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The Battle for Bastion

Under the guidance of Highlord Liara Grayson, House Grayson and its allies make a final push to retake their city.


Jan. 30, 2022, 4 p.m.

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Lou Raja Vitalis Alis Mabelle Terese Savio Edris Aella Orland Olivia Lucrezia Kastelon Veronica Eirene Thea Deva Liara Oswyn Acacia Hali Aleksei Cassandra Zakhar Monique Raymesin Ahriman Aindre Raven Icelyn Michael Adalyn Alantir Corban Preston Caspian Odin Tesha Norwood Lisebet Mirk Felicia Kalakh Tarik



Outside Arx - Bastion - The City of Bastion

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Eirene wields Dawnstrike, an elegant diamondplate longsword.

Raja wields Serpent's Sting.

Thea wields Skystrike, the finely crafted diamondplate kopis.

Odin wields Massacre, an Alaricite battle axe.

Hali wields an elegant, curved cutlass with a black hilt.

Corban wields a simple and unadorned sword, polished and sharp.

Scraps checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 86 higher.

Scraps drops A Medical Tent.

Most generals would advise that winter isn't the best time to wage a battle, but, in this case, it might be better than most. The snow is thick in the streets. Without the usual caretakers to see to the condition of the streets, the snow drifts high against the buildings. The city is quiet. Eerily quiet for a city of this size.

Icelyn has joined the A Medical Tent.

Mabelle has joined the A Medical Tent.

Olivia has joined the A Medical Tent.

Oswyn has joined the A Medical Tent.

The Pathfinder of the Explorers and Grayson Voice, Lou Grayson, has been gone since she left the camp later last evening. She has not been seen all day long, either. It wasn't until it was the closest time to muster for Bastion that she finally showed up to rejoin the ranks, and even when that happened she lingered at the back of them. She still lingers. And although she took some time to do some things with regard to the trauma she experienced in Grayhold just days ago, it hasn't been quite enough to push her to actually join up with the rest. Some of that trauma still lingers in her expression, which bears a grim look over the state of Bastion. She knows how quiet those streets are, and she's just not certain she wants to go through them once more. So she lingers still.

The streets are something Raja Culler is familiar with. Well, maybe not Bastion, but moving quietly through an urban setting is something she has years of practice with. The Culler moves a bit away from the main group of soldiers and fighters, looking for hidden dangers and taking the role of scout.

The good thing about snow... it's easy to see if anyone has gone before you. The bad thing about snow, it's nearly impossible to hide your passage. Though the passage of AN ARMY is hard enought to obscure. Vitalis traipses along with his detail, eyes and ears sharp, senses stretched into that eerie silence - listening for the enemy, or orders, he nods to Raja as they go.

Alis is definitely not enjoying the winter conditions. But, you make do with the battlefield you have sometimes. And so, she marches surrounded by her retinue, all of them armored and cloaked and absolutely not complaining about frostbite. She and her small group remain clustered with those who intend to relay changing tactics out into the field; just, without the usual command tent to huddle in to just yet.

Fur over steelsilk, over velvet, over leather. It is so cold and the silence somehow makes it feel colder. Mabelle marches quietly in the midst of the group, surrounding herself by those who will likely do better at cutting things. Luckily, the snow swallows up the sound of her diamondplate heels, but not her dread of the silence.

Terese is there with the other on the streets. She is leading a team of well equiped soldiers standing in a well trained formation. Terese looks around, keeping a sharp eye as she walks along with the others

Savio is not far from Orland, and hasn't been the entire time -- snow is not making this tropical prodigal happy, though, and he has rarely encountered it in a city where no one was clearing it away! What is this? Drifts? It's allowed to DRIFT? Appalling. Some attention is being paid to Not Slipping And Falling On The Ice And Dying, a very important aspect of winter war, but his strange alaricite weapon is at the ready.

Edris grew up in the mountain passes of the North, and so he would be somewhat at home in the wilderness of winter--but a city in such a state is all wrong somehow. It sets the Elwood's teeth on edge, truth be told. Not that his last foray into the Cathedral didn't leave a lingering impression in his dreams, on its own. He isn't armored enough to be at the front, but the ranging knight of Elwood sticks to the group, trying to keep an eye out for any possible flanking, and staying close to those who might need extra protection.

The Countess of Ravenseye was here, axe in hand leaning against the blade with hand on hilt. She was decked out in new and shiny armor, *glint, glint* Admire it, in all it's shiny gloryness. Surely, this was a tactic to blind her foes. She looked formidable and scary, the rubicund was expertly crafted by Ripley and was made to look blackish with a purple sheen to it. Her armor was a mix of metal, black fur and leather. The northerner looked every bit of ready to bash some skulls in. Along one shoulder was a black wolf's head and pelt that made up the one shouldered cloak she wore. Fiery red hair was braided and adorned with feathers and bones, she was the epitome of the fierceness the north had to offer.

Orland is walking alongside with Savio, sticking together with his husband on this battle to be waged. Each step is done with a slow left of booted leg through the snow, in some places it depends on if the majority of people went ahead or if they're the first ones down a particular street. It's slow moving, done with a slight tension in each step, anticipating attack around every corner. He looks over toward Savio to check where he's at and he nods, moving ever forward.

Olivia is completely out of place among the fighters and thankfully finds her way to the Medical Tent and out of the falling snow. This is where she can offer the most help, let's just hope nothing else finds its way in there among her and the other healers.

Lucrezia is an unusual sight this far from the sea. But, Lucrezia ever and always did whatever she pleased when she pleased. The snow hinders her stalking grace, but her face is alight with savage glee. Wicked malice lurks in her eyes as she looks about, seeking the first victim to fall to her sword.

Kastelon looks grim. He can't perhaps help it - the eyepatch and the jaunty hat don't help dispel the severity of his demeanor at all either - but there's no seeming concern about the matter of the winter conditions, just a resolute look ahead. The contemplation of those closest to him, as his bow's already at the ready, the sword at his hip beneath the cloak in case it's needed. Probably will be. Battles are funny like that.

Veronica was decked out in her tempestuous armor, totally ready for a fight. The Heart of Oak wielded and a determined look along her face.

The advantage to being born a Malvici is you're prepared for war at almost all the times. Except winter. Winter in the southern climes is an unknown entity. So Eirene has her leather coat buttoned up, her hat kept low against the cold, and her war-face on. Those who know her have all seen her casual side. Smirking or scowling, dry sarcasm, but always with professionalism. But this side of her; the warrior side... this is all business. Gone is the smirk. Gone are the jokes. All that remains is the seasoned battle-medic who knows what needs to be done to keep as many people alive as possible. That all starts with tactics, so she's been in the Command Tent with the other Grayson generals to assist with the planning. When that's done, she's at the medical tent with the Heron's Wing, her command of battle medics within the Riven armies.

Thea is here with the others, likely just as cold. She is dressed and ready for whatever there is to happen, daggers and kopis at her side. Medical supplies on hand. Because you never know what where or what she'll be doing. Thea's eyes seem to survey everything around her closely, looking for anything.

Deva is gathered with her Redrain soldiers. If anyone is used to fighting in snow, they are! Bundled and ready for war, she huddles with her men for some last minute discussions, but her staff is gripped and ready.

At the direction of Liara Grayson, the army of House Grayson approaches the city in a column, an efficient marching formation, rather than being arrayed for battle. Even ten abreast, the column stretches a long way back, and the silence of the city is disrupted by orders being called and the sounds of many boots. The army's cavalry break off as they approach the city - it appears that they are to remain outside, as a reserve. Liara herself is at the head of the column, preceded only by a half dozen scouts on foot, with a number of Grayson's knights and senior officers formed behind her. The intention, once the army passes the gate, is to simply keep on marching, all the way to the castle at Grayhold.

Oswyn stands by the medical tent. With one arm in a sling, he's probably not going to be terribly useful there, but... not many options for the Archscholar otherwise. He fidgets with the pendant around his neck, decorated with the symbol of the Faith of the Pantheon.

From her perch above, a slender leather-clad figure crouches cool and calm as she watches the stream of brave men and women as the assemble. Still as a shadow, Acacia keeps watch, her gaze lifting to the horizon and towards the gathering army's target lies.

Falling in with the group, Hali finds herself making her way towards Caspoan, a face she knows. Is she seeking comfort it was is about to transpire. Her eyes scan the area around her, piulling her cloak closer to her against the cold, a soft murmur escaping her lips to herself. "Why can't this be on the sea." Her had grips her blade tighter, almost begging for something to break the silence; a silence of the unknown.

Aleksei is not a Crownlander, nor is he generally a soldier or sellsword. But he /is/ a swordsman, and most certainly an enemy to Abyssal assholes trying to take over cities. And so here he is, not so much a part of anyone's particular army, but ready to stand and aid any of them.

The holy and resplendent vestments of Mother Cassandra Laurent, Legate of Arts of the Faith, is more than just a flashy way to proclaim her devotion to the gods. Steelsilk composes quite a large portion of what the woman wears. Underneath all of that steelsilk and aeterna and just plain steel, furs and pelts swaddle the Legate so that she doesn't die of frostbite before she can die in battle. Cloth is wrapped around her nose and mouth underneath her barbute helm. She trudges through the snow without complaint or regret, keeping close to the Carnifex, Sir Preston. Her sword is drawn and ready -- though perhaps she was mostly just concerned about it freezing into its hilt.

Zakhar wanders forwards with the small troop from the Crimson Blades, not a single siege weapon in sight with the troop. The old man looks ready to destroy any that come forth, though looks back to his troops and declares, "If any of you wish to turn back, now is the time."

Monique is just steps behind Savio and Orland, though they may not realize it yet; a dark shadow with her cloak pulled up over the telltale blaze that is her hair. The Minx steps quietly, silently, amidst all the people, blending in with the intent to appear just another one of the masses. Beneath her cowl, ruby lips curve, fingers drumming upon one thigh in heart-pounding anticipation.

Raymesin, meanwhile, is in with the specialists. He's not leading anyone, not really being led either - he's just one of the people who're assumed to know their business and be able to get on with it. He's bundled up against the cold and looking rather more well-built than usual as a result.

Ahriman Grayson is present and commanding troops where Liara has placed him. Green steel plate suit and just a ceremonial sword. He leans on a pole that holds a Grayson banner to assist his movements. He is inured in his hand and a few scrapes from earlier fighting. He has two personal swordsmen standing guard to his person.

It's hard for Prince Aindre to make out of himself anything else but the gleaming beacon of alaricite he's dressed as here in the calm before the storm that will be the Battle of Bastion. Whatever nervous energy the man might have, he's putting it to good use, keeping soldiers rounded up and motivated to press onward into the heart of the dead city where he was raised. There are more than a few soldiers carrying messages to him, movement reports, warnings, everything a Voice of the house should know for the coming violence. He might here to command the battlefield, but for now he marches with Highlord Liara, where he can be seen, where he can set an example for all the men and women who are risking their lives here today for something bigger than them.

Raven, having been tasked with a particularly dangerous roll has recruited a handful of seasoned, battle hardened sorts to come along as she makes her way towards Grayhold with Liara, taking a somewhat reluctant point. Her nose wrinkles a bit and her breath fans out infront of her in plumes of steam in the miserable cold.

Icelyn Icelyn has appeared well after several of the others, wrapped in her furs and leathers. The winter was biting, but it seemed perhaps not to bother her as much as others. She made note of the pattern of Raja's scouting, and made sure to follow her gaze and move out to the opposite position of the woman's to assist her eyes. They catch and follow the formation of soldiers that remained outside, and would slow to watch them.

Michael did not at all attempt to dissuade High Lady Liara Grayson from stack up her men and women like toy soldiers and walking them into the city. At the very least, Michael gets to hoof it with Liara quite nicely with a helmet hiding his incredulousness at getting to be all mixed in with the actual fighters again.

Scraps checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 113 higher.

Scraps checked dexterity + woodworking at difficulty 19, rolling 107 higher.

Adalyn wears a solemn, focused expression as she walks through the streets alongside her fellow soldiers. She does her best to tromp through the snow with silent acceptance, more intent upon the battle to come than the cold that threatens to make her teeth chatter. Her fingers remain wrapped in a loose hold around her spear but her body is alert, readied to spring into action when directed.

Scraps drops Battle Station One.

Scraps drops Battle Station Two.

Alantir Valardin marches with the column of assembled knights, archers, and bannermen that had been assembled by House Grayson to secure the seemingly abandoned city. He is another fighter amongst many; blade held half-sword and prepared to engage opponents in close quarters.

Sir Corban Telmar marches along the formation with Raven and Caspian, towards the front of the column. His silvery diamondplate armor shines in the winter light, off of the snow and ice on the ground, his alaricite sword at his side. He keeps his eyes forward, the rattle of his armor blending with that of the Grayson armor.

The Faith have not brought their armies to Bastion, but the Templars from Bastion and its environs are here to restore their custody of the Cathedral. With the snow, Preston has his thick large wolf cloak from the Gyre War with him, the de-boned wolf head pulled up around his helmet. Having moved into the city, Preston reaches for his belt and he pulls Crusader's hilt and frees it from its scabbard and brings the perfect blade to his side as he hefts the Templar shield that is on his left arm.

Preston wields Crusader, Blade of the Templars.

Caspian Follows along with Raven, slipping past the columns of soldiers as he moved toward Liara. His normal leathers were augmented with a few burnished pieces of armor. He still bore his knives, wielding twin blades with a casual air of confidence. His smile still lingered on his face, as he seemed intent on NOT letting the growing dread reach him. He looked quite plain next to Corban, the man blazing like a sun in the light. The words of Hali made him look and laugh, "oh im not so sure.. ever try to swim in armor?" he trotted on after the Blackheart

Odin was with the soldiers of Thrax and Eswynd, a smile on his face as he breathes in the winter air as he readies his axe. "It's a good day to die, my brothers and sisters. Glory awaits us, and today we reclaim Bastion."

Zakhar wields Lucky Fruitcake the thumbhusker.

Aindre wields Beacon, a handsome diamondplate warhammer.

Aleksei wields Chainbreaker, the Sword of the First Choice.

Lady Tesha Telmar is here and she's aiding at the moment with one thing her Uncle Arn taught her very well, where to direct the men in a battle. She seems at home in this element, dressed in armor and her helm off for the moment as they march. There's a determined look on her face as she keeps her other hand gently on the hilt of her sword. Awaiting the moment it needs to be unsheathed.

Terese keeps a careful watch over Caspian and Raven, she keeps close to them slong with her small

Tesha wields wings of twilight oathlands steel longblade with twisted flames handle.

Terese keeps a careful watch over Caspian and Raven, she keeps close to them slong with her team (corrected)

If this were a proper siege, there might be enemy soldiers or other agents to intercept the large fighting force that marches through the city. There are perhaps signs here and there of prior occupation in these streets, but, thus far, there is nothing to impede their progress. Those who are veterans of previous battles might find the quiet unsettling. This isn't how these things are done. Just when the strangeness of this might reach a crescendo, a roar of utter fury breaks the quiet and reverberates through the streets of Bastion. Moments later, another roar is heard, as if answering it.

Savio takes a while to notice Monique (she is stealthy!!) but once he does, he seems pleased to see her, and maybe a little relieved, tilting a smile her way and making space for her to join himself and Orland! "It's so qui---" And, eerie unsettling roars are screaming over the city, a call and answer. "Oh," Savio winces a little. "I ruined it."

"Hmm. That seems less than ideal," murmurs Sir Corban as he continues his march forward, his hand following onto the pommel of his sword. But at the same time, the whole point is to move //towards// the danger, and so forward, towards the noises, is where Corban marches.

This is -not- a good thing, the call and response of the roar. Kastelon's hand tightens where it curls about the bow, and his single hazel eye turns this way and that, though there's a distinct sense he's more using his hearing than his eyes to try to discern how much danger said roars presage.

Orland looks back over his shoulder like he feels something creeping up behind him, then spots Monique and relaxes, with a wink thrown her way as he keeps pace with Savio. The unnerving quiet other than the marching of the army around them and the crunch of snow under many boots is making him get into a position ready to fight. The sudden roars that shatter the stillness of the streets have him look down at his weapons, then over at Savio, reaching out to briefly grab his hand and give him a quick kiss. He does smirk a little at Savio's mention of ruining it, "We were expected..."

Raven frowns and draws her sword, "Well fuck, THAT sounds new and horrifying. Don't surprised either of you are packing lances?" she glaces at Caspian and then to Corban, "No dying, awesome monster trophies for everyone. Agreed?"

The first roar prompts a silent prayer to Gloria from Cassandra. The second gives her causes to lean over toward Preston, as much as she can lean without losing her footing in, like, over a foot of snow (or more). "No fanciful ideas about sacrificing yourself for the greater good, Sir Preston," the Legate says to the Carnifex, muffled somewhat by the cloth covering her mouth. "The Faith and the Compact have need of their Carnifex still -- and as a man, not a symbol." She gives Preston a gentle slap on the shoulder of his armor as if to confirm that she's serious.

Mabelle freezes dead on her feet when she hears the roar, wide-eyed, likely made some soldiers that walked behind her collapse one against the other. "Was that a.. two... that's two of a... " Two of what? She's not sure she wants to know, but its too late to turn back and she looks for a familiar face in the crowd, falling upon Kastelon and Lucrezia, scooting a bit closer in their direction, mumbling, "I expected a garden, I did not know Ishould have expected a menagerie".

Lou gives pause. It's not because of the roaring but because of something she'd seen. For a moment relief washes over her expression. It's only a moment though, as moments are fleeting. That seems to decide something for her and she finally stops lingering and moves to join the others in the battle. She's picking up her pace just when the roars are sounding off. /That/ gives her another pause. She looks to the front as best she can around the other people, now frustrated with herself for her earlier indecision. Now, she's jogging to catch up with some of the others she knows, so she might fight side by side with them.

The roar unnerves Raja and she stops where she is, in a shadow of a building. She glances around herself and finds something to climb. A barrel is used to hoist herself up atop a roof, then up to a higher viewpoint. She remains in the shadow of the chimney, looking out to where the sounds have come from.

Edris moves quietly with Kastelon, Acacia, and Veronica, his gaze still wary as he scopes out the surroundings. The roar, however, gives him pause quite literally, as he cants his head to listen, his expression grim and darkening at that answer that is probably not an echo.

Thea drops her voice to Eirene, quite,"Doesn't seem a little---silent to you?" But it seems just as she says something, the noise erupts and she lifts her eyebrow. "I stand corrected,"pausing her feet. She looks around, looking for the cause of disruption.

Aella fingers are itching along the hilt of her axe. There was a slight twitch in her stormy grey eyes, the sounds not startling her in the least. Should she roar back? Hmm~ Likely not a good thing to do. She keeps quiet and on the lookout for now.

Mabelle has left the A Medical Tent.

"Well, fuck." Aleksei's voice is low as he hears that roar, his step pausing, and then the answering cry. His gaze shifts from one direction to the other, trying to catch sight of whatever creatures might have made such a noise.

A nod to those that the old man recognizes, Savio, Orland, Aella, Raymesin... There's more to count than he bothers to really nod to, other than to look back to his troops. Each are ready to take the charge that their Lieutenant calls to them to take. The banners of the Crimson Blades are set overhead, as Zakhar takes a seat upon the cold grounds, his war skirts flutter under and around him. The butcher knife slowly having the sharpening stone run over it.

Terese Keeps her sword wielded closes, trying to lead her team with confidence and steadfast courage forward. She keeps quiet, ready for anything

Mabelle has joined the A Medical Tent.

Hali murmurs to Caspian in reply to his words. "Yeah I have. It's called sinking and you get a great view of the fi..." The roars immediatly cause her to freeze in her step, eyes darting about for the source. An audible exhale is given, the cool air visible before her. "Fighting on land is fun they said..."

"Well, there it is." They all knew this was going to happen, right? Alis actually looks marginally more relaxed once there inhuman roar is heard, because at least that's what they should have expected. A quick exhale is the rest of her commentary, sword drawn, shield up as they continue to march.

Liara exchanges some brief words with others towards the head of the column following the roar, then calls an order to be relayed, "Our path is clear. Keep the pace until we reach Grayhold!" That certainly seems to be her own intention, as she continues to move along the snow-covered street, although she does take the time to ready her sword.

Veronica sticks with Edris and Kastelon, "Well, best if we stick together." she grins, giving a light shrug, hand firmly gripping to her sword.

Liara wields Elvesbane, the longsword of House Grayson.

