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Assembly of Peers - August 1016 AR

The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


Nov. 19, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Felicia Cesare Grady Eirene Ivy Thea Denica Rook Saccharin Felix Lisebet Raven Ember Sonnet Preston Dante Desiree Khanne Pasquale Donella Sirius Victus Duarte Alis Jaenelle Tesha Liara Noah Sydney Natasha Smile Romulius Gaspar Kael Jasher Gio Zoey



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log

Felicia is unhurried in her prowl over to the Commoner's benches, a respectful bow offered in the direction of the Voices of the Realm before she settles herself into place. Attention going over the gathering.

The Softest Whisper slips into the Assembly of Peers murmuring softly to Gio, and returning graciously the various nods and greetings he receives as he walks through the crowded space to take a seat at the commoners' benches without any further ado. He spots Saccharin at the Grayson benches from across the room and straightens a bit, raising a hand to her in a cheerful wave. Probably looking to see if she has any Mysterious Boxes with her.

Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery arrives, following Zoey.

Zoey has joined the Thrax Benches.

Jeeves, a sophisticated valet , 7 Silvershields arrive, following Rook.

There's a soft crinkle coming from a packet of waxed paper in Grady's hands as he, as quietly as he can (which turns out to be not quite quiet enough) plucks a small piece of candied ginger from within and pops it in his mouth just as he takes a seat at the House Grayson bench.

Eirene makes her way to the seat for the Graysons, folio tucked under her arm. She settles in, nods to the luminaries, and then crosses her legs at her ankles as she waits to hear the presentations this time around.

Ivy arrives on her own, quickly making her way to the Valardin benches to find a seat. There's a brief pause at the Grayson benches to offer a greeting to Eirene before she hurries along to settle in.

Thea has come early. Because she hates being late. Flask at hip and note pad in hand, she goes to sit within the Valardin benches. Writing messages to certain princess via signage.

Arriving with her sketchbook tucked under the crook of her arm, Denica wears a stern expression that matches her dress. The severe gown will not doubt make the couple hours sitting down a challenge, but still she navigates it towards the Thrax benches. Her eyes cannot help but sweep the room, taking in a few familiar faces along the way. There are silent shared smiles before she settles in next to one of her unsuspecting cousins. The book is placed on her lap and she is fishing around for a piece of charcoal. It's tucked into the folds of her skirt. A little broken, she holds it up, as though to say, that will do. Then she turns her attention to whoever has the ...fortune of being next to her.

Evensong, a twittering songbird arrives, delivering a message to Cesare before departing.

Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings. It seems all Lou does these days is attend meetings, sometimes of the personal nature and sometimes of the public. And look! Here she is attending yet another meeting, although strangely enough the legendary explorer is not just attending, but /chairing/ this particular meeting. And boy does she look out of her element! She's basically an ever moving fidget box as she stands at the head of the Assembly table. Story time at the explorer's hall? No problem. Attending meetings about some problem that needs to be solved? Great! Chat about an unusual exploration that needs to take place? Absolutely perfect! But be in charge of a big public meeting where all eyes of the realm are watching you? That is not on Lou's chart of ideal things to do or places to be. But she's taking one for the team, and has a stack of notes gathered before her basically on the do's and don'ts of chairing such a meeting. Is that sweat on her brow? Maybe, possibly a little bit.

"Good evening and thank you for coming," Lou mumbles at first, and then repeats herself in a louder and clearer voice, her cheeks flushing a bit. "We've gathered her tonight so that the High Lords of the Realm can report on any general business they feel the public should know, as well as listen to any concerns from the peers. There are no agenda items this evening, as no one has stepped forward to say they have any issues, so once the general reports are given, the floor will be opened the public to come forward to address the peers. Remember, if you are a commoner with an issue, please seek a noble to help give you some floor time." She then glances over at Felix, giving him a thumbs up and a bright smile, and then says, "We'll first open the meeting with a convocation from the Faith. Archlector Felix, if you please?" Yeah. Lou is totally out of her element here. Give her a mountain to climb, all covered in snow or a wide open ocean to travel any day compared to this!

Coming entirely to observe, Rook finds his way to the section designated for those of his station, and has a seat.

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As it happens Saccharin arrived with no mysterious boxes, and she looks more than a little put out by it, probably having to have left them outside. The elven Ambassador makes her way across the room, her skirt dragging on the floor behind her yet somehow not inhibiting her movement. She doesn't make her way to the Commoner balcony though but rather, the Grayson benches. The peers sat there eye her with suspicion and confusion - clearly this is not where she's meant to be. Yet she doesn't seem to notice, her gaze landing on Lou as she speaks.

