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Artshall Spring Livestock Sale

Come one, come all! To the Artshall Spring Livestock Sale! Selling the finest livestock that the Oathlands has to offer. If you're an Oathlands house and you would like to put your prize goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, horses, ducks or other animals up for purchase, please @mail Cristoph for details on how to do that! I will take anywhere from 1-5 animals per house.


May 15, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

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Norwood Alis Mabelle Waldemai Rosalie Svana Rowenova Brianna Matteo Katarina Kastelon Gaston Berenice Brigid Mirk Amari Ryhalt Rane Kieran Katherine Shae Ingrid Hamish Cillian Kedehern



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Stables and Fields

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Comments and Log

Laurent Manse <LM> is now unlocked.

Marchande arrives, following Rosalie.

Gavin, an enthusiastic scribe, Bumble, an adorable bearded puppy arrive, following Tyren.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser arrive, following Norwood.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, Clovis, a Whitehold Mountain Dog puppy arrive, following Rowenova.

Cupcake, a cookie girl arrives, following Mabelle.

A vain midnight black Artshall destrier with flowing mane, A gentle dapple gray Artshall destrier with heavily feathered hooves, An over-eager cremello Artshall destrier with striking blue eyes, A hyperactive buckskin appaloosa Artshall destrier with light blue eyes, A steady-as-he-goes dark bay Artshall destrier with warm brown eyes, A downy white duck who wishes people just wouldn't, Persimmon, the darling fainting goat, Parsnip, the angry fainting goat, Pomegranate, the gentle fainting goat, Stormy, an affectionate Mistward Labrador, Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador, Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador, Snortlepuff, a stout Oakhaven spotted piglet, Simon, a long eared mule, careful, he bites, A darling leopard appaloosa Artshall mini horse wearing a red sweater, A darling silver gray Artshall mini horse wearing a blue sweater, A darling black and white pinto Artshall mini horse wearing a yellow sweater, Rowenova, Mabelle arrive, following Cristoph.

Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant arrive, following Alis.

The Artshall Livestock sale is open for business. Extra stalls for horses have been set up, as well as a temporary kennel for the dogs and a petting 'zoo' for the other assorted small animals that are being sold. Cristoph doesn't handle any of the selling himself directly, these are all animals brought in from other places around the Oahtlands and there's plenty of merchants to deal with that. Instead, he wanders the grounds, saying hello to people he recognizes.

Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser have been dismissed.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound have been dismissed.

A dutiful Valardin aide, Quiet, a Valardin champion arrive, following Katarina.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, Clovis, a Whitehold Mountain Dog puppy arrive, following Rowenova.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, Rurik, a prodigal assistant, Aegis, a large red Oakhaven bloodhound arrive, following Mirk.

Norwood isn't taking care of children at the moment, but he absolutely is standing beside the makeshift petting zoo. Just in case. It's the best way to be of use.

Alis is happily wandering around looking at all of the livestock for sale, and of course making disgustingly cute faces and noises at the mini horses and doggies. "You're so cuuuute!" Pause. "Not you." That, to someone who paused in their travels right beside her when she said that.

2 Halfshav skilled veteran guards arrives, following Brianna.

Frosty, a friendly English sheepdog, Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant arrive, following Svana.

Mabelle was here the entire time. I mean, there are so many animals around, where else would she be? In the petting Zoo, of course. Her Cupcake girl is handing out cookies at the entrance while she is busy squishing dogs, after effectively putting a huge sign in script of "PROPERTY OF MABELLE" on the most fashionable mini horse.

Snortlepuff, a stout Oakhaven spotted piglet have been dismissed.

Waldemai starts perusing the cute lil critters, not to mention the cute big critters.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador have been dismissed.

Rosalie arrives with a bright and eager smile, moving into the room. Her eyes dart here and there, but as much as she would love to run to the animals, she first approaches Cristoph and sips a brief but precise curtsy. "Thank you for hosting this, my lord. I am certain it will be a resounding success." She offers a soft smile towards him and steps aside so others can greet him as well. Drifting towards the animals, she glances over the goats and giggles at the duck, but she gasps upon seeing the piglet. Immediately hurrying over, she hands a pouch of silver to the merchant nearby and offers a few quiet words. Piglet secured, she can't help but beam!

Svana, being heavily pregnant, is all too happy to accept cookies from Cupcake. She nibbles on them and then moves straight toward the animals that will be easier to keep in the backyard.

After walking with Sir Floppington and Squire Clovis, Rowenova stops short at where Stormy the laborador is and looks her in the eyes. The scout smiles then puts her name on the tag of the good girl.

Persimmon, the darling fainting goat have been dismissed.

Gavin, an enthusiastic scribe, Bumble, an adorable bearded puppy leave, following Tyren.

Brianna is at the auction with Rowenova and a young boy. The boy seems to have fallen in love with a duck.

A darling leopard appaloosa Artshall mini horse wearing a red sweater have been dismissed.

Matteo Pravus, for all intents and purposes, is penniless right this instance. Newly arrived in the city, he hasn't come with much in silver. Nevertheless, the man strolls around the penned and gathered livestock, looking endlessly curious. His curls are finger mussed, his nose slightly swollen from a fight earlier, and his dark green eyes ever moving around even as he nibbles on a cookie while he walks.

Stormy, an affectionate Mistward Labrador have been dismissed.

Princess Katarina is wandering the livestock sale wearing an outfit hewn from aeterna; if the fabric was more conventional stuff, it would be exceptionally brave of her to hang out with livestock while wearing almost all white. The Eurusi woman seems rather amused by all of this -- or at least by all of the animals. She stops at each one to regard them, and from the muted smile on her face, seems to find them all satisfactory.

Kastelon walks into the grounds, lost in a thoughtful silence. His course takes him directly towards the dogs, which he surveys thoroughly, crouching down to ruffle fur and look into panting faces.

Gaston has actually left the Blackram Fasthold and is present for the Livestock Sale, mainly to keep an eye on the goats that his sister has prepared for sale today. He is mostly staying out of the way, attempting to keep a low profile despite his height.

A vain midnight black Artshall destrier with flowing mane have been dismissed.

The figurative jury's still out on whether or not Berenice could identify a goat versus a sheep, so perhaps it is a touch strange to see her arrive at a livestock festival. But here she is, looking perfectly dressed and coiffed as ever, tossing her hair over one slim shoulder as she considers the crowd with idle amusement. She is not interested in goats, which she obviously would be hard-pressed to identify, but she /does/ seem to bear some interest for the horses. The real, full-sized ones, that is.

The Moore family has arrived! Baroness Katherine, Baron Rane, and Lady Brigid start looking over all the creatures available. Katherine with perhaps some loose speculation at a goat with Rane providing good 'ol Keaton knowledge as to the best ones possible. Brigid however, the Dragoon and Horse Mistress, looking over the provided horseflesh curiously and with a keen eye.

The three of House Moore nod, smile, and generally greet those they know and even those they don't know!

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog arrive, following Amari.

"Delivering backhand compliments Princess?" Norwood comments at Alis as she wanders by and tells someone that they are WRONG about their cuteness level. "Or just failing at communication?" He's totally teasing, except he forgot to smile an indicate that.