Caspian ran his tongue over his lips a moment as the roars reverberated off the walls of the city. his grip tightened some on his weapons, but well.. this WAS what they were here for. he glanced to Raven and flashed a grin, the small unease slipping away. "Hah! i think i might mount that big bastards head on a wall? or maybe find a bone or tooth and make a bed out of it." he cleared his throat and began to sing softly to himself. he looked to Hali and stopped long enough to chuckle, "Well, better then whatever made that noise popping up from under the water eh?"

Acacia bristles like an alley cat at the sound, her eyes narrowing with sharp intensity towards it. A shoulder rolls and she sniffs once and runs her tongue over her teeth and then turns to check those closest to her, offering Kastelon, Edris and Veroncia a flash of her teeth and a roguish wink.

Raymesin grimaces at the roaring, but doesn't slow or stop. He just keeps moving, calm and confident and letting his confidence prop up the people around him.

Icelyn The roar seems to perk Icelyn immediately. Fingers gripped tight to the bow resting in her hands, reached to her side to pull arrow against the bow. Arms tensed as she sidestepped on alert. she knew a far away threat could quickly appear within a few spoken words. Listening intent, silent.

"I suppose that answers the question about gargantuans," Oswyn comments from outside the medical tent, thumb working over the edge of his pendant. "Or... I suppose it could still be other. I'm going to stop talking."

Deva looks up and out toward the monstrous call, teeth clenched. She swaps her staff for her bow, securing the former to her back and reaching for an arrow to prepare the latter. She inches closer to Aleksei and nods in grim agreement. "Fuck, indeed. Let's do this."

Vitalis' hands and shoulders tighten at the first roar, and he swallows at the second, pressing forward still. He grimaces sidelong at Raja, and pats his belly, apologetic, "Pardon, shoulda eaten before we set out." The smile is quick, and he straightens to look over and find Adalyn in the column.

The roar makes Odin pause in his steps. "Oh ho ho....does a beast prowl this day?" The second roar that follows it makes Odin smile. "It seems we will decide if we are hunters or the hunted..." He smiles like a devil in moonlight. "Swords and axes at the ready..."

Spotted, Monique falls into step alongside Savio, just in time to hear the roar. "Better that it sounds angry than amused, no?" the Minx offers in quiet conjecture. Her hands aren't visible, hidden beneath the cloak, making it impossible to tell if she's carrying a weapon yet.

Aella walks to Deva, giving the Redrain Princess a wink bringing her axe to rest along her one shouldered wolf's head cloak. "Aye, ready Princess Deva?"

Lucrezia lifts her head as the roars sound, cocking her head. She rests the palm of her hand on her dire sword, but doesn't yet draw it, every inch of her quivering with anticipation. The familiar voice distracts her for a moment and she glances sideways at Mabelle. "What in the Abyss are you doing out here?!" Raking her eyes over Mabelle, she rolls her eyes and looks away, towards where the roars came from. She growls something about fucking salves being useless against whatever that is.

I mean sure, those roars are as terrifying as they are mysterious but one does not march an army to Bastion in the cold of winter to turn around when the enemies get a little sing-song. Prince Aindre seems to share some sentiment with his Highlord up at the head of the column of Grayson soldiers, before turning to them and shouting out clear and bold across their formation. "Do you hear that? That is the sound of those who would keep us from reclaiming our homes! Those who share responsibility for lives lost, husbands and wives and children! Friends! Lovers! Let them hear our roar!", and he sounds out with a fearless determination, inspiring the same to go rolling down their marching ranks. "None Greater!"

Eirene looks up at the roar(s) and rolls her eyes. "Ah fuck me, more gargantuans?" That's her guess. They gets a look of 'don't jinx us'. "They used the fucking things during the initial attack, stands to reason they'd throw them at us for anything else." She draws Dawnstrike and looks to her soldiers. "Be ready to pull people away after they're stepped on. Get splints and bandages at the ready for broken ribs."

Deva clasps Aella on the shoulder, grinning fiercely. "Aye, Countess Ravenseye. To the last, yeah?"

Orland looks over to Monique, "We stand a chance if we work together." He looks back toward the streets and hears all the cursing and the fears that run through some of the soldiers around them, "Anyone got an eye on it? Fire works well against centipedes!"

Caspian takes a breath and raises his voice in a song in response to the bolstering words around him, a smile spreading over his face.

"With strength like the howling wind
We ready for a storm
The call to rise as champions
Starts here with Bastion's swarm

With iron on our battered skin
And anger in our bones
We'll fight to take this city back
Protect this fragile home
The blood spilled on these clover fields
Will run into the sea
We write history as immortals
May our Compact never die!"

Ahriman listens to the roars. The wild mane and beard of the elder retired Grayson admiral are unkempt. He leans on the banner pole and growls to his officers, “That which growls for dominance can be dominated.” He adds, “Fear not trust your discipline.”

Aella says, "To the last, your highness. And hopefully to many more in the future." Aella would offer a wide grin, and flash of teeth to Deva."

Preston lifts his eyes up the path ahead as the roars echo through the streets. With little to be seen, and giving a polite bow of his head to Cassandra's words, Preston plants Crusader's tip into the snow and takes his knee, several of the Templars joining him. He leans his head to its crossguard as he murmers a short prayer "Gloria, we ask that you look upon your children and place us where we may protect those most of need. And in whatever comes, may your love strengthen us to hold to our honour to the end. Of our enemy, or of us. Let us come to you not burdened by victory or defeat, but instead come to you with our honour unstained." The prayer said, Preston returns to his feet and he gives a little smirk sidelong at Cassandra, the young man rather than the Carnifex appearing for a moment "We can only ever decide if a cause is worthy, Mother. Once that is decided, the path is set. It is simply our place to walk it and not be diverted."

Tesha's eyebrows wing up when she hears the roar and the one that answers. Her brain was going a thousand miles an hour trying to figure out what sort of monster they were going to face. A clammy hand grips the pommel of her sword as she continues to march with the rest of those that had gathered along with the armies. She has a feeling they're going to find out what is roaring soon enough.

As foreboding as the roar sounds, Liara commands the army forward -- and Alantir follows. He'd heard stories of these gargantuan beasts told by firelight. Unfortunately, it seemed as if he may soon see one in the flesh.

Savio worriedly wonders of Monique, "How would we know if it sounded amused?"

Aleksei reaches to set a hand firm upon Deva's shoulder, only glancing at her for the briefest of moments before his eyes return to the city to seek out any sign of movement. "Don't die out there," he tells her.

Adalyn slows for a step or two as the roaring reverberates in her ears, but she quickly picks up the pace with a renewed sense of resolve. She turns her head, a grim smile on her lips once she meets Vitalis's gaze. "May those sounds be some of their last."

Preston's prayer is joined by Cassandra, as she dips her head and likewise plants her sword to focus on the Carnifex's words. When he offers his commentary on worthy causes to the Legate, Cassandra pats Preston's shoulder again. "Young man," she says, and then tugs down the cloth covering her face, "if you so happen to die today, then you face the consequences of myself -- personally killing you." Cassandra allows a smile, and then shifts back to focusing on the battle to come.

Raven looks to Caspian like he's sprouted a second head, "Where the fuck did THAT come from?" She blinks and marvels, "Well said, Caspian." There's a brief, curt nod of awknowledgement towards Aindre before the Prince is raising his voice to command the masses. She watches Aindre whip the tip of the spear, as it were, into a bloodthirsty froth. Studying his technique almost as if she ought to be taking down notes.

Over the top of the buildings, as the army draws closer, something looms over the rooftops. Not just one something. Not just two. But three large somethings. They arrange themselves before the entrance of Grayhold, barring the way, roaring their fury into the cold winter air.

Monique hears Caspian's song above the din and a smile spreads slow and satisfied upon her lips. "We would know, Savio. We would know." It's a soft utterance, her bright eyes searching through the crowd of warriors, faces recognized. "Like that."

It's very gradual, the way the vines creep up on the army while they're occupied by the gargantuans. It starts with a single vine wrapping around the commander's leg and yeeting him into the air. The others are stunned into silence, immobile. And then there are more vines snaking around their feet, tripping them up, prompting them to use their weapons in an attempt to spring free from the bindings.

Strong of will, grim faced and nervous, the good folk who came to fight move with determined steps. Acacia drifts along keeping to the side where she might be able to find her way to higher vantage points. The roar comes again and the figures appear and acacia seeks to find her higher ground so she might see better.

"I hope everyone remembered to take a piss before we started," Acacia winks to Kastelon as she starts to veer off a little. "There will be no time for it later."

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Raven stops and scans the city, "Fuck." Her expression grim-concerned. She looks up at the Gargantuans and then at the Thornweave winding up. There's not her usual reckless charging, or loud cussing, there's just a careful noting of their collective situation at hand and sword in hand looking Quite Grim. She Remains with the Highlord and turns her gaze towards Liara as if expecting some change in orders in the face of THIS shit.

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Edris curses under his breath, as the vines make their appearance. "Relatively easily vanquished with the apothecary solution at the Cathedral," he mutters. "But we needed to use all of what we brought." Though Acacia's comment draws a brief smile. But he stays close to Veronica and Kastelon, even as he keeps an eye out for Acacia's back as she seeks a higher vantage point. "Fire may make them emit a choking pollen. If you have something to place over your nose and mouth if it happens, it may help. Of course, killing them helps too." There's a brief dark chuckle at that.

Mabelle rolls her eyes in return at Lucrezia and informs her hushedly, "I'm on vacation, I heard it is lovely this time of the year". Her eyes are drawn upward, toward the beasts on the rooftops but all of the sudden there are people flying in the air by vines, "Not again", she mutters.

The Battle-medic commander stops to study the three things, their bulk visible even at the distance. Eirene arches her eyebrows and pauses a moment to take it all in. "We'll have to divvy up and try to draw them away from one another." As she turns to give orders to split her unit up, the vines are starting to creep up in their attempt to bind them. "Watch your feet," she barks, her harsh voice carrying as loudly as only a general can. "Blades at the ready, go low!"

Norwood has absolutely been here one hundred percent of the time yes sir.

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Deva cracks a smile at Aleksei. "I'll try not to, but no promises. You shouldn't die either." The Champion gets a few encouraging backpats before she too is staring ahead at the terrible trio making an appearance. "Off to a great start!" And she jogs onward, weapon ready.

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Aella follows as closely along as she can to Deva. It was easy for the northerners to dredge through the snow. They were born for this. Aella's got her axe resting along her shoulder, ready to chop anything to pieces.

Zakhar listens to his blades call out their own commands to the troops under them, each following suite to that which Zakhar has lead and trained them to charge into. No questions to what might be in front of them. A single gruff laugh covers over all of them as the gargantuans find their way over the city. That little grin that he's been know to share with only a few slips over his lips. "Who has a frying pan?!" He points towards the city, calling out to the troops lining up beside him, "I'll fry up a kipper. Tell me how many, and take that fucking city!"

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Raja stands a little straighter as she views the craziness that is happening. Her eyes go wider and her jaw drops a bit as she spies the gargantuans lumbering through the city. The yelp of a soldier drags her attention away and she glances back to see the soldiers fighting off pesky vines. "And to think I liked vines." Her nose crinkles. Then the woman moves to jump off the lower ledge of the roof, landing in the snow before scurrying to join the groups of people that move to fight these threats. She finds Acacia, trotting up next to her. "I got your back, woman.." A smile is offered to the fellow Culler.

Vines. "Agh, knew the blasted trees would try and fuck us over. AXES! At the ready! Be ready to cut some vines and put the lumbers in business!" Odin lifts his axe, ready to chop some vines. And battle the roar of the gargantuan. "That ones mine." Odin grins. "Make them bleed!" into the army, trying to hype them and steel them for battle.

Veronica calls over to her Uncle Norwood, to join the Keaton Squad of Acacia, Kastelon, Edris and her.

Terese is keeping close to Caspian and Raven, leading her team who follow her faithfully. She is keeping a defensive tactic for now. Waiting for now

Lou doesn't quite get to the front of the line like she had hoped when the gargantuans have come into view. She pales visibly. She's heard about them, but she's never seen one personally herself. She only stops in shock for a few brief moments before starting to join one of the battle lines preparing to take them out. She glances around the grounds to see where anyone else might have ended up. Is she with family? Friends? It makes a difference when morale is low already.

Caspian gazed at the massive creatures that loomed before them, dark eyes darting across them as his mind raced with ideas and plans. This of course all shattered as a slight tug at his leg made him look down. The vines wrapped around his legs and elicited a surprised shout as he danced away. "Well shit! they are groping already!" he kicked the plants away "They ought to get us a drink first..." he focused his eyes back on the threat at hand and sticking with the High Lord.

A smirk finds Kastelon's face at Acacia's comment, one that's probably more knowing than he'd like, before he voices softly, "No telling what'll happen in the heat of things, whether or not one's prepared," he counters, with -just- enough of a hint of humor to his words to make it clear he's not serious. But a hiss and... his other hand shifts to draw an arrow from the quiver he's carrying, notching it to the bow and lifting it to take aim. "Wish we did have fire for this..."

Thea just looks up at the gargantuans.. "Well fuck." Her eyes shift to her aunt, shrugging a bit. Because--Jinx. She darts of, seperating now. Divide and conquer here, as she tugs her feet from vines. But not before getting her kopis ready.

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As vines begin besieging the rank and file, Cassandra cuts through a few of them to keep from getting yeeted herself. "Gloria," she says, each word making a cloud of breath in front of her face, "if you do not protect me today -- then at least afford me the opportunity for my death to make a difference." Her eyes trail upward, to one of the looming gargantuans... and then the Legate trudges forward. If she wasn't knee-deep in snow, it would probably be a much more impressive charge.

As they approach the three gargantuans, their horror up close is somehow amplified. These mangles of bodies and magic and souls are Wrong in every way. Some of those present might not be able to shake a sense of recognition, particularly those who were close to the Merciers and Grayson royalty. They don't attack right away. While they might not have visible leashes, there is someone on the top of the wall surrounding the castle, hooded against the elements. Watching the approach of the armies.

Lisebet has brought ashford guards to help out with guarding the healing tents, but she herself is out there. In armor, such as she has, and hiding out. The gargantuans and vines - ugh. She's not seen this in person before. Well, not the vines, though she has seen a gargantuan previously. They're not any prettier now than they were before.

Oh. No. Gargantuans. "Well," says Corban, trying to concentrate, even as the vines begin to tangle up the army. "There is a way to fight these things, but it is dangerous as all Abyss. We need to fence them in place so that the siege weapons can take them down." He shouts out to Liara. "Your Grace!" calls the knight to Liara. "Have you read up on how to fight gargantuans without special . . . assistance?"

"Vacation." Lucrezia says the word flatly like it's foreign and that Mabelle just said something that doesn't even make sense. "You're into more fucked up things than I expected. I'm looking what's in your cookie basket next time." As the giant heads rise over the line of houses she shuts the chatter and draws her sword.

Icelyn was tensed, as if ready to draw her bow and take aim at any moment, wary. And when the large creatures appeared ahead, Icelyn did just that. Poising the weapon against her shoulder, tensing the string. Then hearing the distress of the militants, she lowered it immediately, attempting to move forward and help wrestle a few out of the vines with one arm. The efforts seemed futile, nd she barely manages to wrestle herself out of its current range of focus. She took heavy breaths, dropped back and managed to move close to the second group fighting their way forward. The closer they got.. them ore her focus came to their biggest threats.

Lucrezia wields Queen of Thorns, the Blackened Blade of the Betrayer.

Aella cants her head to the side, looking to Mirk and then to Deva. Stormy grey eyes were ever watchful of her surroundings, axe blade at the ready. When she sees the gargantuans her nose wrinkles and her eyes grow sharp. They... look like they might hurt... a lot...! Oh well! There is a devilish look in Aella's eyes.

Raymesin's eyes go wide at the sight of the gargantuans. "Well, fuck," the Lowers man grumbles, pulling one knife from his belt and retrieving another from under his cloak. The knife from his belt is matte black, but the other knife is laid inside his forearm, the blade kept from view. "So that's what one'a them looks like. Ah well. Bigger they are, 'arder they fall. Right?" His voice isn't a few notes higher than usual, honest.

Norwood lifts a fist towards Veronica. He sees her! There's a finger pointed towards Adalyn, Cassandra, and Preston. He's over here with them, but will try to mesh towards Veronica and the Keatons if at all possible.

"Good to see you lass. And, I yours," Acacia winks to Raja as she arrives at her side. Sly grin comes and the the taller Culler stands strong. She tosses a head to Kastelon and his family and speaks loud enough for the Keatons to hear her. "You know Kastelon, aye? He and his are Cullers today. You keep an eye on them for me. And keep your pretty assets safe. I'll not lose a Culler today, aye?" she nods and gives the smaller woman a light bump of her hip with a grin.

Mabelle stares at the Gargantuans as they move closer, "That is the ugliest pet that I have ever seen", she does move to try to hide behind someone, she is not equipped for this. Oh! flammable jars.

Acacia wields Defiance, a diamondplate dagger.

Tesha's gaze is drug away from the looming gargantuans as the vines start to snake in and try to wrap around the soldiers. She does her best to keep them steady, because that's why she was here, to try to make sure blades struck true and orders were followed. She takes a moment to place the rubicund sallet on her head as she prays softly to herself.

Lou checks composure at hard. Lou fails.

That's a lot of Gargantuan to look at, with three of them making an appearance, but Prince Aindre leaves little leeway for their roaring to sink fear into his heart. When the vines start seizing soldiers, he calls out to them, "Stand steady, back to back! Eyes open, blades up! Let's show them it takes more than a garden of wickedness to keep us from reclaiming our home!", and he leaves them to cut down the wild foliage while he marches with others upon the looming threats that would stop them fron entering Grayhold and retaking it.

"Did anyone bring thick ropes?" Monique asks to Savio and Orland, a hopeful note in her husky voice.

Veronica stands on her tippy toes and looks to Norwood. She gives him a steady nod before seeing the garguantuans. "Well..." she blinks.. Then looking to the Keaton Squad. "I'm ready." a deep huff is let out.

Halimoves to follow Caspian and those with him, hacking at a few of the vines that tug at her ankles. "Seriously? You know what doesn't have vines..the sea. Yeah." SHe hacks again, swinging to cut herself free and she presses forward. Her eyes then fall to the large gargantuan and she blinks twice with a shake of her head. "I should have had more to drink."

Savio is with the group beginning towards the second Gargantuan, and though Zakhar and Caspian lifted his mood a little earlier -- to see something like that up close is -- horrible. Beyond horrible. Horror is just roiling off a creature like that and Savio is not unaffected. "What chance do we have?"

Alis recalls these beasts - well, one of them anyway - from The Silent War, and though it no doubt hurts to crane her neck enough to be able to look up and see the horror in all of it's ugly wrongness, she does so anyway. Perhaps not surprisingly, she arrays herself close to Deva as the groups all seem to coalesce towards one beast or the other. Maybe to hide behind the Redrain in order to be sure that Norwood doesn't catch sight of her. "We can do this." At least she sounds confident.

Thea notices Kastelon, Raja, and Acacia. She gives them both a brief nod of her head, because well--her hands are busy. "Cullers,"she greets. "Good to see you,"before her eyes drift back to the gargantuans. "How the fuck do you actually take these down? Last time I heard anything, Ian was all getting stepped on."

"I've died before, Mother, at Gloria's design. That is how you prove your devotion. Not by living, or by dying, but by holding to the path. To her, and the other Gods', ideals. Whatever may come. Fighting for life is so small. Fighting for the Gods? Now /that/ is a worthy pursuit." As he speaks, Preston tightens his grip on the shield "Last time we faced Gargantuans at the Lodge, we were the last line. The Templars, and some of the House troops. All our tricks were spent, we simply had blood and sinew and sweat. And we are here and they are not." Preston presses his tongue up against his canine and the grin returns "Have you ever heard Crusader when the Abyss gathers around, Mother? At times she sings."

This was Orland's first time seeing a gargantuan and his eyes widen at the wrongness that has created them. Yet his eyes pivot toward something up on high, something between the giant ugly monsters, a figure, "Maybe that's the puppet master." Orland looks to Monique, "Think we could get up there?" He then turns back to the monsters at hand, "A few of us might be able to sneak around...." and climb buildings?! Maybe. MAYBE. He glances to Monique, grinning, "A rogue always comes prepared. Where's yours?" Then toward the groups gathering, "Anyone got an idea ... how these things fall?"