Having arrived early so that he could settle in and watch the arrival of those who come - and where they go, Felix stands and offers a faint smile across the room, before lifting one hand to get attention. Once he has it, that hand falls down, joining the other at his waist.

"Peers and Faithful of Arvum - we come together under the light of the Pantheon. May we endeavor to keep Their ideals in mind as we proceed, that the work that we do continue to build upon the foundation that was laid long ago. Let us face all that might come, working together as the Compact we name ourselves, and emerge the stronger for it with the Faith that helps to guide us through. Under the eyes of the Sentinel, let all who abide within be graced by the light of the Gods, and be protected by the holy sacrament of Sanctuary. Until this Assembly be lawfully dismissed, to shed blood or begin violence on this ground will be the darkest sin, and shall be punished accordingly. We ask the Gods of the Pantheon to bless all present, and these proceedings. May Vellichor's wisdom guide the choices made here today. We pray to Limerance, that any oaths this evening be held true. In Gild's name, we extend guest rights to our visitors. May the Gods look on this Assembly with favor, and bless our choices this day."

Waiting a few moments more, before he offers a small bow to the room as a whole, reclaiming his seat and settling in.

Lisebet arrives with no fanfare, finds herself a seat and listens quietly. She's mostly here to listen today, truthfully.

Lisebet has joined the Grayson Benches.

Raven's verdant gaze sweeps across those gathered across the sea of faces, making note of those she recognizes-and those who seem to be missing from the event. She lowers her gaze with suitable reverence during the invocation of the faith befor her gaze lifts once more and resumes taking a mental head count.

Ember Redreef, Crimson Countess of Redreef Shores, makes one concession to the heat of the summer, and only one. She's dressed in shadowmeld, almost exclusively -- the only articles /not/ hewn from darker-than-midnight leather are her jewelry; all star iron, gold, Calderan bloodstone, et cetera. Her form-fitting armor normally leaves only her head and her hands exposed. This brings us to her concession to the summer heat: between the end of her shadowmeld eupaulette skirt and the beginning of her high-on-the-leg shadowmeld boots are twin expanses of tanned, bare, battle-scarred thighs. Marching into the Thrax benches with her hands clasped behind her back, this somehow makes Ember look even more ready for a fight, rather than even a little coquettish.

Sonnet could have been wandering by. Maybe she heard it on the wind, this grand event the whole city seemed to stop for. Or maybe she followed a smell; it's anyone's guess. Either way, when she arrives to the Assembly, her eyes rove over the many gathered and alight upon none other than the illustrious, sublime, fickle figure of-

"Saccharine Martha Spider-ticks!" she coos as she takes a seat right next to the other Nox'alfar. "Splendid to see you! You know, I haven't once caught you the entire time I've been in the Queen's city! What's it been, eighty-seven years-" Her voice trails off as she drops it to confine the conversation to a more appropriate volume.

Saccharin checks composure at daunting. Saccharin is successful.

There is a prayer, which means Preston has to get up from the Faith benches to kneel, the scabbard-enclosed Crusader held in front of him with its point to the ground as his lips move in silent prayer.

Arriving with his usual languid stride, Dante glances about the hall before making his way unhurriedly to the Lyceum benches. Once there, he offers a bow in Jaenelle's direction before taking a seat with a jangle of diamondplate and various kinds of jewelry metals. A slightly uncomfortable flicker of the eyes towards Saccharine and Sonnet before his attention returns to the matters at hand.

Lou gives an appreciative nod in Felix's direction. "Thank you, Archlector Felix." She then turns to the room and starts to say something else and looks positively stunned for a moment as Sonnet coos to Saccharin. It takes her a second to collect her wits, and once she turns she says. "We'll first open with House Thrax and any business they have to address to the peers." She glances to Victus.

It is the first Assembly of Peers in quite some time for Lady Desiree Wyrmguard. The noblewoman makes her way towards the Valardin benches with a swish of violet silks about her legs. Quietly dipping into a seat, she greets those present in a soft hush.

Khanne rises for the Convocation, running her hands down her sides to smooth her gown. She lowers her head as Felix speaks. When he finishes, she lifts her gaze and looks around with a small smile, perhaps something in her thoughts bringing it about, before she retakes her seat.

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Pasquale has taken up a place at the Lyceum benches from where he calmly watches the various nobles, and commoners, enter the chamber. As Felix is called to speak his attention dutifully shifts that way.

