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Laurent's Big Honey Festival

Honey is a universally loved sweet and sticky treat. Come indulge in all things honey as Laurent open their home and kitchen to offer you all things that can be baked, cooked and drizzled with honey!

Also, you know the Laurents. There will be a sticky contest with a sweeeet prize.


Sept. 19, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Mabelle Cristoph


Emberly Tyche Eirene Norwood Liara Drake Calla Talwyn Sabella Caprice Michael Akamos Alis Hamish Margerie Cassimir Ryhalt Brigid Gabriella Zara Sorrel Kael Adalyn Esme Gerrick Ophelia Serapion Kastelon



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Main Hall

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Comments and Log

The Laurent Main Hall has been removed of the banquet tables and filled with festive stands of drinks, foods and sweets. Beautiful honeysilk and velvet streamers are hung and whimsical statues of bees are standing freely around the room.

There is live music and servers who travel between the guests, offering honey and apple based alcohol celebrating Artshall's finest produce. Mabelle is standing by the door with Cristoph, it looks as if the two are competing on who is wearing more bees. Cristoph is winning.

Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Bumbling Bees from a Clement bee hive arrive, following Norwood.

Emberly gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Elizabetta, a disapproving lady-in-waiting, Lily, an aloof lady-in-waiting, 2 Grayson House Guards, Clark, an exasperated guard arrive, following Sabella.

Brigid takes Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Sabella gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Caprice gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Cassimir takes Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Gabriella takes Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

1 Farshaw trained guards arrives, following Ryhalt.

Emberly also was fashionably wearing a Honeysilk outfit which she fashioned before people arived unfortuantately. She smiles a little as she enters within the room flaunting the flattering silk upon the Farshaw Lady

Two of the many figures joining in the honied festivities are the Marquessa of Caina and her cousin. Tyche links her arm loosely with his, and he has graciously slowed his step so her much shorter legs can keep up. When they enter the hall, she is just in the middle of saying, "...and then he tipped it right over the edge!" There's a grin at her lips at her tale, but she doesn't offer anything further because they are here! With Mabelle and Cristoph by the door, she gives Cassimir a little tug to pause his entrance. "Duke Cristoph," the petite redhead smiles up to the man, dipping her head in greeting. "Lady Mabelle. I'm very much looking forward to tonight's adventures."

Eirene is dressed like a damn lady for a change but not in any fashionable way that will turn heads. She doesn't even try to be flashy. Mostly she is trying not to smirk too much at the bees.

Norwood is ready for Honey Day, and shows it in all that he's wearing. Even the Ironwool pants look honey-ish. His bee beret has replaced his laurent one even, rounding it all out neatly. In and up.

The Second, 2 Clement trained guards arrive, following Margerie.

Liara stops in through the entrance to greet Mabelle and Cristoph, gaze flitting across the manse's hall, "Good evening - my, look at all the bees. I have been looking forward to this." She smiles at the Laurents and continues on her way, slipping further into the hall.

Drake was here as it opened, more or less. After all, there's food to be scrounged. He's wearing yellow and black to suit the bee and honey theme of the event, though it's not the most extravagant costuming compared to some. What matters is that he has a honey roll in one hand, and is currently contemplating the art gallery as people begin filtering in.

Another day, another party. Baroness Calla Vevici wanders into the Laurent Manse on her own, forest green gown setting off her saffron hair nicely. She takes in the decorations with an appreciative eye before catching sight of the hosts, and goes over to say hello. "Good evening Lady Mabelle! This is a fantastic party you've put together. I can't wait to taste a bit of everything." Spying Tyche, she smiles warmly and offers her a bit of a wave if she can catch her eye.

Talwyn's arrival is in dyed honeysilk, marked with small snowflakes. The Valardin Prince is all smiles as he looks around, his lute strapped across his back. As he notices Cristoph and Mabelle, he approaches, a warm smile on his features. "It looks like an excellent party, Your Grace." comes the offer to the Duke as he looks around. "I hope it goes very well." And with that, he is continuing on his way, joining Liara for a brief moment. "Two events in two nights, Princess? We're being quite the social butterflies and creating all the buzz."

"Lady Mabelle! Duke Cristoph! Everything looks wonderful!" Sabella enthuses almost before she's in the door to actually see anything, eyes wide and smile beaming as she claps her hands together, "Or should I say, bee-uti--no, you've probably already heard that a million times tonight, but I do love it! I tried to dress the part and--is that a bee on that jar?!" She interrupts herself again to claim one of the door tokens, "I love it!"

Caprice leaves the sweet outfits to the lords and ladies today but in honor of the hosts, the house and of course, honey, the copper-haired clothier is in fact sporting a wee bit of honeysilk atop her head - molded into delicate lupin blooms. Caught up in the trickle of arrivals, she takes a turn at greeting Mabelle and Cristoph, dipped in a quick curtsey so as not to create a bottleneck. "Duke Laurent, my Lady! It looks beautiful - thank you for opening your home."

Michael had arrived early enough to dash across the place and settle himself near the dessert stand instead of dealing with the inevitable crowds that will be pushing in once things begin to open.

Akamos looks like a fish out of water in his massive fur coat, that's still got some snow caught in the fur. He looks around the room, at all the many may people and sidesteps closer to Eirene, "So... I feel wonderfully out of place at this party..." He glances around the room again and spots Drake and his eyes narrow slightly in thought.

Alis has no honeysilk! She is the worst Highlord to ever Highlord when it comes to fashion. But at least she has some metal as part of her dress, so that has to count for something. Arriving alongside the much more fashionable Zara. she seeks out the hosts of the event so that she can make appropriate noises about a job well done and 'look at all the honey themed things!' and 'am I going to need liquor to get through this' sort of questions.

Mabelle beams brightly as the people begin to swarm in. See what she did there? Those dressed in honeysilk and velvet get an extra wink. "Welcome, Welcome, you're all looking beeau.. ", Sabella steals her line and she laughs, "Please come in, there is plenty of food and there is absolutely nothing here that is not related to either honey or apples, so we're not sorry!"

Hamish irritably waves off the two templars that follow him into the Laurent ballroom. It's not exactly likely that assassins will strike here, but one of the pair is from Artshall, so he's here to just bask in all the bee stuff that makes him think of home. He may very well be one of the few people not showing up in honeysilk, instead wearing his normal priestly vestments, though his black and purple aren't quite in line with the traditional white and gold. He makes his way over to where the Laurents stand and offers the pair a half bow. "Duke Christoph, Lady Mabelle, thank you for hosting the city." He glances around, "Most of whom appear to have taken you up on the offer."

Margerie is running a little late, but looks stunning in honey-colored honeysilk and white lace with minimal, tasteful bee and honeycomb adornments. She looks around quickly, knowing Norwood is here, somewhere. She waves and nods and says hello to others until she finds him.

And here, in this night, is Cristoph! He's by the door and has been this entire time, greeting the arriving guests with Mabelle. He efinitely says hello to anyone that needs to and doesn't forget anyone. He's dressed entirely in umbra and the longsleeved honeysilk shirt that rests underneath his vest. There are many bees. So many. "Hello! Welcome. Have a drink or two." When Hamish passes with his quippy remark, he just manages to hold back a laugh. "Thank you for coming, Blessed Hamish."

Emberly looks over to Akamos, she was sporting her honeysilk in its grandour, she was all smiles and the undyed silk swirls around her in yellows and golds. It offsets her bright firey locks and looks nicely upon her. She moves over to Akamos and she smiles almost impishly tapping his shoulder lightly

Cassimir does, in fact, slow his speed to match his cousin's, though it is a strain for him to cut his typically long, purposeful strides in half. He laughs along with her punchline, but it is cut abruptly short when he realizes that they've arrived and are standing before the hosts of the event. A swift, but respectful bow is offered first to Duke Cristoph and thereafter Lady Mabelle. "Yes, thank you," he tacks on to the tail end of Tyche's friendly greetings. When they pass on, Cassimir points out the chest of mead, and makes a bee-line (HEH) toward it. Drinks are good for stricken nerves.

Despite having arrived before his wife Norwood doesn't take long to note her wanting him, and then appearing at her side. It's like he had some voice or something being all, 'a proper baron walks with his WIFE idiot' or something. He offers Margerie his arm and a smile. "Did the Duchess reach out to you?"

Eirene smirks at Akamos. "We'll visit the dessert table and have those honey dough balls," she promises the islander. "Or the apple dumplings. Domonico isn't one for parties either, so don't expect him to order you around to them." She glances as Emberly joins them.

Ryhalt arrives, smiling as he oft does, though sadly without his wife. He chuckles at Mabelle's greeting and nods to her. "We'd worry if there wasn't honey slathered over everything. Thank you for having us."

Santino arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

The dancing flutter of sylvan lace swirls around feet as long legs move form through the door, snowflakes cling to umber waves bound loosely and a chill carried in Brigid's wake. Knowing the hosts were no doubt going to be swamped with a plethora of greetings, the Moore simply dips her head in a respectful nod towards Mabelle and Cristoph, a smile curling faintly upon lips before she goes to find some corner to plop into - marvel at the bees, maybe plot a way in which to irritate Norwood this evening.

Gloved hands clasped at her back, winter ruddying her cheeks to the faintest of apple reds, Princess Gabriella Pravus is all wide-eyed, fascinated stares as she enters the already unfamiliar grounds of the Laurent Manse's main hall. Her blue eyes dart from one fanciful festival stand to the next as a bright smile dances at her lips, stopping, if only briefly, to pivot sharply on her heel as she notices the bee statue in passing. She looks down at the offered jugs. Plucks one up. Hefts it up against her palm to inspect it with a critical eye. And grins, with sunny enthusiasm.

"Delightful," decides Gabriella firmly, tucking jug in arm before pressing deeper into the festivities.