Zakhar looks over to Hali, a nod towards a fellow Crimson blade, then standing while still munching upon a late breakfast of sausages from where... A nod to the troops assembled. "Only follow those that really need it!" He calls out, then looking to Monique, Savio, and Orland. "For the love of... Keep your shit stowed!" he yells after the nobles that he watches over.

Raven nods to Corban and Caspian, "Aye, requires seige weapons. One might be manageable but I don't think we have enough seige weapons to attack all three simultaniously-if you attack one at a time they'll ramage and take out the seige weaponry before it's had a chance to do it's work." She exhales, and nods to Corban and Caspian, "Well, I did promise you awfulness, let it be said I was not wrong! Mind the thorns, they are poison!"

There's no help for it. None at all. When Lou draws closer to the monsters they are about to fight, and sees /who/ it has been made with, she vomits. All over the place. It is a sickening gross mess as she empties her stomach.

Aleksei's gaze lifts slowly to the roar of those gargantuans, and something in his expression sinks into horrified realization. "Oh gods," he whispers. He looks to Deva in that moment, his features wrenched as he seems to feel that sense of /Wrongness/ in his very bones. And then he looks back to them. "The last time, we had the means prepared to sunder them," he says grimly.

The groups shift and move like smoke, battle lines materializing and smoke becomes steel. Vitalis moves to stand with Adalyn and Norwood, grim-faced as he looks at the first moving gargantuan he's seen. It beggars the imagination. Eyes forward, glaive ready he gives a short nod at Preston's call, "Always Faithful." His lips move in silent prayer.

Raja looks to Raymesin and Acacia both. "We need to trip the thing." She pulls off her backpack and begins to hoist out a long thick rope. "You guys want to help trip it?"

Liara hacks down at a vine that seeks to coil about her leg, then relays a call along the column, "Bring forward the catapults as soon as they can be moved!" That, of course, may be something of a difficulty, with the vines, which draw the column to pretty much a halt. Back to Corban, she calls, "I am aware, but these foul plants are a complication."

Eirene calls back at Corban. "Pikemen and lance to box them in, unless we got some siege weapons to shoot harpoons and ropes at 'em!" She's clearly read up on that method. "Unless we can lead 'em into the vines and see if that tangles them up too?" Kite the bastards! "But they probably won't be entangled, so maybe it can free up OUR men too?" She stops as she spies the figure atop the battlement. "OH THAT FUCK AGAIN," she swears.

Monique salutes to Orland. "Where you go, my friend, I'll follow. If you think there's a chance we could make it unnoticed, I'm in."

Vitalis coughs a laugh, "I like how you think, Messere Culler," Vitalis grins at Raja.

Mirk steps forward to join the front with his fellow Northerners. He pales at the mere mention of gargantuans, much less the sight of them, but he stands firm and reaches for his bow. He strings it slowly and readies an arrow, the motions giving him a sort of calm, keeping him occupied. There's a nod of his head to his fellow Northerners, though he's silent for a time, focusing on the enemies ahead. "Have you faced these creatures before?" He asks, not venturing anything further.

Deva salutes Aella, Mirk, Icelyn, and any other Redrain faces she catches sight of. She stands near Aleksei, because who better to fight with than a Champion who will do the heavy lifting? Her expression is now more grim and determined than anything, with a sharp nod and a wordless shouldersqueeze for Alis as the high lord finds a spot behind her. "Right. Last time," she responds to Aleksei, wincing. "We'll just-- we'll have to adapt this time," she says lowly, jaw clenching as her knuckles go white with a tight grip around her weapon.

"Weapons READY!" Odin calls out, moving to the front and spitting on the ground. "C'mere, bring your pretty face to my axe." He calls. Odin hasn't faced these things before, but...courage has merit, right?

Edris closes his eyes briefly, though not long enough to still his advance with the others. He whispers a name under his breath, as he looks up at the mishmash of forms, a little green around the gills but perserveres. "Gods be good," It is almost a prayer. "If they suffer, may we end it."

Eirene mutters, "Good thing Ian ain't here to ... stepped ..."

Orland looks up toward the wall where the hooded figure is, as if to say I SEE YOU. Then with a look to Monique he notes, "If we get a chance... but we may have to coordinate our efforts on the big monsters...."

Aella would give a healthy pat on Mirk's back, if allowed. A battle morale pat if anything. She looks to him, and shrugs. 'Nope but there is always a first time yeah?"

Ahriman Grayson gets a hateful look on his face. Dark eyes search for his wife as he freezes. He smolders and feels sick. The man turns and start to toss orders to form ranks. “What is before us is horror. The o Lu answer to this is courage, resolve, and hatred. Use it to fuel yourselves troops. Use it to guide your arms to task. Accept the hate and push down the fear. We are Graysons. We prevail seven in the darkest of hours.”

Caspian smirked to hali, well.. as good as smirk as he could manage while staring at the monsters from literal nightmares. "well look on the bright side.. no drinking means you dont have to worry about pissing yourself when the abyss throws its horrors at you." he flashed a smile, "Its the little things some time." he looked back to Raven, "Well let no one ever say you failed to deliver on the awfulness..." he wiped his brow with his sleeve, "And we cant burn these things because..?"

"I hope that she sings a proper fighting tune today, then, Sir Preston," says Cassandra to the Carnifex. "But let us focus -- we might hew to a path that gives us clarity in our action... but we must still act as examples to those who are not as fortunate as we who've so completely given ourselves to the gods." Cassandra then draws in a deep breath, and continues marching forward, flashing Norwood an upnod as she goes. The sight of Norwood seems to give her a momentary boost -- she knows who she wants on her side in a fight. Or a war.

Terese is there near Raven and Caspian and the others by the high lord, being mindful of the vines trying to lead her team and the others with curage as she readies for the battle ahead, keeping as calm and collected as she can

Acacia greets Thea with a rogue's grin and curt but friendly nod of her head. "Countess. Nice day for it," she muses back and looks to their monstrous targets. No "No clue but we'll find it. Save the big one for me, will ya?" she grins with a flash of grim humour to Thea before readying her weapon and turning to hear Raja's idea.

"Well... This ought to make for an interesting battle story once we've made it out to the other side," Adalyn remarks to Norwood and Vitalis, attempting to rely on the power of positive thinking despite the looming gargantuans in front of them. She makes an effort to keep her voice steady and calm even as her fingers reflexively tighten around the shaft of her spear.

The words from Caspian recieve a reply as she hacks another fine away from her foot once more. "Who says I have not already? Too much information? Just hard to not be honest right now." Hewr eyes fall to the beasts once more and she takes another breath. "I mean at least there is not four..." SHe murmurs ot herself. "Oh please not be any more."

Monique glances back, up. Way up. Then back down. Her eyes slide to Orland. "How much rope do you have? We could get close enough *maybe* to tie them up around the... feet?" Are those really feet? She looks queasy. "Attempt to bring one down for the others to deal with?"

Raja looks to the group she is in, pulling out the rope. "We may need more rope. But, the idea is to trip the thing, make it less effective. Then it will be an easier target." She drops the rope on the ground. "I learned a little bit about these fuckers from Oswyn last night. But, it will mean we are going to put ourselves at risk to do it, but if it works.." She grins. "Just don't get stomped.."

Savio's glance between Monique and Orland seems worried, but not in possession of a better plan. "Tell me what you need from me," he volunteers. "I will go with you, if you want to do this, we will see it done." Or, you know, die trying. Or that.

Orland looks toward the hooded figure again and then the way up to the ramparts, blocked by the ... well mash of human souls and flesh, and all the wrongness that is evident with a gargantuan. "I feel like,..." he nods, "well, we have to go through this..." he doesn't even know what to call it! He throws his pack down and starts to uncoil some of the rope he brought along. Rogues always have rope! Well, most times. "We can do with the rope what we can," he looks over to Savio, "Savio, come help us? We'll try to dodge and weave through... it's.. well.. does it have legs or?" He tosses a rope end to Monique.

Veronica shrugs, probably the best idea they've got. She'll make herself useful finding bits of rope where ever she can, she'll also definitely be keeping a watchful eye. Blade still at the ready. "Aye, ropes it is." she shouts.

Chewing a cheek, Acacia considers. "Easier to bring it low. Give others a chance to dispatch it. We need to anchor it, though. Those buggers are big and strong. What do you think? "s turns to the others in the group for their opinion.

Tesha swings at one of the vines, trying to help push the aggressive foliage back to where it can't block the lines. But that's easier said than done. The call for the catapults makes her give directions to the troops that she's helping to direct, having them focus on getting vines disposed of quickly if they can.

Mabelle mentions to Acacia, "Well a few people here have hammers, we can use daggers as stakes".

Savio shouts, "Raja!" and beckons her over, pointing toward Monique and Orland... an effort to get all the people with rope together!

"I'll help you trip him,"Thea tells Raja, listening in on her idea. She takes some extra rope from her bag, dropping it next Raja's. "Well, here you go." She shakes her head, admitting,"I know nothing about how to bring these things down, so I'm basically at your disposal. Blade in hand."

Vitalis sketches a salute to Norwood and kisses Adalyn quickly, "I'm going to go get underfoot." He flares a hand, "Figuratively." And he's rushing up to Raja, rope-ready.

"Or," Monique murmurs, "if there's not enough rope, we could try and lure the vines." The Minx gives them a thoughtful look. "Might be strongers than any rope."

Kastelon nods asserrtively as he's hearing Raja's idea, and the arrow goes back away as he's tucking the bow to where he can get both hands free and help with rope. "Just as long as it doesn't fall -on- us."

Veronica looked to Raja, "I don't think it's just gonna let us trip it. Someone wanna, y'know distract it?" she chuckles, more likely offering herself up for the job at hand. She was agile enough to dodge.

Felicia has joined the Battle Station Two.

Acacia nods to Mabelle and flashes a big old wicked smile and nods as Raja's idea gets broad approval. Turning, she asks Raja. "Anything quick we should know before we engage? Dangers? Weakness? Quick notes?" she prompts the other Culler as she prepares, giving a look about to find some solid ground in which to lay their trap.

Edris looks about, columns or other fixtures that would be a good anchor--though of course they might not be close enough just yet. But he is looking. "I will do what I can," he promises. "To help secure or to cover those that do. And yes, my lady. I think perhaps somone or someones will need to lure as well."

Felicia wields Wheelspinner - the Blade of Souls.

Raja looks to Veronica and nods. "A distraction will be helpful. Then we can weave around the feet, coordinating the rope with one another to make it trip and fall."

Veronica says, "Alright distraction it is," Veronica yells out to the Keaton Squad and others working for the ropes."

Caspian looks at the Gargantuan, winces, then looks again. "if we cant hit it with siege equipment, maybe we can drop a tower on it. lure the creature nearby one of the larger towers, then try and crack the tower to pin the creature under the rubble?" he grinned, "then we can deal with it at our level."

Tarik has joined the Battle Station Two.

Norwood swears at Vitalis' back, but more like 'gods bless you stupid idiot' then the bad kind of swearing. IT's fine. Fine. Norwood grips his weapon and hopefully (?) his horse's reigns because if he's gonna fight he wants to do it on Steadfast.

Icelyn nods, tensing her bow slightly. "I'll aim for its... legs..? At least if we can slow it down.. It can't charge us." her voice trailed. She didn't sound fearful, just deeply distrubed.

It isn't often that Prince Aindre staggers, especially when there's nothing there present to stagger him. No blow, nor bustling of soldiers and other familiar faces, but he stops short in his march towards a Gargantuan, slapping his alaricite visor up like he's getting a little claustrophic inside of it all of a sudden. Even with the winter cold there's a sheen of sweat on his brow just above the look of pained horror on his expression. His throat draws tight as if it were suddenly hard to breath and and he drops to a knee there in the middle of the dead street to drag in a few ragged breaths of frigid air. "Gods no, be merciful.", he whispers to nobody at all like a desperate, quiet prayer. Then there's anger to mix in with the terror, like it can help burn it away, and he's up and moving again, crying out, "Father! This will be made right!", hefting that hammer of his and pressing on.

Eirene scowls as she looks over to the Graysons. It's not -at- them, but for their plight. "I can only imagine what you're going through, and you have my deepest sympathies for it" she says, voice husky and pitched lower than her usual battle-bossiness. But the next she says more loudly, for the battlegroup she finds herself surrounded by. "Steel yourselves, and let your grief turn to hate and hate to strength. We will bring them low and make them pay for every slight, every death!"

Olivia gets a physician's fine steel scalpel from A Physician's Medicine Satchel.

Aella looks to Deva and Mirk, "Strategies?" an eyebrow is raised looking to see on how to deal with this 'thing'.

From the top of the walls, a feminine voice calls out, "And here come the armies of Grayson, moving as a unified force. Unified in purpose! And yet, you would deny the GIFT that is TRUE UNITY! You can atone for the sins of your ancestors by pledging yourself to our great cause!" She waits a beat, asking a question that she already knows the answer to. She raises her bow up and looks over the assembled crowd before calling out a single word in a different language. And then, the gargantuans, huge beasts assembled of an amalgamation of various body parts and items, surge forward to attack.

At the roar of the beasts, the sound of hurried footsteps aligned perfectly with one another sound against snow and stone from within the city's limits. Steel-clad warriors, the sigil of Blacktree firmly emblazoned on their breastplates, rush toward the battle with brandished swords. At the front of the roughly hundred-wide army is a man, tall and resolute and charging with clear intent toward the Grayhold forces, ready to defend what he believes rightly belongs to his family. The sight of the beast sprung up behind the Grayhold armies forces him to halt, his hand coming up to stop his well-trained and immensely loyal men and women. In those moments, a decision must be made, the realization that if he allows this to stand there might be nothing left to defend. With a clearly shouted command, he instructs, "The Compact does not have a stronghold on honor! Today we fight for humanity. Today we fight with the Compact! Flank that beast!" He points his sword to the one deepest in the walls. "Bring it down!" There is no question from behind him, and Blacktree forces split to charge at the newly arrived threat, joining with the Crownlands soldiers and men and women of Arx to protect Arvum from Legion. "For Duke Ranver! For our lives!" they call.

"Ack." Michael Bisland is pretty darn close to the front and his reactions to revolting monstrosities that are giant corpse giants is...hidden behind a faceplate and the like. The sudden surge of motion towards them though? That gets an audible 'ACK' from the man and the tip of his sword lifting up to point at the one heading towards his position.

It takes Lou a small bit of time to finish emptying her stomach. She wipes her mouth on her sleeve and then works to comport herself. Hardening her heart. She hadn't thought, hadn't considered, that possibility. That her family would be used. But they were already used, were they not? Last night, there were small things she did that gave her purpose. She draws on those things, letting the memory of it move through her. This gives her the calm she needs. Her hand moves to her diamondplate sword. She deftly removes the peacebonds that were there and she pulls it from its sheathe, gripping it with an iron hard fist. She pulls on the trauma that she's seen, the memories of the thousands of fallen she witnessed, the memory of the family members she had to cut down, and uses that too. She draws intention from it, using it to fuel her. Not in any magical way, no. It's too much. It's all too much. And, it's got to stop. She puts purpose to her step. "I WILL OFFER YOU NO PLEDGE." Lou shouts defiantly in response to that feminine voice. "FOR I WALK WITH MY OWN PURPOSE." With that she starts to run forward to join the fight.

As the gargantuans attack, the figure from the top of the walls raises her bow, picking out a target amongst the crowd. At first, it isn't apparent who she is firing upon, but then, it becomes clear as her arrow flies toward Edris.

Norwood checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Norwood is successful.

Vitalis checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Vitalis fails.

Eirene shouts from nearby, "We're coming for you next, you ant-infested tree-fucking piece of refuse!"

Ahriman has left the Battle Station One.

Cassandra checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Cassandra marginally fails.

Corban checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Corban is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Caspian is successful.

Alantir checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Alantir is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Raven marginally fails.

Eirene checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Eirene is successful.

Alis checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Alis is successful.

Aleksei checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aleksei fails.

Liara checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Liara fails completely.

Adalyn checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Adalyn is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is successful.

Watcher checks dexterity and archery at hard. Watcher is successful.

Aella checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Aella is successful.

Deva checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Deva is marginally successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tesha fails.

Terese checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Terese is successful.

Savio takes one last moment to whisper something to Orland, and then Monique, before he quietly tells them, "I will be more useful drawing the attention of the thing. Go with gods, both of you."

Alis keeps her voice a little low, maybe, but certainly the people around her can hear the 'unify this, bitch' that slips from her lips. Far more loudly, after Lou's shout, she tries to further rally those nearby. "FOR BASTION!" Sword is raised high and she surges forward with the rest.

Michael checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Michael is successful.

Raymesin nods to Raja and Acacia, and acquires himself an end of rope. There's not much need for words, just action.

There is a brief moment that Aella grips at the anchor shaped pendant along her neck, eyes closed whispering a prayer to Mangata before charging into battle with a crazy like northerner woman.

Ahriman checks command and war at hard. Ahriman is successful.

Aindre checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Aindre is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Raven fails completely.

Mirk checks dexterity and archery at hard. Mirk is successful.

?FOR BASTION!? Terese calls repeating after her cousin, she is charging along with the others into battle, keeping close to Caspian and Raven as he team follows her closely

Vitalis is distracted with tying knots, "Is it over over under, or over under over..." AND THERE'S THE GARGANUTA. Muttered imprecations suggest Vitalis knows a fell language of his own devising, but sentiment is clear, he fumbles at his weapon, dropping the glaive into a bank before he scrambles to get it in hand as attacks begin.

Ahriman orders the infantry troops he commands to defensive postures and the archers to loose when combat begins. He orders his guards to succor him as he calls for pole arms to the front for the reach.

Edris draws his weapon as well, pearly silver blade gleaming. As other move forward with a clever plan to try and gain an advantage, he moves with those seeking to distract its attention from them, hopefully, with an an attack. "TO THE VERY END!" he cries, before charging near Veronica.

"Fuck you!" Aleksei yells back at the feminine figure on the wall. "Fuck you, and fuck Orichalcum, and /fuck/ Legion! Fuck your /slavery/, and fuck your /writs/! We are Children of Skald!" There is a hard, hot fury in his eyes now, something ringing in his very blood at the offense of what's before them.

The arrow flies through the air, sure and straight toward Edris. But it never makes it to its mark, a thick wall of vines erupts from the ground. Green is streaked with blood red, thorns razor sharp and glinting in the light. They snatch the arrow from the air before it can find its mark, arrested mere inches before Edris' face. From within the explosion of plants comes yet something else, a tall Sylv'alfar man steps forward. "STOP THIS MADNESS, HELENA. WE. ARE. FREE. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT HERE." His voice is commanding and firm, echoing across the field of battle. He unslings a longbow and nocks an arrow, the weapon has the red gleam of rubicund but the grain of wood.

Liara checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Liara marginally fails.

Vitalis checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Vitalis fails.

Corban checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Corban marginally fails.

Adalyn checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Adalyn is successful.

Alantir checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Alantir is spectacularly successful.

Norwood checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Norwood fails badly.

Cassandra checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Cassandra is successful.

Eirene checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Eirene fails.

Michael checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Michael fails.

Watcher checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Watcher fails.

Felicia is among the the front lines, expression set into grim lines and Wheelspinner in hand. It's the flat side of the blde of which she touches with her gloved hand, murmuring to it imploringly with her eyes on the closest gargantuan before she moves in to the attack with the others.

Terese checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Terese marginally fails.

Caspian checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Caspian fails.

Aindre checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aindre is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raven is successful.

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Alis checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Alis fails.

Deva checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Deva fails.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Preston is successful.

Preston turns Crusader in his hand as he moves towards the familiar-yet-always-slightly-different gargantuans, trying to keep a foot or two ahead of Cassandra as they move up. The woman calling out to the beasts gets his attention for a moment but then he just shakes his head "Not Calyana, Mother Cassandra. They have left this then, as a stumbling block to attract our focus and bleed us. It has done its purpose for them. Just some lieutenant left to die." But with the Gargantuans coming, Preston reaches to pull down his visor and, looking back as the Templars work to free themselves and allies from the vines, Preston charges on though falters as the other appears. "Oh Gods. Sylv nonsense. Next someone will scream at me like a damned chicken with a firey poker in its behind." But he ignores that and goes running again.

Aleksei checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Aleksei is successful.

Ahriman checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Botch! Ahriman fails completely.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Tesha is spectacularly successful.

