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Assembly of Peers: December 1015 AR

The Assembly of Peers meets so that any petitioner can bring up business before the Voices of the Realm, the leaders of the Compact so that the full Assembly can hear of pressing matters. Whether it's elevations, crises, or ornery kooks that are desperate to be heard and are dragged out by the Iron Guard, the Assembly is where the Compact theoretically gets things done.


Aug. 8, 2021, 3 p.m.

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Apostate Jaenelle

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Sydney Evaristo Tesha Petal Celine Eirene Victus Jamie Petra Kael Deva Alis Mihaly Lucita Ian Raven Aedric Thea Valdemar Smile Natasha Ivy Apollo Natalia Cambria Cassimir Ophira Zoey Mia Ember Lianne Gwenna Lyra Samantha Cornelius Domonico Martinique Tyche Cesare Liara Denica Artur Amari Alarissa Khanne Felix Kiera Sorrel Bridget Gianna Pasquale Narcissa Lou Cristoph Vitalis Iseulet Giorgio Raimon Reigna Adalyn Cassandra Michael



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Assembly of Peers

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Comments and Log


The most recent Assembly of Peers was quite enjoyable. There was excellent company in the Redrain section, including my recently returned brother. There were many good tidings from around the realm, as well as reflection and honorable recognitions for our fallen Marquis Cirroch Sanna. Elevations as well, which often make me proud to be part of a peerage that works so hard to better their holdings and the lives of their people. I don't believe any Assembly could lack differentiating views, but such were discussed without too much turmoil. The economic inquiry put before the Crown of course intrigues me, and we shall see what comes of that. All in all, it was an excellent gathering and I am glad I was able to slip away from the ledgers to attend.

The latest noblewoman to arriv-- wait, no. That's not a noble at all, though by the way she's dressed, it's difficult to tell. Sydney Waterfall arrives, the common pugilist dressed in armor enough to make one forget her social standing and oft-unrefined attitude entirely. Steelsilk features prominently and unapologetically. Star Iron is utterly ubiquitous. Lush and fiery red hair is intricately braided such that it falls down low on her waist, gathered upward with an exquisite comb set with shimmering duskstones.

She doesn't demurely glide in, but rather /clomps/, her expression sour and defiant, jaw jutting just so. Here is an angry, well-dressed woman. Or an angrily well-dressed woman? Either way, she seats herself squarely at the commoner's benches, where she sticks out like a sore thumb. Evaristo get slapped square in the back by her as she passes, then she seats herself next to him. "Ev. Lovely day to be rendered mysteriously mute by virtue of seating accommodations, wouldn't you say? One of the great mysteries of our time. Why, I find my voice subsiding to a whisper, this very moment."

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Evaristo beams at Sydney and waves from shadowmeld clad hands, moving steelsilk cloak aside and pushing pyreweave hood back from his head. He opens his mouth to respond something but thinks better of it, lowers his voice and leans in to whisper to her instead. Sometimes he has common sense.

Tesha arrives in a very rare outdoor appearance without her dogs. They seem to have been traded out for two Telmarines that join Cora in their duty. The redhead gives them a bit of a pleading look and they stay a bit back. She heads for the Valardin benches and takes a seat near the end that's nearest to the wall.

Jaenelle stands from the center front table, addressing the hall in a clear voice which travels throughout. "Sometimes these Assembly tend to happen far and few between, and not all issues or matters come before the Voices of the realm as they are meant to, so small issues don't overwhelm and create larger once. We tend to meet when the world is ending, and while that is important, hearing concerns from the Peerage is equally important to make sure the Compact remains strong, unified, and progressing forward. The Compact was once again tested, and faced a great number of losses, but we remain. As with previous lands destroyed in times of war, I first wished to shed light on the tremendous job House Proscipi has done with assistance from allies throughout the Compact in their rebuilding efforts." She nods towards the Setarcan should any of the House be there. Her attention then shifts towards the Godsworn benches, and she smiles, "please rise for the convocation of the Faith of the Pantheon." She remains standing for the prayer.

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Baron Brandon Beesbury shoots Sydney a withering glance and sniffs quite loudly, his jowls flaring in irritation. The clearly rude disdain in turn produces titters and conversation from several Oathland peers before they fall silent at the start of the Assembly.

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Petal arrives while adorned in simple linens and while carrying a heavy basket filled of things. She peeks over the area, trying to get a feel for things and over all seems a bit skittish about being here.

Celine is a quiet enterance taking her place near her family in the Valardin Benches smiling to the few she has had the chance to meet since returning home. This seems to be a great time for her to learn about what is happening in the city and get to know a few more people and concerns that may need addressed.

Eirene probably shouldn't be here. She's leaning on her husband and looks very pale by comparison to her usual shade of Lycene tan. She's also in a dress. So that clearly means something is off. "I promise," she says to the Rivens, "that I'll go back to the hospital if anything hurts too much." Then Jaenelle calls for prayer and she falls quiet.

Victus briefly stretches, craning his neck before making to stand for the convocation. His eyes briefly follow along the pews at the Thrax benches, offering small nods to those whom he recognizes.

Jamie, having taken a seat with the other members of the Valardin fealty, stands and bows his head as the convocation of the Fiath is about to be given.

Petra turns her gaze towards Baron Brandon Beesbury, studying him silently for a moment. However, she turns her gaze back forward, listening as Jaenelle begins her speech. The bells of her garment chime rather softly as she rises, standing straight in honor of the convocation.

When the convocation is announced, Kael is rising to his full height and bowing his head in a most solemn manner.

Deva straightens to sit properly in her chair as Jaenelle kicks the session off. It takes her a beat to register, but she does join the table in rising for the convocation. "Been a while since I've been to one of these," she sort-of whispers to Alis with a lean of her shoulder toward the Valardin.

Alis gives Jaenelle a smile as she starts the proceedings, and dutifully stands before the convocation begins. Not before a stern glance is given towards the Valardin benches, though.

"You'll go if I have to drag you there myself." says the old knight Mihaly Riven, who sits next Eirene. This man clearly has no desire to be in this room. Likely because he doesn't care much for the affairs of state. But, Eirene is here, and injured, so he's here too. The old man is surly today, but like everyone else, awaits the benediction.

Lucita abandoning her guards, assistants, dogs and such followers at the entry, Lucita makes her way into the gathering room, gives a curtsy toward any royals by whom she passes and makes her way toward a seat in the Lyceum section. As is usual among those with whom she sits, she slips a bottle of favored beverage from under her cloak and readies it to share.

Ian sits at the very back of the Thrax benches, off to the side, physically as far as he can possibly be from the action in a way that projects that he's here as an observer, and with the intention of doing little else.

Raven's head snaps up in mild surprise at the mentioning of House Proscipi. She looks around briefly for either of the Proscipi brothers. She rises as bid for the observances, head bowing.

Sydney stands when the call comes to do so, her eyes seeking out the good Lord Beesbury, her attention boring into him from afar, without speaking a word.

Aedric bends down to set his ledger atop the floor and stands, bringing either of his gauntlets to rest between ribcage and breastplate shortly after.

Thea glances over to Eirene after she stands, eyebrow lifted. Quickly, she turns and bows her head quietly.

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Valdemar, having quietly slipped in to take a seat at the benches set aside for the Mourning Isles peers, rises with his head bowed when time for the convocation is announced.

