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Amadeo-Proscipi Reception

Come celebrate a wedding, there will be food and drinks (in the fashion of the Mainland and the Chain) and music. As with all wedding receptions, someone will be too drunk, someone will cry, someone will be annoyed when their date acts a fool, and everyone will look fantastic. ALL ARE WELCOME, it's public invite. Modeling welcome too.

**Timing on this event may move earlier or later depending on the ceremony part before it.** They're split into two events so that if you want to avoid the Vows Before the Gods part and skip to the Now There Is Alcohol part, you can.

Getting to the Pravus Ward can be weird if you're not used to it. Directions:

From the Great Cathedral:
W (Now you are at Cemetery Row)
S (Now you are at Pravus Bridge)
S (Now you are at Saffron Commons!)
GB (Now you are at the ballroom, yay)


Oct. 16, 2021, 7:35 p.m.

Hosted By

Savio Cassiopeia Duarte Orland


Pasquale Sebastian Ian Ophne Cesare Tanith Gianna Zoey Raven Apollo Monique Vitalis Evelynn Nina Kiera Theophania Caprice Patrizio Aedric Quenia Jasher Lianne Thea Ilira Amund Clarisse Corban Arman Oswyn



Arx - Ward of House Pravus - Tremorus Manor - Grand Ballroom

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

Rocco, the rascally assistant, Pasquale, Kiera arrive, following Thea.

Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guards, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants arrive, following Monique.

3 Proscipi veteran guards, a soft grey rabbit with huge floppy ears, Thea, Monique arrive, following Cassiopeia.

Briar, a quiet young woman, 6 First Legion Centurions arrive, following Sebastian.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields, Sebastian arrive, following Patrizio.

3 Thrax Guards, 1 Thrax Elite Guards, Aedric arrive, following Jasher.

Dolente, a mourning dove, Dolce, a collared dove, Jasher arrive, following Cesare.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary leave, following Apollo.

Zoey gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Vitalis gets a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Vitalis drops a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Jasher takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Theophania takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

So that was harrowing. Being married is stressful enough, being married by a Mirrormask is a whole other level! A fair number of guests have already beat Orland and Savio here by the time they make it out of the Cathedral and to their party location. The ballroom of the Tremorus manor is festooned with a riot of decorations, food, drink -- some of said food and drink is a little strange to Arvani tastes, to be sure, but there's plenty of more normal fare as well.

There is, most importantly, an open bar. And servants to take drink requests!

Once the Lords Amadeo do arrive on the scene, Savio is still holding Orland's hand and announces to all and sundry, "We got married!" (Yaaaay) "What are you waiting for, get something to drink, all of you! And have cake! Look how beautiful this cake is, did you look at it!"

Tanith gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Vitalis takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Sebastian takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist arrives, following Nina.

Ophne takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Cesare takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Cassiopeia gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Patrizio takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Patrizio before departing.

Pasquale has joined the Sit beneath my wings, an ornately carved and painted red dragon bench.

At the grooms command Pasquale gets himself a drink before looking around for a place to sit and rest his weary bones.

Nina gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Caprice gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Orland is overheard praising Giada: Amazing Officiator

Fajra arrives, following Lianne.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Lianne arrive, following Apollo.

/Somehow/, Sebastian and Patrizio showed up late to the reception, despite being at the wedding and leaving not far behind the rest. Hard to say what distracted them, but the Artist of Pravus is saying, "...believe the color of that thing? It must have been rotting there for weeks. I have no idea how she couldn't have noticed. Ooh. Cake. That, unless I miss my guess, is Tanith cake. Quick, Pat," he touches his cousin's shoulder. "We have to get in there. Believe me, there will be a fight for the scraps if we don't."

Even with the ceremony complete without incident, Ian has yet to take on the aspect of a party guest, and it's a lot less excusable, now, the distance in his slack expression and intense eyes. Also on the list of less than excusable things: He hasn't gone for a drink of any kind yet. Or cake.

A woman and man appear at the entrance, apparently traveling together given the timing of their appearance. Ophne arrives clad in a gown, her eyes whirling in all directions at the fine fanfare, the spread of cuisine, and spring season ornamentation from balustrade to pillar. She gives keen attention to a grey rabbit that catches her eye, perhaps finding it out of place. Turning to Amund, she murmurs quietly.

Cheeks still stained with tears, Cassiopeia is all shades of joy as she arrives into the ballroom. The young woman has Thea and Monique with her, having guided them through the Pravus Ward and did not get lost at the docks. Nope. Rather, she is wearing a bright smile, and her movements are akin to dancing. The feathers of her wildly pink skirt, bounce with every step. "Welcome, everyone, welcome!," she seems thrilled by both the celebration and how many guests are spilling into the walls she calls home.

Servants mill about, draped in Arakkoan styled-clothing, boasting the colours of both houses, 'grey and gold' and 'brown and steel blue'. They are carrying trays of vibrant pink punch and darker tamarind wine. There is someone always nearby, ready to assist and provide those visiting with libation and refreshments.

Vitalis takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Pasquale gets a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Sebastian takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Cesare and Jasher are slightly behind most of the guests who left the cathedral in arriving to the lavishly-decorated ballroom. Perhaps the reason can be ascertained easily enough, as Cesare is speaking in a low tone of voice to the Thrax prince about something or other as they arrive, but his /hands/ are speaking very, very loudly and descriptively about whatever the subject of the conversation might be. Now, /now/ he is absolutely going to bother the newlyweds, but after he finishes the conversational topic at hand. Literally at hand.

Ophne takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Tanith arrives without her husband, having had a moment outside to address a messenger and to speak urgently and quietly with each other before, with a kiss, the tall, lanky Ulbran had left. The baker ducks in side just as Savio exclaims over open bar, marriage, and cake, and she beams to see everything set up so perfectly. "Well done," she remarks to no one, pleased to see everything laid out. She grins a the newly weds and gives a small, abbreviated curtsy. "My honor, truly," she insists.

Gianna has cake. She also has a pineapple-based drink in one hand, which she is tentatively sipping. A brow arches. Yes. She approves. And then she sets the drink aside to partake of cake. There is a pause to consider Cassiopeia and her outfit, though. "Hm."

Zoey arrives on Ian's arm, whispering something to him before going to collect a slice of cake and mingle with the other guests.

Kiera takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Raven arrives a bit behind the rest, having regained her composure and sets up just beside the entrance, watching the festivities with a warm smile. Her gaze roams over the people marvelling over the cake and decorations, mingling, everything as if commiting this happy moment to memory.

Zoey gets a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Kiera takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Apollo and Lianne might have had to go rob a handkerchief shop; that might explain the brief tardiness. Even if there are, you know, readier explanations. They aren't -so- far behind, really, arriving with Apollo as a proper escort of course, and they slip in without fanfare. The fanfare might be getting saved up for the newlyweds.

Monique follows alongside Cassiopeia and Thea and instead if the cake, heads straight for the drinks. "Did you arrange all this, Marquessa?" Her green eyes wander the ballroom, wide and appreciative of the richness in the decor. "I'm wonderstruck. You'll save a dance for me?" the Greenmarch questions, lips curving. "I've seen you in action. I want to be graceful by association this evening."

Caprice gets a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

It's a little chaos, but it's fine. Orland walked out with tears, shaking hands, getting shoulder claps and all the praise he wasn't expecting. The way back to the reception has him free of tears though. His collar of his suit is opened and undone, running a hand through his hair and staying close to Savio but not over bearing, just there to make it easier if people wanted to talk to one or both of the Grooms. He lets Savio take over the social invitation to people to eat cake and be merry. He's smiling, quietly, in a way that only someone can when many things went right, for once, and there's a reality of what had just happened settling in.

Raven takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Vitalis arrives at the reception, having missed the wedding, looking around for the new-wedded couple to offer his congratulations on the alliance before seeking out any familiar faces, though he does scan as he goes.

Raven's guards file in and leave Raven loitering by the entrance as they scope out the food situation, clearly not worried about the safety of their unusually cheerful ward.

Apollo takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Although not seen in the ceremony at all, Alessia arrives just on time as the reception commences with a merry smile on her lips as she slips into the hall. It doesn't take her long to spot the couple and she steadily makes her approach to murmur something to them both, the amber flecks in her eyes glimmering in the light.

Apollo takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Nina arrives, escorted by her assistant, dressed fabulously in pastels for the occasion of the wedding reception. She loves a party, so she's pleased as ever to be here for this one in celebration of the union of her friends. After doing a little spin around, she gets an all important piece of cake to carry to a seat to savor.

Duarte takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Ian somehow manages at once escort Zoey to the table with the cake and look like he's following her. He nods to whatever she says to him, and has someone pour him a drink, without paying any real care about what said drink actually is. He takes notice of Alessia and, excusing himself, moves in her direction.

Duarte takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Kiera enterrs around eyes searching the room for the couple to offer congratulations to orland and savio

Theophania was lingering just inside the ballroom, reading over some of her ever-present papers when the wedding party arrives. Smoothing off her dress, she rises, scanning the crowd for a particular pair of faces. Spotting them, she makes her way over to the happy duo. With a polite, genuine smile she offers, "My lords, I don't believe we've met but I would like to offer my sincere congratulations on your marriage. Genuine happiness can delight all those who surround it, and it truly has today."

"It is really the most beautiful cake," Savio praises Tanith, who looks like she's going to get a hug if she doesn't avoid it. "Not so beautiful as the baker, I think! But still, all the same, just perfect. I am enchanted by this, and everyone else is as well." He acquires his own slice of cake, but it is summarily handed to Orland, presumably for sharing. Spotting Ian, he waves to the man from afar, every bit as cheerful as Ian is taciturn -- but he doesn't interrupt, seeing that Ian is on trajectory to speak to Alessia.

Duarte takes a pineapple and sends a second off with a messenger. He smiles and carries it along (or rather gives it to Harlen). He grabs a sink and a place to sit.

Raven takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Savio gets a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

Caprice may have followed the thick of the throng in the procession from cathedral to ballroom but she hangs back as the revelers filter inside, poised as she often is to observe people and clothing. Oh, she'll make sure to get on that cake before it's gone, and to secure a drink and some other goodies for herself, but with the essentials seen to, she puts off joining the queue of well-wishers in favor of...sketching, unubtrusively, somewhere a bit out of the way.

Raven spots Vitalis and inclines her head respectfully and offers a wave from where she stands near the entrance to the ballroom, "Good to see you, Lord Vitalis."

"I wouldn't know if it's Tanith cake or not," Patrizio's saying back to Sebastian, with a low chuckle when there's the notice of it, and he's taking a breath. And a shake of his head, even as he's watching the crowd that's coming in, the dip of a broad smile to Cassiopeia as they're joining the festivities. "This looks like quite the party, though, so we should be mindful of what they have at the bar, no?"

Nina has joined the A Couple of Couches in Sumptuous Silk.

Zoey makes her way to the grooms, her smile warm and bright, her arms open. "What a beautiful ceremony! Welcome to married life, the both of you," she tells Savio and Orland. "And Tanith, I do believe this cake might be some of your best work. It is stunning!"

Patrizio takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Caprice has joined the A relaxed floor level table surrounded by cushions.

Tanith is happy to receive a hug from Savio, beaming brightly at him. And then he's moving on, her own slice of cake in hand, and Tanith goes looking for a place to enjoy the fruits of her own labors. As she passes Sebastian and Patrizio, she gives the former a nod and curtsy, recognizing him, but doesn't speak as she has a mouthful of cake. But eventually, it's made clear through the many declarations in the room that the cake is indeed of her make.

Gianna has joined the A relaxed floor level table surrounded by cushions.

Tanith gives a wink to Zoey but again, the baker is still busy working on her mouthful.

Theophania is overheard praising Orland: [,6] [=His happiness delights us all]

Theophania is overheard praising Savio: [,6] [=His happiness delights us all]

"Mindful?" Sebastian echoes Patrizio with a deliberate blankness. "It's not that far to get to home, which I consider an advantage." He appears to be enjoying the cake he's quick to secure. And then something catches his eye. "Raven," he says, with a scolding tone. "Are you /hovering/? She's hovering, isn't she, Pat?" he seeks backup from the General, then waves her towards the cake. "Make sure you grab a slice. It's," he pauses, gaze skipping to Tanith. "Ah! The lady of the moment. Your work, I believe, Messere Tanith? Outstanding as always," he says with a little salute of his handful of cake, after he's taken another bite.

Gianna similarly dodges the well-wisher's line for now. She has cake. She has a drink. She takes her cake and drink over to Caprice and seats herself by the other woman, quietly commenting on something or other.

Vitalis' scan as he moves towards Savio and Orland flickers as it crosses over Alessia. He pauses. Ian's path to her is noted and his head tips. The greeting from Raven brings his head around and he moves over to stand sentinel with her on the margins of the group.

Orland looks to Alessia, murmuring to her something then turns an eye on Theophania, "Thank you my Lady. Very kind of you to come." He considers her, nudging Savio, but then Savio is over there too talking to people. AHH. He smiles back to Theophania, "I didn't catch your name, my Lady?"

Theophania is overheard praising Orland: 6 = His happiness delights us all

Ophne strides up to Savio and Orland, noting the several distractions leveraged their way at any given time. Her smile, growing by the second, splits as she congratulates the two on the reception. "I was very happy to catch the end of the ceremony. And, Savio, I hope you stayed clear of the carnivorous plants.. best wishes!" A wave, and then Ophne is stepping away to mingle with the other guests, notably Raven.

Ian's trajectory to speak to Alessia takes him, by necessity, over to Savio and Orland, since she's talking to them. As such, he's able to nod to them both. "Congratulations." His voice is flat. Then he turns to Alessia. "Lady Alessia. Seems like we only see each other at parties, these days."

Theophania bows her head respectfully as she offers, "Theophania Desmarais, my lord, a minister of coin for house Blanchard."

Theophania is overheard praising Savio: His happiness delights us all(Also this is my last ap)

Tanith pauses in her escape to find seating, chewing where she stands, swallowing, and laughing brightly at Sebastian's praise, obviously pleased. "I was glad to be of service!" she says, sincere, "and glad it's enjoyed!"