Mirk checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Mirk fails.

Felicia says in Deathwhisper, "Mother, guide my hand to free these souls to return to you."

Vitalis shivers with chills from Felicia's utterance.

Cassandra attempts to charge in and attack the monster as it rumbles forward -- for such a gigantic target, she hedges her bets at coming in too close and ends up not making much of an impact at all with her sword-swing. She backs out of range, avoiding any counter-attack, and leans in to listen to Preston. "Don't tempt fate," Cassandra says, after Preston's comment about damned chickens. "For all our scholardom, we're still yet undecided on whether or not the gods possess a wicked sense of humor."

Raymesin checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Raymesin fails.

Orland checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Orland fails.

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Raja checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Critical Success! Raja is spectacularly successful.

Thea checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Thea marginally fails.

Kastelon checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Kastelon marginally fails.

Raven's jade eyes narrow, "Who the Fuck is that? Fuck-that's the witch that-oooh SOME day." She growls, "Gods I wish I dared do a dumb thing twice. This will have to do." she darts forward and slashes wide, trying to find a weakness in the wall of awful before them. "For fuck's sake, are we in the middle of a FUCKING MARITAL SPAT?!"

Zakhar checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Zakhar is successful.

rides in and attacks, Queensguard swinging up and slicking towards the gargantuan he is at his peek, biting into the baddie. It's too crazy to keep track of everyone, but he'll ride to help if needed.

Sir Corban shouts out, the best he can above the din, "Try to pin it in! Try to hold it in place so that the siege weapons can strike it!" But that is quite dangerous, mind, you, as the knight tries to move behind the gargantuan to have it pinned in from all sides, swinging the blade into the flesh.

Acacia checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Botch! Acacia fails completely.

Mabelle checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Mabelle fails.

Hali checks dexterity and stealth at daunting. Botch! Hali fails completely.

Aella charges towards the gargantuan like a crazy Valkyrie lady, a flash of fiery red hair behind her. She definitely hits the damn thing but dodges it? UM nope.

Vitalis checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Vitalis is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Vitalis does not take a permanent wound.

Norwood checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Norwood is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Norwood does not take a permanent wound.

Lucrezia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Botch! Lucrezia fails completely.

Terese is keeping close to Caspian and Raven as she moves to strike what she can with her longsword, her team of soldier close by following her info the heat of the action. Terese can barely dodge from away from whatever counterstrike is taken towards her. But despite the outcome she is still pushing foward

Lucrezia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Lucrezia is spectacularly successful.

Felicia checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Felicia is spectacularly successful.

Eirene checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Critical Success! Eirene is spectacularly successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Eirene does not take a permanent wound.

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Eirene remains capable of fighting.

Acacia checks dexterity at hard. Acacia is successful.

Michael checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Michael is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Michael does not take a permanent wound.

Orland checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Orland is successful.

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Thea checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Thea fails.

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Edris checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Critical Success! Edris is spectacularly successful.

Caspian checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Caspian is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Caspian does not take a permanent wound.

Veronica checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Veronica marginally fails.

Lou checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Lou marginally fails.

Terese has left the Battle Station One.

Raven checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Raven is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Raven does not take a permanent wound.

Savio checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Savio is successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Critical Success! Zakhar is spectacularly successful.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Savio is successful.

Raja checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Raja is successful.

Aella checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Aella fails.

Aella has suffered a serious wound!

Aella checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Aella is successful.

Aella remains capable of fighting.

Felicia checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Felicia fails.

Alis checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Alis is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Alis does not take a permanent wound.

Deva checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Deva fails.

Deva has suffered a serious wound!

Ahriman checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Ahriman fails.

Ahriman has suffered a serious wound!

Ahriman checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Ahriman marginally fails.

Ahriman is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

Edris checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Edris is successful.

Mirk checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Mirk is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Mirk does not take a permanent wound.

Deva looks at Aleksei for a moment and then yells, "Yeah, what he said! Fuck you! And all the rest of what was very eloquent!" And then she leaps forward to run swinging at the creature, staff gripped tight. Her aim falters slightly as she sees an arrow zip straight for Edris, so the hit isn't -quite- as satisfying as she would like. But there is a breath of relief as the vines pop up just in time, and she turns her attention back to the fight at hand. The chaos leaves her open and not as careful as she should be for keeping -out- of the way of the monster's wrath. WHAM! Right in the chest. She stumbles, wind knocked right out of her, struggling to regain her footing.

Prince Aindre hasn't even remembered to slam his alaricite visor back down, leaving a window open to the heat of both the fury beating a wardrum against his heart and the rivulets of wet salt running down his cheeks. He's focused entirely on the Gargantuan that's been made partially from his own father, closing in with the monstrous problem and knuckling down on the haft of Beacon as he swings it in with all his might to crunch up against a corpse-wrought knee. He shouts, the sound vibrant with the anger he's feeling, that he needs to feel to better blunt the fear of the moment and the tragic loss of family. "We will tear down every last one of you! Foul creature! Insult to the Gods!"

Icelyn checks dexterity and archery at hard. Icelyn fails.

Alantir Valardin is not a particularly bright man, but he does have a good heart -- and, to his credit, is an incredibly experienced skirmisher. When the army charges forward, he follows suit -- using blade to hack mercilessly into the nearest gargantuan's fleshy foot (if that's what you can call it). When this foot rises and attempts to smash a distracted Norwood, the prince moves quickly and uses his momentum to push the Baron out of harm's way. Well, mostly. It's the thought that matters, really.

Caspian breaks into a run as the Gargantuans attack. The problem with knives against foes this size.. its so damned hard to land a good blow. strike after strike against the gargantuan as she worked with Corban and Raven to harry the creature and hem it in. A blow, no more just a glancing brush from the creature sends Caspian flying back and skidding into the dust. he coughs, spits some blood and clambers back up to re-engage

Hali checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Hali is successful.

Icelyn checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Icelyn fails.

There's a tilt of Liara's helmeted head as the forces of House Blacktree charge in, her expression one of utter bewilderment, brow knit and mouth opening briefly, before she shuts it and draws her visor down and hefts up Elvesbane, with the gargantuans closing in. She presses forward to meet them alongside the others yet free of the vines, but a flailing monster part clips her sword arm, sending her stumbling - while it's not a serious wound, it is enough to break her grip on her sword, which goes clattering across the ground.

"The only way to fight them," Mirk says to Aella, "at least without magic, is to keep them occupied and disable them enough that siege weapons can bring them down. That's what the ropes are for." He nods his head towards the others, then draws an arrow and strings it. He focuses on aim, looking for places where an arrow from an alaricite bow might inconvenience even a gargantuan: eyes, feet, places like that. It isn't much, a faint hope, but it's obvious he's more hunter than warrior: He's not suited for the battlefield, and doesn't do much to protect himself. The arrow flies true, but he's wide open to whatever harms can befall him on a battlefield like this.

Lou checks dexterity and dodge at hard. Lou is successful.

Tarik checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Tarik fails.

Alis runs forward with the others attacking that first gargantuan, spreading out to try and surround the creature. And while she does definitely hit something - hopefully the thing she's attacking - whatever swings to knock her down does a supremely excellent job. She may have just skipped along the ground like a rock on water. It's okay though, since she still snarl and crawl back up to her feet.

Adalyn wields her weapon with none of the theatricality that she so often displays in combat, wasting no time in launching into action. She's all business today in opposition to these hated foes, attempting to move swiftly and wisely, determined to hit her intended target. The reach of her spear helps and she relies upon that small advantage, thrusting the weapon forward with an impassioned battle cry.

After shouting back an insult at the woman, not her best but good under the circumstances, Eirene strikes forward with her diamondplate blade. It flashes in the snowy air as she finds a true strike, moving into an open place to try to pin it as per tactical know-how demands. There's a glance to the side when the vine walls forms, and she looks over. "Oberion?" She places the name and somewhat familiar face and it leaves her open. When the giant stomps, she's knocked back and the wind knocked out of her, but she struggles to her feet with a grim look of determination and a bit of blood trickling out of the corner of her mouth.

Norwood takes the edge of the blow too - and let's be honest, even the edge is oooowwwww. Alantir's push saves him from serious injury, and allows Norwood to get back up and whistle for Steadfast to come back to him. He's a good horse and Norwood is back on him quickly.

"Fuck--" As everything begins to move, Aleksei rushes in, Chainbreaker gleaming in his hand. The threat of winding vines requires too much of his attention to sidestep at first, and the slice of his sword towards the gargantuan only cuts the air. But when the creature responds, he's at least able to slip just out of reach before he gets smashed.

There are certain risks when you unretire and trust a guard to shield you from combat you are leading. Ahriman is knocked so hard he comes out of his boots and sweeps the ground with his bearded face.

A sudden shield of vines is quite the distraction, and he's scrambling backwards from that itself, before he hears a familiar voice. He doesn't interfere with the shouting, though a new recognition dawns in his face towards the figure on the walls as it happens. He raises the gloved fist of his off hand to strike his chestpiece in a sort of salute of thanks and acknowledgement to the Sylv'alfar archer. It seems to spur him onward still. "FOR REDEMPTION!" he cries, wielding his sword hight to try to lands a strike as the gargantuan continues its movement, with the ropes nearby, and hopefully striking it well enough that another attempt on the ropes can be made in the confusion.

Raja grins to the group of people around herself as she holds her end of the rope. The Culler woman rushes forward with a feral yell, zigging and zagging. She gets her rope around one of the feet of the mammoth beast made of utter evil. "You guys got it!!" However, even though she has her bit securely tied, the thing manages to break loose! She gives out a yell of frustration and rushes forward with her blade, rolling to the side as a foot comes down, thudding soundly into the ground next to her.

Mabelle does the very thing she promised she will not do. She goes dancing in front of a beast. That makes sense, only she slips on some of the snow and falls down and is now stuck in a very bad place.

The Grayson armies are really struggling with the vines attacking them, yanking them by their feet, wrapping around their throats and piercing their flesh through the armor.

Odin checks dexterity and huge wpn at hard. Odin is successful.

Orland is with the rope crew that's attempting to run some ropes around the big giant turds of crushed up melted people, the STENCH has got to be awful btw! In effort to get beyond the creature and secure the rope, the wrong movement has his rope snapping and falling limp in his hands. He looks toward the other teams that his rope was tied too, "We need better knots!" Really the grappling ropes are only long as walls are high. He desperately tries to get his broken pieces tied up again, his but has to abandon the entire project to LEAP out of the way of an incoming massive ball of churned up people limb or ... something!

Ropes. Oh ropes. She should have attacked as Hali finds herself actually wrapped in the rope around her slightly. Not her finest moment as she moves to toss it off in a flail that look like she is having a tantrum. However, she is able to avoid any further damage, except to her pride.

Zakhar yells out commands to those of the platoon that look far too ready to take on the next possible battle. "Follow their feet! Throw the fucking ropes here!" Each stage of setting a trap for those large basterds is set, looking to those along with for the battle he calls over to Orland, Savio, and Hali. "Bring it tighter! Don't let them cross the threshold!" The old man looks about and apparently appears to simply sidestep from incoming danger, as if he expected it to land in /THAT/ spot. Looking back to the others that are throwing the ropes out, the smallest of grins slips over his lips while nodding to his own troops in their job well done.

Savio has left Monique and Orland and the rest of the ropers to prayers and hopes that they may be able to ensnare the things to advantage, falling in near Zakhar and his men to attack! "Keep us all alive, old man," he greets his long-time friend with a grin he's mustered up from some inner reserve, then he sets his blade to the attack!

Alis checks command and war at hard. Alis is successful.

Lisebet is not racing forward to attack - anything, but she is trying to call out, with the projection of a singer, all the encouraging go-get-em things she can. If she spies anyone who looks like they are flagging, she's trying to get them moving and into the battle. This is going to hurt, but it's going to need everyone they can have. She takes a breath, worry on her face, but then she clears it. "For Freedom! For Grayson!"

Tesha checks command and war at hard. Tesha fails.

Mabelle checks command and propaganda at hard. Mabelle fails.

Raymesin takes his head of rope and heads for the second gargantuan; he's aiming to not get stomped on or kicked, but it doesn't exactly go well, between the ice, the stench and the press of other people around him. His helmet bounces off the cobbles with a dull clang, but he's back on his feet soon after.

Lisebet checks charm and propaganda at hard. Lisebet fails.

Odin checks command and war at hard. Odin fails.

Michael checks command and leadership at hard. Michael is successful.

Tesha's definitely not one of the big hitters here, but she does manage to duck the gargantuan that was coming their way. But she sees Ahriman get knocked senseless and the Lady high tails it over to see if she can cover for him, "Get /him/ up and to the field medics, quickly!" she shouts to his guards as she brings her sword up to try to cover them.

Aindre checks command and leadership at hard. Aindre fails.

Well Veronica thinks the distraction worked. /AND/ then it didn't, she goes just straight to attacking now; not dodging quickly enough and getting smacked pretty hard or another.

Although Lou was very forceful in her battlecry, the fact that she's cutting down /yet more monsters made of her family/ is cetainly a very distracting factor. And, then there's the random Sylv'alfar elf and House Blacktree that are also distracting factors. So, Lou's grip on her blade falters a bit, causing her to swing far too wide than she'd intended. She completely misses the gargantuan made up of the dead bodies of her aunts, uncles, cousins, and possibly maybe her mother. She won't dwell on whether or not her husband was there. That's not a thing she can bear. But, it wasn't a miss by a wide margin, and she's able to keep from being distracted enough to successfully dodge out of the way of one of its swings. She also misses the fact that her father took a hit and has been knocked unconscious, for the moment.

Deva checks command and leadership at hard. Deva is successful.

Lucrezia peels her lips back from her teeth as the woman's voice shouts down about joining in Unity. The smaller, weaker movement of the soldiers catch her attention, but they are wise, they choose to fight with them today. She isn't about to agree to some plan involving trying to tie an enemy down before attacking it. The look on her face at the pure failure that results from those that try is like she just saw the most stupidest thing ever. It's so stupid that she plants her sword in the ground and refuses to attack ANYTHING. So moody. She only moves from this pose if she has to evade something and whatever forces her to move receives a glare of the promise of the blackest, surest death to come.

Preston checks command and theology at hard. Preston is successful.

Michael moves in to mix it up, plenty of flashy weapons being swung around him but at least his lands and strikes through giant-corpse-construct to deal some damage. It isn't much damage, and it certainly doesn't stop the return blow from dumping him into snow and viscera.

Vitalis howls. That much wrongness *hurts*. And he's not alone, all through the ranks of those standing with the Compact today. He falls back from the blow and watches awestruck as the vines reach up to snatch an arrow through the air. "Oberion," he blinks and limps over. "We-" he winces, "Will plant dahlias for her. She can belong to something-" he grimaces again, "-else." He doesn't have the wind to shout it.

Rushing forward with her own rope, Thea starts to swiftly tie her end. "Shit,"she mumbles. "Under pressure,"she exhales,"trying to hurry. It's definitely not the best knotwork in the world. The shadow of a large foot is suddenly hovering, causing Thea to try and duck and roll out of the way. Not very quickly at at all...

Eirene checks command and leadership at hard. Eirene marginally fails.

Prayer to Death spoken, Felicia launches herself towards the closest gargantuan with determination. Sprinting towards the closest supporting limb and swinging with all her strength. Dodging is definitely of distant concern to her right now.

Terese checks command and leadership at hard. Terese is successful.

Ropes. Large masses of writhing trapped bodies. It seemed so easy, in theory. But what was easy in theory is entirely too daunting in practice. Monique, rope slung over her shoulder, opts for the route of least resistance, which is a pathway through the vines, through the bodies and towards the ankles. But that's when she hears Orland's cry over the din and there's a curse in Oathlands shav under the Minx's breath as she aborts mission, trusting to his experience. But it's much harder to get out than in.

Lou checks command and leadership at hard. Lou is successful.

Maybe it would be easier on a ship? Acacia attempts to assist but soon finds herself hit hard by as she runs into a rope and sails ass over teakettle has she hits another bit of tightly strung rope. Flat on her back with hard puff of air is not where the redhead wants to be, at least not here. After a blink and a curse that would make your mother blush, she's rolling and up on her feet again with a growl of frustration.

Thea checks command and leadership at hard. Thea is successful.

Veronica checks command and leadership at hard. Veronica marginally fails.

Aella checks command and leadership at hard. Aella marginally fails.

Icelyn was expecting the ropes to hold- seeming somewhat distracted by the literal chaos going on in every direction. The strange voices accompanied by the questions of their meaning. Her eye darted forward and she let one arrow sail towards the massive death titan, just before she turns and begins to run- but in one swipe finds herself punted to the side, sliding through snow with questionable consciousness and injury. Who knows if it hit, or if it mattered.

With Crusader dragging along the flesh of the Gargantuan, Preston moves forward and then he pulls away from the beast to prepare for another strike. He looks back down to the Templars working to extricate themselves from vines and leave them free "Gloria stands with all of you! Cleanse Petrichor's Arvum of the taunt, in each strike hear the weakening of the chains and Skald's cheer" And then he turns back to the Gargantuans but spares a glance around at the injuries "Mmf. Still mostly intact, Mother Cassandra?" He asks of the Legate "I think we are but a few steps along this lengthy journey."

Orland looks over toward Monique, "Got another plan?!" He shoots a look up toward the monster, "I guess we got to keep it fenced in ... and try to ... carve it up into pieces?" He finds Savio again, "Shit, I thought that was going to work!" He notices Zakhar and Raja having luck with their zig zagging efforts but it's not enough rope to make an impact or to trip anything up.

"Come here, you ugly son of a bitch!" Odin calls out to the gargantuan, trying to get its attention, even swinging his axe for a head, the alaricite shining bright.

That the ropes did -not- work is certainly something that Kastelon's not been expecting and... his expression remains that same stoic look that he's had throughout the situation. There's a hiss of breath that stands visible before him for those moments, and then his hands drop the rope that he's holding, the better to once more take up his bow. A glance back to his cousins and Raja, and to Acacia as if to make sure she's alright, before there's a shrug and the single eye turns forward again. "If we get another shot at it... or maybe just distract it more..."

Mirk checks command and leadership at hard. Mirk marginally fails.

"Hit it and try not to let it hit you," Savio dryly summarizes followup plan for Orland! "And try not to spot anyone you know, inside of it."

Raymesin checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Raymesin fails.

Raymesin has suffered a serious wound!

Raymesin checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Raymesin is successful.

Raymesin remains capable of fighting.

?Don?t loose faith!? Terese calls out to those following her and anyone close enough to her to hear her attempts to boost Moral. ?Let?s make the regret messing with us,? she encourages. Her bold confidence and curage as she continues to stand and fight is quite an insperation in itself

Ropes be damned. Hali is going to do what she does best, charge in with a blade swinging, her free hand taking a swig from something before tossing it to the snow. "Empty! Damn it!"

Vitalis grimaces and falls back again, seeking out Felicia, "Dame Harrow, can you call to Prince Niklas?" His pallor is waxy, but, "If he's-" he winces, pain or revulsiion, both really, "-incorporated. Maybe we can call him out."

Icelyn checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Icelyn marginally fails.

Aleksei's gaze is caught by someone falling amidst the roar of battle, his eyes widening as he starts to move forward -- and then something stops him.

As tempting--and it is VERY tempting--that it'd be to chuck the cake knife-wielding Mabelle at the gargantuan, Lucrezia displays a moment of heroism. Don't look too closely, it isn't pretty. As she's planted there with her sword she notices that Mabelle was one of the ones that decided to try to distract the monster. Her friend was into some truly fucked up stuff. She waits a moment, rolls her eyes, waits a moment more and then releases the pommel of her sword. Anyone touches it, dies. She lunges forward and yanks Mabelle back with an iron grip in her hair. The words she snarls while doing it may lose her a friendship, but alive and wounded pride's better than dead? Herding Mabelle back to safety like a lost sheep, she returns to her sword and places her hand on the pommel again. Where she won't move until more stupidity stops. She might be here a while...

Too winded to bark loudly, Eirene calls out, "Keep at it! We can't let them grind us down." Literally. She spits out a mouthful of blood and starts to fall back a little, as she knows her limitations and how badly wounded she is internally after that fall. "If you can, press it in!"