1 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

Leta, the student scholar, 3 Grimhall House Guards arrive, following Ingrid.

Cristoph's path eventually takes him by Norwood, where he slaps him on the shoulder in familiar affection. "People love animals," he says to the other man. It doesn't sound like he thinks this is amusing, just a statement of fact. A good act. He approves. "We had a nice turn out too. I owe you for the mule," he remembers and gestures to Rupert. When Rosalie speaks to him, he dips his head to her. "You're welcome, thank yu for attending."

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar arrive, following Hamish.

Mabelle waves to Rosalie from the dogs area, which are slowly being sold and she looks a tad upset about it, "No, dont go", she murmurs mostly to herself and calls Cristoph, "Why cant we just keep them?"

A downy white duck who wishes people just wouldn't have been dismissed.

After some time, Kastelon straightens from his appraisal of the Mistward labradors, with a solid yet gentle pat to a flank. Heavy brows draw downward in consideration, and he moves on with a distracted air.

Misty, a sweet-hearted, but bossy Mistward Labrador have been dismissed.

Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards arrive, following Kieran.

Waldemai raises his hand. "Is there some kind of animal that doesn't hear well? My forge can get kind of noisy at times."

Alis finds herself wandering alongside Katarina, and can't help but remark. "I'd get one of those mini horses, but I'm afraid Ellara would try to ride it into battle. Really." she admits, holding out her arm to link so they can walk along together. And fawn over adorable animals.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Gaston before departing.

Svana moves over to Misty, the dog who seems good with children. Her protruding stomach seems to signal that she'll need something like this. She reaches to pet the dog and talk to it, murmuring in Halfshav as she strokes the ears and puts her hand to her stomach as if communicating the dog's new duties to it.

Berenice has joined the a set of temporary horse stalls.

Parsnip, the angry fainting goat have been dismissed.

"They are wonderful creatures." Norwood replies to Cristoph as he says that about animals. "I'm simply waiting for some noble woman to scream when that mule grabs her fancy skirt." Honestly, Norwood is eyeing that mule so hard. "You can pay me if the creature finds a new home."

Matteo's casual stroll brings him over to the horses, flashing a smile towards Berenice that comes out crooked. Unprompted, he tells her part of his life story with a little nod towards the horse closest to them: "You know, I've never owned a horse. They seem so-- tall. Especially standing here."

Pomegranate, the gentle fainting goat have been dismissed.

Matteo has joined the a set of temporary horse stalls.

After being given the leash to Stormy, Rowenova kneels down and gently pets her with a fond smile only darkened by shadows cast by her pelt headdress, "Well, hello, Good Girl."

Mirk strides into the stables, offering a nod of his head to those familiar faces that he passes along the way, and surveys the animals with a discerning eye. "I'm surprised," he comments to Cristoph. "It seems the most impressive animals are the ones going the longest without being sold."

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar leave, following Hamish.

Probably the last person who needs more animals following her around is Amari, but she's here anyway. Her two tremendously large dogs flank her, and a little white goat trots after them, bleating occasionally.

Katarina looks over at Alis, with the serene smile of a young woman observing many cute animals. "You are saying these are mini horses, sister? I thought they were the proper size, and all the rest were horses of extra size." Her smile spreads into more of a grin. "Just as we are the ones of proper size, and everyone else is above what is normal."

Simon, a long eared mule, careful, he bites have been dismissed.

Rosalie smiles brightly towards Mabelle and heads over, blinking at the sight of one of the pups and immediately giving the merchant the nod once more. Smiling once again, she approaches Mabelle and dips into a brief but precise curtsy, "Lady Mabelle! Such a pleasure to see you. I am afraid I had to buy one of the pups. I promise Gunner will go to the best of homes. He and Junebug will get along -famously-." She glances over her shoulder to the lead that ends in a piglet, "And I could not resist this adorable piglet!"

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

"Amari," Norwood calls out when he sees that former squire of his walking into the fair. "Your animals seem quit happy to see all the...other animals.

Seeing Mirk, Rowenova smiles brightly before saying, "I kind of want to buy the bay destrier for Tarik. But he is so big. I do not know where I could put him because my stable behind the house is for the short mare, so small."

Did Mabelle say something about keeping all the animals? Or did she just think it? Cristoph can't be sure, he's a bit far away. But he /senses/ his cousin grieving for the animals as they find new homes. He watches them go and he slooowly turns to lay eyes on her, his mouth twitching upward at the corner just a little.

"Exactly right." It's like a revelation, and Alis nods firmly at Katarina. "From now on we will just call them horses, and the other ones will be overgrown horses." she suggests. "Or maybe Giant Horses."

" That was well thought out, Baron Clement." It was uttered playfully by Brigid, a hand rising to hide the grin on her face.

After some time, Kastelon departs solemnly.

Norwood bows in Brigid's direction all very politely. "I'm afraid I do not follow Lady Brigid."

Mabelle chuckles at Rosalie as she looks up, "Oh I am sure they will go to good homes, I just like having dogs around. I have four of them", she assures her Rosalie and bids Gunner, "You be a good boy alright? Do not learn habits from that pig?". Mabelle finally detaches her eyes from the animals to realize the amount of people in the stables, "Oh, hello!", she wiggles her fingers in the general direction of Alis, Brigid, Norwood, Nova, Katarina, Amari, Mirk and Ryhalt. Because of course they are all in the same place.

Berenice has drawn up to the horse stalls, considering the larger of the animals with interest; her gaze is not /expert/, but it holds at least a passing acquaintance with the animal. Her head turns when Matteo approaches, her smile curving with amusement, as she offers a reply to him that doesn't carry beyond the horse stalls, given the size of the crowd.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar arrive, following Shae.

Ryhalt is running late and chuckles to himself as he passes through. It seems most picked over except some horses. Was he that late? So he stands by the fence near the horses and contemplates if he needs a new horse.

Lamora leaves, following Auda.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, Clovis, a Whitehold Mountain Dog puppy arrive, following Rowenova.

Svana moves over in the general direction of Rowenova and Mirk, Misty following her. She looks over the horses contemplatively before she leans in and says something to Rowenova.

Waldemai approaches the miniature horse in a blue sweater. "So tell me," he says. "Does the sound of hammered irin hurt your ears? Might you catch fire if sparks fall on you?"

Amari heads straight for Norwood then, answering, "So long as there's no cats, they'll be fine." From next to her dear uncle, she has a look about, and nods and smiles to all the familiar folks circulating around. "Did you see Snortlepuff? He was so adorable. I brought him to Arx wrapped in a blanket most of the time so he wouldn't get too cold."

Katarina leans in to slip her arm around Alis's gently, and dips her head to lightly touch her temple to Alis's shoulder (through her ever-present helm of dark curls). After straightening herself back up, she laughs, "We will put it to the Scholars and see if we cannot right this wrong of measurement." Arm in arm with Alis, she turns her head this way and that, to survey not only adorable animals, but (sometimes also adorable) people as well.

Svana says, "Do you think that Asher would want a horse since he's just been promoted to Squire?"

A glance to Norwood, " You're far too noble a soul, Baron Clement." A nod in his direction, before catching Mabelle's wave and twiddling her fingers in kind, before grinning.