Fashionable she may be, but it appears Zara didn't take the time to prepare a honeysilk outfit. Gasp! It's fine though, she managed to sort of fit the color theme. She approaches the hosts with Alis and without a doubt the first thing she notes is Cristoph's shoes. "We don't have to worry for this night it seems." She says to Mabelle, not too subtly. "This looks lovely." Her eyes light up as she gives the room a sweeping glance.

Sorrel is just here for the honey. She has not managed to get her honeysilk and cupridium garment back from the tailor/armorer as yet, but she is also not wearing armor for once. Balancing three glasses, two in one hand and the third in the other, she heads over to intercept Alis and Zara with a grin and a bow that does not spill anything. "Sweets for Her Grace and Princess Zara," she offers with a grin. "And me."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Drake before departing.

Talwyn has rolled 1 22-sided dice: 22

Akamos' grin comes easily to his face, "He sort of told me to come, go around the city, get to know people, all of that sort of thing. I think it's a test to see if I do something embarrassing. I'm glad I came though, there's a man here I have been meaning to talk to since I got to the city."

"Isn't it amazing?!" Sabella gushes to Zara, holding up the jar of mead for a moment before it is handed off to Elizabetta, "There are even bees on the jar! They've thought of everything! Did someone say honeyballs? What are honeyballs? I now must know!"

When Cassimir is directing them toward the chest of drinks, Tyche laughs and allows herself to be led. "If you crack it open while we're here, Cass, I'll be mightily impressed." While he takes care of his nerves, she spares a moment to glance about the room, spying familiar and unfamiliar faces both. Calla's wave is caught, and she lifts a hand to return the gesture. Back to Cassimir she murmurs something quietly, reaching out a finger to tap on the jug he's retrieved. Perhaps more bad influence advice from the head of the family?

"She did, yes," Margerie replies quietly, taking Norwood's arm with a smile. There is more smiling and waving to do, which she does, very politely and Baroness-ly.

Liara greets Talwyn with an easy smile. "I do endeavour to make it to functions when I can, and I have been looking forward to this especially. And I suppose I shall find things made of honey that I had not even previously imagined. Bee decorations, too." A servant happens by with some mead and, following a light perk of her eyebrows, Liara goes ahead and takes some.

Emberly has joined the a comfortable ivory leather and mahogany wooden sofa.

Vern, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Kael.

"Thank you, Your Highness. May the mead and cider flow." Alis quips, when handed her glass of alcoholic beverage from Sorrel. "You're a lifesaver. I feel as though I am small enough to be trampled on my way to the drink table with such a large crowd." A gesture is made towards the throng of people who have come to show their love for Events Hosted By Laurent (tm). "I would be crunchy, of course. And loud. And unpleasant to have stepped on. But still."

1 Clement trained guards arrives, following Adalyn.

Drake notices someone looking at him, as he looks at pictures, and he looks back, toward Akamos. He gives the man a nod... puts the remainder of the honey bun in his mouth, and starts to walk over to greet him in a friendly way...before a messenger gives him a message, occupying his hand. That takes a second - he contemplates it - then walks back to the man. "Hello there. Now. I think we met before, didn't we?" A pause. "Ah, that's right, you're new to the Champions."

With Cristoph and Mabelle being swarmed Norwood will save his honey-greetings for later, and instead steers Margerie towards the desert tables and a familiar face. "Margerie, have you met Lord Michael Bisland, the heir and sword of Bisland?"

"I'm not sure I want more information on honeyballs," says Hamish in response to Sabella. "Your highness." The Grayson gets a half-bow as does Zara, who also gets a bright smile. "Princess Zara. It's so good to see you back. I was quite saddened when I'd heard you gone and left the city. I do hope Sanctum wasn't hostile. Or smelly. That'd be terrible if it'd suddenly gone all smelly."

Emberly finds a seat and shifts her lovely silks about her legs she smiles a little as she looks back over her token and then she selects some mead as it passes by her. She smiles as she watches all of the people almost with wide eyes

When Zara looks down at his shoes, Cristoph also does. He runs his fingers along the front of the buttons on his vest, which have the same embellishments. "I decided a long time ago if people were going to call me the Honey Duke, I was going to play along," he admits with a sly smile.

Mabelle curves her lips amusedly to Zara, "Clearly you missed all the beez on the buttons and all the bees in general", she side-eyes Cristoph before she walks around to travel around the guests, informing Sabella, "I'm glad you like it, it is a new mead from Artshall, we thought we'd share". Liara gets a particular smile, "Patron, I'm glad you were able to make it this evening and I do hope you enjoy the festivities". She makes the rounds, winking to friends and family. "Indulge in the food before we make you lose the calories ", a cackle leaves her lips.

"There is nothing wrong with the scent of ceremonial incense, Blessed Hamish." Harumph. Alis heard that, you know, and she peeks around Zara's side so that her very serious countenance can look pointedly at Hamish.

Eirene somehow manages to think of desserts that she doesn't see on the table. "Sorry Sabella," she says as she gives a wry smile. "It's a Lycene thing. Fried dough, covered in honey. Sometimes a little cinnamon on top." She licks her lips a little at the thought. "The mead, though, will be well drunk eventually." Since she's pregnant. Drake is given a lift of the chin nod in hello.

"The Laurents have always had such wonderful events." Talwyn agrees easily with Liara as he accepts his own jar of mead and smiles at the little charm on it. "And since I visited their cousins, it is only fair that I pay service here as well. Though I will try not to show my pants too much." There's an amused chuckle before he looks around, and spying Margerie and Norwood, glances to the Princess. "If you will excuse me?" And with that, he is making his way over to the Clement pair. "You look suh-weet, Baron Clement!" the Prince offers with a bright smile as he offers a bow of his head to the couple. "I thought I would make my introduction to Baroness Duskshire. I am Talwyn Valardin."

"I do not believe I have had the honor, no," Margerie says to Norwood as he introduces her to Michael. She inclines her head politely. "Lovely to meet you, Lord Bisland."

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Akamos extends a hand in greeting to Drake, "Yes! You came by the Cryto Arch and ever since I have wanted to be a Champion. I am glad to have finally made it to the city, arrived just last night." His smile is warm and genuine, despite the somewhat imposing figure he cuts, "I'm Akamos, now the Trident of House Magnotta."

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With a mouth entirely full of some sort of honey-flavored succulence, Michael's chin tilts up and his ears almost visibly perk. To look about and find Norwood and Margerie. Green eyes glancing between the two as his mouth attempts to chew through what can only be described as gummy gummy goodness. "MHM? MM-MM!" His head shakes as he slips down from the stool to offer his hand out towards Margerie.

Kael steps into the main hall and is immediately pausing at the festivities afoot. Both brows move up in unison and he looks momentarily amused and pleased both. In fact, there is a small shake of his head in a rueful manner too. "Outdone themselves," he murmurs to himself. Still, once he advances a few steps, he clearly seeks out the hosts. Once he spies Mabelle he dips his head to her, and as for Cristoph, he is the recipient of a bow.

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A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Cassimir glances down at the jug in his hand, and then nods once to Tyche's whispered idea. "Done." Only the most discreet of smirks is detectable upon his visage, and then it is replaced with the usual effortless blankness of contentment. "Shall we find a different drink to consume, then? And perhaps a seat at a table? It's starting to uh...feel a bit crowded."

Kael gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Ryhalt navigates through the crowd until he finds the drink stand. He'd heard new mead and had to give it a taste. It's not coffee, but... Regardless, he waits for the server to hand him a mug and looks quiet content as he starts to drink it.

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"Small victories, Mabelle." Zara says with an exaggerated sigh. "I suppose buttons resembling jars of honey would have been a little much." She adds, a teasing note to her voice. "Your highnesses." She greets Sorrel and Sabella, noting them both nearby.

Emberly smiles a little as a messenger comes to her and she looks as if she is saving a chair beside her though she keeps her eyes on the going ons with intrest.

Maggie, Sir Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, Princess Fluffy Tube arrive, following Gerrick.

Adalyn strides into the main hall outfitted in her usual set of leathers although she has thrown on a few bee-themed accessories in solidarity. She scans the crowd for familiar faces, her usual cheery smile causing her dimples to appear as she offers polite greetings to friends and strangers alike. She begins drifting toward the food, lured in by the delicious sights and smells, waving exuberantly toward Norwood and Margerie.

Norwood was NOT expecting someone else to come speak to the pair, so when Prince Talwyn comes and joins them it's with much suprise. Michael is looked away from momentarily so that he can bow in return to the princes. "Prince Talwyn, yes? My wife, Baroness Margerie Clement. And Lord Michael Bisland," Norwood does the thing where he does the introductions. Now, about those desserts...

"Enjoy the evening!" Liara replies to Talwyn, then turns to Mabelle to assure her, lips curling in amusement, "I am sure I will - I cannot even begin to guess at what games you have planned that involve honey."

Nevermore, the sulking raven arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

"Well, I'm sure there will be plenty of other things to indulge in although now I shall have to write to the Archduchess to see if she knows where I might procure some," Sabella replies to Eirene with a laugh, heading over towards the dessert table, waving at people as she walks through the crowd, "Princess Sorrel! Liara! Princess Alis! Is that Prince Talwyn!? Nik will be so pleased to know you've returned to the city!"

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards arrive, following Ophelia.

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Tyche pauses as Cassimir so readily agrees to her plans, tilting her head to stare up at his profile. There's some surprise there, but also a fair amount of delight. "I feel like you're in one of those moods where you'll agree to anything. I need to think of something suitably sinister to have you do." The mischief sparks, but she doesn't immediately start making demands on her poor cousin, because she's turning to look for drinks and a table. "I'll protect you from the crowds, I promise," she squeezes his arm, and then begins to lead the way to find a place for them to enjoy the evening.