Lady Lana Lostlan is widens her eyes in pure shock at the words from the Commoner benches, eyeing Sydney suspiciously. Mouthing. "Who is that?" To her fellow nobles around her, with unhidden distaste.

As the Convocation begins Celine stands and bows her head, remaining quiet, and folding her hands in front of her, her golden hair falling to the sides of her face, and her eyes close. The young princess clearly showing her respect.

Natasha rises from her place at the Thrax benches once the convocation is called, fingers linking together and lowering her head in quiet prayer.

Ivy rises for the convocation, standing tall and still eith hands clasped.

Apollo rises as appropriate for the convocation, head bowed slightly. A quiet murmur to arriving peers at the Lyceum benches is not even faintly loud enough to draw attention.

Natalia rises smoothly as the others around her do, quiet. She bows her head, remaining solemn at least for the time being.

Cambria rises for the convocation.

Merike the Merry, the Graypeak Mountain Dog have been dismissed.

Cassimir replies to Raven's friendly greetings in his standard flat cadence, though in his eyes yet lingers that warmth of familiarity. "Raven. It has been a long time. I hope you are well." And with that, it is time for the convocation. He stands to his full height and bows his head.

Ophira stands with supple grace for the convocation, hands clasped behind her back in an at-ease.

"I have heard her called Sydney Waterfall," Zoey tells Lady Lostlan as she rises for the prayer.

"I will order her back to the hospital if it's necessary." Her voice is somber as she rises to her feet, dark eyes sliding over towards Eirene. Mia then adds softly, "Don't make it necessary for it to be an order, Aunt E." But then she falls silent, the call for the opening prayer cutting off anything else she might have said.

Ember Redreef, Bloody Baroness of Redreef Shores, stands up from her seat while keeping her spine perfectly straight throughout the entire motion. It might be almost unnerving to watch. Her black cloak surrounds her body from the neck down, and she dips her chin down to meet dark fur, which spares whoever is across the Assembly from her the fate of eye contact with her intense amber-irised glare.

Lianne rises for the convocation, momentarily distracted by a familiar face, a bright smile turned back toward the Godsworn benches before she bows her head appropriately.

After some quiet words with her brother, Gwenna stands in preparation for the convocation.

Lyra stands, quietly, waiting for the convocation.

As the covocation of the Faith is called for, Samantha rises from her seat, and bows her head respectfully for the prayer, hands folded gently before her. Dressed unobtrusively in a gown of high quality leather, rather than ostentatiously, the Marquessa of Deepwood looks the picture of reverence and humility. Her guards, of course, have been left outside the assembly, and she appears to be quite alone today.

Cornelius rises upon cue, standing tall with arms clasped behind his back, head bowed down in observance of the convocation.

Domonico enters, looking annoyed at himself for being late, striding towards the Lyceum benches. Dressed as usual in his fine armour, polished to a sheen, the Magnotta Count pauses for the convocation before resuming his drive towards his seat, eyes finding family and friends amongst those present.

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Drysi, a young shaman apprentice arrives, following Khanne.

Martinique stands to attention, like the soldier she is, and holds the pose until all is called to order.

Tyche joins those rising, standing at the head of the assembly with the other leaders of the realm as a representative of Pravus. Her hands fold in front of her, and she glances toward the Setarcan benches, the efforts spoken of by the Velenosa leader earning a proud smile.

Cesare arrives in a riot of color and makes his way to the commoner benches amidst a great deal of attention turned his way, standing respectfully with hands clasped in front of himself and head bowed reverently, the picture of devotion and discretion. And color. Lots of color.

Lucita rises as others do as time for the convocation is announced.

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Liara rises quietly for the convocation, gloved hands coming to clasp neatly together. If there was any particular doubt as to her identity, seated at the centre table, the fact that she's dressed all in Grayson colours might assuage it.

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Denica stands up to her short stature, gracefully clasping her hands in front of her and resting them against the front of her steelsilk gown. Her expression is serious and stoic, she turns her attention to the front of the room.

Sydney doesn't quite catch the more subdued murmurs of Lady Lostlan, but she clearly hears the convocation of her name, and a few eyes trained upon her. Now that she's hard her fill of glaring, she bows her head earnestly during the convocation.

1 Templar Initiates, 5 Templar Knight guards arrive, following Cassandra.

Artur looks amused by his sister's comment, as he rises for the convocation, but actually find the decorum to hold his reply for the moment.

Tesha rises and clasps her hands gently when the convocation starts. Bowing her head and closing her eyes as she stands there.

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Like most others, Amari rises. Besides a glance aside at some of the Beesbury sharing the same bench, she is just going to look straight ahead, and lower her chin for the convocation.

Alarissa arrives in time for convocation and stands to the side respectfully.

Rurik, a prodigal assistant arrives, following Mirk.

Khanne ran all the way up to the doors of the Assembly, then stopped to gather herself a moment before walking inside. The shaman is rather notoriously always running just a little late to things. At least, almost always. She smiles, lifting a hand to wave to people she knows as she makes her way to the Redrain benches, blows a smooch towards someone with a wink, then sits down..... Then rises for the convocation. "Just in time," she says.

Rising to his feet as well, with an eye towards the rest of those gathered while they do similar, Felix addresses the Assemblage, lifting his voice to carry through the room. "In the name of Petrichor, who has given unto us dominion, I hereby consecrate this ground. Let all who abide within be bathed in the light of the gods, and be protected by the holy sacrament of Sanctuary. Until this Assembly be lawfully dismissed, to shed blood or begin violence on this ground will be the darkest sin, and shall be punished accordingly. We ask the Gods of the Pantheon to bless all present, and these proceedings. May Vellichor's wisdom guide the choices made here today. We pray to Limerance, that any oaths this evening be held true. We pray to the Sentinel, to judge those who speak falsely. In Gild's name, we extend guest rights to our visitors. May the Gods look on this Assembly with favor, and bless our choices this day." bowing to the whole of the room before he lowers himself back into his seat.

Kiera chagrined at arriving in the middle prayer, she slides as quietly next to thea

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Sorrel bows her head, standing for the prayer, silent and respectful. She looks upon the Voices of the Realm with a small fond smile.

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Bridget arrives warmly and in style with a puffy, fluffy dress of blue velvet and soft, white rabbit fur. She let her 'loud' outfit do the talking as she quietly settled into a seat.

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Deva bows her head as Felix speaks, and nods reverently as the gravity of the words sink in. The look she gives Khanne as the shaman arrives is a little less serene and more of a crinkled smile. Then she starts to settle into the Redrain seat again, with a curious look toward Jaenelle and then the rest of the gathering.

Samantha's head remains bowed throughout the prayer, and when it ends, she settles back into her seat, smoothing her skirts beneath her as she does so. She folds her hands in her lap and glances around through her lashes briefly, before she finally lifts her chin and focuses her attention toward Jaenelle and the other Voices of the Realm as the proceedings begin.

Sydney is swift to seat herself again, folding one leg over the other and leaning well forward, drumming her fingertips (less her thumb) softly against her cheek. Tip-tip-tap-tap.

Jaenelle dips her head towards Felix as he stands and recites the convocation. "Thank you Archlector Felix. You all may sit down." She waits while the hall settled and people retake their seats once more. "First I would like to start by asking the High Lords if there have been any concerns regarding your lands, any issues you wish to present before the Crown, or any further problems the Compact should be made aware of. Or good stuff," she states afterwards, waving a hand. "We'd all like to hear of achievements and positive growth as well. We'll open with House Grayson."