Donella bows her head in deference, politely to reflect on the benediction and threads her fingers together in an orderly collection of digits, and murmurs her own prayers on the theme. Her dark eyes lid heavily, and she moves very little as it becomes Thrax's turn.

Sirius's slouching ceases as many more figures of importance filter in, his loose-jointed and rangy form coming angularly together across that chair as legs loosen feet to the ground and shoulders roll to adjust his arms dignifiedly to the sides, their hands at an overlap on his abdomen. A long neck seats a cruelly cold bearing, one that now centers upon Felix with pitiless and glassy expectations.

It's not unusual for Victus to look unhappy. Yet somehow, the High Lord sat upright in his seat seems to in an /advanced/ state of irritation. He is not ostensibly dressed, wearing his usual ceremonial cuirass and snakeskin greatcoat. When he rises, his arms fold behind his back, right hand clasped upon his left wrist. "House Thrax has nothing of great significance to bring before the Assembly. However, while we have the floor..." His head tilts, a barely perceptible nod toward the Thrax benches. "We find the troubles that House Helianthus faces are deeply disappointing."

Now he turns his head fully, a narrow glare facing the peerage of the Isles. "We hope that those who owe Helianthus fealty rediscover their wisdom, and support the rightful ruler of Sungreet. Duke Trevor Helianthus." He's silent for a few moments, not yet making to sit back down. After the silence has had time to acclimate itself, the Prince lets out a sigh and sits back down. He nods toward Lou, appreciatively.

Eirene wears her usual slight smirk of amusement at the two elves. When the blessing is invoked she nods her head to give a general sort of agreement at the sentiment. Thrax speaks and she gives another nod to Victus' commentary.

Raven blink-blink-blinks. Her eyebrows shoot up to nearly her hairline and her head cants to the side as she watches Victus address the assembly.

Lou inclines her head to Victus as he gives her the nod, giving him a grave nod of her own to acknowledge his words. She then glances down at her notes, pulling a sheaf of paper away from the others. "House Pravus sends its regrets that it could not send any official representatives tonight. They did, however, offer a report that they have no new business or concerns to bring before the peerage." She then glances over to Alis. "We'll hear from House Valardin next." She gives Alis an encouraging smile.

Ember eventually finds her seat next to Zoey. When Victus speaks and glares out toward the peerage of the Isles, Ember stares right back at Victus. Her expression somehow grows more unfriendly, which, if you don't know Ember, is actually a feat, because her default 'everything is fine' face is, on any other person, an 'I'm furious with you because I caught you stealing from me' face.

Duarte confirms this from the Setarcan benches with a thumbs up.

Alis gives Lou a nod of thanks as she rises from her seat to address the Assembly. "House Valardin also has nothing to report to the Assembly at this time." Without any further ado, she sits back down. Keeping it simple from the Oathlands today.

Preston is overheard praising Victus: He speaks strongly of the duty found in the bindings of Limerance and fealty. May his errant vassals hear his words, and not choose poorly.

Lisebet listens to the Thrax report thoughtfully, quietly. She glances around to see the reactions of others, curiously. She might also be murmuring quietly to those nearby but she's not doing anything at all to interrupt the proceedings. She sits up a bit to hear Alis' report, and lets her breath out softly as there is no news.

The Islander peers are silent while Victus speaks, some nod their heads in firm approval that he's addressed the elephant in the room. Some keep their features impassive, keen to show as little of their personal opinions on this matter as possible. The tension is palpable.

The reaction from the rest of the peers in the room is unanimous support. With a smattering of murmurs about traitors and some light applause, giving the High Lord encouraging head nods.

Lou gives Alis a nod of her head, "Thank you." She then looks to Jaenelle. "Does the Lyceum have anything new concerns or updates to give the peerage?" The more the meeting progresses, with things going swimmingly so far, she seems to ease into the cadence of asking folk their business.

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Jaenelle stands from the table, offering a smile to those upon the benches before the High Lords, "for the last six years I have stood as Regent to the Lyceum Throne. I have stood before those who threaten my people and became it's shield. I have aided each Domain to the best of my abilities, putting those who have sworn oaths to House Velenosa before self. Always. For six years I have done all in my power to see the Lyceum thrive after such a tragic leadership turnover. I have been the longest Lyceum leader at this point since Caarlotta, though each that came after her have driven the Lyceum to this point and I am honored to be able to safeguard their goals." There is a deep breath then, chin lifting and hands folding before her, "it is time that the Lyceum has as strong of a foundation as they are due, as they are worth, and it is because of this and the support of each house within the Lyceum, that I will be having a Coronation to accept the title of Archduchess."