Alis, too, gets a bow. Hamish may be getting dizzy. "Incense smells perfectly fine, though it does make me sneeze. Which is why when I lead services instead of incense we have ceremonial pot roasts. Nothing like potatoes and gravy to get one feeling spiritual."

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"The TRIDENT of the house, now that is a nice title. Welcome to the city!" Drake clasps Akamos's hand once, returning the greeting. Drake is equally tall, but not terribly imposing somehow - at least, his expression is all friendly. "You and I will have to catch a spar now that you've made it out. I'd like to see what we're working with." He cocks his head to one side, with a slight click. "I might be called away sooner or later. But I wanted to be here to see Belle's event. Want to meet the lady of the hour?"

"Hmmm..MM! MMHHHMMM!" Michael glances towards Margerie again and changes his 'answer' to a mmhhm. Then milk, Michael finds a glass of milk to pluck up and chug down quite a bit. "Prince Talwyn, Baron Norwood. We've met. Rather briefly....nearly four years ago? I chased her hat down the street on a particularly windy day for her."

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Mabelle smiles to Kael as he enters just as she decided to sit on this HUGE DIRE BEE ON A POLE, "Marquis, good evening, your eyes look like you just saw a swarm of bees", she laughs and wiggles her fingers to Ryhalt as he enters, "Duke Farshaw". For the most part, she is just happy to sit and watch them all have fun. For now.

Alis lists her glass to acknowledge Sabella when the greeting is given, along with a brief nod. Hamish's proposal of pot roast instead of incense as a signature ceremonial scent unruffles her feathers quite nicely, and her head tilts in contemplation of it. "I can see that. Or, rather, smell that." she concurs.

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When Sabella arrives, Talwyn greets her with air-kisses and then laughs. "I came across Niklas at Calista's event last night. He was dancing with the Duchess while I took Lady Esme on a spin around the floor at Lady Narcissa's insistence. And boy, do I ever have an amusing story to tell you!" With that, he's leaning in, whispering to Sabella, a grin of amusement on his features.

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"Well, it sounds a bit confusing calling me a Sword when I've a large fork to wave at people." Akamos looks around the room at all the high fashion and honeysilk and shuffles his feet in his stompy boots, "Yes, I thought I would... meet and greet people, since I just got her, I would love to meet the lady of the hour." His grin brodens again at Drake's offer of a spar, "And I would especially lvoe that spar. I tried one with the Count, it was close, but I definitely got my arse handed to me."

Zara gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Eirene helps herself to food, a glass of cider, and some of the apple pie. She then settles on a comfortable couch to be anti social. She watches the crowds silently, just enjoying the food and occasionally waving a musician away from her couch.

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Margerie turns to greet Talwyn with a smile. "A pleasure to meet you, your highness! Did my note get to you? I have been having difficulty getting notes out on time due to the weather. My apologies."

Emberly smiles a little as she sees Ophelia enter and she offers the princess a wave "Princess!" she says with a wave and she smiles a little before she guestures to the seat beside her "I saved you a seat." she says before she smiles over to Akamos with a little nod of her head in his direction

Gerrick takes Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

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Esme enters with a waddle turning back into her normal saunter. There is a look towards Joy as she enters, "Well I'm sure it is wonderful for some people, but it is /freezing/. Although, did you see those forts out there? I sort of want to go explore them." She enters with a vibrant smile on her lips, but she seems to pause to get lay of the land and what is going on.

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Esme takes Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

"A swarm of bees, do they?" asks Kael in turn to Mabelle, smiling at the woman and offering her a rueful look to go along with it. "I shall not ask further than that." He advances further into the chamber and while the entree stand is given its fair share of attention, he does pause momentarily to sweep a low bow to the Highlord when he spies her. Rather than approach, he spies a server on their way to refill the grilled cheese with honey bacon platter. Oh hello, he snares one of those with a murmur of gratitude to the attendant.

"Hello! Have you seen the bee?" Liara greets Sabella - which bee, specifically, is rather an open question. She takes a moment to sample her mead, then, happening along somewhere near Akamos, she offers a light smile. "Master Akamos - I trust that you are continuing to settle into the city comfortably."

While the swarm of people in the hall is quite a lot, Cristoph doesn't seem particularly ill at ease. He moves through the room, continuing to greet anyone that he hadn't said hello to previously. He stops by Kael, putting his hand on his shoulder murmuring something quietly. Then his eyes travel over to his cousin, sitting atop a dire. His expression is somewhat amused and he stops a server for a glass of the mead that's circulating the room.

Gerrick makes a bee line for the Door Token Chest, and sighs in relief as he finds a bottle of bochet.

Drake gestures for Akamos to follow with him, and walks over to Mabelle. He steps in lightly at first, then opens his arms and looks at her, taking in the look of her dress, and then giving her an approving nod. "Belle. It feels like we haven't even seen each other in a month. I suppose you've been planning all this, this whole time. You are stunning as ever."

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Mabelle's ring taps against her glass as to capture everyone's attention. If they will not listen, she will unleash a honeybee upon them. "Thank you all for coming this evening. The Laurent family is very proud of all that the good people of Artshall produce. Their innovations are endless, from drinks to fabrics, our people's industry of honey is a gift that keeps on giving. With that I would like to make a little announcement".

Mabelle straightens and smiles, "What you see here tonight is a celebration of honey. But why enjoy it for only one night? Starting tomorrow, a new lounge will be opening at the Valardin way north, titled THE DIRE BEE LOUNGE. It will be home to all the things coming from Artshall, for your own enjoyment. A festive grand opening will be held next week".

That being said, Mabelle further announces, "We have games tonight, because we are relentless. Two games, lovely prizes. The first one is called... PIN THE STING", she then diverts her attention to Cristoph.

Nevermore, the sulking raven arrives, delivering a message to Talwyn before departing.

Caprice pauses her social buzzing about when the tinking of glass catches her attention. Quiet, short applause follows Mabelle's announcement, then she too is turning to Cristoph.

There are people to greet and conversations to be had, but Adalyn Clement's priorities appear to lead her straight toward the food first. She deliberates over the dessert selections, finally plucking a honey bar from the tray. Taking a bite, she chews while turning to locate the hosts, beginning to meander through the crowd toward Mabelle once she has spotted her. When the announcement is made, she slows to listen and applauds the news. "The Dire Bee Lounge, how fun! The name certainly recalls memorable moments to mind."

Ophelia arrives and is sure to greet the hosts before venturing further into the room. They're no doubt busy and the hall is chock full of people! Which means her polite greeting for Duke Cristoph and Lady Mabelle is short and sweet. Her pointy heels clack, clack, clack their way toward the drink stand and she smiles at some familiar faces on the way there. "Lady Emberly! One moment..." When a drink is collected, the archeress princess makes her way over to claim that saved seat. "How /are/ you? Lovely dress!" Whispered, that. Mabelle begins to speak and she quiets to listen.

Michael shouts from nearby, "ADALYN!"

Kael laughs abruptly to what Cristoph just murmured to him and rather than respond verbally he simply inclines his head in a deep, agreeable sort of manner. His attention pivots to Mabelle at the announcement however and he says, "Well done," out loud. That comment was potentially not on purpose, but the Keaton does clap (a little awkwardly given that he is balancing fresh grilled cheese).

Ryhalt turns his head to the sound of the clinking and chuckles as Mabelle speaks. "This is her plot to keep us from eating all the sweets..." He hides a grin, lest Mabelle hears him, and looks curiously to Cristoph.

Ophelia has joined the a comfortable ivory leather and mahogany wooden sofa.

Eirene slowly raises her eyebrows. "Dire Bee." She echoes the words with a smirk of disbelief. Amused, the Riven-Malvici woman goes back to eating her pie. "My kids would have loved the bee theme, I should have brought them," she muses aloud.

"Not on me," Cristoph immediately supplies, unless someone gets any feisty ideas. He moves away from where he's quietly speaking to Kael and claps his hands for some of the servants to drag in a rather large contraption on wheels. It's a big wooden honey bee, missing it's stinger. Along with it is a supply of 'stingers' which are really just daggers. "If you would like to try your hand at getting the stinger back onto the bee, please line up right here with me. Thank you very much," he calls out to the crowd. "Just fair warning, please do not try to remove or re-apply the stingers to any real life bees. It would be very painful, they don't like it!"

Akamos follows a half-step behind Drake and then bows his head in polite greeting to Mabelle, "Lady Laurent, a pleasure to meet you again, it's been... a day since we last met." This more comes out of the side of his mouth as he turns his attention to Christoph as well.

"THAT'S ME!" Adalyn shouts in exuberant response as she hears her name being called. She turns, scanning the crowd in an attempt to find the source.

"Congratulations on your, ah, promotion, your grace," says Hamish to the now less ruffled Alis. "I only ever had occasion to meet Prince Radley one time, I do believe he would consider the Oathlands in good hands." He looks back to the rest of the party, specifically that very stocked dessert table. "Tiny ones, perhaps. Say, is that a mille-feuille?" And he starts making his way away from anyone who might toss something at him.

When Michael shouts Adalyn's name, Esme looks over in that direction. Partly to see Adalyn. However, something else catches her attention ans she moves over in that direction; but does not sit. She comes to stand beside.... the most epic, the most stunning, the most non-boring, always smiling, always amazing... Norwood. Her lips curve in sincere affection, "Norwood..." Luckily, she uses all his name tonight. "It has been /far/ too long." Though her attention is diverted to to the game.

Norwood shouts from nearby, "Adalyn! Stop yelling!"

Norwood has joined the line.

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A hand is flung up into the near the dessert table, then waves back and forth in the air. "YOO-HOO!" Its Michael.