Raven keeps her head down and remains still until the prayer concludes then cracks an eye and then waits for the rest of the Setarcan bench to be seated before she herself then also sits. Bridget is given a bow before Raven sits, of course.

With that booming prayer fading, the Voice of Seraceni settles herself back down on the bench with a nod towards the new arrival to the Setarcan benches. Tawny eyes flicker forward with amused attentions and a keen ear.

Gianna stands up and sits down on cue, her expression cool as ever.

When the convocation ends, and Jaenelle gives the call to be seated, Cambria does so, then looks on with interest towards Crownlands benches, as the floor had been given to House Grayson.

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Pasquale stands with the others when the prayers are called for and then reseats himself once permission is given to sit again. He folds his hands in his lap and watches the expressions and responses of the other nobles around the room.

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At the naming of Petrichor, Khanne, who is much more settled and serious now, reaches up to touch one of the baubles she wears, bowing her head. As the other Gods are named, she lowers her hand, resting it on a pouch. She may murmur an extra prayer to the Gods of her own after, but only those closest to her have a chance to hear it.

Petra moves to sit, slow in her descent upon it's wooden surface. The Rivenshari woman opens her eyes, glancing back and forth between people at the benches as conversation is overheard.

Tesha gives a look to something at the Valardin benches, but when the convocation ends the woman smoothes out the skirts of her gown and retakes her seat. She gives a nod of greeting to those around her before she turns to focus forward on things.

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Rising to her feet, with a quick smile for Jaenelle, Liara then proceeds to address the chamber as a whole, fairly briefly so, "House Grayson has no concerns to bring before the Assembly, and I am glad to say that we enjoy a period of continued peace and prosperity following the end of the war." With that, and the encouragement about 'good stuff' thus followed, she settles back into her chair.

There is a smattering of applause from around the various Crownlands peers following Liara's statement.

With the convocation over, Natasha re-settles in her seat, keen eyes drawn forward once Jaenelle sets forth the tasks of the day. A cant of her head offers the arch of her ear towards the Princess Consort of the Mourning Isles, quietly listening to whatever it is that Alarissa imparts. Movement - something in the Thrax benches that she notices - seems to draw her eye, followed by a faint narrowing, until Liara pulls her atention away.

Jaenelle dips her head towards Liara, though a single hand rises from the Lyceum Archduchess to still the applause, attention then turing towards Victus next as the Mourning Isle's High Lord is asked as well. "House Thrax, do you have anything to report that you may wish the Compact to know further information on?"

Narcissa stands for the due respect the Faith decrees, bowing her head and opening her eyes only once the prayers have concluded. Upon sitting once more, she brandishes her folding fan with a flick of her wrist and murmurs something quietly to Lianne.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

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Cambria, being accidently bumped into, murmurs something along the lines of, "It is no trouble," to the passerby who had undoubtedly expressed their apologies. Her smile, though small, appears genuine. As the individual makes their way, Cambria seems to all but forget the bump ever even happened, and returns her attention to the matters at hand.

Prince Victus makes to stand, folding his arms behind his back in his best approximation of a military man's 'refined' posture. "House Thrax has nothing bearing significant concern to bring before the Compact. We have enjoyed a period without escalation of tensions and sharing in the honor of Skal'dajas crushing defeat." He motions to the table at large. "We would also like to extend our thanks to the /various/ peers, and the Church, for their continued support of the abolition, and the hopeful apprehension of the crazed excommunicate known as Waldo." With that, the Prince of Maelstrom is seated again.

A bit late, Lou slips into the assembly and makes her way over to the Grayson benches once she notices Liara is at the leaders' table. She settles down at the benches.

There is a subdued, dignified, austere murmur of approval from different Thraxian peers at Victus' words. There's some stony faced nods of approval from staunch Mourning Islanders. Emotive lot.

Again, Jaenelle dips her head respectfully towards Victus as he speaks. Thankfully she doesnt need to kick any of the rowdy Mourning Isles bench members out. "House Redrain!" she calls out, turning thrn to face Deva with a dip of her head. "Please share with the Compact what you, your lands, and your people are currently focusing on."

Celine resettles herself on the bench, offering a warm smile to the traditionalist noble who seems to have a lot on his mind, but as she knows so little right now, she refrains from being drawn into the obvious conflict and making a potential scene during such an important moment.

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Deva hasn't appeared at the Assembly of Peers in -- well -- it's been a long time. She rises, and there's only the briefest flicker of awkwardly steeling herself before she speaks clearly and confidently. There's no issue with her voice carrying. "House Redrain mourns the recent loss of Marquis Sanna during the attack at the Whisper House. We are proud of his resolve in fighting to the last." Those final three words, the house motto, are spoken with a particular sense of gravity. Her posture straightens as she looks around the rest of the crowd, and the Redrain bench in particular as if to verify what she says next. "Otherwise we do not have anything notable for the Assembly at this time." And then she sits, sloooowly, inch by inch until she's settled on the edge of her seat.

Liara offers up an earnest, "Hear, hear!" following Deva's words about Cirroch Sanna, then gets back to listening quietly.

There's considerably less restrained murmurs of agreement and discussion coming from Northlands peers at Deva's words, with at least one shouting, "YA DID GOOD, CIRROCH!" before being hushed up by his compatriots.

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Cambria also appears appreciative of Deva's acknowledgement of the late Marquis of House Sanna, though unlike some of her northern counterparts, she does not do so loudly.

Khanne nods her head as Deva speaks of Cirroch. "He was a good man. Thank you for your bravery, Cirroch," she says softly.

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"His loss has been felt throughout the Compact for his bravery in the face of uncertain odds in his defense of the people of Arx. It is with a thanks we can never repay to his family nor his people that we give today," Jaenelle says, beginning to speak to Deva before turning towards the Redrain benches. "It is actions that speak louder than any words may ever be heard, and he has shown the Compact how to be better." Then she offers a nods towards Alis, "House Valardin, please share your plans and projects with the Compact."

Evaristo is looking around the area and seem to pay little attention to what the nobles are presenting to the assembly - he looks horrifiedly excited.

Raven draws a deep breath and there's a sorrowful look at the mention of Cirroch's demise. It's followed swiftly by a press of lips and flare of nostrils. for some reason.

"House Valardin has nothing new of concern to report." Alis acknowledges, with a glance towards the benches where the Oathlanders are seated. "We would like to congratulate House Wyvernheart on the creation of Highhill Cotton." This time, a smile for those of that House specifically that are represented. "And, of course, we would be remiss if we did not congratulate Baroness Natalia Elwood on her re-ennoblement. We know she will honor the sacrifices of those who died at Acorn Hill and build a Barony to be proud of."

Cesare rises from the commoner's benches and quietly picks his way across the space while attracting as little attention as he can, which, given his recent...popularity, is not terribly easy. He moves to the Lyceum benches and bends to speak to someone, his hair spilling to obscure what he's saying and precisely to whom he's speaking, before retreating back to the commoner's benches again.

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Natalia checks charm and propaganda at normal. Natalia is successful.

Thea looks over to Alis and gives her a nod of sincere appreciation. "Thank you,"she murmurs quietly from her seat.

There's sudden, sustained applause for Baroness Natalia Elwood following Alis' announcement, with several crownland peers, particularly old stalwart supporters of House Grayson, coming to their feet before sitting down.

Having moved back to his place, Cesare applauds for Baroness Natalia with a smile and a nod, still on his feet as well to support the former Whisper.