Comfortably along Katherine and Brigid, the Moore baron offers slight smiles to those that meet his gaze while glancing around in the stalls at the variety of beasts and livestock that seemed to be acquired much more quickly than he anticipated.

Turning to Amari, Cristoph taps his hand along the side of his face. "You know, we don't really have much in the way of domestic cats being sold in the Oathlands. Do we? I mean, I assume someone must. People have them as pets."

After a quick reminder that there are Halfshav stables, Rowenova oh yeahs, then shells out enough silver for the steady as he goes destrier. She turns back with a bright smile to Svana. "I am not sure. I do not know if he rides, but mayhaps he does?"

Rowenova says in Northlands shav, "Maybe send a messenger to ask?"

Kieran strides into the area of the stables and fields wearing his usual commoner's attire of a white linen shirt laced up the front, brown leather trousers, and black boots, and belt. Two guards follow him wearing Redrain livery, and he has his golden signet ring on his right hand marking him as a peer of the realm. Hsi eyes widen at the gathering for the livestock sale and mutters "Who knew famr animals were so popular?" to no one in particular. Looking for a familiar face or three, he starts maneuvring through the crowd towards Brianna, Mirk, and Rowenova.

Mabelle mentions to Cristoph, "I think cats adopt people. We should breed lions. That I could get in line with". Of course.

"Certainly not, they'd eat the horses--" Cristoph protests, gesturing to the stalls. "Start breeding mastiffs. I hear they're just as big."

Katherine frowns into the empty goat pen, then turns to address her husband. "Well, it seems we'll have to find goats elsewhere. At least we get to mingle with people, now, of which there are /many/," she says, turning her gaze out to the massive gathering. However, instead of singling out a soul to greet amid the chaos, she drags Rane over to greet Brigid who stands next to a very bored mule and a sturdy mini horse. "Aw, for me? I had the same thought. Regular sized horses are just too unruly for my skills." The woman winks at her cousin playfully, then reaches out gingerly to stroke the horse's mane.

Giggling gently, Rosalie gives a small nod and smile towards Mabelle, "The piglet is more likely to learn from them. They are very social creatures, after all." As Mabelle turns towards others, she steps back, accepting the lead for Gunner with a smile and starting to slip through the crowds towards the exit.

Brigid gets another bow from Norwood in aceeptance of her words. Then between Amari and Cristoph. "Cats are good for living in the barn and scaring off the pests. I've little use for them otherwise." Norwood's a dog perosn.

A steady-as-he-goes dark bay Artshall destrier with warm brown eyes have been dismissed.

"I'm considering getting one of the mini horses for the children - when they're old enough, of course. In the meantime it would just be my pet." Svana smiles at Rowenova. She reaches out and touches the snouts of the horses gently, sucking in a breath as she rubs at her back. "They should learn how to ride properly, unlike their mother."

Alis tries to continue looking stern rather then amused, and fails miserably. "We shall do that immediately." is agreed, lips quirking upward. "Let's stop by Duke Laurent to pay our respects, maybe? I don't know that I can stay long. But who can resist all the adorable creatures?"

A darling silver gray Artshall mini horse wearing a blue sweater have been dismissed.

"That's true. Back home we had ratters and barncats, but didn't keep them as pets." Amari replies to Cristoph, brow furrowed as she considers that. "I just assumed my father had a personal dislike, and that's why he forbid them." Brigid gets it. She gets an agreeable nod. "I would rather dogs about."

Mabelle asks hesitantly, "Can we actually ride the mini horses?"

The heavily pregnant, and newly appointed Baroness of Fortier makes her way out to the Laruent Stables. Amber eyes glancing around as she looks over the crowd of people. Heading towards the group of Laurents, Clements, and Keatons, smiling as she does. Noticing someone with Gunnar, "Oh, you got Gunnar, if you ever need any help with training please feel free to send a message!" Shae calls to Rosalie.

"I don't think you should ride them," Cristoph says to Mabelle very seriously. Then he looks to Norwood, "That sounds like the kind of man who needs a kitten."

Brianna offers Kieran a family hug. "Our ward has decided he wants a duck and a fainting goat. Of course, he picked the ornery one." She looks to Svana. "You want a sound pony for your child," she says authoritatively. "The miniature horses are just pets."

Ingrid walks in to the stables looking around. The animals get a smile and an 'awww' from the noble woman. She seems to not know anyone here, and is just looking around for the moment.

Mirk raises an eyebrow at Rowenova. "Use the House's stables," he suggests. "I think I'll get one for Caleb. He might enjoy that. And Brianna might enjoy teaching him." He nods his head to Kieran. "Prince Kieran. Good to see you out and about."

Mabelle neatens the sweater of her new mini horse, "Well, I guess you will deliver messages for me, because there is no way you are sleeping in my room, Squishy. No, not squishy", she hums, "Need a candy name"

While walking with Alis, Katarina passes within spitting distance of Prince Kieran. Rather than spitting, she gives him a distinctly formal nod in passing -- a casual greeting from Princess to Prince. Then her attention returns to Alis: "Yes, we must," she trills. "I must know how the Duke has managed to find all of the most cute creatures of the Compact and gathered them to one place. And then, besides just gathering the two of us, all of this as well."

Smiling brightly towards Shae, Rosalie gives a nod, "I will, thank you! And congratulations, Baroness!" She lifts a hand towards Shae, then leans to pet Gunner affectionately.

A grin to Katherine, " Well, you'll be riding a Moore Lusitano, which means we still have training for you to do but for now, yes." The adorable mini creature is pointed at, "You can become familiar with the little equine as he crops the grass out front." A thumb towards the mule, "Helping in the fields and biting anyone we don't like." A nod towards Amari," I can put you all in touch with Barrett's breeder, if you're looking for something a bit more less...jowl encumbered and slobbery." This in response to the suggestion of mastiffs.

A gentle dapple gray Artshall destrier with heavily feathered hooves have been dismissed.

An over-eager cremello Artshall destrier with striking blue eyes have been dismissed.

Brianna says, "The boy has a pony, but he will outgrow him soon enough. Do you think my lord husband would let the child ride any destrier but one he bred himself? Come now, cousin Mirk.""

Impulsivity has always been a weakness for Svana. She looks over at Brianna, nods her head, and then promptly buys one of the destriers. "This purchase is not related to children. Though someday it might be," Svana says with a brief snerk. She considers her new horse and looks at Rowenova, grinning slyly. "I believe I have good news for you that I shall have to tell you in private..."

Kieran returns Brianna's familial hug and nods at her statement, "Of course he did. Make sure to get some frogs for him too. No boy should be left without frogs to terrorize others with." He looks to the miniature horses as Brianna points them out and the prince"huhs" at them. "That seems...odd. Take an animal known for its speed, working, and transpotation abilities and breed out all of those qualities." He looks then to Mirk and dips his head in turn, "Oh, I'm always out and about. I'm just so sneaky that you never see me." He chuckles then catches sight of Katarina and Alis, offering them a smile and a polite bow in return to Katarina's nod, "Good day, Your Highnesses."

Marchande leaves, following Rosalie.