Emberly smiles a little as she looks to her Patron, "do you like the dress you helped me get?" she asks the other as she ruffles her outfit amongst the yellows and golds. A grin adorns her lips as she looks over to the sea of faces "shall we see if we can play?" she wonders "I most likely am not that great." she grins

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Ah, and here comes Esme. Norwood turns away from his attempt to embarrass Michael to the woman. He bows to her all sorts of proper. "Lady Esme. It is good of you to come and support Artshall with your presence."

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Mabelle grins quietly to Drake, "It has been, thank you for coming, and you too!", she grins at Akamos, "I hope you are enjoying the party". She eyes Cristoph aside, calling, "DOO NOT FORGET THE BLINDFOLDS". She promises Eirene at that, "They can always come to the lounge, I promise they will have fun!". As Cristoph takes care of the game, Mabelle circles around the room, "Prince Talwyn, Princess Ophelia, I do not believe we have been formally introduced, thank you for coming this evening. Do enjoy yourselves".

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"You're taking all of the fun out of it, if we can't pin the stinger on you Duke Laurent. But /okay/." Alis sighs most heavily when she directs that comment at Cristoph. Yet, she almost cheerfully takes her place in line, glass of mead still in hand. "Come on, Princess Zara and Princess Sorrel. You won'[t let me make a fool of myself alone I hope."

Mabelle blinks at Cristoph, innocent, "Oh we're not pinning it on you?"

From the line, Cristoph is staring over at Michael and looking confused. He murmurs something to Norwood. At some of the remarks, he reminds the room, "I'm sorry everyone, I'm certain my wife would object to stingers being pinned to me. Alas." And yes, there are blindfolds! Totally. Right there.

Adalyn shouts from nearby, "Sorry, Papa!"

Drake sees Belle is distracted by starting out party games, so he waits for a moment when he can get her attention again. "Being host is a lot of work," he asides to Akamos. But at least it gives him the opportunity to make introductions. "Mabelle Laurent, this is Akamos," A pause as he remembers surnmame construction but he manages it, "Cyrto'ani, yes? A friend of mine from the Champions. He is new around."

Drake has joined the line.

Margerie is not with the shouting people. Honest.

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Eirene has a steady hand and a good eye for daggers. Even blindfolded. So, with a heave off the couch, Eirene stands up and nods to Cristoph and Mabelle. "Why the fuck not, right? My kids love winning prizes and hearing stories about what mommy does," she says with a wide grin.

Sabella raises up her hand and hops up and down, "oh, oh, oh I'll do it! What are we doing? Is it sledding? Did I see Lord Drake somewhere? If it's sledding we're very good at it!"

Esme waits for Norwood to straighten before she attempts to hug him. "I should have worn gold or honey, I'm not sure I possess those colors. I should start to get something in those colors. It looks amazing and I am glad you are here." She rambles on before she looks around to see who she knows and who she does not. Her eyes slide over each of them. A laugh comes forth. "It is all so wonderful. Truly, Norwood. I am sure that you are to win the game." There is suddenly a look of suspicion turned to Cristoph. "He better not have warmed milk."

When Mabelle makes the introduction, Talwyn offers Ophelia a bow of his head and a warm smile as he folds his hands in front of him, still holding his tankard. "Princess Ophelia, it is a pleasure to meet you. Did I hear you make mention that the Lady was your Protege?" he asks her curiously, a glance towards Emberly. When Esme arrives, the Prince offers her a smile. "You send me a message at the very event I was at, Lady Esme." he says in amusement.

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Adalyn obediently lowers her voice after a last shouted apology to Norwood. Noting that hand motions from nearby the dessert table, she navigates her way back through the crowd until she has located exactly who that arm may have belonged to. "Lord Michael, hello! Have you tried one of these honey bars yet?" She gestures to the half-eaten dessert in her grasp. "Delicious. How are you?"

Of course, Zara's not going to leave Alis alone in her time of /need/. So she straightens, as though prepping for a very serious trial. "What am I signing up for again?" She asks, though it's too late. She's already there.

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Eirene has left the an extravagant divan with soft silken cushions.

Esme smiles brightly towards Talwyn. "I was not aware of that. If you knew how many times I've done that." She will attempt to hug him as well, really anyone that gets too close. Then she will watch the game.

Mabelle calls around randomly, "The prizes are really soft, you should totally join the games", she thinks for a moment verifying all prizes are soft. "I have met Akamos yesterday, I am glad he could make it". Helpless, she finds herself drawn to the dessert stand to look around for cake. There has to be cake, "Pinning the sting not on Cristoph when Blindfolded", she informs Zara and those who missed. "Duke Farshaw, not participating?" She sidesteps to Michael to check his state while audibly praising Caprice, "The gown is magnificent and I thank you for coming"

Michael dips a nod towards Zara at her departure, but it turns into a smirk as Adalyn arrives. "I've had seven. I need to stop." A hand upon his stomach, low and cradling as if the man had been filled to capacity with honeybars. "When do we get to fight, oh Lady Adalyn?"

Akamos leans a little closer to Drake, "I had the good fortune to meet Lady Laurent a little earlier, which is how I know about this shindig. And yes, Cryto'ani. Perhaps at a less... shindog type event I can find out more from you about how the Champions run." He looks on at the wooden bee and the daggers, and there's a brief moment when it looks like he's considering yeeting the massive trident on his back, before immediately discounting that as 'appropiate' or 'polite'

Caprice shuffles into line with the others, and reaching to touch Akamos's elbow when she notices he's ended up ahead of her. "You made it!" she greets him, enthusiastic enough generally but with a bit more volume given the festive din. Mabelle's comment earns her attention and a warm smile, "How could it not be with you for inspiration?"

Ophelia takes a sip of her drink and nods when Emberly mentions the honeysilk dress. Her smile brightens, although she shakes her head at joining the game. "Not this round. I'll just... observe this time." Stingers. She's a tiny bit nervous! "Will you play?" She looks side-long at Emberly, curious. But, it is Talwyn's inquiry that snags her attention and she smiles softly at him. "Yes. Lady Emberly is my protege." She then leans a little closer to mention something to the prince.

Once the line is complete, Cristoph gestures the first person to come forward. "Baron Norwood," he calls the man. He helps him get blindfolded and places the dagger into his hand. Just so that things are very clear, he'll also help guide him forward and stop him from wandering TOO far off. This way Norwood doesn't wander out into the crowd and accidentally stab Alis or someone else. The bee is still very big and there's plenty of places that are not the stinger. "Please don't throw the daggers while you're blindfolded!" he calls out to anyone who might be getting ideas.

Turn in line: Norwood

Mabelle has left the a whimsical queen dire bee on a pole.

Ryhalt grins at Mabelle as she asks him if he's joining. He lifts up the bochet he's drinking. "Sampling your house's latest. No one wants me to do that a little buzzed." Shameless with the pun, he winks to Mabelle. "Besides, half these people look like they'd rather throw the sting, so I think it'll be more entertaining to watch."

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Drake nods to Akamos. "Ah, well, I am glad you made it then. I suppose now that we're this close no choice but to get involved in the game..." Blindfolds. Well, that's not THAT new. "We should meet and train when it's quieter. I don't have any pressing business out of the city right now."

Norwood checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 15 lower.

Mabelle grins at Ryhalt as she observes the line with him, "Why do you think I only served alcohol? Well mostly". She then reports to Ryhalt, "Oh we started with the less messy game".

Alis might be a bad person to stab, maybe! Or she might giggle. -You never know-/

After ushering Norwood forward so that he can possibly pin the stinger into place (or not), Cristoph helps the next person get ready. Blindfold and stinger!

Turn in line: Esme

"Warm milk is quite lovely with honey Lady Esme," Norwood protests, even as he moves towards Cristoph at the whispering that happens. The fact that there's a SIGNIFICANT look cast back at Michael is totally normal. He is blindfolded and pointed in the direction of the bee - though he doesn't seem to STAY in the direction of the bee fore very long. He and his stinger are just going to walk until the poor dagger gets stuck into a bit of honey glazed ham. This is fine. Normal. Totally.

Esme checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Adalyn tsks, shaking her head at Michael. "You're supposed to save room for one of each. How will you know which is the best?" The honey bar seems to earn her own approval. She takes another large bite, finding herself having to spend a moment chewing before she's able to properly answer Michael's question. "I would say right now, but that would be unforgivably sticky. Not to mention, I'd probably be dragged off to further etiquette lessons for such shenanigans. But soon, I hope." She rises on tiptoes to watch Norwood's attempt as he is called to compete first. "GO, PAPA!" Surely shouting is allowed when games are involved.

Akamos turns around and grins widely at Caprice, "I did! There are a lot of people." He has quite the booming voice, so doesn't seem to have too much difficulty making himself heard. He turns back to Drake, "I'm pretty sure I have played a game like this before, had a massive spear and I had to lob it across a field, and then people were making bets on how close I got it to a very, very small target."

Emberly smiles a little as she nods her head to Ophelia "Yes Highness but I warn you, I am no good." A smile to the Prince then and she gives a quiet little dip of her head to him as she gets in like.

"I couldn't take off just now, I'm promised for /two/ dances already. The Lady Mabelle, of course. And Princess Zara. If you want, we can step on each others toes for a third dance to try and shake the honey free from our systems." Michael winces as the SUDDEN shouting is too close to his ear. "The Clements are much too loud."

Apparently, Talwyn did take the moment to return Esme's hug, but his attention is on Ophelia and her protege. "Your dress is quite lovely, Lady Emberly." he offers to her as he moves to stand back to watch the competition. As he does, he unslings his lute to start to tune it to play.

Mabelle draws her hand over her face when the poor ham is being pinned, stifling a laughter. She walks over to Michael, "Hello Lord Bisland, not trying your luck at being blindfolded and stabbing things?"

And that person was Esme! Once she's safely on her way to stinging things, the duke turns to watch Norwood complete his turn. He watches as he sstabs something on the buffet line. "I just..." he sighs. Cristoph's head hangs down and he shakes it, looking off to the side as the sword whispers something to him. He ends up snorting and gestures for the next victim.

