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Assembly of Peers - June 1017 AR

It's that time again. The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


April 10, 2022, 3 p.m.

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Nazmir Nebulosa Grady Lucita Calista Denica Celine Alis Vitalis Mabelle Raymesin Oswyn Sylvie Erik Raven Evelynn Patrizio Yael Keely Raja Gaspar Rosalind Caspian Mattheu Larissa Medeia Alarissa Smile Liara Alaric Sudara Sonnet Volya



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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As the King enters the hall, Nazmir is rising from his seat along with the remainder of the crowd, only to dip into a small bow before he's settling back down into his seat.

Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrives, delivering a message to Alis before departing.

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Nebulosa arrives at the Assembly in something of a rush, tucking the crest of the Iron Guard that hangs from her neck underneath the leather of her coat - an indication that the woman is normally far more likely to be patrolling outside the building than seated within it whenever these grand assemblies happen. She dips into a low bow, one of her flamboyant, flourishing thing for the King and the assembled voices of the realm, before bright eyes seek out the Lycene benches.

Grady had just taken a seat at the Grayson benches, but the arrival of the King has him respectfully on his feet again. The swift motion triggers the soft crinkle of waxed paper, coming from somewhere in his pants pocket. It goes 'crinkle, crinkle' again when he sits back down.

Lucita rises from her seat respectfully when the king arrives, gives a curtsy and then sits once again. A small bottle of libation is removed from her small pack and placed where she can share it with others of the Lyceum.

The Duchess of Tor seems to make her arrival just as the Assembly is about to begin. There is the King, His Majesty, Alaric Grayson, fourth of his name and trailing not too far behind him within the shadows of his kingly presence is Calista's cousin, Lady Mabelle Laurent. The Duchess holds a surreptitious grin upon her face when she spies the honeyed noblewoman and waggles bejeweled fingers in a discreet greeting before slipping into a seat upon the Lyceum benches.

Arriving armed with a sketchbook clutched to her chest, Denica is dressed in all white, which is dangerous choice for an artist. Paint-stained fingers match the vibrant cerulean streak of paint across the side of her leather skirt, marring any attempt to be subtle. If she noticed, she doesn't care, rather she is moving quickly, shoes clicking against the floor. The sounds are muffled in the collective noise of the Assembly. There's an twisted smile on her lips, and a flicker of something in her vivid blue eyes. A confident stride takes her towards the Thrax benches. Flashing a smile at no-one in particular, she is quickly looking at the broader room, waggling her eyebrows at a few familiar faces. As soon as she is seated, the book flips open, and she's fumbling around for a piece of charcoal, like someone's dying for thirst might seek a glass of water.

Deva smiles brightly at Oswyn before retraining to the table. "Your Majesty," she greets Alaric with a prompt bow and an edge of mild surprise in her tone. There is some hovering behind the Redrain chair, fingers curled onto the back of it. "Just in time," she agrees, a distant smile curving her lips. And then, right on schedule, she raises her voice to kick off the day's assembly as hostess of the hour. She stands in her usual leathers, with a glance slid around the other faces at the high table. "Thank you all for coming. Archscholar Oswyn, would you kick off our meeting with a prayer?"

Deep in conversation, and with her arm threaded through another's, Celine makes her way into the Assembly. She part ways with her companion once inside the doors, and with a tilt of her head and a murmured exchange, she accepts the kiss that's pressed to her cheek. A curtsey is dipped at the entrance of Alaric, and it encompasses also those that sit at the table reserved for the Voices of the realm. With smies and apologies she then sidles past others within the area reserved for the Valardin fealty, and finds for herself a seat on the benches.

Alis takes the slip of paper handed to her before the meeting is set to begin, and despite her best efforts presses the back of her hand to her mouth to smother a bit of laughter as her gaze darts out towards /someone/ seated at the benches. Just in time for Deva to call the Assembly to order of course, and she clears her throat.

Vitalis makes his way to the Oathland seats in silence to bear witness to the proceedings.

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Mabelle winks at Calista all the way from the Oathlands. Now that's some distance.

1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers arrive, following Rosalind.

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Up in the Commoners' Benches - far from where all the important people are sitting - Raymesin settles back into his seat to watch.

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Oswyn stands up, adjusting the hem of his jacket. He is very unassuming looking - more like someone's accountant than anyone particularly important. Still, he draws himself up and projects his voice like somebody used to addressing, say, a classroom of students. He clears his throat.