"Messere Tanith, a pleasure." Patrizio takes that as an introduction as he sketches a bow to Tanith when Sebastian's talking about the cake. "It's fantastic and a beautiful thing to behold, truly." Though the comment about Raven has his head turning, as if looking for where the Blackheart is lurking, and the smile lingers still on his features. "You know that she's going to be hovering. She's very proud about all this and I'd not have it any other way."

Though there's the way his head crane around further to look for the bar, and then he muses, "It's as much the matter of /what/ we're drinking, to be fair. They /might/ be pouring Saffron-style, and there've been nights...."

Savio has somehow acquired a glass of tamarind wine, which he miraculously doesn't spill as he hugs Zoey. HUG. "I thought I was going to faint. Thank you. Make sure Ian has fun, okay?" Hand wobble. "As much as can be managed at a party. Tell him that if he wants I can get the flaming lawn darts. It is okay to use them indoors if you're careful. And not too drunk. But -- oh, I mean, anyway, it'll be fun."

A laugh follows Ophne, and a blush with it, for the plants. "Look around at the decorations, you may see some things that surprise you. None bite. Probably." He blows her a kiss as she heads Ravenwards, and then looks expectantly at Orland in anticipation of cake sharing.

Apollo tips close to Lianne at some murmur or another, and he turns to give her a gentle smile, a few murmured words that seem playful. He seems to be leaning cake-ward. He has priorities - and also, might like to avoid being in the initial crush of well-wishers.

"Do we now?" Alessia turns to Ian with an entirely amused expression, tilting her head. "I am just so busy these days, what can I say? But I am so fond of these two, I had to offer them congratulations. If my duties didn't call me away, I wholeheartedly would have attended the ceremony." She looks so forlorn, her smile apologetic as she glances between the couple.

Of note, as well, for Patrizio's commentary: They are definitely pouring Saffron style. Restraint is not a feature of gorgeous tropical islands, what can we say.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

Aedric Blackshore arrives shortly after the other members of the Thrax retinue, having apparently taken a wrong turn somewhere in the crowded and unfamiliar avenues maintained by House Pravus. He wears armor unfitting (though not unexpected) for a reception but seems oblivious to this fact, a characteristic shared by the other men in his family. Regardless of gaunt and semi-disheveled appearance, though, he is polite and courteous to the guests and attendants who offer introductions, each returned with a small smile and dip of chin. Few faces are familiar, so he gravitates in the direction of one he does recognize: Prince Jasher Thrax. "Good evening, your highness," he mutters, folding arms across breastplate as he slows to a halt at the man's side.

"I made sure he has a drink in his hand," Zoey assures Savio, gesturing toward Ian where he speaks to Alessia. "It is a start. You enjoy your day now, hm?"

Kiera offers to Orland and Savio "Congratulations. May the rest of your lives bring you as much joy as today"

Raven's eyebrows lift and her gaze swings around, seeking the faces for one in particular. They settle on Alessia and dark eyebrows loft upwards. She flicks a distracted smile to Vitalis before her gaze swings back to Alessia. Absently, she accepts a peice of cake from one of her guards who's recognized the Blackheart is likely to remain for the moment holding up the wall near the door.

Cesare nods as his very dramatic hand-gesture conversation comes to an end, clearly telegraphs that he's going to put a hand on Jasher's arm, and does for a moment, then laves the Thrax prince to go part the seas of well-wishers to claim an enormous hug from Savio, and then murmur in his ear, before offering the most alarmingly sincere, "I'm so happy for both of you," to both Orland and the man who can't say squirrel. "I won't take up much of your time tonight, you're going to be busy, and I'm going to be busy ensuring everyone is sloshed and starts taking their clothes off, starting with their shoes. But congratulations. And um, when you have a moment, Lord Orland's already met him, but Prince Jasher Thrax would like to meet you, Lord Savio."

"You ate some of her works at my wedding, I believe, Pat," Sebastian adds, with a quick grin to his cousin, as he gestures between the two. "Prince Patrizio Pravus, a baker without compare, Messere Tanith Grayhope." He makes a faint noise at the discussion of hovering as he finishes off the slice of cake with a visible relish. "I do so love how they throw coconut into practically everything. It's impossible not to indulge. Speaking of drinks, shall we start with something light, then, in compromise? Then we can see how long the line to talk to the newlyweds is."

"We do. Only reason I bother turning up, anymore." Ian says this to Alessia with a straight face, somehow. It's hard to tell whether he's joking. He never sounds like he's joking, even when he is. "It was a good ceremony. Archlector Giada made it her own. You would have liked it." Apparently he intends to hang around and talk with her a while. He does, indeed, have a drink in his hand. That he's ignoring.

"Savio and Orland did most of the arrangements, the staff were so excited to have a big celebration here. It's been some time, we've had small ones, but nothing like this," she says and the sight of everyone gathered brings those tears back to her eyes. At the mention of dancing, Cassiopeia's flashes a smile, "of course, there will be much dancing, and you know I am quite partial to it!," she says with genuine enthusiasm. The Marquessa glances around now, taking in the details of faces. Catching Patrizio's smile, she offers a warm one in return. Then she sees Nina and a hand reaches up and waves to the woman, and Ilira too, and others, so many, as they start to assemble in and pineapples are passed around.

Orland bobs his head at Ophne and Zoey, to each a quick word of thanks, as CAKE is put into his hand. He side glances at Savio, a bit nervous but then says, "Lord Savio Amadeo, this is Theophania," but then there's other people and he smiles back at Theophania, "Weddings are always good for cake and booze. Thank you for coming." He looks to Ian and grins at the man, "Thank you Lord Ian, Lady Zoey." His eyes flicker to Alessia and then takes a bite of cake - TAKING THE ICING. He seems to hoard the icing and gives Savio a piece with well... LESS. He upnods at seeing Prince Sebastian and Patrizio, then to the Marquis Apollo.

Having been distracted at the wedding by messengers, Quenia had slipped out a bit early to attend to some matters. Fashionably late, she manages to make her way to the reception, dressed in Caprice Artiglio's fine fashions, namely one tea green honeysilk sweeping in soft skirts from a floral-beaded bodice. Her assistant, Aspira, seems to be in two, glaring daggers that anyone that might impede on Quenia's fun. It's a 'forced' night out on the town for her, to get her away from all that dull and boring paperwork that keeps things running smoothly.

Tanith nods to Patrizio and gives Sebastian a grateful glance, not so familiar with Patrizio himself but pleased to receive introductions. "Tanith Grayhope, my lord, proprietor of the Salacious Baker as well as a few other odds and ends, but I think that's what matters for the moment." She grins, though in her current garments she doesn't really look like a baker, scarred skin and purple silk and all. "Lord Orland was quite specific about the feel he wanted to depict in the cake, but like all good patrons of the arts, he let me do as I liked." Dark eyes glitter with pride. "I'm pleased with it too."

"Noted!" Ophne calls back to Savio, flashing him a grin.

"Raven!" Ophne announces cheerily, waving her hand over the slight frown she sported on her face. "How are you doing?" She skims the crowd quickly, perhaps looking for someone, and then shifts her focus back to the Blackheart before catching up to her.

Jasher rounds out his murmured conversation with Cesare, then splits off to another purpose. For once, Jasher does not make a bee-line for the bar to indulge his taste for rum. Instead, the handsomely decorated cake earns his favor, is briefly eyed with a sense of humble appreciation for the artistry that went into decorating it, having almost no skill in such things himself. However, it is presently being diced up into perfect slices; his own features brilliant golden stars. His fork tines smoothly slide into the body then, with flavorful dessert held aloft, disappear into his mouth. The expression budding upon his visage intimates his approval of the flavor. It is only after he consumes this single bite that Aedric's presence at his side is noted. The fork is discarded to the plate he carries in his left hand. "Baron Aedric, welcome. I hope you are well, all things considered." Brows furrow thereafter, as though aware of the extreme care he must take in broaching the topic of his well-being in the absence of his niece and baroness.

Thea takes a slice of cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies from a double-tiered cake depicting a spring night, with moonflowers, stars, and fireflies.

However playful that exchange between Lianne and Apollo, the duchess seems genuinely grateful for some part of it, regarding her husband warmly before the topic turns toward mischief again. The prospect of cake sees the challenge in her verdant eyes appeased, her focus turning first toward that treat and then to scan the rest of the room, taking some private tally of those in attendance.

Thea takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Nina looks up and waves at Cassiopeia, with one hand, though the other is still holding the plate of cake. "Hello! Seems like a great party! I'm so glad I made it in time for dessert!"

Cassiopeia gets a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Zoey has joined the Sit beneath my wings, an ornately carved and painted red dragon bench.

Thea has been here, honest. She's been actually busy admiring the cake and alcohol. She smiles a moment at Cassiopeia, thanking her. You know, for not getting her lost. With Thea was Kiera and Pasquale, who she walked with with ease. "That was a nice wedding,"she comments. "I can say I've ever seen one officiated by a Mirrormask before."

Vitalis gestures at Aspira, conspiratorial commiseration for the attache's mission to see her boss relax for an evening. "Marquessa Igniseri, good evening. A dance later, mmh?" He looks at Ophne as she approaches, greeting Raven brightly, looking between the two with interest before glancing back out over the crowd. Across the room he sees Apollo and Lianne, dipping his head in greeting, and gesturing briefly.

"I'll look forward to it and drink until then," Monique replies to Cassiopeia with a grin that is decidedly this side of wicked. She presses a hand to the other woman's arm and then slips off through the crowd, toward Cesare. It's a quiet, stealthy step, aiming to surprise the Whisper with hands over his eyes and a well-timed, "Guess who," invitation at his ear, pressing a finger to her lips to those around.

Raven bows her head respectfully, "Ahhh, Lady Ophne, good evening. It has been some time. I'm fantastic. I have witnessed the marriage of my two closest friends and am bursting with pride. How are you, my lady? Isn't this a beautiful party? Oh, forgive my manners. Lady Oohne Acheron, please allow me to introduce to you Lord Vitalis Clement."

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"I should remember of this, for the next time that I'm needing a cake or the like." Patrizio grins, even as he's turning his head to consider the cake once more, and a chuckle about the matter of the decorations upon it. "It's exquisite, is what it is, and properly so for the grooms on their day of happiness." There's a turn of his head to Sebastian. "You know that I spent most of your wedding trying to make sure I didn't trip over myself, or spill my drink, and the remaining time that was left was trying to find a dance," he teases his cousin. "But indeed, let's get something to drink, if the good Messere will excuse us."

He does, though, notice the upend fro Orland, offering the groom who's noticed him a smile and a dip of his head in return, before he's gesturing in the direction of the bar.

"I am pretty fun company, I'll admit." Alessia says without a trace of modesty, though the warmth seems to drain from her expression as she stands there, staring at him. "I remember where we last saw eachother. Quite a night that was." She sends a solemn retainer beside her to go get her a drink. Her gaze drifts to Monique and she gives the brightest of smiles rapidly, too rapid, and waves the woman's way with familiarity.

Having given her good wishes, Theophania makes her way out of the crush as quickly as she can and off to one side. Once again scanning the crowd, her eyes quickly brighten as she begins to make her way over to Monique, having to divert halfway through to follow her stealthy approach. She stands off to the side somewhat awkwardly, seemingly unwilling to intrude.

"Ended with a bang," Ian agrees with Alessia. "I won't soon forget it. Have you had the chance to talk with Lady Monique since she got back into town?"

Realising she's still carrying a bag of papers, Theophania inquires after one of the servants and semi-desperately asks him to keep them somewhere for her to collect later.

Orland checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Orland fails.

Ophne is smiling -and- frowning at the same time, which is an odd expression. Nonetheless, she seems quite merry. "I am doing well. It is a beautiful party, is it not?" She eyes the grandiose form of the cake from afar, admiring its aesthetics. "I hope you are well yourself and -- oh, hello, my lord." Ophne drops into a rusty curtsey, one eyebrow lifting in Vitalis' direction. "I do not believe we have met." She extends her hand with a small curve to her mouth.

Cesare might be surprised, or he might not. It's hard to say. "Is that a joke, Lady Monique?" he asks, covering her hands with his own and lifting them from his eyes. "I recognize your voice immediately, although you are lucky I didn't throw an elbow at you." He considers this and adds, "Or perhaps not, we are in Tremorus Manor. A little bloodsport might be fitting." A brief grin tossed her way, over his shoulder as he spins to greet her. "There are going to be so many people wanting to speak to you tonight, since you've arrived back in town. Have you met Prince Jasher?"

Quenia glances over at Vitalis as he approaches and inclines her head at him. She offers him a warm smile. "A dance would be lovely, Lord Vitalis. Thank you for asking," she says, clearly having not expected anyone to ask. "I'd come largely to offer support, and eat cake of course," she notes to him conspiratorily. "And maybe see if there were any hidden grapes anywhere,' she remarks, turning her gaze Duarte's direction a moment with a light smile on her lips.

Savio hmms at Alessia as she expresses her regret at missing the ceremony due to her duties. "Ah, well, the party is the entertaining bit, we're glad you're here." A big bright grin follows as Orland introduces him as an Amadeo, seeming quite charmed with this, and he bows to Theophania, "My lady, hello, thank you so much for joining us. Please don't be shy, partake of everything!" Distracted briefly by cake, he is pleased here too. LESS icing is the right piece.

Cesare is hugged next, with a laughing agreement of, "Starting with their shoes!" He seems surprised to hear anyone wants to meet him, which is maybe a dumb thing to be surprised about at a wedding reception. HIS wedding reception. "Oh?" He looks toward Jasher over yonder and then blinks back at Cesare. "Well, of course, I will have to catch him. I'm --oh, whelmed? Not overwhelmed. Definitely whelmed. I think I've got to find a place to stop and sit... and drink."

