kieran Atrid Natalia Haati Samantha Sina(RIP) Lyiana Max(RIP) Lili(RIP) Calliope Sylvie Sparte Luca(RIP) Darrow(RIP) Caprice Alarie Denica Calandra Tomwell Dafne Caelis Jasher Belladonna



Arx - Ward of House Thrax - Thrax Courtyard

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Comments and Log

Lili smiles happily and sits down with Ford and Maximillian at the southern way, crosses her legs at the ankles and tucking them to one of her sides.

The Thrax Courtyard sees a dramatic increase in activity as people move constantly back and forth within it. Even the Thralls are well dressed for the event, so much so that they might not even be recognizable as Thralls save for the entirely defeated look they all wear on their face. All at once, a group steps free of the Estate proper carrying trays of food and glasses of rum, ready to serve any and all willing to partake.

Tomwell arrives at the event, and assumes the role of Lord of the Octopi, which is likely the very last thing anyone who knows him would ever expect. He offers a bow to Valerius for the gifted mask, smiling between the octopus' tentacles upon his cheeks, "Good day to you." And with that, Tomwell makes his way towards the refreshment table. Because rum.

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Calliope's mask disguises her features, but her hair is quite recognizable. It's pulled up loosely on her head, and strewn half-hazardly with pearls and ribbons matching her dress, but still, it's colour is quite recognizable. Her dress seems to be trying to evoke some sort of sea creature, mermaid perhaps, it's much more daring than what she would normally wear. And so when she enters, her steps are slightly hesitant, as she peers about the crowd for someone familiar. Or at least slightly familiar given the mask wearing going on.

Ferrando troops in wearing a bandana mask along with a flowing half-cape and a set of black coastal-raider-looking leathers. He almost looks like Captain Jack Sparrow cosplaying as Zorro, or maybe the other way around. Whichever it is, he seems to be getting into the party theme at the very least.

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Maximilian stands off with Ford and Lili, chatting quietly as he waits for his dates to arrive. "Eh, he's not so bad. Just don't start a fight in his bar, bro and all is swimming."

Valencia arrives, following Luca.

Jasher stands at the refreshment table because rum. Also food. And while the thralls circulate to offer it to those elsewhere, he prefers having a steady supply. Especially since it's some damn fine rum. "Try the fish roe." he suggests to one of the guests. "The black is saltier than the red."

There is really no mask that's going to disguise Belladonna, not when she's dressed in her fireweave and with all of that rather distinct jewelry. That's not the point though, and she takes the mask that's offered to her with a smile, getting it into place on her face. She pauses long enough to speak quietly to the pair of guards that arrived with her, and they break away to find somewhere besides 'hovering' to hang out, her gaze sweeping over those assembled before she starts towards the closest thrall with rum. Because a drink is certainly a priority.

Desiree arrives at the event wearing a pink dress. As she's given a mask she puts it on and she's now a pirate wearing a pink dress. She looks through the mask with her blue eyes at the others paying special attention to each person's mask.

With a lopsided smile and an easy attitude, Michael Bisland treads into the Courtyard and immediately retrieves a mask which he secures easily over his face. His eyes flit towards the refreshment table and a feline smile pulls at the edges of his lips. With a small nod, he pads to the refreshment table where he eyes the rum with a vague arch of his eyebrow.

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Atrid moves around a bit more or less trying to make a way through the crowd without bumping anyone to much. He wanders over towards a Lili and the group she sits with he gives a polite nod and a bow when he gets closer. "Hello My apologies for intruding do excuse me if you will."

Joslyn arrives, dressed in fine amethyst silks, jade eyes scanning the room for her date as she wears her easygoing smile, tempered slightly be her own attempts to hide how cold she feels in the still unfamiliar weather in Arx. Spotting Max in his leviathan mask, she quickly moves to cross the distance between them, bowing her head towards him with a kind smile. "Duke Thrax?" she asks politely.

Maximilian looks over to Atrid, from behind his Leviathan Mask... "No cousin... you may not join us. Go away or I shall taunt you again. Of course you are welcome." And then to JOslyn, he tilts his head... "Count. Darkwater."

Fairen arrives without a mask, but is wearing a wool tunic of green and gold colors as well as a long, fur cloak. Taking a moment, he pushes his round spectacles up on his nose and starts to, by anyone's guess, measure his own face. This whole mask thing - it might not work for one wearing spectacles. After giving a furtive look around at all of the masks that are available, he selects a mask less extravegant. It's a black affair that doesn't flare outward at the temples and allows him to fit his glasses over the cloth. Victory!

Dominique follows the paper lanterns to those who are gathered. She was able to dig up a mask in storage. White elk mask. Elegant little antlers stick up from the top of the mask and she weaves her way through the crowd.

Wearing a crow mask atop her head at a vaunted angle, the black lace below obscuring her face, Nika approaches the courtyard amongst a gaggle of others. There's no great ceremony to her arrival; there's a pause to survey the crowd, and then she makes for where the rum lives.

Sina gazes silently into the rich auburn hue of her rum, admiring the way the liquor ripples and splashes against the edges of the glass like the waves of a potent, intoxicating ocean against a flat, crystalline cliff side. Her eyes don't often move from it, save for when she tilts the rim of the cup to the velvety push of her lips for a taste of the spicy liquor.

Caprice has a pretty mask in her fingers and over her eyes, her red hair done up in ringlets over her peacock mask, making her look like a pheniox in disguise today. She moves carefully meandering for now, moving through the scores of other folk

3 Culler Lackeys arrives, following Calandra.

Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Sylvie.

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Jael slips into the courtyard unescorted, tying on a simple black mask before she steps further into the party. She weaves through the crowds, a small smile curving as she takes in the decoration and the flow of people, until she ends up near Jasher and the drinks. "Prince Jasher," she greets with a smile. "I think tonight, it's your turn to tell me what the best thing to drink is."

Maximilian, Joslyn, Atrid, Ford and Lili stand off to the side, getting into a conversation. THere seems to be some commentary on Ferrandos portrayal of a pirate, and a running commentary on the various sea creatures.

Lili offers a warm smile to Atrid as she says while wearing the Trident mask "You can join use if you like Atrid, there are plenty of seats."

Near the entrance of the Courtyard are a group of Thralls carrying wooden boxes of simple, multi-colored masks. The accessories are primarily black and grey, with more vibrant colors accenting them, and can be seen on all of people moving about. Men and women from all Houses and walks of life have begun to gather, dancing and drinking in celebration. Of note, many are Thrax-sworn, many sailors having made their way over from the Ebb and Flow. A group of larger men, all wearing the same serpent-themed mask, move about slowly, stepping in should any arguments or fights start.

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12 Thrax Elite Guards arrives, following Victus.

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Calandra arrives at the ball while adorned in midnight gray silks and a nightingale mask.

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Squee, the Flying Squirrel, Donella arrive, following Darren.

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Samantha studies the thralls who offer her a variety of masks, which she gently refuses, instead producing a coral colored masked with shimmering scales and carefully placing it over the upper half of her face.

Atrid smiles back to Lili and nods giving a bow. "Of Course Lili itd be my pleasure to join you." Looking back to Maximillian he laughs. "Thats a good one cousin a good one Youre every bit the joker I have been told you are."

Donella is overheard praising Valerius for: Its beautiful, what he did with the courtyard.

Once again, lifted eyebrows are lost behind the mask as he glances at Max, "Cousin?" Then he looks to Atrid, "I wasn't aware the Count had any family what so ever. I was under the impression he simply...popped into being."

Maximilian tips his head to Atrid... "I'm a funny man, I've been told." He then gestures to Calandra. "But my escorts for the evening, Calandra Whisper and Joslyn Manicelli assure me... that looks are not everything." A glance back to Ford. "No. I have family. They just keep dying. Thanks for the reminder, jackfuck."

Without the Ocean to accompany her, perhaps dressing as the Moon makes little sense for a Thraxian masquerade, but that is what Sylvie comes as. Wrapped in silver-white silk that spills in layers over her sunkissed form with a matching mask, her silvered gaze sweeps the transformed space as she steps into the courtyard. She smiles softly to a thrall standing there with masks, but doesn't move to take one, of course. Instead, she moves on towards the refreshments.

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Kieran looks to Ferrando as the man approaches the northern wall and gives the man a salute.

Once she's got a tumbler of rum in hand, Belladonna makes to mingle, circling around through the people present and taking everything in. There's a great deal for her to take in, to look at. She's got her simple mask on now, a grey thing with red accents, at least not clashing with her dress. Lots of people watching, for the moment.

Sasha, a smoke-gray mountain lion arrives, following Tristram.

Caprice moves as if she had an incline of where her brother has gone, and she moves delicately to take up one of his arms "I knew you would not let me come alone." she smiles up from under the peacock mask. Her green eyes wink to him as she moves along side, "care to introduce me to your friends?"

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Haati Wavehowler looks resplendent, well perhaps better than he had when he arrived, the sleeveless black light leather, adorned now with a Midnight Blue cloak flowing back behind him. Last minute, but it matches the mask he wears, which is that of a Worg, a wolf, same muzzle, but shorter with the mask, the midnight blue like waves of the very soft fur running from Midnight blue at the roots to a lighter sea blue at the tips. The mane rolls down behind his back, hiding his long hair and rippling from a dark black to Midnight blue. Still one can see those silver and blue streaked eyes though they seem to shine more with the color choice of the mask. The rest is simple yet comfortable for one near or to the sea, with the sleeveless shirt he also wears black leather bottoms and boots designed more for the pitching of a ship rather than say for riding. A ring on his finger and gold torc, wave patterns on the band, two worgs heads howling on each end. It rests snugly around one forearm that moves a bit from wrist to the middle of his arm depending on if his arm is lowered or raised.

He looks around, the place seems to be quite busy already for only starting and seems that the place to be is getting a drink, he is thirsty and so he wanders in that direction.

"Lady Jael." Jasher greets. "Welcome. Do you like rum?" Of course she likes rum. Who doesn't? "There's several different kinds. We have light rum, amber rum, and dark rum. Each has a different flavor, determined by what it ages in. I'd suggest trying each till you find the one you prefer. After a few of those, it won't really matter which you take since you won't notice."

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Fashionably late, Darren arrives escorting Donella on his arm, both wearing simple eye masks adorned with pearls. Though masked, the High Lord is likely still recognizable to some with his mop of red hair, and he tilts down to murmur something into Donella's ear before he lofts his attention up to the paper lanterns in the sky. "This seems downright homely," he chuckles to the Thraxian Princess, grinning over to her. "There's not a single cross or weird, creepy sea animal anywhere." They pass by the thralls with the mask, and Darren simply shakes his head to reject the offered ones, as he's come prepared. "Where do you want to sit?" he asks Donella with a curious tilt to his head.

Calandra smiles warmly toward Max, her dimples briefly appearing and her dark eyes brightening. She starts in the Storm Crow's direction. Calandra has a warm smile for Joslyn as well. She leans into brush her lips against the woman's cheek.

As more and more people begin to trickle in and are given masks and drinks, Prince Valerius Thrax steps towards the back of the gathering, a pair of Thralls following along with a large crate behind him. Drink in hand, they set it down, and with a slight hop the Prince rises up over the crowd and begins to speak. "Your Graces, Highness, Lords and Ladies, and everyone in between who has done me the great honor of gracing us with your presence this evening," Valerius starts, a bright smile held as he speaks through it, "I am pleased to welcome you to the Thrax Estate for an evening of music, dance, and perhaps most importantly, drinking. I've been given the honor of preparing a glut of food and rum, the finest Maelstrom has to offer, for your pleasure. I speak sincerely when I say it's the best I've had, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do." There's a pause, his eyes turning over the crowd once more as he raises his glass, "This evening couldn't have happened without the assistance of my dear friend, the smith, Julea Sanguine, the masks provided by our highly valued seamstress, Alarie Harall, and is done in celebration of my dear cousin, the High Lord Victus Thrax. So please, enjoy yourselves, eat and drink as much as you'd like, and enjoy the very best that Thrax has to offer."