She turns towards the High Lords then, "do any of you have any comments you wish to share? You are my allies, and I wish you all to know that I am will you as I was before and will be moving forward."

Duarte says, "Not new business for the peerage as a whole. Just because we meet amicably doesn't mean we forfeit sovereignty. No one has a right to know what any other house is doing."

Says the Princess Consort of Farhaven, as she pitches her voice for brief oratory, "All is quiet on the Northern front. As quiet as it ever gets, anyway. Ordinarily, I would (with love) suspect snow or hangover," Donella says, not without a thin sense of humor, however tongue-in-cheek. "However, given the circumstances which are presently before us, and this body in general, I believe it is instead the quiet of a deeply inheld breath, or the sound that keen steel makes between the passes of the whetstone. And so we maintain vigilance. House Redrain in Arx, along with our family in Farhaven bides, to the Last." She sets back down, and inclines her head to the chair once more.

"House Valardin will continue to support our allies, and are pleased to see this strengthening." Alis comments, when the High Lords are asked if they have anything to share about Jaenelle's announcement. After which, she nods firmly in agreement with Donella.

Jaenelle's announcement among the Lycene peers prompts a flow of whispers through the benches. It's unclear exactly what they are saying, as tends to happen when numerous people whisper at once. No one raises their voice though, which could be a plus.

Tesha had slipped in quietly and made her way towards the Valardin benches at a measured stride given energy was hard to come by as a whole for the moment. The Telmar lady settles into an empty seat at the far end of the benches so she doesn't disturb anyone. She settles in to listen to the talk that is already going on with an expressionless face for the moment.

Eirene closes her eyes and has a moment of contemplative silence over Jaenelle's announcement. The former Lycene woman offers a faint nod when she looks up.

Victus speaks up. "House Thrax supports the Lyceum's new Archduchess. May we continue to share fair seas upon Mangata's domain."

Lou seems to be politely waiting to see if the High Lords have anything to say in response to Jaenelle before moving foward.

Liara offers some words in response to Jaenelle, "House Grayson shall of course continue to honour all terms set out in the recent marriage contract, and has every confidence that the continued stability will strengthen the Compact."

Noah has walked in and dropped to the seat of his now people. Sure, there is a look towards the Grayson one. However, Jaenelle is speaking. Like a good husband, he at least pretends to listen with rapt attention. There is a glance towards Liara and then back around the room.

Raven's gaze sweeps across the assembly with interest, seeking for any discernable reaction to Jaenelle's announcement.

Not being one of the High Lords, Khanne does not speak nor stand, but she smiles towards Jaaenelle and lifts a cookie (?) as if in a toast to her.

Sitting quietly, the once Lycene hears Jaenelle's announcement. She dips her head once, but says nothing.

Clearly Thea. *coughs*

If Pasquale has an opinion on Jaenelle's announcement he doesn't show it. He doesn't seem to be participating in any of those whispers.

When enough time has passed Lou turns to Donella only to realize she already gave a report. She then turns to Liara, giving her cousin a supportive look. "With House Redrain having given a report, we come finally to House Grayson. What news or concerns do you bring to the assembly today?" she asks.

Noah jots something on paper and hands it to someone and then nods in Khanne's direction.

Each of the other High Lords gets a dip of her head as Jaenelle looks back towards the audience. She seems rather composed, as if she didnt expect any issues. The Lyceum houses have already given their approval and the coronation is for show at this point. "Thank you Lou, nothing further," Jaenelle tells her as she sits.

Relaxing on the Lycene bench, Dante tips his chin up at Jaenelle with an approving smile and a covetous glance at the cookie being held out the the Archduchess, but resumes a lazy, expressionless visage shortly afterwards.

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Liara collects herself to her feet, offers a small inclination of her head to Lou, and then looks up to address the Assembly, her words crisp. "I am glad to have the opportunity to inform the Compact of current undertakings to effect the reclamation and eventual restoration of Bastion. I refer to each matter in brief. Plans are in place to secure the rescue of a number of prisoners taken by Abandoned, and further, to discern the purpose and origin of some others that were observed by the western gate, before attending to their removal from the city."

A beat of pause and she goes on, "These matters remedied, the harbour shall be secured, and cleared of certain obstacles that our foe has left. With the way through the city then secured, our attention will turn to the castle, Grayhold, and to the cathedral. Our enemy retains a strong presence at each, but I have confidence that we will see the city secured. Our attention will return to restoring it thereafter, on which note, I express the gratitude of House Grayson to the Physicians Guild for its superb work to date and assessment of the needs of the people of Bastion."