"I keep meaning to drop by your shop, but too little time. Perhaps you'll indulge me and let me send my assistant with money and loose instructions on what to procure from you?" Sebastian replies to Tanith with a wry smile. "My twin has a sweet tooth I enjoy indulging." He gestures dismissively at Patrizio's recollection of events. "All I recall is that you were one of the few left standing at the end of the night -- quite an impressive feat, given how much Setarco Fire we laid out, and how little was left at the end of the night." He brightens at his cousin's consent, taking a step towards the bar. "Feel free to join us, Messere Tanith, if your palate runs to Saffronite beverages?"

Duke Apollo returns the upnod toward Orland, and gives an indicative chin toward the cake, like to say: we'll just be a minute. "That's just the sort of thing I like to hear, after vows like those." When they arrive at the cake - quite thoroughly cut into by now - he's nonetheless quite taken. "That looks like nights I remember," he says, and glances at her. "Doesn't it?" There's a smile, and he glances toward the attendant, takes cake for both of them. A place to sit and sample, just the thing; he leads Lianne toward a couch, giving Vitalis a smile and a dip of his head as he goes.

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OMG THE BAR. Orland is making these little backward step motions... from the crowd pressing in around Savio. Inching--- SHIT, there's someone else there. Or did Savio just haul him back against him? Orland's expression is starting to melt from real smile to omg force the smile, stuff mouth full of cake. YES. He does see Patrizio's gesture to the BAR but can't get there! He certainly sort of gives head bobs and eats cake. His eyes are certainly looking for a way out of this press. "The cake is SUPERB!" he decides to interject, to absolutely no one in particular.

Tanith smiles, lips twitching in amusement. She gestures to Sebastian and follows him and the other to the bar. "Indulge away, my lord," she tells Sebastian, grinning. "Among my many occupations is that of barkeep for the Murder of Crows, and while I did have a few Saffronite drinks on the extensive trip I took with you and your wife, I can't say the curiosity sated. I'd be happy to try others.

Thea spies Alessia out of the corner of her eye and nods her head, lifting her drink in greeting as she goes on to conversate.

A handful of fluffy yellow dust settles upon Savio's head.
Above, at the rail of one of the balconies, Ilira opens her eyes as she blows on the puff of the dandelion, its delicate tufts cascading down like a sprinkling of golden rain. She beams down at the two grooms, her eyes effulgent, and shakes the flower to scatter its pappi in every direction. With a wink, she retreats from the edge in a swirl of celestial silk, disappearing from view only for a moment.

Having been distracted with the tapestries for a good while, Amund steals a goblet from the tray of a passing servant, sniffing at the wine before drinking a sip. He turns left, then right, before making his way to Ophne, Raven and Vitalis. "Good evening, Raven, Lord Vitalis." He murmurs something to the Acheron Lady, his lips upturned at the right corner in a lopsided smile before lifting his glass in a greeting over to Lianne and Apollo as well, inclining his head to the Duchess and the Duke. Many people to greet in the party. This will be tough.

Raven offers the slice of cake she was given to Vitalis. She remains standing near the entrance from a vantage of the whole room and all the guests, her guards have claimed seats and are happily enjoying cake while Raven speaks with Vitalis and Ophne, "Well now you both have been properly introduced, strangers no more." She looks to Vitalis, "You've met the happy couple, Lord Savio and Lord Orland, no?"

Raven bows her head, "Good evening, Sir Amund."

Monique sighs the sigh of the long suffering as Cesare guesses immediately but the threat makes it disappear with a laugh, even as she waves back to Alessia, recognition and delight in her eyes. "Oh Cesare, I do believe I'd take an elbow from you any day. Prince Jasher," she greets, turning her green eyes on the Thraxian. "And Lady Alessia! My gods, you're more beautiful than I remember and that's distinctly unfair because you were stunning before!"

"Orland, you are going into shock," Savio laughs, and catches his husband(!) by the hand to steal him, leading him out of where he is and toward the bar! Near said bar there are chairs; he herds Orland into one and then sits himself in a chair adjacent, looking upward just in time to see the fluffy yellow dust from....? "Ilira!" He peers up at her, delighted, only to see her vanish again.

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"I am sure they exist somewhere," Duarte imparts to Quenia. "If not, there are knives and a pineapple can be carved into bite sized morsels."

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The furrow in Ophne's brow smoothes out, forming a neutral canvas. Her face is at last at rest, placid. "I hope you enjoy the party," she remarks to Vitalis, noting the response from Quenia - who is also giving a delighted nod from the dark-haired woman. Returning her eyes to the small group of Raven, Vitalis, and now Amund, who is spared a startled look, Ophne nods to Raven. "Thank you for introducing us." She smirks at something Amund says, then gestures towards him. "As Raven mentioned, this is Sir Amund."

Kiera walks over toward the edges of the room where raven, vitalis and ophne stand and offers greeting "good evening Lord vitalis, Lady ophne, captain blackheart

"It does," Lianne agrees of the cake and its evening theme, of its sugar-spun fireflies, a touch of wonder in her eyes. Which turns to hunger soon to be sated when they're given their plates. "Oh, it smells delicious." She only cheats a little on their way to settling, dragging a finger through icing to taste, nevermind if it leaves her fingertip slightly blue for the theft. Once seated, her gaze wanders the room, a nod dipped toward Vitalis, another with a hint of a smile for Amund. That smile grows when she picks Duarte out of the crowd, but there's cake to eat and quiet conversation to have. Some things can wait. Things which are not cake.

Cassiopeia is playing her roll as partial hostess of the festivities and she is weaving through the guests, offering smiles. A hand waves from time-to-time instructing staff silently to either bring in something or remove it. It's an easy feat, and it allows her to make brief conversation with those she passes. Slender fingers grasp a glass of wine from a tray, before she turns her attention towards Savio and Orland. Taking steps towards them, a hand reaches out and touches each of their shoulders, before she slips onto a chair and murmurs something to them both.

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Vitalis inclines his head at Ophne, a grateful smile to Raven for the introduction. Vitalis lifts his head and looks out beyond Quenia to her assistant, offering his arm his Unreflected counterpart. He murmurs something to the Quenia and then turns attention back to the small, but growing knot of folk gathered. "Sir Amund. Why don't we adjourn somewhere, I think we're beginning to block the door."

"I have not. Although I should, now that you mention it." Alessia says, her features a little dimmed by Ian's words. And then she's smiling warmly at Monique and the compliment. "I can certainly say the same of you." She leans in to give her a hug. "We have so much to catch up on." Her voice softens at this and she seems melancholy.

A chuckle - Patrizio's jade eyes turn to Orland when he hears him, and there's a playful grin that finds him, delight clearly at the grooms while they're holding court, with the crowd surrounding them - before he murmurs softly to Tanith, "I hadn't known you were barkeep there. A woman of many talents, indeed. And brave to be traveling with my cousin." There's a playful grin for Sebastian as they're getting some refreshments as a group, and he's allowing his gaze to meander here and there, an unfamiliar place to him still perhaps and more so with all of the faces milling about to join in the celebration.

"I tell Lady Alessia how beautiful she is every time I see her," Cesare agrees with Monique. "Last time we spoke of how we were looking forward to spring and summer so we could wear our lighter fabrics. And my goodness, you do not disappoint in the slightest, Lady Alessia. A dragon motif tonight." He beckons to Jasher, and wields a (very pointy) elbow at Monique jokingly. "Should we find somewhere to sit and chat? I can procure drinks for all of us."

"Lady Monique. Didn't know you were back in town until I saw you back in the cathedral." Ian, still hanging around near Alessia, nods a greeting to Monique.

At the chairs, Orland is pursuaded into sitting at the tables by the bar, at least, that's decent. He turns to something that Savio says. There's something calming in that and he decides to cut a little piece of cake off his plate, one that doesn't have much icing and feeds it to Savio. Anything else spoken is between them for a moment.

Raven looks around and inclines a head to Vitalis "Of course, my lord. Shall we go join Nina?"

Given the somewhat awkward position she's placed herself in, Theophania looks like she's halfway to questing after her papers or starting up the dance floor given how many glances she's sending towards them. And, given the nervous motions with which she's eating her slice of cake, it's clear she's aware both would present their own serious troubles. Well, serious for a delightful wedding reception that is.

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Quenia's smile only seems to grow and widen at Duarte's response. "Be careful, I might hold you to that," she notes with a tease. She inclines her head to Ophne, "Lady Ophne, it's good to see you again," she remarks lightly. Then Vitalis is holding out his arm to her and she steps up to take it with a light touch. She had been invited to dance, after all. "Soon enough I might even be performing a dance publicly," she notes conversationally to Vitalis. "That is if I can get all the moving pieces together to make that happen, and the costumes."

Clarisse is clearly later than she would have liked, as she enters into the celebration dressed in elegant waves of sapphire and turquoise, to join in the festivities and celebrate her friends wedding. Albiet a bit later than she would have liked, she enters quietly and on her own this evening. She does offer a warm smile to those she knows though and respectful curtsey and tilt of her head.

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Striding towards the bar, Sebastian laughs delightfully at Tanith's words. "Oh yes. The Pierosian Rum was particularly addicting. I keep a few bottles on hand to sate the occasional craving. I just came from Setarco, actually, visiting Ave and Giacomo. He's a year and a half -- can you believe it?" He holds up three fingers to the bartender. "Three of something to ease us into your delightful menu." He doesn't wait to see what it is; instead regards Patrizio with amusement. "He was more traveling with Ave than myself. She was able to deliver Giacomo on the high seas -- not a small feat, mind." He looks favorably at Tanith, and he hands her a glass after the first is given to Patrizio, claiming his third. "To the happy couple," he murmurs, lifting it to his lips and sipping.

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Apollo laughs at Lianne's pre-seating frosting swipe - or rather, for the bluing of her finger. There are a couple of gestures aimed toward Vitalis - amiable, vague - and he settles. "Catch you blue-handed," he says, and sets in on his place, taking a bite just after he flashes Amund a smile. "Sir Amund, good to see you," he says. His eyes turn toward Monique, Alessia, and Ian as he eats, and he offers some quiet commentary toward Lianne where they sit after he's sampled.

Ophne makes herding motions with her hands, motioning in Nina's general direction while responding to Quenia, "Good to see you as well, Marquessa Quenia!" She catches Amund lightly by the sleeve and pulls briefly on her way over to the row of couches.

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Tanith smiles small but sincerely at Patrizio. "To be fair," she says quietly, dark eyes alight with humor, "I traveled with his expectant wife more than I did he himself, and for good reason. I regret not speaking to you more," she adds to Sebastian himself, including him in the conversation. "I didn't sleep much on that trip, all my attentions were elsewhere." Her regret is meant, it seems. "The few times we spoke I greatly enjoyed your company." She accepts her glass and raises it in toast, and takes a sip.

"Woof," says Tanith happily. "I'll have to order a few bottles of this. Mangata's ma- ...gnetic personality," she coughs, "this is fantastic."

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"I am well, your highness, and I trust you are the same," Aedric replies, cerulean gaze shifting about the crowd. He felt uneasy in venues such as this; too many voices, too much movement. "It was a lovely wedding. I wish the Lords Orland and Savio Amadeo all the best in their union. And it seems I am not alone," the sailor muses, gesturing briefly toward the mass of guests who had flocked to join them in their celebration. "Will you be staying for the duration of the reception? You do not strike me as much of a dancer." There is humor in the elder Blackshore's flat tone. Somewhere.

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*** Cesare is the winner. ***

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Savio calls out from where he is perched at the chairs by the bar, "Who is going to be dancing? Go and dance, or else I will start making speeches about you!"

"To the happy couple," echoes Patrizio with a broad grin. The brief examination of the drink before it's lifted to his lips for him to take a sip of it, and there's a faint face as if he's perhaps not prepared quite yet for the strength of it. But there's a nod to Tanith when she's speaking of the trip. "Then it sounds as if it was fortunate that you were there, from what I have heard of the journey." A quiet sound and then a breath escapes him. "Perhaps sometime, I'll be able to see the Saffron and the like myself, in times not of war."

Monique dips her bright head to Ian. "Lord Kennex, it was no easy feat to get ba-aaah!" And there's Cesare's elbow, slipping in right on the heels of Alessia's hug. The Greenmarch tries to dodge while balancing her drink at the same time and instead makes a mockery of a spin, off balance, falling into the Softest Whisper whether he's ready for it or not.

Thusly pulled by Ophne, Amund smiles genially to Apollo and Lianne in turn, he also offers a nod over to Caprice and Gianna on his way to the couches. He promptly settles down on one, restrained enough not to laze about in it, at least. 7

Nina was heads down for a second, but looks at Tanith with a bright smile. "Oh! It's your cake, isn't it? The colors seem to match my outfit, or closely, but that's just a coincidence. I'm glad the colors for this event are so festive!" She taps her fork on the plate, and then takes one final bite. "And the cake is quite good too."

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Raven echos, "To the couple!" and in the wake of Savio's threat calls back, "I don't think that's the threat you think it is Lord Savio!"

Jasher continues to pick away at his cake slice piece by piece until it is consumed, and the empty plate discarded to a passing servant's tray. All the while, he's bending an attentive ear to the newly titled baron of House Blackshore. "Indeed, it was, and likewise. I will stay a while longer, but fortunately for everyone, I intend to keep well away from the dance floor." The utterance of his name momentarily distracts him, heard from those gathered loosely around the newlyweds, and prompts him to pivot upon his heel and incline his head. "Lady Greenmarch, a pleasure," he replies, recognizing her well enough by sight alone. Cesare is afforded an upraised hand to indicate his intention to finish his conversation with his new in-law before joining him. "Would you like a drink?" he asks Aedric, throwing his eyes toward the bar.

Tanith raises her fork to Nina across the way, grinning. "Look at that, you aren't wrong about your dress!" the baker praises the bard. "I'm glad you like it!"

Savio raises an index finger and hmmms, searching the crowd for a target, and then makes good of the threat to make speeches by finding a victim. "Here is.... Lady Zoey Kennex, Not Dancing. She is beautiful and charming, with a heart of sweetness and light that disguises great strength. She has recently learned songwriting and you should definitely ask her to compose lyrics for you, as she is very clever."