"I'm fine," Acacia smirks as she arrives back her group's side as they regroup. "Might have chipped my pride, but I got plenty where that came from," she muses idly. "I haven't fought anything like this before," she confesses to Kastelon. "Brute force seems ill advised, but... any port in a storm. Acacia gives a look to Hali taking the initiative to face the creatures and she grins. "I'll buy you a barrel if you can slay that thing!" she shouts out to the woman.

Veronica is hurt, her armor heavily damaged but she still has the stamina and determination to fight. Her sword, the Heart of Oak, is firmly gripped between interlocking fingers as she catches her breath almost having the wind knocked outta her. Gritting teeth she looks to the Keaton cousins and others to make sure there alright.

Raja retreats when the ropes don't hold. She can't hide the look of dissapointment on her face. "I thought it would work.." It was just harder in practice than theory. It's not like the Arvani are well-versed in taking down giant behemoths. She glances to the others, and furrows her brows. "I heard seige weaponry works on these guys. But.. uh.. I don't know how to operate those things.." She furrows her brows. "I am up for ideas."

Edris's rushed attack seems to concentrate on where some of the ropes team went down--his blade and strike giving the Countess Highhill some cover, even if he seeks to re-rend the flesh of the gargangual most foully cobbled together. "Keep going! Another chance!" he cries, as if to try to encourage people to take another shot if they can. "We will prevail!!"

Deva starts to move in a similar fashion as Aleksei, mumbling (or, really, wheezing) something as she tries to catch her breath and reach, but there's a hesitance to her outstretched hand.

"Get back up! Don't let them win!" As Alis pulls herself back up to her feet, she shouts the encouragement... orders, encouragement orders, to those around her who've also been hit by the creature. On her way back in for a second strike, she helps haul others to their feet; she cannot look at the giant creature without a shudder, so she focuses on the other soldiers and encourages others to do the same. "Fight for the people beside you."

Thea climbs to her feet, looking annoyed now. Frustrated. "Keep going,"she shouts out! "Don't give up,"her eyes looking to Raja. Looking to Edris, she gives him a nod of appreciation.

Mabelle yelps as Lucrezia pulls her by the hair, "Are you crazy? Let me go!!" and she does once Mabelle is back to safety, bleeding. She might murmur a thank you.

Orland over hears Raja's remark about siege weapons, "Did we get any rolled our way?" He looks hopeful toward the streets, "I worked one, once or twice with the Order of East Light. But it requires a few of us!"

"Unfortunately, I left my siege weapon in my other cloak." Kastelon's voice is faintly biting, but more perhaps to be offering up an alternative to being miserable about the situation. There's a glance to Acacia and a nod, and there's a hint - just a hint - of a frown beneath the shadow of his beard. "It's not a great idea, but it's what I have. Give them something to deal with until we can't." His gaze shifts to Veronica, making sure she's alive, then to where Edris shouts, before the eyes turn forward...

"I still have all my bits, Sir Preston," Cassandra replies to the other Gloria Liker of her battlefield. "Don't split your focus worrying about me, though. Gloria will provide for me. Or she will reveal to me a different plan in mind."

Lucrezia grins wild and mad, all the confirmation that anyone needs to know that she is VERY crazy.

Raja perks up. "There are THREE trebuchets over at the western gates! What if we lure them there?!"

Norwood is encouraged by Alis' yelling, and strengthens his grip on Queensguard. "ALWAYS FAITHFUL!" He calls this out first, but since it was his war cry for most of his life, "LOYAL TO THE QUEEN!"

A shake of Aella's head and she tries to regain her balance. She's seriously wounded. Somewhere along the way, hitting her head along some debris and gouging out a cut along her forehead to the corner of her mouth. It's bleeding but she used the crook of her arm to wipe the blood away, axe still in hand. She looks to Deva, making sure she's still up and walks to be beside her and protect her. It doesn't look like Aella has much hardiness left in her.

The gargantuans surge forward to attack, swinging their massive limbs to and fro, making contact with armored bodies and sending some of the fighters flying and landing with sickening crunches into the dirt. Their attacks leave them open to damage, though, and the trusts of blades and bash of hammers start to hack pieces of the gargantuans off. The third gargantuan is being handily distracted by House Blacktree, but the Abandoned seem to be taking on their own injuries in the midst of the attack. It doesn't slow them down much, but they are still steadily attacking at their mistress' orders. Said mistress, from the top of the ramparts, growls when she hear Oberion. She doesn't offer him any words in return. Instead, her chosen retort is in arrows and she fires two off in rapid succession. It is apparent that her emotions are getting the better of her as both miss and explode in a poisoned cloud of gas.

As if things couldn't get any weirder with the attacking vines completely stumping many of the folks who have no notion of "mages" or "evil plants", the amalgamation of loved ones stomping on as many humans as they can find. Suddenly, dozens of stately swans arrive in the battle, right by the gargantuan's feet in lockstep. They move in unison as if having practiced it many times before... or as if they are one. Suddenly their bills part but there is no honking, instead it's a feminine voice that calls out something in Sylv'alfar. A voice those who were in the initial Cathedral attack may recognize.

Jumping vines, jumping bodies, trying to stay under the view and out of the footfalls of the gargantuan, Monique misses the mark. Misses it enough to take a hit to her shoulder that crunches. It's not a pleasant sound. The Greenmarch is knocked to her knees, landing hard, cowl tumbling from her head to reveal that telltale fiery hair, bound in a single braid. And it's a moment of regaining her breath before the Minx rolls out of the way of another falling blow, coming up with a black dagger in her hand.

Smile says in Sylv'alfar, "You are making a mistake, Oberion.""

A soldier falls beside Vitalis, a thorn pulsing in his neck. "Gods and geese and ghastly gargantua. Hang in there. I'll get you to help. Adalyn!" Vitalis calls, signaling his retreat to the medical tents.

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Vitalis has left the Battle Station One.

Vitalis has joined the A Medical Tent.

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The Sylv'alfar who has joined the fight on the side of the Grayson forces is none other than Oberion Thornweave, he turns his head and watches Edris moves off to join the fray. He rushes forward now, terrifyingly fast and able to dodge the arrows that are coming his way. In return, he fires back his bow at Helena. "STAND DOWN." Wherever his feet touch the ground, more vines spring forth and rush forward creating a bridge for him to run along as he tries to reach her. When a herd of swans begin to speak to him, a vine sweeps forward knocks some of them out of the way and he calls down, "TRAITOR TO YOUR PEOPLE, CALYANA."

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Vitalis has left the A Medical Tent.

Raja watches as the standoff with the mage goes underway between the elves. "No. I don't think we will have time to do it.." She glances to Orland, then Acacia and anyone else nearby. "I think it is her that needs to be brought down. When she goes.. then the evil magic goes.. I think. Don't quote me.."

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Somewhere roughly near where Aleksei and Deva have both stopped, where a number of Grayson's soldiers have been dashed against the ground by a blow from one of the gargantuans, there's a snarl, barely audible to those nearest over the cacophony of battle. And then there's something far, far more audible, a sudden chilling howl that ends in rage. That's all the warning there is. Something white furred and easily as big as a man springs from the front of the ranks and lunges forward. It's fortunate it was near the front, because the few soldiers near are bowled over, rather than disemboweled.

Aella totally yells /ALL/ drink tabs on her for the rest of the month!! This is the extent of her morale. It does elicit a few shouts from the Northerners at least.

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This is not pretty. It's the ugliest bit of war Lisebet has seen, and she's at the back of things. Still, she takes a breath. "Come on, Lisebet," she says to herself, and then she finds something to stand all, making her short self taller. Being nice didn't work, so she gets a little more forceful. "Alright, everyone. It's tough, we know it. We knew it before - this is the time to dig in, and give it all you've got! We can do this! You can do this." She pauses and then calls, "For Grayson! For Freedom!"

Clearly Mabelle should not be fighting. She climbs to her feet with aching difficulty only to see swans. And wolves and a man walking on a bridge made of vines. When is the otter showing up? She hypes some words among those fighting. Offering wealth, drinks and most of all fame, in this life or after.

Alis is giving no grand soliloquy's this time, just continuing on with her steady stream of encouragement to the people around her. Several people are helped up, others are reminded to pick up their weapons before attacking please and thank you. She's been near Deva this whole time though, so she stops short when suddenly a fuzzy white creature pops up out of nowhere near to the Redrain and Aleksei? Speechifying cut short, cause wtf.

Eirene raises her blade and points it at the giant. "Bring that fucking thing down to its' knees," she shouts, "for every drop of blood spilled. For every ache and pain and every life lost. Make that bug-bound weed-wrought piece of filth into fertilizer!"

Cassandra pulls back from the gargantuan further still. She would lick her lips, but she has the presence of mind to think that wetting her lips in this climate would only cause them to freeze. She looks over her shoulder for a moment, at the legions of soldiers fighting killer vines, then looks over at the other gargantuan charging... "The most treacherous foe we face," the Legate calls out to any within hearing range, "is our own doubt! No matter how grim it seems -- no matter how cutting the cold through the gaps in your armor -- arm yourselves with faith! More than arrows to slay beasts or swords to slash vines, let your greatest weapon be your faith, and your greatest foe be any notion of failure! Fight with honor and you fight in Gloria's name!"

?Do not faulter, you can do this, fight harder! Remember why we are here, let?s take back Bastian and show these monsters we are not so easily defeated! You

"You know it is not the size of the threat that matters, but the measure of our courage that matters." Tarik raises his eyebrow, "Sure this thing might have a lot of courage too... Hmmm, I guess that is probably not a good point." Tarik raises his broadsword and says, "Oh well, make it dead!"

?Do not faulter, you can do this, fight harder! Remember why we are here, let?s take back Bastian and show these monsters we are not so easily defeated! We can do this if we work together, stay strong!? Terese cheers on her team and those around her (fixed)

It's hard to keep a rage burning for long, especially such a potent one. It's inevitable that Prince Aindre's emotions manage to temper themselves into something more befitting the kind of chaotic battlefield the streets of Bastion have turned into. Here in the thick of it, cooler heads prevail and the Grayson voice clad in his alaricite armor lifts his gore-soaked hammer to hold it up like the namesake it has earned, Beacon, and bolds cries across the people nearest to him, "We must topple these abominations! Bring them low! We will no longer suffer the insults of our enemies who use our own againt us! Grayhold awaits!", in an attempt to rally anyone around him to swarm the nightmarish amalgamation of corpses he'd previously been laying into with nothing but messy anger.

Tesha gives a look to make sure that there are people getting Prince Ahriman to medical before she turns to look around those that are around her. "Rally to your High Lords! To your brothers and sisters in arms that have gathered in this place." the auburn hair Telmarcher calls out. "We fight as one today and we fight for Bastion!" she shouts.

"Grab the ropes and yank them hard!" Zakhar begins in his argument to the troops following him into the fray. A longer speech is given, though the gist of it is "Fuck all that which tries to kill you, savor those that help you!"

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"Oh, I don't worry about Gloria, but the Most Holy will be quite annoyed if he has to find another Legate who is acceptable to the Seraph of Sanctum, may the Gods preserve him. I just...." Preston comments to Cassandra - And then there are swans and Preston trails off, with a long and tired sigh "Legion. Toys of Calyana, you remember them from the Cathedral, Mother? The epic Swan War? Ah yes, her damned honeyed voice." still he stares down one of the swans and its open maw, perhaps hoping it is like some kind of two way talking pipe "You and your lover are not welcome here. Bugger off like good Children." But Oberion is talking and Preston just sighs again "Sylv'alfar. Who ever thought the Nox would be the less dramatic?"

Odin checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Odin is successful.

Deva is dealing with a lot right now. There's a -wolf- creature springing to life before her eyes, and even though she is extremely startled -- so startled she has no words of encouragment for everyone. All she can do is emit an alarmed, but brief, scream. There is a sidelong look for Aleksei, and then she holds out her arms as if to gesture to Aella and Alis 'leave this one alone' despite the fact that she was just screaming. It's fine. She's fine. This is fine. She zips trying to land another swing, harder this time, but there's a lot of blood and gore around and her footing starts to sliiiip and it's not looking good, more like she's about to get soundly thumped again.

Raven's hasty, ill conceived attack sees her sent staggering back, Steelsilk torn in tatters and blood spilling down her front, she stumbles back with a pained cry followed by a series of ascorbic cussing, "FUCK it's FUCKING COLD!!" her winter layers and the steelsilk beneath letting the bitter bite of winter wind in. She bares her teeth and snarls, "Why do I keep forgetting I can be awful too? C'MERE FUCKERS!" She bellows, ignoring the trail of her own blood she leaves in her wake. She slashes at vines, her whole momentum commited to the attack so it takes full effort marked by a soft grunt to pivot out of the way of the retort from the wretched vines

Alis is too busy helping people onto their feet, and then staring between the Wolf and the Deva incredulously to notice when the gargantuan arm is going to make another swing. It's a busy thing, asking in a very loud voice, "What do you mean leave it alone!? It's a giant fucking white wolf and it's... it's right /there/, and it just hurt people!" Dodge? What dodge.

Raja pulls out her dagger, spinning it around in her hand. "Well then. Let's carve this thing up!" Raja rushes forward with dagger in hand, letting out a ferl battle cry as she charges forward. Her blade slices into the foul creature, juices and bits of flesh rending away as she works at the lower legs of the beast! Gore splatters across her as she works to fell the abomination before her!

Steadfast and Norwood are in sync this time as they ride in, Queensguard singing (but not really, Pimsley Egglesworth does not SING, it's not proper okay) in his hand as it bites into the gargantuan. Like the well oiled team they are they split off after their attack, dodging the wave of ow that is coming down in retaliation. Spotting Adalyn in the ranks he spurrs his horse towards his daughter, attempting to get to her side.

Caspian charges forward, knives flashing in the light as he bounded across the snow, drips of blood trailing behind him. "Bring it down! Lets carve our legends into these and write or names into history!" the champion danced among the flailing limbs and swipes of the monstrosity, unrelenting in his assault. vines gave way, limbs hacked off as each blow hammered into the gargantuan.

Sir Corban manages, at first, to //almost// avoid the gargantuan's swing, the first grazing his head and rattling his brainpan as it whizzes by, catching him on the diamondplate helm. That will be a tough headache later. But he rolls with it, coming around and bringing the blade in. Cheered by his leaders, including his cousin, the movements come easier to him, alaricite hacking the abomination and his feet sidestepping the counter, his head still on his shoulders for another day.

As Oberion takes to the skies with a foothold of vines, trying to reach the other sylv'alfar, Edris continues to lay into the gargantuan. While the horror of severing people's arms and legs from the beast is registering somewhere in him to be processed later, it's probably a lot easier when it's not likely to be people he knows. He strikes, and then leaps out of the way, his eyes briefly lifting as if to track Oberion's progress, before he once more readies himself to strike again.

Acacia perks up to Raja's idea, too. "Could do. Easier to lead them there than move and set them up. Anyone staffing them?" she asks with a look in the direction of siege weapons and back. "Let me get a wee looksee," she nods and she's off to find the nearest tall tree or building to climb get a look at what there is to see.

The battle has a mind of its own and is roaring around Acacia like the stormy ocean. Caught up in the fight, Acacia is not above giving a slash or two at the enemy should it get near her as she fights her way through to a suitable, and much higher, vantage point above the fray.

More distractions. Always more distractions! Just as Lou gets into a comfortable position to attack the gargantuan then, she becomes distracted by the snarl and then the howl. This throws off her attack once more, this time making her fall short. She stands there a moment, as though trying to gauge the scene going on around here, and then she sees the flash of movement at the front lints of the other movement. And you know what Lou does? Lou CHEERS and makes a whooping sound, rather than recoils in fear. Let's just hope her guess is right, and whatever that wolf is, they are on their side, ya know? However, she's just about to miss that limb hitting for her until she turns around, and then quickly jumps out of the way.

Mirk lowers his bow, after speaking to the soldiers, eyes searching his own side more than the enemy right now. One more arrow would accomplish less than a strong presence. This time, his attention focused outwards, he's in a position to anticipate threats: Vines, gargantuans, and rampaging wolf? He grimaces at that last, rattled by the sight of it as much as he was by the gargantuan. But soon enough, he spots his kin in trouble and calls out, "Cousin!" He lunges to grab Deva by the arm and attempt to haul her back and away from the threat at the last moments.

If there's one thing that Kastelon feels far more confident about, it's his ability to use his bow when there's something on the line. That there're other things to be worried about - vines going haywire all over the place, a leaping wolf that -might- be on their side, along with those swans - is not something that's going to help with his aim, not when he's trying to retreat a few steps too, as he's considering that situation about the siege engines. "If we can stop the buggers here and not have to worry about getting the bigger toys..." The twang of his bow when he's letting the shot off, but he's not clearly at his best, with just the one eye...

Lisebet checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Lisebet marginally fails.

Lisebet checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lisebet is successful.

Lisebet remains capable of fighting.

"FUCK!" Aleksei doesn't /scream/ like Deva does, but he does...yell. "It's okay! It's fine! It's -- on our side!" Listen, the giant wolf is only /bowling over/ Grayson soldiers, not disembowling them!! Totally different. He tracks the wolf as it moves through the crowd, and after a moment he follows in its wake, taking advantage of the openings it creates to slice his blade through the thick flesh of the gargantuan and swiftly avoid its next attack.

Liara is left off-balance and weaponless from the initial charge, with the gargantuan having passed her by, by now, leaving her momentarily by her lonesome, beyond the melee. She ducks, gauntleted fingers closing tight about her sword's hilt as she retrieves it from the snow. Thus armed, she hurries back towards the front of the army once again, stepping clear of a flailing, monstrous limb.

Terese is close to Caspian and Raven still, skillfully she dodges and attack as she continues to lead and inspire others around her with her actions and words

Icelyn pulled herself up with a sharp breath that clouded the air. Stunned for a split second, blurred vision as her muscles seared in her leg- thoughtlessly Ice put the next arrow to her bow, tensed it, and let it fly through blurred vision- half kneeling towards the beast. The stirring voices building a chorus of command and support- her breath eased and arrow spun, sinking into the putrid mass. Too, she grimaced through pain and lurched off her leg, narrowly dodging the next swipe. Her eyes moved towards Deva and the others as the white mass lunged through.

Mabelle is reminded she is better on the sidelines and using her sword as a shield rather than something with a pointy end. She glides between the soldiers, or maybe she tries to glide away from the threats, blood and ice can be very slippery and she is, bleeding. "Do not cease! We are doing so well! Follow your commanders! Look at your High Lords!". She is still so confused with all the swans though, why? "Kill the swans, we'll have a feast at the camp!", mmmm food. For the most part, Mabelle manages to duck and remain unharmed, poking occasionally at the hospital tent.

One shoulder hangs slack, Monique favoring it, placing it away from the action as she looks for an opening. There's a small space to dart in with the black dagger in her hand, more cautious than is her wont and she takes the strike, then dances back out of the way looking around to try and keep Orland in her view, as well as the myriad other dangers springing up around them, sparing an envious look for the command wielded by the elves.

Eirene was wisely backing away from the giant when it stoops low to swing an amalgamated fist at her. She doesn't take a swipe at it but she does raise her blade in defense - not that it's needed. She manages to duck swiftly enough to avoid a blow which would likely knock her senseless. Then she sees the swans. And there's the elves going at one another. And the... oh boy. "There's a mor'ral," she shouts, pointing the blade over in its' direction. "GUARD YOUR FLANKS!"

Any soldier who manages to evade the vines heads for the swans that attempt to peck at those who go for the gargantuans. Probably figuring it's the easier threat. They are wrong. No swan has ever fought like these swans and the soldiers struggle to match the dexterity of the fowl. Nonetheless, they speak and the voice that escapes is furious. Responding in Sylv'alfar once again.

Three swans stare at Preston when he speaks and approach him in lockstep. "Why do you seem /so/ familiar?"

"Oh, I remember the swans," Cassandra says to Preston in a distant tone that suggests some manner of Post-Traumatic Swan Disorder. Even so, she focuses her attention more on staying out of the gargantuan's way, and keeping other members of the rank-and-file Templars out of its way, too.

Thea says, "The fuck is THAT,"Thea shouts, eyeing the wolf creature. "Gargantuans. Giant fucking wolves. Anything else,"she calls out, darting forward, blade swinging."

Veronica gets smacked around some more, but she's definitely tough and holds steady.

"IT'S NOT A FUCKING MOR'RAL!" Aleksei yells at whoever just said that.

Eirene shouts back, "Watch out for it, whatever the -fuck- it is."