Lou gives Deva a solemn look when Cirroch is mentioned, having witnessed the aforementioned death. She also gives a nod of support for her friend.

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Natalia is mentioned. Oh. The moment's pause is her only indication of surprise; at the sound of applause, she does rise from her seat. A full, deep curtsey is offered to the Voices of the Realm (aimed primarily at Alis); it's held for a long moment before she straightens, then reclaims her seat.

Cristoph had been quiet over there, mostly. Occasional conversation aside. But with the announce about Natalia, he sets his quill down and roundly claps his hands together along with the various other members of the peerage.

"Thank you Princess Alis," Jaenelle speaks towards the woman as she has the happy parts of the brief all ready and there is no world ending shock or surprise. "I am certain that Baroness Elwood will uphold her oaths and lead her people to a furture that all involved deserve, one of peace, happiness, and prosperity. Marquessa Tyche, please share what House Pravis is currently undertaking and the projects they are leading forward."

Kael's straightening when Natalia is mentioned, but this is just so that he can have a _good_ view of her standing and take in her expression. He is smiling, and yes, when the applause occurs, his is proudly added in the mix.

Tyche joins in the calls to honor Cirroch and the applause for Natalia's accomplishments before she stands, sparing a moment to scan those assembled before she speaks. "While House Pravus has no concerns to be brought before the Assembly, I would like to extend, once more, our gratitude to all the Houses for the successes at Pieros." She looks to those by her side, pausing to take them in before her gaze is outward again toward the Setarcan benches. "And we continue to make gains in the Saffron Chain to further strengthen the Compact." She reclaims her chair.

Kiera likwise turns to give a smile to Alis at the metion of her house, noticibly shifting from a more solemn look at the mention of Marquis Sanna's death

There's considerable applause for Tyche's words, with near universal celebration of the Compact's success. It should be noted that it became significantly more muted when making mention of further gains in the Saffron.

Deva nods solemnly in return to Lou, and then there's a flicker of an approving smile for the boisterous northlanders seated at the bench. There is applause for all the good news as the conversations press forward, and her posture starts to relax. Eventually.

Natasha joins in with the applause for the late Marquis Sanna, closing her eyes and lips moving to deliver a quiet prayer. Once that is finished, she tilts her head towards the Duke of Grimhall, and seems to be pulled in a quiet discussion with Valdemar.

As each house is asked, Velenosa appears to be the last in line. As Jaenelle is still standing, she turns towards the hall to take her turn to speak. "After the success of the Lyceum Watchtower project, House Velenosa has decided to strengthen each of the Lyceum holdings with assistance from the Domain leaders. We will strengthen the walls of each domain to protect and provide a place of safety for the commoners who may not have the ability to protect themselves as readily as noble houses, and to give each noble house the assurance that they /can/ provide for their people. In turn this gives House Velenosa the satisfaction of knowing that our enemies do not get an easy target. It is my goal that each holding stands a chance until assistance arrives, as was such an important thing in the last war. The Lyceum will be ready for the next, despite the current moment of peace."

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Apollo applauds at the Lyceum benches for the announcement of holding fortifications during peacetime. Prudence and preparation pay dividends, don't they?

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Petra remains in her seat at the Valardin benches, the Rivenshari listening with a keen ear. With the mention of Natalia, she gives applause. At the mention of Cirroch, she bows her head in reverence. Then as Jaenelle speaks, she gives another applause.

Vitalis may have been here all along, maybe was late. He is adept at going unnoticed either way. He remains observant throughout. Sitting, standing, clapping, praying, observant of the shape of things.

At Jaenelle's words concerning the Lyceum, Cambria nods her approval for its collective goals.

Pasquale also nods his approval.

Like a trueborn Islesman, Ian takes the occasional drink and watches things play out with a stony, impassive expression. How he feels about any of this, if he feels anything at all, is impossible to gauge.

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"Thank you for bringing forth any information, good or bad, to the Compact," Jaenelle addresses the High Lords before turning back towards the hall. "A few have asked to petitioned the Voices of the Compact. I would like to ask Baroness Ember Redreef to stand before the Crown and be heard."

Lucita gives an approving nod to Jaenelle's statements.

Sydneys posture has remained quite rigid throughout the proceedings. Aside from the occasional lowered murmur to the commoners bench, she has been effectively silent, much as her expression speaks volumes.

Celine offers a soft applause to each accomplishment, whether from her house or other norble houses, showing her support for each person and the hard work they have put forward to make things happen. She is quiet though and respectful, taking mental notes while she listens.

Arriving fashionably late, Iseulet attempts to sneak in the back and find a seat over inthe Thrax benches as quietly and unobtrusively as possibile.

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When called upon, Ember stands up from her seat. She remains wrapped in a cloak of umbra and black fur, and on a scale from one to ten, the 'ambient intensity' level of the Baroness is somewhere around thirteen. "Thank you, Your Grace," she says. Her eyes stay on the Highlords. "House Redreef has fought for the Compact for hundreds of years -- protecting its holdings from pirates, shavs, slavers, invaders. In recent years, every time there has been a call for arms, House Redreef has been there, ready to defend the Compact... the Silent War, against the Gyre, against the Skal'dajans. When not setting sail and putting our lives on the line, we have taken part in initiatives such as the Seacoast Watch, to fortify the defense of the realm against future incursions."

Ember draws in a breath through her nose before continuing. "We have been loyal. We have been steadfast. And as history's pace quickens around us, we look to the future, seeking to ensure for the sake of our descendants that our domain will never wash away with the tide. I have obtained the blessings of my liege, the Countess Darkwater; of the Dominus Aureth Grayhope; and of His Grace Prince Victus Thrax in what I seek today. All that is left to ask this Assembly of Peers that the domain of Redreef Shores be elevated -- and that I be recognized as its Countess."

Arriving late to the Assembly, but unashamedly so, the newly minted neo-noble Marquis Giorgio Proscipi makes his way in with his head held high. Outfit in an outstanding array of high quality leathers and fireweave, the Marquis spends a moment searching the various benches before his eyes find the Setarcan bench and he moves in that direction to take a seat alongside his brother and the rest of the fealty.

Raven rises and bows when Marquis Giorgio joins, settling back down once the Marquis is settled.

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Ember's request doesn't prompt much from Lana or the other traditionalists beside staring intently at her, intense scrutiny. But their features remain impassive.

Reaction is mixed, among the peers. There's some scattered applause by progressive houses, particularly the ones that have pushed for change in the Isles. There's some steely silence from traditionalists, particularly among the Isles. Lord Vincent Dredcall raises his voice asking, "Counties in the Mourning Isles bear far more responsibility for fighting shav attacks. Can we hope House Redreef would make commitments in the east, as House Helianthus and its vassals have seen its numbers depleted, in unnecessary conflicts brought about by the changes in the Isles?"

"House Mazetti supports the elevation of House Redreef from barony to county," Cambria says, standing from her place upon the Lycene benches. "And we congratulate House Redreef on all their hard work and effort to attain such." She does not, however pose any questions to Ember, as another of the Peerage had just done.

Natasha's dark eyes swivel to fix intently on Lord Dredcall when he rises to address Ember and the rest of the Assembly, a brief flicker there that she schools into unassailable neutrality.

Deva's posture is open, expression curious as Ember speaks. At one point she leans forward against the table, voice lowered as she speaks to the other gathered voices, but all while she gestures with a broad sweep of her arm. With some sort of satisfied nod, she turns and angles herself with a smile. "Sounds straightforward to me then," she comments a little louder, with a broader smile as she looks from the baroness to today's hostess, Jaenelle and then Victus.

