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Assembly of Peers - February 1021

The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


Oct. 29, 2023, 4 p.m.

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Jaenelle Raven Alis Lianne Keely Aconite Rosalind Eirene Apollo Lucita Mia Aksel Denica Sydney Titus Patrizio Medeia Ryhalt Caspian Calista Gwenna Mabelle Sen'azala Raymesin Kael Zoey Mattheu Edris Kanean Darren Jasper Wil Percephon Thesarin Vitalis Emmelline Tesha Magaen Ophelia Desma Gio



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Raven settles down next to Titus. For once, Moonsilver is no where in site. bundled against the cold and peering out from her multitude of layers.

Alis seeks out Lucita from the crowd of those gathered, so she can hold up a missive and mouth her 'thanks' to the woman, just as things are set to begin.

Lianne's arrival is quiet, an unceremonial walk to the Lyceum seats with a small smile and dip of her head toward those familiar... and unseen for... years. Once situated, she murmurs some quiet greetings to those closer and scans the room, fingers set upon Apollo's arm.

Keely does not wave to anyone, but she does smile at all the people who greet her as she strolls through on the arm of the handsome and tall Kael Keaton, Marquis of Oakhaven. She does light up to see the faces of Alis, Medeia and Denica in particular, noticeably so, and eventually she settles into the seat she is guided to by her husband, twining her fingers between his the moment he is seated and casting her warm gaze over the room at large.

Aconite speaks quietly with the people at the Commoner benches before lookin towards the arrival of more of the Peers.

Rosalind had hurried in, tossing her redhair behind her. She plops herself beside someone and gets herself comfortable then starts looking around. Of course.

Eirene looks around for anyone speaking on Grayson's behalf. She's their general but not a Voice. The woman hums to herself.

Apollo's arrival with Lianne is equally quiet, though he seems in good cheer - in large part influenced by spotting many familiar and long-missed faces in the crowd. He settles with his wife and gives a dip of his head to those already at the Lyceum benches.

Lucita nods to Alis, head bowing respectfully as her lips form the shape of 'you're most welcome'. Since people are settling in for the meeting to begin, she remains largely quiet save for a very few soft spoken comments to those seated near her in the Lycene section.

It takes a moment for her to catch the nod, given that Mia currently has her head dipped down in conversation with Eirene, a frown currently painting her face. But when she does, her expression soon smoothes itself. Neither a friend as old as Kael Keaton, nor his bride, deserve so sour a look as the one she was wearing a moment ago. No, she softens her features into something warmer as she nods to the Huntsmen at the Valardin benches.

Aksel is the one that the whirling dervish of a redhead (Rosalind, for those of you playing at home) sit beside. the Sword scoots a little bit, least he gets sat upon and almost immediately that she is settled. A bottle of whiskey is handed to the woman.

Catching the smile from Keely, princess Denica looks up from her sketchbook and beams a warm one in her direction, eyes sparkling.

Wil has joined the Godsworn Benches.

The members of the Compact, noble, commoner and clergy alike, gather into the Assembly in their designated seating areas for what may be the final time if things go terribly in the next few months. But we're optimistic! So Isolde gives a warm smile to the attendees as she steps to the front. "Welcome all. Denizens of the Compact. Whether you dwell within the city or have travelled miles to be here today, I thank you for taking the time." She takes a momentary pause before continuing. "The last year or well, years have not been easy for us, I know, but we survive. We persist. And I think we should all be proud of ourselves for what we've achieved."

"First things first--" The princess looks toward the Godsworn benches. "Let us rise for the invocation."

Raven's scan out over the crowd, eyebrows lofting. She turns her head and passes a comment to Titus.

Raven rises for the invocation.

Sydney does not saunter, nor swagger, nor slink. She stands with her head held tall, her expression resolute. Later than she intended, but just in time for the invocation. She doesn't seat herself, obviously.

Eirene stands, strechting with her hands in the small of her back. She gives a small grin to a few friends in the crowd.