She did not even look back as she chaefged forward there was no turning back now. Her pace increased, but then she paused in frpnt of the beast and it was then that Hali simply stared a moment. "You are one ugly little fuck. Now wonder your pissed off." She charges forward again to strike, her cutlass raised over her head, but it is then she reliazes that Lucrezia is in trouble.

Shifting her weight, Hali rolls towards the habnd coming down towards Lucrezia, rising to s knelt position with her cutlass held abover her, swatting the hand with a swift motion. She smiles back at Lucrezia with a wink. "I'll take rum. A whole bottle." She then offers a hand to her."

It's probably for the best that Prince Aindre's taken a spell off from swinging that two-handed hammer of his around like he's trying to tear apart all his recent problems to start shouting out battlefield commands in the heart of all this chaos. It's in the midst of that where he catches sight of the Gargantuan's arm swinging around in a wide arc and happens also to somehow notice Highlord Alis right in the path of it. "Oh no, she's too tall.", he says mostly to himself like the words can kick him into action. "Alis!", be yells, throwing himself at her and spilling the both of them across the cobbles just as that hefty corpse-crafted goes swinging by. Like anyone wearing a suit of alaricite, he's pretty heavy and his momentum sends him crashing along trying to get his feet back under him again.


Smile says in Sylv'alfar, "You do not call me that, Oberion. ONLY HIS EMINENCE, HIS GLORIOUS MAJESTY gets to call me that.""

Orland say something in all the chaos and noise to Savio, something endearing of course, something that speaks volumes of the profound affection between them. Orland runs into the fray, INSPIRED BY THOSE AMAZING SPEECHES, feeling the surge of their honorable words igniting his inner fire! His voice isn't given to any loud speeches or anything other than a fierce ROAR charging the villainous pile of mashed humans and souls! However on the last second, he notices something going on with Duchess Lisebet! He has never meet the woman before this instance but something in him, thanks to the Order of East Light, redirects him in a flurry, a sudden shift of feet, to all but TACKLE LISEBET aside of a wretched blow that may have ended her completely. It's not that he prevents her damage completely but he does get to make sure she keeps her head on her shoulders. It's not like it's a gentle tackle either. But at the end of it, he rolls up and helps Lisebet to her feet, "C'mon! You can't stay here!"

"Well I'd sure hate to see what it does if it wasn't on our side!" Alis can't help it, the words just blurt right out as she's bowled out of the way by a very tall Grayson Prince who thinks he is funny by calling her tall. VERY FUNNY SIR. "Shit, /shit/! Thank you." Breathe in, breathe out, ignore the crunching sounds as they hit the cobblestone. "Are you good? You're alright? Ow, there's a pebble stuck under my cuirass. Ow, ow." While she also scrambles to her feet.

Zakhar is busy with the team fighting to hold the ropes, a glance towards the field and he sees another... that flash of brilliant red hair against the sky. As the next round of attacks come flying towards them he's charging across the field to tackle the Countess and push her out of harms way. Only to stand up quickly over her as he shields away what could have been certain death. "Your likeness is going to be my undoing, Countess Ravenseye"

Lisebet has of course put herself where she can see better. Which mens she can also be seen. Wolves, Gargantuans. Swans! Vines. This is one heck of a fight! She's rather staring, instead of dodging when she ought to be, as the fight swirls around and about. Of course she should be paying attention, but the petite duchess is aghast at it all. This is crazy. Then there's the pain, and the tackle, and there's a very dazed and confused Lisebet. "Ow." She's conscious at least. "The medical tent - I think I need a bandage." She certainly needs something!

Now planting yourself with your sword and refusing to fight isn't the best plan in a fight. Gargantuans, vines, creepy ass swans, and enslaved wolves don't give a damn. It might be that she's one of the stupidest for just standing their with her sword planted in the snow, looking like some insane pirate queen on placid seas. This is NOT that place or time. Even in the fact of an oncoming attack she does this. YES she is insane. Then there's a blade intercepting the attack coming against her. Malice-glittering eyes turn to the one who dares, Hali. It's a moment of surprise. Who in the Abyss is that? Anyway, she throws her head back and laughs at the cocky words. "Barrels of it. Until we're all under the table!"

Adalyn grits her teeth, the injuries all around her only serving to strengthen her determination in this fight. "Always faithful!" The words are yelled above the din of battle, her spear a ceaseless flurry of movement. When she's able, she spares a searching glance over the fray, her expression betraying relief when she sees Norwood moving in close atop his faithful steed.

Tarik is going to have to thank Rowenova for all those dodge lesson as he manages to move out of the way again.

Deva blinks and nearly misses the whirl that is Mirk coming to save her from certainly being crunched into the snow. "If I didn't already tell you that you're my favorite cousin, now you know," she wheeeezes again, breathless and still raspy and clutching her ribs with a few probably broken. Her gaze snaps forward as Aleksei charges after the wolf, and she starts to move after-- but probably a bit slower. "Yes, Alis, it's a -friend-," she hisses lowly, giving the Valardin a very very -pointed- look. As Aindre charges onward and tosses them both to the ground, she winces and offers hands to help them up. "We're on a bloody roll today."

"Because I have been there when you have been stopped before? Because I stopped your little friends getting the lantern? Or perhaps because I was once warned the mortals will destroy the sylv'alfar, and that a wise man should be listened to to build up the Sylv'alfar, and such advice was heeded? And in trust, dishonour and slavery was made manifold?" Preston offers to the swan, his voice cold and hard - unusual for him "This is not your time, not your place anymore, Calyana. Nor your lover's. You chose, even in rejecting choice. And your chose poorly." Look. If you can't threaten a swan, what on Arvum is the point of being a well armed knight?

"Okay! It's a /friend/!" Alis agrees, so Deva stops looking at her like that.

Aella blinks, one moment she's standing with axe in hand ready to take on the wolf and the other she's on the ground with Zakhar over her. Stormy grey blue eyes take a moment to adjust before she cants her head, "Thanks.." she nods slowly, "Thanks a lot Master Zakhar." a soft sigh, a near death experience. If it wasn't for Zakhar she'd probably be dead. Aella gets up, brushes herself off and offers a hand to Zakhar or vice versa.

"DO NOT CALL ME THAT." The swan says sharply to the Carnifex.

"I've been better.", Aindre assures Alis as they're both trying to get up and Deva is right there offering them a helping hand. He isn't too proud to take it, not here on the field of battle, and he's back up on his feet again soon. He turns his attention to the Gargantuan still so present and so dangerous like he's ready to get back to breaking it into pieces with a heft of his hammer but he stops and he looks back to the Highlord of Valardin and the Princess of Redrain and says, "Watch your backs. I've lost enough family today.", before setting off to finish this.

Orland gestures to some people to help the Duchess, "Help this woman back to the tents!" He looks back at the fight still to be hand, apologizing to Lisebet, "I'll make apologies to you later for the rough handling, my Lady. Beckon me after this fight, Lord Orland Amadeo at your service!" He might have had time for a quick hat tip to her, ensuring that she has some people to help her get back to safety.

The Oathlander prince appears preoccupied with cleaving sinew from bone. It's a simple task and one that Alantir seems to excel at. The gargantuan is large but slow, and this permits ample opportunity to sidestep incoming extremities when the beast rears its body back and readies to strike.

Mabelle rushes toward Lisebet when she notices her condition, lowering next to her, "Come Duchess, or I'll have your brother to answer to", she helps carry her over to the medical tent.

Lisebet is brought to the healing tent, with Mabelle helping her out. "Don't tell Ryhalt - I didn't even tell him I was coming," is her dizzy reply to that comment. But at least it gets her to the healing tent.

Lisebet has left the Battle Station Two.

Lisebet has joined the A Medical Tent.

*She meant do not call US that.

"Why not? It is your name. Lady Calyana Vinekeep, who betrayed her oath to her King to satisfy the desire for power for her lover. Who knelt and swore and begged. And in the end has toiled for untold centuries and still...what? You are no God, nor is he." Preston almost spits the words at the swan "Ungrateful child of a forgotten King. Heir to nothing. Son to no-one. Ash, Calyana. That is all you reap. The burnt forests of the Sylv'Alfar, lost in civil war. Deaths you caused. Because you were trusted." Preston straightens "When you tell him of this defeat, do tell him I will see him. Maybe not tomorrow or the day after. But. The wheel turns for everyone, Calyana."

Prince Ahriman Grayson is still unconscious somewhere from when he was knocked out at the first attack of the beasts. He is amid a tangle of armored bodies including his two guards since he was not of the shape and age for highly active combat. He contributes nothing to the moment save decoration for what is to come.

"Thanks later," Mirk says, waving off her gratitude with a rare smile and a shake of his head. "A friend, huh? I regret being so intimidated, then," he comments, taking a second look at the wolf. He reaches for his bow, looking up towards the walls of bastion. "I'll take all the help we can get."

As Oberion creates his bridge of vines to reach Helena Thornweave, she stands on the ramparts, waiting for him with an arrow nocked in her bow, aimed right for his heart. She gives a smile, a smile full of wicked thoughts and even worse intentions. Looking directly at her brother, she shouts a word, just a single word, in Sylv'alfar and the gargantuans, which had been looking poorly and with more than a few chunks missing, roar in utter fury and stand a little taller, swing a little harder. They might not make it much longer, but they aren't going out without a fight. Helena looses the arrow right at Oberion's chest and then starts to run along the top of the castle wall, out of the battle. With her creatures so damaged, a retreat is in order. As the gargantuans enrage, House Blacktree isn't faring so well against the third of the trio. Many of their members are dead and more are too injured to keep fighting. Ranver is still in it, but flagging. Given the sudden intensity of the attacks, the Grayson soldiers have created a guarded line of retreat away from the castle for those who choose to take it.

The wolf - it's a wolf, it's a man sized wolf with clawed hands - lunges with terrifying speed toward Blacktree's gargantuan. It doesn't slow down when it reaches the monster, it merely leaps, clawing and climbing, biting and tearing. Up and up it goes, reaching the face (or, at least, the largest of the faces) within moments, leaving carnage all the way. The creature doesn't stop, it hangs for a moment, claws digging into putrid flesh, and then with a snarl of mindless fury it digs further...*in*. Straight into the monster's eye, blood and gore spurting from the wound.

For a few moments, it's not clear what's happening, though the gargantuan flails and roars, clawing at its own face. And then the wolf, soaked in crimson, re-emerges from the *other* eye. The gargantuan staggers for a moment. Stills. And then collapses to the ground with a weight that shakes the fallen city.

Oberion leaps from one branch of vines to another, firing off arrows after Helena. But he doesn't come out of this unscathed, her shot fires true and sinks through his leather armor and pierces his flesh. He screams in pain and staggers, dropping to his knee on his self-made bridge. He stares back and down at the Gargantuans as they begin to enrage. His blood drops into his hand and he snarls, "No!" But Helena has already begun to retreat and she's too fast and he's too slow to chase her. He drops down from the bridge instead, landing on his feet on the ground amongst some extremely surprised Grayson soldiers. He lifts his bow and fires on the monsters.

Olivia is thankful that there doesn't seem to be major external damage on Raymesin, after Oswyn's words she smiles and carefully takes the man's helmet off "Who is your wife? She seems a smart woman." she carefully grabs his face and opens each eye, one at a time with her gentle hands. Wanting to keep him talking to make sure he doesn't pass out in case of concussion.

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Every swan in the entire vicinity snaps their gaze to Preston at his words. And they all start to converge on him. They don't care that they are being hacked at or any obstacle in their way, he has their full attention. "Our Magnanimous King, Our Beautiful Sovereign, Our Divine Liege will not suffer such comments from a filthy mortal. His Glory will never be forgotten. You will sing his praises and bask in his splendour when you join the Legion, mortal."

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Terese attack so fiecrecly she she is unable to dodge the blow she takes, she spits some blood on the ground and forrows her brows, ?Is that all you got,? she says. She keeps her brave coruage to keep fighting on, those still with her can see her still standing and stand with her

Swing swing swing, it's sword time, Queensguard cutting deep. His last swing puts him off balance though and so the Gargantuan lands a blow. It leaves Norwood stunned and only his rapport with Steadfast keeping him in the saddle. His vision goes black for a blink of an eye and when it comes back there's a trail of blood dripping down from under his helmet.

'Fight with bravery,' Cassandra said. 'Fight with honor,' Cassandra said. 'Gloria has your backs,' Cassandra said. Well, she might owe some people apologies later. Maybe not the dead people -- the soldiers who are, for purposes of this chronicle, not given names, and who are rent to dripping bones by swans or crushed under the weight of a gargantuan's step. She'll /pray/ for the dead, certainly... if she lives herself. Cassandra can only make a feeble, fleeting swipe of her sword at a swan that lingers too close, but all that really does is send it flying off in the direction of Preston. Cassandra is much too focused on making sure the Templars around her are staying on two feet and not running off, or pissing themselves in existential terror -- it'd freeze!

Norwood has left the Battle Station One.

The first hit Caspian took seems to have kicked him into focus, the man twirling and dancing between strikes as he slashed viciously into the Monstrosity. Every blow the unified forces landed, each inch the monster came closer to death seemed to only inspire him to fight with all the more ferocity. "They falter! now is our chance! Gory awaits those who will grab it! Fight brothers and sisters! Fight for the Compact!! Fight for Glory! Today is our day!!" his words spilled forth in a bellowing shout as the man tore into the gargantuan.

Well. Preston managed to piss off the swans. Even as he strikes at the Gargantuan and gets batted away, he realises this is perhaps not ideal. Not ideal at all. He manages to stumble backwards a bit more, staying out of their pecking range, as he tries to clear a few of them but gets no where "Gloria, I pray that you might lend me your strength, to banish the darkness that sustains these swans in life that has long since left them, and can return Bastion to its people, so they may live their lives." He then turns his eyes back on the swans "He is a prince, Calyana. And remains so. Until the sun sets on Arvum, he will not be a king, nor a god, just a disappointment. And I will save this land and her peoples from him."

Aella was hacking and slashing whatever she could, the jagged cut along her face still bleeding severely. She could careless for that. Getting a few good hits on the gargantuan and dodging out of the way of it's massive arms was her main focus. Then when she'd seen Deva and Mirk fall, she whistled for the guards to take them back to the medical tent promptly. The more people dropped the closer she moved to the ones still standing forming some kind of defensive stance for now.

Deva should probably hang back, maybe fire some arrows instead, but noooo. She keeps on charging with the others, with a wild anger in her eyes as the awful blob of a gargantuan keeps fighting. "To the last!!" she yells, to Aella and Alis and Mirk and Aindre and any other comrades nearby, but her voice cracks as much as her ribs are probably also cracked. It doesn't sound great, but she doesn't lack for enthusiasm. With a swing and a miss, she can't even blink before she is soundly thumped upside the head. The downside is that she ends up on the ground breathing in a puddle of blood. The upside is, if she survives this, she will probably have another cool scar for her now excessive collection.

Mabelle checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Mabelle fails.

Mabelle has suffered a serious wound!

Mabelle checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Mabelle is successful.

Mabelle remains capable of fighting.

Never one to give up, or surrender, Eirene presses forward despite her wounds. The beast roars with enraged fervor and she swings with Dawnstrike, only for the blade to scrape harmlessly against the gargantuan's fleshy hide. Seeing her, with a madness in its' eyes, it swipes her down with a hamfist and she collapses into a heap with a sickening crunch. It lifts a foot as if to trample her into the bloody snow.

Despite the enraged gargantuans, Sir Corban does not retreat. He presses onwards with his sword, driving the point of the alaricite blade into the horrific creature before him. But it is the counter-point that he is not ready for the strong blow. The First Captain is knocked off his feet, his head bashed against the rock, a terrible gash. But he manages to stagger to his feet. Alive. And fighting.

Monique checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Monique is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Monique does not take a permanent wound.

Monique checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Monique is successful.

Monique remains capable of fighting.

Raja checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Raja is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Raja does not take a permanent wound.

Raven tries to hack at supporting structures of the massive foes, her sword for slicing flesh not macabre landscaping. She's commited though, chopping and cutting until she's knocked back several feet going flat out ass over tits in a roll that leaves her weak arm bent at the wrong angle and from her depths there's a wrenching, raw cry of pain. With the aid of her good arm she gets her feet beneath her and cries out in pain and frustration dredged from the depths of her tiny black heart, " FUCK OFF, LEGION!" And stoops to reclaim her sword, shivering from the cold or maybe shock she sets in to give another go.

Lucrezia checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Lucrezia is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Lucrezia does not take a permanent wound.

Lucrezia checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Lucrezia is successful.

Lucrezia remains capable of fighting.

Hali checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Hali is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Hali does not take a permanent wound.

Tarik checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Tarik is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Tarik does not take a permanent wound.

Kastelon checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Kastelon is marginally successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Kastelon does not take a permanent wound.

Kastelon checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Kastelon remains capable of fighting.

Icelyn checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Icelyn is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Icelyn does not take a permanent wound.

Icelyn checks 'unconsciousness save' at hard. Icelyn fails.

Icelyn is incapacitated and falls unconscious.

"Holy FUCK." It's hard not to be kind of disturbed seeing that giant wolf leap through a gargantuan's eye and them come out another. It's enough to have Aleksei freezing for a moment, the thrust of his sword going wide, and then he's knocked /brutally/ to his feet by a crushing blow to his ribs. He coughs, dragging himself up, just in time to see Deva falling. "Deva!!" he calls, stumbling over to her, cutting back anything that might threaten her.

Edris's gaze moves quickly at that scream--though when he sees Oberion jump rather than fall from the bridge of thorns. As the nearby gargantuan seems to draw up in a monstrous rage, he bellows right back at it, raising his sword to try to cut into it even more deeply. The sylv'alfar's joining the fight seems to provide a little extra morale boost, as he slashes and weaves, trying to avoid the limbs of the monster before him. It's probably good that he can't see the carnage that is happening with the other gargantuan, but seeing people go down around him, he changes his stance ever so slightly, ready to provide cover if the order is given to retreat. Thus far, thanks to early intervention, the Elwood knight is unscathed, even if he's so sweaty that he's almost steaming in the winter cold, trampled snow slick with blood and ichor under his feet.

Prince Aindre's practiced in that alaricite armor and when a Gargantuan arm comes swinging around to strike him off his feet he's just barely no longer where he was, ducking beneath it and stepping to grit his teeth and tighten his jaw and smash Beacon again into the massive abomination's thick trunk of a leg. In the midst of that he manages to catch sight of Deva being laid low on the dead street and he shouts out, "Deva!", like he might call attention to her for anyone else around. In her defense, he hefts that weapon of it again and swings hard. It's no axe he's wielding, but things crunch each time he connects with his foe and eventually something has to give even as it rages around towering over him.

Adalyn can only watch in horror as Norwood takes a heavy blow that sends him reeling. Her voice is thick with fury as she shrieks at the gargantuan, half battle cry, half enraged threats. She stabs her spear forward but in her blind rage, she fails to see a blow aimed straight for her, the force of it causing her to stagger back. A moment later, she regains her footing, muttering darkly under her breath.

Orland Amadeo makes sure that Lisebet is taken care of before he rallies for another charge into the fray. There are swans about, which he yells over at Savio for, "WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE MURDER BIRDS?!" He manages to dodge a few of the waddling menace and hacks at a few more on his way back to the Gargantuan! He does a sort of running slide piece to zip through an opening and drag his weapon across the fleshy mangled stank of many people dead and mushed up together. With what the Order of East Light taught him, specifically the few knights he's trained under, like Knight Commander Prince Romulius, he manages to keep his body frame in a way to protect himself and reposition for another attack. His eyes fall toward his counterparts and he cries out, "Monique!!" He pivots and continues to hack and slash, rolling his body this way and that to avoid the limbs of branches and people's flesh being lobbed at him like a weapon. Enraged Gargantuan or not, the Amadeo is right there in the thick of it, "You will never take us! You will never win!" Yes he's talking to a walking tall bag of corpse, "For the ORDER!!! For Amadeo! FOR FREEDOM!!" STABBBY STAB STAB STAB.

Managing, somehow, to stay alive as he twirls between swing and blow, and returning them himself! Odin howls a warcry into the air.

"I. AM. ODIN!!" he uses his own name as a warcry and charges forth like a bat out of hell, charging towards these hellbeasts, even if he has to try and chase after Helena herself.

Mirk lets another arrow fly, and curses under his breath, reaching for more arrows. He opens his mouth to call out something to his allies nearby, but he's not prepared to be caught by a vine, safely back from the melee as he is, and though he survives being thrown around by it, he hits the ground heavily and doesn't rise. His bow is on the ground at his side, where it tumbled from limp fingers.