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Calliope remains along the edges of the room, her shimmery skirt keeping her steps small and slow. Her mask shines with the same material, and some of the matching pearls in her hair. She's smiling though, only the top half of her face is covered by the mask, and she's watching all of the costumes avidly. She accepts a glass of wine from one of the thralls, but she doesn't choose a place just yet.

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From behind her dolphin half-mask, Sina silently returns Remi's gaze, her face remaining rather calm and un-bothered. Once the man's attention drifts elsewhere, she lifts her glass to her lips once more, slurping down a healthy sip of that rich Thraxian rum. Her own gaze wanders the crowd, the girl seeming content enough simply observing from her perch by the refreshment table. She focuses in on Princess Donella for the briefest of moments - her attention soon snatched away by the Prince's speech.

Joslyn wears a simple mask as she stands beside Maxamilian and she inclines her head towards him, smiling easily at his commentary. "Look aren't everything, sure," she agrees. "But they are certainly a plus!" she says, offering him her arm. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you face to face. I hope an additional date finds you well," she beams over at Calandra, kissing the other woman's cheek, eyes aglow as she takes in the rest of the ball.

Dominique turns to the announcement and after some quiet chatter with Desire on the dance floor, she bows her hand and curtsys at her. "Lady Pink.. May I have this dance?" She offers her hand to her.

Victus Thrax, Highlord of Thrax, appears from the Estate looming in the background of the courtyard festivities. He's just in time to hear Valerius talk. He's flanked by twelve plate mailed guardsmen, making the completely blank white mask he's wearing rather unnecessary. It only covers the top side of his face, leaving his mouth free, and his thick beard on display. His clothes are plain; white cotton shirt and some matching pants, and his feet are in some sandals in the Southern Saffron Chain style. Rather on the edge of being out of season with winter increasingly climbing up the hill.

A servant puts a cup in his hands, and he lifts it up towards Valerius in silent acknowledgement. If his lips look like they're twisted in a half scowl, that's probably due to the scars, right? And not him hating masques or parties!

Valencia arrives, entering the room in a flowing gown of caliginous, layered silk, elegant yet sultry, cut daringly low in the back. Her long dark waves are swept up and held stylishly into place with bejeweled pins and a delicate circlet that off sets dark luminous eyes.

At Valencia's side is the dashingly handsome Prince Luca, clad in dark silks, unmistakeable despite his finely made mask which gives him an even more roguish air about him. In fine Velenosan form, they cut a stunning picture as duo move regally forward as if pacing each other. The is a brief pause at the door to take in the room and then with a little smile the Southern foxes are off to hunt the party for fine converation and excellent company.

Valencia's eyes scan the room and smiles beautifully, the excitement of the grand event suddenly starting to sweep her away. Offering bright smiles to those she knows, and some she does not yet know, the little raven-haired beauty begins to navigate the party at the side of her beloved cousin.

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Happily turning her attention towards Valerius when he steps up on the crate and begins to speak, Belladonna lifts her glass that way when he finishes in a sort of a toast. Sylvie's movements through the gathering catch her attention, but she doesn't make to head that way, her attention too busy flitting from here to there. There's a lot to see.

"I think I can find out if I like rum," Jael replies to Jasher, smile wry as she steps up to the table. "Light to dark, then." And so she starts with a first glass, looking down the table to note others in attendance.

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The crow mask atop Nika's head lifts and shifts, birdlike, as she looks up from the round of rum she'd promptly downed. Another cup gets filled, and she reaches to take hold of bread, cheese, anything, and tucks it below her cloak. She downs the new shot, another bit of bread stuffing between her teeth, and she promptly turns on a heel to lope for the street.

Tristram arrives, dressed in purple, refusing to doff his favorite plumed hat, which makes the mask he's wearing essentially a formality--it is, in fact, a simple plain eye/nose Zorro-esque mask colored a dark purple to match his duster. He saunters over to the rum table, really really quickly.

Desiree nods and smiles as she gives a curtsy as well and takes Dominique's hand. "Of course Lady Elk I'd love to share a dance with you." She continues to smile as she follows Dominique's lead.

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Samantha seems content to wind her way through the gathered crowd, taking in the masks from behind her own coral flecked one. At one point, she manages to procure some rum, and steeling herself, lifts it in salute to the Count of Darkwater before taking a sip of it. She manages to down her swallow with only the lightest of coughs.

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    Julea brings the bottle of rum she holds up in a salute like gesture to Valerius at his words, taking a swig from it before she can be seen offering it out to the two that have joined her at the northern benches. Her eyes sweep the room, searchingly and when she catches sight of Highlord Victus, there's a quick dip of her head, before her eyes follow the coming and goings of people as they move from table to bench and eventually to the dancefloor.

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And Donella? Donella is at home. She claps, one arm hooked though that of the Redrain prince, murmuring to him aside as things get into full swing, her eyebrows raised. "No, just the usual sea serpents, your Grace. Oh, no, no sitting, just yet. If you want to find your sea legs here, you have to dance with me."

Calliope's glass is held up in toast as Valerius speaks, her smile bright. Her steps finally take her to the edge of the dance floor, where she appears content to rest for the moment, sipping lightly from her glass.

Sylvie's gaze catches on Belladonna as well, a quick, warm smile made and a tip of her chin. As Luca and Valencia enter, she also notes the other two Lycenes, lingering for a moment on the former before she turns back to Lord Michael Bisland.

Dominique takes Lady Pink's hand and takes her for a turn on the dance floor, just the two of them. She whispers into Lady Pink's ear. And since her sister is a better dancer follows her lead.

Luca normally wouldn't be that opposed to this sort of thing. Rum is probably his favorite drink, the company's not boring. And the masks lend things an air of sensual mystery that can be fun. Ah, but that was Luca prior to death in the family, heartbreak, and the stupidity of choosing this last few days to go sober before going off to the war front. Still, the Champion duelist is trying his best to put on at least a less-than-somber face as he's been dragged here by his beloved cousin. And so, though he's in mourning black head to toe, at least it's Lycene stylish in the tight suppleness of jet-dyed calfskin pants, the draping flow of black silk over hard torso, and the elegant laciness in masculine match to Valencia's better style. He's bearing only single blade tonight at his hip, peace-bound knotted, but there despite it all, and as he's striding in to see how many are there, he's trying not to let his hand grip at the viper-pommeled hilt, but simply drape there with casual laid-back air he once would have done naturally. He's leaning in to murmur something to Valencia as he lays a hand along the daring bareness of her back, directing her and him both towards the refreshments table as he makes offer of arm to her.

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Standing on the far east side of the Courtyard are a quintet of well-dressed musicians accompanied by another group of ten men dressed in traditional Thrax sailing outfits. With a raise of his hand towards them, Valerius signals their performance to begin, and begin it does. Starting with a slow, quiet draw of their instruments, all at once the men accompanying begin belting out a bombastic, fast-paced shanty, celebrating their love of Mangata, Thrax, and drinking.

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Unlike most guests favoring their glasses Remi wearing that mask of the hydra makes his way away from the refreshment table holding a bottle. The man looking from the north wall to the south for a few moments in silent consideration before opting for the area cleared out for dancing instead. The man either not seeing anyone familiar or otherwise deciding against making a move to either side of the courtyard just yet.

Maximilian takes one of the drinks, exhales.. "Alright... Calandra, would you care for a dance? I am shit at these things. I dance like a whale walks."

"I /have/ to dance with you? The tragedy," Darren exclaims dramatically, but with a laugh that makes it obvious he is merely joking, flashing Donella a wide grin as he starts for the dance floor at once. There is absolutely no hesitance there, obviously he is wearing his dancing shoes. He will nod to Victus along the way in a polite and respectful sort of manner, before Darren settles there onto the dance floor with Donella. "What kind of dancing do the Thrax do, exactly? I don't think I've polished up on my Thraxian dance etiquette," he chuckles.

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Samantha heads to the southern wall seating. "Count Maximillian, could I impose? Hello, Lady Lili. Mistress Calandra. Would you be singing tonight? If so, I'll feel even more blessed this evening." She amends, "To sit, not dance. Do enjoy yourself.

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Prince Dominic had heard of the masquerade late in the evening so when it came time for him to get a mask to wear to the masquerade he was out of luck. Still, hoping to avoid being called a home-body, Dominic made his way out to the courtyard and joined everybody in the celebration. His face is marked with white thick paint and his beard with an equally thick red mess. Unsure what to wear, Dominic put on his uniform. You can never go wrong with a naval uniform. He stands off to the side drinking rum from his own canteen as he idly watches.

Calandra reaches out for Max's arm with her slender arm, giving him a gentle smile. "I would love to. Thank you." She then has a gentle smile for Samanath. "Marquessa Samantha. It is a pleasure to see you." She says before adding. "Oh, I have no plays of such, but if asked, I will."

Maximilian turns to SAmantha - tipping his head. "All are welcome, Marquessa Deepwood. PLease, JOin us. You have met my leige. Lord Kennex?" He asks, gesturing to Ford. "And I am sure you know Lady Bisland?"

Ford makes to extend his hand to Samantha, but he has a bottle of rum and two glasses occupying both hands, "Only by reputation, would you like a drink, my Lady, so I may better greet you?"

Valencia laughs softly at Luca's quietly comment and gladly takes his arm. She nods graciously to Sylvie as they pass and allows herself to be directed to the table. Rum, it would seem, would be a very welcome thing. "Of course, my lady. But do return him. I get so very shy and lonely without escort at these things," she smiles and calls back to Sylvie, her eyes dancing. Upon arrival at the table she smiles at Valerius, "My Prince, thank you again for hosting this. I am so delighted to see you,' she offers her hand and a bright smile, interrupting him for a short time out of respect for his duties as grand host.

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Lili smiles warmly to Samantha as she says "Marquessa Deepwood, I do hope you are quite well since we last saw one another." Her gaze looks to Max as she says "Oh yes, we grew up together back in Pridehall."

Desiree seems to be fairly good at the dancing. She speaks softly to Lady Elk as she dances.

Margot is a sight in red silk, her hair done up in elaborate braids held in place by steel pins, a simple black lace mask across her eyes. She looks around the event, smiling faitly to see so many people of the city at the Thrax estate.

Victus stands by himself, sipping from his cup of something or another. At Darren's nod he gives one in turn, brisk but not unfriendly. Dark eyes make a steady sweep of the patrons, who is present, who they're talking to. The ones who are obvious, that is. The guards are unfriendly, though. They scowl everywhere as if they're seeing a threat behind every last one of the masks. As if they're imagining a second HIgh Lord dead by assassins already. They don't actively keep anyway away, but they're obviously also quite content if nobody approaches.

Dominique spins Desiree on the dancefloor and dips her like they use to do when they were kids trying to be adults. She makes sure her elf mask stays on straight.

Calliope edges along the dance floor, towards where the large honour guard surrounds the Highlord. Pausing at the edge of the guards, she waits for them to part enough to let her speak, favouring them and Victus with a brilliant smile. "Would you care to dance Highlord?" Leaning forward, she murmur something to him additonally, but it's not very loud.

Peace-ties and pastel purple silk. Mask of cut and folded gold-flecked paper and tied into place with multicolored ribbons. A mask that creases over her nose like a beak and hides her crooked smiles. The mockingbird slips in, pausing to study some of the more striking masked characters on display before she finds a place to perch and watch.

It is thusly done, that the Leviathan brings the Nightbird onto the dance floor. At the start of the next number, the pair of them move into the ritual of social dance. Not too close, not to far, with joining at the hands for spins, steps and careful movements. They manage to avoid killing anyone else, which for the Leviathan, the great toothed shark of the deeps... is kind of an accomplishment in itself. There's no real elegance to the mans movements, but the nightbird is able to make him look good all the same.

Sylvie places her hand lightly in Luca's, promising Valencia with a warm, humored seriousness, "I will return him in the same condition as soon as the dance has ended." Then, she moves to step away from the refreshments, without rum but with a newly acquired prince towards the dance floor.