Ian has no authority to speak for House Kennex, and doesn't try to do so, but the way he nods along with Ember's words suggests that the elevation has, for what it's worth, the support of the Sword of Stormward.

Victus leans forward, hands clasped and fingers intertwined. His gaze briefly travels across the benches, particularly those that sit the many Islanders and their diverging opinions. After a moment's pause, he extends a hand in Ember's direction. "The Lord Dredcall makes an adequate point. Baroness Ember, if I recall correctly, you were personally apart of the ground defense of House Proscipi. Reports tell that you were quite successful in your dismantling of our foreign invaders. Is this true?"

Ember keeps her eyes on the Highlords, rather than looking back at Vincent Dredcall, probably because it would give away that her upper lip is twitching. She offers her reply, speaking loudly, clearly, and with ice in her tone: "House Redreef will see those conflicts ended, my Lord." She manages to get her lip under control before addressing Victus: "I was one sword among many, Your Grace. I can take no more credit for the work of an entire army than a single sail can for the swiftness of an entire fleet. ...but yes. We slaughtered them."

When Ember speaks, Tyche's gaze is on her, no efforts made to hide her interest in the request, almost as if she has some horse in the race here. She confers with the other leaders, all seeming in agreement on this, and smiles to the woman seeking elevation.

Other than some quiet words to the others at the centre table, Liara doesn't seem too animated one way or the other. She folds her hands neatly in her lap, gaze turning between the people speaking.

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"Baroness Redreef, it seems you have the permission of your current Liege, your Liege's Liege, the High House, as well as the Faith. That your House and Holdings have worked for the betterment of the Compact through generations, and will continue to fight for such, I see no reason why the Crown would not approve of such an elevation. I see no reason why you will not continue your path forward as you always have to see that the Mourning Isles is protected from those who wish to see it harmed. If everyone is in agreement," Jaenelle's eyes flick towards Victus then the Thrax benches, "I wish to be the first to welcome Countess Ember Redreef."

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Raimon will be the second, then, standing and bowing, silently, to Ember in recognition of her elevation. Quietly, of course. It's Raimon.

Martinique doesn't leap up and cheer or anything but she does sort of give a happy wriggle in her seat and grin as the elevation is approved.

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Lianne's approval of Ember's elevation is quiet but complete, pride in her smile for the former baroness.

Marquessa Lianne Malespero is called forward!

"Your humility is respectable. Nonetheless, I believe that is adequate evidence to your dedication of safeguarding Arvum, and the Mourning Isles from threat." Victus says simply, before giving quiet applause as Jaenelle announces the verdict. It's very animated for him. Very.

Ember stands in silence upon receiving her request. She doesn't smile, doesn't seem to bask in the adulation. She stands there for a long beat, then deeply curtseys, then stands there for another beat, and then sits down. At no point does she say a word.

Though Celine does not know the newly elevated countess, but the Princess Celine claps in support of her, as the recognition of her Peers speaks volumes for her character. When she notices Raimon there as well, she offers a warm smile his way, but still remains quiet.

Cesare offers his applause for the election of County Redreef, his attention keen as Marquessa Malespero is called to the front, and a small smile and dip of his head sent toward Baroness Natalia.

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Lianne rises when called upon and bows low to the Voices of the Realm. As she straightens, she addresses Jaenelle, "Archduchess, Nilanza formally petitions, before Gods and Realm, for elevation to a duchy." Whatever conversations with liege and Faith have occurred previously, she makes no mention but stands confident in her bid. "We have thrived and grown considerably under the care and counsel of the Lyceum and our liege." She tips an indicative nod toward her high lord. "With our strategic position, strong trade routes, reliable allies and balanced growth, our lands are well-tended and our people have flourished; our elevation serves to further fortify the Lyceum's eastern shores, as demonstrated by our exemplary service in recent conflicts." Here, she gestures toward Pasquale where he sits not far from her, his lead earning relatively recent recognition. Again, she bows, though only through her head and shoulders this time, attentive gaze kept on those at the front of the Assembly as she murmurs, "By your leave."

Aedric joins the assembly in their applause, offering the Countess a polite dip of his chin as she returns to the Thrax benches.

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Apollo applauds approvingly for Ember's elevation, modestly but without reservation. He is clearly attendant when his wife is called forward, fingers lacing loosely as he listens to the petition.

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More applause follows Jaenelle's pronouncement and Ember's polite withdraw, with stony silence from much of the Mourning Isles, and apparently the departure of the few Dredcalls present. Lianne's petition has a much different reaction from the numerous Lycene and Saffron peers, with intense whispering and idle chatter happening as a result, and a low buzz of murmuring that doesn't quite end. There's a few glares from houses with historic ties to House Argento.

Reigna's attention shifts towards Lianne and then Apollo as the pitch is made for elevation, and there is a curiously blank expression on the Keaton Marquessa's face, her usual smile is there but it does not reach her eyes. She looks away from the Malespero pair and leans in to whisper something to Kael.

Petal gets a bottle of traditional Shav honey mead with elderflower from a woven willow basket lined in white wool.

Petal starts pulling mead from her basket and offering it to the commoners at her bench.

She is attentive as always, dark eyes adopting what seems to be a restless roaming - from Ember's curtsey to her return in the Thrax benches, to Lianne's emergence forward. It is the crowd, however, that seems to magnetize the lion's share of her attention, following the exeunt of the few Dredcalls in attendance, and the whispering from the Lycene section. Natasha seems content to be silent, now - even her discussions with Valdemar seems to have been tabled now that petitions are being brought forward.

"House Grimhall supports the elevation of Malespero to a Duchy, and congratulates them on their continued success," Valdemar stands to speak up briefly. Inclining his head toward Lianne, the Duke then resumes his seat and continued quiet observation of the proceedings.

Apollo seems like he very well might have expected whispering and chatter; a low buzz of murmuring seems about right. He offers a smile Valdemar's way, a dip of his head, all else collected into sense of ambient uncertainty which... ruffles him surprisingly little.

Raven chews her bottom lip thoughtfully, contemplative green gaze sweeping across the faces of the assembly to guage reactions.

"The lands you inherited when given the important duty of protector of Nilanza has been a long, hard road. You and yours have always shown a loyalty that was steeped within history, even if House Malespero was forced to change and adapt to survive and flourish. You never once gave up in times of hardship and never once questioned your loyalties. To see you continue to change and adapt, your people the sole concern for each action, each decision made, is something that the Lyceum takes pride in. I trust that you will always put your people first before your personal needs, that you will always make the difficult decisions when presented with such, and I expect you to continue to adapt and change to survive. If not, I would be so disappointed." Yes, Jaenelle went there. "If we are all in agreement, and as her Liege I approve such an elevation as does the Faith, the Crown sees no reason why such an elevation should be denied. Welcome Duchess Lianne Malespero."

Cassimir turns a grim, oppressive stare upon the sour expressions openly worn by the few House Argento loyalists he spies in the crowd. A whispered string of dissenting words falls from his lips, too hushed for any to make out, though the intent and their direction may be /quite/ clear. His expression softens some when he turns back to observe Marquessa Lianne as she waits patiently for responses to pour in.

Pasquale takes his time to study each of the peers who are murmuring or staring after Lianne's words before finally settling his gaze back onto Jaenelle. He smiles then, listening to what she says, and murmurs "Congratulations Duchess." across to Lianne.