Her gaze passes over various people assembled. "With the disparate range of challenges posed by any undertaking of this scope, the ability of any talented individual would be welcome, and so I invite people who wish to have a personal hand in the reclamation of the city to correspond with me." She concludes with a smile, and resumes her seat.

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Sirius shoving an impromptu of *something* biscuit-shaped in his mouth closely resembling a cookie, he rises off of one of the many seats across the Redrain section and begins the slow and tedious pace of his ungainly walking towards the Valardin seats. His left, lame foot slides with him along, then there's the clicking of his overworked right other. Click, tap. Click, tap. He supports his approach off of leaning onto things; benches, people's shoulders, a handrail. And finally, he slumps wedged onto a seat whereby Valardin's colors fly.

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Camille, the Iron Maiden, 2 Valardin Knights leave, following Sirius.

Camille, the Iron Maiden, 2 Valardin Knights arrive, following Sirius.

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Liara's statement prompts the peers to listen with rapt attention, straightening in their seats at mention of plans to retake Bastion. The Crowlanders applaud their High Lord, some rising from their seats. "We endure!" Is shouted here and there. The positive responses seem unanimous across the board, though some among the Thraxian benches stare ahead with austere expressions giving nothing away.

Sydney makes no fanfare of her arrival, for a recent change - the oft-bombastic brawler strides forward and seizes herself a seat at the Commoner Benches with nary a word nor errant glance. She has her serious face on, to match the somber topic that she's walking in on. An easy time to appear, with the applause and generally loud volume.

It isn't like her to be late; there must be a reason for it but it isn't evident upon ivory features set impassively, and the grim set of her coral mouth. Natasha Thrax arrives as silently as the shadows her dress attempts to emulate, lingering somewhere at the back and waiting, courteously for Liara Grayson to finish addressing the Assembly on Bastion-related matters, dark eyes attentive - but clearly burdened. Still, it could simply be the fatigue; the cut of her dress makes no secret of her physical state, to make room for a rapidly expanding womb, as well as the grievousness of her injury - her left arm and shoulder trussed and bound in a sling. It's only when the cheering begins that she moves, cutting quick strides towards the Thraxian benches, to join the other Islanders there.

Lisebet very definitely listens to Liara, the Ashford Duchess tilting her head slightly and smiling. She doesn't cheer out loud, but her approval for her High Lady's report is obvious.

For Liara's part, after some of the calls, she echoes with a murmured, "We endure," her smile renewing thereafter. She settles her hands together in her lap, gaze then turning from the peerage in general to the Assembly's chair, Lou.

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After taking a few items from a bag handed to her by Gwenna, Khanne wraps them in a small square of cloth from one of her pouches, then sends it on its way, passing it to someone and nodding in Noah's direction. Apparently, she wants it passed to him.

Lou waits for everyone to have their reactions and for Liara to settle. "With House Grayson, that includes our general business portion this evening. I'd now like to invite the peerage to come forward for any concerns or business they have with the High Lords or the peers of the realm."

Felicia's attention goes towards the GRayson benches at the reaction of the Crownlanders, approval in the nod of her head and the general smile she gives.

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Eirene stands as the assembly draws to open floor business, hefting her folio under her arm and making her way from the benches.

Saccharin drops A Just Curious Lycene Noble.

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Lou watches as people start getting into line. A smile is given to Eirene. "Lady Eirene Riven, I call you forward."

Turn in line: Eirene

Sonnet stands abruptly from her seat and, silently, heads back whence she came.

Raven watches Sonnet leave, head tilting curiously and then sweeping the assembling as if trying to suss what might have suddenly bored Sonnet off.

Rook leans forward in his seat, fingers steepled in front of his face, as Eirene moves to speak. He offers a nod of support in her direction, should she happy to be looking to the Commoner section for any reason.

Noah looks over at Sonnet leaving and quickly pats down his daggers but then he gets a 'thing' from Khanne and upnods a thanks in her direction.

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Eirene stands forth and riffles through her notes. "So. As mentioned, the Physician's Guild is working to ensure the displaced citizens of Bastion are cared for, housed, fed, and kept safe and healthy. We have several fundraisers to that effect, one of the largest being spearheaded by Minister Rook, for which the Guild is thankful. This will likely assist in the current struggle facing the citizens, and once the city is secure and made habitable, we will assist with getting them put back to rights. The cost for this is -quite- high, as one may expect, but we have had donors from through-out the compact assisting, and I want to ensure the Assembly that the costs will be met through both private and public funding. Thank you."