Alis snorts lightly, trying to angle her way around taller people alongside Kat. There /are/ advantages to being short. And eventually, like magic, the pop up near Cristoph. "Very well put together, Duke Laurent. I saw a very angry looking goat at one point, was it the same sire as Timmon? I should have snagged him for Prince Edain. One can never have too many evil pets trying to chase a sibling around the manor." A slight smile an incline of her head to the others that are immediately there. And, a "Good day, Prince Kieran."

1 Templar Knight guards, Sir Daniel the Beardless, a somewhat hapless Templar, Kevin, a jerk wolf spider with a really shitty attitude who totally sucks arrive, following Hamish.

With a smile, Rowenova welcomes Kieran and Svana as she takes the lead to the halter of the destrier: much taller than she is. She pets the good horse on the forehead star, doing so with a softening mien. "That would be so cute." says she to Svana before looking to Mirk with a smile. "Thank you for reminding me. I think a destrier for Caleb would be a great idea!" Yes, the fellow Halfshavs are plotting with Brianna right there! She looks to Svana, then, "Oh?" Then, she smiles softly after scouty senses pick up on it all. "Wonderful!" says she. "You will have to tell me more when you can!"

There is a bright beam to Rosalie, "Thank you!" A friendly wave to the woman, and her new Mistward Labrador! And then she is smiling to Amari, Norwood, Cristoph, Mabelle, and all. Leaning over to pick up Spice, she doesn't get trampled in the crowd of people and animals. "Looks like the auction is very popular and successful," Shae says with a cheerful smile. And then a wave to Alis, "Princess Alis, hello!" Cradling her tiny otter in her other arm.

Alright, Norwood has so much empathy. She reaches out a hand and reses it upon Amari's shoulder. "You are a good piglet mother." Then he turns and eyes Cristoph for that kitten comment. "Cristoph. I do. not. need. a. kitten." Very careful enunciation people, so that he is heard over the noise of the fir."

Rowenova puts A steady-as-he-goes dark bay Artshall destrier with warm brown eyes in Messenger Bag.

Rowenova puts Stormy, an affectionate Mistward Labrador in Messenger Bag.

Mabelle wanders toward Ryhalt as he inspects the remaining animals, "Duke Farshaw, found anything to your liking?". Shae and Spice gets a huge smile out of her, "Isnt he adorable? And I love Taffy! I did not bring her so someone wont accidentally buy her"

" Wait, did I hear that you want a kitten, Baron Clement?!" Eyes widened, a glance to Cristoph, " Did you hear that? "

Katherine has already begun to braid the creature's long, coarse mane. "Well, I /do/ like that concept. He is our very own gatekeeper!" Seeing as how Norwood's words have been heard from all the way across the stables, Katherine turns and pipes up to ask, "Baron Norwood is getting a kitten?" Teeth bite into lips to restrict the impending laughter.

Mirk blinks at Brianna. "Does he have a passion for horses? I didn't realize." He shrugs a shoulder. "I suppose I'll save the destrier as a gift for someone else, then. I don't ride much, myself." He squints at Kieran. "You don't interact with southern nobles much, hm?"

"I certainly heard that he wanted a kitten," Cristoph confirms to Brigid, nodding.

Norwood just opens his mouth VERY WIDE to make sure EVERYONE KNOWS, "I DO NOT WISH A KITTEN."

Svana moves past Kieran as she exits with her new horse and dog, stopping briefly to kiss the Prince on the cheek in a friendly manner. "Hello, Prince Dangerpants. Good to see you once more."

Katarina beams a grin towards Kieran. "Good day, Your Highness. I hope that you find both the regular the and giant horses to your approval." She smiles the smile of someone indulging a private joke. Still arm in arm with Alis, as though she's her sister's mop-haired chaperone, she favors Cristoph with a bright smile. "Please do not encourage my sister's desire for evil pets," she says. "At least, not without also pets who do works of good, for the proper balance~."

Nova points out the buckskin who has no owner yet. "Your highness." says she to Kieran as if to suggest that she believes they would be a made match.

" What?! You don't wish on kittens, you wish upon stars, you silly! " A wolfish grin is flashed towards Norwood.

Frosty, a friendly English sheepdog, Njall, a Northern nullifier, Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant leave, following Svana.

Ryhalt smiles to Mabelle. "Hello Lady Mabelle. Well," he glances towards the horses, chuckling as more than half have sold as he dithers. "Some smart-looking horses there, though this seems like a just buy and not dither type event, so..." He grins slightly sheepishly. "Not today, it seems.

Brianna raises an incredulous eyebrow at Mirk. "He is a cavalry officer. Horses are his passion. It's almost enough to make me jealous." She pauses. "Not like that!"

Ingrid smiles as she hears people talking about Kittens. She looks around to see where the kittens are, as she adores them herself. Still, she has not seen anyone that she knows yet, but is having a delightful time so far.

There was a grin as strong arms came to fold across the breadth of his chest. "Congratulations, Baron Norwood. You must be very proud. Raising a kitten is one step removed from new fatherhood. I'm certain you are eager to relive that period of your life." Rane looked between Brigid and Katherine with the subtlest of smiles.

Turning to Alis and Katarina now, Cristoph looks between the pair of them and says, "What about kittens? Because if I'm going to get one kitten for Baron Norwood, I might as well get more than one. Do you think there's a discount if you buy multiples?"

"What if a kitten wishes for a you, Uncle Norwood?" Amari asks, because she's not helping at all. At least Shae's arrival distracts her, "Cousin! I thought for a moment you'd had your baby already, but that's way too much fur, I'd hope." Because it's an otter, in her arm, not a tiny human. "Is Baron Kedehern lurking about too?"

Norwood is just standing there with ALL HIS WORDS BEING IGNORED. "Wait, what happened to the mule?" Quick, distract everyone!

"You know Prince Edain is ALL good. He needs the evil pet balance." Alis protests, with a very practiced expression of innocence. "Kittens are cute. And I'm sure you can find an evil one or two among them." she agrees.

Kieran nods to Mirk, "Oh, I do. That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy pointing out their idiosyncracies." He dips his head then to Rowenova and Svana as they greet him, "Good day, Scout. Svana." He chuckles at Katarina's words, "Yes, I think I may favor the giant ones. Those are much more common in the North than the regular sized ones." Then Rowenova is drawing his attention to a horse. "I'm not sure I need another horse. I don't ride as much as I used to. Buuuut..." He starts making his way to the buckskin.

Nova back pats Kieran then moves to take her flock of animals out of here!

Mabelle smiles to Ryhalt amusedly, "You need something else to pet other than the coffee shop cat. But perhaps next time", she watches in amusement as they speak of Norwood with a cat. If her eyebrow went any higher it would connect to her hair.

Sir Floppington the Soulful Hound, a grey mare with black points, Clovis, a Whitehold Mountain Dog puppy leave, following Rowenova.

A darling black and white pinto Artshall mini horse wearing a yellow sweater have been dismissed.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle. "What are you saying? Mr. Scruffy is perfectly fine to pet. I have Palamon, too, when he isn't in a bite your finger off for touching me mood..."