Iseulet gives the new Duchess applause when she's introduced for the first time as such, offering her support with a warm smile to her and her own.

At the elevation of Malespero from march to duchy, Cambria offers further congratulations on behalf of her House, coupled with polite applause.

Victus gives a nod of acknowledgement toward the newly elevated Duchess. His hands stay intertwined.

Cesare rises to his feet once more and applauds, a broad smile briefly crossing his face at the announcement of the elevation. He turns to mouth something in the direction of the Lyceum Benches, and bows deeply to the newly-anointed Duchess.

After exchanging quiet words with people at the centre table - quite a few words, this time - Liara returns to watching, this time with pursed lips and a trace of a frown.

Ember rises from her seat when the Assembly is bade to welcome Duchess Lianne Malespero, and applauds so thunderously that it's like she's making a concentrated effort to break her own capitate bones.

Lianne, too, expected the murmurs. She might have been disappointed if there were not at least a bit of chatter about her petition. Still, she keeps her eyes forward, save to turn a small, surprised smile toward Valdemar, to dip a nod his way. It's the first crack in her stoicism, a few more showing as she listens to Jaenelle, emotion threatening to overtake her and getting its proper expression in a fleeting smile, entirely wide, at the threaat of disappointment. With another low bow to the High Lords, she bids a humble, "Thank you," and reclaims her seat beside her duke before she makes a public mess of herself.

Lord Nunzio Amatocitto has a question for the new duchess of the Lyceum, as he glances at Lianne, "Seeing as how Malespero offers a safe home to lost nobles, how do we know that House Malespero won't become a ducal house of prodigals and neo-nobles? Your own husband is a commoner. I'm just saying." There's some ugly murmurs at this, though mostly directed at the man.

Adalyn offers applause first for the elevation of House Redreef and again for House Malespero. She sends a warm, congratulatory smile toward Lianne before turning her bright-eyed gaze toward the Lycene seating.

Narcissa brings her hands together in soft applause for the elevation of Lianne and House Malespero, her smile genuine.

At the elevation of Malespero, Princess Celine, offers a gentle clap of support and a warm smile. she can't help but try to contain her amusement at Embers thunderous applause and shake her head.

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Eirene doesn't seem at all surprised at Nunzio's outburst.

Raven sits up and there's a pointed look towards the too-loud Pompass noble. She doesn't say a word but the salty Blackheart doesn't have to. Since the rise of ettiquitte there's been that sharp commanding look that if one can't say complimentary things then one should speak in quieter tones.

Smiling, Khanne applauds the elevation of Nilanza, then reaches into her bag to pull out a parchment. With her tongue stuck out, she jots down a quick few words on it, using her knee to support the writing, then hands it to someone, asking them to pass it on until it gets to Lianne. Sure, a few along the line (and yes, she watches to make sure it gets there), give her some odd looks, but Khanne just gives them a thumbs up and a smile.

"My husband is, by name and title, noble," Lianne answers Lord Nunzio, her tone even, emotion receding in the face of inquiry. "Our house, with rare exception, is one of noble lineages. Yes, pieced together out of necessity, but no less true in their blood than you or I. We have, as our Archduchess noted so kindly, adapted, and we will continue to do so, to the benefit of the Lyceum and the strengthening of the Compact."

Deva looks from Jaenelle to Lianne and nods, while her palms drum atop her knees. There's a quiet laugh for something said at the table, and she turns to look over her shoulder at the chair beneath her. "True."

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Iseulet, in an uncharacteristic moment, responds to the outburt with a great big snort of derision so loud it sounds like someone let a feral pig loose over in the Thrax benches.

Petra remains silent from her place, simply observing and listening to the banter an discussion.

"Yeah, but now we got a duke that isn't Lycene, and was born to, I dunno, a carpenter or whatever. No offense, Duke Apollo." Lord Nunzio holds a meaty hand to his chest in an unconvincing apology, "And even our Archduchess isn't from the Lyceum, I mean she was..." Another member of House Amatocitto is making a frantic chopping motion with his hand that leads that thought going unfinished, as Nunzio clears his throat, "What I'm saying is, you know, will you just make a commitment to no more ennoblements, for you and all your vassals? That's all I'm talking about."

Raven drawls to someone at her bench, "I just thought it was flatulence but my hearing's not been right since the that mess in the Whisper House."

Over in the Valardin section, Reigna Keaton is looking decidedly unentusiastic and even a touch disapproving.

Dark brows slowly climb up to Natasha's hairline once Lord Nunzio refers to Jaenelle.

"The string of ennoblements could certainly be curtailed." Victus states to the procession. "It does after all pose a deep threat to our bloodlines. While I'm certain that the ones who have personally undertaken the burden of ennobling another understand and account for such when they grace someone with elevation, perhaps it is time that we reevaluated just how many new additions there need to be within the peerage. Before the costs begins to outweigh the reward granted by these individual's exemplary skills."

"Kind of you to stop wasting the Assembly's time with vague accusations and nonsense, my Lord, and get to your point," Valdemar tells Lord Nunzio, giving the man a pointed look for a moment.

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"Goodness, where were these tough questions when Eleyna married Talen, or Isolde married Alistair?" Cambria inquires of Nunzio, her tone one of amusement, rather than serious inquiry. Her gaze then settles upon Victus, and though it seems as though Cambria agrees with his opinion, she makes no further comment.

Random nobles in the Lyceum benches do give a slight nod, and shrugs, their expressions seeming to indicate they think Nunzio may have a point.

Petal gets a clay jug of Shav wild honey rose petal mead from a woven willow basket lined in white wool.

Apollo has nothing for the Amatocitto lord at first, but with the unconvincing apology, he rises, and bows to that house. "Skepticism is natural, my lord, and I would certainly do myself no favors if I found fault in your mention of my origin. Perhaps your house could benefit from working directly with House Malespero." A pause, then: "Something we can discuss after the assembly."

Lianne does not address Lord Nunzio, no /commitments/ made, but she does regard Victus as he speaks and bows her head in respect for his counsel. "Of course, your grace." Though she catches other sounds and reactions, she does not let them distract from the moment. She nods for Apollo's latter words, silent encouragement of not wasting more time on discussion that could be considered later, judgment already rendered.

Lord Nunzio nods choppily towards Cambria, apparently missing her point, "Yeah see, everyone was just saying, 'aw no, Velenosa going through some things, with Carlotta then Esera, we gotta be quiet or you know, we'd all get something extra in our wine.' But that was then, and it's been years, and it's bad that Talen and Alistair are there. No disrespect intended. But we gotta draw a line somewhere, am I right? I'm just saying maybe take an oath to no more new neo-nobles in the Lyceum. That's all." There's not a -lot- of vocal support. There's some among the Mourning Isles, and even scattered among Oathlands, but almost to a person no Lycene peer is saying a thing, and has very carefully neutral expressions or is suddenly finding the ceiling absolutely fascinating. Some of his family pointedly escorts him back to a seat and he falls silent.

Samantha has listened quietly to the various elevations, offering applause as is appropriate to each. Her gaze does shift toward Lord Nunzio as he speaks up, but her features remain smooth and unruffled. As Lianne gives her response, and the Marquessa of Deepwood studies the new Duchess with quiet consideration.

Petal pulls our more mead. She drinks some herself and then tries to hand the bottle to Evaristo.