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"I have not met your liege, though I've been eager to meet my contemporary." Samantha's smile encompasses both Max and Ford, noting to Calandra, "Well, I'm not the host so have no say, but I will hope you can be persuaded. And indeed, Lili is like kin to me. A foster-cousin, if you will. Thank you for letting me join you." Taking her seat, she makes a shooing gesture to Max and Calandra. "Go on you two, have a dance." To Ford, she holds up the small shot of rum she's currently holding. "With regret my lord, I have this glass yet to entirely conquer. It's much different from the cider I'm accustomed to drinking so I'm being cautious. But I shall put my glass down if you put yours down, and we can make with this manner of greeting." Nods are offered to the others at the table.

Watching Victus and his guards from a distance for a long moment, Belladonna eventually gives a little shake of her head. Her eyes lift to scan over all of the paper lanterns, the decor, the dancefloor and the music starting. After a moment she tosses back what's left of the rum in her glass, leaving it on the edge of a table as she starts to circle back for the entrance, taking a path that takes her well around the other Lycene nobles.

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Victus' initial reaction to Calliope seems a decidedly gruff 'no'. He's opening his mouth to say it behind an already forming frown, his bodylanguage absolutely clear. But then she's leaning in and adding something to it, and while whatever she says doesn't wipe his expression away, it does stay his initial answer. He makes a sound in the back of his throat. In the end he yields with an absolute lack of enthusiasm, moving towards the dance floor with the Grimhall lady. The guards stay behind.

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Dominique snarks. "I think you'll have a beter chance than I Lady Pink." She twirls her around again. "I'm sure someone will take you away from me eventually." She teases.

Dominic raises his blue gaze from his drink, catching Victus off to the side. The guards get a sympathetic nod, Dominic sensing their uneasiness. He approaches Victus, his identity clear from any mask and moves to stand next to him. "Valerius is pretty good at this sort of thing." Dominic says idly, taking a sip of rum from his canteen. His gaze turn to the guest and the festivities as he reaches for his pocket and pulls a handful of bite size mushroom slices, offering some to Victus but the man is swept away by lady. He picks a piece from his hand, shoves it into his mouth and then pockets the rest. Needing to wash out the taste, he take takes a swig of his rum.

Margot notes Victus' reluctant departure to the dance floor and in the din of the crowd she allows herself a slightly amused laugh before the talk blond woman looks about before heading towards the refreshment table, after all that's where the drinks are.

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"Thank you, my lord. I am so very glad to be here," Valencia says with a bright smile as she takes the glass. She turns to offer Ford a bright smile and an incline of head to Victus, then she turns to watch the dancing.

Calandra has another smile for Samantha, but then she is off to the dance floor. She keeps close to Max, the nightingale adorned in smokey gray silk with violet accents In honor of the Thrax her dress is modest and her collar is high. She dances with the Max, the Whispering bird certainly knowing her steps. A gentle smile is given to the Count, one that touches her dark eyes. When she spins her skirts swirl.

As the first shanty closes, another starts, just as loud and as energetic as before. The musicians grow louder, here, providing an accompaniment as the singers continue their shouting. Most sailors would be familiar with the tunes, popular sailing and drinking songs readily screamed over the sea air and the waves that crash into the ships. A wave of Thralls exits the estate carrying fresh platters of food--finger-sized fish cakes popular in Maelstrom--ready to serve any and all interested.

Donella greets the immediately closest people of the dance floor in Desiree, Calliope, Dominique and Remi, nodding and murmuring a few hellos. With her many small braids swinging, she loosens the crook of her arm, catches at Darrens hand, and rolls herself in along his arm. "Well we don't disrobe, first thing," she jokes, half laughing. "Pretty much as it is all over the compact. Flirting, and stealing partners, and swinging around. Obviously, the men get to think they are doing all leading. Palming left and right, and -gasp- sometimes we get pulled in by the waste. A scandal."

Calliope's amusement is obvious, but she's also a bit nervous, dancing probably wasn't so widely practiced on the islands to which she was banished until now. Still, she makes a face at Victus, looking almost as if she's about to stick her tongue out at him. But she smiles at Donella, chuckling at her words as she turns back to her partner. And sets up to perform the dance, not truly very graceful, but obviously enjoying herself. And not wounding her partner so far.

Maximilian ends the dance with a spin, a hand clap and then a deep bow to his partner. "You do me the honor of making me look like I know what I am doing, Miss Calandra. Its something I am grateful for." He murmurs, offering the Whisper his arm to lead her off the dance floor.

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Calandra dips into a graceful curtsy toward Max, the girl lifting up the smokey gray silks of her skirts so it doesn't brush the floor in the process. "Oh, I it is my pleasure Count Max." She allows herself to be lead from the dance floor, the delicate songbird having a smiele for Joslyn as they draw near. "Will you dance with Joslyn next?" She says encouragingly toward him.

Maximilian glances sidelong at Calandra. "T'would be rude of me not to, lassie." he says, a laugh tracing his voice as he moves back to his friends at the side.

Victus checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 32, 17 higher than the difficulty.

Darren checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 24, 9 higher than the difficulty.

2 Pravus Honor Guard leaves, following Belladonna.

A bright smile and a warm kiss on the cheek is bestowed to the beautiful Jael as she greets Valencia, "Thank you again for a lovely time last night. I had tremendous fun, my lady," Valenica smiles to Jael, turning to offer a warm incline of head to Tristram. A little breath is taken followed by a sip of rum. The raven-haired princess steps away from the crush of the table to stand beside Remi, "Good evening, sir. We meet again."

With another set of songs having finished, the musicians and singers continue performing. Now, however, they settle into a series of more calm, ambient songs, perfect for slower dancing with a partner. Two men sing over the music, now, proving this group to more than just loud, drunken sailors. Any familiar with Thraxian culture might identify it as a love song, a story about a sailor yearning to return home to his family. Thralls continue moving about, handing out drinks and food to attendees as people dance and speak.

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Sylvie checked charm + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

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At some point, the pastel purple mockingbird flits away.

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Samantha knocks back the rest of her rum, coughs and blinks, and then accepts the extended hand of the Marquis Kennex to allow him to lead her out onto the dance floor.

It takes a minute to really hit him but the second the music restarts, all hell breaks loose. The masks, the busyness, and all the strangers really do the trick to push him over the edge. As the psychedelic mushroom begin to work their magic, Dominic begins to settle into his trip. To himself he appears comfortable, standing cooly at to side and enjoying the party but in reality, the prince's attention seems to be every where with an erratic shift from face to face. The purple mockingbird really messes him up.

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Dominique escorts her dancing partner off the dancefloor after some time. She goes to gain them something to drink. She glances around getting overwhelmed by the costumes and the people.

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Making his way away from the dance floor Remi wanders along past the other party goers as if he were walking across the deck of some ship or any street outside in the city. Something at the refreshment table catching his attention drawning the man to begin to wander back towards the table.

Desiree gives a smile and a nod to Lady Elk before she leaves the party.

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Maximilian murmurs something quietly to JOslyn - then turns to bring her onto the dance floor. It's a sad truth that Max knows -shit- for dances, and so, upon the resumpton of music between sets, he commits a social faux pas.

He dances the SAME DANCE. The scandal! The horror! The inominity!

Donella checked composure + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 26, 11 higher than the difficulty.

Sina's eyes are drawn from the depths of her rum glass to the distant figure of the dancing Max, her face wearing a look of disappointment not hidden in the least by her mask.

Victus isn't terrible in the dancefloor with Calliope, even if he plays it mostly safe and with no polished techniques or flourishes. After a while he even stops looking stiff like a toy soldier, too.

Samantha having knocked back a shot of Thraxian rum in two swallows, seems a bit...relaxed. Not sloppy drunk, but...okay, buzzed? Yeah, buzzed. Whatever stick might be up her abolitionist ass has been unlodged at least for a little bit. And she's quite contentedly dancing with Ford.

Joslyn checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 15, 0 higher than the difficulty.

    Julea watches the dancers from the northern benches, the bottle of rum that she holds making frequent trips to her lips. Unlike most there, she's bare footed, but is actually in a dress, something most would likely never seen her in before and she looks more than a bit, out of place with all the finery that many of those attending wear.

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Joslyn takes his Max's hand into hers as she begins dancing with the Darkwater count, her eyes locking onto his, either ignoring the social faux pas, or hardly noticing it. She manages to keep up with him well enough, but there is an awkward cadence to the way she moves with him, looking quite like she is perhaps a touch distracted. She's not doing terribly, but certainly not the type of dance that would draw the eyes of a crowd. All the same she holds herself close, dancing through the song with a pleasant smile.

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Sina fills up her glass with another helping of rum, and then sets the bottle back down on the table with an echoing clink of glass against wood. "Pardon me," she chimes out in a quiet voice, the lean girl slipping away from the table and towards the dance floor in one purposeful, fluid motion.

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Donella answers Remi's assertions with a laugh, calling out, "You won't hear much in the way of complaint! The world being what it is, who knows how much time there will be for pleasant scandals and lost clothing?" She oops as other dancers swoop perilously close in a near miss, saved from collision by the drawing in. Her grin is like a shark's answering, "I'll let you know if you misstep. I'm helpful that way." When the dance calls for the women to come into the center of the ring, she looks back over her shoulder with a playful sticking out of her tongue. A rousing end to the chorus, and clap-clap! the motion takes them all back out to exchange with the men.

The majority of the event so far has seen Valerius standing near the refreshment table, directing Thralls who emerge from the estate here and there in order to attend to the guests. Every so often another attendee will join him, a few words are exchanged pleasantly, and he's back to his work. As the event continues in full swing, however, and he's joined by Margot, his attention is mostly fixed on her as they speak, clearly enjoying the change of pace.

Lyiana stands quietly at the refreshment table, mostly people watching and drinking rum, though as she does drink rum, it's a slow process which has the thralls passing the little mermaid masked girl.

Valencia glance over her should as she hears Jael chocking on her rum and then laughing. Her lovely laugh is so infectuous, the little Southern princess cannot seem to keep herself from laught as well. She shakes her head and turns back to watch the dancing. Another sip of rum is taken and she sets the glass down. There's no sense getting too tipsy too fast as such a grand event. She watches the dancers move across the floor. Some with undoubtable grace, some perhaps a little more rigidly, but each one seems to make the petite princess' heart soar. Finally, she rests her eyes on Victus and Calliope. His very simple approach to the dance is not without grace once he relaxes, and she nods with approval. "That's better," she says softly, her eyes dancing merrily.

Atrid offered his hand of course to Lili and escorts her to the dance floor. He looks nervous but gives her a bow.

Calliope is overheard praising Valerius for: Prince Valerius really knows how to throw a party!

Atrid checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 29, 14 higher than the difficulty.

Dominique sips her rum and wanders away from the refreshment table to find a place to be a wall flower.

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Kieran rises from his spot at the northern benches and moves to the dance floor with Caprice, whispering quietly to her. He pauses once at the floor and takes a moment to remember how to do a formal dance. After a few moments and visibly counting the rhythm he moves into a basic waltz.

Dominic is overheard praising Valerius for: Did anyone see that purple mockingbird? Valerius sure knows how to throw a party.

Calandra has a gentle smile for Max and Joslyn as they dance. Still she decides to join them! Because dancing so much fun. She moves onto the floor. Dancing close to them and bumping her slender hip against Joslyn's. A smile is given to Kieran as he dances.

Caprice leans into Prince Kieran's lead her fingers touch his arm and she tries to follow him along. She was not a great dancer, but she looked light on her feet, she smiles as her deep red hair contrasts with the blues and greens of her mask and gown. Her delicate hand across his own wearing a smile across her lips

Max isn't lacking in grace, but it seems his lesson time has mostly be in used for 'killing', 'maiming', 'plundering' and other such topics that don't involve how to perform an elegant Crouping Peacock Strut. But before the dance is over, his other date has rejoined them, and well. No matter how hard you try, you just can't look bad with two beautiful women dancing with you.

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Joslyn grins over as Calandra joins them together, her eyes gleaming in the light as she returns the light hip bump, dancing with the pair. Joslyn doesn't seem much of a dancer, herself, but she laughs, enjoying herself amongst the crowd.

Valencia nods to Remi and takes his arm, following him out to the courtyard, her rolling gait smooth and sensual as her caliginous skirts swirl about her like a stormy sea.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Margot before departing.