There is a bright, loud laugh from Shae at the mention of Spice being her baby, "Oh gods, I think Kedehern would be beside himself if Spice was our baby." Laughing a bit still, she moves closeer to Amari to show her the baby otter. "This is Spice, she was a gift from Mabelle!" And then a pat to her still large belly, "No baby yet, but soon, says the midwife." And then Shae is smiling over to Mabelle, "I'm so glad you love Taffy," A beam of a smile to Mabelle. And then she looks to Norwood, "What is this I hear about my dad getting a kitten?" Grinning a bit there.

"I AM NOT GETTING A KITTEN." Norwood doesn't yell that. He just says it quite emphatically. So Everyone Hears.

Katarina responds to Kieran with a grin. Her innate Princessliness is useful for keeping tabs on multiple flows of conversations, and turning her gaze from one to another without looking like a frantic cat whipping her head around. "Kittens! Oh, kittens are perfect! And two kittens is the perfect number. Even if they indulge themselves with mischief, they do so together, as little kitten siblings." Katarina gives Alis's hand a squeeze, and then releases her adoptive sister to go wander as she will. "And the first thing I learned upon my arrival in the Compact is that family is essential~."

Mabelle wrinkles her nose at Ryhalt, "I do not like birds, you cannot squish birds. She calls over to Shae, "I honestly think animal gifts should be the only valid gifts"

"I didn't think it was like that," Mirk says with a chuckle. "Did you get any livestock for yourself, Cousin? Or merely looking around and enjoying the atmosphere?"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

"None for myself, but a certain young man is leaving with a fainting goat and a duck," Brianna replies to Mirk.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.

"...just walk him around. It's fine." Blessed Hamish Farmer walks onto the grounds followed by his ever vigilant Templar protectors, one of which has a wolf spider that would be considered medium size to other wolf spiders but to Sir Daniel is far, far too big sitting on his shoulder. Hamish makes a wiggly round-and-round gesture with his hand and points to Daniel. "He'll get some fresh air. Maybe he'll be less of a miserable thing to be around." Hamish looks around, offering nods and half-bows here and there, before arriving at the petting zoo. "Oh, dare I?"

Ryhalt gestures at the poor remaining horse. "Though, that one did catch my eye. But, I don't need an animal to...squish." He gives Mabelle an odd look, hiding a grin. "I think that is a girl thing." Now he's started it.

Turning back to Amari, remembering she asked about Kedehern, "He's sleeping, been having a lot of bad dreams lately. Both of us actually," Shae confesses there, a touch of a frown. But then Mabelle is calling at her about animal gifts, nodding to her, "Oh yes! I absolutely agree!" And then she glances to Norwood, frowning a touch, but not saying anything. She looks to Cristoph, "Did all the Mistward Labradors find good homes, I hope? I saw one of them leaving as I arrived."

Brigid merely chuckles, as the ass points to the ass, " I ended up snagging the good 'ol girl up! Figured she'd do a good job in the fields." Trying to keep herself together, a 'tsk' towards Norwood," It sounds like you're just trying to talk yourself out of it now." With that does she dip her head into a bow, " Alright my beloved cousins, I'm taking these critters back to the estate. You going to be joining me?" Towards Cristoph, " Thank you for hosting this event! I look forward to next years." With that the Dragoon is away, contemplating how best to get Norwood a kitten.

"A fainting goat?" Mirk repeats, blinking at Brianna. "What does Caleb need with a fainting goat?"

Kieran looks to Norwood as the man emphatically states his opposition to kittens and the buckhorn he was approaching nickers and starts to meander away. "Awwww..." says the prince dejectedly. He turns back to the crowd and starts to head back towards them. "What is this about kittens?" He nods then to Katarina, "If you don't have family, you don't have anything really."

Katherine follows Brigid out of the stables, waving to everyone along the way.

A sidenote as she leaves and hears Kieran's prodding, silvery sights rest on the redheaded Redrain,"Baron Clement wants a kitten something fierce." A wave then poof.

Mabelle eyes the lonely horse, "If no one will buy him, I will. And keep him here", she pets the destier, "You will have a home". She then eyes Ryhalt, "Well, I -am- a girl and you know what? I won a contest of WEAPON DANCING last night. Yes yes. In the Lyceum". Take that coffee Duke. She assures Shae, "Yes, they found happy homes, I made sure of that"

"I do not think this is in the realm of /need/, cousin," Brianna replies dryly to Mirk.

Rane eased a bit closer to Cristoph and smiled, "My lord, this was a wonderful gathering and seemed to be quite the success. Thank you for your missive and parcel a few days back. Baroness Katherine and I will make certain that is put to good use."

"Nothing. There is nothing to hear about kittens." Norwood SHAKES HIS HEAD and is jusg going to go home. Without a kitten.

Ryhalt looks like he is about to retort to Mabelle about the horse, but the weapon dancing part has him standing there with his mouth open. Look, the horse's confirmation is suddenly *very* interesting.

"I'll get the kitten!" Cristoph calls out before he hears Shae speaking to him. "Oh, I believe so, yes! They were some of the first to find new homes. People absolutely loved them," he tells her with a broad smile. To Brigid and Rane, he nods very quickly. "Of ourse, thank you so much for making it." A glance is spared for the last horse and he laughs quietly.

Ingrid keeps hearing about kittens, but has not seen one, but the other animals have kept her happy to watch them about.

"They went so quickly?" Amari mildly complains, if only because she didn't get to see the Mistward dogs. "That's a shame. I should have ran straight over." There's no sigh, but there is regret, and care for Shae. "I'm sorry you're both having bad dreams. If you need anything, call on me." Rane as he's wandered into proximity is given a bright, friendly smile but she doesn't interject herself there. It's Mirk she notices afterwards, and a hand is lifted in greeting.

In an event with a large number of people, it would be easy to say that there are too many people to be able to spot people in the crowd. However, with Gaston's height advantage, he has no issues recognizing faces, including Berenice's. When he sees her, his eyes only narrow slightly but he makes no move to head over to talk to her, only crossing his arms across his chest and looks back to those who have gathered to either enjoy the animals present or possibly even purchase one.

Hamish gives some pets out to some farm animals, possibly offering proof of his claims to have worked as a farmer. No mere boast, apparently! That done he wanders over to look at the sale only to find everything is sold out except, "One horse? Ugh. I hate horses." He looks around. "No more of those fainting goats?"

"They all fainted," Katarina notes to Hamish, having wandered over in Hamish's direction. "They had to be brought to the goat-sized fainting couches~."

Mabelle gives a victorious grin to Ryhalt, just so happy to render him into silence. Meanwhile, Taffy wanders back in and Mabelle tilts her head, "I will send you to Shae for 'Listen to your owner lessons'. Go visit Amari", and she points at the woman, Taffy wanders shyly toward Amari, nudging her with her nose.

Kieran raises an eyebrow to Brigid, "I would think a baron could manage the procurement of a kitten." Then he turns back to the buckskin horse and starts heading towards it again to see if he can slip on it and give it go around one of the fields.