Sydney appears to be sniping angrily about something. Typical commoner stuff.

Cambria examines her nails.

Sydney checks composure at hard. Sydney is successful.

Jaenelle's slowly smiles, palms resting against the table as she leans forward. "Lord Amatocitto, do you know what happened to the last man who tested my patience? Who questioned my authority and ability to lead, but also to the devotion to /my/ people, my family? Do you know that he begged for his life as I forced him to drink wine until his body shut down and his organs failed one after another. I didnt even poison the wine he drank to reduce his suffering. So know," another smile, "Lord Lord Nunzio Amatocitto I would love nothing more than to get to know you so much better, to answer any of your concerns, to sooth your brow as it furrows with shock when you figure out that you have been wrong your entire life and your opinions are clearly worthless. Know that the Lyceum has flourished beneath my care, that it has never been more unified, it has never been more wealthy, and we have never needed you within it less."

Deva allows herself to be lost in some totally awful flashbacks and just takes a long moment to rub her face with both hands.

Lucita examines the bottom of the small glass from which she has been discretely sipping a whiskey as she silently listens to the comments.

There's a large degree of excessively enthusastic and nervous applause from the Lycene peers for their Archduchess.

Lou has been impassive most of the conversation, but now when oaths are brought up for Lianne to swear, her expression grows dark and cloudy and she frowns. She gives Jaenelle an appreciative look when she takes matters into hand, or task.

Ember applauds too, but isn't at all nervous, or fake in her enthusiasm.

Victus makes an exaggerated show of wiping his brow. One might even hear a 'sheesh' under his breath, but it could have just as easily been the wind.

Deva is overheard praising Jaenelle: Still a badass.

Cesare, too, applauds Jaenelle's pointed display of Lycene diplomacy from where he sits poised and impeccably postured at the commoners' benches.

Petra is overheard praising Jaenelle.

There is a slow and careful placement of Natasha's fingers over her mouth when Jaenelle addresses Lord Amatocitto, and no, it isn't so she could be within range of clutching her pearls (she isn't wearing any). Her eyes, however, crinkle in the corners in a very telling fashion.

Lucita is overheard praising Jaenelle: Direct and to the point.

Adding to the applause for the Archduchess, Valdemar continues to pointedly watch the noble she just dressed down so thoroughly.

Cornelius curiously peers off from Jaenelle's tirade to Lord Nunzio in just what will become of that, now.

Deva smacks a hand on the table and grins openly at Jaenelle. There are nods to others that join in the applause.

Alis definitely clears her throat a little, lips pursing in what could either be disapproval or amusement. So hard to tell, honestly! And she ducks her head to make it even more hard to discern, though those at the table no doubt hear a slight bit of a chuckle escape.

Apollo offers Jaenelle a smile and a grateful, lengthy, bow of his head, resettling.

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Ian looks at Lord Nunzio, then at the drink he's been sipping at, then back to Nunzio. Then he slooooowly puts the drink away, with the air of someone who has just borne witness to a living, breathing cautionary tale.

Celine can not help but smile in encouragement at Jaenelle's firm stance with the loud mouthed noble, who has just been put in his place. She does clap but merely smiles and shakes her head, and wonders how many other nobles will change their tune as a result.

Lianne straightens in her seat as Jaenelle speaks, pride and admiration gleaming in her otherwise grave expression. There can be little doubt why she chose to serve such a liege when given other options.

From somewhere over among the Grayson benches, where Mia has been watching the proceedings with a largely mild expression and the occasional murmur, the Marquessa's dark brows shoot up at *something* which the Archduchess has said. Whether it's because she is impressed or because she is shocked is difficult to say.

Celine is overheard praising Jaenelle: Nicely done and well spoken.

Narcissa's nose crinkles with unspoken amusement as her gaze bounces between Jaenelle and Lord Nunzio.

Denica looks up from her place, placing the charcoal she's been drawing across some page down for a brief moment. Pale lips curl upwards as she regards Jaenelle, it causes a little flicker of appreciation in her eyes.

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"Now," Jaenelle smiles again, fingers clasping before her as she straightens from that leaned position and taking on a more gentle tone. She is a great hostess, isn't she? "If there is nothing further from the Lyceum, I wish to call Archlector Felix Meadson to speak before the Crown."

Pasquale says something to Lianne on the benches before looking between Jaenelle, Nunzio and those who are applauding just a little too enthusiastically.

Khanne is overheard praising Jaenelle: Remind me to never to test my patron's patience...

When it comes time for the open address, Felix pushes up to his feet and waits patiently for it to be his turn to address them once more, giving applause at the elevation of both of the Houses. When that time comes, a short bow is offered before he speaks. "I would like to offer my thanks as Archlector to House Thrax for their support and assistance both in expanding the Discipleship of Mangata, and in helping to bring them, and by extension, the Faith, to more of the newer Houses to the Compact. With that, I would like to thank Princess Sudara for helping us work with the Truesworn, and Countess Aella for making us welcome within Ravenseye lands." another bow offered, this time towards the seating of the three mentioned, before he reclaims his seat.

Raven's eyebrows lift. Again her green eyed gaze scans those gathered.

Fingers fall from her mouth as another smile flits over Natasha's face at Felix's words, dark eyes drawing over towards Victus, first, and a sidelong glance to Alarissa.

Deva scoots to sit straighter in her chair as Felix speaks, listening attentively. Her eyes crinkle at the corners with a smile, and she turns to scope out the Redrain benches. "That's excellent news, Archlector. Thank you for your efforts, and for ensuring we know who has made such a priority."

Cadern has joined the Redrain Benches.

Victus almost smiles. Almost. It's a very slow tick at the corner of his lips that threatens to curve upwards in what could be called joy. However, it never quite gets all the way there, running out of stream and becoming more like an awkward smirk. He settles for gesturing toward Felix, then at the Thrax benches, then at those seated at the Voices of the Realm table. It's a loud, yet silent way of saying, 'go team'.

"Thank you Archlector, it is important to show that those who have recently entered the Compact are willing and agreeable to embrace the Faith more visually and to showcase that we as peers are meant to teach and lead by example" Jaenelle tells Felix before announcing, "Lord Aedric Blackshore, you are invited to speak before the Crown."

Aedric Blackshore is a tall man with a sickly appearance and austere countenance. By some miracle, despite his pallor and atrophied body mass, he is capable of both ambulation and supporting the weight of his armor. Once the Archlector has returned to his seat, he clears his throat and begins. "With the conclusion of open hostilities against the Eurusi, and recognizing the recently sustained volatility of prices in the city marketplace, I approach you now to propose an immediate reduction in Crown harbor tariffs on all imported items from fealties loyal to the Compact," the elder mariner recites, Cerulean gaze shifting indifferently between those designated as Voices of the Realm. "Even if merely a temporary measure, the economic relief would be felt by any importer, producer, or consumer who relies upon shipping for the primary transportation of goods. As the Great Houses openly endorse no issues of immediate political or military concern, I suspect that Crown coffers can afford a lapse in revenue to ensure the continued economic stability, and prosperity, of its subjects." The sailor pauses, gauntlets still stuffed between ribcage and breastplate. "The adjustment, mind you, need not be substantial. A single percentage point would translate to significant savings for all participating parties. Should income plummet, it can simply be offset by other duties -- and at less of a risk of upsetting the availability of goods." He pauses. "Regardless of the body's decision, I thank the assembly for this opportunity to speak openly and also for its collective consideration."