"Poaching, already, Valerius? You bold scoundrel," Donella calls to her cousin, leaning way way back in the dip she is put into y her dancing part. Joking, she pokes a pointed foot out to complete the pose.

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Tristram is overheard praising Valerius for: This *is* quite a party. Why, the thralls almost look as if they truly enjoy being here!

Luca is overheard praising Valerius for: Quite the great party, even if the Lycene one would have had more nudity by now.

Calandra spins, her skirt brushing over her slender ankles and against Joslyn's legs as well. She is close enough for that. She smiles toward Valencia as she joins the dance floor. Calandra then winds her way around Joslyn and Max, like the hyper little songbird she is. She gently bumps her hip against Max's and then is twirling her way back to be close to Joslyn.

Remi smiles as Valencia takes his arm the man begining to move with the woman, his own movements more predatory when compared with the graceful and sensual ones of Valencia. In that short trip to the dance floor the man in the hydra mask leans in whispering something to the princess as a small smile edged in mischief curls his soft tiered lips.

Calandra is overheard praising Valerius for: A wonderful and very entertaining party

Caprice lets the prince lead her, and she murmers to him, her bright smile retained as she sets her head lightly on his shoulder before she fails a few steps and collides over his toes. She was light enough, she shifts over his feet as if she never trodden on them to begin with

Kieran is overheard praising Valerius for: Prince Valerius has everyone en-thralled at his wonderful party.

"I'm afraid you have me wrong, dearest cousin!" Valerius quips back to Donella over the crowd, a wink offered from beneath the serpent mask he wears, "I'm only asking for the opportunity to show myself to any unfortunate partner willing to have me. It's a /warning/, even, as I am many things, but I am certainly not a dancer."

Margot is overheard praising Valerius.

A little girl runs into the sea of masks and straight up to Lyiana, leaning into the woman as she catches her breath. When she's sufficiently gotten it back, she whispers something to her and pulls her hair before running off and weaving through the dancers. With a girlish giggle, Fraiya runs out of the party and Lyiana is left alone in the party. She looks at the piece of paper she is given, sighs softly, and moves toward the exit, murmuring apologies. She leaves the mermaid mask where she found it once outside the gate.

"It's not nice to steal other's dance partners, cousin. Well, at least, it wouldn't be nice to steal mine," Darren calls out to Valerius when he makes bold claims upon the dance floor, before drawing Donella into that deep dip. When she points her foot, he bursts into a laugh, only to swing her back into him and spin her along, perhaps /purposefully/ away from Valerius and his partner-stealing ways.

When the dance completes, Max offers one hand to each woman - and then leads them back off the floor. "That was certainly interesting. I've never considered dancing with two women at once. I'm certain they do it in the Lyceum all the time though.."

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As Prince Remi takes her into his arms, it becomes very clear that the little Northern Fox loves to dance. Valencia moves with an easy grace, following his lead, her wide dark eyes held to is as the speak softly to each other.

Samantha curtseys to Ford as the dance ends, making a quiet inquiry to him as she steps back upon the music's cessation.

Margot sets off several messangers, and received a few more. She frowns, her lips pursing together and exhales, lifting her hand to push her mask back from her eyes before following the last messanger out.

Calandra takes ahold of Max's arm with her slender right arm, allowing herself to be lead from the dance floor. She peeks around him toward Joslyn giving her a smile. "Oh, I never been to Lycume, but they probably do. Joslyn would know." She says, her attention straying to the lovely brunette.

Ford continues to hold Samantha's hand in his as they make their way back to the benches, "It's quite possible that we do. But I'm not sure what yours are."

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Samantha offers Donella a nod in passing as she departs the dance floor, and a brief dip of a curtsy to Victus before letting Ford lead her back to the table.

Joslyn nods, hooking her arm around Max's and leaning her shoulder against his as they make their way off the floor. "We do," she says with a nod, smiling at calandra from the opposite side of Max. "Or sometimes a group dance of men and women. We're certainly an adventurous people," she chuckles. "It has been a long time, however, since I've danced properly. I am a touch rusty."

Sina moves like a serpent through the crowded waters of the dance floor - the dolphin-masked girl nimbly winding her way between the convulsing bodies of the celebratory ball-goers. Her sights are set on one particular target: The Count Maximilian Darkwater. "Has it been so long, Count, that you have forgotten our lessons entirely?" Her voice is judgmental, sure, but it also holds a healthy dose of good-natured teasing. Kittenish lips can't help but curl into a devilish smile. Her eyes tick between the Count's feet, her free palm resting against her hip beneath her scaled corset.

Donella says to Maximilian as the next measure brings them by, "Thats because you can only handle one Island-born woman at a time, safely. We're fiddly that way, I guess." She comments on something to her partner, and says, "Lady Deepwood! I'm so pleased you could come. Mind the menfolk-- we don't let them dance very often."

Valerius checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 8, 7 lower than the difficulty.

Dominic looks down to see his legs turning to roots. It takes him a moment to pry himself from his place but he does without too much difficulty. He looks around curiously before moving away towards the refreshment table.

Calliope checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

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Atrid nods bowing to Lili again upon finishing their dance. He offers his hand and escorts her back to the table

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Maximilian pauses just before the safety of the sidelines. To the Marquessa Deepwood, he comments... "Well, I confess, Marquessa, that I don't dance with the man so I've no frame of reference. I'm glad you were pleased though! Indeed." Then to Donella... "Thats the damn truth right there, my princess. Indeed." And then the voice from behind him and Max's spine goes straight. His dancing instructor.

"Well." He turns slowly, his umbral cloak swirling as he does so... "Well, Miss Sina... It -has- been a while... and I am so forgetful. So forgetful. Perhaps... you would like to offer an impromptue lesson?" A glance to Calandra and JOslyn. "Will you allow, ladies, my tutor to school me appropriatrely/"


Calandra smiles over to Joslyn once again at her words. "It kind is more lovely that way because we have the skirts that twirl." She says while gently leaning against Max's arm. She lets go of it at the count's words.

Calandra speaks softly toward Joslyn for a moment, before starting from the party.

Samantha calls out brightly to Donella, "Thus far, your Marquis of Kennex has managed quite well, Your Highness. I suppose I may yet see what the men of your family are capable of." She lifts her empty glass in salute.

Joslyn releases Max with a quiet nod as he moves to Sina. "Oh of course," she says, moving to speak quietly with Calandra.

"That's a damn shame. Your Island men clearly do not know what they are missing, your Highness," Darren says solemnly to Donella at her claim that Thraxian men don't get to dance very much, before wrapping his arms about her to curve her against him. Without much effort at all, he lifts her off the ground thereafter, off of her feet and into a quick little spin, before letting her touch back down again. He chuckles to himself before leaning in rather close, murmuring something that sounds an awful lot like the quacking of a duck, if a duck could whisper-quack. Of course, that's probably not what happened. It makes Darren laugh nevertheless.

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Sina clears her throat and takes a big swig from her glass of rum - polishing off the last bit of the dark liquid and setting it aside. She crosses her svelte limbs underneath her chest then, one eyebrow managing to raise high enough to clear the dolphin half-mask upon her face entirely. "You'd think you'd retain more muscle memory, what with being a soldier and all," she hums back to Max, her left ear twitching as she overhears Valerius's pleas as well and catches some of his moves in her periphery. She simply sighs.

Calliope's reaction is quick, and she's not at all upset with Valerius, just smiling, "It's not hard to learn Your Highness, truly. But it is a learned skill." Her feet are pretty quick, so the foot stomping is brief, and quickly fixed. No broken bones! She lets him lead still, even if she does attempt to guide him in the proper direction. Probably the definition of leading, but letting him keep face. But only she and he need to know!

Joslyn wraps her arms around Calandra, before she leaves, holding her tight before stepping back.

    "Probably, you're right. If I had of stood by the drinks table, everyone would have been sober for the night." Julea says towards Ferrando, a small smile but it fades fast, and there's more drunk from her rum bottle. When it is set down again, she offers as an introduction to Dominique, "I'm Julea, I don't think we've met before."

For any watching, once Valerius starts dancing he proves exactly how right his claims may have been. Though he may be quite dexterous normally, within the context of a dance this man has no grace whatsoever. His movements are stiff, he stumbles regularly, and comes very close to stepping firmly on Calliope's feet. That is, until she takes over. He's not even drunk, surprisingly. Just very, very bad.

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Dominique notices the tension. "Are you both alright? Oh.. well if you don't like rum you should trade with me.. there is too much whiskey in my home and I hate the stuff." She smiles lopsided with a toothy grin. She offers her hand to Julea. "Pleasure to meet you, I am Lady Elk this evening." She winks again of course she is teasing. She sips her rum which empties her cup.

Kieran winks to his dancing partner as she excuses herself and makes his way back to the northern wall to resume his earlier conversation.

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Maximilian pauses, to hold up a hand to Sina for a moment as he steps over to Calandra.

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Sina squints awkwardly at Maximilian, glancing subtly between him and Calandra before clearing her throat and backing off with a slow dip of her head.

Natalia has joined the a refreshment table lined with rum.

Calandra stands close to Joslyn and murmurs softly with Max.

Maximilian's face is shrouded by a mask, his cowl up, but his tone is low and calm as he speaks wih the Courtisan.

Joslyn is standing beside Calandra, looking between whatever is going on with a lift of her eyebrow.

Donella's smile slips just for a moment, and with the rest of her mask still in place, steps out of the courtyard with a nod to her family members nearest. Alls well.

Darren looks at Donella in a confused sort of manner as he walks with her to the refreshments, though he pauses close to the table to murmur something to her with a furrowed look. He glances to the rum table, and then shrugs his shoulders, and proceeds out the courtyard with her.

Darren leaves, following Donella.

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Victus comes to a stand still when the dance runs it course. He lets his hands fade away from Sylvie as he looks down at her, adding a few quiet words. Words soon joined with a pointed glance in the direction of the booze he was waylaid from approaching earlier. There's a stubborn set of his jawline that says he's not going to allow himself to be distracted and kidnapped a third time.

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Calliope's smile at Valerius is quite bright, and she murmurs, "Not at all Your Highness, it was my pleasure. I will look forward to our next dance. Your prowess is undiminished in my eyes!" A pause, and then she starts to head off the dance floor, murmuring, "I need something to drink as well. And perhaps to eat, all this dancing has given me an appetite."

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Nightshade, a tiny black kitten, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards arrive, following Dafne.

With his dance with Calliope done, Valerius receives his glass of rum once more and drains the whole, full thing in one swift motion. There's no stopping to breath, or savoring it, it's simply gone. And replaced just as quickly with another, a relieved sigh escaping him on the dance floor as it's done. "Yes, I think something to eat is a good idea," he says, nodding his head, and moving to make his way towards the refreshment table himself.

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As the dance ends, Sylvie draws away from Victus. As he glances towards the booze, a laugh escapes from the duchess and she nods. Apparently, she will also play guard for a moment as she moves towards the rum as well.

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Maximilian laughs then, shaking his head and gesturin for Joslyn and Calandra to join him, as he turns to make his way over to Sina.

Kieran ends up with Julea on his arm moving into a waltz. They stand over by the northern wall away from the dance floor as they chat with those nearby.

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Joslyn gently takes Calandra's hand, moving then to join Max and Sina, with a smooth smile upon her face, inclining her head gently.

Julea checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 34, 19 higher than the difficulty.

Calandra joins Joslyn and Max, gathering her skirts with slender hand to keep them from brushing against the ground.

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Kieran checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 30, 15 higher than the difficulty.

Joslyn leans in close to Calandra, murmering quietly to her, breaking into a soft smile, her eyes bright as she regards Sina and Max. "So this is your dancing instructor?" she asks of Sina, bowing her head.

Dafne is late. It's fashionable. The little Zaffria is clad in ghostly white, the thin silk floating and pale. Her tiny kitten is in her arms, and, being an uncommonly tolerant kitten, is wearing a tiny mask carefully tied about her head. Also a hat with a pair of floppy dog ears. Yes. Her kitten has come as a dog.