"In Aion's name, may we dream a better world. In Gild's name, may we be charitable. In Gloria's name, may we act with honour. In Lagoma's name, may we be open to change. In Limerance's name, may we honour our vows and keep sacred our oaths. May we thank Mangata and Petrichor for the bounty of our oceans and lands. In Sentinel's name, may we be just. In Skald's name, may we uphold freedom for all. In Vellichor's name, may we record our words and deeds. In Jayus' name, may we embrace creativity. In Death's name, may we understand the cycle in all things. In And finally, in Tehom's name, may we consider our actions and statements from multiple angles in the hope of serving the good of all. Let us take a moment of silence to reflect."

Sylvie's not used to being up in the middle of the day, yet. She slips in late to the Assembly, gracefully making her way to sit next to her cousin Nebulosa in the Lycene benches. She smiles warmly, murmuring to her cousin.

Raven clashs her hands and bows her head reverently during the prayer.

Evelynn rises for the convocation from her place among Helianthus and their vassals with a content smile on her lips, her eyes closing as she absorbs the Arscholars words.

Patrizio bows his head respectfully for some moments while there's the benediction, eyes closed, listening to the voice of Oswyn while the man speaks, hands folded over one another atop his folio.

Having risen for the King, Yael's otherise seated quietly in the Grayson benches. The start of the Prayer has her bowing her head, listening to Oswyn's prayer. When she's sure he's done her head lifts again, a brief glance stolen of the Arschscholar before her attention returns to the Voices of the Realm.

Celine rises, head bowed, for the convocation.

Keely drops a stack of loose parchment from her lap as everyone is rising to acknowledge Alaric and observe the opening prayer, and so as they rise, she drops and scrambles around collecting various scribblings and doodles. Then she rises to her feet while everyone else is settling down again, and she looks around with burning cheeks, practically diving into the seat beside Grady and struggling to stuff her disorganized parchment pile into her satchel as quietly as possible.

Raja bows her head silently as Oswyn delivers prayers to the gods and before the beginning of the proceedings. Once the moment of silence is complete, Raja settles back into her seat, leaning back and folding one leg over the other.

Oswyn bows his head, one hand clasping the other at the wrist in front of him. And it's really just a minute before he's raising his head again and stating, "Thank you." He returns to the Godsworn benches.

Having risen with the assembly, Gaspar stands in silence while not bowing his head nearly as lowly as the rest during the convocation.

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Vitalis rises and bows his head for the convocation.

Once the convocation is over and everyone's sitting down, Grady begins helping Keely gather up her stack of parchment and set it to order, something which does nothing to reduce the volume of shuffling paper.

Deva keeps her head bowed during Oswyn's lovely introductory prayer. She maintains a few moments of silence for those to reflect upon his words before she picks up. "Thank you very much, Archscholar. With that, we will proceed with today's Assembly of Peers. As usual, we will go around the table and share news from our fealties. I will share for Redrain first," but she waits a beat before proceeding, with a quick glance around faces at the table.

Rosalind waits until the prayer is over. Then THEN she comes rushing in, red hair flying. Searching for her bench, she plops down.

Caspian stands with the others, bowing his head in the convocation and then plops back down onto the commoner's bench

Soft bells sing out as Mattheu seeks a seat to settle into

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Grady looks up from putting papers in order to give Rosalind a brief, friendly wave.

There is but a brief flicker of dark silk and lace that heralds Larissa's figure to slide into the assembly and more properly into a seat to curl into.

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Deva settles into her seat now, but maintains a steady speaking voice as if used to maintaining a volume to be heard among large crowds. "For news from the Northlands, House Redrain mourns the disappearance of Prince Swelvio. We are working with House Grayson to investigate further. Should anyone have insight, I ask that they share with me. Information that leads to his recovery shall be rewarded." Her expression is grim for a long beat, and she slides to sit just a bit straighter in her chair. "High Lord Alis, for Valardin?" she turns to the princess nearby.

Raven's eyebrows lift and her lips press grimly with a flicker of sorrow.

Patrizio arches a well-plucked eyebrow at the mention of the disappearance of Prince Swelvio, but says nothing. His stylus, on the other hand, is taken up once more to make some notes on the sheets before him.

"Thank you, Princess Deva. If there is anything we can do for our allies of Redrain and Grayson in the matter of the missing Prince, we would be happy to do so." Alis offers, before addressing the Oathlands. "The Oathlands does not, at the moment, have anything to bring to the Assembly by way of new information." is reported simply, before looking back at Deva with a brief smile.