A wide smile to Mabelle, "Thank you, Cousin Mabelle, I appreciate that." And then Shae glances around a little, and looks back to Amari, "I think I'm going to go for a short walk, possibly." A pause there to smile at Cristoph, "Oh! I am so happy to hear that. We should be having a litter soon of Oakhaven Shepherds, too. They will be from Alix and Daegmund, we have very high hopes that the puppies will have their parents personalties." Spying Gaston, Shae gives him a little wave, "Lord Gaston, hello! Where you hoping to find a new companion?" And then Shae sees Taffy, "Oh, hello Taffy," happy to see the Mistward Labrador. And then back to Amari, "I will, I need to talk to Kael and Reigna," a pause there and then she leans in to whisper to Amari.

"Ah, humor. I've long been a fan." Hamish looks a little sour, then sighs. "Well, my fault for being late. I guess I'll have to find dinner somewhere else."

Kieran checked dexterity + ride at difficulty 15, rolling 22 higher.

Matteo sketches a little salute towards Gaston, two fingers lifting to his brow to a small wave towards the man as the prince smiles to the tall nobleman.

Barf and River are rather pushy about getting to sniff Taffy first, before Amari can even extend a hand to let Mabelle's dog check her out. While that's going on, she's still trying to follow the conversation with some success. Enough she nods to Shae to acknowledge that she's at least heard her. "A short walk might be nice." She agrees before turning her head to better hear the incoming whisper.

Katarina seems undeterred by Hamish's somewhat sour expression. She purses her lips thoughtfully, but otherwise retains the smile of someone who knows more than they care to share. "I would think a fainting goat would be a less than ideal dinner," the Eurusi woman muses. "What if it turns you into a fainting man? Though -- there are certainly easier ways to get to sleep, if that is the trouble~."

When Shae greets him, Gaston turns his attention towards her and inclines his head respectfully, "Baroness of Mistward, it is good to see you again. And unfortunately, no, I have too much on my plate at this time for a new companion. My sister had a couple of the Golden Fainters up for sale and I wanted to make sure they didn't cause too much trouble. I trust you have been well?" Catching Matteo's greeting, Gaston bows his head to the other man in return.

Ryhalt recovers his composure as Kieran steps up to give the horse a test ride, watching. Glancing at Mabelle, he says, "I'm not wondering anything ungentlemanly like if the other dancers were cripples or the judges blind or..." He flashes a grin to her. "Er, congratulations? You have shocked me into trauma so bad, I cannot recover. I might be needing an animal to squeeze now."

Ingrid continues to move around, looking at the animals, and for any glimpse if she recognizes people. She sees Mabelle, but does not wish to interupt conversations especially with people she barely knows.

Mirk returns the greeting, nodding his head to Amari. "Lady Amari. A pleasure to see you." To Brianna, he comments, "He has a pony, a duck, a goat, a kitten...If he gets much more you'll need to get him his own dedicated stable."

Mabelle directs Taffy to Ryhalt now to deal with his shock, but protests, "No one was crippled. Prince Kieran, Tell him I won fair and square!". She regards Ingrid curiously, but gives her a welcoming smile, "Hello!"

Kieran manages to get atop the buckskin without any trouble and clicks his tongue, digging his heels into the sides of the horse to get it galloping out into a field. He makes a few laps of it, before turning the house back towards the crowd and announcing to whoever is in charge of the event, "I will purchase this fine horse!" The prince then reaches down and pats the buckskin on the neck. "Does he already have a name?" Then he overhears Mabelle's conversation with Ryhalt, "She did indeed win. I was there, though, I was not her stiffest competition. Well, I might have been a touch stiff after seeing all those beautiful women dancing so wonderfully."

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private, Akkar arrive, following Cillian.

"It's a pleasure to see you as well, Lord Mirk." Amari calls back in a light, congenial manner, but she doesn't rush over with her elbows out to interupt the conversation he's already engaged in. That would be rude, and partly because her expression darkens with what's whispered to her by Shae, and she's also soon trying to hold her bloodhound back from following Taffy away.

Ingrid sees the recognition from Mabelle, and waves, "Hello! Nice to see you again!" Feeling a bit out of place, "I heard of the sale and thought it might be good to come out and see what this all was."

A touch to Shae's very pregnant belly, "Yes, I have been doing very well, thank you. Busy with the getting everything setup in Mistward, and also ready for a long voyage I will be taking with Princess Lou, in the next couple of months. How have you been?" Shae asks Gaston, a warm, friendly smile for the man. And then she looks to Amari, at the mention of Mirk, Shae looks his wave and gives him a friendly wave, "Lord Mirk, it is wonderful to see you, I hope you have been doing well." And then she is leaning back toward Amari as her cousin murmurs quietly to her, giving her a nod. "Would you like to take that walk with me?" Shae asks Amari.

Ryhalt hides a grin at Mabelle's protest. With a smile for Taffy, he kneels down and gives the dog a little wrestle-hug, half "comforting" himself, half playing with the dog. "A witness." He hugs Taffy again as if this is just extra shocking, before chuckling at Kieran. "Ah, yes, Lycene dancing is rather titillating."

"Sorry, hello to you as well, Lord Gaston." Amari offers once she's got a better hold on her lively bloodhound's leash and she's not worried she's about to be dragged facedown across the yard at the end of it. "Did you get even taller?" She lightly teases the Blackram before giving a nod to Shae. The walk sounds lovely to her, evidently.

Mabelle stares for a moment at Kieran for his comment about. Well. We're in the Oathlanders ward now, Kieran! She blushes, "Well it was very.. entertaining. Scary with all the weapons. Lady Ophira and Sister Dianna did very well". Mabelle distracts herself with Ingrid, "Oh selling animals is always a joyous and sad occasion", but she introduces her, "This is Lady Ingrid Grimhall, Duke Valdemar's sister. These are Duke Ryhalt Farshaw and Prince Kieran Redrain"

"You should read the writings of Archlector Alaran Grayson of Petrichor, your highness. 'The Codex of Tasty Animals' has quite a range of recipes for eating creatures great and small. His brandy pairings for sloths can really bring a party to life." Hamish shrugs and looks to the exit. "A fainting goat would have made for a dandy gift for a friend, but I suppose it's for the best. Surprising someone with a goat is probably not going to work a hundred percent of the time."

"I am glad to hear that, Baroness, and congratulations, even if it is being offered a bit late." Gaston says with a warm smile, "It sounds like it you will being going on an enjoyable trip. Since my return from Cloudspine, I've certainly been kept busy. My sister has made sure of it by naming me House Sword, which I am still adjusting to." The Blackram than bows his head respectfully to Amari, obviously having practiced a bit of etiquette of being a noble, "I hope not as I have been told by a number of people that I am already tall enough." As the two ladies are ready to move off for their walk, Gaston says, "Be well, the both of you."

Cillian walks onto the grounds of the house Laurent, the first time he has been here. He is followed by some guards and a Caribou following at his side, His hands are on he reins of the animal as he looks around.

Kieran is well aware that he is in the Oathlands ward. He felt the burning sensation when he passed through the gate. Or maybe that's the bright sun on his fair, Northern skin. Looking down to Mabelle from his spot on the horse - no he is not getting down - he nods to her, "They performed very well." He dips his head in greeting to those he is introduced to, "A pleasure. Prince Kieran of Redrain."

"I shall request a copy for my bedtime reading," Katarina says to Hamish with a grin. "And indeed, surprising someone with a goat has no guarantee of success. But it has no guarantee of failure, either, and that is what makes life interesting~." The Princess slinks away, to go do interesting things, of course.