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"Miss Sina..." Says Max, making an introduction.. "Is many things. My Princess Donella's hand maiden, a dancing instructor, an artist... She is one of the most capable young women I have ever met. She also knows her way around a ship, which is high marks in my book." Max gestures to Calandra. "This is Calandra Whisper, Courtisan and also called the Nightengale. Her voice is truly divine when she sings. And this, is Joslyn Manicelli, a handmaiden like yourself, but for the Fidante household."

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Lili gets up from where she was sitting along the southern wall and walks over to Atrid and whispers in his ear before she begins to make her exit.

A towering arrival, an intimidating sight. A member of the Iron Guard easily seven feet tall, and missing something very important.

Their head.

MTucked in the nook of their left arm within the grasp of their right gauntlet is the helmet that goes to the armor, the underside stained red and rivulets of red running down into the gauntlet. The armor stands there for a few moments before slowly striding forward into the gathering.

Atrid turns to see Lili, he hasnt quite made it to get her food yet he looks to her and leans his head to hear better what she has to say before whispering back to her.

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Ghost-Dafne and the puppy-kitten make their way over to the refreshment table. Because rum is important. Or possibly because she's spotted her cousin.

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Luca has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

Sina pauses and looks up from her empty glass of rum, fluttering her thickened pair of eyelashes at Maximilian and his two companions. A polite smile creases her lips as she shakes herself back to reality, having been lost in her own thoughts there for a moment. "Hm? Oh, hello. I know my way around a ship better than the dance floor, but I've done my fair share of dancing on a deck, as well." She inclines her head to both Joslyn and Calandra. "A pleasure."

Calandra gives Sina a gentle smile of greeting, even as she holds gently onto Joslyn's arm. "Nice to meet you." She says in her direction.

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Remi checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Samantha makes her way to where all the run has gone. Or more pointedly, where the High Lord, currently seeking rum, has gone. She does her best to edge int Victus' notice without interrupting any established conversations he's already having.

Samantha has joined the a refreshment table lined with rum.

"Miss Sina has been... instramental in making me the man I am today, as reguards my ability to hold a salad fork without dropping my rum or cigarello. She's very adept." SAys Maximilian. "She was indeed, teaching me dancing before she was called away to other business. Sina. It's very good to see you back in the city."

Joslyn smiles towards Sina. "It is a pleasure, indeed. I must confess I don't know my way around a boat, but that is a terrible ommision of my studies. I hope I can rectify that in the future." she smiles, nodding to Max. "It's always good that those instrumental in our development stay close at hand. That man in my life is back at Tor, unfortunately, but perhaps someday he'll make his way over here."

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Kieran has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

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Julea has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

Lili leaves Atrid's side and begins to head towards the exit, with a warm smile curling her lips.

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Kieran dances his way with Julea to the dance floor now that it has become much clearer of other couoles.

Atrid has joined the seating along the southern wall.

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"Thank you, Count Darkwater," Sina says with an appreciative bow of her head to Max's comment, "It is good to be back." She does not sound entirely convinced of herself, her confidence in her words shaky at best. "Though it was nice to feel the sea beneath my feet after so much time spent on land." She smiles, a nostalgic expression twitching along the delicate curves of her olive-skinned countenance. "There are plenty of drawings of ship anatomy lying around," she offers to Joslyn, then, "Perhaps some of the tomes in the Estate's Library could be of use to you."

Max smiles then, looking to Calandra, then to Joslyn. "If you will excuse us, Sina, I am going to take these ladies back to the dancefloor and be more mindful of your lessons... and try to reclaim some of my lost dignity."

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Calandra keeps a gentle hold of Joslyn's arm. She looks upon Sina as she speaks. "I have never been out to sea." She confesses in her direction. "Maybe one day." She says, but it is unlikely the songbird has sealegs. She looks over to Max as he speaks of dancing with them, giving him a dimpled smile.

Sina lifts up her emptied glass to one eye, peering through it and temporarily magnifying her steely-grey iris for those in front of her. "And I, am going to see if I can claim some more rum." She smiles, attention diverting to Calandra next. "There is nothing like it," she promises, sounding utterly convinced.

Maximilian glances over as Dominique tapps his shoudler. "What? Oh, you'll have to negotiate that with my darling dates, Marquessa. I am at their disposal tonight, not vice versa." He says, before moving back to the dance floor.

Joslyn nods to Max, smiling as she leads Calandra over to the dance floor, before she does she regards Sina with a smile. "Oh I shall have to check those out sometime. Thank you!" she nods. "I am rather envious, I admit. I hope I get to take a boat someday." she says, smiling then as she resumes the trek to the dance floor.

Dominique finger waves to Max. "I wouldn't dream of stealing you. Enjoy your time." She grins in amusement. She cicles back to find her place to wall flower, though goes for a refill of rum instead.

There's a subtle squint and tilt of her head from Sina, but she doesn't comment on whatever it is she's noticed. She simply nods and smiles at Joslyn and Calandra. "I hope so too. Safe harbors." With a bow of her head, she's off to the refreshment table.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Valerius before departing.

"If you take my boat, I'll hang you." Says Max, wihtout a joking tone. "Thats called piracy." Coming to the dance floor, max smirks as he turns to face the women. "And I don't like competition."

Standing beside Natalia near the refreshment table, Valerius has adopted a light redness to his face, his serpent mask replaced with something more simple. As he's about to speak once more, a messenger arrives, handing him a slip of paper in the process, as well as an accompanying mask. He grins, shakes his head, and returns to the conversation around him.

2 Thrax Guards arrives, following Dominic.

2 Thrax Guards leaves, following Dominic.

Valencia lowers her head demurely, and offers a low, graceful curtsey as she is stolen away from Remi by her cousin for the next dance. "Thank you for the dance and the very intriguing conversation, my lord. I look forward to our next," she says to the ruggedly handsome Thrax who has certainly captured her attention this evening. The petite princes smoothly transitions into Luca's side, takeing his hand as he spins her into the dance, turning to offer a sweet smile to Julea and Kieran as she is moves into the dance.

Calandra makes her way toward the dance floor with Max and Joslyn. She has a gentle smile for Dominique. "Well, if she wants to dane with us too." She says toward Max, seemingly regarding Dominique.

Joslyn regards Max with a smirk and a lift of her eyebrow. "Well, it would only be with your blessing, of course. As a passenger, as I rather think I'd be a liability as a ship captain." she says, nodding easily, offering her hand towards him. "I'm just a lowly handmaiden, not looking to make any waves." she says, regarding Calandra and her invitation towards Sina, not seeming to be opposed, though she does offer her free hand towards Max.

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Tristram nods to Victus and says, "Ah! I understand." He sets his mug down. "I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen and others, I can't stay, so I'll stumble my way home. 'Twas a pleasure."

Darrow enters the courtyard, wearing a smile nearly ear-to-ear.

Literally- he's wearing one. A curving rictus grin is carved into the mask he wears, which is mostly featureless, polished wood. His demeanor is not otherwise appreciably changed, and he crosses his arm, fingers tapping on his forearm as he watches his cousin twirl with some of the women. Any scowl or facial expression he wears is, well, covered.

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"I am here with the pair of you tonight." Says Maximilian, as the music starts. Taking a hand from each woman, he moves into the only three person dance he knows - which is something one would dance in a dockside tavern. It's energetic, it's unappologetic - it might involve Max's hands on both ladies backsides in a risque fashion...

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Dominique snickers as she watches the three dance, rather be the silent observer but she winks to Calandra and raises her glass to her. She has a wide smirk, while assuming her wall flower position and 3rd drink.

Calandra brushes her hand over Joslyn's arm in a gentle caress. She murmurs softly softly to her and Joslyn. She then then starts her dance, swaying her slender hips and to the music. She has yet to start twirling it is hard to talk when spinning.

Calandra has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

Departing from the cleared area and just begining to edge it Remi starts to wander, His gaze of blue and grey from behind the mask looking out over the dance floor before he turns his focus to the gathering around the refreshment table. The man's left hand raising bringing the bottle of rum he had snatched up earlier to his lips taking a slow pull from the bottle as he weighs his options for the moment.

Maximilian has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

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Ariadne, 3 Rubino and Zaffria guards leave, following Sylvie.

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Fairen smiles Victus's way as he excuses himself and once again bows respectfully to him. "Anytime, Your Grace," he offers before turning back to the table with refreshments.

Slipping into the courtyard, Lady Caelis Malvici is dressed like the night sky. Her dark hair and dar blue dress decorated with bits of crystal to reflect the stars at sea. Her gown hangs close to her frame in typical Velenosa fashion. The arms drape and gather at the cuff. Collecting a mask at the door, she slips it on carefully. She looks around, keeping to herself, and drifting to the refreshment table to collect a glass as she watches the goings on.

Joslyn returns the soft murmer, and joins the dance with a bright grin, laughing at the quick and upolpologetic motions of the dance, her hips swaying in the rythym, skirt twirling as she enters her first spin, her hands are of course all over her dance partners as she moves, joyfully moving with the grace of a lycene dancer.

Victus leaves the refreshment tables, juggling both a plate full of food and some rum. He make sit work, if not exactly gracefully. His mask has been discarded leaving his grim features on display, framed by long hair caught in a ponytail at the nape of his neck, and a thick dark beard. His personal guards slowly start to gather back around him in what is once more a hostile wall, one that only reluctantly parts for Remi.

    From her spot dancing with Kieran on the dance floor, Julea tracks the departure of Victus from the refreshment table, giving him a small nod, one of her hands lifting up briefly from Kieran's side to wave at the highlord. She dances passingly well, but it is a simple step that doesn't require too much of a girl who has never worn a dress, much less danced before. Still, she seems to be a natural all the same.

Though her balance is utterly superb, a reddish flush in Sina Izetta's cheeks and a bit of a glaze in her eyes signals that the effects of the strong Maelstrom rum are all but ignored.

For one reason or another Remi with that mask of the Hydra in place makes his way over to slip past the wall of guard when it parts to approach Victus. The bottle raised once more as that distance is closed to within a yard for another sip to be taken before it is extended out towards the well guarded warlord.

Maximilian, dropping the pretensions of 'courtly' dance, can get down and boogy, so to speak, when it comes to a tavern two step. He turns, grabbing Calandra and spining her, before turning back to JOslyn to swing her back around. When Calandra's spin stops, Max is there again, to dip her low, before sending her over to Joslyn.

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Kieran brings the dance to an end and turns to head for the refreshment table. He begins laughing a bit, "Rather thirsty work hmmm?" He eyes the rum selection present and quirks his lips. "Maybe this one because it looks most like whiskey.". He grabs a glass of one of the darker brown ones and takes a swig, before grimacing. Nope not like whiskey.

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Dominique ventures back to the refreshment table for her 4th glass of rum and stumbles a little bit. She looks down at her feet. "I should have come in breeches, who was I kidding, wearing a dress?" She talks to herself

Joslyn has joined the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

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After a moment further of speaking with Natalia, Valerius reaches out to offer her his hand, smiles and inclines his head towards the dance floor, "I will warn you, dear Princess, that I am neither a good dancer, nor particularly proud of it. But I would be very pleased to dance with you, if you'll put up my inability, of course."

    Julea briefly departs from Kieran's side to collect a bottle of rum that she'd left on the northern benches, bare feet moving quickly across the stone. Fetching it up in one hand, the other hand grabs a handful of the black skirts, gathering it up to avoid the hem dragging as she makes her way back over to the refreshment table, the bottle thrust out to Kieran.

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Calandra spin in a circle that that is more playful than courtly, the delicate songbird seemingly fine with the less structured dance. It works better with two partners anyways.

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Kieran accepts the bottle of rum from Julea and quickly takes a swig. "Oh, yes! This is the 'rum' I like." He gives a nod of thanks to Julea and hands it back to her.

Collecting a glass, Caelis backs away readily as an influx of people come to get refreshments. She continues her idle circle of the courtyard, glancing at Victus and his wall of guards with curiousity. Turning her attention back to the dance floor, Caelis drifts along until she finds a patch of wall with a view and leans into it, sipping at her rum.

Joslyn has no trouble letting go, and getting down. In fact, it's probably easier for feel at home in a tavern dance. Her eyes flash between the pair, spinning along with Max, and then as Calandra is led into her, she takes the woman in her arms, spinning about with the whisper, and gently leading her in a dip, casually stealing a kiss before lifting her back up, spinning her back towards Max with a grin.