Gianna raises her glass in a sort of greeting to Amund before continuing a quiet conversation with Caprice.

Ophne drops heavily into one of the couches as if glad to be off her feet. She espies Amund's drink-in-hand, then flags down a passing waiter for a goblet of wine. There is a quick hand off, and then Ophne presently lifts the drink to her lips with a nod of acknowledgement to Nina. "Good to meet you!" she says, pulling the rim of the glass away long enough to greet her, a sip avoided for at least the moment.

Theophania glances over to the bar, hearing the invitation of one of the grooms, and quickly polishes off her slice of cake, dusts herself off, and makes her way towards to the music. Despite the intensely public nature of such a display, her worry melts off her face as she takes off her boots and begins to spin in time with the music

Theophania checks dexterity and performance at normal. Theophania is successful.

A cough covers a quick and bright laugh from Sebastian at Tanith's words. "You need not censor yourself. It's quite something. And there, see, Pat? Coconut. I told you. Softens the blow." He regards his glass with a kind of fondess, that fades somewhat as his cousin expresses his thought. "Yes. A wise idea; perhaps it's time you did a tour of the Saffron. Which reminds me, I'm overdue to speak to Princess Valencia about her venture, aren't I? Tsk." He clucks his tongue briefly.

Zoey checks composure at normal. Zoey is successful.

Murmurs among the servants can be heard complimenting Theophania's dancing, which they think is quite good!

Caprice flashes a quick smile, raises a stick of charcoal in toast-greeting for Amund, her drink currently set aside in favor of capturing candid sketches of the party goers.

Ian's eyes had started to follow Cesare's approach, which might be while he shows no particular reaction to him pulling/elbowing Monique away. The sharp elbows may have given him combat-related ideas, though: "Any chance your duties'd give you time for a spar one of these days?" He asks Alessia. "Fighting people isn't what it used to be anymore, but you're not just people. Maybe fighting you would be."

Zoey hears her name and whips her head around to look at Savio. She rises, smiling, and calls back, "You called me, Lord Savio?"

There's a swift move backwards when Alessia notes Cesare's coming elbow, one minute she's there, the next she's a few steps away, the light around her shifting just a tiny amount. Then's giving a merry laugh. "Softest Cesare, you are too kind. This was designed by a dear friend of mine." She goes silent inexplicably for a long moment before she says. "Mistress Zoya."

Ilira twirls down the stairs and hops the last three steps, landing gracefully in a slight crouch. Her endless silks and precious jewels swish and clink, her every movement musical as she sashays up to the bar. "You best not get me dancing yet, lest the music tire of /me/." Her joy radiates from the smile on her face, a rich, brilliant thing that shows almost all of her teeth. She stands back a moment to regard the three sat together at the bar, two Amadeos and one Proscipi, and her eyes brim with a quieter, more poignant level of emotion. "You all..look... Ineffable," she sighs, smiling ear to ear as she puts a hand to her heart. "Congratulations, Lords Amadeo." She slips onto an empty barstool and lifts her gaze to the barkeep, gesturing to the Saffron brew with a bejeweled hand.

Savio laughs and blows a kiss to Zoey, "I was just threatening that anyone who doesn't dance is at risk of getting a speech. You were my first victim. Everyone should meet Zoey!"

To Ian, she tilts her head. "Really?" She asks, as she takes a glass from her retainer. "We did used to spar a lot, didn't we? It's been a while since I've done it in a public place."

Tanith hums thoughtfully at Sebastian's suggestions, eyes still bright at his invitation to -not- censor herself. She smothers her grin in her drink, and then muses, "We quite enjoyed our trip to Setarco. It was unexpectedly beautiful. We've a mind to take our man there, though we ought to ask first." She makes a face. "Or not. Perhaps ... perhaps we just kidnap him? Tell him we're going on a fishing trip for a few days and just ... keep heading that way ..." She goes quiet, contemplating a plan that includes herself and her husband kidnapping a third party for a romantic, extended, many-months-long-getaway.

Thea squints at Savio for a moment when he threatens a speach. Nope. She will sit and drank thank you very much!

"Coconut in everything, I'm seeing." Patrizio smirks, even as the glass lingers close to his lips between those sips and then there's a shake of his head, as if he's concerned he's interrupted some of Sebastian's joy with the suggestion of the thing. "It's something we can discuss later, but definitely a thing that I should want to undertake. And not just for professional reasons... thus the tour can wait for winter." Oh, the delight that finds his grin when it's briefly occulted by the glass once more. And a sigh. "I'm sure her highness would be happy to discuss it when you've time. We were all somewhat occupied with other things."

The mentions of kidnapping to take to sea by Tanith gets a grin, and he's contemplating the others about them. "If this is but a suggestion of things done in more the Saffron fashion," he says, with a hint of mirth.

Cassiopeia stands up, she's tall, but she's elected to stand up on a small table, in case someone might actually miss her. She has a fork in hand and she's tapping her glass. "If I could have everyone's attention, I would like to formally toast the union between my dearest cousin Savio and Orland Amadeo." The young woman's cheeks flush as she speaks out loudly.

"I've known Savio since I could remember. He is the bright shining sun and he is the mountains. A free spirit with a heart of gold. When I was young, I would wait for him to come home and tell me of the adventures he had. He was this wondrous man that I wanted to be more like. Brave. Tenacious. Bold. Unrelenting. When I met Orland, I saw that perfect balance between them. There are qualities that they share and still they compliment each other with their differences. They bring out the best in each other and I know that this union will benefit both Tremorus and Bravura. In honour of their union more schools will be built and our lands will be better from the partnerships that are formed through trade and through this political alliance in peaceful times and other," Cassiopeia breathes in, there are little tears that form in the corner of her eyes. They threaten to spill at any moment. The young woman, slender fingers curled around a wine glass, lifts it up to the two men.

"I love you both, to the end of time and back. May your union be blessed and be strong, and may you always know how much you are both adored." This is her toast. She raises her glass up and she takes a sip when it's over. "Now, I think we ought to encourage the happy couple to dance first," she says with a warm voice encouraging them to the dance floor.

%Clarisse is every bit a quiet out of the way wallflower, a pretty one, but she doesn't seem to be to comfortable in the middle of crowd, and trying her best to remain composed, and warm smile offered when she hears Zoey and Ian, and small laugh inward to herself at Savio's threat. She is hopeful of just lending her support more than anything else. She does offer a nod of her head and a smile to Thea though as she sees her too.

Cesare catches Monique exactly like he meant to do that, sets her upright, and then bombards her with an elbow-bombing. Each attempt to fend off the elbows results only in continued pummeling. Except it's not really pummeling, it's more a dramatic elbow-tickling. He's selling it, though. Really selling it.

As he finishes his Elbow Attack (patented Whisper technique) he looks over at Jasher, raising an eyebrow and gesturing at Savio's threat regarding non-dancers. See? See what you get for being a party pooper?

Reedy, a King's Own aide arrives, following Corban.

Lianne, lacking a drink at the moment, lifts her cake a little at the closing of Cassiopeia's toast. She clinks her fork to her plate a couple of times then in support of that call for the first dance from the newlyweds.

Vitalis hasn't even settled where the gaggle he's fallen in with before there's a call for dancing, and a toast goes up and another! He and Quenia make their way to the dance floor, Vitalis squinting at the ... flicker around Alessia. He murmurs to Quenia as the square up elegantly, preparation.

Orland checks composure at hard. Orland is successful.

Zoey says, "Oh!" Zoey looks around. "Prince Patrizio!" she calls in the Pravosi prince's direction. "How is now for that dance? It seems the alternative is having a speech made about me.""

Pasquale coughs a few times at his seat before moving to his feet and offering his farewells to those nearby.

Theophania pauses in her pre-emptive dancing and lifts an empty hand cradling an imaginary wine-glass to the beautiful, poignant toast.

Vitalis falls back with Quenia, ceding the dance floor to the new couple.

Nina looks up while Cassiopeia is giving a toast. She listens with sparkling eyes, and, puts her now empty plate down to clap a few times when the speech has ended.

Monique tries to block the elbows coming at her fast and furious but it's hard when you've been swept off your feet, put back on them, juggling a drink and trying not to asphyxiate from laughter. "Stop! Stop! I yield, Softest Whisper! I *yield*. Come, now I'll need a Champion to defend me!"

Nina is overheard praising Cassiopeia: An excellent toast!

Apollo has just a little bit more conversation with Lianne quietly there on the couch, but the siren song of that cake cannot be denied. His mouth might or might not be blue when he answers the toast (likewise drinkless) with, "Hear hear! Dance!" He licks off his lips and leans in toward Lianne, murmuring what is... probably a summons. If there's a wedding, and there's dancing...

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"Our last match was the best I've seen you fight," Ian says to Alessia. His neutral voice turns what could be a compliment into a flat assessment of her skill, stripped down of feeling, good, bad, or otherwise. "I'd like to see how you've improved since." He might be able to say more, but the speeches have started.

"I would /never/ be upset at being kidnapped and taken to the Silken City, nor the Saffron. In fact," Sebastian raises his voice, just in case, "I'd quite encourage it, particularly during the winter months." He laughs with bright and unfettered joy as he regards Tanith. "So you certainly have my encouragement, whomever the lucky man is." His tongue clucks as he sees right through Patrizio's scheme. "Winter, hmm?" with a sharp look. "I suppose that's only fair. Fine, then. But no taking Ty with you, mm?" He glances towards the chairs where the newly weds have settled in. "Quick," he urges the pair with them, stepping towards Orland and Savio. "While they're not completely swarmed."

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Raven beams brightly and "Hear Hear! First dance of the new husbands!" she crows.

Cesare cheers for Cassiopeia's thoughtful and poignant toast, applauds with his (still drinkless, and now Minxless) hands, and demands with all the considerable vocal projection he's capable of, "Dance!"

There is something of a lost look as Sir Corban Telmar enters the ballroom, taking a deep breath as he considers the scene before him. This is what happens when your shift ends a bit late and you're not here for the beginning. Hearing a familiar shout, Sir Corban makes his way towards Monique, concerned? Perhaps? "I am no Champion, Lady Monique, but does your honor need defending?" he asks, his voice half amused.

After making her speech, Cassiopeia easily hops down from the low table, feathers bouncing. She cues the musicians in the corner, who slow down the tempo to ensure it is appropriate for dancing. It's a unique fusion of music that borrows from the cultures of both of the united families. There is a little encouraging gestures offered to Savio and Orland, and she murmurs something to them within the confines of their seating.

Tanith bleats at the ushering. "No look," she protests at Sebastian. "Look, they're getting made to -dance-, and I've already had my share of well wishing- ... did you hear all the shouting they did over my cake? I'm chuffed and golden, you two, go wish your wells or whatever it is nobles do at this thing!" she laughs. "I'm content with my rum and my lovely dress with spiders on it and the wild array of potential customers gushing about my baked goods." She grins encouragingly at Patrizio and Sebastian both.

Theophania only seems to notice that she should, by all rights, vacate the dance floor as the music dies down in anticipation. Quizzical for a moment, her eyes soon clear as she realises the situation she's in and half-dashes her way from the floor. One hand covering her blushing, embarrassed cheek.

Savio listens to Cassiopeia and laughs/cries much like he did at the wedding itself, threatening to come undone by her kind words. "Oh no, Cassi, my eyeliner!" he protests. It's imperiled by tears. Inelegant but effective application of napkin saves the day, then he stands and offers both hands to Orland as the instruments of the musicians kick up into just the right kind of song, little bit sappy, still got a good beat to step to. This is what he gets for trying to get everyone else to dance first, but, he doesn't seem to mind. "All the rest of you have to join in dancing too, once we get going." Bossy, bossy. A smile invites Orland to sweep him away.

Quenia raises a brow lightly at what Vitalis whispers to her, glancing around the dance floor. Her eyes settle somewhere, her brow furrowed, and she gives a shrug in Vitalis's direction, raising a brow. She's not sure is what she conveys with body language.

Monique turns to Corban's arrival with dancing, laughing eyes. "Sir Corban, if there was *anyone* in this Compact who could defend my honor, it would be you. I'm so glad to see you this evening. It's all a bit overwhelming, isn't it? But beautiful. You'll need a couple of drinks, at least. Do you know Cesare Whisper?" she introduces the Whisper near her. "Softest Whisper, Sir Corban Telmar."

Vitalis applauds Orland and Savio, encouraging the couple to the floor.

Orland hears the toast from Cassiopeia and thankfully seems to be able to divest himself from the cake to stand up at the table he was deposited at, for safety of shock, honestly. The call for the first dance has him dabbing at the corner of his lips with a serviette. His eyes track toward Savio, as the clinking plates and glasses call for them to shine on the dance floor. He side glances at Sebastian and Patrizio both, giving them a look that is somewhat hopeful in the delaying of the dance but, you know, there was a speech and people demanding. He steps toward Savio's outstretched hands, "May I have this dance, Lord Savio Amadeo?" he does a flourishing little bow that Duarte taught him to do and when he stands he sweeps Savio up into the center floor.

"After the grooms get their dance, as they should have the floor to themselves first," Patrizio calls back to Zoey, with a laugh when she's reminding him of the discussion that they'd had about having such a thing, even as he's glancing to see what it is that is about to occur. Though he too is dragged along when Sebastian's urging them, and he's not looking quite as much like he has the slightest idea of what's about to occur. That Orland's looking perhaps for a respite, though... no, the prince is not about to be interfering with such a sacred ritual.

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Raven squeeees from where she sits, wholly distracted from her conversation as Orland invites Savio to dance. She stops then and looks at her companions, "That washing me. Shhh! They're dancing."

Orland checks dexterity and performance at normal. Orland is successful.

Ilira falls still and silent through Cassiopeia's address. She watches the young Proscipi with open admiration, her cheeks flushed with emotion in much the same manner. Unthinkingly, she accepts her glass with her left hand as the server proffers it to her. On the last word of the speech, she lifts that drink, raises it high, then quoffs it halfway to the dregs and grins widely after Savio and Orland. Her eyes fixate on the floor for a moment, as though in challenge, or a promise.