Donella is overheard praising Eirene.

Lou's distracted once more by Sonnet's departure as she was by her entrance. She gets a curious look before turning her attention back to Eirene. She's chairing, so most of her attention is focused on that.

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"Thank you for the update, Lady Eirene," Lou says to the Riven noblewoman, offering her a warm smile. "I know I am looking forward to the auction event myself, as there are a large number of wonderful donations included in the list I've seen." She waits for any further commentary, and when nothing seems forthcoming, she turns her attention to the next person in line. They get a particularly curious look. "You may come forward," she says of the Lycene Noble That's Just Asking Questions.

Turn in line: A Lycene Noble That's Just Asking Questions

Eirene heads out after giving the Highlords/Highladies a nod and goes back to her work. Always busy, that one.

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The Lycene Noble That's Just Asking Questions introduces himself as soon as he is called forth, "Thank you, your highness. I am Lord Marco Eufrasio, Voice of Marquis Eufrasio..." He gives an upnod to a few of the people at the benches who gives him little waves. "I'm just here to ask, Her Grace some questions regarding her previous announcement." He gives a respectful dip of his head to Jaenelle, but he cannot quite hide the perpetually smug smile on his lips. "So, what's the heir situation looking like once you become a duchess in your own right? Are the late Grand Duchess's children still in line? Will you place your own ahead? Or will your children with Prince Noah Velenosa be our future rulers?" He continues smiling as if this is a casual question. "I'm just curious, I assure you. No disrespect intended."

Raven's eyebrows liiiiiiift and she looks around the sea of faces in the crowd to guage the reactions.

Duarte boos the curious Lycene noble loudly. "No such thing as 'just curious' in the lycene!"

Romulius lofts a brow at Lord Eufrasio's question, the first outward expression of anything beyond muted attention that the prince has offered all evening. Whatever sidebar conversations he might have been engaged in are set aside to turn cerulean towards the Voices of the Realm, and Jaenelle, in anticipation of the Archduchess's response.

Thea's eyes flick from the Marco, to Jaenelle, to Marco, then back to Marco. She lifts her eyebrow and takes a drink from her flask.

Dante lifts his dark brows up some degrees and glances over at that noble with his questions, Lord Marco Eufrasio. From the look on the Marquis' face and the puzzlement that briefly crosses it, perhaps he assumed something already. So now he sits forward, waiting for an answer.

Jaenelle looks towards the speaker, tipping her head in greeting after the question is ask. "This is a very valid question that I wished to address, so I do appreciate you broaching the subject." Her smile brightens a bit as she extends a hand out, "but first, may I ask your thoughts on the former Archduke Consort and his linage? Do you personally have an issue with the heir being part commoner?"

Raven's head and she gives Duarte a look that is HIGHLY bemused. Her head tilts and an eyebrow cocks in a wordless but still very loud 'really?'. Her gaze lingers there a moment before she observes Jaenelle's answer with interest.

Noah took a bite of a cookie as he watches the guy question Jaenelle. Then for a brief moment he looks offended at his loving wife. A moment and then he silently repeats 'former'. The cookie has another bite taken as he looks towards the man and waits.

Donella cracks each of her knuckles, loudly, and one at a time as she looks down the room at the 'oh-snap' contingent of Lenosians. Yes, tell us how you really feel...

It was a slow thing, the way Gaspar looked from the Voice to the Archduchess, looming in a rare silence with arms folded over his chest.

Lou seems confident enough that Jaenelle can handle herself, so she watches the exchange mostly impassively. There is that little part that's curious to see how it'll end.

Lisebet arches a brow as the conversation turns to the Lyceum. She waits patiently, listening to the conversation. She's not about to interject here, being not at all from the Lyceum.

"With all due respect, your grace, that is neither here nor there." Marco responds with a deferential nod to Jaenelle, but that smugness remains. Oh the smugness. "As I understand it, he was ennobled. What's done is done." He pauses for dramatic effect. "What cannot be undone is whether you gave your -word-..." And with this, he casts his gaze to the Oathlander benches. "To the former Archduchess that you would remain a regent or not. I just want to ensure that you haven't gone back on your /word/ and the agreement. Word is bond after all." He gives a sage nod the Oathlanders way yet again.

He adds for clarification. "Since you were made a regent while she was still alive."

Desiree arches a brow when such a gaze is cast upon the Oathlander benches. The Wyrmguard remains, calm, cool, and collected. Her attention flits between Jaenelle and the man who calls himself Lord Marco Eufrasio.