"And good to see you as well, Lady Shae. But I suppose I'll have to catch up with both of you some other time," Mirk says with a dip of his head to Amari and Shae both. "Until then, be well."

"I rather loved Magnolia, very much, she was a wonderful little pygmy goat that Lord Gaston had given me years ago, though sadly she is no longer with us." A touch of a wistful look there on Shae's face. A wave to Gaston as he leaves, and then Shae looks to Amari, "Shall we go for that walk?" Shifting Spice from one arm to the other as she holds the tiny baby otter. A quick smile to Mirk, "You as well Lord Mirk."

Alix, a young Oakhaven Shepherd arrives, following Kedehern.

Entering the stables, looking a bit sleepy perhaps, Kedehern ventures forth, eyes soon finding his wife, and her cousin Amari. He starts heading over their way, though of course Cristoph and Mabelle both get friendly waves as well.

Ryhalt looks up from the dog to smile warmly at Ingrid as Mabelle extends introductions. He stands. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Ingrid. Did you manage to buy anything?" On the subject of the dance Mabelle won, he simply says, "Seems it was something I should regret missing. Just a *little* jealous you snuck in a vacation and dancing. Good to hear you took my Artshall ban seriously."

"Would you care to meet for tea sometime this week?" Amari asks when Mirk mentions wishing to catch up. "If you have the time, please send word." Then there's another one of those tall men, the Kedehern. "And hello Baron. Your wife and I were about to take a short walk together. Care to join us?"

Mabelle waves to Kedehern, "Uncle!", as he arrives and the Taffy paws her way toward her original Master. She chuckles at Ryhalt, "I wouldnt call a single evening a vacation. I'm going to Artshall next week though".

Ingrid bows her head, "A pleasure to meet you, Duke Farshaw, and Prince Redrain." She is a lady of few words usually. "I did not manage to buy anything, it seems I just missed out. I heard the talk of kittens, but perhaps another time I will manage to find a little friend of my own."

Kedehern smiles to Amari, and gives sleepy nod. "Mmmm, yes, I think I'd like that, yes," he says, at the idea of a walk. As Taffy pads over, he crouches a bit, and gives her some good chin scritches and ear rubs. "Awww, Taffy! It's good to see you again, girl. You be a good lass for Mabelle, hmmm?"

Ryhalt grins at Mabelle. "It sounds in my books." Low bar! Hearing Ingrid missed out too, he nods to her in sympathy. "I heard through Lady Mabelle's white all the animals to expect, but they sold rather quickly. Very successful, though. So were hoping for a kitten, that makes you a cat person?"

"I'll send you a missive, and we'll see what we can do," Mirk promises. "But for now...I have a gift for someone and I ought to set about figuring out who." With that parting comment, he takes the reins of a horse and leads off his newly purchased destrier, his brow furrowed in thought all the while.

Kieran takes out his coin purse and starts handing over enough high denomination coins to cover the purchase of the horse he is currently on. Then he sends off a messenger ahead of him to the Redrain Villain to prepare their stables for a new arrival. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, and an even greater pleasure finding a new horse! Take care!" He clicks his tongue and digs his heels into the buckskin's sides once more to get galloping out towards the Ward of the Compact.

1 Crimson Blades Sergeant, 1 Crimson Blades Lieutenant, 1 Crimson Blades Private, Akkar leave, following Cillian.

Ingrid smiles to Ryhalt, "Cats or dogs really. My dear brother, the Duke, has a pup he is training. I was thinking another dog may not be the best idea, if I were to find an animal of my own. A cat on the other hand does not require the same amount of training, and I tend to be so busy with my own learning."

Noticing Cillian walking in, she gives a wave to the young man, "Lord Cillian, welcome, I'm afraid you have missed most of the auction. And I am just heading out myself," A friendly smile to the man, and then she looks toward Kedehern as he arrives. "Dearest," reaching for his hand, "Feeling a bit better at all?" And then she waves over to Mabelle, "Cousin Mabelle, let us know if you need any assistance with training, or the like. We shall see you soon!" And then she looks to Amari and Kedehern, "Let us go for that walk."

Lyle, 2 Redrain Guards leave, following Kieran.

Matteo has left the a set of temporary horse stalls.

Mabelle winks amusedly to Kedehern, "She's adorable, I love her, thank you so much." She nudges Ryhalt and adds, "It was not a vacation! A Vacation is at least a week!", waving to Kieran and her cousins as they leave, she smiles to Shae, "Thank you! Tread safely". She admits to Ingrid, "We did not have cats here, there were a few dogs though. I grew mine up together, it helps them bond"

Berenice is overheard praising Cristoph: The destrier is magnificent, therefore the event was magnificent. That is how these things work.

Berenice has left the a set of temporary horse stalls.

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Benvolio, a beleaguered valet in search of a better job, 6 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Berenice.

Katarina is overheard praising Cristoph: This was easily the most adorable assortment of animals in many moons.

A dutiful Valardin aide, Quiet, a Valardin champion leave, following Katarina.

Nodding, "A touch better, yes," Kedehern admits to Shae. Looking to Mabelle again, he gives a large smile, and "I'm just happy you two seem to be getting along so!" and then he'd send the pooch back to her.

Hamish glances over to Ingrid, looking at her thoughtfully, then shakes his head with a tremendous and perhaps theatrical sigh. "No, a cat or a dog just wouldn't do it. And she hates birds, so that leaves out ducks or the terrible damned goose that used to follow me around. Which I ate." He pats his stomach, then offers her a nod. "I apologize. I did not mean to jump into your converation. I'm Blessed Hamish Farmer, voice of our Queen of Endings."

Matteo steps away from the horse stalls, continuing through the largely depleted market still with a curious stroll, seemingly unperplexed by the lack of options left.

"She is pretty. I'm envious, Lady Mabelle." Amari says, then there's a nod for Kedehern and Shae. She's ready for that walk by all appearances.

Mabelle spies Matteo as she gathers Taffy and squishes her, "Yes, she is!. Take care Cousins, uncles, fifth removed". She glances back at Matteo, "Did you find a friend?"

"A friend, my lady?" Matteo questions, veering his path towards Mabelle as she speaks to him. He laughs, shaking his head and turning out a pocket. "I'm afraid I am quite penniless right now at the moment for that." He nods towards the labrador, eyeing it. "It seems you did, though?"

Ryhalt grins at Ingrid and nods. "That makes sound sense. A cat is more suited studying, unless it's some sort of lap fluffball dog." He just shakes his head and chuckles at Mabelle's ever-changing definition of vacation. "Artshall doesn't count as a vacation, I tell you. Where's Duke Cristoph, he'll agree with me." He looks about, though it seems the man is up to his chin in managing the sorting out of the animal sales.

Mabelle greets Hamish, "Archlector, please join us if you already havent, have you found a friend today?". Yes. She is refering to animals as friends. She eyes Ryhalt and notes, "You never wrote him.", clucking once at the Duke, "And he was right here. And I'm going to Artshall to work!". Matteo's approach receives a smile, "No, Taffy was a gift from before the sale, but she is of the same litter I think. I bought a mini horse though"

"Artshall is a very nice vacation destination!" Cristoph calls from... somwhere. He heard that, Ryhalt!