Titus stands and looks to see who will give the prayer this time.

At Isolde's speaking of the invocation, Patrizio Pravus rises from his place at the head of the room, hands resting for the moment on that leather folio of his as he's looking out. The jade eyes find the Setarcan benches, giving him a moment to offer a dip of his head to those of his people, before he turns his gaze towards the Godsworn benches as well.

Medeia had arrived early with Mabelle before parting ways for the Lycene bench. She's been in conversation woth those around her since, but does come to attention when Isolde begins the Assembly in earnest. When called to do so, she stands for the invocation.

Ryhalt stops the small conversation at the Valardin seating and rises for the invocation.

Caspian takes a breath and then stands for the invocation, eyes darting around to see who will be the chosen speaker.

Calista rises for the invocation after putting pause to conversation at the Lycene benches.

Alis stands from her seat for the invocation, hands clasped in front of her and head bowed, though she does murmur a few words to the others gathered at the front, in response to some other comments offered.

Lacing her hands together after placing her book on the bench, Gwenna stands along with the rest of the assembly for the expected invocation.

Mabelle rises also and looks at bench of the Godsworn, holding her hands behind her back.

Sen'azala's eyes narrow to slits at something - who knows what, she's leaning against the back wall and there's no one near her at all- but she does little more than cross her arms over her chest and look frontward.

Raymesin rises from his seat with smooth grace, his gloved hand lifting to touch the skull pin at his throat.

Kael rises when bid to for the invocation, moving a hand to assist Keely in doing so as well. Once the Keaton pair have risen, he clasps his hands before him and bows his head.

Zoey also rises from where she sits at the sparse Thrax benches, near Princess Denica. Her face is schooled into a mask of polite calm.

Mattheu pushes himself up then tugs at Kanean's tunic as the invocation starts.

Aksel takes a drink from the bottle of whiskey before rising, cause that's what one does, rise, when it is called for.

Mia rises to her feet, hands reflexively smoothing out the fabric of her skirts whether they've wrinkled or not. Old habits and all of that. Her head bows for the convocation, though her eyes keep drifting towards the door, as if expecting something that should've happened by now.

Edris stands for the invocation. Bowing his head with the expected reverence. So far, no evidence of fidgeting or itching. Not bad at all!

Kanean stands up as his tunic is tugged on and he looks around then to Mattheu and back at the others.

Darren rises as well. Hands clasped loosely before him, he bows his head.

Aconite rises quietly with the others at the benches. The Radiant folds her hands in front of her and turns her black eyes to the Godsworn.

Jasper has made it just in time for the invocation, so he stands exactly where he is.

2 Greenwood Tribe Blood Warriors arrives, following Thesarin.

The Archlector of Gloria, though rarely seen at large gatherings like this, rises from her seat and lifts her arms as she commences the invocation. "We pray to the Pantheon to guide us today. We pray to the Sentinel for clarity, Vellichor for wisdom, Gild for compassion, Gloria for mercy, Limerence for loyalty, Lagoma to cleanse us, Mangata for sustenance and Jayus for creativity." Oh but she's not done. "We thank Petrichor for granting us this domain, Skald for freedom, the Queen of Ending and Beginnings for renewal and rebirth." The next one is preceded by a long pause. "And the Thirteenth for our ability to self-reflect."

Brannen has joined the Godsworn Benches.

Raven cracks an eye open and peers during that long pause. The eye closes and she nods to herself, satisfied, as the Thirteenth is remembered with the other gods.

Percephon has joined the Redrain Benches.

Lucita rises for the invocation, her attention on the proceedings and then quietly takes her seat once it is complete.

Thesarin has joined the Grayson Benches.

Eirene bows her head at the end of the prayer and folds her hands before her contemplation. Then she settles back into her seat and cracks out her neck side to side. She nods as Thes joins the small party of Grayson fealty.