Raymesin has left the A Medical Tent.

Tesha was just getting people to tend to Ahriman and carry the fallen Grayson Prince off the field. She manages to still be up and not having open wounds like she usually does in field battles. Maybe she's going to die in a spectacular way later? Who knows! She gives a look down the lines and she sees Lady Eirene being struck by one of the gargantuans and collapsing into a heap. The woman rushes that way, ducking and trying to get to the fallen Lady of Riven before that foot crashes down on her. And she manages to make it in the knick of time as she gets a hold of Eirene and starts to drag her back out of the way of danger. "Find someone your own size to stomp on!" she spits out at the thing.

*TWANG*. Kastelon's bow makes that distinctive sound when he's loosing arrows at the gargantuan and doing far better with it all at once - the Keaton huntsman, perhaps, finding something to focus upon that helps with the aim and lending his arm to the effort. That effort, however, comes at a cost - steadier shooting means that he's more of a target, and he's therefore -right- at the worst place for getting clobbered by the thing all at once, though it's hardly - yet - keeping him rom continuing his miniature barrage. All while keeping as best an eye - having but one - for his cousins and the Cullers.

Savio has managed not to be hit so far, though he's also not found much purchase against their enemy in attacking. "Where did you go?!" he yells at Orland, having missed in the terrible fray his husband's brief disappearance. The third of their trio under attack draws a shout from him as well, trying to run over to help her, but, too little too late, it's a rough hit. "Monique! Shit! Mo! MO!"

Those swans are making Mabelle hungry. They are also annoying her. They are swans, they should be nice and graceful and not talking shit to the Carnifex. She raises her cake knife and decideds to catch some dinner, only she has the hunting skills of a vegan antelope and she... manages to clip off a feather. Maybe a crack a beak. The cracked beak swan turns her gaze to her quite irritatedly and pecks at her quite viciously, making her lose her jacket, tearing it to pieces, "DID YOU KNOW SWANS HAVE TEETH? What the...?", she tries to free herself from the grasp of the swan, but the jacket is ruined and he begins to bite her arms, hard, oh that's going to scar.

Acacia is obviously no hero, nor does she pretend to be in the bloody work that is a battle like this. But she does have a purpose. If she can help the fallen out of the way, she will, but it's difficult with the battle is thick as thieves at a festival market, so she opts to continue to higher ground.

Fighting the tide to find her way, Acacia's climb is quick, but perhaps too much so. "Where did bloody bastards put the abyss-born, bloody siege weapons?!" she calls down to Raja when she gets to the top, cursing with a growl of frustration more at herself than anyone else as she seems to struggle to get her bearings or sight on her mark. Maybe it's shock of seeing the carnage below her as her comrades are torn into? Whatever it is, for now, Acacia is unable to get the lay of the land or what might be coming at them.

Alantir chops, and cuts, and hews -- until he spots a great fetid limb swing in his high lord's direction. In this moment, he does what any self-respecting knight should do; leaps between them, intending to absorb the bulk of the blow, praying that his armor and timing is sufficient enough to prevent the woman from suffering what likely would have been a traumatic injury. He is, regardless of outcome, knocked aside like a ragdoll. It takes the Oathlander several seconds to recover, but recover he does -- clambering limply to his feet, his longsword utilized for additional stability. And then he jogs straight back into the fray, ignoring blood and pain and broken plates.

Raja continues hacking and slashing! More core is splattered around. As she brings down her hand to drive the blade into the leg of the beast, she is taken off guard by a foot! The Culler goes sailing through the air with a yelp! She slams into a nearby building, sliding down. Saving her from further injury, her cloak gets tangled and shredded, slowing her fall. She falls into a pile of snow, disappearing within the icy white pile of fluff. Curses come from Raja as a hand is seen darting up from the pile of snow, grasping about for something to help hoist her up. "Ooof.. This shit.. I shoulda stayed home..."

A hideous gargantuan limb comes down towards Liara, but she steps aside, and it instead slams into the ground where she was. She twists, swinging Elvesbane double-handed, slicing along through some poor unfortunate's flesh and branches and whatever other horrors compose the monster. Then she backs up a step, away from immediate danger, and her gaze finds Eirene, but she's not in a space to do anything - instead, she calls over her shoulder, likely hoping that Grayson's soldiers are able to react, "Press forward!"

Felicia doesn't have time to notice the wolf, managing to avoid being stood on she elects to take advantage of a low-hanging limb to haul herself onto the gargantuan itself. The footing is treacherous, she almost tumbles off when it moves during her swing. Retaining her footing by grabbing onto a hunk of hair left from... well, she tries not to contemplate. Hiking the gargantuan like it was a fleshy hill with determination to try and find a more vulnerable spot to attack.

Alis is going to see stars for days, but not the good kind. When she goes flying this time it's much higher, so she falls that much harder. It's rather reminiscent of her recent joust performance actually, complete with crunch sound! That arm. Again. Were it not for Alantir's timely intervention and considerable ability to block most of it, there would assuredly be additional cracked bones or worse. And this time she can't be bothered to stop herself from the pained shout. And the 'mother/fucker/' that comes out. But, her inner stubborn bitch does not let her pass out from the pain on the battlefield. Instead, she struggles back up with one hand and starts looking around for the other wounded. "Alantir, thank the Gods. Thank you. Help me get Deva. And Mirk. Help me move them back." she wheezes, gripping his arm with her good hand, to try and pull him that way.

If there is one thing people have come to know Hali for, it is that in battle she is bat shit frightening. Reckless even. A bold little thing that seems to not know when to quit. A blessing and a curse. Her cutlass swings wildly at the gargantuan, striking it, but not able to avoid the counter-swing. The large hand comes across her head, sending her sprawling to the ground.

For a moment she is down, but she quickly pushes herself up from the now blood stained snow, spitting some blood out, another nice scratch on her cheek. She stands to the garngantuan roaring at her, spitting blood again and then screaming back at it, eyes wide.

Thea momentarily halts her blade, staring at the wolf eat through an eyeball. "Oh. Well---that's you know---that's great,"she says, eyes shifting a bit. Taking a deep breath, the Wyvernheart pushes forward, slicing her blade through flesh and whatever else happens to get in her way.

Lou has never seen a rampaging gargantuan before. Her face pales as she sees it moving stronger, better, faster. That's a distraction all of itself. So many distractions. She tries to get in close to it, but it keeps dodging out of her way, or really it goes after another abruptly person when she is just about to hit, and she misses it entirely. "STAND STILL DAMMIT!" she yells at the thing. Then she sees the thing just go through a bunch of her friends and fellow soldiers. It's all she can do get out of the way in time. So far, she's been lucky in that regard. Hopefully that luck will hold out. She touches her not-lucky, lucky charm, to draw on the strength of friendship and otherwise, to continue to help fuel the battle within her. She. Will. Not. Falter. And, you know, maybe she'll get a hit in sometime. Hopefully?

Orland responds, "I went to save a woman!!" He calls back to Savio in the chaos of fighting, "You know! What knights do!"

Monique is not one for speeches. Or much talking at all when there's killing to be done. Instead, the Greenmarch focuses on the task at hand, unnerved by the enraged gargantuan before her. "Never seen anything like this. But where..." she takes a moment, looking for a spot to plunge that black dagger into. She leaps between one leg and the other, thrusting the dagger home. And when she goes to tug it back out, it doesn't come smoothly. Panic flashes behind her emerald eyes and she tugs again but not in time to avoid being thrust back with vicious force. She goes spinning like a rag doll thrown a great distance, scraping over the snow-and-body littered landscape until she comes to an aching halt in time to hear the cries of her friends. "Still... alive. I think." But she's not moving. Which is probably good, given how torn her pants are now.

Tarik completely misses attacking his target. Tarik lets out a frustrated sigh, "How can I miss something that big?" As he turns around to try attack again, he gets knock to the ground. Tarik spits some blood on the ground and holds on to his side, "At least, I am wearing my armor this time." Tarik winces as he lets out a small laugh.

Far away from his troops, the old man takes to slicing at any that come within his range as Zakhar punches and slices to those nearby. Then a look up as a call flies across the field, a look towards his troops and a quick call out to them "TAKE COVER! FORM TO YOUR BATTLEMENTS!" Whether they hear him or not, Zakhar groans as he watches that barrage of incoming arrows fly towards him, a shake of his head as he covers over showing his back to them. Muttering along as each hit around him and a few find his back. The few that find his flesh through layers of armor and a groan, while looking out to the others upon the field, he stands up, an arrow sticking out of his back. A groan as he reaches to it and snaps it off at shaft before looking around the field, calling out "Orland, Savio! Call out!"

Zakhar mutters, "... you fucking ... me, how many times ... ... be the pin cushion in ... scenario!?"

Deva would be really appreciative hearing her name screamed so much if she was awake. But she's not, so someone will have to tell her later. She is mostly still, and will definitely hurt all over for a long period of time.

Watching the giant monsters start to enrage from whatever Helena did, Lucrezia squints. Maybe now would be a good time to haul ass and get into the fight? She cocks her head as if hearing something far from the fight. She shrugs and takes up her sword. A wild grin spreads over her face as she charges with the rest to cut her piece out of the monster. This goes well until she slips on the snow and, though she tries to twist out of the way of an incoming arm, she gets smacked and goes flying into the wall of a nearby building. Crunch. Dazed, she lays in the snow for a bit before she starts to move. She lifts her head and glowers at the beast that had swatted her. Give her a minute, she's going to get up and kill it.

Maybe two minutes. Just letting other people have a whack at it first.

Cassandra checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Cassandra is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at hard. Preston is successful.

Mabelle runs screaming as the swan begins to chase her around the grounds, she's already quite bleeding. She manages to lose him somewhere behind a military group and moves to help Alis and Alantir, eyeing Mirk, "He's heavy, I'll get Eirene". And so she does.

Preston checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Preston is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Preston does not take a permanent wound.

Preston checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Preston is successful.

Preston remains capable of fighting.

Cassandra checks 'permanent wound save' at hard. Cassandra is successful.

Despite the terrible damage, Cassandra does not take a permanent wound.

Orland hails toward Zakhar, "Over here old man!" But he's still dodging and slashing, building up a bit of sweat as adrenaline runs through him, "Hey Zak! Make sure to fry us up some birds for dinner!" He watches as Monique gets flung and he winces, "Get up Monique!" He will disengage to go help her stand if she can!

Eirene is covered in blood, much of it her own this time. There's breathing, though. Shallow, pained breathing. If not for the steelsilk she wears, she'd likely be dead. And if not for Tesha's timely intervention, she'd be a paste.

One shoulder entirely useless, Monique rolls, using the other to push herself up. There's a groan. There's probably several snap-cracks as the Minx rolls to her feet. Very gingerly. "Ouch." She spares a moment to glance at Orland, and then glance down. Dismay suffuses her features. "My pants. They're ruined."

Alantir does as the Princess of Sanctum commands, forsaking his momentum in favor of securing and dragging the nearest unconscious body away from the fray. What he does not do, though, is retreat completely from the city. "Your grace, I can still fight and they will need my blade," he tells Alis, seemingly winded. "The Compact is only as strong as its alliances. I will join you when Bastion has been returned to Grayson." His words, though muffled by armet, are as passionate as one would expect a lawful idiot's to be. He then pivots upon his sabatons and returns to the frontline, prepared to accompany the rest of the forces into the royal courtyard.

Prayer answered or no, Preston has a duty - and that duty is to protect people. And smite swans. Ok, so the last part isn't really a specified duty. It is more, like, a logical conclusion. A cul-de-sac of obligations, given how rarely mass swan killing is right. It isn't like, day 3 of Templar training - how to swan murder. But anyway. He goes for it. He tosses his shield to the side, and wading out into the swans with Crusader in a hand and a half hold, he cleaves the blade down and up in an arcing blow, rending feathery flesh to what he suspects is dark congealed ichor inside. As the bitey swines go at him, and ram their bodies into his armour with surprising strength to bruise and harm him, he just keeps cutting the bloody swan-based swathe "For the Pantheon!"

Orland looks down at Monique's pants, then back into her gaze, "You can damn well afford new pants!" He then smirks in a jesting way, "They didn't fit you right anyway, too baggy." A beat, "You okay otherwise?" He exhales a breath, "You scared us! You may want to consider retreating and get looked over. I'll cover you if you need to retreat!"

The fight with the third gargantuan began so well, the men and women of House Blacktree moving with purpose and trust - but even these Abandoned cannot stop the rush of fear from the bodies entwined and torn and trapped. The blank faces staring back, the grotesque form of something giant and almost human-like. Duke Ranver's sword finds its home over and over, but the rampaging flare of the monsters sends him and his forces back. It looks like this shav house might have sacrificed itself in order to help, and yet they do not run. He cheers them forward, even as he sees one of his cousins grabbed and torn. This is the day he dies, it would seem. The wolf had something else in mind, leaping and penetrating the amalgamation, clawing through the eye and spraying the forces with scraps of the monster. Ranver staggers back, dark eyes on the one who saved him and what remains of his forces.

Norwood checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Norwood is successful.

Liara checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Liara is successful.

Michael checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Michael is successful.

Corban checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Corban is successful.

Odin checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Odin is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Thea marginally fails.

Lou checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Lou is successful.

Mabelle checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Mabelle is successful.

Raja checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Raja is successful.

Cassandra checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cassandra is successful.

Alis checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Alis is successful.

Orland checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Orland is successful.

Felicia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Felicia is successful.

Monique checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Critical Success! Monique is spectacularly successful.

Zakhar checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Zakhar is successful.

Terese checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Terese is successful.

Hali checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Hali is successful.

Aindre checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Aindre is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Caspian is successful.

Aleksei checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Aleksei is successful.

Lucrezia checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Lucrezia is successful.

Edris checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Edris marginally fails.

Savio checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Savio is successful.

Tesha checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Tesha marginally fails.

Adalyn checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Adalyn is successful.

Kastelon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Kastelon is successful.

Aella checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Aella is successful.

Raven checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Raven is successful.

Acacia checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Critical Success! Acacia is spectacularly successful.

Veronica checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Veronica marginally fails.

Alantir checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Alantir is successful.

Preston checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Preston is successful.

Tarik checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Tarik marginally fails.


As a wolf devours its way through the third gargantuan's face and saves what is left of House Blacktree, the other gargantuans fair not much better. They do a great deal of damage to those that attack them, but they take more to bodies that were already starting to fall apart. The giant creatures start to stagger, bleeding sickly, putrid blood from dozens upon dozens of wounds. They start to sway and fall, heading toward the ground to crash upon. The good thing is that the falling gargantuans take out some of the swans that Preston had taunted into attacking. Once the gargantuans are down, they don't get back up. Helena Thornweave is long gone, having abandoned her creations in the name of self-preservation. The only remaining issues are the wolf that doesn't seem sated with violence just yet and the remaining super pissed off swans.

Preston checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Preston is successful.

Cassandra checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Cassandra is successful.

Cassandra checks 'unconsciousness save' at easy. Cassandra is spectacularly successful.

Cassandra remains capable of fighting.

Preston checks 'unconsciousness save' at normal. Preston is successful.

Preston remains capable of fighting.

Vitalis has joined the Battle Station One.

Icelyn has left the Battle Station Two.

Lou checks command and propaganda at hard. Lou is successful.

Aleksei checks luck and empathy at hard. Aleksei is successful.

The wolf creature re-emerges from the toppled amalgamation that Blacktree was fighting. Slow. Careful. It's clearly injured, though it absolutely drips with blood that doesn't belong to it, so soaked that there's barely any white fur to be seen under the gore. For a few moments it stands there, sides heaving, and turns its head toward the gathered armies. Grayson. Blacktree. Gold eyes glitter, teeth bare. A growl rumbles somewhere deep, shifting into a snarl that it practically spits through its jaws.

Vitalis wields a blessed diamondplate bow with an earthen green leather grip.

Where Vitalis disappeared to is anyone's guess. Gathering intel or making some assessment for the Grayson leadership. He hustles to the van of the battle, weaving through the chaos, shouting, bleeding, grasping vines, stomping raging gargantua, to the Grayson High Lord's side. He confers with her briefly and rejoins his family. He finds a wounded Adalyn, a wounded Norwood, his compatriots battered and holding still. Good. Good. Wherever he was, he thought range was an asset and he arrives the Clement ranks with bow in hand, wide and wild-eyed. "I could hear the bellowing. How is it going?"

The really pissed off swans are intent to finish off the two Godsworn, barely paying any mind to their fallen brethren. "You will rue the day you chose to insult His Elegance, His Resplendance, His Marvellous Regal---" The words are cut off as the final swan is killed.

"Oh gods..." With Alis and others making sure that Deva is seen to safety, Aleksei is left with the reality of that hulking, bloodied wolf starting to turn its attention back to those that Aleksei /assured/ it was a friend to. He scrambles forward, heedless of the danger represented by that spitting snarl. He places himself between the wolf and -- everyone else. He drops his sword away lifting his open hands. "Hey," he says, and now his voice is gentler. "It's me. It's Aleksei. You can rest now. Okay? Your work is done today. You -- crunched the Abyss between your jaws. The only people left is us. Your friends. The Compact. You can rest." And then, softer, he says, "Come back to me now."

Raven lifts her hand, lowers her sword, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend!" making it clear she is NOT a threat to the creature. Her gaze is alert and her pain-ridden body tense as she watches the creature very very carefully.

Norwood reaches out and lays a hand on Vitalis' shoulder. In comradeship - or to help keep himself steady. It's all the same, right? "I think... it is ending?"

Once the gargantuans have fallen, and Lou has gotten out of the way of them falling, she takes a moment to take stock of the situation. Her eyes fall immediately upon the wolf. She breaks away from the armies and makes her way over to where the wolf is. Her weapons are put away and peace bound. She's approaching the creature with collective calm. When she speaks its with the voice of authority, drawing on her background and training as a Grayson, but it is also with words that are composed and meant to convince a person of something. "Sen'azala," she addresses the wolf. "It's time to stand down. Our fight is over. Remember that we are friends, and that our fight is with the Abyss. Against the Traitor. Not the people of the Compact. Remember that you and I are friends too." She holds up a an item of sorts, that only she and the wolf can see, and maybe any other individual brave enough to approach. "We've got a long fight ahead of us, you and I, and I'd really love to able to do that together." Lou tries to appeal to the things that the wolf known as Sen'azala would want to do in an attempt to convince her to stand down.

Mother Cassandra Laurent has seen better days. The aeterna layers of her vestments are torn and ruined -- bitten to death by swans. She's bleeding from wounds she doesn't even remember the swans making. That's how many swans she just waded into, in an attempt to free Preston from his chosen fate of being honked to death while pissing off a mage. "Gods," she croaks, as she stabs her sword into the last of them. "I'm never eating fowl again. Never again in my life. For at least three months. Sir Preston, you're still alive, yes? If you tell me you've been swanned to death I'll feel a bit foolish." Bad jokes -- sometimes the only salve that can be applied to one's sanity as too much happens around Cassandra for her to even process.

Mabelle is already at the entry of the tent with Eirene when the beast falls down. It also takes with it a few swans. Not bad, not bad at all. Bastards. The exchange between Aleksei and the wolf catches her attention, but even as a physician all the blood and gore makes her stomach queasy.

Raja rolls over in the snow and slowly pulls herself up to standing. She looks upon the dead gargantuan, then to the scene with the wolf-man dripping in blood. One hand goes out to hold herself up against the wall, wincing in terrible pain. In silence, she turns her gaze about, watching, listening, learning.. and hurting.

As the gargantuan falls, Hali side-steps it and watches it hit the ground. Yet she is not done. She walks over to its fallen head and barks. "Not so tough are ya? Huh? Get up!. She kicks the large head a few times, spitting blood from her mouth on it once more. "Come on you ugly bastard." One more kick and she turns to survey the rest of the scene, it is only then that she realizes it is all but over, wshe begins ot look for people to assist.

That the wolf is still growling and looking to them... Kastelon's bow is still at the ready, wounded as he is, an arrow nocked, though he has its aim lowered for the moment while he's considering the discussions forward. A breath. The slow turn of that hoary head as he's looking about for those who are important to him, his cousins, Acacia and Raja Culler, and other familiar faces. And slowly, the tension on his draw string is let up.