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Medeia entered the assembly at her husband's side, and the Eswynd pair promptly sat among the other Islanders at the Thrax benches. They are quietly and politely observing all the customs, as well as listening to the voices of the realm.

There is some whispering at the Grayson benches as Keely and Grady seem to finally wrangle the paper situation. As Swelvio is mentioned, the young princess freezes and her dark eyes flit up toward Deva, lower lip caught between her teeth briefly. After a glance to Liara, she quickly resumes stuffing her satchel away and then tries to sit Very Still.

"Thank you, Princess Alis. Princess Alarissa Thrax? Any news to share with the assembly?" Deva turns to glance down the table, her expression carefully focused.

Alarissa lifts her voice to meet the room as she rises in spot, chin lifted juuuust a little. "House Thrax has nothing significant at this time to bring before the peers. We continue to manage the issues facing us and our march onwards toward abolition as we have in these past years." Then she's sitting back down. Next.

Deva nods to Alarissa while jotting some notes down, accidentally smearing ink on her left hand in the process. "Thank you, your highness. Prince Patrizio Pravus?" She gestures with a flutter of her feathered quill.

Unsurprisingly, mention of the Abolition leads to a lot of glum faces and exhales among the traditionalists on the Thrax benches. They avoid looking at the Princess-consort directly.

Patrizio dips his head, when he is called in the order of things for his account. His hands briefly slide over the visible leafs of his folio as he's taking to is feet, with a turn of those jade eyes of his about the Assembly chamber. "Your Majesty, Your Graces, Your Highnesses, lords and ladies of the Compact. House Pravus, has no information on the whereabouts of the prince, we fear, but likewise offers up whatever aid we can in the search for him. Our lands are well on the road to recovery, with the Skal'daja threat past, and trade is being expanded throughout the Saffron with new agreements with a trading house as we more tightly bind the Saffron to the rest of Arvum."

The sweep of that gaze moves over the crowd again, before the prince allows himself a smile towards Deva. "The gods being kind, there's nothing of concern for us to report." And with that, Belladonna's voice regains his seat.

Deva smiles in a strangely somber fashion at Patrizio. "Thank you, your highness." There's a quick glance toward the Velenosa chair before her attention shifts to the Grayson end of the table. "High Lord Liara Grayson? Any update from the Crownlands?"

Liara rises, with a quick smile to Deva, to offer some clear words, "House Grayson appreciates any offer of assistance in locating Prince Swelvio. We have no other matters to bring to the attention of the Assembly." Then she quietly resumes her seat.

Deva tips her head toward Liara. "Thank you, Your Grace. And Your Majesty, was there anything you wished to share with the assembly today?" Her gaze drifts to Alaric, and she gestures with an upturned palm.

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When eyes finally fall upon Alaric to present on behalf of the Crown, the King unfolds himself from his seat to address the assembly at large. "The Crown does not have anything new to present at this time, though we offer all resources available to our hand in order to assist House Pravus in its endeavor to locate information in their investigation, and House Redrain with the disappearance of Prince Swelvio." With that, he retires to his seat.

Deva bows her head and rises from her chair, slightly restless. "Thank you, Your Majesty. I believe that concludes the news from the Great Houses. I will open the floor at this time to the assembly. Is there business to present?" Her gaze drifts around the crowd to seek those who would speak.

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Lady Sylvie Zaffria rises from where she sits between her cousin Lady Nebulosa and Sonnet, who she glances at briefly, but then she steps forward with the barest rustle of red silk to claim the speakers spot of the floor. "I do," she says clearly. "Lady Sylvie Zaffria."

Seemingly not raising business but instead merely showing up rather late, the black-clad figure of Sudara Pravus does her best to enter the hall unobtrusively, skulking her way over towards the benches where her she might expect to find her kin. Evidently, she's hoping that the floor being opened might provide her with cover for her progress.

Deva bows her head to Sylvie, and gestures toward where she stands. "The floor is yours, Lady Sylvie. What business do you have to present today?"

Once again from the Grayson bench comes the faint 'crinkle, crinkle' of Grady removing a waxed paper packet from his pants pocket, taking advantage of the moment of scuffle and shuffling while the line of speakers is forming to do so as unobtrusively as possible.

Sonnet sits a little straighter at the Lyceum benches, her eyes on Sylvie.