Lianne's gaze tracks Percephon as he arrives, and she leans in toward Apollo as they retake their seats, murmuring something with brow-furrowed uncertainty.

Pale, drawn, late. Percephon Halfshav appears without purpose -- blinking once, twice -- until he immediately sits in the Redrain section of benches following the Invocation, speechless.

Caspian notes the long pause, and a smirk tugs at his lips. Still, the invocation complete he nods and sits back down before speaking softly to those at the benches.

Not a sound slips from Patrizio when Wil gives forth the invocation, the bow of his head as he listens keenly, with those hands of his resting there upon his papers. That head, with its famous tresses, dips slightly further before he's bringing his gaze back upwards, and shifts to settle once more into his place, with a glance to the others representing the great houses.

Sydney wanders over to join Sen'azala in companionable silence, two shoulders' lengths apart. She dips her head a touch at Wil's words, eyes closing, a momentary prayer on her lips.

Once the convocation is complete, Mia resumes her seat. Though with how often she's been flicking her eyes to the door, either in search of someone or to keep meticulous track of the new arrivals, she shifts in her place on the bench almost as soon as she touches it. There's space made for Thesarin, an automatic gesture, and a slow blink of surprise as she recognizes Percephon's face.

Thesarin makes his way in during the prayer, shuffling in with his head down in what could be reverent respect or a man trying not to draw attention to himself at his late arrival--which doesn't work very well, the muscular Prodigal not being a man who blends well with the background. He settes in beside Mia at the Grayson benches, and returns the nod to Eirene.

Aksel sits as everyone else does. Woof.

Apollo might be a little lost as to the source of his wife's uncertainty, but he's rather quickly oriented. His exchange with her as they re-settle is quiet, private.

Raymesin too settles back onto his bench, with a murmur for those he's with.

Calista reclaims her seat once the invocation is completed. There is another little waggle of fingers to yet another familiar person in the crowd. They know who they are! She smiles warmly and returns to her light conversation at the bench and gives her attention to the Assembly of Peers.

Raven settles back down, trying to arrange her layers around her in a cocoon with only her intense green eyes uncovered to peer out into the proceedings.

Mabelle settles down anew, eyes traveling about at faces old and new, eyebrow hikes once, twice, we have a winner.

Kanean spots everyone else sitting down and so does he, only this time he is tugging on Mattheu's tunic as he does.

Alis gives a quiet murmur of agreement when Wil is done with the invocation, and dips her head respectfully to the godsworn as she retakes her seat. All with the utmost dignity and propriety of course.

Medeia sits again with a glance to Lucita, threading her arm through the baroness' once they're both sat again to lean in and speak privately.

Jasper has joined the Valardin Benches.

Kael moves to grasp Keely's hand once the invocation has drawn to a close and the Keaton pair reclaim their seat on the benches.

Vitalis has joined the Valardin Benches.

Jasper makes his way to the Valardin benches, opting for a spot on the back rows.

A cascade of bells begin their song as Mattheu takes his seat in Kanean's tug to his tunic. He's quick to silence those that still ring out with a wave of his hand and soft "sorry."

Aconite softly murmurs to those nearby before a bright smile is cast the firection of the Lyceum Bench and all those seated there as the proceedings continue.

Edris retakes his seat and almost.../almost/ starts to slouch a little. Something makes him straighten rather quickly though and he settles once more into a proper posture and reserved expression.

With the invocation done, Isolde smiles warmly and nods at the Archlector. "Thank you for that, Blessed." She turns to the rest of the room. "Now before I open the floor to the Voices of the Realm to express whatever they wish on behalf of their houses. I feel I need to go over ground rules. The first of which is that, anyone who jumps upon a table will be removed." There's a wry smile at that before she continues on. "The second rule. If any commoners feel an urge to display their displeasure or even joy at anything that is said..." She pauses again. "I'd ask for the peers to be more considerate. The decisions made here are broad and effect everyone of us, no matter who we are. Given these dangerous and uncertain times, it's hard to ask people to control for voicing their immediate thoughts." Controversial, perhaps. But she simply turns to Valardin. "Your Grace. Do you have anything to address?" She steps aside to allow Alis to speak.

