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Mourning Isles Civil: House Windfire Hosts a Ball

Despite the bloodshed sweeping through the Mourning Isles, high society continues to attempt to function. House Windfire, a march under House Helianthus hosts a ball in their keep at Scorched Rock. They've drawn ire from both traditionalists and progressives as they refuse to pick either side in the civil war. Marquis Windfire is a staunch traditionalist, but his wife, the Marquessa is something more of a liberal. There's been whispers over the years that he indulges her too much and their marriage may not be *gasp* fully one born of politics. In any event, on the fence they've remained sitting. Both will be at the ball, along with the Marquis' other voice and minister.

But progressives won't be the only ones there trying to sway them.

OOC: This is a political maneuvering event or the civil war. It will be high risk in terms of gaining or losing a war asset, but low stakes in terms of physical danger. This event is not meant to be physical combat and those attempting to engage in such will be ICly shown the door.


Aug. 4, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

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Munchkin Country <MC>

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