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There's a long look that Alessia gives Ian, as though she's searching for something, though her lips curve upwards in a smile. "I'll admit, I could be very tempted. I've picked up on a few skills, it's true. Working hard and all of that." Her staring doesn't stop. "I have a tendency to get carried away sometimes." She starts to chuckle lightly.

Kiera applause as savio and orland take the dance floor

"Ah, well," says Sir Corban as he looks at Monique. "These balls are not usually my sort of thing, but I try to come out to them from time to time." He then nods towards the Softest Whisper, allowing, "I do by reputation, I believe. A pleasure, Whisper Cesare." When a waiter comes by, he allows himself one of those drinks. "You look quite lovely tonight, Monique."

"Have I ever said no?" Lianne answers the inquiry, that invitation from Apollo. First, though, she finishes her cake, enjoying those last few bites as the dancing begins in earnest with the just wed couple. When there's nought left on the plate but crumbs and a couple thin streaks of icing, she sets it down and settles one hand, palm up, upon Apollo's lap in offering, whenever he's ready to make good. She's in no rush, her attention settled on Savio and Orland.

Briefly distracted by Cassiopeia's toast, the elder Blackshore soon offers Jasher a nod. "Yes. A drink will do fine." He proceeds to make his way toward the bar, where two orders for amber liquor are placed poured. "To the happy couple," the sailor asserts, raising glass in mock toast before draining its contents in single swig. Eyes close as a familiar warmth descends the length of spine. "I once had a bottle of rum smashed over my head and used as a makeshift dagger in a tavern brawl," Aedric confesses, head shaking. "Some northern merchant upset over receiving less coin than his employer promised. I'd never seen so much blood." A pause. "To being in the wrong place at the wrong time." The barkeep fills his drink again.

Ian looks between Monique, Corban, and Cesare. "Lady Monique's got a lot of friends," he observes, half to himself, half to Alessia. For the first time, amusement, albeit dry and humorless amusement, creeps into his voice for a moment. He lifts his glass and looks at the alcohol in it, like he's eyeballing the level of it in the glass, then takes a small drink. Whatever he's drinking must be neither strong nor spiced, because he could be drinking water for all he reacts to it. Then he looks over at Alessia. "Long as you promise not to get carried away and kill me, it'll all shake out in the end." He's back to probably joking, but maybe not; his voice has gone back to unreadable.

"Dance... what?" There's disappointment on Sebastian's features when he next glances towards the grouping of chairs and finds the newlyweds not seated, but instead on the dance floor. Okay, fine, they look amazing together. He's not /that/ put out. "Okay, new plan," he says, sotto voce, to Patrizio. "Ready for drink two?"

Ilira's eyes flick momentarily to Aedric with a quicksilver smirk. "Sure that merchant wasn't me?" She signals the barkeep for a refill.

Clarisse is happy to watch her dear friends dancing in the middle of the floor, and see such a great turn out for their wedding. Though her even thinking of dancing, causes her to retreat even more against the wall to avoid notice. She does bite her lip though at a thought, as she watches with those dark chocolate eyes, that take everything in. She does accept a glass of wine though as it passes by, if for no other reason than to calm her own nerves.

"It kind of rhymes!" This is Savio's chief enchantment with his new name it seems, and he is happy to sweep with Orland up into the dance floor, laughing to the music and people wishing them well, radiant with the kind of dreamlike energy a person gets when he never thought he'd be where he is. Ever. The song whirls them around in a swoosh of velvet and starlight silk, and they look well suited to each other. No one falls or steps on his partner's feet.

The song begins to segue into another and Savio informs the guests again, "Now you must join us! If you do not dance... you are at risk for public recognition!"

Quenia had no sooner sat down than she bid get up to dance by Vitalis, and then just as she was about to enter said dance with Vitalis, as bid by Savio to dance said dance, gotten interrupted by the married couple for their own dance. Clear amusement is etched all over her facial features at her fortune of interrupted attempts at doing a thing. She joins the cheering and encouragement as others are gathered around the couple, gaze going around the crowd as she observes who else she might know who is there. Her face brightens ever so slightly at seeing Monique and she wiggles fingers in her erstwhile friend's direction.

Raven's gaze flicks over towards Alessia and Ian and lingers for a moment before it's reclaimed by the happy couple strutting their stuff on the dance floor. She flinches then. As if someone'd pinched her. She gives Nina a pained Look.

"Only good things, I hope," Cesare replies dryly, half-bowing to Corban. "I know you by reputation as well, and I've seen you a few times at events. Lady Medeia has the loveliest things to say about you, so I am biased toward liking you." He glances at Monique. "She always looks lovely; I'm starting to find it a little tiresome. Lady Monique, do you ever look tired, or a bit off your game? Somehow I doubt it. I'd like to design something for you sometime, if you'll allow it."

"Round two after a dance. Else I'm going to be falling over by the time I've had my third or fourth dance, Bas." Patrizio laughs when he's briefly squeezing Sebastian on the shoulder, and he lets a breath slide free. But the brief hold there doesn't last, even as he dips his head to both his cousin and Tanith. "If you'll excuse me," he says with that grins and he's easing back - his eyes following what Savio and Orland are doing, enjoying that dance.

it's as the music changes and the invitation's issued that he reaches Zoey and there's the sketch of a bow, before he murmurs, "I believe my lady requested a dance?" He says, with a dart of the jade eyes to Ian. "If your husband has not an objection to my delighting in a turn about the floor with you, of course."

"Reasonably confident," the Blackshore tells Ilira. "But if it was you, please spare me your wrath."

Tanith snickering softly, Tanith finishes her drink. "My Lords," she addresses both Patrizio and Sebastian. "I thank you for the drinks and the conversation. Please, come by the Salacious Bakery whenever you'd like, or send me a note and I'll bring some samples and meet with you; your ward isn't far from my doorstep." She grins at both men and gives a brief but polite curtsy. "A pleasure, truly, and I look forward to our next chat ...!"

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Monique flashes Corban a dangerous smile, one that says the compliments from the First Captain and the Whisper have inflated her ego to perilous proportions. "And you, as handsome as ever, Corban. Will you dance with me this evening? After the grooms have finished putting us all to shame and after I've delivered them my gift to them. But of course, for that we'll have to wait for the throngs to subside. And until then," she glances to Ian, eyes glinting, "I'll be gleeful to make more friends. Are we not friends, Lord Kennex? And there, Marquessa Quenia! This is *so* much better than a cell in Ah'jon. I wouldn't have the Softest Whisper there, tempting me. As if the answer could be anything but yes, Cesare Whisper. You think I would deny you anything? Perish the thought."

Seemingly in search of some social strengthening before taking back to the dance-floor, Theophania once again scans the room for familiar faces. Lighting upon Sir Corban Telmar, and with a similar smile upon her face she weaves her way over to their small group. She taps him on the shoulder and quietly offers, "Sir Telmar, a pleasure to see you again... would you shield me with your company for this dance?"

Arman enters as unobtrusively as he might, wandering about the space offering a polite dip of the head to those he is familiar with. He snaps up a drink before making his way to a table.

Amund rises to his feet, taking Ophne's hand as she rises, before moving over to the dancefloor with easy steps. Confident enough, in a way, but maybe not for dancing. Settling his other hand on the woman's waist, he pulls her to him as they start to dance.

Zoey replies to the bow with a curtsey and a bright smile, glances toward Ian, then back to Patrizio. "It is only a dance, your highness, is it not?" She offers her hand for him to take.

"You know, I rarely see you give yourself to revelry, Ian. Even now, so concerned about future fights to test your skills." Alessia says, her voice suddenly chipper, as though it's a switch she just turned on. "I know, I know. Werewolves and such but some tests will just find you worse off than you were before." And then she's finishing her drink. "What a /lovely/ song."

Apollo un-crumbs fingers over his plate, and then eyes Lianne's offered hand - the finger blue from the frosting - before taking her hand. "Not in memory," he says, and rises, turning to turn a hand clasped into a hand up. "Shall we?" And once she's up, he leads over toward the dance floor, to join Savio and Orland and any others dancing. He steps into a slower step than he might on another occasion, pulling Lianne close; it leaves him quite capable of offering his congratulations. "What a beautiful wedding, you two. I hope all your days build upon it." His eyes turn on Savio, in particular, as they move, and he adds: "I'm very proud." Not that he isn't proud of both of them; he's just got more right, where Savio's concerned. Protege and all. That said, he turns attention back on Lianne, and kisses her cheek gently, hand splayed on her back. Close as he can, they dance.

Ophne allows herself to be led to the dance floor by Amund, weaving as they do through the tightly knit throngs of people. She aligns her body with his, hand in hand, and then she allows him to carry her through the steps while she leans up and whispers something near his ear.

"You'll need to fill me in on that, Mo." Alessia says on the subject of Ah'jon, presumably, though her features still have that mellow mirth to them.

"Ah! Yes. My! Two requests for a dance! You know I am more swordsmanship than on the dance floor!" declares Sir Corban when Theophania draws near and Monique compliments him. Still, though, he bestows a smile upon the former and takes her hand. "Theophania. Please. I would be delighted to dance. What a flattering dress that is," he compliments her as he leads her out to the dance floor.

"After?" Sebastian protests Patrizio's counter offer: but then the General is leaving, so, after a bob of his head towards Tanith, the Prince of Pravus strides towards the bar to select the most brightly decorated drink available.

Gianna eases onto the dancefloor, neatly side-stepping swaying couples. A noble lord or another steals her for a quick twirl; Gianna obliges but disengages just as her skirt settles from the turn. She makes her wa toward Orland and Savio, leaning in to quickly offer, "You both look wonderful. Enjoy your evening, and your time together. I wanted to be sure to say so to you both directly."

Ian answers Monique's question of him with a neutral sort of acknowledgement: "I did say you had a lot of us." He's aware of what's going on with Zoey and Patrizio; his eyes, always moving, come back to her often. If he had objections, he probably would have objected by now. His attention returns to Alessia. "Werewolvews. Gargantuan feet. Revelry's not what it was, either," he says in a flat tone. "A lot isn't the same, is it?"

Raven's expression pinches again before she sumons a polite smile to Nina, "Plenty to get first hand account, I'm sure." she slips away from the couches without bothering to make excuses and moves to watch the dancers, setting her cake down and finding a drink.

Nobody makes brightly decorated drinks like the Houses of the Chain. Sebastian will find himself hard pressed to choose.

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Quenia gives Monique a surprised look. "A cell in Ah'jon?!?" she exclaims. "What? When? Why?" She's presently distracted from whatever Vitalis was pointing her to earlier.

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Ilira just winks. "Sounds like my style, is all. The only wrath you've to fear from me tonight is if I pull you out for a dance. Speaking of." The woman rises, setting down her empty glass and inclining her head slightly to Aedric. The gold and flowers against her black curls seem to sparkle.
She weaves between the crowd to the floor, a shimmer of silver and gold. And when she steps on, something in her comes to life.

"There's no one I'd rather have by my side when I exact my revenge," Monique says to Alessia with a darker glint in her green eyes, a smile that's more chilling than delightful. "Should we talk at the bar while Corban dances?" There's a nod to Quenia as well. "Join us at the bar?"

"It is, but I was raised to at least offer the courtesy of a lord's refusal." Patrizio smiles, as he's taking Zoey's hand, to draw her with him towards the dance floor where the others are taking a turn about it. "I find it never hurts, mmm? He might've wanted his turn first, after all." And easing out amongst those moving, he shifts to better take up a lead, his hand holding hers, and the other finding her back as he eases into the rhythm.

Murmuring something back to Ophne, Amund leads her into some basic steps, nothing too fancy, but neatly executed nevertheless. He meets her gaze briefly as they dance, flashing her a brief daredevil's smile, though one edged with some curiosity to it.

Making sure to avoid other dancers on the floor, he leads Ophne around the edge, then towards the center, mindful of their space.

Savio smiles back at Apollo's praise in a way that is both proud and somehow a little shy, finally twirling to a stop near the edge of the floor with his arms wrapped around Orland. There Gianna finds them, and as aways (and with sincerity) he exclaims over her! "Oh, how beautiful you are, look at you! Our wedding is more beautiful just you being here," Savio states, and lets laughter gentle into a smile. "Thank you, Nightingale. It means more than you might know."

The way Orland is looking at Savio on the dance floor indicates he is seeing no one else right now and why should he? The young man just gave his vows in front of everyone and he was clearly awe struck at all that had happened since. The world is a blur but he looks good doing it, the stars of his outfit glinting against the lighting and the music of the evening floating above the rise of conversation. Somewhere in there his lips move but he just seems, content. Content like there's never been an evil thing in the world and he had no cares of them. When people do join them on the dance floor, he smiles quietly to Apollo, and then Gianna, though he's reserved enough in the moment to have nothing to say but small "Thank yous" now and then.

Jasher follows Aedric to the bar and take his own order of rum from the servant tending to it. "To Lords Orland and Savio Amadeo," he announces clearly, then tilts his tumbler back to sip from the amber liquid pooled within. The prince releases the strict control he's exercised over his emotions just long enough to smile briefly at Aedric's story. It follows that he should observe Ilira, in the wake of her comment, with levity warming his beryl irises. "I've witnessed my fair share of tavern fights. Dinner and a show, as we'd call it." The pause affords him enough time to observe the couples sweeping onto the dance floor. It is then that he notes the offer extended to his drinking companion. "You had better dance or depart, my lord, lest you become the object of Lord Savio's wrath." And with that, he clinks his glass against the baron's, and leaves him to his fate.

Gianna slips away from the happy couple, inclining her head as she disappears into the flurry of bright silks and merry laughter.

Vitalis claps for Orland and Savio, expression a quicksilver alloy of many things. He inclines his head to Quenia, offering her his hand and then whisking her away, to spin near the newly wed couple. "Congratulations. I am sorry to have missed the wedding, but by your faces - I can feel it was as beautiful as everyone has said. My lords," he bows and whisks Quenia off to spin towards Monqique, since the woman has captured Quenia's attention.