Vitalis enters the Assembly and makes his way to the Valardin benches where he posts up in an unobtrusive spot to watch the proceedings on behalf of Clement.

Ryhalt resettles into his seat after the invocation and listens as the Assembly continues.

"For the Oathland, you have all heard by now of the hard work and effort of Laurent leadership in restoring Artshall not just to it's former glory, but exceeding all expectation. Thank you, Lady Mabelle, for all of your efforts and the labor of love that I know it was." Alis begins, as her report on the situation for their fealty. "There is no other pressing news of our status, save to assure everyone that while we were there recently, we visited every holding we were able to, large and small, to see how we mught assist them in shoring up their defenses and preparing for the future."

From there, she offers Isolde and the others at the table a brief smile. "And thank you all for the congratulations offered. I have nothing else to report at this time."

Emelline is, unfortunately arriving late. She makes an unobtrusive entrance, and quietly slips into a seat on the valardin benches.

Mabelle bows her head gratefully toward Alis, her eyes glistening as she is washed with emotion over the thought of her home.

Percephon adds to himself with absent-minded wondering, like a puttering professor considering a new hypothesis: "-- Congratulations. A new painting to commemorate the occasion, yes. Oh," and quiet again - making softer-spoken introductions to someone else among the Redrain benches.

Emmelline has joined the Valardin Benches.

Sitting next to Zoey, the pair holds down the Thrax Benches. With sketchbook open, the dark-haired princess is drawing, pausing only to sip from her flask before she is raptured by art again. This probably means she's listening, and just processing the world around her through the images she creates.

Edris's habitual reserve is broken by the soft smile that emerges as Alis speaks. It doesn't go away at her last, lingering there, though he does turn to give Mabelle a bow of the head in acknowledgemet and pride at the things she and the Laurents have accomplished.

"Thank you for that, your grace. Your dedication is to be admired." Isolde seems very touched, especially at the mention of labor of love. When she steps forward again, she adds on, "Thank you, Lady Mabelle, for all you've done for your people. That sacrifice will not go unremembered, let us make sure of that."

"Prince Patrizio." She says with a smile to her cousin. "Is there anything you wish to address on behalf of House Pravus?"

Rosalind pokes up from the Redrain benches, calling over to the Valardin ones,"Congratulations High Lord Alis and Edris." Then the redhead is hurrying to settle again, grinning.

Darren gives Mabelle a flash of a grin, and a not-quite-covert thumbs up.

"Thank you." Patrizio rises from his place at the table and turns slightly once more to look to the Setarcan benches, before he's addressing the assembled more directly. "Setara and the Saffron have continued to be preparing for what it is to come, both here in Arx and in our own territories to the south. Though unlike Her Grace, I cannot say that I have yet made a personal visit to our holdings to see to the state of things. I should hope to do so once the weather warms, and plans are in place here for the defence of our Compact." The touch of a smile finds him before he allows, "The Compact shall endure. And we have nothing else pressing to speak of at this hour."

That said, the archduke once more takes his seat.

As Rosalind pops up Aksel simply reaches up and grabs her shoulder and yanks her back down into the seat. Almost like he expected it.

Raven listens attentively when Patrizio speaks, her liege having her full attention. That is until Titus speaks draws a startled laugh from her which she promptly tries to swallow.

Edris is going to try to ignore that reddening that creeps all the way up to his ears at Rosalind's shout, but he doesn't seem to be offended. In fact he breaks into a grin. And after the Northern lady is 'helped' her back down to her seat, he bows his head to her and mouths a playful, Thank you, my lady. There's a fondness there that lingers, including when he turns his gaze back to the head table.

Tesha has joined the Valardin Benches.