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Khanne distractedly nibbles her cookie as she sits at the Redrain bench, eyes slowly shifting from Jaenelle to the Lycene Noble she does not know.

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Raven's eyebrows liiiiiiift again. She then winces and leans back as if somehow instinctively leaning away from possible blood splatter-already anticipating the worst for the ballsy noble inquisition.

Sirius is made upright by the Lycene that now quietly bobs his head in direction of the Valardin benches. Many an eye falls upon the Oathlander delegacy, fishing for reactions, opinions, expressions to give it all away, but this Prince hides. Thin of shape and mundanely dressed, he passes off as an inanimate blotch mark on Kael's jacket simply by being seated beside the Marquis. Under his breath, a question - or answer - is posed amidst his peers, quiet and reserved.

Any good humor or joy on Dante's face has suddenly drained out, becoming pinched and pale. Mossy eyes just stare dead ahead at Lord Marco and Jaenelle, something churning inside of his head, body angled forward and tense.

Grady looks a little bit green around the gills, like someone who might be regretting his lunch choices, but that probably has nothing to do with the question on succession that the Lycene noble has raised. He's mostly focused on Saccharin, speaking earnestly to her, his eyebrows drawn together with something like sympathy.

Noah quietly munches on the cookie, but does it slower. He doesn't really react yet. Or maybe he's not paying attention, one never knows with the Prince of Daggers over here. Or perhaps he's figuring how to throw one, strike the target and blame it on the man himself. Surely he fell on his own blade?

Kael's pausing his quiet conversation with Sirius to straighten and turns his attention toward the Voices of the Realm. There is no doubting his interest there in this particular topic, especially given the particular phrasing of that query. A few more words are offered to the young man beside him after a moment, but they are briefer, and far more distracted than before.

Jasher subconsciously leans forward in his seat, evidently engrossed in the conference taking place before the assembly, with one hand pensively cradling his chin. He is only briefly distracted by local, murmured conversation taking place at the Thrax benches, some of which elicits a flicker of amusement to momentarily crack his otherwise impassive guise.

Jaenelle holds up her hand towards those that seem a little more flustered than the woman appears, eyes not falling from Marco in the process. "Thankfully there was no promise made to Eleyna before she passed that I would remain a Regent. She trusted me with such a position because she knew without a doubt that I would hold duty and the Lyceum above all else." Her tone doesn't rise as she continues, "Talen was ennobled, you aare correct. He remains alive as far as I know, and should he wish to return for his children they are safe and well loved. He has not made the effort. I am also glad to hear that you are accepting of the heir that I have been entrusted to protect, for little has changed. Prince Donato is my heir, the only thing changed is that he must wait a few years longer for the throne. My son with Ettore, Eleyna's brother, was always in line for succession. My children with Prince Noah are not eligible for the Lyceum throne. Not because I do not believe they would make the Lyceum proud as I hope I have, but because duty before self, and difficult decisions should always come from the top rather than shifted to another."

3 House Velenosa Guards, Dreya, an older woman in Velenosan livery, Ailfryd, a tall, thin man with a haugty air arrive, following Saoirse.

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Marco takes out a roll of parchment from the inside pocket of his jacket, giving polite nods at Jaenelle's point. "I'm glad to hear that no promise was made to her although I do wish to understand the wording of her words before abdication, 'It is with sorrow in my heart that I announce my abdication as Grand Duchess of the Lyceum and my return to Lenosia with my husband. As dictated in my Will, Prince Donato Marik Velenosa will inherit the title of Grand Duke of the Lyceum, to be held in Regency by Princess Jaenelle Velenosa until he reaches the age of majority. A copy of this Will and the line of succession can be found with the Faith of the Pantheon and House Velenosa.'" He looks to the Faith of the Pantheon for confirmation. "If she wrote it in her Will, are we to believe the Late Grandduchess simply forgot to ask you to ensure this happened? That her son takes the seat as soon as he comes of age." He looks up at her with an innocent expression. "As I said earlier, I'm just curious."

Raven's brow furrows. The Blackheart looks to Duarte then around, clearing having thought Jaenelle's explination had made it clear that the-oooooooh. It took a while but there's the dawning of understanding finally across her sunkissed features.

Lycene peers seem to just scowl at Duarte at his words. "Are you really in a position to comment, my lord?" A woman drawls at him. "You haven't been doing so well."

Raven's eyes narrow. Her attention is sharp, swift, and her gaze scan the face of the Lycene who's made the commentary towards Amadeo. The intensity of that gaze is a CLEAR questioning as to the wisdom of choosing this anthill to kick.