"Well there don't appear to be any werewolves here at this moment. Only people. Just people." Alessia says with a teasing flash in her eyes, linking to his previous comment. She turns to Monique, and gives another melodic laugh. "Vengeance, yes. Such fun. May even be some Huntsman in the city." She makes her way to the bar, following after the others.

Raven echos Jasher's toast, "To Lords Savio and Orland!" she lifts her glass.

Ophne drops her head, watching their feet move across the floor. When she lifts it again, there is a concrete lock on her gaze as she unflinchingly regards her dance partner. She continues to whisper to him.

Vitalis has no glass to lift, and lifts his voice instead, "To Lords Savio and Orland!"

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Lianne does not acknowledge any evidence of her impatience, only the acceptance of her offered hand. Oh, it takes a moment for her to find her feet, balance all shifted as it is, but once Apollo has her on the dancefloor, she moves with some measure of grace yet. "Truly meaningful," she murmurs to Savio and Orland as they move past in their steps and turns. Any more substantive praise is likely to be saved for a quieter occasion. And one in which they aren't all dancing. For now, she's easily caught by the kiss to her cheek, nuzzling in close to Apollo as she lets him lead, eyes near-lidding as they go.

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Zoey rests her other hand on Patrizio's arm as they begin their turn on the dance floor. She moves with fluid grace, the silk of her gown whispering about her ankles with each step.

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In her heart Clarisse is celebrating for her friends and raises her glass as Vitalis raises his voice, but the crowd is getting to the young lady, and she carefully finishes the glass she is holing onto before angling through the crowd strategically to find some fresh air.

"No gargantuans, either, unless they're better at hiding than I gave them credit for," Ian agrees to Alessia, his voice still level through what was almost certainly a stab at humor. He follows along after everyone, as well.

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Savio appears satisfied that People Are Dancing, spared his threat to speak about them in front of the group if they fail to dance. For now. He is drinking whenever someone toasts them, so maybe he stopped dancing because the room is spinning a bit on its own. "Cassi, where are the flaming lawn darts?" he calls across the room toward wherever his cousin the Marquessa is, seizing Orland's hand to lead him back toward the chairs near the bar, where they are out of the way a bit. And near Clarisse!

Theophania checks dexterity and performance at normal. Theophania is successful.

Savio kisses Orland, decides, "I need to find the flaming darts," and wanders his tipsy self off to do that. Pray for him.

Caprice, her papers and charcoal eventually quit the low table, before tired dancers being filtering over but not before she finishes her drink.

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For one who spends most of his time in armour, Patrizio's actually reasonably graceful in his silks, a warm smile on his lips as if he's well-suited for this kind of movement, as he's guiding Zoey about to the beat of the music, a shift of the way he holds her, the lift of their joined hands, for him to let her twirl about, and for him to catch up wither once more, while he can be seen to be speaking softly with her.

Theophania accepts his lead with a grateful smile and steps her way to the dance floor, embarrassment once more lifting from her features as she steps into the dance. It isn't anything overly complex, but in the same style as the happy couple Theo steps and spins through the rhythm: Bright eyes and smile shining through her tired countenance.

Aedric is silent for several long moments while he considers Ilira's proposition and Jasher's words. "Well," the baron replies finally, again lifting glass to lips and polishing off its refilled contents, "...she did ask politely. Excuse me, your highness," he continues, rising from the stool and offering the stranger his gauntlet. "Though I trust you won't also pass up an opportunity to make a fool of yourself." Attention shifts to the "northern merchant", who is presented a small smile. "After you, my lady."

After listening to Ophne, Amund spends a moment to consider her, meeting her gaze for a longer moment. His lips curve briefly again before he continues the steps, though he starts taking them towards the edge, before simply taking her hand and leading her out.

Ophne trots to keep up with Amund's change of direction, at least having the decency to wave at Raven and Nina on her way out.

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Quenia gives Vitalis a grateful look, following after Alessia and Monique. "Werewolves? There was concern about that recently?" she wonders, glancing between the two. There's probably a part of the conversation she's missing.

Orland tries to keep up to the toasting, but he's hanging on sort of. Then Savio is off to find flaming darts and that leads him back into the FRAY. Oh no. Orland however finds Clarisse and he reaches out to her, "Clarisse, you came. No need to stand there, come. I'll introduce you to the Marquessa Cassiopeia and ... well, there's tons of people here, probably more than I know myself." He nods to Vitalis, Quenia, Jasher, Arman, oh and there's just so many. "Flaming lawn darts might... actually go over well," he decides before he draws Clarisse over to Illira and Cassiopeia. "Marquessa, this is Lady Clarisse. And this is Ilira. I don't know if you know each other." Boop. He did something social. Huzzah.

Corban is pleased enough to move through the steps to the dance with Theophania. He is no ace on his feet, nor a measure of grace on the floor, but he has enough nimbleness that he does not make a mess of himself. He leans down to murmur something to the woman he dances with, his hand on her hip, his other in her hand.

Raven looks Vitalis a Look and then her gaze shifts to Quenia, "My lady. If you have questions about such things I'd be happy to answer them. Another time." She settles somewhere by herself, sipping her drink and content to soak in the ambiance.

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Quenia glances over at Raven, giving the unfamiliar woman a questioning look. "I may. And I might have a story in return for you," she offers in counter.

Vitalis bows to Quenia as conversation snares her attention. He gives an 'I tried' shrug to Aspira and is headed to the refreshments - rumor is the cake is very good. So going he notices something that stops him in his tracks. He blinks, swallows, looks away quickly enough that it's not clear what - but he gives the hosts a watery smile and excuses himself.

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Cassiopeia's drink has since been switched out for another and she brings the lip of the glass to her own. A smile washes over her expression while she watches Savio and Orland dance. At the mention of flaming lawn darts, her eyes widen to that of saucers. A laugh escapes her lips. Then Orland is coming with someone she isn't quite familiar with. To Clarisse, Cassiopeia offers a warm smile of polite greeting, "welcome to my home," she tells the woman. At some point, the tall blonde caught the arrival of Arman, whom she offers a familiar smile. Her attention is split, keeping an eye out over the festivities, instructing staff and taking a moment to appreciate the wholeness of the event, itself. The young woman's emotions continue to play across her features, unrelenting.

Theophania weighs up Corban for a moment before offering him a quiet response and returning to the dance.

Apollo and Lianne don't spend so very long on the dance floor; as the many Pravosi servants are no doubt aware, it's a long walk between this ward and what was once called Setarco Commons. Still, Apollo seems to enjoy it so very much. Any excuse for closeness, movement, affection that isn't a spectacle but is nonetheless unhidden, public. And when the music dies down again for a change of music, Apollo lifts Lianne's hand to kiss her knuckles, settles it on his arm. The wrong way for escort, but he trusts she'll sort that out once they turn. "Shall we, darling?" he wonders and - after some warm goodbyes and murmurs of thanks to the hosts - he slips out with her for the walk home.

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Clarisse finds herself more moved towards the front of the room, rather than making her way torwards the door and trying to regain her balance before she is soon gently squeezing Orlands hand as he reaches out for her, blessed Orland keeping her from falling on her face. "Thank you Dear Lord Amadeo. You and Savio, are breathtaking tonight. I am so very happy for both of you." She offers a warm smile. She does smile to Ilira though and to Marquessa Cassiopeia, offering a generous curtsey and respectful bow of her head to both of them. "Whisper Ilira and I have both met before, it is a pleasure to see you again Whisper Ilira, and a pleasure to meet you Marquessa. Your home is quite beautiful Marquessa."

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Arman makes his way toward Cassiopeia returning her smile with a warm one of his own. He stops next to her placing a hand lightly on her shoulder before he leans in to murmur something queitly in her ear.

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Rodrigo, the Surprisingly Large Flautist leaves, following Nina.

Ilira pauses on the edge of the floor, on the outskirts of the crowd. She sways as she awaits Aedric, extending a silver-clad arm and a brilliant, wicked grin. Her eyes glimmer with something unspoken, like 'you have no idea what you're in for.' "It was a little more of a demand, if we're honest." She grins at him as he approaches, eyes glittering with intent beneath her gilt-brushed lashes. Clasping the Blackshore Baron's hand in a firm, dainty grip, she draws him into the fray with no preamble, still one moment and spinning the next. Any of the barest tension in her melts away as she moves, sinuous and sensuous, a laugh spilling from her throat as she tosses her silken hair and twirls under Aedric's arm.

Fajra leaves, following Lianne.

Siri, an attentive apprentice, Paris, a charming mercenary, Lianne leave, following Apollo.

Oswyn slips into the ballroom, a dark bird among so very much colour and light. Look. Some people only have, like, one set of formal clothes, okay? He squints into the masses.

Corban murmurs in return to Theophania at whatever she says to him, and then shakes his head slightly, turning from the murmuring to the dancing on the floor with the Valardin merchant.

Raven is seated by herself, drinking and watching the room. There's an untouched slice of cake on the bench beside her and she seems contentedly watching the celebration as couples dance, guests chat and mingle.

One of Raven's reavers Steers Oswyn towards the bench where Raven sits.

Cesare sighs at something murmured to him at the bar, leans across to receive a glass of his own - two fingers - and downs it in a couple of swallows. He tilts his head to one side, watching as couples rotate on and off in some arcane pattern indecipherable to the ordinary human eye.

As the wedding ceremony goes on, people thin out and make their way out, while others are still dancing, and still others are talking about werewolves! That's interesting. However, three half naked Arakkoan manfolk come out with THREE MASSIVE trays full of SHOTS. They take over a section of the reception hall, their looks keeping anyone away from snatching one of those shots just yet.

Oswyn is, indeed steered. A quick smile for his escort and he settles down into his new seat, leaning over to ask Raven something.

Oswyn has joined the A relaxed floor level table surrounded by cushions.

Raven blink-blinks and beams, "Brother Oswyn! You made it!" She lifts her atrophied arm with effort to rest on his shoulder and leans in as if giving him a half hug of greeting.

Theophania mutters, "I shouldn't keep you too ... ... sir. You did ... another ... ... take ... ... ... can help, ... ... ... ..."

Corban nods to whatever Theophania says to him and touches her elbow, coming to a stop when the song ends and leading her off the floor, his hand in hers. "Thank you for the dance," he murmurs, kissing the air near her cheek in a departure and thanks. "It was a pleasure." He then makes his way over to Monique, touching her shoulder. "Might I interest you, fair Minx? Or do the shots appeal too greatly?"

You know when the shots come out things just got real. "Okay, I did not find the flaming lawn darts," Savio greets all and sundry, reappearing. "But we can still make this fun." Cause fun apparently means either fire or alcohol or both. The band quiets a little so he can explain, "HERE ARE THE RULES, very simple! You must make an assumption about someone else here. Based on what... who can know? If you are correct, the victim drinks. If you are wrong, you drink. Simple! Don't cheat by playing only against people you know well, you have to assume! Then the victim gets to be the next asker, on and on." He clasps his hands, choosing a first player. "Lady Monique Greenmarch, would you like to start us off? You can ask anyone you want."

Raven's eyebrows lift and her gaze notes the trays as they're marched past. She leans in and murmurs to Oswyn as if she were narrating the events for some reason.

Theophania says, "This sounds like a really delightful game. A good pick for most any party, even one amongst only close friends."

Ian eyeballs the level of the drink in his glass, and then takes a drink of what must be flavorless, weak liquor, judging from his lack of reaction to it.

Once more, Patrizio's giving Zoey a twirl beneath their hands on the dance floor, drawing her back while they're speaking quietly to one another, before he's easing back a half step to sketch a bow once more, before h'es drawing her with him back in the direction of Ian and company. "Thank you for the dance, my lady," he says with warmth. "Until our next one."

Zoey curtseys again. "Until then, your Highness," she replies, equally warm. She follows him back to her husband's side.

Monique looks up to Corban, touching his hand on her shoulder warmly. "Oh, we can do both, I think, can't we, Corban?" She rises, bowing her head to Savio. "I would be delighted, honored and all the other synonyms you might find for both, my lord." Her green eyes scan the room filled with people and land on Raven. There's a moment's consideration, and she offers, "I assume you don't cry often, mistress, and that tonight was a rare occasion for you to show such feeling. The Pravosi were watching you very carefully during the ceremony."

For all of Aedric Blackshore's deficiencies, he's /not/ too shabby of a dancer. Perhaps this came as a result of an overbearing father who ensured that his children were properly educated in a wide variety of courtly subjects, even those typically unsuitable for sailors to concern themselves with. He is content to permit Iliara to guide them in both pacing and position, his dexterity preserving companion's feet from the wrath of buckled sabatons. Throughout their tempered swinging and swaying, the mariner's gaunt expression remains neutral -- the entirety of his focus dedicated to ensuring that a satisfactory performance is presented to any onlookers. He would continue until the Whisper deemed it appropriate to retire, likely capable of matching the intensity of her movements for as long as she desired.

Raven's eyebrows lift as Savio announces the rules, "Well this should be interesting at the very least. That's an awful lot of liquor."

There's a shocking number of shots, and people to distribute them... the half-naked Arakkoan manservants are keenly determining whether Monique or Raven will be made to drink. Is it a correct assumption that she doesn't cry often?!

Cesare beckons the scantily-clad, very tall, very bronze Arakkoan gentlemen with the trays over and appropriates a shot of liquor for himself and one for his stoic companion prince. His expression: unreadable. He sniffs the liquor. "This isn't the one that tastes like olives, is it? I liked the other ones, but the olives one was a bit much."

The available shots are: Tamarind Wine, a sweet wine shot with a sour aftertaste and is somewhat acidic. Another one is called 'Warm Cloud' and is a hot coconut milk and boiled taro with warming spices and rum. Another is called 'Jungle Juice' and is rum, coconut syrup, and mashed up mango and juice. Another is 'A Bloody Punch' which i smade of sorrel and hibiscus leaves dried and brewed with water, cinnamon sticks, star anise, orange peels, and honey - blended of course with rum.

Patrizio pauses for a moment as he's listening to the descriptions of the drinks, and a glance around, as if he's looking for Sebastian, before there's a low chuckle that eases from the Pravusi prince. No, indeed, this /definitely/ seems like a Pravus wedding, with the amount of alcohol that's involved.