Raven spots Sudara and rises, slinking towards the Setarcan benches.

Evelynn turns to watch the Zaffria lady where she stands and her gaze drifts to the Lyceum benches. Something she sees there causes her to whip her head away and stare at the front again.

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"My cousin, Duchess Dafne Zaffria of Gemecitta, has been called away from the Compact for other business that may be some time before she returns," Sylvie starts in a matter of fact tone. Her accent is faded but still distinctly Lycene, as are her ruby silk clothes. She has artfully arrayed her dark auburn curls into a braided crown. She continues without missing a beat:

"My cousin never declared an heir, nor did she marry or secure her line, because she always intended for me to succeed her; she wished to see me return back to my rightful place, one that was born and bred into my blood. Blood and duty that can be traced back to Gemecittan soil since the Reckoning," she says while managing not to look towards traditionalists that might be placed in the Thrax and Valardin benches, "With the full approval of my family and the support of Duchess Grazia Rubino, I am reclaiming my title as Duchess, with Lady Nebulosa named as my heir."

"I have affidavits of endorsement from my family that cannot be in the city and testimony from those closest to Lady Dafne Zaffria who confirm her support of my eventual return and elevation. Those can be supplied to anyone who wishes to contest or deny my claim." Her smoke-grey eyes slide slowly over the Assembly, noting each section now (except the uppers), before they return to the singular table that holds the leaders of the Realm.

Whatever it was that was just said very quietly to Lady Nebulosa, she turns her head to the right, offering a particularly sharp-eyed stare at *someone* among the Lycene benches. Wordlessly, she then rises to her feet, a visible display of support for her cousin's claim.

Calista gives her attention to Sylvie as the former Duchess Zaffria makes her case. Shadowed emerald eyes then gently sweep over to Lady Nebulosa upon the same Lyceum bench before they return to Sylvie. The Duchess of Tor sits quietly, near perfect posture, intrigued by the inquiry.

Lord Volya Malespero who had been sitting with Nebulosa listens to this particular declaration by Sylvie with a lackadaisical expression, arms stretched across the back of the bench. But, since he *is* going to marry in Rubino-Zaffria, he decides to stand as well, a visual display of support in the gesture.

Deva glances around the benches, as if to see whether anyone will rise to contest Sylvie's words. Then there's a moment to confer with the others at the table-- she seems to nod in agreement, before raising her voice once more. "As this is an internal matter, the Council defers comment to Houses Zaffria and Rubino and Velenosa." A sharp nod and smile follows for those that rise in support, noted.

"Indeed, your highness," Duchess Sylvie says simply, inclining her chin and then curtsying gracefully to the table. She then moves to slip back towards the Lyceum benches and retakes her place with a murmur to her companions.

Medeia looks over at the Lyceum benches when Sylvie declares Nebulosa her heir. Gaze flitting among the others around them, she notes Volya and lifts a single brow of curiosity in her cousin's direction. After a moment, her expression eases into something neutral as she sits among some of those very traditionalists who may complain. A small nod shows her support, but her attention is quickly turned to her husband.

To Sylvie's credit, there seems to be a general approving response throughout the room to her retaking her old title. With smiles from those in the Lyceum benches. The traditionalists in the room seem fairly placid about the whole thing, except those in the Thrax benches who are still sulking over the looming abolition.

As Sylvie resumes her seat, so too does Nebulosa, though not before a hint of who that narrow-eyed look had been aimed at can be seen - Volya, the man who had risen with them.

Volya retakes his seat when Sylvie returns to her own. Narrow-eye look is given a shrug in response, meaning the man either isn't worried about the look or, and perhaps more likely, it just used to it.

Deva scoots her chair back so she can stand again, hands folded before her. "Seeing no other business to present, I will call this Assembly of Peers to a close. Thank you." Short. Succinct. No frills.

Patrizio nods as he hears those words of Deva's closing the Assembly, his hand moving out to grip the folio before him and close its cover, as if to cement that he has nothing further to add.

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Alaric is overheard praising Deva.

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Deva is overheard praising Oswyn: A wonderful prayer!

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Sonnet is overheard praising Sylvie: See? Very supportive. F-rend. Please tell Symonesse how nice I am. Thank you.

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Alarissa is overheard praising Deva: Delightful and Merciful.

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Grady rises along with Yael when she stands to go, apparently to say his goodbyes. And also to put the candied ginger away again.

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