"The Compact shall endure." Isolde repeats with another warm smile. "I'm pleased to know how well the Saffron is doing given everything." She turns then to Darren. "Now House Redrain." She steps backward again with a grin.

Darren stands up, straightens his tunic, clears his throat, and begins, with all due dignity. "The state of the North, my friends... is cold."

He pauses here, having stated the blindingly obvious, with a grave expression and a spark of mischief in his eyes, before continuing, with a personable smile: "...But thanks to the unparalleled economic stewardship of my cousin, Princess Gwenna Redrain, we prosper, even embraced, as we are, by the icebound arms of winter."

Another pause. Darren gives this good news a moment to breathe before his smiling expression turns solemn. "On a more somber note, I ask humbly for a moment from all assembled to remember the heroism of Lord Cillian Blackwood, who fell during the battle against Helena Thornweave. Lord Cillian did not hesitate to engage her in combat, though he knew that the risk was great, and in his steadfast defense of the Castle of Yesterday, he exemplified our northern battle cry: 'To the last'."

Silence follows fast on the heels of his words. Darren remains standing for a short time, and thus claims the moment that he had previously requested, before he sits back down.

Tesha is...late, but she waits for a break in the talking as to not interrupt. The one eyed woman gives a few murmurs of apology as she takes a seat at the end of the benches.

Alis flashes a smile at Rosalind, having to clear her throat up there at the front so she doesn't laugh at the red which creeps up the new Prince Consort's cheeks at the callout. But, of course, not all of the information or requests of the day can be cheerful ones, and she sombers immediately at the mention of Lord Cillian, bowing her head for the moment of silence as Darren has requested. "To the last." To those Blackwoods in the Redrain benches, her head is dipped respectfully as well.

Sydney firmly nods her head in silent approval.

Eirene echoes this one. "To the last." She gives a warrior's salute of fist over heart.

Gwenna blinks up from the notes she was taking and dips her head respectfully in thanks to what Darren says. She keeps her head bowed another minute or so for House Blackwood, murmuring her own, "To the last."

Aconite goes still and reverant for long quiet moments in Cillian's honor.

At the mention of Cillian, the normal cheerful Rosalind bows her head in respect to her brother in law. "To the last,"she repeats, respectful in tone.

Edris nods at Darren's words, his expression darkening at the mention of Helena Thornweave. There's an open grief of sorts that accompanies the thought as well, as he listens. But then he clasps a fist over his heart at the recognition of Lord Cillian, and after the moment of silence requested, he too echoes the words, voice rising enough to be heard. "To the last!"

Sen'azala's only change is to close her eyes for a moment, but close her eyes she does. Then she's done, and she's back to looking and listening.

Mabelle echoes the others in reverence, "To the Last".

Patrizio dips his head, briefly and reverently, at the mention of Lord Cillian and his passing.

Raven frowns, "To the last." her features grim.

Emmelline observes the moment of silence along with the others around her, she in turn bows her head respectfully.

"Strength from the Storm. To the Last." Aksel says approvingly from where he sits.

Magaen bows her head at the silence's cue, remaining to the rear of those assembled until the moment passes. She then, as unobtrusively as possible, takes a place among those sworn to Redrain.

Magaen has joined the Redrain Benches.

Mattheu closes his eyes and mumbles "To the last." As he wipes sleeve of tunic against his cheek. A quiet word to Kanean and then he's leaving the assembly.

Mattheu has left the Valardin Benches.

Denica has left the Thrax Benches.

With enough time to remember Cilian, Isolde herself says 'To the last' with a saddened look as Darren takes back his seats. "The war will take many lives but hopefully they are in service of aiding saving more lives."

"How Grayson and House Thrax don't have representatives available today. But I will at least open the floor to whomever in the audience wants to make the voice heard." She pauses again.

"Whomever." Is emphasised.

Zoey finds herself suddenly alone at the Thrax benches as her head dips in remembrance of Cillian.