Pasquale gets a flask painted with the sigil of House Malespero from a black leather sword belt.

Celine turns her attention for a moment from the proceedings to those of her own family as she looks among them, waiting for a reply, listening as best she can, but changing from the warm smile to concern.

Evaristo for some reason, stands up, and moves further down the commoner bench. He looks mopey. Something must've REALLY gotten to him.

There's faint, but perceptible interest in Lord Aedric's proposal, Natasha's ivory veneer shifting into a more thoughtful look. It then moves over to the table of Voices, awaiting a response.

Evaristo perks up - someone's waving a donut in his direction. He starts to subtly inch his way a bit closer to the Grayson benches. Surely nobody will notice him hunched down and sneaking over... to receive a donut from some duke or another.

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Petal hmms and seeing people look distressed, she pulls a small pie wrapped in linen from her basket.

Petal gets a yummy lingonberry single crust pie from a woven willow basket lined in white wool.

Cassandra notices. She stares at Evaristo very pointedly.

If there is one thing those who are close to Jaenelle knows, its her love for numbers and her face lights up when Aedric approaches with his concern. "Was there a specific good or resource that you felt needed to be adjusted, or was it an overall percentage over any good that passed through the docks and to the market place of Arx? The Crown's Minister of Coin shall be informed of this petition and advised by the other Crown Ministers," she motions towards Khanne and Samantha, "how to best support the daily running of the city while also seeing where costs may be lowered to offset and balance the general costs to the city at large. The logistics are something that will take time to look over, and something that could cause financial ruin should these decisions be made too quickly without considering all options."

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There's mixed murmurs in regards to Aedric's proposals. Some of the Crownlands contingent sounds annoyed by it, strongly disliking anything that could undermine the Crown, while most everyone else would rather that tariffs are reduced. They really do hate the added costs on goods coming into the city. Very few people are pro-tax, afterall.

Michael leans back in his seat to waggle a blueberry with lemon-glaze donut towards the approaching rapscallion of a songbird Evaristo.

Apollo has some brief conversation at the Lyceum benches concerning Aedric's proposal, a definite interest in the repercussions it might have.

Evaristo does give Legate Cassandra a most dazzling, charming smile. Then he receives not one, but THREE donuts from Duke Michael, before he slinks off towards the commoner benches. The nobility, feeding the 'poor' commoners, clearly. An act of charity.

an extremely put out noblewoman has left the Thrax Benches.

Raven's eyebrows lift and her lips purse.

Cassandra continues to stare after Evaristo, not unlike an extremely stern and disapproving teacher, except that she's allowed to carry a sword (in places that are not here). Briefly, Michael gets a little bit of that too, before her attention returns to the business at hand.

If the overdressed commoner Sydney waterfall looked sour throughout much of the proceedings so far, her expression has absolutely curdled by comparison, now. Though, with all the general rumbling being issued from the vicinity of the Commoner's Benches, it's difficult to tell if that's to do with Aedric's proposal, or something secondary.

"An overall percentage on goods which pass through the docks, Your Grace. Should the Crown Minister and their associates discover that specific items would benefit from steeper reductions, I would ultimately defer to their judgment," the sailor replies, meeting Jaenelle's gaze. "Intervention, to whatever degree, is long overdue. Again, I am appreciative of the opportunity to make such a proposal known to the Crown and its Voices of the Realm, and would be happy to be of assistance should brighter minds decide it beneficial to draft new policies." Aedric offers a formal bow before spinning upon his heel and slowly retreating to the Thrax benches.

Turn in line: Natalia

The Marquessa of Deepwood is still paying attention, and seems to take a keen interest as Aedric addresses the Assembly. She looks to Jaenelle to hear her response, and when she is indicated to help support the effort, Samantha inclines her head in acknowledgement. "It would be my pleasure to assist in this," she says, the first time she has really spoken to address the Assembly at large since she arrived. She glances to Khanne as well, and gives a nod of acknowledgment to her as she was also indicated to advise. "There are a few other projects that have come to my attention, that I am looking into as well. I shall add this to my to-do list, that we might consider the impact," she says, and appears to make a mental note of it.

"Thank you," Natalia offers to Jaenelle when she is recognized, rising from her feet and moving forward to more easily address the room. Her voice carries easily, words clear. "I have been asked to speak to this assembly on Whisper House's behalf. First, I wish to offer their most heartfelt gratitude for the heroic sacrifice Marquis Cirroch Sanna made on Whisper's behalf; all of the Whispers made it out alive, due in no small part to his actions that night." She pauses here, and bows her head -- it's brief, but long enough to make it clear. "As well, Whisper offers their appreciation for the aid that they have received in rebuilding their home, and in housing those who needed it when it was needed. The Compact as a whole stepped up with nearly overwhelming response, and they have been reminded just how blessed they are to serve in the capacity that they do." And she does not wait all but maybe two heartbeats before she is retreating right back for her seat.

Petal gets a fine shofar horn from a woven willow basket lined in white wool.

Cesare rises in his place at the commoner's benches as Natalia finishes speaking, places a hand over his heart, and bows deeply.

Petal pulls out a horn. She studies it as if considering blowing the bone item and then she at bites her lower lip and offers it over to Evaristo.

Apollo applauds readily for this, the appreciation for the aid Whisper House received very plain.

Evaristo does look quite tempted to do that too, but in the end he uses it as a very makeshift spoon to start eating a pie that Petal brought out. Though, to be fair, he does look up and applaud quickly, at the mention of the Whisper house and all the aid they got.

Petal peeks over to Natalia after the Baroness speaks, giving her a dimpled smile that reaches brown eyes.

There's a great deal of applause for Natalia's words, as few things in the Compact are as reliable as the sustained popularity of the Whisper House. And fallen heroes like Cirroch.

"The Crown and Whisper House are bound by history and a deep alliance that was born from a need the Compact had and patronage. To see such an important institution to the Compact harmed was something the Compact could not stand by and allow to suffer alone. We are pleased to hear that those attempted, the Whisper House stands" Jaenelle says.

Khanne was caught seemingly talking to her pouch quietly and those sitting near her when she caught Jaenelle motioning to her. Wide-eyed, she stands and nods. "Yes, of course I will work with the Crown Minister of Coin, and Marquessa Deepwood as well." She smiles towards Samantha and gives her a small wave. "I am always happy to do what I can for the Crown and its people. I will take your words to heart and we shall see what can be done." She realizes how late she was to speak on the matter and looks towards Natalia and then Jaenelle. "Apologies." She then sits back down.

Petal seems to get an idea. She rises from the commoner bench and darts over to Natalia, trying to whisper to the Baroness.

Tyche has left the Voices of the Realm.

Cornelius, a studious looking attendant have been dismissed.

Princess Celine bows her head respectfully when Natalia speaks, in clear support of what thanks she has to offer and the sacrifice of the Marquis life for the Whispers and puts a hand to her heart as well. Though the lady does not know her personally, it does not in any way diminish the sentiment.

Jaenelle remains standing then, offering a dip of her head to those within the hall who brought forth any concerns, or simply wished to share their thanks to the Compact as a whole. "I wish to thank all of for attending the Assembly today and for bringing forth your concerns. As it seems nothing else further has been brought to our attention, I declare this Assembly of Peers of the Compact of Arvum adjourned. May our Compact prosper and thrive as free and righteous people."

Cassandra fixes a look on Petal now. A very pointed, pointed look.

Petal checks composure at normal. Petal fails.

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