Natalia checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 35, 20 higher than the difficulty.

Valerius checked dexterity + etiquette against difficulty 15, resulting in 25, 10 higher than the difficulty.

Maximilian's lips crease in a grin as he takes the Whisper that he and Joslyn are sharing for the nonse; then he lifts the Whisper in the air as if she were nothing. It's almost swing style, as he manhandles her. Up, then down again, then spun around, to bring her back down in front of him. The music ends as he comes back to both women, linking arms and offering a tri-corner bow, somewhat breathy.

Calandra checked charm + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 42, 27 higher than the difficulty.

Max checked strength + brawl against difficulty 15, resulting in 37, 22 higher than the difficulty.

    Julea takes the rum bottle back from Kieran, wrapping her hand around it and bringing it to her lips to sip, or more swig. When she's done, the hand drops down to her side with the bottle. Turning about a bit, she looks towards the dance floor. "You're welcome," She says as an aside to Kieran.

"Now, focus and follow my steps. I'll show you the lead first, then you may take my place and I shall follow you." Natalia informs Valerius, waving off his lack of confidence with a soft laugh, perhaps a little louder than intended due to her drink. "Now.. look at my feet and not my breasts and attempt to copy my steps. Consider it.. like practicing your swords." she teaches, moving into the most simple of steps.

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Luca and Valencia have been winding across the dance space together with Lycene closeness and graceful step, laughing and smiling and chatting as they did. Eventually though, Luca's pulling back to grin at Valencia, and then spin them towards the edge of the courtyard, seeking apparently to slip off together, perhaps from the party entirely.

Calandra spins with Joslyn. She returns the kiss brushing her lips briefly against the other girl's. Maybe she shouldn't be kissing at Thrax party so she keeps it very brief. At least her dress has a high collar. She is lifted into the air, Calandra's slender body tensing in just the right way to help the lift look quite graceful. A soft sound escapes her lips as she is spun around.

Atrid heads towards Maximilian and his dates now that their dance seems to be over when he gets close to them He smiles. "Begging your pardo Ladies but might I steal my cousin from you for just a few moments." He asks them smile visible under his own mask. "Cousin Might I have a few moments of your time privately?"

Maximilian looks between the ladies as his cousin approachs. "Ladies, why don't you take a dance for -yourselves-.. while I talk to my cousin. PLease. Enjoy the party."

Maximilian then murmurs... "I will be back."

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Joslyn takes the tri-corner bow with a smile, gracefully maintaining her stance. She grins between the pair, nodding towards Max as he moves to speak with somebody. She moves over to Calandra, to take her hands, murmering quietly with her for a few moments.

Calandra looks over toward Atrid as he draws close, giving the man a gentle smile. "Oh, no worries, Lord Atrid." She says and then peeks over to Max, giving him a smile as well. She leans into Joslyn, starting to dance more slowly now as her hands are gathered.

Maximilian turns to Atrid, brow lifting as he moves to step off with his cousin.

Maximilian has left the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

    Julea comes into a slouch against the side of the refreshment table, her right hand dipping down to rest atop the surface while the left clutches still that rum bottle against the side of her hip. She's quiet now, watching people come and go, and as the evening progresses there's more starting to go than arrive. Her gaze does frequently wander over to Highlord Victus and Prince Remi, watching them curiously, before something else captures her attention and her gaze sweeps back to the refreshment table.

On the way out past other dancers, Luca's suddenly going a little wide-eyes, glancing back over shoulder, and laughing, but continuing onward with Valencia on his arm, murmuring something to her.

Victus and Remi keeps conversing on the edge of the party, quiet words. The High Lord's eyes continue to survey the other patrons, though, sweeping back and forth like a general surveying the terrain before a battle. At the end he gives the other man a pat on the shoulder. Though, considering his strength, Victus' rare displays of (probably) good natured companionship can often lead to bruises anyway.

"Go back and enjoy yourself, then."

Maximilian has joined the simple benches lining the northern wall.

Maximilian moves over to the Benches, gesturing his cousin over. AS no one else is there... it's easy to have a little privacy.

Atrid moves towards his cousin and sits

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

Luca is overheard praising Valerius for: I clearly underestimated these Thraxian parties. A dancer just grabbed a big handful of arse on the way by. Fun crowd. Almost Lycene.

Joslyn smiles, her arms wrapping around Calandra in a slower dance, resting her head on Calandra's shoulder with a soft smile as she holds her close, or at least as close as a thrax party would allow, quietly speaking with her.

Atrid has joined the simple benches lining the northern wall.

The man in the hydra mask continues to converse with the High Lord for a few moments, when that rare display of good natured companionship is given even Remi with his strong frame is sent forward just slightly chuckling as he nods. "I will be sure to do just that, Make sure you do yourself." His head dipping slightly to Victus before he is turning away to slip back past the guards.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

By all appearences, Caelis seems to enjoy watching Luca and Valencia dance, but as they drift to the edge of the courtyard and Count Maximillian leaves his entertaining dance trio, she casts her eyes down to her glass momentatily. Running her finger lightly around the edge of the glass, she looks to Joslyn and Calandra as they seem to be the only pair left dancing to watch.

Natalia is dancing with Valerius too! Cool royalty! Maybe not exciting, but still there.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Maximilian before departing.

Kieran is overheard praising Julea for: She helped throw the Thrax masquerade!

Whisper, a Snowy Owl arrives, delivering a message to Ferrando before departing.

    Julea steps back away from the throng of people, giving Kieran's hip a light squeeze as she blends into the background and sets to brood for a bit, and drink from that rum bottle she still clings to. "Give me a little? Just need some fresh air I think."

Margot returns from where ever business might have taken her, pausing in the midst of the court yard to look around and survey the remains of the party.

Kieran nods to Julea as she departs and gives her some space as she decides she needs some fresh air. He offers her a bit of praise for her work then looks to the rest of the party.

Valencia gives a little squeak of delight as she is wildly spun to the edge of the dance floor. She nods and beams fondly up at Luca and tries to catch her breath, "I had forgotten how much fun you are to dance with," she laughs, her eyes laughing and her cheeks flushed pink.There is a glance over her shoulder as Luca whispers to her and she chuckles, dark eyes dancing with amusment, "That is your own fault for showing off, my beloved Luca," she teases. The little princess scans the room again, offering a smile to someone across the room then turns back to Luca. Her smile begins to temper, "Come, I need some air and we still need to talk, yes? May I steal you for a little?"

Joslyn is still dancing slowly with Calandra, her hands running along her side, coming to rest along her waist as she sways slowly to the music, unaware of any watching eyes at the moment as they just share that dance in the middle of the dance floor. She lifts her head from Calandra's shoulder, head tilted up to look into the taller woman's eyes.

Totally missing the other couple dancing, Caelis watches Natalia and Valerius as long as seems polite before watching a few people step away for fresh air. The Malvici woman seems content to mingle on the wall and observe. As long as there's still rum in her glass she as a reason not to brave the refreshment table again.

"Of course. Anything for my beloved cuz." Luca's quipping back to Valencia, seeming in a good mood, either for the dancing or the couple hits of rum he had earlier. Either way, the pair are on their way clear then, waving to a few on the way out, perhaps intending to come back sometime later. But by the eagerness of the Champion prince to be free of social niceties, it's clear he'd probably have to be dragged.

Margot pauses, her mask still in her hand and bows her head slightly before she moves over towards the new high Prince of Thrax. She pauses a fews strides away before she dips into a curtsey politely, and then moves closer. Her voice quiets as she speaks to Victus.

Calandra is dancing very slowly now, barely dancing at all. Her real focus is on Joslyn. She even seems to be ignoring the rest of the party for the most part.

Victus' plate full of fingerfood has emptied out, and he passes it to a guard who then dumps it on a poor servant. There' still rum in his hands, though, which he occasionally sips from. He gives Margot a gruff nod in greeting as she curtsies. In a quiet tone he answers her.

Luca has left the a cleared portion of the courtyard for dancing.

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Natalia checked dexterity + performance against difficulty 15, resulting in 31, 16 higher than the difficulty.

Kieran looks over to Caelis and after a moment, approaches the lady, "Hello, my lady. I do not believe we have met

Victus is overheard praising Valerius for: It wasn't terrible. For a masque.

Victus is overheard praising Julea for: It wasn't terrible. For a masque.

Joslyn holds all of her attention on her dance partner, smiling quietly as she continues keeping her gaze locked onto Calandra's dark eyes. Whatever is going on outside the dance floor is unseen, and all that there is for her is the music and her partner.

Kieran looks over to Caelis and after a moment, approaches the lady, "Hello, my lady. I do not believe we have met. Prince Kieran of Redrain.". He gives a flamboyant bow at the introduction.

Margot grimices a little at something she tells Victus and reaches over to grab a glass of rum from a passing servant, taking a drink from it.

Maximilian continues to talk quietly with his cousin at the north benches, explaining this or that, with some amusement.

"Oh, umm, Lady Caelis Malvici." The Lycene woman curtsies looking at Kieran with a soft smile. "Though I suppose the point of masked dances is to tell you I'm the night sky instead?" She points out with a mirthful crinkle of her eyes. "Are you enjoying yourself, highness?" She asks with a nod to the festivities.

Jael slowly pushes herself away from the refreshment table, taking a moment to steady herself and make sure that everything is more or less in working order. It might take a minute, but once she's settled, her steps are straight and steady. Though the straight part might be important, because rather than move around anyone who crosses her path, she just stops to let them pass.

Jael has left the a refreshment table lined with rum.

Calandra smiles gently over those gathered. She then turns her focus back to Joslyn, still dancing very slowly with her. "If you get tired and want to get a drink, let me know." She says softly.

Kieran grins and nods, "Indeed. And I am a devious pirate. Arrrr!" He chuckles as he shifts his mask a bit. "A bit uncomfortable to wear after the first hour. Are tou nee to the city or have I just misses running into you?"

Joslyn smiles and nods her head to Calandra, her voice soft. "I could do this all night," she says. "But if you'd like we can go sit down, and get a drink." she says, holding Calandra tight in an affectionate embrace.

Calandra smiles over to Kieran at the mention of him being a pirate. She then turns back to Joslyn, swaying in her arms. "Oh, I won't stop until you are ready to." She says. Maybe they will be swaying in each other's arms for hours. She gives her cheek a gentle kiss.

    Remi wanders along just edging the area cleared for dancing, The Hydra masked man's gaze lingering here and there as he drifts from group to group before his focus moves away from the dance floor watchful of the smaller groups formed around the coutyard. The man giving the occasional sip to his one ever present companion for the evening that bottle of rum.

Maximilian nudges Atrid. "GO get'r."

"I command a portion of the Malvici fleet, my cousin called me in. We made port a week ago." Caelis admits and looks at Kieran's outfit. "I've never bandied works with a pirate before, surely you have me at a disadvantage." She teases and sips her rum. "Usually we just fight them. There is quite a bit of drinking at Thraxian parties it seems, or are all revalries in Arx so booze laden?"

Atrid nods his head. "Well cousin I bid you a good evening I must chase a fair Lady." He says withs a laugh.

Maximilian grins as he rises up. "Have a good night cousin."

Atrid bows his head to Max. "You as well cousin. I look forward to doing business with you." Atrid says standing up to leave

Joslyn smiles, nodding at her as she continues to sway along with Calandra, leaning in to return the kiss to her cheek, whispering quietly to Calandra then, as she seems to be quite intent on remaining standing with her, at least for the time being.

Kieran grins, "Ahhh, Malvici. I know Calypso in passing. My cousin, Anze and her are close.". He chuckles again and looks down at his silk shirt. "I don't know too many pirates who dressy as floofy as I do. Then again, I don't know many pirates. Arrrr!" he appends at the end. "All but Valardin parties. They drink juice. Northerners drink whiskey, Lycene win, and Thrax rum. I am sure Graysons drink something too."

Atrid has left the simple benches lining the northern wall.

Maximilian rises up from the benches after his cousin departs and he handles a few messengers. After that, he puts his mask back on and starts over for the ladies.