After the moment of silence, the mention of Cillian and Redrain it causes Tesha to look over and she catches sight of Percephon. Who she is content to stare at for the moment given she's not seen her brother in a looooooooong time. She points to her good eye and then to him before her scarred face breaks into a smile. She's at least not crawling over people to get to him.

Kanean was about to stop Mattheu but he lets him go, watching him leave then he turns back to those at the table.

Percephon lifts his hand in salute -- twiggy, sallow, like the rest of his half-wild scarecrow self -- waves out toward Tesha, and he wanly smiles back.

Raven's gaze rakes across the assembled, curious to see who has business out in this misery and cold.

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Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant have been dismissed.

Keely has joined the Valardin Benches.

Sydney squints slightly at Isolde's emphasis of the word 'Whomever', and she eases off of the wall in the back, approaching.

Sydney has joined the line.

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Rurik, a prodigal assistant have been dismissed.

Turn in line: Sydney

"Please come forth." Isolde says to Sydney, not at all caring if it was someone of noble status or with a specific family name. "And introduce yourself to the hall."

Clearly used to having this many people's eyes on her at once, Sydney doesn't so much as bat a lash at the scrutiny that's trained her way. She takes a nice, loud breath and projects her voice from the belly. She's speaking louder than she has to, given the accoustics of the assembly hall. "To those who know be my reputation, my name is Sydney Waterfall."

"There are a great many people who have risked and laid down their lives in the defense of this city. Noble houses." She turns her head toward the nobility. "Commoners." She similarly pivots her focus to those on the commoners' bench. Her chin tilts upward. "All of you fought with exceptional bravery, and I thank you."

She turns her focus out to the group at large. "I come before you to ask for a moment's silence for those who were not of Arvum. They repeatedly risked their lives for our cause, and paid the ultimate price in service of this city. This continent. I can speak truthfully in stating that without the aid of one Petraea Livy, we would be paying homage to many more than we do on this day. She was of Cardia, but her heroism deserves to be recognized."

Her jaw sets.

With a nod, Isolde joins in on the moment of silence, in the hopes it'll encourage some of her fellow peers to do the same.

Darren presses one fist to his chest, at the level of his heart, a brief gesture, but one that displays in northern roots in a way that he very rarely shows.

Mabelle bows her head in another moment of acknowledgement.

Raymesin's nod from the cheap seats; he sits in silence, his gloved fingertips going to the skull pin at his throat.

Caspian seems content by the request sydney presented, his head bobbing in agreement and a sad smile playing over his face. He takes a breath, bowing his head and letting the silence fill the chamber as his mind went to those who had sacrificed and fought. his hand went to his heart in a salute as his mouth moved wordlessly.

Folding his hands in his lap, rather than atop that leather folio, Patrizio lowers his head as well for some moments, in honour of the Tribune and her sacrifice.

Emmelline respectfully bows her head and observes the moment of silence.

Rosalind rests her hands in front of her, bowing her head in silence. No one needs to tell her twice.

Ophelia glances in the direction of the Valardin benches briefly before bowing her head in a moment of silence.

Raven bows her head in silence, respectful.

Jasper remains silent for that moment, expression vacant.

Sen'azala gives a single, very faint nod toward Sydney.

Eirene gives another warrior's salute of hand in fist, over her heart.

Titus does stand up and he brings his gloved hand to the breastplate, touching it in a fist in a silent salute to the Tribune.

Alis canot argue the fact or the sentiment, nor does she seek to. Instead, she bows her head along with the others, in respect and reverence for the Tribune's sacrifice.

Lucita nods at Sydney's words and keeps respectfully silent.

Aconite's eyes don't close but they do drop. The Whisper's expression solemn as the silence seems to blanket the assembly.

Edris listens as Sydney speaks, giving her his solemn attention. At the ask for a silence, the prince-consort also acknowledges it, bowing his head along with many of those within the hall.