Gio's words, raised just above the general din of the commoner benches, "The people they entitle these days."

"Lord Marco, have you seen the beauty of Lenosia? I wish to formally invite your entire immediate favorite to the Lenosia Palace as my personal guests for however long it takes to explore every inch of the city. It might take years and years, and years, to see everything. You and yours will be under my personal protection with only the most highly skilled guards seeing to your needs," Jaenelle offers first, her smile remaining. "As for the wording of Eleyna's proclamation, I believe in normal circumstances one gives up all rights when they abdication though perhaps that is not always the case when family is involved. If one gives up their rights to something are they often allowed to dictate what happens ten years later? Your fellow peers are far more pragmatic than it seems you are, for none of them have found themselves fluttered by advancement, by strength, by protection, weather, or unity. Perhaps while you are in Lenosia for the next few many years with your family, unless you do wish to disrespect me by refusing my gracious invitation to my home, we can discuss how yoru House seems to be on a path of destruction and see whether your people would rather House Eufrasio not make such poor decisions for them after all?"

Jaenelle then smiles again, "Eleyna's greatest desire was unity. What she wanted above all else was the Lyceum strong without break. We have never been strong." She leans forward slightly, "and I suspect those who have found unity within the Lyceum so not wish to lose such ground."

Raven's lost her interest in the conversation with Lord Marco and continues to Stare at the Lycene peer who had something to say about House Amadeo. With the intensity of a feline that's spotted a bird out the window. Unwavering and wholly focused.

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"I would never reject such a kind invitation, Your Grace. I look forward to it, actually. I have seen the beauty of Lenosia but it has been a while since I travelled once again. I will say that there is no expiration on honor." Marco nods his head to the Oathlanders and the Godsworn benches once again. "Whatever path of destruction you forsee, at least my peers can /always/ trust my word." He gives a warm smile to those at his benches. "I know that there is no threat in your words, your grace. Because a True Lycene leader never loses subtlety." Another smarmy grin and he returns to his benches.

Many of the Lycene peers squiiiiint at Jaenelle's threat, whispering amongst eachother. Some nodding at Marco's words on subtlety faintly.

Grady has forgotten his candied ginger, and he's forgotten his conversation with Saccharin. He's watching the proceedings with a worried expression that has notes of horror in the way his eyes have gotten bigger.

"Huh." Lou remarks non-committally from the sidelines, having patiently waited this encounter out. She waits to see if Jaenelle has any closing remarks given the Lycene noble asking questions has abdicated his time on the floor.

Donella says, "Would anyone else's simplicity and erudition like to monopolize the business of the Assembly for a quarter hour? Anyone?"

With no further commentary on Amadeo, Raven's intense stare lingers a few moments longer and then she leans back and her gaze swivels to Jaenelle, no longer looking as if she might need someone to hold her back or that she might make a scene.

There appear to be at least a couple of flasks being passed around at the Thrax benches, though they keep their commentary contained to their section.

Duarte snickers as things simmer off and the assembly seems to move forward. He loosely crosses his arms and reclines into his seat.

"I am not so sure you understand what that word means, Lord Eufrasio, there was no threat made with my words," Jaenelle states, tongue clicking slowly. "I never thought offering someone to speak with would be so threatening to someone. Excuse me if I thought it would be helpful. We wont speak at all on your trip," she offers a soft shrug of her shoulders.

Lou inclines her head after Jaenelle, then looks to the crowd. "Is there anyone else that wishes to bring business forward before we adjourn for the evening?" Seeming as how Lisebet jumped out of line when this exchange was going on. Her eyes glance around the room carefully.

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Tesha's pale face looks a little tense when the talks go on and then relieved when they finally end. Whew. Maybe Marco would just die quietly of completely normal circumstances. It could happen. She whispers something quietly to her guard then goes back to quietly watching the proceedings.

Thea is probably mentally hoping that Marco has a poison taster after all that.

Cesare rises quietly, having had little to contribute and remaining mostly reactionless throughout the Assembly save for conferring briefly among those seated at the Commoners' Benches. Along with Gio, he slips out of the Assembly without any fanfare whatsoever.

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Gio leaves, following Cesare.

Sirius peeks across the wholeness of the hall past the verge of Kael's shoulder, his pale gaze currently absent of complex thought but with a depth of intuition to its survey. Prior to posing a quiet and bewildered question to Kael, he slurps a rude mouthful of juice off of leathery bladder he's got in his hand.

"Alright then," Lou says after a few passing moments. "With no one else coming forward, I officially adjourn the Assembly of Peers this evening. Walk with the grace of the Gods."

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