Thea may have been stunned for a moment. But she'll be quickly knocked back into reality when the giants come falling forward and a large arm swipes her on the way down, causing her to stumble a bit. When she regains her footing, Thea stops and exhales. Surveying the damage around her, she starts to work and begins looking for the wounded. Looking to bring them to the medics. Or---get to doing that herself, putting herself where she's needed.

"This isn't your place anylonger, not your city, not your continent, not your world. You have lingered too long and your time has passed." Preston snarls back at the Swans, as they slowly cut the remaining ones down to the last one "Tell him, Calyana...." As the blade is pressed into the swan, Preston leans in to murmer a little whisper to it before he ends up on his hands and knees and panting - after all the hitting and swinging and being turned into swan food "I am fine, Mother. Rotted out swan husks fuelled by Legion are no worse than shadow wolves." Preston throws one of the swan carcasses to the side as he pushes himself back to his feet "The beasts died long before we got here, rotted out. Putrid. Sustained only by Abyssal magic."

There is brave and there is stupid. When the silence settles over the battlefield once more, Sir Corban glances at Raven and Caspian. "I think pressing onto the source of the corruption will need to wait, my friends," he murmurs, pressing a hand to his bleeding forehead. "Come on. Let's get back to the medical tent." He begins to trudge that way, sheathing his sword as he goes.

Felicia ended up riding the gargantuan she had been trying to climb to the ground, staggering and stumbling up the corpse. It might seem a little overkill but with another prayer to Death she plants her sword into the corpse just to make sure that the souls forming it are freed. It's only belatedly she notices the wolf, and green eyes go somewhat nervously wide.

Cassandra smacks Preston's shin with the flat of her blade. "Carnifex. Enough baiting Calyana for one night. We have injured to carry on our backs. Dead over whom to pray." She shakes her helmeted head. "We can bait her into sending another legion of swans to kill us another day."

Monique turns to look at Savio and Orland, summoning a faltering smile to her bruised and cut lips. "To the healing tent, maybe? Unless one of you wants to push my shoulder back into place?"

Caspian gives a cheer as the Monster begins to tumble. Then realization dawns that where he is standing is about to be crushed by 30 or so feet of Abyssal monstrosity. "SHIT! MOOVE MOVE!" he waves frantically to Raven and looks to make Corban was taken care of. He waved madly at the angry Sailor, "Hali run!!" the crashing sound of the monster's collapse filled the air, "Move it Princess Terese!" running like the hounds of hell were on his heals, and they almost were, he cleared the doomed zone as as the monster crumbled. he turned as the dust settled and then threw his arm into the air, "YES!!"

Though he's been able to dance away from most swipes of the the gargantuan's limbs, when the creature falls it is more disorganized, and he doesn't emerge unscathed from it--as one part falls he slides the side, only to get knocked down by another fall of legs and arms, though thankfully not by the bul of the body. Still his mostly formerly pristine armor is gloppy with rotten flesh and skin, it's going to take quite a bit of scrubbing to get that out of joints and decor. Though he's going to be sporting a rather nasty bruise later, he too moves to help ferry those more incapacitated to the medical tents, and to check in on others.

Well, the giant fuck off wolf isn't killing anyone. Anymore. Prince Aindre gives the beast a bit of a stinkeye with the only eye he has left as he's turning to survey the streets now littered with even more bodies than they were before if that's even possible. It's to the men and women who fought that looks, taking stock of the carnage and the people who are still standing. Whatever soldiers are still present he gives direction, "Gather the wounded! Pass it down! Time is off the essence so see to your fallen and falling!" It's easy to get lost in the aftermath of a battle, all the horror there is to see. He makes it harder for that to happen. When he moves, it's to search out his Highlord and make sure she still stands and there is some relief on his face when he finds that she does, stopping near her. "I'm glad you made it. We should probably get a perimeter going so we can secure Grayhold and take sanctuary there, but I need a moment." When he turns, it's to the medical tents he seems to be headed.

When the gargantuans begin to break apart, Oberion flashes through the sea of soldiers and bodily yanks Edris back before throwing a shield of vines and thorns up over the both of them. His eyes are wild and his expression is stricken with grief and unhappiness over the carnage that's been wasted before them. When the last of the pieces have fallen, and the final swan is killed, he drops his shield to the ground and stares out over the dying and wounded. He puts his hand on Edris shoulder and squeezes it once.

Then he leaves him, moving stiffly across the field until he finds Liara. "High Lord Liara," he greets and sweeps into a bow that would be gracious and elegant if he wasn't battle torn. "There is nothing left of Helena Thornweave's magic in Bastion. What you came here to achieve, has been done. You may fully reclaim your city, the threat of her poison is gone."

Orland outruns the falling Gargantuan with the quick ease of a Squire that's run around the city every day for the last two years - thank you Princess Coraline! He lifts his arm up to celebrate the falling of the beast, adding his roar to the cheers and applaud for bringing it down, "ARRRRRRRRROOOOOOO!" Okay maybe a little bit of a howl sound but he laughs and goes to find Savio, picking him up in a sudden rush of adrenaline and giving him the biggest damn celebration kiss there was! "We did it! We won!!!"

Raven checks composure at hard. Raven fails.

Terese dodges the falling giant monsters and though wounded the Knight Princess will not leave the any wounded behind. She is helping those unable to get to the medical tents get there with her help. Any left standing in her team she took to battle help the Princess in her efforts

Veronica scrambles along the debris, definitely taking heavy damage but escaped nonetheless from the falling gargantuan. She looks for Kastelon and the rest of the Keatons, and other fallen soldiers she can help along the way.

Mud, blood and snow. Acacia stands silent again surveying those about her. Cool eyes find those she fought beside, Raja, Kastelon, Edris, Veroncia, Thea, Raymesin, Heli and so many others. A nod as if gathering her thoughts and the Red Culler moves to start helping the wounded to help.

Zakhar watches as the rest take to a retreat, standing in the middle of the field spitting blood and ready to call to charge into the the fray again. It takes several of the Crimson Blades still standing to tackle their old Lieutenant and start to drag him off of the field. Passing Orland and Savio in the process, he looks to the two young lords while his troops do their best to remove him.

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"Thank you, my lord," Edris replies to the Oberion, looking up at the clasp. "Thank the gods you are also safe. Thank you for lending your aid to the fight, and for saving me from the first arrow. Please be safe, until our paths next cross." WIth that he offers a deep bow of the head of respect, the fingers of his sword hand brushing over his heart, as the THornweave moves on, and he continues on towards the medical tent.

Aella is half way in and out consciousness, taking heavy blood loss from her seeping and jagged scar across her face. Blood is smeared all around and she looks like she feels... shit. However with axe in hand slung over her shoulder she heads to the medical tent. When getting there she checks on Mirk and Deva.

"A lesson I learnt from her master, Mother. If they focus on you, if they hate you, that gives you power over them. To control their action by forcing reaction. And oh, they already have me on their lists. Many lists, Mother Cassandra. And so she spent her focus on Swans, and on us, and not disrupting the fights with the gargantuans nor empowering them. And perhaps next time they try to kill the Most Holy, they might go for me instead. A trade I'd happily make. Anyway, for swans they were fine conversationalists." As Preston shifts, he winces a little and holds his side "Mmf. We should perhaps retire to the Cathedral and signal Solace to move the Mercies there? The Templars can hold it. The rest of the city is not our concern."

Raven pants, "IT will have to though ain't saying time we go to try there wouldn't be more of the same." She watches the wolf warily then begins to backstep, "I'm going to go to medical before I pass out or I freeze-" she blink-blink-blinks. she gives a choked sob, "Thank all that's holy." She gives a hic-hic-SOB "OW-forfucksakes-hic!" She hiccup-sobs, it's not pretty. The Blackheart is ugly crying profound relief.

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Lucrezia surges to her feet once the stun from hitting the building wears off, looking for a fight. She's probably got broken bones or at least severe bruises, but she looks about for more enemies to slay. Coming to realize that the enemy has fled and there's nothing left to fight, she scowls. As she standing there scowling several of her eerie, silent crewsmen find her with the uneering directness of bees moving throw a field of flowers towards their nest. Without any words spared between them she turns and walks out of the city with as much pride as her wounds allow. She ignores the medical tents even if her stalking stride is far curtailed.

As he holds on to his left as he tries to dodge the falling monster, Tarik mumbles, "You know I really need..." Before Tarik can complete that sentence, he is hit with some falling gore and skids into a wall. A few moment later, Tarik wipes the gore from his armor and face as he stands back. "I feel so funky."

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Eirene is deposited with the healers. Many of whom are very worried that it's THEIR boss that they're going to have to tend to.

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Adalyn hastily moves out of the way as the gargantuan trio topple. Only once she's ascertained that both the gargantuans and the swans no longer pose a threat does she relax her guard, lowering her weapon and exhaling a slow breath. She turns to consider Vitalis and Norwood, noting their various injuries, appraising the situation. "It's over," she answers her husband before reaching to touch her father's shoulder lightly. It could be both a gesture of support and an attempt to help steady him.

Dodging out of the way of falling monsters, breaking into horrifying people-pieces, Savio runs around for a moment like a moth trapped in a porch light. Aaaah panic aaah! He does manage to avoid getting smashed by falling Gargantuan, and pauses, lost for a moment, having finally spotted Oberion way, way over there. It's a victory, here, but a question once asked still rings around in his head. Are you okay? Are any of them okay? Probably not, but he shakes out of it, and musters a smile for Zakhar, Monique, and Orland. "Let's get Mo to the healers. Before there's a long queue you know?" A joke. It falls flat.

"The gargantuans are fallen," Cassandra says. "Bastion is reclaimed. We've diverted her enough for one evening." Cassandra sheathes her sword. "Let the Mercies and physicians check you up before we make that trek, Carnifex. I won't have us making all that hike and then you get gangrene from a swan bite." She bounces her eyebrows. "Besides. I think I have a feather in my lung."

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They can't stand still for long. Because they need to run. Norwood will offer Adalyn and Vitalis a ride on Steadfast, to get the heck out of here.

Tesha is running...but snow doesn't help keep up the footing when you're trying to outrun a falling mountain of abomination! She gets helped along the way though and there is a murmur of thanks to Monique. Even if she is panicked internally. She tries to help out others as they run. Getting the heck out of the waaaaaay!

Aleksei Morgan steps in its way, and the wolf creature's eyes snap toward him. A louder snarl is given, and it takes a sharp step toward him. It snarls again, blood dripping teeth bared. ...And then it breathes. It looks at him. It looks at Lou. It looks at something Lou is holding. The wolf's ears twist back. The snarl fades to a growl, and then it fades to nothing at all. In a moment, the creature seems to twist and shrink, there's a brief glimpse of white fur turning to black hair, and then a human shape collapses to the ground.

Liara sheathes her sword as the last foe falls and the sounds of battle fade away, her head turning towards the castle ahead, but Oberion's approach distracts her a mere moment later. She reaches to lift her helmet off, her features sweat-streaked even in the cold, hair drawn back in a tight ponytail, and she listens with tightly pursed lips. Whatever might have been on her mind is then given voice, and she asks Oberion, as if this is a very reasonable course of conversation: "What of the corruption emanating from Grayhold? Might I assume that, too, was her doing?"

At the realization it is over, She flashes Liara an emotional, proud smile and slips into the tent to handle the wounded.

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Oswyn is ready at the medical tent. For what value he has there. He has one working arm, so mostly it's been him scuttling around, handing supplies to other medics when they need them, doing some triage work, and generally being sort of useful. Which is better than not being useful!

Escorted by Savio, with a flash of a smile to Tesha and a murmur in return, Monique makes her slow way to the healing tent where here eyes catch on a familiar knightly figure and frown to see him there.

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It seems reasonable to Oberion, as he converses with the High Lord. His bow is slung back over his shoulder and his hand touches his chest where an arrow is still sticking out. He's not having a very good day. "Gone with her, your grace," he tells Liara somberly. "She spent her energies creating those monstrosities, with them gone..." he spreads one hand to the sky, the other snaps off the end of the arrow. The Sylv'alfar bites back the pain and then nods to her once, "Good luck, your grace." Another nearly-perfect bow and then he's trekking across he field, to disappear into the outskirts.

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"The Cathedral of Bastion is not so far, Mother Cassandra. And soon enough it will be needed - to rejoice for the victory, and to commemorate the losses. Better we get there first so it might be a place of rest first." Preston wrinkles his nose a moment "Though, I must admit. I don't know where Seraph is. So. I suppose you will have to play, well, mother, Mother." As they amble along, he squints over at Liara and the Sylv "Forest elves. A divided people. And always surrounded by trouble. It is an unhappy role they have."

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Lou quickly stashes whatever object she was showing to the wolf. She pulls of her cloak and also gets a dress out of her backpack. "Aleksei, help me please," Lou says, and she's throwing the cloak in his direction to at least give them some cover as Lou helps the other individual into some clothing. It's a dress filled with murdery death kittens and red glowing eyes.

Tesha says in Celestial cant, "Gods watch over us as we move to safer grounds!"

Lou gets a shadowy pair of leather boots for traveling abroad from Rugged Backpack with Quick Release Straps.

Vitalis arrived in time to witness the last strokes of carnage, putting a gauntleted hand on Norwood's, steadying, camaraderie? Even odds. "Gods be praised." The corpses of the gargantua unbound fall. He looks to those fallen tangles of flesh, a breath drawn, eyes scanning, scanning. There. Dame Felicia. Surfing on a fallen gargantuan. His eyes tighten, and he gives Adalyn's hand a squeeze before he waves Steadfast and Norwood along. To Felicia, he takes a few steps towards her, "Are they free? The souls?"

When Sir Corban manages to make his way into the medical tent, he looks over at Monique, a little bit confused. "What happened to your pants?" His brow furrows. But then again, he did get bashed on the head.

Lou gets forest stalker leather hooded mantle from Rugged Backpack with Quick Release Straps.

Raven is not the worst injured by far so she just parks outside the Medical tent, bleeds, and hick-sniffles in profound and utter relief "I can't believe I get to go be warm somewhere."

Aleksei can barely spare a glance to Lou, his attention fixed so entirely on the wolf that may or may not be about to rip him apart. It's not until the creature begins to shift and shrink that he spares the briefest of glances to Lou, and then he's moving forward. He seems to be about to shrug out of his own leather coat when Lou throws the cloak at him, and he moves forward swiftly to cover the naked figure of the human the wolf has become. He only has a moment to baffle at the dress she pulls out next, however. "Are those /kittens/?" he asks before he can stop himself.

"If it helps, I can probably be relocated," she offers.

It's possible, in fact very likely, that the figure might object to Lou's choice of covering, but they aren't in any position to do so, as they're not moving at all.

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Liara offers a brief, "Thank you," to Oberion, and then a faint smile touches her features, her gaze lifting once again to Grayhold, then back to Preston, with a slight incline of her head. "So it would seem. Thank you for your aid, Grandmaster."

Then, Liara turns her gaze back over others present, alighting on Mabelle briefly with another small smile, then across the army. Lest it be unclear, she raises her voice in a clear call, for the benefit of Grayson's soldiers, "Our enemy is vanquished. The Compact endures." What about House Blacktree? Well. On that, she says nothing.

Hali makes her way towards the medical tents, but she does not enter. There are far to many others seeking aid in much more dire condition than herself. She plops herself down beside Raven and without looking over to her, raises a hand to wip dome blood from the corner of her mouth. "You okay?" She seems quite content to sit outside the medical tent for a moment.

Eirene has probably never been this silent in her whole life. But that's what it takes to shut her up, being knocked silly by a rotting stitched-together monstrosity.

Lou grins widely up at Aleksei, looking all proud. "IT IS!" Yes, that's an overly excited gleam in her eyes. "And it'll probably be... er.. I won't think on that. It's my favoritest dress ever." Lou probably already knows what Watcher would think of that dress. She's sacrificing it to a good cause. It almost bought Brightshore steelsilk!

From across the castle-turned battlefield, Duke Ranver Blacktree stands with what is left of his forces - one hundred cut in half, and that half that survives wounded and broken. He looks to the Compact fighters, the wolf having been brought back to her senses, and finds the figure of Liara Grayson. His jaw tenses, the conviction that brought his House this far tested to its limits tonight. In this moment he does not push it - instead, he dips his head to Liara, a show of respect, and turns to march his men and women back toward the district they claimed as their own all those months ago. One, however, breaks off, rushing through the muck and gore to deliver a message to Liara, a small white flag spoken in words: "Duke Ranver Blacktree would like a chance to speak. Soon."

While House Grayson has a great deal of work left to do to repair their city, the day is won. The city one more belongs to House Grayson. It will be harder to restore what was lost, at least what they can. They can't gain back everything that was taken from them, but no one doubts that the Graysons are more than capable of doing what needs done. As the last of the monsters dies or, in some cases, transforms, the gray sky starts to spit snow onto those that are left, leaving a clean white layer over the churn of blood and other such unsavory substances that liberally coat the ground.

Wiping her chin with the back of her filthy hand, Acacia sees the last of who she can to the doctors and mercies before drifting off into the shadows, likely back down to the harbor.

Felicia wipes Wheelspinner free with a sigh of relief, attention drawn to Vitalis at his query,"It's going to take a lot more than just me to see them to the other side properly, Lord Clement." she advises grimly,"We'll have to reach out to the others and see if we can't attempt something like we did at the harbor."

Monique looks at Corban. There's a long pause as he points out her badly-destroyed pants. Her face forms itself into an expression, struggling to choose. And then she laughs. It's an exhalation of exhiliration, the pent up battle fury seeking escape. Her head falls back and she laughs helplessly, trying in vain to collect herself. "Ah. Gods. Corban. You would notice the pants first. Are you okay?"

Orland nods to Savio's decision to go escort Monique and he catches up, with a look back over the scene of the battle, chest out and giving the dead their due. A salute for the fallen a word spoken, before he proudly struts out of there. Unharmed. Simply astounding!

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Oswyn continues to do his work about the medical tent, overseeing the -- oh, Mabelle's on that now. He passes some ointment to a medic dealing with a wounded soldier and squints about like he's looking for someone.

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"Help me get her to the tents?" Lou asks again of Aleksei, as she starts to reach down and move the woman she clothed in kittens all over.

Though it's a deeply begrudging sort of gesture, Liara gives a nod back in the direction of Ranver. She receives the message without particular fuss, merely a brief, "I shall send notice," in reply. Conspicuously, she refrains from giving any particular orders regarding House Blacktree.

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Raven bobs her head and wipes her cheeks, "Just tired. I'll be fine. If I pass out I'm near enough the others waiting triage they'll tend to me, I'll be fine. Though if you dsee an adorable one-armed godsworn while you're flitting about, let him know Raven's alive." She wobbles a bit. Not Raven's ok-Raven's alive. As if the distinction matters.

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Vitalis' body sings with tension, waiting Felicia's reply. "You have only to call, Dame Harrow." Vitalis bows to Felicia and returns to the Clement fold. "Do you think we'd survive the battle of Bastion to be flayed by Margerie if we let your father leave-" he gestures to the Very Wounded Norwood, "-like that?"

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"Rest, first. It will take time to organize." Felicia offers with a nod for Vitalis, acknowledging, apparently deciding that for the moment at least, the living require more attention as she goes to start help with the ferrying of the injured to the medical tents.

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Hali looks to the woman beside her with a nod, a reassuring nod that she will do what is asked. "I will. One armed godsworn. Raven lives." SHe is much calmer now, not the same woman she was on the battlefield. "I will. I most certainly will."

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Alantir, standing at the foot of one of the great fleshy constructs, returns longsword to its scabbard before reaching upward and removing his armet. Once free from the constraints of the diamondplate, he shifts his chin upwards, draws in a deep breath, and exhales slowly. The calm after the storm. The helm, now held loosely between the fingers of right gauntlet, is tucked neatly between right hip and elbow. Here he stands in silence for several long moments, seemingly lost in the newfound silence, as the snow falls and melts upon his bloody skin. And then he's off, sabatons marching in the direction of the medical tent and war camp, ambulating with calculated purpose.

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Tesha is...surprisingly without injury, even if she does have blood on her. She looks to Corban and Monique and gives a smile to the two of them, "I'm glad you're both alright." she tells them before she's stepping outside. There is a look to the incoming Alantir, "Do you need help getting settled, your highness?" she asks him.

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Lisebet moves from the bed she's on to a chair, out of the way. She's hurt, but not so badly as many others. Once there, she stays quiet, trying to absorb all she saw, heard and felt today.

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