Turn in line: Eirene

Eirene checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

Ryhalt chuckles at Mabelle. "I'm ready for messy." He indicates his hair which has been tied back in a queue. He laughs and drinks, chatting with Gerrick as he watches the game.

"It is wonderful if it's not the only thing the Sleepless Knight will serve you for /some/ reason." Esme offers as she bounces on her toes. "You almost have it. You..." Well that's not the bee. She watches Norwood and then takes her own blindfold and assistance. "I got this!" There is a spin in the circle and she almost stabs the Duke for being too close. ALMOST. Or for the fate of warmed milk. Instead she finds this 'bee' and STABS. Of course, she has no clue what she stabs into, but it's pooling on her feet right now. "Um... before I take the blindfold off, not blood right? RIGHT?!"

Eirene checked composure + etiquette at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Years of preparing to be a duke, commanding troops on the field! Diplomatic relations! It's all been spent training for this day. When he organized the line for pin the stinger on the bee. Cristoph seems very at ease with this! Totally in his element. He offers the blindfold up to Eirene next, "I hope you tell your children a very exciting tale about this." He turns back to stare at Esme and shakes his head. He's just glad someone didn't stab him with a stinger. "No, there's no blood, Lady Esme." He steps aside so that the guards usher Eirene forward.

Eirene waddles. Yes, waddles her way to the bee. She doesn't look happy. "I can't... fucking see," she complains, which is the point. She ends up somewhere near the head, stabbing near the front instead. She rips off the blindfold in frustration and stalks away, furious and embarrassed. She's going back to the food.

Mabelle mentions randomly, "You have to participate in both games to win a prize!" She further defends the new establishment, "The Dire Bee serves Alcohol!", but Esme's attempt at spearing the cake oozing at her feet, makes her laugh, "Those shoes are gone"

Turn in line: Hamish

"Really Cristoph," Norwood replies once he takes off the blindfold and then shakes his head. "I protect you better when able to see anyway." And then he's just going to eat that ham and wander back towards the company he'd just abandoned for the game, back to his wife's side.

Ophelia remains in her seat and crosses one leg over the other as she watches the game begin. "Oh! Then good luck, Lady Emberly. You will do /great,/ I'm sure of it." Her smile is encouraging and she takes a sip of her drink just as Talwyn begins to play a tune. With a brief side-long glance at the prince, the archeress then returns her focus to those currently playing the game.

Hamish checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

"Norwood, you can't take the entire ham!" Cristoph calls to him.

"Did you do well at that?" Drake asks Akamos. It sounds like a fair game to him. He's watching the bee stabbing...which seems to be going awkwardly so far. "Hope my knife training paid off," he says, but it's with a bit of a laugh since this game is clearly silly.

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Norwood calls back, "Too late, sorry Duke Cristoph!"

"He's a big guy, needs lots of food! Don't be starving the man!" Alis sticks up for Norwood, while waiting for a turn to stab a thing into a bee.

"Thank you princess!" Norwood calls. There is a lot of shouting.

"Unbelievable," Cristoph murmurs. "Blessed Hamish. Try not to send any of the guests back to the Wheel, thank you," he relays to the Archlector as he gets him set up with his blindfold and stinger.

Mabelle murmurs aside to Ryhalt, "I am so happy I made him host the games".

Akamos laughs, loud and hearty, "I was far better at distance rather than accuracy, honestly, I don't think the blindfold will do much to impare me at this game, the weight, or lack thereof, in a knife throws me out." Still he seems eager to take part.

Turn in line: Alis

Adalyn inclines her head to Michael in an agreeable response. "I do hope you're wearing sturdy boots. Otherwise I fear for your toes when I trod upon them. But I'll happily join you after the other ladies." She laughs, sending him a glance that appears only faintly apologetic. "It's a Clement way of life." Noting Mabelle's arrival, she greets the Laurent with a fond smile. "This is such an enjoyable event, so well done. Of course, I shouldn't be surprised."

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Maggie, Sir Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, Princess Fluffy Tube leave, following Gerrick.

Maggie, Sir Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, Princess Fluffy Tube arrive, following Gerrick.

Alis checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 27 lower.

Sorrel shouts from nearby, "PIN THAT STINGER!"

"Go, Princess Alis!" Zara shouts, cupping her mouth as though to disguise her voice. But everyone can tell it's her.

Esme glances down to her shoes. "Well this is a mess." Then she tips her head to the side, "But it looks rather sweet." She balances on her right foot and invents the hokey pokey trying to get the cake off her left foot. Then she puts her right foot in and shakes that one all about too. She will step back some to cheer on the others as they attempt it. A moment before she will attempt to swing over towards Adalyn and Mabelle to offer them hugs, again, this could be anyone nearby too. All the hugs. All the people.

Maggie, Sir Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, Princess Fluffy Tube leave, following Gerrick.

"The doctrine of Limerance calls on me not to lie to you, Duke Cristoph. But I'll try." Once he's all blindfolded and someone has put a stinger in his hand, Hamish makes his way over toward the bee. Once or twice he pivots the wrong direction, but eventually he's headed straight for it. In fact, he's got the pointer going entirely on target. This is going to happen, folks! This is IT! Then Sorrel shouts at him to pin that stinger and he looks around to find the voice. "I'm going to!" Suddenly concerned he's about to trip over something the archlector holds his non-stinging hand up, finds the bee and then pushes the stinger home. Right into the back of his hand. "Ow." And, "Ow. Ow." Also, "Shit, ow." He pulls off his blindfold, looks at his pierced hand and says, "That could have gone better. But it could have gone worse."

Gerrick has joined the line.

Mabelle narrows her eyes at Esme, avoiding her subtly, "Bzz, honeysilk, dont stain it", she winks to her, walking to Hamish, "Well do not hurt yourselves!", she glances at him and observes his hands, "Are you bleeding?"

Alis just knows she's going to pin that stinger nowhere near the right spot. But gamely, she steps up when it's her turn to be blindfolded and handed something sharp and pointy. "Oh, this is going to be fun!" Famous last words, of course. Ready, aim - who made this stupid bee so far off the ground!? She has force behind the swing, and it takes her right under the bee. Her frown, and furrow of brow can be seen even with the blindfold, and in return, she stabs upward. One stinger in the bee belly. And a disdainful sniff.

"Lady Mabelle!" Cristoph calls, "Can you please check Blessed Hamish's HAND?" He looks frankly... horrified but also somewhat impressed? Either way, he's pinching the bridge of his noise and gesturing for Alis. Something is muttered to her before he's finished getting her a blindfold and a stinger. "Please don't stab yourself or anyone." Then the next person is up!

Turn in line: Akamos

Akamos checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Turn in line: Caprice

Mabelle calls back, "I'm on it!". Why is everyone yelling?!

"To be fair, Duke Cristoph, you only asked me not to kill people, you didn't say I couldn't maim myself." Hamish holds out his hand for Mabelle. It's not bleeding bad! Hopefully they cleaned the stingers. "I've had worse. A donkey once murdered me, you know."

Unfortunately, Margerie has a headache and seeks out Norwood to let him know. Being a loving husband, he escorts her home.

"I'm glad you were able to uphold the doctrine of Limerance," Cristoph calls back.

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Bayberry, an Oakhaven juvenile bloodhound, Steadfast, a dunskin stallion courser, Bumbling Bees from a Clement bee hive leave, following Norwood.

The Second, 2 Clement trained guards, Norwood leave, following Margerie.

Cristoph is overheard praising Hamish: Thank you for your truth.

Eirene looks up as words of stabbing people are called out, she looks up from her dinner plate and raises her dark eyebrows as if waiting on something.

Talwyn has left the A FESTIVE DESSERT STAND.

Talwyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 43 higher.

Ryhalt winces as he watches all the various ways people fail to get the stinger in the right place, or even close. Leaning close to Mabelle he says, "I think you were right about the drinking... I think drunk people would do much better at this." Drunken blind people, what *worse* could happen?

"Eep, don't sting YOURSELF!" Sorrel protests, wincing at the Archlector. "That is not how games are supposed to go!"

Gerrick is watching everyone miss the bee, and is hoping that the bottle of bochet he is drinking will help his aim.

Caprice checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 17 lower.

Smiling broadly Akamos wraps the blindfold around his eyes and takes one of the daggers. It's very clear that he wasn't lying when he said he was no good with such things, he's holding it more like a butter knife than a dagger. He stops forward to where he certainly think the bee is, and lunges forward in an over exagerated manner, like a fencer, "Hah!" He has completely missed the bee, swinging at space next to it. The dagger clatters to the floor. He steps back away, tugging off the blindfold, he looks on his failures and laughs, "Told you so!"

Caprice starts off well enough when it's her turn - she's walking in the right direction. But it seems she's more concerned with keeping her other hand behind her back so as not to accidentally cheat! The stinger is raised hesitantly, she rears it back...


Right into the pole supporting the target. Broad sides of barns everywhere breathe sighs of relief, clearly safe from being hit by her anytime soon.

With the help of her girl, Mabelle quickly wraps Hamish's hand, murmuring, "I'm so sorry". This is going so horribly wrong. Lycene may poison but now everything will think Oathlanders stab people at their parties. At least its the hand and not the back. "Its fine, Lady Riven", she smiles to Eirene, "Enjoy yourself. Cupcake go get some more bandages just in case".

Turn in line: Drake

Caprice draws of the blindfold with a hopeful smile. It remains after studying her 'success,' and she looks aside to ask of Christoph, "...I don't suppose there's a boo-bee prize?"