Ilira smirks at Aedric's expression, the fire in her own eyes indomitable. She whirls him through a series of steps, spins, sways and sashays until the music ebbs, where she pauses with a hand on the Blackshore's shoulder and looks over to Savio. Her lips curl at the rules of the game. "I'll release you for a while, then," she murmurs to her companion, smiling. "But you're an exquisite dancer, and should smile when you do it. Thank you." And with that, the Whisper glides off the floor to reclaim a seat at the bar, flashing one last glittering look at Aedric over her shoulder.

Pleased the game is afoot, Savio wanders back to his chairs, where he pours himself back into a seat. He's drinking tamarind wine himself, and his attention is on Raven, waiting for her to confirm, or deny... drink or make someone else drink... and for her to pick the next victim!

As the game starts with Raven's assumption made first, Clarisse watches intently offering a warm supportive smile to Raven without saying a word. She does hope that the focus is off the dance floor now and on the drinking game instead as she finds that seat again to keep her feet firmly planted, as well as her bottom. It is best she avoid the alcohol the wine she had earlier was just the right amount for her. She is content to be a spectator.

Ilira is overheard praising Aedric: Sailors are the best. No further questions.

Raven inclines her head, "It's not a common occurance. Even more rare that they are tears of joy." She salutes Savio and Orland with her drink, "I recall when I first met them each, They were quite different that the men they are today and that is directly to the influence of one upon the other. Like each hones the other. It's impossible to remember each as I first met them and then to see them now.." She sniffles, "Damnitall." She hiccups, "I'm so proud to know them both and damnit no I don't cry very often." She wipes moisture from her eye and rises to fetch a shot and take it, looking around. She looks around and then settles on the face she doesn't point, pointing with an empty shot glass to Theophania, "My Lady there!" She points to Theophrania, "It's been too long since you've frolicked properly." A wild stab in the dark but ambiguous enough!

Oh! Shots. Alessia happily takes one from an arrakoan and drains it.

Oswyn removes a handkerchief from his pocket and offers it to Raven. He is sitting beside her, after all.

Ilira drifts over to Clarrisse and settles beside her with a susurrus of silk. She grins, leaning in for a quieter exchange.

Unreadable expressions abound, it seems. Jasher accepts the shot mechanically, and then turns to observe the faces of the participants as though waiting to be accosted for sneaking one without having lost anything yet. Seeing as how everything carries on as it ought, he knocks his beverage back with ease, and nary a wince to accompany the sting to follow.

Orland has found a bar to lean against. He's sipping on a strong drink, trying to pay attention to the game but for now, he's holding up the bar. To Clarisse he nods, "Yeah... I never thought this would be our future, back when we first met at Greypeak. Back then I had thought he was an annoying version of his older brother Giorgio. I didn't even think he was easy on the eyes," he admits as he finds Savio in the crowd, "now I can't take my eyes off him." He takes a long sip of his rum punch, "I'm glad you've all met. It makes my life easier." He laughs a bit to the women. He salutes Raven and takes a large swig of his own drink.

Raven drinks, and the question and the Burly Half Naked Drink Tenders swivel their attention to Theophania. Will it be true that it's too long since she frolicked properly? Or will Raven drink again? What are the parameters of a proper frolic?

Theophania pauses for a few moments, processing that she is the centre of attention then smiles ruefully and shakes her head. "Unfortunately my lady, I attended the spring faire only yesterday, complete with accidental near-horseshoe-based assault and ended the bay by giggling like a child after landing firmly in the sand in the ballroom of the dream. The shot is yours again."

Monique laughs at the mention of horseshoe-based assault. "Blame Marius! I was *blindfolded* to make it fair for him!"

Raven checks stamina at normal. Raven is successful.

Theophania says, "I meant my own assault on lord Grady but thank you for the reminder my lady."

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Zoey has joined the A comfortable couch.

A laugh from Patrizio as he's watching, considering the matter of the drinking competition. Though it's in the midst of the enjoyment of what's happening that one of his men does approach to whisper quietly in his ear and... there's a frown on his face almost immediately. With a gesture, he's quietly making his way for the door, though not without a bittersweet smile towards the men-of-honour of the evening.

Raven belts back a shot and wanders back to settle beside Oswyn who she gives a happy smike.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields leave, following Patrizio.

Arman is overheard praising Orland: The future of Bravura.

Clarisse smiles at Orland and nods in agreement, "I thought that he was trouble for you, but you do the most wonderful balancing act of each other, and I have seen you sit beside each others bed, when you have been hurt. You two were meant to be." She smiles at Ilira too as she speaks softly to her and leans against Ilira's shoulder fondly, happy to see her too. "It has been to long Whisper Ilira, and grevious oversight on my part, it is wonderful to see Orland and Savio so happy and so many celebrating this occassion along side them both."

Arman is overheard praising Savio.

The drink tenders have passed a new shot to Raven as her assumption was incorrect! They now await Theophania's own assumption of a new target!

Ilira beams and nudges her shoulder playfully against Clarisse, answering her too low for others to hear, a hint of conspiracy creeping into her smile.

Theophania peers out at the crowd before alighting on Savio. Nervously, she calls out, "Lord Savio, you planned out this game hoping you would be picked!"

"Thank you," the baron replies, momentarily uncertain of how to properly conclude the encounter. Fortunately, Ilira takes the initiative and departs, absolving him of this responsibility. He draws in a deep breath and exhales slowly before returning to the bar, content to spend the remainder of his evening supporting the only representative of his fealty's royal line in whatever manner necessary.

Orland drops a box of lemon cookies.

Gia the peregrine falcon arrives, delivering a message to Arman before departing.

Oswyn checks stamina at normal. Oswyn is successful.

Orland gets hand rolled papyrus with a plump belly of haze from red double-wrap swordbelt with gilded details.

Orland drops hand rolled papyrus with a plump belly of haze.

"What," Savio gasps, a hand to his chest. He is happily ensconced in his chair and is enjoying the game, distracted such that Orland even escapes with saying that, once upon a time when they met, he was totally unimpressed with the man who is now his groom. You escape this time, Orland, this time only. "What, no, lies and slander," he protests. "It's simply a good party game for people who don't know each other well, because that's the point of the game, making assumptions! It is not, in the slightest, a reference to my willingness to talk about myself at length." Yeah yeah.... LIES... he is taking a shot. Because somewhere in there he's honest.

Both brows lift and he turns his attention to Oswyn. "You're emotional if you're just righteously drunk." Assumption made.

Savio checks stamina at normal. Savio is successful.

Raven blinkblinks as Savio calls Oswyn, she lifts an eyebrow to see what OSwyn says but her expression already suggests she thinks Savio will be getting another shot.

Theophania lets out a slightly relieved laugh as she relaxes back, relieved to not have to drink and happy to be melting away from the crowd's attention.

Oswyn does a shot Raven's just given him. He blinks owlishly several times when he surfaces again. And then Savio's looking at him, he thinks, and he squints at the newly married man. "Uh... I'm not drunk very often," he calls back. "Oh. You know what? Not emotional. Sarcastic. Sorry, my lord."

Raven bobs her head, "I can confirm this. Super cheeky, not very emotional."

Oswyn nods. "Intensely cheeky."

Savio checks stamina at hard. Savio is successful.

Theophania mutters, "So far ... ... ... but a string of double-strikes."

"Sarcasm is an emotion," Cesare says with great sincerity and wisdom.

Jasher nods his head in agreement.

"Oh, well... drink more, then, I want to see this," Savio laughs, accepting another shot like the regal king he is, someone who will not at all have to be carried upstairs later. "Oswyn, your turn! Assume away to the next person!"

Savio adds, "Make it cheeky!"

The smells of something cigar-like but clearly not cigar in it's entirety starts to pipe up from around a few areas in the hall. It's definitely not what you think it is. This is a noble reception. No one would dare. It's normal. But it can be found if wanted or desired. Strange how that works.

"No," Oswyn tells Cesare. He points at the Softest - in the Softest's general direction - and says, "Uh... Hmn. You spend over an hour fixing your hair in the morning."

Jasher presses his lips together into a tight line, presumably to stymie the appearance of a smile.

"An /hour/?" Cesare is appalled. "Goodness, no. Five minutes at the most. I've done some very elaborate styles for special occasions which may have taken an hour, because braiding the back of one's head one-handed is dreadful work. But every day? I comb it. I put a bit of oil in it. That's all."

The time has come. Duarte, having sufficiently imbibed shots delivered by half naked prodigals, stands. He regally taps on a crystal goblet with a knife and spreads his arms. His voice is resonant in the ballroom. Setarcan accent thick.

"Today is a joyous occasion. For not only do we establish a permanent tie to a long trusted ally and friend, in House Proscipi, but we also celebrate this most solemn and necessary of deeds with the marrying of my ward, Lord Orland.

"Orland and I - well - we come from very similar backgrounds. When we met, I was still a commoner sworn to House Pravus. I found Orland here in the lowers of Arx. He was a run away orphan scraping together what he could to keep Gods know who happy. In fact, he took me as a mark and tried to filch silver off my person!" A pause for the laughing that should occur here. Please laff. Duarte drinks.

"Much to the boy's disappointment my coin purse held only leeches that day - sick looking black, writhing blood sucking slugs." He chuckles. "Feeling bad for the scoundrel, I let Orland run an errand for me. Then another....And now it's been over 10 years and he's still running errands!

"Orland has been the one trusted, steadfast companion in my company ever since. I trust him as sure as I trust myself. And there would be no House Amadeo today, or ever, without his dutifulness and loyalty yesterday.

"And so, I toast this Union and in typical Lycene flair warn Savio that should he ever do wrong by my Orland, I'll be sure to have him over for a drink." THE POISONED KIND.

Duarte smiles, toasts, and drinks.

"Well it's very pretty hair," Oswyn tells Cesare. "Does this mean I take another shot? Do I have to ask someone else another question?" Some scholar. Not even paying attention.

Raven says, "You take the shot, Cesare now asks someone else."

Oswyn nods. He is given some time to stall because of Duarte's speech so maybe that will help him process the liquor more. Sure.

Oswyn checks stamina at normal. Oswyn is successful.

Savio seems a little surprised at the sudden SPEECH from Duarte, pouring himself out of his chair and back to his feet as he listens, a soft expression on his features at hearing one of those stories that you know... but you don't mind to hear again. Savio loves this speech. "Duarte, that's so lovely, except for the implied Lycene poisoning of me," he praises. And inches closer a step. It's up to Cesare to tend the game for a moment, Savio stepping closer to his father in law and warning, "I am going to hug you, Duarte."

Quenia is pulled away from her conversation briefly at the bar ti listen to Duarte's speech. She eyes the Amadeo Count studiously, grinning in some parts. She might even laugh at the right part. See? Someone laughed! She glances over at Orland and Savio and claps in their direction before looking back to Alessia, Zoey, Ian, and Monique.

Orland props his elbow up on the bar and he sips at his drink, taking it rather easy for now. The game that proceeds around them makes him smirk, but his attention pivots back to Clarisse and Ilira, winking toward Cassiopeia as the smells start wafting in the hall. "I think we were," Orland says to Clarisse, "Otherwise we wouldn't be here. You know, he's the first person in my life that fills me in places I never knew existed. Usually with relationships in the past, before him, I was always missing something. Not him." He turns a look to Clarisse with the swoon in his eyes for his husband still, "I'm glad you're here Clarisse. You're very much part of our story too. I know you thought he was trouble, many did, even I did... but, I wouldn't have it any other way. Two years later, and look at us now. I don't know what the future brings, but I'm looking forward to it now that I have him at my side."

Then Duarte has a moment. Orland quiets and he listens to the rotund man that is his adopted Father. Orland gives Duarte one of those -you didn't just say that- looks... but then, really, Duarte has a strong track record of that. He looks down into his mug after, chugging down the remainder of his drink. He laughs, awkwardly. His eyes flick up at the story, with a THANKS DAD smirk. The warning has him rub a finger down the bridge of his nose but he has another drink poured, lifting it up full. Is that a little glitter in Orland's eyes? He laughs when Savio threatens a hug.

It /is/ very pretty hair. Cesare self-consciously brushes some of it back over his shoulder. He considers everyone as Duarte makes his toast, and raises his glass, taking the shot anyway, because, toast. Who on earth is he going to ask a question of? There are so many tempting choices, but Cesare is not given to premature judgments, so it's hard. He would rather be asking questions than making assumptions. "Lady Alessia," he says finally. "I assume you have spent a small fortune on the contents of your wardrobe, but the most valuable items it contains are those which you never paid for with coin."

Cesare checks stamina at normal. Cesare is successful.

Duarte hands Savio his empty glass as if the man were one of the servants, "Oh thank you!" and moves briskly /away/ from the threatened hug and toward Quenia (who he might actually /want/ to hug).

Raven shoots Cesare a Look. She grimaces and looks into her drink studiously. Mmmm. sweet, sweet libation!

Oswyn is handed another shot; he downs it and blinks a bunch but seems to be taking it well. He squints at the other partygoers, though he's also holding a quiet conversation with Raven.

"Large fortune," Monique says laughingly, correcting Cesare unbidden. "It's most decidedly a large fortune."

Jasher turns toward Duarte as he taps the side of his glass with the express intent of securing the attention of everyone in the room. The game is adjourned for the nonce, and for an understandable reason. After listening to the thoughtful speech, shifting his eyes away once to inspect Orland's visage for hints of emotion no doubt evoked by this trip down memory lane, Jasher reaches for another shot, raises it to the couple, and then downs it in one expert gulp.

Theophania laughs quietly at the story, and raises a glass in toast to take a polite sip at the end of the speech.

Quenia seems to have just finished bidding Alessia a good night, as the Mazetti noble is leaving. She glances up when Duarte approaches and gives him a wide, warm smile. "Count Duarte. Have you been enjoying yourself?" she wonders, eyes drinking him in.