"And no small amount of whiskey around Malvici Hall. I've met Anze-I wonder if that's his doing? He's interesting, pity he's afraid of sailing. I suppose here's to hoping my cousin doesn't leave yours with grey hair before the year's out." She offers, lifting a glass as she flicks a wink to the prince with amusement. His "Arr" gets a deep chuckle from the woman.

Says Caelis, that savage.

Calandra smiles softly toward Joslyn, leaning in to her and whispering softly.

    Julea, having had her moment of fresh air, steps back from the shadows, and the rum bottle is a little less fill than it once was. Spotting Lord Victus is still there, having survived much of the night, she does, perhaps rudely, call out to him with a comment and a raise of her rum bottle in a kind of a salute, "It has gone well, I think?"

While some might seek out company at such social engagments Remi seems to take the second path and route through such events, The man finding a table to settle in at after snatching up a plate of smoked fish from a passing tray. The man setting the plate down at the table as he sits down bringing his feet up to rest on another chair as he for the moment watches and snacks.

Joslyn smiles then, resting her head on Calandra's shoulder again for just a few moments, before turning her head in time to see Max's return, casting a smile at him at his return.

Maximilian steps back over to the dancing pair, one brow lifting as he lowers his voice to inquire...

Kieran nods, "It might very well be his fault. I tend to blame most things on him, even if they are usually my doing. Though, I suspect he shall be the one giving her grey hairs. Maybe they will both grey each other.". He looks over at Julea as she returns and grins. "You missed him praising you and Valerius."

    And after that bit of rudeness, there's a sheepish grin on Julea's lips and probably a healthy amount of colour, probably owing to the alcohol she's been consming. "Oh?" She asks of Kieran, "That's good, I think it's gone pretty.. good." It seems that she's struggling with words for once and then spotting Remi also drawing back from the crowd, she makes her way over to him and offer a greeting, "Your Highness, the smoked fish, I think is the best. I'm Julea, by the way."

Victus answers Julea's call in his direction with a grunt, and after a quiet few words in Margot's direction, he starts to drift back towards the social scene. Somewhat reluctantly, it has to be said, but he still does it. "I've seen worse," he tells the Northern smith when he gets close. Meanwhile his attentions fix on Kieran and Caelis. The latter with perhaps some expectation of getting an introduction. His blunt up-and-down look certainly has a 'who are you?' kind of vibe.

"I think that will do just fine," Valerius says to Natalia, dipping his head once more, as he steps off of the dance floor, towards the refreshment table, and then eventually past it towards the estate proper. "Friends and family," Valerius calls out, clearly not one for decorum, especially not when he's drunk, "I thank you all for coming. Please, stay as long as you'd like, eat as much as you'd like, and finish off the rum if you can. It's time that I retire, but any and all needs can be directed at our Thralls, and I hope to see you all again soon."

Remi's brow lifts hearing the words from Julea as she approaches him at the fringes, The man muttering out moments later as he glances towards a passing thrall "Fuck me, Thought tha' lot spotted me earlier." Amusement showing across his features despite his words, The man motioning to another of the empty seats. "And keep it down if'n ya don't mind. Enjoying being dead for one last night." A quick wink given from behind the Hydra mask. His voice dropping to a more hushed tone as he begins to talk with the woman.

Maximilian murmurs something to the ladies, then gestures off to the side, as if to say ' follow me'.

Margot looks over Victus as he slips away from her, almost looking offended, but instead a soft laugh leaves her. She shakes her head, lifts her glass to her lips and downs her remaining rum in a few quick gulps. Dismissed from the High Lord's attention she hads off the glass and nods to Max from across the space before she turns to the estate, apparently having the same idea as Valerius.

Calandra murmurs softly with Joslyn and Max. She has ceased her dancing now. A warm smile is given to Valerius at his announcement. She seems to be getting ready to follow along with Max and Joslyn.

Maximilian lifts his glass to Margot as he seems to be about to leave with the two ladies who came as his dates.

    "I think you've shown that perhaps the Thrax can throw some of the best parties, and it is up to the other fealties to try match that high bar that has been set." Julea responds to Victus, though not quite as loud, given he has wandered a bit closer. She brings one of her hands rising up to push a stray curl back behind her ear. Another sheepish look for Remi, after his request to keep it down and she sits in the indicated chair and sets the bottle down next to her.

Looking between Julean and Kieran, Caelis relaxes. "You suppose Prince Anze can run my cousin down? She's a force of nature, I wouldn't be so sure your Highness." She tells him and looks to Victus and his men before looking back at Kieran and leaning in a little. "Who is the gentleman with the ring of men?" She asks curiously, if quietly. "I mean, I know, Masquarade and all, but everyone's greeting him, that the host?" She adds, meeting his eyes as she arches her brows.

Joslyn nods, her attention shifted to Max, but her arm still wrapped about Calandra, still smiling happily.

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Natalia stumbles along after Valerius with a drunken giggle, using his weight to hold up her own, her head falling against his shoulder and mumbling something about 'coffee' the whole while.

Kieran hmmms at Caelis. "Oh? Which one? That one is Count Max Darkwater. That one is sadly my cousin Prince Valerius Thrax. That one there is High Lord Victus. I think he wants to know who you are. It can be hard to catch. Subtle one, he is."

Remi ahs softly and laughs, "My mistake then, Forget I said anything." A sheepish grin taking shape as he shrugs his shoulders taking up a bit of fish from the plate before holding out that bottle of rum towards the woman. "Tonight, The hydra. Tomorrow I can be someone else."

    Julea reaches out to take the bottle of rum from Remi, though she gives it a peculiar look before bringing it to her lips and swallowing a mouthful. Her nose wrinkles up and she quickly hands it back to Remi, grouching, "Fuck, tastes as bad as I remembered it does." More grumbling and then she picks up her own bottle from where she'd set it down on the ground. And while the bottle showcases a fine Thraxian rum, it is clearly filled with anything but.

As Victus stops hanging around the edges solely, his guards fade a little into the background. A couple still stick in close, but the rest are content to hover a little off to the side. Or perhaps content is not the word, so much as they're enduring the necessity. Julea makes him shakes his head slowly, some humor in his eyes. "If you say so. I can't fucking tell the difference." Dancing, drinking, eating. Aren't all parties exactly the same? He rolls his broad shoulder in a lazy shrug of dismissal. Then his gaze returns to Caelis. He makes a sound in the back of his throat that says, yes, Kieran read his mind. His very subtle and elusive mind.

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Ferrando is overheard praising Julea for: I had fun at the Masquerade!

     Remi chuckles as he hears that grouching from Julea, The man pushing the plate towards her before retaking the bottle. When she brings a bottle labeled in a familiar fine Thraxian rum up his brow lifts as well, "The fuck is in tha' then?" Remi's head tilting slightly before he shakes it lifting the bottle up to take a pull from it. When it's lowered he adds, "So what is it ya do then Julea? Besides throwing masquerades?"

Looking at Victus, Caelis glances back and smiles to Kieran and gives the prince a nudge. "Well, now that you know both of us, would you be kind enough to make introductions?" She asks him, taking a quick sip from her glass before offering the northern prince a charming smile. "I'm sure it would be better manners than if I sauntered over myself. I'd hate to abandon you."

Remi is overheard praising Julea for: A good time with much rum to be had, And some not rum at the Masquerade.

Kieran grins to Victus, "Oh, you sly devil, you. Your clever wordplay is why I like you so much." He gestures to Caelis, "She is Lady Caelis of Malvici. At least that is what she told me.". He then looks to Caelis, "High Lord Victus Thrax ."

A loud, squeaking, echoing hiccup erupts from Sina's throat and lips, causing the olive-skinned handmaiden to blush furiously and cover her mouth in surprise. She clears her throat and shifts into as casual of a stance as she can manage in an attempt to recover from the accidental outburst.

Fairen is overheard praising Julea for: I don't typically enjoy parties, but I enjoyed this one. Well done.

    "This, is Redrain whiskey." Julea says, holding up the bottle to show it off to Remi, and sure enough it has that distinctive amber hue, and probably smells of it. Victus' response ot the party has the young smith grinning broadly, right cheek dimpling and catching the unfamiliar face as introductions are made, she raises her voice to say to Caelis, clearly at least.. trying to be a good host. "And I'm Julea by the way." And with that done, her attention comes back to Remi, "Oh, I'm a smith, and a sellsword. A smith because my father was, but there's not much call for work here lately, so sellswording helps me pay the bills. And, well. I kind of like it anyways."

Fairen is overheard praising Valerius for: The masque was a rousing success. Good on you for your involvement.

Julea is overheard praising Valerius for: Thank you, I couldn't of done this without you.

Fairen is overheard praising Victus for: The very paragon of the brightest rays of sunshine.

Remi is overheard praising Valerius for: A proper Thrax Party, So much rum so little time. Well done.

Kieran is overheard praising Fairen for: A more true statement has never been spoken.

Victus gives Kieran a skeptic sort of look, but in the end accepts the introduction. He rubs his hand against his jawline, following his thick dark beard like he's unfamiliar with the length of it. It used to be halfway down to his chest. "And what brings this Malvici to Arx?" Asked of Caelis. His mouth opens like he's planning on saying something more, but Sina's hiccup draws his attention. He stares at the Thraxian handmaiden. Then slowly something of a bastard stepchild of a snort and a chuckle and a rasping cough escapes from him. Amused.

He's less amused at being called a paragon of brightest rays and sunshine. Who said that? His head swings around.

     Remi falls silent looking over the bottle, The man setting the rum aside before motioning towards it. "Mind if I give it a pull? See how it measures up to the rum." When Julea looks to Calais and the others his focus is brought towards them as well. The woman's words about being a smith have Remi quickly looking back to her giving a subtle nod. "That a fact now? Might have to see about having you make me something then. If you're up for a bit of work with the smithing that is."

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    And there's another face that Julea doesn't know, and clearly bolstered by the copious amounts of Redrain whiskey she's been drinking, she's bringing a hand up in a wave towards Fairen as well. "Enjoying yourself?" The young smith asks, before she's offering out the bottle she holds to Remi, it's probably about half full at this point. Once he takes it from her, she turns her leg to the side, that split that runs down the front is there for a reason, to give her easy access to the blade sheathed at her thigh. "I'm a pretty good smith too." She says, drawing the weapon out an inch, just to show off that pretty diamondplate, before sinking it back in again.

Alarie is late to the party. The woman works too much! She arrives in her favorite silks, stopping to smooth them out and fix her mask. The mask is blue with bits of polished coral around the edges. Bright blue eyes peer out from behind the mask as she peers from person to person, offering a smile.

Offering a dip suitable to the High Lord, Caelis looks at Victus as she rises, holding his eyes. "Our Voice called my ships in so we might lend aid where it's needed. Count Maximillian briefly mentioned our forces were sailing together to some purpose. Pirates-I don't doubt." She says and looks side long at the prince dressed as a pirate hooking a crooked smile briefly. She offers Victus a brief nod. "I'm sure you and the Voice know something more. I'm a soldier, my Lord." She tells him evenly.

Sina freezes for a moment underneath Victus's gaze like a rabbit in the sights of a predator. Once that laugh and snort come however, she relaxes. But, she's been trying to appear relaxed and innocently unaware throughout the entire scrutiny. So, she plays it off with an awkward shrug as if nothing had happened at all. She clears her throat, smiling at Ferrando and continuing the conversation with a light, conversational tone. She barely noticed that she drew the High Lord's attention at all, right? ... Right?

Fairen has been nursing drinks this whole time and quietly observing the goings-on of the festivities. This is all while avoiding the dance floor as if it could sprout limbs at any time and attack. Fortunately to his knowledge, this is out of the realm of possibility. The Marquis gives the dance area a wide berth while moving about and watching others mingle. A fresh cigarillo is tucked between his lips and a fresh drink in his hand. As Julea approaches him, he offers a smile down to her. "I am, thank you. This has been a rather well-received event, I have to say, and I really couldn't argue the point. Well done." He pauses a beat before finally remembering his manners and introducing himself. "I'm Fairen Leary, Marquis of Leaholdt." He moves to...perhaps shake hands? His hands are full of a glass of alchohol and a cigarillo, though.