Adalyn grins as Mabelle deftly manages to avoid Esme's hug. The Clement seems to have no such qualms about getting her outfit sticky and so she opens her arms to greet the Fidante noblewoman with a hug. "Good to see you, Lady Esme. How've you been - oh, ouch!" Her attention is momentarily riveted toward the game as it unfolds, wincing sympathetically when Hamish's pins it into his own hand. "Thank goodness for Lady Mabelle and her most capable healing skills."

Drake checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Cristoph snorts at the joke from Caprice and shakes his head, "I'm afraid not. I'm simply the line organizer," he says and smiles broadly. He's now stepped aside and is allowing the servants to help keep the line moving as he observes the many attempts to get a stinger in place.

Now that he has his lute tuned, Talwyn starts to work the crown, strumming the strings and weaving a story about the bees with his words as he sings along, encouraging those that are younger to join in and sing along. The song is uptempo and more than upbeat, a ditty of a song that is pleasant to listen to as he strums and entertains.

"One little honeybee by my window flew;
Soon came another - then there were two.
Two happy honeybees in the apple tree;
One more bee came buzzing up - then there were three.
Three busy honeybees starting to explore
Another bee came to help - then there were four.
Four laden honeybees flying to the hive;
They were joined by one more bee - then there were five.
Five tired honeybees with the others mix;
Now there's a swarm of them - a hundred times six."

Turn in line: Sorrel

Drake is also, it seems, not terribly lucky where it comes to this contest. He thinks he knows how to hold a knife, but he doesn't have it pointed quite in the right spot once he's blindfolded, and he misses the target totally. He can tell he passed it by, so he takes the blindfold off, and shakes his head.

Esme wraps Adalyn into a large hug and hops a bit. She will hold this otu as long as she can manage. Then she offers, "You look so beautiful and congrats and we should catch up. Did I mention how beauti.. oh shit." The words leave her lips as Hamish impales himself and then she watches the others. "This is a harder game than one might think." Her eyes slide towards Talwyn for a moment and she brightens. "You, still owe me a game." She then tucks herself near Adalyn for the moment.

Emberly checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 25 higher.

Sorrel checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 15, rolling 2 higher.

Sorrel checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 8 lower.

Turn in line: Emberly

While inline, the lady adds to Tal's words just a poetery lyric.

A swarm a hundred times Six
a busy honeybee dance, a dance to dance
to the flowers more suckling on the nector
forever more
honey oh honey oh honey delight
the three honeybees mingled til mornings light.

Emberly checked luck at difficulty 30, rolling 13 lower.

Eirene offers a thumbs up to Mabelle as Hamish is pronounced under control. She then murmurs something to the buffet as she plucks a flagon of mead for herself to wash down that ham. The woman, with her salt and pepper braids so neatly pinned and looking ladylike, is taking off her shoes, dammit.

Turn in line: Zara

Zara checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 2 higher.

Mabelle claps her hands, "Good effort, good effort!! You will get back at that bad queen next game!"

Emberly staggers as she tries to pin the bee onto the place it goes and she giggles a little a blush as she turns to peek at what she had done, before she quickly headed off to join the Princess

Turn in line: Sabella

Sabella checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 12 lower.

Turn in line: Gerrick

Gerrick checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 8 higher.

Tyche checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 19 lower.

Mabelle checked luck + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 14 lower.

Gerrick puts the blindfold on and is spun in circles, when they stop spinning him, he staggers a little to the left, then back to the right, then somehow manages to just sense the target and marches right into it. He feels something make contact, and removes the blindfold. "Aha! The drink has helped me!"

Sabella watches everyone else in giddy anticipation, laughing when they go off track and cheering when others don't go SO far off track! When it's her turn to get blindfolded she's hard to tie it around because she's bouncing so much. And as the dagger is handed to her, Elizabetta takes off at a dead run through the crowd. For her part, Sabella puts out one hand in front of her to make sure that she won't hit a person first. But that means that she's holding the dagger out to the side to be careful. In a crowd. So a lot of people are going to go home and find their new honeysilk outfits have inexplicable cuts in them. She tries to listen for Mabelle's voice, but ends up near Cristoph, driving the dagger with a sudden violence down into the table beside him and ruining a napkin, "DID I WIN?!"

Ophelia takes another sip of her drink as she watches those that are playing the current game. A little song is sung nearby and then Emberly adds to it, which then has the princess smiling at her protege and over at Talwyn. "That was lovely, both of you." And it happens to be Emberly's turn in the game, too! "Oh, good job! I probably would've fallen over..."

When it's her turn, Zara approaches the whole thing the way one would approach an actual spar. Her demeanor turns very serious as her blindfold is donned and she wields the dagger. She's not terribly used to using the weapon but she seems to be a little comfortable handling it. She holds it out and by sheer luck manages to end up right in front of the bee when she takes a swing. Her brows shoot up in surprise. "Oh! I got it?" She asks, swivelling around, her blindfold still on.

Esme is overheard praising Sabella.

Sorrel walks up to the bee blindfolded on her turn, stinger in hand. Quite confidently, she pins it EXACTLY where it needs to go. And then she knocks it off, the stinger clattering against the ground. She crouches for a moment until she finds it again, feeling around her feet until it is in her hand, and then she straightens and stabs it sharply into the wall, absolutely nowhere near the target.

Talwyn continues to strum away, not singing at the moment. Emberly's impromptu song has him grinning, and opening the floor to allow others to create lyrics as they see fit. Esme's comment to him has the Prince smirking. "I do, do I? Are you going to ask another impossible task?" he asks in amusement as he moves along.

Serapion slowly walks into the Laurent Mansion, barely able to hide his nerves. His left hand rests on the pommel of his scimitar as his hazel eyes scan about the room, looking for friendly faces and trying to identify any coats of arms that he can find. He slowly makes his way over to get some mead.

Tyche is totally not playing, but she might have mimed something in her corner testing how she could pin anything on anything, and she nearly knocks her drink over. Whoops.

Talwyn is overheard praising Cristoph.

Emberly shifts a little closer to Ophelia and she smiles to her when her eyes catch Talwyn and she flushes a little shade of red. She murmers to him softly before she draws a little breath. "Thank you Highness, I hope I did not overstep, I love poetry." she grins a little before she looks to Talwyn "I do know how to play the flute, maybe we could actually play together sometime?"

Talwyn is overheard praising Mabelle.

Talwyn is overheard praising Margerie.

Talwyn is overheard praising Norwood.

Either Adalyn has come to expect Esme's affectionate greetings or she simply doesn't mind exuberant hugs. Whatever the case, she seems perfectly happy to gather the other woman up in a big hug, then withdraw enough to give her a proper glance. "Thank you! And yes, we need to catch up soon. You tell me when you're free and I'll happily make time. Oh, GO, GERRICK!" The last is probably too close to poor Esme's ear for comfort as Adalyn notices how well the Clement retainer does and shouts accordingly.


Mabelle walks over to the queen bee, petting her head, "You are mad at the bee that made you miss, arent you? No you get your revenge!", she grins as a cart of snow pies is wheeled in. "You get to throw a snow pie at it, but the highest score is on the crown!".

Cassimir is overheard praising Mabelle.

"Surely, Lady Emberly. Have you ever considered the Bard's College? We are always looking to foster and grow new talent." Talwyn offers easily to the young Farshaw Lady as he watches the next event come out.

Esme cheers for Sabella with all the fangirl left in her, which is actually a lot. There's a whistle too but then.. well people do things. She turns to look at Talwyn for a moment and laughs more. However, her cheeks flush with color across the tops of them. "I did not think last time. I just spoke. This one will be.. well it will be." She winks and then winces at Adalyn's cheer. "Thanks..." Then she claps as well.

Emberly is overheard praising Talwyn: for a song at the honey fest

Drake has stepped out of the line and failed to get a win in that contest, but... can't win them all. There's pie, at the dessert stand, so... instead of worrying about that game, he goes and gets some of that instead. It's eating pie, not throwing pie.

Serapion gets Bochet, a caramelized mead in a painted ceramic jug from DOOR TOKEN CHEST.

Eirene lets out a long sigh. "I throw like my five year olds do," she says with a scowl. "Ah well. I'm for a stroll, in for a march."

Cristoph stabs away from Sabella when she drives that dagger into the table so close to him, he winces. "No..." he says quietly and pulls his arm back to himself. When Mabelle makes her announcement about people throwing pies full of snow, he steps slooowly away. "GOOD LUCK." He doesn't want to be hit, so he's going to stand over here.

"What's the next game?" Gerrick is looking at his bottle of bochet, and realizing that it is near empty. "Oh, no. My helper drink is low. Mush finds shome more..."

Serapion makes his way over to Marquessa to give Lady Sorrel's dog a pat on the head. He quietly mulls over his mead as he looks about at the ongoing chaos and excitement of the event.

Mabelle smiles to Serapion, "Oh hello! You missed the first part but do participate for fun in the second!"

Talwyn is overheard praising Alis.

Eirene checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 1 lower.

Serapion jerks his head when Mabelle speaks to him and gives her an uneasy smile. "Yes, I'm sorry I was late." He says. "I'm Sir Serapion." He offers a bony, gloved hand to Mabelle.

Alis checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Drake checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 higher.

Caprice checked dexterity + archery at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Zara checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 7 lower.

Sir Rhys, a Valardin Knight, Laurene, a military adjutant, 6 Valardin Knights leave, following Alis.

Ryhalt checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 5 lower.

Sorrel checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 22 higher.

Gerrick checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 4 lower.

Eirene lobs away! And it just barely sails over the head of the crown, BARELY missing. She's less annoyed this time and manages a laugh. "Yep. Throw like my son, badly."

Snow pies! Ranged aggression! Whoosh! Oof. Caprice gets nowhere close, but at least nobody got beaned. Laughing, she backs away so she doesn't end up as anybody else's accidental target.

Esme checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 6 higher.