Cesare's comment takes Alessia a little aback, since she then says with a nod. "Yes, I am pretty blessed with great assets. That I didn't need to pay for. Just a gift from the gods I suppose." Is she admiring her own form? "Thank you for your words. I hope you all take care." She says before heading for the door, giving Orland and Savio a wave as she heads out.

Raven says, "Fare thee Well, Lady Alessia. Don't be such a stranger."

Alessia has left the A comfortable couch.

Savio looks down at the GLASS Duarte just handed him and sighs, rolling his eyes, and proceeds to tap his rings along the glass to make a little tune.

"Duarte doesn't want a hug
'No thank you' says he
Maybe someone else's arms?
But not at all from me

Very shaken, very sad
Rejected in this way
Here among such merriment
On my own wedding day?

Duarte doesn't want a hug
He keeps himself remote
But oh one day - this is a threat -
He won't get a vote."

He raises his brows to make clear this threat is ISSUED, waves a little to the departing Alessia, and then floats over toward Orland.

Ilira is overheard praising Savio: I think I'll start calling him King of Found Hopes; he's gotten everything he wanted since that afternoon we spent plucking dandelions a year ago. Everything you want comes through strange messengers, doesn't it my friend? And my own title? It proves itself today. For this is exactly what I wished for.

*** Orland has called for an opposing check with Duarte. ***
Orland checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Botch! Orland fails completely.
Duarte checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Duarte fails.
*** Duarte is the winner. ***

Clarisse smiles warmly and raises a shot to the support offered by Duarte, and listening to Orland and Savio offer she is part of their story too, "I only helped put you back together again, which half of the healers here, could boast about. Orland and Savio. You will always be here for each other, to strengthen, to guide, to support, to believe in. To Love until Forever." She can't help but giggle at Savios poem.

"Do you see how happy we could be, Marquessa?" the rotund count says to Quenia with a motion toward the Two Grooms. "But you refuse to give up your title and lands to join me as Countess instead!" He leans in for a kiss to the cheek and hug in good humour. Then there's some kerfluffle going on? Oh well. He grabs another drink and laughs. "Well done Savio."

Cesare dramatically adds in a rejoinder, chiming in as Savio's verses end,

"Count Duarte doesn't want a hug,
Oh what's a bard to do?
He doesn't want a hug from me,
I'll wager that is true.

Here amongst beloved friends,
We drink and drink some more,
And if the party never ends,
We'll surely hit the floor.

But the Count rejects his new son's hug,
And leaves only this to say:
Perhaps the end will be his /own/
On his sons' wedding day."

Then he clarifies, "To be transparent, I am entirely joking."

Ilira snorts and dissolves into a fit of giggles.

Raven summons a broad grin and shakes out of her fixation with her drink, "Well said, softest whisper!"

Briar, the fleet and agile shrike arrives, delivering a message to Savio before departing.

Monique tips her head to those at the bar and makes her excuses, the Greenmarch on a collision course with Savio, heedless of the commotion. "I've a game of my own for you to play if you will, my lord. Your wedding gift is in one of my hands and all you must do is choose the right one." She holds up both hands and in one palm is a piece of raw, rare dragonweep, shining blood red for the moment it takes the Minx to close her hand over it. Both hands are tucked behind her back and she eyes Savio expectantly, grinning widely. "High stakes gifting."

Jasher reaches out to take yet another shot from the tray and wastes no time tossing it down.

Cassiopeia watches in silence as things start to delve into a battle of poetics. There is a warm smile on her lips, and there's been a number of drinks that have been consumed. Rather, she leans back into the couch, relaxing now as the formal parts of the evening have come to an end. The young woman is still drinking, and it brings a rosy hue to her cheeks. She murmurs something to one of the staff who pass by and he nods his head to her, before wandering off.

There had been a plan. An epic plan. A plan that was so grand that everyone in the room could see exactly what that plan was! Orland was moving to encase his adopted father into a hug but... between the songs and the laughter, and the drinking, and his wedding day... SPLOOSH. His beautiful cloudspine velvet WHITE loafer slipped in some puddle of liquor and down he goes. It's not a very poetic fall either. It's something of a hard fall that... maybe isn't even funny. Poor guy. It's humiliating! HALP UP PLS.

Zoey giggles first at Savio's ditty, then at Cesare's before applauding. Then Monique announces she has a gift, and she turns her attention with interest.

Ilira hops to her feet and twirls over to Orland, bending to offer him a hand. "The velvet doesn't stain too badly," she beams broadly, drawing him back to his feet.

Quenia gives Duarte a bemused look as he come over asking her questions. She glances over to Savio and Orland, tilting her head. "They do indeed seem to be really happy. I keep telling you that you should kidnap me to Bravura, make Luis do some work for a change," she notes to Duarte, grinning in his direction. She kisses him on the cheek and returns his hug. "But you refuse to do that," she notes. "Something something war something responsibility something something. Always the excuses," she teases him. "I'm already a Countess," she remarks. "Marquessa get two titles in one," she winks. "But oh the work...." she gives a sigh, then glances around to make sure Aspira isn't watching.

Clarisse sees her friend Orland fall, rather hard, and she moves from her seat near Ilira, to help Iliara help him up, "Are you okay Orland?" Her concern clear as she checks him from head to toe, as a healer would. "This is just a way to keep a healer closeby isn't it?"

Jasher starts forward with the intent to assist Orland, though in recognizing that he's not nearly close enough to be of assistance in the way others are, resumes his usual resolute posture beside the bar.

Savio raises a glass to Cesare's rhyme in amusement, though he doesn't seem likely to chase Duarte down and hug him now. He is distracted by Monique and the game of her own, about which he seems charmed and not distressed. "Oh, everything to gain and nothing to lose," he insists, "Right hand." He is curious about the results, but -- there was an epic plan over there. An epic plan that maybe doesn't go so well. He's fallen. "Oh no, my husband!" Somewhere in there the plan was to go help, but he's delayed in it by proudly announcing to Monique like she might not know, "That's my husband." He's tipsy too.

Savio checks luck at normal. Savio is successful.

Quenia glances around Duarte to where Orland has fallen and blinks a bit. "Oh dear. That fall seems worse than the time I accidentally spilled hot soup on Lord Orland during the Feast of Senses!" Which was a pretty epic fall in and of itself. Both blindfolded and one cup of hot soup.

Monique checks dexterity and legerdemain at normal. Monique is successful.

Orland clasps hands with Ilira. That song was a curse, cause one is pretty sure he hit the floor just as that ditty was song. Awful timing! "Ow," he lets himself be helped up and notes, "I'm not used to shoes without grip." That's exactly what it was, "Thank you Ilira." He dusts his hand behind him, trying to straighten things up. He smirks at Clarisse, with an appreciative nod, "Aye, this is why we keep ya close." Something of an accent there in his voice, "I'll be fine." Just wounded pride. He spots Jasher having resumed his posture in helping and he tries to do a manly upnod to the fellow. "I'm fine," he assures Savio, "more drinks required!"

"A moment, dear," Duarte murmurs to Quenia was a wink. He turns and lifts his glass:

"Savio wants what Orland has earned

He wont get by taunts something so yearned

A hug from me is a most costly thing

Unless you are Quenia. Then they are free..."

He abruptly halts to see Orland tumble! "Oh my...." he sips. What? Others are helping him.

Zoey rises from her seat, apparently wanting to get a closer look at what gift Monique has for Savio. She comes to stand beside the newlywed lord.

Cesare holds up three fingers out of ten. The Softest Whisper is the harshest judge of all.

Raven chortles and watches all of this with affectionate mirth, murmuring now and again to Oswyn and then laughs when Orland insists he's fine. Merrily, "To the Lords Amadeo! Whatever one might accuse them of it's never that they're boring!"

Ian sets his drink down and, using the arm of the couch together with his cane, levers himself to his feet, once again half-following Zoey, half-escorting her.

Corban watches Monique as she wadners off to gift to the grooms this evening, finishing pff a drink he was holding, smiling at the chaos around them.

Monique looks to Savio and slowly withdraws her right hand, opening the palm to show... nothing. She gives a dramatic sigh. "Oh, dear. Well. That's unfortunate. But you might go help your husband up. Check his pockets while you do? I thought I saw something there earlier that might be of interest. Congratulations, my lord!"

Quenia checks composure at normal. Quenia is successful.

"Of course," Quenia says to Duarte as he moves off. Then he starts answering back to the free flowing bards. With some measure of luck, Quenia's ears do not flush red at Duarte's public address including her. She just sits along the sidelines looking amused.

With the help of Clarisse, Ilira brings Orland to order, laughing warmly with him as she ushers him back to his seat. "Normally I'd recommend more liquor to cure that, but in this case..." She chuckles, flashing the healer a grin of thanks for her assistance. Resettling herself, the little Whisper brushes back a tress of raven curls and crosses one slim leg over the other under her voluminous skirts. Her foot idly bounces along to the melody still playing in the background.

Clarisse nods in agreement to Raven, before she offers a warm hug to Orland, "I'll always be here for your family, Orland. For the Count and for Savio." She is definitely enjoying the poetry back and forth, and happy to see Orland is alright, before she smiles back at Ilira and nods her head, returning to the seat she was in, and drinks a shot she probably should not.

Arman raises his glass in quiet toast to the newlyweds once its clear noone had been injured. He downs the drink gives a gracious dip of his head to the room then makes a quiet exit.

We would like to give Savio the credit of knowing Monique's game, but no, NO, he does not know. "Oh, sad!" he laughs when he appears to pick the wrong hand, though he's not so put out over it. He's merry, tipsy... in a good mood, overwhelmed a little bit maybe, with all the stress and all of it. "It's so good of you to come, and thank you. I haven't seen you for an age." Arman is waved to as he goes, and then per Monique's directions, Savio does go over to help his husband, who was already helped by Ilira. This means Savio's help is more giggling (you can only call it giggling) at the Duitty that met his own rhymes, and he clings to Orland's arm, murmuring something to him.

Jasher checks composure at hard. Jasher fails.

Orland checks strength and athletics at normal. Orland is successful.

Clarisse checks stamina at hard. Critical Success! Clarisse is spectacularly successful.

There is a moment as Corban says farewells to a few people here and then makes his way from the great ballroom, moving off into the rest of the Estate.

Cesare takes a pineapple wrapped with gold, silver and blue ribbons from a gold painted urn offering all sorts of delights.

Reedy, a King's Own aide leaves, following Corban.

Orland hahs at Duarte, "The old man still has it." He shakes his head, a wry grin on his face, flinging his arm around Clarisse and pulling her in for a hug, since he had intended to hug someone - if he's allowed too of course. Then he's upnodding to the drinks, "More drinks." He was about to go back to the seating with Ilira when Savio is grabbing his arm and whispering something to him. It's something that's apparently caught his attention. Whatever it was makes Orland stoop suddenly. What's he doing?! His arms sweep under Savio's thighs and sweep around the back, BRIDAL CARRYING. He has practiced for this moment! PRACTICED. Sweeping Savio up, he carries him and twists to turn so Savio can wave at everyone, "We're off!" Promises had been made. Savio can say anything else but clearly Orland has one thing ... on his mind and it has something to do with hidden treasures in his pockets, thanks Monique!

Monique's laughter is soft and pleased as she slips from the room.

Raven offers Oswyn a peice of wedding cake, "Tanith Grayhope made it, I'm told. It was beautiful. Did you want Haze?"

Monique has left the A comfortable couch.

Kit, the grey fox, Primus, First of Monique's Assistants, 1 Greenmarch Guards, Tertius, Third of Monique's Assistants leave, following Monique.

Raven waves to Savio and Orland, "Wait!"

Raven rises and dashes to hand something to Savio, "Enjoy! Congratulations!"

Savio has left the A Sumptous Set of Chairs for Conversation.

Orland waits! Looking dapper af doing it, holding his husband in his arms.

Apparently there is no need to get the newlyweds' attention and say her goodbyes. She chuckles as she watches them go, then gives Ian a nod before departing.

Clarisse has probably had a few more shots than she would normally this evening, but they don't seem to be phasing her at all, and probably before the do, the young lady is going to make a graceful exit, after the hug by Orland and watching Orland carry off Savio, causing her to wiggle her fingers at the two of them. "Congratulations Orland and Savio!" Love you both so much!"

Duarte returns to Quenia's side and smiles a lazy drunk smile, full of mirth. He watches the two grooms depart. He coos to Quenia, "Shall I carry you off just so as well?" hiccup

"Cake yes, haze no. Haze means needing more cake," Oswyn explains to Raven. She's off and running and he just smiles a little and digs into the cake.

Raven gives a small wrapped box to Savio, blows a kiss to Both and lets them flee!

Ian leaves with Zoey, either for good or to see her safely to her carriage. Either, or.

Cassiopeia stands, a little wobbly as the guests start to leave and more important, she is watching Savio and Orland prepare to go. The young woman will no doubt stumble somewhere, it's her house after all.

Zoey has left the A comfortable couch.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs leave, following Zoey.

Ian has left the A comfortable couch.

Quenia quietly remarks something to those she may still be seated with, then looks back to Duarte with a measuring gaze. "While you were able to fend a hug off, I'm not quite sure you have it in you to carry me off." Her tease might just be a light challenge.

Ilira watches Orland and Savio go, then flicks her eyes to Clarisse, to Zoey, to Raven, a smile aglow on her face that lingers as the party dwindles around her.

Clarisse is overheard praising Orland: wonderful wedding celebration may they be happy always

Clarisse is overheard praising Savio: wonderful wedding celebration may they be happy always

Clarisse has left the A Sumptous Set of Chairs for Conversation.

Ian must have just been seeing his wife out with rather more care than he'd normally show (or is really warranted, since it's a safe neighborhood), because he returns to the party after a short absence.

Savio has been accused previously tonight of doing something because he seeks a particular result; whatever he whispered to Orland might have been intended to have exactly this effect. Laughing, delighted to be picked up that way, he waves at everyone they're departing from -- accepting the little box from Raven with a blown kiss to her, and then to the others as well. "Bye! I love you, I love all of you!" Savio enthuses, as the two disappear out into their future. Awww. Weddings, so nice. Being married, harder. But with friends along the way -- the future looks bright.

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