Sydney quietly pushes her cloak back over one shoulder, and glances back to Isolde - she's given a firm nod, her eyes showing gratitude. She swallow down a lump in her throat and lifts her voice once more. "...Thank you. And thank her with your actions. The Compact must endure, for it to have meant anything." She lowers her head and quietly picks her way back to where she'd stood.

With a solemn look, Isolde turns to Sydney. "Thank you for bringing this to the Peerage's attention. That kind of sacrifice should never be ignored regardless of where the person is from." She says with resolve. "And we will endure." She says it again louder. "We will endure!" For others to repeat.

At each moment of silence, Mia stands, her expression somber. She is no soldier, but she's laid more than a few to rest in her time, more than a few this very winter. There is a gravitas to her countenance as she repeats each expected phrase.

Raven lifts her chin and bellows defiantly "We will endure!"

Eirene says it a bit more quietly than others. "We WILL endure." A promise and a threat in her tone. Grave. Gravel.

"Will will endure,"Rosalind says firm, her northern accent strong.

Caspian raises his head and lets his voice join the chorus of others in a loud rousing shout, "We will endure!!"

Sen'azala tips her head toward Sydney as she returns. She doesn't appear to say anything, and she straightens only a moment later.

Titus just says "I will remember." before sitting back down.

"We will endure," Emmelline says quietly, but with a hint of determination.

Desma enters as quietly as she can, making a beeline for the Lyceum seating and trying not to draw attention.

Desma has joined the Lyceum Benches.

"The Compact will endure," repeats Patrizio firmly, the touch of a proud smile finding him as his gaze sweeps over the assembled, hearing that echo of the sentiment.

"We'll endure," Thesarin echoes in a low growl, arms crossed firmly across his chest.

Mabelle taps her chest lightly with her fingers, "We shall Prevail and Endure".

Edris's solemn voice once more carries along with so many others. "We will endure!" His eyes settle on one particular indivdiual up front, but after a moment he takes in the whole of the Assembly, as if acknowledging the strength to be had with all those gathered within the walls and beyond.

Medeia remains silent, lifting her fingertips instead to brush away a few pesky, silent tears from her cheeks. It can be assumed she would voice the same as everyone else if her voice wouldn't break in the doing.

Sen'azala mutters, "... Arx endures..."

Lucita discretely passes Medeia a handkerchief and listens as each person affirms 'Arx endures' and rememberance.

"If there is nothing else that needs to be discussed at this moment, I will draw the Assembly to a close." Isolde says to the room, still solemn. "Thank you all." And then she's stepping away.

The line has been dismissed by Isolde.

Eirene looks around curiously. Was that it? No protests, no crazy? Her eyebrows raise as she waits for it to happen.

After the Assembly draws to an end, Edris gets to his feet, offering a polite bow of his head to those seated nearby. But after, it's to the front of the Assembly rather than its exit that his steps take him, until he is close enough to Alis to speak comfortably to her. Once more he offers her a deep and respectful bow, though the formality is warmed to courtliness by the smile that may be faint on his lips but stronger in his eyes. "Your Grace," he says. "When you are ready." But it's not in a prodding way, he seems content to wait as needed. But when she's ready he will reach out a hand to take hers when she begins to rise, and then tuck it once more in the crook of his arm.

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Gio slouches against the wall, watching the crowd and occasionally exchanging a word of greeting with passersby.

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Gwenna closes the book on her lap, a stylus saving the place like a bookmark, and puts it into her backpack. Despite the solemn ending of the meeting, a warm smile tugs at the corners of her mouth as she murmurs quiet words to those along the Redrain benches.

Calista bids the Lycene nobles adieu then walks over to where Mabelle is seated to give her cousin a proper greeting. "Thank you for my wink earlier." She teases the Laurent with air kisses to each cheek. "Let's get together for drinks soon."

Raven rises and bows to Titus and moves to file out.

Edris has left the Valardin Benches.

As quietly and unobtrusively as she's come, Emmelline gets to her feet, and makes to slip out unnoticed.

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