Drake picks up one of the smaller pies, and throws it, which... seems to be a pretty good toss, all things considered. He then looks over at the man talking to Belle, and shrugs. "Just a pie throwing contest." He decides it wasn't a bad toss. "So you're a knight, also?" he asks Serapion.

Adalyn checked dexterity + small wpn at difficulty 30, rolling 3 higher.

Hamish checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 7 higher.

Sorrel gets herself a snow pie to toss at the bee with great enthusiasm. Great enthusiasm.

In fact, Cristoph actually walks right on out of the hall while this is happening. Dodododo.

2 Valardin Knights leaves, following Cristoph.

Cassimir checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 27 lower.

Serapion gives Drake a nod. "Yes, Sir." He answers. "Newly knighted in service to House Thrax. Afraid I'm not used to being around so many nobles at once." He says. "First time for everything I suppose. But right now I'm just trying to focus on figuring out what's going on."

Ryhalt waits for his turn, though he isn't out for revenge, he's just there to make a mess. Grinning he tosses his pie towards the bee, just missing so the pie splatters on whatever is behind it. Oops?

Gerrick looks at the target and tosses the snow pie in the right direction, per say, though it ends up going long and wide.

Kael conveniently receives a missive and also is working on traveling from the hall. He's taking that scenic route following the edge of the wall rather then cutting through all that snow pie tossing.

Vern, 2 Keaton Huntsmen, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Kael.

Talwyn checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 37 higher.

Brigid checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 4 higher.

Talwyn continues to strum, staying well out of the line of fire as he entertains instead of throwing snow pies around.

"Can I try again?" Gerrick asks, looking around to see if there's more mead that he can snag first, as it is obviously that he is out of mead that caused the snow pie to go that way.

Mabelle draws her hand over her face for a moment. Laughing helplessly as she steps to the cart, collecting a pie, she'll show them how its done. Maybe.

Mabelle checked dexterity + manipulation at difficulty 30, rolling 9 higher.

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Cristoph.

Somehow Cristoph walks back in a way that he didn't exit. So weird. He has several bundles that he's brought with him, helpfully carried by Rupert.

After issuing her challenge to Cassimir, Brigid eases from where she'd settled quiet near the food to collect a pie. Testing the weight, it's hurled as effectively as possible.

Serapion checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 16 lower.

"A lot of chaos. It's one of those parties with the games in it." Drake dusts his hands off, getting some pie off his fingers. "I'm a knight myself, from Wyrmguard formerly. Drake Wyvernheart, now. Good to meet you." But since Serapion may also be involved in pie throwing he takes a step back so as not to get any on him.

Ophelia sips the last of her drink after the games are finished and then gives Emberly's hand a gentle squeeze. "I'm afraid I must be getting back to the Velenosa estate. I'll see you again soon, Lady Emberly. Have fun tonight!" With that said, the archeress princess stands up and makes her way out of the main hall with a clack, clack, clack, of her pointy heels.

Sabella pulls off her blindfold and is instantly dismayed to find she has only stabbed a bee napkin and not in fact the bee she was supposed to, "Oh well, it could have been worse," she assures Cristoph, moving away from the pie throwing as well once the dagger has been taken from her, "There is a reason why Elizabetta only has half a pinky and it is a dire story involving a butter knife."

Esme is overheard praising Mabelle.

Serapion has barely any idea what he's doing, but is clearly trying his best to throw a pie that goes wide. "Serapion Eldoris, a pleasure to meet you as well." He replies. "And you say that like I've ever attended one of these parties. Afraid the life of a scholar is a much quieter one than this."

Esme is overheard praising Cristoph.

Gerrick is overheard praising Mabelle.

Talwyn is overheard praising Ophelia.

Drake is overheard praising Mabelle.

Ophelia has left the a comfortable ivory leather and mahogany wooden sofa.

Robyn, an artful archeress, 2 House Velenosa Guards leave, following Ophelia.

Cassimir walks straight over to the pie-toss and bends to collect one of his own. A doubtful look is shared with Brigid. The pie is weighed in his hand a moment while he observes the target, then pulled back over his shoulder and launched forward with all the might he possesses. Not much, honestly.

Cassimir checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 30, rolling 25 lower.

Cassimir shrugs his weak, sad shoulders and walks back to the table.

Kastelon arrives from without, making sure not to be tracking too much snow with him.... And pauses as he comes into the tumult within the party, looking about as if trying to get his bearings. Though the flying pies definitely draw his attention and he moves over in that direction, eschewing anything else for the moment, to see why it is that they're flying...

Once the great hall has turned into a complete battle scene with blood, honey and snow everywhere, Mabelle sits by one of the stands, nibbling on a crumpet. Because this is all Cristoph's responsibility, really.

"Yes, I could have had matching hands with Arlechtor Hamish," Cristoph retorts cheerfully to Sabella as he moves around the room. He steps in a puddle of melting snow and shakes it off of his nice shoes with a small laugh. He has one package under his and steps around someone that's utterly covered in snow. "At least the clean up process is partially underway," he decides, stopping by one particular cluster of people to tap someone on the shoulder.

Adalyn was too busy stuffing her face with desserts during the first game, but when the opportunity to lob snow pies arises, she's not one to miss out. She selects a pie from the cart and heaves it toward the intended target. It's not a strong throw and lands a little off-target, but this doesn't seem to diminish her enjoyment in any way. A messenger bearing a missive seems to be calling her attention elsewhere, so she calls out, "Thank you for the event, Lady Mabelle, Duke Cristoph!" It's not QUITE a shout, but even if it were, Norwood's no longer present to hear it. To Michael, she waves in an attempt to grab his attention and, if successful, makes a series of gestures from afar intended to indicate 'must go, but let's spar soon'. Who knows if he can decipher her meaning.

Drake looks over to his side, seeing Gerrick, giving him a nod. "...Did you throw a pie in all this? I think mine hit pretty close on, but Sorrel's looked a bit better."

Emberly looks to Talwyn "Highness, would you mind walking me out?" she asks quietly "after your next song of course?" she asks him as the Princess just left her table.

Gerrick has happily found more mead, /not that it was really that hard to do/ and is standing off to the side cheering on the slinging of pies that appear to be going everywhere but where they are aiming them to go. He nods to Drake, "Aye, I, um, tossed a pie that general direction." He waves in the most vaguest of directions towards the target.

As Cristoph passes Tyche, there's a moment she catches, and she laughs. Calling after him as the Duke moves off to continue to be the social butterfly, "I couldn't stay away!" She lifts her honey mead, and her attention drifts back to those she has made her circle for the evening.

With the event winding down, Talwyn finally puts away his instrument as he gets a request from Lady Emberly. Pausing in his play, he chuckles. "I believe that things are coming to a close," he admits as he slings his lute. "I would be honored to provide you an escort." He makes his farewells and turns to Emberly, his arm offered to her. "Lead away, my Lady."

As Cristoph is getting ready to announce the winners, Mabelle smiles to Tyche, "I'm glad you have come this evening. It has been so long since I last saw you. Lord Cassimir, I pray you are having a good time?". A nod follows at something Ryhalt says to her.

Emberly checked charm + etiquette at difficulty 15, rolling 15 higher.

Pining after armor that might have allowed her to move better, Brigid kicks a foot out at the emerald swirl of deep forest skirts as if that was the real reason for why her pie was askew. But then there is Cassimir's throw and a hand raise to cover her mouth, glancing over to the Inverno with laughing eyes as body shook to try and contain a musical trill. Slowly, the Dragoon glides back to take a seat which causes her to lean in and give Mabelle's shoulder a squeeze in friendly greet before plopping down to reclaim her mead, "Well, Lord Inverno, we may need to work on that arm."

"Lady Mabelle," Tyche glances up from her conversation with Eirene and Liara, beaming at the woman. "It has been entirely too long. Lord Cassimir told me you invited him to this event, so of course I demanded to be his escort." She looks after him as he's gone off with Brigid to throw pies. "But I don't think he needs me any longer." And she looks entirely pleased to have been replaced, too.

Being in an introduction mood, Drake nods to Gerrick, adding, "Drake, by the way. I seem to be meeting a few new folk this week at these events. I guess that's why they have them."

Emberly smiles and she smiles a bit offering her arm to the Prince she moves with him elegantly, her eyes look to his briefly and she smiles charmingly. The Lady shifts her feet ever so slightly so that the honeysilk around her is flaunted just so.

Emberly has left the a comfortable ivory leather and mahogany wooden sofa.

Zephirine, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Talwyn.

Talwyn leaves, following Emberly.

After Cristoph is done possibly menacing someone (it was Tyche), he moves along and finds a dry patch of the room to stand in. "I'm sorry, I had to step out for a moment. But Rupert here was keeping the combined score of the two games very diligently this entire time. He tells me that first place is going to Princess Sorrel, six bolts of honeysilk! Master Gerrick is our second place winner, taking home six bolts of Artshall velvet and..." Cristoph pauses and stares at Rupert. "Really? Are you sure? Well. Rupert says that despite Archlector Hamish stabbing his own hand earlier in the evening, he's managed to secure a third place win. I imagine he threw those snow pies most expertly despite his grievous injury! I have some exotic pelt for you, please." And then the servants go along, handing things out.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brigid before departing.

Esme is overheard praising Hamish.

Esme is overheard praising Sorrel.

Esme is overheard praising Gerrick.

Joy, the advisor of roses leaves, following Esme.

Mabelle is overheard praising Sorrel: Excellent Throw

Gerrick looks Drake over, twice actually, once quickly down, then slowly back up to meet his eyes. "Gerrick Bradshaw, a pleasure to meet you."

Zara checked charm + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 57 higher.

Mabelle is overheard praising Gerrick: Blindingly delightful

Mabelle is overheard praising Hamish: Heals quickly! I hope!

Eirene is overheard praising Hamish.

Zara is overheard praising Mabelle.