When the bottle is held out to him Remi reaches to take it from the smith, His eyes coming to rest on Fairen raising the bottle up in greeting before its brought to his lips for a deep pull. The man giving a sigh as the bottle is lowered and brought to be held back out for Julea, "Not rum, but still good." His eyes lowering when Julea shifts in her seat bringing that blade to be just barely revealed, A nod of approval given as a look of true appreciation takes shape across Remi's otherwise masked featured beneath the Hydra. The man's gaze drifting off to look over the masquerade and those still there drinking and enjoying their evenings.

Alarie goes a bit wide-eyed at the beautiful dress, the people dancing, all the food, and the booze! The woman had never been to quite an extravagant party before. She continues forward through the throng of so many people in masks. Eventually, she finds herselfnear the refreshments, taking a small tumbler of some good rum.

    The blade is a pretty damn good blade and few could match it in Arx, in fact, you could say it is pretty close to perfect and Julea seems pretty proud of it. She takes the bottle back from Remi and rests the base of it on her leg and she nods. "I'm trying to get used to Rum, but it might take a while." She admits, and when Fairen introduces, she reaches out to take his hand, and when it's obviously already full of things, she instead sets it back on her leg. "I'm Julea, a local smith. I'm pretty pleased with it, and I'm pretty.. well, shit at such things. Valerius organised all the fancy stuff."

"Pirates," Victus repeats at Caelis' explanation, tasting the word. Finally makes a brisk sort of nod. "I suppose its not fucking inaccurate." Even if the Thraxian in him still ensures that when she names herself a soldier he looks at her twice, then a third time as well just to take proper stock of her. He doens't challenge the claim, however. "Ships'll be needed. Lyceum ships may not be Traxian, but they're still better than all the fucking rest. Aye. I know more. But not the fucking party to tell it all in, eh?"

One of his guards approache shim, and whispers something in his ear. A a moment later he looks ready to excuse himself, his posture and bodylanguage changing.

"Pirates," Victus repeats at Caelis' explanation, tasting the word. Finally makes a brisk sort of nod. "I suppose its not fucking inaccurate." Even if the Thraxian in him still ensures that when she names herself a soldier he looks at her twice, then a third time as well just to take proper stock of her. He doens't challenge the claim, however. "Ships'll be needed. Lyceum ships may not be Traxian, but they're still better than all the fucking rest. Aye. I know more. But not the fucking party to tell it all in, eh?"

One of his guards approache shim, and whispers something in his ear. A a moment later he looks ready to excuse himself, his posture and bodylanguage changing.

Kieran calls over to Julea, "You do a fine job, Julea. Don't sell yourself short." He grins at Caelis as she explains her status at a soldier, before he looks to Alarie as the late arrival shows. "I think you missed most of it, Miss."

Alarie turns her gaze to Kieran as he adresses her. "Oh. Well. I..." She isn't sure what to say to all that. "Well, at least I showed up." Her ivory-toned cheeks flush lightly. She honestly feels a little silly now. "There are still quite a few people here. I can bet this was rather grand earlier."

Looking to Julea now that Victus is introduced and she can exhale, Caelis smiles broadly. "Caelis Malvici." She calls back with a wave. Looking to Victus, she nods briskly. "Pirates works just fine for a party." She agrees and gives him a final curtsy before looking at Kieran again with a smile. "I may be near out of rum, and not nearly into my rations enough to brave dancing, care for a refill yourself, Highness?" She asks and nods to the table.

    "It's better now actually, before it was crammed full of people and you could hardly hear anything. You're just in time for the best part, when we actually get to meet new people.." Julea inclines her head to Fairen and Caelis, "Get drunk on whiskey-- or rum, and enjoy yourselves. Another grin follows Caelis's return introduction, she adds. "If you have need of work while you're on land, and don't mind mercenary work, should speak to my boss."

Victus leaves the party without grand speeches or gestures. He simply turns on his heels as he listens to whatever his guard has to tell him. Soon after the burly warlord turned High Lord has departed the party. With him goes his guards, and their suspicious scowls.

Remi slowly begins to raise as he hears the words from Julea, "Well will send along a messenger sometime soon to arrange to discuss things a bit more fully." The man reaching out with one hand for his bottle of rum that had been claimed from the refreshment table as the other snatches up another strip of smoked fish, "Anyways, I am gonna wander some and see about a smoke. You and Valerius did good with this." That said his eyes lift to look briefly to Victus giving the man a nod, the mention of pirates from his companion in the form of Caelis has Remi's brow raising beneath the heads of the hydra. Nothing is said though instead Remi just shakes his head and turns away moving off towards the refreshment table.

Fairen nods to Julea and casts a glance over to the direction in which Valerius went off in. "Well, if you want to know a secret..." he begins before continuing and only mocking dropping his voice. "So am I. Gods forbid I ever put one of these together. I'd wind up doing a reading of my collected works on spore reproduction. It always goes over famously with parties." Chuckling then, he sticks his cigarillo in his mouth and finally reaches out a hand to shake Julea's.

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Kieran takes a breath, "More drinking and dancing?". He pauses for a moment, then nods, "I can't rightly call myself a Master of Revels if I stop now.". He makes his way towards the refreshment table. He gives a nod to Julea's conversation partner. "Prince Kieran of Redrain, my lord," he introduces, before looking to Alarie. "It was incredibly crowded. You can atoll enjoy yourself, though!"

    Julea reaches out to take Fairen's hand, giving it a shake and with Remi leaving the spot next to her, she too gets up to her feet, grabbing up her bottle of whiskey and having a few quiet words with him while he's still within whispering vicinity, and then a touch louder she relies to Fairen. "I think if you did a poetry reading, here, you'd probably get peltered with prawns. Delicious prawns, but still prawns."

Alarie smiles to Julea, "I bet it was quite filled!" Still, more people are departing. She just sips her rum as she listens to conversations around her. She smiles to Kieran, "Well, just getting to see it is quite the treat. Perhaps next time, I will see it in more of it's glory."

Grinning at the breath, Caelis walks with Kieran. "Well, if you aren't up to it your Highness, by all means, rest and catch your wind. Lycene's tend to celebrate deep into the night and I'm lately come as it is." She teases and looks around more at the various masked faces.

Remi pauses briefly in that raise and departure as he leans in closely to Julea sharing a few whispered words with the smith before he is off to the refreshment tables. The man working his way along plucking up a prawn. Seeming to be oblivious to the world around him as he looks over the delicious snacks before him in that momentary stop.

"It's so much worse than poetry, for the casual reader...or listener," Fairen says for Julea, actually chuckling a bit. "It's quite literally a written study of how fungus grows. I'd probably get pelted with spears or acid." The Marquis snorts out a laugh then as he shakes and then relinquishes her hand so that he can pluck the cigarillo back out from his lips. "Although...come to think of it...I've heard some fiarly rotten poetry."

Kieran pfffts at Caelis, "Please. Redrains are the true drinkers and parties! Why we have longer nights up North /just/ to party harder, longer." He looks to Julea then, "Got any more of that whiskey or are we switching entirely to rum?" The prince grins to Alarie finally, "There will always be another party."

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Alarie laughs. "There should be an after party!" The seamstress laughs pleasantly and drinks from her rum. She is Thraxian, so rum is her drink. She pauses,"I hear that is such a thing in some places!" She glances down the refreshment table and she spies Remi nearby. A pleasant nod is offered to him, followed by a smile.

    With her hand back from Fairen, Julea swaps the bottle of whiskey that is masquerading as Rum (even her alcohol is thematic) and moves a bit closer to one of the tables, using her right hand to pluck some of the smoked fish from the bone. "I'm not sure fungi would be any better..." She admits to the Grayson noble, leaning in against the table and popping the the fish into her mouth, eyes going to Kieran, and then belatedly offering out the drink to him.

"Is it just the nights then? I have to admit, I hate the idea of north-snow especially, but longer parties? I can't snub my nose at that." Caelis laughs and quickly drains her rum before setting about refilling her glass. She looks to Julea curiously "Mercinary work you said? I admit, I need to practice my fencing on a surface that doesn't move, but I might ask you again later." She tells the woman and glances back at Kieran.

    "You'd be welcome, Audric is always after a few more people. And! You get to wear a rather fancy or ridiculous hat.. and you get a free subscription to weeky-utensils." Julea puts on her sales pitch mode for Caelis, slouching a bit more from the table and picking more of that smoked fish from the bone. Not bothering with a plate, it goes straight to her mouth. "And there's a sizable signing bonus."

That brief nod from Alarie has Remi offering the woman a smile, The man not yet realizing that the woman is one he had actually meant to find and talk to at some point as he turns away from the refreshment table fresh prawn in hand as he begins to head for the edge of the courtyard to the exit. The man eating the prawn down as he moves along watchful of those he passes on his way to at least temporarily slip off from the masquerade.

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Kieran accepts the whiskey woth a grin and takes a long draw from the bottle, before handing it back. "Much better!" He also reaches over to snag some fish as well. The prince replies to Caelis, "Days too, but nights are the best. Bonfires are fun afterall. Right Julea?". He hip-bumps the fellow Northerner.

Kieran adds to Alarie, "A few people are probably already enjoying the after party. Like Count Max and his friends.". He snickers a hit and takes another bite of fish.

"Audric? That wicked sellsword!" Caelis startles and laughs. "I've known Audric since we were both novices at our craft." She tells Julea and makes a face. "Now I have to put frogs in his bed." She sighs and coughs before looking at Kieran. "Wouldn't that get warm? Booze and a large fire?" She asks and sips at her rum-apparently not too picky about her poisons. She does roll her eyes at the mention of Count Max.

    Julea finds herself returning the hipbump against Kieran, and in doing so, his hips are a lot less sharp than the edge of the table so she swaps leaning against that for leaning against him. The words of the Redrain prince have her giggling a bit, though Caelis' words draw her curiousity. "Oh? He's a good friend of mine, though, I've not known him anywhere near as long. I said him strange utensils regularly. And he's played more than a few pranks on me."

Kieran becomes a leaning post for the time being, job the tall, skinny prince is suitable for. "That's the idea. It's rather cold up there. I hadn't seen grass for 4 years until I came to Arx.". He may be exaggerating there. "Oh spirits, Audric." The prince shakes his head, "A man even I find to be a bit wild."

"Scoundral." Caelis huffs and looks to Julea. "The day I got into Arx he must have sent ten runners to call me over and visit. I really ought to teach him a thing or two about running those poor people ragged." She says and looks at Kieran with a smile. "'d say you're less wild than Audric? We're old drinking buddies, if I can handle him, surely you can your Highness."

Alarie had fallen quiet there in her place by the refreshment stand. Her gaze flickers back and forth to all the people moving about. She seems quite content. Though, since the party is slowly dying out, she peels from the table. Alas, next time. The tumbler is returned to the table before she casually makes her way out.

    "Scoundral would be an apt word to describe him." Julea readily agrees with Caelis there, cheek dimpling still on one side. "I will have to visit your shop again, Alarie. Every single one of your designs that I've seen, I've fallen in love with, I can see why they sell out so fast."

Alarie pauses as she is stoppes. She glances back to Caelis and there is an offer of a smile as well as a pink blush on her cheeks. "I am so happy you like my work! I do try to put things up for sale often. Alas, they get bought sometimes before I am evenf inished puttiing them up for sale!" Such a burden.

Kieran grins to Caelis, "I said he was a /bit/ wild. I am as wild as the Everwinter!". He snickers at that and takes a swig of whatever glass is nearby, which means rum. He grimaces but downs it anyways, then waves to Alarie as she departs.

"The Everwinter? Is it rough?" Caelis asks Kieran over her glass and crinkles her eyes amused. "You drink like your cousin. I'm sure you'd be welcome company down at Malvici Hall, highness." She murmurs and glances to Julea. "And any friend of Audric's must surely be mine. It's a rare person who tolerates his unusual brand of friendship."

    "He was good to me when I got into Arx, saved my life once even, had my back. So, I can put up with his.. quirks so to speak just fine." Julea says, to Caelis, before she leans in against Kieran and returns a few quiet words against his ear.

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