Alix, a young Oakhaven Shepherd leaves, following Kedehern.

2 Keaton Huntsmen, Marigold, a cheeky pygmy goat, River, a happy Oakhaven bloodhound, Barf, the Bog Dog leave, following Amari.

Mal, a devious raccoon, Daegmund, an Oakhaven Shepherd, Sylvie, a bubbly Keaton huntsman in training, Carwyn, a Greenmarch War Elk, Brimbar, Kedehern, Amari leave, following Shae.

Mabelle notes aside to Cristoph, "He wants you to ban my visits to Artshall because I have a distorted sense of what vacations are"

"Ah, I see," Matteo says of Taffy, tipping his head to peer at her for a moment before offering Mabelle a smile. "What will you do with a mini horse, not a regular horse nor a large horse?" He leans against the kennel fence, casually.

Ryhalt laughs at Cristoph's answer. "Gah, come on! It doesn't count for people from Artshall to vacation there!" He works on Duke coffee time, of course he didn't write! Yet...

Ingrid notices Hamish as he speaks and speaks of eating a goose! Peace was never an option, obviously. "Pleasure to meet you." A smile to Ryhalt, "A fluffball of some sort would be nice. I am working on some theories I look forward to testing with animals and healing effects. Although truly, I do just find them cute. One day perhaps." In a romantic thought, she sighs of someone bringing her a kitten or puppy, but it is just silly. She speaks to Mabelle, "Your Taffy is very lovely. I hope she brings you much joy."

Cupcake, a cookie girl, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador leave, following Mabelle.

A hyperactive buckskin appaloosa Artshall destrier with light blue eyes, Mabelle leave, following Cristoph.

Cupcake, a cookie girl, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador arrive, following Mabelle.

Hamish shakes his head at Mabelle. "Sadly I did not. I'd hoped to buy a goat for a friend, but as it turns out I got here far too late. Who knew that they would sell out so quickly? Where I come from goats are less 'adorable pets' and more 'braying assholes you occasionally shave or milk'."

Mabelle regards Matteo, "Well pet him, of course. He can carry my market finds when I go there", she smiles easily and then bursts Ingrid's bubble a bit, "Well she was a gift from my uncle". Chuckling and noting to Ryhalt, "See? You still need to write him!" Mabelle then asks Matteo, "Are you new to the city? Welcome to the Laurent mansion, I'm Lady Mabelle". A laughter at Hamish words makes her admit, "I put a sign on the horse as I got here. Cristoph fairly didnt let me in the stables before. But it still needs a candy name.

"I've been before, but not in quite some time. Probably since you were still young," Matteo offers to Mabelle with a crooked smile, shrugging a shoulder upwards. He introduces himself, "Prince Matteo Pravus," before suggesting thoughtfully, "Praline? It is one of my favorite candies."

"An animal healer?" Ryhalt smiles fond at some memory and wistful to Ingrid's words. "I hope your theories turn out well. So many of us do cherish our companions." Under his breath he mutters something about "supposed to forget" to Mabelle.

Mabelle concurs with Ryhalt, "That does sound interesting. Let me know if you need help with that study", she notes to Ingrid, "I'm interested as both healer and a pet lover". Surprised at the introduction, she smiles to Matteo, "A Pravusian Prince. Did you just call me old?", she pierces him with her gaze yet hides a smile.

Ingrid shakes her head, "Not an animal healer, people healer. I have some theories on use of animals for healing some of the humors, and perhaps said companionship can assist the animals as well." She smiles to Mabelle, "Well still, a lovely gift."

Hamish nods at Ingrid's words about animals healing the rumors. "Geese are awful animals, so if your black bile is low you can eat one. That sort of thing?"

"No, my lady, you'll find I called myself old," Matteo counters with a laugh touching the edges of his words. "I meant to imply that the last time I was here, you were likely a child, still, but that sounded worse than saying when you were young." He grins at Mabelle, sliding a look curiously towards Ingrid and Hamish for their discussion.

"Oh, I see, my misunderstanding." Ryhalt nods, but continues smiling. "Still a healer with ideas for improving the craft is great. I wish you well at it."

Mabelle smiles quietly, "I am an avid believe that pets help our health, if only to reduce stress when you squish one, right Taffy?", she pets the dog's head in meditation but then chuckles at Hamish's words. Curving her lips to Matteo, she murmurs, "You are still tripping over your words, my Prince", likely teasing him as she concurs with Ryhalt's words, "We love improvements".

"How can one be tripping when they are at a stand still?" muses Matteo with a crooked smile, ruffling his fingers through his sun-touched curls as he peers around the gathering and the emptying stalls. "If you will excuse me, I should be going. It was a pleasure to meet you, my lady, Taffy." He bows to them both, before moving to leave.

Hamish raises his eyebrows when Matteo makes his leave. "Good evening, your highness. Good to have almost met you!"

"And you as well, father," Matteo safely guesses given the man's dress, giving a smile to him even as his gaze lingers on the pendant and pins before lifting to Hamish. He adds, "Though, I don't doubt I will see you soon. I have a lot to catch up." He gives a little salute to the Archlector of Death, before strolling casually away.

Ingrid shakes her head to Hamish, "I had not considered anything with regards to the temperment of an animal and thus eating it would improve one of your humors. It could be something though." She sees Matteo leave and raises a hand and waves to him.

Mabelle is overheard praising Kedehern.

Mabelle drops A hyperactive buckskin appaloosa Artshall destrier with light blue eyes.

Ryhalt gets A hyperactive buckskin appaloosa Artshall destrier with light blue eyes.

Mabelle repressing a yawn, Mabelle apologizes, "It is late, I should get some rest. Thank you all for coming and Ingrid, should you need anything at all, do not hesitate to reach out for me".

Ryhalt smiles and nods to Mabelle as she excuses herself. "Rest well, Lady Mabelle. I suppose I should head back and make sure no one else is having a fresh case of 'demons are everywhere'." He grimaces like he is in no hurry to go back to handling it.

Ingrid nods and tilts her head to Mabelle, "Of Course, and I do hope to see you and Taffy around soon."

Mabelle promises, "You will! I'm everywhere!" and darts out

Cupcake, a cookie girl, Taffy, a sweet and gentle Mistward Labrador leave, following Mabelle.

Leta, the student scholar, 3 Grimhall House Guards leave, following Ingrid.

Rumor has it there's been a murder. Jakolina Hawise was discovered in her home, a modest little dwelling in the Ward of the Compact, not terribly far from Traders Tavern. Naturally, the gossip is a little sensational, as it's being said that she was found crumpled against the back wall of her bedroom, her spine shattered, left shoulder broken, and with a fractured hip. There was a sizeable dent in the wall above her body, so of course the usual culprits are claiming that she must have been thrown across the room hard enough to leave the mark. Ridiculous.

Friends and neighbors claim there was nothing missing from her home aside from a small, ceramic statuette beautifully detailed with the sigil of Gild. She'd been so proud of it, claiming she'd found it while traveling through the Gray Forest only a month ago. Poor Jakolina did love to explore.

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