Eirene is overheard praising Sorrel.

Zara is overheard praising Cristoph.

Ryhalt claps as the winners are announced and prizes distributed. He smiles and goes to fetch himself another mead as the party is wrapping up.

Sorrel is excited about honeysilk and she looks delighted. "Do let me know if I need to throw a chair at someone. The Archlector has gotten me learning all about using larger weapons than I usually do," she notes brightly.

Eirene is overheard praising Gerrick.

Eirene is overheard praising Mabelle.

"Oh. Well congratulations to you." As he won the contest, or at least second place. Drake gestures in that direction. "That stuff is expensive, so you earned it."

Mabelle is overheard praising Cristoph: The Best Honey Duke.

Eirene is overheard praising Cristoph.

There are, at the very least, familiar faces by the pie toss, and so it's towards them that he's moving. That low chuckle that strays from him, as he's coming up quietly behind Gerrick, even as he's talking to others and there's a clearing of his throat behind his old friend. "Finding yourself a new weapon of choice, Gerrick?"

Cassimir does not bother to sit back down at the table just yet, but immediately reaches for his mug of mead and tilts it back, drinking as much as he can without making himself sick. Turns out that's all of it. The empty vessel is set gingerly back down, making a hollow sound, and he turns to Tyche to say, "I should have just remained here, where it's safe." A smile brightens his face for a brief moment, and then his voice rings out in a familiar voice. His attention shifts to Lady Mabelle. "Yes, very much, thank you. I only wish I had attempted the first game instead of this latter one. Alas, I must be content with everyone knowing my weakness." At that, he turns to nod once to Brigid, an acceptance of her offer. "It seems I must if I'm going to compete at the next festival."

"Please, Princess Sorrel. These chairs are very dear to me," Cristoph says to her when she suggests they might be weapons.

Hamish eyes Sorrel, entirely aware of how handy the Bladesong is with a martial chair.

Mabelle beams brightly at Brigid, "I did not see you there. Hello!". She claps her hands happily, "Congratulations to all the winners. Please feel free to remain and mingle and eat. Eat!". After that she makes her way to Liara, "Princess, are you enjoying yourself?"

Mabelle also adds to Cassimir, "I do hope you enjoyed the food at least!"

Michael has left the A FESTIVE DESSERT STAND.

Michael has joined the a whimsical queen dire bee on a pole.

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Zara has joined the a whimsical queen dire bee on a pole.

Michael checked dexterity + performance at difficulty 15, rolling 11 higher.

Seated near to Tyche, Liara offers up a warm smile to Mabelle. "I am. There is /so much honey/. I came expecting a lot of honey, but it still surprised me. Are you having fun with it all?"

Gerrick is too, enchanted by the /conversation/ to realize that his name is called out as a winner of one of the contests. Instead, he just dreamingly stands next to Drake, "Sorry, I won something?"

"Remaining where it is safe is hardly ever the fun path," Tyche replies to Cassimir, shaking her head. "I'm glad you tried, and failed our house, and brought dishonor on us for a lifetime to come. I'm not sure the Inverno will be able to show their faces around these parts anytime soon." She flashes a grin to Mabelle at her jest, and then observes, "Lady Eirene was explaining to us the many bountiful uses of honey."

Serapion nods to Gerrick. "It would appear so. Might want to claim your prize before someone else does!" He jokes.

Michael and Zara meander off towards...while the space around the big giant Queen Dire Bee. To turn and offer his hand out to her because clearly theres music and clearly there will be dancing for those who aren't attempting to bloody each other with snowpies and rocks and things.

Eirene laughs at Gerrick. "Did yourself second place. Congrats. You get fancy fabrics for a new suit." She gives a dry wink to him as she sips her mead. " I didn't mention the flaming honey," she insists to Mabelle. "Just... other... uses." There's a dirty grin at that.

Caprice takes a bit of time to sample some of the refreshments! And then, regrettably, it's time to start the rounds of farewells, thanks directed especially to the hosts before she departs.

Mabelle admits to Liara, "Overwhelmed by the turnout but aye, I'm having fun", she turns to Eirene and Tyche, "Yes it is a bountiful element, honey. I hear that Master Orick is producing a lot of balms and other things out of Laurent honey. Hopefully we can collaborate soon", she then lowers her voice and reveals to the three, "Lately with all the babies, I've been using the wax as ear plugs"

"Fabric. All that velvet... and silk now, not to be outdone, comes from Artshall." Drake chuckles at it, nodding to Gerrick. "You can make something with it I'm sure. I had a bit of a hand in the honeysilk process, believe it or not, so suddenly I became an expert." He looks at Eirene as she steps up, smiling at her comment.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Once they get to the 'dancefloor', Zara seems to move fluidly, intending to shift to Oathlands Style dances. Which is apt given where they are. Luckily she managed to avoid the brunt of the pie throwing, though one could probably spot a bit of cream on a bit of her dress.

Gerrick turns around, almost out of his trance, to Kastelon. "Kas, the mead helped me win some velvet!"

Serapion approaches Sorrel and gives her an ever practiced bow. "My Lady, a pleasure to see you again. I must thank you and Alexis for the armour. How much do I owe you?"

Ryhalt makes a round of the room, saying farewells, before he heads for the front door.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brigid before departing.

Drake notices Kastelon being spoken to, and turns and nods to him. "Ah, good to see you again, too. Welcome to the party."

Ryhalt has left the A FESTIVE DRINK STAND.

"And here, I thought it'd take mead to get you to wear velvet," Kastelon says back to Gerrick with an absolutely straight face, save for the faintest of a twitch at the corner of his lips. And then the slight smile to make clear it's a bit of a tease, before there's the nod to Drake. "Good to see you again, as it's been a while. And thank you."

"You owe me nothing, Sir Serapion," Sorrel replies with a little shake of her head. "Come, let me introduce you to my friends, the Laurent family." She moves to take Serapion's arm and guides him towards the hostess. "Lady Mabelle, let me introduce one of my newest knights. This is Sir Serapion Eldoris. Sir Serapion, Lady Mabelle Laurent, our hostess for this evening."

Hamish has left the A FESTIVE DESSERT STAND.

"Send some to Lord Martino and Lady Kaia Malvici, would you," Eirene asks of Mabelle regarding wax earplugs. "Their daughter Aresenia has lungs like a battle field commander. Namely, me." She barks a laugh at her not so modest comparison.

"You seemed to have...oh. Right. Oathlands. Seemed to have won through the pie contest with relative ease." Michael takes up Zara's hip and hand and he'll let her take the first few steps before he follows along to pull her through the rest.

Mabelle beams brightly at Sorrel as she approaches, "Congratulations upon winning, Princess. That was an impressive throw. The Queen is humbled", she indicates the bee behind her. Then her eyes move to Serapion, "Well met, Sir Serapion. I did not know the Princess has an army of knights. She has been hiding them from me! I hope you are having fun". She winks to Eirene, "Will do".

Serapion quickly gives Mabelle another bow, stiff and formal. "A pleasure to meet you, my Lady. And my apologies for arriving to the party late. It seems I've missed all the fun. And the Princess hasn't hidden any army from you. I was only knighted recently. By luck, if you ask me." He says with a shrug. "But I digress. It's a pleasure to be here. I can't say I've seen so much honey in my entire life!"

Having said her farewells to those she was sitting near, Liara slips on out of the hall.

Liara has left the A FESTIVE ENTREE STAND.

"I am the Knight Commander of the Order of East Light, a group of seafaring knights of all fealties," Sorrel explains to Mabelle with a serious nod, smiling at her easily. "It is a duty I have accepted from Princess Coraline Thrax. We will be working with the Templars to aid in the Saffron Chain."

"Oh, my throwing was atrocious." Zara says ruefully. "But the bee and the dagger was a surprise. It's almost enough to make me want to use them more. But without blind luck, that would be a disaster."

Tyche seems to be leaving the small group at the entree stand, with a little wave, she turns to search out Cristoph. Spying the man, she weaves a path toward him. "A wonderful event, Duke Cristoph. And not a stitch of honey on either of us." The last is said after she sweeps her gaze over the man. "That's a success, right?"

Eirene hides a yawn behind her hand. "I should slip home and get off my feet soon." She grabs some of the desserts and has them wrapped to go. "For the kids," she says, lying through her teeth. Maybe.

Gerrick laughs, "Yes, I'll have to find something to do with it." He has his typical devilish sly grin on his face as he drinks the mead. Then takes a step back as to be able to chat with both Drake and Kastelon. "Drake, you said that you had a hand in making the silk?"

Mabelle wiggles her fingers as people begin to slip out, thanking them for their presence. "A pleasure then, Sir Serapion. Perhaps if you visit Artshall, it is the only way I can have this outdone". She then saves face with Sorrel, "I knew that. I totally knew that", she shifts her eyes, tapping her glass of virgin apple cider. For shame, Mabelle, for shame. "You can take my carriage, Lady Riven", she calls toward Eirene.

Having made sure that all of the prize materials were suitably distributed, Cristoph is taking another glass of mead up. Likely just his second! He brings it to his lips and takes a sip, a smile crossing his face when he hears Tyche speaking to him. "Thank you," he replies. He glances down at his outfit and then over to hers. "Normally I would say so. But I've heard recently that's really a matter of personal opinion."

"A little, yes. When Belle said she was interested in starting up a new project... I thought it might be a chance to apply some management skills." Drake gets some mead for himself, while he's chatting. He's remarkably too sober for this evening and that really should change. Once that's in hand, he continues speaking. "I never really took to leadership before, but, she insisted I could handle the job."

Serapion gives Mabelle a small smile. "We shall see what the future has in store for me. I'm not sure it's as sweet as this." He teases. "Again, I thank you for a wonderful party. Even if I seem have to missed most of it. Still, it was certainly a new experience on my end. And hopefully not the last."

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